Israeli occupation serves demolition notices in Jenin

Settlers turn illegally seized Palestinian-owned land into park

Israel denies entry to Welcome to Palestine visitors

Israeli soldiers testify to abusive treatment of Palestinian kids

Abbas: United Nations non-member status aims to protect peace

Abbas stresses Palestinian unity and representation

Israeli occupation approves new settlement project in occupied Jerusalem

Rachel Corrie remembered at demonstration in Beit Ommar

Israeli occupation soldiers suppress peaceful anti-wall march in Beit Ummar

Reports say Egypt to reopen Rafah crossing in south Gaza

Israeli occupation arrests Palestinian, injures three others

Foreign activists of "Welcome to Palestine" campaign arrive in Jordan

Soldiers attack family in Jerusalem, elderly woman wounded

Israeli occupation arrests four Palestinians

South Africa’s Arabs welcome decision to label settlement products

PNA urges world to bar products made in Jewish settlements

Israeli occupation gunfire targets fishermen and farmers in Gaza

Settlers invade Nablus village

Israel to demolish two houses in Beit Ummar

European Union foreign chief slams east Jerusalem settlement expansion

Egypt reopens border with Gaza Strip

Settlers attack home, attempt to torch it

Palestinian wounded by settlers molotov bomb is in serious condition

Hamas: We won’t allow any tampering with the Aqsa mosque

An open letter from Gaza to European Union: Do not reward apartheid!

Palestinians challenge Israeli domination in Jerusalem

Jordanian party asks government to reconsider treaty with Israel

Abbas hopes independent Palestinian state established next year

Iran says Israel's proposed strike good excuse to get rid of Jewish state

Media Forum condemns Israeli occupation attack on six journalists

Turkey's Davutoglu says government cannot prevent another aid flotilla to Gaza

Top commander: Israel will cease to be if Iran hit

Father, mother and children injured by settlers firebomb

Settlers uproot 30 olive trees, east of Yatta

Israel attempts to foil a flight in solidarity with Palestinians

Palestinians take to the streets in the annual Jerusalem Day march

Khudari calls for opening the crossings and operating Gaza airport

Israel preparing to attack Iran

United Church of Canada decides to boycott settlement products

Abbas calls on Islamic Summit to support Jerusalem

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Army invades several Hebron towns, kidnaps one resident

Palestinian children abused in Israeli jail

Cabinet condemns Israeli schemes against Al-Aqsa Mosque

Miles of Smiles convoy arrives in Gaza

Iranian defense minister: We will destroy the Israeli army

Israel singlehandedly destroying two-state solution, says PLO official

Egypt opens Rafah border crossing with Gaza

Ansar 3 aid convoy heads to Gaza in September

Call to Action: Mark the verdict in the Corrie civil case in Israel, August 28th!

Rights group denounces light murder sentence

Israeli occupation razes agricultural lands, demolishes water well in Al-Khader

Israeli occupation constructs new settlement outpost in Salfit

Barhoum urges Islamic summit to protect Jerusalem, Aqsa

Incarcerated inside Israel: Palestinians tortured and isolated

Israeli settlers poison grazing fields, kill cattle near Hebron

Hamas urges Egypt to re-open Gaza border crossing

Appeals to the Egyptian authorities to open the Rafah crossing

Israeli occupation soldiers serve demolition notices in Tobas

Israeli navy opens fire at fishermen in Gaza

One protester critically wounded, dozens treated for tear gas in five anti-Wall protests Friday

Ofer court postpones Hassan Safadi's trial

Saudi Arabia allegedly warns it will intercept Israeli jets en route to Iran

Bahar calls on Egypt to open Rafah crossing

Israeli occupation demolishes two houses in Jerusalem

European Union calls on Israel to halt demolition of eight Palestinian villages

ISESCO calls for action against threat to move Al-Aqsa Mosque

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Israel orders demolition of six Palestinian homes in Beit Awa town

Reports claim Israel using armed drones

Israel runs terrorist training centers across the world

Israel evacuated military outpost near Rafah hours before Sinai attack

Four prisoners continue their open hunger strike

Palestinian prisoners tortured by permission of the Israeli judiciary

Settler runs over Palestinian child in Al-Khalil

Soldiers kidnap children in Jerusalem

Soldiers invade Hebron village, residents fear impending demolitions

Israel allocates millions of shekels for settlement projects

Israel to prevent United Nations mission from investigating West Bank settlements

Palestinian Authority rejects Israeli suggestion of prisoner release in exchange for abandoning United Nations move

Scandinavian activists send ship to Gaza to challenge Israeli blockage

Gaza power outages continue

Israeli occupation arrest two Palestinian minors from Hebron

New Israeli order prevents Palestinians from submitting complaints against Israel

Aqsa Foundation warns against Israeli plan to take over Al-Aqsa

Ahmad Sa’adat urges Palestinian unity and resistance to occupation

Israeli assassination drone attack kills Palestinian in Gaza Strip

Tel Aviv bars Non-Aligned Movement ministers from Ramallah meeting

Egypt condemns Israel denying non-aligned countries entry to Palestine

European network calls for pressuring IOA to release two Palestinian sportsmen

European Union urges Israel to re-open closed Jerusalemite institutions

Qatar to send mission for Gaza reconstruction

Jewish settlers try to blast a Palestinian car in Ramallah village

Palestinian Authority to discuss United Nations bid next week

Non-Aligned Movement members to support Palestinians' United Nations bid

Israeli military kidnap a Palestinian youth from Beit Ummar

Property demolished for illegal settlement expansion

The Islamic Conference calls for the protection of Jerusalem

Palestinian leadership slams Israeli gov't for settlement spending

United States veto for sale

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Israel attacks funeral procession near Hebron

Israeli settlers uproot and burn olive trees in Nabi Saleh

Israeli occupation to build dozens of settlement units in Al-Khalil

Foreign Ministry condemns Israeli investing policies in settlements

Concern mounts for three remaining Palestinian hunger strikers

Israeli bulldozers raze land near Bethlehem

Committee warns against turning Al-Aqsa yards into public park

Hamas says Egypt increases fuel shipments to Gaza

Ex-CIA analyst: Israel, United States faking intelligence to attack Iran

Palestinian killed and three injured in Jerusalem

Israel opens fire on homes in Gaza

Jewish settlers, Israeli police storm Al-Aqsa Mosque

Romney courts Jewish donors, says occupied Jerusalem capital of Israel

Erekat: Romney’s assertions unacceptable

America: From a shining city on a hill to virtual Jewish fiefdom

Supply convoy arrives at Gaza field hospital

Settlers terrorize child, attack activists

Jordanians protest the Israeli calls to storm Al-Aqsa mosque

Romney will support Israel’s unilateral strike on Iran

Israeli occupation soldiers arrest 16 Palestinians including 5 children

Army invades Al-Aqsa mosque, attack worshipers

Romney bars reporters from Israeli fundraiser

United Nations official: The settlements contrary to the international law

Abbas confident in Palestinian bid for United Nations recognition

Israeli military calls for demolition of West Bank village

Several wounded in nonviolent anti-wall demonstrations in the West Bank

Jewish settlers in West Bank up by 15,000 in a year

20 Jewish settlers burst into Aqsa plazas under heavy security escort

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Britain: Calls for a boycott of Israeli dates

Euro-mid urges European Union special envoy to prioritize violations against Palestinians

Three injured in settlers’ attack on Palestinian farmers

Israeli military raids Hebron area, settlers attack Palestinians

Israeli occupation resumes the construction of the apartheid wall in Salfit

Rights group: The Israeli army has no civil authority over Jerusalem

Ashrawi calls on European Union to reconsider relations with Israel

Israel arrests two Palestinian children in Hebron

United Nations committee decries Israeli treatment of Palestinian children

Destruction of Muslims' graves targets wiping out Islamic landmarks

Settlers cut down 100 olive trees near Hebron

Fayyad calls to prevent Israel from demolishing 8 locales in Hebron

Boycott Israel campaign kicks off in Ramallah and Nablus

Israel issues demolition orders for 8 Palestinian villages

Palestinian prisoner ends 104-day hunger strike

Israeli occupation kidnap five Palestinians including children in J'lem and Al-Khalil

IFIP demands release of Palestinian MPs

Arabs back international probe into Arafat’s death

Israeli soldiers and settlers storm the Aqsa mosque

Hamas confirms Egyptian measures to ease border control for Palestinians

Arab League backs Palestinian plan to upgrade United Nations status

Al-Barghouti: Israel uses profit of its products to kill Palestinians

Jewish settlers establish outpost of five houses near Bethlehem

New Israeli law prevents Palestinians taking legal action against security forces

Israeli navy opens fire at fishermen in Rafah

Children in solitary confinement: Israel’s pattern of abuse is inhumane, cruel, degrading and unlawful

UFree calls on Israel to release all Palestinian MPs

Jordan condemns Israeli claims concerning the Aqsa mosque

Israel’s race toward World War III

Iran says involvement in attack on Israeli tourists unfounded

Israeli army attack demonstrators in Bil’in

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Hamas asks Egypt to allow more fuel into Gaza

A massive march in Gaza calls on the Egyptian president to lift the blockade

Egypt's president promises to help lift Gaza blockade

Erekat appeals to international community

Israel issues demolition order on two water cisterns

100 year old Silwan building destroyed by Israel

Settlers break into Joseph Tomb in Nablus

7 Israelis killed, dozens injured in Bulgaria bus explosion

Jewish settler runs over a Palestinian in Hebron

Israeli municipal employees uproot olive trees in Qasra village

Six Palestinians arrested, including four teens

Radwan calls for defending Al-Aqsa

Yemeni solidarity delegation arrives in Gaza

Soldiers abuse Palestinian youth while kidnapping him

Israeli government invites tenders for building 500 housing units in West Bank

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Nelson Mandela Foundation calls for United Nations to act on Israeli violations

Ashrawi stresses European role to end Israeli violations

Child injured after being rammed by settler’s car

Israel digs under foundation of Al-Aqsa

Israeli bulldozers demolish water wells near Hebron

Washington threatens to stop aid to the Palestinian Authority

Sarsak released after 96 days of hunger strike

Conditions of ill prisoners in Ramle prison catastrophic

Zionist-created euro behind current eurozone crisis

Ahmadinejad: All revolts must target Israel as base of global hegemony

Palestinian prisoner near death

Israeli occupation renews administrative detention of six Palestinians including Hamas leader

Settlers attack a Palestinian near Bethlehem

Legal in European Union to support boycott of settlement products says UK expert

Settlers and soldiers attack village near Nablus, injuring 5

Resheq: Non-cooperation with the UNHRC committee reflects Israeli arrogance

Five years of blockade shatters Gaza’s once thriving economy

Former mufti: Arafat was poisoned

Four children injured in explosion of Israeli army ordnance

Soldiers attack Bil’in’s weekly protest

Palestinian envoy: Israeli noncooperation not to affect United Nations probe on settlement activities

Concern mounts for the life of Akram Rikhawi on his 85th day of hunger strike

Al-Mayadeen: Collaborator confesses to poisoning Arafat

Settlers seize five dunums of land, Bethlehem

Settlers uproot around 120 olive trees, South Nablus

Israel plans to resume construction of annexation wall in Jerusalem

Benjamin Netanyahu involved in smuggling nuclear triggers

Israeli occupation soldiers arrest another Palestinian in Al-Khalil

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Haniyeh calls for an independent Arab commission to investigate Arafat's death

Yasser Arafat poisoned by polonium, Swiss institute says

Yasser Arafat's body to be exhumed

Settlers seize land in Northern Jordan Valley

Oman: Stop Israeli atrocities on Palestinians

Video shows Israeli police roughing up Palestinian child

Israeli occupation soldiers detain 10 Palestinians

Settler attack near Nablus destroys olive trees

United Nations official: Israel is an apartheid regime

Sabha calls on Egyptian president to open the Rafah crossing around the clock

After 83 days on hunger strike, detainee in serious condition

Gaza under air, land, sea shelling

United Nations expert calls for more actions to support Palestinian struggle

Israeli occupation soldiers detain two citizens

Jordan reiterates support for Palestinians

Jewish settlers burn hundreds of dunums of cultivated land

Soldiers attack Bil’in’s weekly protest

Palestine Liberation Organization urges United Nations Security Council action on illegal Israeli settlements

Morsi: We will support Palestinian legitimate rights

United States, major world powers pawn in Zionist game of sanctions against Iran

Entire community under threat of demolition, including CARE Health Clinic

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Occupation soldiers round up four Palestinians in a new sweep of arrests

Congregation for Palestinian Rights calls for an international investigation into death of Palestinian prisoners

Hunger striking detainee in critical health condition

CBS pulls down L.A. billboards

United Nations human rights expert demands Israel halt demolition of Palestinian homes

Israel plans demolition of entire Palestinian village

Israel approves 180 new units for settlers in Jerusalem

Soldiers kidnap several Palestinians in the West Bank

Occupation renews administrative detention of Hamas leader

Israel demolishes historic Islamic sites in Jerusalem

Russia denounces Israel settlement expansion

Rizqa calls on the new Egyptian president to lift the siege on Gaza

Army demolishes sheds, confiscates water tanks, in Wadi Al-Maleh

Israeli soldiers in uniform stroll inside the Aqsa mosque

Palestinian rally demands release of critically ill prisoner

Supply convoy sent to Jordan’s military hospital in Gaza

Shoman calls for immediate intervention to save children in Israeli prisons

Report: 100% of Palestinian prisoners tortured in Israeli jails

Clashes reported in Hebron after soldiers kidnapped a child

Israeli occupation authority serves demolition notices in occupied Jerusalem, Jordan Valley

