Time to end the torture and jailing of Palestinian children

Israeli occupation bulldozers damage land in central Gaza Strip

Hamas warns of Israeli schemes targeting al-Aqsa mosque

Israel urges more illegal settlements in al-Khalil

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Soldiers kidnap four Palestinians in Hebron

Haneyya: We will not accept Jordan as an alternative homeland

Waed: Captive Hammad in serious danger

Abbas urges European Union firms to boycott settlements

76-year-old dies of injuries sustained after Israeli settler ran over him

Israeli soldiers kill Palestinian near Ramallah

Israeli occupation soldiers use rifle butts in beating Palestinian child, triggering clashes

Israeli forces storm Beit Hanoon north of Gaza

Palestinian official slams Israeli PM's remarks over Jerusalem

Israel lobby runs 'organized crime', bribes United States lawmakers

One-third of Palestinian homes in Jerusalem face demolition risk

New settlement units built near Bethlehem

Israeli military infiltrate Gaza borders

Israeli occupation kidnap nine Palestinians in West Bank raids

European Union urges Israel to stop building settlements in West Bank

Hamas' Gaza PM calls on Palestinians to reject all talks with Israel

Palestinian injured by army fire in Hebron

Settlers attack, injure Palestinians near Nablus

Israeli occupation soldiers round up ten Palestinians

Israeli occupation bar Palestinians from harvesting olive trees in Idna town

Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemns ongoing settlers’ attacks against Palestinians

Israel refuses entry of 120 trucks into Gaza

Settlers occupy, fence, 20 dunams of Palestinian lands in Nablus

Settlers uproot 100 olive trees near Nablus

Israeli occupation suppress weekly peaceful marches of West Bank

Erekat urges United States to pressure Israel on settlements

Hamas PM slams Judaization of al-Quds, al-Aqsa Mosque

London-based G4S urged to end business with Israel

Iran renews call for nuke-free Middle East

Merkel: German government to continue aid to Palestinians

Peace Now: Settlement construction rises by %70

Maariv: border issue brings the negotiations to a dead end

Israeli forces attack Palestinian funeral, injuring many

Iran: Israel source of threat to world security

Settler runs over an elderly Palestinian near Qalqilya

A group of Jewish youths attack Palestinians with knives

UNICEF publishes report on detained Palestinian children

Israeli-Palestinian peace talks on verge of collapse

Israel refuses to evacuate settlement near Ramallah

Jordan slams Israeli violations against Aqsa Mosque

Palestinian village continuously inhabited for 3,000 years about to be destroyed by Israel

Dankof: Israel lobby major player in United States policies

Masri calls for supporting Palestinians in Jerusalem

Israel to build 1500 units for settlers in occupied Jerusalem

Two Palestinians injured by settlers near Hebron

Jewish settlers attack farmers harvesting olive crops

Medical journal: Arafat poisoned to death

Israeli troops attack non-violent protesters in 5 West Bank villages

Israeli navy opens fire toward fisherman off Gaza coast

Settlers storm Solomon's Pools to perform Talmudic rituals

New housing units in East Jerusalem settlements are obstacle to peace

Abbas: We will not compromise Jerusalem as future capital of Palestine

Settlers attack a school and agricultural lands south of Nablus

Erekat condemns Israeli municipality approval to build 58 settlement units in east Jerusalem

Settlers spray racist graffiti on mosque, burn cars near Ramallah

Settlers, rabbis storm al Aqsa mosque

Palestinians mull calling peace talks failure

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Qatari academic appeals to Saudi king to seek end to blockade of Gaza

Soldiers invade Jenin, one Palestinian injured

Israel approves construction of 68 settler housing units in east Jerusalem

Bardawil praises Mesfer’s call for lifting the siege on Gaza

Israeli forces injure Palestinian in northern West Bank

Israeli occupation soldiers round up 13 Palestinians

Family of prisoner Osama Abd Rabbo appeals for saving his life

Settlers burn cars, attack mosque, near Jerusalem

Three Palestinians kidnapped in Hebron

Demolition notifications against 6 facilities in Jordan Valley

Hamas says Israel allows less than 30 pct of needs into Gaza

United States must pick Netanyahu, or national interests

Israelis destroy olive trees in West Bank

Four Palestinians kidnapped in Nablus

Israeli minister: West Bank will be under Israeli control forever

West Bank marches continue in support of the Aqsa and prisoners

Israel seeks to get United States to attack Iran

Zarif: Iran won’t let Israel disrupt nuclear talks

United States waking up to threat of Israel

Intifada Youth Coalition stages sit-in outside United Nations headquarters in Gaza

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Palestinian child injured by army fire in Ramallah

Government renews appeal to world's free men and women to save Gaza

Settlers burn Palestinian car in Nablus

Palestinians petition high court to reclaim Jordan Valley land

Netanyahu’s dictation disgrace for United States

Army kills a Palestinian, injures another, in northern Gaza

Five Palestinians kidnapped in West Bank

Hamas: Declaring hamlet closed military zone Zionist crime

Soldiers attack, detain, a Palestinian journalist in Jerusalem

Jewish vandals smash tombstones in Jerusalem Christian cemetery

Veolia transportation firm divests from Israeli settlement bus lines

Hamas reaffirms commitment to resistance on anniversary of Al-Aqsa Intifada

Intifada Youth Coalition announces Jerusalem week and calls for widest popular protests

Gaza government appeals to Egypt to open Rafah to avoid humanitarian disasters

Haiti, Grenada, recognize Palestine as a state

Iran, United States can work for nuke-free Mideast

Child loses eyesight in right eye after being shot with rubber-coated metal bullet in Hebron

Three injured by Israeli army fire in Azzoun

Soldiers attack weekly nonviolent protest in Bil’in

Nunu calls for unifying the efforts to confront Israeli attacks against Al-Aqsa

Iran’s Zarif: Palestine should become full United Nations member state

Five Palestinians kidnapped in Hebron

Euro-mid Observatory: one-third of Jerusalemite homes threatened with demolition

MADA condemns Israeli attacks on journalists in Jerusalem

Palestinian leader, Mahmoud Abbas, urges world powers to rein in Israeli settlements

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Israeli policemen, special forces attack Palestinians at Aqsa Mosque

Government slams daily Jewish attempts to defile Aqsa Mosque

Soldiers attack nonviolent protest in Bethlehem

Gazans rally against Israeli occupation of Jerusalem al-Quds

Abbas says Israel is trying to sabotage talks

Gaza patient dies because of Egyptian siege

Isreali soldiers kidnap eight Palestinians in West Bank

Fifteen Palestinians kidnapped in West Bank

Settlers use bulldozers to annex more Palestinian land

Official reveals Egypt receiving United States supplies to destroy tunnels with Gaza

ALBA condemns in Geneva Israeli aggressions on Palestinean people

United Nations: Gaza-Egypt border restrictions worsening humanitarian situation of Palestinians

Al-Rishq warns of a humanitarian disaster in Gaza

Nine Palestinians kidnapped by the army in West Bank

Settlers attack Palestinians, uproot trees near Hebron

Two injured by Israeli fire in northern Gaza

United Nations dismayed at obstruction of aid for Palestinians

What about Israel's nuclear weapons? asks Putin

Israeli forces manhandle Eropean Union diplomats, seize West Bank aid

Hundreds of settlers storm Bethlehem and perform Talmudic rituals there

In light of continuous Israeli aggressions, Erekat threatens to halt peace talks

Appeals to save Al-Qurmi neighborhood in Jerusalem

West blocks draft resolution against Israel’s nukes at IAEA

Jim W. Dean: No peace in Middle East as long as Israel has nukes

Two Palestinians kidnapped in Hebron

Settlers open fire at herders near Nablus

Organisation of Islamic Cooperation condemns attack on Al-Aqsa Mosque

PCHR condemns the Israeli attacks on Gaza fishermen

Erekat urges quartet to stop Israeli acts in Jerusalem

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Israeli soldiers torture detainee from Nablus

