Israeli navy kills 3 Palestinian fishermen in north Gaza

3 killed in Northern Gaza during exchange of fire with Israeli military

Mask of Zion: Pakistan Part I

Two injured by Israeli army in Gaza

Israeli bulldozers demolish 20 shelters in Tubas

Al-Arakib demolished for the 18th time

Palestinians march to end division in Ramallah

Al-Mezan demands international protection for Palestinians

Austria rights group urges new Egyptian government to end Gaza siege

Haniyeh aide: Arab upheaval will free Palestine

Palestinian Centre for Human Rights report

Israeli forces storm home of Jerusalemite MP Atton

Israeli army detains 12 Palestinians in West Bank

Village of Al-Arakib demolished yet again

New Knesset bill set to fine Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions activists

World urges Israel to lift blockade

Winds of change in the Middle East

Egyptians call for prisoners' release

Hezbollah chief vows to free Galilee

Settlers shoot Palestinian teen near Nablus

14 Palestinians arrested by Israeli forces

Israeli soldiers abducted two Palestinians in Hebron

Ashton heads to Palestine

Pillay demands Israel to end its settlement activities in occupied Palestinian lands

British foreign secretary urges United States to support 1967 borders

Palestine to press on with settlement vote at United Nations

Anti-settlements draft resolution presented to Security Council

Armed Israeli settlers storm Palestinian village near Hebron

Palestinian youth injured in Israeli shooting

Israel detains two Palestinians during a raid in Hebron

Israel planning establishment of 19 synagogues in occupied Jerusalem

Israel sets to build 120 new settlement units in East Jerusalem

People of occupied Syrian Golan commemorate the 29th anniversary of open strike against Israeli occupation

Attacking the Zionist Achilles heel

Israeli military abducts three citizens from Hebron and Ramallah

Israeli commander refuses to allow murder victim funeral

Israel subjects Palestinian prisoners to humiliating treatment

Popular resistance in Palestine

Senior MP terms affiliation to United States, Israel real cause of Mubarak's collapse

Despite police attempts to stop it, Palestinians celebrate Egypt revolution in Bethlehem

Kaya: Freedom Flotilla in Gaza by end of May

Fox news insider: Stuff is just made up

Palestinian official accuses Israel of arresting, exploiting minors

Two Palestinian workers wounded in Israeli shooting

Israeli soldiers kidnap two Palestinians in Nablus village

Rain or shine, Kalouti group calls to sever ties with Israel

United Nations human rights chief censures Israel

Egypt, gateway to freedom for Palestine

Arab youth white revolution

The revolution continues after Mubarak's fall

Israeli youths kill a Palestinian man in Jerusalem

Army kidnaps three Fatah leaders in occupied East Jerusalem

Israel demolishes Bedouin village for 16th time

Israeli troops attack anti-wall protests organized in West Bank villages, East Jerusalem

Turkish report finds Israel violated international law in Gaza flotilla raid

Boycott roundup: International day of action called for Land Day

Abbas’s militia continue to detain 70 Najah University students

Palestinian lawyers suspended their work in the West Bank for a day

Mubarak vigilantes shoot protesters

Amnesty International urges end to repressive rule in Egypt

Mubarak steps down, military in charge

In pictures: Protests turn into celebrations

Gaza celebrates Mubarak resignation

Good morning Egypt

Report to United Nations exposes Israel’s systematic torture and ill-treatment of children

Jews and three right-wing Israeli ministers desecrate Joseph's Tomb in Nablus

Israeli occupation troops desecrate mosque, detain West Bankers

Steinberg: United States vows to oppose United Nations resolution on Israel

Dismantling impunity: Campaign to help Palestinian victims of army abuse

Israel must abide by rights principles

Palestinian Centre for Human Rights report

Palestinian Authority security forces targeting Egypt-supporting Palestinians

Mubarak's speech enrages Egyptians

European Union stands ready to help Egypt's deep democracy

Egyptian army called to join protesters

Ten Palestinians wounded in a number of Israeli air strikes targeting Gaza

Man injured by Israeli army near Nablus

Israel demolishes Palestinian houses in West Bank

Abbas says Israeli measures against Palestinians dangerous

United Nations warns of humanitarian deterioration in Gaza

Amnesty lobbies for justice for Gazans

Israel openly opposes democracy in Middle East

Fayyad calls for European Union support to end occupation

United States urged not to veto anti-Israeli draft

Egypt's army involved in detentions and torture

Hundreds killed, injured in Kharga

Mubarak's ouster national demand

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood insists departure of Mubarak

Labour unions boost Egyptian protests

Egypt protests mount despite regime threats

Nothing can stop Egypt revolution

Urgent: Action for Palestinian children

Settlers terrorize Palestinian children in Hebron Hills

Israeli soldiers shoot two Palestinians in Hebron

Israeli soldiers abduct seven Palestinians from Jenin area

Israeli occupation confiscates 800 more dunums of Palestinian farmland

Settlers obstruct Spanish foreign minister’s visit to Hebron

Iran will always stand by Palestine

Arab Inter-Parliamentary Union 17th conference supports Syria's right in restoring Golan

Fayyad demands intervention to stop settler violence

End United States tear gas & military aid to Egypt, Tunisia & Israel

Mubarak’s fate in military hands

Anti-Mubarak protests held in Jordan

Egypt protests draw largest crowd yet in defiance of Mubarak regime

Three rock collectors injured by Israeli army in Gaza

Israeli soldiers abduct four Palestinians in Hebron

Qaraqi urges Human Rights Commissioner to defend prisoners’ rights

Israel razes Araqib village for the 12th time

Israel vows new settlements in al-Quds

Dimitri Diliani: Companies building new Jerusalem settlements are based in United States

PNA: Israeli settlement plans in Jerusalem ethnic cleansing

Palestinian PM, top United Nations human rights official tour West Bank

World to observe Israeli Apartheid Week

New flotilla for Gaza on deadly raid anniversary

Rami Khouri: The Arab freedom epic

Statement: Israeli soldiers attempt murder of six reporters in occupied Jerusalem

Israeli soldiers detain 4 Palestinians in West Bank

Palestinian prisoners to strike against harsh conditions

Israeli occupation takes hold of endowed Islamic land in central Jerusalem

Fayyad to Twigg: Announcing Palestinian state key to Middle East stability

Abbas militias kidnap Hamas leader

Nour: Egypt revolution led by people

Tunisian protesters want premier out

Jordan opposition rejects new government

Thuggish Arab regimes and the revolution against them

Anti-Mubarak protesters to stand firm

Lebanese leaders voice support for Egyptian protesters' demands

Protesters rally in Ramallah in solidarity with Egyptians

Global protests back Mubarak ouster

Israel shoots more Gaza scrap collectors

Supporters around the world demand justice for Yousef Ikhlayl

Israeli occupation accelerates settlement activity in West Bank

Abu Marzouk: The West Bankers will not tolerate injustice of the Palestinian Authority

A call for solidarity with the Egyptian people

Heroic resistance in Cairo to state-orchestrated repression

A million protesters rally in Cairo demanding departure of Mubarak

Human rights groups criticize Palestinian Authority for crackdown on solidarity rallies

United Nations rights chief: Egypt set for Tunisia-style change

Victory within reach of Egypt protesters

Israeli troops attack anti-wall protesters marching in solidarity with Egypt

Fayyad in Paris: Remember the European consensus, end the occupation

Abbas militias kidnap Hamas supporter, torture prisoners

Five anti-Mubarak protesters shot dead by snipers

Five people killed in Egyptian protests on Thursday

Mubarak's snipers flee Cairo square

Iran ready to aid injured Egyptians

Millions marching towards Cairo square

United Nations, West step up calls for immediate transition

Egypt protesters stick to demands as Cairo battle rages

Gazans support Egyptian revolution

Occupied Jerusalem next stop for Arab protesters, residents hope

Ted Rall: The new face of revolution: After Tunisia and Egypt, the world

Palestinian Centre for Human Rights report

Three more killed in Egypt clashes

Internet service resumes in Egypt

Erdogan: Mubarak's proposal to stay until elections not enough

Health Ministry warns of medicine shortage in Gaza

United Nations joins Palestinian Authority slamming Israeli water infrastructure destruction

Israeli troops arrest four Palestinian teens around West Bank

Jenin: Sit-in in support of Palestinian prisoners

A Palestinian state within the 1967 borders: Settlements vs. sovereignty

Abbas says not to run for re-election

United States policy hinges on Israel interests

Palestinian Authority announces municipal elections

Israeli troops detain 12 Palestinians, ask people on Egypt

Israeli occupation confiscates 600 dunums of Beit Ummar village land

Lieberman to hire European PR firms

Quartet urged to recognize Palestine

Suriname recognizes Palestinian state

Israel arms Egypt against protesters

Millions of Egyptians converge in Cairo

Mubarak says he won't run for President again, Obama says transition must begin now

Israel’s fears over Egyptian uprising a very good sign for people of the Middle East

Israel levels Negev village for 11th time

Israeli army detains 22 Palestinians in West Bank

Israel passes plan confiscating part of Haifa mosque

Israel offers Egypt services to control popular uprising

Israel sends SOS to world leaders to "save" Mubarak

Israel calls on West to hold back criticism of Egypt's Mubarak

Human Right Watch slams Palestinian Authority for suppressing supporters of Egypt's uprising

Egypt's military says it won't use force on our great people

Media group asks Egypt to restore Internet, stop obstructing journalists

European Union calls for free and fair elections in Egypt

Bahar: Natshe's arrest will increase Palestinians' determination

More than three years and still displaced: Urgent assistance for Palestine refugees in North Lebanon

Gazans hope Egyptian upheaval may unlock border

Official delegation due in West Bank to deliver relief aid

Chile pushes for boycott of products of Israeli colonies

African Union declares support for Palestine

Global mobilization in support of Egyptian uprising

As Arabs rise up, United States activists must too persevere

Gordon Duff: America is Egypt

Are we witnessing the start of a global revolution

Israeli forces open fire at Gaza workers

Israeli court sentences Palestinian activist to 9-year term

Israel shocked at United States position dissuading repression of protests

Files show Palestinians unyielding on settlements

Palestinians: Fall of Egyptian regime will accelerate end to Abbas

IFNCRP calls for Israel's withdrawal from all the occupied Syrian Golan

Cyprus recognizes independent Palestinian state

George Carlin - Who really controls America

Palestinian teen dies from wounds in Al-Khalil

Hundreds protest after funeral of 17-year-old boy killed in Beit Ummar

Amnesty: Israel's flotilla probe a whitewash

Lafta residents outraged at plan transforming hundreds of dunums of land

Palestinians in Gaza react to Egypt, Tunisia uprisings

Egypt's uprising and its implications for Palestine

As the dominoes flow toward Israel

Al-Quds international calls for holding accountable Palestinian Authority officials for giving up rights

Massive protests in Gaza demanding Abbas to step down

Israeli settlers shoot Palestinians in West Bank

Israeli soldiers attack anti wall protests in West Bank villages

Thousands of Palestinian refugees in Damascus refugee camp demand not ceding inalienable Palestinian rights

British peer endorses Hamas resistance

Paraguay recognizes Palestinian state

Golan Heights activist: "We dream of freedom"

Comrade Maqdesi salutes the Egyptian people and their struggle

Settlers murder 19 year old near Nablus

Ordnance explodes, killing child

Israeli forces arrest two Palestinian boys, ages 11 and 12, in Beit Ommar

Settlers torch Palestinian vehicle in Nablus

Israeli occupation troops advance in southern Gaza

Arab ministers to set date to demand United Nations vote on Israel

Papers reveal Palestinian Authority undermined accountability for Gaza victims

Palestinian Centre for Human Rights report

9-11 British intelligence reports

An-Nabi Saleh Popular Committee leader beaten, two children arrested

PLO calls on Quartet to support condemnation of settlements

Palestinians call for United Nations to examine Israeli digging in Jerusalem

Israeli continued occupation of Arab territories cause of instability in the Middle East