Palestinian PM vows to prevent Israeli demolition orders

Major United States retirement fund divests from Caterpillar

Palestinian boy killed in fresh Israeli aerial attack on Gaza

Israeli airstrike kills another Palestinian in Gaza

Israeli regime attacks Gaza again, kills one Palestinian

19 Palestinians injured in new wave of airstrikes targeting Gaza

Barhoum blasts European silence, American collusion in the Israel aggression

One Palestinian killed, 2 injured in fresh Israeli airstrike on Gaza

Palestinian prisoner at immediate risk of death

Occupation renews administrative detention of Abu Ras

178 international decisions in condemnation of Israel’s mistreatment of Palestinian prisoners

Occupation arrests three Palestinians in Al-Khalil and Bethlehem

Demonstrators protest apartheid in al-Ma’sara

Boycott of Israeli settler products gains momentum

Israeli soldiers arrest 9 Palestinians in West Bank

Soldiers kidnap six fishermen in Gaza

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Al-Wafa aid convoy arrives to Gaza

Another Palestinian killed in Israeli airstrike in east Gaza

Two children injured in fresh Israeli airstrike in Gaza

Arab League condemns Israeli attack on Gaza

Report: 90% of West Bank water is under occupation control

Palestinian child killed by Israeli airstrike

New Israeli airstrike kills 2 Palestinian teenagers in Gaza

5 detained across West Bank invasion, buildings demolished in Bethlehem

Settlers burn mosque near Jerusalem

Israeli airstrike kills two Palestinians in Gaza

Israeli forces arrest 18 across West Bank

Government condemns settler crimes, Ahrar calls for freeing resistance

Al-Sarsak ends hunger strike in release deal

Rights group calls for boycott of pro-settlements company

Israeli settler kills two Palestinians in southern West Bank

Israeli tanks, bulldozers attack Deir al-Balah in central Gaza Strip

Israeli gunboats fire at Palestinian fishing boats

PRC calls for the support of Jerusalem and its people

Israeli occupation refuses to release an elderly PFLP leader

Palestinian hunger striker on verge of death must be admitted to hospital or released

Army kidnaps several residents in Ramallah

Three fishermen kidnapped in Gaza

Susiya village to protest demolition orders

Hayek praises calls for international intervention in the Gaza Strip

Israeli occupation soldiers arrest 12 Palestinians including 90-year-old

FIFA urgently calls for Sarsak's release

Israel starts new excavations south of Al-Aqsa Mosque

Ashton: European Union will not recognize any changes to the '67 borders, including Jerusalem

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Palestinian dies after 12 years of injury

Israel fires on international boat supporting Gaza fishermen

Occupation orders the demolition of 52 Palestinian buildings and tents

20 Palestinian detained children started a hunger strike in Hasharon prison

Palestinian-Americans demand Israel & Palestinian Authority act immediately to prevent death of hunger strikers

Top United Nations humanitarian official urges lifting of Israeli blockade of Gaza

50 international groups demand end to Gaza blockade

Soldiers kidnap 12 Palestinians

Israel demolishes a home, structures, in Jerusalem

Israeli gunships fire at Palestinian cultivated land in Gaza

Israel to seize Palestinian land south of Bethlehem

Two children taken from Beit Ommar

Army kidnaps Palestinian family in Jerusalem, child taken from playground

Israeli occupation soldiers open heavy machinegun fire at southern Gaza

Protest held in solidarity with hunger strikers

Officials call for action as Bethlehem villages run dry

International aid convoy arrives in Gaza Strip

Settlers set fire to wheat fields south of Nablus

Settlers cut olive trees near Hebron

Jordan condemns Israel's plans to build new settlements

Rights group urges France to have Palestinian hunger strikers released

Rally in support of Palestinian hunger strikers

Weekly demonstrations continue in Bil’in, Ramallah

Britain says Israel’s settlement acts hard to defend

European Union’s Ashton says settlements detrimental to peace efforts

Germany says Israeli settlement plans counter to peace efforts

USS Liberty incident constitutes a cover-up

Israeli occupation forces arrest 7 Palestinians from the West Bank

Palestinians may accept non-member state status at United Nations

Al-Sarsak at risk of dying

Multiple settler attacks on Thursday morning

Water well destroyed by Israeli forces

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

France condemns Israeli PM’s plan to expand Beit El settlement

United Nations envoy slams new Israel settlement plans

Israel announces 851 new settler homes in West Bank

Israeli authorities raze Palestinian homes in the Negev

Settlers prevent Palestinians from entering their lands

Gaza main power plant stops generating electricity

Attoun: Palestinian suffering will continue as long as there is occupation

Amnesty International calls for the release of prisoners

Israeli airstrike kills Palestinian

9 hurt at Naksa day rally

Occupation destroys Palestinian houses in the northern Jordan Valley

Abu al-Amrin: the occupation delays entry of fuel to Gaza for the third time

United States student body backs divestment from Israel

Call for action: Irish minister support a settlement boycott

Palestinian dies from Israeli strike wounds

Settlers burn lands planted with wheat near Hebron

Israeli submarines nuclear armed

Palestinian inmates may restart hunger strike in Israeli jails

A sit-in in Gaza in solidarity with prisoner Sarsak

Fayyad commends South Africa’s boycotting Israeli products campaign

Prisoner Hamid Amoudi unable to move due to torture

Settlers set fire to olives, attack youth center in Hebron

Boycott Israeli products campaign receives momentum

Palestinian, Israeli soldier killed in an exchange of fire, Gaza

Israeli occupation desecrates al-Rahma cemetery next to al-Aqsa mosque

Ailing detainee, released one week ago, dies in hospital

Calls for intervention in arrests of fishermen in Gaza

Israel spends 200 million dollars to plant fake Jewish graves near Al-Aqsa mosque

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Arab, Islamic relief convoy arrives in Gaza

El-Khoudary: Marmara anniversary should refocus attention on Gaza siege

Jewish settlers set fire to hundreds of acres of agricultural land in West Bank

Army invades Gaza, opens fire at farmers

Army abducts fishermen in Gaza

Hamas: Renewal of administrative detention flagrant violation of agreement

Swiss giant to begin labelling settlement products

Israeli soldiers attack students near Bethlehem

Jewish settlers beat up Jerusalemite child

Daglas: Settlers have formed special teams to attack the Palestinians

Soldiers attack Palestinian detainees in Nafha

Hunger strikers Sarsak, Rikhawi in critical condition

Israeli forces demolish gas station, shop north of Jerusalem

Army kidnaps four children in Jerusalem

Six Palestinians arrested by Israeli forces at dawn

Gaza families resume visits to prisoners in Israeli jails but hunger strike goes on

Jerusalemites protest the planting of fake Jewish graves around Al-Aqsa

Israel serious threat to world peace, 48% say in German poll

Israeli occupation renews administrative detention of MP Natshe for fourth time

Israeli occupation renews administrative detention of Haj

Israeli settler shoots Palestinian man in West Bank

Israeli occupation soldiers arrest Palestinian child, Jerusalemites

Occupation soldiers quell weekly village march

Two Palestinian prisoners still on hunger strike

Gaza farmers insist on growing wheat near borders with Israel

World Health Organization adopts resolution slamming Israel's siege on Gaza

Jewish Israelis attack students in Tel Aviv

Occupation extends administrative detention of two brothers from al-Khalil

Amnesty accuses Israel of violating international law with settlements and Gaza siege

Israeli occupation kidnap six Palestinians in raids on West Bank homes

UK: Israel’s settlements harm its international standing

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Zaki calls on international society to put pressure on Israel

Prisoner Lubada suffering serious health deterioration

Israeli occupation arrest 9 Palestinians from the West Bank

Knesset passes law to encourage illegal settlements in the West Bank

Erekat says Israel should not be treated as if it is above international law

Massive rally against Lieberman's visit to London

European Union defends right of Palestinians to peaceful protest

The occupation plants thousands of fake graves around Al-Aqsa

University in South Africa cancels Israeli deputy ambassador's lecture

Palestinian Authority welcomes South Africa settlements decision

Nine Palestinians abducted in Jerusalem

Jewish settlers shoot Palestinians as Israeli soldiers stand idle

Israeli occupation soldiers damage irrigation equipment, crops in Al-Khalil

Israeli municipality demolishes house in east Jerusalem

Shaath: Israel must respond to international demand to stop settlement expansion

Denmark may follow South Africa’s lead to prohibit labeling Palestinian products as “made in Israel”

Soldiers attack nonviolent protest near Hebron

Two injured as settlers attack Nablus village

Israeli forces open fire at farmers in Gaza, injure one

Four Palestinians wounded in settlers’ attack

Birzeit students: The sit-in will not stop until the end of political arrests

Foreign Ministry condemns Israeli decision to expand settlement

Settlers uproot, destroy trees in Hebron, Nablus

South Africa bans false labeling of settlement produce as ‘made in Israel’

Former CIA agent: Bin Laden died of natural causes

Israel to expand Ariel and build 2100 housing units on lands of Qalqilya and Tulkarem

Arab League urges ICRC to ease sufferings of Palestinian prisoners

Lives of more than 400 kidney patients at risk in Gaza

Hamas premier says no future for Israel on Palestinian lands

Denmark set to label settlement produce

Humanitarian development convoys arrive in Gaza

Israeli police kill Palestinian in Tayeba city

Seven injured by Israeli shells in Gaza

Settlers burn Palestinian car near Nablus

Jewish settlers, officials storm Aqsa mosque

Two Palestinian inmates refuse to end hunger strike

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Gaza-bound activists arrive in Egypt

Israel shuts down school to replace it with military training base

Israeli occupation hand demolition notices, Jenin

Arab League stresses on the Palestinian refugees' right of return

Abbas to resume statehood bid in United Nations

Medics: 80 injured in Nakba protests near Ramallah

Palestinian artists in Gaza remember the Nakba

Israeli occupation soldiers kidnap child in Al-Khalil village

Mushtaha: Continuity of strike suspension depends on occupation’s commitment

Israeli settlers sabotage crops, agricultural land near Bethlehem

Oxfam welcomes European Union’s unprecedented criticism of Israeli policies

Netanyahu rejects Abbas’s call to halt settlement building in response to peace talks letter

Hunger-striking detainees sign deal with prison authority

Six Palestinian prisoners refuse to end hunger strike

Prisoner Abu Ghulma vomiting blood

Bilal Diab writes his will on the 75th day of hunger strike

European Union ministers to condemn Israeli violations

Turkey urges Israel to uphold legal obligations toward striking prisoners

World Health Organisation: Immediate and adequate healthcare needed for hunger strikers

Undercover troops threw stones at soldiers during nonviolent demos, Commander admits

Abbas urges Clinton to intervene for Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails

Jerusalemite march in solidarity with the prisoners

Turkish rally supports Palestinian striking prisoners

Nuclear-armed Israel, image of apocalyptic horror

11 students go on hunger strike in solidarity with prisoners

An international campaign to break the siege on Jerusalem kicks off in Cairo

Israeli kidnap 17 Palestinians

Ban Ki-moon: Palestinian hunger strikers should be brought to trial or released

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Palestinian women confront CRH board, submit 10,000 petition urging divestment from Israel

Jewish settlers set hundreds of olive trees on fire

Israeli army demolishes three buildings near Bethlehem

Egyptian parliament condemns the systematic torture of Palestinian prisoners

Sinn Fein call for an end to administrative detention

Hundreds protest in front of United Nations office in Ramallah

'It will lead to war' Ron Paul fights to end military aid for Israel

Israeli occupation troops crack down on solidarity rally

Solitary confinement and administrative detention

ICRC urges hospitalization of six Palestinian hunger strikers

European Union asks Israel to let families visit hunger strikers

Army breaks into popular committee office in Ramallah

Israeli court rejects appeal of Palestinian hunger strikers

Soldiers kidnap 5 Palestinians in the West Bank

Israel serves notification for more demolitions in occupied territories

Mark Glenn: Israel should be stopped or all will be lost

5 hunger strikers in solidarity with prisoners transferred to hospital in Gaza

Gaza health authorities sound alarm on depleting medicines

Israel exposes entire world to nuclear armageddon

Jewish settlers poison Palestinian grapevines

Israeli occupation troops open gunfire at Palestinian homes

Turkey condemns the building of 1100 new housing units in occupied Jerusalem

Non-violent protests in solidarity with hunger-striking prisoners held in 6 West Bank villages

United Nations envoy urges Israel to preserve health of Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike

Teibi: Bilal Dhiab at risk of dying any moment

Palestinian women rally in solidarity with prisoners on hunger strike

Israel sold Argentina arms during Falklands War against UK

Israel takes command of 4th Dolphin class sub

Israeli bulldozers demolish house, restaurant in Beit Jala

Israeli court postpones hunger strike appeal decision

United Nations envoy urges Israel to preserve health of Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike

Qatari fuel aid to Gaza facing Israeli obstacles

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Undercover forces kidnap three children in Jerusalem

Israel to demolish buildings in east Jerusalem to build "King David" park

United Nations human rights expert appalled by ongoing violations in Israeli prisons