Israeli occupation attacks Palestinians in Al-Aqsa Mosque compound with teargas

Israel's booming arms exports under scrutiny

Egypt reopens Gaza border

Palestinian teen killed by army fire in Jenin

Nine Palestinians kidnapped in West Bank

Dozens of settlers, rabbis storm Aqsa Mosque

Jordan protests to Israel over Jerusalem building proposal

Egyptian border restrictions create misery in Gaza

United States report confirms Israel has at least 80 nuclear warheads

Legislator, five residents, kidnapped in Hebron, 15 kidnapped in West Bank

Settler attacks Palestinian children in Jerusalem

Soldiers demolish northern plains village

Dozens of Jewish settlers break into the Aqsa Mosque

Gaza students stage sit-in at Rafah crossing

Human rights center calls for opening Rafah crossing

Three children kidnapped near Jenin

Settlers burn under construction home near Nablus

Israeli gunboats open fire at Palestinian fishing boats

Israel must submit its chemical weapons

Egypt to reopen Rafah border crossing

500 European academics urge European Union to maintain stance on Israeli settlements

Clashes take place in Al-Eesawiyya in Jerusalem

Jihad movement warns of Judaization schemes in Jerusalem

Scores of Palestinian and foreign activists wounded in anti-settlement protests

Palestinian factions call for halting negotiations

PLO’s United States office critical of NSA’s deal with Israel

United States condemnation of chemical weapons use not applied to Israel

Seven injured by army fire in Askar refugee camp

Israeli settler runs over a Palestinian family in Bethlehem

Hundreds of Israeli settlers storm eastern part of Nablus

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Palestinian proposal to end Rafah crossing crisis

Israeli official: To achieve peace, Israel must evacuate 100,000 settlers

Israeli occupation raid some West Bank towns, kidnap young men

Settlers set fire to Palestinian land near Nablus

Israel demolishes four homes in al-Quds, postpones demolition of four others

Government: Israel's violations at the Aqsa Mosque threaten its existence

Obama administration provides Israel with NSA data

Soldiers kidnap 17 Palestinians in Al-Arroub refugee camp

Child injured after being rammed by Israeli army vehicle near Ramallah

Foreign Minister says Syria accepts Russian chemical weapons proposal

CIA documents reveal Israeli stockpile of chemical weapons

Israel starts constructing new settlement West of Salfit

World Zionist Organization allocated Palestinian land to settlers in Jordan Valley

Solidarity rally with Palestinian prisoners

Foreign Ministry: Israeli violations will destroy negotiations

Jordan stands up to Israeli aggressions against Al Aqsa Mosque, says minister

Israeli occupation soldiers burn down ancient olive trees, break gate of monastery

Soldiers kidnap 12 Palestinians in West Bank

Occupation notifies demolition of commercial structures in Silwan

Palestinian official slam Jewish settlers over attacking vehicles

Khudari asks Ashton to supply Gaza with fuel

Israeli minister: Settlements will continue despite talks

Palestinians urge European Union to activate restrictions on Israeli settlements

Forty Palestinians kidnapped near Hebron

Jordan condemns Israeli attack on worshippers at al-Aqsa mosque

Dutch company cancels project in occupied Jerusalem

United Nations calls for opening Rafah crossing

Israel lobby in major Syria attack campaign

Iran envoy: War threats against Syria aimed at securing Israel

Israeli occupation quells West Bank peaceful marches injuring dozens of protestors

Israeli occupation storms Aqsa Mosque after Friday prayers and fire tear gas grenades

AIPAC to push Congress to authorize United States strikes against Syria

Al-Qassam Brigade fighter killed in Gaza

Israeli court sentences teenager to 14 years

Soldiers invade Silwan

Hamas calls for permanent presence in the Aqsa Mosque

International report: Gaza blockade, slow death and collective punishment

Groups urge Norway to reinstate investment ban on Israeli company

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Children, women, injured as Israeli extremists break into the Al-Aqsa mosque

Army kidnaps three children in Hebron

Abu Zuhri: demolishing tunnels threatens humanitarian situation in Gaza

Israel abducts former detainee, places him under administrative detention

Clashes reported in Abu Dis following arrest of cancer patient

Barghouthi: Talks with Israel only lead to a mirage

Five injured by army fire in Ramallah

Soldiers kidnap twelve Palestinians in Bethlehem

Soldiers kidnap a Palestinian in Hebron

Ayyash: Conditions of Gaza's fishermen worsened

Israeli occupation suppresses march against settlers’ attacks in al-Khalil

Water authority warns of imminent environmental disaster in Gaza

Jordan calls for international efforts to halt Israel's violations in Jerusalem

Hamas calls on Egypt to permanently reopen Rafah crossing

Army uproots lands to build settlement units in Salfit

Israel prepared a plan for 3800 units in West Bank settlements

Palestinian dies of wounds suffered August 20

Soldiers attack nonviolent protesters, journalists, in Bil’in

Several injured by army fire north of Jerusalem

Israeli demolition policy escalated

Israeli lobby looks to 2008 law to justify request for more United States aid

MP Barghouthi: Negotiations give cover to settlement expansion

United States views Israel as top spying threat

Jewish settlers attack Palestinians near Nablus

Army invades Aida refugee camp, in Bethlehem

Two Palestinians kidnapped in West Bank

Israel extends administrative detention of Atabish and prof. Shannar

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Israeli soldiers shoot and injure worker

Jewish settlers desecrate Aqsa Mosque

Sheikh Salah urges Palestinians to march to Aqsa Mosque next Wednesday

Doughlas: Settlers uproot 25 olive trees in Nablus

Irish fears over worsening conditions in Gaza

Palestine is top priority for Egypt, says foreign minister

Price tag extremists puncture tires of ten cars in Jerusalem

Soldiers kidnap eight Palestinians, including five children, in Jerusalem

Dozens of Israeli conscripts storm Aqsa Mosque

Human Rights Watch urges Israel to end demolitions of Palestinian homes

Arab League condemns Israel’s killing of three Palestinians

Accountability needed for killings in Israeli raid on West Bank refugee camp

Three Palestinians killed in Qalandia

Dr. Ashrawi condemns the killing of 3 Palestinians in Qalandia

Egypt minister condemns Palestinian deaths

Hamas condemns killing, calls for resistance

Palestinians suspend peace talks with Israel after 3 killed near Ramallah

Israeli minister declares a new settlement in West Bank

Israeli bulldozers demolish 2 houses in East Jerusalem

Israeli bulldozers demolish structures in East Jerusalem

Israeli extremists write racist graffiti on Palestinian home in Jerusalem

Palestinian Authority denounces Israeli military escalation

Jordan stresses support to Palestinians in their struggle to regain their rights

Breaking the siege: Call for international ships to enter Gaza

Army invades three towns near Hebron

Palestinian injured near Jerusalem

Israel notifies Jerusalemites with demolishing orders

Five European Union states warn companies of breaking ban against Israeli settlements

Six Palestinian prisoners start hunger strike in solidarity with Abu Sisi

Army kidnaps nine Palestinians

French Foreign Minister in Ramallah

Egyptian Foreign Minister to visit West Bank on Monday

Israeli officers torture detained Palestinian children

Israel to approve 1500 new units in Jerusalem

Abbas says no progress in peace talks with Israel

Masked men attack a journalist in Gaza

Israeli occupation arrests 6 citizens including a child in West Bank

125 Palestinians in administrative detention

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Gazans rally to urge end to Israeli blockade

Palestinian Authority calls on United States quartet, to act against Israel’s settlement activities

