Is it time for United States sanctions on Israel

Trees causing clashes with Israel "on Lebanese soil"

Israel bulldozes 15 graves in Jerusalem cemetery

Israelis demolish Bedouin village again

16 arrested in al-Walaja

Stop settlements, Abbas tells Israel

Egypt allows Libyan aid into Gaza Strip

Syrian convoy with 116 tons of aid heads to Gaza

3 Lebanese killed in cross border fire

Israeli airstrike kills 1 in south Gaza

Syria stands by Lebanon against Israeli heinous aggression

Egypt supports Lebanon to face Israeli violations

Israeli military injures one Gazan worker

Israel demolishes more villages and houses

Hamas denies involvement in Eilat rocket attack

Jordan has proof Aqaba rocket fired from Egypt

As Israeli propaganda continues to play dirty

Israeli airstrike injures 42 in Gaza

Israel set to construct 40 new settlements on occupied land

United Nation's Ban Ki-Moon launches international Gaza flotilla probe

Abbas demands clear terms of reference before direct talks

Meeting held to discuss Palestinian rights bill

Israel to deport 400 children

Israeli shelling damages Islamic center

Israel to confiscate more lands in Jerusalem

Syria says no concession over Israel-occupied Golan Heights

Ni'lin honors its martyrs and calls for continued popular resistance

Red Crescent sends aid convoy to Gaza

The real aim of Israel’s bomb Iran campaign

Gaza struck by air raid, one dead, thirteen injured

Israeli forces injure 3 near Erez with live fire

Israeli occupation suppresses weekly march in Beit Amer, 4 injured

Settlers took over 75 buildings overlooking the Aqsa Mosque

Occupied Palestine: Home demolitions, dispossessions and residency rights revoked

Palestinian National Authority asks international community to stop Israel's action in East Jerusalem

United Nations to assemble Gaza flotilla investigation team Sunday

United Nations: Israel must end Gaza military siege, permit flotilla probe

Israeli airstrikes on Gaza injure 9

Three injured 2 arrested as troops attack wall protests in the West Bank

Settlers attack Burin village, fires spread

Zionist plot to demolish 60 homes in northern Jerusalem

Hundreds to protest razing of Arab village

Activists work to stop tax-exempt donations to Israeli settlements

Viva Palestina to bring Gaza medical aid

Israeli settlers take over a Palestinian house in Jerusalem’s Old City

Israel speeds up work on apartheid wall

Israeli occupation raids Nablus, arrests 4

Groups urge Clinton to intervene in case of jailed rights defender

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Israel to resume settlement work in West Bank

Negotiations must be about substance not form

6 Palestinians injured in clashes with Israeli settlers over house demolitions

Israeli forces detain 7 in Hebron town

Mustafa: Syria's support to Palestinian refugees continues

Archbishop Desmond Tutu endorses of Olympia Food Co-op's boycott of Israeli products

Gaza City ceremony honors journalists killed reporting in Gaza

Israel destroys Bedouin village

Ahmad Burnat needs your support to get out of prison

Cameron: Gaza must not remain prison camp

Israeli army invades Beit Forik

Israel threatens Lebanon with invasion

Israeli settlers set fire Palestinian trees in West Bank riot

Settlers launch new attack

JCSER: Hundreds of Palestinians losing residency rights in Jerusalem

Protests continue: Al Ma’sara, Beit Ommar, Ni’lin, Iraq Burin and Nabi Saleh

International campaign to break the siege on Gaza

Victories as North American boycott movement gains momentum

Malaysian medical convoy to arrive in Gaza during Ramadan

Abbas asks for progress before entering direct talks with Israel

Japan to continue support for Palestinian state

Israel violates Lebanon's airspace

Military commander voices importance of defending border against Israel

United States government's house of representatives ok's possible Israeli raid on Iran

Collective action needed for Palestinian state

Lebanese Armed Forces: Israel opens fire on fishing boat near Ras al-Naqoura

Israel fires on south Lebanon United Nations post

Three injured during demonstration in West Bank

Israel faces war crimes lawsuit

Ramallah: Settlers burn olive trees under military guard

One injured, four arrested during Bil'in weekly protest

United Nations rights council appoints expert trio to probe Gaza flotilla raid

Israeli occupation shoots 2 Palestinians, 1 killed near a settlement in West Bank

Leader in the non-violent resistance sentenced by occupation

Israeli report attempts to cover up widespread and systematic commission of war crimes and shield perpetrators from justice

Amnesty condemns Palestinian home demolitions in the West Bank

America's alliance with Israel is a significant burden

Mikdad : United Nations should assume responsibility towards Israeli practices against Syrians in occupied Golan & Palestinians

Cuba demands Israel lift its blockade of Gaza

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Israeli operatives in the United States

One killed, six injured, by Israeli bombardment in Northern Gaza

Israeli fire kills two in Gaza

Israeli policeman beats a child in Jerusalem

Israeli forces demolish Palestinian structures in West Bank

Israel raids Hebron, arrests 2

MP Fadlallah: United Nations needs to condemn Israeli espionage

Security Council gets grim report on Israeli actions

European Union must demand Israel lift siege on Gaza

Preparations for solidarity visit to besieged Gaza discussed

4 Iranian MP's to visit Gaza next week

Brazil donates $14 million for Gaza reconstruction

Palestinian Authority sends medical aid to Gaza

Demands for release of nuclear whistleblower as Israel holds Vanunu in solitary confinement

UNRWA: Israeli blockade stalls construction

Israel's Judaisation of Jerusalem

Who's aiding Judaisation

Army invades Khan Younis

Activists: Israeli forces demolish well

Abbas demands Israel halt settlement before talks

It is time we shift gears: Creating a Palestinian state

South Africa's donations distributed among the people of Gaza

Israeli forces demolish houses in Jordan Valley

Israeli occupation government to increase structure demolitions

Israel may seize East Jerusalem property

Israel detains 2 Palestinians in West Bank

Egypt denies entry to Jordanian aid convoy

Lifting ban on ship movement key sign of ending Gaza blockade

Arabs seek guarantees from Israel ahead of direct talks

Olympia food co-op removes Israeli products from shelves

United States voters can demand Palestine's freedom

The resistance continues in protests across Palestine

Palestinian child wounded by settler on motorcycle

Barghouthi: 100 settlement units underway in Beit Jala

Turkish aid group blasts Israel's Gaza raid probe

Libyan aid shipment transferred to Gaza

Association of Southeast Asian Nations joins calls to end Gaza siege

United States to grant Israel 2.775 billion in security aid

Israeli forces attack three Palestinian journalists at West Bank rally

Israel to United Nations: Human rights obligations don’t apply in occupied territories

Abbas sets terms for Mideast talks, meets envoy

Al-Khudari to Ashton: Siege has not been eased

United Nations report: Severe water crisis in West Bank

Gaza's electricity crisis

Large South African convoy to move to Gaza soon

Israel set to force all citizens to swear oath to Jewish state

Jenin raid sparks clashes with Israeli forces

Anti-wall protests continue, 2 injured in Bil'in

European Union chief diplomat to visit Gaza

Ashton: Reopen all Gaza's borders

Soldier who shot bound Palestinian convicted of “unbecoming behavior”

Soldiers kidnap nine Palestinians, including two women in Nablus

Israel raids Hebron, 1 arrested

Settlers torch Nablus lands

Israeli forces demolish 2 homes near Hebron

Lebanon accuses Israel patrol of crossing border

Iran scientist: CIA offered me $50m to lie about nuclear secrets

Arab League calls on Israel to join non-proliferation treaty

Lybia aid on it's way to Rafah to rebuild Gaza

A call from Gazans to the world: “Keep trying to break the siege”

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Israeli occupation shoots a child in Gaza

Libyan ship carrying aid for Gaza docks in Egyptian port

Egypt condemns Israel's demolition of Arab houses in East Jerusalem

Jordan condemns Jerusalem home demolitions

Al Fakhoora launches 'right to education' campaign in Palestine

Steps toward national unity

Palestinian woman killed, five residents wounded, as army bombards Gaza

Israeli navy intercepts Gaza-bound ship

Egypt allows Libyan aid boat to dock at Al-Arish

Jordanians set off to deliver Gaza aid overland from Egypt

Israel demolishes two homes in East Jerusalem

Independent international investigation on Mavi Marmara is essential

Gaza: Hundreds urge Libyan ship to continue

32 new settlements approved for Jerusalem

Palestinian displacement in East Jerusalem

Israeli troops arrest six Palestinians in West Bank

Palestinians demand Israel to release prisoners

Jordanian activists plan Gaza aid convoy

Arab aid convoy to head for Gaza in August

6 reported injured at Bethlehem anti-wall rally

79 year-old man sustains wounds by an Israeli settler

Israeli forces move into Khan Younis in Gaza

Israeli forces confiscate land near Hebron

Lieberman's settlement bans gentiles

Palestinian villagers battle plans to wall them in

Hope ship on its way to Gaza

Three peace activists detained in Sheikh Jarrah

Israel raids Hebron, arrests citizens

Tearing down the wall in Al-Ma’sara

Israel trying to pressure Libya into voiding its solidarity ship to Gaza

Netanyahu: “Settlement activities to resume by the end of September”

Israel arrests 2 fishermen off Gaza shore

Israel must be accountable for crimes, says Turkey

United Nations agency says apartheid wall is illegal

Dozens injured marking the sixth International Court of Justice ruling anniversary

Erekat: The key to the direct talks is Israel's acceptance of two states on the borders of 67

United Nations spokesman says Israel must withdraw from Lebanese border village

Demonstrators picket Netanyahu’s appearance in New York City

Palestinian Authority to Obama: Stop tax breaks on illegal settlements

Boycott, divestment and sanctions in Australia, five years on

Libya aid ship preparing to break Israeli siege on Gaza

Israel asks United States to boost weapons supply

Iran calls for clear European Union stance on Israel nuke weapons before talks

Abbas wants more progress before direct Mideast peace talks

United States, international community key to regional peace

Israel must lift Gaza blockade and answer for flotilla raid, says Turkey

Palestinian Authority official says settlers uproot trees in Nablus village

Joining forces to stop illegal wall

Obama could sever alliance with Israel

Five wounded in Hebron

Clashes reported in Wadi Ara as Israeli bulldozers demolish Arab home

Israeli tanks shell homes, properties in Gaza Strip

Poland extradites alleged Israeli agent to Germany

"A promise is a promise, a date is a date and on September 26 we start building again."