Israeli forces attack rally in support of Palestinian prisoners

Adnan, Shalabi proud of hunger-striking detainees

May 5: Mobilize in support of Palestinian political prisoners

Israeli forces arrest 23 Palestinians

Captive Bilal Dhiab slips into a coma

Israel renews administrative detention against Hamas member

Israeli forces injure four Palestinian protesters

Settlers destroy 100 olive trees near Ramallah

Abbas lays founding stone of Palestinian embassy in Tunis

Ansar 2 convoy to head to Gaza May 14

Israeli occupation soldiers arrest six Palestinians, beat up a child

Israeli court agrees to postpone demolition of illegal settlement in West Bank

Abbas vows to take prisoners case to United Nations

Resheq calls to expand the boycott of Israeli goods campaign

Republic of Estonia upgrades Palestine's status to mission

Israeli police arrest two children, two teens in Silwan

Israeli navy kidnaps five fishermen

Detained PFLP leader moved to prison hospital

World's support for Palestinian hunger strikers

Four missing boys found detained by Israeli army

Fuel crisis worsens Gazan fishermen's suffering

Co-op boycotts exports from Israel's West Bank settlements

Palestinians say statehood efforts to continue even as United States releases funds

Wasseem Al Qaddoumi, 19, shot in the head by Israeli occupying force

Mass march in Gaza for prisoners

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Hamas calls on Arab League to boycott French companies complicit with the occupation

58 days on hunger-strike, ailing detainee determined to continue

Solidarity sit-in to be staged outside 10 Downing Street on Saturday

Jewish settlers attack village south of Nablus

Project shows corporate involvement in occupation

Aid convoy on route to Gaza for Nakba Day

New settlement project threatens Palestinian properties in Jerusalem

Jordan denounces Israel’s settlement activities

Russia condemns settlement activities, considers illegal

UK condemns Israel’s legalization of illegal outposts

Spain condemns Israel’s legalization of illegal outposts

Palestinian Authority demands Israel to stop unilateral moves

Officer who killed cuffed Palestinian sentenced to 8 months

Israeli occupation soldiers using Palestinian children as human shields

Israeli settlers, military forces storm Nabi Yusuf tomb in Nablus

Palestinians condemn legalizing 3 Jewish settlements in West Bank

France condemns settlement legalization, destruction of cisterns

Eight children injured by Israeli settlers

Soldiers kidnap 13 Palestinians in the West Bank

Israeli prison service transfers prisoner to an unknown location

Israeli court rejects hunger-strikers detention appeal

Soldiers demolish two wells north of Hebron

Israel demolishes Bedouin village in Negev

Jewish settlers destroy Palestinian olive trees and fence off their lands

Swiss NGOs ask their government not to receive Lieberman

Israel constructs 20 fake grave stones in Silwan

Israel moves to legalize three settlements in Hebron and Nablus

Turkey blocking Israel from NATO summit

Palestinians for United Nations measures against Israel

Israel to build new 217 units in Jerusalem

Occupation launches an arrest campaign in West Bank

Israeli forces attack Palestinian prisoners to force end to inmates' hunger strike

Israeli forces assault 5 non-violent anti-wall demonstrations, 1 demonstrator critically injured

Settlers attack local, international law professors in Hebron

European Union condemns Israeli eviction of Jerusalemite family from its home

Hundreds of prisoners enter fifth day in hunger strike

German medical delegation to arrive in Gaza Strip

Shepherd seriously wounded by gun fire in the Jordan Valley

Two Palestinian children kidnapped near Hebron

Israeli occupation soldiers fire teargas at schoolchildren

20 new homes built in illegal settlement outpost

Soldiers raid town, shoot tear gas at school, homes

Settlers destroy farms in Jordan Valley area

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Woman injured by army fire in Gaza

Soldiers demolish bedouin camp near Jerusalem

Israeli forces detain 10 youth in Nablus village

Safadi to maintain hunger strike until his release

Halhale slips into a coma

1,600 Palestinian prisoners begin open-ended hunger strike in Israeli jails

320 local, international groups campaign for detainee’ rights

Palestinian prisoner freed after longest hunger strike

Jordanians mark Palestinian Prisoners Day

Cabinet calls on United Nations to pressure Israel to release prisoners

Israeli forces use rubber bullets against Palestinian demonstrators

Israeli occupation unit kidnaps two Palestinians including injured youth

Israeli forces injured Palestinian farmer in Gaza Strip

Knesset to discuss bill authorising settlers' seizure of Palestinian land

The peace process and erosion of Palestinian rights

Gaza patients suffer worst shortage of medicine since 2006

Settlers cut 150 olive trees near Ramallah

Palestinians call for campaign to show solidarity with prisoners in Israel

50 flytilla passengers in an Israeli jail to embark on a hunger strike

Abbas meets Sri Lankan president

Israel arrests 40 pro-Palestine activists at Ben Gurion airport

Israeli occupation soldiers arrest 7 Palestinians

Zoabi: Israel violates freedoms at a global level

11-year-old child beaten in pro-prisoners march

1600 detainees to declare hunger-strike on April 17

Sit-in planned in Moscow in solidarity with Palestinian prisoners

Palestinians welcome United States decision to release frozen aid

Palestinian president holds meeting with Japanese premier

A Zionist plan to build a Jewish museum in Al Buraq courtyard

Israel mobilizes special forces to deport flytilla activists

Flytilla canceled by airline

Settlers uproot olive trees near Yatta

Jordanian interior minister to visit Palestine

Three Palestinian farmers wounded in Jewish settlers attack

Israeli occupation soldiers round up 7 Palestinians in Nablus, Al-Khalil

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Call for international action: Show your support on Palestinian Prisoners day

Palestinian woman seriously injured in settlers’ attack

Palestinian hunger striker in critical condition

Palestinians injured trying to stop settlers near Al-Aqsa

Australia condemns Israeli decision to expand settlements

Dozens rally in support of Palestinian female prisoners

Iran arrests terrorist cell linked to Israel

Soldiers abduct three residents near Hebron

Palestinians condemn Israeli plans to curb fly-in of activists

Mansour: Israel is destroying two-state solution

International conference to support the Palestinian detainees

Israeli soldiers open fire on Gaza, injure Palestinian

Israel navy opens fire at Gaza fishing boat

Israelis turn Asqalan Muslim cemetery into parking lot

Arab League: Israel aims to bring down Palestinian Authority

Jafaar Izz al-Din: 19th days of hunger strike

Gaza protest urges ICRC to do more to free Palestinian prisoners

Abbas: May renew bid for United Nations recognition

Jewish settlers desecrate the Aqsa mosque

Settlers raid agricultural land near Jenin

Israeli forces arrest five Palestinians in West Bank

PNA president says negotiations easier when Palestinian state recognized

Jordanians call for releasing jailed relatives in Israel

Palestinian man chased by settlers dies after his tractor crashed

Fresh Israeli airstrike injures two in southern Gaza

Israeli occupation renews administrative detention of heart patient

Villagers confront Israeli occupation attempt to storm their village

Haneyya: Zionist threats won’t terrorize the Palestinian people

Soldiers attack West Bank protests injuring two civilians

Occupation renews administrative detention of a blind captive

Israeli settlement expansionary measures destruct international efforts to achieve peace

Turkey condemns renewed settlement activity in East Jerusalem

Arab League calls for confronting Israeli crimes against Palestinians

Miles Of Smiles 11 arrvies in Gaza

20 Palestinians, including 2 officers, kidnapped in Qalqilia

The occupation continues to detain 190 Palestinian children

Armed settlers attack farmers near Nablus

Aqsa Foundation for Endowment and Heritage warns of growing Zionist calls for demolition of Aqsa

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Israeli shelling kills a teenager in Gaza

MP Beitawi dies in hospital after IOA refused his travel abroad for treatment

Israeli occupation soldiers wound Palestinian, arrest two others in Gaza

Israeli soldiers violently evict Hebron house

Israeli PM seeks to legalize four settler outposts in West Bank

Israel to build 872 homes in "Har Homa” settlement

United States aid to Israel: 115 billion dollars

Human rights group: A dark day for international justice

Quds Press calls on Israel to release its West Bank correspondent

Neither threats nor murders will stop our demonstrations

Palestinian child dies of wounds sustained last year

15 Israelis attack Palestinian worker in Jerusalem

Israel ruins four Palestinian homes in West Bank

Israel vows to erect yet more settlements in al-Quds

ICC won't investigate Gaza war because Palestine is 'not a state'

Red Cross sends emergency diesel to Gaza

UAE foundation supports UNRWA school in Gaza

Israeli occupation soldiers kidnap Palestinian child from his father’s car

Israeli occupation soldiers arrest 16 Palestinians including Hamas leader

Ghannouchi: No normalization with Israel

Abbas lays foundation stone of new embassy in Cairo

Truth behind 9/11 will annihilate Israel

Hana Shalabi arrives in Gaza

Palestinian prisoners beaten, injured for resisting DNA testing

Gaza health officials sound the alarm over fuel shortage

Morocco: A popular march in solidarity with Jerusalem on Sunday

Jewish settlers attack Palestinian farmer and his children

4 hospitalized after settler attack near Ramallah

Israel renews lawmaker's detention without charge

Israel planning new Jewish suburb in occupied Jerusalem

Palestinian killed in Gaza rally

Scores injured as Israeli troops attack West Bank Land Day protests

On Land Day: Israel orders West Bank sealed for 24 hours

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Pro-Palestine rallies held in Syria to mark Land Day

Jordanians, activists demonstrate in support of Palestinians

Israel begins new air and ground assaults on Gaza

Israeli occupation to raze water wells in Al-Khalil villages

Army kidnaps 9 Palestinians in the West Bank

Egyptian lawmakers in Gaza to hold talks over fuel crisis

Serry demands solution to case of hunger striker Shalabi

Deal reached to free Hana Shalabi

Jewish control more than 85% of historical Palestine, says statistics bureau

International activists prepare to mark Palestinian Land Day

Soldiers, settlers, break into the Al-Aqsa mosque

Israeli forces arrest Hamas leader in West Bank

Administrative detention of MP Ramahi for the fourth time

Egyptian parliamentary delegation leaves for Gaza

International delegations begin arriving for Land Day protests on Friday

Five Palestinians kidnapped in Bethlehem, Hebron

Palestinian Authority will ask United Nations summit to end Israeli administrative detention

Demonstrators protest Gaza buffer zone

United States anti-Israeli activists to boycott Israeli products

Four-year-old girl perishes in Gaza power outage

Israeli court extends detention of 7 Palestinian children for 100 days

Settlers attacks leave one injured, troops arrest nine civilians in dawn invasions

Thousands of Moroccans hold massive anti-Israel rally

Israeli ministers pose sanctions on Palestinian Authority for United Nations probe

Israeli group breaks Jerusalem gravestones

AFEH warns of turning Islamic cemetery into Talmudic park

Israeli occupation soldiers arrest six Palestinians, summon liberated prisoner

Israeli court rejects hunger striker's appeal

Another female Palestinian inmate goes on hunger strike

Gaza baby dies as power cut shuts breathing aid

Israeli settlers injure Palestinian teenager in West Bank

Jewish settlers shoot at, wound Palestinian villager

Ambassadors of Portugal, South Africa, teargased near Ramallah

Turkish delegation in Gaza today

Pro-Palestine Asian convoy arrives in Syrian capital

Two children injured by army fire near Ramallah

Army detains a child at roadblock near Jenin

Three women injured near Bethlehem

Israeli forces arrest eight Palestinians

Palestinian hunger striker at risk of death highlights injustice of administrative detention

Israel refuses to cooperate with United Nations probe into Jewish settlements

Gaza is dying

Israeli bulldozers raze lands near Bethlehem

Jewish settlers storm eastern part of Nablus

Prisoner's Society: Hana Shalabi in serious condition in hospital

Nafha prisoners go on hunger strike

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

United Nations rights body launches probe into Israeli settlements

Israeli gunboats fire at Palestinian fishing boats

Israeli occupation decides to exile 8 Beit Ummar children

Ambulances, bakeries hit by Gaza fuel crisis

Videos of theft of Palestinian water

Israel plans to confiscate 1235 dunums in occupied Jerusalem

Israel turning blind eye to West Bank settlers' attacks on Palestinians

Call for support to Lady Ashton: Israel calls for European Union foreign minister’s resignation

Two million protesters expected to participate in the Global March to Jerusalem

Palestinian children subject to violence in Israeli jails

Israeli forces detain 6 in West Bank night raids

Israeli court postpones decision on hunger striker

Ofer court extends illegal detention of MP Haj Ali

Germany confirms sale of nuclear-capable submarine to Israel

Oman backs Palestinians statehood bid

No justification for war on Iran

Soldiers invade Nabi Saleh

Settlers attack homes in Hebron

Palestinian hunger striker hospitalized

PLO demands international intervention for Hana Al Shalabi

23 detainees holding hunger-strike

Al-Malki: Israel trying to block United Nations inquiry

Plan of Action for the West Bank & Gaza Strip 2011-2013

Israeli forces injure six-year-old Palestinian boy

Jordanian lawmakers tour Jerusalem

Mossad, CIA agree Iran not after nuclear weapon

Meshaal: Israel turns Gaza into testing field for weapons

Israel allocates millions of dollars for building synagogues in occupied Jerusalem

Sit-in staged at Rafah terminal asking Egypt to end Gaza fuel, power crisis

Eight injured, one seriously, as Israeli troops attack West Bank anti wall protests

