Hello and welcome to my spot dedicated to Magic the Gathering, a collectible card game by Wizards of the Coast that started in 1993. It was 1995 when i began my life with Magic and it has been a major part of my life ever since. i have many fond memories of playing, trading, keeping up on new sets and even entering and winning a few tournaments. Whether playing at a local gaming store or afterwards at a nearby eatery there's been so much enjoyment i've had playing mtg with friends and others who get to meet through this, maybe you would like to get into Magic the Gathering as well

     The basics of this game... You and an opponent each have a deck of at least 60 cards, you can have more than 60 but it is not recommended so as that you draw the cards you want to, Your deck can contain up to four of any card, in classic decks there are some cards you can only have one of but that's not the style that most people are into. There are also some play styles that let you only have one of any card, this being a fun limitation as well. Each player starts the game with 20 life points, you can deplete your opponents life total by attacking with creatures and casting spells. Another way to win is to make it by effect that the other player cannot draw a card, this is termed milling as per the original card that did this, Millstone, but the earlier methods are much more prevalent. You start the game with 7 cards in hand and draw one more card at the beginning of each of your turns. Starting with the first player you are able to play one land (used to cast cards) per turn, this makes it for the most part mean that on turn one you can cast something that is one mana (energy from land) and you can get to casting a four mana card on turn four, albeit there are cards and such that can help you cast bigger spells sooner

Here are the main types of cards

Creature – An ally you cast and put on the battlefield, can attack, block or use special abilities. Has power and toughness ratings bottom right of the card
Instant – A spell that you can cast on either your or opponents turn
Sorcery – A spell that you can only cast on your own turn
Artifact – A colourless machine type of permanent, it stays on the battlefield, can generally be cast by any colour
Enchantment – Permanent that for the most part has a global effect on both players but can also just be bonus' for you
Planeswalker – Incarnations of characters from the magic the gathering world

There are 5 colours in mtg

Black – Dark magic that deals in death, basic land type is Swamp
pros: Can easily destroy creatures, gain life
cons: Cannot get rid of artifacts or enchantments

Red - Storms and energy, basic land type is Mountain
pros: Lots of direct damage, land and artifact destruction
cons: Cannot get rid of enchantments

Green – Power of nature, basic land type is Forest
pros: Great creatures, mana acceleration, artifact and enchantment removal
cons: Not much removal for creatures, no flyers

White – Pure goodness, basic land type is Plains
pros: Very good removal of creatures, artifacts and enchantments, protection from many cards, pump effects
cons: Not a lot of card draw

Blue – Mental sorcery, basic land type is Island
pros: Many counterspells, good interaction with artifacts, interesting game effects
cons: If a spell doesn't get countered it is sometimes hard to deal with afterwards

Different play styles:

-Cost effective creatures played early to bring down your opponent with

-When two or more cards have a synergy that many times gets you infinite mana/creatures/life or just work well together

-Keeping the board in check, slowly building up a formidable offence and defence

My Magic the Gathering Decks


3x Blade Splicer
-Three varieties of Splicers in this deck, each very cost-effective except for the Sensor Splicer which grants vigilance to your golems which is very helpful
4x Master Splicer
2x Sensor Splicer
2x Phyrexian Colossus
-Very good evasion on this colossus, the untapping at eight life is even doable however there are ways to get around this with it being untapped with a Voltaic Key or not tapping to begin with because of the Sensor Splicer
2x Sundering Titan
-This card is worded awkwardly, what it does is destroys one of every basic land type, so in this deck you would lose a plains but the opponent would lose at least one of their basic lands, what also could be done is there are non-basic lands with the description of one or more of the land types so you could be taking down even three lands of theirs if applicable
2x Leonin Abunas
-How good is this! Four mana, 2/5, all your artifacts gain hexproof, amazing for a deck like this
2x Darksteel Sentinel
-i will point out right here that some of the creatures do not say “golem” on the description, but when you check Gatherer, which is the most complete and up to date version of cards, they are categorized as such, so they do count as such. Six mana for a 3/3 is kind of asking a lot but flash, vigilance and indestructible make up for it
2x Golem Artisan
-This golem when activated gives three abilities not covered by other cards, flying, trample, or haste, and in addition to that you can pump up your other golems beyond the other various bonus'
3x Solemn Simulacrum
-Being able to get another Plains in play for four mana is okay, you also get a 2/2 golem, and when he goes you draw a card, overall a very fine card to summon

