Israeli forces detain 22 Palestinians in West Bank

Israel paves way to extensive demolitions south of Hebron

Britain, Japan condemn Israeli settlement expansion

Jordanian government condemns Israel settlement activity

Arab League: Israel’s settlement policy disregards international will

France condemns resumption of Israeli settlements’ construction in Jerusalem

Trump administration backs down on embassy move

Gaza fisherman critically wounded in Israeli naval attack

Israeli soldiers abduct 13 Palestinians in the West Bank

Trump’s first order of business: Denying Palestinian claim to Jerusalem

White House: U.S. in early stages of moving embassy to Jerusalem

US politicians under control of Zionist lobby

Israel approves new settlements in supposed affront to United Nations

Palestinian child injured by Israeli army fire in northern Gaza

Israel’s right wing has grand plans for Trump era

2700 colonialist units awaiting Trump’s inauguration

Palestinians rally against possible US embassy relocation to al-Quds

Gazans protest Israeli house demolitions in the Negev

2 more Palestinians killed as tensions continue in occupied territories

Israeli forces attack farmers, fishermen in Gaza

Palestinian factions announce deal to form National Unity Government after talks in Moscow

Israeli occupation demolish Palestinian structures in Nablus, Jerusalem

Israelis kill Palestinian teen during protest in West Bank

Israeli minister: Palestinians can't stop US embassy move

French FM: Moving US embassy to Jerusalem would have extreme consequences

Palestinians call for wide support to outcomes achieved in Paris

Palestine appeals to Russia to stop potential US embassy relocation

Palestinian protestors call on Paris conference to end the Israeli occupation

Paris conference to push for peace with wary eye on Trump

Israeli forces detain 15 Palestinians in West Bank, Jerusalem

Israel detains 36 Palestinians, including a senior Fatah official and former governor

Palestinians in Israel protest against demolition of their homes

Obama says Netanyahu policy making Palestinian state impossible

United Nations prepares blacklist of Israeli companies working in settlements

Israeli forces kill Palestinian man in occupied West Bank

Hamas expects Egypt to ease the siege of Gaza

Truck-ramming attack kills 4 Israeli soldiers, injures 18 in East Jerusalem al-Quds

End the siege on Gaza in 2017

Palestinian group monitors escalating Israeli land grabs

French supermarket labels Israeli settlement products

Israeli occupation open fire on Palestinian Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health

Israeli occupation demolish 10 water wells near Bethlehem

Israel ignores UNSC settlement resolution

Lower House praises UNSC's decision on Israeli settlements

Israeli forces arrest 30 Palestinians in West Bank

JHCO sends humanitarian assistance to Gaza

Israeli occupation demolish Bedouin homes in East Jerusalem

Recent international support signals world rejection of Israeli policies

Abbas: Israeli settlement on lands of state of Palestine will demise

Israeli army abducts two Palestinians in Qalqilia and Jenin

Jordan holds Israeli government responsible for any violation against Al Aqsa Mosque

PLO official urges ICC to investigate Israeli settlements

176 settlers break into the yards of Al-Aqsa mosque

Israel hands out demolition threats to 20 Palestinian-owned facilities

Boycott move buoyed by United Nations resolution

Israel to approve thousands of housing units in response to United Nations anti-settlement vote

Arab League welcomes anti-settlements resolution

Israeli PM says will not abide by UN resolution

UK’s largest student union endorses BDS movement

Palestinian child dies from wounds suffered after soldiers shot him in October

Israel seeking to occupy all Palestinian lands

Palestine campaigners take British government to court

United Nations Security Council passes resolution to end Israeli settlements

Israeli forces kill Palestinian teenage boy

Israeli forces detain 13 Palestinians, including three minors from Jerusalem

Trump calls for veto of United Nations resolution on West Bank settlements

Foreign Minister Malki hopes United States will not veto anti-settlements resolution

Amnesty slams Israel’s detention of Palestinian human rights defender

Palestinians pushing for United Nations resolution against settlements by year end

Israel to pursue settlement expansion under Trump presidency

Israeli bill to legalise settlements must be rejected, insists Arab League

Israeli soldiers kill a Palestinian teen near Ramallah

Israeli forces detain six Palestinians in Bethlehem

Detainees Shadeed and Abu Fara continue hunger strike amidst life-threatening health conditions

Israeli soldiers set fire to Palestinian property in Nablus

Israel suppresses weekly Bilin march

United Nations blasts increase in arbitrary detention of Palestinian activists

Zionist lobby preventing West from criticizing Israel

United Nations chief: Settlement bill to have negative consequences for Israel

Important victory: Britain’s largest student union endorses BDS

Israeli soldiers abduct 24 Palestinians, including nine children and a woman, in Jerusalem

European Union: 1,221 Palestinians homeless due to Israel’s 2016 demolitions

Israel, biggest force behind wars in Middle East

PNA urges International effort to protect Palestinians

Israeli bulldozers demolish Palestinian house in Jerusalem

Iranian leader calls for resistance, unity among Palestinian groups against Israel

Palestinian child hit and run by Israeli settler

European dignitaries: Anti-BDS measures violate human rights

British citizen tortured by Israel’s secret police

Iran says Israeli settlement expansion plan against international law

Groundbreaking statement by 200 European legal scholars upholds right to BDS

Two Palestinians killed in Gaza lifeline tunnel collapse

United Nations criticises Israel settlement law that would legalise 4,000 West Bank homes

Jewish settlers storm Al Aqsa Mosque yards

Israel lobby seeking to push Washington away from JCPOA

Israeli forces raze agricultural lands near Nablus

Bill to annex West Bank settlements moves forward in Knesset

Arab League calls for greater effort to end Israeli occupation

Ashrawi: Israeli efforts to legalize settlements require urgent action

Israel gives eviction orders to 8 facilities in the Negev

Kerry lambasts Israeli ministers who oppose Palestinian statehood

4 Palestinians die as Egypt floods Gaza tunnel

Palestinian injured by Israeli army fire in Gaza

Israeli soldiers attack the weekly nonviolent protest in Bil’in

UN passes resolution calling on Israel to withdraw from Syria’s Golan Heights

Palestinian hunger strikers on brink of death

US Senate passes bill critics warn targets Palestine solidarity activism

Israeli troops shoot, injure worker near Bethlehem

Israeli forces detain 12 Palestinians from Jerusalem, Qalqilia

Israeli forces continue systematic crimes in the occupied Palestinian territory

18 countries on six continents standing up this week for Palestine

Israel plots largest settlement expansion in occupied Syrian Golan since 1980

Israeli soldiers abduct a Palestinian near Jenin, detain many

Iran expresses grave concerns over Israel’s continued crimes

Israeli army bulldozers level lands in Gaza Strip

Israeli soldiers abduct eleven Palestinians in the West Bank

Israeli soldiers torture Palestinian children

Israeli soldiers abduct two Palestinians in Qalandia refugee camp

Army abducts two Palestinians in Jerusalem and Bethlehem

Short time left for Obama to recognize Palestine, Carter writes

Israeli soldiers attack the weekly protest in Ni’lin

Army attacks the weekly protest in Kufur Qaddoum

Hunger striking detainee moved to hospital

Palestine investigation committee to name Arafat assassins

Gaza healthcare faces real disaster due to fuel cuts

France to label products from Israeli colonies

Settlers set fire to farming land south of Nablus

Israeli soldiers abduct ten Palestinians in the West Bank

Israel issues 25 administrative detention orders against Palestinians

Norwegian city boycotts Israeli settlements

Israeli occupation bulldozers demolish Palestinian homes in Lod

Israel poised to demolish Palestinian village

NGO: Israel revives plan for 500 homes in Jerusalem settlement

Israeli forces detain 16 Palestinians in West Bank

Presidential spokesman: Israel is destroying any chance of negotiations

Amnesty: Charges against Palestinian activist must be dropped

Israeli soldiers fatally shoot Palestinian man in West Bank

Activist: Israel lying about stabbing attacks by Palestinians

Iran urges IAEA's action against Israeli nuke program

Israel stops weekly marches in Bilin, Kafr Qaddum

ICC affirms occupied status of Gaza and East Jerusalem in new update

Israeli soldiers gun down Palestinian protester in Gaza Strip

Norwegian city votes to boycott Israeli settlement products

Israeli soldiers abduct 19 Palestinians in the West Bank

Israel increases demolitions of Palestinian properties

United States censures Israel over legalizing illegal settlements

Will state of Palestine be Obama's legacy

Israeli soldiers injure three Palestinians in Gaza

Freedom March: Stop demolishing of Palestinian homes

Palestine's Abbas wants Moscow to play effective role in peace process

Palestine Ambassador hopes Trump to work with Moscow on Israel-Palestine issue

Thirteen Palestinians detained in Jenin, Bethlehem raids

Abbas at Arafat rally: 2017 year to end the occupation

Iran: No threat is more dangerous than the Zionist regime

Abbas urges Trump to work towards Palestinian state

Jewish settlers storm "Joseph Tomb" in Nablus

European Union diplomats call on Israel to remove Gaza siege

European Union committee recommends Israel pays for Area C demolitions

Israeli forces detain 12 Palestinians in occupied West Bank raids

Israeli settlers attack olive pickers, injure three

United Nations peace envoy: No peace without Palestinian-Israeli solution

Military and other aid to Israel is unconstitutional

Iran urges end to abhorrent Israeli regime occupation

Over 50 Palestinians detained by Israel in two days

Protesters picket UK embassy on 99th anniversary of Balfour Declaration

Israel gives go-ahead for 181 new illegal settlement units

Extremist settler runs over Palestinian young man

Israel is denying Palestine's right to development, says United Nations human rights expert

Israel to build 180 housing units in Jerusalem settlement

Israeli demolition orders met with clashes in Bedouin village

UNESCO affirms again Al Aqsa is Haram Al Sharif

Israel demolishes residents building in Jerusalem

BDS activists urge chefs to ‘take apartheid off the menu’

Palestinian man and his wife injured after being rammed by a settler’s car

Arab League denounces Israeli PM’s remarks on Al-Aqsa

Israel minister: ‘we will completely destroy’ Gaza in next war

Palestinians prepare to mark 100 years for Balfour Declaration

Israeli soldiers kidnap twenty Palestinians in Jerusalem

Israel issue 46 administrative detention orders against Palestinian detainees

German submarines with nuclear capability destined for Israel

Israeli settlers take over Palestinian-owned land in Jordan Valley

Israeli troops gun down Palestinian stone-thrower in West Bank

Palestine calls for anti-settlement resolution

Majority of Palestinian kids tortured in Israeli detention

Israeli forces kill Palestinian girl in West Bank

As UNESCO board formally adopts Jerusalem resolution, cabinet welcomes vote

United Nations official: Israeli blockade delaying Gaza reconstruction

UNESCO votes on Palestine resolutions opposed by Israel

PLO official calls for international intervention to protect Palestinians

At least 20 injured as Israeli forces open fire on protest

Palestinians push for United Nations membership and against settlements

Israeli forces shoot and kill 10-year-old Palestinian boy

Israeli soldiers kill Palestinian youth in West Bank

Two Palestinians injured by Israeli fire in Bethlehem

Palestinian FM: UN Security Council to hold special sessions on Israeli settlements

Israel demolishes 22 structures in Jordan Valley

Israeli soldiers, police, demolishes Al-Araqeeb Bedouin village

Army attacks the weekly procession in Kufur Qaddoum

European Union calls on Israel to halt settlement expansion in occupied West Bank

Activist: United States paralyzed by Israeli control

White House accuses Israel of betraying trust

World condemns new Israeli settlement units in West Bank

PLO condemns Israel’s takeover of Gaza bound aid boat

Women hope to break Gaza sea blockade

Israel intercepts boat seeking to break Gaza blockade

Syria United Nations envoy: Israel supporting terror in occupied Golan Heights

Ban Ki-moon calls on Israel to halt illegal settlement activities

Prisoner says he was tortured while in Israeli detention

Israel okays building of 300 settler units in West Bank

Israeli forces injure 6 in Gaza

Rights organizations urge Obama to investigate Israeli killing of United States citizen

Extremist settlers storm Al-Aqsa compound

Israeli forces arrest 26 Palestinians, including MP

Amnesty raps Israel for unlawful killings of Palestinians

Israeli forces destroy water wells in Hebron

Iranian Official: Certain countries are not living up to their NPT commitments

Tel Aviv regime ramps up aggression against Palestinians

Trump pledges to recognize Jerusalem as Israeli capital

FIFA accused of financially supporting Israel

United States intellectuals call for boycott of Israeli settlements

Israeli forces detain 10 Palestinians in West Bank, Jerusalem

Israel destroys national park near Hebron

Three Palestinians shot and wounded in Israeli raid

Mahmoud Abbas: 2017 should mark end of Israeli occupation

Greece, Cyprus assert support for Palestinian state with Jerusalem as capital

Israeli guards shoot Palestinian at crossing

Israeli soldiers shoot, kill Palestinian teenager in southern West Bank

Israel places 36 Palestinians in administrative detention

120 Palestinian inmates on hunger strike in solidarity with 3 prisoners

Israeli forces detain 19 Palestinians in overnight West Bank raids

Scores of settlers desecrate Al-Aqsa Mosque

Many Palestinians injured, store burnt, by Israeli gas bombs near Jerusalem

Israeli soldiers kidnap six Palestinians near Nablus

Israeli army kills a Palestinian child in Hebron

Dozens march in Bil’in’s weekly nonviolent protest

Israeli forces shoot dead three people in West Bank

Medics: Israeli soldiers' gunfire kills Palestinian young man near Hebron

Soldiers kidnap nine Palestinians in the West Bank

Rights group: Israel approved over 2,600 new settler units in 2016

United Nations chief slams Bibi’s support for settlement expansion in West Bank

European Union legislators slam Israeli human rights violations

Turkey to continue Gaza aid, PM tells Hamas leader

Two Palestinians seriously injured after being crushed by an Israeli vehicle in Hebron

US and Israel agree on new record military aid

Women’s Boat to Gaza set to start journey to besieged Palestinian enclave

Palestinian child killed in Bethlehem after being rammed by an Israeli car

Israeli forces open fire at Palestinian homes along Gaza borders

Israeli forces kill Palestinian youth in Gaza

Hunger striking detainee Malek Qadi facing imminent death

Israeli forces detain 18 Palestinians

Israeli bulldozers raze farmland, demolish wells in Hebron area

Israel starts building concrete wall around besieged Gaza

Israeli police retract story on shooting dead of Jerusalem resident

Lebanon seeks United Nations help in ending Israeli violations

Israeli police kill Palestinian in Jerusalem over alleged attack attempt

Israeli forces arrest 19 Palestinians in West Bank

PM Hamdallah: Israel is pushing for an apartheid state

Israel to deploy machine gun-equipped autonomous vehicles along Gaza border

ICC panel to visit Palestinian territories over crimes probe

European Union condemns latest Israeli settlement plans

Palestinians urge United Nations to help halt Israeli settlement construction

Israel okays 466 settlement homes in occupied West Bank

Palestinians clash with Israeli occupation troops in Nablus

UN Official: Situation in blockaded Gaza grim

Israeli soldiers arrest 19 Palestinians

Israel demolishes home in Jerusalem’s Sur Baher district

Israeli forces detain 14 Palestinians in West Bank raids

Amnesty urges investigation into allegations Israel tortured World Vision employee

Israeli forces demolish 8 Palestinian structures in Jerusalem

United Nations: Israel ignoring international calls to halt settlement activities