Factions: Palestinians not bound by unauthorized negotiations

Haniyeh: Right of return is non-negotiable

Hamas: Our suspicions confirmed, we must seize back the initiative

Jeff Gates: Israel strikes back

11 Palestinians, including 10-year-old child, kidnapped by soldiers in West Bank

Israel builds tunnel near al-Aqsa Mosque

Hamas initiates urgent consultations with Palestinian factions

Palestine papers: If true, it is treason

Updates and action: The Campaign to Free Ahmad Sa'adat

Turkey continues to pursue justice for Israeli flotilla raid

PLO stresses Palestinian national rights

Graffiti, a voice in the silence

Ireland upgrades Palestinian diplomatic delegation to mission

Jordan sends new aid convoy to Gaza

Gaza flotilla survivors respond to Turkel Commission report

Turkel is another nail in Zionism's coffin

11 arrested in Silwan clashes with Israeli troops

Hamas blasts Palestinian Authority-Israel cooperation

Israeli bulldozers destroy agricultural land in Bethlehem

Settlers confiscate 120 dunums of Palestinian land

Sabri: The Aqsa not for negotiations

Erekat: Our position has been the same for the past 19 years

Two workers wounded by army fire near Hebron

Occupation forces arrest al Nabi Saleh minor in night raid

Gazans urge prisoners' release

Secret papers reveal slow death of Middle East peace process

Lieberman's offer is less than half of West Bank

Water authority discloses Israeli crime on Gaza's water supply

Palestinian farmers plow fields despite settler harassment

Turkish anger as Israel says attack on Gaza flotilla was legal

Hamas condemns Turkel probe's exoneration of Israel

Upcoming international conference in support of Jerusalem

Silencing the media in America

Would the isolation of America persuade Obama not to veto

Viva Palestina Malaysia heads for Gaza

Workman killed by Israeli ordnance in Gaza

Israeli settlers seize more Hebron land, intimidate Palestinians

Jordan valley, zone of silent Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Is Israel an apartheid state, South African study says yes

Jordan, France urge Israel to stop settlements

Gaza truckers protest Israeli closure of vital crossing

Obama urged to condemn Israeli settlements

American peace group fights plans to veto anti-settlement resolution

Israeli army shuts down West Bank rallies

Protecting Jerusalem's true identity

Ashton deplores Israeli decision on Abu Rahma

French Foreign Minister calls upon Israel to lift Gaza embargo

Alliance for supporting Palestine and Jerusalem launched in Istanbul

United Nations committee alarmed by upsurge in Israeli settlement activity

Saudi Arabia at United Nations: Israel makes peace unattainable

PLO to United States: Negotiations not a substitute for international law

Obama must call Israeli settlements illegal

Israeli forces shot Palestinian dead

Troops attack house near Jenin, eight Palestinians arrested in Southern Hebron

Four fishermen kidnapped in Palestinian waters in Southern Gaza

Jerusalem municipality to destroy 200 graves at Islamic historical cemetery

3000 settlers storm Palestinian lands in the West Bank, protesting farmers attacked by troops

China calls on Israel to halt its settlement activities in Palestine

Jordan reiterates rejection of Israeli measures in Jerusalem

Turkey urges United Nations Security Council to strongly react to Israel's illegal steps

Brazil, Malaysia slam Israeli settlements

Erekat: More than 100 countries back United Nations action

Libyan aid convoy arrives in Gaza

Road to Hope Convoy: Ambitious projects are under way

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Palestinian worker hit in Israeli shooting

Israeli police raid Bedouin school, injure five students

Soldiers kidnap 14 members of Fatah, PFLP

Israeli reactor linked to West Bank deaths

Patients dicing with death in Gaza

Israeli occupation bulldozes Palestinian land in occupied Jerusalem

Abbas: East Jerusalem is our capital and we will not negotiate for it

ACLU sues King County, wants Israel war crime bus ads to run

United States to oppose condemnation of settlements

Palestine hopeful United States won't use veto

Erekat calls on Britain to support resolution on settlement at Security Council

United Nations rights board calls for complete halt on Israeli settlement activity

Palestinian killed on northern Gaza border, 2 injured

Apartheid wall to isolate 100,000 Jerusalemites

Israeli tanks, bulldozer enter Gaza Strip

Hollywood, Israel and the pursuit of normalcy

Barhoum urges world community to restrain Israel

Haniyeh lays cornerstone in reconstruction project

Libyan medical aid convoy arrives in Gaza

President Medvedev to confirm Russian recognition of Palestine

William A. Cook: A road map to peace, beginning with justice

Israeli incursion in central Gaza met with resistance

Israel approves more East Jerusalem settlements

Tourism ministry condemns building of museum over leveled Jerusalem homes

Western media can't hide Gaza pain

Gaza's doctors commemorate colleagues killed by Israel

United States trying to stop United Nations resolution against West Bank settlements

United Nations committee on Palestinian rights calls for action to end Israeli settlements

Erekat confirms: Draft of Security Council resolution condemning settlements ready for Wednesday

Israel set for another war on Gaza

Palestinian worker injured in Northern Gaza

Israel plans 1,400 new units in al-Quds

Israel destroys Araqeeb village for 9th time, displaces its natives

Jewish settlers desecrate Yaffa mosque under police protection

Palestinian Authority sends medicine to Gaza

Haniyeh announces plan to rebuild Gaza

Settler shot pregnant Hebron teen

Israel to demolish 7 homes near Tulkarm

Pressure mounts on United Nations to rein in Israeli expansionism, state violence

Russia's Medvedev to visit Jordan, Palestinian Territory next week

International conference for supporting Jerusalem and Palestine initiates in Istanbul

Palestinian injured during protest

Settlers grab Palestinian-owned land

Israel starts construction of hotel in place of historic graveyard in Jaffa

Britain & France lead European condemnation of Abdallah Abu Rahma’s sentencing

Citing rise in illegal Israeli actions, United Nations expert urges protection for Palestinians

Leading UK store backs settlement boycott

Arab Physicians Association sends tons of medical aid to the Gaza Strip

Guyana recognizes Palestinian state

Settlers attack Northern West Bank village, injure six farmers

Army kidnaps eight Palestinians in the West Bank

Gassing Palestinians: The use of lethal gas in occupied Palestine

Settlers want more homes on Jerusalem hotel site

Israel invests millions in Jewish museum in Silwan

Israel's Deputy PM says massive settlement activity imminent

Erdogan: Hamas is not a terrorist movement, they're defending their land

Will Asia, Africa follow Latin America on Palestine

Norway says it will be first European Union nation to recognize Palestine

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

17 homes and school demolished by Israel in South Hebron Hills

Israeli army kidnapped a Lebanese shepherd

Gaza officials, families sit in at Red Cross to promote cause of Palestinian prisoners

Obama urged to end alliance with Israel

Villagers block settlers from burning fields

Clinton: Palestinian state in two years

Israeli airstrike kills Palestinian

Israel poisoned Arafat with thallium

Israel’s unquenchable thirst for blood

Israeli navy kidnaps two Palestinian fishermen

Palestinian Authority forces arrest a professor working at the Al Najah University

Amnesty condemns extension of activist's jail term

Extremist Jews raze 20 graves in Maamanullah Cemetery

Israel to erase Palestinians from al-Quds

Army demolishes a home near Qalqilia

Russia urges Israel to halt construction in East Jerusalem

European diplomats recommend punitive action against Israel

United movement needed to end the siege of Gaza

Arab, Turkish conference urges world recognition of Palestinian state

What to do with Israel

Israeli soldiers kill Palestinian farmer

Israel shrugs off demolition criticisms

Israel razes structures in Wadi Jawz and Taur, East Jerusalem

United Nations: Israeli settlement expansion illegal

European Union diplomats ask for larger role in East Jerusalem

New Yorkers protest Gaza blockade

Most nations expected to recognize Palestine in 2011

Iran arrests Israel-linked spies behind scientist killing

Arrested terrorists confess affiliation to Mossad

The economic hydra

Israeli authorities demolish Shepherd Hotel in Sheikh Jarrah

Top PLO official warns against Israeli continuous settlement plans in East Jerusalem

Haneyya calls on Qaddafi to hold emergency meeting with Arabs on Jerusalem

Bahr hails Libya for its persistent efforts to help Palestinians

United States congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords shot as six die in Arizona massacre

Israel death squad on the loose in West Bank

The culture of the Israeli army and the murder of an elderly man in his sleep

Israeli army attacks Silwan, wounds Palestinians

Israel threatens to eject 15 families from Jordan Valley village

Palestinians finalize draft resolution against settlements

Israeli soldiers shot and killed an elderly man while sleeping in his bed

4,000 attend funeral of Hebron slain

In wake of Hebron execution, rival parties to talk

Palestinians hold anti-wall protests

Chile recognizes Palestinian state

Israel kills 2 Palestinians in Gaza

Ihsanoglu warns international officials of dangers threatening the Aqsa

Abbas urges more European Union involvement in Mideast peace process

Jordan renews support for Palestinians

Jordan calls for free Palestinian state

Egypt allows Iranian aid to reach Gaza

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Israeli shelling kills one Palestinian

Israeli occupation troops raid southern, central Gaza Strip

Top Palestinian officials besieged by colonists

Police raid homes of Israeli anti-wall activists

Palestinian businesses demolished in East Jerusalem

Abu Shaar condemns $18 million mosque conversion

Ramsey Clark: Siege on Gaza must end

Medvedev to visit Palestinian territories

Palestinians seek quick United Nations action on settlements

Libyan aid, activists arrive in Egypt

Palestinian home demolished in Jerusalem

Army kidnaps eight Palestinians in Nablus

Israeli troops arrest European activists at Hamra checkpoint

Israel continues military drills, fires into south Lebanon

Israeli occupation navy capture innocent Gaza fishermen

Gaza Health Ministry warns hundreds of medical supplies out of stock

Haneyya: Aid convoys play key role in exposing Israel

Palestinian Authority prepares 2011-13 statebuilding plan

Israel using deadly CS against civilians

Settlers wreak havoc in West Bank villages

Israeli forces demolish East Jerusalem home

Israel issues 17 demolition orders in Jericho

Official report: 90% of Gaza water polluted

Israeli Prime Minister ignores Palestinian peace map

Abbas always ready for talks after halt to settlements

Palestinian official urges United States to oblige Israel to accept Palestinian state

Asia 1 makes it into Gaza

Palestinian killed by army fire at a roadblock in the Jordan Valley

Armed settlers surround Palestinian home

Iran MP calls on Turkey to expose Israeli kidnappers

Israel navy chasing Gaza-bound Asia 1

Masri: Gaza today is harder to break, fears no Israeli threats

Israel's actions make a mockery of peace pacts

In Italy, "A propos de notre mission en Palestine", and more

Bil'in protester dies after inhaling tear gas

The death of Jawaher Abu-Rahma is a direct result of occupation and the inhumane violence and brutality against the nonviolent demonstrators in Bilin

The first martyr of 2011 and where we go from here

United Nations resolution a first step towards Palestinian independence

Mossad behind assassinations in Iran

Civilian hit by a tear gas canister at weekly protest in Bil'in

Israeli official claims that United States will block Palestinian efforts at United Nations