4x Star Compass
-Four of these and four Guardian Idols make a massive improvement to this deck, allowing for early golem plays which would otherwise take many turns
4x Guardian Idol
-These are pretty great, with a Tempered Steel in play and maybe a Splicer or two you end up with a pretty formidable hard to target golem. This, the Jade Statue, and the Dread Statuary all only turn into creatures upon activation, so will not die to sorcery creature removal. A good card to maybe put in the sideboard would be to phase out the Splicers and put in some Wrath of God's as you can cast that and still keep all your non-creature at the moment artifacts
3x Tempered Steel
-This card is a major boon to this deck, there are only three not four because you want to also be drawing the golems themselves not just the cards that help them
4x Jade Statue
-Always loved this card, and it counts as a golem. Three power is not that bad and six toughness is pretty good as well
3x Voltaic Key
-Good for many purposes, especially the Phyrexian Colossus but also to let you block with an otherwise tapped creature

16x Plains
4x Dread Statuary
-Land that taps for colourless and counts as a 4/2 golem when activated? Nice


3x Ravenous Giant
-In black there is a creature named Juzam Djinn, a 5/5 for two black and two colourless that i still compare any similar black 4 mana creature to. This Giant is the exact same but red and uncommon, and it's still a good card
2x Bloodshot Cyclops
-This can win games when it's tough getting through an opponents defences, either lots of blockers or some sort of enchantment or artifact that is hindering you
2x Inferno Titan
-Not the best titan of the set but is a solid 6/6 pumpable with spot removal or extra damage
2x Giant Harbinger
-A bit pricey mana wise so only 2 of, with various cards in this deck you can still play this somewhat early and is a giant tutor
3x Sunrise Sovereign
-Same as with the other giants this can get out early with not only being 5/5 but having major pump for all your other giants in the deck
2x Borderland Behemoth
-This can get huge
2x Blind-Spot Giant
-Just a cheap 4 power giant with a drawback, i might rather put something else in this spot but for now this is here
1x Hamletback Goliath
-Expensive mana wise but can also get huge
2x Siegebreaker Giant
-Trample is very good against some decks and the ability to get around any blockers is an added bonus
4x Stinkdrinker Daredevil
-4 of and some cards removed from this deck that did damage to each creature, want to keep these non-giants safe. If wanted though they can be sideboarded out to put in those mass damage effects
2x Tectonic Giant
-Both abilities are pretty sweet, a nice card that can gain you plays from your library which is welcome in this deck
4x Bonecrusher Giant
-A somewhat newer card in MtG, turn two stomp on creature, turn three the 4/3 for three. 4 of so as to get these early and often. The addition of negating damage prevention is also very good late game

3x Mizzium Mortars
-Amazing card, took out Crush Underfoot to add three of these maindeck and one more in the sideboard. Can be great early or late and saves all my own creatures
3x Foriysian Totem
-Not only extra mana early game but then turns into a 4/4 giant that can also block two creatures if needed which is kinda nice in addition to the other main abilities. Also gets around mass removal
4x Star Compass
-A great two mana drop that advances your plays to cast more cost expensive cards early. These and the Foriysian Totems help a lot in this deck
1x Hazoret's Monument
-1 of legendary artifact that would be great if not legendary but as a single one of in the deck still worth putting in

4x Thundercloud Shaman
-Affects both flyers and non flyers and is a 4/4 giant for five, not only that it also affects only non-giants which is super. If these go in the deck from sideboard the Stinkdrinker Daredevils get removed as they are non-giants, then relying more on the mana artifacts
1x Mizzium Mortars
-There is a card called Cyclonic Rift i mentioned before, it is the blue version of this card, however it is much more expensive cost wise compared to this which is only 1.00
3x Storm's Wrath
-The red version of Wrath of God. Very good card in the sideboard, can be played turn 3 if needed and also affects planeswalkers which is needed sometimes. Was thinking about putting in an Earthquake but decided on this as it also affects flyers
4x By Force
-Red has trouble with enchantments but is very efficient with artifact removal, this is the best one of those in this instance
1x Siegebreaker Giant
-One in the sideboard if extra needed
1x Foriysian Totem
-Another one to add for two reasons, first it adds mana if taking out the Stinkdrinkers and also if an opponent is playing mass-creature sorcery removal

