Day 236 of Genocide: Palestinian civilians killed by Israeli strikes in Gaza

US-manufactured munition employed in lethal Rafah strike: Report

Hundreds gather in front of White House to protest Israel's attack on Rafah

UN body welcomes wave of recognition of Palestine's statehood

Ariana Grande, Jenna Ortega share donations links to Palestine on Instagram

Dua Lipa calls for end of Israel's genocide in Gaza

At least 25 Palestinians killed in heavy Israeli shelling after strike on Rafah camp

Norway, Spain officially recognize Palestinian statehood

Ireland officially recognizes Palestinian state

Irish FM: EU discuss imposing sanction on Israel for the first time

Charred alive in tents

UNRWA says Israeli attacks on Rafah 'horrifying'

Israel’s bombardment of Rafah draws condemnations

Instagram hides Israel’s Rafah carnage, bans and removes content

Day 234 of Genocide: Children, women, killed in Israeli bombardment in Gaza

Israel continues military operation in Rafah despite being asked to stop: Borrell

Amnesty International says Israeli air strikes that killed 44 civilians further evidence of war crimes

Jordan's king urges to ensure uninterrupted aid to Gaza

Day 233: “Ongoing bombing kills dozens in Gaza”

Hamas launches rocket attack on central Israel, no injury reported

Hundreds rally in Chicago for a ceasefire in Gaza

200 aid trucks to enter Gaza via Kerem Shalom crossing: sources

Day 232 Update: At least 45 Palestinians killed in Israel massacres in Rafah, Nuseirat, Jabalia

Day 231: Israeli army kills dozens in Gaza

'Landmark, extraordinary, crucial': Legal scholars hail ICJ order against Israel Rafah offensive

Israel 'does not respect' ICJ ruling on Rafah, say residents after continued strikes

UN rights expert calls for imposing sanctions on Israel until it complies with ICJ's ruling

After World Court ruling, Palestinians want action not words

Belgium’s FM calls for immediate implementation of ICJ ruling

Israel will not stop 'this madness' until we make it stop: UN rapporteur

Israel's allies face genocide complicity if ICJ order is ignored — expert

ICJ orders Israel to halt its Rafah offensive in Gaza

Presidency commends ICJ rulings ordering Israel to stop the onslaught on Rafah

South Africa welcomes ICJ’s ruling on Israeli offensive on Rafah

Council on American-Islamic Relations applauds ICJ’s ruling ordering Israel to halt its attacks on Rafah

Palestine recognition by European nations a move 'closer to peace,' says Malaysia Premier

24 killed by Israeli army in northern, central Gaza

At least 12 Palestinians killed in Israeli airstrike on aid distribution center in Gaza

AP debunks allegations of sexual violence by Hamas

China firmly supports Palestinian people restoring their legitimate national rights

Day 229: Dozens killed, including children, as genocide continues in Gaza

“Civilized world” demands prosecution for uncivilized war criminals

Saudi Arabia welcomes Palestinian state recognition by three EU countries

Türkiye applauds Spain, Ireland, Norway's recognition of Palestinian state

Presidency welcomes Norway’s, Spain’s and Ireland’s recognition of Palestine

World praises Ireland, Norway, Spain's move to recognise Palestinian state

Jordan sends 92 aid trucks to Gaza

Day 228 of Genocide: Children, women, killed in Israeli bombardment in Gaza

Palestinian presidency slams U.S. for supporting Israel in attacks on Gaza, West Bank

'Divest from war': Yale graduates leave commencement over Gaza carnage

Israeli criminals in ICC’s crosshairs

'No one is above the law' Jordan Foreign Minister says on Netanyahu's ICC arrest warrant

France backs ICC after it seeks arrest warrants for Israel's Netanyahu, Hamas leaders

South Africa welcomes ICC decision on Netanyahu arrest warrant

Day 227 of Genocide: Dozens of civilians killed, others injured, in ongoing Israeli bombardment of Gaza

EU denounces occupation's attacks on medical and civilian infrastructure in Gaza and West Bank

UNRWA: Safe and guaranteed humanitarian access to Gaza is fundamental to counter critical shortage of water displaced families are facing

ICC prosecutor asks for arrest warrants for Israeli leaders

President Sheikh Mohamed and other world leaders send condolences on death of Iran's Raisi

At least 31 killed in Israeli strike on Gaza's Nuseirat refugee camp

Israeli colonists attack aid truck south of Nablus

Hundreds of pro-Palestine protesters rally near US Capitol on Nakba anniversary

Day 224: “Ongoing bombings kill dozens, injure hundreds, in Gaza”

500 intellectuals urge French President Macron to recognize Palestine

Spain to recognize Palestinian state together with other countries

Day 223: Israel’s missiles kill dozens in Gaza

Spain denies port call for ship carrying arms to Israel

South Africa provides evidence of Israel's violation of the Genocide Convention at the ICJ

State of Palestine welcomes proceedings at ICJ on South Africa

Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib pushes for recognition of Palestinian Nakba in US

Global universities stand with Palestine: Bethlehem University recognizes international support amid Gaza turmoil

Israel’s genocidal war on Gaza is also about oil and gas

US State Dept moves $1 billion weapons aid for Israel to congressional review

EU urges Israel to end Rafah military operation ‘immediately’

Belgium calls for EU-wide ban on weapons exports to Israel

Amnesty urges Israel to uphold Palestinians’ right to return on Nakba Day

Ireland to recognise Palestinian statehood 'this month': top envoy

100 artists pull out of UK music festival in support of Gaza

Pro-Palestine students at Harvard say they have reached agreement with Uni administration

At least 14 killed in Israeli strike in central Gaza

HRW: Gaza: Israelis attacking known aid worker locations

Irish President affirms his country's firm and supportive position for the Palestinian people

Israeli forces step up attacks on Gaza's Jabalia camp, Rafah

UN staffer killed, another injured in Rafah

Erdogan says US, Europe not doing enough to pressure Israel into Gaza truce

Palestine Committee of Norway commemorates the 76th Nakba anniversary

Oxford must cut all ties with ‘Israeli war machine,’ says university researcher

Recognising Palestine cannot wait any longer, says Slovenian Foreign Minister

North Korea expresses its full support for Palestinian UN membership

China demands end to opposition to Palestine’s accession to UN

Israel lacks 'credible plan' to safeguard Rafah civilians, says Blinken

UNRWA calls Israel's claims of safe areas in Gaza "false and misleading"

Egypt says it is joining South Africa in genocide case against Israel

Massive crowd gathers in Seattle in protest of the Israeli genocide in Gaza

Day 218: Israeli missiles kill dozens, injure hundreds, in Gaza

Casualties as Israeli warplanes attack Jabalia with massive carpet bombings

Tied, diapered, beaten: Israeli insiders reveal severe Palestinian torture

80 bodies found in mass graves at Gaza's Al-Shifa Medical Complex

No Mother’s Day for Gazan moms mourning their children

“UN experts condemn US and Israeli threats against ICC”

Foreign Ministry welcomes international consensus on Palestine’s right for full UN membership

Mideast countries welcome UN resolution in favor of Palestine membership

Australia says Palestinian UN membership bid builds momentum for peace

Barcelona University cuts ties with Israel over the genocide in Gaza

Several Palestinians killed, others injured in Israeli airstrikes on Gaza City

Israel ramps up strikes on Rafah following failed truce talks

UNSC members express deep concern over mass graves in Gaza

US weapons shipments to Israel 'breach legal limits' say high-level US officials

South Africa asks World Court to order Israel withdrawal from Rafah

Truckers stuck at Rafah Crossing fear food won't reach hungry Gaza

UN General Assembly set to back Palestinian bid for membership

UN General Assembly votes in favour of Palestinian bid for full membership

Egypt welcomes UNGA resolution backing Palestine’s bid for membership

Trinity College Dublin accepts demands from pro-Palestinian students

Eight Palestinians killed, others injured in Israeli airstrikes on Gaza

US pauses scheduled arms shipment to Israel

1,700 staff, alumni call on Cambridge Uni to negotiate with pro-Palestine activists

Bahamas formally recognises Palestine as state

UN General Assembly to vote on resolution for Palestine membership

Day 215: Including children, Israel’s missiles kill dozens in Gaza

49 bodies found in three mass graves inside the al-Shifa Medical Complex

Israel prevents UN from using Rafah crossing

Irish Foreign Minister warns of the grave consequences of Israel's control of Rafah crossing

‘Cambridge divested from Russia-linked firms, why not Israel?’

More universities join pro-Palestine protests

Day 214: Rafah ground invasion begins; Israel rejects ceasefire deal

Israel says it has taken control of Gaza side of Rafah Crossing

UN Chief calls on Israel to reopen Rafah and Karm Abu Salem crossings immediately

Turkey says Israel's Rafah operation is another war crime

Biden urged to apply Leahy Law to Israel

26 EU member states call on Netanyahu for a ceasefire

Egypt urges int'l parties to defuse Rafah crisis

Palestinians seek UN General Assembly backing for full membership

UNGA to vote on recognising Palestine as full UN member

Jordan sends 35 aid trucks to Gaza, condemns Israel's operation in Rafah

Rapper Macklemore releases new song for Palestine

Israeli occupation forces launch carpet bombings east of Rafah, amid fears of imminent invasion

Day 213 of Genocide: Civilians killed in Israeli bombing of Rafah

Guardian analysis: US weapon used in Israeli attack on health workers

Bangladesh calls for holding Israel accountable for war crimes

South African president says Palestinian self-determination close to their hearts

Belgian, Dutch students join international Gaza protest wave

Students at Oxford and Cambridge join global student action for Gaza

US blocks ammunition transfer to Israel, report says

Five civilians, including woman and a child, killed in Israeli bombing in Rafah

Gaza: Civilians killed in Israeli bombing on refugee camp

Family of Gaza doctor who died in Israeli prison demands justice

Israeli defense minister says attack on Rafah to be launched soon

Gaza truce talks hang in balance over Hamas demand to end war

IOC denounces Gaza 'genocide', calls for sanctions against Israel

Solidarity in Bethlehem: Condemning Israeli attacks on journalists

Mother and her two children killed in an Israeli airstrike in Gaza City

Israeli forces kill three Palestinian youths north of Tulkarm

Five Palestinians killed in an Israeli massacre in the town of Deir al-Ghusun

WFP: Northern Gaza in 'full-blown' famine

House Democrats urge Biden to lean harder on Israel

Palestinian journalists awarded World Press Freedom Prize

Egyptian media hints at breakthrough in Gaza ceasefire talks

Student Spring leads some universities to open talks on Israel divestments

Israel tortures to death al-Shifa hospital orthopaedic surgeon — NGO

Six civilians, including children, killed in an Israeli airstrike in Rafah

Turkey halts trade with Israel until permanent Gaza ceasefire

In pictures: Palestine solidarity protests spread across the world

Trinidad and Tobago formally recognize the State of Palestine

Day 208 Update: “Israel’s missiles kill dozens, injure hundreds, in Gaza”

Netanyahu: Israel won’t accept deal that ends war in Gaza

Turkey to join genocide case against Israel

Several Palestinians killed in Israeli airstrike on Gaza

‘Stop arming Israel’: Scottish activists shut down BAE factory

United Nations official warns invading Rafah will be “a tragedy beyond words”

Jordan says Israeli settlers attacked its Gaza aid convoys

Colombia to sever diplomatic ties with Israel on Thursday over genocidal acts in Gaza

Seven Palestinians killed, 32 others injured in Israeli bombardment on the Gaza Strip

Israeli troops throw Palestinian worker off building near Hebron

UN chief calls for int'l probe of mass graves in Gaza

'Over 10,000 people' missing, suspected buried under rubble in Gaza

Netanyahu vows to invade Rafah 'with or without a deal'

US reiterates it opposes Israeli invasion of Rafah after Netanyahu's vow

UNRWA chief examines Anadolu's book proving Israeli war crimes in Gaza

Netanyahu warns against potential ICC arrest warrants

Presidency: Without American support, Netanyahu wouldn't dare to defy international legitimacy

Egyptian President, Emir of Kuwait stress necessity of reaching immediate and sustainable ceasefire in Gaza

Jordan's king calls for immediate Gaza ceasefire in meeting with Blinken

Prime Minister calls for confronting Israeli aggression and pursuing path to independence

Turkish Academy of Sciences backs pro-Palestine campus protests in US

Israeli strikes kill 66 Palestinians in Gaza as US repeats Rafah invasion warning

China condemns perpetrators of Gaza mass graves

Protests in Netherlands against McDonald's support for Israel

Jordan, Egypt say Hamas can't be eliminated, Israel Occupation cause of conflict

WCK announces resumption of relief work in Gaza

Palestinian Universities send letter to students and faculty in Gaza Solidarity Encampments in US academic institutions

Day 205: “Dozens killed in ongoing Israeli bombing of Gaza”

US officials express concerns that Israel’s use of American arms may violate international law

Palestinians in Gaza thank US students for solidarity protests

Seven Palestinians killed in an Israeli airstrike in Rafah, southern Gaza

At least six civilians killed, others wounded in an Israeli airstrike in Rafah

Three Palestinians killed in Israeli bombardment in central Gaza

Türkiye presses for ICC case against Israel over Gaza genocide, war crimes

World capitals witness massive protests against Israeli aggression on Gaza

Israel steps up airstrikes on Gaza's Rafah

3 Palestinians killed in Israeli attack on ICRC facility in Gaza

Evidence of torture at Gaza mass graves

Biden gets morning briefings about reported organ theft of corpses in Gaza: Ralf Nader

Hamas willing to disarm if Palestinian state established in 1967 borders: official

College protests in solidarity with Gaza sweep across America for second week

Campus revolt over Gaza spreads in Europe as UK students protest

Day 202 of Genocide: Civilians killed by Israeli forces in Gaza

Palestinian teen killed by Israeli occupation forces during Ramallah raid

Arms exports to Israel must stop - UN Special Rapporteur

Day 201: Ongoing Gaza genocide, Israel’s missiles kill dozen

South Africa calls for investigation into mass graves uncovered at Gaza's hospitals

Tense stand-offs continue as Gaza war protests spread at US campuses

Germany to shortly resume UNRWA funding

Jamaica formally recognises Palestine as a state

Foreign Ministry welcomes Jamaica's decision to officially recognize Palestine as a State

European Parliament members criticise EU as 'accomplice of Israel'

Saudi Arabia pushing for Israel to accept ceasefire, more aid into Gaza: FM

Palestinian 'lifeline': EU urges donors to fund UNRWA again after review

Jordan sends aid convoy to Gaza

Ireland ‘open to recognizing a Palestinian state’

Day 199 of Genocide: Palestinian civilians killed in ongoing Israeli bombardment in Gaza

Palestinian civil defense crews retrieve 283 bodies from mass graves in Khan Younis

UN calls for 'credible' investigation on reports of mass grave in Gaza

Egypt calls for international investigation into Israeli massacres in Gaza medical complex

Israel provided no evidence of UNRWA staff ties to 'terrorist groups', report says

US House passes $26bn Israel aid package, sends to Senate

Netanyahu is the one who 'doesn't want to end war in Gaza' - Hamas chief

Egyptian, French presidents call for settlement of Palestinian issue

Columbia University students continue solidarity protest for Gaza for fifth day

14 Palestinians killed in ongoing Israeli operation in West Bank

At least nine killed in Israeli attack on Rafah, including children and women

Gaza civilians voice out their chilling encounters with Israeli torture

President Abbas: U.S.' use of veto at UNSC disappointing and irresponsible

Hundreds rally in Buenos Aires in solidarity with Palestine

Barbados has taken a bold step to recognise Palestine as a state

UNRWA chief warns man-made famine tightening grip across Gaza

Israel using drones to broadcast cries for help in Gaza to lure, shoot Palestinians

Israel using Meta's WhatsApp to kill Palestinians in Gaza through AI system

Palestinian photographer wins 2024 World Press Photo of the Year award

Palestine condemns US veto of Palestine’s UN membership at UNSC

Spain argues for the recognition of a Palestinian State in the UN

Algeria pushes for Palestinian UN membership; urges 2-state solution

Turkish president urges Western countries to respond to Israel's killings of Palestinians

Türkiye urges decisive international action against Israel's war on Gaza

UN chief calls for support towards sovereign Palestinian state amid recent escalations

Day 195 of Genocide: Israeli forces continue to target areas in Gaza

China supports Palestine’s full UN membership bid — FM

Day 194 of Genocide: Dozens of civilians killed in Israeli airstrikes on Gaza

Israel has sped up settlement-building in East Jerusalem since Gaza war began: The Guardian

Chilling discovery of mass graves in Gaza

UN voices concern over Israeli colonists attacks in the West Bank

Cuba: De-escalation in Middle East requires immediate ceasefire in Gaza

Israel amputates Gazan prisoners' limbs as wounds go untreated

Palestinian victims of colonist attack succumb to injuries

Arab League slams escalated attacks by extremist settlers in West Bank

PM Mustafa calls on international community to take action to stop Israeli aggression

Public support drops for Israel in US and Britain

Egyptian FM, UN coordinator discuss aid delivery in Gaza

43 more Palestinians killed in Gaza as Israeli onslaught continues: Health Ministry

Five Palestinian, woman included, killed in Israeli bombing in Gaza street

52 Palestinians killed in 5 Israeli massacres in Gaza in last 24 hours

Rights groups sue Germany over arms exports to Israel

'Stop arming Israel': Thousands march in London in solidarity with Gaza

At least 25 civilians killed, injured in Israeli bombing of different areas in Gaza

Two Palestinians fatally shot by Israeli forces' bullets in Tubas

Settler rampage leaves destruction in Al-Mughayir: Dozens injured, homes burned"

3 journalists injured in Israeli shelling in central Gaza Strip

Unicef aid convoy hit by gunfire while waiting to deliver aid to northern Gaza

Israeli forces bombard surrounding areas of Nuseirat refugee camp in central Gaza

Gaza authorities reject Israeli claims of aid surge

Spanish PM says recognition of Palestine is “in Europe’s geopolitical interests.”

Irish FM says Ireland will recognize Palestinian statehood

14 civilians murdered in an Israeli airstrike in Nusseirat on the eve of Eid al-Fitr

Over 400 bodies of slain Palestinians recovered in Gaza City and Khan Yunis

Israel is starving Gaza’s children to death, HRW warns

‘No force in the world’ to stop Israel from invading Rafah, Netanyahu says

More Democrats sign letter urging Biden to halt weapons transfer to Israel

France suggests sanctions on Israel to get aid into Gaza

Turkey imposes export restrictions on Israel until Gaza ceasefire

Egypt, Jordan, France urge immediate ceasefire in Gaza

Jordan conducts seven airdrops of aid to Gaza with other countries

Hundreds rally in Chicago, urging Biden to stop support for Israel's genocide in Gaza

Day 185: Israeli missiles kill dozens in Gaza

Hope dims, hunger gnaws in Rafah amid looming Israeli offensive

WHO: Gaza aid block intolerable and inhuman

Irish FM: Israel war against Gaza constitutes clear breaches of international law

Egypt to increase number of aid trucks to war-torn Gaza

Israel deliberately targets Palestinian women and children, says Minister

UN rapporteur: Security Council's resolution on Gaza ceasefire must be implemented

Amnesty International: More aid routes into Gaza are urgently needed

Multiple casualties reported across Gaza as Israel goes ahead with its genocidal onslaught for day 183

WCK: ‘IDF cannot credibly investigate own failure in Gaza’

Australia calls for 'full accountability' after IDF strike on aid workers

WCK attack wasn’t the first. Israel has hit aid groups for months

UNICEF: Over 600,000 children in Rafah face hunger and fear amid Israeli attacks

Pelosi joins call to halt U.S. weapons transfers to Israel

Spanish PM: ‘Israel, Netanyahu heading towards international isolation’

Massive protests and rallies worldwide in condemnation of Israeli aggression against Palestinians

Day 182 of the genocide: Casualties reported in a series of Israeli attacks across Gaza

Euro-Med: Killing starving Palestinians, targeting aid trucks, deliberate Israeli policy

British daily says 'Enough' on front page in reaction to killing of food aid workers

World Central Kitchen demands an independent investigation into Israel's murder of four colleagues in Gaza

Israel not fulfilling its international humanitarian law obligations: UN envoy

UN rights council demands halt to arms sales to Israel

600 lawyers sign letter calling on the UK to stop arms sales to Israel

Ireland's sovereign investment fund to divest from six Israeli companies

Massive protest in India's Mumbai against Israeli crimes

Day 181: Constant bombing of Gaza claims dozens of lives

More aid workers killed in Gaza than in all wars over last 30 years combined

World Central Kitchen demands independent investigation into Israeli strike on aid workers

Israel targeted convoy ‘systematically, car by car’: World Central Kitchen founder

Biden approves huge arms package for Israel

Day 179: Including children, Israel kills dozens of Palestinians in Gaza

World Central Kitchen pauses operations as seven killed in Gaza air strike

EU's Borrell condemns Israeli strike on aid workers, demands probe

Canada condemns Israel strike on Gaza aid workers, demands full probe

China condemns Israel's killing of seven aid workers in Gaza

Palestinians want April vote on full UN membership

Over 400 Czech artists call on the gov’t to take action for Gaza

63 Palestinians killed in 6 massacres by Israel in Gaza in last 24 hours

36 Palestinians killed in overnight Israeli strikes across Gaza: sources

Israeli strike on Gaza’s Al-Aqsa hospital kills four, injures 17: WHO

Four Palestinians die of malnutrition and dehydration in Gaza

Pope Francis reiterates his call for an immediate ceasefire in the Gaza

Thousands march in New York in solidarity with the Palestinian people

At least 12 killed by Israeli bombing on Gaza City

US has signed off on more bombs, warplanes for Israel

Egypt, Jordan, France FMs meet in Cairo over Gaza crisis

'Murderer Israel' — Thousands march in solidarity with Gaza on Easter eve

'Stop the genocide': Thousands take to streets in London in solidarity with Gaza

UAE announces departure of second maritime aid shipment for Gaza

71 Palestinians killed in 7 massacres by Israel in Gaza in last 24 hours

Israeli soldiers shoot civilians waving white flag and bury bodies with bulldozer

UN court orders Israel to allow unhindered aid to Gaza

Day 174: Nasser hospital – 3rd hospital under attack by Israeli forces

Dozens of civilians killed in Israeli airstrikes across Gaza Strip

Israeli forces snipe civilians waiting for aid in Gaza

Over 130 British parliamentarians urge gov’t to cease arms sales to Israel

Turkiye relief agency presents two ships to take aid direct to Gaza

Day 172: Army Continues Bombing Gaza, Kills Dozens, Including Children

Day 7 of hospital takeover: rapes, executions, torture

After UN resolution urges ceasefire, Israel's Ben-Gvir calls for ground attack on Rafah

No let-up in Gaza war despite UN resolution demanding ‘immediate ceasefire’

Belgian capital set to ban purchase of products from Israel settlements

Israeli campaign in Gaza meets genocide definition, says UN official

US to Israel: Protecting Palestinians is moral, strategic imperative

Palestinian presidency welcomes successive US statements calling for an end to Israeli aggression

'Break ties' with Israel if it doesn't comply: Reactions to UN resolution

Israeli' ongoing bloodbath in Gaza Strip claims the lives of seven civilians

Israeli war to only end with Jews settling northern Gaza: Knesset member

Israel bans UNRWA from delivering aid to northern Gaza

UN Security Council adopts resolution demanding cease-fire in Gaza for Ramadan

China says supports new UN Security Council draft resolution on Gaza ceasefire

Saudi Arabia welcomes UNSC resolution calling for immediate ceasefire in Gaza during Ramadan

Turkish foreign minister says UNSC resolution calling for ceasefire in Gaza during Ramadan is a positive step

Arab League chief welcomes UNSC resolution on Gaza, Egypt's foreign ministry considers it a necessary step to stop bloodshed

EU Chief welcomes adoption of UNSC resolution on Gaza

Euro-Med: Soldiers use Palestinians as human shields in Shifa hospital

EU condemns biggest Israeli settlement plan since 1990s

Massive rallies worldwide in solidarity with the Palestinian people

Day 169: 82 killed in past 24 hours; executions at al-Shifa hospital

'ICC needs to make a decision, same as they did with the Russian president'

UN chief visits Rafah crossing, renews call for ceasefire in Gaza

8 Palestinians, including 3 children, killed in an Israeli airstrike in Rafah

Trade unionists lead charge to cease UK arms exports to Israel UN rapporteur: There is no moral argument that justifies arms sales to Israel

Could Canada's decision to stop arming Israel create a domino effect?