Jewish settlers confiscate Palestinian land in Toubas

Knesset approves $564 million to settlements in the new year's budget

Fayyad says Palestinians face challenge for freedom struggle in 2011

Founding of state, inter-reconciliation top Palestinians' agenda in 2011

Cairo approves Asia 1 convoy entry to Gaza

Two journalists attacked by settlers south of Hebron

Palestinian legislator kidnapped from his home in Hebron

Israeli soldiers detain six Palestinians, settlers attack farmers

Israel to raze Al-Sahaba Mosque in occupied Jerusalem

Palestinians will ask United Nations Security Council to condemn settlements

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

British secret file confirms Israeli nukes

Settler clashes near Nablus

Jewish settlers desecrate mosque

Settlers torch tent in Hebron village

Israeli bulldozers demolish homes in the Negev

Industrial buildings razed north of Jerusalem

Israel plans to demolish homes in Yasul

Israel continues land confiscations in West Bank

Israel disregards its legal obligation towards civilians, including patients in Gaza

End international complicity, intensify boycott, divestment, sanctions

West Bank shops settlement-product free

Palestine to seek United Nations recognition early January

Israeli forces kill one, injure five Palestinians in northern Gaza

Israeli army opens fire at Gaza worker

90% of Shin Bet detainees prevented from seeing lawyer

Israel arrests 1,000 Palestinian children in 2010

Israeli occupation kidnap once again MP Tal from his home in Al-Khalil

Settlers seize Palestinian land in Nablus

Haneyya asks Arab League to bridle Israeli aggression

Larijani praises Palestinian resistance

2010 and the Palestinian cause

Mahmoud Abbas to lay first stone of new Palestinian embassy in Brazil

Italians hit the streets in solidarity with Gaza

Palestinians mark 2nd Gaza war anniversary

Two years after operation cast lead: Gaza remains sealed-off from outside world, impunity for war crimes prevails

Israel: No Palestine, no refugee return

6 Palestinian fishermen abducted

Settlers torch fields near Nablus

Right-wing Israelis parade through East Jerusalem sparking clashes

Israeli military targets Palestinian paramedics during clashes

Haneyya: Israel looking to justify aggression on the Palestinians

Erekat: Palestinian unity will prevent Israel from attacking Gaza

Gaza: Ministry of Health warns of the shortage of medical supplies

Asian-backed ship set to sail with Gaza aid

Two fighters killed in clashes with Israeli soldiers invading Khan Younis

Fisherman injured by Israeli fire in northern Gaza

Israel to expel family from its home in Silwan, give it to Jewish settlers

Israeli settlers seize 20 dunums near Nablus

Israel hints at launching new aggression on the Gaza Strip

Israel says never to apologize to Turkey

Israel, United States responsible for blocking Gaza reconstruction

Soldiers attack a nonviolent protest in Hebron

European Union slams Israel over continued settlement building, siege

Arab League condemns Israeli massacres in Gaza

Hamas: Israel on alert for Asia One aid ship

Palestinian leaders receive the Caravan in Damascus

Jordan sends new aid convoy to Gaza

United States may recognize Palestinian state

Army carries out three air strikes in Gaza

Israel set to build and market 5,000 units in occupied East Jerusalem, West Bank

Palestinian Authority hopes for Palestinian state next year

Philip Giraldi: Stealth resolutions by congress

Israeli airstrikes target Rafah

United Nations slams Israel for home destructions

Israelis attack demo on Christmas Eve

WikiLeaks to prove Mossad behind Dubai murder

WikiLeaks: Israel destroyed Syria nuclear reactor

Ecuador recognizes Palestine state

Israeli fire kills one Gazan

Israel rallying for another Gaza war

Israeli gunboats fire at Palestinian fishing boats

Israeli army levels Araqib village for eighth time

Settlement construction witnessing rapid increase

United Nations to vote on illegal West Bank settlements

Bkheitan calls for mobilizing international efforts to end Gaza siege

Report: WikiLeaks to publish Israel cables

Activists to launch anti-Israeli ads in United States

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Israel slammed over railway project

Israel to build 180 settlement units in Jerusalem

Construction returns to the separation wall in al-Walaja

Hamas calls on Palestinian Authority to end cooperation with Israel

Statement of 17th Youths and Students International Festival in Pretoria supports Syria's right to restore occupied Golan

Meshaal: Palestinians do not want a nominal state

Palestinians: Draft on settlements ready for United Nations

Syrian aid convoy sets off to Gaza carrying 80 tons of foodstuffs

Palestinian Foreign Minister says Spain to recognize Palestinian state

China says ready to renew Palestine recognition

Israeli warplanes stage eight attacks in Gaza overnight

Israel demolishes Palestinian home east of Bethlehem

Palestinian government asks world to bridle Israeli attacks on civilians

PCHR details the collective punishment of the population of Gaza

Easing of Gaza blockade fails to reverse housing crisis

Israel attempts to thwart Palestinian efforts

President al-Assad: The issue is the realization of peace in the entire region… there is no Israeli partner to make peace

Abbas says international recognition urges Palestinians to stick to peaceful choices

China prepared to recognize Palestinian state

Palestinian embassy in Brazil ready to be constructed

As Bethlehem readies for Christmas, all markets declared free of settlement products

Palestinian worker moderately wounded in Northern Gaza

Israeli ethnic cleansing surge: How many more Palestinian homes must be demolished before western governments act

Ministry of prisoners: What is happening in West Bank is high treason

Israel destroys Palestinian shops

Israel effectively denies Palestinian victims of operation cast lead access to justice: PCHR files petition to Israeli Supreme Court

More Latin American countries to recognize Palestinian state

Brazil can be crucial to Middle East peace process, says Jimmy Carter

Erekat: 10 European nations will join Norway, raise Palestinian diplomatic status

Palestinian teen reported injured in north Gaza

PLO official: No more negotiations on Israel's terms

Human Rights Watch urges United States to link aid to Israeli settlements

Arab and African PSCs call for Israeli withdrawal from all occupied Arab lands

Ban Ki-moon: Settlement halt top United Nations agenda

Medics: 5 dead in Gaza airstrike

Young man shot in the head by a tear gas projectile at the weekly demonstration in An Nabi Saleh

Land owners angered over new West Bank road plan

Gaza's gas crisis returns as Israel downsizes on imports to the region

Haneyya: We are committed to liberating prisoners

United Nations: Israel demolished 47 Palestinian structures in one week

Settlers accused of felling trees near Nablus

Steven Spielberg was target of Arab League boycott, WikiLeaks cable shows

Memorial for victims of Mavi Marmara erected in Spain

United Nations: Israel must halt settlement activity

Judeh: End Israeli settlements to ensure success of peace efforts

Palestine to be ready for independence by 2011, says Prime Minister

Palestinians have inalienable right for their independence, says United Nations chief

Italy to send 2nd aid flotilla to Gaza

Heading to Gaza, Asia convoy arrives in Turkey

Gaza teen dead after Israel fires on fishing boat

Israel to confiscate 50 dunams in East Jerusalem

Former Egyptian official: Israel plans to reoccupy the Sinai Peninsula

Israel seeks to alter Quds demography

Derail Israel's unlawful A1 train project, end international complicity

Scores treated for tear gas inhalation during West Bank anti wall protests

Israel attacks South African lawmakers

Petition: Free the children of Palestine

Freedom for Ibrahim, Hassan and Zaydoon: An interview with leaders of the Ni’lin Popular Committee Against the Separation Wall

Erekat: Israel's seriousness depends on recognizing Palestinian state

United States senate call for diplomatic campaign against recognition of Palestinian state

Dwaik: Hundreds of political detainees still in Abbas's jails in West Bank

Iran minister warns against enemy plots

Palestinians to appeal United Nations Security Council against settlement

Slovakia delivers $400,000 in medical aid to Palestinian Authority

Maltese Foreign Minister visits Gaza, pledges help

Bolivia recognizes Palestinian state

Israeli police trash Palestinian store in Jerusalem, break worker's foot

Nine arrested overnight, settlers attack shepherd, kill sheep

Israeli forces storm al-Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron, arrest woman

Abu Zuhri calls for supporting Palestinian rights instead of negotiations

Oppose today's house resolution denying Palestinian self determination

PLO official questions United States stance on peace process

United Arab Emirates promises to continue support for Palestinians

Palestinian Authority asks European countries for the recognition of Palestine

Norway upgrades PLO mission, supports statehood

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Hypocrisy gone nuclear: Israel, Obama and the bomb

Israel rebuffs call to join non-proliferation treaty

Israeli nukes, direct threat to Iran

Israel eying free United States F-35 fighter jets

Israel maps out plan to move Iran's Jewish population to Palestine

Israeli army shoots 2 workers in Bait Lahya

'Israel must guarantee to end conflict'

Arab League decides no talks resumption, seeking a United Nations resolution

Amnesty International challenges British draft law protecting war criminals

Palestinians seek Jordanian pressure to stop Jerusalem hotel expansion

Jordan rejects any moves to change identity of Palestinian territories

Jerusalem scholars, preachers demands Arab and Islamic summit on Aqsa Mosque

Outcry in Denmark over firm's involvement in occupation

Gulf delegation arrives in Gaza

2 shot near Gaza border

Bedouin community wells destroyed near Hebron

Israeli forces arrest 31 in West Bank and demolish 2 houses in Jerusalem

Israel approves more settlement units

Obama’s last card, Will he play it

People of Golan stress commitment to Syrian Arab identity, reject annexation of Golan

Resheq: Reconciliation best alternative to confront occupation, American bias

Saudi visit to Gaza planned

Ahmadinejad receives Asia aid convoy

Israel's war on Jerusalem children

Israeli forces injure two Palestinians

Police demolishes seven homes in Lod

Gaza Health Ministry: 137 of required medicines out of stock

Israel reduces wheat supply to the Gaza Strip: Food security in Gaza at greater risk as Israeli siege continues

Israel increases restrictions and house demolitions in the Jordan Valley

Knesset approves new law preventing detainees from meeting lawyers for six months

Adeeb Abu Rahma’s release celebrated in Bil’in

Netanyahu: Israel does not intend to compensate families of flotilla victims

Eric Margolis: Obama's beginning of the end

United Nations: Israeli obligations go beyond Ghajar pullout

Al-Moallem, Sultanov: Intensifying efforts to force Israel to halt settlement building, end inhuman siege on Gaza

Saudi praises Brazil, Argentina move on Palestine

European Union ready to discuss the recognition of Palestine

Palestinians welcome European Union readiness to recognize Palestinian state

Palestinian worker injured by Israeli gunfire

House approves major increase in Israeli military aid

Governor: Israeli factories dump waste in Tulkarem

Vets expose Israel war crimes in book

Netanyahu disavows Barak's plan on sharing Jerusalem

RoR committee: We do not recognize agreements waiving the right of return

Israeli tank fire kills two Gazans

Gaza worker shot in foot near Israel border

Troops kidnap former Palestinian minister in Jenin

League of Palestine Scholars: The Aqsa Mosque is about to collapse

Abu Shaar condemns repeated storming of Aqsa

Thousands celebrate PFLP anniversary in Gaza

Australia Foreign Minister: Settlements destroying chance for peace

Japan calls for halt to settlements

United Nations reiterates demands for Israeli occupation to comply with resolution on the occupied Syrian Golan

Two children killed in Gaza, several Palestinians wounded in Israeli attacks

Two-year-old child among injured in weekly anti-wall protest

Israeli forces kidnap 5 Palestinians near Hebron, 2 in Jenin

Israel: Next Gaza war will be extensive

Iran: Israel has assassinated 3 nuclear scientists

Syria: Israel is no peace partner

The returning issue of Palestine's refugees

Turkish Foreign Minister: More recognitions of Palestine to ensure peace

Ex-European Union leaders urge Israel sanctions

European Union to demand urgent progress in Mideast

Mohamed Khodr: Veterans, America needs you one more time

Israeli occupation kidnap 9 Palestinians in West Bank

Israel to demolish electric infrastructure near Hebron

Israeli use of prohibited deadly tear gas has killed 1

Zahalka demands international probe into Israeli diggings under Aqsa Mosque

Perpetrators of the Mavi Marmara attack should be punished, Gaza blockage should be lifted