20x Mountain


3x Treefolk Harbinger
-This card is amazing. A turn one blocker that counts as a treefolk that tutors for not only a forest but a treefolk. Turn two Bosk Banneret if you want
4x Bosk Banneret
-There are a few of these tribal mana reduction creatures, all of which are very helpful
4x Dungrove Elder
-Very very good for three mana, four of
4x Leaf-Crowned Elder
-The best card in this deck to have in play, 3/5 for four that nets you an extra card or more every turn for free. There is an artifact named Temporal Aperture from an older set that has a similar ability and it sure was a great card, the Aperture was two to cast and five to activate, this treefolk is four to cast but free every upkeep
2x Unstoppable Ash
-Four mana 5/5 trample with a decent ability, you can champion your Harbinger as the cost
3x Dauntless Dourbark
-This can easily be an 8/8 for four
2x Everbark Shaman
-Might as well get some use out of the past treefolk, two forests even not just one
1x Orchard Warden
-This is actually a really good card, six mana though but still, great to have you'll be gaining at least five life per turn
1x Woodfall Primus
-Pretty good, eight mana to cast so only one of here but if wanted can fetch with a Harbinger
4x Wickerbough Elder
-Potential turn three cast, fourth turn ability and attack with the 4/4. There's always spots for artifact and enchantment removal

3x Rootgrapple
-Being a tribal treefolk instant the cost gets reduced by Bosk Bannerets and you will pretty much for sure get to draw a card for it
4x Rampant Growth
-Classic mana ramp, probably the reason for the term ramp. Better than other artifact versions of mana acceleration because of cards in this deck having bonus' from forests
2x Reach of Branches
-Lots of treefolk
2x Vernal Bloom
-Very great card, just not sure if meant for this deck, if something else i would add a few Weatherseed Totems
1x Rhonas's Monument
-If it wasn't legendary it would be too powerful but since it is just one in this deck

2x Timber Protector
-There are cards in this sideboard that are costly financially, and i haven't put this deck together just yet, the maindeck is somewhat inexpensive but here there are a few expensive ones like this
2x Warden of the Woods
-5/7 vigilance for six mana? That's pretty good and it has a bonus of perhaps drawing some cards, in the sideboard against control decks that might tap this or other effects that would trigger that ability
2x Sapling of Colfenor
-Kind of two cards per turn, not too shabby
2x Weatherseed Totem
-Good against mass creature-removal and if extra mana is needed early
2x Gaea's Blessing
-Solely against library depletion decks
2x Heroic Intervention
-This can be a green super-counterspell, negates most any card interaction with your permanents
3x Hurricane
-Here against flyers as green has trouble with them

20x Forest

Kor Spiritdancer

4x Kor Spiritdancer
-The crux of the deck although also has the addition of the Yavimaya Enchantress and Aura Gnarlid
4x Satyr Enchanter
-Went with this instead of Mesa Enchantress because the mana required is more flexible for this deck and is a 2/2 to start with
4x Yavimaya Enchantress
-This along with the Aura Gnarlid grow with not only auras on itself but all on the battlefield
2x Aura Gnarlid
-Only 2x of these as it grows only with auras on the battlefield not every enchantment like the Yavimaya Enchantress

3x Rancor
-With the Kor Spiritdancer this gives +4+2 and trample for one mana and if anything happens it comes back to your hand, 3x of
3x Alpha Authority
-The second 3x of, hexproof is major in this to protect the bonused creature from removal
2x Daybreak Coronet
-As if made for this deck you only really need 2x of as you are sure to draw it with all the other cards you gain from the Kor and Satyr
2x Boar Umbra
-There are a few aura's for protection here, this is one of them that also gives +3+3, if someone gets around your hexproof with a mass-removal spell like Damnation or such you can just sacrifice this to stay on the battlefield
2x Spirit Mantle
-Protection from creatures is pretty great, can block anything and get through unblocked by others in addition to effects that some may do
2x Indestructibility
-If the other aura's don't fully do it for you there are 2x of these to also protect your enchanted creature
2x Mark of Sakiko
-This card with Rancor gets you a lot of mana and when you are drawing multiple cards for every enchantment you cast you can get a lot into play with this
4x Utopia Sprawl
-First turn Forest>Utopia Sprawl, second turn Kor Spiritdancer>Rancor>draw a card, third turn Boar Umbra>attack with a 9/9
1x Curse of Exhaustion
-A card i think would do well here, only 1x of because duplicates wouldn't be helpful to draw

2x Retether
-There's a very good card named Replenish that was too powerful for tournament play but this here is pretty much just as good for this deck. If something does happen to your enchanted creature you can cast this and be right back where you were. Very great in this deck
3x Return To Nature
-This is a more recent card with three actions to choose from, there isn't really any other removal in this deck so is very needed, there are 3x of them to make sure when you are ready with your Kor Spiritdancer or Enchantress or Gnarlid you can take out any possible prevention, the third ability is great against troublesome graveyard mechanics