Four Palestinians kidnapped, several injured, in West Bank

Jewish settlers break into Aqsa plazas

Israeli bulldozers raze large areas of Palestinian-owned land in Al-Quds

Another price tag attack targets christian monastery near Jerusalem

Palestinians threaten to take Israeli settlements to the United Nations

Palestinian killed, five injured in Jenin

Two Palestinians injured by army fire in Northern Gaza

Israel plans to seize Jerusalemite properties under Absentee Property Law

Army partially demolishes homes, uproots lands, in Jerusalem

Haniyeh: We understand Egyptian security concerns but crossing is vital for Gaza

Israeli settlers injure Palestinian shepherd and his son

Israeli occupation soldiers detain three Palestinians in Al-Khalil

Dozens of settlers break into Aqsa mosque

Israel razes Bedouin homes in Beit Hanina for military purposes

Prisoners launch protest steps against administrative detention

Red Cross concerned about health condition of striking detainees

Netanyahu: Israel will always maintain sovereignty on settlements, new ‘Jewish neighborhoods'

Warnings of Israeli intents to build synagogue at Aqsa Mosque

United States, Israel discussing surge in US military aid

Abbas: No state without the Jordan Valley

Israeli PM recruiting university students to engage in publicity war for Tel Aviv

Larijani: Israel, West seek to create rifts among Muslims

Seven Palestinians kidnapped in West Bank

Settlers storm Joseph Tomb in Nablus

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Abbas welcomes United Nations Secretary General in Ramallah

Ban Ki-moon expresses deep concerns over Israeli settlement plans

Hamas: Negotiations with Israel liquidate the Palestinian cause

Japan denounces Israeli decision to build 1200 units

Israeli government resumes construction of outpost in Jabal Makbar neighborhood

Israeli official promises more settlement construction to come

Arab Parliament condemns Israeli settlement activity

Hamas calls for unity government not negotiations

Israel approves 890 units in Gilo settlement

Palestinian Authority: Israel talks face collapse over settlement expansion

Army attacks three fishermen in Gaza

Israel seizes Syrian shepherd in Lebanon

Palestinian National Authority to get report on Arafat's corpse test in September

Ten Palestinians kidnapped in different parts of West Bank

Settlers set fire to Palestinian land, attack residents near Nablus

Jewish Foundation contributes U.S. $145 million for Judaization of Jerusalem

Palestinian official urges Israel to drop settlement plan

Palestinian Authority mulls boycotting Israel talks over settlement approval

Hamas renews rejection of futile talks with Israel

Turkey says Israel's new settlements plan not conducive to peace talks

Russia: Israel settlement plan counterproductive

European Union refuses to fund Israel

Israel to construct nearly 1,200 new illegal settler units

Erekat: New Israeli settlements undermine talks

Palestinian officials slam Israel's decision to build 1,200 settlement units

Hamas condemns killing of Palestinian near borders with Israel

18-year-old Lebanese killed by Israeli cluster bomb

Israelis kill unarmed Palestinian on Gaza border

Settlers seize Palestinian lands in Bethlehem

Several Palestinians injured in al-Khader

Britain condemns Israeli settlement announcement

20 Palestinians arrested after Eid prayers

Israeli settlements approval raises tensions before Middle East peace talks

Palestinian Authority official slams new Israeli settlement plan

Abbas: Peace talks to start soon, Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine

Five injured, two children kidnapped, near Hebron

Israeli occupation clash with young men in Jenin, kidnap Islamic Jihad official

Israel arrests Palestinian journalist from Nablus

Argentine President criticises Security Council vetoes of resolutions concerning Palestine

Army invades central Gaza

Twelve Palestinians kidnapped in West Bank

12 hunger strikers risk death in Israeli jails

Palestinians hold demo in West Bank to demand release of prisoners

Dr. Ashrawi: There will never be a contiguous Palestinian state as long as settlements remain intact

Hunger striking prisoners' health continues to deteriorate

Israel to build 230 units in an illegal settlement

France denounces Israeli decision to add 20 settlements to “priority aid”

Israelis to turn historic mosque into a synagogue

Health Ministry: Gaza hospitals face fuel shortage

Settler harassment continues in Asira’s Water reservoir project

Palestinian Authority slams Israel over West Bank settlement subsidies

Abu Dodeina: Israel continues to obstruct peace efforts

Jenin citizens rally last night in solidarity with prisoners

Israeli occupation causes death of elderly woman in Al-Khalil

Israeli occupation to demolish house and water wells west of al-Khalil

UK protesters to mark Al-Quds Day in London

Rally in solidarity with Palestinian prisoners in Ramallah

Massive rallies in Iran against Israeli occupation

Iranian president-elect wants Islamic unity against Israel

Gaza calls for permanent opening of Rafah border

Several Palestinians injured near Hebron

Army attacks nonviolent protesters in Jerusalem

Two Palestinians arrested near Jerusalem

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Jordanian activists condemn Israeli plan to displace Bedouins

August 1st "day of anger" rallies against Prawer plan

Israeli occupation soldiers detain five citizens in Al-Khalil

Palestinians clash with extremist settlers near Nablus

Human chain against Prawer Plan in Haifa

Palestinian Ambassador claims Palestine must have East Jerusalem as capital

Israel approves a new settlement in occupied Jerusalem

5,100 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails

Kerry appoints former pro-Israel lobbyist to oversee peace talks

Israel arrests 8 minors across West Bank

Israeli forces raid monastery in Bethlehem

Palestinian prisoners exposed to further maltreatment in Ramadan

Cultural delegation to visit Palestinian territories

Israeli occupation renews administrative detention of Hamas leader

Israeli settler shoots live ammunition at Palestinian human rights house in Hebron

Army arrests farmers for demanding right to their land

Israeli occupation serves demolition notices in Al-Khalil

Settlers expand outpost built on Palestinian lands in Bethlehem

European Union concerned by Israel block of EU missions in West Bank, Gaza

Palestinian envoy: Fight to liberate Palestine will never stop

Call for action: Stop Prawer plan!

Dr. Ashrawi: Any solution must be based on international law, principles of justice and fairness

German supermarket chain Aldi bans Israeli products in Netherlands

Former chief of US Central Command: Supporting Israel costly to United States

Palestinian injured by army fire in Northern Gaza

Jewish settlers smash Palestinian cars in Jerusalem

United Nations slams Israel Bedouin resettlement plan

United Nations rights chief urges Israel to reconsider bill that would displace thousands of Bedouins

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Israel classifies Jerusalem natives as noncitizens

Human rights organizations condemn Israeli supreme court’s reply concerning Israeli forces’ use of white phosphorous in built-up areas

Hezbollah chief warns European Union of complicity in Israeli aggression against Lebanon

Palestinian envoy to United Nations decries Israeli war crimes

Palestinians seek assurances on 67 lines, prisoners before talks

Sanctions are louder than talks

Confrontations in Nablus following Israeli army raid

Israeli MK’s reject settlement freeze

Prawer plan is the worst scheme to forcibly displace Arabs in history

European Union plans to label Israel's settlement products during this year

Saudi Arabia calls for more pressure on Israel to stop violations

Israeli occupation soldiers raid Tulkarem villages, arrest two including journalist

Palestinians say no peace talks without '67 borders agreement

Right-wing Israelis attack Bedouin villages in southern Israel

Christian-Muslim Commission warns of excavations under Al-Aqsa Mosque

Arab League backs Palestinian stance in peace talks

Jordanian delegation concludes week-long visit to West Bank

West Bank protests against normalisation with Israel

Jewish settlers burn down 400 olive trees

Israeli settlers attack shepherds, farmers south of Hebron

Israeli occupation kidnap eight Palestinians in Al-Khalil and Jerusalem

West Bank protests against normalisation with Israel

Palestinians in Beirut stage sit-in in rejection of Prawer plan

Veteran White House correspondent Helen Thomas dies aged 92

Occupation approves construction of 165 settlement units in Jerusalem

Army attacks journalists near Jerusalem

Israeli occupation rounds up dozens of Jerusalemites

Israel going ahead with hotels on historic cemetery

Fatah calls on Hamas to reach agreement on unity government

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Americans push for divestment from pro-occupation companies