Protesters greet Netanyahu in Washington as Israel expands settlements

Amnesty International urges Israel to lift Gaza siege

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Israeli settler runs over 3 Palestinians

Troops arrest 7 civilians and settlers attack residents

Settlements control 42% of West Bank lands

Israeli soldier shot two women as they waved white flag

July 9, Popular resistance marks 6th anniversary of International Court of Justice decision

European foreign ministers to visit Gaza

5 European Union states call for end to Gaza siege

7 European vessels to join 2nd Gaza aid flotilla

Protesters hold firm around Palestine this week

Gaza fisherman reported injured by Israeli fire

Israel readies to construct 2700 units for settlers in the West Bank

Threat to Palestinian parliamentarians

Abbas: No progress in indirect talks

Turkey threatens to cut ties with Israel

Israel revises list of banned imports to Gaza

Thousands missing out on education in Gaza

Surviving with portable generators in Gaza

Palestinian Authority backs calls for lifting blockade

Standoff at Hebron mosque

Several injured as Israeli forces disperse Beit Jala rally

Continuing conflict on water in the Middle East

Palestinian prisoners families demand Hamas to be firm in talks with Israel

Israel seeks to block United States-Saudi defense deal

United States questions its unwavering support for Israel

Arab League sets deadline for peace talks, plans Palestinian state

Lebanese aid ships to arrive in Gaza soon

United Nations calls on Israel to abide by international law

Oman’s Majlis slams detention of Palestinian representatives

Army attacks nonviolent weekly protest in Bil’in

Netanyahu: “Israel will not apologize to Turkey, will not pay compensations”

50 ships from around the world will set sail to Gaza soon

Israel demolishes dozens of homes in Jordan Valley

Occupiers set Palestinian property on fire

Israeli occupation raids Hebron, arrests four

Iran presents 11 proposals to break Gaza blockade

German officials hail bipartisan bill calling for Gaza blockade end

Ahmadinejad orders ban on Israeli products

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Netanyahu says Israel ready to deal for Shalit release

Israel convicts grassroots activist to two years imprisonment

Rights groups demand investigation into Gaza border protest death

Bedouin families face further expulsions

European Union criticize East Jerusalem home demolition

Settlers attack Palestinian water well keepers

Center for Constitutional Rights demands return of property and evidence seized by Israel from flotilla

Israel restricts the access of Gaza patients to urgent medical treatment if their condition is not life-threatening

Syria, Brazil back Palestinian state, demand Israel end blockade

Turkish autopsy: Israeli soldiers shot activists from choppers

Demolitions, new settlements in East Jerusalem could amount to war crimes

7,300 Palestinians in Israeli jails

Israeli troops arrest nine Palestinians in West Bank

Haniyeh calls on Arab world to break siege

Power cuts threaten health disaster in Gaza's health sector

Turkey closes airspace to Israeli military

Troops kidnap ten residents in the West Bank

Israeli occupation opens fire at peaceful march in Khan Younis

10 Jordan Valley families given 24 hours to leave homes

Palestinian National Authority warns of Israeli plan to grab Arab-owned land in Jerusalem

Palestinians launch new campaign of boycotting Israeli settlement products

Israel kidnaps Lebanese shepherd

Gaza's only remaining power station shut down Saturday; causing widespread blackout

Gaza sits with no power for second consecutive day

Iran: Egypt barring Gaza aid ship from Suez Canal

Thousands protest for Palestinian rights in Lebanon

10 big lies spread by Western media in order to justify the existence and actions of Israel

Pro-Gaza rally in Berlin urges Israel's nuclear disarmament

Israel seizes oxygen machines donated to Palestinian hospitals

G8 says Gaza blockade not sustainable, calls for end to siege

Soldiers attack protesters demanding a main road opened in Hebron

10 protesters wounded in Bil’in weekly protest

Iran: Sending relief aid ship to Gaza still on the agenda

Aid convoy from Lattakia to Gaza

Two dead bodies pulled from Gaza tunnel after strike

Israel's planned attack on Iran from Caucasus base

'Israel to take over Lebanon gas by force'

Aridi says Lebanon is ready to confront Israel after threat to use force over gas fields

Child reports of being tortured in Israeli detention center

PCHR calls for the immediate and complete end of the illegal closure of Gaza

Israel's Likud party approves to resume settlement construction after September

Palestine Liberation Organization slams Israeli Foreign Ministers plans to continue settlement

United Nations calls Israel's demolitions in East Jerusalem illegal

Israel raids Hebron, detains 5 Palestinians

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Settlers attack Palestinian village near Hebron

Israel detains 4 Palestinians in Ramallah

War crimes suit filed against Barak, Livni in Belgium

Take action: Oppose congressional resolutions supporting Gaza blockade

Israel to Washington: Army is done with preparations for war against Lebanon

United Nations human rights council approves international committee to probe flotilla attack

Leaked documents show Palestinian Authority undermined Turkey’s push for United Nations flotilla probe

Egypt not to stop calls on Israel to join non-proliferation treaty

Israel detains more than 20 Palestinians in Hebron

Abbas urges United States to block Jerusalem park project

6 homes to be demolished in Tubas

Demonstrators refuse to be intimidated by military violence

Russia demands Israel to lift the siege on Gaza

United Nations Relief and Works Agency chief calls for lift of Gaza blockade

Israel detains 4 Palestinians in West Bank

Palestinian National Authority condemns Israeli construction of new settlement units in Jerusalem

Erekat: Israel destroying talks by razing Silwan homes

Israel prepares to stop new Gaza flotilla

United Nation's Ban Ki-moon still working for international probe on Israeli attack on Gaza flotilla

There is work to be done to prepare for a Palestinian state

Israel condemned for still banning Gaza trade

Mahmud Abbas: Israel must lift Gaza blockade

Soldiers attack nonviolent protesters in Beit Jala

Israeli occupation raids Nablus, arrests 5

Limited clarifications on new siege policy

Egypt allows medical aid into Gaza

Israeli violence continues in Gaza ‘buffer zone’, wheat harvest prevented, three injured by shelling

A call to end the use of live ammunition against unarmed civilians in the Gaza ‘buffer zone’

Israel officially informs United Nations it will intercept Lebanese solidarity ship

German government motion to demand end to Israeli sea blockade on Gaza

As Mitchell tries to launch talks, Israel to demolish 22 homes in Jerusalem

Troops attack Bil’in weekly protest; Three injured and three arrested

Abbas tells Mitchell Gaza blockade must fully end

United Nations team calls for end to systematic rights violations by Israel in occupied territories

World Health Organization: Medical equipment still banned from Gaza

The Israeli commission into flotilla attack is incapable of conducting independent, credible investigation

Israel arrests a boy in Hebron, hands another a warrant

Israel Gaza blockade must be completely lifted

Jordan wants complete lifting of Gaza blockade

France says Israel plan to ease Gaza blockade not enough

Aid ship sets sail from Iran bound for Gaza

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Gazan boy shot by Israeli occupation

Settlers storm Hebron homes

United States envoy Mitchell arrives in region as Israel approves new settlements

Amnesty International: Israeli authorities must stop demolitions of Palestinian homes

Palestinian National Authority urges Israel to lift Gaza blockade fully

Campaigners plan new Gaza flotilla in July

Independent journalists dismantling Israel's hold on media narrative

United Nations insists on international flotilla probe

Israel arrests 14 throughout West Bank

Israel tells Tehran, Beirut solidarity ships will be stopped

Editorial: Enough is enough

Egyptian, Palestinian presidents discuss efforts to end Gaza siege

United Nations to distribute Turkish flotilla aid to Gaza

Largest ever flotilla and land convoy to reach Gaza after Ramadan

Crimes by Israel, sanctions for Iran

Palestinian youth injured in Gaza Strip

Israel attacks Al-Qarara with tanks, bulldozers

Israeli flotilla inquiry inadequate, Turkey and others say

Bahrain sends 2 million dollars of medical aid to Gaza

Wheat harvest met with live ammunition in Gaza “buffer zone”

Israel plans to expel 300 Palestinians

Palestinian activist faces prison sentence

Arab League chief: Gaza siege must be broken

More efforts in works to end Gaza siege

Israel and international law

Child hospitalized after being attacked by Israeli soldiers in Hebron

Israeli navy wounds Gaza fisherman

al-Ma'sara: Israeli occupation arrests and intimidates key activists

Ni'lin continues to demonstrate against the apartheid wall in the face of continued suppression

New threat to Muslim cemetery

European Union ministers to call for opening of Gaza borders

Pressure on Israel to lift Gaza blockade

Palestinian detainee dies in Israeli prison

Clashes after man shot dead in Jerusalem

Spain seeks European Union backing on plan to lift Israeli blockade of Gaza

Break the Siege Now! Day of action in the European Union

At International Atomic Energy Agency, Iran slams Israel nukes

Soldiers detain, violently attack a youth in Hebron

Israel orders razing of five Palestinian homes

50 ships to join second freedom flotilla

German government and parliament urge Israel to end Gaza siege

Russia supports international investigation of Israeli raid on aid flotilla

Turkey calls for Palestinian unity in "new era" after Israel attack

European Union to open market fully to Palestinian exports soon

Helen Thomas and the moral failure of United States liberals

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Israel's flotilla massacre: Made in the USA

Pro-Israel PAC contributions to 2010 congressional candidates

Israeli document: Gaza blockade isn't about security

Nearly four hundred Palestinian children subject to serious abuse in Israeli prisons

Three activists detained in nonviolent action near Bethlehem

Hamas says Gaza needs cement, not soft drinks

Swiss vessel to join “Fleet of Freedom 2”

Two Iranian ships to sail to Gaza

Cairo: Rafah border indefinitely open

Israeli government asked the United States for more weapons

Israeli troops issue 10-day eviction orders to Palestinians in Jordan Valley

Israel keeping Gaza aid seized

80 olive trees uprooted in Walaja

Abbas: ‘Now we need to be bold’

Palestinian Authority welcomes international positions for ending siege

Declaring Gaza blockade a failure, Egypt says it will keep its border open indefinitely

Four fighters killed in Gaza

Israel detains 6 Palestinians in Hebron

Obama, Bush alike when it comes to Israel

Erdogan: Time for action against Israel

Iran Red Crescent to send three aid ships to Gaza

Divestment movement gains momentum in United States and Britain

Tens of thousands Moroccans protest against Israel

Demonstrations held across Europe to protest attack on aid ship by Israel

Israel rejects international panel to probe deadly raid

Organization of Islamic Conference calls for setting up legal experts group to bring to justice Israeli officials who planned aggression against freedom flotilla

Iran Revolutionary Guards ready to escort Gaza ships

Fatah focus on Gaza remains unity

Israeli military forcibly stops aid boat to Gaza, again

Proof emerges IDF audio of radio communication with Mavi Marmara is fabricated

Israel under fire for doctoring flotilla recordings

United Nations rights chief following calls for Israel International Criminal Court referral