Serious deterioration in the health of Palestinian detainee

300 organizations sign document to condemn Israeli occupation

Zahhar thanks Iran for supporting Palestinians

Israeli occupation soldiers round up 12 Palestinians

Israel launches fresh air raids on Gaza

Army uproots olive trees in Nablus village

Israeli army to acquire 40 & 150 km rockets

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Jordanian students call for the expulsion of Israeli envoy

Dughmi meets Palestinian lawmakers, reiterates Jordan's support of Palestine

Palestine Solidarity Project activists plant 50 trees in South Hebron Hills

Gaza: Boy dies of wounds sustained on Monday, jetfighters bomb Gaza city

United Nations expert Richard Falk urges Israel to free female hunger striker

Majority of United States public opposes Israel striking Iran

Netanyahu: Army ready to expand its operations in Gaza

Israeli forces fire on Gaza funeral, 3 injured

Israeli occupation soldiers storm West Bank cities, round up 10 Palestinians

Army uproots farmlands near Hebron

Iran condemns Israel’s new attacks against Gaza Strip

Israel is Egypt’s number 1 enemy, MPs declare

Iran's legal right to attack Israel

Airstrike kills child, wounds six in northern Gaza, death toll 21

Father, daughter, killed in Israeli air strike

New Israeli airstrike kills 2 in Gaza, death toll rises to 25

2,000 dunams confiscated from Beit Aska village

Clinton urges both sides to restore calm in Gaza

China calls on Israel to put an end to airstrikes on Gaza

Palestine, Israel reach Gaza ceasefire

Egyptian MPs vote to expel Israeli envoy

Fresh Israeli attack kills 12-year-old boy in Gaza

Israeli airstrikes kill 18 Palestinians in three days

Ashrawi: Israel is committing extrajudicial executions

American arms used to kill Palestinians, United States complicit in Israeli crimes

Settlers attack two towns near Hebron

Hamas: For Gaza truce, Israel must hold fire first

West Bank protests Israeli attacks on Gaza

Israeli occupation soldiers kill two more Palestinians, fire at funeral

Arab Doctors Union calls for emergency Arab summit to discuss aggression on Gaza

Arab League condemns Gaza massacre

Egyptian Foreign Minister asks for immediate end to the Israeli aggression on Gaza

Abbas orders medicine sent to Gaza

Miles of Smiles 10 makes it into Gaza

10 Palestinians killed in Israeli airstrike on Gaza

Popular Resistance Committee secretary, ex-prisoner killed in Gaza

2 more killed in second Israeli airstrike

Two protesters wounded in Friday demos against Israeli annexation wall

Israeli troops kill a Palestinian youth, injures and arrest another

Janba and Bir Al-Ad villagers receive demolition orders

Settlers uproot, steal olive trees near Bethlehem

Despite her deteriorating condition, Ash-Shalabi continues her hunger-strike

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Palestinian women march in Gaza, West Bank

World VIPs unite for global march to Jerusalem

Army kidnaps 12 Palestinians in the West Bank

Settlers attack Palestinian village near Ramallah

FIOE head Bin-Makhlouf calls for tangible efforts to defend Jerusalem and Aqsa

Human rights organizations call upon the international community to save the life of the Palestinian detainee, Hanaa’ Shalabi

Patients rally outside Egyptian embassy to demand quick solution to power crisis

Two Palestinian children killed by an Israeli bomb in Hebron

Settlers try to install outpost in place of evacuated settlement

Soldiers kidnap 16 Palestinians in the West Bank

Military court extends administrative detention order against PLC member

Hamas MPs demand international intervention in favor of Palestinian prisoners

Israeli apartheid week kicks off in South Africa

3 relatives of detainees arrested during jail visit, 21 civilians arrested in morning invasions

Israel to dissect West Bank with rail network reaching 1948 occupied land

Palestinian woman continues hunger strike against Israeli detention

Hamas: Egypt to deliver fuel to Gaza via Rafah

Stop shielding Israel, Palestinians tell Obama

Please stop: your “deep concern” has gotten us nowhere

Avi Shlaim: Obama must stand up to Netanyahu

Soldiers invade Jenin, nearby areas, breaks into homes

Four administrative detainees join Shalabi’s hunger strike

Erekat calls on United Nations, European Union to intervene to end administrative detention

Israeli occupation planning to turn Islamic museum into synagogue

King Abdullah II: Peace with Israel makes no sense

Land caves in near mosque in Silwan

Three new aid convoys to Gaza including one for women

Occupy AIPAC to protest Netanyahu’s United States visit

Israeli troops use gas to suppress anti-wall protests

Amnesty: Release prisoner of conscience Bassem Tamimi

Arab League calls for an immediate end to the siege on Gaza

Calling all friends of Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa

Army kidnaps 12 Palestinians in Jenin, Hebron

Lieberman: No withdrawal from Jordan Valley

Occupation force demolish a protest tent in Khirbet Sousya

Israel plans West Bank railway to service illegal settlements

United States congressional nominee: Holocaust blackest lie in history

Qaraqie announces international campaign against administrative detention

Ministry of Health in Gaza warns of life and death situation due to electricity crisis

Egypt’s parliament recommends supplying Gaza with electricity, fuel

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Netanyahu wants United States to threaten attack on Iran

Israeli troops arrest 20 Palestinians during wide-scale invasions targeting West Bank communities

Today, Israeli court postpones Hana Shalabi's hearing for the second time

The Israeli military invade Ramallah and shutdown a local television station

Palestinian Authority: Israel seizing broadcast frequencies

Fatah condemns raids on television stations

European Union heads of mission call for end to blockade on Gaza

Palestinian Authority wants Security Council to visit Palestine

Palestinian leadership lobbies for United Nations resolution against Jewish settlement

Israeli occupation soldiers launch arrest campaign in Jenin refugee camp

Gaza power plant goes offline due to fuel shortage

Spain condemns Israeli settlements in Palestine

Female detainee on hunger strike moved to isolation

School children organize solidarity protest with detainee Shalabi

MP Mansour urges Egypt to swiftly intervene to save the life of Shalabi

Israeli occupation soldiers raid Al-Khalil, block entry of farmer to his land

Japanese distributer ends contract with AHAVA

Jewish settler deliberately run over Palestinian

Heavy Israeli military clampdown in Jerusalem

Abbas: Israel carrying out ethnic cleansing in Jerusalem

Egyptian FM: We won’t remain silent toward violation of Aqsa sanctity

New video showing Israeli soldiers abusing a cuffed, blindfolded Palestinian

Detainee Shalabi enters her eighth day of hunger strike

Palestinians protest Israel's brutality in al-Quds

Thousands rally on anniversary of Hebron shooting attack

Israeli police clash with Palestinians in al-Aqsa, kill one

The first martyr in Aqsa support campaign hails from Ram

Soldiers invade Al-Boreij refugee camp in central Gaza

Open letter from North American organizations

Israeli airstrike wounds two Gazans

Israeli occupation soldiers round up 21 Palestinians

Palestinian liberated woman goes on hunger strike to protest her re-arrest

Israeli forces demolish house, water wells

United Nations deplores new Israeli permits for 500 more settlement units

Statement by European Union High Representative Ashton on Israeli settlement approvals

Israeli bulldozers level 12 dunums of Palestinian land

71 settlers break into Al-Aqsa mosque, 6 Palestinians arrested

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Israeli forces issue evacuation orders in Hebron village

Israel plans to construct 500 new settlement units on occupied lands

Khader Adnan release brings joy, celebration in Palestine

Amnesty urges Israel to immediately free Palestinian detainee

Congress members threatened with biological attack

Israel eyes Mediterranean oil, gas

Israeli army opens fire at protest near Gaza border

Group calls on Israel to stop administrative detentions

United Nations rights expert urges Israel to release Palestinian detainee on hunger strike

Khader Adnan announces end of hunger strike as release date set

Ufree: Israeli doctors conceal torture incidents in Israeli jails

Legislation to allow settlers to take over West Bank land

Jewish settlers storm Aqsa under police protection

Sheikh Qaradawi urges Arab nation to defend Aqsa Mosque

Palestinian rights activist barred from attending United Nations meeting

Gaza's energy crisis close to tipping point

Khader Adnan: Urgent call for action

Israeli forces arrest three Palestinians in West Bank

The secret meeting that launched the Federal Reserve

Father, Mother, their two children injured in Israeli strike on Gaza

Palestinians foil settlers attack on Al-Aqsa mosque

Four Gazans wounded in Israeli airstrikes

Pakistan vows to stand with Iran if United States, Israel attack

Army invades al-Isawiyya in Jerusalem

Thousands rally in Gaza, West Bank for hunger striker

President, minister press for world to save Khader Adnan

Jewish settlers burn Palestinian car, cut trees

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Japan warns Israel against attacking Iran

BBC hikes up Zionist propaganda machine

Is it time to occupy big media

Despite domestic cuts, United States aid to Israel up by $25 million in proposed budget

Israeli forces arrest five Palestinians in West Bank

Israeli forces demolish several structures in Hebron

Red Crescent expresses concern over Israeli targeting of its teams

Dozens of Palestinians declare hunger strike as fasting prisoner Khader Adnan is on day 60

Bahar appeals to the Egyptian leadership to end the Gaza power crisis

Human rights group warns: Adnan in a coma

Update: Wife of Adnan: He is weak but not in a coma

Urgent: Heed Randa Adnan’s call. Military court rejects Khader Adnan’s appeal in de facto death sentence

Erekat urges world to release prisoner on hunger strike

Isreali occupation soldiers tear down farmers warehouses

Gaza power grinds to a halt for lack of fuel

Gaza main power plant stops generating electricity

Israeli regime, source of terror

Teen from Qattana: Israeli soldiers break his legs, force him to walk

Israeli court rejects Adnan appeal, 23 injured at protest

Israeli navy kidnaps four fishermen

Israeli occupation soldiers arrest 10 Palestinians

Israeli demolition displaces 120 in Hebron village

Iran denies role in Israeli embassy attack

United Arab Emirates renews support for Palestinian cause

Man, 71, killed, two wounded, in a fresh Israeli attack against Gaza

Four injured after troops broke into Palestinian home in Jerusalem

Jewish settlers confiscate 20 dunums of Palestinian land in Al-Khalil

United Nations rapporteur slams Israeli policy of Judaization

Jordanians call for closure of Israeli embassy

Israeli occupation mobilizes forces near Aqsa mosque

Peaceful West Bank marches violently attacked by Israeli soldiers

Petition to save Palestinian hunger striker

Gazans go on hunger strike to support Palestinian detainee

AIPAC to Obama: "Attack Iran or let Israel do it"

Settlers bulldoze 100 dunums of Yatta lands

United Nations tells Israel of concern for one Palestinian hunger striker

Israeli occupation arrest three people in al-Khalil

Iranian VP: Iran not to stop supporting Palestinians

Russia to lash Israel for war rhetoric against Iran

Israeli occupation soldiers arrest two Hamas leaders

Netanyahu refuses European Union demands to release detainees

Settlers take more land in occupied West Bank

Sawasia warns of disasters in Gaza due to electricity failure

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Israeli occupation soldiers arrest 12 citizens, settlers rampage in Jenin

Israeli forces assault family, arrest their 13-year-old child

Group holds sit-in in solidarity with prisoner on hunger strike

Arab League asks the Vatican not to sign agreements with Israel

Abbas to Hale No contradiction between peace, Palestinian reconciliation

Ashrawi: Europe’s understanding of Palestinians’ suffering must be met with action

Israeli soldiers arrest 15 Palestinians mostly in Nablus

Israeli occupation renews administrative detention of Hamas leader

Amnesty to Israel: Release or try Khader Adnan, gravely ill after 51 days hunger strike

Israeli settlers put new settlements on Beit Ummar land

Settlers daub anti-Arab graffiti on Nablus village

Official Iranian website calls for justified killing of Jews, destroying Israel in 9 minutes

Anti-wall protest in al-Walaja attacked by Israeli troops, three abducted

Israel's army arrests 15 people across West Bank

Soldiers beat elderly Palestinian defending land

Citing economic toll on Palestinians, Ban calls for end to Israeli occupation

Veteran politician says no return to negotiations without a halt to settlements and recognition of June 1967 borders

Doha agreement: Government under Abbas to prepare for elections

South Africa to step up cooperation with Palestine and increase sanctions against Israel

Miles of smiles 9 arrives in Gaza

Israeli extremists raid Palestinian home in West Bank

Occupation soldiers round up five Palestinians

Israeli forces uproot olive trees in Qalqiliya village

Israel attack on Iran will change the Middle East geography

Palestinian prisoner near death on hunger strike, joined by dozens of students in solidarity

Hamas accuses Israel of breaching international laws

Israeli occupation soldiers unleash hounds at Palestinian teen, beat two children

Israeli settlers beat Palestinian shepherd

Villagers foil settlers’ attempt to burn mosque

13 injured in Nabi Saleh during weekly non-violent protest

Settlers install new outpost near Hebron

Zionist plans to build a shopping centre on Armenian Church land

Iran backs any nation or group standing up to Israel

Israel rejects United Nations chief's call to stop illegal settlements

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

United States scholars call for academic, cultural boycott of Israel

Ki Moon: Enough sieges on Gaza Strip

Israel tells Palestinian farmers it plans to seize their land

European Union parliamentarians call on Israel to release Palestinian counterparts