Ahmadinejad: Zionists, hegemonic powers main foes of all Muslim nations

Israel set to approve 900 settlement units

Dozens of Jewish settlers storm the Aqsa mosque

Hezbollah slams Israeli plans to seize Arab land

Abbas meets Kerry in Amman

Israelis attack Palestinians, cars in Jerusalem

Palestinian official: Settlements, a major hurdle to Kerry's fresh peace bid

European Union takes dramatic measures on Israeli settlements in occupied territories

PLO welcomes European Union guidelines banning dealings with Israeli settlements

Settlers attempt to kill Palestinian in Hebron

Israeli tanks and bulldozers destroy Gaza farmland

Protests in the Negev, the West Bank, and Gaza against the Begin-Prawer plan

Two hundred Jewish settlers break into Aqsa mosque

Settlers attack Palestinian home near Bethlehem

Israeli occupation plans to raze four homes south of Nablus

Nabi Saleh weekly protest on friday: Israeli soldiers fire tear gas and skunk water

Israel test-fires nuclear-capable ballistic missile

OCHA: 62 percent of segregation wall completed

PCHR warns of Israeli intention to force-feed hunger striking captives

Bahar denounces the unjust sentences against Palestinian MPs and leaders

Soldiers invade the Al-Fawwar refugee camp in Hebron

Jewish settlers chop down more than one thousand olive trees

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Protest in West Bank in support of hunger striking prisoners

Khudari condemns raid into Al-Aqsa Mosque and calls for protecting it

Settlers bulldoze Palestinian lands near Hebron

Five Palestinians injured in Nablus

90 Jewish settlers defile Aqsa Mosque on first day of Ramadan

Issa: Israel’s decision to build 500 units, another violation to international law

Army invades Al-Qarara

Two plans to build 500 new settlement units in West Bank

The barrier to peace: Israeli annexation wall, settlements despite international opposition

Israeli forces destroy agricultural lands, facilities in Tubas

Hundreds of Jewish settlers storm Nablus village

Israel settlers attack Palestinian farmers in occupied West Bank

Israeli occupation to establish new settlement park in Jerusalem

PCHR concerned for deterioration of humanitarian conditions in the Gaza Strip

Israeli occupation authorities arrest 16 Palestinian citizens from various provinces in the West Bank today

Jewish settlers desecrate Aqsa mosque

MP Khudari calls for world pressure on Israel to end Gaza blockade

Settlers attack shepherds, damage property near Nablus

Israeli soldiers attack, arrest Palestinians south of Hebron

OCHA: Israel still tightens the Gazans' access to their land and sea waters

Environmental quality authority: Fuel crisis cripples vital sectors in Gaza

Israeli forces, settlers raze Palestinian agricultural lands in Yatta

Lebanese minister: Israel can now siphon Lebanon’s oil

Israel denies Al-Eesawy urgently needed medical attention

Soldiers kidnap 19 Palestinians in West Bank

Occupation suppresses a peaceful march, south of Bethlehem

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

United Nations humanitarian official urges Israel to lift crippling restrictions on Gaza

Israeli occupation kidnap 14 Palestinians in West Bank campaign

Bahar: Israeli occupation kidnaps MPs to isolate them from masses

OSCE grants Palestinian membership status

Khudari demands the United Nations to intervene to end the Gaza siege

Israeli forces use explosive bullet to kill Palestinian youth

Thirteen Palestinians kidnapped in West Bank

Israeli occupation soldiers quell peaceful village march

Sixty Israeli soldiers enter Al-Aqsa Mosque

Three Palestinians injured, one kidnapped in Israeli campaign in Bethlehem

Supply convoy sent to field hospital in Gaza

Hamdallah calls on United States to end Israeli obstruction of peace

Maariv: Israel to approve 930 units in Abu Ghuneim Mount settlement

Settlers set fire to land near Nablus

Jordanians rally to pressure their government to ban Israeli imports

Khudari to Kerry: The only way to achieve peace is to end the occupation

Palestinian injured by army fire in Qalandia

Eight kidnapped near Ramallah

Israeli retired judge calls for performing Talmudic rituals in al-Aqsa mosque

Finnish minister visits Gaza and criticises Israeli siege

France condemns Israeli decision to build new settlements

21 Palestinians kidnapped in West Bank

Israeli occupation bulldozes vast areas in Bethlehem

Settlers set fire to land near Nablus

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Erdogan to visit Gaza July 5

Israel greets Kerry with new settler homes in Jerusalem

Israel to confiscate 380 dunums of land near Nablus

Government warns against Israeli intents to divide Aqsa Mosque

Israeli-imposed restrictions punish the people of Gaza

Three solidarity delegations arrive in Gaza this week

Report: 71 prisoners died under torture in Israeli jails

Settlers assault shepherds in Hebron village

Israeli occupation renews administrative detention of Suwaiti for third time

Israel becomes world's sixth biggest weapons exporter

Settlers puncture tires of 22 cars in Jerusalem

Israeli navy gunboats open fire at Palestinian fishermen

Lieberman calls for “reoccupying” Gaza

Israeli occupation soldiers kidnap four children in Qalqilia village

Palestinian injured by army fire near Ramallah

Jewish settlers set on fire dozens of olive trees

Four injured, Palestine tv reporters kidnapped in Kufur Qaddoum

Israel approves construction of hundreds of settlement units south of al-Khalil

United Nations: Palestinian food insecurity cause for concern

Jordanians to boycott Israeli products

Khudari calls on Ashton to pressure Israel to end Gaza siege

United Nations: Palestinian children tortured, used as shields by Israel

Six Palestinians kidnapped in West Bank

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Palestine, European Union agree on need to stop Israeli expansion

Southern Gaza comes under sea, land gunfire

18 Palestinians kidnapped in West Bank

Israel is stealing Palestinian oil and gas

On World Refugee Day, PLO wants Israel held accountable

Blair: Palestinians should have a state as a right

Settlers slash tires of 28 Palestinian cars in Jerusalem

Settler unleashes dogs at Palestinians

OIC chief discusses Palestinian issue with ambassador in Jeddah

European Union foreign policy chief to visit region

Settlers attack an elderly woman in Jerusalem

Elderly man kidnapped near Hebron

Israeli occupation demolishes facilities in Yatta

Gazan family survives Israeli occupation artillery shelling, four Gazans arrested

Jewish settlers storm Aqsa mosque

Israeli occupation blast commercial store during wide campaign in Al-Khalil

Hamas calls for unity, ending internal Palestinian feuds

Man injured by army fire in Gaza

Settlers burn two cars in Jerusalem

Seven Palestinians kidnapped by the army in West Bank

Hamas slams Judaization projects

United Nations says Israeli settlements undermine peace hopes

Minister Burt visits Gaza: Palestinian state without Gaza is inconceivable

Army opens fire at Palestinians in Khan Younis

Settlers deface christian cemetery in Jaffa

Israeli occupation plans building 675 new housing units south of Nablus

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Five injured by army fire near Tubas

Three Palestinians kidnapped in Hebron

Israeli occupation soldiers raid central Gaza

Israeli occupation demolishes two houses, farm building in Jenin

Four hunger striking detainees forced into solitary confinement

Diplomat: Palestinian plight among top priorities of Iran

Palestinian dies of wounds suffered in 2004

Jewish settler fires at Palestinian workers wounding one of them

Benjamin Netanyahu: Israeli settlement construction to continue

Israeli occupation not executing court order to return land to Palestinian owners