Egypt, Saudi, Qatar, Jordan, Emirates, and Palestine call for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza

UK voices frustration, blames Israel for holding up aid to Gaza

Spain, Ireland, Malta, Slovenia agree to work towards Palestinian state recognition

Intense Israeli bombing of Gaza kills dozens of Palestinian civilians

US submits UNSC resolution seeking Gaza ceasefire linked to release of hostages

Palestine welcomes Canada's halt of arms export to Israel

Day 166 of Genocide: Dozens of Palestinian civilians killed in ongoing Israeli bombardment in Gaza

Canada will honour resolution blocking military exports to Israel

Rights groups urge US to suspend arm transfer to Israel

Israel using fake social media accounts to target UNRWA, report reveals

Cameron pushes for more aid into Gaza as UK sends food parcels

UN, EU urge Israel to allow 'complete and unfettered' access for Gaza aid

US, Jordan conduct humanitarian aid airdrop in Gaza

Day 165 of Genocide: Dozens of Palestinian civilians killed in ongoing Israeli bombardment in Gaza

UN human rights chief: Israel's restrictions to Gaza aid could be war crime

Nine Palestinians killed in an Israeli airstrike in Nusseirat, central Gaza

Preventing Israel's planned Rafah attack priority: Palestinian president

Egypt says US should make clear to Israel consequences of Rafah operation

UN-backed report warns of 'catastrophic hunger' for 1.1 million as Gaza famine 'imminent'

MSF says words cannot describe ‘catastrophic’ disaster in Gaza

Lebanon calls for continuing support for UN agency for Palestinian refugees

Canada: parliament to vote on motion backing Palestinian statehood

Human Rights Watch calls for sanctions on Israel after failing to comply with ICJ orders

Jordan, Germany warn against Israeli attack on Rafah

At least 80 civilians killed in Israeli airstrikes in different areas in Gaza Strip

WHO chief urges Israel to stop ground assault on Rafah

Borrell: ‘There is evidence Israel is preventing Gaza aid entry’

Germany airdrops 4 tons of humanitarian aid into Gaza for 1st time

Global protests demand an immediate ceasefire in Gaza and holding Israel to account

Day 160 of Genocide: Dozens of Palestinian civilians killed in ongoing Israeli bombardment in Gaza

Six killed and dozens wounded while queuing for aid in Gaza

EU aid chief says pockets of famine already present in Gaza

EU humanitarian chief says no evidence from Israel to back UNRWA accusations

US imposes sanctions on West Bank settler outposts in latest punitive measures

Australia reinstates support for UNRWA and commits additional aid to Gaza

More aid to be sent from Cyprus to Gaza, minister says

Day 159: “Israel’s missiles kill dozens, injure hundreds in Gaza”

US senators urge Biden to stop arming Israel

Al-Maliki appreciates China's firm and supportive position for the Palestinian people

Four US ships depart for mission to build temporary Gaza pier

Morocco king orders deployment of food aid to Gaza, Jerusalem

Day 158 of Genocide: Dozens of civilians killed by Israeli airstrikes in Gaza

At least nine killed as Israeli forces fire at Gazans waiting for aid

UNRWA says Gaza conflict ‘is a war on children’

Report: UAE threatens to stop land bridge to Israel if Gaza aid stopped

"Food for Gaza" plan unveiled in Italy to coordinate int'l humanitarian aid

Dozens killed in strikes as Ramadan begins with no truce in sight

Two Gazan children die of malnutrition and dehydration

Israel deliberately thwarts any efforts to protect civilians in the Gaza Strip, says Foreign Ministry

Israel has not presented plan to protect civilians in Rafah, White House says

Israel tortured UN employees to force them to falsely admit “links” to Hamas

Palestinian City Honors US Airman Who Set Himself on Fire in Protest against Israeli Genocide

Germany criticises Israel’s Netanyahu for rejecting 2-state solution

UN chief calls for truce in war-torn Gaza, Sudan

Will the Israel Lobby cause America’s downfall?

2024 Oscars: Celebrities, movie stars calls for Gaza ceasefire

Day 156 of Israel's genocide: Dozens of civilian casualties across Gaza

Hunger everywhere in Gaza, UN refugee agency says

Saudi King urges international community to halt ‘brutal crimes’ against Palestinians

82 Palestinians killed in Gaza in last 24 hours, death toll climbs to 30,960

Live blog: Israel to be held ‘undoubtedly’ accountable for crimes in Gaza

Sweden, Canada to resume funding UN agency for Palestinians

Tens of thousands rally across Europe in solidarity with Gaza

12 civilians, including children, killed in latest Israeli attacks across Gaza

Israeli offensive in Gaza’s Rafah ‘cannot be allowed to happen’: UN

U.N. Human Rights Council says Israel West Bank settlement plans amount to war crimes

France condemns Israel's decision to approve plans for 3,500 colonial housing units

Britain to work with US on Gaza maritime aid corridor

38 civilians killed and others injured in Israeli airstrikes across the Gaza Strip

Turkiye FM accuses Cyprus of acting as logistics hub for Western arms to Israel

Due to famine, Gaza women give birth to stillborn babies, says ActionAid

UN expert urges Israel to end "starvation campaign" in Gaza

UK calls Israel an 'occupying power' as Cameron meets Netanyahu rival Gantz

UN experts urge the international community to step up pressure to end the genocide in Gaza

Egypt joins international operation to airdrop aid to Gaza

Biden to announce plan for aid port off Gaza as Europe pushes for maritime deliveries

Day 152: Israel bombs homes, kills dozens, injures hundreds in Gaza

Pro-Palestinian group sues Canada over military exports to Israel

US Democrats question arms to Israel over Gaza concerns

WFP: Israel turned back 14-truck food convoy

Britain to warn Israel over famine in Gaza

South Africa asks ICJ to take more measures against Israel

Israel approves construction of 3500 colonialist units in West Bank

Egypt condemns Israeli government's decision to approve the construction of colonial units in the West Bank

UNRWA donors likely to resume funding soon, Norway says

Mikati urges donor countries to resume UNRWA funding

Day 151: Israeli army kills dozens of Palestinians, abducts many, in Gaza

Türkiye expands aid to Palestinians in Gaza

Day 150 of Genocide: Israeli aggression kills dozens of Palestinian civilians in Gaza

Israeli tanks 'deliberately' ran over Palestinians alive, report says

UNRWA says children in Gaza are dying slowly before our eyes

WHO Chief says children starving to death in northern Gaza hospitals

Situation in Gaza 'catastrophic, unconscionable, shameful': UN General Assembly President

AL chief denounces deprivation of life-saving aid for Palestinians

Cuban President Diaz-Canel led Havana’s protest demanding a ceasefire in Gaza

Jordan's king highlights need for immediate, permanent ceasefire in Gaza

US VP calls for immediate ceasefire in Gaza

Israeli forces open fire at Gazans waiting for aid trucks, kill dozens

Gaza child deaths ‘likely to rapidly increase’ amid Israeli siege: UNICEF

Israeli military says aid convoy deaths result of stampede, Palestine rejects claim

GCC calls for immediate ceasefire in Gaza, aid delivery

Academic boycott against Israeli universities grows every day

Updated – Day 148: Israeli army kills dozens in Gaza

Day 147 Update: Israeli army kills dozens, injures hundreds, in Gaza

13-year-old Palestinian boy shot dead by Israeli forces in Ramallah

Senior EU official urges probe into Israel's murder of civilians waiting for aid in Gaza

EU grants 50 mln euros to UN agency for Palestinian refugees

UN chief welcomes EU funding for UN agency for Palestine refugees

US to begin airdropping humanitarian aid to entrapped Palestinians in Gaza

Jordan, U.S. conduct joint aid airdrops to Gaza

Egypt delivers most humanitarian aid to Gaza: PM

Day 146 Update: “Israeli army kills and injures hundreds in Gaza”

Gaza aid convoy victims shot in head, doctors say

Worldwide condemnations pour in after Israel opens fire on Gazans scrambling for aid

UN chief condemns killing of Palestinians waiting for aid in northern Gaza

Pentagon: “Over 25,000 women and children” killed in Gaza

Global calls grow for sanctions on Tel Aviv

US mulls airdropping aid into war-torn Gaza

70 killed in Israeli bombing of Palestinians waiting for aid in Gaza

Israel pledges settlement expansion despite US criticism

New Zealand joins US, UK in imposing sanctions against Israeli settlers

Israeli troops force paramedics to strip, stall evacuation convoy: UN

Ireland’s Senate unanimously calls for sanctions against Israel

Media misrepresentation of Aaron Bushnell's self-immolation angers social media users

Day 144 of genocide: Dozens of Palestinian civilians killed in Israeli airstrikes in Gaza

Israeli colonists open fire at Palestinian children near Hebron

FM Maliki emphasizes the horrific situation in the occupied Palestinian territory, particularly in Gaza Strip

Honoring heroism, bravery

Day 143 of genocide: Palestinian civilians killed and injured by Israeli bombing in Gaza

HRW says Israel not complying with ICJ order in genocide case

Israel plans new forced displacement move in Gaza ahead of Rafah invasion

EU top diplomat: 'Israel responded disproportionately to Hamas attack'

US singer Melanie Martinez says she 'fully supports Palestine'

Day 141: 92 killed in Gaza in past 24 hours

OIC to expose Israeli war crimes in Gaza, establishes monitoring units

Thousands demonstrate in Spain for arms embargo on Israel, support for Palestine

Macron, Biden call for urgent humanitarian aid to Gaza amid Israeli attacks

Day 140 of the genocide: Intense Israeli attacks on Gaza leave dozens killed and many injured

Day 139 Update: “Including children, Israeli missiles kill dozens in Gaza”

'Enough is enough': Syrian-American doctor returns from Gaza with plea for ceasefire

Arms exports to Israel must stop immediately - UN experts

Premier: Israel’s plan to build 3,000 colonial units ‘a challenge to international community’

Indonesia FM: Israel must withdraw from Palestinian territories

Brazil says G20 members broadly back two-state solution as Gaza war rages

Day 138: “Israeli missiles kill dozens, including children, in Gaza”

Eight patients die at the besieged Nasser hospital

US senator slams Netanyahu for starving Gaza children

10 countries present legal arguments at ICJ against Israel’s occupation of Palestine

Israeli occupation’s immunity from international law must end, UAE tells ICJ

Day 137 of genocide: Palestinian civilians killed and injured by Israeli strikes in Gaza

12 Palestinians killed in Israeli attack on residential area in central Gaza

Palestinian girls, women endure horrific human rights violations: UN report

Hamas demands international probe into Israel’s abuse of Palestinian women

UN: Children’s lives threatened by rising malnutrition in the Gaza Strip

India’s port workers’ union refuses to load ships carrying weapons to Israel

Prince William: 'Too many' have been killed in Gaza war

‘No country is defending Israel at the ICJ because its actions are indefensible’

Day 136: “Israeli army kills dozens, to expand Gaza onslaught”

US proposes UN resolution backing temporary Gaza ceasefire, opposing Rafah assault

Majority EU countries call for ‘immediate humanitarian pause’ in Gaza: Borrell

China: Displacement of Palestinians is the longest-running injustice in the world

Amnesty International calls for ending the occupation of Palestine, stopping fueling apartheid regime

World court to discuss legal consequences of Israel's Palestine occupation

Palestine seeks to declare Israeli occupation illegal at ICJ, calls for its end

FM: Recognition of Palestine does not require Israel’s approval

US unions form coalition to press for ceasefire in Gaza

Day 135: Dozens of deaths as army bombs Gaza by land, air and sea

Algeria submits draft UN resolution calling for immediate ceasefire in Gaza

US threatens to block new UN Security Council vote on Gaza ceasefire

Israeli government rejects unilateral recognition of Palestinian state

2-state solution should move past talk into implementation, says Palestinian premier

Dozens of civilian casualties on day 134 of Israel's ongoing aggression on Gaza

Turks rally to show solidarity with Palestinians

Hundreds of thousands march across Europe to call for immediate ceasefire in Gaza

University students across New York demonstrate in protest of ongoing Israeli war of genocide on Gaza

Massive crowds rally worldwide in protest of Israel's relentless genocide in Gaza

Minister of Health warns Nasser Medical Complex in Gaza is subjected to ongoing crime of genocide by the Israeli occupation army

Jordan's king warns Israeli attack on Rafah in Gaza will have catastrophic consequences

Netanyahu rejects international pressure for Palestinian state

Israel not complying with world court's interim ruling: South Africa

UN says food insecurity in Gaza reached 'extremely critical state'

Israel-Palestine conflict back in The Hague as ICJ considers West Bank occupation

Iran, Saudi Arabia vow to expand cooperation, criticize Israel

Israel commits nine massacres against Palestinian families in Gaza in the past 24 hours

Canada, Australia, NZ call for immediate ceasefire in Gaza

UK activists increase efforts to disrupt Israeli warmongering

At least nine civilians killed by occupation airstrikes in different parts of Gaza Strip

Italy's Parliament calls on government to support Gaza ceasefire

OCHA: UN would not cooperate with any forced Rafah evacuation

Israel’s Netanyahu blocks negotiators’ return to Egypt for Gaza hostage swap talks

Ireland, Spain call EU to investigate whether Israel is complying with its human rights obligations

Palestine requests convening of an extraordinary session of Arab League Council tomorrow

Calls for action against Israel's Gaza atrocities spread worldwide

International Criminal Court prosecutor voices concern over Israeli actions in Gaza city of Rafah

General Union of Arab Journalists condemns Israeli occupation's deliberate targeting of Al-Jazeera crew

UNRWA says vital food supplies for Gaza blocked by Israel

China calls on Israel to stop military operation in Rafah

King Abdullah urges ceasefire, warns against Israeli assault on Rafah

Israel’s missile kill 100, injure 300, in Rafah

Amnesty International: New evidence of war crimes committed by Israeli forces in Gaza Strip

Borrell suggests US rethink military aid to Israel

Israel rejects hostage release deal

UAE envoy to UN: two-state solution is needed to end Palestinian-Israeli conflict

At least 25 killed in Israeli bombing on southern Gaza

World leaders condemn Israel's plans to storm Rafah

Protests across Europe denounce Israeli war on Gaza, call for immediate ceasefire

Israeli snipers kill 21 as displaced Palestinians trying to reach Nasser Hospital

Scores of civilians killed in Gaza as Israel goes on with its relentless genocide campaign

Israel pursuing cultural genocide by erasing Palestinian heritage — Altun

Palestinian and international community condemn Netanyahu's threat to invade Rafah

UNICEF warns an Israeli offensive in Rafah would mark 'devastating turn'

German university students protest Israel’s aggression on Gaza

Day 125 of Genocide: Dozens of civilians killed by Israeli airstrikes in Gaza

Israel’s Netanyahu orders troops to prepare for push into Rafah

Israel possible military operation in Rafah 'completely catastrophic': UN envoy

UN: Destruction in Gaza is a 'grave breach' of Geneva Convention, war crime

Nicaragua asks to join Gaza genocide case against Israel in the ICJ

Biden calls Israel's Gaza response 'over the top'

How Israeli social media propaganda against Gaza is backfiring

Day 124: Dozens of Palestinians killed by Israeli missiles in Gaza

No diplomatic ties with Israel without independent Palestinian state: Saudi Arabia

Presidency praises statements by Saudi Arabia's Foreign Ministry

President Abbas urges urgent action from secretary Blinken to halt Israeli aggression

Hamas proposes three-stage ceasefire plan over 135 days

Israeli forces kill 6 Palestinian policemen securing aid truck: Gaza health ministry

Foreign ministry strongly condemns the killing of Palestinian child by Israeli forces in Jerusalem

Interim Arab Committee demands cessation of all types of commercial dealings, investments with Israel

Arab League chief says ending UNRWA's role endangers region

Palestine calls on U.S. to force Israel to stop attacks in Gaza

Day 122: Dozens of Palestinians killed as Israel intensifies Gaza bombing

Japan's Itochu ends cooperation with Israel's Elbit amid Gaza war

17 Palestinians killed in Israeli airstrikes on central Gaza

Israel ignores western pleas with strikes on Rafah, the last refuge of fleeing Gazans

French foreign minister rejects ‘forced displacement’ of Gazans to Egypt

Over 800 officials from U.S., Britain, Europe unite to protest Israel policies

Palestinian president urges UN to double efforts to halt Israeli war on Gaza

Irish leader urges an immediate ceasefire in Gaza to save lives

Thousands gather for pro-Palestine protest in London

Day 119: “Continued strikes on Gaza kill dozens of Palestinians”

Palestinian detainees released by Israel show signs of aggravated torture

Over 800 Western officials protest Israel Gaza policy

US and Mena allies working on pathway towards Palestinian state, says top senator

UNRWA is 'backbone' of all humanitarian aid in Gaza: UN chief

Day 118 of Genocide: Dozens of civilians killed in Israeli airstrikes on Gaza

Pakistan calls for full implementation of ICJ's provisional measures imposed on Israeli

Funding UNRWA cannot be stopped: EU’s Borrell

Egyptian, Iranian FMs urge international efforts to reach ceasefire, deliver aid to Gaza

Day 116 Update: “Continued bombing kills, injures, hundreds of Palestinians in Gaza”

At least nine Palestinians killed in Israeli bombardment on Gaza

President Abbas calls for immediate ceasefire, full Israeli withdrawal from Gaza

UN agencies say UNRWA funding cut 'catastrophic'

UK ready to formally recognise ‘irreversible’ Palestine statehood, Foreign Secretary Cameron says

Israeli bombardment kills 11 civilians as aggression on Gaza continues

Germany denounces Israeli settlement plans in post-war Gaza

Jordan's king stresses need to maintain support for UNRWA

Dozens killed and injured in Israeli airstrikes on Gaza

Israeli army kills five Palestinians, injures and abducts many in West Bank

Israeli forces shoot and kill Palestinian youth near Jenin

Aid organisations condemn cut in funding to UN agency for Palestinian refugees

174 Palestinians killed in Gaza in last 24 hours, death toll rises to 26,257

Thousands rally across Spain demanding an end of the genocide in Gaza

Foreign Minister says immediate ceasefire is the sole way to oblige Israel to implement ICJ ruling

UN Committee welcomes ICJ ruling on Gaza genocide case, calls for ensuring its implementation

Cities across US call for ceasefire for Israel's war on Gaza

Day 111: Israeli missiles, shells, kill dozens, injure hundreds in Gaza

Palestine welcomes UN court's ruling against Israel

South African Foreign Minister commends ICJ ruling demanding Israel to take measures to prevent genocide

PM Shatyyeh says ICJ ruling is an end to Israel's impunity era, urges countries supporting Israel to refrain from doing so

EU says it expects full, immediate and effective implementation of ICJ decision in South Africa case against Israel

Four children killed in Israeli strikes targeting a residential square in central Gaza

Palestinian-American teen’s fatal shooting in West Bank was unprovoked: Witness

Israel attack on UN compound in Gaza prompts rare rebuke from Washington

Türkiye's AK Party urges international action to end Gaza bloodshed

Dozens of civilian casualties in Gaza as Israel's genocide marks 110 days

At least 9 killed in attack on UNRWA training center: official

At UNSC: UN Secretary-General renews his appeal for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza

Spanish FM calls for international peace conference on Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Saudi Arabia calls for separate Palestinian state, rejects Israeli self-defense claim

Activists unfurl banner at Madrid Museum to demand Gaza ceasefire

Twenty bodies recovered from under rubble in Gaza - Medical sources

Hamas elaborates on the October 7 operation

Day 108: Mainly children and women, Israeli missiles kill dozens in Gaza

Israeli forces storm Khan Younis hospital

Australian MP slams Netanyahu's statements, says he's 'not peace partner'

Ireland say it's considering joining South Africa's ICJ case against Israel

Spain to argue for ceasefire, recognition of Palestinian State in EU meeting

Arab League urges U.S. to adopt stance leading to Gaza ceasefire

PM calls on the world to impose sanctions on Israel

France hopes EU will impose sanctions on Israeli colonists

EU insists on two-state solution for Israel-Palestine conflict

German foreign minister says two-state is the only answer to Palestinian-Israeli conflict

Keir Starmer says Palestinian state 'is not in the gift of a neighbour'

Hundreds rally in the US to protest against the Israeli occupation's genocidal aggression on Gaza