Israeli soldiers open fire on farmers in Gaza

Israeli forces attack non-violent weekly protest in Bil’in village

IOF kill Palestinian man near Ramallah

Israeli forces shoot and wound two Palestinians in Bethlehem

Israeli soldiers kidnap twelve Palestinians in the West Bank

Interior minister: We will not spare an effort to provide facilities to Palestinian pilgrims

UK: Israel sold weapons to Argentina at the peak of Falklands War

Israel issues administrative detention orders against 66 detainees

Portuguese government withdraws from project with Israeli police following BDS pressure

Palestine PMO: Israel’s horrific treatment of Bilal Kayed amounts to torture

Israeli forces detain eight Palestinians in Hebron, Tulkarm

UN agency urges investigation into Israeli killing of Palestinian teenager

Two Palestinians injured in Israeli bombing north of Gaza

Israel plans to build new Jewish settlement units in Hebron

Israeli forces injure Palestinian youth, detain another in West Bank

3 injured as Israeli forces attack Palestinian rally in West Bank

Israel extends Palestinian journalist’s detention

Negev: Bedouin-owned properties demolished by Israeli forces

Israelis raid Palestinian village, injure several

Israeli army razes Palestinian cultivated lands in Hebron

Al-Azhar condemns Israeli violations against Al-Aqsa Mosque

Army kidnaps 24 Palestinians in the West Bank

Malaysia reaffirms support for Palestine

Israeli army kills a teen in Hebron, injures 59 Palestinians

Document reveals Israeli plan to annex Hebron land

Israeli soldiers & settlers invade al-Aqsa Mosque, 18 Palestinians injured

US opposes Israel’s plan to relocate Amona outpost to adjacent Palestinian land

Foreign Ministry calls for Israel to face sanctions for settlement construction

PHROC calls for immediate investigations into threats against human rights defenders

Israel erases Palestine-related contents from school books in Jerusalem

Campaign demanding Google add Palestine on map

Israeli soldiers kidnap at least ten Palestinians in Jerusalem

Soldiers attack the weekly protest in Kufur Qaddoum

Israel flayed for continuous demolition of Palestinian homes

Palestinian hospitalized after Israeli soldiers assaulted him in Jerusalem

Israeli navy opens fire on Palestinian fishing boats in Gaza

Israeli police detain four Palestinians in Jerusalem camp raid

ICC-based Palestinian human rights worker receiving death threats

Ashrawi: Israel’s provocative and destructive policies require immediate intervention

Elderly Palestinan man killed after run over by Israeli motorcycle

Army raids Al Duheisha refugee camp, 7 injured by live fire

Israel to demolish home near Nablus

US to respond harshly if Israel demolishes Palestinian village Sussia

IOF demolish facilities in Nablus, homes in Yatta

PMO: Morbid silence emboldens Israel to commit acts of injustice

Israel forms committee to identify, deport boycott activists

OCHA: 40% Increase of demolished homes in Occupied Jerusalem

13 Palestinians injured in clashes with soldiers in Nablus towns

Israeli forces open fire at Gaza farmers east of Khan Younes

Six Palestinians injured, one seriously, by Israeli army fire in Gaza

Norwegian, Japanese and Spanish delegates participate in Bil’in’s weekly nonviolent protest

US grilled for inaction over Israeli illegal settlement

Google slammed for removing Palestine from its maps

MAS announces the date for its Economic Conference: Towards a new vision for the revival of the Palestinian economy

Army kidnaps ten Palestinians in Jerusalem

Israel to sign largest ever American military aid pact

Two Palestinians shot, injured as Israeli settlers storm Nablus Joseph’s Tomb

Israeli bulldozers demolish car showroom, mobile stores in Jerusalem village

PM calls on international community to stop Israeli destruction of Palestinian villages

PA warns of Israeli measures to Judaise Ibrahimi Mosque

Army kidnaps 16 Palestinians in Doura, 3 in Sa’ir and 1 in Surif, in the Hebron district

Palestinian shot, killed at checkpoint under alleged stab attempt

Israel to receive $40 billion in US military aid

PLO Ashrawi discusses Israel's violations of international law with New Zealand representative to PA

Several Palestinians, journalists and peace activists injured in Kufur Qaddoum

Army injures seven Palestinians, kidnaps three, in Jenin

Army kidnaps a teen, peace activist, in Bil’in weekly nonviolent protest

Jordan committed to continued support for Palestinians

United States envoy Kerry to meet with Palestinian leader Abbas

Four injured in Israeli raid on Palestinian refugee camp

Israeli army kidnaps 16 Palestinians in wide West Bank raids

One Palestinian killed by Israeli soldiers in Hebron

Palestinian woman dies of wounds suffered 15 years ago

United Nations: Israel’s excessive demolitions in Qalandiya undermines West Bank development

Israeli army targets Palestinians along Gaza borders with gunfire

Israeli forces demolish 11 Palestinian homes north Jerusalem

Israeli government urged to reject bill legalizing expropriation of private Palestinian land

Palestinians seek to sue Britain over 1917 Balfour Declaration

Israeli forces arrest 16 Palestinians from the West Bank

Israeli army shoots, critically injures youth in Hebron-area clashes

The only survivor of Dawabsheh family returns to Doma

King Salman supports Gaza projects

Israeli army opens fire on Palestinian homes, land along Gaza borders

Army kidnaps five Palestinians in Jerusalem, injure one near Bethlehem

European Parliament delegation visits EU-funded projects in Gaza

Israel demolishes Palestinian structures in Jerusalem

Jerusalem: Israel approves settlement project along light trail in Old City

Army injures a Palestinian farmer in central Gaza

Israeli soldiers kidnap sixteen Palestinians in the West Bank

Jewish settlers torch Palestinian home in Nablus

Palestinian Cabinet: Netanyahu is misleading the international community

Israeli forces shoot and kill Palestinian boy

Settler runs over Palestinian child

Israeli soldiers demolish several structures in Silwan

Soldiers kidnap four Palestinians in Bethlehem, five in Jerusalem

Amal-Hope to sail from Barcelona on September 14

Five Palestinians injured in clashes with Israeli forces

Israeli forces arrest 14 Palestinians in West Bank

Israel orders halt on construction of homes in Jordan Valley

Israel orders halt on construction of water well in Hebron

Palestine extends deepest condolences and sympathies to the victims of the terror attack in Nice

Army injures six Palestinians in Gaza

Three Palestinians shot, injured in Ramallah village raid

IOF open fire on Palestinian, Shuafat

Israel approves 90 settlement units near Jerusalem

Army kills a young Palestinian man, injures another, in Jerusalem

Cuba criticizes inaction by Security Council over Palestine

Several Palestinians injured by Israeli army fire in Hebron

Settlers torch farmers’ lands west of Ramallah

UNESCO to Israel: Hands off Old City of al-Quds

Israeli occupation raid homes, arrest 14 Palestinians all over West Bank

Israeli government approves $13m for Kiryat Arba settlements

Egypt’s Foreign Minister pushes for 2-state solution in rare visit to Israel

International community violates obligation to ensure Palestinian right to self-determination

Jordan backs full restoration of Palestinian rights

More Turkish aid arrives in Gaza

United Nations double standards with regards to Israel

Palestinians, international peace activists, hold weekly protest in Bil’in

Israeli minister: Kidnap top Hamas officials

Gaza: Two years on still no justice for war crimes victims

Israeli soldiers kidnap five Palestinians in Hebron

European Union: Israel’s decision to build in settlements threatens the viability of the two-state solution

PLO slams Israel for building 800 settler homes around Jerusalem

Israel approves plans to build 800 new settler units

Israeli forces detain 34 Palestinians in West Bank, Jerusalem

Palestinian Authority condemns increasing settler terrorism

Turkish aid ship arrives at Israeli seaport

Israeli PM approves 40 new settler units in West Bank

Israeli soldiers kidnap ten Palestinians, including a journalist, in Jerusalem

Icelanders vote to join boycott on Israeli products

US sweetening military aid deal for Israel

Turkey government officials see off Gaza-bound aid ship after Israel deal

Israeli soldiers kill a pregnant Palestinian woman in Hebron

Video: Israeli gas bombs kill a Palestinian man near the Qalandia Terminal, 40 injured

Army injures at least ten Palestinians near Qalandia

Iranian official: We will not recognize Israel

Quartet report: Israel must cease settlement expansion in Palestine

Millions rally across world to mark International Quds Day

Israeli army opens fire on farmers in central and southern Gaza

Israeli soldiers kidnap fourteen Palestinians in the West Bank

Israel detains eight Palestinians in West Bank, Jerusalem

Activist: Israel making life miserable for Palestinians

Iran slams Israel’s atrocities in Palestine ahead of Quds Day

Abbas says who wants two states must stop creating facts on the ground

Palestinian injured, dozens suffocate in Hebron towns clashes

African Group lashes out at Israeli occupation

Scholar: Israel spreading Islamophobia in West

Pro-Israel group loses High Court ruling over councils’ boycott resolutions

Official stats: All prisoners jailed by Israel were tortured

Human rights groups urge global action to end severe torture by Israeli authorities

Israel injures 29 Palestinians in new clashes at al-Aqsa

Israeli premier vows to continue Gaza blockade after Turkey deal

Jordan condemns Israeli violations in Jerusalem

Kuwait social security body divests from G4S after BDS campaign

Israeli army kidnaps eleven Palestinians, three South Africans, in the West Bank, injures five

Palestinian water taps run dry

United Nations experts urge Israeli lawmakers to halt proposed legislation targeting civil society groups

Israeli soldiers shot Palestinian boy deliberately, claims B’Tselem

Israeli forces detain four Palestinians from Jenin, Hebron

Soldiers attack the weekly protest in Kufur Qaddoum

Palestinian woman shot dead after her car hits Israeli vehicle

Moroccan Jew leads boycott campaign against Israeli dates

Israeli soldiers kidnap ten Palestinians in the occupied West Bank

Israel launches four-pronged war against BDS

Abbas: End to Israel occupation to eradicate global terrorism

Abbas: We support the French initiative. Israel must end its occupation

Minister of National Economy: Palestine will request to enter World Trade Organization

Palestinian Prime Minister renews call for international protection

United Nations chief to embark on Middle East tour

Netanyahu: Israel not ready to ratify nuclear test ban treaty

Army kidnaps twelve Palestinians in the West Bank

Army admits slain Palestinian child was a bystander

Palestinian youth dies of wounds sustained in May

At least 65 Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike in Israeli jails

Israelis poisoning Palestinian water wells

Israel must arrest Jewish rabbi calling to poison Palestinians’ water

Army kidnaps fourteen Palestinians, including two women, in the West Bank

Israeli government provides $18 M for illegal West Bank settlements

PLO condemns Israeli government's approval of financial aid to settlements

Israeli army runs over youth, detains 3 others

Hamdallah: Israel is waging a water war against Palestinians

Israeli soldiers attack Palestinian protesters in West Bank

UNRWA report: Siege on Gaza illegal and violates humanitarian law

Two injured by Israeli fire during raids on Aida camp, Bethlehem

Aid convoy arrives in Gaza

Army injures three Palestinian detainees in Nafha prison

Outrage as Israel OKs new settler homes in East Jerusalem

Israel cuts water supplies in West Bank amid heat, Ramadan

European Union: 95% of water in Gaza unfit for human use

Army kidnaps three Palestinians in Jerusalem, one in Bethlehem

Palestinian prisoner held in administrative detention after completing 15 year term

Muslim world angered by Israel election as UN committee chair

Human Rights campaigners welcome Irish support of boycotting Israel

Army kidnaps fifteen Palestinians in the West Bank

Israeli settlers bulldoze Palestinian lands, northern West Bank

United Nations report: Israel primary cause of Palestinian suffering

Over 130 Jewish settlers storm Al-Aqsa Mosque complex

Greek MPs: Greece will soon recognize State of Palestine

Israeli forces detain 11 Palestinians in West Bank, Jerusalem

Israeli army attacks weekly protest in Kufur Qaddoum

Bil’in holds the weekly protest against the wall, colonies

Israeli soldiers kidnap six Palestinians in Hebron

Army kidnaps six Palestinians in the West Bank

Israeli army kidnaps eleven Palestinians in the West Bank

Jewish settlers raze Palestinian land near Bethlehem

Israeli forces detain 16 Palestinians from West Bank

Nominating Israel to chair UNGA committee like asking the wolf to guard sheep

Israeli human rights organization says evidence of second execution in March incident

Israeli army kidnaps nine Palestinians in the West Bank

Israel to demolish two homes in Nablus village

NY governor blacklists BDS supporters

Indonesia reaffirms support for Palestine at Paris meeting

Palestinian dies of serious wounds suffered Friday

Israel plans massive settlement expansion

Israeli soldiers kidnap seventeen Palestinians in the West Bank

Settlers attempt to set fire to Jerusalem store

Palestinian journalist and human rights defender’s interrogation extended once more by Israeli court

ICC urged to launch investigation into Israeli crimes

Army kidnaps a Palestinian near Hebron

Israeli forces open fire at Gaza farmers, shepherds east of Khan Younis

Many injured in Bil’in’s weekly nonviolent protest

Two Palestinians injured, one seriously, in Nablus

Palestinian government slams Rabbi’s threats to destroy Al-Aqsa

Israeli forces kill Palestinian woman over alleged stabbing attempt

Watch Israeli kicking knife towards dead Palestinian body

Army kidnaps three Palestinians in Tulkarem, two in Hebron

Palestine PMO: Gaza reconstruction going strong despite Israeli obstacles

Israel releases West Bank arsonist from prison

Shaked: No Palestinian state with Jewish Home in government

Israeli civil administration remapped 62,000 West Bank hectares to expand settlements

Turkey pledges to meet Gaza’s humanitarian needs

NGO: Israel illegally holding leading Palestinian professor

DCI: Israeli policeman who killed Palestinian teen won’t be charged

Soldiers kidnap two children, injure several others in Bethlehem

Israeli army injures a Palestinian child in Bethlehem

Injuries as Israeli occupation attacks peaceful marchers

European Union Heads of Mission visit Bethlehem, condemn wall and settlements

Israel to demolish homes, sheds, electricity and water networks, near Nablus

Israeli academics promoting campaign to boycott Israel

Israeli Justice Minister: West Bank settlements will continue

Netherlands upholds right to boycott Israel as freedom of expression

Israeli settler runs over child near Bethlehem

Israeli navy opens fire on fishers, army fires on shepherds, in Gaza

Nasrallah calls for comprehensive resistance against Israel

Army kidnaps eleven Palestinians In the West Bank

Palestinian PM: We appreciate French efforts in peace conference

Israeli forces kills Palestinian woman near Quds

Army kidnaps two Palestinians in Jerusalem

Qatar calls on international community to lift Gaza siege

Israeli execution law will apply only to Palestinians, not Israelis

Settlers are daily razing Palestinian lands in northern West Bank

Israel mulls legalizing execution of Palestinians

Israeli occupation open fire on farmers and shepherds, central Gaza

Israel is detaining 20 Palestinian journalists

Israeli occupation to raze European Union-funded water tanks in Beit Ummar town

Thousands of Palestinians protest against Gaza siege

Israeli soldiers kidnap a child near Bethlehem

Over 350 European representatives call on EU to support the right to boycott Israel