Israel steals water from Jordan Valley pushing Palestinians to leave their homes

Oman calls on the international community to stop Israeli violations of Palestinian rights

President of Columbia visits Palestine

UNHRC criticises Israeli detention of Palestinians

Rapporteur takes Israel to task at United Nations forum

Palestinian seriously injured by army fire in Gaza

Child kidnapped in Jerusalem

Seven Palestinians kidnapped in Hebron

Israeli occupation serves demolition notifications in Silwan

Hundreds of Jews storm into Joseph's Tomb in East Nablus

Administrative detainees start open-ended hunger strike

Cuba decries intensified Israeli aggression against Palestine

Japan welcomes new cabinet, supports Palestinian state-building

Israeli occupation soldiers raid Al-Khalil, terrorize workers, start fires

Israel to seize land near Bethlehem

Israeli occupation kidnap three Palestinians, including journalist, in West Bank

550 new settlement units in West Bank

Israeli occupation destroys Kanaan village in al-Khalil for the third time

Israeli forces clash with Palestinian protesters in West Bank

Rizqa: The occupation demise is approaching

Thousands of settlers protected by Israeli army damage property in Palestinian neighbourhood

Jewish settlers set fire to Jerusalemite's vehicle in Sheikh Jarrah

United Nations to grant urgent aid to Palestinian victims of settler violence

Arab League chief describes Israel as threat to security

Five Palestinians kidnapped in West Bank

European Union demands Israel to stop settlement activities

European Union to Israel: If negotiations fail, we will support Palestine at Hague

United Nations expert: Human rights violations in occupied Palestinian territory cannot be distorted

Soldiers kidnap three in Jenin

United States reveals details of top-secret Israeli missile base

Israel has 80 nuclear warheads

Ashrawi condemns new settlement construction

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Palestinians mark 46th anniversary of Arab-Israeli War

Abbas: Palestinians will never give up on Jerusalem

Khatib: The Global March to Jerusalem, a step on the road to liberation

Miles Of Smiles 20 arrives in Gaza

700 new settlement units to be built in West Bank

Army demolishes four homes, four sheds near Jericho

Soldiers kidnap four Palestinians in Bethlehem

Foreign ministry appeals for Arab intervention to protect Palestinian lands

Several Palestinians injured by army fire in Jenin

Ten Palestinians kidnapped in Qalqilia, Bethlehem and Hebron

Settlers destroy olive trees near Salfit

Palestinian leadership: Israel destroys United States peace efforts

Army to demolish two homes in Silwan

Army kidnaps three Palestinians in West Bank

Price tag gangs burn Palestinian agricultural lands in Ramallah

Palestinian farmer wounded in Israeli occupation shooting

Organization of the Islamic Conference condemns Israel's decision to build 1100 housing units in Jerusalem

Sanea: Israel's transfer plan in the Negev is a new nakba

Soldiers open fire at Palestinian fishermen in Gaza

Israeli occupation approves plans to build 4,195 settlement units in Jerusalem

European Union demands immediate halt to Israeli settlement activities

Palestinian victims of 1948 war found in mass grave

As’ad Darwish, 15, shot in chest by Israeli army in Bethlehem

Israeli scheme to deport thousands of Jerusalemites

Ministry of Justice demands pressuring Israel to stop Judaization of Jerusalem

Malki calls on international community to put an end to Israeli settler's attacks against Palestinians

29 Palestinians kidnapped in Jerusalem

Extremist settlers burnt olive trees, farmlands, near Qalqilia

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Soldiers demolish home in Jerusalem

Israel to build 1,000 illegal settler units in East al-Quds

Israeli occupation soldiers detain 27 schoolchildren inside their school

Army invades Nablus, kidnaps several Palestinians

Palestinian captive goes on hunger strike protesting administrative detention

Ashrawi calls international community to stand up to Israel

Israeli schemes to demolish 450 houses in Jerusalem

Police kidnaps a guard of the Al-Aqsa mosque

Soldiers invade Al-Khader, four injured

United Nations official: Israel is committing serious human rights violations

Israel to demolish 18 newly rebuilt homes in Negev village

Israeli occupation threatens to raze 150 installations in Jordan Valley

Israeli soldiers open fire at Palestinian farmers

Palestinians rule out concessions for economic gain

Soldiers kidnap two brothers in Tulkarem

Child injured after being rammed by settler's vehicle

Israeli navy fires 2 missiles at fishermen in Gaza

Israeli forces raze agricultural land in West Bank

Abbas says Palestinians not to accept temporary borders

Settlers spray olive trees with toxic chemicals

International aid agencies urge European Union to protect Palestinian land

Occupation hands out dozens of demolition notices in Jerusalem

Palestinian man injured in West Bank clashes

Amnesty: Israeli restrictions on movement of Palestinians collective punishment

UK Foreign Secretary visits Palestine, meets Abbas

Settler runs over boy near Nablus

Five Palestinians kidnaped in Hebron and Jerusalem

Soldiers kidnap five Palestinians near Jenin

Israeli forces infiltrate Gaza borders

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Foreign Ministry: Israel receives Kerry with home demolitions

Jewish extremists run over a Palestinian female student near Safed

Army kidnaps 12 children in Jerusalem

Soldiers kidnap six Palestinians in the West Bank

Khatib condemns Israel's prevention of United Nations delegation from visiting Jerusalem

Palestine urges United Nations Security Council to end provocations by Israel

Israeli occupation raids al-Khalil, settlers burn lands in Nablus

Israel destroys two Palestinian homes in Jerusalem

Child injured by army fire in Ramallah

Soldiers kidnap two children in Jerusalem

European Union denies postponement of decision to label settlement products

Kerry calls Israel ambassador to protest West Bank outposts

Army uproots farmlands in Hebron, destroys irrigation systems

Dozens injured as army invades Bodrus village

Israeli occupation demolishes shops near Jenin

Israeli bulldozers demolish car dealership shop in East Jerusalem

Gaza fishermen face heavy losses as Israel continues attacks on fishing boats

Army kidnaps three Palestinians near Nablus

Settlers set fire to car while driver inside

Palestinians clash with Israeli forces in Jerusalem

17 Palestinians injured in the Al-Arroub refugee camp

Palestinian activists demolish part of Israeli apartheid wall near Ramallah

9 hurt in West Bank after Israeli troops open fire

Israel razes 40 dunums of agricultural land near Nablus

UFree Network raises the prisoners' issue at the European Parliament

United Nations Secretary-General warns Netanyahu over international law violations in Jerusalem

Army uproots farmlands near Nablus

Settlers attack students, attempt to set school on fire

Israelis fire at Palestinian farmers in eastern Gaza Strip

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Thousands mark the Nakba in Bethlehem

Jewish settlers storm the Aqsa mosque

Jordan calls for end to Jewish extremists’ entry into Al Haram Al Sharif compound

Srour: Jordan firmly upholds legitimate rights of Palestinians

Army kidnaps several Palestinians in West Bank, clashes reported

Jewish settlers torch three cars in Arab village

Israeli occupation soldiers quell March of Return

Spanish Islands urge Israel to remove settlements

Egypt renews condemnation of Israeli violations in occupied Jerusalem

Nakba commemoration: 65 years of resistance

Barghouthi: Right of return, a sacred right

Army kidnaps several Palestinians in the West Bank

Settlers attack Palestinian property, graves, near Nablus

Settlers set fire to land near Hebron

Israel to demolish water well near Hebron

United Nations expert urges Israel to stop highway construction through Palestinian community