Iran Foreign Minister: Israel root cause of Middle East woes

Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon to set up strategic cooperation mechanism

Mahmoud Abbas stands firm on colony halt

United Nations: Israel obliged to halt settlement

Abu Sha'ar slams General Electric for supporting settlement expansion

Top Palestinian officials head to Washington

Heading to Gaza, Asian aid convoy arrives in Tehran

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Three injured in Israeli shelling on Gaza

Israeli army razes West Bank village

Syria may face Israeli attack if new war erupts

Palestinian official: Israel has chosen to reject peace

Hamas slams United States for giving up demand for settlement freeze

Official condemns latest United States position on colonies

Palestine, A distant dream or near reality

Palestinians aim for United States recognition of state

France, first in Europe to recognize independent Palestine

Couple detained in Hebron, Israeli troops issue stop-work orders to Nahalin residents

Rabbis ban selling homes to Arabs

Abu Sha'ar: Israel is racing against time to Judaize occupied Jerusalem

European Union warns Israel over al-Quds policies

Gulf leaders back Palestinian Authority stand on settlements

Gulf summit: Just and comprehensive peace can be achieved only when Israel withdraws from all occupied Arab lands

Erdogan urges Israel to lift Gaza siege

Galloway announces more aid bound to Gaza

Palestine eligible for United Nations membership

Jerusalemite children tortured by Israeli interrogators

Israel using prisoners as medical guinea pigs

Six Palestinians arrested during Israeli army raids

Haneyya: The issue of prisoners will always be on the top of our priorities

Obama’s policy of appeasement in Israel

NGOs vow to fight for Palestinian right of return

Argentina latest nation to recognize independent Palestine on '67 borders

Erdogan pledges support for '67 state

Wikileaks documents: Israel's 'security concerns' often clash with United States interests

Israel to build 130 new housing units in occupied Jerusalem

Israeli army raids Hebron, Nablus

Chickens come home to roost

Israeli gunfire injures 3 in north, central Gaza Strip

Israeli official: Collapse of Aqsa Mosque is imminent

Knesset members demand annexation of Ariel settlement

German Foreign Minister calls for halt to settlements

Bahar urges Arab leaders to prioritize the issue of Palestinian prisoners

Mother of detained journalist appeals for his release

34 ships to carry aid to Gaza next April

Gaza citizen wounded by Israeli bullets

Army shells Khan Younis

Settlers torch olive orchard near Nablus

Dozens of injured due to tear gas inhalation in the weekly protest in Bil'in

Zionists control United States foreign policy

Palestinian Authority raps new Israeli settlement plan

Palestinian delegation depart for Algeria to attend conference on Palestinian prisoners

Brazil recognizes Palestinian state

Damascus brushes off IAEA probe, urges scrutiny of Israel

Iran undeterred by terror campaigns

2 killed on Gaza border

Israel approves construction of 625 units in East Jerusalem

Jaffa sold to Zionists

United States unable to stop Jerusalem settlements, peace talks to collapse

Lawyers for aid flotilla victims urge International Criminal Court action

War criminals not welcome, Oppose changes to universal jurisdiction

Israel restricts Al-Aqsa access

UAE President: Just and comprehensive peace can't be achieved without Israel's withdrawal from all occupied Arab territories

Asian aid convoy set to leave for Gaza

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Gazan worker injured after being shot by Israeli troops

Troops kidnap elected legislator in Hebron

Hamas condemns Rajoub's detention as violation of international law

British government under pressure on war crimes legislation

Britain placates Israel with war crimes arrest law change

APA concluding statement calls for Israel's withdrawal from all occupied Arab territories, establishing nuclear weapons-free zone in Middle East

United Nations General Assembly reiterates demand that Israel withdraw from all the occupied Syrian Golan

Oman calls for stern action against Israeli atrocities

Abbas: We are ready for real peace, we demand a fully independent state

Saudi urges IAEA to watch Israel nukes

Fars news agency: Israel's Mossad behind killing of Iranian nuclear scientist

National, Islamic forces warn of Israeli war on Gaza

5 Palestinians injured by army fire in Gaza

Bulldozers demolish home, workshop in Jerusalem

Israel hands demolition orders to village mosque, homes

Settlers torch olive trees south of Nablus

Dashed hopes: Continuation of the Gaza blockade

Gendelman: Israel will continue to construct in Jerusalem

National committee for rights stresses Palestinians' right to resist occupation

Bahar calls for activating Arab support for the Palestine cause

France's Veolia pulls out of Jerusalem tram project

Palestinian Authority cabinet: State-building plan to continue

Prolonged occupation, a new type of crime against humanity

Israeli troops raid northern Gaza, round up more West Bankers

Israeli occupation expels Palestinian families from their homes in occupied Jerusalem

United Nations chief calls on Israel to stop settlement activity

Israel approves 130 new settler units

Hamas: Partitioning of Palestine null and void

Lebanon only Arab state defeating Israel

Nasrallah: Lebanese resistance will triumph in any future confrontation imposed by Israeli occupation

21 international organizations call for immediate end to Gaza siege

Al-Moallem calls upon United Nations member countries to support committee on the exercise of the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people

Jordan will do utmost to support Palestinian people

China supports Palestinian people's striving for legal rights

Palestinian people mark the International Day of Solidarity

Israel opens fire on more Gazans

Israeli police seize 4-story East Jerusalem building

Israel plans to construct 625 settlement units in occupied Jerusalem

WikiLeak: Israel asked Egypt and Fatah prior to Cast Lead if they would assume control rather than Hamas, both refused

Tayyip Erdogan in Lebanon: If the Zionist entity attack Lebanon or Gaza again, we will support justice by all means available

Hamas calls for the immediate release of Jericho detainees

Tunisian president reiterates support to Palestinians

Visiting European parliamentary delegation demands an end to Gaza siege

First shipment of Gaza roses, berries leaves to Europe

Minister: Iran ready to cooperate with Lebanese army

WikiLeaks releases State Department cables

Bring the bastards to their knees

Israeli forces shoot child on Gaza border

Israeli occupation starts fire in occupied Golan

Britain to act against arrest warrants targeting Israeli officials

Israel evades commitment to peace

Arab League: Israel evicting Palestinians, seeking to separate West Bank from Jordan Valley

Fatah: United States incentives to Israel never serve peace

Hamas: Resistance only way to get back occupied Palestinian territories

Haneya: Gaza still under Israeli siege despite relaxations

Erekat demands United Nations intervention

European parliamentarians arrive in Gaza

Leftists ask Abbas to go to United Nations for statehood

Palestinian Authority: Israel destroying Palestinian state

Israeli bulldozers: demolishing homes, ruining livelihoods

Israel slammed over railway project

Eviction notices not enforced against Hebron’s squatter settlers

Washington bends for Israel once again

Rizka warns against accepting a state with temporary borders

4 Palestinians arrested from their homes in night raid on Beit Ummar

5 detained at Bethlehem village anti-wall rally

Palestinians demonstrate in Jerusalem against house appropriations

United States warns Israel of WikiLeaks release

Moallem warns of war with Israel

Memories and maps keep alive Palestinian hopes of return

Palestinian child hospitalized after being violently attacked by Israeli policemen

Israeli police blasted for abusing Jerusalem children

Jewish settlers open random fire at Qalaqalia village

Soldiers demolish Tubas mosque

Israeli troops advance in northern Gaza amid intensive shelling

Feeding Israeli aggression

Gaza photo exhibition attacked by the Jewish defense league in Paris

Turkey will not remain silent if Israel attacks Lebanon

Scandinavian funds divest from companies involved in occupation of Palestinian land

Dutch government secures limited exports for Gaza

The Road of Hope aidship on its way to Gaza

British aid convoy enters Gaza

The deception of Israel in America and the Jewish bombing of 911

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Palestinian home demolished in East Jerusalem

Settlers occupy home in al-Tur, East Jerusalem

Britain assists Israelis in war crimes

United States investors are funding Arab property takeovers in Jerusalem

Bahr calls on international parliaments to boycott Knesset after referendum law

Palestinian commander warns of crushing response to Israeli incursion

Turkish PM: We will continue to back Jerusalem and Gaza

Italian FM says relaxing Gaza blockade not enough

Palestinians must act on their dream

More than a bribe: Obama surrenders Palestinian rights

Palestinian family forced from their home, acquired by Jewish settlers in East Jerusalem

Syria totally rejects Israeli referendum law on Golan

France won’t recognize Israel's usurpation of East Jerusalem and Syrian Golan

Japan International Cooperation Agency working on Palestinian export project

Internal Revenue Service asked to revoke AIPAC's tax exemption

Al-Arakib Bedouin village razed for seventh time

Israeli occupation kidnap seven Palestinians from Ula town in Al-Khalil

Armed settlers bar farmers from land

Buraq Square development plan aimed at erasing Islamic identity of Aqsa Mosque

Global firms help Israeli illegal acts

European Union: Israel failed to deliver on easing of Gaza blockade

International campaign demands release of MP Abu Tir

Palestinians slam new East al-Quds project

Palestinian Authority: Settlements must stop completely

Palestinian calls grow to seek United Nations resolution

European "Hope" aid vessel arrives in El-Arish tonight

Jewish settlers set fire to girls school while expanding Rahalim settlement

Settlers begin expanding settlement near Nablus

Knesset to vote on bill outlawing Palestinians from living in '48-occupied land

United States pledges not to request more halts to settlements

Editorial: Unjust solution

Arab League calls for sanctions on Israel, not incentives

Abbas rejects settlement halt excluding Jerusalem

Patil reiterates return of Golan Heights to Syria, occupied by Israel

Hamas: Resistance our legitimate right

Israeli authorities planning to eject 100,000 Palestinians from Jerusalem

Israeli minister: Futuristic plan for further borders

Palestinian President rejects United States military aid to Israel for peace

Nakba through legislation

3 airstrikes launched on Gaza

Zionist plans to Judaize the occupied city of Lod

Israel to continue building in al-Quds

Protests against land confiscation met with riot gear

Over 100 British MPs against change to universal jurisdiction law

United States bars Palestinian statehood moves in United Nations agencies

Israeli army kidnaps 13 activists accompanying Palestinians near Hebron

Israel orders demolition of 88 homes in East Jerusalem

Declassified: Massive Israeli manipulation of United States media exposed

United Nations demand Israel end depletion, endangerment of natural resources in Arab lands under its occupation

Explosion rocks Gaza City

Israel to unleash 'July' in next war

Ahmadinejad: Iran, Russia should stand together

2 killed as Israeli warplane targets car in Gaza City

Israel's Shabbos Goy

Obama's offer to Israel: A bribe too good to refuse

With Netanyahu bribe, Washington going for broke

Three Palestinians arrested while trying to extinguish a fire caused by Israeli settlers

Israeli minister: "Future borders must be based on wall and settlements"

Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei warns against enemy plots

No peace without justice: The London session of the Russell Tribunal on Palestine

Nuclear bombs and the Israeli elephant

What, really, is the Obama-Clinton game plan for Israel/Palestine

Israel wants United States proposal in writing

Neve Gordon: One-sided deal

The myth of American pressure

Settlers destroy trees near Hebron

Hariri wants Russia help against Israel

Iran: Israel not seeking Middle East peace

Haniyeh renews call for reconciliation and unity

Haniyeh: No enemy but occupation

Israeli tanks and gunboats open fire at residents homes

Israeli deputy PM: "Wall should become official border for Israel"

Rights group slams United States, Israel for obstructing Palestinian right to self-determination

Erekat: Stop all settlements and we'll talk

The American guarantees are more dangerous than the settlements

Arab League may reject Israeli halt to settlements

Erekat: Palestinians against United States proposal

Mikdad: Restoring the occupied Golan is Syria's main cause and essence of its foreign policy

United States government offers Israel $3 billion weapons deal in exchange for 3-month halt to settlements