Israeli forces open fire on Palestinians along Gaza borderline, man injured

Support for Palestine growing despite media bias

Israel demolishes two homes in Jerusalem

Colonists blocking Palestinians on road network

Israeli army attacks Palestinian farmers along Gaza borderline with gunfire

Israeli soldiers shoot, injure worker near Bethlehem

Support for Palestine a constant in KSA policy

Two Palestinians continue hunger strike against administrative detention

Palestinians demonstrate in Gaza to mark Nakba Day

PLO: United Nations must pressure Israel on Palestinians right to return

Arab Parliament speaker condemns torture of children in Israeli jails

Israeli army kidnaps two, injures dozens in Bil’in’s weekly nonviolent protest

The Nakba at 68: A catastrophe born of discrimination and impunity

Witnesses decry Israeli shoot-to-kill policy against Palestinians

Thousands of Palestinians march for right of return

New Israeli textbook highlights Jewish supremacy

Israel diverting attention by hyping Saudi role in 9/11

Gaza man dies of wounds he sustained back in 2003

Two Palestinians injured, one seriously, by army fire near Jerusalem

Israel issues administrative detention orders against 13 Palestinian detainees

BDS co-founder threatened by Israel and banned from traveling

Army kidnaps five Palestinians in the West Bank

Israeli forces demolish Palestinian owned homes in Bethlehem

OIC appoints first representative in Palestine

Protected by the army: Settlers take over Jerusalem home

Belgian FM voices concern over Israeli settlement expansion

Palestinians in Europe call for international action to deter Israeli violations

Israel to build a new settlement in West Bank

Palestinians protest Israel blockade in Gaza

In new report, United States to take tougher stance against Israeli settlements

Israeli air force fires missiles into Palestinian lands in Khan Younis and Rafah

Army kidnaps a Palestinian, injures another in Qalqilia

Group of settlers attack Palestinian activist in Hebron

Hamas says doesn't want war, but will resist Israeli incursions

Hamas: Israel should withdraw forces from Gaza immediately

Israeli shelling kills Gaza woman

Israeli warplanes bomb Gaza Strip

Trump: "Israel should keep going with West Bank settlements"

Hamas: Israel should withdraw forces from Gaza immediately

Palestinian man killed under alleged run-over of soldiers

Israeli military bombs Gaza border with artillery

Israel snubs United Nations concerns about prisoner abuse in Israeli jails

United Nations committee to grill Israel on torture

PM Hamadallah: Netanyahu is more interested in building settlements than a bridge to peace

Many Palestinians injured in Ni’lin

Israel demolishes agricultural structures in Qalqilia

Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei calls to defend Palestine against Zionists’

French campaign launched focusing on Palestinian children arrested by Israel

Israeli police detain three minors in Jerusalem

United Nations team to discuss conditions of Palestinian prisoners in Israel

Extremist Jewish settlers storm Al-Aqsa Mosque compound

Israeli doctors take part in mistreatment of Palestinian prisoners in solitary confinement

Students from the University of Chile vote for academic boycott of Israeli by a large majority

Israeli forces teargas Palestinian protesters

Janazra enters 57th day of hunger strike while in solitary confinement

Israeli forces shoot, injure Palestinian teen in central West Bank

The woman, who was killed by Israeli soldiers along with her brother, was pregnant

Israeli soldiers at Gaza borders open fire at Palestinian farmers

IOF shot dead Palestinian woman and minor at Qalandia, Wednesday morning

Israeli navy attacks fishermen with gunfire off Gaza

Army kidnap four Palestinians in Jerusalem and Hebron

US pledges largest ever military aid package to Israel

Israeli soldiers kidnap a former political prisoner in Beit Ummar

Army uproots Palestinian farmlands east of Gaza

UNSC rejects Israel’s recent claims over Golan Heights

IOF kidnap Palestinian astrophysicist, Sunday evening

Israeli forces open fire on Palestinian farmers in Gaza

Analyst: 9/11 truth poses existential threat to Israel

Abbas calls for end to Israeli occupation, settlement activities

Army kidnaps twenty Palestinians in Jerusalem

Child injured after Israeli soldiers attacked Kafr Qaddoum weekly protest

Israeli soldiers attack the weekly nonviolent protest in Bil’in

Arab League demands special court to try Israel

Israeli settler severely wounds Palestinian boy in ramming attack in Hebron

Palestinian Prisoners Society: Army kidnaps ten Palestinians in the West Bank

Israel vows to keep up incursions into Palestinian lands

Supply convoy for Jordanian field hospital arrives in Gaza

Israeli soldiers kidnap 41 Palestinians in the West Bank

Palestinians injured as Israel soldiers raid Qalandiya camp in Jerusalem

Merkel: Israel settlement expansion counterproductive to peace

US Vice President criticises Israeli settlement expansion

Israeli soldiers kidnap twelve Palestinians in the West Bank

Israeli navy kidnaps three fishers, injured one, in Gaza waters

Israel demolishes al-Araqib village in Negev

BDS: UNOPS becomes third UN agency in Jordan to drop G4S following campaign

World Bank: PA losing $285m annually under agreements with Israel

IOF kidnap at least five Palestinians in the West Bank

Hebron, Jerusalem students suffocate by Israeli teargas

Israel to demolish many Palestinian homes in Silwan

Israeli army kidnaps thirteen Palestinians in the West Bank

43 journalists detained by Israel in recent months

Israeli colonizers prevent a Palestinian from entering his land in Bethlehem

Israel extends administrative detention of senior Hamas figure

Abbas in France: Palestinian people are suffocating under Israeli policies

City University of New York graduates endorse academic boycott of Israel

Eleven Palestinians injured by Israeli army fire in Gaza

Thursday evening: 5 injured in Hebron, 1 kidnapped in Beit Ummar

Al-Maliki: We are ongoing with preparations to head to Security Council

British MPs’ plea to release Marwan Barghouthi after 14 years

Israeli forces kill another Palestinian in West Bank

Israel approves plans for more than 200 new West Bank colony homes

Israeli soldiers kidnap 31 Palestinians, including 14 elderly men

BDS welcomes Amnesty call to end Israeli intimidation, threats against activists

To save his Middle East legacy, Obama must recognise a Palestinian state now

Kuwait demands Israel joins Non-Proliferation Treaty

Peace Now: Israel accelerates settlement construction in West Bank

Israelis accused of abusing Palestinian minors

Israeli police launch brutal attack on Palestinian inmates in Nafha prison

Army kidnaps thriteen Palestinians in the West Bank

Israeli army fires tear gas inside primary school in Jenin, students suffocate

The logic of murder in Israel: A culture of impunity in full view of the entire world

Amnesty: Israel must cease intimidation of human rights defenders, protect them from attacks

Army injures a child in central Gaza

Israel refuses to give building permits, demolishes homes under constnruction, Bethlehem

Al-Ghanim urges international action against arrogance of Israel

United Nations survey finds displaced Palestinian families in Gaza Strip live in desperate conditions

Abbas says United Nations resolution urgently needed on Israeli settlements

Israeli steps up targeting of Palestinian kids, homes

Israeli forces detain 19 Palestinians from West Bank

Israel detains 10 Palestinians in West Bank

Israel forces hand demolition notices in Jerusalem

Deir Yassin massacre: 68th anniversary this Saturday

Israeli demolitions displace 124 Palestinians in just one day

Israeli army attacks Palestinian shepherds near Gaza borderline

Israeli navy opens fire against Palestinian fishermen off Gaza shores

IOF attack weekly nonviolent protests in the occupied West Bank, Friday

France calls on Israel to stop building wall in West Bank

Israel starts building new part of controversial West Bank wall

Palestinians seek anti-Israel UN resolution

Protesters blockade UK arms firm over Israel drone contract

Demolition Spree: IOF demolish homes, shops, slaughterhouses across West Bank

UNRWA condemns large scale home demolitions by the IOF in the west bank

Israel settlers desecrate Joseph Tomb in West Bank

Settler runs over 10-year-old girl, flees the scene

Jordan submits letter of protest to Israeli embassy in Amman over Al-Aqsa violations

Palestinian FM: Diplomatic efforts to hold Israel responsible in The Hague

EU asked to recognise Palestine and boycott illegal Israeli products

Israeli bulldozers raze agricultural lands in eastern Rafah

Ashrawi expresses appreciation to Brazil for supporting Palestinian rights

Israeli army kidnaps twelve Palestinians in the West Bank

Israel issues administrative detention orders against 53 Palestinians

Army demolishes a Palestinian home in Jerusalem

Global online campaign launched to lift the siege on Gaza

Palestinian PM calls on EU to recognize Palestine

Israeli soldiers kidnap eight Palestinians in the West Bank

Palestinian PM briefs Norwegian envoy about Israeli violations

Palestinian child suffers a head injury in Jerusalem

Israeli navy sinks a Palestinian fishing boat in southern Gaza

Boycott movement piling pressure on Israel, says Al Barghouti

Renowned international record fair backs cultural boycott of Israel

Edinburgh University students endorse BDS

Dozens injured as army attacks weekly protest in Kafr Qaddoum

Iran renews support for Palestinian cause

Japan contributes to the WFP to provide food assistance to vulnerable Palestinians

Israel continues to prevent entry of construction materials for UNRWA’s Gaza projects

United States congressmen call for investigation into Israeli crimes

Army kidnaps sixteen Palestinians in the West Bank

Palestinians commemorate Land Day

Israeli occupation kidnap twelve Palestinians in Hebron, Tuesday at dawn

Five detainees begin hunger strike in Israeli jails

European Union complicit in Israeli war crimes, says leadership of global BDS movement

Palestinian government urges United Nations to probe Israeli killing of Palestinians

Soldiers demolish a home, farm, electricity and water networks, uproot trees, in Bethlehem

Saudi Arabia condemns Israeli violations against Palestinian people

Students want Ohio State, other universities to boycott Israel

Videographer who filmed execution of Palestinian receives death threats from Israeli settlers

West Bank settlers form military unit to terrorize Bedouin communities

Israeli borderline soldiers open fire on Palestinian farmers, shepherds

London protest urges Shakespeare's Globe Theatre to cancel Israel performance

Two Palestinians injured, one seriously, near Nablus

United Nations slams gruesome killing of Palestinian

BDS salutes UNHRC resolution that will establish database of settlement companies

Palestinian government welcomes UNHRC decisions

Israeli soldier executes injured Palestinian: Video

Israeli soldiers kidnap five Palestinians in Ramallah and Jenin

Settlers armed to prevent Palestinians using their farmland

United Nations set to establish database of businesses involved in Israeli settlements

Army kidnaps eight Palestinians in the West Bank

97 per cent of water in Gaza is unfit to drink

Palestinians ban goods from five Israeli firms

Palestinian farmers and workers urge support for Israel boycott

Israeli army attacks students in Bethlehem with rubber bullets, injures 1

Israel razes Palestinian land in Jericho

UN expert denounces Zionist lack of accountability

UAE expresses grave concern about human rights situation in Palestine

US-Israel ties at core of Middle East turmoil

United Nations condemns attack on Palestine Duma witness house

Army kidnaps fifteen Palestinians in the West Bank

Home of key witness to Dawabsheh arson attack set on fire

Army fires on farmers and shepherds in Gaza

Israeli forces kill Palestinian teen in West Bank

IOF attack weekly nonviolent protests in the occupied West Bank

Israeli soldiers kill a young man near Bethlehem

Dr. Ashrawi addresses senior UK policy makers in the UK’s Middle East Peace Process conference

Soldiers kidnap two Palestinians in Hebron and Jerusalem

UNRWA to build 4 new schools in Gaza

Israeli bulldozers demolish house, agricultural structure in Bethlehem

Hamas calls for Egypt to ease Gaza blockade

Palestinian dies of wounds suffered two weeks ago in Qalandia

Students suffocate as Israeli troops tear-gas Bethlehem school

Why BDS cannot lose: A moral threshold to combat racism in Israel

14-year old boy shot in chest by Israeli troops during invasion of Palestinian village

Army kidnaps twelve Palestinians in the West Bank

Demolition orders handed to Jerusalemites

Israeli troops shoot, injure Palestinian teenager in Gaza Strip

Child killed, his sister and brother seriously injured, as Israeli air force bombards Gaza

Hours after her brother was killed in Israeli bombardment, child dies of her wounds in Gaza

Israeli navy attacks Palestinian fishermen offshore Gaza

Dr. Ashrawi conducts meetings in Washington D.C.

Israeli soldiers attack the weekly nonviolent protest in Bil’in

Soldiers injure many Palestinians near Ramallah, kidnap two near Jenin

Why the divestment of G4S from Israel is a big deal

Abbas calls on Israel to halt settlement construction to resume talks

Israeli settlers torch Palestinian house in West Bank

Israeli soldiers kidnap five Palestinians in Qalqilia, two in Jenin

BDS: security company G4S announces plans to exit Israeli market

Turkey claims permanent support for Palestine

Israeli occupation kidnap 22 Palestinians in the West Bank

Freedom Flotilla Coalition to launch the Women’s Boat to Gaza

University College London Union votes to support BDS

Israeli forces fatally shoot Palestinian woman in al-Quds

Indonesian Foreign Minister: Stop Israeli oppression of Palestine

Government department targeted by protesters angry at attack on local democracy

BDS activists welcome decision by UNICEF in Jordan to end contract with G4S

Palestinians return to United Nations for resolution over Jewish settlements, welcome international efforts

Israeli forces shoot, injure Palestinian youth in Gaza Strip

Gaza: One injured as Israeli sniper opened fire from watchtower

Jordan committed to defending Jerusalem, peacemaking

Egypt calls for concrete steps to end Israeli occupation

Iran’s Zarif calls for Muslim unity against Israeli occupation

Army injures a Palestinian near Bethlehem, kidnaps another

PCHR: Threat campaign against Al-Haq targets the whole Palestinian human rights movement

Abbas arrives in Jakarta to attend Islamic summit on Jerusalem

Israeli military opens fire on Palestinian farmers along Gaza borderline

IOF attack weekly nonviolent protests in the occupied West Bank

OIC should be able to respond to Israeli aggression

Israeli soldiers kill a Palestinian woman in Bethlehem

BDS win: UNICEF in Jordan ends G4S contract

Soldiers kidnap eighteen Palestinians in the West Bank

Hundreds march in Israel against plan to demolish Bedouin villages, build Jewish town

On Apartheid Week: PSCC holds BDS demonstration by the wall, Bethlehem

Soldiers kill two Palestinians in Eli Colony, near Nablus

Systematic torture and international complicity

Israel to demolish three homes near Hebron

Israeli army kills one Palestinian, injures 17 others in Jerusalem

Silwan: IOF demolishes a Palestinian home and injures five youths, Tuesday morning

Palestinian factions welcome Turkish efforts to lift Gaza siege

Sanders coy about his Judaism

Israeli navy attacks fishermen off Gaza

IOF kidnap at least nine Palestinians across the occupied West Bank

Israel demolishes structures in Jordan Valley

Israeli troops invade village near Bethlehem, critically wounding two Palestinians

Israeli soldiers shoot, injure Gaza farmer

Israeli military targets Gaza civilians, violates truce

US to increase Israeli military support

Palestinians urge for international action against Israeli settlement in West Bank

Israeli army kills a Palestinian-American teen near Ramallah

Israeli forces target Palestinian farmers, homes along Gaza borders

Palestinians in Ramallah urge boycott of Israeli products

5-year-old killed in Gaza as Israeli ordnance explodes

Amnesty International: Palestinians protest in Hebron against decades of severe restrictions

Al-Qeeq suspends his strike after reaching an agreement for his release

G4S loses major contract in Colombia after BDS campaign

Palestinian first grader ran over by Israeli settler, badly injured

Cameron calls Israeli settlement construction in East Jerusalem genuinely shocking

B’Tselem: Abuse and torture a routine in Shikma Israeli prison

European Union must act immediately to save life of Al-Qiq

Turkey must hold fast to its demand for Israel to ease the blockade of Gaza

Palestinian woman killed, her daughter injured, after being struck by Israeli settler’s car