10x Forest
10x Plains

3x Gaea's Blessing
-With drawing so many cards it puts you in danger of decks that deplete your library, although actually making use of the actual card might hinder a Retether the other triggered effect can be much needed
4x Gladecover Scout
-If an opponent is playing Path To Exile's or other removal putting these four in the deck would be a good choice. While the aura's don't have as much of an effect like on the Kor Spiritdancer they should do quite well regardless. There are also a few extra Boar Umbra's in this sideboard to help these elves
1x Alpha Authority
-Including this in the deck makes 4x, again much needed against removal if an opponent is playing many of those
3x Pentarch Ward
-This card is in the sideboard and not the main deck because if you give your creature protection from White or Green it would make your aura's of those colors fall off, against any other colors this will do just fine
2x Barrier Breach
-A more recent card, and a very good one. Not only is it exile not destroy, it is against up to three enchantments, at instant speed. And if you don't need it at the time you can cycle it to draw another card
2x Boar Umbra
-Two reasons for putting two more of these available, first and again it lets your creature recover from mass-removal effects and extra of these are here in case you are up against many of those. Second it is to boost the Gladecover Scouts if those also get put in the main deck from sideboard


3x Platinum Emperion
-The other decks i have built from scratch, this one 2/3 of it was amazingly bought at a thrift store, i added the Urza lands, 4x Expedition Maps and some Fabricates, which do help very much but i will not take full credit at all for this cool deck. The Platinum Emperion is an 8/8 for 8 that stops you from losing any life. Very helpful and can be kept in play with an active Scarecrone
4x Scuttlemutt
-2/2 scarecrow that adds mana and has another decent ability, good for a bit of mana ramp and triggers along with the others with Reaper King
4x Scarecrone
-Draws cards from sacrificing scarecrows and can bring them back, or any other artifact creatures, with it's second ability
3x Reaper King
-In this deck this creature can be cast buy turn five or so, then eats permanents from there on in and can also be brought back with a Scarecrone
2x Wicker Warcrawler
-6/6 for 5 mana, nothing major, is an artifact scarecrow though
4x Heap Doll
-Very helpful one mana card
2x Darksteel Juggernaut
-Can get pretty big and sticks around
4x Grim Poppet
-This card is similar to another i like called Triskelion, about the same mana cost but instead of ending up with a 1/1 you end up with a 4/4. Very good for a level of removal in this deck

1x Argentum Armor
-Just one of these is needed, helpful if drawn but not necessary
4x Expedition Map
-Tutor for any land. Play turn one, use turn two to fecth the missing Urza land, third turn play the Urza land and have seven mana
1x Lux Cannon
-Again 1x of, goes well with the Voltaic Keys, good card either way
2x Semblance Anvil
-Very, very helpful in this, reducing not just one card cost but multiple in one turn
2x Voltaic Key
-Always one of my favourite cards as i like artifacts, many great interactions with this card
2x Blinkmoth Urn
-Extra mana and most every time you will be gaining more than your opponent

2x Fabricate
-Three mana artifact tutor, the only blue card and yet i have 8 Islands in the deck, after the Urza land i don't really have any other additions to make land-wise, this is the only thing about this deck that might potentially change

4x Urza's Mine
4x Urza's Power Plant
4x Urza's Tower
-This set of land is very powerful in MtG, seven mana turn three? Yes please
8x Island


4x Obliterate
-Red has trouble getting rid of enchantments, even with a card like this, however this will work in our advantage with this deck, clearing the table of everything except for them. This spell cannot be countered so will for sure go off, the only problematic card might be Cyclonic Rift, however if you can get out a few land, a Darksteel Ingot and a Sanctum of Fruitful Harvest Obliterate can and usually should be cast on turn five or so, leaving the shrines to keep going while you rebuild more and more repeat
2x Regrowth
-Any card cast in your graveyard for two mana is a good deal, great for most cards in this deck
4x Maelstrom Pulse
-There should always be a decent amount of removal in any deck, this is one of the best ones that this and the Dreadbore's are from another deck i had but are perfectly suited to this deck as well
4x Dreadbore
-Remmoves creatures and planeswalkers and is a few good cards to have for early game
2x Anger Of The Gods
-This is the only card that i am questioning for this deck, it is great early game to clear the board a bit but still, maybe it's more meant for a potential sideboard