European Union to propose lifting Israeli blockade of Gaza

Gaza blockade illegal, must be lifted

Cuban parliament calls for more decisive action against Israel

Jordanian aid convoy en route to Gaza

Thousands join protest against Israeli military action

Massive demonstration in al-Yarmouk camp condemning Israeli piracy on freedom fleet

United States media's pro-Israeli bias: Response to the freedom flotilla slaughter

Protests against United States support for Israel

Emergency worldwide protests against Israeli flotilla raid

Study reveals Jews are different from rest

Israel arrests Free Gaza chief

Eight injured as troops attack wall protests in the West Bank

Israel broke international laws when attacked Gaza's flotilla

Thousands of Egyptians hold huge protest against Israel

India should snap all ties with Israel, demand Muslim groups

This cruel and ineffective blockade of Gaza must be brought to an end

Turkish foundation vows to fight till embargoes end in Gaza

Egyptian convoy heading to Gaza Monday

New aid ship heads to Gaza

Hamas invites Abbas to Gaza

Turner tunes to Arabic shows for youngsters

Settler fire critically injures Hebron teen

Thousands participate in funeral of Turkish activists

Adopting practical procedures against Israeli piracy crime

Organization of the Islamic Conference calls for immediate implementation of United Nations resolution on inquiry into Israeli attack

Arab consensus reached on lifting Gaza siege

London goes angry for Gaza, daily demos

Anti-Israeli rallies continue worldwide

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Palestinian dies after being run over by settlers

Settlers torch hundreds of Nablus olive trees

Nonviolent activist kidnapped near Bethlehem

Israelis pointed guns at 1-year-old to halt Gaza aid ship

'Israel will never apologize'

United Nations rights body approves flotilla inquiry

Jordan urges international investigation into Israel's attack against flotilla

Nicaragua suspends diplomatic ties with Israel

More than 40 percent of Norwegians want to boycott Israel

European Campaign to End the Siege on Gaza: “We have donations to prepare first three ships of freedom flotilla 2”

Gaza's siege kills victim number 374

Netanyahu: “Siege will continue”

Israeli occupation shoots Palestinian elderly woman

3 dead in Israeli air strike on Gaza

Gaza: From blockade to bloodshed

Israelis opened fire before boarding Gaza flotilla, say released activists

Flotilla attack: 'First the shots, then the ship was turned into a lake of blood'

Non-governmental organizations: "It's a lie that there were weapons on board the aid ships"

United Nations chief demands immediate release of Gaza flotilla detainees

Israeli army warns violent interception of flotilla straggler

Concern grows over flotilla missing and prisoners

General strike dominates West Bank, Gaza Strip in support for flotilla victims

United Nations special rapporteur Richard Falk: Those responsible must be held criminally accountable

Israeli attack on Free Gaza boats violates international law, shows need to end United States aid to Israel

Egypt orders crossing open immediately

Nineteen activists killed in Israel’s attack on freedom flotilla

Israeli piracy against freedom fleet a message to international community, must not keep silent over

Raid on flotilla a crime in the eyes of international law

Editorial: Terror at dawn

Israel has lost all legitimacy

Iran's Defense Minister: Attack on Gaza convoy countdown to Israel's collapse

World outcry over Israeli flotilla attack

Emergency protests organized around the world in response to Israel's murder of 19 aid workers

Thousands protest across Lebanon against flotilla killings

Thousands rally in Istanbul against aid ship attacks

Emergency protest to bring New Yorkers to streets

Call from Gaza for global response to killings on the freedom flotilla

European Union calls seeks inquiry into Israeli military action

More than 12 nations summon Israeli ambassadors

Palestinian woman killed by settler's car

Flotilla being approached by Israeli vessel, contact your national leaders to ask them to ensure safety of all

Settlers injure 10 Palestinians in east Jerusalem

Hamas offers truce if Israel leaves to 1967 borders and allows right of return

Erekat: Time for countries to recognize Palestine

Israel carries out mock air raids on south Lebanon

Israel rejects call to join anti-nuclear treaty

Israel stations nuclear missile subs off Iran

6 killed, 12 injured in Rafah smuggling tunnel

Palestinian accuse Israeli settlers of burning houses and stores in Hebron

Israeli airplanes fire 10 missiles into Gaza

Three Palestinians wounded in West Bank clashes with Israeli army

Four residents wounded by settler fire in Silwan

Indonesia to build hospital in Gaza

Arab parties congress calls for backing freedom fleet

Palestinians seek world pressure on Israel to let aid convoy into Gaza

It's time to rid the world of nuclear weapons

Mideast weapons of mass destruction ban talks get 189 nations' support

European Union delegates call for immediate action to end siege

National Initiative Committee for Breaking Siege on Gaza urges international community to shoulder responsibilities

Israeli army sets fire to thousands of acres in occupied Syrian Golan Heights

Six wounded as army bombards Gaza

One injured, four arrested during the weekly Bil’in anti wall protest

Boycott, divestment and sanctions national committee prepares for 2nd conference

Germany's Deutsche Bank divests from Elbit

New Yorkers march to support Gaza freedom flotilla

Watching Israel delegitimize the United States

Amnesty International: Impunity the norm for Israeli war criminals

Ten, including a pregnant woman, wounded in Jerusalem

Palestinian reporters attacked in West Bank

Israel indicts tortured rights activist Ameer Makhoul

9 injured by border police in Ar-Ramadin night raid

Israeli forces roll into east Rafah south of Gaza

Dilani: Settlers planning ploy to continue construction

Sha'ath: Continued Israeli aggression makes talks impossible

Muslim leaders urged to back Palestinians

$50m fund to help Palestine's settlement boycott

Mairead Maguire: Tribute to the people of Gaza

Red Crescent Authority convoy with 700 tonnes of aid reaches Gaza Strip

Freedom flotilla of aid expected to reach Gaza within 48 hours despite threats from Israeli navy

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Israeli nuclear espionage: The art of keeping America at risk for fun and profit

Israeli army raids Bil'in and burns olive tree

Three farmers wounded by military fire in northern Gaza

3 injured by Israeli fire at Gaza buffer zone

Israeli military detain 12 during home raids in the West Bank

Lebanon fires at intruding Israeli jets

Amnesty International slams ongoing Israeli human rights violations

Freedom fleet: We will resist Israeli attempts to block arrival in Gaza

Egypt declares state of emergency to allow United Arab Emirates aid into Gaza

United Nations peace envoy: 2-state solution urgent

Zionist entity Disney prepares new network "Disney Junior"

All eyes on Israel as United Nations considers Middle East nuclear ban

Tanks bomb Gaza homes, troops detain civilians from the West Bank

Israeli planes raid Gaza, hover around

15 wounded in Israeli airstrikes in Gaza

Israeli military to demolish homes in northern West Bank

Israel plows 15 donums east of Bethlehem

Humanitarian aid agencies urge Israel to lift siege as agricultural sector suffers

HaMoked petitions high court to stop expulsions immediately

Effective resistance to illegal occupation

Palestinian Authority to send 15 trucks of medical aid to Gaza

Sex and the city 2 accused of being anti-Muslim and condescending to Arab women

Settlers destroy farm lands, troops detain 10 civilians

Four Palestinians wounded in Hebron

Israeli occupation launches large arresting campaigns in Al Issawiyeh village

Protest the extended detention of rights defender Ameer Makhoul

Australia expels Israeli diplomat

Meshaal: International community has to lift Israeli unjust siege on Gaza

Jordanian, Saudi aid en route to Gaza

Activists set to defy Israeli threats

Gaza prepares for freedom flotilla

How Israel offered to sell South Africa nuclear weapons

Israeli nuclear whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu returns to jail

Palestinian youth wounded by army fire in Beit Lahia

United Nations says damage caused by Israel still un-repaired in Gaza

Soldiers fire at ambulance evacuating injured demonstrator

Settlers set fire to the northern valleys area

Israeli naval boats attack Palestinian boats in Gaza

Mousa: Israel must join non-proliferation treaty

One year after, Gaza early recovery and reconstruction needs assessment

Settlement boycott in full force

United Arab Emirates charity gives $60 million for Palestinian refugees

United Nations forum for for Palestinians to meet in Istanbul

Israelis kill two youths on Gaza border

Palestinian children tortured in Israeli occupation jails

Rigi reveals United States, Israeli plots to assassinate Iranian officials

Mitchell ends tour, Netanyahu affirms more settlements

Barred by Israel, United States and European Union delegations enter Gaza at Rafah

Two children injured, three arrested by soldiers in Bil'in's weekly wall protest

Qusra village farmers driven off fields by settlers

"Treat our passengers and cargo with respect" says senator Mark Dearey

Michael Mansfield: Letter to Nick Clegg on Palestine

Soldiers kidnap children in Jerusalem

Israeli troops kidnap seven Palestinians in the West Bank

Boycott volunteers say army searching for them

Medical equipment still not entering Gaza

Hamas rules out recognition of Israel

Organization of Islamic Conference: Israeli occupation of the Golan threat to world peace and security

Difficult conditions of Palestinian refugees discussed

Join the global intifada

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Arab League chief says the world supports Lebanon against Israeli threats

Palestinian boy injured by an Israeli bomb in Gaza

Gaza cancer patient dies due to the siege

Israel obstructs entry of medicine, medical equipment to Gaza

Israeli troops detain women and children in northern West Bank

Imminent threat prompts calls for Friday rally

20 families displaced in Gaza government home demolitions

International organizations call on Israel to immediately release rights defenders

Students join boycott of settler products

Freedom Fleet insists on access to Gaza despite Israeli blockade

International Solidarity Movement: Urgent call for equipment

110 types of medication and 123 types of medical supplies out of stock at health facilities in the Gaza Strip

Israeli military leaders prepare scenarios for possible redeployment in Gaza

Israeli official: We will destroy Al-Bustan neighborhood after June 15

Israeli occupation opens fire at Gazan workers in Rafah

Israeli military detains six civilians during morning invasions

UK-based Palestinian activist seeks more pressure on Israel

World Health Organization issues anti-Israeli resolution

Palestinian Authority's Fayyad urges end to Israeli siege of Gaza

Israeli occupation opens fire at peaceful demo in Gaza

Palestinians, Germany start state-building partnership

Israeli police attack Jerusalem’s street market

Eight arrested in Beit Jala bulldozer action

Israeli official: “Solidarity ships will not be allowed to reach Gaza”

Ninth boat to join Freedom Flotilla to Gaza

Israel calls for expelling anyone marking Nakba from occupied Palestinian lands

Israeli crimes discussed in the 3rd international conference

Boycott campaign results in closure of 17 settlement factories in West Bank

United Arab Emirates: Unity is key to Palestinian future

Fatah, Hamas leaders talk unity in Nablus

Israel detains 4 Palestinians in the West Bank

Driven to despair

Leader urges Muslim unity against Israel

Mikdad calls on international community to pressure Israel to halt violations of international resolutions