French campaigns to intensify efforts in support of Palestine

Soldiers invade Al-Maghazi refugee camp, kidnap two in Rafah

Hamas leader detained in Jenin

Gaza farmer shot by Israeli military

Four injured as Beit Ommar marks anniversary of Yousef Ikhlayl’s murder

Fateh: No talks without Israeli commitment to international law

Israel demolishes 2 homes in Jerusalem

Israel endorses construction plans in 70 West Bank settlements

Settler takes over Palestinian land, fences it

Occupation soldiers round up 14 citizens

Israel: No Jerusalem for Palestinians, settlements to remain

Anti-Zionism conference held in Gaza

Israeli vehicle rams Palestinian teen in hit and run incident

Israeli occupation soldiers detain 11 Palestinians

India snubs United States call for ban on Iran oil

Israeli occupation to raze two Palestinian homes in Bethlehem village

Family miraculously survive Israeli shelling

Humanitarian atlas, West Bank and Gaza Strip December 2011

United Nations demands end to Israel demolitions in West Bank

Ireland's top diplomat in Gaza to see blockade impact

Polls show Americans oppose Iran war

Israeli terrorism, demolitions & army run over a man who tries to stop a demolition in Palestine

Israeli forces arrest six Palestinians, attack two houses, Jenin

UK lobbying reforms favor Israel

International media complicit in legitimization of Israeli settlements

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

France condemns Israel’s arrest of Palestinian political figures

Abbas says Palestinian Authority will return to negotiations if Israel recognises Palestinian state with 1967 borders

United States government pledges $3.8 billion in loan guarantees to Israel

Army bulldozers destroy six sheds near Jerusalem

Jewish extremists destroy Palestinian graves

Ashton calls on Israel to open Gaza crossings

Live ammunition fired at peaceful demonstrators in Gaza buffer zone

Forces demolish home in Jerusalem village

Jewish settlers break into Joseph’s Tomb in Nablus

Israel imprisons Dweik for six months without trial

Israel abducts another Hamas official

Inter-Parliamentary Union meets on MPs held by Israel

Connect with the Palestinian Students’ Campaign for Academic Boycott of Israel

India to buy Iran oil in gold not dollars

Israeli occupation soldiers detain 9 Palestinians, attack sportsmen, activists

Patient kidnapped at Erez terminal

Two more legislators detained by the state of Israel

Rampant abuse in horrific Israeli jail

Egyptian Freedom and Justice Party will work in support of the Palestinian cause

Child dies of wounds suffered 3 years ago

Israeli forces hand Palestinians evacuation notices near Nablus

Erekat letter to Israel envoy protests MP detentions

Palestinians demand that Israel release 24 legislators

Russian FM warns United States, Israel to end war rhetoric against Iran

UFree: Deterrence against Israel needed to stop arresting Palestinian MPs

China oil imports from Iran up by 30%

Turkey seeks stronger ties with Iran despite Western sanctions

India, Iran to trade oil in rupees

Hamas calls for end to peace feelers after arrests

Israeli settlements are an affront to European values

Palestinian injured, dozens of suffocation cases in Bilin weekly anti-wall protest

Abbas meets Russian counterpart in Moscow

Seventy-six acres of lands confiscated in Bethlehem

Israeli undercover agents wound 3 Palestinians, detain 2 children in Aiswayia

United Nations: Gaza siege, collective punishment

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Torture, widespread in Israeli jails

Israeli forces arrest 11 Palestinians, West Bank

PWA chief: World must act on Israel's water apartheid

Israeli occupation serves demolition notices to three brothers in Nablus

European Union calls on public to oppose Israeli procedures to annex east Jerusalem

Put Israel in its place

Egypt Red Crescent sends aid to Gaza

Israel practises apartheid policies in West Bank

Israel Knesset rejects bill on recognizing Jerusalem capital of Palestinian state

Massive march organized in Jakarta in support of the Aqsa

Israeli settlers burn car belonging to senior Palestinian Authority official

Soldiers invade Azzoun, kidnap 12 residents

Protest rallies waiting for Netanyahu in the Netherlands

Haneyya receives Miles of Smiles members

Ki-Moon: All Israeli settlements illegal

A call from Gaza's fishermen to lift Israel's naval blockade

Troops attack Bil’in’s weekly protest

Settlers chop down 100 olive trees in Nablus

European aid convoy arrives in Gaza

Iran will protect scientists from terrorists

Sanctions won't hinder Iran-China trade

Israeli artillery shells central Gaza, two injuries reported

Haniyeh: Gaza will not break under Israeli attack

Anti-Israeli protest held in Turkey

Turkey not to comply with United States sanctions against Iran

Israeli forces arrest 16 people across West Bank

Army to demolish a mosque near Hebron

Israeli court acquits Israeli soldier of murdering Palestinian

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Israel may push United States into war with Iran

Russia warns European Union over Iran oil sanctions

Army invades two areas in Gaza

Setters deface mosque, torch cars in West Bank

Israeli government breaks agreement to stop subsidizing settlements

9 activists arrested, others injured during Israeli forces' suppression of al-Walaja demonstration

Hundreds protest Barak’s visit to Greece

Nuclear scientist blown up in Iran, Israel accused

Russia rejects Iran oil sanctions

Jewish settlers attack Palestinian citizens south of Jenin

Israeli forces raze lands in Issawiya, arrest 14 citizens, West Bank

Palestinians receive demolishing orders near Hebron

Israeli settlement building rose in 2011

Palestinian Authority health ministry sends dialysis supplies to Gaza

Italy upgrades status of Palestinian mission

Jewish settlers launch night attack on Palestinian village in Al-Khalil

Israeli occupation kidnap 10 Palestinians in night raids

Israeli occupation wants to annex large swaths of Qalqilia land

Ashrawi: Europe must intervene to end occupation

Settlers attack 2 children in Hebron

Israel destroys vast tracts of Palestinian land in Salfit and Bethlehem

New Israeli excavations south of Aqsa Mosque

Israeli occupation soldiers round up 3 citizens in Al-Khalil after campaign on the province

Jordanian Foreign Minister: Creating Palestinian state key to ending Mideast conflict

Armed settlers raid village near Nablus

Palestine raps United States blind support of Israel

8th Miles of smiles convoy en route to Gaza

Palestinian youth injured after being rammed by army jeep

French court to look into file of child shot in his father’s arms

Four injured in Bil’in weekly nonviolent protest

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Israeli forces demolish 2 Jericho homes

Israeli soldiers arrest 9 Palestinians in West Bank

Israeli government pays students to spread propaganda online

France condemns Israel for constructing 300 new settlement units, Jerusalem

Israel luring United States into war with Iran

United States deploys troops in Israel for Iran war

Palestinian cars torched in Jerusalem 'price tag' attack

Israeli gunboats fire at fishermen

Zionist plan to hamper relief work in Palestine

Abbas warns of unilateral steps if Israel continues settlement building

UK activists to honor Palestine martyrs

Call to action: Justice for Yousef Ikhlayl

Israeli occupation confiscates 13 dunums of Jerusalem land

Israel approves more illegal settler units

Palestinian Authority slams Israeli demolition of Gaza crossing

Factions slams Palestinian-Israeli meeting in Amman

Israel to wall off nearby Lebanese village

Ekmeleddin appeals for urgent medical aid to Gaza

Gaza stands firm in face of occupiers

Troops kidnap several Palestinians in the West Bank

Israeli authorities give ‘legal’ status to illegal settlement outpost

Gaza's Hamas PM tours Turkish boat stormed by Israel

Erekat says will demand settlement freeze, recognition

Israel can cease to exist if Iran attacked

Palestinian injured by army fire in northern Gaza

Israeli occupation confiscates 106 dunum of land in Bethlehem

Activists protest Palestinians' eviction

Israeli settler issue raised again by Palestinians

UK to probe pro-Israeli lobbies funds

Arab League demands United Nations, quartet to end Gaza siege

One dead, five injured in Israeli shelling in the Gaza Strip

Settlers attack school children in Hebron

Jewish settlers invade an archaeological area near Bethlehem

UK angered by new Israeli settlements

Egyptian medical aid convoy enters Gaza

Israeli forces hand Palestinians demolishing notices in Hebron

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Nabil Abu Rudeineh condemns settlement, calls on the Quartet to hold responsibilities

Palestinian killed, 11 wounded, as army bombards Gaza

Israel preparing for another Gaza war

Abu Zuhri: Israeli war threats don’t terrorize us

Open letter from Gaza: Three years after the massacre

Israel orders demolition of Jerusalem homes

Israel OKs building 130 illegal homes

Israeli navy attacks international observers, injures Palestinian, on monitoring boat in Gaza waters

Tunisian aid convoy arrives in Gaza

Israeli missile targets motorcycle, kills Palestinian in Gaza

Child injured by army fire in central Gaza

Jewish settlers and soldiers storm Tomb of Yusuf

Ihsanoglu slams Israel's attempt to declare Occupied Jerusalem its capital

Hamas wants Israel be treated as terror entity

Palestinians mark Gaza war anniversary

Jewish settlers storm and defile Aqsa Mosque this morning

Israeli soldiers arrest 8 Palestinians

PNA, Hamas rebuff Netanyahu's threat not to negotiate if Hamas joins government

Lieberman says no return to 1967 borders

Israel prime culprit in 9/11 attacks

Palestinian National Authority calls for an end to Israel's travel prohibition against Palestinians

Jordan slams Israel's actions on religious sites in Jerusalem

Bahar calls for Arab spring to liberate Jerusalem

Troops attack Bil’in weekly protest, dozens injured

Israeli occupation to build 8,000 new housing units in Occupied Jerusalem

Eshtayya: Palestinian lands are for the Palestinians, not for settlements

Israel uses worst tortures in jails

European Union warns Israel against connecting Ma’ale Adumim with Jerusalem

Israeli tanks invade south Gaza

Israeli occupation troops round up 17 Palestinian citizens

Jewish settlers storm the Aqsa Mosque

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Israeli occupation soldiers round up 4 Palestinians, assault paramedic

30 olive trees cut down near Hebron

Nine Security Council member states condemn Israeli settlement expansion

Troops kidnap three Palestinians in Jenin

Israeli forces demolish paved road in Hawara village

182 states back Palestine right to self-determination

Israeli soldiers hand Palestinians demolishing notices

Germany: Israel settlement building devastating

Under 2nd phase of swap deal, Israel releases 550 detainees

Gazans celebrate release of prisoners

Israel lobbying for Iran oil embargo

Israel to build 1,028 new illegal settlement units

Palestinian Authority denounces Israeli plan to build 1,000 settlement units in West Bank

Israeli navy detains Palestinian fishermen off Gaza coast

Activists hold third annual conference on boycott of Israel in Hebron

Israeli tank kills one in Gaza

Abbas to travel to Cairo for Palestinian reconciliation

Israeli soldiers shoot Gaza fisherman

Hebron settlers attack Palestinians after funeral

Israel detains 15 at Nabi Saleh protest

Settlers torch a mosque in Ramallah

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Delegations of 15 states coordinate efforts to stage worldwide rally for Jerusalem

Resident seriously injured by army fire in Gaza

Israeli settlers try to torch historic mosque in Jerusalem, spray-paint anti-Muslim graffiti

Legislator taken by Israeli army in Ramallah

Gaza health ministry appeals for urgent dialysis filters

20 non-governmental organizations demand international quartet to end demolition of Palestinian homes

Two Palestinians injured by army fire in Gaza

Troops demolish four homes near Bethlehem

Ban Ki-moon voices deep concern over settlement expansion in the West Bank

Abbas to meet European Union foreign policy chief Ashton

Palestinian flag flies at UNESCO

Hundreds of settlers attack Nablus village

Israeli occupation isolates 50,000 Jerusalemites

Israeli bulldozers demolish house in Jerusalem

Israel approves 40 settler homes near Bethlehem

European Union: New Israeli settlements an obstacle to peace

Israeli airstrike wounds two in Gaza

Thousands mourn protester killed at Nabi Saleh

Israeli soldiers arrest six Palestinians in West Bank

Most United States political leaders are slaves of Zionist lobby

Palestinian dies of wounds sustained in anti-wall protest

Army bombards, sheep, chicken farm in Beit Hanoun

Palestinian killed, seventeen injured as army bombarded Gaza

Child injured in Gaza strike dies of wounds

Dozens teargased in the village of Bil’in west of Ramallah

Haneyya government asks Egypt, United Nations to bridle Israeli aggression

Hamas says it is committed to resistance until liberation and return of refugees

Two killed several injured as army air strikes Gaza

Settlers open fire at Palestinian shepherds near Nablus

Israeli occupation soldiers round up citizens, fire gas canisters at mosque

Palestinian leadership turns to United Nations to halt Jewish settlement construction

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

One Palestinian killed five wounded in Israeli military incursion east of Gaza

Israeli settlers set ablaze West Bank mosque

Israeli occupation conduct wave of arrests against leaders and members of Hamas and PFLP in the West Bank

United Nations resolution demands that Israel signs up to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty

South Africa official says support for Palestine firm

Army invades Beit Hanoun

Troops kidnap four Palestinians near Qalqilia

Israeli military court, for first time, admits use of torture against prisoner

Settlers burn 3 cars in Hebron

Israel uses drones against Gaza

Israeli plans to build park on Palestinian private land condemned

Abbas: Palestine's United Nations bid unflinching

Israel destroys two Palestinian homes

Settlers kidnap shepherd near Nablus

Official warns of Israel’s ethnic cleansing policy in Jerusalem

Abbas: No talks until Israel abides by commitments

Israeli court admits torture when interrogating Palestinians

Fatah & Hamas reassures implementing national unity

Israel approves 650 units in Pisgat Zeev settlement

Jewish settlers attack Salem village in Nablus

Settlers attack elderly Palestinian in Nablus

Israel arrests international activist in Yatta

Russian solidarity delegation to visit Gaza soon

Erekat tells diplomats world must hold Israel to account

Israeli occupation closes Nabe Saleh western entrance

Israel closes 4 Palestinian non-governmental organizations in Jerusalem

Palestinian National Authority condemns Israel for building roads for West Bank settlement

Italy upgrades Palestine's diplomatic status

Al-Aqsa foundation warns of Jewish plan to build synagogues under Magariba Gate

Knesset bill calls for declaring Jerusalem capital of Jews

Arrest wave targets 23 Palestinians in West Bank

Head of Arab League says Israeli disregard for international law is beyond all limits

Cuba denounces USA for preventing actions against Israel

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Russia warns West over Iran tensions

China warns European Union over Iran tensions

Army uproots farmlands in Salfit

United Nations: Palestinian state long overdue

Indonesia calls for international support to Palestinian cause

Army to demolish a Palestinian home in Jerusalem

Israeli naval forces escalate measures against Gaza fishermen

Fatah, Hamas to release political prisoners

Demonstrators stage sit-in at United Nations in solidarity with Palestinians

Israeli approves construction in Shilo settlement

Qalandia residents gather to stop Israel razing land

Israeli occupation soldiers arrest 6 citizens, Jerusalemite child

Jordan king Abdullah tells Peres: Settlements hurdle to peace

Austria upgrades Palestinian delegation to mission

International committee on Gaza calls for urgent moves to break the siege

150,000 Iran missiles awaiting Israel

Israeli forces raze land in Qalandia Village to expand separation wall

European bank pulls out of Israel after pressure from boycott campaign

Russian president writes to Abbas of his support

If Israel fires single missile at Iran

Turkey doesn't budge on demanding apology from Israel for deaths aboard Mavi Marmara

Israel threatens to cut off power, water to Gaza

Palestinian rivals to resolve obstacles before unity government

Israel razing more Palestinian homes

Jordanians protest Israeli settlements

Thousands rally in Gaza against Israeli measures in Jerusalem

Mashaal: Israel's threats on reconciliation don't scare us

Israeli military destroys wells near Hebron

700 settlers break into Yousuf's tomb

Israel won't release funds to Fatah-Hamas unity government

France condemns Israeli withholding of Palestinian funds

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Leaders of Palestinian rivals agree on more steps towards unity

Israeli air force bombards Southern Gaza

Israeli forces raid school, hand its principle demolition notice

Netanyahu rejects United States, international calls to release Palestinian money

Quartet reiterates its call on Israel to release Palestinian Authority’s funds

United Nations committee approves draft resolution on Palestine

Fishermen hold sit-in in protest of Israeli measures against them

The international community affirms unified opposition to Gaza blockade

Islamists call for million-man march near Israeli border

Israel says no to nuclear transparency

Israeli occupation kidnap 11 Palestinians today in Jenin and Nablus

Israeli bulldozers raze land, destroy irrigation networks in Jericho

MADA: Israel extends detention of journalist

Our weekly protests will continue until we achieve our independence

Solidarity convoy arrives in Gaza

Israeli interior ministry approves the construction of 4000 units in Galilee

Israeli troops arrest six including freed prisoner, raid homes in the West Bank

Large international delegation in Gaza today

Settler opens fire randomly at Palestinian funeral North of Hebron

Gaza warns of devastating floods if Israel opens dams

Poll: Israel threat to global security

Hamas MP condemns United States, West's attempts to prevent Palestinian reconciliation

Miles of Smiles convoy donates $60,000 to Jordan Field Hospital in Gaza

Fatah: Leadership to continue efforts to gain right to statehood

Settlers storm Nablus villages

Reporters Without Borders concerned about arrests of journalists

Rights organization condemns arrest of Palestinian journalist

France says it supports reconciliation, government to be headed in Gaza

Settlers attack Palestinian family in their farm land

Disguised Israeli occupation soldiers kidnap freed captive

Ashrawi condemns Israeli seizure of Jordan Valley land

Egypt's military council allows anti-Israel mega march on Friday

Israeli occupation soldiers detain 7 Palestinians including 4 minors

Russia and France slam Israel's settlement expansion in occupied Jerusalem

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Palestinian youth stand in solidarity with Occupy protesters

Israel threatens Gaza with new war

Israeli forces seize land next to school in Silwan

Palestinian Liberation Organization Executive Committee affirms need to continue work to gain United Nations membership

Abbas vows to speed up reconciliation with Hamas

Nine Palestinian residents kidnapped by Israeli army in the West Bank

Six Palestinian freedom riders detained by Israeli forces for defying segregation on buses

Israel demolishes Palestinian homes near Jericho

Subaih: Negotiations with Israel futile

France ready to cooperate with Palestinians on General Assembly resolution

Palestinian killed, four injured, as army bombards Gaza

Mega march in Cairo this month to support Islamic holy sites in Palestine

Israel decides to continue freezing Palestinian Authority’s tax revenues

Freezing Palestinian Authority’s taxes a denial to international conventions

Palestinians stick to turning Independence Declaration Day into reality

Only 4% of Europeans want Iran war

Palestinian family in Silwan served eviction order to make way for Jewish settlers

Israeli bulldozers raze Qalqiliya village lands

Israel buries 'settler outpost on Palestinian land' report

Injuries, arrests in peaceful anti-settlements march near Bethlehem

Palestinian government urges UNESCO to protect holy sites from Jewish settlers

Abbas to Hale: Resuming negotiations requires halt to settlements

Israel refuses to inform United States about plans to strike on Iran's nuke installations

Israeli occupation troops open machinegun fire at Palestinian farms in southern Gaza

Israel in breach of prisoner swap deal

Palestinian Authority blasts United States for endangering United Nations bid

Palestinians to keep bidding for United Nations membership

Poll: 85% of Americans against Iran war

Injuries reported at all non-violent protests, multiple arrests

Nabi Saleh protest organizer shot in face at weekly protest

Israel government seeks to postpone dismantling settler outposts

United Nations admissions committee forwards Palestinian bid report to Security Council

Muslim graves vandalized near controversial Jerusalem museum

Israeli navy kidnaps three fishermen

Israeli occupation troops try to storm Eisaweyyah in Jerusalem

Israel still detaining 21 foreign solidarity activists

Al-Maliki : American intervention kept us from getting nine votes in security council

Israel may launch strike on Iranian nuke sites as early as next month

Boycott campaign takes to streets of Jenin

Israeli troops charge Palestinian farming family with trespassing on their own land

Settlers torch cars in Hebron village

Calls to free British journalist kidnapped by Israel

Palestinian actions for the week against the apartheid wall

Russell Tribunal finds Israel guilty of apartheid, prosecution

From Balfour to Obama: Colonial thinking on Palestine

Settlers uproot thirty olive trees near Nablus

Israeli tank fire injures three Gazans

Farmers arrested for working on their land near Bethlehem

Israeli leaders press for attack on Iran

Russian Foreign Minister: Strike on Iran would be serious mistake

United States lawmakers lift hold on aid to Palestinians

Vicious triangle forming against Iran

Palestinian militant killed, three wounded, as army air strikes Khan Younis

Zionist plan to build 60,000 settlement units in Jerusalem

United States & Israel to conduct largest drills in history

Activists hold sit-in protest at Israeli embassy in Boston

Israeli army gunfire injures 1 east of Gaza City

Israel detains 21 Gaza activists

Army kidnaps a resident in Hebron

Erekat urges France to reconsider it's stance, vote for Palestinian state

Occupation opens dams flooding Palestinian homes in Abasan

Occupation authorities detain Ya’qub Abu Asab in Jerusalem

Israeli military boards two aid ships to Gaza

Seizing humanitarian aid ships to Gaza piracy of state

Egypt condemns Israel settlement building

Palestinians want United Nations reaction to Israeli actions

Miles Of Smiles 7 enters Gaza

Israel attack on Iran military suicide

Israeli missile can reach New York, Tokyo

Two Palestinian militants killed in northern Gaza

Israeli doctors failing to report torture of Palestinian detainees

After United States, Israel freezes its support for UNESCO

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Egypt: We will not allow Israel to attack Gaza

Palestine to pursue statehood despite Israeli measures

Abbas: Full United Nations membership is sole focus

Protesters rally for Gaza flotilla

Israeli Army gets order to attack Gaza

Israel mulling military attack on Iran

Israel conducts a successful test firing of ballistic missile

Army kidnaps five Palestinians in Nablus, one in Hebron

Jordan condemns Israel decision to speed up building settlements

France slams Israel for punishing Palestinians over UNESCO

Berlin calls on Israel to stop settlement expansion

Italy expresses apprehension for Israeli decision to accelerate settlements

Britain condemns Israeli decision to accelerate settlements

Ashton: Israeli settlement activity is illegal and obstacle to peace

Palestinians mark 94 years for Balfour Declaration, look for independence

Khurshid Ahmad slams United States for position on Palestine's membership of UNESCO

Palestinian official calls for world community to stand up to Israel

Egyptian ambassador promises to deliver petition to open Rafah border

Palestinian youth join boats set to challenge Israel’s siege of Gaza

Israel continues to develop nuclear arsenal

Israeli settlers set fire to Arab restaurant in Jaffa

Israel plans 2,000 new colonists' homes after Unesco move

Following Palestinian admission to UNESCO, Netanyahu’s government to discuss sanctions

Russia says UNESCO fund freeze by United States unfortunate

Jordan MPs slam United States over UNESCO funding cut

Abbas aide: Israel isn't serious about peace

Israeli soldiers prevent farmers reaching their farmlands

Palestinians prepare to gain full membership in other United Nations organizations

Iran says Palestinian UNESCO membership sign of international support

Turkish premier congratulates Palestinian people on Palestine's UNESCO membership

Jordan parliament welcomes Palestinian UNESCO membership

Overnight airstrike brings Gaza deaths to 12

Settlers stone elderly Palestinian lady

Israel razes Arab bedouin homes

Israel trying to find ways to legalise colonisation

Minister Ghoul calls for prosecuting Israel's war criminals

New United Nations report finds closure of Gaza illegal and calls for its complete lifting

United States halts financial contributions to UNESCO over admission of Palestine

UNESCO grants Palestine membership

Russian Duma welcomes Palestine's UNESCO membership

Israeli attacks on Gaza kill 9 Palestinians

Despite declared ceasefire, Israel bombards several areas in Gaza

Islamic Jihad accepts ceasefire after 10 killed in Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Prince Turki: Global community accepts Palestine as a state

Five Al-Quds Brigade fighters killed in Israeli airstrike

Settlers attack Palestinian farmers in Nablus

Our resistance exists because of Israeli occupation

Israeli troops detain three children in Bethlehem

Palestinian shepherd wounded in Rafah

Settlers uproot olive trees near Jerusalem and Ramallah

Israeli blockade limits Gazan fishing potential by 85%

Israeli troops suppress West Bank weekly protests, five injured

Iran warns of Israel's judaization bid

Israel must return Palestinians' land

Russian aid convoy arrived in Gaza

Jewish settlers carry out arson attack on house and car east of Nablus

Jordan's King Abdullah: Netanyahu seeks the collapse of the kingdom

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Moscow charity to deliver medical aid to besieged Gaza

BDS victory: Alstom loses Saudi Haramain Railway contract worth $10B

Gunfire from Israeli training ground seriously injures Palestinian child

Israel to demolish bridge of the historic Mughrabi gate in Jerusalem

Fatah rejects any solution not based on settlement freeze

United Nations official calls on Israel to end the blockade of Gaza

Palestinians seek UNESCO vote despite United States threat to pull funding

Saudi aid convoy to head to Gaza

Barghouthi: South Africa familiar with Israel's apartheid policy

Israel approves settlement plan for Jerusalem

Israeli military demolishes a house and uproots trees in East Jerusalem

Army kidnaps ten Palestinians in the West Bank

Palestinian Authority wants Quartet to push for prisoner release

United Arab Emirates reaffirms support to Palestinian statehood bid

India backs Palestine's United Nations bid, says shouldn't be conditional

Russia: Palestine meets all United Nations requirements

Tanzania affirms support for Palestine

Bahar: Israeli groups plan to assassinate freed detainees

Israeli occupation soldiers round up ten Palestinians in West Bank

More than 160 Palestinian children remain in Israeli jails

Owner: Israel to confiscate Beit Jala land for wall

Archaeologists demand protection of Jerusalem Muslim cemetery

Palestinian prisoners end hunger strike after Israel meets demands

Gaza siege, collective punishment

Israel asserts control over East Jerusalem textbooks

An open letter from Palestinian students to their peers in Europe

Editorial: Decision time

Resident kidnapped in Bil'in, dozens treated for effects of teargas inhalation

Israeli soldiers shoot at funeral, injure 4

Settlers attack olive harvesters in Nablus district

New construction in settlement outpost near Salfit

Jewish settlers perform religious rituals at the Aqsa Mosque

Media and the United States

Israeli police kidnaps fifteen protesters in front of Ha-Sharon prison

Gaza's Ministry Of Detainees: There are 5,300 detainees still imprisoned by Israel

