Welcome to Disney Lorcana good people. A couple of days searching and found the three ready-made starter decks, two were bought retail and a friend sold me one without the booster but that's perfectly fine with me. Of the two boosters that were included in the retail ones i bought there were five rares total, is that normal? No complaints either way. i have a friend who he and i play MtG and am going to try and have him game with this with me, can't wait. As for Lorcana itself you can feel secure playing with your youths as it is a fantastic game for everyone. While you might have difficulty finding sealed product you can always buy singles, even start with just commons and uncommons to be easy on your budget. There are some great decks that have been made with this first set, and while the ready-made ones are not quite tournament caliber they are more than fun for casual play. Not sure what i will be buying in that regard, i might just stick to inexpensive cards. There are supposedly going to be four sets per year, quite a bit to keep up with and i hope supply meets demand, boosters are great to buy and gamble with, there are so many great cards to get from such, but i still suggest singles might be your best way to make a few decks with. If you do want to play competitively local game stores have tournaments with those same mentioned starters to play. If you decide to get in on this trading card game right from this start am sure you will enjoy it, fine family (and friend) fun at it's best
     As an avid real Disney fan and card game enthusiast this tcg by Ravensburger looks to be so good and i can't wait till it's release to game stores on Aug 18th 2023. This here will be to put information on this game and the content will grow as it gets closer to and after launch day
     One of the different aspects of Lorcana is that instead of doing damage to an opponent you win by gaining lore, it actually turns out similarly but will make for original styles of play and interesting card mechanics. To begin with i will be buying two starter decks so a friend can game with me, i will wait to make my own creation until at least the second chapter which releases Nov 17th 2023. Am still going to play Magic the Gathering of course, i will just love this as well and there is space for each. There are many who are speculating on the worth of these first edition cards, and it’s nice to get on it right from the start, i normally just buy singles instead of booster packs and that is probably what i’m going to do with this as well. Happy that this game’s introduction is made of good Disney properties, i hope future sets encompass the same values as this one even if and definitely when it comes to ones that aren’t. The two stores i listed are both great Canadian companies that i have dealt with and was more than satisfied, if you would like to buy your Lorcana cards online please consider buying from them. This trading card game is something you might like to play with friends or family and have lots of fun with, am encouraging you to give it a try

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Official: Amber glimmers are purposeful. Patient and dedicated, they’re able to pursue causes and ambitions with single-minded persistence. They often work within communities, either from above as a leader or from within as a healer, bodyguard, or just a loyal follower
Favourite Amber cards from The First Chapter:
Common: Dinglehopper - - Quite good for one ink, remove one damage per turn as an almost constant effect
Uncommon: You Have Forgotten Me - Two cards for four ink, cost effective and worth it
Rare+: Rapunzel Gifted With Healing - Great cost, quests for two, removes damage and draws cards, very nice

Official: Amethyst glimmers are wondrous, for this is the otherworldly ink of sorcerers, sages, animated objects, and other glimmers who use their special powers to achieve their aims. They are incredibly powerful when they have access to their amazing abilities but may land in trouble if they’re stripped of those or tap into power they can’t control
Favourite Amethyst cards from The First Chapter:
Common: Friends On The Other Side - Draw two cards for three ink, or free as a song
Uncommon: Ursula's Cauldron - Very powerful and for only two ink you get a great constant ability
Rare+: The Queen Wicked and Vain - Five ink you get a 4/5 that draws you cards, impressive

Official: Emerald glimmers are flexible. Gifted with the ability to adapt to changing circumstances, they are never caught off guard. Quick-thinking but not necessarily book-smart, they navigate their environment—whether physical or social, natural or artificial—with ease
Favourite Emerald cards from The First Chapter:
Common: Duke of Weselton Opportunistic Official - One ink for a 2/2 that quests for one, fine common
Uncommon: Mad Hatter Gracious Host - Quests for three and draws you cards, a very nice uncommon
Rare+: Cruella Miserable as Usual - Low cost with great removal type effect

Official: Ruby glimmers are daring. They use their speed and bravery to defy the odds. They are often warriors, explorers, and daredevils
Favourite Ruby cards from The First Chapter:
Common: He's Got a Sword - For one ink one of your characters of your choice gets +2 strength for a turn, bonus damage
Uncommon: Dragon Fire - Cost effective uncommon that will always have use
Rare+: Mickey Mouse Brave Little Tailor - 5/5 quests for four and evasive, the ink cost is a bit but worth it