Palestinians slam United States incentives to Israel for temporary halt to settlements

Israel denies fuel to Gaza power plant

Jewish settlers burn olive trees in Nablus

Gaza Ministry slams Israeli plan to build massive synagogue in heart of Jerusalem

Massive protest in Sheikh Jarrah against displacement of Palestinians

Syria: Israel not a partner for peace

If Israel stalls peace, Palestinians have options

Israel shoots man in northern Gaza

Israel to sell new units in al-Quds

Israel to resume demolition of Palestinian homes in occupied Jerusalem

Zio-American plot to abolish Palestinians' right to resistance

Carter: Gaza siege one of the worst violations against humanity

Sudais: Lift the siege on Gaza

Erekat: We will seek United States recognition of a Palestinian state

Israel plans 130 units in East Jerusalem

Occupation bans renovation of a school which is considered part of the Aqsa

Israeli cabinet: settlement construction will continue in Jerusalem; there are no rifts with Washington over them

Israel's self-destruction: Reunifying the Palestinian nation

Time for Palestine to unilaterally seek international recognition of an independent state

Amnesty launches appeal to save Bedouin village

Palestinians slam settlement expansion

Arabs unite against Zionist threat

Activists mark year of protests in East Jerusalem

Israeli soldiers suppress 3 separate anti-wall protests in al-Masara, Bil'in, Nil'in

Turkey strongly condemns Israel's new settlements

UK MPs criticize Israel for Gaza misery

Major Dutch pension fund divests from occupation

Hezbollah warns of United States-planned war

United States to boost weapons stockpile in Israel

Thirty students wounded after inhaling gas fired by the army near Hebron

Israeli settler attacks two Palestinian children and elderly woman

Clashes as Israel demolishes East Jerusalem building

Jewish settlers release waste water on farmlands in Bethlehem

Abbas says no deal with Israel until all Palestinian prisoners are released

Abbas says he will hold Obama to United Nations membership pledge

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Join the Anti-Apartheid Media Marathon

Jerusalem attorney discloses Israeli plan for full destruction of city

Israel gearing up for attacking Lebanon

United States to pledge to veto Palestinian state if Israel halts settlements for 3 months

Israel doesn't need our help

Israeli troops shoot Palestinian worker

Nights of terror continue in Silwan

Statistics show 6,700 prisoners including 283 children, 35 women

Israel arrests senior Hamas legislator

Hamas denounces political arrest of senior PLC member, calls for his release

Biden: United States support for Israel must continue ‘forever’

Letter to the British Liberal Democrats  Subject: Protecting war criminals - “just about the lowest thing anyone could do”

Britain, OIC slam new settlements

Israeli court issues 45-day extension for wall encircling al-Walajeh

Abbas calls for urgent United Nations meeting over colonies

Palestinian reconciliation: an inescapable duty

Fatah-Hamas meeting to resume Wednesday

Two Palestinian workers wounded in Israeli shelling

Israelis refuse to stop building program

Israel shrugs off Obama's criticism of new settlements

Israel lays claims to al-Quds as 'capital'

Israeli forces raid Jerusalem community center

Palestinian National Authority rejects Israeli call to resume talks

Palestinian Authority calls for Palestinian state

In response to Israeli building, negotiator calls for state

Palestine should declare independence, says Palestinian National Initiative

Israeli occupation deprives two Palestinian villages of potable water

Israeli digging fells al-Aqsa tree

Israel approves more than 1,300 new units in al-Quds

Israel plans 11 new settlements in Negev

Netanyahu hopes to shift United States focus from talks

Bibi can take United States into war with Iran

United States rejects Israel's call to attack Iran

Iran will never bow to enemies

Justice delayed, justice denied

Abbas: Palestinian state could be declared within a year

UNIFIL asks Israel to withdraw from Lebanon's village

German Foreign Minister arrives in Gaza

Hamas asks Germany to exert practical efforts to end Gaza siege

British MPs visit Jerusalem Hamas politicians

United Arab Emirates sends 500 tons of relief to Gaza

Join the anti-apartheid media marathon on 12 and 13 November

Media kit for BDS media marathon on 12 and 13 November

Boycott coordinating organization established in Europe

Israeli government documents show deliberate policy to keep Gazans at near-starvation levels

Israelis open fire on young Palestinian

Israel destroys Palestinian mosque

6 international activists arrested accompanying farmers in Saffa

United States government supplying Israel with bombs

Palestinian leadership warns United States concessions to Netanyahu are destroying talks

Barghouthi: Israeli occupation exploiting negotiations to impose facts on the ground

Premier hails United Arab Emirates lifeline for the Palestinians

Palestinian government asks Britain not to amend war criminals law

Local & global actions: Week Against the Apartheid Wall 9-16 November 2010

Enemy seeks to divide nations

Judaising of Jerusalem

Israeli jets bomb homes in Gaza

United States denies support for United Nations statehood bid

Israeli military orders evacuation of 5 West Bank families

56% of Americans still consider Israel a United States ally

Palestine Liberation Organization: Transitional negotiations with Israel unacceptable

Saudi royal: Israel should withdraw to 1967 borders

German Foreign Minister to visit Gaza on Monday

Declaration of Jewish state is window to Palestinian defeat

United Nations will be judged on whether it upholds Palestinian rights

Israeli settlers threaten Sheikh Jarrah

Occupation authorities sell Palestinian property in Silwan to Jewish societies

Israeli army uses tear gas during the anti wall protest in al-Ma'sara

UK official: Gaza situation is unbearable

Kuwait reiterates demands for Israel's withdrawal from the occupied Syrian Golan

Gazans mark the 54th anniversary of the Khan Younis massacre

Israeli occupation hints at United States involvement in the assassination of Nimnim

Erekat: No compromise on settlements

Hamas condemns British moves to change laws to suit Israeli war criminals

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Britain caves to Israeli pressure, agrees to revoke universal jurisdiction law

Palestinians building child torture case against Israel

Army kidnaps eight Palestinians in the West Bank

Israel razes two Palestinian homes in Ara

Jewish settlers annex Palestinian land south of Nablus

Hezbollah: United Nations, a tool in Israeli hands

Dweik: Balfour Declaration oppressed our people

Boycott victory: Africa Israel suspends settlement construction

Palestinian man killed in Israeli raid

Report reveals that 121 Palestinian detainees have been tortured

Israeli army detained four brothers in Tulkarem

Israel to build huge military bridge between Buraq plaza and Aqsa Mosque

Israel to launch cluster war

Swedish demonstration demands arresting Mofaz for war crimes

Israel is not after peace in Middle East

Hague must visit Gaza and push Israel to end the siege

Prime Minister: Jordan supports Palestinian state building

Palestinian PM receives United Arab Emirates envoy

Iran vows to aid Lebanon against Israel

Pro-Israel group claims United States election victory

Israeli forces shoot Gaza man on border

Israeli troops kidnap two Palestinians from Hebron

Israel bulldozes Gaza village

United Nations: Gaza construction materials delayed

Falk: UNHRC should not drop Article VII

Palestinians slam Balfour Declaration on 93rd anniversary

Fatah urges international community to act for Palestine

Palestinians seek United Nations support for independence without risking United States veto

Palestinian Authority: East al-Quds, capital of Palestine

Israeli abuses of two detained Palestinian youth

Israeli troops invade houses in Hebron

National committee: Release Gaza prisoners whose incarceration term ended

Widespread work commences in Talmon settlement North of Ramallah

Israeli settlers' terror

Evangelical Churches in Syria and Lebanon condemn Zionist settlers' burning of a Baptist Church building in Jerusalem

Fatah: Hebron must stand fast against settlers

Fatah, Hamas agree to meet in Damascus next week

Qinglin: China strongly support Syria's just cause and its efforts to restore the occupied Golan

Erekat: Egypt proposed a joint plan for submitting Palestinian demands to the United Nations

Gaza demonstrators at United Nations office demand end of siege

Jewish settlers on the rampage in Salfit

Jewish settlers grab new West Bank land

Israeli army wounds Palestinian worker in Gaza Strip

European politicians to visit Jerusalem, West Bank and meet with Palestinian officials

Nan Withington: Connecting the dots, Zionism and it's effects

Turkey: Israel root of all evil in region

Israel devours East Jerusalem

Israeli settlers burn church in Jerusalem

Jewish settlers seize Palestinian home by force

Palestinian National Authority rejects renting land to Israel

Former United States Consul warns against Israel's policy in Jerusalem

United States Palestinians converging to help shape homeland's future

Thousands of 1948 Palestinians commemorate the Kafr Qasem massacre

Israel hogging Gaza water sources

Soldiers deny Palestinians access to lands in Hebron

Israeli forces suppress Al-Ma'sara protest

One injured, dozens suffer from gas inhalation at Bil'in weekly protest

Israeli troops use tear gas to stop weekly anti-wall protest in Ni'lin

Gaza marks Islamic Jihad anniversary

Caterpillar corporation stops shipment of armored bulldozers to Israeli military

Bardawil: We hope to see Egypt support the Palestinian position against Israel

Israeli troops arrests eight civilians during morning invasions

Iran deplores Israel's recent atrocities against Palestinians

Abbas challenges Israel to show how it is meeting peace obligations

Israel's illegal practices prove its rejection of peace

Egypt backs Palestinian demands as peace impasse persists

Kuwait reiterates commitment to boycott of Israel

Palestinians to declare statehood in 2011

Israeli army kills a Palestinian citizen and injures three in Gaza

Israeli occupation gunboats attack Palestinian fishermen in Gaza

Settlers torch hothouses near Ramallah

Israel razes Jerusalem Bedouin camp

Palestinians clash with Jewish radicals

99 per cent of separation wall built on '67 occupied land

IHH slams Netanyahu's praise of killing

Israeli law would ban Palestinians from Jewish areas

Demonstrators call for expelling Israeli ambassador from Jordan

8th Week against the Apartheid Wall, November 9 – 16

85th conference of Liaison Officers of Arab Boycott of Israel kicks off

Palestinian government calls for keeping efforts to bring Israeli officials to book

Jeffrey Blankfort: Israel is the most immediate threat to the future of the planet

Israel hails commandos killing activists

Lawyers establish Flotilla Justice Group for flotilla victims

Israel expands West Bank settlement

Army kidnaps five Palestinians from Hebon

Israeli troops kidnap 6 Palestinians in Jerusalem

Jewish settlers destroy 200 olive trees in Nablus

Arab-Chinese Friendship Associations conference stresses Syria's right to restore the occupied Golan

Bardawil: Developments in Israel confirm Gaza blockade is political

Israel hands 231 orders targeting Arab homes in Jerusalem

Israeli military abducts 4 Palestinians, burns the holy Quran in Qalqilya

Court decides to keep Sa'adat in solitary confinement for an additional six months

Israeli occupation refuses to release Palestinian prisoner after serving his term

Syrian Foreign Minister: Israeli diversion of Golan's water violates international law

Of the Pope's hugely important rejection of Israeli claims to Jerusalem

Israel has undermined the efficacy of the United Nations system

Maluh: The Palestinian people will only accept freedom, independence, and return

Abbas rejects Netanyahu's warnings over PNA's threat to appeal to United Nations

Israeli security forces wound 8 Palestinians in Tel Sheva

Israel airs nuclear site footage

Ihsanoglu: We must resort to international law to break illegal siege on Gaza

Abbas welcomes Vatican call to end occupation

Ovenden: Lifeline 6 to be organized soon

Gaza toddler died after being denied exit by Israel

South Hebron Hill settlers attack Palestinian boy and internationals

Two committee members homes raided by Israeli forces

Haniyeh: World must act to free prisoners

Haniyeh raps international silence on Gaza siege

Settlers uproot 40 olive trees near Nablus

Israel retracts earlier approval to build 8 UNRWA schools in Gaza

Qassem: The Palestinian Authority-Israeli talks are only aimed at eliminating the Palestinian cause