United Nations calls on Israel to stop harassing kids

Egypt prepares to swap prisoners with Israel

Settlers, soldiers attack Palestinian schools

Jewish settler throws chemical material on Palestinian youth

Aruri: Nine women will be freed soon from Israeli jails

Calls growing for Israel to release Palestinian child prisoners

Japan: Housing activities in east Jerusalem violate international law

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Libya's Muammar Gaddafi dies of wounds

Shalit: Hamas treated me well

Abu Marzouq: Egypt exerting efforts to release remaining female prisoners

Parliamentarians call on Israel to release lawmakers

Saudi Arabia calls upon all United Nations members to recognize the state of Palestine

International community should help Palestinians and peace

All freed detainees are now in Gaza and Ramallah

Hundreds of thousands rally to celebrate prisoner release

Arouri: We are awaiting the Israeli reply regarding the nine female captives

Abbas unveils agreement with Israel to free more prisoners

Zahhar: Swap-deal includes lifting the siege on Gaza

United States Zionists sharply divided over how to censor Palestine speech on campus

Israeli army kidnaps 6 Palestinian residents in the West Bank

World Bank study links poverty to Israeli occupation

Abandon new settlement plans, Russia urges Israel

Teachers of Qurtuba school continue their protest

Arab league condemns Israeli decision of constructing 2610 new settlements outposts

Ashton deplores new settlement construction

Israel controls 85 percent of Palestinian water sources

Israeli occupation closes primary school in Al-Khalil for fourth day

Jewish extremists storm Al-Aqsa mosque

Hamas officials commend Jordan for support to Palestinians

The global intifada

Israeli troops invade Jenin

United Nations chief expresses concern over new plans to expand settlements in Jerusalem

Palestinians protest Israeli checkpoints

UNRWA welcomes prisoner exchange deal, urges end to Gaza blockade

Haneyya: Our joy will not be complete until all captives are released

Israel's new settler build cuts off Bethlehem and Jerusalem

Abbas slams Israel's new settlement plan, saying it doesn't want peace

Israeli settlers invaded neighborhoods in the village of I’rtas

Israeli forces block olive harvest in Nablus

Jewish extremists destroy tombstones in historical cemetery in Jerusalem

Military occupation suppresses Karf Kadum march in solidarity with striking detainees

Pro-Palestinian activists in Manchester hold sit-in to support captives

Closure of Gaza must be lifted as Shalit’s pretext diminished

Hamas official: No excuse for Israel to keep Gaza siege

Palestinian leader Abbas in Paris to push for United Nations membership

Israel settlers attack girls school in West Bank

Settlers attack Qurtuba school students studying on Israeli roads

Settlers set fire to 300 olive trees in Bruqin

Israel hands Palestinians demolition orders of water wells, green houses

Turkey seeks Israeli arrests over flotilla raid

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Palestinian rally calls on Germany to vote for Palestine

UNRWA urges Israel to lift blockade on Gaza

Israeli cabinet approves prisoner swap deal

Hamas: Swap deal includes implementing demands of hunger striking detainees

Settlers grab more land in Salfit and install mobile homes

House demolished in Al-Jab`a

Jab’a resident insists he will rebuild again

Settlers attack Palestinian near Nablus

Settlers storm al-Aqsa, Israeli occupation closes Silwan for Jewish festivities

50 thousand settlers will desecrate the Ibarahimi Mosque

United Nations slams Israel attacks on Palestinians

Hamas, Fatah leaders to meet in Cairo to finalize reconciliation deal

Venezuela, Palestine to expand cooperation

Israeli army demolishes mosque in Jordan Valley

Ten Palestinian female students hospitalized after Israeli assault

Arrest of Ahmad Abu Hasham in early dawn raid, Beit Ummar

Israelis burn 100 trees near Bethlehem

Israel seeks to legalize outposts on private Palestinian land

Stop all United States aid to Israel

The foreign minister of Tanzania affirms his country's support for the Palestinian people

Army demolishes a house in Bethlehem

Israeli extremism takes more victims

Prisoner brutally beaten by Israeli interrogator to admit charges

Clashes reported in East Jerusalem

Israeli colonists uprooted 9,131 olive trees in 10 months

Khalid Amayreh: Israel is destroying America, period

Obama at the General Assembly: Sacrificing Palestine for Zionist campaign funds

Palestine Liberation Organization slams Mideast envoy Blair for bias towards Israel

Netanyahu: Israel is Jewish, agree or else

Palestine: Justice first, negotiations later

5 Palestinians cycle from Jerusalem to Mecca to support United Nations bid

Bulldozers destroy land in al-Walaja

Jewish settlers attack olive harvesters

Hunger strike ongoing, violations against detainees escalating

European politicians rally support for hunger strike in Israeli prisons

European rights group accuses Alstom of direct involvement in Judaizing Jerusalem

Land Grab, a new documentary by Palestine Solidarity Project

Suppressing the truth...

Extremist Jews break into an Islamic and a Christian cemetery in Jaffa

New footage shows Israeli brutality

Friends of Humanity International: Israel no. 1 in violating prisoners’ rights

Settler homes approved in East Jerusalem

United States foreign policy determined by Israel

European Union committee recommends €100m more aid to Palestinians

UNICEF-supported initiative providing essential school supplies to Palestinian children living in Lebanon

President Abbas addresses Dominican parliament on recognition of the Palestinian state

Dominican Republic supports Palestine's statehood, honors Abbas

Kuwait tells Italy European Union should have positive position over Palestine

Gabon's president supports creation of Palestinian state

Settlers attack a village near al-Khalil

Five injured in Nabi Saleh anti-wall protest

Navy fires on Palestinian fishing boats

Army closes West Bank and border crossings, halts public transport and aviation

Miles of smiles convoys to continue

Abbas in Caribbean to garner support for United Nations bid

Israel orders sections of Jaffa mosque demolished

Hundreds of settlers storm Nabi Yusuf shrine

Israeli bulldozers raze structures, homes in Jordan Valley

Settlers uproot 200 olive trees near Nablus

Israel not serious about withdrawal from occupied Ghajar

Livni faces protesters in London visit

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Miles of Smiles 6 arrives in Gaza

Erdogan: Israeli atomic bombs a threat to region

Oct. 5, 1986: Israel’s secret nuke arsenal exposed

Army kidnaps two Palestinian youths in south Nablus, invades a village in east Tulkarem

Settler rams vehicle into a Palestinian youth

United States congress blocks Palestinian aid after United Nations statehood bid

Palestine state quest wins first victory in UNESCO vote

Settler rams vehicle into two Palestinian sisters

Israeli helicopters fire on southern Gaza

Army demolishes a house and cowshed, bulldozes olive orchard in Hebron

Closing the Ibrahim mosque for Muslims and opening it to Israeli settlers

East Jerusalem Bedouin's under threat of displacement

Lebanon's Berri blasts Israel, reiterates commitment to 425, 1701

Indonisia confirms it will support demand of the Palestinians to United Nations full membership

A child wounded in Gaza Strip

Israelis burn mosque, Qur'ans

Hebron in solidarity with prisoners on hunger strike for rights

Israeli bulldozers level lands in al-Walagah village

Land seized from Arab resident of occupied East Jerusalem

Israel chooses settlements not peace, an interview with Saeb Erekat

United States deeply dependent on Zionist lobby

Ashton tells Abbas no cut in European Union aid

Man dies in Gaza tunnel

OCHA: Israeli occupation demolished 400 homes in 2011, displaced 800 Palestinians

Egypt supports Palestinian rejection of negotiations as settlements continue

Arab League: Latest Quartet’s proposal proves its inability to defend international law

Iran blasts West full support for Israel

Bahar calls on Arabs, Muslims to support Palestinian resistance

Sakhnin; Thousands mark 11th anniversary of Al Aqsa intifada

United States blocks $200 million in aid to Palestinian Authority

Israeli occupation causing poverty, an interview with Marco Pietropoli

Israel sponsoring terrorism, an interview with Edward Kattoura

Settlers start fire near Nablus

Settlers uproot dozens of olive trees near Nablus

Dozens teargassed during weekly protest in Bil'in

Friday prayers held on land mapped out for separation barrier

Al-Khorafi affirms Kuwait's support for just Palestinian cause

Israel attacks Gaza refugee camp

Army invades Jenin and other villages

Panel holds first meeting on Palestinian United Nations bid

Abbas to tour for more support for statehood bid

Dozens of settlers attack village in Salfit

Army kidnaps a Palestinian man and bulldozes lands in Hebron

Israeli troops brutally assault a youth and attack medics

Demolition orders handed out in Tulkarem

Settlers demand free hand to open fire at stone throwers

Israeli occupation costing Palestinian economy 4.4 billion per year

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Jordan, Turkey blast expansion of East Jerusalem settlement

Japan: Israeli settlement plan goes against world efforts for peace

PLO effectively rejects Quartet proposal to resume talks

Erekat: International community must act against settlement activities

European Parliament endorses state of Palestine, urges European Union to do the same

Egypt Foreign Minister condemns Israeli settlement plan

China opposes East Jerusalem settlement build

France condemns Israeli decision to build 1100 housing units

Palestinians urge Quartet to force Israel to stop settlement

Israel decides to build settlement road seizing 800 dunums of Beit Ummar

Guard committees deter Israeli settlers attack

Gulamhusein A. Abba: Obama's badge of shame

America must first achieve its political independence from Israel

William Bowles: In the belly of the beast

Hebron boy dies from injuries after being hit by settler car

Israel plans 1,100 more settlement units as legislators call for full annexation

United Nations, European Union, United States, Britain attack Israel settlement plan

Quartet proposal merely a trap for Palestinians

United Nations urges end to Israeli infringements

United Arab Emirates endorses full United Nations membership for Palestinian state

Two children, ages 8 and 10, kidnapped by Israeli soldiers in Jerusalem

MP Attoun kidnapped from the Red Cross in Jerusalem

Settler car strikes Jerusalem man

Settlers put up posters calling for killing Arabs, Palestinians

The IDF admits that the Eilat attackers weren’t Gazans, but buries the news

Israeli bulldozers raze Palestinian land in Salfit

Berri urges world powers to pressure Israel on border violations

Erdogan reiterates threats to escort Gaza aid flotillas

Abbas rejects talks sans settlement halt

Nine countries expected to vote for Palestinian state in United Nations Security Council

Security Council begins consultations on the Palestinian request for full membership

Court orders compensation for death of Palestinian girl

Setters uproot 400 olive trees south of Nablus

While the diplomats haggle, deadly tensions are mounting in the nascent Palestine

Collusion between Israel and its settlers

Al Mezan calls on international community to lift Israeli siege imposed on Gaza Strip

Thousands in Ramallah welcome Abbas after historic United Nations trip

Palestine welcomes Russia's decision to vote for Palestinian United Nations bid

Shaath: We will push for quick United Nations vote

Israeli soldiers open fire at vehicle and turn it over, father and his daughter injured

Israeli settlers attack Palestinian villages near Nablus

Egypt renews its request for Israel to sign nuclear non-proliferation treaty

Gaza students suffer under Israel siege

Barack Obama, disappointing, again

Palestinians slam Mideast Quartet's statement

Latin Americans urge end to United Nations veto power

Members of Tunisian aid convoy enter Gaza

Fatah official: 2-week wait for Security Council decision

Kudos Mr. Abbas

Mahmoud Abbas, his finest hour

Israeli forces kill Palestinian in West Bank

Hit-and-run injures young boy in Hebron

Settler official calls for speedy construction

Dozens wounded in Bil'in's weekly nonviolent protest

Injuries reported in an-Nabi Saleh during demonstration

Protesters and journalists injured at Qalandia

United States secretly sold Israel bunker-busters

Is Israel now the unofficial 51st State of the United States of America

Israel refuses Sarkozy’s suggestion to give Palestine observation state at the United Nations

Palestinians: United States bullied to get its way

Bill Clinton: Netanyahu’s government is an obstacle for the peace process

Palestinians make history at United Nations

Full official text of President Mahmoud Abbas' speech at the United Nations General Assembly

Israeli occupation and settlers terrorize Jenin villages

Calls for organising committees to defend Jerusalem against settler attacks

Zionist bullying doesn’t work, Students for Justice in Palestine interviewed

Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions protests compels closure of Israeli retailer in London

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Palestinians will not accept vote delay

United Nations expert calls on member states to recognize Palestinian state

Demonstration in Denmark in support of United Nations bid

Bolivia welcomes Palestinians to United Nations

South African leader backs Palestinian bid to join United Nations as a member state

Peru supports Palestinian bid to United Nations

New Israeli housing committee approves 900 settlement units

Settlers attack a Palestinian woman in Hebron

Israel army and settlers attack Palestinian villages

Egypt wants International Atomic Energy Agency nuclear inspection of Israel

We are running out of time, Water in the West Bank is scarce for Palestinians

Palestinians disappointed by Obama speech

Qatar supports the Palestinian United Nations membership, condemns Israel settlement activties

Mass marches in West Bank to support Palestinian United Nations bid

Bulgarian rally supporting Palestinian bid to United Nations

Rally supporting Palestinian bid in Bucharest

Mass rally in Argentina in support of Palestinians

Palestinian child succumbs to wounds sustained in Israeli shelling

Settlers set fire to fields in Qalqiliya

Donor countries: Palestinian Authority ready for statehood

Palestinian security forces ready to protect peaceful demonstrations

European parliament urges to support United Nations seat for state of Palestine as key to peace in region