Official: Sapphire glimmers are intellectual. Intelligent and creative, they excel at strategy, invention, and the arts. They can almost always know something, plan something, or invent something that will win the day
Favourite Sapphire cards from The First Chapter:
Common: Philoctetes Trainer of Heroes - This common is amazing, two ink for a 3/1 with support, every turn you quest and add three strength to any of your characters
Uncommon: One Jump Ahead - Free as a song but even worth the two ink, gives you a bit of an ink boost
Rare+: Fishbone Quill - Three ink to give yourself constant boosts of casting power

Official: Steel glimmers are strong. Large and imposing, armored, or just plain powerful, Steel glimmers can apply huge amounts of brute force to get the job done
Favourite Steel cards from The First Chapter:
Common: Tinkerbell Tiny Tactitian - Drawing cards is always important and having to discard one you don't need at the moment is not that much in return, great common
Uncommon: Beast Hardheaded - 5 ink for a 4/4 is quite good and you will most always have an item to target
Rare+: A Whole New World - Under the right circumstances this can be very beneficial, they also draw a new hand but the timing of this can be in your favor

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Decks   copy/paste into import on Dreamborn.ink
Sapphire/Steel Resist 4 Cogsworth - Grandfather Clock
3 Hercules - Divine Hero
3 Kronk - Junior Chipmunk
4 The Prince - Never Gives Up
4 Mouse Armor
3 Tiana - Celebrating Princess
4 One Jump Ahead
4 Caterpillar - Calm and Collected
3 Aurora - Dreaming Guardian
4 Gramma Tala - Storyteller
3 Benja - Guardian of the Dragon Gem
4 The Huntsman - Reluctant Enforcer
3 Jafar - Dreadnought
3 Winnie the Pooh - Having a Think
4 Jafar - Royal Vizier
2 Queen of Hearts - Capricious Monarch
3 Hercules - True Hero
2 Hans - Thirteenth in Line
Sapphire/Amethyst Item 3 Magic Mirror
4 The Sorcerer's Spellbook
4 Maurice's Workshop
4 Eye of the Fates
4 Pawpsicle
4 Fishbone Quill
2 Hiram Flaversham - Toymaker
4 Noi - Orphaned Thief
4 Belle - Inventive Engineer
4 Maurice - World-Famous Inventor
4 Ariel - Whoseit Collector
4 Judy Hopps - Optimistic Officer
3 Tamatoa - So Shiny!
4 Gumbo Pot
4 The Queen - Wicked and Vain
4 Let It Go
Emerald/Steel Common/Uncommon 4 Flynn Rider - Charming Rogue
4 Jasper - Common Crook
4 Mad Hatter - Gracious Host
4 Mother Knows Best
4 Captain Hook - Forceful Duelist
4 Prince Eric - Dashing and Brave
4 Simba - Future King
3 Simba - Rightful Heir
4 Smash
2 Beast's Mirror
4 Tinker Bell - Most Helpful
4 Megara - Pulling the Strings
4 Ray - Easygoing Firefly
3 Benja - Guardian of the Dragon Gem
4 Jafar - Dreadnought
4 The Prince - Never Gives Up
Amethyst/Sapphire Common/Uncommon 4 Elsa - Snow Queen
4 Maleficent - Sorceress
3 Rafiki - Mysterious Sage
3 Yzma - Alchemist
4 Friends On The Other Side
2 Ursula's Cauldron
3 Chief Tui - Respected Leader
4 Gramma Tala - Storyteller
4 Mickey Mouse - Detective
3 Philoctetes - Trainer of Heroes
4 Mufasa - King of the Pride Lands
4 One Jump Ahead
3 Tinker Bell - Peter Pan's Ally
4 Aurora - Regal Princess
4 HeiHei - Persistent Presence
3 Pinocchio - On the Run
4 Caterpillar - Calm and Collected
Amber/Ruby Snow White Common/Uncommon 4 Bashful - Hopeless Romantic
4 Doc - Leader of the Seven Dwarfs
4 Dopey - Always Playful
4 Grumpy - Bad-Tempered
4 Happy - Good-Natured
4 Sneezy - Very Allergic
4 Sleepy - Nodding Off
4 Snow White - Unexpected Houseguest
4 Minnie Mouse - Stylish Surfer
4 Queen of Hearts - Sensing Weakness
4 Prince Phillip - Dragonslayer
4 Simba - Protective Cub
2 Be Our Guest
4 Pongo - Ol' Rascal
4 Dragon Fire
2 Shield of Virtue

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