4x Darksteel Ingot
-This, the Sentinel, and a few lands also survive the Obliterate and will do very well after such

2x Darksteel Sentinel
-With Ingots and Sanctum of Fruitful Harvest this can be played early as a versatile creature and also do very well mid/late game after said Obliterate

1x Honden Of Cleansing Fire
-This deck is mainly three colors with one Cleansing Fire and two Calm Waters in addition to that that can be cast with an Ingot, there is also the five color Sanctum of All that can be cast with any one of the four Cascading Cataracts
2x Honden Of Infinite Rage
2x Honden Of Life's Web
2x Honden Of Night's Reach
2x Sanctum Of Calm Waters
3x Sanctum Of Fruitful Harvest
2x Sanctum Of Shattered Heights
2x Sanctum Of Stone Fangs
2x Sanctum Of All

4x Cascading Cataracts
-Good for whatever's needed but especially Sanctum of All
2x Darksteel Citadel
-Also stays after Obliterate
3x Savage Lands
-Three color land that comes into play tapped, normally am not a fan of that drawback but in this deck it's doable
4x Mountain
3x Swamp
4x Forest

3x Return To Nature
-With getting rid of everything except enchantments you want to make sure your opponent doesn't get to keep any of theirs
Barrier Breach
-Again this card is pretty spectacular, the reason it is in the sideboard here is mainly for if you go up against another shrine deck of some sort, as they are legendary and there can only be one of each type in play at a time. These decks listed try to be budget friendly, if you want though you could add Heroic Intervention somewhere in the sideboard to protect your own shrines from someone playing this card
2x Anger Of The Gods
-Two more of these for a total of 4x, if you are playing against a quick horde deck having these early should help you stick around until you are more equiped to deal with them
1x Honden Of Cleansing Fire
-An extra of this for if you are in danger of taking recurring damage of some sort and want to make sure of some life gain to counteract that
3x Tormod's Crypt
-One of the best ways to deal with an opponents graveyard interactions
2x Gaea's Blessing
-In here to quelch decks that try to put cards from your library to your graveyard

White Control

2x Disrupting Scepter
-Great for late game to get rid of reactionary spells like Counterspells etc
4x Scepter Of Dominance
-Every turn stops the biggest threats on the battlefield

3x Oblivion Ring
-This and Banishing Light are good removal but can be countered by getting rid of said enchantment, very fine against Black and Red which have trouble against enchantments. This deck has enough removal that losing one or two of these along the way isn't very problematic
3x Banishing Light
4x Runed Halo
-This card is amazing and is far underplayed in my opinion. It protects you from almost any win condition, Grapeshot? Protection from. Hogaak? Protection from. and so forth

2x Angel Of Sanctions
-A flyer that not only is a 3/4 Oblivion Ring but comes back again if anything happens to it, very nice
4x Figure Of Destiny
-This creature is always playable, from turn one to onward and is always useful
3x Serra Avenger
-i went with Serra Avenger as you can play it turn four and still have two mana left for any other of the cards castable for that. This deck tries to make the most use of every mana and every creature to it's full ability, you will never be at a loss of something to do each turn
1x Shalai, Voice Of Plenty
-A one of as is legendary but is very helpful when in play
2x Brightling
-There are quite a few "ling's", all are also quite good. For the Brightling it stands pretty tall at only costing 1WW and the three color specific abilities it has are very powerful

4x Disenchant
-Never at a loss of a target for this card
4x Path To Exile
-The best white removal after Swords To Plowshares, which at the moment isn't in "Modern", which these four listed decks all are
4x Declaration In Stone
-An overlooked card as far as i'm concerned, it may be third on the list for white removal for me. It is a sorcery not instant, but it is any creature, multiples if same name, tokens all get removed and if they weren't a token they get a card if they pay two mana, overall still very good

20x Plains

4x Leyline Of Sanctity
-Nice to have in your opening hand against quick combo-spell decks
4x Sorcerous Spyglass
-Runed Halo can be played on the fly and still be great against many cards, Sorcerous Spyglass lets you look at their hand to get an idea of what card to name, Nevermore is along with this in the sideboard for games after the first when you have knowledge of what kind of deck they are playing. Although i like this deck very much it may be better piloted by someone with more of an idea of what the competition is playing, but those are again in the sideboard and the deck works just fine either way
4x Nevermore
-A great card at times
3x Revoke Existence
-A Disenchant that exiles but at sorcery speed, still well received

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