Seven children injured in Jerusalem

Settlers attack, injure a Palestinian near Nablus

Israeli navy gunboats open heavy machinegun fire at Palestinian fishermen

Ahrar: Israel still holding captive 13 legislators, 2 ministers

Organization of Islamic Cooperation condemns construction of new Israeli housing units in West Bank

Haneyya: The wounded in Gaza will continue to hold the resistance banner

Japan: New Israeli settlement construction undermines peace efforts

European Union concerned by recent events in Jerusalem, West Bank

Jordanians call for closure of Israeli embassy

Arab parliament calls for international protection of occupied East Jerusalem

Non-violent protester shot in head by Israeli troops, 4 others wounded

Israeli settlers uproot olive trees in southern West Bank

Palestinians in Beit Jala protest against Separation Wall route

Muslim scholars delegation to Gaza supports right of return, prisoners and Aqsa

Egyptian MP calls for supporting Palestinian resistance

Mass rallies in Egypt in support of Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa

Palestinian Authority, United States condemn plans for 296 settlement units in Beit El

Army demolishes shops near Jenin

Israel hands demolition orders to 9 homes and sheds near Hebron

Erekat: Israel bid to build new settler units sabotages peace process

Haneyya: The Palestinian people will not give up one inch of their land

Egyptians call for mass demonstrations over Israeli aggression against Al-Aqsa

Jordanian senate condemns Israeli violations against Al Aqsa Mosque

Jordanians protest in front of Israeli embassy

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Army demolishes two homes in Jericho

Army kidnaps nine Palestinians in Nablus

Palestinians march in Jerusalem to counter provocative settler procession

200 settlers raid Al-Makhrour area in Beit Jala, vandalize lands

Israeli occupation incursion in northern Gaza

Israel approves construction of 296 units in Bet El settlement

Renowned British physicist Stephen Hawking joins academic boycott of Israel

Settlers burn 20 dunams of farmland near Nablus

Jordanian aid convoy "Ansar 4" arrives in Gaza

Israel used depleted uranium in airstrike on Syria

Israeli occupation destroys electricity grid, water well

Army kidnaps 13 Palestinians in Bethlehem, 2 in Jenin

China hosting Palestinian, Israeli leaders

President Xi Jinping: China supports Palestinian people

Twelve Palestinians injured near Ramallah

Palestinian injured by army fire in Gaza

Israel preparing to launch another war against Gaza

Israeli authorities raze Palestinian home in Arraba

Israeli court rules to allow mosque demolition in Jerusalem

Ansar 4 aid convoy to head to Gaza on Monday

Lebanon condemns Israel's use of airspace to strike Syria

Syria: Israel airstrikes violate international law

Israel to allocate $6m to enhance settlement in Jerusalem

Israeli gunboats fire at Palestinian fishing boats

Palestinians welcome diplomatic status upgrade in Denmark, Finland

Israeli forces burn 40 olive trees in Qalqilia

Soldiers invade Kufur Qaddoum, clash with local youths

European Parliament delegation calls for an end to Israeli violations

Jewish settlers still on the rampage in southern Nablus

Hamas restates refusal to concede any part of Palestine

Hamas leader lists priorities for the movement

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Hebron governor meets European Union representative in Palestine

Israel must end occupation, says European parliament delegation

European aid convoy lands in Gaza

Jewish settlers stab Jerusalemite youth

Israeli tanks invade Tubas, kidnap one resident

Gaza government renews call for Egypt to put pressure on Israel to stop truce violations

Militant group claims responsibility for killing Israeli settler

Over 20 Palestinians injured in settler rampage

Palestinian killed, another injured in Israeli airstrike on Gaza

Navy opens fire at fishing boats in Gaza

Occupation moves dozens of tanks to sites adjacent to Gaza

Lest we forget, Muslims did not attack America on 9/11

Iran: Israel nuclear arsenal threatens peace

Army demolishes three homes in occupied Jerusalem

Jewish settlers beat up two Palestinian children

Israeli occupation kidnap seven Palestinians in West Bank

Israel approves 120 units in Givat Ze’ev settlement

Israelis seize land, destroy water well near Hebron

Jewish settlers seize land near Nablus

Al-Eesawy slowly recovering following his 9-month hunger strike

Khudari: Arab Foreign Ministers should ask Kerry to end Israeli occupation

Israeli committee rejects appeals against path of wall in Beit Jala

Settlers burn cars, home, trees in Jerusalem

Freedom of Palestinians is urgent, says European parliament

Jewish settlers poison water well in Al-Khalil

Families concerned over fate of two kids kidnapped by Israeli occupation in Jalboun village

European Union criticizes Israel for West Bank demolitions

American academic group boycotts Israeli universities

Abbas: Palestine unity government talks begin

Palestinian president to visit China

A Palestinian boy shot by Israeli fire east of Jabalia

Army invades Hebron, kidnaps three Palestinians

Amnesty International calls for immediate release of academic in Israeli jail

Israel uproots trees to prepare for new settlement in Bethlehem

Palestinian official accuses Israel of controlling West Bank water resources

Army attacks Nabi Saleh nonviolent protest

Dozens injured in Bil’in’s weekly protest

India voices concern over Israeli settlement activity

Israeli occupation soldiers raid southern Gaza

Kingdom's Ambassador to the United Nations reiterates the Kingdom's permanent, firm stance in supporting the Palestinian cause

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Israeli gunboats fire at Palestinian fishermen

Israel demolishes houses north of Hebron

Jewish settlers torch ten Palestinian cars

Israel demolishes structures in Jordan Valley

Israeli jailers conclude written agreement with Issawi ending his hunger strike

Israeli occupation kidnap 10 Palestinians, including child, from their homes

Jewish settlers attack Issawi’s family

Clashes erupt in Jerusalem rally, leading to injuries

Palestinians praise Jordan King Abdullah's support to Gaza

Israel, United States finalize 10 billion USD arms deal

Palestinian youth shot dead by Israeli policeman

Settlers destroy, uproot trees in Hebron

Resheq hails European decision to label Israeli settlement products

The staggering cost of Israel to Americans

Israeli occupation soldiers quell protest marches near Al-Khalil

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Russian newspaper: Israel injects Palestinian prisoners with dangerous viruses

MP Abu Halabiya warns of continued Israeli tunneling under al-Aqsa mosque

Paris protesters demand jailed Palestinian athletes released

Mashaal: We will continue to liberate prisoners from Israel's jails

UC Berkeley student senate votes to divest from companies that profit from Israeli occupation

Poison-tainted letter sent to Obama

Palestinian man wounded in Israeli occupation shooting in central Gaza

Palestinian injured by army fire in Hebron

Army opens fire at Palestinian ambulance in Bethlehem

United Nations denounces situation of Palestinians held at Israeli prisons

Massive march in solidarity with prisoners

International organization calls for the immediate release of Issawi

Erekat calls on Ashton to save life of Issawi

Israeli occupation suppresses peaceful march commemorating the Nakba in Jerusalem

60 Jewish settlers storm the Aqsa mosque

Arab League calls for end to Israeli violations against prisoners

Consul General: United States is committed to support Palestinians in West Bank, Gaza

Israeli soldiers fire on farmers in the Gaza Strip

Israel's continued arrest of Issawi is a war crime, says foreign minister

United Nations says it is committed to working toward Palestinian state

Israeli troops arrest Hamas leaders in the West Bank

Erdogan says to visit Gaza at the end of May

Israeli troops attack non-violent protests in six Palestinian villages

Israel rejects appeal for release of hunger striker Issawi

Activities in Jenin in solidarity with prisoner Issawi

Israeli occupation soldiers open machinegun fire at residential areas, farmland

Israeli settlers uproot dozens of trees near Hebron

220 world dignitaries demand UK to apologize for Balfour Declaration

Israeli occupation troops storm Aroub refugee camp, clash with protestors

Prominent youth activist abducted by Israeli troops in Hebron

Protests in Gaza and 40 European cities urge end to trade with Israeli agriculture firms