178 Palestinians killed in Gaza in last 24 hours, death toll climbs to 25,105

New evidence of mass execution of Gazans by Israeli forces

UN report: Thousands of Palestinians imprisoned by Israel in harsh conditions

UN Chief: Denial of Palestinian statehood 'unacceptable'

Thousands rally across U.S. demanding immediate ceasefire in Gaza

Indonesia files lawsuit against Israel at ICJ

Israeli army kills three more Palestinians in Nur Shams and Tulkarem refugee camps

Occupation forces fatally shoot Palestinian-American teen near Ramallah

UN: unlawful killing of Palestinians by Israel must stop

Netanyahu told US that in any post-war scenario, he opposes Palestinian State: Israel media

Mexico and Chile join calls for ICC investigation into Israeli war crimes in Gaza

Two-state solution fundamental way out of Palestinian-Israeli conflict, says expert

UN chief welcomes delivery of additional supplies in Gaza

Israeli missile kills 19 Palestinians in one home in Rafah

Army shoots seven Palestinians, abduct one, near Ramallah

Israel National Security Minister Ben-Gvir calls for full Occupation of Gaza, emigration of Palestinians

Jordan calls on Israel to let displaced Gazans return to their homes

No ties with Israel before Gaza ceasefire, says Saudi ambassador at Davos

Dozens of civilian casualties in Gaza as Israel's genocide marks 103 days

Three Palestinians killed in an Israeli drone strike near Nablus

Israeli occupation admits Palestinian prisoner tortured to death

US Senate rejects measure to force human rights report on Israel

Antony Blinken renews calls for path to Palestinian state; Gaza war deaths top 24,000

At least 25 civilians killed in Israeli shelling of different parts in Gaza

UNRWA describes Gaza war as largest displacement of the Palestinian people since 1948

Israeli soldiers used Palestinian man as human shield in occupied West Bank

Malaysia leader slams the West for turning blind eye to Israel 'atrocities' in Palestine

Qatar PM says defusing Gaza war will stop escalation on other fronts

Egyptian FM renews commitment to ensuring delivery of aid to Gaza

Over 60 Palestinians killed in overnight Israeli strikes on Gaza

Israeli army kills two Palestinian children in Al-Biereh

Two Palestinians killed, including a young female, by Israeli gunfire in Hebron confrontations

A Palestinian man, 37, fatally shot by Israeli soldiers manning military checkpoint east of Tulkarem

Journalists Syndicate: Israeli army continues to target Palestinian journalists with the intent to kill

Day 100 of genocide: Dozens civilians killed in Israeli bombing in Gaza

At least 20 killed in Israeli attack on Gaza City

Two Palestinian teenagers shot and killed, third injured by Israeli forces' fire west of Hebron

Jordan warns failure to curb Israel’s ‘extremist policies’ endangers wider region

South Africa president: ‘I’ve never felt as proud as today’

Global protests denounce ongoing Israeli war of genocide on Gaza

Hundreds of thousands attend 7th national march for Palestine in London

UN Relief Chief reiterates call for a ceasefire in Gaza

At least 10 civilians killed, including children, in Israeli strike on house in southern Gaza

6 Palestinians killed as Israel jets bomb ambulance in Gaza

Nine Palestinians murdered in an Israeli airstrike on Rafah

Israeli airstrikes claim lives of at least 8 civilians in Khan Yunis

'No ceasefire, no vote': Pro-Palestinian prosecutors rally against UK controversial anti-boycott bill

South Africa asks ICJ to stop Israel's brutal genocide in Gaza

At least 40 killed or wounded in Israeli bombing near hospital in central Gaza

Latest Israeli massacres in Gaza: At least 67 killed Tuesday

Campaign in support of South Africa's genocide case against Israel garners more than 320,000 signatures

China wants Israel to end ‘collective punishment’ of Palestinians in Gaza

Jordan summit warns against Israel's reoccupation of Gaza Strip

Morocco says ready to deliberate petition to halt normalization with Israel

Bolivia backs South Africa's ICJ genocide case against Israel

30 Kuwait groups call on gov't to back South Africa's case against Israel at ICJ

Experts assert strong evidence in South Africa's genocide case against Israel

100 lawyers in Chile call on ICC to probe Netanyahu for war crimes in Gaza

Gaza needs ‘more food, more water, more medicine’: Blinken

73 Palestinians killed, 99 injured in Israeli strikes in past 24 hours: Ministry

Moroccan group: Israel kills journalists to cover up its crimes in Gaza

Israel settlements undermine peace in Middle East - German FM

US senators angered by 'unreasonable' Israeli holdup of Gaza aid

At least 20 killed in Israeli airstrikes on northern Gaza

Seventh Palestinian succumbs to wounds following Israeli airstrike in Jenin

2 journalists killed in Israeli airstrike in S. Gaza

King Abdullah II of Jordan calls for immediate end to the Israeli aggression

European countries oppose Israeli idea of Gaza population's forced relocation

Hundreds rally in Sarajevo in solidarity with Palestine

Qatar's emir meets US' Blinken, calls for immediate ceasefire in Gaza

Saturday morning: 39+ killed in pre-dawn Israeli bombardment in Gaza

IFRC warns of "imminent collapse" of health system in southern Gaza

Dozens of civilian casualties in Gaza as Israel's genocide marks 91 days

British Foreign Secretary demands urgent entry of more humanitarian aid into Gaza

Turkiye officially backs South Africa case at ICJ against Israel genocide

Red Crescent urges international intervention to protect Al-Amal Hospital amidst ongoing Israeli attacks

Israel is starving Gaza and ‘nothing is being done to stop it’

Germany rejects Israel calls to displace Palestinians from Gaza

France Condemns Israeli Ministers' Call for Palestinians to relocate out of Gaza, Foreign Ministry welcomes its position

Saudi Arabia condemns Israeli ministers’ calls for displacement of Palestinians

UN 'very disturbed' by Israeli calls for Palestinians to leave Gaza

Dozens of civilians killed, others injured in ongoing Israeli bombardment of central, southern Gaza

US slams Israeli ministers' statements on resettlement of Palestinians outside Gaza

Day 88 of the genocide: Ongoing Israeli attacks on Gaza claim more innocent lives

Civilians killed and injured in Israeli airstrikes on areas in Gaza

Aid entering Gaza meets only 10 percent of population needs

Palestinians in Gaza hope to return to normal life in new year

OIC welcomes South Africa’s International Court of Justice suit against Israel over genocide

Day 86: Israeli missiles kill dozens, injure hundreds, in Gaza

Israel targets UNRWA to expel it from Gaza, change territory's demographics: Palestinian Foreign Ministry

Day 85: Israeli missiles kill and injure dozens of Palestinians in Gaza

Detained Palestinians in Gaza reveal torture by Israel forces

Palestinians urge speedy prosecution by UN court for South Africa's case against Israel

Jordanian king, Canadian premier agree to put pressure on Israel to implement cease-fire

Rallies and marches worldwide in support of the Palestinian people

UN says Israeli soldiers fired on an aid convoy returning from northern Gaza

South Africa initiates legal action against Israel at International Court of Justice

Thousands of American activists petition President Biden to stop the war in Gaza

Thousands of Yemenis rally in support of Gaza

Protesters in New York demand end to Israeli genocide in Gaza

Israeli airstrikes claim dozens of lives in Gaza

Israeli airstrike targets civilians in Beit Hanoun, resulting in multiple casualties

Palestinian Red Crescent denounces Israel’s targeting of Al-Amal Hospital, calls for urgent protection

Egypt, Jordan call for immediate ceasefire in Gaza

Day 82: Israeli missiles, shells, kill dozens, injure hundreds in Gaza

20 killed in Israeli strike on building in southern Gaza

1,000 children have undergone amputations without anaesthesia in Gaza

Israel harvesting organs from Palestinians it killed in Gaza, authorities say

Children's March in The Hague urges ICC to investigate Gaza crimes

OIC condemns continued Israeli war crimes against the Palestinian people

WHO reiterates call for international community to take urgent steps to alleviate grave peril facing population of Gaza

Egypt's Gaza plan envisages Hamas freeing all hostages and a phased Israeli withdrawal

Day 81: Hundreds of casualties as Israeli army continues to bomb Gaza

Forced displacement of Palestinians would constitute 'serious breach of international law': Norwegian NGO

Israeli airstrikes kill dozens in one of war's deadliest nights

UNRWA struggles to provide care for 50,000 pregnant women in Gaza amid Israeli attacks

Humza Yousaf uses Christmas message to renew calls for ceasefire in Gaza

Jordanian army airdrops humanitarian aid for Palestinians trapped in Gaza church

Day 79, Israeli missiles and shells continue to strike homes, buildings in Gaza

Day 78: Israeli missiles kill and injure hundreds in Gaza

Palestinians recount ‘torture’ in Israeli army custody

Freed Israeli hostage says Hamas protected them during Israel's air strikes

UN Chief denounces Israeli regime's barriers to aid deliveries in Gaza

Palestine confronting worse apartheid than South Africa, says Zwelivelile Mandela

Hundreds gather in Paris to show support to Palestinians

Global pro-Palestinian rallies demand peace, relief aid for Gaza

Thousands in U.S. protest against military aid to Israel and demand an end to genocide

Palestinian president expresses hope for immediate end of conflicts as fight continues in Gaza

UN Chief denounces Israeli regime's barriers to aid deliveries in Gaza

390 Palestinians killed in Israeli attacks in past 48 hours: ministry

UN expresses concern over Israeli evacuation order in southern Gaza

Palestinian journalists condemn Israeli attacks: 83 martyred, demand accountability

ITUC calls for immediate ceasefire in Gaza and recognition of State of Palestine

UNSC resolution demands unhindered delivery of aid 'at scale' to Gaza

Over 576,600 people in Gaza face ‘catastrophic hunger’: UN report

Egypt seeks to broker Gaza ceasefire

At least 24 civilians killed in Israeli strikes on Khan Yunis city in southern Gaza

Displaced Gazans endure shortage of daily necessities as winter sets in

Turkish President Erdogan, Egyptian counterpart Sisi discuss Gaza massacre

Macron tells Israel fighting Hamas does not mean ‘to flatten Gaza’

First aid convoy from Jordan delivers food to Gaza

Mostly children, Israeli missiles kill more than 200 in Gaza at dawn

Death, destruction in Gaza 'unprecedented and unbearable' to witness: UN Mideast envoy

Foreign Ministry welcomes France's decision to take measures against extremist Israeli colonialists

Senior UK Conservative MPs call on government to push for Gaza ceasefire amid Israel atrocities

Casualties among innocent civilians, including children, in Israeli airstrikes on southern Gaza

Four Palestinians killed during an Israeli army raid of Faraa refugee camp in the Jordan Valley

Israel committing war crime of starvation in Gaza, HRW says

Jordanian PM reiterates rejection of any attempts to displace Palestinians

Keir Starmer calls for a political path to negotiate a ceasefire in Gaza

UN Security Council to vote on a resolution concerning the situation in Gaza

Live blog: 90 Palestinians killed in Israeli strikes on Gaza's Jabalia camp

Dozens of Palestinians killed as Israel's aggression on Gaza marks 72 days

World Health Organization: children and women account for 70% of victims in Gaza

Pope condemns attacks on civilians in Gaza: ‘It is war; it is terrorism’

‘Israelis want all of Palestine,’ activist says of the war on Gaza

Israeli snipers kill mother and daughter in a church in Gaza

Health Minister calls for international investigation into reports of Israeli forces burying Palestinians alive

Save the Children loses contact with its Gaza team amid Israeli airstrikes

UK healthcare professionals march in silence in solidarity with Gaza

Israel occupation of Gaza after war makes ‘no sense’, says US National Security Adviser

WHO chief reiterates call for ceasefire in Gaza

Nonstop Israeli airstrikes on Gaza claim dozens of innocent lives, as Israel's aggression completes 70 days

Official Israeli data exposes lies about ‘murder’ of babies by Hamas

Protesters stage ‘die-in’ over Google’s work with Israel amid Gaza war

Jake Sullivan arrives in West Bank to meet with Palestinian leaders amid war

Palestinian Authority capable of governing Gaza, says Saudi foreign minister

Ongoing onslaught on Gaza, Israeli missiles killed 18608, injured 50000, since October 7

Egypt to increase volume of fuel sent to besieged Gaza: official

US: Biden administration staffers call for ceasefire in Gaza

Israeli missiles, shells, kill and injure hundreds of Palestinians in Gaza

EU urges sanctions on extremist Israeli settlers in occupied West Bank

Jordan to block Israel’s expansionist plans: FM

UN General Assembly adopts resolution demanding immediate humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza

OIC welcomes UN General Assembly resolution calling for an immediate ceasefire in the Gaza Strip

20 Palestinians killed as Israel bombs homes in Rafah ‘safe zone’

Netanyahu hints at expanding colonial violence to the Occupied West Bank

Puma to end sponsorship of Israel's national football team next year

Dozens of civilians killed and injured in Israeli shelling of different location in Gaza

Israel ‘re-enacting same crimes' committed during 1948 Nakba: Rights monitor

UN envoys say 'enough' to war on trip to Gaza border

Pakistani medical community rallies in support of Palestinian counterparts

Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez attend fundraiser for Gaza

Hundreds of Palestinians killed and injured by Israeli missiles in Gaza

Israeli army fires on 6 Palestinian Red Crescent ambulances escorted by UN vehicles

Kuwait expresses regret over U.S. veto on Gaza ceasefire resolution

Interview: Red Cross chief applauds China's role in upholding international humanitarian law in Gaza

Dozens of civilian casualties in Israeli airstrikes on central Gaza

US vetoes Gaza ceasefire resolution drafted by UAE

MSF calls US veto of Gaza ceasefire resolution “a vote against humanity”

Palestinians slam U.S. veto of UN Security Council resolution for ceasefire in Gaza

Biden administration uses emergency authority to allow sale of tank shells to Israel

Draft resolution at WHO to demand Israel respect obligations regarding medical and humanitarian teams

Dozens of civilians murdered in Israeli bombardment on Shujaeya neighborhood in Gaza

UN school attacked by Israeli army in Gaza: UN agency

World should make immediate Gaza ceasefire a priority - regional foreign ministers

French lawmaker calls for sanctions on Israel over Gaza war

Antonio Guterres invokes Article 99 of UN charter over Gaza crisis

Foreign Ministry welcomes Guterres’ initiative, condemns Israeli incitement against him as ‘political terrorism’

UN General Assembly overwhelmingly adopts five resolutions in favor of Palestine

Jordan's King Abdullah urges immediate ceasefire in Gaza

Israeli missiles and shells kill and injure hundreds in Gaza

GCC summit condemns Israel's "indiscriminate bombing" of Gaza

Israel has received 10,000 tons of US military equipment since start of Gaza war

UN human rights chief warns of 'heightened risk of atrocity crimes' in Gaza

G7 leaders reaffirm support for two-state solution to Israel-Hamas war

Israel army kills hundreds of Palestinians in Gaza

At least 50 Palestinians killed in Israeli airstrikes in Gaza's Khan Yunis

White House says too many innocent civilians have died in Gaza war

UN chief alarmed by resumption of hostilities in Gaza

Turkish Red Crescent sends over $3.4M aid to Gaza amid ongoing war

PA thanks China for sending aid to Gazans in hour of need: Palestinian diplomat

More than 30 people killed in a new Israeli massacre in northern Gaza Strip

Palestinian president refuses Israel's plans to occupy parts of Gaza

Red Cross chief in Gaza says conditions ‘intolerable,’ calls for civilian protection

Ex-chief of Israel security service Shin Bet urges Netanyahu to quit immediately

Erdogan says Netanyahu will be tried as war criminal

PM Shtayyeh urges European Parliament to pressure Israel to stop its aggression against Palestinian people

Doctors Without Borders calls for pressuring Israel to stop attacks on Gaza

Israel’s bombing kills hundreds of Palestinians in Gaza

11 Palestinian civilians killed by an Israeli airstrike in Gaza's Rafah

Israel expands ground operation to southern Gaza Strip

Thousands remain trapped under rubble in Gaza: Civil defence unit

Over 100 Palestinians killed in Israeli missile strike on Jabalia refugee camp in Gaza

Syria condemns Israel's attack on Gaza after ceasefire ends

"Israeli aggression claims lives of 67 journalists in Gaza since October 7th"

VP Harris: US won’t permit forced relocation of Palestinians from Gaza or West Bank

World sees massive rallies in solidarity with Palestinian people amid Israel's genocide in Gaza

Total of 178 civilians, mostly children and women, killed since resumption of Israel's aggression on Gaza this morning

Israeli strikes kill dozens of Palestinians, including children, in Gaza

UNICEF says inaction on Gaza amounts to 'approval' of killing children

Israel orders aid trucks into Gaza to be stopped tonight until further notice - PRCS

Israel knew of October 7 Hamas attacks, but dismissed warnings: Report

Israel's UN membership under scrutiny for non-compliance with refugee return conditions

Jordan's king discusses increased aid to Gaza with international organizations

In pictures: Palestinians walk free from Israeli jails and torture units

Rights organizations call for an international investigation into Israel’s abuse of Palestinian detainees

Israel pretext of exercising 'right to self-defence' unethical, war crime: North Korea

Gaza integral part of Palestine; we reject schemes for its separation: Palestine President Abbas

Spain PM doubts Israel respects international humanitarian law

Spanish Prime Minister urges the EU to recognize the State of Palestine

Humanitarian pause not enough for aid delivery, UN says as it urges ceasefire in Gaza

Israel confirms extension to truce with Hamas

Blinken says US hopes Israel-Hamas truce continues

Two Palestinian children killed by Israeli forces in Jenin

160 bodies pulled from rubble in Gaza

Including a child, soldiers abduct five Palestinians in Ramallah

Turkish President says Israel must face international court over Gaza atrocities

In pictures: Thousands mark International Day of Solidarity with Palestine

Speakers at UNSC stress end of Israeli occupation as road to peace

Foreign minister Malki to UNSC: A truce must become a ceasefire

Turkish plane carrying medical aid for Gazans lands in Egypt

Israeli forces kill Palestinian child near Tubas

Israel to expand attacks in 'entire Gaza' after brief humanitarian pause

Israel attempting to 'ethnically cleanse' Gaza: British-Palestinian doctor

City councils across US call for ceasefire for Israel's war on Gaza

UNRWA director condemns unprecedented child casualties in Gaza

Palestinian children just released from prison claim beatings, abuse, torture and starvation

'Israeli army beat us': Freed Palestinian boy narrates ordeal in prison

BBC comes under fire for mistranslating ex-Palestinian prisoner as praising Hamas

Israeli mother's letter to Hamas: 'Thank you for extraordinary humanity'

Palestinian presidency condemns proposed Israeli settlement expansion budget boost

UN experts call for full and independent investigations into all crimes committed

Israeli soldiers kill a Palestinian near Ramallah

Israeli forces injure dozens of Palestinians while they waited for the release of detainees

Red Crescent send aid convoy to Gaza

Jordan, Portugal, Slovenia call for delivery of sufficient aid to Gaza

Palestinian physician killed, two others injured in an Israeli army raid of Qabatiya

Israel shoots at displaced Palestinians trying to return home to north Gaza

Gaza truce is short pause, will resume military operations after: Israeli minister

PM Shtayyeh calls for ending Israel’s all-out aggression in Gaza, West Bank

FM Malki calls on British Foreign Secretary to exert pressure to stop Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people

Spain open to recognizing Palestinian state, even if EU disagrees

Palestinian death toll in Gaza rises to 14,532: media office

Biden tells Sisi US opposes forced relocation of Palestinians

Israel is a 'terrorist state' says grandson of one of the founders of Israel

Chinese envoy calls for nuclear-weapon-free zone in Middle East

Intense Israeli air strikes continue in Gaza as truce nears

Gaza Strip 'most dangerous place' in world to be a child: UN

Two mothers killed every hour in Gaza, and seven women every two hours: UN official

Israel, Hamas confirm deal on releasing hostages, ceasefire

Tuesday morning: Israeli missiles, shells, kill dozens of Palestinians in Gaza

Israel guilty of war crimes, genocide in Gaza - South Africa President

BRICS leaders urge 'immediate' ceasefire in Israeli war on Gaza

Egypt says Israel's bombing in south Gaza is to force Palestinians to leave

Saudi Crown Prince demands stopping weapon exports to Israel

1,000 boats to leave Turkiye for Gaza waters in new ‘Freedom Flotilla’

Cuba president reiterates support for Palestine

Monday: Israeli missiles kill dozens of Palestinians in Gaza

12 Palestinians killed in Israeli attack on UN school in Gaza

12 killed as Israel bombs Indonesian Hospital in northern Gaza

Killings of civilians in Gaza 'unparalleled, unprecedented' during UN chief's term, says Guterres

President’s efforts are focused on stopping the barbaric Israeli aggression, says official spokesman

Ex-UN official urges boycotts, sanctions against Tel Aviv

Israeli missiles and shells kill hundreds of Palestinians in Gaza

Health Ministry: 12.415 Palestinians killed in Gaza and West Bank since start of Israeli aggression on Oct. 7th

Egypt, France call for "urgent solutions" to Gaza conflict

Israeli strikes on Gaza school kill at least 100 Palestinians: source

UNICEF executive director calls Gaza situation ‘devastating’

Over 100 pro-Palestine rallies across UK to call for Gaza ceasefire

Leaders of Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia call for immediate ceasefire in Gaza

Pro-Palestine rally in Washington demands US end military support to Israel

Abbas urges Biden to stop Israeli killing of Palestinians

Joe Biden says Palestinian Authority should ultimately govern Gaza and West Bank

More civilian casualties amid nonstop Israeli bombardment in Gaza

Norway parliament calls for recognition of independent Palestinian state

Pro-Palestine demonstrations in Arab and international cities denounce Israeli aggression against Palestinian people

Israeli massacres claim more civilian lives in northern and southern Gaza

Debunked: Israel's evidence of Hamas HQ in Shifa Hospital

Biden's Israel support threatens US foreign policy and Democrats' future

Jordan sends aid plane to Egypt for Gaza hospitals

Dozens of civilians killed and injured in ongoing Israeli bombardment of Gaza

U.N.: Israel allows fuel shipment into Gaza, but nothing for hospitals

US actress calls for ceasefire, condemns bombing Gaza hospitals

ICJ says 15 written comments were filed on legal consequences of Israeli policies, practices in occupied Palestinian territory

Iran sounds alarm on Israeli nuke threat

Bodies littered at Gaza hospital as patients buried in mass grave

WHO praises staff at Gaza's Al Shifa hospital for their 'heroic efforts'

