Their killers and torturers require our the killers. We are in defence mode not the instigators. There is a song by The Killers named Smile Like You Mean It, about us being truly happy, and wouldn't that be nice. What is being done by the Zionist entity against us is all encompassing and affects every part of our lives for the worse, let's turn that around and make it so we are in charge and doing well for each other as opposed to the horrendous way it is now without a word from among them. The situation only amplifies if nothing is done by us, inaction leads to our complete loss in every aspect. You look around and see, hopefully, all that they touch is purposed for our downfall, that is everything they do, and everything they do has that intention. There is no middle ground with them, as they live and breathe it is for our detriment. This leaves us with no recourse, no other path of action, it is either stand bravely against them or live forever the way they think of us, as cattle. Is that how you want to be treated, and more so live? i believe in peaceful behaviour, but not everyone is peaceful to you, in cases like that there is eventual assertiveness, and if that doesn't work.. We don't have a lot of route choices, ones that will lead to the forever ending of the Zionist regime, but at least we only have to go through this fully once, third times a charm and this is now within our grasp, it's either follow through with our itinerary or die trying, as said this is our defence, we die trying to save ourselves not them dying trying to enslave us, we have to do this because of their actions, they do what they are doing for selfish gains. To keep us safe we will need protectors, and there are many willing and able when the time comes, soldiers of sorts, ones that rival the opposition's idf in scope, purpose and territory, and we're aiming for world inclusion

     It's a scam till proven otherwise is not a pessimistic way to be, it's just being cautious as it's better to be skeptical than naive. We have reason to be suspicious, with forced music, orchestrated crimes, blatant lies and unscrupulous conspirations we have to be, either that or be fooled and taken advantage of. Music, if you want to call what artists are having to sing that, is definitely forced until proven otherwise, because for twenty years now it has gradually gotten worse, we are at the point where every musician with any even marginal fanbase has been compromised, and as said if they were made to sing an obviously taken song/album before then their newest one will be no different. As for crimes we have ones happen that we lose lives in, like false flag attacks or sleeper agent ones, there are also completely fabricated ones meant to evoke some response from you or have another purpose. Then you have lies, like the ones Trump espouses, but not just to label him there are others, you have to watch out for those also. Plots? There are. And if you aren't looking you won't see. Now in your day to day life you may encounter nefarious intentions in person, but for the most part you are okay, you just have to be initially wary, it shouldn't take long to uncover if someone has ulterior motives. i, and people close to me, have to root-out covert operatives on a constant basis, they are generally easy to spot but once in a while take longer. If you are involved at all in what we're doing you probably will also have to deal with them. So remember, if it is a source that is a questionable person/entity definitely be on guard, for the most part you can also determine good sources, let them on your better side unless they prove themselves otherwise after a while. There are many great people, more than the not, it's just the ones who aren't that mess it up for everyone. When someone is good to you, honestly, then keep them close and return the kindness. i, and again my friends, have to put up with plants, covert-operatives, it's bothersome but i try and let those of mine know in one way or another about the fact. Do not openly trust people or sources you don't know, it would be nice if you could but it isn't like that, i believe that inherently most people are good, but you have to be careful or get screwed by those with negative intentions. Don't worry there are many who are perfectly fine, nice, upstanding people, cherish them. You will feel and live better knowing who is who though in regards to not only people on television good and not, but in actuality of people you meet. i am blessed to know some great people as well, and i follow my own advice and cherish them. i hope you have and do meet some great people of your own because it's a good feeling to have companionship in our lives. Do not be missing on the point though that you especially need to not believe everything and everyone you see on television, for example, as most United States channels, most not all, are corrupt and purvey false information or detrimental ideals. Again, it's a scam till proven otherwise holds steady

     China is on the right track with their assertions and comments about Israel and the Jews in general, for such they are getting labeled as anti-Semitic. The truth is anti-Semitic. “China uses anti-Semitic trope ‘Jews control US’ to ‘degrade’ America, claims envoy” says an article, this is a fact not something that is up for debate. “Jews control the United States through deep US-Israel ties, as well as control over banks, the media, and that they have influence over government leaders” continues the article, also true. The Jews own the vast amount of media, control the monetary system, have government in their pocket, and dictate the foreign policy all of said nation. The United States is the Jewish experiment, a plan that has been working in their favour almost since it's inception, or at least has been instated over many years resulting in it's current state. Their various attempts at complete control have been thwarted at times but eventually came to pass, now it is up to us to reverse these usurpations and take back into our hands that which has fallen to an entity that uses them against us. Jews do degrade America, saying so doesn't, saying so alerts the citizens to take action and end the various takeovers that have happened of our institutions. Anti-Semitism has cause, and we must be able to disregard claims of such to see the message being put forward not discount it, when that term is used the issue being said should be considered even more. So here we are, Jews have taken over the United States and have their goals set to do the same globally, it is up to us to not only unclasp their hold on USA but prevent them from doing so on a larger scale. To do so we must come to terms with the facts and not be bogged down with claims of Jewish “tropes” which are truths and “anti-Semitism” which is in actuality well deserved. Jews controlling America comes down to them controlling every main aspect of theirs, to disastrous consequences, again that is not anything but a truth. If you are labeled anti-Semitic you are most always on point. Kanye West said that the Jews are controlling P-Diddy, also true, we haven't heard much from Kanye recently unfortunately, but in his case and yours just prove the allegation, double-down, the facts are there to be shown for you to do so with. Mel Gibson was accosted for saying Jews control the media, easily provable. So if you are purported to be anti-Semitic you can assure that you are only anti-Zionist, because are there any pro-Zionists other than Jews themselves? And if you are labeled such for a comment that is fact then just show the proof. i, and so should you, hope to see and hear many anti-Zionist proclamations, maybe even from you, that would be great for us and add to the increasing knowledge-base about the issues which is direly needed. There are brave nations, China being one of a few willing to speak up about Jews and Israel, please make it so that your nation is one as well, all the while the people of every nation not only petition their governments to take action but for them themselves to do so to the best of their ability, your ability, do not fear repercussions if you are willing to follow up with the facts. They have weaponized the phrase anti-Semitic, it's time to give thanks to those who are and for you to join them, they are taking a risk for you so be there to support them, if for some reason they are unable to follow up with the truth themselves then you can step in and be their guardian, first and foremost though you have the initiative

     Was worried about this so decided to check into it, Ms Rachel on youtube which targets our most impressionable youth. i watched some of “learn numbers, colors, counting and shapes with ms Rachel”, not the full hour and only the one video but once you see the allegiance the rest all fall into place as same. Some of what was seen was different colored named as jewels in a treasure chest while a red crab was mentioned to be in sand. This is beyond unacceptable, yet unfortunately just an example of what's also being done through similar programming. Ms Rachel has 6.93 million subscribers and the mentioned video 89 million views, that's a lot of brainwashed kids, then teens then future adults. You really have to vet the input you put in front of your child, or else you end up putting them to watching tripe like this which causes damaging effects upon their mental frame of mind and thought process. Propaganda aimed at our youth is mostly obvious to us but the target audience is oblivious and soaks it in, so not only beware and check their content first but expose those who engage in indoctrinating such to every parent and person you can. Ms Rachel is an example, this goes far and wide considering the proliferation of Zionist media which is not just against those who should be able to see it. This is an unconscionable act of psychological warfare waged against our youth, tricking adults is one thing, getting to them when they are initially learning is another. Both unacceptable but the latter more so. i would suggest you look into ms Rachel's “teachings” so you get an example of what's being done, i always say if you want to get angry watch Zionist children's programming, it is infuriating what they are doing. If you are looking for media yours can indulge in may i promote classic Disney (not pixar, not marvel, not lucasfilm), it is a tumultuous time for them right now but you can't go wrong with the earlier material. All in all though check what media your youth is being subjected to, you will see for yourself what good is being put forward and what is not. Then let it be known when you find programming of either

     This segment will be a compilation of thoughts about John Lennon and “his” song Now and Then, lyrics here. Firstly i do not trust the album attributed to him Imagine, mainly the title track, Jealous Guy, and Happy Xmas War is Over, although am sure the other songs are suspect as well i'm just personally not as familiar with them. Was John Lennon killed because he might come forward about being forced? While Israeli scripting wasn't as prominent back then it was still around, an example would be Pink Floyd The Wall. As for Now and Then it's been told that there was use of ai to complete the track, how much exactly? There really isn't a lot to go on as the lyrics are sparse, but the two that give it away are “if i make it through” and “if we must start again”, both of which are from the oppositions point of view and don't make much sense from ours. Something else that denotes origination is the other song bundled with this single, Love Me Do, allegedly a 2023 mix but after listening there really is no difference from the original song. This is them putting this song out of context to look for a saviour, again. George Harrison even went so far as to say that the song Now and Then is rubbish, he of all people would be someone to listen to about the track. Paul McCartney is/has been doing very well, i really like his most recent album iii, and hope that this newest “Beatles” song is not an indication that he has now been taken as well, would love to hear more from this fellow. So because of these reasons i believe Now and Then is a Zionist ploy to persuade people to their side, along other instances of them forcing musicians to help them through duress, that is when they are not threatening, misleading or heinously self-depreciating from the artist

     In addition to being your own friend, who you look after and treat well, you have others in your life pretty much no matter what, whether that be family, co-workers, friends with similar interests or ones who you primarily know online, we all have people in our lives who do well by us and those deserve cherishing. Family gets a bit of leeway, and maybe so do your friends to a certain extent, but you should be cherished in return. It's nice to have a close circle of people in your life, i have quite a few people i care for and about, and is a pleasure to know them. Keep your companions close, hopefully they aid and comfort you as much as you aid and comfort them. Just as while you do that with your personally known circle do so with those who are there for you otherwise, politicians, media, arts, of the good variety. Although you don't know them in your immediate life they spend their time working for your benefit, and as such are friends that you should also help when they need you, which is always appreciated by them. Even those with a modest friends list has these people on their side, return the favours. If everyone spent their time helping other people we'd have it all covered, thankfully there are many who do this, try to find ways for you to join in the camaraderie. We should look out for each other as if we are friends who haven't met, and we need your active support in whatever manner you can provide. Be thankful for those who show you kindness, and when they are in need of the same you come through for them. i am blessed with good people in my life, but remember that you are as well, in any of the ways mentioned, people care for you. If you are lonely give yourself motivation to become involved in what's going on, your effort will be gratefully received and you will be helping those who have or would help you. With all the negative reports on television you would think the world is an awful place filled with horrible people, but you would be surprised how many wonderful we have, reach out to each other, connect to our people globally near and far, you will make relationships on many different levels, close or on a functional basis, either or. While aforementioned television has made some people selfish and rude there are still so many honest, polite, caring and helpful people that you come across on a daily basis, whether you interact with them or simply brush past each other they are there. As said you should start with also being your own best friend, improving where needed and increasing the positive where able, start with being self-critical of the negative traits and curtail those until all you possess are the positive ones. Do not be self critical of your outer traits or ones that you have no control over, it's hard to do but you can. Every decision you make is a direction that is a result from a fork you took in the road, the way to do it is have it so you always take the best route every time, hardwire yourself to do that, it will do wonders for your life and love of self minimizing actions that you would regret after, just don't do it to begin with. If you're going to be your own best friend you'd better like yourself, be a person you'd like to be friends with, then behave in a way that others can be happy with you. It's not needed to have a full rolodex, even just a few close companions if you can get that, i doubt that many of you don't have anyone in their list of friends of any kind, if so it's okay there are others on your side in life that you just don't know personally, be thankful for them and enjoy your solo-for-now existence which can be just as fulfilling, maybe in time you will meet some kindred spirit. One thing i want to emphasize is that the people who have been your friend from afar, constantly helping you and your kin, now need your help, don't let them down. What we need is for all of us to be here for each other, no man or woman left behind, bring them up, put them on your back, and bring them to safety. With what we're doing that is very important, do not let them get ahold of anyone from our side, and if they do do not let them get away with it. Thanks for us, condemnation for them, distributed as needed. We are a community, and when one of us is targeted we all have to take action against the offending faction, stand up for one another and through the process of both enlightening us and censuring them we can be powerful, as is required. Our friends are being harmed, step forward and help stop the opposition from doing so

     Two of many forced musicians, being made to make retro themed infomercials, one, although as it is is enough something, but two artists being forced into the exact same thing at the same time is unavoidably obvious. First i will speak about Olivia Rodrigo and her album Guts, while her first album was anti, a real one by her, she has changed her mind with the entire release of Guts and her first video for it Bad Idea Right?. Which is really great. For her effort she was forced into this video. i completely congratulate her for stepping up, it is deplorable for Zion to have taken this lovely youth and turned her against herself like this. It took guts for Olivia to stand up this way and the reverse for the opposition to try and secretly have her discount her contribution to us. This is one of many instances to raise ire towards those doing these heinous things to our beloveds of the entire industry, and ire is to put it mildly.
     Ed Sheeran was forced into three, two a few weeks ago and one a few days ago, all of which i just noticed today, a retro themed infomercial trio, which they seem to have a penchant for, Autumn is Coming, #1, #2, #3. All of which are completely not Ed Sheeran's desire to do and should instead be rallies to action not detractors from the cause. While Olivia Rodrigo's album Guts is real, but the coming video's other than the first one will be forced, Ed Sheeran's new album's are not, -, Autumn Variations, and onward are not. Rather than pay heed to what is put forth in these unscrupulous creations make them more reasons to add to our side of examples of forced musicians, which by now are a tidal wave of

     While my wonderment isn't decreasing it is shifting, i am still in awe of the world and universe around us however my thoughts about us are changing from our end products and results to our ability of achieving such, and damn we are doing phenomenally. We are quickly advancing beyond any other time in history, with so many people of the population boom all contributing and adding their skills to the cause of our shared human experience, whether through medical, technological, city management or any other form of contribution we are all travelling forward at a great pace and benefit to our fellow global inhabitants. My human wonderment is with our accomplishments, we have many very talented people working on all sorts of topics for our betterment. As for the Earth and universe it is unbelievably amazing, mind boggling. The scope of how vast and incredible is reason for complete wonderment. So there are for us two realms of instance, our existence, and everything around us which encompasses both the world and the entirety of space. Both reason for celebration. Be amazed with what we have done and are doing, it's pretty incredible, then have your own wonderment about the universe, think about it. Some might say that our situation is the human condition, but i still have a great sense of pride in what we've made of and for ourselves, and that will not fade. With how far we've made it up to now imagine the next few years and further, if we don't blow ourselves up first we will be living in what is currently science-fiction and even unimaginable advancements. There is reason for wonderment, let that be ground and add on to even that with more. Again, all this progression is from our effort, and while it's good to be tethered to the reality of a baseline still have some thoughts about how incredibly we are doing

     Zionist scripting of music is getting out of control, moreso. While it has been going on for a long time, “Pink Floyd's” The Wall album as one example, it has become more prevalent than ever, all encompassing even, for the recent two decades. Now not only do you have to watch out for forced albums of such you have musicians that are able to get something good out only to be forced into Zionist videos afterwards. What prompted me to write this is a new song by Rita Ora of and featuring Fatboy Slim, Praising you, here is the real video, and here is the forced version/video The first one is full of heart, the second version is just insulting to our intelligence and portraying the lovely Rita Ora in a negative light. The opposition is getting a bit stealthy now so we have to be very on guard, remember once a musician has been taken their future albums/videos are also. One day someone will come forward about this, as in someone who is part or aware of what's being done, but in the meantime it's up to us. Even if all we have is twenty years of musicians being tortured that is more than enough, the rest of the current and coming occurrences will fall into place as same. i will put forward a song to you, and the video that goes with it, Gorillaz, Dare, one of the few instances of music talking about this, This goes to you, help protect these beloved artists of ours, you have your favourite musicians, and most likely most of them have been taken, support and defend them from the heinous clutches that are hurting them. Right now music is Zionist scripted unless proven otherwise, that's the state and severity it's in. So far Kanye West is the only person to come closest to breaching this topic, whether his actual doing or made to soften the issue that is the best we have as of yet, don't you worry, this will be revealed at some point, maybe by you to introduce the concept until someone with first hand knowledge comes forward. “Ed Sheeran” has a new song he's forced to sing, Dancing With My Eyes Closed, don't, be aware instead. i was not always knowledgable with our musical agenda, the great songs of ours, but i grew up from my ignorance of these matters quickly. Now i see. Now not only am i aware of our music i am aware of their forcing's of our wonderful talents. You need to see as well, and when you do let others know also then so forth. With the wars, the monetary swindling, the propaganda and the supremacist tendencies this, forced music, is what i actually care about the most and wish exposed, and i feel that when it is, even against the importance of every other issue, this will be the most polarizing. Music is a major part of all our lives, we have grown up to the songs of our generations and other, and they have been there for us through all these years, now they are being tortured into turning against the people they so helped, it is despicable on so many levels. If you have a platform of any kind, please do what you can to bring this situation to light, a few people have, i noticed, but everyone at least do so once, at least, musicians included, if you have a chance to release a song and video about this go for it. Thank you for any positive mentions, you mean the world to me, however when you have the opportunity go full out and take on the opposition in any way you feel would be most effective. It's been shown, like Rita Ora, that even just singing love songs will get you targeted so might as well make the most of your input. Zionist forced music has gone from being very overt to currently mostly subdued, that doesn't make it any better for the musician. So no matter the most recent single the roots are bare with previous releases by them or when you notice something just isn't right with their newest album, because it's not just singles, it's whole albums and a lot of times the red flags are in the lyrics of the other songs therein. It may take a while to improve your detection ability of music, but you will, as said i was at one point oblivious to the greater meanings of their works, scripted or not, but i learned quickly, as can you. Do not expose forced music for me, do it for the victims of their actions against them. If ever you are at a loss of what to talk about or help with, this topic should be a vital part of your list