Oxford medical society vows support for Palestinian students

Zahhar: Hamas awaits Fatah's response on reconciliation

First Palestinian conference for follow-up committees stresses Palestinian principles and rights

Assassination in Dubai, Israeli's warning to the world

Palestinian killed in Gaza

London protesters urge government to end support for Israel

Hamas: Return, liberation through resistance

Free Gaza Movement: Israel’s intimidation tactics won’t stop us, first ship sets sail for Gaza

International Atomic Energy Agency chief to report on Israel's nuclear capabilities

Chinese president supports return of legitimate Arab rights and a Middle East free of nuclear weapons

Al-Baath Party Pan-Arab Leadership: Palestine cause was and will remain the Arabs' primary cause

The Nakba is not just an event to remember...The Nakba is ongoing, and the time has come for it to end

Rally raises hope for Palestinian reconciliation

Palestinian youth shot dead east of Ramallah

Ten children arrested in Hares

Israeli forces detain three from Ramallah-area overnight

Amnesty International urges Israeli government to release Mordechai Vanunu

Assad: Israel undermining Mideast security

United States government funds apartheid road network in Israel

United march on Nakba anniversary in Gaza

Protests across West Bank

Settlers torch olive orchard in Silwan

Israeli soldiers continue to use children as human shields

Troops detain 12 Palestinians during invasions targeting West Bank communities

Israel deliberately destroyed Gaza

Israel's secret police targeting leaders of country's Arab minority

Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine chief urges Abbas to cancel talks

Palestine Liberation Organization: Palestinian refugees’ right of return is indisputable

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Hamas accuses Egypt of torturing prisoners

Gaza fisherman killed

New UK government “completely subservient to Israel”, says analyst

Settlers bulldoze 30 dunums of land

Israeli minister: Arab homes in east Jerusalem to be demolished

Israel must stop harassment of human rights defender

Jordan's associations launch donations campaign to support Gaza Strip

Israel training to block freedom fleet

Russia urges nations to take active role in Middle East

Erdogan expresses his efforts to end Gaza's siege

Israeli troops arrests 15 Palestinian civilians during West Bank invasions

United States in favor of Israel nuclear ambiguity

Bahraini official: Israel nukes real threat

Irish activists urge divestment at CRH annual meeting

Syrian president stresses Mideast be free of mass destruction weapons

Fatah: Israel planning mall in east Jerusalem

Troops detain three from the West Bank

Fatah official optimistic for Hamas reconciliation stances

Senate votes 96-0 to audit Fed, reveal who got bailout funds

Israel can't conceal nukes now

Netanyahu deputy: Israel primed for war on Iran

Infant dies after inhaling gas fired by the army in Hebron

Settlers set fire to crops near Nablus

Israel to continue settlements despite peace talks

President Abbas demands United States response to settlement expansion

Israeli military hand out 10 demolition orders to villagers in southern West Bank

First solidarity ship sails to Gaza

Israeli official denies settlement halt as Mideast ‘proximity talks’ begin

Israel to build 14 housing unit in Jerusalem

Israel threatens Gaza-bound aid convoy

Israeli occupation raids Hebron, detains Palestinian

Arab League: No peace without total Israeli withdrawal

Iran, Muslim states to discuss ways to stop Israel's crimes

Beit Jala town protest the wall and settlements products

International Atomic Energy Agency to focus on Israeli nukes in June

Israel lobby part of the debate

Palestinian official: Proximity talks to focus on borders, security

Netanyahu to “legalize” illegal outposts

Iraq Burin continues protests against land annexation

Palestinians deserve to be recognized

One injured, six detained during the anti wall weekly Bil’in protest

Obama’s crucial choice in the Middle East

Erekat to European Union: Israel must abide by commitments

Israel’s tightening grip on the Jordan Valley

Europe conference to draft declaration on right of return

General tried to cover up truth about death of Rachel Corrie

Demonstrators succeed in delaying illegal wall construction, brutal military violence hospitalizes three

Israel refuses to address world pressure on nukes

Israeli troops detain 33 Palestinian civilians during morning invasions targeting the West Bank

Israeli occupation raid detain 2 Palestinians in Hebron

Turkish aid group calls on Israel to free West Bank representative

California divest from Israel ballot initiative

Red Crescent Authority to step up aid efforts in Palestine

Khudari: Flotilla to arrive in Gaza in three stages

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Syria calls for compelling Israel to join non-proliferation treaty

United States, other nations back Mideast nuclear arms ban

Palestinian National Authority says Jerusalem issue can't be postponed

Katz: “Settlement construction will resume in September”

9 injured in Silwan clashes

Israeli troops detain 12 Palestinian civilians during morning invasions

Israel opens fire towards houses in Rafah

Jordan will stand by Palestinian people to restore their rights

Demonstrations across West Bank reflect growing momentum

Soldiers level a mosque near Rafah

Israeli troops detain three civilians from Hebron

Soldiers committed violence and abuse against Palestinian detainees

Lebanese Prime Minister: Netanyahu doesn't want peace

Israel planning new West Bank train network

Ging demands international community to break Gaza's siege

Hillary Clinton calls for practical measures towards a nuke-free Middle East

Arab doctors to send 5,000 prefab homes to Gaza

Gaza deportees protest at Erez

Troops open fire at two Palestinians protesting at Erez crossing

Times Square bomb hoax, Israeli intel group shows it's hand

Netanyahu orders media blackout on talks

Details of Gaza blockade revealed

Israel plans to build 200,000 units in east Jerusalem

Israeli occupation open fire towards peaceful marchers

Israel’s military detain 13 Palestinians during morning invasions in the West Bank

Israel demolishes four houses in Al Araqeeb village

Settlers occupy home in Beit Safafa

Zionists target the poor of Gaza by attacking their charities

European Union delegation to visit Gaza, electricity crises on the agenda

Israeli military kidnaps Beit Ommar youth, settlers attack residents

Journalist, protesters injured in Beit Jala rally

Soldiers attack nonviolent protest in Hebron

Israeli occupation raid two houses in Hebron, attack Palestinian worker

Settlers set fire to Palestinian car, 2 injured

Israeli police demolishes homes in Taybeh

Unified Arab stance to confront Israel's hostile policies

United Arab Emirates reiterates support for Palestinian efforts in establishing sovereign state

United States weapons destabilize Middle East

Nabi Saleh: Rally in the occasion of workers day

Four injured, two journalists detained, at the Bil'in anti wall protest

Israeli warships fire on Rafah-area fishermen

Outpost settlers uproot 30 olive trees east of Qalqiliya

Kuwait foreign minister blasts Israel

Sleiman calls on international community to compel Israel to abide by international resolutions

United States pledges to stop Israeli provocations

Obama thinking about a conference to create a Palestinian state

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Abu Zuhri: “Egypt responsible for the death of four, gassed in tunnel”

Israel, Arabs in conflict over nuclear free zone

Israeli troops detain nine Palestinian civilians during invasions in the West Bank

Overnight raids target Bethlehem

Yitzhar settlers destroy Palestinian property following arrests

Israeli occupation open fire towards peaceful marchers

Israel police destroy camp's wastewater network

Israel has no intention to dismantle illegal outposts

Conference of liaison officers for boycott of Israel rejects threats, pressures against Syria

Fayyad calls for lifting Gaza siege

Palestinian refugees' right of return asserted

International Committee of the Red Cross: Violence claims more lives as blockade continues to stifle Gaza

United Nations partners with non-profit group to provide computers to Palestinian children

Palestinian youth united against normalization with Israel

Two sisters killed, their dad and brother wounded after soldiers ram vehicle into them

Israeli military open fire at a nonviolent protest in Gaza killing youth

Medics: Gas kills four Gaza tunnel workers

Settlers attack Palestinian worker in Jerusalem

Israel detains 10 Palestinians in Hebron

Lebanese Foreign Minister calls on Middle-East to confront Israel's nuclear arsenals

Israel’s nuclear weapons profoundly unhelpful for Mideast security

Israel cannot keep stalling peace efforts

Jerusalem mayor pledges more Jewish homes

Palestinian National Authority: Israel aids settlers to confiscate Palestinian land

Demonstrators halt construction of the wall in alWalaja

Call for support and immediate action against the persecution of political activists in Palestine 48

84th conference of regional bureaus' liaison officers for the boycott of Israel kicks off in Beirut

University students commit to sweeping boycotts

More ships to set sail for Gaza in May

Palestinian girl dies in besieged Gaza Strip

Israeli soldiers given minor reprimands over shooting of Palestinian civilians

Israeli warships fire on Gazan boats

AIPAC fundraiser held amid protest

United States OKs defense aid increase for Israel

Prisoners society to hold sit-in on Tuesday

Palestinian popular struggle against home demolitions, olive tree destruction in Bethlehem area

Obama: United States will never waver in pursuit of two-state solution

Ministry of Health: 15 trucks of meds await Israeli authorization for Gaza

Brazil says will work against new Iran sanctions

Israel plans hundreds of new settlements in Jerusalem

Israel detains 5 Palestinians in West Bank

Israeli court rejects Palestinian villagers petition against wall construction

Fayyad: "Jerusalem is the eternal capital of our state"

Arab journalists stress need for adopting a unified Arab stance to confront challenges

Al-Walaja: Defending Palestinian land from bulldozers

Portland protest challenges AIPAC fundraiser

Call for support, immediate action against persecution of political activists in Palestine 1948

United Nations: Gaza needs 100 new schools

Democrats move to stem corporate political cash

Israeli lobby flexes muscles in Washington

At least five Palestinians wounded in East Jerusalem

Soldiers attack nonviolent protest in Hebron, kidnap four

Israel conducts limited raid in Al-Qrara

Wastewater from the Etzion settlement floods 70 dunums of vineyards

Abbas, Abdullah discuss developments

Two Palestinians and an international activist shot with live ammunition at a non-violent demonstration against the buffer zone in Gaza

People in Bristol are helping Gaza with bags of cement

Abbas asks Obama to impose Mideast peace solution

Abbas: Temporary borders unacceptable

Palestinian Authority says no to shrunk Palestinian state

Iran allows International Atomic Energy Agency to inspect new enrichment site

Israeli forces deport 2 Palestinian residents of Israel to Gaza

Demolition orders issued south of Hebron

No progress announced after United States envoy meets Israeli premier

Candle march in Damascus in solidarity with Arab prisoners in Israeli occupation prisons

Villagers near Bethlehem protest the Israeli wall built on their lands

Freedom fleet to break siege on Gaza sets off in May

Netanyahu rejects United States demands

Netanyahu tells Mitchell Israel will not halt settlements

End Israel lobbies pervasive and damaging influence in United States politics

Palestinian Prisoners Society: Detainee who died last week, was hit on his spine, neck