13 killed in hospital attack; dozens removed from life support

Urgent: 31 Palestinians killed in Israeli bombardment of Jabalia refugee camp

Dozens of Palestinians killed and injured by the continued Israeli bombardment of the Gaza Strip

Death toll of Palestinians in Gaza rises to 11,240: ministry

Palestinian PM voices rejection of plans to displace Gazans "under guise of aid"

Jordan's King Abdullah rejects any Israeli plan to occupy parts of Gaza

Legal experts denounce Israel's claim to 'self defence' in Gaza

American youth break free from Zionist yokes

Indian opposition leader calls out international community over killings in Gaza

39 newborns perish in Gaza as Al-Shifa hospital forced to suspend operations

Expanding Israeli ground operations plunge Gazans to more human suffering

Egypt's Sisi calls for international pressure on Israel to stop Gaza bloodshed

Chinese envoy urges immediate ceasefire between Israel, Palestine

Hundreds of thousands join massive rally in London in support of Palestine

Israeli missiles target hospitals in Gaza, killing and wounding dozens of Palestinians

Palestinian Red Crescent: Israeli snipers shooting at Gaza’s Al-Quds Hospital

Minister of Health: Urgent appeal to stop massacres targeting hospitals and patients inside Gaza

Israel bombing and killing 'babies, ladies, old people' in Gaza — France's Macron

Israeli soldiers abduct 90 Palestinians in West Bank

Egyptian FM says Israel's attacks on Gaza beyond legitimate self-defense

UN rights chief demands Israel protect Palestinians in West Bank

US wants Palestinians fleeing northern Gaza to be able to return

France pledges 100-mln-euro aid to civilians in Gaza

Türkiye's most extensive health aid for Gaza on its way: minister

Over 1,000 USAID officials call for Gaza ceasefire in letter

Israeli warplanes bomb civilian areas in Gaza

Presidency: Israel is aiming to kill as many Palestinians as possible

‘Nowhere is safe’: Reporters Without Borders says Israel clearly targeting reporters

Palestinian rights advocates demand action from Meta over digital rights violations

Dozens killed in Israeli bombardment on UNRWA school in western Gaza

Israeli army kills and injures hundreds of Palestinians in Gaza

UN chief warns Gaza becoming ‘graveyard for children,’ calls for immediate ceasefire

Palestinian death toll in Gaza surpasses 10,000

Jordan air force dropped urgent medical aid to Gaza

Israeli warplanes kill 200 Palestinians in the last few hours, medical sources confirm

Erdogan says post-conflict Gaza must be part of independent Palestinian state

Israeli regime’s war crimes should not go unpunished: Iranian president

Instability, insecurity, bloody conflicts outcome of Balfour declaration: Tehran conference

Egyptian humanitarians work nonstop at Rafah crossing to prepare aid trucks for Gaza

Over 2 million Indonesians rally in solidarity with Palestinians amid Gaza crisis

Pro-Palestine protest in Washington attracts thousands from across the country

Selena Gomez, Jennifer Lopez and more sign letter to US President Biden demanding ceasefire

Dozens killed, injured in Israeli raid on Gaza school: health ministry

Confronting occupation is a right, Iran’s FM reminds UK counterpart

6 killed in Israeli airstrike on ambulances heading to Rafah crossing

9,061 killed : Escalating death toll and healthcare crisis in Gaza as Israeli aggression continues

Israeli propaganda is unconvincing and failing

Dozens killed and injured in an Israeli bombing that targeted a bakery in Gaza City

'Dozens killed' in second Israeli strike on Jabalia refugee camp in Gaza

Pope says Israel-Palestine needs two-state solution, special status for Jerusalem

Palestinians protest outside of the UN office in Ramallah demanding a ceasefire in Gaza

Hundreds killed, injured as Israeli jets bomb Jabalia refugee camp in Gaza

Jordan condemns Israel's brutal massacre in Jabalia

Death toll of Palestinians from Israeli strikes on Gaza rises to 8,525: ministry

‘Hell on earth’: One child killed every five minutes in Gaza, says Palestine UN envoy

EU voices alarm over upsurge in settler terrorism in the West Bank

US will not support 'any forced relocation of Palestinians outside of Gaza': White House

U.N. urges opening of 2nd border crossing into Gaza as need for aid grows

Turkiye prepares to notify ICC about Israel’s war crimes

Iran urges ICC to prioritize investigation into Gaza tragedy

NGO: More children killed in Gaza 3-week war than in global conflicts annually

Iranian, Saudi FMs call for collective action to stop Israeli attacks against civilians in Gaza

People worldwide stage pro-Palestinian rally

Angels of Gaza

Palestinian death toll from Israeli strikes on Gaza exceeds 8,000: ministry

WAFA: “The General Assembly adopts a resolution on Gaza calling for an immediate and sustainable humanitarian truce”

State of Palestine welcomes UNGA resolution calling for protection of the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip

UNRWA Chief: History will judge us all if there is no ceasefire in Gaza

Hundreds march in New York City in support of Palestine

Palestinian death toll from Israeli strikes on Gaza rises to 7,028: ministry

Israeli airstrikes claim more innocent lives in Gaza, including women and children

Arab nations slam 'flagrant violations' by Israel in targeting Gaza civilians

Iran expects UN’s immediate action to stop Israeli atrocities in Gaza, FM says

EU leaders to call for 'humanitarian corridors and pauses' to get aid into Gaza

UN chief: Palestinians have been subjected to 56 years of suffocating occupation

Arab foreign ministers call for immediate ceasefire in Gaza, lifting siege on strip

Glasgow Celtic fans show solidarity with Palestine: 'You'll Never Walk Alone'

Health Ministry: 425 people killed today, over 650 injured in ongoing Israeli airstrikes on Gaza

Ramallah-based fact-checker challenges the Israeli disinformation machine

Athletes around the world voice Palestine, Gaza support

Dozens killed, many more wounded today in the Israeli air strikes on the Gaza Strip

Gaza families mark body parts for identification in case they die in bombing

Heads of Palestinian, Egyptian Journalists Syndicates call for publishing real Palestinian content in face of Israeli lies

Second batch of relief convoys enters war-torn Gaza

Humanitarian crisis deepens: Over 4,700 martyrs and nearly 16,000 injured as Israeli aggression continues in Gaza

Journalist deaths in Gaza are a grave violation of the right to life and freedom of expression - ActionAid

Five UN agencies urge the world to do more for Gaza

Thousands march in Copenhagen, Paris, Sydney, several South-American countries demanding to stop Israeli war on Gaza

Cairo Peace Summit: Leaders call for an immediate ceasefire, entry of badly needed humanitarian aid to Gaza

First convoy of humanitarian aid passes through Egypt border into Gaza

'From river to sea': Thousands attend latest pro-Palestine rally in London

Gaza death toll surges to 4,218, over 13,400 injured

Why military, forensic experts see Israel behind Gaza hospital bombing

Red Crescent says received warning from Israel to evacuate Al-Quds Hospital

Nobody has ever held Israel accountable for its repeated violations of international, humanitarian laws’

Amnesty International: Damning evidence of war crimes as Israeli attacks wipe out entire families in Gaza

Global protests erupt against Israeli onslaught in Gaza

Egyptian FM, UN chief discuss de-escalation, aid delivery to Gaza

Jordan stresses priority to immediately cease fire, deliver aid to Gaza

UN experts decry Israel’s bombing of hospitals and schools as crimes against humanity

Israeli army abducts 141 Palestinians from West Bank

Iran urges regional countries to stop U.S. arms transfer to Israel

Iran decries US’ veto on UNSC resolution calling for halt to Israeli strikes on Gaza

Updated: Israeli missiles kill 120 Palestinians in Gaza

Who's to blame for the massacre at Gaza's Baptist Hospital?

At least 500 Palestinians martyred in Israeli air strike on hospital in Gaza

Global outrage, condemnation pour in over Israeli attack on Gaza hospital

World Council of Churches: Bombing of Al Ahli Arab hospital in Gaza a war crime

Jordan's UN envoy: Israel does not have the right to self-defence in the occupied territories

Iranian FM calls for lifting siege of Gaza to enable humanitarian aid delivery

Türkiye ready to send health services to Gaza: minister

Jordanian king warns against Israel's attempts to displace Palestinians

Palestinian fighters spent 4 years preparing for ‘Al-Aqsa storm’ operation

Iran urges China to use clout to stop Israeli onslaught on Gaza

Spanish Minister suggests taking Israel to ICC for 'war crimes'

Updated: Israeli missiles kill 315 Palestinians in Gaza

UNICEF calls for immediate ceasefire in Gaza to protect children

Israeli missile strike targets Syria's Aleppo airport again

UN condemns Israel's 24-hour deadline for Gaza evacuation

Thousands rally in Dublin in protest of Israel's relentless aggression on Gaza

Thousands demonstrate in Switzerland in protest of Israel's aggression on Gaza

Gaza medical teams stand strong amid Israeli threats, plead for global support

Palestine President warns of 2nd 'Nakba' as Israel readies Gaza invasion

Turkish foreign ministry says Israeli military's order for Palestinians to relocate from northern to southern Gaza is in no way acceptable

Thousands rally around the world to protest Israeli bombardment of Gaza

UN calls for $294M urgent Palestine aid amid Israel's brutal campaign

UAE sends medical aid to Egypt intended for Gaza: WAM

OIC condemns Israeli attacks on Gaza and calls for humanitarian corridors

Lebanese FM calls for international pressure on Israel to stop attacks on Gaza

Ongoing bombing on Gaza, 370 killed, 2200 injured

Eleven UNRWA staff and personnel killed in the Israeli airstrikes on the Gaza Strip

Israeli missile strikes hit Damascus, Aleppo airports in Syria

Who is the real terrorist?

Pakistan condemns Israeli aggression on Gaza

US accused of failing to pursue ceasefire in Gaza

World in support of Palestinians in Gaza

UN warns food, fresh water rapidly running out in Gaza amid Israeli siege

Jordan sends relief plane to Gaza

Turkiye ready to send Palestinians aid but 'very difficult' to deliver

Tunisians to rally for Palestine amid calls to criminalise normalisation with Israel

Western media: A tentacle of Israel

End Israel’s brutal military occupation, and legitimate resistance won’t be necessary

Rights groups to UN Security Council: Member states must address root causes of Palestinian plight

Israel uses YouTube advertisements to convey war messages

Palestinian envoy to UN rebukes nations for ignoring Israeli atrocities

Venezuela calls on Israel to immediately end all settlement and occupation activities in Palestinian territories

413 Palestinians killed in ongoing Israeli airstrikes on Gaza, Ministry of Health confirms

198 Palestinians, at least 40 Israelis killed in and around Gaza Strip

Palestinians have right to defend themselves: president

Why do Palestinians not deserve support for their self-defence?

Qatar holds Israel responsible for escalation in Gaza

Jordan urges for immediate de-escalation in Gaza

Presidential spokesperson: The Israeli occupation authorities have crossed all red lines

Israeli forces kill two Palestinians near Tulkarm

Israeli occupation forces kill a Palestinian in Huwara, the third in less than 24 hours

Twenty US senators in letter sent to Biden call for Israel-Saudi deal to preserve two-state solution

Stop the collective punishment and end the siege of Gaza now

Ben Gvir confirms his ministry plans to authorize police use of live ammunition against Palestinian protesters

Jordan condemns Israeli violations at Al-Aqsa Mosque compound

Anglican Church of Southern Africa declares Israel to be apartheid state

European Alliance conference in support of Palestinian detainees calls for concerted efforts to expose Israel

UN commission says Israel violates Palestinian people's right to self-determination

After visiting Gaza, UN official says situation in the Israeli-besieged sea enclave is dire

Israeli soldiers kill two Palestinians in Tulkarem

Israel seeks to drag Mideast region into violence: Palestine

Jordan slams ongoing violations of al-Aqsa mosque

Regional security requires just solution to Palestinian issue, says Saudi FM

No Middle East peace without two-state solution, Palestine's Abbas warns UN

Bangladesh will always fight for Palestine's rights, PM Hasina tells UNGA

Israeli soldiers kill a Palestinian child near Jenin

President Abbas calls on UN to convene international peace conference on Palestine, provide protection for Palestinians

Israeli soldiers kill three Palestinians, injure thirty, in Jenin

Israeli soldiers kill a Palestinian, injure eleven, in Gaza

Undercover Israeli soldiers kill a Palestinian in Jericho

Palestinian dies from serious wounds in Jenin

Palestinians in Gaza continue protests at the border fence with Israel despite army gunfire

Israeli forces target Palestinian journalists, medical crews in Gaza

Egypt urges Israel to stop escalation at Jerusalem's Al Aqsa complex

‘Israel never wanted a Palestinian state’ - An insider’s view of Oslo Process

UNESCO adds Palestinian site to World Heritage List

Syndicate condemns Israeli targeting of Gaza journalists

Britain’s Trades Union Congress passes motion supporting Palestine

Israeli occupation forces kill Palestinian teen in raid on West Bank refugee camp

Israel authorizes three settler outposts in West Bank despite US warnings

Paramilitary Israeli colonizers attack Palestinians in Bethlehem

Israeli soldiers shoot, kill a Palestinian child, near Hebron

Palestinian woman injured in Al-Aqsa Mosque

UN torture prevention body to conduct first visit to Palestine

Israeli soldiers kill a Palestinian teen near Jericho

In a meeting with President Abbas, Irish foreign minister affirms his country's support for the two-state solution

Israeli soldiers kill a Palestinian in Tulkarem

How Israeli lobbyists infiltrated Spotify to censor Palestinian music

Dozens of Israeli settlers attack the town of Qusra

UK diplomat slams Jewish settler violence during occupied West Bank visit

A Palestinian young man died from wounds he sustained in July

Israeli troops kill Palestinian child near Jenin

Palestinian youth critically injured three days ago by Israeli army bullets in Nablus dies of his wounds

Palestinian youth succumbs to wounds two years after being injured by Israeli gunfire

Israel's plans to allocate additional funds for settlements raise concerns and opposition

EU says appalled by Israel’s demolition of EU-funded school in Ein Samiya

Israeli forces assassinate a Palestinian man, bomb his home, injure two others, in Jenin

Israeli forces shoot and kill two Palestinians, including a child, south of Jericho

Shocking revelations of torture on Palestinian children in Israeli prisons spark urgent international call for action

One Palestinian killed, 4 injured by Israeli gunfire in Tulkarm

Palestinian leaders discuss efforts to break siege on Gaza Strip

Israeli forces shoot, kill a Palestinian man, near Nablus

Release of settlers who murdered Qusai Maatan confirms terrorist nature of Israeli occupation – says official

Release of settler who killed a young Palestinian encourages settlers to commit more crimes: Foreign Ministry

US labels Israeli settler attack as 'terrorist' after killing Palestinian youth

US maintains killing of Palestinian by Israeli settler was 'terrorism'

Jordan reaffirms keenness to coordinate support for Palestine

Australia takes stand: Backs 'occupied Palestinian territories' and denounces settlements

Austria and UNRWA sign new 3-year multi-year agreement for Health Program in occupied Palestinian territory

Palestinian child dies 6 days after being shot by an Israeli settler, near Ramallah

PM calls on US to recognize Palestine during meeting US Congress members

Israeli settler runs over, critically injures a Palestinian child, near Bethlehem

Palestine calls for listing right-wing Israeli party as terror group

Israeli soldiers shoot, kill a Palestinian teenager, near Tulkarem

Israel no longer serves US interest, says ex-senior White House official

Abbas calls for stopping Israel's practices against Palestinians

Palestinians hope Saudis will hear concerns on Israel deal

Disappointed with US, Palestine turning to China: Foreign Minister

Israel’s deadly weapons laboratory aimed at Palestinians

UNSC holds a session on the situation in the Middle East, including Palestine

Egypt condemns ongoing Israeli raids into Al-Aqsa Mosque

Israeli army shoots and kills a Palestinian child in Qalqilia

Israeli forces shoot and kill a Palestinian young man in Nablus

Foreign Ministry calls on ICC to end its silence and shoulder responsibility toward Israeli crimes in Palestine

Freedom Flotilla vessel "Handala" continues its journey to protest Gaza blockade

Foreign Ministry calls for placing settlement organizations on terror lists

Palestinian killed by Israeli soldiers in northern West Bank: medics

Israeli forces shoot and kill a Palestinian teen, injure and abduct another, near Nablus

Army-guarded Israeli settlers attack the village of Mazra’a Al-Gharbiya

Ambassador Riyad Mansour demands urgent UN action to stop Israeli crimes

Israel occupation forces kill Palestinian youth in West Bank

Israeli forces kill Palestinian in Nablus amid West Bank violence

250 civil society organizations worldwide call on UN to investigate Israeli apartheid

Israeli raid on Jenin refugee camp potentially constitutes war crime: legal experts

Occupation forces attack nonviolent protesters in Silwan

WAFA: Foreign ministry welcomes UN resolution calling for updating database of companies operating in illegal Israeli settlements

UK: Unite union reaffirms support for Palestine and BDS

MOFA applauds European parliament's support for Palestinian statehood and justice in groundbreaking report

Efforts to rebuild Jenin give hope to Palestinians displaced by Israeli raid

Palestine rejects Israel's plan to build 450 new settlement units in East Jerusalem

Palestinian authorities urge Biden to translate words into practical measures

Solidarity with Jenin: From Sydney to New York

Havoc in Jenin spells moral defeat of Israel’s supporters: Kanaani

UN stands by condemnation of Israel over the Jenin military raid

US Palestinians rally against Israeli crimes in Jenin

Israeli forces fatally shoot two Palestinian youths in Old Town of Nablus

Israeli soldiers kill a Palestinian near Ramallah

Biden urged to use Leahy Law against Israel for violence in Palestine

Israel military raids in Jenin may constitute war crime: UN experts

'Freedom for Palestine': London rallies against Israeli attack on Jenin

Israeli soldiers kill a teen in Jenin, tenth Palestinian the army kills Monday

Israeli soldiers kill another Palestinian in Jenin

Israel attack on Jenin a crime that requires international accountability: Palestinians Abroad says

Prime Minister: The Israeli army is an occupation army that invaded a camp for refugees

Israeli army kills eight Palestinians, injures fifty, in Jenin

UNRWA is deeply concerned by today’s Israeli Security Forces operation in Jenin camp

Israeli aggression on Jenin camp: PLO condemns war crimes and urges international protection

UK, Canada, Australia urge Israel to reverse plans for settlement expansion

Foreign Ministry urges international community to dismantle terror settler militias

UN chief condemns Israeli plans for more settlements in West Bank

US stops scientific co-operation with Israel in West Bank

Turkiye condemns Israel new settlement plan in West Bank

Turkiye to oppose any threat to Al-Aqsa Mosque's sanctity, status: President Erdogan

Occupation authorities approve construction of 5,623 new units in West Bank

Child loses his eye due to Israeli rubber-coated steel bullet

Official media urges international protection of journalists facing Israeli crimes

UN: Israel must end violence in occupied West Bank immediately

Premier urges EU to take serious action to confront Israeli settlement policy

UN chief says Israel must ensure Palestinian civilians are protected against all acts of violence

Palestinian child dies from serious wounds she suffered in Jenin

Palestinian man dies from serious wounds suffered a month ago in Jenin

Palestinian girl, 15, clinically dead after Israeli forces shot her, family says

Israeli soldiers kill a Palestinian, injure two, near Bethlehem

Palestinian dies from serious wounds suffered in Jenin

Hamas: Our people's sacrifices will not be in vain

Army kills five Palestinians, injures 100, 23 seriously, in Jenin

European Union strongly condemns Jenin events, urges Israel to halt settlement expansion

Iran raps Israeli raid on Jenin camp

Muslim unity worst blow to Israel: Iran’s top security official

Israeli government's changes to settlement advancement procedures raise concerns, says UN Special Coordinator

PLO official calls for pressure on Israel to halt all unilateral measures

Including a child, Israeli army injures many Palestinians in Beit Dajan

Xi puts forward three-point proposal for settlement of Palestinian question

US seeks answers after Israel fails to charge soldier over death of elderly American citizen

Mansour: Israeli settlement activities are a disregard to international community

Arab League chief warns against Israel's new settlement plans in West Bank

Israel committed possible 'war crimes' in latest attack on Gaza: Amnesty

Arab League calls on US to stand against Israel settlement

Adalah: Escalating annexation measures led by the Israeli Government require urgent interventions

Foreign Ministry: Israel’s sense of impunity encourages it to annex West Bank

Prime Minister Shtayyeh calls for serious pressure to compel Israel to cease its violations

Foreign Ministry demands urgent interventions to stop Israel’s demolition of Palestinian homes

US calls on Israel to stop use of 'deadly force' against Palestinians

US senator calls on Biden to release findings about killing of Shireen Abu Akleh

Three-year-old boy injured by IOF gunfire near Ramallah dies of his wounds

Settlement expansion is obstacle to peace, Blinken tells US Israel lobby

OIC condemns Israel’s permission for settlers to establish six settlement outposts

Chinese envoy urges placing Palestinian question on top of international agenda

Prime Minister urges Germany to press Israel to abide by signed agreements

Official: Israel tortured 170 Palestinian detained children

Army kills an intelligence officer in Jenin, injures eight Palestinians, and abducts six

PLO calls on the EU to pressure Israel to stop escalatory unilateral measures

10 European countries call on Israel to halt demolition of Palestinian homes

Investigative report by the Washington Post refutes Israel’s account of deadly raid in Jenin

China calls on Israel to 'stop encroaching' upon Palestinian land

ETUC endorses boycott of Israeli settlement products

Israeli soldiers kill three Palestinians in Nablus

US troubled by return of settlers to evacuated West Bank settlement, cabinet minister’s storming Al-Aqsa Mosque

WAFA: “Foreign Ministry calls on ICC to break its silence and prosecute Israelis perpetrating crimes against Palestinians”

Palestine condemns Israeli decision to allow settlers' return to evacuated settlement

New York representative introduces bill to ban funding for illegal Israeli settlements

Foreign Ministry criticizes feeble international response to Israel’s provocative flag march

Arab League Summit affirms Palestinian cause as central Arab issue

Prime Minister Shtayyeh calls on Germany to recognize State of Palestine

One Palestinian killed, another injured, by Israeli gunfire near Nablus

Iran urges Muslim unity in support of Palestine

We shall return

UN to mark 75th anniversary of Nakba

Thousands march in London pro-Palestine demonstration

Israeli soldiers kill two Palestinians in Nablus

Israeli missiles kill two Palestinians, injure five, in Gaza

Foreign Ministry calls for actual international pressure to stop Israel’s aggression on Gaza, reopening of crossings