     While i would rather refer to the violence epidemic in North America as bully culture, it is not the bullies doing the killings but the bullied, it has many more additional factors to it. The main blame rests on corrupt Zionist television and other media which infects not only Americans but Canadians whose own tv channels and media are fine. Happy people don't consume, they are doing well, it is the unhappy that spend a lot of money, but that is only the initial reason. The violence arises when citizens digest media where insults are funny and selfishness rewarded, leading to bullying by the unhealthily taught of other people around them. So maybe it shouldn't just be named bully culture but toxic culture, as there are many aspects. i do not condone mass killings by lone men and women but simply understand their reasoning or the causation. Paired with guns for instance it makes it so easy for them to take revenge, maybe revenge on society which is why bystanders are often included. Zionist television makes for a bad teacher, all about the self and not for others or the community through carefully thought out programming made by focus groups. Then you have facebook and their subsidiary instagram, which is run of course for profit not the user's benefit, making it's customers compete for how many likes you can get, all contributing to part of this toxicity. It's no secret that both American tv channels and facebook with instagram are all Jewish owned, and is not only for the profit of their companies themselves but the profit and furthering of other agenda beyond themselves. What we need are more good role-models in media, we do have them just not as much on the aforementioned venues. Without name dropping i will mention one good American channel, Abc, so if you live there that should be your go-to destination for television. The rest are worth skipping for the most part. It's been noted that other countries do not have the same proliferation of murders as the Usa, they do not have American television. Gun reform is an issue of course and needs to be rectified to instill sanity in gun laws, right now it is too easy to kill mass amounts of people with readily available rapid-fire machine gun style weapons. Muskets were the gun referenced in the constitution, let people have muskets, maybe give a little sway and have somewhat better, but no ak-47's as people cannot buy rocket-launchers or landmines either, there are restrictions and needs to be more restrictions retroactively, at least put in some common-sense gun laws that everyone can agree on, and stop Nra funding of members of congress. This as said though is an American problem, that seeps through the Canadian border from their media, what could be wrong with a sitcom? Lots. The writers of many of them have very Zionist intentions and are putting forth propaganda disguised with a laugh-track, all culminating in combination with drama's and documentaries in contributing to the toxic culture that they are deliberately forming. Again, when something is put together it has agenda, whether good or not, and it is created with those intentions, every facet has those parts that make up the full project, it's not some here some there, it's every single bit of the end product. And when it is detrimental to you remember that it is the same to others, ones that maybe are not aware they are being programmed. What i would suggest to you is that you let it be known there are problems with mainstream media of all mediums, to be aware. Also for you to do is enact strict media reform, get media through hard fought battles back in our hands, you see, unfortunately, how it is now, let's end their reign and in such their collusion in creating the toxic culture we currently have
     Then there is, unfortunately, mainly street crime and organized crime, both a stain on society. Perpetrated by for whatever reason unscrupulous individuals and sometimes gangs, it really is disheartening. These are the reasons for us to have hefty jail sentences for violent crime, moreso as the ones we have now are inadequate. Whether it be drug related, mental illness, or just someone trying to be cool (it's not), we need them locked up so the rest of us can be safer. Right now prison is a revolving door, we need to enact strict measures to keep people who commit these crimes from doing so over and over again. This is a different issue than mentioned in the earlier paragraph, about mass-shootings, where someone goes on a rampage and kills many people at one time then usually turns the gun on themselves or if alive is sentenced to life in prison. No these attacks are by people who have disregard not only for the law but the safety and well being of others, in fact the opposite. There's been a rash of stabbings on public transit recently, bail? Not for you. At least that's how it should be, incarceration, for a long time. We have the money in tax dollars from each cities citizens to pay for more jails and staff to manage them, let's institute better services to accommodate all the new arrivals and long stayers. Our communities need to be safe from crime, and to do so we have to be stricter in our legal system. This should be a bipartisan issue that all sides take up, not just left or right but each party can agree to instate. Do we want criminals on the street or behind bars? Sure there are some who rehabilitate, there are, but for the majority it is a cycle of in and out of jail or even just court. Let's end the leeway and maybe it will be a deterrent for people to straighten out their lives for the better, either do so or your next crime will land you locked-up for a very long time. We want to be safe, we want our loved ones to be safe, our laws are fine it's just the punishments that are weak. There still are differences in crimes and then their sentences, marijuana is different to crack, one helps cancer patients and gives you munchies the other ruins lives by having you quest for it 24/7. Thankfully marijuana is now legal but crack dealers need heftier repercussions. The sentence needs to fit the crime, and our laws reflect what the people want allowed and not allowed, personally i think crack dealers should get charged as much as murder as they are dooming a persons entire existence. Maybe that would deter them from thinking that is a great way to make money, who would want to do that and risk 20 years in jail? As for violent crimes, which is what the topic is mainly about, it cannot be acceptable, if not the death penalty for murder then it should be life behind bars, we just need to tweak the sentences to be much harsher. It does depend on every instance i understand but career criminals and those that continuously reoffend shouldn't be on the streets shooting and stabbing people indiscriminately and allowed to continue intermingling with us. It's disturbing to hear about these kinds of occurrences, hopefully we can at least sleep soundly knowing that whenever something like this happens and the person is caught that the entire legal system will work to keep that person away from society for the future so they do not get a chance to repeat their actions against us

     You can have your opinion about abortion, this is mine, maybe you agree, maybe not, perhaps you might change your mind, i just can't stand idly by listening to pro-choice talking points any more. i have spoken about this topic before but wanted to revisit it in a more concise manner. This of course is a delicate topic but really it should be pretty cut and dry, first off let me agree with pro-choice advocates that i also believe in exceptions for abortions, rape, incest and life of the mother. These initial two punish the biological father and make it so there is not punishment not of her doing to hinder the mother. The abortion would be against the baby of the father. For the third stipulation there are miscarriages that stay in the womb and need to be removed for the health of the mother, these three instances are the only abortion i agree with. After that it is solely because a baby is inconvenient for her to carry to term or take care of for one reason or another. In cases like that the baby should be had and put up for adoption to one of many loving couples who are unable to reproduce themselves. Now, the terminology used by pro-choice proponents is abhorrent, some of which are that this is a medical procedure, no, it is fetus/unborn baby murder, so at least call it by it's name. Second it is a woman's right, is that so? What about the rights of the baby? And it is a baby. i've seen aborted fetuses and it's not pretty, what the doctor does is dismember it's limbs and decapitate the head, then suck out the pieces with a vacuum, and it is an early human. Then you have commercials saying oh no look what they are doing to doctors, imprisoning them for four years just for “doing their job”, four years is pretty lenient for murder. Something to say, if you are a woman who has had an abortion, or a man who loves a woman who has, i mean you no disrespect, that was a doing of yours maybe without much thought or priority given, maybe you would do it differently in the future, this is my opinion on the subject. A woman will be off work for maybe three months and get stretch marks from the pregnancy but at least adoption saves a life. There are limitations to fetuses, up to a certain time they have neither brain activity nor a heartbeat, this can be a possible window for abortion, not like late third trimester ones where it is a complete baby just not outside the mother yet, and if you agree then you have to see the point being made about when a fetus/unborn baby becomes a fully fledged person inside a mothers womb. Your womb your choice? i bet the child would like to have a say in this they just can't talk yet. Instead of barrels of fetuses let's have lists of potential adoptable children. i know it may be inconvenient for the mother to carry a full term pregnancy but the alternative is not something i for one am okay with. This is solely about the topic at hand and not the main topic which has it's own parameters. It may be the difficult road to take and there are many variables, but i fall on the side of what is termed pro-life, and as said with exceptions. Anything else is cruel to the unborn baby, which in varying forms is what it is
     Additionally... Two more notes about this. The first is that women may be ostracized for being seen pregnant then not having the child afterwards, well we can make that a noble thing to do, “i'm saving a child” would be said. The chance would be had after a one-night stand let's say to then have a morning after pill which could be taken as an option. After that it may be an uncomfortable situation but one that has the best outcome as opposed to the alternative. We just need to emphasize that women would be doing what's right. Second the argument that a woman will unsafely try and abort the baby themselves, well, people are going to rob banks whether it is legal or not, should we make it legal so that they don't end up getting shot by the police? Should we make it so that there is no penalty for doing so? No, it is illegal and if someone does such it is against what we have for prevention of crime. Yes women will try and abort babies themselves but that doesn't mean we should legalize the action. Women doing it unsafely is something that yes will happen, but doing so is not condoned. That is and should be treated the same as doing any other crime. To recap, women will be put in uncomfortable situations, at least the fetus/baby will be okay and hopefully have a great full life. The stigma of a pregnancy of a to be adopted baby should be lifted and celebrated instead, it means you are putting yourself in a difficult position to save the life of a child. Something which can be made into a definitely positive sacrifice, not a sacrifice of the baby a sacrifice of the woman's comfort of physical and emotional, all in that effort to bring a child to term. Then about the second point, the argument about women ending their pregnancies by themselves at dangerous harm to self it goes back to instating laws meant to be followed, if someone breaks the law it's not the law's fault, it falls upon the person breaking said law and ignoring the rules we set. People are going to do crime, let's not get rid of every law because of that and let people do whatever they want, yes pregnancy can be a big effort but killing the fetus/baby should not be legal or celebrated as a right. There will be the early detection of pregnancy where it is before brain activity or heartbeat window to be made acceptable, there is the exception of rape/incest/health of the mother, but every other well made and safe pregnancy should be brought to completion and kept, or put for adoption, i know, it's got to be troublesome for the mother but otherwise it is a worse situation no matter how difficult bringing the child to term and dealing with the aftermath would be

     i am very upset. My lovely bird, who i name buddy but call birdie, is in bad condition. He has a problem with a growth on his lower stomach area, and it's not looking good for him. This has gotten worse over time and although he is probably oblivious to it i of course see it and know it's an issue. i tried to get some free advice by taking a photo of said problem and asking a vet and after that a pet store, unfortunately the vet could only have a look for $129, and that's just to look not fix the problem which would be thousands i'm sure, the pet store could not give any advice as they legally cannot do so. So i'm in a bind, and all i can do is hope he goes quietly and painlessly. Here's the thing, he has been poisoned resulting in his current state, i will share a photo of him here but not the issue that resulted. Have been worried since i fill his water dish in a public washroom in my building that it could be compromised but there wasn't a lot i could do about that, but they did, the other day a what i now know to be a plant who shows up once in a while offered me some strawberries, i had one but will never do that again out of some caution that i can take, but here's the thing, the mention was in regards to my birds condition, additionally he started talking about how his mouthwash was poisoned, i also drink from the same tap as birdie gets. Maybe you'd have to be there but i'm describing this the best i can. i love my bird, have had him for at least a decade, he has had a good life and i take care of him well, even moreso now for his comfort. i will miss him greatly but am not going to be buying another bird because of this. He's such a sweetie, the other day i spoke about the song Prayer In C and i will be feeling that way as well, even though the song is about loftier issues i will add this to the list of those

     Just found out something very beneficial for us, something you may already know, Spotify can be listened to without premium membership. New to me. It's worth it for the ten dollars already but having the free option is great as well. Among the reasons listed for joining premium is ad free listening, but even with a few ads per album that's still pretty sweet, maybe they just mean the billboard ads and there aren't any audio ones during, that would be even better! The first album i'm trying with this is Grimes' Art Angels, which so far is great and figured it would be, and it's there, to listen to, free! So the reason i mention this being beneficial for us is that with all the heinous forcing of musicians going on it's much less of a concern than that but two things.. first you can find out if an album is that way, forced, by listening to the non-singles, and second save the money you would have spent buying that album If it is a forced one. Of course what you should really be doing is saving the musicians but maybe you can do both, each helping one another to do so. The ten dollars they ask is also a very decent price, less than the price of one album per month, free is just extra bonus though and completely amazing to be available. i will still be buying cds at the thrift stores on occasion, and am more than happy with my digital versions of albums i bought and put on my iPod, but Spotify is a nice addition to that. Now we all can listen to albums before buying, and maybe do a bit of investigating of whether an album is really what they want to do or not. So i will eagerly listen to many albums for sure and soon enough see what advertising is and if it is bothersome at all or just billboards which would be more than perfectly fine. i think with what have seen regarding such from the site you have limited next track option but that's okay, also and again the ten dollars for premium is worth it as well. Spotify is the secondary topic right now though because it is eclipsed by music in general now, forced until shown otherwise, and don't fall for the behind the scenes of a music video on youtube or whatnot, smile or else is the situation. This does tie in with Spotify though because it lets you listen to a brand new album, or one that you haven't heard in a while or before, and determine it's validity. A new artist's single may seem on the up and up but the whole album will not be, or there would not be a reason to force a musician to do so anyway, by listening to the full album you can make your determination then, maybe after some deep reflection on the lyrics in addition to a youtube video. When music comes up with friends i do mention that it is in a terrible state right now, and say the musicians aren't singing what they want to, and that they are being taken and made to put forward these songs. Additionally when hearing a similarily terrible radio station i advise a better one, to those friends or businesses that have to listen to radio all day, just saying they would be much happier with another station which you can find one in your city. With forced music there are some telltale signs a song is not from them, insulting the musician themselves, on to the next one which they don't do as much anymore, love songs and other songs about crack use, songs trying to find a saviour for them, threating songs, songs about how otherworldly and godlike they are in their opinion, and any number of other subjects they make our wonderful people sing on their demand that they don't have a choice in. One day a musician will let it be known what's going on, i can talk about this at length but it will be then that this becomes revealed in an ultimately major way. Until then use your own voice to spread the word, it helps. We all love music and those skilled in that profession, now they need you, expose what's being done in any manner you can as without you the situation gets worse for those unwillingly involved making music against the people they wanted to be a hero to, save them and you will be their hero

     It's been a while since my most recent posting so thought to take some time to write about this, about you being instrumentally important in everything going on on topic and not, more than you may think, as most of what gets done is in fact by you. While it is a myriad of factors and various people involved in different manners, what you do is vital in what happens, without you as a member of us we are less and everything you do makes a difference whether to one person or many. Do not be discouraged, people depend on you. Yes it has been a while since speaking in regards to me but don't let that affect what you do as there is so much already to not only talk about but do, both of which should be where the effort is placed. As said there is on and off topic, and while on deservedly gets priority there is so much, so very much, to do that is also needed and appreciated. No matter what you have a lot to accomplish on small scale and large, focus on those, if i may guide the narrative in some way i will do my best, but you should always concentrate on the issues whether when am lacking or in abundance, it is through that that we make the most advancement. Thankfully we have people in every section of what's needed, and many more needed for certain ones, but with everyone doing their part in their chosen issues we will be hopefully be victorious in all of our endevours. We will not if we don't. i will do my part as best i can and it is my wish that you do yours at your best, with all of us together doing so we will surpass any challenge. May i suggest to stay on topic whenever you are able, that does entail a lot of varied issues, again that's whenever you are able, which is a lot of the time, spend it however you deem best though. With everyone focused we will do better and better on this topic that affects us all globallly, and while climate change and asteroids do also they are more widely known than Zionism and all it's parts. Right now we have multiple phases, the first priority is giving knowledge to those who are not aware of Zionism, the second is supporting the solution to such to those that do know or in advance of them knowing. As long as we stay on topic in one way or another we are advancing our cause, when we falter we lose ground so do try and be generally focused, again there is so much to talk about on topic of past/present/future you will always have something to say. As for my recent lack i apologize, it's something i try and not do, am hoping to get a bit of slack here and there but this was a long time, at least it doesn't happen often. Whether i am on a roll or not please stay at your best for informing the public and definitely doing what you can to help our situation

     We both have to deal with plants, covert-operatives, you on television and me that and in actuality. On the naming of them calling themselves sicks they sent someone to harass me at my door, and it wasn't just some person doing so, i could tell by the second time when he tried to force me to have a cigarette and say oh you quit then. The reference was because i also had on a Gun's n' Roses t-shirt on that has some of the group members smoking cigarettes. Being sick isn't something to aspire to be, it is a negative trait that needs correcting. As for the plants of mine they are again filling up the house where i live until it will be just me and themselves. There are good people here but they are getting outnumbered. You might think this fantastical but it's true, there is of course a Mossad and they do this kind of thing all the time, in fact if you are involved in this to any degree you should also be on guard for them. i don't want plants in my life but that's not quite my choice, best i can do is be polite, somewhat, to them when applicable and for the most part disregard them, i'm just doing my thing and being fair, i would hope for fairness from them as well. Your plants are on television in a myriad of ways, whether news interviews, game shows, “reality” tv or any other media of theirs you have to be aware of what's being put forth by them and see through those attempts to fool you. i try to keep on top of these operatives, you try and keep on top of the ones you see and let others know about them as well

     We are in the midst of a war right now, the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, and while Ukraine has no requirement whatsoever to do so there is something important to keep in mind to settle disputes like this, compromise, where both sides gain somewhat and can agree to settle the conflict peacefully. Again Ukraine is the victim of Russian agression and should not even have to do so but maybe there is some way to quell their actions and have both sides happy with a solution. Russia needs an out, a way to save face after this debacle that went horribly wrong, maybe there is some sort of agreement that can be reached where everyone will be content with an outcome. Any leeway from Ukraine is not even required but maybe if they give something they are accepting of the war may be able to be eneded. A solution that both sides agree to that doesn't involve Ukraine giving up more than they should be given they are completely in the right to begin with. However maybe there is some deal that can be reached between the two that both sides are able to be accepting of. Russia needs a way out, and Ukraine may be able to offer something they are okay with doing to put an end to this war, so let's find a way to do so that everyone involved gains a bit and is in acceptance of a very slight loss to put an end to this unneeded dispute

     Was buying a few items at a grocery store and the clerk asked if i would like to donate two dollars to help Ukraine, i declined and mentioned i would help in other ways, and figure i should get back into this and write a bit more at length about what is going on there. For whatever reason, Putin has decided to invade Ukaraine, a monumental mistake that Russia is now in the midst of and am sure is having tough decisions on how to get out of. Let me say, the Russian people don't want this war, neither do the Russian soldiers who were told this was a trainig mission to get them involved, now the dissenters there are also being silenced as much as Putin can anyhow. i have two Russian friends who i contacted after this started and made sure to let them know i do not hold them responsible for what Putin is doing and that i hope they are well, it must be hard for them at this time. While this is true i still support sanctions among all the other efforts being done against Russia, the people there will be fed up with their government's actions and revolt, besides they can't hold on forever with all the measures being taken against them. Putin needs to understand he has made a terrible error in this maneuver and remove all his forces and stop the attacks in and on Ukraine. Russia cannot continue as it is doing now, it is unsustainable. Putin's only way out is to get out, and i encourage him to find a way, any way, to do so. As for us in this equation, our own governments are doing great work in this, very commendable, there is also the public of all nations who can help in immeasurable ways, many who are and many more needed. There are different efforts you can get involved in, joining someone else or being a lone soldier so to speak, 10,000 lone soldiers though are still an army let alone the collected brigades helping already. The world, at least the vast majority and including Russians themselves, are standing against Putin, who messed up big time but still has a way out or two, as said apologizing is a serious suggestion if he is brave enough to do so, it would help a lot. Yes, Russia has nuclear arms, and is a delicate situation, i don't think Putin wants to go down in whatever history is left as being the man who ruined the civilization of Earth. There is what's called mutual destruction, if Russia launches nukes, the rest of the world retaliates, and we don't want it to come to that, neither does Putin i'm sure. Seriously this was a huge mistake on his part and did not think this would end up the way it is now. Step back, please, right now your image is tarnished so don't make it even worse, you can slowly through your actions make things better for you and your Russian people to redeem yourself from this unfortunate fiasco. Until that happens, and i hope for both you and everyone else it does, it is still going to be full steam ahead on making Russian life very difficult. Instead, back down, be happy with Russia as it is, territory and so forth, be partners with the rest of the world, express, show, and follow through with actions that benefit people globally. Right now though, because of your attacks on Ukraine, what is needed is a humanitarian corridor to let the women, children and elderly leave from your bombardments, this is not by any means the only thing needed from you, but is a start until you can find more ways to roll back your unjust invasion. Russia can no longer function as is with all these and more measures against you, do not go down globally defeated over the attempted take-over of Ukraine, right now you are in a losing battle, by far, so do not continue with what you are doing and make better instead of worse. i know this did not go as planned for you, the best you can do now is for start leave Ukraine and after that you decide on how to make your situation more back to normal or very much improved