Israeli soldiers injure eight Palestinians, kidnap ten others, in Nablus

Israeli razing of Palestinian homes dramatically up

Canada passes anti-BDS measure, MgGill passes pro-BDS motion

Tory moves to curb Israel boycotts will fail

Israeli soldiers kidnap 21 Palestinians in the West Bank

John B. Quigley: Israel's tactics, not Obama's, are to blame

Israeli soldiers kill two Palestinians in Bethlehem and Ramallah

Army kills a Palestinian teen near Nablus

Israeli army opens live fire on farmers along Gaza borderline

Abbas calls on United States Kerry to intervene to free hunger striker al-Qiq

International journalist syndicates send a message to Netanyahu: release al-Qiq immediately

Israeli army forces Hebron family to leave their land at gunpoint

Public outrage as UK plans to label BDS ‘anti-Semitic’

Cruz: If elected US president, I will serve Israel

Israeli soldiers kill two Palestinians in Bethlehem and Ramallah

Army kidnaps four Palestinians in the West Bank

Birzeit University holds protest in solidarity with former student, Al-Qiq

US to sign anti-boycott trade bill

PLO protests UK ban on Israeli settlement products boycott

Israeli forces detain 20 Palestinians from West Bank

Israeli soldiers kidnap ten Palestinians in the West Bank

Israeli forces to demolition commercial structures in Jenin village

Hasbara exposed: Propaganda group posts photoshopped video of soldiers dumping man from wheelchair

Israeli soldier tortures Palestinian inmate with electricity

Army injures 28 Palestinians in Ramallah, one in Nablus

Israeli troops open fire at fishermen, farmers off Gaza

Israeli soldiers kidnap 24 Palestinians in the West Bank

Israeli forces demolish 20 dwellings in Nablus locality

Prime Minister: International forces needed to protect Palestinian lives

Two Palestinian teenagers shot dead in West Bank

Israeli jeep deliberately runs over Palestinian child in Hebron

Army kidnaps five Palestinians in Bethlehem, two in Jenin and Hebron

UK government to prevent public support of Palestinian rights

Netanyahu threatens: If US military aid insufficient, we’ll wait for next president

Part 1, Bernie Sanders, an unlikely possible endorsement

Part 2, Bernie Sanders on Israel and his Judaism

Israeli forces kill another Palestinian in West Bank

Premier urges United States envoy to United Nations to intervene to release hunger striker al-Qiq

United States informs Israel that it will not increase its military aid

Four Palestinians injured near Ramallah

United States State Department: Israeli actions imperilling viability of Palestinian state

Italian municipalities demand Israel stops building fence in Bethlehem

3 Palestinians injured by Israeli forces near Jerusalem

Human Rights groups submit second communication to ICC against war crimes in Gaza

Army kills a Palestinian child in Hebron

Palestinian detainee brutally tortured during interrogation

Netanyahu wants all occupied lands fenced off

Pentagon asks $146 million for Israel missiles, other programs

Prime Minister: Jordan backs Palestinian declaration of Jerusalem as Islamic cultural capital

Irish Solidarity calls on election candidates to pledge support to Palestine

Palestinians call on Oscar nominees to reject Israel propaganda trip

United Nations special coordinator welcomes Palestinian unity talks

Israeli soldiers open fire on Gaza farmers and fishers

Israel demolishes homes and tells Palestinian owners to pay the costs

France cancels Israeli drone order

Israeli forces shoot dead Palestinian man in Ashkelon

Amnesty demands release for Palestinian teen detained without charge

European Union censures Israel settlement expansion

Palestine opens embassy in Brazil amid Tel Aviv-Brasilia row

United States announces $50 million program to improve health in Gaza

Army kills a child, kidnaps another, in Hebron

Two injured with live rounds, as Israeli soldiers attack weekly protest in Kufur Qaddoum

Israeli occupation raid Qabatia town, injure five in shooting and run over a boy

Israel demolishes agricultural structures in Jordan Valley, Ramallah

United Nations concerned about Al-Qeq’s condition

Twenty Palestinians kidnapped by the Israeli army in the West Bank

United Nations coordinator expresses concerns over continuing administrative detention by Israel

Palestinian teenage boy critically wounded in West Bank

More Bedouin structures to be demolished near Hebron

Army kills a Palestinian near Tulkarem

Israeli soldiers kidnap ten Palestinians in the West Bank

Abbas welcomes and backs French peace initiative

South Africa's ANC reaffirms support for Palestinians

Palestinians in Berlin mark global day of support for Palestinian rights

Palestinian detainees shivering with cold in Israeli jails

Israel issues demolition orders displacing an estimated 80 individuals

Abbas calls on 26th African summit to push toward international conference to revive deadlocked peace process

Foreign Minister: France to recognize Palestinian state if peace efforts fail

Detainee Al-Haymouni continues hunger strike

United States tells Israel settlement products need labeling

Italian academics call for boycotting Israeli universities

Barghouthi: Israel setting plans to combat BDS proves movement effectiveness

IOF kidnap 23 Palestinians, including MLC and minors

Israeli forces demolish mosque in Negev

Japan condemns Israeli settlement activity

PM Hamdallah holds Israel responsible for the safety of al-Qiq

Soldiers kidnap a young woman in Jerusalem

Chief negotiator welcomes Ban’s statement against Israeli settlement activities

Ashrawi calls for the immediate, unconditional release of journalist al-Qiq

Palestinian PM: The Israeli deputy FM uses fiction to whitewash occupation

Army kidnaps ten Palestinians in the West Bank

Journalist prisoner Mohammad Al-Qiq unconscious, in critical condition

Bibi pledges support for settlement construction in West Bank

Israel approves more than 150 new settler homes in West Bank

Organisation of Islamic Cooperation to hold a summit on Palestine in Indonesia

Israeli settlers arson Palestinian school in the Galilee

Israeli soldiers open fire on Gaza farmers

Israeli forces kidnap six Palestinians, including ex-minister and MP

Child killed in Jerusalem, allegedly attempted to stab armed Israeli guard

Palestinian on hunger strike in critical condition

Soldiers attack the weekly nonviolent protest in Nabi Saleh village

200 Brazilian academics to join the boycott of Israel

Arab League welcomes European Union decision on Israeli settlements

China backs establishment of independent State of Palestine

Soldiers kidnap thirteen Palestinians in Hebron, Ramallah and Tulkarem

United Nations secretary general condemns Israeli land grab

Israeli soldiers kidnap 19 Palestinians in the West Bank

Israel government tortures children by keeping them in cages

Escalation in Israeli brutality against Palestinian prisoners

Erdogan aide: Certain sides do not want Gaza siege lifted

United States envoy to Israel says Washington is concerned over West Bank settlements

Tension grows with European Union, United States over settlements

Israeli settler runs over 2 Palestinians in West Bank, one killed

Palestinians demand release of hunger-striking journalist from Israeli jail

Israeli soldiers kill a Palestinian near Nablus

European Union resolution paves way for new sanctions on Israeli companies

Israeli navy targets Gaza fishermen sailing within allowed fishing zone

How the global jewellery industry is funding Israeli crimes

Analyst: United States support for Israel will eventually peel away

European Union to provide $13m to Palestinians in need

Two Palestinians killed by Israeli military during Gaza protest

Army kills a Palestinian near Hebron

Israeli soldiers kill a Palestinian near Nablus

One Palestinian killed, three injured, by Israeli missile in northern Gaza

Army kidnaps 15 Palestinians in the West Bank

Israel sued in US over flotilla attacks

Sweden demands investigation of Israeli extrajudicial killings of Palestinians

Sheikh Ekrima Sabri demands Jordan intervene and stop Israeli aggression against Al- Aqsa

United Methodist Church divests from Israeli banks

Soldiers kill two Palestinians in Hebron

Israeli regime to force-feed Palestinian hunger striker

Palestinian official expects ICC to investigate Israeli crimes

Another BDS victory: French telecommunications Orange to cut ties with Israeli company

Child targeted with bullet, north of Jerusalem

Palestinian journalist Mohamed al-Qiq enters in coma

Palestinian Universities Union denounces Israeli violations against campuses

Rights group: Israel committing extra judicial killings of Palestinians

South Africa’s ruling ANC discourages visits to Israel

Israeli military kills two Palestinians near Nablus

Soldiers attack the weekly protest in Bil’in, cause dozens of injuries

BDS victory in Ireland, as CRH ditches Israeli cement firm

Israelis demolish Palestinian structures, detain several

UK MPs speak out about Israeli detention of Palestinian children

Palestinians march in protest of the deaths of four young teens

Army kills a Palestinian child in Hebron, the fourth to be killed in Hebron, Thursday

Israeli army kills three Palestinians with live gunfire near Hebron

Palestinian land annexed into Hebron colony bloc

United Nations agency condemns demolition of homes of Palestinian Bedouins in West Bank

Arab League to discuss Palestinian bid for UNSC

Abbas: The PA will only be replaced by a Palestinian state

Israeli forces demolish Negev Mosque

Hamas forms committee to follow up proposals for opening Rafah Crossing

Jordanian aid convoy arrives in Gaza

Palestinian shot dead for reportedly stabbing soldier, Hebron

Israeli troops who killed defenceless Palestinian boy to face minor charges

Israelis continue to poison Palestinian crops

Palestinians welcome Vatican’s recognition of statehood

Army opens fire on Palestinian farmers, east of Gaza

Palestinian youth shot in face in Bethlehem clashes

Israeli extremists attack a Palestinian home in Nablus

IOF break into Bethlehem, violent clashes break out

Mass funeral held for 14 Palestinians in al-Khalil

Palestinian dies of wounds suffered several weeks ago

Israel’s 574 rights violations against Palestinian journalists in 2015

Palestinian shot dead by Israeli troops

Rights body slams Israel for torturing young Gazan detainee

US treasury sued over donations for settlements

Palestinian killed after ‘stabbing attempt’

Israel forces kidnap 28 Palestinians in West Bank

Qaraqe: Palestinian child was beaten to death after shot by IOF

Settler, soldiers assault four children in Hebron

Brazil refuses Israeli settler as diplomatic envoy

Gaza Health Ministry: Palestinian shot by Israelis succumbs to injuries

Army injures two Palestinians, kidnaps three, in Qalandia

Thousands attend funeral of slain Palestinian Mother

Israel renews plans to build 3,200 settlements in East Jerusalem

Turkey sees no normalisation of Israel ties without end to Gaza blockade

Israeli forces shoot dead two more Palestinians in West Bank

Young woman injured in settlers' attempted kidnapping

Suffocation cases in Bethlehem clashes with Israeli troops

Another Palestinian shot dead by Israelis at Nablus checkpoint

Army kills a young Palestinian man in Jerusalem

Army kills a Palestinian woman in Silwad

Israeli troops kill one Palestinian, wound 11 others in Gaza protests

Israelis celebrate death of Palestinian toddler

Palestinian killed by Israeli forces in Qalandia refugee camp, 4th Palestinian killed on Thursday

Israeli troops kill Palestinian with more than 30 bullets after car accident near Israeli settlement

Israeli planes spray crop-killing pesticides on Gaza farmland

United Nations adopts resolution on right of Palestinians to sovereignty over natural resources

Ashrawi welcomes the vote of the Greek Parliament to recognize Palestine

Muslim scholars call for support for Al-Aqsa Mosque

Israeli settlers attack sleeping Palestinian family

Health ministry confirms 4,000 patients in Gaza need urgent treatment abroad

Palestinian President Abbas says new passports will refer to Palestinian state

14-year-old Palestinian boy injured by Israeli fire

Army kidnaps 26 Palestinians in the West Bank

Online campaign to release Palestinian children from Israeli jails

Greece to officially recognize Palestinian state

Israel assassinates Hezbollah leader in Damascus, Samir Kuntar

Israeli forces fire on Tulkarem University students

Israel faces no reconciliation if Turkey insists on Gaza siege to be lifted

Spanish university boycotts Israel

Palestinian killed in village near Ramallah, third Palestinian killed on Friday

United Nations: Israel harassment of rights activists unacceptable

Israel is gradually eroding both Palestinian infrastructure and any hope for statehood

Army kills two Palestinians in Khan Younis and Ramallah

Several Palestinians injured in Kafr Qaddoum

Jordan: continuous Israeli aggression on Al-Aqsa Mosque is a clear violation of the peace agreement

Arab Parliament to United Nations: Israel is increasing ethnic cleansing

South African scholars to shun Israeli universities

Soldiers kill a Palestinian child, south of Nablus

Palestinian Prisoner's Society: Ex-detainee tells of torture in Israeli prison

Four wounded in Israeli shelling on Gaza

Israel approves construction of 900 settler units in occupied territories

Palestinian Authority: Israel is protecting Jewish terrorists who burnt Palestinian family to death

2 Palestinians killed northern Jerusalem

Young Palestinian woman dies of wounds suffered on October 23

Stop providing cover for extremists at Al Aqsa, Jordan tells Israel

Israeli soldiers open fire on farmers in central Gaza

United Nations decries excessive use of force by Israel against Palestinians

Abbas blames Israel for escalation of tensions in occupied territories

Denmark’s largest pension fund blacklists firm over links to Israeli occupation

Army kidnaps nine Palestinians in Hebron, one in Jerusalem

Palestinian Authority warns of Israeli attempts to deepen apartheid regime

Israel asks for another squadron of US F-35 fighter jets

Internatinal Criminal Court delegation to visit occupied Palestinian territory in February

IOF shoot Palestinian girl, claim she “attempted to stab soldier”

Israeli forces close Palestinian city for third day

US presidential candidates threaten a just peace in historic Palestine

3 Palestinians killed by Israeli forces on Friday

Soldiers kidnap two Palestinians, injure three, in Ramallah

Open Rafah now: Siege on Gaza is a cruel and political failure

BBC admits it misled audience over Palestinian fatality figures

United Nations adopts resolutions in favor of Palestine, UNRWA

Fatah asks Germany to recognise State of Palestine

Soldiers kill a Palestinian in Hebron

Surgeon: Malek was shot in the head with a hollow-point bullet

Three injured with live fire in Tubas clashes

Most Palestinians killed in tension with Israel executed

Army kills one Palestinian in Bethlehem, injures many and kidnaps five

Israeli navy opens fire on fishing boats in Gaza waters

Soldiers kidnap ten Palestinians in the West Bank

Palestinian teen loses eye to stray Israeli fire

Jews plan to raid Al Aqsa for Hanukkah

Medical supplies convoy arrives at field hospital in Gaza

Israeli troops shoot, wound Palestinian teen in West Bank

Soldiers kidnap eight Palestinians in the West Bank

Building Jewish institutions in al-Burak square is a blatant attack against Islamic holy places in Jerusalem

LSE criticised by students for bowing to pro-Israel lobby groups

Third of Americans back bans on Israel over settlements

Israeli army kills two Palestinian teenagers in Hebron

Two more Palestinians killed in Ramallah, dozens injured

Foreign investment in Israel drops by half

8 Palestinians injured by Israeli fire in Jenin

Israeli soldiers not held accountable for attacking Palestinians

Turkey rebuilds 9 mosques destroyed by Israel in Gaza

Gaza: Elderly woman shot, critically injured by Israeli forces

Kidnappings continue in the occupied West Bank

Extremist settlers storm Al-Aqsa Mosque

International campaign to release child detainees launched by Palestinian Authority