Three Palestinians killed by Israeli bombs; 24 killed since Monday

Palestinian dies of wounds sustained the previous day in Jenin invasion

Slain Palestinian journalist Abu Akleh memorialized with museum

Israeli missiles kill eight Palestinians, including a child, in Gaza

Israeli army kills two Palestinians in Jenin

Arab League slams deadly Israeli attacks on Gaza

Arab League urges International Criminal Court to complete investigation into Israeli war crimes against Palestinians

Palestine urges UNESCO to stop Israel settlement project on Palestinian site in Nablus

Dozen killed in Israeli air strikes in Gaza

Foreign Ministry calls for urgent international intervention to stop Israel’s crimes against Palestinian people

Israeli soldiers kill two Palestinians, injure one, in Tulkarem

Palestinian killed by Israeli gunman in Sandala

Israel demolishes EU-funded Palestinian school in occupied West Bank

Palestinians rebuild school hours after Israeli forces demolished it

EU condemns Israel’s demolition of donor-funded school

Israeli soldiers kill three Palestinians, injure four, in Nablus

Israeli soldiers kill a young woman near Nablus

Man dies from serious wounds suffered when army bombed Gaza

Palestinians march in protest against death of Palestinian hunger striker, clash with Israeli soldiers

Arab League condemns Israel for death of Palestinian hunger striker

Palestinian teen dies of critical wounds he sustained early this morning following Israeli military incursion into Jericho's Aqabat Jaber camp

US public opinion turning against Israel: Iranian spokesman

Israeli soldiers kill a Palestinian child near Bethlehem

Israeli occupation soldiers kill a Palestinian young man near Salfit

As Israel celebrates its creation, Palestinians mark their dispossession

Palestinians hail ban of Israel settlement products by Oslo Municipality

Israeli soldiers kill a young man, injure three, in Jericho

UN Security Council to hold special session tomorrow to discuss situation in Palestine

Iranian President urges unity among Muslim countries in face of enemies’ plots

Muslim countries’ concerted action to avert Zionist aggression: Iranian President

Israel allocates 3.5 billion for West Bank colonies

Foreign Affairs magazine lays down the facts about Israel apartheid and Jewish supremacy

China's Foreign Minister affirms support for Palestine

In a first, UN to commemorate Nakba Day

UN experts urge the international community to end forced displacement and annexation of occupied Palestinian territories

It's time for the Arab states to renounce the Abraham Accords with Israel

Egypt parliament strongly condemns Israel attacks on Al-Aqsa Mosque

Two Palestinians killed by Israeli forces near Nablus

Palestinian teen killed in Israeli army raid

Israeli Settlement Ministry doubles budget of fighting Palestinian presence in Area C

Palestinian youth shot dead by Israeli gunfire in Azzun

Hundreds of police-guarded Israeli settlers break into Al-Aqsa Mosque despite rising tensions

Jordan blames Israel for escalation in Palestine as violence spreads across Levant borders

Mass protests in major U.S. cities against Israeli onslaught on Al-Aqsa

London protest demand Israel end attacks on Al-Aqsa Mosque

Israel's 'aggressive attitude' fuels chaos in region: Türkiye's Akar

PLO Secretary-General urges US to stop Israeli aggression in Al-Aqsa

OIC to hold an emergency meeting on the Israeli attacks on Al-Aqsa Mosque

UN rights expert calls out Western media’s biased coverage of Israeli attacks on Al-Aqsa

Arab League Council calls on UN to halt Israel’s aggression against Al-Aqsa Mosque

Amnesty calls for independent probe into Israel murder of Palestinian doctor at Al-Aqsa

Palestinian activities in Europe to commemorate Land Day

Spare us the crocodile tears, Zionists; legitimate criticism of Israel is not anti-Semitism

Israeli Arab shot dead at Al Aqsa after allegedly attempting to grab policeman's gun

UN expert: Member states must provide protection to the Palestinians

Palestinian dies from serious wounds suffered in February in Nablus

Israeli police kill a Palestinian in Kafr Yasif

Jordan condemns new Israeli settlement plans in East Jerusalem

Palestine strongly condemns new Israeli settlement construction

Israel moves forward with new settlements amid tensions

German government says it is concerned over the amendments to Israel’s Disengagement Law

Undercover soldiers kill a Palestinian in Tulkarem

Saudi Arabia condemns Israel’s decision to allow re-settlement in northern West Bank

UN envoy urges Israel to cease all settlement activity 'immediately'

UK urged to refer Israel to the ICC

Two Israeli settlers try to attack Church of Gethsemane in Jerusalem

Israeli soldiers kill a Palestinian young man near Ramallah

4 Palestinians killed by Israeli soldiers in West Bank: health ministry

Peace activist Rachel Corrie, killed by Israel, remembered 20 years on

Palestinian president calls on Israel to abide by signed treaties, UN resolutions

Palestinian boy shot and killed by Israeli soldiers in Qalqilya

Israeli settler kills Palestinian in northern West Bank

Three Palestinians killed in latest Mideast violence

Palestinian child dies from serious wounds suffered Tuesday in Jenin

Israeli occupation forces kill six Palestinians in Jenin

PM Shtayyeh condemns Israel’s killings in Jenin, says Palestinians will continue the struggle until freedom

US actor says it’s time to sanction Netanyahu’s government

EU representative: 'Settler violence must stop'

Palestinians turn to night patrols to stave off attacks by Israeli settlers

At the UNHRC, Arab countries, High Commissioner condemn Israeli escalation against Palestinians

Israeli soldiers kill a child, injure two Palestinians, one seriously, in Qalqilia

Palestinian man dies of wounds sustained during Israeli raid on refugee camp

Rep. Ilhan Omar: Horrified by rampage of Israeli settlers in Palestinian villages

U.S. envoy condemns Israeli settlers' violence during visit to Palestinian village

Egypt condemns Israeli minister's call for Palestinian village to be "erased"

Palestinian officials welcome US condemnation of Israeli minister’s call to “wipe out” West Bank town

U.S. envoy condemns Israeli settlers' violence during visit to Palestinian village

US report: Israel army didn't prevent settler violence against Palestinians

German FM condemns Israel's expansion of settlement

Israel has erected 'a formal, full-fledged apartheid regime'

Canadian MP Niki Ashton calls Israeli settlers' violence in Huwara 'unacceptable'

Foreign Ministry urges international community to provide protection to the defenseless Palestinian people

Palestinian killed by Israeli settlers near Nablus

Army attacks nonviolent protesters near Tubas

US Congresswoman Tlaib condemns Israel's 'violent attack' on Nablus

Palestinian dies from serious wounds suffered in Gaza in 2018

A Palestinian man injured in Jenin two weeks ago from Israeli army gunfire dies of his wounds

Israel approves building 7,157 new housing units in West Bank settlements

UN chief calls for an immediate end to Israeli settlements in Palestine

Israeli excavations and blocking of restoration eat away at the fabric of Al-Aqsa Mosque

OIC condemns heinous Israeli massacre in Nablus

Arab League Council condemns Israeli crimes, demand international protection to Palestinian people

Israeli army kills ten Palestinians, shoot 102, six seriously, in Nablus

Saudi Arabia and UAE condemn Israel’s deadly raid in Nablus, call for de-escalation

Real peace only made by recognizing the Palestinians' legitimate rights: Palestinian presidency

Palestine requests UNSC emergency session on Israeli massacre in Nablus

Child dies of wounds sustained from Israeli army gunfire in Nablus two weeks ago

Japan : Israel settlements activities violate international law

Switzerland calls on Israel to renounce unilateral measures, legalizing outposts, building new settlements

Norway, Luxemburg, Denmark, and Finland reject Israel’s legalization of settlement outposts

94% of Jordanians oppose recognition of Israel, new survey shows

Palestinian dies from serious wounds he suffered two years ago in Hebron

A 17-year-old boy injured earlier by Israeli army gunfire in Faraa refugee camp dies of his wounds

U.S. 'deeply troubled' by Israel's authorization of West Bank settlements

European Union rejects Israel’s decision to legalize settlement outposts, calls for reversing latest decisions

Israeli ministers reject calls to halt settlement expansion

Guterres reiterates that all settlements are illegal under international law

Israeli soldiers kill a young man, injure seven, in Nablus

Foreign Ministry rejects Israel’s decision to expand its colonial settlement enterprise

Palestinian killed in clashes with Israeli settlers in N. West Bank: health ministry

President Abbas says Palestinians will remain committed to national rights

Youth killed by Israeli gunfire near Hebron

PCHR sends a submission to the UN Commission of Inquiry

ICJ sets date for investigation of Israeli occupation of Palestine

Israel Minister says no pause on settlements after US asked Israel to halt expansion

Israeli army kills a Palestinian child in Nablus

Israeli soldiers kill five Palestinians in Jericho

Israeli soldiers shoot 13 Palestinians, 3 seriously, abduct 5, and demolish 4 homes, in Jericho

Palestinian youth shot dead by Israeli forces near Nablus

Republicans oust Ilhan Omar from US House committee over anti-Semitic comments

Apartheid Israel's unjust reign must end - now!

EU announces €296 million in support to Palestine

Activists call for protection of Palestinian properties from settlers

Israeli forces shoot dead Palestinian in Hebron

Palestinian dies from serious wounds suffered Thursday

Prime Minister Shtayyeh holds Israeli government fully responsible for the escalation due to its aggression

Blinken to Netanyahu: Deviating from the two-state solution harms Israel's security

Palestinian child dies from serious wounds suffered two days ago

Israeli soldiers shoot a child in Bethlehem

Palestinian leadership holds the Israeli government fully responsible for the escalation on the grounds

Israeli forces kill nine Palestinians including elderly woman in West Bank’s Jenin

Israeli forces kill 10th Palestinian near Jerusalem

UN Special Coordinator expresses deep alarm following Israel's killing of 10 Palestinians in West Bank

ICRC calls for greater protection of civilians in the West Bank

WAFA: “Irish Foreign Minister says Israel should pay compensation for destruction of EU-funded structures in West Bank”

Palestinian killed by Israeli colonist near Ramallah

Brazil Expert: Palestine cause will be at the frontline of Brazil's political scene

Israeli soldiers kill two Palestinians in Jenin

Prime Minister Shtayyeh condemns Israel’s criminal killings in Jenin

Palestinian president urges U.S. intervention to stop Israel's "extremist measures"

Palestinian man, 40, shot and killed by Israeli soldiers near Hebron

Leaders of Palestine, Egypt Jordan call for preserving Palestinian rights, achieving comprehensive peace

President Abbas appreciates Egyptian-Jordanian support for Palestinian positions

More than 100 rights groups condemn Israel’s smear campaign against UN Special Rapporteur Albanese

Israeli soldiers kill two Palestinians in Jenin

Israeli occupation forces kill Palestinian man, 45, near Ramallah

Palestinian injured two weeks ago by Israeli army gunfire near Jenin succumbs to his wounds

Israeli army kills two Palestinians in Jenin

Israeli soldiers kill a Palestinian near Nablus

Israeli soldiers kill a Palestinian near Jerusalem

Rights group calls international action against Israel settlements

Netanyahu warned by council chiefs not to violate Palestinian rights

Israel plans to demolish dozens of Palestinian schools, education watchdog warns

President Abbas: Our people will stand firm on their land and protect their sanctities

Israeli soldiers kill a Palestinian child in Nablus

PLO official calls on UN to provide protection for refugees camps in light of IOF killing policy’s

Israeli soldiers kill a Palestinian child in Bethlehem

US State Representative calls Israel "an apartheid run thuggery terrorist regime"

Israeli army kills two in West Bank raid

Prime Minister condemns Israel’s killing of two young Palestinians, calls for international protection

Foreign Ministry describes Israel’s killing of two Palestinians, demolition of two homes as state terrorism

Palestinian UN Representative: ICJ to investigate implications of Israeli occupation

Palestinian authorities hail UN vote on Israeli occupation

President Abbas affirms Palestinian people’s commitment to national rights

PA urges international community to boycott Israel's new far-right government

As usual, defense bill gives millions of dollars to Israel, but no one tells Americans

Israeli soldiers kill one Palestinian, injure thirty-seven, in Nablus

PM calls on FIFA to condemn Israeli killing of Palestinian footballer

US may deny visas to Israelis suspected of committing crimes against Palestinians

International campaign to protect Palestinians set to launch: Abbas

Israeli colonizer kills two Palestinian siblings after ramming them with his car

US State Department hopes murderers of Palestinian teen girl are held accountable

Israeli soldiers kill a Palestinian child, injure young man, and abduct three in Jenin

Palestine calls for international probe into girl's killing by Israel

Xi Jinping says China supports Palestine with 1967 borders

Israeli soldiers kill three Palestinians in Jenin

Palestinian youth killed, three others wounded by Israeli army gunfire near Ramallah, one of them detained

Al Jazeera files lawsuit at ICC over Israel’s killing of journalist

Israeli soldiers kill a young man, injure six, and abduct three near Bethlehem

Israeli soldier kills a Palestinian near Nablus

Presidency condemns cold-blooded killing of youth by Israeli soldier's fire in Nablus

US 'closer than ever' to viewing situation in West Bank as apartheid

Israeli soldiers kill two Palestinians in Jenin

Ex-US diplomats advise Biden administration to cease providing arms to Israel extremist government

Israeli soldiers kill two Palestinian siblings near Ramallah

Israeli soldiers kill a Palestinian, injure twenty-one, in Hebron

Palestinian dies from serious wounds suffered in July

Israeli soldiers kill a child, injure 32 Palestinians, in Nablus

Israeli soldiers kill a Palestinian, injure five, in Jenin

Israeli settlers & solders severely beat up Palestinian children east of Hebron and Bethlehem

Overwhelming UN vote in favor of the right of Palestinians to self-determination

Foreign Minister hails UN vote in favor of Palestinians’ right to self-determination

Family hails US decision to probe journalist Abu Akleh's death

Israeli soldiers kill a young Palestinian woman near Ramallah

Israel plans to build 9000 colonialist units near occupied Jerusalem

Palestine welcomes UN resolution against Israeli settlements

Israeli soldiers kill a Palestinian, injure 60, in Nablus

Palestinian shot and killed near the apartheid barrier in the north of the West Bank

Israeli soldiers kill a Palestinian, injure another, near Ramallah

Including a child, Israeli soldiers kill two Palestinians in Jenin

Palestinian Forum in Britain calls on government to apologise for Balfour Declaration

Israeli forces shoot dead Palestinian man, 54, near Ramallah

Palestinian-US supermodel Bella Hadid wears a Shireen Abu Akleh badge in her honor

UN tells Israel to destroy nuclear weapons

Palestinian authorities call for stopping Israel's nuclear programs

5 former European foreign ministers accuse Israel of being 'apartheid state'

Israeli soldiers kill five Palestinians, injure 21 in Nablus

Israeli soldiers kill a Palestinian worker near Qalqilia

Palestinian resistance leader killed in apparent assassination

Israeli soldiers kill a Palestinian, injure three, in Jenin

Palestinian succumbs to wounds from Israeli occupation gunfire

Jordan welcomes Australia's decision to revoke recognition of West Jerusalem as Israel's capital

Saudi Arabia welcomes Australia’s decision to reverse its recognition of Jerusalem as capital of Israel

Ireland's leading university has divested from arms and weapon companies complicit with Israel

WAFA: “Foreign Ministry welcomes Australia’s decision on Jerusalem, calls for recognition of state of Palestine”

Palestinian dies from wounds after clashes with Israeli soldiers: medics

PA: The targeting of Palestine's paramedics requires international intervention

Kuwait restates position on ending Israel's occupation of Palestine

Jordanians take to the streets in solidarity with Al-Aqsa Mosque

A Palestinian shot dead, six others injured, by Israeli forces in Jenin

Palestinian doctor dies from wounds sustained in Palestinian-Israeli clashes: health ministry

Israeli soldiers kill a Palestinian near Hebron

PA calls for adding Israeli settlers to terror lists

Palestinian child dies from serious wounds suffered on September 28 in Jenin

UK calls for swift, thorough investigation into killing of Palestinian child

Palestine calls on United Nations to provide special protection to Palestinian children

Nobel laureate Ernaux believes Israel is the coloniser and Palestine is colonised

2 Palestinians killed in West Bank raid

Young Americans turn against Israel

Palestinian killed by Israeli soldiers in West Bank: medics

Palestinian PM criticizes Britain's intention to move embassy to Jerusalem

Palestine urges Europe to tie relations with Israel to extent of Israeli commitment to international law

Israel is defying UN resolution on halting settlements, envoy says

Three killed, 10 injured, two of them critical, in an Israeli army raid on Jenin refugee camp

Israel sets up AI-controlled machine gun in occupied Hebron

Israel media: Police ask settlers to carry weapons during festival season

Backed by Israeli police, Jewish settlers storm al-Aqsa Mosque compound again

Chinese diplomat calls for international concrete steps to achieve two-state solution

Marking the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian Journalist, two killed this year, 20 in prison

Irish human rights groups call to stop EU-Israel Association Council

Israeli soldiers assassinate a Palestinian, injure three, in Nablus

Video proof that Shireen Abu Akleh was targeted by Israel, researchers say

Israeli municipality displays Talmudic pictures at Jerusalem’s historic wall

Al-Haq welcomes’s West Bank warnings, says more action needed

EU reaffirms support for a two-state solution in Palestine

Including a child, Israeli soldiers shoot eleven Palestinians in Kufur Qaddoum

State of Palestine: Israel has no rightful claim or sovereignty over Jerusalem

Meta admits to censoring pro-Palestinian content during May 2021 Israeli aggression

Jerusalem: senior Imam supports protests against Israeli curriculum

Israeli soldiers kill a Palestinian teen, injure three, near Jenin

Marvel Studios comes under attack for promoting Israel’s brutality against and murder of Palestinians

Palestinian from Jenin dies from serious wounds suffered Tuesday

Israeli soldiers kill a Palestinian near Tubas

Israeli soldiers kill one Palestinian, injure nine, in Jenin

Israeli occupation to approve 3,412 settlement units in Jerusalem

U.S. should take "important" role in stopping unilateral Israeli measures: Palestinian official

Google & Amazon workers to protest on Thursday against $1.2 billion deal with Israel

290 organizations call on US President to stop Israeli government’s attacks on Palestinian civil society

Israeli army kills a Palestinian in Ramallah

Palestinian PM urges U.S. not to block Palestine's bid for full UN membership

Google employees protest their company’s $1.2b contract with Israeli military to silence pro-Palestine voices

Google manager resigns after criticizing deal with Israel

PCHR: “Child dies after Israeli authorities deny his travel for treatment abroad”

Israel Mossad Chief: We have started military preparation for a military strike against Iran

UK singer Roger Waters pays tribute to slain reporter Shireen Abu Akleh during concert

Seriously injured Palestinian dies from his wounds

President Abbas hails Turkish support to Palestinian rights, national unity

Israeli soldiers kill a Palestinian man, injure another and abduct five, in Tubas

Israel kills yet another Palestinian youth in occupied West Bank

Shtayyeh: Massacres committed against Palestinians during latest aggression on Gaza are added to Israel's criminal record

President Abbas praises Germany's support for lasting peace in Middle East

Israeli soldiers kill a Palestinian near Jerusalem

Settlers set up caravans on land belonging to Palestinians in Hebron, a prelude to taking over the land

Young Palestinian man dies from serious wounds suffered in Gaza

Israeli soldiers shoot a child, injure many Palestinians, in Hebron and Bethlehem

Update 2: Israeli soldiers kill three Palestinians, injure 40, four seriously

Palestinians deserve their land and freedom just like Ukrainians do, says South African minister

Updated 3: Israeli army kills 24 Palestinians, injures 203, in ongoing offensive on Gaza

Middle East Peace Process UN envoy 'deeply concerned' about Gaza escalation

Israeli airstrikes on Gaza kill 10, injure 55 amid escalating tension

Israeli soldiers kill a child, injure a young man, and abduct two, in Jenin

Arab League stresses boycott of Israel to end occupation and save two-state solution

Palestinian teen killed by fire near Ramallah

Palestine seeks full UN membership to protect two-state solution: envoy

Prime Minister Shtayyeh urges Germany to recognise Palestine

Israeli soldiers kill two Palestinians, injure nineteen, in Nablus

EU warns of 'worst Palestinian displacement in decades'

Israeli soldiers kill a Palestinian in Jenin

Israel attacked the USS Liberty in 1967; when will Washington put its special relationship aside?