Vatican meeting demands Israel end occupation

Saudi, Palestinian leaders discuss Palestinian statehood

Bardawil: Reconciliation meeting next week

Falk: Settlements 'almost' insurmountable obstacle to statehood

Israeli soldiers kidnap five citizens from towns near Hebron

Fifteen injured, three homes burned in Nabi Saleh village

Settlers attack Palestinian farmers in Deir Ibzi

Settlers desecrate Palestinian graveyard in West Bank

United Nations envoy condemns new West Bank settlements

Council for Arab British Understanding: Construction materials still desperately need in Gaza

Gaza blockade continues to exact high humanitarian toll

Sawalha: The siege on Gaza must end now

Venezuela supports Syria over Golan

Netanyahu: No return to 1967 borders, occupied Jerusalem to remain under Israeli sovereignty

Israeli settlements growth pace rising

Israeli soldiers kidnap Palestinians from Silwan, including two children

Two wounded in Gaza Strip collecting scrap metal

Anti-wall campaigner sentenced to 18 months in jail

Settlers attack village and steal olives

Israeli court adjourns hearing into the case of Mamanullah cemetery

Israeli military bulldoze lands in Hebron

Viva Palestina 5 reaches El Arish, enters Gaza tonight

Viva Palestina's convoy reaches Gaza

Syrian assistance to the convoy helped it reach the people of Gaza

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Palestinian Authority Intelligence head in Al-Khalil brags about using torture in West Bank jails

Romanein after release: We will not be silenced over crimes against our people

Elderly man injured by Israeli gunfire

Settlers torch a school, graffiti racist slurs on its wall

Israel to raze more 220 graves in Islamic cemetery of Mamanullah

Ihsanoglu: Israeli nuclear program a major threat to the region

Organization of the Islamic Conference: IAEA should inspect Israeli nukes

5th ICMHESR calls for Israel's immediate withdrawal from the occupied Syrian Golan

Dutch company raided over involvement in occupation

Iran will not yield to bullying powers

Lifeline 5 leaves Lattakia heading for Gaza

Israeli settlers torch olive trees near Bethlehem

Israeli soldiers kidnap a citizen from Beit Umar

Israeli forces, tanks invade Gaza

Major rabbi says non-Jews are donkeys, created to serve Jews

Hundreds of settlers storm Nablus, Bethlehem to perform Talmudic rituals

Arab League calls for compelling Israel to stop settlement and racial exercises

Abu Rdeineh: All settlement forms are illegal, rejected

Palestinian Authority to submit resolution to United Nations calling for settlement evacuation

Israel must be disciplined

Israeli troops kidnap seven Palestinians in West Bank

Soldiers kidnap a legislator in Hebron

Hamas slams kidnapping of MP Kafisha from his home

Israeli occupation forces set massive fire in Ain al-Tina in occupied Syrian Golan

Zionist settlers install new mobile homes in settlement near Jericho

Five peaceful protesters wounded by Israeli military in Silwan

Hezbollah condemns Israel's new settlement plan

Erekat: Israel seeks de facto Jerusalem recognition

Israel defiant of international calls for settlement halt

Israel's activities obstructing peace in Middle East

Al-Ahmar stresses resistance role in struggle against Zionist entity

Palestinian Authority calls for international pressure on Israel

Five countries boycott tourism conference in Jerusalem

Ministry of Health sends medical supplies to Gaza

Palestinian fighter killed, two injured in Israeli shelling

Gaza militant dies of wound due to Israeli attack

Palestinian dies of wounds sustained in October 7th Israeli airstrike

Israel refuses to allow medical specialists to visit prisoners in Ramla hospital

Israeli occupation renews building in Revava settlement

Israeli forces await Viva Palestina

Palestinian youths call for lifting Israeli blockade on Gaza Strip

Abu Marzouq: Gaza siege to end soon

Mousa slams Israel´s new construction plan

Amnesty says illegal houses a threat to Palestinian human rights

Israel loyalty oath sparks protests

Palestinian Authority: Israel isolating itself internationally

Israeli settlers begin new settlement expansion outside Jenin

Russia calls for Jerusalem settlement halt

Organization of Islamic Conference denounces settlement building in occupied Jerusalem

United States criticizes Israel's decision to resume settlement activity

Demolition orders issued to Hebron community

Settlers caught on camera torching cars

Erdogan: United States is backing Israel's state terrorism

British diplomat calls for European Union arms embargo against Israel

Yes indeed, show us all the map

Iranian speaker calls for use of all diplomatic leverages to pressure Israel

International aid convoy to Gaza due to sail this Sunday

Deconstructing Israeli media distortions

Settlers attack olive pickers in Nablus

Jewish settlers set fire to olive farms in West Bank

Golan farmers lose 25 millions due to Israeli water theft from Ram Pool

Israel raid on Gaza flotilla: United States failure to condemn despite United Nations findings

Israel declares bids for new constructions in Jerusalem

Israel provokes Palestinians and United States by going ahead with new settlements

Jordan condemns Israel decision to resume settlement construction

Bil'in: Troops use tear gas to suppress weekly anti-wall protest

Bardaweel: We shall never give legitimacy to occupation

United Nations may be urged to recognize Palestine

Israeli settlers attempt to abduct a child in Hebron

Israeli troops shoot a Palestinian youth in Gaza Strip

Settlers level Palestinian lands to expand settlement

Israel to demolish 22 Palestinian homes in Jerusalem to build park

Israel planning to demolish 110 Palestinian buildings in Silwan

Israeli troops arrest 16 Palestinians during overnight and morning invasions

Israeli forces detain journalists in Nablus

Protest in Bethlehem to stand by detainees

A close look at the pro-Israeli lobbies inside Britain

United States supports the PLO’s request to see a map of Israel’s borders

Abbas urges the Quartet to realize Palestinian statehood

Ahmadinejad urges unity in Mideast

Gaza convoy allowed to travel through Egypt

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Two Palestinians exposed to attempted murder, sexual abuse in Israeli jails

Silwan boys are men nonetheless: A story of capture and lifelong terror

Palestinian children need protection

Anger at West Bank protester's sentence

Take action against isolation  Free Ahmad Sa'adat

Palestinian child wounded in Gaza

Village of al-Araqib demolished for sixth time

Israel detained two journalists and a solidarity activist near Hebron

International lobby supports Israel's crimes

Greek fans protest Israeli occupation in Euro qualifier

Barghouthi: Declare Palestinian state immediately

Palestine Liberation chief says will recognize Israel for 67 borders

Ahmadinejad hails Lebanon's resistance

Iran says to stand by Lebanon against Israeli hostility

Eight year old child kidnapped by Israeli soldiers

Israel nabs children in East al-Quds

Arab League calls Israel apartheid state

Viva Palestina aid convoy reaches Syria

Troops kidnap three boys in the West Bank

Israeli military arrests five citizens from Hebron

Iran to show proof of United States nuclear aid to Israel

Assad slams Israel’s new citizenship law

Israeli Prime Minister offers temporary settlement halt for recognition of Israel as Jewish state

Palestinian Authority rejects demand on Jewish state for temporary settlement halt

Palestinians demand total stop to all settlement activities

Abbas proposes international mandate from United Nations on territories after failed talks

Palestinian Civil Society urges COOP to boycott Agrexco

500 civil activists from Asia will march to Gaza against siege

Zionist settlers attack Palestinian farmers, hurt old man

Palestinians attacked by armed settlers in Burin

Fatah: Loyalty oath attempt at ethnic cleansing

Israeli settlers start to establish new settlement south of Bethlehem

Sirte declaration: Supporting Syria in restoring the occupied Golan, supporting Palestinian struggle against Israeli occupation

France 'can't rule out' United Nations creation of Palestinian state

William A. Cook: One wall, two people, no states, the peace pretense

Khudari: Reconstruction of Gaza moral, legal responsibility of the world

Settlers attack farmers in north

Israel to unleash dogs on activists

8 detained at anti-settlement rally

Ohammed Al-Ghoul urges world community to put on trial Israeli war criminals

Haneyya government urges international community to stop Israeli crimes against its people

Abbas may ask United States to recognise Palestinian state

United Nations chief urges support for Abbas

Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei urges unity in Muslim world

New Libyan aid convoy to head for Gaza

Two Palestinians killed, ten wounded during Israeli invasion in Hebron

Israeli settler hits two Palestinian children with his car in Jerusalem

Locals report Palestinian shot by settler in Hebron

7 Palestinians wounded in West Bank anti-wall clashes

Arab countries support Palestinians to halt talks with Israel

Gaza flotilla attack: Calls for international criminal court to step in

Anti-Israeli rally held in Argentine

Israeli airstrikes injure 9 in Gaza

Israel, United States sign $2.75 billion F-35 fighter deal

Settlers torch farmlands near Nablus

Settlers start expanding settlement near Tubas

Netanyahu demanding Obama abide by Bush guarantees to Sharon

Israeli ambassador: United States offered incentives

Palestinian factions urge Arab League peace committee to adopt new strategies to get Palestinian rights

Nazzal asks Arab summit to break the siege on Gaza

4th Islamic Conference of Environment Ministers condemns Israel's hostile practices against occupied Golan

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Israeli siege claims the life of Gaza infant

Shooting of children ’will continue’ in Gaza’s buffer zone

Obama’s Balfour declaration

Settlers damage trees after harvesting olives

Washington calls to bring Jewish perpetrators to justice

Israeli minister seeks halt to construction of Palestinian city

Israeli settlers building 350 new homes in West Bank

Jordan urged to take action against Judaisation of occupied Jerusalem

Egypt says would facilitate passage of Viva Palestina convoy into Gaza

Israeli gunfire injures fourth Gaza worker in week

Israeli forces arrest 22 Palestinians in West Bank

Trial in killing of American activist Rachel Corrie resumes in Israeli court

Palestinians accuse Israel of judaizing East Jerusalem

United States-Israeli compromise at expense of Palestinian future unacceptable

Syrian defense minister: Israeli entity contrary to peace

Palestine boycott committee calls on United States pension fund to divest from Israel

Viva Palestina hopeful of Egypt support

Egypt sends positive indicators to allow Lifeline 5 into Gaza Strip

Israeli occupation shoot and kill another Palestinian worker

Obama sells America's soul to Israel

Settlements are building blocks of Israel's illegal plan

Settlers clash with Jerusalemite family, settler runs over youth

Israel steps up violations against juvenile detainees

Settlers torch mosque, copies of the Holy Quran, near Bethlehem

Palestine Liberation Organization mission demands action over mosque arson

Israeli forces demolish 4 Bedouin homes

Israeli military incursion amid gunfire east of Bureij camp

Containing 52 trucks and 120 supporters… Lifeline 5 Aid Convoy crosses Homs City to join supporters in Lattakia

Asians launch aid convoy to mark deadly Israel attack on Gaza

Israeli policeman kills Palestinian worker

Hamas: The absence of international justice caused Jerusalem killing

Two Israeli soldiers convicted of using Palestinian boy as human shield

Zionist settlers block Palestinian villagers from harvesting olive crop

Official: Abbas not to resign over talks failure

Egypt, Jordan support Abbas

Palestinian groups call for unified public resistance

Israeli soldiers ambush Palestinian workers in northern Gaza

Israeli threats show Syria's key role

Ahmadinejad urges anti-Israeli front

Khatib warns Palestinian Authority of waiving parts of Jerusalem and Aqsa Mosque

Bahar: We support reconciliation not negotiations

Palestinian Liberation Organization suspends negotiations, owing to settlement building

Dahlan: Israel chose extremism over peace

Palestinians halt direct peace talks with Israel, keep contacts with United States

5th Lifeline Aid Convoy crosses Bab al-Hawa border center

United States angered as Netanyahu rejects guarantees

Settlers expand settlement, burn, bulldoze fields

Israeli army bulldozers pave way for settlement construction near Bethlehem

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu: It is enough for Palestine tragedy