19-year old Palestinian girl shot and killed by Israeli troops near Tulkarem

Israel guns down minor after alleged stabbing attempt near Bethlehem

Soldiers kill a Palestinian teen in Jerusalem

Netanyahu: not a meter to be handed over to Palestinian Authority

Kfar Qaddoum protest attacked by Israeli forces, 3 Palestinian civilians wounded

November 29th: International day of solidarity with the Palestinian people

Japanese Foreign Minister affirms support for establishment of Palestinian State

Israel troops injure 82 more Palestinians in West Bank, Gaza

Army chases Palestinian olive pickers off their land near Nablus

Israeli navy attacks fishermen boats offshore Gaza

Armed paramilitary settler kills a Palestinian near Jerusalem

Soldiers kill a Palestinian teen in Hebron

U.S: big “no” on supporting settlement construction

Arab League calls for EU pressure on Israel to abide by international law

Abbas meets with Greek Prime Minister in Ramallah

Israeli soldiers kill a 51-year old Palestinian man south of Nablus

Israeli forces injure scores of Palestinians with live rounds across West Bank

IOF demolishes Palestinian houses in the Jordan Valley

UAE president urges world to stop Israeli violations

Iranian leader supports Palestinian people against the Israeli occupation

Palestinian child dies of wounds suffered two weeks ago in Ramallah

Army kidnaps 34 Palestinians in the West Bank

The net is closing around Israeli war crimes suspects

Army kidnaps nineteen Palestinians in the West Bank

Statement on the occasion of International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People

Hamas criticizes Ki-moon’s silence on Israeli war crimes

Palestinian human rights organisations deliver submission to the International Criminal Court against Israel’s crimes in Gaza

Israeli settlement leader kills Palestinian girl, claims 'she had a knife'

Second Palestinian killed on Sunday: Taxi driver shot by settler after car accident

Settlers attack school in Nablus Village of Burin

Young Israelis burn Israeli-Arab citizen to death

Health Ministry: 233 Palestinians injured on Friday, 118 of them with live fire

Israeli soldiers attack the weekly nonviolent protest in Bil’in

Israel has 115 nuclear weapons says US institute

American Anthropological Association overwhelmingly endorses BDS

Another Palestinian man dies from injuries

Israeli soldiers kidnap five Palestinians in Jerusalem

Policy Paper: Building solidarity for Palestine in Latin America

University of Liverpool students vote for BDS

IOF threaten to demolish eight homes in the Jordan Valley

Swedish FM likens Israel to ISIS, accused of being “hostile"

Prominent New York-linked artists endorse cultural boycott of Israel

South Arica follows suit with Spain, issues arrest warrant for Israeli officials

Soldiers kidnap 10 children, 2 journalists and a young man, in Jerusalem

Israel targets farmers with gunfire at Gaza borderline

Israel to approve construction of 436 settler units in Jerusalem

Army kills two Palestinians, injures 34 and demolishes a home in Qalandia

Israeli naval forces shoot, injure two Palestinian fishermen offshore Gaza

Jordanian King Abdullah II: Jerusalem will remain under Jordan’s guardianship

Soldiers kidnap twelve Palestinians in Hebron

Israeli PM faces arrest in Spain over 2010 flotilla raid

Mavi Marmara group welcomes Spanish judge's remarks

A child triumphs against Israel’s brutal occupation

Three Palestinians killed, 154 injured, on Friday

Israel OKs demolition of five Palestinian homes

Criminalising medics who help Palestinians

Undercover Israeli troops raid hospital, kill Palestinian man

Israeli soldiers open fire on Palestinian farmers in Gaza

Palestine welcomes European Union decision to label settlement products

Israeli municipality to build 891 settlement units in Bethlehem

Injuries, suffocation cases in Hebron, Ramallah clashes

European Union countries to label Israeli settlement products

Minutes after child shot, man executed by IOF in Jerusalem’s Damascus Gate

Israeli forces storm hospital in East al-Quds

Netanyahu approves 2200 settlement units in West Bank

Schoenman: Israel seeks US weapons to strike Iran

Palestinian woman killed by Israeli forces

White House Sources: Israel to receive less US military aid than Netanyahu requested

BDS plans wider boycott to back Palestinians' resistance

Israeli forces kill two more Palestinians in West Bank

Israeli soldiers kidnap eighteen Palestinians in Hebron

Settlers stone Palestinian cars, attempt to run over journalists near Nablus

PSN: Israeli aggression and colonization of Palestinian land must stop

What does Israel want to say to the world

Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour: Jordan is closest to Palestinian cause

Egypt calls for international protection of Palestinians

Israeli forces kill two more Palestinians

At least seven Palestinians injured in Bethlehem, one seriously

Palestine, Holy See flags raised at United Nations in Nairobi

Israeli troops shoot, kill young Palestinian in West Bank

Soldiers kidnap four Palestinians in Hebron, invade Jenin

Palestine’s United Nations envoy: Israel harvesting slain Palestinians' organs

Palestine demands end to Judaizing Palestinian cities

Israeli Occupation threaten to demolish mosque in East Jerusalem

Palestinians condemn Israel's decision to toughen penalty against stone-throwers

U.S. officials: Israel wants up to $5 billion in annual military aid

Many Palestinians injured in Hebron, two kidnapped, schools suspended in Surif

98th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration

Israeli forces gun down another Palestinian in West Bank

Army demolishes three apartments in Jerusalem

Israeli forces attack Palestinian students in West Bank

Palestinians protest outside United Nations offices in Gaza amid tensions with Israel

Another Palestinian perishes at Israel's hands

Israeli forces shoot, injure another Palestinian youth

Senate praises King Abdullah II's efforts to counter Israeli violations in Jerusalem

Unarmed Gazans keep on protesting despite Israeli bullets

Palestinian teen killed by Israeli army fire near Jenin

Israeli forces attack Palestinians at al-Khalil funeral

Argentinean protesters slam Israeli aggression against Palestinians

Abbas meets ICC prosecutor amid increasing Israeli violence against Palestinians

Palestinian child dies of Israeli tear gas in Bethlehem

One Palestinian killed, another seriously injured, near Nablus

Many Palestinians injured in Ramallah and Bethlehem

Israel is using the current escalation to change Jerusalem’s demographics

Second Palestinian shot in Hebron since morning hours

Israel admits wounded young Palestinian woman in Affoula did not attempt a stabbing attack

In West Bank, Israelis kill another Palestinian

Army kidnaps 13 Palestinians in occupied Jerusalem

Amnesty: Israel must end unlawful killing of Palestinians

House Speaker: Palestinian issue is Jordan's top priority

The ANC and Hamas stand shoulder to shoulder against apartheid in Palestine

Three Palestinians killed by Israeli army fire in Hebron

Israeli army detains 46 Palestinians in West Bank, Jerusalem

Abbas, European Union’s Mogherini discuss surging Israel-Palestinian unrest

More than 300 UK academics declare Israel boycott

Israeli regime forces shoot dead 2 more Palestinians

Army kidnaps thirteen Palestinians in the West Bank, many injured

Israeli settlers attack Palestinians north of West Bank

Netanyahu to revoke residency of Palestinians in east Jerusalem side of separation wall

Thousands stage anti-Israeli rally in Casablanca

IOF shoot two Palestinian youths in Hebron

Reports conflict over Palestinian woman shot dead by Israeli police

16-year-old boy shot dead for running towards guard

Palestinian shot by Israeli forces in Gaza demonstration dies of injuries

Palestinian man loses his eye after being shot with rubber-coated steel bullet

Palestinian teen injured by Israeli army fire in Hebron

Israeli torture of Palestinian children increasing

Iran’s UN envoy: Time to end Israeli occupation of Palestine

One injured, woman, young man and five children kidnapped, in Jerusalem

US: Netanyahu’s linking of Palestinians to Holocaust is not true

Ex-Israeli PM sued over deadly raid on Gaza flotilla

US military aid to Israel to increase by $1 billion

UN deputy chief blames Israel for escalation of violence

Two teens killed in Hebron by Israeli military after allegedly wounding soldier

Israeli soldiers kidnap 21 Palestinians in Hebron

Fact-checking Israel’s statement to the UNSC

Israel under fire by UNESCO for acts of aggression in occupied territories

Palestinian shot dead by Israeli army fire in Hebron

West Bank: 9 Palestinians injured by live fire, 35 kidnapped

Armed settlers backed by army attack Hebron homes

Palestinian leaders vow to sue Israel for executions

Elderly woman dies after soldiers delay car transporting her to hospital

850 Palestinians detained, tortured in Israel jails in October

House speaker urged world parliaments to end to Israeli violations against Al Aqsa Mosque

Thousands attend pro-Palestinian rallies in United States

Settlers attempt to kidnap two Palestinians, raid archeological site

Settlers attack Hebron homes under army protection

Israeli settler shoots and kills Palestinian teenager in Hebron

Video shows soldiers placing object near body of slain Palestinian teen

Soldier kill a Palestinian child in Hebron

Massive anti-Israeli rally in London

Russia holds Israel responsible for Jerusalem tension

Palestinian Authority calls on United Nations Security Council to disarm Israeli settlers

Israeli troops shoot dead two other Palestinians in Gaza Strip

Palestinian man shot by Israeli troops dies of wounds

OIC chief condemns Israeli crimes against Palestinians

Palestine ambassador: United Nations must act to end Israeli aggression

Solidarity with Palestine around the world

Israeli eyewitness: They shot him with ten bullets, he did nothing

Palestinian dies after being assaulted by Israeli troops

Israeli troops invade West Bank, abducting 26 Palestinians in the dead of night

Demonstrations, marches planned for Friday to support Palestinians

Bethlehem youth killed by IOF

Israeli settlers burn olive fields, attack British activist near Nablus

ANC and Scottish Green Party call for BDS

Israeli PM sabotages Mideast Quartet mission to end violence

United Nations chief wants review of Israeli use of force

Children of Gaza call upon international community to stop Israeli crimes

Army kills a Palestinian teen in Jerusalem

Putting hands in pocket costs Palestinian his life

Video: Palestinian child bleeds to death while Israeli police & civilians watch, shouting insults

Schoolgirl seriously wounded after shot by Israeli occupation

Israeli army kidnaps 30 Palestinians in the West Bank and Jerusalem

Medical supply convoy arrives in Gaza

PLO: Urgent international protection needed for Palestinian people

Pregnant woman and her 2-year old child killed in Israeli bombardment, four family members injured

13-year-old boy killed in West Bank clashes

Israeli army attacks funeral of Palestinian killed by army soldiers

Five killed, including a child; 25 others injured as Israeli troops attacks Gaza protests

Palestinian youth killed in Jerusalem, witnesses say troops shot him for no reason

Video: Israeli troops surround, then shoot unarmed Palestinian woman with her hands up

Two Palestinians die of their wounds: One in Jerusalem, one in Gaza

UK government’s attack on BDS part of wider offensive

Israeli crimes against Palestinians represent State Terrorism, Jordanian Lower House says

British Palestinians call for international intervention to stop Israeli crimes

Israel kills 20-year-old Palestinian youth in Jerusalem refugee camp

Israeli man stabs four Palestinians in Dimona

Videos contradict Israeli police account of their killing of Fadi Alloun

Extremely concerned by escalating West Bank violence, UN rights chief urges restraint

Settlers attempt to snatch two girls, teen near Hebron

Palestinian students suffocate in clashes east Bethlehem

Palestinian teen loses eye after being shot by Israeli rubber bullet

Palestinian woman shot and stripped naked

Israeli settlers shoot, injure two Palestinians in West Bank

Eleven Palestinians, including children, kidnapped in Jerusalem and Nablus

Six Palestinians kidnapped in Jenin, two injured in Hebron

Ministry of Health: 129 Palestinians injured by Israeli army fire, Tuesday

Teen shot in the chest, many injured in Ramallah and Jenin

The killing of Palestinians will last as long as Israeli impunity does

Qaradawi calls for political, diplomatic effort to isolate Israel

Palestinian schoolboy shot dead by IOF in Aida refugee camp

Soldiers kidnap nine Palestinians, many residents injured

Palestinian youth shot dead near Aqsa Mosque compound

Israeli settler shoots, injures Palestinian child in West Bank

Erekat: What Israel seeks is apartheid

Israeli calls for settlement expansion in response to Abbas’ UN speech

UK government acts to stop councils divesting from Israeli occupation

Army kidnaps six children near Bethlehem

Israeli settlers attempt to set Palestinian houses on fire in West Bank

Israel is a threat to the entire region

Israeli soldiers kidnap 12 Palestinians in Jerusalem, wound several others

Hamas urges Palestinians in West Bank to stand up for Al-Aqsa

Jordan condemns Israel closure of Al Aqsa, warns of consequences

Army kidnaps fifteen Palestinians in Jerusalem

Israel to detain occupied Jerusalem activists without charge

Saudi Arabia calls for Jewish settlers to be blacklisted

Israel undermines US peace effort, Palestinian Abbas tells UN

Palestine flag raised at United Nations headquarters for first time

Bethlehem youths protest against Al-Aqsa violations

Israel's dystopian dictatorship

13-year-old prisoner threatened with foot amputation after shot by Israeli occupation

Army kidnaps four Palestinian children in Jerusalem

Rights groups slam Israel violations of rights

Fresh clashes at Jerusalem's Al Aqsa Mosque

New report documents how Israel keeps Palestinians off a third of West Bank land

French Foreign Minister to attend Palestinian flag-raising event at United Nations

Israelis shoot Palestinian police chief, daughter in West Bank

Three injured by army fire near Bethlehem, soldiers attack journalists in Nablus

Two injured, dozens suffer effects of teargas inhalation in Bil'in

PPS: Hunger striking detainees face serious health deterioration

Israel after false flag bid to get US into war with Iran

Soldiers kidnap nine Palestinians in Jerusalem

Nine detainees forced in solitary confinement, denied visits

Activist: Israel seeks to get rid of Palestinians

BDS: Brazil denies 2 billion contract with Israeli company for Olympics

Israeli soldier kills Palestinian in West Bank

Abbas warns chaos at Al-Aqsa may lead to new intifada

Army kidnaps 27 Palestinians in Jerusalem, demolishes one home

Soldiers kidnap four Palestinians in Hebron

50 MPs call for Jordan to expel Israeli ambassador

Brazil rejects new Israeli envoy for being settler leader

European Union: Labeling of settlement products begins within 10 days

Child seriously injured, seven kidnapped in Jerusalem

Nablus: Settlers open fire on man and daughter in car

JHCO sends aid convoy to Gaza

Palestine seeks international intervention against Israel

Hundreds protest against Israel's presence at Italy exposition

Israeli forces shoot, critically injure Palestinian near Nablus

Army kidnaps a teen in Jerusalem, 24 hours after kidnapping his brother

Dozens of injuries as the army attacks weekly protest in Bil'in

Many injured after soldiers attacked peaceful procession in Hebron

Iran: Israel main obstacle to nuke-free Middle East

Israel authorizes snipers fire against rock-throwers

Egypt condemns Israel's actions in Jerusalem

Iceland’s capital bans all Israeli-made products over occupation of Palestinian territories