Palestinian dies from serious wounds suffered Saturday in Jenin

Hamas welcomes UN report that calls for lifting Israeli siege on Gaza

Israeli soldiers kill a Palestinian in Jenin

Palestinian child dies from serious wounds he suffered in Ramallah

Senators urge US role in probe of Al Jazeera journalist's killing

Israeli settler kills Palestinian man: health ministry

New York Times investigation finds Israeli soldier killed Shireen Abu Akleh

Israeli army kills a Palestinian worker near Qalqilia

Three Palestinians killed in Israeli operation in West Bank

Bella Hadid: I will never allow anyone to forget about our beautiful Palestine

Palestinian killed during clashes with Israeli soldiers in West Bank: medics

Hollywood's Mark Ruffalo praised for calling out PayPal's discrimination against Palestinians

Israeli soldiers kill a young Palestinian woman near Hebron

Israel attacks funeral of second slain Palestinian reporter

Israeli soldiers kill a Palestinian in Deheishe refugee camp

Palestinian president asks U.S. to turn words into deeds

Israel occupation forces kill Palestine boy, wound 85 others in West Bank

Israeli soldiers kill a Palestinian teen in Jenin

Israel will not investigate killing of Palestinian journalist

US: Tlaib presents resolution for Congress to recognise Palestine Nakba

Palestinians demonstrate in Gaza, West Bank to mark 74th anniversary of Nakba Day

Seriously injured Palestinian dies from his wounds

Israel police attack mourners at Abu Akleh's funeral procession in East Jerusalem

Reporter Shireen Abu Akleh dies after being shot by Israeli army: Ministry

Israeli soldiers kill Palestinian near Tulkarem

18-year old Palestinian killed by Israeli forces near Bethlehem

Israeli soldiers injure several Palestinians, one seriously, near Salfit

Israel says 4,000 settler homes could be approved in occupied West Bank

Harvard University student newspaper endorses BDS movement

Israeli soldiers kill a young Palestinian man near Qalqilia

Updated: “Israeli soldiers kill a Palestinian in Jericho”

Young Palestinian woman dies from wounds suffered near Jenin

UN reforms could make it harder for the US to veto criticism of Israel

This Ramadan, we must continue to speak out against Palestinian suffering

Bella Hadid claims Instagram blocks her posts on Palestine

Palestinian child dies from serious wounds suffered in Jenin

Clashes erupt at Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem, over 100 injured

Israeli soldiers kill a Palestinian lawyer in Nablus

PA calls for 'sanctions' on apartheid state of Israel

Palestinian teen dies from serious wounds suffered in Jenin

Israeli soldiers abduct Jerusalem governor Adnan Gheith

Palestinian PM calls on international community to stop Israeli attacks against Palestinians

Egypt condemns Israel's escalations against Palestinians

Israeli soldiers kill a Palestinian in Hebron

Palestinian president urges to end Israeli occupation in talks with Blinken

Amnesty: “Israel is committing apartheid, says UN Special Rapporteur”

Israel undermines chances of establishing Palestinian state: Palestinian PM

Israeli soldiers kill a Palestinian teen in Nablus

Israel's settlement policy undermines two-state solution with Palestine: EU official

'Now we can talk about Ukraine we can talk about Palestine,' says Egypt squash player

Israel escalates crimes against Palestinians as world turns to Ukraine

Palestinian dies from serious wounds he suffered in Nablus

Palestine MP: Stealing lands does not change reality on the ground

The right to self-defence: between Ukraine and Palestine

Israeli soldiers kill a Palestinian, seriously injure two, in Jenin

Hours after killing a young man, Israeli soldiers kill Palestinian teen in Jenin

Soldiers open fire at farmers, shepherds in the Gaza Strip

Israeli soldiers assault, injure students and teachers near Nablus

UN Envoy voices concern about Israeli settler violence in Palestinian territories

Army shoots five Palestinians at weekly march in Kufur Qaddoum

Israeli soldiers kill a Palestinian in Nabi Saleh

165 Palestinians injured in clashes with Israeli soldiers in West Bank: medics

Israel approves plan to connect settlements in West Bank with West Jerusalem

Army shoots and injures two Palestinian men in Jericho city

Israel has lost the apartheid propaganda war

Israeli colonizers attack Palestinian shepherds near Hebron

Israeli forces attack Palestinian protestors near Nablus, injure dozens

Army injures dozens of Palestinians at the weekly march in Kufur Qaddoum

Israel authorizes 1,500 new settlement units in occupied Jerusalem

Dozens of Palestinian protestors injured in West Bank

Israel launches campaign to discredit UN probe into Gaza war

Palestine MP: Israel waging open war in Jerusalem

Israeli soldiers kill a Palestinian man near Jerusalem

Jerusalem Salhiah family to bring home demolition case to ICC

Israel urged by EU countries to stop construction in East Jerusalem

80-year-old Palestinian dies after brutal arrest and assault by Israeli soldiers

Elderly Palestinian man killed after Israeli soldiers assaulted him near Ramallah

Emma Watson post shows Israel's anti-Semitism smears are beginning to break down

2 Palestinians killed by Israel, settlers in West Bank

Soldiers attack boys school, injure dozens near Bethlehem

Israeli settlers storm village near Nablus under full protection of the army

Joe Biden should end the US pretence over Israel's 'secret' nuclear weapons

Israeli settler runs over, kills elderly Palestinian woman in West Bank

UN envoy: Israel must be held to account for its occupation

Majority of UN members back war crimes probe against Israel

WAFA: “125 Palestinians injured as settlers attack Burqa village”

Palestine calls for UN protection against Israeli settlers' assaults in West Bank

Egyptian medical delegation arrives in Gaza

Finland MP proposes law to ban settlement products

Analysis: ‘Previously unknown massacres’: Why is Israel allowed to own Palestinian history?

WAFA: Al-Tamimi calls on the international community to assume its responsibilities towards the crimes of the occupation and settlers

Palestine welcomes UNGA's backing of Palestinians' right to self-determination

Soldiers kill a Palestinian at protest near Nablus

Details of massacres against Palestinians revealed in classified Israeli documents

City University students vote to boycott Israel, in new BDS victory

UN chief: Israel human rights violations, settlements erode chances of peace

UN must reverse decision to partition Palestine

Israel plans to build 17,000 settlement units in Jerusalem: Palestinian Minister

Palestine welcomes Belgium's decision to label Israeli settlements' products

EU diplomats oppose Israeli settlement policy in West Bank

Finland introduces bill to stop imports from Israeli settlements

Hollywood stars slam Israel's labelling of Palestine NGOs as terror groups

Qatar, Egypt to supply fuel, basic building materials to Gaza

Israeli soldiers kill a Palestinian in Tubas

Army injures 83 demonstrators in Beita and Beit Dajan

Tlaib calls on US to stop enabling Israel to kill Palestinian children

Palestinian PM calls on U.S. Congress to recognize Palestinian state

Soldiers shoot and injure a Palestinian child, near Hebron

Palestine slams Israeli refusal to reopen US consulate in Jerusalem

Palestine welcomes UN consensus on right to self-determination

Ministry of Health: Soldiers kill a Palestinian child near Nablus

Being designated as 'terrorists' by Israel reflects the good work that NGOs do in Palestine

Pope affirms support for two-state solution to Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Israeli soldiers demolish a mosque near Nablus

Israeli ambassador rips human rights report at UN meeting

Israeli colonizers attack shepherds, injure a child in Northern Plains

Israeli municipality razes al-Yousofiyya cemetery in Jerusalem

Muslim scholars slam Israeli demolition of historic cemetery in Jerusalem

EU urges Israel to stop settlement construction after new tenders

Jordan warns Israel against expanding settlements in Palestinian territories

Palestine decides to appeal to UN agencies, int'l courts over Israeli settlement issue

Israel to approve 3,000 new settlement units in West Bank

The international community and Israeli crimes in Palestine

Israeli forces assassinate former prisoner in Golan Heights

Soldiers injure many Palestinians while picking their olive trees in Jenin

Palestine condemns building new Israeli settlement in West Bank

Palestine welcomes efforts of preventing admission of Israel as AU observer member

Israeli settlers hang and torture Palestinian teen with fire, human rights group reveals

Palestine warns of more Israeli settlement plans in Jerusalem: media

Iran accuses IAEA of 'double standards', 'ignoring' Israel

Syria condemns Israeli plan to increase population in occupied Golan Heights

US asks Israel to halt settlement construction in West Bank

Speaking in UAE, Israeli minister rejects creation of Palestinian state

The EU's shameful complicity with Israeli aggression on Palestinians

PA calls for extremist settlers to be added to global terror lists

Israeli soldiers kill a Palestinian near Jenin

Settlers strike 4-year-old Palestinian on the head with rocks

PA welcomes UK Labour Party's motion on Israeli 'apartheid'

Israeli soldiers kill five Palestinians in West Bank

Israel must not have a place at the African Union until it ends its occupation of Palestine

Israel forces kill Palestinian man in West Bank

Palestine: 'Lifting the siege on Gaza and reconstruction are non-negotiable rights'

$1bn military aid to Israel removed from US funding bill

Israeli colonist stabs a Palestinian bus driver in Jerusalem

Two of the captured detainees report torture, one hospitalized

Soldiers injure 30 Palestinian school children near Tubas

Armed Israeli settlers shoot at children, vandalize Palestinian cars

Friday: Israeli soldiers injure 174 Palestinians in Nablus

International calls to protect Palestinian prisoners from Israel's brutality

Israel kills Palestinian, injures 15 others in Gaza

Palestinian man killed by Israeli soldiers in West Bank: medics

Islamic Jihad determined to break Gaza siege, says official

Hamas urges pressure on Israel to end Gaza siege

Palestinian child dies of serious wounds he suffered a week earlier in Gaza

Palestinian man succumbs to injury sustained in protest against Israel

Israeli soldiers kill Palestinian teenager in northern West Bank

HRW: Israel attacks on high rises in Gaza violated international laws of war

Israeli soldiers injure dozens of Palestinians in Beit Dajan, Beita, near Nablus

P.A denounces Israel’s killing of four Palestinians in Jenin

Palestinian man dies from wounds suffered last week

Palestine slams Israel's plan to build 2,200 new settlement units in West Bank

Israeli army kills Palestinian near Nablus, injures 37, including a journalist

WAFA: Petition demands US President send United Nations protection force to Palestine

Ben & Jerry's decision is 'legitimate and necessary', Amnesty says

WAFA: “14 African states agree to kick Israel out of African union”

Palestine rights group: Israel tortures female prisoners

Soldiers kill a Palestinian, injure 49, near Nablus

US human rights advocates demand the end to the support for colonial projects in Palestine

Soldiers injure five Palestinians, including a journalist, in Nablus

Palestinian teen dies from serious wounds he suffered 74 days ago

Palestinian diplomat slams "inaction" towards Israel's violations

Israeli soldiers kill a Palestinian teen in Nabi Saleh

Palestine welcomes UN council's decision to investigate Israeli violations

Palestinians welcome Ben and Jerry’s decision; claims of antisemitism rejected

Ben & Jerry's to stop sales in Israeli occupied territories

Israel PM warns Unilever of ‘severe consequences’ over Ben & Jerry’s decision

Egypt slams Israel violations of Al-Aqsa

Palestinian factions will never accept Gaza siege, body says

More than 1,300 Jewish settlers raid Al-Aqsa Mosque

510 settlement units to be built near Bethlehem

Israel settlements amount to war crime, UN rights expert says

Soldiers kill a Palestinian near Nablus

Army injures dozens in West Bank protests against settlements

Army injures 61 Palestinians near Nablus

Yale students approve statement denouncing Israeli 'apartheid' and 'ethnic cleansing'

Jordan king voices support for Palestinians' rights to statehood

Palestinian official warns against Israeli demolitions in occupied Jerusalem

Soldiers injure 400 Palestinians near Nablus

Palestine calls for international sanctions against Israel to stop anti-Palestinian policies

73 US lawmakers urge Biden to undo Trump's pro-Israel policies

Soldiers injure twelve Palestinians near Nablus

UN tells Israel to stop settlement in the West Bank and East Jerusalem

Israel to demolish 20 homes, a mosque, near Nablus

Arab League eyes more European support for Palestinian cause

680 individuals call for US to uphold Palestinian rights

Palestinian teen killed by Israeli military near Nablus

Palestinian dies of wounds sustained during Gaza aggression

Israeli army shoots Palestinian youth in head

Palestinian teenager killed by Israeli soldiers in West Bank clashes: medics

Britain's opposition to sanctions on Israel exposes its support for the occupation and its crimes

Palestinian child killed by Israeli explosive in Gaza

Israeli forces kill 3 Palestinians in West Bank

Soldiers shoot three Palestinians, one critically, abduct two, in Tubas

Adalah: What happened in the ‘torture room’ at Israel’s police station in Nazareth?

Soldiers seriously injure a Palestinian near Ramallah

Israeli forces shoot child, suffocate dozens at weekly Kufur Qaddoum march

Journalist assaulted and detained while reporting from Sheikh Jarrah

Israeli soldiers injure 113 Palestinians in Nablus

President: Algeria will never normalise ties with Israel

Israeli ordnance explodes, kills two Palestinians in Gaza

Israeli troops abduct 14-year old girl for flying Palestinian flag

Palestinian in Ramallah dies of his wounds

Israel to request $1bn more in US military aid

Israel to demolish Palestinian homes in Ni'lin

World leaders rally in support of Israel war crimes probe by ICC

Israeli police run over child in Jerusalem for flying Palestinian flag

Israeli colonists assault an elderly man in Qalqilia

'We are the free voice of Palestine': Brazil and Argentina continue their support of Palestine

Israeli colonists bulldoze Palestinian lands near Hebron

600 musicians call to boycott performing in Israel in solidarity with Palestine

Army shoots, kills Palestinian young man, injures others near Nablus

UN: No proof Gaza buildings hit by Israel were military sites

US organizations to hold march in Washington DC protesting Israel’s settler-colonialism

"Two-state solution" the only way forward in Middle East: Chinese envoy

Amnesty: Israel must scrap plans to forcibly displace Palestinians from Silwan

Palestine welcomes UNHRC's decision to probe Israeli violations

Another Palestinian succumbs to wounds from Israeli bombing of Gaza

UN rights chief says Israeli strikes on Gaza may be war crimes

Ireland condemns Israel’s 'de facto annexation' of Palestinian land

Jordan: Expulsion of Sheikh Jarrah families a 'war crime'

Over 500 ex-staffers urge Biden to end Israel's apartheid regime

US vows Gaza aid without helping Hamas

Blinken says U.S. to reopen consulate in East Jerusalem

'Major victory' as US federal judge slams anti-BDS laws unconstitutional

Two Palestinians die from serious wounds in Gaza

The Judaisation of Jerusalem has implications for the wider struggle to liberate Palestine

Jordan king says no alternative to two-state solution in Palestine

Palestine FM: Al-Aqsa settler incursions jeopardising calm

Jordan, Palestine call for more international efforts to end Israeli occupation

Palestine urges US intervention to stop Israeli provocations

Dua Lipa slams New York Times ad accusing her of being anti-Semitic

Gaza's war is far from over for injured children clinging to life in hospital

Israel should be brought to international court: Palestine envoy to Venezuela

Palestine Ambassador: UK must take responsibility for its role in Palestine

Egypt sends 130 truckloads of aid to Gaza

Kuwait launches $100m relief campaign to reconstruct Gaza, Oman collects $1.5m

Israeli colonists attack homes, injure several Palestinians, in Hebron

King Salman assures Palestinian President Abbas Saudi Arabia’s support

Egyptian President Al Sissi hails US President Biden’s role in Gaza ceasefire

Israel and Hamas agree Gaza truce, to be monitored by Egypt

Palestinian dies from serious wounds suffered in Jenin

Leave Sheikh Jarrah, stop attacks on Al-Aqsa and we will stop rockets, Hamas says

Tunisia: solidarity demonstrations demand criminalisation of normalisation with Israel

AOC, other Democrats issue resolution blocking $735m US arms sale to Israel

Updated: Wheelchair-bound Palestinian man, his pregnant wife and their child killed by Israeli missiles in Deir al-Balah

Israeli colonist kills a Palestinian woman in Hebron

Palestinian president accuses Israel of committing "war crimes" in Gaza

Saudi Arabia reaffirms commitment to Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as capital

British actor Idris Elba calls for stopping the bloodshed in Palestine

Three Palestinian killed, 71 injured by Israeli fire during protests in West Bank

UN agency says 52,000 displaced in Gaza, Amnesty wants war crimes investigation

We've seen no evidence of Hamas link to destroyed Gaza media building, says US

B'Tselem: Israel is committing war crimes in Gaza Strip

Biden backs Gaza ceasefire while approving $735 million arms sale to Israel

Erdogan: Palestine will continue to be massacred if Israel is not punished

Extensive Israeli bombing on Gaza, dozens of casualties

Associated Press wants independent investigation into Israel's bombing of Gaza office

Turkey proposes international force to protect Palestinians

26 killed in Israeli airstrikes on al-Wihda street; 5 of them children

UN Security Council calls for ceasefire; US vetoes statement

Palestine supporters rally in cities across the US & Europe

Israeli strike on Gaza kills 10 amid no sign of violence de-escalation

Israeli jets bomb international press building in Gaza

The Zionism discourse on Palestine crumbling: Israel is an 'apartheid state'

Pakistan on Israeli attacks: 'Not conflict but a massacre'

Arab world expresses solidarity with Palestine amidst Israel bombardment

Morocco king orders aid to be sent to Palestinian territories

20,000 march in London in support of Palestine

Israeli soldiers, settlers, killed ten Palestinians in West Bank

Thousands of Jordanians hold anti-Israel protests near border

Israeli army kills many Palestinians in Gaza

Armed Israeli mobs attack Palestinians in Israel

Israel Army publishes propaganda video aimed at Westerners

Avengers star demands sanctions on Israel for aggression against Palestinians

Israeli forces kill Palestinian child in Tubas

Israeli soldiers kill a Palestinian in Hebron

Lebanon's president urges international community to end Israel's aggression in Jerusalem

Turkey blames Israel for the aggression on Palestinians

US congressman implores Biden to broker Israel-Palestine cease-fire

Israeli airstrikes on Gaza kill 21 Palestinians, including 9 children

Israeli soldiers injure more than 180 Palestinians in Al-Aqsa

UN council members express alarm over Jerusalem violence

Rashida Tlaib: unconditional US support for Israel emboldens ‘apartheid policies’

Jordan's king denounces Israeli violations at Al-Aqsa Mosque

Pakistan condemns Israel attacks on Jerusalem

Muslim scholars call for protests in support of 'oppressed' Palestinians

Israeli soldiers injure 205 Palestinians in Jerusalem

Muslim Association of Britain demand action from UK Government on Jerusalem

Iran condemns Israel for clashes with Palestinians

Israeli forces kill Palestinian child near Nablus

Israel settlers attack Palestinians as they protect their own property

Israeli colonists burn Palestinian lands, attack homes, cars, south of Nablus

Arab League calls on international community to stand against "crimes in Jerusalem"

Israel is an apartheid state, another report is expected to conclude

Israeli soldiers injure dozens of Palestinians in Hebron

Soldiers invade Tulkarem, attack protesters

Israeli soldiers, colonists injure several Palestinians near Hebron

Deir Yassin must never be forgotten

Israel settler violence against Palestinians rising drastically, UN warns

Elderly Palestinian woman killed after being rammed by an Israeli colonist’s car

Israeli army attacks Palestinians shepherds in southern Gaza

Israeli soldiers kill a Palestinian man, injure his wife, near Jerusalem

PA urges action against Israel settlements

Israeli forces shoot, injure two journalists at weekly Kufur Qaddoum march

Army injures several Palestinians near Nablus

Palestinian killed by Israeli troops during clashes

Film by Palestine director Farah Nabulsi nominated for an Oscar

Jewish American tycoons are financing far-right policies in the US and Israel

Army injures three women in front of a hospital in Jenin

Soldiers injure three Palestinians, abduct one, near Hebron

Israel is expanding Dimona nuclear facility

Soldiers fire live rounds at farmers in southern Gaza

Soldiers injure many Palestinians near Nablus

Palestinian dies after being rammed by colonialist settler’s car

Israeli colonists attack Palestinian shepherds near Hebron

Soldiers shoot a Palestinian worker near Jenin

World court rules it has jurisdiction over war crimes in Palestinian Territories

Russia: No alternative for two-state solution

5 Palestinian minors held, tortured by Israel soldiers

Our mutual fight: The case against Pakistani normalisation with Israel

Details of Israel police torturing 13-year-old Palestinian child

Palestinian justice minister condemns settlers' attacks, urges international probe

US politicians slam Israel for preventing Palestine access to covid vaccine

UN calls on Israel to provide Palestinians with coronavirus vaccines

Israel demolishes mosque in occupied West Bank

Biden team to renew contact with Palestinians, US envoy says

Heart attack from Israeli toxic tear gas kills 48-year-old Palestinian

Israeli forces kidnap Palestinian teenager as troops storm school district in West Bank

Pregnant Palestinian woman miscarries after inhaling tear gas fired by Israeli military

Israel in ‘mad scramble’ to promote settlement activity amid change in US administration

Turkey condemns Israel's new settlement plan

Palestine's Abbas congratulates Biden on his inauguration

Abbas aide calls on Biden to adopt fair path towards Palestinian cause

Israeli settlements in occupied Palestine constitute international law violation: UN chief

Israeli forces shoot, injure six Palestinians, including a paramedic at weekly Kufur Qaddoum march

EU urges Israel to halt settlement expansion in West Bank

Egypt condemns new Israeli West Bank settlement project

Israeli forces injure Palestinian protesters in occupied West Bank

BDS movement urges continuation of boycott against Israel in 2021

Israeli soldiers shoot six Palestinian workers near Tulkarem

Israel advances 800 settler homes in West Bank

Hamas slams UAE for importing Israeli settlement products

Israeli soldiers injure dozens of Palestinians near Hebron

Army injures many Palestinians in Jerusalem

Israeli forces kill Palestinian near Hebron

Iran's FM warns Israel may try to provoke war with attacks on US forces in Iraq

Anti-siege NGO calls for international solidarity with Gaza Strip, lifting persisting blockade

The US money tree: The untold story of American aid to Israel

Hundreds of settlers attack Palestinian homes in Sheikh Jarrah

Tunisia: Stance on Palestine unchanged, no normalization with Israel

Palestinian construction worker beaten to death while working in Israeli settlement

UN condemns Israel killing of Palestinian child as grave violation of international law

Israeli soldiers injure dozens of students, teachers, in school near Jenin

Torturing children is normal for Israel

Israeli interrogators physically, psychologically tortured Palestinian woman

Israeli soldiers shoot two Palestinian teenagers in Tulkarem

Palestine calls Israeli settlement activity "blatant challenge to international will for peace"

Israeli soldiers kill a Palestinian child near Ramallah

EU Delegation calls for bringing the Israeli killers of the child Abu Alia to justice

It is time to make it official and brand Israel as an apartheid state

Iran reaffirms solidarity with Palestine, urges intl. action against Israel

Palestinian PM urges serious measures against Israeli settlements

President Abbas awards late US activist Rachel Corrie 'Freedom Star' award

Jordan's King Abdullah supports Palestinian rights at meeting with Abbas

Palestinians look ahead to ‘positive’ US role under President-elect Biden

Israeli forces shoot, injure four Palestinians in Kufur Qaddoum

Israeli soldiers kill a Palestinian man in Jerusalem

Israel to retroactively “legalize” colonialist outposts before Trump leaves office

Jordan demands international pressure to stop Israel settlement expansion

Borrell: EU has repeatedly called on Israel to end all settlement activity and to dismantle outposts

Jordan, Palestine call for "stopping all Israeli violations"

Israel to accelerate settlement building fearing possible freeze by Biden

Analysis: Israel is racing to destroy Palestinian properties while Trump is in office

OIC condemns Israeli demolitions of West Bank buildings

Soldiers injure many Palestinians near Nablus

Palestine calls for international sanctions on Israel for demolishing Palestinians' homes

Egypt condemns Israel's demolition of Palestinian village in West Bank

Jordan’s Queen Noor criticises Israel’s demolition of Palestine homes

Ilhan Omar criticises Israel’s ethnic cleansing of Palestine

Palestinians Sue Britain for 1917 Balfour Declaration

Israeli soldiers kill a Palestinian teen near Ramallah

Israeli soldiers shoot, injure five Palestinians at Kufur Qaddoum

Red Cross says Palestinian hunger striker entering 'critical phase'