Tunisian party calls for anti-normalization watchdog

Viva Palestina 5 arrives in Turkey

Rick Sanchez, cnn anchor, fired for calling John Stewart a bigot and saying that television industry is run by Jews

How Israel controls your media

Israeli cyber unit responsible for Iran computer worm

Dubai police chief menaced by Israel

Army fires at farmers, homes, in Rafah

Israeli occupation approves confiscation of 66 dunums in Al-Khalil

Four illegal outposts to be built in Hebron

Jewish settlers storm Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem

Israeli settlers call for demolition of mosque in West Bank

Israeli police detains 12 Palestinians in Jerusalem

Bardawil slams Palestinian Authority for saving Israel again from punishment

Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine calls for immediate withdrawal from talks

6,000 Irish shoppers demand supermarket stops stocking Israeli products

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

The big lie: That Israel is a strategic asset for the United States

One Palestinian wounded by Israeli military fire in Gaza

Israeli military raids houses in Jerusalem

Israel seeks to fragment Middle East nations

Gazans rally against buffer zone

Erekat calls on European Union, United States to enforce settlement halt

Haneyya government asks world to dismantle West Bank settlements

Syria: Occupied Golan Heights not to be under negotiation

Hizbullah denounces resumption of settlement building in occupied Palestine

Al Mezan: International justice mechanisms must be employed in occupied Palestinian territory immediately

Justice cannot be held hostage to politics: Decision of Palestinian Authority an insult to victims

International Criminal Court can prosecute Israel for aid ship attack

United Nations backs damning report on Israel's flotilla attack

Oman hits out at Israel for blatant violation of rights

Europe offers tax benefits for illegal settlements

Hout highlights importance of Palestinian unity to face Israel

Palestinian Peoples' Party calls for united, popular resistance front

Word from the watchtower: A hard rain is going to fall  Introduction to “The road through 2012: Revolution or World War III”

The road to World War III: The global banking cartel has one card left to play

Settlers attacks reported in a number of West Bank locations

Israeli police detain 24 in East Jerusalem

Israelis desecrate Joseph Tomb

Foundation: Israel digging tunnels under Al-Aqsa mosque

Israel approves more evictions in East al-Quds

Israel restarts West Bank settlement construction

United Nations renews that settlements are illegal

Haneyya: Palestinian state only guarantee for stability

Palestinian Center for Human Rights calls for expediting reconstruction of Gaza

Boycotting Israel gains momentum

Israel soldiers injure and detain Hebron child

3 Gaza militants killed in Israeli airstrike

Netanyahu calls for resuming settlement activities quietly

Israeli occupation incursion in Gaza, 5 civilians detained in Nablus

Hamas urges Palestinian Authority chief to quit talks with Israel

United Nations experts call on Israel, Palestinians to abide by rule of law in Gaza conflict probes

Organization of the Islamic Conference condemns Israeli occupation of Syrian Golan, calls for Israeli withdrawal from occupied Arab lands

The village of Burin: Under attack by surrounding settlements

Hamas: Palestinian reconciliation best answer to Israeli end of settlement halt

500 Swiss sign up to board Freedom Flotilla 2

The truth will set U.S. free: Breaking Israel’s stranglehold over American foreign policy

Palestinian man shot during peaceful anti-wall march south of Gaza

Settlers start building in southern West Bank

United States government, Mossad played roles in 9/11 event

Gazan youth dies of serious wounds

Following the killing of Jerusalem infant, clashes renew leading to dozens of injuries

Palestinian Associated Press cameraman deliberately targeted, beaten by the army

'Israel to use all means in next Gaza war'

Settlers break settlement halt with 20 mobile homes

Weekly protests: Man shot with live ammunition

Abbas: My people have been waiting 60 years

Turkish President Gul: Gaza, Palestinian territories do not belong to Israel

Hamas and Fatah lay out process for reconciliation

Americans seek probe into 9/11

Toddler killed by tear gas in East Jerusalem

Israel kills fisherman in Gaza

Israeli forces kill Palestinian man in al-Issawiya

Israeli soldiers shoot protester in Bil'in

Hamas: Gaza will resist

Hamas, Fatah to resume inter-Palestinian talks in Damascus

The third temple's holy of holies: Israel's nuclear weapons

Iran: Israel must join non-proliferation treaty

Israel plotting civil war in Lebanon

Lebanon accuses Israel of arrogance and provocation

Flotilla survivor wants UK action

Hamas urges United Nations to prosecute Israel

Israeli plan to resume settlement building on Monday

Abbas in New York: No halt to settlements means no talks

Haniyeh backs Palestinian Authority on refusal to say 'Jewish state'

Abbas: I will not stop my peace talks with Israel if settlement continues

Kharisha calls for full Palestinian uprising against occupation and division

Meeting on Palestine affirm adherence to resistance as a strategic choice to restore occupied lands

Berlusconi will ask Europe to pressure Israel on settlements

Obama urges Israel to extend settlement moratorium

Zionist settlers build in Palestinian village

United Nations probe recommends prosecution of Israel for attack on Gaza flotilla

Turkey welcomes United Nations report on Gaza aid-flotilla raid

A demand for international criminal justice

Syrian medical aid arrives in Gaza

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Two killed by Israeli private security guard in East Jerusalem

Settlers open fire at funeral procession

Israel turns its guns on internationals

Flotilla attack, willful killing

Human rights centre claims that Israeli prisons are worse than Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib

Israel rules out signing nuclear non-proliferation treaty

Israeli military kidnapped two Palestinians

Abbas: Settlement must stop if Israel wants talks to go on

Palestinians resume reconciliation efforts

Syrian aid ship finishes preparations for transporting aid to Gaza tomorrow

Israel blasts call for denuclearization

Israeli troops continue onslaught against West Bank homes

United Nations: Israeli and Palestinian probes into Gaza conflict not sufficient

United Nations and partners calls on Israel to extend moratorium on settlements

Palestinian government warns Palestinian Authority of recognizing Israeli occupation as a Jewish state

Palestinian Authority scoffs at 'Jewish state' demand

Israeli army abducts citizens from Jenin

Lebanon army comes under Israel fire

Protesters in Berlin demand prosecuting Israeli war criminals

Follow-up committee of the Palestinian National Conference stresses Arabs right in Palestine

Iran calls for international pressure on Israel

Abbas won't negotiate if Israel ends settlement curbs

Gaza resident injured by Israeli fire

Clinton renews United States plea on settlements

Lieberman calls for expulsion of Arabs from their homeland

Court rules selling land to Israel is capital offense

Syrian aid ship arrives in Al Arish port

New wall to separate areas from East Jerusalem

Palestinian prisoners go on hunger strike to protest Israeli prison abuse

Palestinians not to recognize Israel as Jewish state

Syrian aid ship sets sail for Gaza

Biggest international aid convoy to Gaza sets off from London

Israeli army assassinates a Hamas leader in Tulkarem

Palestinians in Lebanon commemorate the Sabra and Shatila massacre

Hamas: Israeli occupation crimes not subject to statutes of limitations

China supports Middle East to be a nuclear-weapon-free zone

Israel to build 2,500 units in West Bank settlement

Israeli military detains 18 from northern West Bank

Israeli soldiers attack anti wall protesters near Ramallah, two injured

Arab League council rejects Israeli occupation of Golan, calls for lifting Israeli blockade on Gaza

Assad: Israel must return usurped land

International Atomic Energy Agency resolution looms large on Israel

Israel to purchase United States stealth fighter jets

Settlers make renewed attempt on Jerusalem home

New al-Aqsa excavations reported

Israeli army kidnaps three in Hebron

Amnesty condemns lack of accountability after Gaza war

Israeli settlers take over Palestinian farm lands near Nablus

Israel rejects 3-month extension of settlement curbs

Arabs call for Palestinian unity, 1967 borders in Israeli talks

Arab states support Palestinian stance over settlement issue

Viva Palestina: A global lifeline to Gaza to launch September 18

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Gordon Duff: Is America's military prepared for the Israeli threat

Palestinian killed in Israeli air attack

Non-Aligned Movement urges full report on Israeli nukes

Talks go nowhere as Israel won't back down on settlements

European Union to call on Israel to extend settlement halt

Israeli authorities demolish four Palestinian homes in Negev

Israeli occupation troops bulldoze lands in southern Gaza

Ni`lin: Palestinian anti-wall activist arrested

Palestinian Center for Human Rights condemns arrests of Hamas members

Due to Gaza closure, 40,000 students refused from UNRWA schools

Britain's biggest Trade Union reaffirm calls for Israel boycott

The questions of 9/11 are still unanswered

9/11, power elite, and Al-Qaeda

1 dead, 4 wounded by Israeli shelling in Gaza

Israeli soldiers kill with impunity

International Atomic Energy Agency to focus on Israeli nukes

Israel opens fire at buffer zone rally

Israel to demolish barns, greenhouses

200,000 Palestinians helped by United Arab Emirates group

Israel destroys Bedouin village for the fifth time

Settlers attack northern West Bank communities and take over lands

United Nations General Assembly President voices concern on desecration of Jerusalem cemetery

Israeli extremist settlers break into Al Aqsa

Israeli tanks roll into Gaza Strip

Israel snubs European officials seeking solution over settlements

Thousands of colony homes approved by Israel

United States should allow impartial 9/11 probe

Israeli shelling kills 3 in north Gaza

United States government against focus on Israel at International Atomic Energy Agency

Israel ignores Obama halt to settlements remarks

Netanyahu: Israel won't extend settlement curbs

Eid sees factions commemorate slain, absent

Israeli army injures dozens in Bilin

Palestinian federation launches campaign against settlement products

Nabi Saleh village holds protest against the wall

Israeli army sexually abuses children

Gaza: Mothers of prisoners mark Eid in protest

Lieberman vows to counter any halt to settlements

Israel approves East Jerusalem medical center

Obama urges extension of Israeli halt to settlements

Spain upgrades Palestinian mission

Israeli soldiers uses tear gas to suppress anti wall protests in the West Bank

Evidence proves 9/11 story is a lie

Hamas: Palestinian Authority forces are torturing the movement members in West Bank jails

Israel bombs Gaza on the eve of Eid ul-Fitr

Aqraba inhabitants facing confiscation of yet more farmland to serve the expansion of an illegal settlement

Palestine calls for support from European Union in peace talks

Palestinian Authority turns down request to recognize Israel as a Jewish state

Gordon Duff: America's worst kept secret

Iran: Israel source of all Middle East tensions

Ending military aid to Israel: One nation working together

World condemns Koran burning plans

Solidarity ships to sail to Gaza

Israeli settlement construction booms despite ban

Israeli occupation prevents Norwegian delegation from reaching Jenin

Murr in Spain calls for pressuring Israel to implement United Nations resolution 1701

Palestinian Authority begins Eid prisoner release

Human Rights Watch: Palestinian's conviction unjust

Spanish parliament condemns Abdallah Abu Rahmah’s conviction

Palestinian Centre for Human Rights report

Iranian woman's stoning suspended

Playing the never again card, again

Israel prepares to attack Iran with weapons of mass destruction, could trigger world war III