Child shot in the neck in Al-'Eesawiyya, in Jerusalem

Detainee Allan kidnapped directly after his release from hospital

Allan resumes hunger strike

Israel to demolish 3 houses, residential tent in Hebron locality

Hamas: Unity is core to face Israeli plans in Jerusalem

Clashes in Jerusalem's al-Aqsa compound continue

Palestinians urge United Nations Security Council to discuss Jerusalem tension

Israel renews 29 Palestinians' detention without charge or trial

FBI arrests Jewish man posing as Australian jihadist

Attacks against Al-Aqsa continue, many Palestinians kidnapped and injured

Jordan king Abdullah II warns Israel against Jerusalem provocation

Four Palestinians kidnapped, one injured, in the West Bank

Israeli forces storm al-Aqsa Mosque, clash with Palestinians

Mahmoud Abbas slams Israel's attack on al-Aqsa Mosque

Jordan condemns storming of Al Aqsa Mosque

Dozens of Palestinians, including children, injured in Jerusalem

Many nonviolent protesters injured in Bil'in

Obama hails Congressional vote on Iran nuclear deal

Israel re-arrests nuclear whistle-blower over TV interview

United Nations General Assembly to vote on Palestine flag resolution

United Nations General Assembly approves Palestinian request to fly its flag

Soldiers teargas boys school, students suffocate

Youth critically injured in ordnance explosion in Gaza

Israeli settlers injure three Palestinians in West Bank

Israel detains 10 Palestinians in West Bank, Jerusalem

Nearly all of Gaza’s water undrinkable

NAM hails Iran deal, calls for nuke-free Middle East

United Nations urges Israel to halt plan for demolition of Palestine homes

Demonstrators urging Cameron to impose sanctions on Israel

Army kidnaps 13 Palestinians in the West Bank

Palestinian teen injured in Jerusalem

Fatah welcomes European Union plan to label illegal settlement products

India underlines unwavering support to Palestinian cause

Reham Dawabsha, burn victim from Israeli arson attack, dies of her wounds

Palestine's Abbas declares 3-day mourning for latest arson attack victim

Five Palestinians, including three children, kidnapped in Jerusalem

Jordan Hashemite Charity Organization sends relief aid to Gaza

Palestinian woman succumbs to burn injuries

Riham Dawabsha responding to treatment

Israeli forces detain four Palestinians in West Bank

United Nations: Israel plans to demolish 17,000 Arab buildings in West Bank

Palestine seeks pressure on Israel over refugees

Army kidnaps child and a young man in Hebron

Settlers attack, pepper-spray university student in Hebron

Ex-Israeli nuclear technician elaborates on 'powder keg' in Dimona

European Union nears decision on labelling products from Israeli settlements

Israeli soldiers burn Palestinian house in Jerusalem

PSC calls for protests against Netanyahu's visit to UK

Palestinian woman, young man, kidnapped in Jerusalem

Army demolishes four homes, three sheds, near Ramallah

What can be done to save the people of Gaza

United Nations set to back raising Palestinian flag at building

American scholar: GOP candidates fighting to grab big piece of Zionist pie

Woman injured, eight shepherds kidnapped near Nablus

Soldiers demolish residential community in east Jerusalem rendering 94 Palestinians homeless

Israel asks Egypt to stop efforts to monitor Israeli nuclear facilities

Including a father and his son, army kidnaps four in Jericho

The right of return, a forgotten issue

Soldiers open fire on farmers and homes in southern Gaza

Israelis demolish 15 Palestinian homes in West Bank's Ramallah

Turkish delegation visits Gaza

Luxembourg leading food retailer to stop marketing Israeli products

Major US industrial union votes in favor of BDS movement

Americans are sick and tired of US wars for Israel

Israeli drilling endangers Bethlehem area village

Israel forces attack anti-apartheid wall Palestinians in West Bank

Four Palestinians shot and injured, many suffocate in Nablus Village clashes

Three Palestinians shot and injured by Israeli army during clashes east of Ramallah

Veolia completes withdrawal from Israel, in victory for BDS campaign

Scottish activists lead the way on BDS

Carper makes 30 United States senators behind Iran nuclear agreement

United States must not reward Israel for interfering in its foreign policy

Dozens of protesters shot and injured across West Bank

UNRWA to build 40 new schools in Gaza Strip

Palestinians request flag raised at United Nations headquarters

Palestinian lives are more important than reelection of US lawmakers

Six more Palestinians kidnapped in Hebron, eleven since dawn

Demostrators march against Israeli takeover of Umm al-Hiran

Envoy: European Union to approve new measures against Israeli settlements

Gaza: 1,000 children sustained permanent disabilities of last year’s aggression

United States congresswoman slams Israeli killing of Palestinian children

Several structures demolished in occupied Jerusalem

Israeli forces steal money, jewelry during raid in West Bank

Aid groups appeal for end to Gaza blockade

BDS activists praise 1000+ artists, scholars of color supporting movement

United States congresswoman asks for halt on military aid to Israel

Israel detains 12 Palestinians, assaults youth

Army demolishes two homes in Jerusalem

120,000 Gazans without water after Israeli war

Settlers set Palestinian house ablaze near Nablus

Four Gaza hospitals may shut down for lack of fuel

Israeli administrative detention policy slammed by rights group

Palestinians protest Israeli separation wall in occupied West Bank

Palestinian Authority: European Union should ban Israeli settlers, products

Settlers and Israeli occupation assault Palestinians, leave injuries

Settlement construction begins on ruins of Bedouin village

Demolition order issued for east Jerusalem mosque

United Nations officials call for end to West Bank demolitions

United States concerned over Israeli escalation of Palestinian home demolitions

1,000 African-American activists announce boycott of Israel

Hebron: Israeli occupation destroy Palestinian home, leave wounded

Four Palestinian children, including 6-year old, Injured in Kufur Qaddoum protest march

Scores injured as soldiers attack weekly protest in Bil'in

Senior Hamas official says ceasefire dependent on lifting of Gaza siege

Iran: Muslims’ unity foils Israeli bid to destroy al-Aqsa Mosque

Soldiers kidnap ten Palestinians in occupied Jerusalem

IOF demolish family home and agricultural facility in Tubas

West Bank cities suffer serious water shortage

Allan slips into another coma, faces risk of death

Israel army demolishes structures in Jerusalem, Ramallah, notifies to demolish house in Hebron

After new displacements, United Nations officials call for an immediate halt to demolitions in the West Bank

Hunger striker Allan rejects Israeli offer of November release

Israeli high court lifts detention order against Allan

Over 70 nuclear nonproliferation experts announce support for Iran agreement

Why is Israel’s nuclear arsenal not mentioned in Iran deal debate

Ex-US Senate candidate: Putin will help Iran in case of Israel war against nuclear facilities

Jewish fanatics assault two Palestinians, including child in Hebron

Allan wakes up from coma, to continue hunger-strike

Female Palestinian prisoner on hunger strike backing Allan

250 Palestinian prisoners join open-ended hunger strike

Hunger striking Palestinian prisoner gives Israel 24h to release him

Bedouin structures demolished east of Jerusalem

Israeli occupation begin building new section of the apartheid wall, Bethlehem

Hunger-striking Palestinian prisoner rejects Israel release deal

Gaza: Old woman dies of wounds sustained in missile leftover explosion 10 days ago

Many injured as army attacks solidarity protest with hunger-striking prisoner Allan

Hollywood blacklists Penelope Cruz over Gaza sympathies

Soldiers attack the weekly protest in Kufur Qaddoum

Soldiers attack Bilin’s weekly protest

Palestinian hunger striker goes into coma

Israeli paramilitary settler gang beats Palestinian worker with steel rods

Allan enters 59th day of hunger strike, in critical condition

Israel demolishes Palestinian-owned commercial building in north Jerusalem

New Israeli plan to build new settlements in Silwan

Israeli company cuts off water supplies to Palestinians in West Bank

Violent clashes erupt between Israelis, Palestinian protesters

Mother of Ali Dawabsha's health deteriorating, possible brain death

Israeli Naval Forces open fire on Gaza fishermen

UK petition demands arrest of Netanyahu for war crimes

Israel’s proxies hell-bent on destroying America for Israel

ISM report: Israeli soldiers open fire on 13-year-old boy in Gaza

Israeli occupation demolish three family homes in the Jordan Valley

Medical services in Gaza on verge of collapse

Palestinians protest outside Red Cross HQ in Jerusalem al-Quds

Obama-AIPAC conflict reaching climax

Israel frees suspects in Palestinian toddler's death

Israeli settlers set ablaze Palestinian land in West Bank

Israeli bulldozers demolish Palestinian house in Salfit

Soldiers kidnap three Palestinians in Jenin and Hebron

United Nations: Israeli force-feeding law a violation of internationally-protected human rights

Many lawmakers more loyal to Israel than to United States

Obama says Netanyahu’s interference in American politics unprecedented

In letter to Obama, top United States scientists praise Iran nuclear deal

Number of Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike in Israeli jails reached 148

Sa’ad Dawabsha, father of burnt to death baby, dies of his wounds

Failure attempt by Israeli settlers to burn another Palestinian house

Soldiers violently subdue rally condemning Israeli crimes against Palestinians

Palestinians form defense committees against settler attacks

Israel makes veiled threats against Iranian nuclear scientists

Obama to push back against AIPAC efforts to sink Iran accord

Zionists pushing countries to World War III

Red Cross warns Palestinian on hunger strike at risk of death

Israel to force-feed hunger striking detainee beginning Saturday evening

Israeli military bombs refugee camp in Gaza Strip

Israel approves $90m grant for settlements

AIPAC funding trip to Israel by US lawmakers

Sen. Schumer’s Iran decision costs Democrats $10 million

Ordnance from Israel’s last year raid on Gaza goes off, kills 4

18 Palestinians kidnapped from West Bank

120 Nafha prisoners announce hunger strike

Arab League: United Nations must protect Palestinians against Israel’s crimes

Demolitions in Jordan Valley, 20 homes in Hebron slated

Jewish settlers threaten Amnesty International staff in Israel

293 United States universities and a church to join Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions

Israeli occupation re-demolish homes in Dahmash village near occupied Ramla

Palestinian Authority calls for blacklisting of Israeli settlers

Israeli extremists attempt to kill Palestinian man in Lod

Villagers form groups to protect against settler attacks

Hebron: Israeli occupation attack youth, force him to drink gasoline

Soldiers attack a Palestinian family in Bethlehem

Lives of slain Palestinian toddler's family in mortal condition

Ten Palestinians kidnapped in Jerusalem, many injured

Democrat: Russia, China would waver if US rejected Iran nuclear agreement

Settlers attack Palestinian farmers south of Nablus

Americans tired of Israel lobby and Netanyahu

Arab League to discuss reactivating Israeli boycott

Israeli settlers torch Palestinian homes, burn baby to death

Iran condemns killing of Palestinian infant by Israeli settlers

United Nations chief: Israeli baby killing terrorist act

Israeli forces kill 2 Palestinian on Gaza border, West Bank

Soldiers attack Nabi Saleh weekly protest

Many injured as Israeli soldiers attack the weekly protest in Bil’in

American journalist: Israel, supporters spending $100 million to sink Iran agreement

AIPAC launches all-out war against Iran agreement

Army kidnaps three Palestinians in Bethlehem

Israel passes law to ok prisoner force-feeding

PLO official: Israel’s new law of force-feeding prisoners is torture

Activists slam Israeli law on force-feeding of prisoners

United States expresses deep concerns about new West Bank settlement units

United Nations condemns Israeli decision to build 800 new settlement units

Soldiers demolish several Palestinian buildings in Jerusalem

Israel approves hundreds of new housing units in West Bank

Abbas says settlement expansion undermines peace process

PLO denounces Israel settlement plans as war crimes

Germany criticizes Israel over new settlement plans

Amnesty: Israel committed war crimes in 2014 Israel-Gaza conflict

United States ruling class unnerved by Israel’s extremist policies

Six children kidnapped in Jerusalem, young man in Hebron

Elderly woman injured after attack by Israeli extremists in Jerusalem

Soldiers demolish several buildings in occupied Jerusalem

Israel rejects Kerry's warning on Iran nuclear deal

Majority of Americans oppose compensating Israel over Iran accord

Palestinian killed by Israeli army fire in Qalandia

Israel forces fire on 1000's at West Bank funeral, injure 14

Organization of Islamic Cooperation calls on Security Council to stop Israel’s attacks on al-Aqsa

Why I support the BDS movement against Israel

Israel affirms Palestinian ownership of Susiya village, but continues with demolition plan

Clashes break out following Israeli attack on Al-Aqsa mosque, 10 wounded

Jordan denounces Aqsa storming by Jewish zealots

Abbas' aide: Israel is dragging the region to a religious war

Kerry: An attack on Iran would be a huge mistake

Officials deny report that United States preparing to release Israeli spy

Israeli forces clash with Palestinian mourners

Army attacks the weekly nonviolent protest in Bil’in

Israel pushes forward settlement construction in West Bank

Palestinian resistance will end when the Israeli occupation ends

International lawyer: Illinois anti-BDS bill usurps the power of other people’s money

Israeli forces kill Palestinian in Beit Ummar

PLO officials: Israeli expansion plans constitute war crimes

Palestinians lay first brick for Gaza reconstruction

Ex-CIA contractor: Israel could use dirty nuke in false flag attack in United States

Young man killed by Israeli army fire in Jenin

Soldiers kidnap two Palestinians in Hebron

Foreign Ministry denounces Israel’s approval of 886 settlement units in West Bank

United Nations overturns Israeli resolution, recognizes Palestinian center

Security Council calls on Israel to lift siege and end occupation

After European Union labeling, paper proposes banking steps on Israel

Israeli-occupied United States Congress seeks war with Iran

Israeli forces shoot, injure Palestinian fisherman in Gaza

Palestinian village undergoing ethnic cleansing by Israel

European Union urges Israel not to flatten Palestinian village

Israel: Palestinian stone throwers face 20 years in jail

United Nations votes in favour of Palestine resolution

Army opens fire on farmers, homes, east of Gaza

European Union to decide resolution on marking settlement products

Settlers attack Palestinians south of Hebron

United States warns Israel not to demolish Palestinian village

Teen kidnapped as soldiers attack Nabi Saleh protest

Gravel: AIPAC can’t derail Iran nuclear agreement

Child injured by army fire in Khan Younis

IOF hand demolition threats to 16 homes in Susya

Activist: Israel losing strategic value to United States imperialism

Israeli blockade worsens Gaza's medical condition

ICC prosecutor to probe 2010 Israel attack on Gaza-bound flotilla

Pro-Israeli Senators are traitors to United States

Israel plans to build 800 more settler units in West Bank

Army to demolish structures in Northern Plains

Four family members kidnapped in Jerusalem, two Palestinians in Bethlehem and Jenin

Arab League chief says Israel must declare nuclear weapons

Army attacks fishers, villagers and homes in Gaza

United States campaigners release list of 100 BDS successes

Soldiers open fire on Palestinian farmers east of Khan Younis

Israel re-arrests Palestinian hunger striker one day after release

New Israeli project on top of historic Islamic cemetery

Israeli navy opens fire at fishermen offshore Gaza

Two Palestinians injured by army fire in Jerusalem

Details emerge on Palestinian teenager’s cold-blooded murder

Army kidnaps four Palestinians in Hebron, two in Nablus

Israeli Knesset brings back bill to forcibly transfer Palestinian Bedouins

Soldiers kidnap two Palestinians in Hebron

Berliners stage rally to observe International Quds Day

Dozens of injuries during protests against occupation

Iran marks Jerusalem Day in solidarity with Palestinians

Gazans thank Iran for supporting Palestinian cause

Army kidnaps six Palestinians

Israel’s Supreme Court gives green light to Cremisan separation wall

Israel to demolish homes of 40 Bedouin families

Killers of Gaza children must be brought to justice

Five Palestinians kidnapped in Hebron, one in Bethlehem

Settlers assault 3 Palestinians in Jerusalem

United Nations: Gaza still in crisis due to 2014 Israeli onslaught

Days of misery, nights of fear, a year of despair

Soldiers kidnap one Palestinian in Jerusalem

Clinton says BDS campaign in US seeking to delegitimize Israel

Army kidnaps 13 Palestinians in West Bank, 2 near Gaza border

Protest near Birmingham closes factory for Israel drones

Iran minister: Zionist regime threat to West, including United States

Over 100 MEPs support United Nations bid on Palestinian Return Centre

Soldiers kidnap two Palestinians in Bethlehem, invade Ramallah villages

Tibi: Netanyahu playing for time, stalling peace process

One kidnapped, many injured in Nabi Saleh weekly protest

Soldiers attack the weekly protest in Bil’in

Global condemnation for Jewish state over Gaza

United Nations resolution calls for end to Israeli occupation

Foreign Minister welcomes UN Council resolution on ensuring accountability for violations of international law in occupied Palestinian territory