Ambassador Jadou calls on EU to sanction Israel, recognize Palestine

European powers condemn Israel settlement approvals in Palestine

Israel to construct 4,948 settlement units in West Bank

Israeli colonists attack, injure, Palestinians while picking their olive trees near Ramallah

Israeli soldiers shoot, injure four Palestinians at Kufur Qaddoum

Sheikh Nawaf reiterates Kuwait’s firm support for Palestinian cause, nation

Israel set to approve 5,400 settlement units in the West Bank

Global mobilization launched for UN investigation of Israeli apartheid

MPs urge UK to recognise Palestine, boycott settlement products

Palestinian dentist dies after Israeli soldiers fired concussion grenades at residents near Barta’a roadblock

3 Palestinians killed by unidentified gunmen in West Bank

Palestinian worker in Israel, stabbed in the neck by group of Israelis

UAE ‘will never abandon’ Palestinians, senior official says after Israel deal

‘No peace’ in Middle East without end to Israeli occupation: Abbas

Over 50 US groups to protest the UAE and Bahrain normalization with Israel during deal signing

Palestinian journalist among four shot, injured by Israeli forces

Jordan denounces continuous Israeli violations against Al-Aqsa Mosque

UN: Israel ‘must immediately’ lift its sanctions on Gaza

Palestinians on UAE-Israel deal: Peace cannot be made by normalizing crimes, oppression

Hamas insists on ending Israeli blockade on Gaza

Israeli forces shoot, injure one Palestinian in Kufur Qaddoum

Israeli navy attacks fishermen, army opens fire at shepherds

Palestinian killed after being rammed by Israeli settler vehicle near Tulkarem

Israeli forces shoot, injure three Palestinians

Soldiers shoot two Palestinians near Tulkarem

Palestinians urge probe into death of West Bank woman

Young Palestinian woman succumbs to injuries from Israeli fire

Manchester University divests from companies complicit in the Israeli occupation

PLO asks Europe to show decisive action against Israeli settlement expansion activities

Jordan protests Israel's "violations" against Al-Aqsa Mosque

Illegal Israeli settlers burn, vandalize Mosque in Al-Bireh

Palestinian president says Israel's annexation plan to eliminate chance of peace

China’s President Xi stresses Palestinian right to statehood

PLO welcomes UN report on human rights situation in Palestine

Palestine says to sign deals with ICC for investigating Israeli war crimes

PA: 23 EU countries stand with Palestine against annexation

Dozens of organizations demand justice over Israel's extrajudicial killings

34-Year old Palestinian woman dies of wounds sustained in Israeli offensive

Palestinian factions in the West Bank call for escalating popular resistance

Israeli soldiers injure several Palestinians, including a pregnant woman, abduct three, in Jerusalem

Palestinian factions call for popular resistance in response to ‘Israeli crimes’

France’s Macron asks Israel’s Netanyahu to abandon annexation plan

Israeli soldiers kill a Palestinian, injure another, near Salfit

Palestinians hope Biden would roll back Trump’s embrace of Israel

Israeli settlers shoot, injure two Palestinian youths near Salfit

Israeli forces shoot, injure Palestinians in Hebron

Thousands demand UK government sanction Israel on Day of Action Against Annexation

Fifteen Palestinians shot, injured at Kufur Qaddoum weekly protest

US organizations demand change in US foreign policy towards Israel and Palestine

Johnson warns Israel UK will not recognize any changes to 1967 line

Germany: Europe won’t recognise Israel’s West Bank annexation

Palestine rejects Israeli annexation plan whether partial or complete: Abbas

ARDD paper demands international community to take measures to stop Israeli annexation

International protests against Israeli annexation of the West Bank

95% of Palestinians in Israeli jails suffer torture

Soldiers injure many Palestinians in Jordan Valley

Nephew of top Palestinian official shot dead by Israeli soldiers

UN chief urges Israel to abandon annexation plans

Over 1,000 lawmakers sign letter opposing Israel’s annexation plan

Foreign diplomats join Palestinian rally of rage against Israel land grab bid

Palestine to present draft resolution to Security Council over Israeli annexation plan

Germany, France criticize Israel over West Bank annexation plans

Israeli forces shoot, injure ten Palestinians at Kufur Qaddoum weekly protest

Palestine urges Greece to stand against Israeli annexation plan

Annexation to have ‘significant consequences’ for EU-Israel relations, EU warns

Hamas hails Jordan's rejecting West Bank annexation plan

Israel advances new Golan settlement named after Trump

German Federal Foreign Office, Jordanian MOFA and Palestinian PMO discuss Middle East Peace Process

Army injures many Palestinians in Ni’lin

Palestinian officials criticize Trump's decision to impose sanctions on ICC

EU backs two-state solution to Israeli-Palestinian conflict, rejects annexation: German minister

Palestine says to declare statehood on 1967 borders if Israel annexes West Bank lands

Palestine hails Saudi Arabia's rejection of Israeli annexation plan

Israeli troops shoot, injure four Palestinians at Kufur Qaddoum

Palestinian official says ending Israeli occupation is international responsibility

Fatah, Hamas say to resist Israel's plan of annexing Palestinian lands

Over 8000 dunams of Palestinian farmland burned by Israeli ‘training’ in Jordan Valley

Jordan warns Israel of consequences over annexation

Palestinians rally against Israeli plan to annex West Bank lands

Palestine urges ICC to investigate Israel's demolition of Palestinian homes in East Jerusalem

European Union calls for a halt to Israeli demolition policies

UAE warns Israel against West Bank annexation

PA calls for protecting Palestinians from Israel crimes

Israeli police shoot dead Palestinian near Al Aqsa gate

Jordan reiterates rejection of Israeli annexation of Palestinian territories

Arab League supports Palestine against Israeli annexation plans

Armed Israeli settlers set Palestinian farmlands on fire near Tulkarem

IRGC: Iran-led resistance strategy will speed up collapse of Israel, liberation of Quds

Trump’s scheme emboldened Israel to push for more land grab: Palestine PM

Palestine abolishes all agreements with Israel, U.S. to protest against West Bank annexation

International community reprimands Israel’s annexation plans

UAE sends medical aid to Palestinian territories

PA hopes for strong, united EU stance against Israel annexation

Palestinian official says Israel's annexation plan makes peace impossible

Palestinians mark the Nakba as US and Israel discuss West Bank annexation

Amnesty condemns US support for Israel’s plans to annex West Bank

OIC calls for backing Palestinians’ right of return

Iran urges world to take action against Israeli occupation of Palestine

Research: Annexation will have ‘series of negative consequences’ on Israel

Israeli soldiers kill a Palestinian child in Hebron

Norwegian parties urge end to Israeli siege of Gaza amid coronavirus

UN Security Council to convene to discuss Israel's annexation plan: Official

Turkey condemn Israel's settlement expansion plan

Palestine says to sue U.S. for supporting Israel's plans to annex Palestinian lands

Israeli airstrikes kill 14 Iranian forces in eastern Syria

Palestine's Hamas applauds UK legislators' opposition to Israel's annexation plan

Some 130 British MPs call for sanctions on Israel over West Bank annexation

Palestine welcomes ICC report on jurisdiction over its territories

Israel may ask for double its usual $3.8 billion from the U.S this year

Soldiers seriously injure a Palestinian worker, abduct one, near Jenin

Borrell: any Israeli annexation to Palestinian land is serious violation of international law

UN, Arab League reiterate rejection of Israel's West Bank annexation plan

Palestine warns against annexation of Palestinian lands after formation of new Israeli coalition

Israeli soldiers shoot, injure three Palestinians in Kufur Qaddoum

US notified Israel about coronavirus in mid-November: Israeli TV

Israeli forces shoot , injure one Palestinian, detain another in Jerusalem

Arab League says Israel exploiting coronavirus crisis to expand settlements

Israeli forces injure dozens of Palestinians in Kufur Qaddoum

Young Palestinian man dies of wounds inflicted by Israeli forces last month

Anti-siege committee calls for international action to help Gaza amid coronavirus outbreak

Eight US Senators urge Trump to help Palestinians amid coronavirus pandemic

Dr. Ashrawi sends message of solidarity from Palestine

Palestinians prisoners in Israeli jails appeal for their safety

Soldiers abduct four Palestinians for disinfecting public facilities in Jerusalem

Israeli troops shoot dead Palestinian man in West Bank

Foreign Ministry condemns Israeli killing of Palestinian in West Bank

Arab League demands Israel release Palestinian prisoners

Palestinians urge international pressure on Israel to lift Gaza siege amid coronavirus outbreak

Members of US Congress call for action against Israeli policy of forced displacement

Palestine welcomes U.S. Congress members' letter over Israeli demolition of Palestinian homes

Israeli forces shoot, injure one Palestinian in Kufur Qaddoum

Israeli settlers attack Palestinian herders near Ramallah

Israeli soldiers kill one child, injure 112 Palestinians in Nablus

Illegal Israeli colonists attempt to kidnap two Palestinian children near Ramallah

Palestine urges EU for statehood recognition

Israeli snipers say how they incapacitated Palestinians in peaceful protests

Hamas thanks Russia for supporting Palestinian rights, rejecting US pro-Israel plan

Twelve Palestinians shot by Israeli forces, including a journalist, near Nablus

France condemns Israeli settlement construction as a violation of international law

Israeli soldiers injure 70 Palestinians near Nablus

Europe’s 50 ex-FMs, leaders say Trump ‘deal of century’ akin to ‘apartheid’

Netanyahu goes ahead with settlement project, contravening international law

Arab League wants international observers back in al-Khalil to protect Palestinians against Israeli crimes

8-year-old Palestinian shot by Israel soldier loses left eye

France condemns Israeli announcement to build settlements in occupied Jerusalem

Italy deeply concerned by Israel’s settlement announcement

EU reaffirms its support for Palestinian state

Jordan condemns Israeli plans for building new settlements

Israeli occupation’s actions in Palestine amount to state terrorism — Tarawneh

Israel develops plans for 9,000 settler homes in east Jerusalem

PLO official calls for international assembly to end Israeli occupation

Israeli soldier shoots child in the head in Jerusalem

Israeli forces attack anti-Trump demo, dozens of Palestinians injured

AIPAC is a ‘hate group’ ‘weaponizing anti-Semitism’, says US Congresswoman

BDS resolution passed by US’ University of Illinois student body

In 'victory for international law', UN releases list of firms linked to Israeli settlements

Palestinians demonstrate against U.S. Mideast peace plan

100 US congressmembers refuse to accept Trump/Kushner deal

Fateh standing behind Abbas following threats by Israeli UN delegate

Jordan restates its firm support for Palestine

Soldiers injure many Palestinians near Tulkarem

Arab Inter-Parliamentary Union rejects U.S. Mideast peace plan

Malaysia meeting in support of Jerusalem

Israeli forces kill a Palestinian teen near Tulkarem

PA seeks to replace Israel agricultural products with Jordan goods

Palestinian teen shot dead by Israeli forces in Hebron

Palestine hails support of EU, African Union in rejecting U.S. Mideast peace plan

Iran says to support Jerusalem as capital of Palestine

Pressure campaign launched by US against Palestinian administration, EU responds

Soldiers shoot a journalist in Hebron

Hundreds of protesters demonstrate against Trump's Mideast peace plan near U.S. embassy in Lebanon

U.S. Mideast peace plan challenges internationally agreed parameters: EU official

Carter: Trump plan works against ‘peace’, breaches international law

Trump’s deal proves US as occupied by Zionists as Palestine: American Scholar

Arab FMs reject U.S. Mideast peace plan, voice support for Palestine

Palestinian child dies from serious wounds he suffered in October 2019

Israeli regime forces injure about 50 Palestinian protesters

Iran's Rouhani calls Trump's plan 'most despicable plan of century'

Palestine threatens to quit all peace deals with Israel if West Bank territories annexed

Iran strongly condemns U.S. Mideast peace plan

Jordanians hold sit-in against Trump's Mideast peace plan

Mass demonstrations in Gaza as Trump unveils 'deal of the century'

World should stand against deal of century because it violates international law: Premier

Jordan’s stance on Palestine unwavering — King Abdullah

Arab League condemns Israeli remarks on annexing parts of West Bank

Palestinian, Russian presidents meet on Israeli-Palestinian situation

Israeli soldiers kill three Palestinians in Gaza

Israeli PM vows to annex Jordan Valley, all West Bank settlements if re-elected

UN envoy warns against Israel annexation of West Bank

British MPs urge UK government to recognize Palestine

Palestinian dies from serious wounds suffered on March 30, 2018

UN official calls for international support to Palestinians

Leaked pictures show torture of Palestine prisoner in Israel prison

UN officials: German anti-BDS resolution infringes on freedom of expression, basic political rights

France deplores new Israeli settlement expansion plans

European Union denounces Israel’s settlement expansion

Palestinian prisoner continues to suffer torture in Israeli prison

Jordan FM warns of consequences of Israel’s continued violations against Al-Aqsa

Israel approves 1,936 settlement units in West Bank

Israeli Ministers planning “official annexation” of Jordan Valley

Israel is systematically poisoning one million Palestinian children

Israel plans to replace UN-run Palestinian schools in occupied Jerusalem with its own

EU urged to reject Israeli call for cutting aid to Palestinian organizations

Palestinian NGO appeals to UN chief to pressure Israel to lift blockade of Gaza

UN expert praises ICC war crimes probe on Israel

The Freedom Flotilla will make its 36th attempt to sail to Gaza in 2020

Report: Israeli snipers target Gaza protesters in the eyes

Mother: ‘I could not recognise my daughter due to severe torture inside Israeli jails’

3000 new settlement units to be approved for the West Bank

Addameer collects hard evidence on torture and ill-treatment committed against Palestinian detainees at Israeli interrogation centers

Malaysia welcomes ICC announcement on Israeli war crimes

Addameer: Israel covering up torture in prison

Dozens of Gazans injured by Israeli forces

Israel’s Netanyahu: We’ll annex entire Jordan Valley with US support

ICC to investigate Israel's war crimes in Palestinian territories

PA urges to list Israeli settlers on "world's list of terrorism"

UN extends Palestinian refugee mission until 2023

Jordan slams Israeli measures in Al-Aqsa Mosque as "provocative to all Muslims"

European taxpayers’ money going to Israeli entities accused of international law violations

EU to discuss recognition of Palestine

Israel threatens to destroy all Palestinian structures in Area C

Luxembourg pushing for EU recognition of Palestine

Palestinian PM applauds U.S. House resolution supporting two-state solution

Benjamin Netanyahu reveals annexation plan for West Bank settlements

UN officially asks Israel to leave Golan Heights

Chinese envoy affirms China’s rejection of Israeli measures

Slovenia's Foreign Minister: We cannot stay silent about what is happening in Palestine

US House passes symbolic resolution opposing Trump on Israel policy

Palestinian president commends US congress for support

Israel tests nuke-capable missile system aimed at Iran: Report

37 Palestinians injured in clashes with Israeli soldiers in eastern Gaza

French MPs pass pro-Zionism resolution, defy warnings by advocates of Palestine rights

Palestinians outraged over ICC report

US: Brown University votes to divest from businesses violating Palestinian rights

Senior Palestinian figure slams Israeli settlement plan in al-Khalil as result of US policy-shift

Israeli defense minister permits new settlement neighborhood in Hebron

Iran reaffirms support for establishment of independent Palestinian state

High representative to the EU: Settlements are an obstacle to peace

Israeli forces shoot and kill teen in Hebron

South Africa reiterates its support for Palestine at UN

Palestinian killed on Gaza border

Israel targets UNRWA in occupied Jerusalem

Israeli armored bulldozer crashes Palestinian car, killing father & injuring son

Israel begins work on largest settlement in Palestinian neighbourhood of Jerusalem

UN observes International Solidarity Day with Palestinians

Israel government to expand global arms exports in 2020

Israeli army injures 26 Palestinians in Nablus

UK universities invest $580m in companies complicit in Israel’s crimes

Abbas: Palestine taking steps to oppose recent US move

President Khalifa reiterates UAE support for Palestine

Palestinians to launch protests against U.S. declaration over Israeli settlements

UN Security Council rebukes US reversal on settlements

U.S. congress members urge Pompeo to reverse decision on settlements

Tunisian schools stand in solidarity with Palestine

Palestinian dies from serious wounds he suffered when the army killed eight members of his family

Soldiers injure many Palestinians in Kufur Qaddoum

UK: “We urge Israel to halt its counterproductive settlement expansion

College student, 18, shot with gas bomb in her face, suffers jaws fractures, burns

Iran condemns US policy shift in favor of Israeli land theft, urges international action

International law experts: United States has no legal capacity to legalize settlements

Jordan's parliament deplores U.S. recognition of Israeli settlements

Palestine hails UN's vote in favor of Palestinians' right of self-determination

Turkey: Occupation of Palestine will not be justified

Palestine says to go to ICC against Pompeo over his settlement remarks

Netanyahu vows to annex Jordan Valley after change in U.S. policy

US faces Palestinian, international criticism of Israel settlement move

EU disagrees with US over legality of Israeli settlements

UN, Red Cross say Israeli settlements are still unlawful

Palestinian Authority slams US softening on Israeli settlement

Israeli forces shoot PNN editor-in-chief with tear-gas canister

Overwhelming vote to extend UNRWA mandate at United Nations Fourth Committee meeting

Journalist advocates condemn Israel’s shooting of photojournalist

Palestinian FM urges ICC to bring Israel to justice

Demonstration in Bethlehem in support of Gaza martyrs

Dr. Al-Kaila: “One-third of the slain Palestinians are women and children”

Palestinians bury family of 8 killed in fighting

Israel has kidnapped a Palestinian socialist and is torturing her

Palestinian president urges international community to halt escalation in Gaza: spokesperson

Israel settlement goods must be labelled as such: EU court

Israeli soldiers shoot dead Palestinian man in occupied West Bank

Soldiers injure dozens of Palestinians in Jerusalem

Citizens thwart settlers’ attack on West Bank village

Soldiers shoot a woman, abduct her son, in Jerusalem

Israel attacks Palestinian protesters, 69 injured

UN body calls on Israel to amend or repeal Jewish nation-state law

Democratic congressman criticizes Israel after visit to West Bank

Israeli troops assault schoolchildren in al-Issawiya, abduct 3

EU: ALL Israeli settlement activity is illegal under international law

Protest in Gaza demanding compensation for 1,000 homes bombed by Israel in 2014

EU calls on Israel to cease illegal settlement expansion in occupied West Bank

US Democratic candidates break taboo on Israel aid

PLO urges Britain to apologize over Balfour Declaration

Israeli forces injure 96 Palestinians at Gaza border

Israel approves 2,300 settler homes in West Bank

Israeli soldier who killed Palestinian child sentenced to one month of community service

Pentagon official doesn't know where Trump got details about al-Baghdadi raid

Norway’s capital Oslo is banning Israeli settlement products and services

PSCC concludes conference on activating popular resistance against the occupation

PCHR Gaza: 95 civilians shot and injured, including 43 children, at 80th Great March of Return

Peaceful protesters suffocate as Israeli soldiers attack demonstration in Jordan Valley

UN committee calls on Israel to stop human rights violations in the occupied Syrian Golan

Protests planned in 20 countries against PUMA’s support for illegal Israeli settlements

UN expert: World must take firm action to end Israel’s occupation

Hamas warns of Israel’s ‘three dangerous plans’ for the al-Aqsa Mosque

Japan renews commitment to two-state solution

Senator Elizabeth Warren proposes aid cuts over West Bank settlements

Jordan king Abdullah II reiterates two-state solution as sole way to resolve Palestinian-Israeli conflict

Palestinian killed at Israeli checkpoint near Tulkarem

73 Palestinians wounded as Israeli forces attack Gaza protests

Israeli forces attack Palestinian fishing boats in Gaza with live fire, water cannon

Mossad chief admits to having ‘prestigious’ assassination list

Armed illegal colonist attacks Palestinian in their olive orchards

Israel to construct over 250 new settler units in occupied West Bank

Lebanese president slams Israel's policies for contradicting international laws

IOF attack Palestinian protesters in Gaza, 49 hurt

Rights group condemns Israel’s campaign against BDS

Methodist Church of Southern Africa joins BDS

Gaza young man dies of wounds by Israeli gunfire: medics

Army injures twenty Palestinians, causes fire in a home, near Qalqilia

Palestinian killed by Israeli fire in Gaza

Miles Of Smiles aid convoy arrives in Gaza

UN rapporteurs urged to uncover Israeli crimes against Palestinians

73 Palestinian detainees have died due to torture in Israeli jails since 1967: Prisoners’ group

Brutal torture used to interrogate Palestinian detainee

Palestinian killed by Israeli fire in border clashes

Abbas: If Israel annexes occupied territory, all signed agreements will be terminated

Anglican Church of Southern Africa votes to join BDS

President Abbas meets with UN, EU chiefs, Russian foreign minister

Ashrawi: Lawless Israeli actions must compel collective international action, including sanctions

Army injures many Palestinians in Nablus

Israel uses influence in US, West to get away with crimes against Palestinians

Erdogan slams US’ ‘deal of the century’ plan

Palestinian PM lauds China's unwavering support to Palestinian cause

UK Labour: Motion passed in support of Palestinian rights

Jordan, Egypt, Iraq leaders reject any attempt to annex Palestinian land

Israeli forces injure over 75 Palestinians in Gaza

Israeli soldiers injure many Palestinians near Hebron

Army injures many Palestinians near Nablus

Benjamin Netanyahu vows to annex all West Bank settlements

Turkey’s FM calls Israel’s annexation plan ‘dispicable’

Palestine Solidarity Campaign demand Israeli government be held accountable

Israel has long history of conducting espionage against US: Analyst

55 Palestinians injured in clashes with Israeli soldiers in eastern Gaza

Iraq rejects Israeli PM's pledge to annex parts of West Bank

UN chief: Israeli annexation plan would violate international law

Israeli soldiers bulldoze large areas of Palestinian lands, destroy wells, near Tubas

PA official urges UN Security Council to impose sanctions on Israel

Israeli PM's annexation plan draws condemnation from Palestinian, Arab leaders

Russia ‘concerned’ over Netanyahu’s annexation plan

Israeli soldiers shoot a child, abduct thirteen Palestinians, in West Bank

Ailing Palestinian political prisoner dies of Israeli medical negligence

Israeli forces kill 2 Palestinians and injure many others at Gaza border protests