     We are on the verge of another new year, well in reality we are just further on the timeline but the science of how we divvy up time and the calendar stands correct and effective. One of the mainstays of new year celebrations is resolutions, where you pledge to do better in one aspect or another or multiple, a fine tradition it is. None of us is or ever will be perfect, but we can strive to become closer and closer albeit without the ability to reach such. Do the best you can though. For me, and i may suggest yourself, new years resolutions are great but don't limit your alterations to one day, make it every day at every instance, always trying to do the most good for everyone involved without leaving yourself out every time. You always have the time for personal improvement, if you don't like some aspect about you make it better, if possible, any time of the year, if it's something you can't change maybe make a resolution to accept it. Self improvement is a wonderful thing to do, you will be happier and generally live a better life. i say generally because you can't account for other people's negative actions, which can affect you directly or indirectly. One thing that affects each and every one of us negatively is Zionism, all aspects of it. Thankfully there are paths we can follow, and continue upon, to rid ourselves of their practitioners far and wide. The reason i mention that here is to encourage (give you courage) to make some extra resolutions regarding this. Bravery, put your courage to use, do what you can, disregard their threats. Also have bravery when they are doing their butterfly and puppy dog act, which they resort to when at a loss, then they go back and forth between threats and those, have bravery throughout. Be resolute, stay on course, no matter what. Make up your mind and stick with it without letting them dissuade you. They have done enough against us, and while they continue there will be those of us, as many as possible, to counteract them. Be happy, there is a lot still to be happy about. We are living in a marvellous time with so many innovations in all sectors of life. Use your unhappiness as motivation to reach the former. When you see some bullshit on television don't frequent that show, they want your unhappiness. Surround yourself with goodness, which Zion is not, they are out for your ruin and believe it or not that is saying the least. They thought they had us, and it was getting close, but now we are able and on the way to stopping them, which is the path we must continue along or we will, not risk, will, lose everything we hold dear. Make resolutions all year long, a form of self betterment and also local/national/global betterment however you are able. i truly believe that if we all are kind, giving, polite and selfless to a certain degree we will have a wondrous society worldwide. There will be some who go against us from within but nothing like what we are up against right now, and once that is dealt with we can start to form a new chapter in the history of Earth that is one of global cooperation towards the benefit of us all. Every nation helping and collaborating with each other on a grand scale. These will start out and be hard times for us, and fluctuate as we progress, we cannot however let them continue with what they are doing and must employ every action against them. The Protocols are heart wrenching, do you want to live in that world? It has also been in application from millennia ago to present time, only culminating in the Protocols and it's multiplied use after transcription. What will your effort be against the practitioners? There are so many of us and we need as many as possible on page on topic and on duty. Imagine a world that encompasses and includes every Gentile nation, their division not mine, wouldn't that be nice? You can start the process, join with foreign entities worldwide, let them know what is going on either to do with attempts furthering the Protocols or of instances of orchestration/false flag attacks or other regional issues. Let action be one of your resolutions, one of many i hope, not that you aren't great now but you can become greater. Part of that is to be involved, pick a topic, pick many, of whatever you have the time and ability to help with. Better yourself, do well for others, both important and entwined. Whatever your resolutions make them and make them often, all on the way to the happiness of you and those around you without borders

     It's said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and that is true. Whether you are thick, medium or thin, short, average height or tall, blond, brunette or bald, whatever your appearance there is someone, many people, who would love nothing more than being with you for you. When you are at a place where people get together you can't look across the room and think wow that person has a great personality, but when you get to know someone they can be a turn on mentally, physically or both, and the former helps the latter. When you do get to know someone nice even closer you can feel like, damn, i would love to please this person, and if all is well they will reciprocate and you will have a wonderful relationship. Do not feel self conscious, everyone has physical differences of some sort, it won't stop you from finding and being with a terrific partner. Personally i think what's most important for a couple to have is things in common, gives you lots to talk about and do etc, i guess you could not have that but if you do it's a bonus. Unfortunately just as there are beautiful souls there are some who are unpleasant, no matter how physically attractive they are it will end up in unhappiness and is best to avoid, sure you can try to change someone but best to find a person you don't have to who is naturally nice to be with. Always be treated right, do not stand for rudeness, insults or sarcasm, again you can voice your complaint and maybe they will adhere to that if you want to try and save a relationship but don't let that be constant or even an often occurrence. Heck, if you want to be single, that is fine as well, maybe focusing on a career or family, but being with someone is hard to top. i don't know if i'll ever be in a relationship again, not of my choosing, but it sure would be amazing. When you are in a serious coupling you live for each other, always thinking of your partner and wanting to do good for them. With my single situation i always try to do good for my friends, and that makes me happy as well. If you haven't found a right person for you rely on your own friends who you hopefully, and am sure have, for your fun or trying times. Be a good boyfriend/girlfriend to your loved one and expect the same back from them, if something's not working out after multiple tries you might want to move on, you have that option no matter how hard it is, you might be single for a while again but then you'll have the ability to recommit to someone more matched to you. i hesitate to add that part about breaking up but in a conversation about relationships i don't want to sugarcoat an unhappy one. If you are doing great though keep at it for sure and enjoy each other immensely for all the time you have together. No pairing is the same as any other, and there is space to move around and make better. There are different life goals, family goals, career goals and more and it's best when yours line up with your partners, when they do you are potentially on a great track or at least heading in the right direction. i wish you to know what it's like in a heavenly relationship, to love and be loved, maybe you have, maybe you are, maybe and hopefully you will. Whatever path you choose for yourself, whether that includes a love partner or not at the moment, be happy with your life and enjoy what you do

     Sometimes i worry about the company Apple, sometimes. Most of the time i find them great though. i don't have AppleTV+ streaming service and that would be a major contributor to forming a better stance on such. Am really hoping they are okay, better than okay even, i have invested, albeit cheaply, in an iphone and an ipad that i found at a thrift store, and am super happy with. It makes a big difference if Apple is on our side or not, and i hope they are. This is after a well deserved switch from Zionist company Google's devices to said Apple products. With Apple it seems divided, and i hope they not only choose a side but that they choose our side. With media companies content is created with intention in mind, with either positive or negative agenda. Every choice made in creating an output is decided on an on making basis, good says how can i make this the best i can to do the most beneficial, and the oppositions say how can i make this the most deceitful or threatening or so forth as they can. Every colour, every word, every background and so forth and so forth. Now, there are a few, and i say few, companies that are under mixed ownership, and i hope the ones of ours take control in a definite and tangible way. With media mostly the corrupt outnumber the not, so when you find a good channel or entity of any sort stay with them for as long as they are. Unfortunately Zionism, the main source of that corruption in media, doesn't have a lot of competition in their fields, Google can be switched to Bing, Netflix to a very good amount of Disney+ maybe a few others as well for that, but then you have YouTube, which there is no real competition for, and it was bought and run by Google for a long time and now. Whenever possible at all switch from Zionist entities to good ones of ours, no one loves Netflix, they have Netflix, switch. If, and that is if, Apple is Zionist that would be completely unfortunate as there is not a lot of competition in those types of products either, but for now i will give them my trust and stick with them as Google is one of the worst to be with in a complete way, everything they do is against those who have or utilize their products and services. Make the switches yourself as well of course, don't let them get to you with everything they devise against you. For me i have to check YouTube once a day, there's no real way around that and i wish there was a viable alternative, at least when you're signed in the videos are more tailored to you as without that it's a completely worthless picked by Zion pile. That's pretty much the only tentacle of the opposition i can somewhat tolerate, none of their videogames, their movies, their tv shows, their channels, their websites, their books and so forth. Don't give them your money or more importantly your mindspace which is what they want in their formation of a sheeple society, and they use every trick possible to try and turn you into such which is why i say do not give them access to your brain in the first place, they are against you and i do not say that lightly, they are and it shows in what they do. Apple is what i wanted to talk about here so let me also say that if they are divided i hope the better, our side, triumphs. The same can be said about any other mixed ownership company, and there are not many, it's mostly one or the other, and you can see it in what they do and put forward. Also when the time suits them they change their cloak for a few hours, that's about how long they can hold it, so when you notice their agenda remember that and don't indulge in their specific propaganda anymore. If you have an android (Google) phone i suggest you make your next phone purchase an Apple one, much better unless they show otherwise, however for now i am putting my faith in them and hope they follow through with goodness. AppleTV+? i can't vouch for it, it would be a lot easier if i did have that, the same can be said about Amazon Prime, they could both be great i just don't have those in particular, so if you do then you decide. While you are ridding yourself of Zionist media be happy about the good media you do choose to partake in, and enjoy immensely, if you buy with your hard earned money a movie or videogame that you find is Zionist then never buy from that company again, i try to stay as true to that as i can although i do falter once in a while and kick myself for doing so. Surround yourself with media on your/our side and you will feel much better than the opposite which is being put forward by those with nefarious intentions

     There was an interview with a woman who has been rallying to stop the death penalty for the worst criminals on tv today, and that is worrisome. If you can't even execute the worst of our society how can we get done what we are wanting to do? We have been so sensitized by Zionist media that there are people who do and will object to what we're looking to do. i hope that this will also be majority rules as most issues are resolved. But yes, there will be those opposed to the end requirement, and i pray that they will see the light when it is widely known what that faction are doing in entirety, and there are so many reasons, ones that are completely positioned by this group. We need to desensitize ourselves, and each other, and be voices towards the solution to the ones who would oppose, and there will be, and that is troublesome. We are as many voices as there are of us, so put yourself to task on this and prepare for them, inform them, console them. In areas of the world other than North America this is not much of an issue, people see death often, of good people even let alone otherwise. It is nations such as ours where there needs to be said desensitization along with reasons given. What we are up against involves every aspect of life on Earth, it permeates everything we care about and has a negative affect on all of it. We can live in hell with them here, or stand up and deal with them as unfortunate as it is that we have to. They will not make it easy either, at opportune times portraying themselves as wholly innocents, when most are aware what's being done by them and do nothing, at other times saying they've changed, when what they are into is ingrained in them, and lastly and throughout there will be threats, not just threats though mind you, actions carried out, which we must also prepare for. So we have to do tasks in order, and there are many. First off would be money and media, those are the crux of their power and both need to be taken from them. Even this won't be easy and there will be blow back from these as well even before we get to the rest of our desires, and we can desire, looking at what we are having to put up with now makes our potential future without them a divine aspiration. Again, if there are people making a fuss about the death of hardened criminals there will be objections to this, be aware of that, but stay the course and take counter-actions against they that do that with logic first most, then back to having the majority making the decisions. i am in this fully, and we have no other real options other than living as Zionist cattle which is not something you nor i want, the closest thing there would be is complete exile but close is not sufficient in this matter. So the best we can do is prepare, prepare our courses of action and prepare our fellow global citizens for the coming reckoning. The ones of them that know but do nothing against what is going on fully understand the consequences of their silence, they do nothing to help us, they are complicit. Those same ones that know, also are aware of what needs to be done to stop them. This world will continue to be hell in the background and foreground until we collectively take actions to neutralize them, once and for all, it's been a long time desire of ours, the ones who know, and the ones that don't? Let them know why. We either do this, or we lose everything we hold dear, both currently in their grasp and in their reaches

     You are special, and the culmination of millions of years of evolution, from the single celled amoeba and over all those years to be you these are now wonderful times for us as people and will only get better, as long as we foster goodness and do our best to make Earth and forward places where we want to be. We have done very well, so well, look at the last 100 years and imagine at the current pace what we will accomplish in the next 100. We have so far reached this pinnacle of innovation through our own merit, and are reaping the benefits of our combined efforts across all of humanity. You play a part in this, whether on a small scale or a large one it's all relative and makes a difference. You affect the future, for some, for many, and in ways you might not notice. If everything, in the universe, didn't start in the exact way it has and progress that way over time then we would not be here. Then you look at our existence, 1.8 million years of us, and it's also that same sentiment, if every single action didn't happen in the exact same manner then you would not be here. Further, if everything that happened in your life, the good, the bad, didn't happen in that exact way then you would not be yourself as you know now. You can improve yourself if desired, either with or without others to aid you, and forge a better path for you to follow along, maybe change some habits into better ones, up to you and if you want. You are here because of everything in the universe being and transpiring how it did, and you can also affect the future for all of us as well with what you do. Our immediate (and i won't mention Zionism at the moment although it for sure is a major priority for us) concerns are climate change and nuclear war. After those but can be thought of in tandem with all the other issues, since we have so many people on task, are asteroids and black holes. Now don't fret about either of those two in thinking they are the complete doom for Earth, as said look at what we have done in 100 years and how unimaginably far we will make it in the next, we are almost with a bit more thought able to handle an asteroid, we will be able to do that. Black holes though will require much more advancements in technology but is not out of the question on being able to negate a black hole in our future, and we have quite a while to do so. Just as how everyone before you shaped your existence you do and also have the ability to shape others. Our acceleration, especially in science and technology but really every aspect, is at a fevered pace and only increasing day by day, if you are not in a field that directly affects positive change in our world think deeper about it and realize that even what you do during your daily life has some affect on the state of the world, even if it is just a few people that contributes to the greater society, if you want to do more than that it's up to you but is welcome. Be thankful for others who have helped make a better world for us, and join them in doing so if you can. You get one life to make the most of, enjoy it for sure but also help in whatever way you can as well

     We aren't thought of very well by Zion, a term of theirs to describe us Gentiles is Goyim, cattle. They have separated the world into two categories, that is not a doing of ours. What i will speak more of though is another term of theirs for us, schmucks, meaning stupid or foolish and that is the least of the meaning of their actual thoughts. There is a bullshit movie of theirs starring Steve Carell titled Dinner For Schmucks, and what i will tell you is that their media is the real dinner and i advise you not to partake. We are the ones who made this world what it is, all the wonderful achievements, discoveries and accomplishments, what did they do? They loaned us money at interest to do all of this, everything you see is our hard work and ingenuity and their only part was to finance our efforts that they are still making a fortune off of, both through our debt and other unscrupulous means. Now let me diverge for a minute here as i want to speak about something that angers me very much, as far as i've heard a diamond translates from German as Jewish knick-knack, an apt term, upon looking it up i found out that guess what, it translates into the word schmuck, go figure. And that is what diamond purchasers are thought of. Diamonds at one point were somewhat rare, and shiny that's about it, but at a certain point their mining for diamonds exploded and now they are digging them up left, right and centre, and still charging the same price. So i see commercials for these on television (of which i only watch good stations and advise you the same) that show a woman sitting down ordering from her tablet on some jewellery store and says to herself i think i'll treat myself to something sparkly, then proceeds to buy a $1,500 bracelet or some junk, that's a lot of money for something that's just sparkly as it is not worth anything else. These type of diamond commercials upset me to no end and people still buying these are customers who are thought of as aforementioned schmucks by the retailers of such. Now, if you are a woman or man that has a diamond ring, a precious one for the reason that it was given to you as a wedding ring then cherish it, from here on in though never buy one of their worthless fancy pebbles. As for us being schmucks, prove them wrong by continuing to be amazing and doing these unimaginably great tasks and efforts of ours, and i say continue, we are already doing fantastic things and they still call us such. Do not feel any lesser than how good you are, what they believe is not true about us, what we are is the culmination of all times past since our infinitely meagre beginnings, all of us doing not only well for ourselves but well for each other. Personally i am constantly amazed by what we have done and also where we are headed, it's a wonderful existence minus the detractors that call us schmucks and cattle and take us for all they can get. Be proud of us, don't let the opposition for a reason make you think any less of who we are, we are divine and going towards an even more fulfilling future where we will embrace all nations and level the field for all of us to live at the same height. There is a lot to do, but if we have proved anything it is that we can surmount the most daunting of tasks and find solutions to them for all our benefit

     We need a shared set of morals, divided by regions and what each peoples want for theirs but with similar basis. There were the 10 commandments but even then and now we are generally kept in line by laws, a fine form of governess indeed. All of us should try to be our best selves at every given instance, and follow what is regulated of what we should and should not do, by going with not only what is decided on as a community but also by our own decisions of what is right and wrong. When you have evolving standards of what is acceptable behaviour or not, of which there are quite a few we have revised to better reflect our more recent values, laws are our go to resource for policing, enforcing, what we don't want done or happening in our society. Sometimes there are situations that require personal reflection on whether they are positive behaviours to others, self, or not, for the most part if something affects another negatively it is deemed destructive and detrimental to the good of ours then it is not allowed, these are our rules though so we get to make them and as said enforce them for the benefit of each other. Majority rules is the system we have, and it does just fine. For the most part the laws we have have been fine-tuned to best reflect our desires and concerns of all types, updated as we advance and encounter either new situations or new views on earlier ones. In such, we are at a good spot for open-mindedness while still holding on to our core sensibilities regarding what is acceptable or not to the best of our ability. It is a decision for all of us, one every Democracy in the world takes part in by voting, that is how we determine what we allow or not and it is up to the public how their particular nation is governed. If we don't like certain aspects of what is being done in any given country we can take action that nudges them into a more standardized worldly accepted stance. Before you think that i am immune to having negative behaviour let me say that i am not, on the bright side though those times are far behind me and have corrected the causes and reasons for such detrimental and regrettable actions. Perhaps you can at least take from that that if you yourself have any similar traits or occurrences that you can correct them as well and live a much more pleasant life because of such. i will for a brief instant talk about drugs, as they are a large part of the negative doings because the drugs of certain types are so damn addictive that they cause the user to do negative actions to get more and more and more of them insatiably. For that, it's rough, i don't completely blame the person it is the drug driving their crimes, but as soon as a crime is committed for that is when the resulting charges ensue, maybe the time aside will help them quit what got them there, at least that is the hope. Now, we can deal with Zionism the same way, that is majority rules. It's up to us every single law we want enforced and every single endeavour we want to proceed with, something new comes up, we deal with it, something we've fought incessantly, we deal with it. The thing is, we all want to be happy, and hate it when we are the victim of negative behaviours, ultimately there would be none of that to begin with but that isn't going to happen ever, so instead we just try to keep at our best in every topic we encounter and make provisions for each together as a group. Please, i implore you to be a good person whether law allows you or not, if you like a law, keep it, if it is outdated or you need new measures to deal with a menacing entity such as Zionism, form those. There are three people on this topic, Zionist, anti-Zionist and those who don't know yet, once we are all in knowledge and agreement about this issue we can move forward and take the necessary steps to combat it, nullify it, end it. Majority rules so let's all get through this together and to the same place together