58 detained, one wounded and 70 dunams drowned in sewage

Israeli occupation attacks Palestinian worker on his way to work

Israeli tanks invade and destroy farm lands in southern Gaza Strip

Israeli troops detain 15 Palestinian civilians during morning invasions targeting the West Bank

Bulldozers destroy playground and olive trees for illegal apartheid wall

Arab League warns against Israel railway plans in occupied territories

United Nations: Thousands of children without school in Israeli-blockaded Gaza

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Committee calls for release of 2 detainees with cancer

Palestinian Prime Minister vows to step up 'peaceful resistance'

Arab Israelis mark 62nd year since Nakba saw 750,000 Palestinians dispossessed

Palestinian Prime Minister predicts state founding

Palestinian factions meet in Gaza

Report: United States preps for possible strike on Iran

Diliani: Israel’s creation marks 62-year-old human catastrophe

Sri Lanka calls on Israel to withdraw to 67 borders

Israel to demolish 3 houses, water reservoir in Hebron

Israeli forces open fire in Gaza, target Palestinian fishermen

Egypt seeks United Nations pressure on Israel over nuclear arms

Doctors' union sends fuel for Gaza hospitals

Health ministry warns of crisis in Gaza due to lack of fuel

Independent United Nations rights expert warns Israeli orders may breach Geneva convention

Abbas: Palestinian Authority will act against Israel's deportation orders

Troops open fire at a nonviolent wall protest in the Gaza Strip

Military orders the demolishing of four homes in southern West Bank

Netanyahu says Israel not to stop building in Jerusalem

Anniversary of Israel no cause for celebration

Lebanese Foreign Minister calls on United Nations to impose sanctions on Israel

How to cut taxes, end aid to Israel

United States can stop Israeli settlements

Israel threatens Syria with war

Prisoners demand international inquiry over death

Troops detain ten peace activists in Hebron

Israeli embassy protest demands release of Abdallah Abu-Rahmah and all Palestinian prisoners

Egypt will not permit Palestinian expulsion from West Bank, says Foreign Minister

Turkish non-governmental organizations join forces to break Israel’s Gaza embargo

Mezan center: “Israel deliberately killed Reuters cameraman”

Settlers storm, damage home in Nablus village

Israel shuts West Bank borders again

Hamas, Fatah join ranks to demand Israel to free prisoners

Fatah official calls on Hamas to sign unity deal

Detainee dies Friday in Israeli cell

Israel seizes 4 water pumps in Jordan Valley

Palestine commemorates prisoners day

Gaza: Thousands protest against Israeli deportation orders

Lebanon reacts to Israel border breach

Alliance of 7 countries calls on Israel to join non-proliferation treaty

Israel's nuclear lies

Child wounded by army fire in Hebron

Israel detains 13 Palestinian in West Bank

Israel dismisses Obama call to join non-proliferation treaty

Moscow warns against Israel’s decision to deport thousands of Palestinians

Tax day events highlight cost of United States military aid to Israel

PCHR strongly condemns execution of two prisoners by Gaza government

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

United Nations political chief urges Israel to halt settlements

Israeli military kidnaps two Palestinians and assault another

Israeli occupation shoots 3 in peaceful demonstration

Israeli forces demolish three houses in the West Bank

Human rights centre claims that 2,000 sick detainees are held in Israeli prisons

Time for United States to move forward on Palestine

We can't afford to give $3 billion to Israel

Richard Falk salute UC Berkeley divestment

Noam Chomsky endorses Berkeley divestment

Support student divestment at the University of California

Hariri: United States can pressure Israel to commit to peace

Arab League to refer Israel's West Bank deportations order to United Nations

Jordan lodges strongly-worded protest over Israeli order

Israel plans East al-Quds synagogue

Poetic justice in Jerusalem

Arab League urges Palestinians to refuse amended Israeli orders

Action is essential to prevent another round of ethnic cleansing in Palestine

Fighter killed, three wounded in Israeli bombardment in central Gaza

Army invades Bil’in

United States group to join international aid flotilla to Gaza

European Union contributes to Palestinian Authority state building

Obama says all countries should sign non-proliferation treaty

Arab League to discuss Israel's planned Palestinian deportations

President al-Assad: Need for urgent Arab, international move to confront Israeli ethnic cleansing policy against Palestinians

France "very concerned" by Israeli plan to expel Palestinians

Annul order allowing expulsions of Palestinians, groups urge Barak

Al-Shara calls on for unified Palestinian stance

Erekat: World must compel Israel to revoke military order

The shrinking West Bank

Hamas stopping rocket fire into Israel

Israel to demolish 13 homes in Lod

Israel detains 10 Palestinians in West Bank

Israel detains 3 Palestinians in Hebron

Talking Palestine to power

Israel's transgressions

Gaza war victims shortchanged on justice

Towards respecting the law

Erdogan: Israel must denuclearize

Israel shuts off water to Jordan Valley farms

Israeli occupation shoots demonstrators and journalists

Israeli order sets stage for expulsion of Palestinians

Dr. Shaath: “Israeli apartheid policies must be stopped”

Belgian bank financing illegal settlements

Belgian delegation to arrive to Jerusalem tomorrow

Archbishop Desmond Tutu to UC Berkeley: Divesting is the right thing to do

Gaza power plant back to work

Two-thirds of Gaza without power

Five new arrests as activists dismantle illegal settlement foundations

Palestinians being driven from east Jerusalem homes

United Nations Ban Ki Moon urges Israeli halt to settlements

Israel allocates 15 billion for "Jerusalem 2020" plans

Green Party: President Obama must press Israel to end east Jerusalem settlements

Declaration of an independent Palestinian state is the solution

Israel owns nuclear warheads

Deir Yassin massacre, 09.04.1948

Deir Yassin massacre remembered

Israel could opt for nuke strikes on Iran

Netanyahu to skip United States nuclear summit

IDF soldiers target peaceful protests in the buffer zone

ECESG slams threats against activists participating in Gaza solidarity ships

New threats to anti-wall activists in al-Ma'sara

Hundreds protest Israeli wall, settlements

Swedish pension funds exclude Elbit

Corporate Watch – Tracking corporate complicity in the occupation of Palestine

Million Palestinians urge Obama to end Israeli occupation

Lebanon urges Obama to assume "world leadership" for Mideast peace

Business Weekly: "End Israel's allowance"

Fayyad in Madrid to discuss state building

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Palestinian Authority envoy to Britain: World ready for declaration of Palestinian state

2 reported hurt in southern West Bank clashes

Settlers uproot 15 olive trees near Dir Estia

Erdogan: Israel is a ‘principal threat’ to peace

United States military aid to Israel violates domestic, international law

Israel threatens to shut off taps for West Bank water

Settlers attack, wound, two youths in Hebron

Israeli troops detain eight Palestinians, among them two injured, from the West Bank

Organ-trafficking ring busted in Israel

Israeli government holding up to two hundred million dollars of Palestinian funds

Belgian delegation to visit Sheikh Jarrah amid evictions

Facts about Israel

Wikileaks website regarding United States military fire on Iraqi civilians and two Reuters journalists

Al-Haq action alert: Human rights defender arbitrarily detained and tortured by Israeli occupation forces

Failure of attempts to discredit the Goldstone report and it's authors

Israeli threat over Palestinian state

Gandhi: Jewish settlements obstruct establishment of Palestinian state

Sheikh Jarrah: 2 families handed eviction orders

Abdul Qader: Sheikh Jarrah evictions based on forgeries

Israel opens fire on a peaceful demonstration

Qatar conducting efforts to achieve Palestinian national unity

Washington piles pressure on Iran and ignores Israel

Comcast wins FCC challenge, your move congress

Oren: “Settlements in Jerusalem will continue, our relation with the United States is strong”

Two persons kidnapped and tortured by gunmen in Gaza and Khan Yunis

Settlers attack resident, throw acid at him

Soldiers kidnap two residents near Nablus, child wounded in Hebron

Israeli settlers attack Palestinian farmers

340 children still imprisoned by Israel

Condemnation of Israeli plan to build synagogue in east Jerusalem

Settlers attack east Jerusalem rally

Saudi cleric announces on-air plans to visit occupied Jerusalem

International solidarity movement groups show solidarity with Palestine and reveal Zionist practices abroad

Israel, United States and settlements

Israel does not legally exist

Was Israel ever legitimate

Tuwani versus Havat Ma'on: Microcosm of Israeli apartheid

Testimony: Israelis beat, pour boiling water on worker

Israel arrests Jerusalemites for making eye-contact

Israel seizes 16 dunums in Jenin

Fatah: Hamas has realized projectile fire useless

National Union of Tunisian Journalists holds solidarity event with Palestinian people

United Nations: Israeli materials shipment to Gaza well below needs

Total boycott against total occupation

Mottaki calls for global nuclear disarmament

When Palestinian leaders lead by Sami Awad

United States congressman arrives in Gaza

Gaza factions meet to discuss Israeli threat

Hamas, Gaza militants agree on reducing tensions with Israel

Coalition to break the blockade on Gaza announced

Obama can stop funding illegal settlements

Settlers attack a 89-year-old woman, her 50-year-old daughter in Jerusalem

Despite closures, anti-wall rallies continue

Israel warns of new war on Gaza

Hamas not interested in more Gaza violence

Fatah officials call for Palestinian protests against Israel

UK concerned over escalated Israeli attacks on Gaza

Palestinian Prime Minister predicts statehood by August 2011

Greece: Protest in front of Starbucks and Pizza Hut on global day of BDS action

Dubai resident's London marathon run will help boost Palestinian rights

Iran supports universal denuclearization

The lobby vs. America

Israeli court decides not to file charges against soldier who killed nonviolent protester in Bil’in

Israeli police break into media office in east Jerusalem, attack locals and visitors

Israeli gunboats open fire at Palestinian fishing boats

Meshaal condemns Moscow attacks, assures Hamas keen to maintain calm

Ban settlement products

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

AIPAC mobilizes against Obama

Israeli army shell homes and farm lands in southern Gaza Strip

Israeli troops detain three civilians during invasions targeting West Bank communities

Israeli occupation arrested 80 children from Hebron last month

Amazing what the Zionist's get away with, isn't it

Demonstrators demand prisoners’ release

United States congressman blasts Israeli settlements

Jordan nixes nuclear ties with Israel

Myriad Genetics' gene patents struck down in court

Child killed by army fire in Rafah

Palestinian wounded by settlers in Hebron

British MPs call for review of arms export to Israel

Erdogan: “Double standards in dealing with Iran and Israel should be stopped”