IOF shoot to kill: Palestinian child murdered at Qalandia

Israeli troops attack march commemorating one year anniversary of murder of Mohammed Abu Khdeir

Blair in Cairo to discuss the peace process, lifting the Gaza siege

Two kidnapped, many injured in Bethlehem

IOF attack journalists and activists during protest on the entrance of Adam settlement

Israeli army razes land, notifies to demolish structures near Hebron

Obama signs legislation inhibiting boycott of Israel

Britain still arming Israel despite targeting of Gazans

Palestinian foreign minister: Israel not interested in peace

Palestinian detaniee initiates new hunger strike

PLO: It’s time to hold Israel accountable for violating prisoner rights

United States church votes to boycott and divest from companies with ties to Israeli occupation

Al-Qaradawi calls for lifting siege on Gaza, hails Freedom Flotilla activists

Moroccan flotilla to head for Gaza soon

Soldiers kidnap two children, summon several Palestinians, demolish structures

Prosecuting Israeli officials in international courts

Israelis overtake, board siege breaking vessel

Irish group condemns Israeli piracy against Freedom Flotilla

Jewish group suggests outing of American anti-Israel professors

Palestinian prisoner Khader Adnan ends 54-day hunger strike, to be released July 12

Soldiers kidnap a Palestinian woman near the Al-Aqsa Mosque

Israeli soldiers shoot, injure Palestinian teenager in West Bank

What Palestine needs is for Europe to honour its own agreements

On intimidation and counter-BDS efforts

Man injured after Israeli extremists assaulted him in Hebron

Hundreds march for Adnan at Al Aqsa

United Nations chief deeply concerned about Palestinian hunger-striker

United States Congress members demand end to Israel's detention of Palestinian children

UNCTAD: Foreign investment in Israel down by near 50%

Zoabi: Israel may stop it, but Freedom Flotilla III will still succeed

90% of Palestinian prisoners suffer continuous, systematic torture in Israeli jails

Activist says flotilla ship was sabotaged

Scores suffer effects of teargas inhalation in Bil’in

Obama hamstrung by Israeli lobby on Palestinian bid at ICC

Israel clamps down on human rights organisations

Vatican signs first treaty with State of Palestine, backs two-state solution

Arab League urges release of Palestinian detainees

Abbas moves from appeasement to the ICC

Israel lobby hijacks trade bill to derail boycott movement

Three United States churches are now debating divestment from Israel over the occupation of Palestine

Israel renews warning to ban Gaza bound Freedom Flotilla III

Gaza flotilla activists vow to face Israel nonviolently

Gaza prepares to welcome Freedom Flotilla III

Palestinian Knesset members call for prosecution of Israel officials

Pro-settlement NGO: Israel destroys 1,000 homes in Negev per year

Settlers in the West Bank bring an end to two state solution

Belgian parties call for Israeli settlement boycott

Amnesty: United Nations report a key step towards justice

Soldiers kidnap four Palestinians in Bethlehem

Army opens fire on Gaza farmers in Khan Younis

PCHR: Seek out and prosecute visiting war crimes suspect Shaul Mofaz

UK actors, directors and writers demand immediate sanctions on Israel

Palestinian Prisoners Society: Detainee Adnan in a serious health condition

Israeli troops demolish Palestinian structures in West Bank

United Nations report: Widespread, systematic violations in Gaza by Israeli forces

New flotilla heads for Gaza to break blockade

Third Freedom Flotilla to break siege sails to Gaza within hours

Israel warns it will intercept Gaza-bound Freedom Flotilla

Army kidnaps five Palestinians

French FM warns Israel over illegal settlement activities

Gaza prays for an end to the siege this Ramadan

Israeli troops shoot Palestinian teen twice

Israel wages major bid to ward off BDS boycott campaign

Palestinians to intensify BDS if Israel does not stop settlement expansion

Soldiers attack the weekly protest in Bil’in

Israel to file civil and criminal lawsuits against BDS activists

Condemnation of terrorist attack on Galilee church

Israel punishes Palestinian teens to deter protest

Gaza-bound flotilla prepares to set sail

IOF open fire, wound two youngsters during raid on Nablus

Extremist Jews burn Church of Loaves and Fishes

Israeli soldiers seen to intentionally target and kill Palestinian teen

Did the West make a mistake in labelling Hamas as a terrorist organisation

Five Palestinians injured, child kidnapped, in Silwan

ICC to start investigation on Israeli crimes against Gaza

Hamas dismisses unilateral dissolution of Palestinian government

Soldiers torture and abuse a detained Jerusalem teen

Physicians for Human Rights: Israel denies right to medical treatment in Gaza

Abbas: Palestinian government to resign in next 24 hours

European Union parliamentarians call Israel to end its siege on Gaza

United Nations official: Israeli regime must be tried over Gaza war

Settlers burn wheat crops in Kafr Al-Lebed, Tulkarem

PNC condemns Israeli violence against Palestinian detainees

As war report looms, United Nations envoy blocked from Gaza

Abbas urges African countries to label and boycott settlement products

Palestinian killed in Kafr Malek near Ramallah

Soldiers kidnap a young man in Nablus

Tel Aviv moves to block release of United Nations report on Israeli war crimes

Lebanon urges UNSC to halt persisting Israeli violations

Don’t let Israel silence the boycott movement

US House of Representatives: Europe cannot boycott Israel

Shtayyeh calls on Muslim countries to boycott Israel

Israel closes probe on killing four Gaza children

Soldiers repeatedly beat a Palestinian in al-Jalazoun after firing gas at his home

Israeli navy opens fire on fishing boats

Zionists bar shot Palestinian from treatment in Jerusalem

Israeli bulldozers level Palestinian farm in West Bank

Israel asks US for more military support

Norwegian pension fund divests from Israeli occupation

Eight Palestinians kidnapped in Jerusalem and Hebron

Israeli court rejects Palestinian planning rights in West Bank

Erekat: UN’s exclusion of Israel from children rights violators wrong, tasteless and unperceptive

Enough is enough, when will Obama recognize the state of Palestine

ICC to start investigation on Israeli crimes against Gaza

Palestinians to intensify BDS if Israel does not stop settlement expansion

Palestinian killed by Israeli army fire in Jenin

Two children kidnapped in Jerusalem, one teen in Nablus

Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions pressure forces settlement firm to relocate

Army demolishes three industrial structures in Jerusalem

Ban Ki-moon buckles, and Palestinian children will pay the price

Foreign Minister: Palestinians set to file complaints against Israel at ICC

Soldiers kidnap six Palestinians in the West Bank

China refuses sending workers to West Bank settlements

Israel stalls move to issue State of Palestine passports

Jordanian PM meets with Palestinian counterpart

JHCO sends new aid convoy to Gaza

Israeli navy attacks fishing boats in Gaza waters

Ministry remembers the Naksa: our people are more determined than ever to achieve freedom and independence

Al-Agha heads Conference of Palestinian Affairs in Cairo

United Nations Special Rapporteur: Israel must abandon plans to relocate Bedouins

Israeli bulldozers raze land east of Gaza City

Al-Khudri: our people have suffered enough

Palestinian National Council urges world to end Israeli occupation

Army kidnaps 12 in the West Bank, demolishes wells and a wall, near Hebron

Israel demolishes 30 facilities in the Jordan Valleys, claim they were built in military zones

Foreign Minister calls on Canadian counterpart to halt settlements, land expropriation

Human Rights Watch urges United Nations to put Israel on List of Shame

Orange pulls out from Israeli partner firm

Erekat on the anniversary of 1967 occupation: Israel continues to deny Palestinian rights

Five Palestinian fishers kidnapped, farmer injured, in Gaza

Abbas, Prince Ali say Jordanian-Palestinian ties will remain as solid as ever

Soldiers demolish three Palestinian homes in Jerusalem

Israeli forces kidnap 15 Palestinians in West Bank, East al-Quds

Swedish Naval protest in support of lifting the siege on Gaza

Obama: Netanyahu's Palestine stance erodes Israel's credibility

European Union sources: Drive to label Israeli settlement products unstoppable

Ex-US Senate candidate: Israel planning false flag attack in United States to create war with Iran

Palestinian minors facing torture in Israeli jails

Israel naval boats open gunfire on Gaza fishermen, five fishermen detained

Repairs of Gaza's hospitals, clinics making slow progress

Portuguese parliament: Israel increases its isolation through apartheid policies

Hamas wants bigger German role in ending Gaza siege

Soldiers kidnap two Palestinians in Jenin and Jerusalem

Soldiers attack nonviolent protesters in Hebron, kidnap one

US legislators in move to undermine Israel boycott

Gaza-bound humanitarian aid vessel to arrive in Spain

Palestinian man dies of wounds suffered last year in Gaza

Soldiers attack Nabi Saleh weekly protest

Soldiers kidnap two Palestinians in Hebron and Jenin

Dual-citizen Israelis hijacked United States foreign policy

US defence aid to Israel to rise

Including two women, army kidnaps thirteen Palestinians

Israeli air force launches multiple attacks on Gaza Strip

Israel has violated the international law in Palestine, Syria and Iraq

Israel seeks 50 percent increase in US military assistance

Ten Palestinians injured near Jenin

Canada rights group voices support for boycott of Israel

Israeli navy opens gunfire on Gaza fishermen, injures one

Palestinian Legislative Council slams Israel's jailing of its speaker

Palestinians in Israel protest against home destruction

Op: The S in the Palestinian Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) call

Denmark cancels Elbit deal

Soldiers kidnap three Palestinians from Jenin and Hebron

Israel thanks US for blocking United Nations nuclear disarmament move

Venezuela to boost Palestine to full embassy status

Dozens injured in Nabi Saleh weekly protest

Soldiers attack Bil’in’s weekly protest

World Bank warns of total collapse of economy in Gaza

Israel concerned over Non-Proliferation Treaty conference final resolution

Palestinian boy critically injured by rubber-coated bullet

Israel approves 90 new settlement units in East Jerusalem

Soldiers uproot 20 dunams of agricultural lands in Bethlehem

US to sell bombs, missiles to Israel, helicopters to Saudis

Barghouthi: the European Union is not biased, it is only sick of Israel's behavior

IMF urges improvements in Gaza Strip, West Bank

Soldiers kidnap three Palestinians in Hebron, invade village near Jenin

United Nations warns about impact of Israeli settlement activities on Middle East

Official: Palestinians to prosecute Israel at ICC on June 25

NAM ministers: Israel aggression in Golan, Palestine must end

Child detainees testify to torture and abuse

Army kidnaps eleven Palestinians in the West Bank

Pax Christi International favors recognition of Palestine, ban on Israeli settlements

Freedom Flotilla III arrives in Germany en route to France

Palestinian woman suffers a miscarriage after Israeli fanatics attacked her

Army kidnaps ten Palestinians, including a mother and her two sons

Turkish top cleric: Israel used banned weapons in Gaza

Israeli PM vows to continue settlements construction in east Jerusalem

Campaign stepped up against Israel’s planned demolition of Bedouin village

Palestine officially becomes member of World Custom Organization

Palestinian Authority demands International Criminal Court set fixed date to submit lawsuits against Israel

European Union threatens Israel with economic and diplomatic sanctions

Palestinian photojournalist shot in eye by Israeli army

Ni'lin commemorates the Nakba

Lebanon marks 67th anniversary of Palestinian Nakba Day

Senate President: Jordan will remain committed to the Palestinian issue

Arab League hails Vatican's decision to recognize Palestine

Soldiers open fire on farmers and fishers in Gaza

United Nations chief deplores Israel's settlement plans

Turkish minister: We do not accept judaising Jerusalem

Former European leaders call for European Union to take lead on Israel-Palestine negotiations

Gaza officials: Dozens wounded by Hamas base blast

Israeli forces shoot, injure three Palestinian children

Scores injured as Bil’in marks Palestinian Nakba

Israel announces bids for 85 settlement units in occupied Jerusalem

Belgium denounces new Israeli settlement plan

Nakba Day is not just about remembering, it is about the Palestinians' return

Dr. Ashrawi conducts a series of meetings with diplomats and a visiting Dutch delegation

Israel fails to deter Gaza-bound Swedish trawler

Abbas: The Palestinians will remain steadfast in their homeland

Soldiers kidnap thirteen Palestinians in the West Bank

Israeli Apartheid Week launched in dozens of United States universities

PLO: Peace talks with Israel meaningless if date for ending occupation unfixed

Palestinians begin commemoration of 67th Nakba anniversary

European Union must hold Israel accountable for occupation

Vatican to recognize Palestine

Palestinian official appreciates India's support

Almost all Palestinian prisoners are tortured by Israel

Israeli forces raze mosque in Negev desert

Israel to demolish 23 homes in east Jerusalem

Lebanon army urges end to territorial incursions by Israel

Humanitarian ship sailing to Israeli-blockaded Gaza

Detained child tortured in the al-Maskobiyya interrogation center

12 Palestinians kidnapped from West Bank

Netanyahu pledge $75m for settlement

Families of Palestinian deportees demand justice

Uproar among United States students over Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions movement

The Netherlands to cut aid for Holocaust survivors living in West Bank settlements

Soldiers kidnap six Palestinians in Hebron, Bethlehem and Ramallah

West Bank village challenges Israel’s iron grip on planning

Gaza farmers face Israeli bullets to harvest crops

Erekat: Netanyahu's new government is just another one of extremism and war

European Union joins criticism of east Jerusalem settlement plan

European Union MPs demand ending partnership pacts with Israel

Israel seeking to trigger US war with Russia, Iran

Palestinian teen seriously injured by army fire in northern Gaza

Dozens injured as soldiers attack Bil’in’s weekly nonviolent protest

New Israeli government to legalize random outposts

Soldiers invade Palestinian communities in Jenin

PLO calls for boycott of right-wing Israeli coalition government

Palestinian in critical conditions after shot during IOF raid on refugee camp, Nablus

Israel approves 900 east Jerusalem settler homes

Israel new coalition against peace in region

Irish Palestine campaigners to stage protest outside tomorrow's CRH annual general meeting

Soldiers kidnap six Palestinians

2 children injured by unexploded ordnance in Gaza

Jordan Valley villagers call for international help

Israel’s systematic discrimination against blacks

Israeli court OK’s demolition of Palestinian village

Palestine's Abbas urges Israel to respect international resolutions

Palestine, India launch first consultation round

Israel approves 1,500 new Jerusalem settlement units

Israeli forces set up mobile homes on seized land in Bethlehem village

Israeli forces push deep into northern Gaza

Ex-United States President Jimmy Carter says Netanyahu never believed in two-state solution for Israel, Palestine

Israeli army deliberately targeted civilians in Gaza, Breaking the Silence reports

Senate approves act protecting settlements

Palestine United Nations envoy demands justice over Israel child abuse

Israeli forces destroy hundreds of acres in Nablus

Israel paving way for another Nakba?