     Nintendo played nice for a short amount of time then got right back to their palatable (but not) Zionist agenda. One of the less obvious official videos released simply showed different people singing the Mario theme song, fine right? Well that's what they are trying to put forward to Nintendo players, yet they are not fine. i play Mario Kart Wii with a friend of mine on a regular basis, and do enjoy it, as said before is that i give Nintendo a pass, for now anyhow but am sure that will be redacted when it matters to a greater extent, but here are two examples of cute innocuous game placements for this game in particular. First there is a level called Moo Moo Meadows which has cattle that have rings in their noses, i told you they are somewhat subtle. Another level, Coconut Mall, comes complete with CoCo Burgers, Coco is a known euphemism for cocaine. It's things like that that get put subliminally into Nintendo players psyche, the normalization of such to us and the notable nods to ones of their own. While other gaming companies might lose sales and such for their affiliations and peoples noticing of such Nintendo will be around for a while because of who they have for their targeted demographic, families. So parents now, and always have, need to worry about this Zionist infiltrator into their homes and into the minds of our youth, being allowed unfettered access to their growing selves. In regards to the Zelda series they took the Tri-Force (Star of David) off the cover for their Breath of the Wild release, not because they changed at all but the opposite, they figured it would now be too obvious to still have it front and centre. Nintendo has proven to me that they are still Zionist to the core in many multiple instances, what will you notice in their games that will pivot you if you still need it to see the same? Will you hum the Mario theme song or will you see past the cute charade to the real Nintendo agenda? They don't stop, they just put on pause sometimes, but ultimately stay the exact same with their stance and affiliation. The same can be said about other iterations of theirs, media especially, where they portray to be on your side when it's needed by them but it is all a ruse, and while they are pretending to be on the up and up they are at the same time plotting for how else to go against you when that time has passed and they get back to their usual Zionist selves with threats, lies, distortion and other brainwashing activities. Know what you are getting into with Nintendo, and i don't recommend them for our youth as said, but for sure skip on every single other Zionist entity that you possibly can, they are not only not on your side, they are actively against you, plotting how to screw you over with what they do. The ratio of media on their side to the ones on ours is astronomical, we have very few by comparison, so when you see one of theirs skip forward until you find one of ours, and when you do stick with it until you may find they are a stealth entry of Zion again, then do another skip, i have my favourites, you develop and curate your selection. With Nintendo and their Mario theme song sing-a-long they are belittling the people that play their games as clueless, don't fall into their trap of being that way. i am aware of them and am not fooled, so if i play Nintendo it is with open eyes, they've still got to go when their time is up. The other gaming companies? Pretty obvious most of the time, Nintendo is a threat to us because they try to fly under the radar, inoculating our vulnerable ones with their Zionist programming while we are in the other room or occupied otherwise. An example i've put forward is how in their game Super Mario World North America is titled Donut Plains, they might as well have called it Bagel Plains but again that would be too obvious, either of which is unacceptable. So do you want to be cattle living in Donut Plains? Or do you want to take back our various countries and moreso our world from them? One of the first steps is to dismiss their different media and stick with ones of ours whenever possible, you will be much happier for doing so, seriously. After and during that rally and rail against not only what they are doing but their existence in general, getting the different mediums back into our control, wrestling such away from their grasp. Hopefully over time, and sooner rather than later, we will create a better media landscape for everyone, across all forms of communication, we just aren't there right now. And if we want that, and we do, we have to take decisive actions and make it happen

     Today i bought a videogame i love by a company i love, Dragon's Dogma by Capcom. i already own it digitally but am such a fan of this game it's nice to have a physical copy. Dragon's Dogma is an action rpg but by ones of ours and i very much recommend it if you are a fan of the genre or even otherwise. Why am i blogging about this? Here's the thing... as soon as i found this and had it put aside at the front of the thrift store while i looked around something happened again, they, their radio, started with some bullshit regarding the movie Dogma, a great movie by the way, one of my favourites in fact, but in said movie there is a scene about a father who horrendously abused his son, so they went with that motif on their radio. Let me assure you nothing about that has any relation to me and my (smart, kind, compassionate...) son. So they pretend like there is something about that, there isn't. If they lie about such an important issue as this, highlight the word lie, then who can trust them with anything they say? Now i was never perfect, but downright false assertions like this are too much and you shouldn't have to stand for either those or other incorrect implications about their level, i've done some stupid actions a long time ago but nothing like what they portray. As for Dragon's Dogma, i never get to play it because of such shit, there is nothing i would like more (well i can actually think of a few things) than to get back into this game that i admire the making and result of so much. Let me reiterate though, the opposition has no ground to stand on, so they grasp at straws on their way down, even when it involves lying. Here's the thing, don't give them your thoughts, know their track record of untruths and block them out. If you are in a workplace that you have to have music of some sort maybe change the station until you find a good one. If you can't change the station, tune them out. That reminds me of another instance of this behaviour, a thrift shop i go to has in-store music, sometimes when something might look off (but isn't) they try to infer that i am stealing, which couldn't be further from the truth. Stuff like that. It all adds up to a lot of lies, and i will also mention it's not just with these examples but in their highest ranks, cnn anyone? At least with cnn you can skip by it on your way to a good channel, there are some. Zion takes you for a fool, a sheep to control, and they try to do so in a multitude of ways one of which is through outright falsities. Stay free of them the best you can and you will be much happier and focused for doing so

     Did Nintendo “Switch”? i have to say it would be amazing if they did, although i am almost completely figuring they haven't. What brings up this question is a few recent instances, not firstly at all but of course the name of their new console, which probably just amounts to getting people to change from their defunct but still cool Wii-U system to the new one or about the way you switch from handheld to television. But let's imagine they switched sides, i don't think Nintendo is Jewish, minus the Zelda Triforce Star of David, so maybe they were just misled or not aware of the facts and have come to their senses. Again what brings this up, there was an official broadcast on youtube about Mario having his 35th anniversary this year and games being released and such, during one there was a familiar jumping pose the four characters were making, do you know that one? Along the lines of Germany in the past (past?). That's one example, the other is the title of an upcoming game of theirs, Bowser's Fury. They didn't show anything of it but the title makes it seem okay, as in a positive way. Now these few things noticed don't clear Nintendo for me yet, but i will acknowledge that i for one give them a pass, as in i don't really speak badly of them and they are the only part of the opposition i give any time to, there is not any other videogame company i purposefully get into other than Nintendo, maybe their propaganda is just so light it's playable. However i very much welcome them, albeit late to join, to our side, and that is just if that's what they're doing, it will take a long time and much effort on their part to convince me they are, and unfortunately i am always a few years behind on new technology for financial reasons (lack thereof) so will have to rely on what else i see them doing. If, and that's if, they have changed their course i will be the first to commend them on their decision, there's a lot to make up for on their end and this topic really is moot if they haven't changed their ways at all to begin with but i felt the need to bring this up one way or another as i do enjoy Nintendo games, even ones from before their potential change of heart. To repeat, i am giving Nintendo a pass, as in to operate, maybe that is or will be a mistake on my end, maybe not, but as for any other part of the opposition they do not pass, whether they be tv, movies, books, websites, newspapers, music or of course the current topic videogames. The potential of a good future Nintendo has me excited, but i will probably be let down, i am keeping hope though as they are probably the least propaganda-ish out of all the other videogame companies along those lines. Up to you if you want to play Nintendo games, if so go for it, however i strongly urge you to not give your precious time, mental state or dollars into any of the fully Zionist companies mentioned in the list of such on another part of this site, seriously. i know there isn't a lot of selection of good companies, but there are some that are definitely worth your investment of all sorts, stick with those and you'll be doing alright

     You have a choice to make, if you haven't made it by now that is, the long standing question is what do we do about the Jews, and we aren't left with many options. By now you should be aware of the levity of the situation and the need for us to do something about it, there are only a few solutions that we have and doing nothing is not one of them. What can we do? And this is a question for any saviour of theirs, as misguided as they may be by the opposition themselves, what do you say we do about them? Anything less than complete exile is useless, and even that would lead to problems, problems we are looking to rid ourselves of, so there are more severe actions we can and should take, but yes if for whatever reason we can't fulfill our dream completely then we have that aforementioned and probably ineffective route which would still be better than nothing. So you will have to take the information given and make that choice of yours, maybe enlighten others of what's going on past/present/future, and follow through on achieving what we need to do. Do not let this be my quest, this is all of our quest, others, many, share the same opinion and resolution. This is something that affects us wholly so we need to be together in what is going on and needs to be done. Also do not be swayed by the opposition as they will try to do so to you, even the good ones, other than maybe the late Benjamin Freedman, know of what's going on and being done to us and say nothing, and in such are complicit in their plots. So make your choice as you have been given the information needed to do so, once you do stick with it, i hope you make the right decision as there is literally everything at stake, not only are the Protocols heinous and require our action alone but there is so much else wrong being done by them that the amount of in effect schemes is staggering. This is one of those instances where it is not to do this for yourself but for everyone else, be a hero for the fallen, an angel for the suffering and a guide for the best future. There is so much for you to do, so whatever you're good at we need your help, Zionism does ruin the world for all for the benefit of those few who work against it and us. Be strong, brave and resolute, we thank you now and in advance but moreso when we are through this and in our better world

     Apologies to anyone i have wronged in my distant past, there is absolutely nothing i can do about it except say sorry and try to make up for negative behaviour with positive behaviour. It's been 15 years of doing well, may i say good, and medication was a major part in changing myself for the better, making me self-aware of my faults and wrongdoings. Although i believe in relativity that doesn't make the sparse instances of mine acceptable. Instead i try and move forward, while the Zionist entity speaks of my earlier wrongs i speak of their current ones, they have not had a thing to bring up about me for those last 15 years, ever since i have reformed myself, so they talk about the long ago. i believe and hope that what i have been doing has redeemed my wrongs committed, for myself and for those involved, what i am doing is needed and i plan to stay with that. Much credit goes to the medication i take, one of the genetic traits i have is bi-polar manic depression, highs and lows, so the medication levels that out so that i stay in a constant state of stable, which is welcome compared to otherwise. i guess i'll mention this as well as it is a part of and somewhat cause of the previous problem, alcohol and drugs. First thing to say is that i have been sober for those last 15 years or more, when intoxicated it just led to bad decisions and i am so happy to be free of those mind-altering substances, which multiply the effect without being on the right medication, leading to a mess of a condition. As for now, sober, on meds for genetic traits, i am feeling very, yes, happy, also happy with what i am doing to help (you feel happy for how you help as well). So while they try to focus on my distant past, which wasn't great but not as bad as they try to portray, i will focus on what they are currently doing, where many lives are lost and many lives are ruined, ruined which is mostly everyone as Zionism is a global issue with many varying parts involved. Me? Sorry again for the negative parts long ago, you should know me by now and that i am and try to be a good person and doing right for your benefit, i am in this for you and not myself as you also probably know. So while i apologize i also thank you for any and every support of yours, there have been a few wrongs before i was on medication, and before quitting intoxicants, but now those are as much a part of the past as anything else. If you find that alcohol for instance is a problem for you you have my encouragement to quit that yourself if you want, personally i found it caused nothing but trouble and you might feel the same. Please know that i am here for you, i like to help and this is the best i can do. You? Make yourself better in every way you can. Find a bad trait? Stop doing that. Need to improve in some area? Add it to you. Help make yourself the best version of you that is possible, there really is no limit to how much you can change for the best positive you can have. We may not be able to change our pasts, but we can work on making the present the best we are able which in turn will help all of our futures

     Tegan and Sara have been vocal but not very anti-Zionist, that didn't stop them from being taken though. With “their” new album just released (not them being released) they are being forced to tow Zionist desires and intentions, neither of which are good for these musicians or their listeners. The description of this album is that it is about their high-school but you can see through this ruse starting with how the album is titled “Just Like You” and yet what is being put forward is this: . Nothing shows how much you are like your listeners as a bullshit photo-shoot like this, and that is the point, that is the tell of this instance to show those in the know who is really in charge and behind this doing. Here are the song titles, if you want you can search for the lyrics or check youtube for the individual songs.

Hold My Breath Until I Die
-That in particular is not an effective way to die

Hey, I'm Just Like You
-”Hey youth, help us, even though our faction is taking lives, brainwashing minds and ruining the world we are just like you!” i don't see any other nation or group in the entire world forcing musicians into deceiving it's listeners this way, this is a lone effort, a heinous one, propped up against people of the English language and perhaps they are even doing this in other areas of the world. They not only are not just like us, they don't want to be, they want nothing to do with us other than to provide them with our labour and the fruits thereof

I'll Be Back Someday
-That happens if we don't take care of this like we should. Then they will be back in a generation or two, maybe after re-controlling governments like the USA which is where they want back into if ever forced out, minus any concrete action of ours that will stop them for good

Don't Believe the Things They Tell You (They Lie)
-This is directed to us not to believe what's being said, all you have to do is watch cnn for a few minutes (not recommended)(seriously) and you will see who the liars and tricksters are. Every day it's multiple fake happenings and events, staged ones put to film for their audience, whether they be to threaten them, to mislead them, or to put forward other agenda driven stories of similar sort. Be vigilant in your news consumption and be skeptical, very much so, because even if you don't watch cnn staged news goes into other respectable institutions that kind of have to report on those. Talk to local entities of suspicious doings to give support, resources, and any information you yourself have found that looks sketchy. if you have a smoking gun in regards to blowing apart some faked/staged news event put that forward to media of any and all sort and have it made public

Hello, I'm Right Here
-Yes, yes you are, you've been hidden in plain sight, now people are noticing and you have to force people into albums like this one looking for sympathy. We will stand up against you and expose you and what you are doing. Let the opposition see you bringing them down, do it wisely though

I Don't Owe You Anything
-How much have they fleeced from the USA with their Federal Reserve? If the Federal Reserve act of 1917 is overturned you get to keep your money instead of more payments to them, something that will bestow prosperity for generations onward

I Know I'm Not the Only One
-Be a collective, we are not the only ones of us either. Take action in good company, strive to attain goals together, we can all help each other and make great achievements happen, ones that benefit much more than you as one person but to all of us. i also am not the only one of us, i am one yes, but we all are one, it is together where we make the most insurmountable goals possible

Please Help Me
-There is an activist group of ours that goes by the title “If American's Knew” and they are a great organization that has been around for a while. If (the world) knew what Israel and the Zionist entity have been doing there would not be one person to help them. That is something we must have happen, to let everyone know what is being done. Talk to entities of ours, gain ground globally. Don't let the opposition stifle you, you have the power to save our civilization, and that is not an overstatement, you really can, so please do so as you are needed

Keep Them Close 'Cause They Will Fuck You Too
-Anything we do and everything we have done has been in retaliation, there never was a problem with them, the problems arose from what they constantly do against us. it's not for any other reason except for their own doing. And they have the nerve to say “poor us” when they can retrace any action by us to starting points of their own actions?

We Don't Have Fun When We're Together Anymore
-Well i'm sure am not the only one who doesn't have “fun” with what they put forward, media or otherwise. Either way this for the most part is not fun to begin with, it is a duty of ours not fun-time, well... In your off time enjoy our efforts of all sorts, they are pretty damn good, but always be on top of what you should and need to be getting done, that is first

You Go Away and I Don't Mind
-Ditto, not to Tegan and Sara but to their forcers. That is the sentiment they foster with what they do

All I Have to Give the World Is Me
-You don't have any change in direction planned at anytime in the future, so why would we want what you are giving after seeing what you gave?

     Well, here we are. This is my part of the relay race we are in, going from everyone to me then hopefully back to everyone for the finality. This has been and is stressful to say the least, i have dealt with many hardships and tests of my endurance over these many years, now is slightly better but still not an easy feat. i have most likely lived longer than anyone anticipated but still believe i have not outlived my usefulness. However, i do figure that what would be best is me continuing and you going with the issues and not the person putting them forward, that indeed would make this so much better as opposed to the way it is now, then we can all be happy. Do not go against this, please, at least know that is how i feel
     My entire life has been a perfect (the saying, not perfect) storm and i humbly say that yes i am (was?) the person to do this, this is my part and you have your part just as much in this. Again though, i am not perfect, there was some bullshit in my earlier self, many years ago, that were anything but, let me assure you that none of it was as horrible as is being portrayed by the opposing media as they of course try to bring me down some, there were a couple wrongs or such just not nearly as much or of severity as is being said. Let me here apologize for any of that, it was a long time ago and i didn't have prescribed medication like i have now been on for years. i do hope that the good i've been doing for this time has outdone the sporadic times where i wasn't
     This goes to you, in the same way that a musician can't be the one because of lack of ability to tackle current issues or actualities to an extent i can't complete all that's needed either, you as a collective can, not one of you, all of you, together, collaborating. That is where this must be placed, you. My desire isn't for what is being done by media, it's for me to see you being a colossal entity of good deeds and doing everything this entails. Don't slip back to what you have been putting forth before, you can do so much more great things with your time
     This has been quite the effort, by you, me, and all of us, and somehow i was able to stay alive during such, probably longer than anyone expected, thanks to anyone and everyone who helped in this. Now this goes to everyone, that's the hard route but the better one with more successes, the path i hope you follow. i will continue doing everything i have been doing you just keep doing your part just as much, more if possible
     You have the opportunity to do so much, and save this world from political Zionism, the followers of the protocols, they have plotted against us for more than one century since those were put into place and centuries more before that, and it is you as someone with the ability to do so who can stop them. You may not get all the accolades as someone else but you are needed and appreciated. So get started if you haven't, and continue if you have, there's a lot to do and we have people who want your help

     After you take out the environmental aspect of Lil' Dicky's song/video Earth (here) what you have is more of the same Zionist agenda. If L.D. Wanted to help the Earth's people he would mention something about musicians being harmed instead of having them take part. There are many artists featured here, so i will just bring up the ones that are 100% having been taken: Adam Levine, Ariana Grande, Ed Sheeran, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Lil' Jon, Miley Cyrus, Sia, Shawn Mendes, Snoop Dogg...