Swedish pension fund bans investment in Israeli company

Palestinian Prime Minister ploughs ahead with future state

2010 Land Day against apartheid and settlement expansion

Gazans plant trees on land day

Israeli troops open fire at a protest commemorating land day in Bethlehem

Report: Israel copied thousands of passports

United Arab Emirates rebuilds what Israel destroyed

United States must spell out two-state vision

Malaysia will provide medicine to the people of Palestine

Thousands march in Paris against Israel’s violations in Jerusalem

20,000 Palestinian homes under demolition threat

Israeli troops attack Palm Sunday protest in Bethlehem, detains 15 among them two journalists

Report: United States could allow United Nations resolution against Israeli settlements

Palestine Solidarity Committee condemns latest Israeli violation of international law

Arab League ‘fed up’ with Israeli policy

Gaza factions call for an end to rivalry

Arab leaders call for Middle East free of nuclear weapons

Child dies due to the siege on Gaza

Palestinian killed as Israeli tanks enter Gaza

Israeli occupation demolish house, raze agriculture lands in eastern Abbassan Al Jadeeda

United Nations Human Rights Council adopts 5 resolutions against Israel

Israel, Hamas urged to cooperate with United Nations inquiry

West can't let Israel get away with murder

Moussa: 'Time to face Israel', Middle East peace 'a failure'

Palestinian leader insists on settlement halt

Jerusalem 'key to peace,' Abbas tells Arab League summit

Activists opposed to separation wall speak up United Nations meeting in support of Palestinian people

Fayyad: Palestinians must remain strong

Palestinian Authority Ministry of Health delivers medical aid to Gaza

Israeli fire kills 2 in southern Gaza

Six Palestinians wounded as army bombards Khan Younis

United States informs Abbas of Obama-Netanyahu meeting failure

Jordan: Israel threatening regional stability

Netanyahu vows no change on occupied Jerusalem

Arabs to hold international conference to support Jerusalem

Tens of thousands protest Israel in Syria

United Nations rights council: Experts to monitor Goldstone report

Israeli fire wounds two Gazans

Israeli bulldozers raze Palestinian lands in Tulkarim

Israel rejects UNHRC resolution

Egyptian protesters demand expelling Israeli ambassador

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Israel and aid

International campaign in support of Palestinian political prisoners

Saudi: Israel's arrogance challenges the world

Israel proceeds with settlement plan after United States meeting

Palestinian institution-building efforts continue despite challenges

Troops attack school students near Hebron city, southern West Bank

Israel kidnaps 20 Gazan workers

Israel braces for more expulsions in Mossad row

Court lifts ban on FCC's "cross ownership" restrictions

Popular committee says organizer tortured

German minister demands Israel stop settlement construction

European Union boosts ties with Israel, ignores settlements and occupation

Israel threatens to block peace talks for year as links with United States hit new low

Israel warns 8 families of demolishing their houses

Jerusalem municipality approves more units for Jewish settlers

Israeli settlers prevent farmers from reaching their lands in Nablus

Britain expels Israeli diplomat over fake passports in Dubai killing

Israel kidnaps 9 Palestinians from Hebron

Fatah, Hamas leaders hold talks in Gaza and Damascus

European Union reiterates call for stop to Jewish settlements in Palestine

In Middle East, Ban hails 'heroism and quiet courage' of Gazans

2nd Nablus teenager succumbs to wounds

United Nations chief Ban Ki-moon visits Gaza

Nader attacks Israel for eluding non-proliferation treaty

Occupied east Jerusalem construction policy unchanged

Pakistanis protest against Israeli threat to Jerusalem holy sites

Israeli fire kills Palestinian boy

47 residents wounded in Hebron

Israel to ask United States for bombs in the fight against Iran's nuclear sites

Construction in Jerusalem illegal: Ban Ki-moon

DFLP: Quartet must force Israel to halt settlements

In Ramallah, Ban backs state-building

Israel's gesture of contempt

Israel called "gravely negligent" in Tristan Anderson case

Thousands in Sana’a protest opening of Jerusalem synagogue

Indonesians hold anti-Israeli demonstrations

United States: Anti-war protesters take to streets on anniversary of invasion of Iraq

Quartet demands real halt to settlements

Quartet calls for Palestinian state

Benjamin Netanyahu rebuffs Hillary Clinton demands

Gaza Strip in dire socio-economic crisis after three-year blockade

12 wounded in Israeli strikes on Gaza

Comrade Mizher: Mass action needed to support Palestinian steadfastness

Addameer and Stop the Wall launch

UC Berkeley student senate passes divestment bill

Protests in Beirut, Sidon condemn Israel's settlement plans in Jerusalem

Villagers protest Israel’s wall near Bethlehem

Saudi Arabia 'sorcery' death sentence upheld

Iraqi holocaust, Iraqi genocide and 7th anniversary of invasion of Iraq

Urgent appeal: Illegal detention of children inside Israel

United States department of justice asked to regulate AIPAC as a foreign agent of the Israeli government

Israel's intransigence cannot be tolerated

Qassam shell from Gaza kills a A Kibbutz worker, war jets bombards targets in the strip

Israeli military detain nine civilians from the West Bank

European Union foreign policy chief visits Gaza

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Settlers attack village near Nablus

Abbas: Israel must stop East Jerusalem construction

Israel rejects Jerusalem settlement halt on eve of Quartet

Despite feud over settlments, Arabs skeptical United States will pressure Israel, undermining peace hopes

Israel’s ongoing hostile actions intend to make peace impossible

King Abdullah of Jordan calls for effective action to stop Israel's provocative measures in Jerusalem

Oxfam urges Ashton to make lifting Gaza siege top priority

Mohamed Khodr  Letter to Rachel Corrie's family and Washington State legislators

Dr. Barghouthi pledges support to beleaguered Jerusalemites

Israel’s repression leaves dozens wounded in Jerusalem

Gazans demonstrate near Gaza-Israel borders

UK continues its betrayal of Palestine

Stop the Wall releases two reports on Brazil's complicity with Israeli wars and occupation

PCHR strongly condemns inauguration of synagogue in occupied east Jerusalem

Israel has nukes, but Iran is pressured: Erdogan

Jerusalem’s ‘day of rage’

Gaza: Hundreds protest in solidarity with Jerusalem

Crisis in US-Israeli relations: Barack Obama must not back down

It is time to hear the Palestinian people

United States condemns Iran for protester death sentences

Jail ordeal of hundreds of Palestinian children arrested for throwing stones

Israeli military detain 16 Palestinian during invasions at West Bank communities

Israeli government allows sale of stolen Palestinian property to Israelis

United States wants Israel to cancel colony-building plan

Israel to continue Jerusalem settlement work

Israel raids Al-Aqsa Mosque, expels worshipers

Israel declares Nilin, Bilin closed military zones to stifle protests

Boycott Divestment Sanctions workshop in Bil’in in occasion of Israeli apartheid week

2,500 prefab homes to enter Gaza at Rafah, doctors union says

Parents of Rachel Corrie speak out

Settlers destroy Palestinian properties near Nablus

Israel to demolish mosque in Burin

Israel plans to storm Al-Aqsa Mosque

Egypt sends rice to Gaza through Al-Auja crossing

Bait Jala Demonstration "Stop the Wall!"

Without homeland, Blair says no hope for Palestinians, peace

Israel detains journalists during protest against apartheid wall

Israeli occupation forces strengthen siege on Al Aqsa, close gates, nab guards

United Arab Emirates: Israel must drop colony plans

United Nations draft resolution on assistance to Palestinian women

Spain calls for tougher European Union stance on Israel

Israeli police crackdown on protesters in east Jerusalem, eleven civilians arrested

Settlers torch olive orchard in Hebron

Israeli settlers uprooted 40 olive trees

Palestinian journalists targeted

Israeli army seals off West Bank

Palestinians should now declare their independence

Palestinians should declare statehood

United States to assist Palestinian refugees

The nuclear double standard

All our wars are down to Arab-Israeli conflict, says Hariri

Situation worsens as Gaza blockade nears 1,000-day milestone

Soldiers kidnap a 9 year old child and his brother

Israel army indicts 2 for using Gaza boy as human shield

50,000 units for settlers in Jerusalem currently in the planning stage

European Union rebuffs Jewish efforts to sidetrack Goldstone endorsement

PCHR condemns recent Israeli settlement plans and calls upon the international community to full its obligations

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Israeli army shells residents homes in eastern Gaza Strip

United Nations joins Biden in condemning Israel

Ban Ki-moon speaks out against Israeli plans to expand settlements

Soft Washington emboldens Israel

Words won't curb a rogue state

European Union calls on Israel to reverse settlement decision

European parliament endorses Goldstone Gaza report

Jewish lobby blocks European Union support for United Nations Gaza report

Palestinians protest the Israeli wall surrounding the Gaza Strip

Hundreds demonstrate as friends of IDF hold lavish dinner in Manhattan

Netanyahu’s government allocates millions for settlements

Israel OKs 1,600 more homes in Jerusalem al-Quds

Abbas urges Arabs to act over Israeli settlements

Israel’s army takes over land in central West Bank for the wall construction

Palestinians rally against Gaza buffer zone

Israel’s government approves more settlers homes in the West Bank

Settlers overtake lands near Salfit

The Israeli military hands out 10 demolishing orders to Palestinian farmers in the Jordan valley

Family appeals for release of detainee with cancer

Villages continue to fight the Wall across the West Bank

Call to action: Rachel Corrie trial in Israel and actions world wide

Journalists, residents hurt in Beit Jala anti-wall rally

Apartheid week: Strengthen activities against Israel

Erdogan slams Israel list of Jewish sites

Gaza marks 1,000 days of Israel's siege

Fayyad: Gaza siege must end

Israeli occupation troops injures Palestinians in West Bank

Yousef: Proximity talks a cover for Israeli crimes

Al-Khorafi urges bridge-building between Palestinian factions

Ireland: Israeli blockade unacceptable

Demonstrators block route 60 near Beit Ummar

3,000 protest against settlements in Jerusalem Al-Quds

Khalil Nakhleh  How must we explain our century-old struggle to a foreign audience

Israeli forces raid Al-Aqsa compound

Human Rights Watch slams Israel's detention of Palestinians

Khudari: occupation denies Gaza 85% of its needs

Activists work to stop wall construction and uprooting of olive trees in Beit Jala

United Nations official arrives in Gaza

Israeli tanks open fire at residents' homes and farmlands in northern Gaza

Israel to demolish 8 family homes near Hebron

Khudari calls for practical steps to end the siege

Anti wall protest continue at Beit Jala town, southern West Bank

Palestinian Authority sends medicine to Gaza

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Palestinian teen killed in tunnel collapse