The 9/11 delusion: Israel’s false flag, jingoism and inhumanity

Israel can commit nuclear holocaust

Israel terrorizes West Bank ahead of United Nations bid

Shin Bet, An ingrained culture of torture and deceits

Settlers shoot at homes in Burin village, Nablus

Israeli occupation soldiers arrest 5 Palestinians including child, fire gas canisters at women

Israel plans 10 new settlements in the Negev

Jewish settlers build new road south of Hebron, seizing Palestinian land

Settlers uproot over 500 trees in Salfit

Palestinians to boycott Israeli products in national campaign

Launching largest campaign to counter settlers’ attacks in West Bank

Palestinian Authority calls for vigilance and caution, Palestinians await week of settler provocations

Human rights organisations call on international community to pursue accountability at United Nations general assembly

Carter: Don't veto Palestine's United Nations bid

Jordan committed to support building of Palestinian nation

Cuba: Palestinian ambassador explains reasons for request to United Nations

Israeli occupation serves demolition notices to four Bedouins in Jordan Valley

Arab schools protest Israeli curriculum changes

Arab parliament discusses breaking Gaza siege

Jimmy Carter: No downside to Palestinian statehood

United States to use veto despite two thirds of nations expecting to support Palestinians

Palestine and the United Nations: Questions and Answers

Settlers attack Palestinian family in Bethlehem

Settlers assault Palestinian child after kidnapping him south of Jenin

Jewish settlers set fire to Palestinian farms

Palestinian United Nations application based on resolution 181

Irish leaders urge government to support Palestinian United Nations bid

India to back resolution on United Nations membership to Palestine

Occupiers kill Palestinian in West Bank

Protestors march against wall, Palestinians arrest settlers, Israel calls up reinforcements

Occupation authorities confiscate land in the West Bank for settlement expansion

PNN reveals settlers crimes against Palestinian citizens

Jewish group plans to storm Al-Aqsa sanctuary

Erdogan: Israel cannot do whatever it wants

China press warns United States against Palestinian United Nations veto

Abbas: No conflict between statehood bid and peace process

Washington sees wave of protests from pro-Palestinians

New York rally for Palestinian statehood

Student groups call world youth to support United Nations bid

Settlers attack Palestinians near Nablus, arson and assaults reported

Army attacks protest in Hebron, injuries reported

Israeli navy detains five Palestinian fishermen at sea

Israeli military carries out demolitions in Jordan Valley, further orders presented in Hebron

Elizabeth of England signs amendment preventing arrest of Israeli officials

Protecting Americans? President Obama's shameful silence in the face of Israel's murder of a young American

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Hundreds march before Israeli embassy in Amman

Demonstration planned at United Nations building in New York

Hungary supports Palestinian statehood

Settlers assault workers and hit a boy with car in the West Bank

Israel plans to evacuate criminals from prisons to make room for Palestinians

Israeli military continue to target water wells in the West Bank

Erdogan: Israel sees itself as above international law

Erdogan: Recognizing Palestinian state key to stability, peace in Middle East

Egypt approves entry of World Food Programme aid to Gaza

Ambassador: Palestine's independence in best interest of all countries

United Nations report lauds Palestinian Authority state-building progress

We are not tired! Week against the Apartheid Wall, NOV 9 - 16

Israeli occupation levels homes, structures in Al-Khalil

Israeli soldiers demolish two wells in Jordan Valley

Palestinians form committees to protect West Bank village

Locals repel fresh settler attack in Qusra

United Nations experts say Israel's blockade of Gaza illegal

Divesting from Israel's occupation

Please act now! Pro-Israel groups censor Palestinian children’s art

United States risks being toxic over Palestinian veto

Arabs pledge to lobby for Palestinian United Nations membership

Palestinians demonstrate in support of United Nations vote

Israeli cabinet announces plan to forcibly displace tens of thousands of indigenous Bedouins

Settlers set fire to tent of woman seeking property reclamation

Over 30 Palestinians held beyond sentence in Negev prison

Israeli occupation soldiers detain six Palestinians in Al-Khalil

Land owners prevented from farming by Israeli soldiers

Conference told that water situation in Palestine is catastrophic

Israel's flotilla attack was act of war

Jerusalem schools to strike Tuesday over Judaization of curriculum

Local politicians support anti-Israel protests in Cairo

Saudi prince calls on United States to back Palestinian United Nations status

United Nations recognition of a Palestinian state receives public approval in Europe

Russia supports Palestinian United Nations bid

Egypt officer shot by Israeli forces dies from injuries

Undercover forces kidnap five youths in Gaza

Israeli navy abducts 7 Palestinian fishermen at sea

Jordan condemns violations by Israeli settlers in West Bank

Shaath: Abbas to meet Ashton, request unified European Union position

UK based aid convoy arrives in Gaza

Settlers attack Palestinian citizens in Hebron

Palestine 194 welcomes Ban Ki-moon’s support for Palestinian state

Palestine 194 announces activities for September United Nations bid

Israel: Snipers fired ten rounds into homes close to Gaza border

Jewish settlers demand legal cover for killing Palestinian demonstrators

One Palestinian arrested at Al Ma’sara demonstration

Israeli army threatens journalists covering European Union visit to al-Walajeh

Palestinian official warns United States veto to ruin peace process

United Nations secretary-general supports full Palestinian membership

Tunisia to support Palestinian United Nations bid

Israeli airstrike kills Palestinian, injures four

Soldiers, settlers attack Nablus

Israeli excavations endanger Al-Aqsa

United States to veto Palestinian United Nations bid

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Erdogan: We will protect our ships en route to Gaza

Palestinians to go ahead with United Nations bid despite United States veto

Palestinian committee confirms September 22 date for United Nations statehood bid

South Africa supports Palestinian bid to United Nations

Settlement construction rate doubles in West Bank

Report: Israel endorsed 3,050 settlement units last month

Hundreds of settlers storm Yousef's tomb

Retired professor, Larry Toenjes, on epic voyage to honor USS Liberty dead

Statement for USS Liberty memorial service

Today we planted in Gaza’s buffer zone

United States and Israel step up efforts to block Palestinian statehood bid

Abbas tells Hale Palestinian bid does not contradict peace process

British MPs call for recognition of a Palestinian state

Israeli airstrike kills Gaza militant

Israeli army detains 20 Palestinians in West Bank

Israeli forces detain Hamas lawmaker

Erdogan, Turkey suspends military ties with Israel

Palestinians won't give up United Nations bid for state

Egypt rallies support for Palestinians at United Nations

Non-Aligned movement confirms support for Palestinian statehood bid

Abbas says peaceful rallies essential to back United Nations bid

Boycott Israel conference held at Arab League headquarters for first time in a decade

Israeli settlers torch West Bank mosque

MP Halayka: Settlers have waged war against Palestinian holy sites

Kiryat Arba settlers attack Palestinian home in Hebron

Army surrounds Bethlehem village, uproots olive trees

Palestinian Authority slams Israeli escalation, settler attacks

Abbas says United Nations bid aims at recognizing Palestine as occupied state

Jordan affirms support of Palestinian bid to United Nations

Americans rally for Palestinian statehood

Egyptian call for stronger measures against Israeli border aggression

Lebanon tells United Nations Israeli maritime borders threaten peace

Officials accuse Israeli Prime Minister of withholding information that could have prevented attack

Military head told to conceal details of Eilat attacks

Israel unapologetic about flotilla attack

Israeli soldiers open fire on southern Gaza Strip

More evidence of Israeli plans for September violence emerge

Jewish settlers storm Aqsa plaza

Australian senator supports boycotting Israel

Iranian president affirms support for resistance in a call with Mishaal

Fatah official: 140 countries to recognize Palestinian state

United States threatens to veto Palestine United Nations bid

United States effort to stop Palestine's United Nations statehood bid unlikely to deflect Abbas

Israeli occupation soldiers arrest 3 Palestinians in Al-Khalil village, settlers beat up child

European Union deeply concerned after Israel rejects barrier appeal

Palestinian school threatened with demolition

Palestinian National Authority criticizes United Nations report that says Gaza's closure legal

Turkey to raise Israel's blockade at International Court of Justice

Hamas supporters rally in Gaza in support of Turkey

Iran hails expulsion of Israeli ambassador from Turkey

United Nations report on Gaza flotilla whitewash: An interview with Mark Dankof

Armed settlers attack West Bank village

Ni’lin demonstration met with violent response

Turkey vows to take legal action against Israel

Greece prevents Dignity ship from sailing to Gaza

Israel’s bullying in eastern Mediterranean is over

Turkey expels Israel diplomats after United Nations report

Erekat: European Union support for United Nations bid upholds peace process

Palestinian bid in line with international resolution

Turkey affirms its support of Palestinian bid to United Nations

Denmark Opposition Party supports Palestinian United Nations bid

9/11 inside job theories thrive 10 years on

United States continues to back Israeli crimes

Israeli actions stirs up tensions with Egypt

Israeli forces detain Hamas lawmaker at checkpoint

Group calls on pace to pressure Israel to release imprisoned Palestinian legislators

Israelis to unleash dogs on Palestinians

MP Barghouthi warns of massacres after Israel arms, trains settlers

Lebanon calls to curb Israeli violations of the Lebanese sovereignty

France may recognise Palestinian state

European parliament member Iliana Ivanova supports Palestinian bid

Questions on 9/11 remain unanswered

Missile hit Pentagon on 9/11: Video

Israel arming, training settlers

Jewish settlers attack Qasra village and damage hundreds of olive trees

United States should stay out, recognize Palestine

St. Vincent and the Grenadines recognizes Palestinian state

Miles of Smiles and Africa 1 convoys reach Gaza

Child dies of wounds suffered ten days ago in Beit Lahia

18 year old Palestinian man run over by Israeli settler

Soliers kidnap a Palestinian from Hebron

United States congress takes decrees from Israel

Miles of Smiles convoy arrives at Rafah border

Settler runs over Palestinian child in Hebron

Israeli forces assault Palestinian, arrest five and raid villages in West Bank

Jerusalem parking lot to be built on private Palestinian land

Anti-Israeli protests held in Kashmir

Shaath: Russia understands, supports Palestinian bid to United Nations

Lebanon to vote in favor of Palestine

124 out of 193 countries recognize Palestinian independence

Clashes reported at the Qalandia terminal

Haneyya reiterates Palestinians would never surrender to occupation

Syrians back Palestinians against Israel

Thousands protest in front of Israeli embassy in Cairo

Shaath: United Nations bid to go ahead despite United States threats

Ghana to support Palestinian United Nations bid

Factions in Gaza declare truce, ceasefire

Israel escalates attacks despite agreeing to ceasefire with Gaza factions

Israel uses new methods of torture on Palestinians

Troops attack nonviolent weekly protest in Bil’in

Resident, child, injured as army attacks nonviolent protest in Al Ma’sara

Six protesters wounded in Kafr Qaddoum

Soldiers attack nonviolent weekly protest in Nil’in

World needs to move to lift Gaza siege: An interview with Mukhaimer Abu Saada

Anti-Israel protests held in Saudi Arabia

Honduras recognizes Palestinian state

El Salvador recognizes independent Palestinian state

7 killed and over 30 injured in Israeli airstrikes on Gaza Strip

Jewish settlers set Palestinian olive trees on fire

Fatah calls for stopping Israeli aggression on Gaza

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Muslims determined to free Palestine

Organization of Islamic Cooperation calls on European Union to support recognition of Palestinian state

Shaath: India will support Palestinians at United Nations

Another Quds fighter assassinated in Gaza

Gaza strike leaves 3 injured, 7 missing

20 Palestinians arrested in continued mass sweep in Al-Khalil

Israeli bulldozers raze 20 dunums in Hebron

Arab Organization for Human Rights: Israel must be held responsible for war crimes

Rights group petitions United Nations special rapporteur on Israeli killings in Rafah

Ambassador Ahmad: Israel's aggression on Egyptian, Palestinian land constitutes evidence that Israel is not interested in peace

Muslim nations firm in halting Israel

Security on high alert as Israeli delegation arrives in South Africa amidst protest

China to support Palestinian United Nations bid

Call to action: Sign petition to urge United States officials to vote yes on a Palestinian state

Israeli airstrike kills Gaza militant after ceasefire

The story of Yazen Abbasi being tortured by the Israeli Forces

Israeli occupation troops arrest Palestinian shepherd, beat merchant

Wadi Helwa information center warns of Israeli plan to expand settlements in Jerusalem

Palestinian journalists under fire again from Israeli troops

Settlers cut down 50 trees in Beit Ummar

Israel’s high court rejects appeal to change path of wall in Walaja

Israel digging new tunnels in Muslim Quarter of Jerusalem’s Old City

Egypt must get tough with Israel

Palestinians to march on Jerusalem

Night of Israeli violence: Al Aqsa Mosque barricade, house demolition, gang beating, arrests

55 Palestinians injured as army invades Hebron

Settlers run over Palestinian child in Hebron

Israeli soldiers assault Palestinian officer in Nablus

PRC armed wing announces halt to firing of rockets

OIC demands immediate end to Israeli aggression on Gaza

United Nations once again delays flotilla report

To Russia, Palestine independence issue long decided upon

Shaath: Thailand will support United Nations statehood bid

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