     There are a few main points to bring up so let's get started. The video begins with an inexplicable (not really) mention and scene of fire (here) and we all know how that is being threatened and done, and that is how they start the video for Earth

     After this mention they have a skateboarder go by who is wearing Vans shoes (here), i recognize the logo on the side to be theirs, once i saw a pair of their shoe and happened to look at the bottom and the tread was a patchwork of Stars of David's, just so those of them can see the makers of this project

     For one more screenshot i will go next to L.D. On a beach making an angel in the sand here, which they most definitely are not. This also entails the jumping jack pose of their flag and tries to put in in a favourable light, again it is not, it is a threat against all others

     Now, back to getting in order from the beginning of this video. L.D. calls one of the kids a “rat”, that in actuality would mean he is telling the truth, if he were not it would be phrased differently. So there is a problem and he is brave enough to mention it (you do so as well)

     Next the main chorus of the song, “We love the Earth it is our planet, we love the Earth it is our home. This hearkens back to the Earth being theirs, it is not theirs, they just think it is, and we want it back

     And then they have a baboon to continue this narrative, in the words they have him say are that “he” is like a man just less advanced, this is what they think of us, L.D. being the human (they think they are superhuman) and the rest of us being animals of different sorts

     Cue the squirrels looking for their next nut, don't let them get them, no more of that for us, that is something we need to defend each other from

     Germany gets forgiven next, and that's something i can agree with them on, i forgive you too Germany, and always will, i think we can all choose the side you were on and the reasons you did your actions, it is worse now than ever and this time we are all in agreement

     Apparently according to them the internet is crackin' as hell, i think they might have things turned around on this one, the internet is not “crackin'”

     Russia? “They're cool” of course they are, Israel loves Trump, he is their stooge in charge of the powerhouse of the world and is helping the Jews every chance he gets, he needs to know Israel doesn't think very well of him, he is just another politician in their pocket and they have no feelings for his well being, just how he benefits them

     In the end they have some advice for what we can do, raise money for charity, that's what they say. Well i'll tell you we can do a whole lot more than that. While i agree with the sentiment of saving the Earth, we can do that at the same time as we save the Earth otherwise. Again this video is a ploy and Zion through and through, let's hear better versions done by us with no sinister motives. Save the Earth in every way WE can

     In response to my own post about Charles Manson which although a necessary topic leaves a bad taste in your mouth let's switch this up and talk about love. First, we are being swindled, each and every American with the goal of a global swindle. This matters not just for the reason itself but because of how it is being done, this is a stick up and you are being robbed, say something and you are threatened with torture. It's a grand scheme that nets them billions upon billions of dollars, the federal reserve skims from the money of every citizen through taxes, which under normal circumstances are welcomely paid to fund local and national interests. In this instance that money is, again, being skimmed, to pay off debt to the federal reserve which is the main piece here, that is where the money gets funnelled through. Love, love has bravery, bravery to risk their own life to make things better for others, bravery to deal with the threats that are made against that person or persons for spilling the beans let alone taking action to stop them and what they are doing, everything, all of this, large scale like the federal reserve, or somewhat lesser like fractional reserve banking to even just Jewish supremacy that allows, furthers, and enjoy the benefits of this. Here's the thing, in addition to this swindling the Jewish supremacists have for millennia been socially solitude, keeping to themselves, thinking up ways to screw us, the rest of the world over, and implementing those tactics against us at every available time, day after day as they have been doing for said time. After a while they put into writing their crown achievement which i do not want to refer to as such because an achievement signifies something good being done, something positive, which this is not. So the Protocols were tabled, this was their gameplan to control the world so they could sit on top of it and reap the rewards (spoils). So this, all of this, is about money, not power unless it's using that power to get money, and not a form of self-defence, this is an offence to say the least, by a group that has been working against us since their human origins on this earth, now it is us who needs to act in self-defence against what is being done, on an indescribable scale, with a myriad of off-shoots and tentacles that are all part-and-parcel of the Zionist entity. Love. Love of a mother and her child, a mother like P!nk, taken aside and tortured (come forth anyone, someone will, do it wisely but do it soon) to sing “songs” about topics of Zionist interest. A loving Mother P!nk, a wonderful person as well. Other musicians forced to sing threats, to who? You and your loved ones. Love. We need brave people to stand up and put forward. To put your own safety at risk, to continue almost foolhardily through those threats and propaganda to reach as far as we can possibly get. All the way? Let's hope we do make it there. A couple, in love, good jobs, new home, not immune to the Zionist threats against them for talking about undoing the shackles placed on them and the rest of the nation, American's again are the main victims here but this does go to a global extent of the forcing compliance to their rule of the United States which only leads to the rule of our entire world, that is what the Protocols are, a plan to enslave (and ruin for everyone except them) what we call Earth. Have love for your fellow compatriots, travellers on this journey, help them as much as you want to help you and your loved ones, we are losing lives in this battle and it gets swept under the rug, most recently the mass-shooting in Christchurch New Zealand where many many people, loved by their families and friends were murdered. Why you ask? For a blurb to put on cnn for a few days. Love, these people had love, and those lives were taken to further the Zionist plot. How many lives do we need to lose before we retaliate in some tangible way? Right now there are still those who are not fully aware, that should be one of our first goals, to educate, let in on the information and show people who are so far unawares what is going on and being done. Love of country. Nations with historic and current glory, at risk to this same plot, it will, undeterred, corrupt every land it, they, touch, as has been going on for much time although to a lesser extent than America who is under the financial and media control of the Jewish power, let me say current Jewish power, which i hope and pray is going to be a feature in our history books as something we all made it through. Again, other nations are not immune, they are just more self managed so have a stronger foothold harder to take over. We have love, all of us and in many forms, and that love of ours is being used as a tool to threaten us. Love is brave, braver than the opposition. We must stay together and help each other however we are able. Show love to musicians and help them as well, it is a tragedy what is being done to them and they need you so much, this is one of the most important issues i can mention because of what is being done to them. We all have love, around the world, we want the same good things for us as our families and want to keep them out of harms way, Zion exploits that for nothing but their own monetary gain. it is love that will end them, not hate, although we sure can be angry as hell at them for their actions past, present and planned. This is something every nation can get behind, because every nation to one extent or another, on varying scales is affected, so let's all work together, as one, to end the rule of Zion and end the practitioners of the Protocols, because it's only together that we will, and must, succeed

     Unfortunately Quentin Tarantino has a new movie set to release, titled Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, about the Charles Manson murders. You wouldn't know what it's about by the trailer though as it keeps what it's about secret to try and have you go to the movie and be subjected to his agenda. This is his ninth movie, all of which are pure Zionist endeavours made to fuck you, the audience, over. This is from the same creator as Inglorious Basterds, which even alone goes to show you what side he is obviously on. All of his movies are such though and this new one will be no different, i'm sure as usual that there will be no mention of Zion's many many wrongs, are there any Zionist rights? no. And instead focus on them being the constant victims. Personally i think the Charles Manson murders were kind of brutal, not a peaceful passing, but that's along the lines of what the world wants, just done poorly. Again you wouldn't know any of this from the movie trailer as it doesn't reveal any of what the film is about, it is just a trick to get people into the theatres to see another Zionist laden Quentin Tarantino project. These movies of his show only their collective propaganda and not what they are doing to deserve our anger, it's always that they are the poor victim and that they are the ones fighting back, while actually it is us on the defence of what they are attempting and doing to us, but you won't see even one of their wrongs in any movie by Quentin Tarantino, just threats against us with no blame being put on them for their actions past and present that led and lead to their constant persecution. Once upon a time in Hollywood will, once you get into the theatre, be a take on modern times based loosely on the Charles Manson murders but will not speak once about what the reasoning is behind the anger of so many people against the self-made opposition, none of his movies do. Instead what you have is another, this time 9th, movie by someone defending the perpetrators of so many, so many, crimes and schemes that are being levied against us that we need to take action or be forever under the heel of global Zionism and everything that entails. Give a pass on Quentin Tarantino and what he is trying to do, stay focused and clear of mind in helping us, your fellow men and women that are being subjected to harm of many manners. We are at the time and can move forward in doing this right, it's a ways to go but as long as we put in the effort, all of us, we can defeat this Zionist entity who's goal is our downfall

     Have just read the New Zealand Christchurch shooter's manifesto, which can be found with a search of New Zealand manifesto download. i must say it reads convincingly, that is not me supporting the manifesto but at least in part that it is what it is purported to be. Then why the Zionist collaboration with this event and their hand in what they put forward to their news outlets? The manifesto only blames immigrants and only mentions Israel in passing about how they are in their own lands, which is more than untrue and is one of the only times a white-nationalist or such has a positive or even non-negative opinion of them, how about the Jews taking over North America and Europe? The main theme throughout the manifesto is birthrates, how Muslims (and only Muslims are mentioned in all of this) are moving to white nations and having more children than whites which unbalances the population demographic. This reminds me of a song by the group Public Enemy, the title of the album and song is Fear of a Black Planet, it's not fully what the manifesto is about but is on topic to a certain extent. Me? i like Muslims, they are for the most part good people and pleasant to be around, the shooter did visit many places and only seems to have had it out for said Muslims when there are immigrants from many nations. Were the Jews involved in this massacre? Why would they take credit if not which is what they do with false reporting on their channels. i believe they were involved, even if not fully then partially, even to the lowest extent which would be prior knowledge of what was going to happen or be done. However, as information is released about what happened i will but my faith and trust in the New Zealand police and media to put forth any new findings about this, they have the most inside insight to this as anyone and i implore them to make any of that information public. The Zionist entity has a part in this, it's just a matter of how big of a part that was, please keep informed and follow through with your investigation of this
Edit: This whole incident still smells of Zion. In the helmet cam which is available it apparently shows him saying subscribe to Pewdiepie, which is completely unbelievable for a real person in this situation and with the manifesto and so forth. Second, the manifesto is practically Pro-Jewish, again for someone so knowledgeable in such matters this looks to not be believed. Third, he “for some reason or other” denounces musicians of all people, and only musicians, even though they are his people as well, and the things he insults them for? Madonna is childless, Kurt Cobain is suicidal and self-hating, and Freddie Mercury has a lifelong identity crisis. There is more, these three things just stood out to me. The “manifesto” is well written, but they have had much time to write and prepare it with known white-nationalist talking points. The writer says there was originally a 200+ page version that he had worked on for years but was scrapped and a new one written in two weeks. i do not in the least put this above Jewish capabilities, this has probably been in the works and prepared for for years. This does look like Zionist doing, and i hope evidence gets put forward to implicate them

     Heard a forced Zion song on a stores music channel this afternoon, as God knows i don't listen to the radio, the song in particular was “Gwen Stefani's” The Sweet Escape. If you'd like take a moment to search the song's lyrics, which is a good thing to do in general as you get the full message without the musicality. As for this song, if you want to call forced singing and the rest a song, it is a ploy. If i could escape? We are not stopping you, i wonder if Australia wants to do a population swap. That wouldn't be the solution though would it. So they say if i could escape, but they would rather stay in their various countries they have taken over and have no intention on ever leaving unless the heat gets too hot, lets make it that way, for now. They might be able to cramp all of them into Israel, then we can hope for some kind soul in the Middle East to take care of them, and not in a caring way, at least not caring for them but caring for us. They can escape, they don't want to. The second line in the song is supposed to be an apology, another ploy, first off they are forcing Gwen Stefani to sing it, second they are not stopping, normally if you apologize for something you stop doing what you are apologizing for, this album is from 2006, and they have not stopped any of the actions they have been perpetrating, if anything it has gotten worse. In the forth line of lyrics they blame us for what they are doing, like it's our fault for their insatiable greed and what they do to fuel their desires. Look around at what they are doing, and that is our fault how? And they force the wonderful Gwen to tell us? “i didn't mean for you to get hurt”? That's exactly what they want, they like that, and we want to stop them. “we can make it better” according to you the milk is already spilled, and it has been for a long time, there is no going back to normal now, you have ruined it for all of you, your continuous wrongs, over and over and not stopping, instead just being put on pause for short periods of time. The sweet escape is really a sour joke by them, similar to “see you in Israel” they have no intention of going there, they stay where the power is, as Gord Downie says in Ahead By A Century it's time to smoke them out, as you would do a nest of bees. Ask any forced musician, but they won't say in public right now, but you can know what their opinion on what to do is. if, and i say if, North America is after everything we've gone through still not ready for the final solution we always have the option of outsourcing the problems we have to another nation, and let them do what those that don't have the stomach for it themselves. Maybe they really can be put into Israel, not Palestine, Israel, no more land for the current inhabitants. Then we can let the rest of the Middle East solve what we couldn't, but we're not there yet, hopefully North America will have bravery and deal with this issue themselves. If not? Away they go to another spot that can do what America is too afraid to. We don't have a lot of time because the longer we wait the worse it gets so make it that they need a sweet escape, as it will diminish their power here where they have taken a foothold. Since they have made it the Jews versus the world, it is now thanks to them the world versus the Jews

     Today a woman approached me while i was looking at the dvd section while shopping at a local thrift store and asked if i had seen a copy of Mrs Doubtfire, now i have seen the movie but did not see it for sale from what i was looking at. The woman was i guess more trying to put a thought across than actually looking for the dvd of said film, either way that is something worth talking about. Now the movie starring the late Robin Williams was adapted from a book entitled Alias Madame Doubtfire and the first thing to mention about this is that because of that title it shows itself as a Jewish ploy, “haha i doubt the fire, look at this movie and how sentimental you will get” Yes we get it there are good Jews, that's all well and dandy, this movie however is a scheme to ply your emotions. As for the good ones you can let them know it's not their fault but the fault of the Zionist perpetrators who work tirelessly against us to further their own desires with no concern for who they harm, in fact if you look at the forced scripting in music they are taking pleasure in what they are doing to them. As for their bloodline they keep it as pure as possible, inter-marrying each other as they have been doing for God knows how long, although us lowly people as they would say would be able to track it back officially if that hasn't already been done and suppressed. I don't doubt the fire, and that's not an invitation to Zionist arson as they do that quite a bit already, no it is our fire that we yield against them, after dealing with them as humanely as possible. Again, the title Mrs Doubtfire is a lark, they doubt the fire, they don't think we have it in us, but we must, we are not the cattle they believe we are and need to retaliate against what they are doing in a callous way, we only need to do this fully once, after that we can govern ourselves as we see fit, dealing with our own meagre crimes harshly to deter others taking part in those. The bloodline in our only true global foe is again one of inbreeding, that is not an insult that is just the truth, for them marrying someone who is not Jewish is very much looked down upon, so they are mostly all pure of the same without much mix. The good ones? Let them know we are only doing this to stop the wicked ones from harming us any more, they have been and will not stop without us stopping them, by any means necessary, and it is necessary, we have no other choice or option. It's a tough sentence for us to carry out on them, but we've exhausted every other method and idea and those routes have no end to what we are now going through. Let's get through this, give your support and thoughts to those who are not up on what's been, is and will be going on if we don't stop them while we can, they are trying to take over every nation on earth, so every nation on earth needs to unite and help each other in this endeavour, it's something we can all agree on. Do well and keep going, going, going, do not stop, they are constantly working against us so we need to be just as diligent in our efforts to thwart them and what they are doing

     Fake news to me is different than what Donald Trump is referring to, the fake news i talk about is concocted by Zionist interests to sway the public consuming it with orchestrated events to report on by mainly cnn but other actual news outlets have to report on much of it as well as they cannot really pass on it since they would be at a loss in the eyes of the people watching who are not aware of the ones originally putting the story forward. Do your fact checking and bullshit detecting on every new event or transpiring and then put that info forward to the people looking into it and also whoever else can help in debunking the fraudulent concoction. What i'd like to bring up here is a brief example of actual fake news, not actual as in it happened but an actual fake story. Jussie Smollett, says he was attacked by two men in Chicago, because of his race, Black, and his sexual orientation. The police have since questioned the two suspects and have let them go, am sure they came to the same conclusion as i have in this matter. First off, they would have to be White attackers, if either suspect was Black, Mexican, Portuguese or any other race they would not be using the n-word as Smollett says they did. Secondly, and this is the more obvious one, Smollett says the attackers put a noose around his neck and doused him with bleach. This from every account looked to be a random attack, albeit one of the suspects was apparently a fellow cast member on Empire somehow, but here's the thing, where did the noose and bleach come from? Were they just carrying them around to find some random person which this doesn't look to be? Coincidence that it would be a person from the same show that Smollett was on, wouldn't he worry about getting fired or at the very least be identified? There is more here to look into and i look forward to the Chicago Police doing so and putting forward their findings, we need some (much) distrust about Zionist news stories as they are being put forth constantly. Be a detective, a debunker, and let it be known what you find, If you are someone watching news, at least don't get it from cnn or other Zionist sources and also be careful of news events that are being reported from good sources you watch as the story has to be reported in some manner there also so as to keep up with what's being said on the purporters outlet. It would help if you also contact the people in charge of investigating said incidents and let them know what you find, if you are a member of an investigative team yourself please put the truth forward in any way or manner you are able

     Brave (hopefully future) Congresswoman Ilhan Omar has been singled out for saying that AIPAC has their hand in funding and financing the U.S. Congress, which is the least of what they do. In turn they have called her anti-Semitic, even though she speaks the truth and any web search of aipac funding Congress will turn up what they are doing. In return to their claims Ilhan should just say she is anti-Zionist as Zionism has no defence and their criticism of her will end immediately as they don't even want people to search about the word and let alone meaning of Zion. It is also the truth that we are anti-Zionist not anti-Semitic, as the latter would encompass every Jew, which is not what we are doing, it affects every Jew yes, but not all of them are guilty of course, the good ones get included with their compatriots, the guilty ones, because we have no means of telling one from the other, so the whole bloodline gets nixed, blame the ones perpetrating the many many crimes and wrongs against us for what they have brought upon themselves, the good ones can also blame the higher ups as well for what we have to do as it is because of them and no other reason. The main Zionist entity is the followers, practitioners, of the Protocols, the ones who start with that and go even worse as times change and they update their plots and plans to exist in more modern times, all with the same desired outcome. So yes, say you are anti-Zionist, the conversation will end there lest they want people searching the word Zion. As for AIPAC funding Congress? They do, sneakily, instead of backing off simply produce the truth instead, you will be doing a great service and when enough people know they can institute change for the better. If Ilhan is scared (don't be) then we need to be there to help her out, put forth the facts for her, if she does this now she will be a hero of the American (and more) people who the cleaning up of Congress will benefit. Please help this woman and everyone else who goes in her footsteps in what she and you can be doing

     This is what i do, i do other stuff when i have the time, but most of my time is spent on this or thinking about this. Thankfully there is you, to do what you do to help, and you have your work cut out for you. With enough of us, and there are, we should do pretty well. However you need to stay motivated and always continuing, the motivation is helping others who are being harmed which amounts to all of us, and continuing because we cannot stop til we are on the other side of our goal, there is no middle ground or well that's as best as we can do, we must succeed or we lose everything we've achieved after being at this for so, so long. In our society with so many distractions it might be kind of easy to lose focus, to get onto something else interesting, but we cannot, we as a global people have one common enemy, Zion, what they have been and currently are doing is nothing less than an attempt to control the world and have us as slaves, working to give them their piece of what we make, in America through the Federal Reserve and through the same type of means for other nations. We have many motivations that fuel the purpose, cause and effect, there is what they are doing, and what we must do in response
     So here you are, i hope you are thinking about and wondering what you can do to help, well there are as many answers to that as there are people, keep thinking about it and put yourself to good use. Play videogames once in a while, watch a movie or tv show, hopefully only ones of ours of course as the others amount to brainwashing, attempted brainwashing, which they succeed in if you watch/read/play their sources. So do fun stuff if you want, but put as much time and effort into your anti-Zion actions as you do your time off. What you do is something for you to think about, once you know what that is you think about the best way to do it, finally you do it, as much as you can, and repeat. Be smart about it for sure, however cautious you want to be, you are able to do a lot though so don't be too scared, there is so much to do and we have the numbers of people to do all of it, include yourself
     One of the main tools in our disposal is that of collaboration, talk to others, we are all on the same team. Contact any of us that you can, it's up to you what to talk about, it will come to you, lend your hand and let others lend theirs. The opposition wants to conspire against us? Well we can plan and take action ourselves. Be vocal, you can contact pretty much anyone in the world, do so. Be resourceful, you have a world of programs waiting for you to make use of. And be smart, you don't have to be foolhardy to join in, be cautious if you want, you are able to and can still make an impact if you would rather do it that way. Spend a good amount of time each day helping us in one way or another, you will be happy with your achievements and are making a real difference in peoples lives
     i am one person, although i have made some strides there is much more for me to do, i hope you feel the same with what you do in your help of us, that you keep going and going until we can all look back and see what we survived. In the Matrix there is a character named Cypher who ends up making a deal with the Agents where he agrees to go against his compatriots in a swap for a cushy life inside said matrix. He compares it to eating a steak, and how wonderful the steak is even though he knows it's not real. We must not eat the steak, instead see the world for how it really is and make needed changes accordingly. What we are doing is not easy, in fact it is probably the biggest challenge we as a society have ever faced, it is not something to give up. Even if i am not around to help, you all are, take over as a group and work together, do not say, oh well that's over, because it's not, they will not rest until world domination, they no longer have any alternative, it's take all or lose all for them, and we must make it the latter. All in all you matter much more in this than you might think, in fact you are a pinnacle of what we are doing, it will take every one of us to topple the tower of Zion, so if you haven't thought about your part then think about it now, about how you can help and how to go about doing so. You matter, you are needed, always do the best you can, for all of us