Nazzal: Israel to approve 30,000 housing units on occupied land

Troops attack protesters at a new wall section construction site near Bethlehem

American campaign to save Al-Quds cemetery

Israeli army arrests five in Nabi Saleh

Picking pebbles to live somehow

United Nations official calls for lifting Gaza siege

Funding Israeli militarism and occupation

Israeli professor 'We could destroy all European capitals'

Israeli military starts to erect a new wall section near Bethlehem

Haniyeh: Greater efforts in 2010 to free prisoners

European Union commission allocates €58 million to relief Palestinians in the country and in Lebanon

Israeli military detain 19 civilians during invasions at West Bank communities

Israeli prime minister refuses to pull out of Jordan valley

Israeli occupation plans demolition of tens of Palestinian homes in Silwan

World marks Israeli apartheid week

Sheikh Tamimi: Jerusalem is being Judaized

Gaza: Students protest against Al-Aqsa raid

With my life and soul I will free you Palestine  Demonstrators in Gaza

Resistance fighter killed in Israeli occupation artillery shelling

Palestinian child hit by a military vehicle in the West Bank

Indian Prime Minister: Palestinian state crucial for Mideast stability

Russell tribunal on Palestine opens in Spain

The sixth annual Israeli apartheid week 2010

International call to action in solidarity with Sheikh Jarrah

United States media and Israeli military

Israeli occupation troops detain four West Bankers

Israeli forces storm Al-Aqsa compound

United Nations: Israel continues to violate human rights in Gaza and West Bank

Part VI: How to fight back and win: common ground issues that must be won

United States can't afford military aid to Israel

Israeli settlers attack houses in Hebron

Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine celebrates anniversary by calling for unity

Urgent  Update 4  Hiba Al-Shamaree Iraqi female blogger

Israel approves 600 more homes in occupied East Jerusalem

Protest in al-Ma’sara met with increased aggression

United Nations general assembly passes resolution granting 5 months for Goldstone inquiries

Zionists plan to desecrate the Aqsa Mosque on Sunday

Israeli occupation seeks to include 150 Palestinian sites on its Jewish heritage

United Nations, Russia slam Israel heritage scheme

Organization of the Islamic Conference wants United Nations action on Palestinian holy sites

Congress reauthorizes Patriot Act

Dozens injured, three arrested as Israeli troops attack protests in Hebron city southern West Bank

Israeli troops detain 20 people from the West Bank

500 Jewish settlers storm Nabi Yousef tomb

West Bank not part of Israel, says court

First international session of the Russell Tribunal on Palestine, Barcelona

PCHR sends letters to President of UN general assembly and number of UN officials

Irish foreign minister arrives in Gaza

United Nations could bury Goldstone report

Several residents, including children, wounded in Sheikh Jarrah

Israeli military detain 14 Palestinian civilians from the West Bank

Israel’s municipality hands out more demolition orders to Palestinians in Jerusalem

Khudari: Annexing West Bank mosques is a prelude to escalation against Aqsa

Settlers want more sites added to Israeli heritage list

Reconciliation talks between Hamas, Fatah resume

Palestinian Centre for Human Rights report

Israel compensation payment to United Nations ignores rights of Gaza victims

Rachel Corrie's family bring civil suit over human shield's death in Gaza

Israeli unaccountability and denial: suppressing the practice of torture

More British, Irish passports used in Hamas leader's assassination

Israel refuses to help Britain with inquiry into fake passports

Soldiers kidnap four Palestinians in Nablus

45 olive trees chopped down near Nablus

Part V: Overcoming the divide and conquer strategy

Yes to 'viable' Palestinian state

Israeli military detains five civilians in the West Bank

Israel releases new plans to build 550 settler homes in Jerusalem

Erekat blasts 'Israeli heritage' initiative

Clashes erupt over Israeli plan to seize West Bank sites

Hamas slams Palestinian Authority for selling real estate in Jerusalem to Israelis

Hamas asks Europe to list Israel as a terrorist entity

Bilal calls upon international community to put pressure on Israel

Netanyahu okayed Mabhouh's assassination last month

Letter from prison: Abdallah Abu Rahmah

5 Palestinians hurt in Israeli shelling

Troops attack a Sunday mass with tear gas at Beit Sahour city

Hillary Clinton avoids question about Israeli nuclear weapons

France sees recognition of Palestinian state soon

Israel rebuffs France over possible Palestine recognition

Gaza cabinet chief: Hamas ready for reconciliation

Part IV: The financial coup d’etat

British Prime Minister: Israeli officials were part of decision to invade Iraq

Britain denies foreknowledge of Dubai assassination

Two Palestinian workers wounded near Hebron

Silwan demands justice in anticipation of home demolitions

United States congressman calls for breaking Gaza blockade

Part III: Exposing our enemy - meet the economic elite

All the free speech big money can buy

Time for Britain to hold Israel to account

Radwan calls for Israel to be put on the list of terrorist states

1,000 demonstrators marked five years of protest in Bil'in by dismantling portions of the wall

Dubai police confirm Mossad involvement in murder

Health unions warns of blockade impacts on lives of Gaza patients

Palestinian child wounded by settlers in Hebron

Israeli tanks and bulldozers levels two homes and bulldoze farm lands in central Gaza

Nine more demolition orders bring village total to 26

United Nations says Israeli settlements illegal

Israeli occupation to confiscate Arab land to build parking lot

Palestinian Centre for Human Rights report

New details on Al Madbouh assassination could lead to crisis with Israel

Israeli military detain 11 Palestinian civilians from the West Bank

Israeli army orders the demolition of two houses near Bethlehem city

Jordanian activists demand closure of Dimona

Awad: We didn’t receive a penny of Arab and international donations to Gaza

Part II: The rise of the economic elite

British officials say Mossad murdered Hamas commander

Israeli occupation soldiers detain 3 Palestinians after wounding them in northern Gaza

United States denies backing down on settlement issue

Arab MPs visit Gaza in bid to break Hamas-Fatah stalemate

Hamad: Hamas, Palestinian Authority working to reopen Rafah

The economic elite vs. the people of the United States of America  Part I

Congressman: United States should break Gaza siege

Israeli military detain 12 Palestinian civilians during invasions in the West Bank

Dubai: European team killed Hamas leader

Quarter of Israeli settlements violate building lull

Israel bombs Gaza's agricultural sector to the brink

13 Palestinian factions including Hamas and Fatah meet in Gaza

Two American congressmen arrive in Gaza

Erdogan: There will be no peace while Gaza under siege

4 fishermen detained by Israeli navy off Gaza coast

Israel plans demolition of dozens of Arab homes in Selwan

PFLP leader visits Cairo, holds talks with Egyptian leaders

United States lawmakers propose legislation to limit corporate campaign spending

Gaza power plant to cease functioning due to Israel’s siege

Ban Ki-moon: Roadblocks remain in quest to achieve Middle East peace

Fayyad warns from Israeli military escalation against peaceful protests

Medical convoy worth $2.5 million enters Gaza via Rafah

5 factions call on Hamas to sign Egyptian proposal

Israel's war on protest

Israel is accused of waging covert war across the Middle East

Palestinian man killed by Israeli gunfire in Hebron

Israeli occupation kidnaps 150 Palestinians in two days

Jerusalem women call for protection of the holy city from Judaization schemes

Tharoor meets Abbas, assures India's support to Palestine

As-Salhi: Efforts continue to end division, sign Egyptian paper

“Anti-Semitic”  the label that stops criticism

Diplomatic corps calls on President Obama to pressure Israel

Palestinian killed in an Israeli airstrike in Gaza

Israeli occupation disguised soldiers break foot of Palestinian teen

Israeli military detain four civilians from Bethlehem city

Israeli military destroys five water cisterns and three farming huts in southern West Bank

5 Jenin families served with demolition papers

Arab Doctors Union launches biggest medicine convoy to Gaza

Egypt sends food, medical aid into Gaza

Palestinian Centre for Human Rights report

United States' expanded weapons stockpiling in Israel

Israeli occupation troops round up 6 Palestinians

Group calls on United Nations to protest Israeli arrest of anti-wall activists

Petition to United Nations against Israeli construction of “Museum of Tolerance” on 12th century Muslim cemetery in Jerusalem

Sheikh Mohammed Hussein: Arab summit should support Jerusalem and holy shrines

Israeli troops attack Palestinian farmers & internationals in southern West Bank

More attacks against reporters in the West Bank

Mikdad: International community should exert pressure on Israel to end occupation of the Arab lands

Larijani: Palestinians success depends on unity

Palestinian Peoples Party marks 28th anniversary by calling for reconciliation

Female activist kidnapped by the Israeli army

Israeli military detained 16 Palestinian civilians from the West Bank

Popular outcry at Egyptian arrest of Palestinian students

Israel to raze 200 Palestinian homes in Jerusalem

Israel's interior minister plans to retroactively approve illegal Jerusalem settlement

Abu Sha'ar: The Israeli occupation demolishes more Palestinian homes in Old Jerusalem

Gaza's Kerem Shalom and Karni crossings will open partially Tuesday

Fayyad: End army raids, settlement construction

Officials to address International Criminal Court, urge prosecution of Israeli war crimes

Scores detained by the military as soldiers attack Palestinian refugee camp in Jerusalem

Stop the Wall offices hit in late night raid

MADA condemns attacks on journalists in the West Bank

Israel admits detention of international activists illegal

Grandi: Conditions in Gaza worsening

Israel’s de facto veto power

Mashal: Netanyahu’s maneuvers collapsed peace talks, swap-deal

Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine warns of returning to negotiations with the Israelis

United Nations urges Egypt, Arab League to press Israel on Gaza

Palestinians want peace talks to focus on borders

Iran: Student facing execution for throwing rocks

Khudari warns of Israeli escalation in targeting Palestinian fishermen

Power cut to about 50% of Gazans as fuel runs out

Army raids Ramallah to arrest international activists in violation of Oslo accords

Human Rights Watch says Israel failed to probe Gaza war crimes

Join the second global boycott divestment sanctions day of action

The apartheid will end when Israelis have to face its cost

Israel should face international justice

United States vows to bury Goldstone report at United Nations

Israeli occupation allocates 15 billion United States dollars to Judaize Jerusalem by 2020

Goldstone saga continues, so do settlements

Abbas awaits United States clarification over peace talks offer

Hamas wants International Criminal Court to judge Zionist war criminals

United Nations report: Israel continues violations against Palestinians

Clinton: 67 borders are borders of the Palestinian state

Update 3 Urgent - Hiba Al-Shamaree Iraqi writer/blogger

United States peace groups to Obama: Ask Israel to lift Gaza closure

Popular resistance expands in An Nabi Salih

Israel eyes propaganda war to counter Goldstone fallout

Rights group outraged at Ban for dragging war crimes issue

Palestinian Authority calls for International Criminal Court probe into Israeli war crimes