Ashrawi: Netanyahu’s annexation plan requires international action, including sanctions

ICC judges order prosecutor to reopen case of Israel raid on Gaza flotilla

Israeli PM vows to annex West Bank settlements

Youth dies from Israeli gunfire wounds in Gaza

Over 75 Gazans injured by Israeli forces

Israeli bulldozers level Palestinian land west of Bethlehem

Army injures several Palestinians near Hebron

Committee calls on international community to protect Palestinian civilians

PLO : “It is time to impose sanctions on Israel”

Hezbollah finds 5.5-kg explosives in crashed Israeli drone

The silence of international community encourages the Israeli occupation to commit more war crimes

Hezbollah chief vows to shoot down any Israeli drone entering Lebanese airspace

Israeli soldiers injure 122 Palestinians in Gaza

Jordan summons Israeli ambassador, demands end to violations in Jerusalem

Israeli attack kills three Palestinians in Gaza

Israel jets conduct fresh airstrikes against Gaza Strip

Palestinian senior official urges international community to support UN relief agency

‘May God ruin Trump’, Tlaib’s grandmother says

Over 30 Gazans injured by Israeli troops

Sabri: Erdan’s statements confirm Israeli intentions to control Al-Aqsa mosque

Palestinian MK slams decision to ban US’ Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar from entering Israel

UK council’s ban on cycle ride for Palestine proof anti-Semitism definition is about protecting Israel

Netanyahu to add 650 new units to Bet El settlement, Ramallah

UN official: Israeli settlement expansion a flagrant violation of international law

Israel’s right-wing sign pledge to annex 60% of West Bank

Israel advances plans for more than 2,300 settlement units

Video: IOF demolish buildings west of Bethlehem

Israeli forces injure over 50 Palestinians in Gaza

Palestine pleads to EU to stop Israel crimes

Israel drives US foreign policy on Iran: American writer

Palestinian official accuses Israel of preventing global organizations in Palestinian territories

Israel discusses building 6,000 new settlement units

Caribbean island of St Kitts and Nevis formally recognises State of Palestine

Palestine slams Israeli plan to encourage countries to move embassies to Jerusalem

Israel blacklisted by UN among top child killers of 2018

Erdogan says Turkey will not keep silent on Israel’s new wave of terror

London cyclists ride to support Palestinians

Palestinian dies from serious wounds suffered Friday

Malaysian PM: Israel ‘the main cause of terrorism in world’

At least 56 Palestinians injured by Israeli forces during Gaza rallies

Activists condemn Israeli demolition of Palestinian homes

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to end agreements with Israel

Israeli bulldozers raze farmlands east of Hebron

Japan concerned over Israel’s demolition of 10 building in East Jerusalem

Taking back Israel-occupied land a priority, Syria tells UN Security Council

US passes bills against BDS and Hamas

At talks with Abbas, His Majesty King Abdullah reaffirms solidarity with Palestinians

VIDEO: Palestinians and British ISMers hospitalized in sadistic and brutal display of violence by Israeli soldiers in east Jerusalem demolition

Israel demolishes Palestinian homes in Jerusalem area

Israel is committing a war crime and ethnic cleansing in Wadi al-Hummus, says Fatah

Palestine warns against Israeli threats to demolish buildings in East Jerusalem

Israeli forces wound nearly 100 Gazan protesters

Palestinian students appeal to fellow students in Germany to uphold the right to BDS

Report: “Taqatqa died due to torture in Israeli prison”

Arab League holds Israel responsible for killing Palestinian prisoner

Arab League demands investigation into Palestinian inmate’s death in Israeli jail

Russia, Hamas hold talks in Moscow, stress intra-Palestinian unity

Seven-year old Palestinian child killed by Israeli settler in hit-and-run

African Group calls on UN to hold Israel accountable for crimes against Palestinians

Palestinian man killed by Israeli fire near Gaza border

Israeli troops shoot Palestinian child in head in northern West Bank: Ministry

40 Palestinians wounded in clashes with Israeli soldiers in eastern Gaza

Soldiers shoot two Palestinians, abduct one, in Deheishe Refugee Camp

Settlers torch hundreds of olive trees in West Bank

Netanyahu vows to retain every West Bank settlement

Israel to demolish 237 homes in Jerusalem

Iraq reiterates ‘principled’ opposition to Israel

Israel hides documents about crimes against Palestinians during Nakba

Palestinian businessmen demand Israel lift ban on raw materials shipment to Gaza

40 injured as Israeli troops attack Palestinian protesters in Gaza

Israeli soldiers injure four Palestinians in Kufur Qaddoum

Palestinians welcome Japan offer to mediate in Palestine-Israeli conflict

PA calls for UNESCO to send permanent observer to Jerusalem

Palestinians say East Jerusalem archaeology project inaugurated by US is 'fake'

Euro-Med pushes UK government to stop arming Israel

Arab League rejects any change in historical, legal status of Jerusalem

Outstanding support for UNRWA by international community

Israeli forces injure 50 Palestinians in Gaza

Israeli soldiers kill one Palestinian, injure many, in Jerusalem

Israel authorities advance plans for 150-unit settlement in Beit Hanina

British Society for Middle Eastern Studies endorses Palestinian call to boycott complicit Israeli academic institutions

Resistance, unity important factors to offset deal of century: Nakhala

Bahrain meeting is politico-economic attempt to kill Palestinian cause: Haniyeh

British Society for Middle Eastern Studies endorses boycott of Israeli universities

Jordan resolute on Palestine stance

Kushner's economic plan for Mideast amounts to Balfour Declaration II, Palestinians say

Israeli troops attack Palestinian protesters at Gaza border, 70 injured

Hamas: Trump’s plan cannot deprive Palestine of al-Quds

Palestinian man succumbs to Israel-inflicted wounds

Israel infuriated as IAEA recognizes Palestinian state

New Zealand government website removes Israel from map

Army injures many Palestinians in southern Gaza

Israel PM inaugurates Golan settlement honoring US President Trump

Israel seeks banning BDS in Europe

Israeli soldiers injure many nonviolent protesters in Ni’lin

70 civil society organizations send UN letters Of rejecting the deal of the century

Israel settlement goods should be labelled, EU court advised

Israeli soldiers demolish a building, commercial sheds, injures many Palestinians near Jerusalem

Japan's PM urges Iran to play 'constructive role' in Mideast

Israeli soldiers surround a Palestinian security center in Nablus, shoot one officer

Israeli killing of Palestinian paramedic "war crime": PA official

Palestinians plan ‘popular uprising’ against Trump proposal

Palestinian paramedic dies of wounds sustained in anti-occupation protest

US envoy’s annexation remarks encourage violation of Palestinians’ rights: Hamas

U.S. ambassador's remarks on annexing parts of West Bank outrage Palestinians

Palestine mulls filing complaint to International Criminal Court against U.S. ambassador to Israel

Jordan, Germany underline continued support for UN Palestinian refugee agency

Lebanese sources say Israeli actions on borders indicate possible military operation

Israeli soldiers shoot a Palestinian in Kufur Qaddoum

Army injures many nonviolent protesters in Bil’in

Facing the facts: Israel cannot escape ICC jurisdiction

Israel trying to prevent Senate resolution backing two-state solution

France, Britain condemn Israeli settlement plan in occupied East al-Quds

‘Miles of Smiles 36’ aid convoy arrives in Gaza through Rafah Border Crossing

Jordan condemns "Israeli aggression" against Al-Aqsa Mosque

Sisi says Egypt will not accept anything against Palestinian wishes

US sends new map of Israel, including Golan, as gift to Netanyahu

Law professor says Canada’s trade agreement with Israel violates international law

OIC breaks with Saudi line on Iran to focus on Palestine

EU strongly opposed to Israel’s settlement policy

Islamic summit reaffirms Palestinians' right to statehood

Israeli soldiers kill a Palestinian child near Bethlehem

Israeli soldiers injure 25 Palestinians in Nablus

Gigi Hadid’s brother releases music video filmed in Palestine

Houthi leader: Yemen will always remain pro-Palestine

Israel to construct over 800 new settler units in East Jerusalem al-Quds

Jordan king meets Kushner, urges formation of Palestinian state with E al-Quds as capital

Iran urges Muslims worldwide to hold massive rallies on al-Quds Day to support Palestinians

Al-Quds neither America's to give away nor Israel's to take, says Iran's Zarif

Amnesty demands Trip Advisor to stop promoting settlements

Jordan, UN relief agency urge continued support to help Palestinian refugees

Palestinian PM calls on Britain to recognize independent Palestinian state

Palestinian Forum in Britain hosts 5th annual iftar

Settlers attack home in Qalqilia, assault shepherd in Tubas

UNRWA rejects US demands to dismantle

China, Russia boycott US-led ‘deal of century’ promo event in Bahrain

2 Palestinians injured by Israeli fire in Gaza

Video disproves Israel military statement on arson attack in West Bank

Another company withdraws from Israeli light rail project

Army injures many Palestinians in Kufur Qaddoum

World gears up to mark Quds Day

Palestinians rally against Germany’s criminalization of BDS

UN agency aiding Palestinians rejects US bid to strip it of mandate

Palestinian nation united in rejecting deal of century: Hamas official

Israeli settler runs over, kills Palestinian man in occupied West Bank

Head of Reporters Without Borders says Israel shot journalists intentionally

Israel dragging US into war with Iran: Analyst

Arab League urges Berlin to reverse motion against Israel boycott

Foreign Ministry condemns Germany's decision labeling BDS as anti-Semitic

Soldiers injure four Palestinians in Kufur Qaddoum

Palestinians appeal to Europe to stop Trump's peace plan 'driving region off the cliff'

US ready to approve Israel’s ‘colonial policies’

Palestine appeals to ICC for legal action against US

Israeli forces injures over 60 Palestinians during Nakba Day protests

Palestinians set to mark Nakba Day with mass rallies against Israel, US

Israeli occupation exploiting Eurovision to consolidate colonialism

One year on, America's Jerusalem embassy remains illegitimate in the eyes of the world

Israel approves two major roads on Palestinian lands to link between colonies in West Bank

On Nakba Day, Iran says Israel root cause of regional crises

Thousands march for Palestine in London

Corbyn: We cannot stay silent at the denial of Palestinian people’s rights

Israeli Apartheid Week: An even bigger success in 2019

Gaza artists continue to urge Eurovision performers to respect picket line

Updated: Army kills one Palestinian, injures 30, including 4 children and one medic, in Gaza

Army injures six Palestinians, including one who suffered eye injury, in Jerusalem

Hundreds of wounded Gaza protesters risk limb amputation without immediate help, warns top UN official

P.A: “Deal of the century; an official American recognition of Israeli apartheid in Palestine”

Calls for protests in support of Palestine against ‘attempts to annihilate the cause’

Soldiers shoot a Palestinian in northern Gaza

Israel signals cease-fire with Gaza to end deadly escalation

Israeli lobby in US wants to criminalize ‘disagreement with Jews’

Iran condemns Israel’s attacks killing 18 Palestinians

Army kills two Palestinians in Gaza, one Israeli killed by Palestinian shell

Gaza violence enters 3rd day, UN voices concern

Palestine urges international intervention to end escalation in Gaza

Palestinian killed by Israel shelling in northern Gaza Strip

Two Palestinians killed by Israeli airstrike, another dies of wounds in Gaza protest

Islamic Jihad denies Israel's accusations of firing rocket from Gaza

Sweden ‘proud’ to have recognized Palestine, will continue to support it: Foreign minister

Palestinians launch global diplomatic campaign against U.S. Mideast peace deal

British filmmakers call on UK cinemas to boycott Israeli film festival

Palestinian dies from serious wounds suffered a week earlier near Nablus

Israeli soldiers injure an elderly Palestinian woman in Yatta

Soldiers attack the weekly procession in Kufur Qaddoum

Coalition calls for AXA to divest from Israeli apartheid at annual meeting

Illegal colonists poison water well near Hebron

Palestinian man dies during Israeli police chase

Israel's Netanyahu plans to name new settlement in Golan after Trump

Dozens of Palestinian demonstrators call on UN to end Gaza blockade

Palestinian PM urges U.S. Congress to recognize Palestine state

Israeli colonist runs over a Palestinian child near Bethlehem

Army injures six protesters, including two journalists, abducts French peace activist, in Kufur Qaddoum

Israeli settler kills Palestinian woman after ramming her with car, soldiers shoot and seriously injures teen

US Congresswoman proposes cutting Israel aid

France insurance firm AXA divests from Israel arms manufacturer

Jordanians show support for His Majesty King Abdullah’s position on Jerusalem, Palestinian cause

EU rejects Israeli claim to Golan, other occupied territory

Israeli soldiers fire live rounds at fishermen and farmers in Gaza

Palestinian child dies of injuries sustained two weeks ago

Palestinian shot in face by Israeli forces

Mladenov: UN remains fully committed to working with Palestinians

Army shoots a Palestinian near Nablus

WHO demands protection of health workers, facilities amid Gaza protests

Army kills a child, injures 66 Palestinians, in Gaza

University students rally in support of Jerusalem

Russia's Putin: US recognition of Israel's Golan sovereignty illegal

Arab League calls for ‘international response’ to Netanyahu’s West Bank remarks

Israeli troops shoot live gunfire toward farmers and fishers in Gaza

UK condemns Israel over occupied West Bank plans

Beto O'Rourke slams ‘racist’ Netanyahu ahead of Israeli elections

Trump’s IRGC move shows his total subservience to Netanyahu’s Zionist agenda: Scholar

Turkey fumes at Netanyahu over West Bank annexation remark

Netanyahu not to evacuate ‘single’ settler from West Bank

Palestinian official slams Netanyahu's remarks on Gaza, Israeli settlement

Jordanian FM says continued Israeli occupation obstructs peace

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres calls on world to do more for Palestinian refugees

Israeli forces injure 80 Gazans

Army injures several Palestinians near Nablus

Israel Apartheid Week kicks off in South Africa

One Palestinian killed, another wounded, in attack by Israeli settler near Nablus

Palestinian killed by Israeli forces in Qalandia

Young Palestinian injured by Israeli forces dies in Gaza

Harvard undergrad council votes to fund Israeli Apartheid Week

Palestinian cause will remain foremost concern for all Arabs, King

Fourth Palestinian killed in Israel border clashes: Gaza ministry

Arab League expected to oppose US decision over Golan Heights

Thousands show solidarity with Palestine in London

Land Day: Israeli soldiers kill three Palestinians, injure 316, in Gaza

Israeli soldiers kill one Palestinian in Gaza

Israeli soldiers injure many Palestinians in Al-Biereh

Israel to approve 4,500 new settlement units in West Bank

Palestinian president reiterates independent state "inevitable"

Report: 95% of Palestinian children detained by Israel were tortured

Israeli soldiers shoot eight Palestinians in Gaza

EU does not recognize Israeli soverignty over Golan Heights

Israel official reveals plan to change Golan Heights’ demographic balance

Big powers slam US at UN over Golan decision

Israeli forces kill paramedic in Deheishe refugee camp, in Bethlehem

Palestinian teen killed in clashes with Israeli troops

Arab League: Countries that move embassies to Jerusalem risk relations with Arab world

Israeli military continues bombarding Gaza despite Egyptian attempts to negotiate ceasefire

Hezbollah leader urges Arabs to resist Israel's violations, aggression

Top Democratic presidential hopefuls shun AIPAC as US discourse shifts on Israel

Golan: Expected US policy shift reflects disdain for rights

Palestinian dies from serious wounds he suffered in Gaza

Hamas hails UN resolution condemning Israeli occupation

In fresh protest in Gaza, Israelis kill 2 Palestinians

Settlers attack Palestinian village near Nablus

Syria vows to recover Israeli-occupied Golan Heights as allies slam Trump decision

Story of Ahmad Manasra: Killed while trying to save a family from Israeli soldiers

Turkish FM slams US decision on Golan Heights

Palestinian government calls for international protection for Palestinians

Ashrawi: Failure to hold Israel accountable is boosting its extremist racist politics

Palestine Conference: Jerusalem is the eternal capital of Palestine

Israel’s killing of Gazans may amount to war crimes: UN

ICC urged to investigate Israel settlement expansion on Palestinian land

15th annual Israeli Apartheid Week opens worldwide

Christchurch terrorist visited Israel in 2016: officials

Israel approves plan to reoccupy Gaza

Israeli warplanes attack Gaza

Palestinian president slams US dropping 'occupied' in report

US human rights report drops reference to Golan Heights being 'occupied'

Palestinian youth shot dead in Israeli-occupied West Bank

Palestinian dies from wounds suffered on Match 1st in Gaza

Turkey urges world to react against Israeli aggression

Palestinian dies from serious wounds suffered in February

Poll: 85% of Kuwaitis reject normalisation with Israel

Hamas: Israel must lift Gaza siege

Israeli forces kill 1 Palestinian, wound 42 others in Gaza

Israel trying to provoke US into attacking Iran: Academic

Israeli soldiers kill a Palestinian child in Gaza

Palestine calls for boycott of US consulate-embassy

Two Palestinian children killed in blaze after Israel blocks fire brigade

Israeli soldiers shoot two Palestinians, one seriously, near Hebron

Israeli forces shoot, injure 2 Palestinians in Gaza

Ashrawi: Global community must defend Palestine against ‘rogue’ states

Arab parliaments call for ending normalisation with Israel

Settlers & soldiers attack Palestinian farmers

ISM report: Palestinians in prayer shot with rubber-coated steel bullets, tear gas

Playground collapses in Jerusalem due to Israeli excavations

PLO slams U.S. move to lower diplomatic representation to Palestine

Palestine FM: Refugees’ lives are better thanks to UNRWA

Corbyn calls for UK to condemn Israel’s targeting of Palestinians

PCHR: “Israeli forces wound 83 civilians, including 23 children, woman, 3 paramedics, and journalist, in Gaza”

UN Security Council: Israel intentionally shot disabled, children & journalists in Gaza

UN rights panel says Israel's Gaza killings might constitute war crimes

Hamas: Israel must be held accountable for Gaza crimes

Activists announce 15th annual Israeli Apartheid Week

Palestinian workers attacked at Jerusalem-Bethlehem checkpoint

Israeli soldiers shoot four Palestinians in Gaza

EU, Arab League slam Israeli occupation, land grab policies

Israeli soldiers shoot three Palestinians in southern Gaza

IOF raze 28 dunums of land, uproot 300 trees

Press targeted during peaceful protest in Al-Khalil

Israel burying nuclear waste in Syria’s Golan: UN

Israel concealing 300,000 documents about Palestinian massacres

US Corporations funding Israeli settlements

Eurovision to entertain Israeli soldiers, promote settlements

Palestinian diplomat says final statement of LAS-EU summit to stress need to end Israeli occupation

Israeli soldiers fire on shepherd in Gaza

Settler assaults WAFA journalist in Hebron

Jordan's parliament calls for increased support to UN Palestinian refugee agency

Israeli soldiers kill one child, injure 41 Palestinians, in Gaza

Hamas: Palestinians continue to defy Israel and protect Al-Aqsa

Israeli soldiers injure 30 schoolchildren in Hebron

Arab League chief voices full support to Palestinian cause

Soldiers assault a blind man in his home, near Bethlehem

Israeli soldiers injure ten Palestinians in Nablus

Israel approves 464 new colonialist units in occupied Jerusalem

Jordan ambassador calls for dismissing Israel envoy

John Legend says it's time to 'speak up' for the rights of Palestinians

Hebrew University professor says Israel tests weapons on Palestinian children

Yemen: Thousands demonstrate against Israel normalisation

Qatar: We will continue to support Gaza

Israeli soldiers, navy, open fire at farmers and fishermen, in Gaza

Israeli soldiers injure 20 Palestinians in Gaza

UN urges Israel to lift Palestinian movement limits

End EU funding to Israel – Ní Riada call

Israeli soldiers, navy, fire at farmers, shepherds and fishermen in Gaza

Israel intensifying ‘settlement ring’ around Jerusalem’s Old City, NGO says

Israel blocks planned UNSC visit to occupied Palestinian territories

Palestinian teenage protester dies after being hit by tear gas canister

5 Palestinians injured during clashes in northern Gaza

Israeli settlers attack, wound Palestinian shepherd

Israel prevents Palestinians from documenting Hebron settler crimes

Saudi Arabia reaffirms stance on Palestinian statehood

Israeli army admits the Palestinian motorcyclist they killed had no explosives

US Congresswomen openly endorse BDS

Israeli settlers, army, attack school near Nablus

Iran backs Palestine's "resistance" against Israel: FM

The Netherlands to recognize West Bank & Gaza as birthplaces for Palestinians

Israel lobby losing power in US as BDS gains traction

Outraged Palestinian mourners bury 2 teens killed by Israeli gunfire near Gaza's border

Israeli soldiers kill two Palestinian teens, injure eighteen, in Gaza

Palestinian child loses eye to Israeli sniper

US blocks UN motion against Israeli expulsion of TIPH monitors

Ashrawi calls for international inspection of Israel prisons

Dublin National Union of Journalists to support Eurovision boycott

Samidoun calls for action to save life of Walid Khaled Sharaf

Arab League calls on EU to recognise State of Palestine

Israeli gunfire kills Palestinian in northern West Bank

Palestinian succumbs to wounds in Gaza

Israel starts building massive fence on Gaza border

Israel to attack Gaza if protest continues: Netanyahu

Erdogan: Turkey will not turn its back on Palestine

Israeli soldiers injure several Palestinians in Bethlehem

MADA condemns wave of attacks on journalists in West Bank and Gaza

On 45th Friday of Great March of Return and Breaking Siege, Israeli forces wound 98 civilians, including 15 children, 4 women; 2 of them paramedics, and 1 journalist

Jerusalem Archbishop: ‘Everything Palestinian is targeted by Israel’s occupation’

Israeli soldiers shoot three Palestinian schoolchildren, two seriously, in Bethlehem

Israeli settlers enter Palestinian village and shoot one dead

Palestinian dies from wounds he suffered last Friday in Gaza

Amnesty International claims TripAdvisor, Airbnb profiting off Israeli war crimes

PLO official calls for international protection of Palestinians until end of Israeli occupation

Israel threatens to ban Amnesty after report on settlements

Irish bill banning Israeli settlement goods passes

A new settlement bloc crossing the West Bank toward Palestinian valleys

Arab League stresses support for Jerusalem, Palestine, Syria refugees

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