     Going up against companies like Google and Netflix is no easy feat and requires the teamwork of many. Most of their power is in North America so it is needed that we go global with this issue and others like these. i am a proponent that if you work hard and do well you have the right to be a titan of sorts, however a few checks and balances are there to try and prevent any negative conspiring or misuse of said power. In one instance you have Disney, whom i am a fan of for their years of hard work instilling good morals in our youth and giving much enjoyment to the rest of us as well, i have no problem with them having the stature they do, now mind you i am not a fan of their Marvel, Pixar and a few of their ABC shows, but i hope they remedy what's going on with those. Disney though does adhere to the rules set in place for major entities as they are. As for Google, (who used to be good at one point, what happened?) is now a vessel for Zionism, their YouTube was sorted mechanically and now it is sorted by the hands of the Zionist opposition. If it was sorted by us i wouldn't really have a problem with that, but it is not, instead we get what they as an entity against us wants us to see. This same type of methodology is also used by Netflix, who in addition to that are a propagator of media made and developed by sources who want to ruin us by what they put forward. Not even just movies and tv shows they have but ones they make themselves. I signed up for a free month and found that there were maybe a few dozen movies of ours, the rest were Zionist propaganda pieces, and when you take into account how many movies and shows they have in total a few dozen of ours is not very much. Netflix is a wasteland, full of pretty much solely propaganda directed against us, especially the programs they make themselves. It's a good idea and all, the basis of this kind of company, but in this particular situation it is fraternizing with the enemy. Do not fear going against companies or entities lik these, we have many while they have few, utilize whatever means and outlets you have and get others to do the same, amass the masses, then take action. Instate very stringent media control and enforce it, have others let the Zionist agenda be known around the world, in regards to what they are doing with media or whatever else you would like to talk to them (everyone) about. Yes they have media power, but we have power as well, and they know it, make use of what we have, go against the agents of Zion and get win after win or at least more progress after more progress. The end result? Media reform, then media by us for us, let the others go bankrupt due to lack of customers. Wouldn't it be nice, positive versions of these companies that are just as good as the current ones? Let's make all this happen, start when you're ready

     Super cool nice guys Jack Black and Kyle Gass of Tenacious D forced into the whole Post-Apocalypto album. here is one of the songs from that album that they were (are being) forced to sing. Colors, , let's talk about this. First of all, i and many other like minded people have no problem with colors, the ethnicity not the song. Many races are shown all holding hands around the world, good let's reach that, we just have one spoiler of a group to deal with first. We can get back to showing our colors after we are through this. At the end of this song they threaten that we are all going to fuckin' die, great, how about not if we can help it. Jews view us all as equals, equal as sub-humans and dollar signs for them that is, it's Jewish supremacy where they are at the top. Top of what though? Top in swindling? Top in fraud? The top should be reserved for those that do good and help our fellow man, woman and earth, not those that try and do harm all of these and more. All races have positive characteristics, and sometimes things they need us to aid in various aspects, the opposition though uses these weakness' against them to make them subservient and in debt, it's always about the money. So let us figuratively hold hands around the world, for this to start with, it's something we are all affected by and need to work on together, it's a priority because if it's not it just gets worse and worse and harder to deal with, and if they were allowed to succeed, well...
     We are getting to a good spot already, united in what we are doing and achieving and becoming closer as time passes, it sure is something not only to see but to maintain and keep striving for more so. We are being looked down upon, they show us holding hands but what they really want is us holding our wallets, as we are now. There is so much to do, one task, a major one, is to save Jack Black, Kyle Gass and all the rest of the people being harmed into putting forth junk like we've been seeing and will unfortunately continue to see for a while. Rescue them. The “song” Colors is actually a divisive one, as they try to separate us from what we need to do together, in what joins us in our time of being a combined victim of Jewish oppression of all sorts and to the nth degree. “Hold those hands” around the world, work together against our common foe, the only race that intends to enslave us all so they can reap the monetary rewards of our labour. We may not always agree on everything, but this is one global problem where we are able to stop them and ruin their plot for world domination of government, media and money entire. Every one of us, helping each other together

     You can't just say something is fake news, you have to say why it is fake news, there are categories and reasons. Something may be exaggerated, toned down, a lie, part lie, over-reported, under-reported, inferred, actors playing people, and even constructed and made to happen to report about. Every Zionist news channel or program uses these methods to try and fool you for their own varied purposes so be on the watch for what they are attempting and inform others of what you want to debunk. For made to happen events, including actors and so forth, if you have inside knowledge of a faked event put it forward any way you can through media that is ours and/or on the internet however you are able, let people know. I try and do so as well but further conformation of any of these instances past, present, future would help immensely. When they put forth fake news in any of the categories, and no one speaks up or exposes them, they add details to make it more and more to their liking, figuring no one will be the wiser. One recent event, news story, emphasis on story, is about “David and Louise Turpin”, two “parents of 13 children that moved from Texas to California and kept said children in dungeon like conditions for their entire lives”. If I remember correctly the oldest was 29 years old. They “escaped” when one of them (17) ran outside and used some cellphone to call 911. Apparently they were so malnourished and such that you could tell just by looking at them what their situation was. And yet the “news” channels report and show family pictures at various places and events where they look just fine and smiles all around, if they were in such physical condition when found after years and years of neglect these photos, some very recent as when the “couple” renewed their vows in Las Vegas, with the “prisoners” happy and laughing, looking just fine both mentally and physically and not one of them saying anything to anyone about helping them or anything of the like. The think tank behind this story is still in action, thinking up more and more details to add to this pile since no one has questioned it's validity, which it is not. The newest additions are that pies (apple and pumpkin) were bought and left on the sill so the “captives” could smell them but not eat them, is that something that would be first on their mind as victims in this situation? After that and further down the news days it was mentioned that they had dvd's (oh my god!) and unopened toys there as well. These two parts of this story are connected, perhaps you'll have to go with me on this one. One of the other family photos is of them together with the children all wearing those “thing 1” to “thing 13” shirts, from the Cat in the Hat origin. I've of course seen these t-shirts but really? They go up to Thing 13? that's just something I doubt but it is all woven together with the multitudes of other implausibilities. The whole story reeks and everything about it says how bullshit it is. Next the think tank will wrap it all up with a conclusion and you'll never hear about it again unless they think up more bs to add to their concoction before doing that. You've really got to be skeptical with the Zionist news entities, they exist to fuck you over so why watch, yet alone believe, anything they say? This is just one example of a fabricated news item, there have been and will be many more. If you are on the inside of one, or just see something they are doing similar to this, expose them

     Pixar's, not Disney's, Pixar's "Coco", which is also a euphemism for something else, is about trying to find someone to take the Jewish side, which would have to be someone completely out of the loop on the reality of what's going on, been done, and planned for the future. Not every Jew is a Zionist, i know this and am sure you know this as well, but those from their side also know that we are left with no other options and that the good ones have to go just the same as the not, and they understand that. After all it is not even my desire, but we to them are Goyim, Gentile, sub-human, and they see themselves as gods. Throughout the said movie is woven a plot about music, about some child standing up for them, what will he/she think about them when finding out what has being done to our precious (not exaggerating) musicians by them? Zionism is the enemy, not the good ones who are being dragged down to the same fate by the global culprits who are so deep already that there is no way for them to get out of this. it is a slow process for us as we are being worked against as we speak, whether we retaliate against them or let them take us all the world over they still have the same agenda that they are trying to put forward and create reality from their various plots. The phrase one bad apple spoils the who bunch fits here, there are more than one bad apple in this though, and they are so entwined in our societal systems that they are hard to root out and separate from the rest, they are hanging on for their lives and instead of recanting and refuting what they are doing they dig down deeper and make things worse and worse for us while making themselves comfy in the holes they are making on their own. So what do we do? identify their dna, that's a start. They hide behind movies like Coco, who also created the movie Monster's Inc. something i bought a while back before knowing the intentions of Pixar and thinking Oh a Disney movie, well it's not, Pixar was just allowed to continue doing the same as they were before. But yes, Monsters Inc... where monsters come out of your closets to scare children and collect their screams to power the monster world. In real life the closet they come out of is your television, and they are not as the movie says friendly ones to think of as cute, we're talking lives lost and people tortured, not some cute rag tag group of miscreants who only do this to collect energy harvested for running their backwards world, in life they harvest our money. Just today i posted about a "50 cent song" (not his song forced) called Money, and these monsters of our world force him to rap about how nothing else is important (including how they are getting this money) and just about what they receive from us (without us wanting to give to them, these monsters who 'scare' men, women, and children, while not brainwashing them with movies like Coco, for the benefit of them and only them. Let the monsters stay in the closet, nail it shut, and don't let them back out. One side they have Inside Out, the other tortured musicians threatening us and saying how we are nothing to them. They don't mean the niceties, the true versions of themselves are the sordid ones. So maybe some kid will see Coco and want to help the opposition we face, it won't be his fault for being mistaught because most media is of theirs not ours, in a simple conversation and some light being shown on the matter there's really no argument against us and for them. They have many facets of what they do against us, this is just one more of the many, they just throw a bunch of shit on the wall and hope something, anything, will save them (without actually changing or admitting what they are doing) they want to be saved so that they can continue their schemes against us, against their savior, who would be dreadfully ill-informed by them to begin with and should really be spoken to about the situation we're in. Parents, talk to your children in whatever ways you can about what's happening, as said Disney and documentaries are a good starting point but put in what you can as well of course, you will raise a strong willed individual who will be immune to their many ploys, which is a major step up from what's being put forward and going on right now. They will have no savior after they have a quick crash course on the details of our plight. Oh but they are just big fluffy monsters scaring us to get energy for their world, well it's not just the kids their scaring, in fact the kids don't even know what the hell is going on in general, they are just being conditioned by Pixar and the like for their thoughts in the future when they get some more knowledge. To be more precise it's the parents who they are trying to scare (be strong) and they succeed to some degree until we've had enough and want to protect ourselves and our loved ones. Pixar creates some of what are supposed to be good ones of them, in an animated not real manner, to try and pull at the heartstrings of kids and the parents who take them to see the movie in the first place, if it says Pixar... skip. Disney, which bought Pixar, has nothing to do with any of this so do not take anything said as being against them in particular, there was a rough spot with Disney and i at some points but i understand that, it's a long story but think things are better now. Disney has always been on your side, i've mentioned it before and i'll mention it again, the only instances of what they are doing that needs to get better is with their franchises of Marvel, Lucasfilm, and of course Pixar, let's get some of the best of us working on those instead of the worst of them. As for Coco, anyone who knows about what is happening (especially to musicians who the movie concentrates on) should have no desire to help the perpetrators when the time comes. Let's get there, stay there, and make it through to a new beginning for the world entire as best we can

     Speaking of said "discussion” about 9/11 on a forum it quickly deteriorated into a farcical spectacle of ridiculousness. This particular forum, as i'm sure most others, was overrun with shills, many of which have been there for a long time spreading Zionist agenda throughout the various threads. Go figure that near and on 9/11 they would be there in full force trying to take down the speaking of truth of what happened. I say shills, which is more of a term for agents on the internet, in real life they would be called plants, on television frauds. Either way they are not real people, and I mean that in the way of they have agenda against you, they do not learn or come to their senses, they already know the truth and they try to deride others from finding it out because the facts are against them. So these are the shills they have on payroll to mess around with you on forums, but there are more than just those. There was an app, called the Israeli Megaphone, an app from GIYUS (Give Israel Your United Support) that would alert supporters to polls, articles, forums and anything else they wanted to put their sway on. The app was distributed starting 2006 and went on till 2011, however it is still being run, through an rss feed, which has the same exact purpose and still currently in use by them. It's hard to avoid these agents of Zion, whether it's on a forum like the one i mentioned, on television, where it borders on outrageous how many frauds there are there, and even in real life for some. You just can't escape it. The best defense is to be skeptical when needed, on the lookout for them. Personally i'm fed up of arguing with shills, so will probably not bother with forums anymore, we'll see. They really are troublesome but at least can be spotted pretty readily. Facts are facts and hard to disagree with, with 9/11 there are so many good people who have utilized their expertise to debunk the official story and put forward the truth, which you don't hear about on television. So instead look for other means of getting the knowledge about these types of things, but be on the lookout for detractors who are paid or have the interest of deceiving you. That is what they do, don't let them

     So I was on a forum and got into a discussion about 9/11, Turns out there were already a slew of shills there trying to avoid talking about what happened to wtc7, which is the 3rd building that fell on that day. Thing is wtc7 was never touched by a plane, or anything else for that matter, it was a controlled demolition. Here is the video of it in free-fall. Wtc7 is the key, it is the proof of advance knowledge about the 9/11 attacks. American/Israel intelligence found out about the plot and not only allowed it to happen but helped it along. The opposition has no explanation whatsoever for why wtc7 fell, but i'll say why it did. Larry Silverstein got greedy, the twin towers were health hazardous money pits that were going to have to be demolished anyhow, and were insured for exorbitant amounts of money. So he figured why not cash in on wtc7 as well. Thing is, wtc7 was never even grazed by either tower, it just fell (was pulled). So because of Larry's greed the whole 9/11 plot has been exposed. The aforementioned shills on the forum have absolutely no explanation or excuse for the reason wtc7 fell so try to avoid the topic. One was saying the ridiculous about the demolition, that there was no boom or external explosion and posted a video of some building being demolished, thing is that demolition was done conventionally and they had no need to hide the sound or explosions, for wtc7 they just muffled the sound and placed the explosives to expand inward not outward. No matter what the opposition says they never never never have an explanation for wtc7. So in this “conversation” with multiple plants they even insulted truth seekers very rudely, America needs to continue to expose what happened on 9/11. There are multitudes of facts, but wtc7 is the key to all of it, it is proof that cannot be denied. The response to these insults are that scholars, patriots, first responders and family's who lost loved ones on 9/11 are not what this person said they were. 3,000 lives lost in an effort to get the United States into war against the Middle-East to serve American war interests and Israeli agenda against their enemies in that region who stand up to Israel. The linked to video of wtc7 on 9/11 shows a controlled demolition, there is absolutely no other explanation at all, none. And the opposition has no contrary answer about it, 3,000 people were sacrificed (murdered) that day to further a desire for America to swat Israeli enemies in the Middle-East, Larry Silverstein wanted that extra insurance money and sunk the whole plan, because of that we know United States government at the time and Israeli interests found out about the plan, allowed it, added to it, and fulfilled their plot, which we now need to undo

     Sorry Disney, i really misread you. There were reasons for doing so but they turned around. The woman i know who loves you will be happy to hear that i came around about you, even Frozen looks like another amazing movie of yours, so it's not just the classics but recent movies also. Personally i was very surprised by all this when things started falling into place, and i can say that i am now a major fan. The other day i ordered Snow White on dvd, the price was alright but i don't get a lot of money to spend, so, what i did was pick up about 25 movies for about .25 cents each at the thrift stores i go to, they are on vhs but the price is too good to pass up compared to dvd or blu-ray which i will pick up as i see them. For now i will pick up a vcr and it will be solely for Disney movies. I have most of the movies now, with some still to buy and am very enthusiastic to watch all of them. If you want to do the same, and get to see all Disney's movies, pick up a vcr and head to the thrift stores to buy them all on vhs very inexpensively. i can't vouch for every Disney movie, like the newer and live-action ones, but at least the ones i've bought so far look fantastic, and have more recent ones to buy as well. All in all this is a new discovery for me, one i am super happy to have found and look forward to getting into. My movie watching is now allocated for a long time and will thoroughly enjoy each and every one of these amazing movies

     it's about time i did a post like this. First thank you to anyone who has ever helped me or been kind, i appreciate that and hope we did well, which i think we did. There is still a very very long way to go though, i don't know if i'll ever get to see the finale but i hope you do. When this started i knew some of what we talk about now but not fully and have learned much initially and over this time, improving there is one thing, but in addition i have also learned and improved myself drastically, i was a pretty shitty young adult and am happy to be the person i am now instead of the same as before. To anyone who i have wronged in any way, shape or form i truly apologize. if it's any consolation i am trying to do the best possible and help many in whatever ways i can. We've been at this for a while, both the time i've been doing this and before, which goes back centuries, and we are finally making some real progress with what we're doing. i do worry that recent conditioning of sensitivity will get in the way, and hinder us in our goals, we need to bring that up as well. For me i've seen a lot of death, both real and media, in one sense it has desensitied me, but in another that exists with that it has made me sensitive to our lost lives, both can exist in the same mind. Also i take medication, a mood stabilizer and an anti-depressant, it's only been a cetain amount of time that i've been on those, but they help me immeasurably, i blame not being on this medication as one of the main reasons for any bullshit of mine in the past. Am so much better and more stable with these medications. As for my troubled past again i am sorry, at least we made it here which is pretty damn far and more than many might have expected, if i was perfect there's no way they would have let me get this far, so it's kind of a mixed blessing, although i would take back wrongs if was able. i can't do that though, so hope that you can fogive me and get over those wrongs so that we can progress even further. And again, if this task goes to anyone i hope it goes to everyone, then we'll really start making acheivements, i hope everyone in the media takes that route, the hard route, to lead as well and keep at it without falter or stop. My Dad, my Dad was a monster, to both my Mom and i. it was rough, very. and there are two paths you can follow with a situation like that, you can become like that person, or you can become the opposite. i think what happened with me is i became like him for a while, then, and thankfully, became like my Mom, who has passed but i love dearly. As we move forward it's not only me that is bettering myself, you are too am sure, keep at it because it's worth doing. Learn from your mistakes and make the nessessary changes each time you need to. You'll be happy with the progress. Zion isn't changing, they release a sorry song (by forcing musicians to sing it) and the next day another one threatening us, or any number of negative agenda. So, i turned out okay, it was a shitty start but here we are, a good place to be and to go from. We are where we want to be, but have so much more to do. One thing... please spend most of your time on topic, on motivation, on warning and on anything else you think will help. i'll continue this but need you to diversify and keep all of us in mind, that way will be the best for our goals, fail that and we won't be making any progress, which we so need and want to acheive