Arab League calls for Israel to be compelled to end crimes against Palestinians

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Israeli occupation kidnap Thaer Halahela once again

Netanyahu ignores United States pressure to release Palestinian prisoners

Israeli occupation prevents the entry of 1000 trucks carrying goods into Gaza

United Nations: Israel's newly imposed restrictions affecting thousands of families in Gaza

Israeli occupation raids southern Gaza to bulldoze land

71 Palestinian prisoners killed under torture in custody

European efforts underway to have hunger striker Issawi released

Israel pressured by West to release Palestinian prisoners

Deir Yassin remembered

Palestinian prisoner on hunger strike facing heart slowdown, possible brain damage

Palestinian cameraman shot in the face in Bethlehem

Israeli occupation soldiers round up six Palestinians including minor

Abbas to Kerry: Release of 4,500 prisoners key to resuming talks

Gaza fishermen protest against Israeli restrictions

Irish teachers vote to boycott apartheid Israel

PLO calls for prosecuting settlers in international courts

The Islamic-Christian Commission denounces settlers' attack on two mosques

International Jerusalem Center warns of Israeli plans to build Talmudic garden near Al-Aqsa

Hacker group ‘Anonymous’ takes down hundreds of Israeli websites

Israeli soldiers assault farmers in Hebron

Four Palestinians, including a child, kidnapped in West Bank

39 Palestinians injured by army fire in Hebron

Hamas urges United Nations to reconsider Gaza food aid suspension

Body of another Palestinian teen killed by Israelis found

Fayyad condemns Israeli usage of live bullets against protesters

Israeli gunboats fire at Palestinian fishermen

Israel to demolish wells, uproot trees in Hebron

PCHR: In light of ongoing violations, Palestine must join the ICC

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Palestinian killed, three injured near Tulkarem

Israel to seize land near Bethlehem

Settlers attack farmers, set fire to crops near Hebron

Iran: Israel hinders efforts aimed at nuke-free Middle East

Presidency holds Israel responsible for prisoner’s death

40 injured in clashes with the army in Hebron

Israel launches fresh airstrike on Gaza Strip

Israeli occupation kidnap four Palestinians including woman in West Bank

Saudi calls for international action against Israel

Settlers attack a child in Jerusalem

Eight Palestinian schoolgirls wounded in settlers’ attack on school bus

Israel disrupts water supply to 10 villages northwest of Jerusalem

Israeli settler attack lands 80-year old farmer in hospital

Abbas, Jordan king sign agreement on defense of Jerusalem

Palestinians mark Land Day

Abu Zuhri: We cherish our land and refuse alternative homeland

Israeli forces suppress Land Day march, arrest international activist

This year's Land Day serves as a reminder of the on-going ethnic cleansing

Settlers uproot dozens of olive trees in Bethlehem

Iran urges better United Nations efforts to defend Palestinians against Israel

Israel to build settlement units on Palestinian lands in Bethlehem

Israel admits: Just 0.7% of West Bank allocated to Palestinians

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Protests planned for Land Day

Students suffer breathing problems in Israeli occupation quelling of funeral

Israeli forces kidnap 6 Palestinians in West Bank

Anti-Israel ads to appear at United States train stations

Palestinians hail United Nations call for end to Israeli settlements

Abbas to the Arab League, if attempts to renew talks fail, we may go to The Hague

Organisation of Islamic Cooperation calls for support for projects in Gaza

Turkey's Prime Minister intends to visit Gaza soon

Arab Americans urge Obama to help end Israeli occupation

Ansar 4 convoy to head to Gaza May 5th

Israel to seize land near Bethlehem

Israeli parliamentarian calls for incursion into Al-Aqsa Sanctuary

Hamas warns the occupation of consequences of desecration of Al-Aqsa

Rachel Corrie Foundation launches pro-Palestine bus ads

Israel extends closure of Gaza crossing

Israeli occupation kidnap five Palestinians in West Bank raids

Hamas blames Israel for violating terms of truce

Rights group warns Palestinian hunger-striker in danger

Israel evicts tent village neighborhood, arrests four activists

Israel extends closure of Gaza crossing

Committee warns against Judaization activities

Amnesty International: Separation wall is ongoing violation of international law

United Nations Human Rights Council passes 5 new resolutions condemning Israel

United Nations urges Israel to withdraw settlers from West Bank

Obama reiterates calls for two-state solution in Ramallah

United States aid to Israel totals $234 billion since 1948

Obama: Israel’s occupation of West Bank must end

Israel plans 16,000 more illegal settlement units in West Bank and Jerusalem

Farm land and trees destroyed for expansion of Israeli military checkpoint

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Israeli occupation soldiers detain 50 schoolchildren in Al-Khalil, obstruct traffic near Jenin

Obama starts visit to Israel, Palestine

Aqsa guards: 80 Israeli soldiers and settlers storm into Aqsa mosque

Israeli occupation troops arrest 4 Palestinians from Jenin, Nablus

Israel extends detention of cartoonist

United Arab Emirates condemns Israel’s persistent violation of human rights

Remembering Rachel Corrie

Palestinian hunger striker freed

Protest against desecration of Mamanullah cemetery

Tribunal asks ICC to probe Israel crimes

United Nations experts demand immediate end to Israeli settlements

Three children kidnapped in Hebron

Army attacks, detains Palestinian shepherds near Hebron

Israeli plan to seize the remaining part of Ma'manullah cemetery

West Bank protesters demand immediate release of jailed Palestinians

Two rallies to commemorate Land Day

Israeli settlers seize land near Bethlehem

Rachel Corrie's parents call for justice in Palestine on 10th anniversary of death

Palestinians to seek full approval of report against Israeli settlement in UNHRC

Obama’s visit will reinforce Palestinian Authority

Palestinian children rally, calling on Obama to lift Gaza blockade

Martyrdom of Jerusalemite of injuries sustained in clashes 3 weeks ago

Palestinian seriously injured in Tulkarem

Israeli soldiers set fire in a mosque in al-Khalil

Dozens injured after army attacked nonviolent protesters in Bil’in

Issawi enters stage of extreme danger

European Union to send delegation to evaluate the situation of Palestinian detainees

Army kidnaps 23 Palestinians in the West Bank

Israeli navy opens fire at fishermen in Gaza

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Russia vows continued support for Palestinian state

Shaath calls for implementation of international rules in response to Israeli violations

Israeli forces destroy Palestinian village for the 48th time

Settlers cut dozens of olive trees in Nablus

Israeli court rejects Palestinian MP's appeal against detention without charge

Occupied Territory products are not made in Israel, says foreign minister

Palestinian killed by army fire in Hebron

Palestinian run over and killed by settler in Salfit

Settler attempts to run over two Palestinians near Bethlehem

Dozens of Jewish settlers desecrate Aqsa mosque

Saudi Arabia condemns Israeli violations against Al-Aqsa Mosque

Abbas to discuss prisoners with Obama

Doctors: Issawi facing death any moment

Israeli court refuses to release Palestinian cartoonist

Israeli occupation incursion east of Gaza

Ashton: European Union committed to its own regulations in dealing with Israel

European Union supports full United Nations member status for Palestine

Palestinian officials slam Israel over changing refugees' definition

Call to action: sanctions against Israeli settlements

Palestinian factions to meet in April for unity talks

Mavi Marmara aid convoy on its way to Gaza

Army kidnaps 11 Palestinians in Bethlehem and Jerusalem

Al- Eesawy refuses to be exiled in exchange for his release

Two Palestinians kidnaped in Nablus, Jenin

Israeli soldiers seriously wound 2 Palestinians in Gaza, Hebron

Three Palestinian administrative detainees on hunger strike for 12th day

Palestinians clash with Israeli forces in West Bank, Jerusalem

Dozens injured in Bil’in’s weekly protest

Settlers cut olive trees, throw stones at Palestinian car in Nablus

UFree network: Israel escalates attacks against Palestinian journalists

Palestinian dies of injuries suffered two week ago

Israeli occupation launches raid and arrest campaign in West Bank

Confrontations in Nablus after settlers storm Nabi Yusuf tomb

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Aqsa foundation appeals for urgent action to save Mamanullah cemetary