Israel stole $2 billion from Palestinian workers

Israeli occupation troops bulldoze tracts of land east of Khan Younis

Fatah and Hamas form field committee

Time for an American intifada

Help support the Russell Tribunal on Palestine

Israel to raze 200 Palestinian homes in east Jerusalem

Army kidnaps 29 Palestinians in the West Bank

All factions meet in Gaza for talks on unity

United States contributes $40 million for Palestinian refugees

Palestinian Centre for Human Rights report

Israel detains 2 Palestinians and American activist

Israeli military invades areas near Gaza city & destroys farm lands

A real plan to build Palestine

UNRWA's Grandi urges the world community to lift the siege on Gaza

Rights group argues against human gene patent

Gaza suffering severe shortage of medical supplies

Israeli military detains 10 civilians & hands out 6 demolition orders in the West Bank

Israeli troops wound two Palestinians including child in West Bank and Gaza

Israeli police remove evicted east Jerusalem family's tent, Israelis & internationals aid to rebuild

Israeli police who put United States man in coma get off scot-free

Collective punishment continues in Khirbet Tana

Fayyad: Israel must roll back and end occupation

British MP George Galloway calls for end to Gaza Strip blockade

Israeli commander: 'We rewrote the rules of war for Gaza'

Pro-Israel lobbies work on Europe

Amr Moussa: International community must insist Israel renounce nuclear weapons

Erdogan: Turkey cannot watch Israel killing innocents, turning Gaza into prison

United Nations find challenges Israeli version of attack on civilian building in Gaza war

Soldiers prevent farmers from planting olive trees near Bethlehem

Egyptian authorities allow medical aid into Gaza

Update 2 - Iraqi female writer/blogger Hiba Al-Shamaree

Urgent update: Iraqi female writer/blogger Hiba Al-Shamaree

Kharsina settlers seize Palestinian lands in Al-Khalil

Palestinian Authority issues 2010 state-building budget

10 women, 15 children, wounded after soldiers fired gas bombs into a Palestinian home

Report: 7,300 detainees, including 33 women and 300 children, still imprisoned by Israel

Israeli forces block farmers from land

Military uses live ammunition on Burin demonstration

The hardships and hurdles of Palestinians on their own land

United Arab Emirates urges world leaders to oppose Judaisation moves

Palestinians in Israel rally against evictions, home demolitions

UK MPs back European Union campaign to end Israeli siege of Gaza

Netanyahu hails settlement work

Protesters rally against Israeli apartheid wall

Israeli military announces plan to uproot new trees in Saffa

Israeli army attacks reporters in Nablus

Mohammed Khatib, coordinator of West Bank Coordination Committee arrested

Palestinian legislative council: 2010 will witness intensive attacks on everything in Jerusalem

Israeli "museum of tolerance" being built on Palestinian graveyard

Israeli gunboats open fire at Palestinian fishermen

Attempts to limit universal jurisdiction in the UK

Send $300 billion to Detroit, not to Israel

Arab countries draft United Nations resolution on Palestinian state's border

Egypt allows twelve aid trucks sent by United Arab Emirates to Gaza

Palestinian Centre for Human Rights report

Urgent: Iraqi woman Hiba Al Shamaree writer/blogger missing

Israel uses depleted uranium against Palestinians in Gaza

Of Israeli occupation

Rogue state: Israeli violations of United Nations Security Council resolutions

Palestinians say no peace deal sans prisoner release

Settlers attack Beit Illu village, Ramallah

Israeli military detains 15 Palestinian civilians during West Bank invasions

Israel to demolish 11 homes, cooperative society and a clinic in Hebron

Palestinian Authority delivers extra 110,000 liters of fuel to Gaza

Gaza Power Authority denies Palestinian Authority intervention into gas crisis

Palestine Solidarity Campaign annual report

American congressmen asks Obama to pressure Israel into lifting siege on Gaza

Sha’ath: Palestinians will not resume talks until settlement construction stops

Palestinians: Netanyahu's claim to West Bank destroys peace efforts

Israeli information minister slams all reports on Gaza war as anti-Semitic

Israeli military kidnap two civilians from southern West Bank

Israeli occupation forces issue demolition orders against mosque and warehouse in southern Nablus

Gaza asks international community to help against fuel crisis

Danish banks to divest from two Israeli companies involved in occupation and apartheid wall

Abbas forms team to probe Goldstone report findings

Israel rules out independent probe of Gaza war

Belgium to ask European Union for a unified stance against Israel

Israeli occupation soldiers round up 11 Palestinians

Fact-finding mission to investigate repression of human rights activists in Ni'lin

Palestine Peoples' Party condemns Israel's occupation and judaization of Jerusalem

Settlers uproot 15 olive trees near Ramallah

Norway university plans Israel boycott

Israel to stay in West Bank forever, Netanyahu declares

Two Palestinians injured while confronting settlers' attack

Three foreign activists injured in Jewish settlers' attack

Israeli occupation forces kidnap four in Beit Ommar, West Bank

Israel bars Belgian minister from visiting Gaza

Viva Palestina Malaysia in boycott Israel walkabout

Israel threatens Hezbollah and Lebanon

Abu Sha’ar: Over 55 thousand Jerusalemites deprived of basic services

Gazan patients dying waiting for travel permits

Israeli forces detain three journalists across the West Bank

Settlers attack Nablus village, two youth wounded by soldiers

Arab coalition to press for Middle East, Palestinian unity

Israeli officials must be held accountable for war crimes, MPs announce in British parliament

Army shoots at Palestinian farmers and ISM volunteers in Gaza, near Israeli border

Israeli police attack an employee of the Italian consulate in Jerusalem

Organizer arrested following weekly protest in al-Ma'sara

Israel harasses foreign aid workers

Israel pays United Nations $10.5 million over Gaza damage

New Israeli demand complicates United States peace mission

Gaza health fact sheet (full text)

Kurd appeals for taking practical steps to lift blockade

Ban Ki-moon urges Israel to end settlements

Shiokhy: Israel dumping toxic settlement products in West Bank

Israeli military kidnaps ten civilians from the West Bank

Israeli military orders families to leave their homes in northern West Bank for demolition

Institutions in Europe promise to keep their efforts to expose Israel’s crimes

Palestinian Centre for Human Rights report

Health of 1.4 million Gazan's in danger due to Israeli blockade

European MPs raise issue of Gaza siege in their parliaments

Settlers attack cemetery in West Bank village

Aqsa Mosque sustains serious fissures in its walls

Netanyahu rejects Abbas proposal to cease settlement for six months

Israeli occupation demolishes Jerusalemite home without prior notice

Israel's Jerusalem municipality hands out demolition orders to Palestinian families

Israeli military kidnaps ten Palestinian civilians from different parts of the West Bank

United States groups demand that Israel end crackdown on Palestinian protesters

New videotape on Israeli soldiers torturing and stealing human organs disclosed

Government committee appeals for pressing Israel to respond to Amnesty’s report

Israeli tanks open fire at residential areas in southern Gaza Strip

Bedouin home demolished near Ramallah

Iran criticizes West over Israeli-Palestinian issues

UNRWA emergency appeal 2010

European Union pledges 160 million Euro to Palestinian Authority

Gaza flooded after Israel opens dam gates

Israel's military continues to target anti wall protest organizers

Israeli military kidnaps 17 Palestinian civilians from the West Bank

Beit Hannoun demonstrates to reclaim their land

Amnesty International: Gaza blockade is collective punishment under international law and must be lifted immediately

Israeli forces detain seven in Nablus

Israeli navy kidnaps six Palestinian fishermen in southern Gaza

Jewish settlers beat up Palestinian child

Two Palestinians beaten by Israeli forces near settlement

Jewish settlers attempt to storm village foiled, Israeli occupation forces detain eight Palestinians

Of aipac and the United States government

Free Wa’el Al-Faqeeh

Palestinian detainee seriously wounded due to torture

Israeli occupation troops wreak havoc in village, attack funeral and shell Gaza

Teenager attacked by settlers in Sheikh Jarrah

Military bulldozers create third entrance to illegal Nablus settlement

Mash'al asks for meeting with Abbas to end division

Turkish group calls for Israeli minister's prosecution

Delegation of European Union lawmakers enters Gaza

European Union delegation urges trial of Israeli war criminals

Israeli military barricades Nili’n, journalists denied access

Committee to Protect Journalists: Release Malsin immediately

Israeli warships fire on boats in three locations

Salah exposes an Israeli plan to build synagogue near the Aqsa Mosque

For Israel, a reckoning

In letter to United Nations, Gaza children demand justice

Mohammad Othman has been released

The Israeli military kidnaps 12 civilians from the West Bank, and settlers destroy cars

Israeli government grants permission to settlement municipalities to issue construction permits

Southern West Bank farmers accuse settlers of uprooting trees

Palestinian Centre for Human Rights report

Help Haiti in the aftermath of a devastating earthquake

Jamal Juma' has been released

Open letter to European Union Foreign Minister Baroness Ashton

Egypt hunts and kills Gaza tunnel workmen every week

The Israeli military kidnap two civilians while crossing border into the West Bank

Three injured as soldiers attack farmers in southern West Bank

Israeli bulldozers destroy agricultural land near settlement

China backs efforts for independent Palestinian state

50 European MPs to visit Gaza

Israel's military crack down on nonviolent, anti-wall protest organizers in the West Bank

Israel to launch a devastating war on Gaza within a few weeks

Palestinians: Masked settlers assaulted farmers

Israeli occupation troops block planting olive trees, shoot at Palestinian driver

Netanyahu: Israel will never share Jerusalem

Free Gaza plans new aid voyage to break siege

Child dies because of the siege and a man reported dead at a tunnel site

Palestinian killed and three injured in Israeli shelling

Israeli occupation forces holding wounded child in shackles

Israel arrests international solidarity activist

Israeli forces demolish 17 buildings in northern West Bank

Israeli municipality orders demolition of Palestinian home in Yafa

Turkey, Lebanon slam Israeli terrorism

Non-violent protest at the northern Gaza borders with Israel

Iran's 'mourning mothers' must be released

Two Palestinians killed as army bombards Gaza

Two Palestinians reportedly shot dead by Israeli troops

Palestinian wounded in Israeli shelling in Gaza

Israel demolishes 20 houses in West Bank

Israeli bulldozers demolish storehouses near Nablus

United States can sanction Israel

Minister of Prisoners' Affairs demands release of pre-Oslo detainees

Hamas says, Egyptian soldier killed by Egyptian bullet

Syrian president reaffirms support for Palestinian reconciliation

Haniyah signs relief deal with Libya to support 1,000 Gazan families