     Agenda, it's the reasons and goals for doing things the way you, i and they do. For us, we try to have good goals, wants and intentions, where we try to do everything the best way possible. What is the best thing i can do in this instance? Again, the best thing you can do. The opposition though strives for the opposite, what is the Worst thing they can do? It's down to how they can screw us over the most that they can. We try to do well, they try to do harm. We have, and want to have, good agenda, good intentions, while Zionist media thinks how can we make this the most threatening, the most insulting, the most in their favor for us to be thinking... you get the idea. We still need to continue with our way of doing things and not stoop to what they are doing. For us, how is the best i can do this, not what they do which is how is the "worst" i can do it. You need to keep this in mind. Cnn, nbc and all the rest of them, there are many, all have the same shared agenda, the same goals if you can call what they have planned goals. Goals generally have positive outcomes, we have goals, they have ruination on their mind. So why would you want to watch a Zionist channel who is trying to con you to say the least, why would you want to watch what their think-tanks have thought up on how to sham you. All of their channels have the same objective, many different ways to do so for them, but the same objective. When we are saying how can i do this well, how can i cause a positive impact, they think of what would be worst for us. Don't watch what the Zionist media has thought up against you, why would you? Don't! You will feel much better watching what we have, as hard to find as it might be on television for instance, but watch us and our goodness, not them and their plots against us and our kind. Find good media and stick with that, if you find out something is Zionist, through your own reserach or just figuring them out, find something of ours to watch at that time instead, or any other number of activities you can do. Maybe what you can do is talk about it, bring it up, work against them in that time instead of watching their plots in action against you. Agenda can be positive, it can be negative, you'd much rather watch the home team and our good desires than the opposition and their tricks against you, which you perpetuate by watching them, if you still do for some reason. There are enough good sources that any information you would get from the cnn's of the world you can also get from our sources, without the threatening commercials and fake news items that you get from them. Speaking of which, where is the media reform? it's been quite a while why has this not happened yet? You can be sure that Zionist media doesn't want that to happen, it would make them extinct, but we need this more than ever, please talk to your elected leaders and demand this, petitions, protests, whatever you can think of to get this on track. Media affects every one of us, whether you like it or not, tv, movies, print, some internet... and it has only gotten worse with no checks or balances, which is how it is right now. Don't have cable and say Netflix? it too is Zionist! One of the best things we can do is simply point it out, make notice of the fact that there is something wrong, that we are being conspired against, of what their agenda is. For those of us in the know it takes us all to show what's wrong to those that don't. So let's all do our part, as one of our many goals, to put an end to their agenda of fear, diversion, division and tricks and replace all of them with the good of us. Let's turn media reform from a phrase to a real objective, we sure do need it to happen but it won't without your help

     PewDiePie looks like a nice guy and i want to stand up for him in whatever way possible. This is about his show getting canned for a skit he did that contained the phrase "Death to All Jews", it must be noted that YouTube was bought by Google a while ago, Google being a Zionist entity of it's own, so go figure. There are many other controversial video's on YouTube, even similar to this instance, there was one in particular with Louis CK where he was on Conan and doing a whole joke about Schindler's List in which he was talking about the casting and how one of the girls was to say "Goodbye Jews" and kept having to try at it so would say it different ways over and over, the phrase must have been repeated a dozen times and is right now still on YouTube. i hope YouTube and PewDiePie are able to reach some sort of reconciliation and he gets his channel back going. Things like this you need to know what medium you are on, i am afforded some leeway but not everybody is, so make the best of what you are able to do, but remember to make it appropriate for the place you are on, the internet is pretty much ours but you still need to scale back a bit depending. The system and more importantly our inginuity lets you make statements while still holding back on going on a full out blitz, wherever possible be as blunt as you are able to, but there is a time and place for everything. Say what you can, be involved and take part, do it in a way that you are heard and understood without bringing yourself down if possible. Also on this topic is the word Jews, which in and of itself has become a taboo name, for a long time i mostly chose to use the term Israeli, but that's not the right descriptor really, so have gone with the more correct term. We really need to be able to say that word (Jews) without being called anti-Semitic which is what is happening now, you need to be able to name them and the issues they bring. So say what you can, just be aware of what medium you are on and work within that, moreso there is a lot to do, still, so much to do, so get on, join in, and do the very best you can

     Abortion is murder, beyond a cetain amount of time. It stops a heart, ends a brain. Before that shouldn't be argued, it's after that where there is a moral question. It's already illegal to abort a baby after a cetain amount of time, when they are more formed, so what makes the difference is how far in development is too far. The spark of life when the sperm meets the egg is one thing, we have iud's for that which abort the newly created embryo before any signs of humanity begin. It's after a cetain point where the dilemma begins, how far along is this considered murder of a little human? For me after the heart and or brain are functioning that is when the child is beginning. However, i am not against abortion, you need to know it for what it is though, legalized murder. There is also the death penalty, legalized in many places, so it becomes a matter of what the public want allowed and don't want allowed. As for women who have a fetus inside them which has already started showing the signs of development i think what would be best would be for them to bring the child to birth and give it up for adoption. If a woman wants to abort the prenancy after the signs of humanity then at least call it what it is. Majority rules on this issue, if you want abortion past a certain stage of development then remember about other forms of legalized murder. You might wonder what side i am on for this question, i'm fine with what the rest of public wants and will respect their choice of what is allowed and what is not. Let me say though that for me a child starts with the heart and the brain, after those form the child should be brought to term and given up for adoption. Anything other than that is to be decided on by the voting public, same as with any similar issues. All in all if you're going to legalize murder in one or two situations, you can do the same in others, even in one instance but not another, as two different issues, dealt with as we want

     Star Wars the force awakens. This movie is all kinds of bullshit so wanted a place to write more about it. Mainly, and first off, this movie was made with the intent of brainwashing children, the plot can be understood from the visuals alone, so it can get to those who can't even understand the simplistic language. If you watch it for the first time, or even a second, keep in mind what they are trying to put forward to a younger audience, parents buying the dvd and allowing their children to watch this movie over and over. Every single part of the force awakens is put together for (against) children, small things, like Han Solo saying to Chewbacca they're home, trying to take our word home, the sand world of Jakku. Things like this, the entire movie is full of them. I worry about the kids brainwashed by this Zionist movie and all the ones they make in the future, very much so. Adults might like this movie but can notice it afterwards, it's the children who are vulnerable and need to know who's behind this Star Wars and what their intentions are. I haven't watched the three original Star Wars in a long time, maybe they are the same as this one for their time? I don't have any plans on doing so any time soon either so you can check that out if you want to. As for Daisy Ridley, John Boyega an a few others i don't mean them any disrespect, Disney went to them and asked if they would want to be in the new Star Wars movie so of course they went for it. There's a lot of Zionist propaganda in tv shows and movies directed to children, none of which can be tolerated, but this is on a huge scale, the biggest, so must be talked about and dealt with any way we can

     Was given the question of why do we exist, this is different than the meaning of life, this is the reason we're here. We exist because of organisms in the water of course, of native or previous meteor collision from elsewhere in the universe carrying these organisms, and Earth being just the right distance from the Sun to heat and nurture these organisms. So easy enough, that's why we exist. Now, Stephen Hawking has recently said that if we don't leave Earth and colonize elsewhere the human race is doomed to suffer the same fate as the dinosaurs, where an asteroid will impact the planet peeling away the top layers of the Earth and the dust cloud that blocks the Sun ending life here. So we need a plan to combat this. Anyhow that's pretty much known it just needs to be worked on to find a solution. As for the meaning of life, what to do with your life, i narrowed it down to four answers, learn, procreate (not everyone has to but some people do) help others, and enjoy life. While we need to figure out what to do about getting to other planets and how to save Earth from an asteroid we still have the problems here on Earth right now. We've made it so far and so quick that we are unaccustomed to everything we have achieved, and need to work on building ethics for our society. One of the reasons for this is because of corrupt media setting bad examples because of corrupt intentions. And while people are going about their daily lives this one specific faction is working behind the scenes to benefit themselves at the cost of every other human on Earth. Back to us though, when you think about it we are at the best time ever in history, when we are so far ahead that everything we do is amazing, the best time is also the worst time though because of this said faction, so we unfortunately need to get through that part and continue with our path, not their path to the ruination of us. Be a community, stand up for each other against this terrible Zionist entity and don't let them destroy everything we hold dear and want for our future

   We share common dreams, stemmed from our desires, our desires for a peaceful tomorrow, prosperity, happiness. We have this to some degree now, but it is in danger, we would like a utopian existance, or as close as we can get. This is not possible with the current conflicting directions being taken, our desire for paradise on earth, versus the Zionist vision of global slavery, brought forth and kept through brain washing, intimidation and and violence. The plot of the protocols is very thorough, and has progressed much in the last century, but we now have an invaluable resourse in the internet, and must protect this resource. Through the internet we can share news, information, organize and take action. There are a lot of battles we must win, Zionism and it's aims are the opposite of what every other person wants for this world, for the greed of money and what money buys, these Zionists plan to ruin the world for every person inhabiting it.
     There is a decision you must make, or your mind is made up already, as is mine. There's been a lot of advice over the years to help if you need it. This battle has been waged for centuries, even before the protocols, the protocols are just the manifestation of what they've been doing throughout thier existance. Nation after nation has followed the same course facing this enemy from within. Imagine what life would be like, without the troubles they cause. It is not 100% who subscribe to the protocols, some do not even know of them, but those of them who do not follow this plan still see the situation we are in, as unfortunate as it is. It is dark right now, but the light ahead shows a bright future, we just need to get through this.
     We have lost many, we have lost much, and we are in danger of this continuing indefinitely, and only getting worse until we take the final stand. The path is paved, but we must take steps, our goal requires effort on many fronts. The first two steps are media reform, and dismantling the federal reserve. The media they own pumps out mis-information, and threats, we do not need these to hinder us. The federal reserve supplies them massive funds, money that they in turn use against us. There are many other goals to accomplish, in tandem with each other, but these two should be at the top of the list. As we strip them of the power they unscrupulously gained, things will start to get better, yet they will still have the same mindset and look to hold on to what they have left through more threats, and more crimes. These are what we face now as well, and are looking to stop them from harming anyone anymore.
     This is a path we must take together, one that's been here centuries, no person alone can accomplish this, and it is a task that must be helped forward by every person who cares what the future will be like. Take the stand, fight this evil we face, help alone, help in groups, but please, help, not for me, but for everyone living and everyone who will walk this Earth in the future. This bliss of living to be realized, this home of ours to be happy.

     Today marks one year since the Israeli massacre of Gaza's people dubbed operation cast lead. A people who were trapped inside their territory, and attacked by one of the most advanced armies in the world, bought with aid from United States taxpayer dollars. These war crimes were committed at a time when Israel thought the world would not notice, hoping to finally drive out the last of the indigionous population from what they want for Israel. 1,419 dead, thousands more injured, if the world did not step in they would have continued until every last Gazan was killed. Weapons of mass destruction used against a defenseless population, white phosphorus, dime munitions, depleted unanium and flechettes, indiscriminatly used and with victims having nowhere to flee. Infrastructure was targeted, schools, mosques, hospitals, all to leave Gaza in ruins, hoping that any survivors, if there were going to be any, would leave Gaza and give up the land to be engulfed by Israel.
     The most detailed investigation of these war crimes and crimes against humanity is detailed in a United Nations report by Richard Goldstone, this report has been denounced by Israel as bias, well, here's why it may seem that way, 1,419 Palestinians murdered, mostly civilians, 13 Israeli deaths, mostly military. Then you have Hamas war crimes, mostly blind rockets into Israel causing no casualties, okay, then here's Israel's war crimes... Of course the report seems lopsided, so was the offensive. Hamas has stepped up and agreed to independent investigations of it's war crimes, while Israel hides behind a United States veto of investigations and prosecution.
     The necessity remains, Israel must be held accountable for it's actions in Gaza, this one sided war with the intent of wiping out a whole nation, what's left of it after Israeli incursion. War crimes and crimes against humanity levied upon those responsible and payments of restitution to help rebuild Gaza. The current siege on Gaza must be lifted, allowing for the import of medicine, building materials and other much needed supplies. Please help with these issues and goals as you think would be best, the people of Gaza are in need more than ever in the aftermath of this horrible attack and ongoing oppression.

     Christmas is upon us once more and thought this would be a good time to talk briefly about this holiday. I believe the bible was written with good intentions, people wanting more of a meaning to life, an explanation of life in a time before science. A set of rules to follow, for an afterlife in heaven, who wouldn't want that. It's a comforting thought, but the actuality is also meaningful, beautiful. Although I am an atheist, I do believe in Jesus, historically, as a person, not that he walked on water or turned water into wine, but he must have been a visionary, a prophet. Christmas, the celebration of his birth, is a time of gift giving, feasts and spending time with those you care about and love. So even if you're not a religious person, have a very, very merry Christmas.

     When you mention Zionism, the term has two meanings, the more widely known would be for the creation of a Jewish state, which happened in 1948 on Palestinian land. This state has consumed their land and is continuing to do so. The reason for the formation of Israel is simple, they have been kicked out of everywhere they have ever been, due to the ruination of governments, monetary systems and other unsavory traits. Again, not every person of Jewish origin is so corrupted, there are those that fight against this treachery, this Jewish supremacy, and there are also those of Jewish origin who do not know of the history, the present, the planned future.

     This is not the Zionism I speak of, The Zionism I refer to is political Zionism, the furthering of the protocols of the learned elders of Zion. This document is the most heartbreaking document you will ever read. A century old plot to enslave the world under Jewish control. This is what we are fighting. A declaration of war against the people of the world, men, women and children. The plot has progressed to this place we are at right now, and only gets worse unless we stand up and face this danger which is against us in every facet of this life we want to preserve, to enjoy. The future is something we should look forward to, not fear or dread. Unfortunately, these entities will not stop until they are stopped. They will continue ruining people's lives in their pursuit of money, power and total dominance of every person on Earth. The federal reserve was snuck through Congress in 1913, the Jewish bankers who concocted this scam make billions, while the Jewish owned media keep people in the dark or misdirected. The protocols not only need to be read, but counteracted, each and every chapter reversed, the federal reserve, repealed, as it's unconstitutional, the media, heavily regulated, retroactively. These are just two of the problems we face, but large ones when it comes to our well being and prosperity. There's a lot to deal with, choose ways you can help. We've been on this path for awhile and we're headed in the right direction.

The Jay Leno Show 9.14.2009 First Show

     Right from the start you see Jay Leno walk out onto the set with the light blue horizontal lines, over to a panel on the ground meant to be another 101 reference. I'm very surprised about Jerry Seinfeld's appearance, he actually took a few jabs at Jay and the new show, going against what the show would be putting forward. The original Seinfeld show was Zionist agenda, through and through, Jerry may be looking at his brethren and no longer wanting to be accomplice to these heinous acts. This doesn't change anything about our direction, it's just that some realize this must be done, as unfortunate that it is. There are Jews that know the deceit, murder, torture and arson done by other Jews is reprehensible, the Talmudic mindset that must be overcome. Disgusting acts like these that we must deal with daily and continue fighting until we have peace, for us and our loved ones. To look back on times like these and see what we had to deal with.

     The musical guest of Jay Leno's first show was Rihanna, Jay-Z and Kanye West, singing 'run this town', a stealth Israeli script. You can look for the lyrics online and read it from a Jewish writing perspective. There's been a huge backlash against Kanye because of him jumping onstage during the Viacom/MTV music video awards and interrupting winner Taylor Swift with a comment about Beyonce having a great video herself. Beyonce ended up winning the top award and used her time to allow Taylor to come back onstage and have her moment, which I thought was very sweet of her and allowed for both of them to recover. During the Jay Leno show, he asked Kanye, how would your (passed) mother feel about all this. That's a pretty low comment. Kanye said he wouldn't rationalize his actions and just wanted to say sorry, which he's done a lot since this happened. Every direction has come down on him, it's been pretty harsh and he must feel terrible about the event, let me mention, Kanye was on the red carpet with a bottle of liquor and even in the hall with that same bottle, not sure how he was allowed to do that, but hey it's Viacom/MTV, The same people who also put him in the front row of seats with that bottle. Now drinking is not an excuse, since you have to consent to drinking in the first place, but since Kanye is too respecting to mention it... I hope both he and Taylor are doing okay, Beyonce really did save the evening and I hope people can get past the event that took place and look to protecting artists like them from being forced to read Israeli scripted songs.

     As for Jay Leno, he will continue what he's been doing for years, threats, diversions and making fun of people. Personally I don't watch, same goes for Zionist programming in general. Why bother subjecting yourself to their negative agenda, designed to harm you, Zionist movies, television, newspapers, they can take on a pleasing look, but are the same underneath. Threats, making fun of the show/audience/musician, written for other Jews etc. If you keep to non-Zionist mediums you'll have a much clearer head. Unfortunately some mediums that once were good have been taken over, and by some I mean alot. Once you know that this has happened to your favorite show, movie series or musician, don't fall prey to it, fight against it. If you have any way to help in this matter, please put it forward.

     There has been a shooting by James von Brunn, an 88 year old white supremacist who has shot Stephen T. Johns, 39, a security guard at the holocaust museum in Washington D.C.. The problem with any belief of supremacy is that it's not true, there are different races, yes, and each one has distinct benefits as well as also being distinctly human, sharing traits we all have. Supremacy in any form is deluded and gives those fighting for the common good, that of our peers on Earth a bad name. The word supremacy evokes that of being better than other races, when we should all be on the same side, that of finding the best conditions for us to be able to live. The benefits the Jews take pride in, their supremacist beliefs, are at the detriment of every other race on Earth, the 'goal' being our downfall and their gain, monetarily, yet in reaching for this those who have worked towards this direction corrupt every other institution in it's path. The Jewish belief is that the world is there for the taking, not for the sharing or betterment of others, instead adopting a mentality of supremacism of their own. There are some Jews who fight against their brethren, who are not the problem, they understand the situation we are faced with, unfortunate as it is. The protocols of the elders of Zion, written 100 years ago is the culmination of their mentality over the years and is a declaration, in secret, of war against the rest of the world. This plan has taken shape and proves itself through it's usage and application through history and present day. A war against all of mankind for the sole benefit of the Jews. We need to be strong, to be brave, and to move forward in our quest for a better future and a safe loving place for us to live.