Massive Israel spy base exposed

Gaza poverty worse than Rwanda

90% of water in Gaza not safe to drink

Settler opens fire at Palestinian cars, soldiers arrest civilians

Israel's evidence questioned as Corrie trial resumes

Abbas says negotiations must be based on 1967 borders

Mounting pressure on Iran to spare Ashtiani's life

Zionist settlers: A long history of terrorism

Egypt stresses need for Israel to join non-proliferation treaty

Hebron: soldiers convert Palestinian home into military base

Jordan, Syria call on Israel to pull out of Arab lands

Scotland boycotts Israeli products in Ramadan

2 killed, 3 injured during Israeli airstrike on Southern Gaza

Abbas tells Netanyahu he'll quit talks if settlements continue

Ehud Barak says settlements to continue

Nobel Peace laureate calls to release Abu Rahmah

United States group says it plans to send plane to Gaza

Israeli jets bomb Gaza cities

United States and the lobby

Arab states pressing for IAEA controls over Israel nuclear program

Bulldozing of land in the town of Beit Jala

Israeli occupation continues seizing homes in Hebron

Israeli products banned on Quds Day in United States

Action alert: Stop Israel's abuse of Palestinian children

The Zionist lobbies in Britain

United Nations atom chief invited Israel to join nuclear treaty

Abbas said under United States government pressure in talks

United States government gives Israel green light to build in 57 West Bank settlements

Israeli settlers take over Palestinian owned land in Northern West Bank

Settlers: "We are building" all over West Bank

Two arrested, at least a dozen injured during West Bank anti wall protests

Iranians mark Quds Day in support of Palestinians

Nasrallah on al-Quds Day: No giving up on a single grain of Palestinian soil

Mass rally in Yarmouk Camp on al-Quds Day

Gazans rally to mark al-Quds Day

Israel invades Gaza on first day of talks

Palestinian shot as Israeli forces enter north Gaza

Israeli settlers build new settlement in Hebron

Palestine Liberation Organization: Palestinians want freedom

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

The state and local bases of Zionist power in America

Israeli Shin Bet electrocuted child prisoners to extract confessions

Israeli settlers attack families and the military abducts two in Hebron

Israeli minister demands more weapons for Israeli settlers

Netanyahu says no change on settlement issue

Palestinian Authority claims arrests of 300 Hamas members in response to killing of settlers

Israeli occupation arrests two Peace activists during a demo

8th week against the apartheid wall

Negotiators to push mechanism to end Israeli siege

Israeli Arab MP: Israel gave 'licence to kill' on Gaza ship

Settlers open fire at Palestinian farmers

Four Israelis killed in West Bank

Hamas claims Hebron shooting of 4 Israelis

Gaza hospital chief warns fuel crisis imperiling lives

Palestinian Authority Health Ministry to send fuel to Gaza hospitals

Palestinian Prime Minister reveals more of state-building plan

Israel insists on settlement resumption

Israel expands the settlements of Elon Moreh and Giv'at Gilad ahead of direct talks with Palestinians

6 families ordered to vacate homes for demolition

East Jerusalem neighborhood attacked by Israeli soldiers, at least 4 detained

United Nations investigators in Jordan to probe Gaza flotilla raid

Syria, Hezbollah would unite vs. Israel

Iran's primary target is Israel's Dimona reactor

Abbas: Israel will foil peace talks if it continues Jewish settlements

Israeli occupation detains two Palestinians in Hebron

Palestinian traders clear shops of Israeli settlement products

Jordan sends new aid convoy to West Bank

Israel preparing to attack Syria

Israel warns Palestinians about mobilizing international support against the occupation

Two Gaza workers injured by Israeli fire near border

Israeli occupation raids Hebron, detains Palestinian

Israeli forces shut down Beit Ummar rally

Archbishop Desmond Tutu calls for overturning conviction of Abu Rahmah

Palestinians demonstrate against negotiations with Israel unless halt to settlements

France: European Union should be represented at Mideast peace talks

Gaza, Zionism and world domination: The fall of Zionism

No reconstruction despite siege "easing"

Hamas said no one mandated to give up Jerusalem as Abbas leaving for direct talks

Red Crescent members arrested at weekly protest, Ni'lin

Abdallah Abu Rahmah: know the facts and act now for the freedom of a nonviolent freedom fighter

Kairouan's People's Unity Party meeting on Palestinian cause

Gaza, Zionism and world domination: Global economic warfare and the United States

Gaza, Zionism and world domination: Financial warfare global campaign

Israeli occupation attacks mosque in Wadi Hilweh, shots fired at Palestinian residents

Israel detains anti-wall protesters

Amnesty slams Israeli apartheid wall

Refusal to engage in direct negotiations without a clear halt to settlements

Palestinian National Authority to ask United Nations to reestablish 1967 border with Israel if Mideast talks fail

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Gaza, Zionism and world domination: Origins of Zionist ideology

Israel refuses Blair request to up electricity to Gaza

Protester arrested in Chicago while challenging Israeli segregation

European Union rebukes Israel over conviction of West Bank separation barrier protester

Criminalizing peaceful protest: Act up for Abdallah Abu Rahmah

Bedouin women hold non-violent demo against razing of villages

Youth Against Normalization

Mossad linked in holocaust denier's death

Cutting through the media's bogus bomb-Iran debate

United Nations nuclear chief in Israel to press on non-proliferation treaty

Village of Izbet Tabib under threat

United Nations human rights council mission on flotilla attack reachs Turkey, Israel refuses to cooperate

Syrian, Arab parliament officials discuss breaking Gaza siege

Palestinians vow to rebuild demolished mosques

West Bank: Settlers raid house, burn crops

Israel to demolish two mosques in West Bank

Soldiers kidnap 12 Palestinians in the West Bank

Arab League warns against Judaizing East Jerusalem

Gaza official says power crisis has worsened

Demonstration against water theft in Baqa’a Valley, Hebron

Palestinians reject Israeli conditions for peace deal

Norway divests from Leviev companies due to Israeli settlement construction

Jewish settlers set fire to West Bank farms, troops raid Gaza

Support builds for boycotts against Israel

Israeli Prime Minister tries to ruin direct talks

Palestinian Liberation Organization delivers letters to Quartet on basis of negotiations

Arab, German associations start initiative to rally new aid convoy to Gaza

Organization of the Islamic Conference urges international community to compel Israel to stop aggressions, violations

Gaza fisherman shot by Israeli forces

Erekat: We will stop talks if Israel resumes settlements

El-Khoudary: External pressures forced Mariam ship to delay its sail to Gaza

Palestinian children report of torture by Israeli military

One journalist injured, two activists arrested during weekly protests

Skepticism widespread in Mideast over new peace talks

Peace talks will not slow Jerusalem building, vows Netanyahu

Fatah, Hamas leaders to meet in Gaza Saturday

Iran takes steps to boycott Israeli products

Russia defends Iran's right to peaceful nuclear energy program

Israel takes 10 per cent of West Bank for wall

Peace talks in the shadow of demolitions

Lebanese aid ship to leave for Gaza

Algeria aid ship heading to Gaza

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Israeli army detains three Palestinians overnight

Palestinians rally against Mamilla demolitions

United States academic appeals to United Nations over Mamilla demolitions

Flotilla organizers nearly set to sail to Gaza

Palestinian female prisoners and the struggle for freedom

Bassam Aramin's search for justice

Israel to reject new peace talks

Slain Palestinian girl's family pushes trial for soldiers

Bedouin village razed for fourth time

Israel gunboats target Palestinian fishing boats

Israeli forces detain seven in Hebron district

Troops fire at unarmed protesters in Northern Gaza Strip

Athens holds demo against Israeli Prime Minister

United Nations official urges Israel to end Gaza siege

Lebanon grants Palestinian refugees right to work

GICDF to build 1,250 homes in Gaza destroyed by Israel

Qatar charity donates fuel for Gaza hospitals

New Jordanian aid convoy sets off for blockaded Gaza

In praise of … Mordechai Vanunu

Israeli soldier posts photos of herself with Palestinian prisoners

Palestinians call for release of imprisoned relatives from Israeli jails

Israel cuts off water to Jordan Valley village

Settlers uproot 250 olive trees near Nablus

United States urged to stop supporting Israel

Harvard University divests from Israel

Jordanian supply convoy arrives in Gaza

A statement to the Palestinian people

Bin Laden is dead, Long live “Bin Laden”

Journalists honored on the 19th anniversary of Journalists' Day

Israel to demolish more homes in the Jordan Valley

Israel to establish new West Bank settlement

Israeli government denies media report that they might return 90% of West Bank land

Palestinian factions in Damascus refuse direct talks between Palestinian National Authority, Israel

Palestinian non-governmental organization youth call for United Nations intervention to get Gaza blockade lifted

United Nations delegation in Gaza to follow up Goldstone report

Demonstration for Free Palestine outside Ahava shop

Israel continues torturing Palestinian prisoners

Increase of demolitions, displacement in West Bank

East Jerusalem: Settlers take over another house

International Solidarity Movement: Support our work in Palestine

Strong unanimous support for the Palestine people from the Chilean senate

150 Irish intellectuals call for boycotting Israel

Fuel crisis ongoing in Gaza

Israel to be investigated over Hariri assassination

United Nations panel of inquiry prepares for it's Gaza flotilla investigation

Israeli forces demolish five shops in Qalqiliya

Demonstrators suffer tear gas inhalation in Bil’in

Arab parliamentarians enter Gaza to deliver supplies

Israel to buy F-35 aircrafts

Israeli forces shoot Palestinian man

Netanyahu rejects '67 borders as basis for talks

Arab League condemns Israeli exile policy against Palestinians

Turkey sets up its own inquiry into Israeli raid

Three medical delegations enter Gaza

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Israel planning strike on Iran's nuclear sites within a year

Israel needs to drop the fiction that it is not a nuclear power

Syria supporting Lebanon against Israeli aggressions, continuing work to lift Israeli siege on Gaza

Israel threatens to quit United Nations flotilla investigation if troops questioned

Turkey: Israel solely responsible for convoy deaths

Israel bulldozes Muslim graves in Jerusalem

Israel razes Bedouin village for third time in two weeks

Abbas sets terms for resuming direct talks with Israel

Hizbollah leader claims proof Israel killed Lebanese Prime Minister in 2005

Israeli forces demolish houses in Jordan Valley

Three more homes destroyed in Negev

Palestinians rally against Gaza buffer zone

Libya charity to rebuild Gaza homes devastated by Israel

Arab parliament to send three aid convoys to Gaza

Miles Of Hope 02 aid convoy reaches the Egyptian borders with Gaza

European aid convoy arrives in Gaza to deliver aid

Israel paints Marmara to hide evidence of massacre

Israeli navy vessel fires at Lebanese fishing boat

Israeli military raids West Bank towns

Israel intends to deport 20,000 Palestinians from Jerusalem

Gaza hospitals declare emergency due to power outage

Iran supports Lebanon, Syria in face of Israeli aggression

Fidel Castro warns Obama against attack on Iran

Arab League condemns Israeli demolition of Palestinian cemetery

Lebanon bent on building up army after Israel clash

Hamas blames Israel for rockets that hit Jordan

Hizbollah condemns the continuous Zionist attacks against sacred sites in Palestine

Israel detains 3 Palestinians in south of Nablus

Fuel payments dispute forces Gaza Strip power cuts

Muslim Aid delivers £130,000 of medical equipment to Gaza hospital

400 protest home evictions in Sheikh Jarrah

Nuclear-free Mideast

Settlers torch farmland east of Nablus

Masked settlers attack international peace activists in Hebron

Palestinians denied access to water

Dozens suffer teargas inhalation

Protest in Artas against the Israeli wall

Anti-wall protest in Ni'lin to commemorate the death of one of its activists

2nd Syrian expatriates youth forum: Steadfastness of Golan people will defeat occupation

British delegation arrives in Gaza to survey damage and deliver aid

Calling Gaza a prison camp is an understatement

Israeli settlers set fire to trees in east of Hebron

Israeli police attacks residents, Arab members of Knesset, in the Negev

Israeli military aircraft stage mock raids over southern Lebanon

55 Palestinians arrested across the West Bank

Israel detains 5 Palestinians in Nablus

Syria sends messages to United Nations and international organizations about Israeli violations in Golan

Hamas rejects rocket attack charges

Syrian delegation to conference of Arab teachers union suggests running a convoy to break Israeli siege on Gaza

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report