Al Fakhoora, UNDP, UNICEF to launch projects in Gaza

Soldiers attack procession marking World Press Freedom Day, injure two journalists

ICC dismisses Israeli claims of bias in war crimes probe

Israeli troops clash with Palestinians in West Bank

Gaza situation miserable due to Israel siege

With Tulkarem against Israel’s cancer-causing chemical plants

Arab-Israeli MP calls for stopping Israeli home demolitions

United Nations envoy urges Palestinian unity, end to Israel blockade

Army kidnaps thirteen Palestinians in the West Bank, conducts training in Jenin

Palestinians protest in Tel Aviv against home demolition policy by Israel

Jordan welcomes international report on Israeli attacks on Gaza schools

UNIFIL: Israel must pull out of Lebanon's Ghajar area

Palestinian representatives sign on anti-Israeli settlements memorandum

Palestinian teenager dies after being shot by Israeli soldier

Israeli forces demolish Palestinian home in Ramallah village

Jimmy Carter snubbed by Israeli government on upcoming trip

West must start imposing boycotts on Israel

Activists raise the Palestinian flag over Israeli military camp south Bethlehem

Israeli occupation demolish 4 homes in Jordan Valley, claim they were built in "military zones"

Including a child, soldiers kidnap three Palestinians in Jerusalem

Sherman condemns Israeli cabinet over Palestine state position

Israeli navy opens gunfire on fishermen off Gaza

Gazan resistance monitors Israeli infiltration attempt

Free speech at UCLA threatened by pro-Israeli groups

Israel denies visa for South African minister visiting Gaza

Palestinians mourn as Jews celebrate

Palestinian teen killed by army fire in Jerusalem

Palestinian loses his eye due to Israeli fire in Kufur Qaddoum

Two Palestinians kidnapped in Jerusalem

Biden: US will give new F-35 jets to Israel next year

Dr. Ashrawi meets with UNRWA Commissioner-General Pierre Krähenbühl

Palestinians rally in occupied lands to mark Nakba Day

Christian-Islamic committee warns of new excavation under Al-Aqsa Mosque

University of East Anglia students back boycott of apartheid Israel

Five Palestinians kidnapped in Jenin, one in Ramallah

Two UNESCO motions against Israeli violations in West Bank, Gaza blockade and child murder

Gaza on verge of humanitarian crisis over Israeli siege

PLO welcomes EU labeling of settlement goods and products

Army kidnaps 12 in West Bank, storms homes, and a telecommunications company

Palestinian Prisoners’ Day commemorated with international solidarity

Bulldozers take lands in Al Araqib and Al Khader

US Congress may make Israel boycotts illegal

Palestinians petition to retrieve Jordan Valley land

Palestinian Foreign Minister says independence effort needs solidarity from Asian, African countries

Human Rights Group: Israel willfully targeted, murdered Gaza children

Israeli municipality to demolish two homes in East Jerusalem

Raed Salah: We will rebuild all houses demolished by Israeli occupation

3 Palestinians injured as Israeli forces open fire in Gaza

Two Palestinians kidnapped in Hebron

Palestinian solidarity group holds first Latin American congress in Venezuela

Homes of thousands of Palestinians in Israel threatened with demolition

Soldiers kidnap two Palestinians in Hebron and Jenin

South African companies boycott G4S over links to Israeli prisons

Ministers urge European Union to go ahead with labelling Jewish colony products

Israeli forces open fire at farmers in Gaza

Prisoners Day report on Palestinian detainees, their sufferings and their plight

Dr. Ashrawi meets with Austrian officials

Palestinians count on Asian-African conference to internationalize their cause

Parliamentary candidates show support for immediate end to Israel's Gaza blockade

21 Palestinians kidnapped across West Bank, Jerusalem

Special Coordinator Mladenov meets Palestinian Prime Minister Hamdallah

Germany funded Israeli nuke program

Israel demolishes building in East Jerusalem

United Nations denounces Israel's administrative detention policy

PA urged to prosecute Israel at ICC over violation of prisoners’ rights

United States scholar: 9/11 was mother of all false flag attacks

Soldiers kidnap eighteen Palestinians in West Bank, Jerusalem

IOF demolish home in Kafr Kanna, residents go on strike

Aid groups call for removal of Israeli blockade on Gaza

Soldiers kidnap five Palestinians in the West Bank

Army kidnaps three Palestinians in Nablus

United Nations slams Israel’s unlawful administrative detention

Palestinian killed by Israeli army fire in Hebron

Palestinian kidnapped, many injured, in Bil’in weekly nonviolent protest

Al-Khudari: 80% of Gaza's factories are affected by the siege

State of Palestine in overtime

UK Labour leader ready to back Palestinian state

Soldiers kidnap a Palestinian in Qabatia

Israel bids to open synagogue on Al-Aqsa grounds

Ministry: Gazans’ lives at risk if Israel siege continues

Victory for Palestinian-led boycott campaign as Veolia sells Israel assets

Soldiers kidnap five children in Bethlehem, Hebron

Arab League calls for a halt in Israeli aggression

Palestinians seek United Nations timetable to end Israeli occupation

Erekat reveals new project for Palestinian statehood

Arab League to discuss support to the Palestinian issue

Jordan to host International Exhibition for Reconstruction of Gaza

Soldiers kidnap five Palestinians in West Bank, occupy homes in Hebron

Spanish report: Israelis targeted United Nations peacekeepers in Lebanon

Dr. Ashrawi meets with the Representative of India to the State of Palestine, Mahesh Kumar

JHCO dispatches new aid convoy to Gaza

Paul Larudee: Israel must be prosecuted for torturing Palestinian minors

Five injured as soldiers attack Nabi Saleh weekly protest

New poll: just 54% of Americans see Israel as an ally

Abbas will turn to ICC over tax revenues

The Freedom Flotilla is back

One injured in Jenin, two kidnapped

End of Israeli impunity as Palestine joins ICC

PLO: ICC membership asserts international responsibility towards Palestine

IOF open fire, injures two demonstrators on Gaza buffer zone

Israel approves 2200 units in Jerusalem colonies

Sussex university students vote to boycott Israeli products

Erekat: Palestine to be declared ICC member Wednesday

Soldiers kidnap at least 20 Palestinians in the West Bank

Israel notifies Palestinians of home demolition orders

142 settlement housing units to be built in east Jerusalem

European Union report recommends: Sanction Israel over Jerusalem

United States blows lid off Israel’s nuclear weapons, hydrogen bombs program

Israeli army quells Khan Younes demonstration for Land Day

United States exerts new pressure against Israel over Palestinian state

Shepherds detained near Hebron, settlers attack farmers in Beit Ummar

Palestinians protest ongoing demolitions in Negev

France in fresh United Nations push over Palestine

Qatar blames Israeli intransigence for failure of peace negotiations

Three Palestinians injured in Gaza

Many injured as Israeli soldiers attack Ni’lin’s weekly nonviolent protest

France-based firm pulls out of Israeli cable car project in Jerusalem

Israeli soldier attempts to kidnap youth south of Nablus

UK artists call for immediate sanctions on Israel

West Bank man dies of wounds inflicted by Israel forces

Obama says row with Netanyahu substantive

Palestine's Permanent Representative to Arab League hails Algeria's support to Palestinian cause

Israel hands demolition notices to two Palestinian families

UK minister: Israel, settlers grabbing Palestine land

Scholar: Extremist Zionists have overtaken United States government

Ashrawi: European Union role is essential in holding Israel accountable

Time for Obama to shake things up, declare Israel nuclear state

Only sanctions can change Israeli policy

UNHCR: Israel committed war crimes against Gaza civilians

United States omits pro-Israel address at United Nations conference

White House: Israel’s 50-year occupation must end now

Obama slams Netanyahu over Palestine statehood

American journalist: United States could recognize Palestine as sovereign state

Amongst frustrated allies, patience has run out with Israel

Probe to unveil Israeli bombardment of United Nations buildings in Gaza

Sarah Palin creates Facebook posters to congratulate Netanyahu

Bil'in's weekly demonstration: Israeli soldiers attack local and foreign demonstrators with tear gas

Jordan, Palestine hold conference on Jerusalem

Benjamin Netanyahu's victory means we must recognise the state of Palestine

PLO calls on international community to isolate Israel

Arab League renews call for prosecuting Israel for Corrie’s murder

Palestinian seriously injured in Ramallah

Nine Palestinians kidnapped in the West Bank

Clegg: Time to back Palestine state

Will Netanyahu's extremism lead to United States backing Palestinian state

White House: United States may stop supporting Israel at United Nations Security Council

Army kidnaps general coordinator of the Popular Committee

Israeli settlers take over property in East Jerusalem neighborhood

Israel demolishes dozens of residential structures, livestock barns in Jordan Valley

IOF hand eviction threats to lands in Si'ir, uproot 150 olive trees in Hebron

Palestinians: Israeli voters chose occupation not talks

Palestinians to step up campaign against Israel at ICC

Soldiers open fire on homes in Gaza, two Palestinians kidnapped

Parents of Rachel Corrie release statement on 12th anniversary of her death

United Nations: 100,000 Gazans still homeless since summer attack

UNRWA calls Gaza situation critical, urges lifting siege

Awqaf minister denounces Israeli violations against Al-Aqsa Mosque

Soldiers attack a child in the Al-Aqsa Mosque

Israeli army targets Gaza farmers with gunfire

Israel lobby targets Democrat US presidents when they act like true Democrat leaders

What about Israel’s nuclear bomb

Dozens injured as Israeli soldiers attack Bil’in weekly protest

Three Palestinians kidnapped, many injured, in West Bank

Israeli soldiers open fire on Palestinian lands and farmers east of Khan Younis again

Kerry to meet in Egypt with Palestinian leader, Jordan king Abdullah II

10 years after modest launch, Israeli Apartheid Week spans the globe

Gaza electricity crisis needs political decisions from unity government

United Nations spokesman renews calls for end of Gaza siege

Palestinian dies of complications due to injuries suffered in 2008

Almost all Palestinian detainees are tortured

Israeli bulldozers, demolishes workshop, structures in West Bank

Israeli authority approves 49 settlement units in Jerusalem

New Yorkers stand against fundraising for Israeli war crimes

Report uncovers how Israel deceitfully managed to make atomic bombs

Army kidnaps 18 Palestinians near Bethlehem

Danish companies warned about settlement investments

Qatar says it will begin rebuilding 1,000 homes in Gaza

Netanyahu: Israel not to cede occupied land to Palestinians

Israeli forces demolish Palestinian house in Tulkarem, raze 300 dunums in Nablus

Arab League to submit Security Council application for ending occupation

Marking International Women's Day, eight Palestinian women injured near Ramallah

Israel set to expand settlement activities in Jordan Valley

Israeli torture of Palestine inmates sharply rises

Israel forces shoot dead Palestinian fisherman off Gaza coast

Child seriously injured near Ramallah

Two Palestinians shot north of Jenin Aid convoy carrying 40 trailers dispatched to Gaza

Abbas: Jordanian visits support Palestinians against occupation

PLO official urges Quartet to oblige Israel to abide by its obligations

Iran’s Rouhani: Mideast to see security when Israel crimes stopped

Israeli troops clash with Palestinian protesters in West Bank

Gaza's power plant shuts down

Gaza power to resume

Palestinian membership of the ICC is a positive step towards justice

Abbas calls world to recognize Palestinian state

Palestine Liberation Organization decides to suspend security coordination with Israel

Israeli forces open gunfire on Gaza houses, farmlands

Israeli fanatics burn two Palestinian cars near Ramallah

Iranian president says Israel greatest danger

Israeli forces shoot, injure young Palestinian in West Bank

Ten Palestinians kidnapped in the West Bank

Israel to displace Bedouin Naqab village

United Nations envoy says Israel must investigate killing of 1,500 Gaza civilians

Protesters gather outside US Congress ahead of Netanyahu speech

Palestine Advocacy launches ad campaign protesting Netanyahu's D.C. visit

Obama lashes out at Netanyahu over Iran

Obama will not watch Netanyahu speech even on television

More US lawmakers boycotting Netanyahu’s Congress speech

South Africa commences events of Israeli Apartheid Week

Serry calls for Israel to end siege on Gaza

Soldiers kidnap three Palestinians in West Bank

Ban suggests Israeli attack on UNIFIL post was deliberate

Ex-Senate candidate: Israel has stranglehold on all US institutions

Activist: US public opinion shifts against Israel

PLO: Palestinians to file case against Israel in International Criminal Court in April

Israeli ambassador to face protests at Glasgow University

Israel plans to raze more Bedouin homes

China reiterates support for Palestine

Preparations for Israeli Apartheid Week in over 200 cities

One killed and one wounded in a leftover bomb explosion in Gaza

United Nations chief hints Israel deliberately targeted south Lebanon peacekeepers

University of London SOAS favors academic boycott of Israel

Israeli forces attack Palestinian protesters in occupied West Bank

Abbas, Arab League, denounce Israeli attacks on holy sites

We must not fail in Gaza say United Nation agencies, joining global call to action

Italian MPs back resolution on Palestine independence

Israeli soldiers to demolish school, two homes near Hebron

Rebuilding Gaza could take a century if Israel keeps blockade

Netanyahu speech to test resilience of United States-Israeli ties

Will Netanyahu break bipartisan United States support for Israel

Campaign for Palestinian recognition launched in Ireland

Letter from Palestine to the United Nations on illegal Israeli policies and practices against the Palestinian people

Settler guard runs over child in Silwan, Jerusalem

Suspected Israeli settlers torch Palestinian mosque in West Bank

Israeli extremists open fire on Palestinian homes in Bethlehem Three Palestinians kidnapped in the West Bank, one in Gaza

Settlers raze land in West Bank town of Salfit

Israel violating international law by drilling for oil in Golan Heights

Palestinian teen killed by Israeli army fire in Bethlehem

Several Palestinians injured near Jenin, three children kidnapped in Jerusalem

Israel escalates its campaign against Gaza’s farmers

Israel forces target, injure Palestinians

Five Palestinians kidnapped in the West Bank

Israeli electric company begins West Bank power cuts over debt

Israeli settlement building tenders hit record high

As the United States and Europe turn away, Israel looks to Asia

Harris: United States should stop aid to Israel over tax revenues of Palestinians

Israel purchases 14 additional warplanes from US

Kerry slams Israel for freezing Palestinians’ tax money

Bil'in marks ten years of popular resistance

White House considering punishing procedures as a reaction to Netanyahu's upcoming speech at Congress

Soldiers kidnap a Palestinian in the al-Karama border terminal

Israeli forces clash with Open Shuhada Street demonstrators in al-Khalil

Child prisoners in Israeli jails tortured by electric shocks & more

Israeli forces open fire at civilians in Gaza

Italy starts motions toward the recognition of the state of Palestine

Israel begins drilling for oil in occupied Golan Heights

Ashrawi meets with members of the Belgian and Flemish parliament

Jordan BDS calls ‘Day of Action’ on Feb 20 against Israel gas deal

Stanford student senate votes to divest from occupation of Palestine

Soldiers kidnap a Palestinian woman in Al-Aqsa Mosque

Israeli army open gunfire on Gaza borderline farmlands, houses

Foreign Ministry condemns Israel's intent to establish landfill on East Jerusalem land

Jordan field hospital in Gaza receives aid convoy

Army kidnaps eight Palestinians in West Bank, Jerusalem

Israeli police arrests sixteen Palestinians in the Galilee

Israelis assault taxi driver in West Jerusalem

Rachel Corrie's family denied justice from Israel's highest court

Israel to demolish 20k Palestinian homes in al-Quds

Over 700 artists launch cultural boycott of Israel

Israeli forces open fire on homes of Palestinian citizens East of Khan Younis

Ten injured, two kidnapped, as soldiers attack Bil’in’s weekly protest

Federation of Arab Journalists backs pursuit of Israel in the ICC

Ailing child detainee in deteriorating condition, denied treatment, family visits

Israel earmarks private Palestine land for expropriation

European Union planning to impose new sanctions on Israel over settlements

United Nations official calls for lifting Israel's Gaza siege

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