And if the band you're in starts playing different tunes
I'll see you on the dark side of the moon

«Pink Floyd»
«The Dark Side of the Moon»

The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brian 6.1.2009 First Show

Street Sign - 101 is a torture reference from the book 1984
Shirt and Background - Light Israeli blue

     The Jewish owned Face Book is just that, an Israeli entity to catalog and group people by interest. Mass protests erupted when a new terms of service was put in place, which allowed the company to hold users data even after removed from the site, a clear view of their motives. Recently it came to light that this same company would allow pages of holocaust revisionists, something fine in itself, only used by Face Book to collect information of the viewers of such information. To stand up, to protest, to speak of truths and to organize action is needed and necessary, Face Book is just not the place to do so.

     A recent South Park episode entitled "fishsticks" mocks rapper Kanye West, the source of this episode is not Trey Parker and Matt Stone who started South Park, but the Jews who have taken it over. The same is true of other animated series, such as The Simpsons, King of the Hill, Family Guy, American Dad and the Futurama movies except the first. Kanye West, as with other musicians, have also been subjected to Israeli scripting. As for this particular episode of South Park, the source is shown by a light blue star, not quite a star of david but meant to imply one, on a poster in the background. Another poster is of the movie 'the six million dollar man' with the right side of the poster obscured, a reference to the 'holocaust' and it's 6,000,000, no more no less death toll. The reason that Jay Leno, Conan O'Brian, David Letterman, Ellen Degeneres and others are shown is to promote those particular shows. Jay Leno and Conan O'Brian are both agents of zion, as with many others, while David Letterman and Ellen Degeneres are being forced to put forward even
more zionist junk. When you watch tv, movies, or any other media you can see through their agenda, once you know what to look for. Be very critical.

     The reason that I mention the two recent shooting incidents, in North Carolina and New York, is because they look to have been orchestrated by Zionist entities. These same Zionist entities have planned and put forward many other crimes, whether shootings, arson or bombings (London), so that they can report these crimes through cnn and other media for various reasons. Sometimes they fake an event, but more often than not we lose lives. The recent shooting in New York by Jiverly Wong was done with two registered handguns, what the Zionist media then puts forth is the fear of more shootings, in an attempt to have people accept gun control, which already has safety checks. Their goal is to have an unarmed populous, as to ease the institution of a police state. The founders of the United States made sure to put forth the right to own and bear arms, a provision so as that the citizens may fight tyranny in government as well as defend ourselves.
     The same way that musicians, actors, actresses and others are being forced into doing what they do not want, Seung-Hui Cho (Virginia Tech), Jiverly Wong and others are forced into these situations also. Zionist entities sit in meetings plotting against us, but we have routes and resources available to expose what they have done, are doing and have planned. The movie 'the usual suspects' comes to mind, yet it is who you think. We would actually be doing very well if it wasn't for Zionist crime. North America is not the only victim of Zionist plotted crime, threats through their actions happen on a global scale. North Korea does not have a problem with America doing well, nor do Russia, China or others, what they do have a problem with is the money that flows to Israel through tax funded aid and through the Federal Reserve, money that they use against other nations. Since the majority of mainstream media in the United States is Jewish owned, the topic of this swindled money never arises, money that is used to fund Zionist crime worldwide. Other nations do not want what has happened to America to happen to them, a Zionist controlled media, corrupt government, financial ruin.
     We, the people, are the designers of our fate, and must work to create a future in which we are able to be happy, prosperous and free from fear. We can instate laws, and repeal others as we strive to preserve what matters to us, while also shaping the direction in which we are headed. The Jews, over time, have gained control over America, the monetary system, the press, and the government. In turn, we must unattach the tentacles from each of these institutions so they once again are for our betterment, not our downfall. Zionist crimes are not only in Palestine, but around the world. Exposing each and every instance helps, but does not solve the problem. Line by line, step by step, we want our Earth back.

Review. The Tonight Show with Jay Leno 3.19.2009. (Obama Interview) "99 cent store items"

St Patrick's Day Gels - Look he's not Irish.. He's black! A reference to Obama's part Irish ancestry
St Patrick's Day Shot Glasses - Ages 4 and up. An allusion to Irish being drunks
Almighty Hero's - Noah with sheep, religious validation to Christians, laughing at religion to others
Bronco Family Hacksaw - Veiled threat
Angel Riding Rhinoceros - Ridiculous prop created by NBC
9 ft. Extension Cord - Inputs at both ends
Four Paws Quick Fit Muzzle - Veiled threat
Pocket Calculator - Regarding the economy, mentions putting away the calculator
Larry Potter and his best friend Lilly - Fraudulent book
Obstacles our version of Obsession - Is Obama the "obstacle"?
Crucifix Betty Boop - The crucifix is mentioned to have a light yet visually there is no mechanism
Magnifying Glass - Text reads of bank losses

     Open Letter to President Barack Obama

     Millions of people around the world believe in you Mr. Obama, as do I. You are beam of
sunshine upon what have been many dark days. The rebuilding of America will not be easy, but we are putting our hopes and dreams in your hands to make this a better world for us. You have the power to do this, and you also have our combined strength and support through difficult times. Please, do everything you can to create a nation where people are free to live, work and enjoy life without fear of the Israeli threats we receive through their media. Issues confronted, and goals reached for the betterment not only of America, but the world.

     You can accomplish so many wonderful new ventures, which are very needed
     •    Repeal legislation against the people, such as the homeland security act, patriot act and any others that attempt to restrict the freedoms of citizens
     •    Repeal the federal reserve act of 1913 as it is unconstitutional
     •    Retroactively limit the amount of media entities one company can own and ban cross ownership of television/radio/newspaper in any given city
     •    Put the $15,000,000/day that goes to Israel in foreign aid to better use

     The Israeli offense against Gaza, paid for with hard earned American taxpayer dollars, is in reality not against Hamas, but is used as a cover in an attempt to completely destroy the region. Israel needs to be declared the terrorist state that it is, all funding halted, sanctions imposed and war crime trials to begin. Illegal settlements need to be removed and the land given back to the rightful owners, borders replaced with the original allotment given in 1948.

     Israel is not a friend of the United States, everything they do is against us, not for us. People see this, and are disgusted with previous governments lack of leadership concerning these issues. Do not let this happen while you are in office, you have all of us with you, please do everything in your power to make this earth a better place to call home.

     Dale Spencer

     Israel is currently receiving $15,000,000 per day of American taxpayer dollars. This money is being given by the U.S. government with no oversight and no agreement for return of the funds. This money is added to the national debt and accumulates interest owed to the (unconstitutional) Federal Reserve. Items being bought with this money include tanks, machine guns, rockets, fighter jets, other weapons of war and whatever else they desire. Bulldozers are bought to fell olive trees, a vital source of income for many Palestinians, their homes demolished as well to make room for illegal Israeli settlements. Israel was placed on Palestinian land in 1948, maps established. Since then The Israeli border has been furthered and furthered into land that is not theirs. Terrorizing Palestinians on a daily basis, violence and death against their men women and children who protest because they are losing their homes. A huge apartheid wall constructed beyond the borders of Israel, blocking needed food, medicine, electricity and supplies from getting to Palestine. A media blackout in effect so as that the world cannot see the situation being forced upon them. This is what your $15,000,000 a day is buying.

     What else could this money be spent on, in America this could be scholarships, medical equipment, charity donations or funding research and development of cures and vaccines. How many lives could be saved in impoverished nations, how many malaria nets, how many wells, livestock, schools, hospitals or start-ups could this buy.

     With what's being given to Israel, you'd figure some thanks, instead you get the opposite. Through Jewish owned media, you get threats, through the Jewish owned private bank the Federal Reserve you get fleeced, Israel using the United States military as a flyswatter against neighboring nations, resulting in the loss of many brave soldiers sent to do Israel's bidding. The people you see, walking down the street, on the bus, in a restaurant see what Israel is doing to America, Americans, and the rest of the world. This hard earned money could be doing so much more, instead of now where it is being used to oppress the Palestinians.

     Israel is constantly working against you, and are being rewarded for it. The government needs to be accountable to the needs of the people who elect them, let your voice be loud, organize, petition, hold rallies. This issue among others need to be addressed, and goals accomplished.

     The mentality put forth in the Talmud started before it's writing, and has continued to get worse. You see this not only against the Palestinians, but against the world entire. We are being thought of as less than human, as incorrect as that is. One of the terms used for us is goyim, a word which translates into cattle. There are many instances such as these. Two recent commercials for tourism of Israel also show their thoughts of us. The premise of the advertisements is about the word 'shalom', at one point in this first commercial it shows an Israeli laying down in the ocean reading a newspaper, with the voice over saying shalom means 'we're glad to see you'. Coupled with the video is basically saying that that's false. The second commercial shows a man and his daughter on the beach, she put a little mud on him and in the next scene shows both father and daughter completely covered in the mud, head to toe except for the swimsuits. More of their thoughts of us. An Israeli scripted episode of the Simpsons has Marge going to a gym to exercise, the name of the gym is fashioned after the popular 'curves', in the episode they name it 'shapes'. Curves imply beauty, whereas shapes doesn't even imply human. It's also visible in Israeli scripted music video's such as one forced upon Gwen Stefani called Luxurious, where she's seen breaking piñata’s while saying 'cha-ching', 'cha-ching'. George Lucas' videogame company, previously known as LucasFilm, now known as LucasArts, created a game called 'monkey island', and that's what they think. Throughout history working against us and plotting our enslavement, every day they think of how to ruin us, and every day we must do everything in our power to stop them. The protocols must not become reality. We are losing freedoms, and we are losing lives. The protocols and all it entails affects everyone and everything that we hold dear, we cannot sit by and allow them to continue.


     Back in the 50's there was a massive scandal involving a game show which supplied the answers in advance to questions that would be asked. Recently the movie 'Quiz Show' chronicled the event. Scripted reality has become quite prevalent over the last few years, with no disclaimer stating this. Both Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy have been using 'actors' for a few years now, putting forth Zionist agenda such as threats and misdirection. There was a contestant on Wheel of Fortune at one point who tried to bring it down, when asked of her family she mentioned having two six-legged sons or some such, an obvious lie to get people thinking about these shows and what has been going on. As for Jeopardy, some might remember Ken Jennings, who won for about two months straight, basically never a wrong answer, on any topic, the new shill ala Quiz Show. I am not suggesting you watch these shows, or any other shows with Zionist agenda for that matter, there's really no point since they are put together just to threaten you.
     These two shows aren't the only ones who fall into the 'scripted reality' category, in addition are programs like cops, judge shows, recent survivor, recent American idol... One of the worst is 'The Hills', a supposed reality show based around a group of socialites. The show is completely scripted, if a scene doesn't go right they do another 'take'. The channel this runs on is MTV, who is owned by Viacom. Exposing 'The Hills' as fake would have large repercussions, bringing down MTV, and instilling skepticism towards other 'scripted reality'.
     CNN is not exempt, scripting events, hiring actors and recording it for broadcast. That is when they're not committing crimes to report on. Of
course there are real events as well, it's knowing which are which are which. The best course of action to take regarding scripted events and crimes committed is to do some research. Gather news articles from multiple sources, and put together all relevant information, making note of
inconsistencies and implausibility’s. When dealing with crimes committed, feel free to contact the local emergency services involved with information, support and resources.
     When it comes to those who are being forced into Israeli scripting, such as musicians, actors, actresses and people like David Letterman, Ellen Degeneres, Matt Groening, Seth McFarlane and others, the only point is to see what they are trying to put forward. Once you know a show has been 'taken over', there's no point in subjecting yourself to it. If the Israeli scripted song is catchy, that doesn't change the musicians situation. Anything you can do to help is needed, and appreciated


     The fourth protocol states the plot to replace religion with materialism, in an attempt to instill a self-centric ideology that places family, community and morality below ones own interest. This agenda is still being put forth through Zionist owned television, newspapers, magazines and so forth. The plot has changed slightly though, When the protocols took form a century ago, evolution had started to gain momentum and the bible falling out of favor. Figuring the bible would be thrown out and replaced with science, they pushed personal gain above all else. In spite of their efforts, we are strong, knowledgeable and do help others. With all we have accomplished thus far, there are still some who believe in the bible, in god, and in heaven and hell. The bible is comparable to Greek mythology before it, a way to explain the unexplained. Lightning, there must be some huge man in the clouds throwing it down. This was a time before microscopes and telescopes, and gave divine purpose to life, a life not fully understood in reason. Where we are at now, we know of life's origin, and yet still, many people believe in god or a higher power. Looking at life through science is even more miraculous, the years of evolution it took to get us from one-celled amoeba to where we are now is nothing short of amazing. Religion is now a thorn in our side, holding back true thought and self awareness. Life without religion is truly joyous, you need not to discard the bible to be left with nothing, you embrace science and knowledge. Trading one book of fiction for thousands of non. The bible promises ever-lasting life in heaven, a nice story, yet impossible. Everything you do is powered by electrical impulses in your brain, Everything you know is stored in grey matter. When the brain ceases to function, your thought process and memory go with it. There is ever-lasting life in the world we live, through what we leave behind. Through friends we help, art we create and accomplishments we achieve. The 'how' we are here is explained, the 'why' we are here is subjective. The meaning of life is simply that we are here, that's the meaning, it's what we do while we're here that's important. I find four reasons for existence, learn, help others, have children, and enjoy life.


     We've seen movies about the end of the world, and read articles detailing our potential demise. The outlook is not so bleak though, we are in a time of miraculous discovery, our understanding and implementation of science and technology is advancing faster and becoming better with each passing day and each idea realized. The dinosaurs had no way to stop an asteroid, but we do. There are already plans that can be put in place for such a situation. Mainly, to attach a small rocket to the side of an incoming meteor, changing it's trajectory enough to avoid a collision with earth. When it comes to the sun, which is growing and becoming gradually hotter, we have more than enough time to find a solution to this as well. When you look at how far we have come in a century, imagine the next, the next and the next. A beam of light has been teleported, from one table to another a meter away, that's a start. We have recently recreated the big bang with a particle accelerator, with advancements like these and others we can ensure our planet will survive and flourish.
     So we've saved ourselves from meteors and found a way to endure the growing sun, what about black holes. Starting at the beginning, the big bang. The universe and everything in it was once a sphere of dark matter, two electrons vibrated closer and closer to each other, then touched. This sent the enclosed matter off in every direction, and is still expanding. Pieces began to collide, creating larger masses, the larger these pieces became the more gravitational pull they held, creating rudimentary planets which grew and whose own center of gravity formed these planets into spheres. The reason everything in this universe existed as a sphere of dark matter is compression, the most possible. The black holes we will face in the future, are trying to compress the universe back into a small sphere. With future technology we will be able to either reverse the effect of a black hole or neutralize it. The speed at which all fields of science and technology are advancing is amazing, we will live a bright future.
     As for now, we have global warming, now referred to as climate change. Some look at the situation as being a natural occurrence, others saying that carbon emissions from cars, factories and so forth are the reason the polar ice caps are melting, while also contributing to hurricanes, floods and other weather related events. It would seem to be both. There are solar fluctuations which raise and lower the earth's temperature, granted, we also need to look at CO2. When CO2 is emitted into our atmosphere, it stays near the earth as it is heavier than air, not only creating hazardous breathing conditions, but also raising the temperature as CO2 retains the suns heat more than air alone. The answers to this are known, greenlife and renewable energy sources. When it comes to renewable energy, there are wind farms, solar panels and nuclear. A recent innovation harnesses ocean currents to create electricity. When it comes to greenlife, converting the CO2 back into oxygen, we have current projects, as well as some we could implement, such as covering large areas of ocean with genetically engineered water-lilies. Some specifications could include
 »Plant with the highest rate of carbon dioxide intake
 »Most active exposed area (largest leaves...)
 »Plant with the fastest rate of photosynthesis (carbon dioxide to oxygen)
 »Largest output capacity per measurement
     There sure is alot to do on this place we call home, luckily there are alot of us to do it.



     The world has been divided into two factions, Gentile (non-Jew) and Jew. This is not our doing, rather the separation put forth in the Talmud centuries ago. This distinction and mentality persists to this day. Throughout history this mindset has become worse, and worse, culminating a century ago into 'the protocols of the learned elders of zion', the minutes of meetings with the intent of global enslavement by the Jewish faction. This is a singular problem, that entwines itself into most every aspect of life. Economy, government, war, media. They play the victim, yet are the aggressors. Every day they plot new murders, new atrocities, new threats and new ways to defraud innocent people out of their hard-earned pay. Which is really what it all comes down to. To do this, they threaten the adults, and brainwash the children, fluoridated water softens up a child's cognitive ability, and the rest is up to Disney and its ilk. The 'family' channel's slogan is/was 'never a dull mom e nt', never a dull mom, while she's slaving away getting supper ready or just coming home from work, Disney is pumping un-filtered propaganda straight into her child's growing brain. If your looking to get angry, watch children's 'programming'. I remember seeing an episode of 'duck dogers' where there is a critical situation on board the ship, and 'duck dogers' sees a sign onboard that says Warning: please read, to which he says "Oh no, words!" Oh no, words?! This is the kind of anti-learning that these entities are putting forward, this and worse. They have dvd's teaching 'baby sign language', instead of language, there's 'sit and watch t.v. with me' Elmo among many other reprehensible products. If the child isn't old enough to watch television, they have Fisher-Price, a zionist toy producer attempting to ruin children from the crib.

     We have lost the lives of children, whether through the sniper attacks in Washington following 9/11 (to pass the patriot act and homeland security act), at the hands of paid mercenaries in Siem Reap, Cambodia where Maxim Michalik was shot and killed, or in other planned atrocities that they commit so as to air on 'cnn' as threats to the rest of us. The Israeli police and settlers are much less secretive in their killing of innocents in Palestine, where Israel is not allowing reporters or film crew to document their crimes. Palestine has lost many men, women, and children to the heavily armed Israeli 'soldiers'.

     We are being threatened, we are being killed, people we admire are being tortured. Torture is in no way 'self defence', for any reason. We are left with no other option than to defend ourselves humanely. This is not a situation that we want to be in, but we are.

     To start with, we need to take back what is ours,

Repeal the Federal Reserve Act of 1913: This is the main source of funding for Israel's illicit activities. Lincoln was shot fighting the bankers, JFK was also. With the resources we have, the dismantling of the Federal Reserve is in sight. Currently in Congress, the Federal Reserve Abolition Act, HR 2755

Stop the $15,000,000/day of tax payer dollars being sent to Israel in foreign aid.

Heavily regulate the media. Retroactively dis-allowing one entities cross-ownership of television station/radio station/newspaper in any given city.

Keep government in check. Passing the legislature you want passed and repealing the legislature you don't.

     In addition to these, we must act on the following,

Definitively expose forced Israeli scripting against musicians, actors actresses and those in television.

Expose the real perpetrators responsible for crimes, atrocities and false flag terror attacks.


     It is not too much to dream of the day when it will be possible to broadcast not only the words of the singer or speaker. The time may come, and it may not be so very far distant, when listeners-in will not only hear, but see--when sitting by their own firesides.

     And akin to this development, the time may come when the listener-in will be able to transmit as well as to receive--to listen and to reply.

«Rex F. Palmer»

«Broadcasting is a Social Force»