Sweden upgrades Palestine mission to embassy status

Army kidnaps 19 Palestinians in West Bank

UNICEF: Israel mistreats detained Palestinian children

The Israel army‘s use of the Ruger sniper rifle

Muslims confront Jewish extremists in Al-Aqsa Mosque

Palestinian Prisoners' Society in Nablus condemns the detention and torture of children

Israeli military, settlers try to storm Jerusalem Mosque compound

Jewish settlers uproot more than 50 olive trees in Nahalin village

Ahmadinejad: Zionism heading toward collapse

Obama demands a timetable for Israeli withdrawal

Palestinian forced to demolish his own home in Jerusalem

Palestinians plan to globalise prisoner issue

Israeli settlers set up settlement outpost near Nablus

Mass rally in solidarity with prisoners in Hebron

'CIA killed 9/11 author in black ops hit'

Appeals for saving the life of patient captive Abu Hamdiya

West Bank clash over fasting prisoner

Israeli occupation starts building road in Jerusalem village

Israeli tank-fire injures three Palestinians in central Gaza

Five, including medic and journalist, injured in Bil’in

A European delegation to visit Palestine on Friday

Hunger striking detainees Sharawna and Al-Eesawy moved to hospital

Soldiers kidnap several Fateh leaders in Jerusalem

AIPAC lobbyists to Congress: Despite sequester, don’t touch Israel aid

Calls to obligate European sanctions on occupation

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Five Palestinians kidnapped in Bethlehem district

Israeli occupation soldiers try to storm Silwan school

Massive rally in Yabad town in solidarity with hunger strikers

European Union recommends boycott against Israeli settlement in the West Bank

Palestinians welcome European Union report urging sanctions on Jewish settlements

United Nations official calls for Jaradat death probe

Palestinian boy allegedly used as human shield near Ofer

Israeli soldiers shoot tear gas at school children

Palestinians face wide Judaization campaign in Silwan and Wadi Hilwa

Palestinian boy shot in clashes with Israeli forces

Israeli special forces assault worshipers in Aqsa mosque

Sudden deterioration in health condition of hunger strikers

Netanyahu refuses to apologise to Turkey

Palestinian Authority to sue Israel over crimes against Palestinians

Palestinian Arafat Jaradat gets hero's funeral after death in Israeli custody

Autopsy shows Palestinian prisoner died of torture in Israeli jail

Farmer injured by Israeli bullets near Gaza border

Al-Sanaa: Negev Palestinians face Israeli schemes

UFree launches an international campaign to address Israeli crimes

Palestinian prisoners stage hunger strike after inmate dies

Palestinian detainee dies in Israeli prison

Palestinian National Authority calls to probe Palestinian prisoner's death in Israeli jail

Seven Palestinians injured by soldiers, settlers, gunfire south of Nablus

Two Palestinians injured by army gunfire in Jabalia

Palestinians to state their position on Obama's planned visit to Aqsa

Child injured in Bil’in weekly protests, dozens treated for effects of teargas inhalation

Israeli forces, Palestinians clash throughout West Bank

Palestinian fisherman wounded in Israeli navy shooting

Settlers invade Qasra village near Nablus

Dozens injured as army attacks nonviolent protesters in Hebron

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

El-Eesawy sentenced to eight months, his hunger strike continues

Immediate action needed to ensure Israel respects hunger-strikers’ rights

Hamas rejects proposal to expel hunger-strikers to Gaza as condition for release

European Union would accept a Palestinian government including Hamas

Israeli occupation razes Jerusalemite home

Palestinian injured, two kidnapped, near Jenin

Palestinian Authority said to be holding indirect talks with Israel on detainees issues

Two fishermen injured by army gunfire

Israeli court refuses to release Al-Eesawy, on 210th day of hunger strike

Palestinian prisoners stage 1-day hunger strike to back starving fellows

Several college students injured by army fire near Ramallah

France expresses concern over the health of Palestinian prisoners

United Nations chief deeply concerned over deteriorating conditions of Palestinian prisoners

Several injured as army attacks solidarity protest in Al-Khader

Pakistan voices support for Palestinians

Stop supporting Israel crimes, West told

Bill Maher: The Israelis are controlling our government

Palestinian prisoner continues longest-ever hunger strike for freedom

PCHR appeals to the international community to save the life of Palestinian administrative detainee, Samer al-Eissawi

Fishermen fired on off Gaza coast

How congress could fix its budget woes, permanently

Israeli occupation troops storm Jenin villages

European Union’s Ashton following with concern issue of striking prisoners

Quartet representative: Prisoners issue should be resolved quickly

Seven Palestinians kidnapped in Jerusalem

Israeli troops attack Palestinian protesters, 150 injured

Hamas calls on Egypt to intervene to save the striking prisoners

Gaza: Palestinian boy dies, three more injured due to Israeli army un-exploded ordnance

Israeli settlers desecrate Muslim cemetery in al-Quds

Striking prisoners to continue their hunger strike till victory

Student march in solidarity with the striking prisoners

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Army kidnaps fourteen Palestinians in West Bank

Army kidnaps 10 Palestinians in Jerusalem

Government in Gaza holds Israel fully responsible for lives of hunger strikers

United Nations officials concerned over Palestinian prisoners

New Israeli plan to seize 120 dunums of Palestinian land north of Jerusalem

QUB Palestine Society welcomes assembly motion calling for a boycott of Israeli settlements products

Palestinian president welcomes Obama's visit to Mideast

Israeli occupation soldiers open heavy gunfire at Palestinian farmers

Israeli forces arrest 14 Palestinians in West Bank

Hamas: Israeli detention of Palestinian leaders will not break their will

Abbas urges United Nations chief to press Israel to meet Palestinian prisoners' demands

Abu Rodeina: Settlements are main obstacle to peace

Israel announces plans for 90 more settler units in West Bank

Israeli occupation demolishes a house in Hebron

Soldiers attack nonviolent protest against settlement road in Beit Safafa

Palestinians to rally today in Birah city in solidarity with hunger strikers

Construction underway in Kiryat Arba settlement

Soldiers surround Azzoun town

Israeli forces block farmers from tending to their land

Protests in Gaza and 40 European cities demand end to international trade with Israeli agribusiness

Israel approves 869 units in West Bank settlements

Injuries reported as army attacks Bil’in’s weekly protest

Palestinian prisoners: We want an end to the administrative detention

March in Araba in solidarity with striking Palestinian prisoners

Israeli forces demolish home in Bethlehem

Hundreds of settlers storm Nabi Yusuf tomb in Nablus

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Khaled Meshaal: Hamas, Fatah in unity talks

Israeli forces demolish agricultural installations

Palestinian shepherd injured after being attacked by settlers near Nablus

Settlements are illegal, settlers must leave

Abbas meets with Ahmadinejad in Cairo

Ahmadinejad: Iran will not stop support for Palestine

Secretary of State Kerry to visit Palestine, Israel

Palestinian teen dies eight years after Jewish settler ran over him

Settlers torch two Palestinian cars near Ramallah

Israel to demolish 10 homes in Jordan Valley

Government condemns settler attacks and expresses deep concern for the striking Palestinian prisoners

West Bank added to Obama's Middle East trip

Israeli forces abduct 25 Palestinians in West Bank

Lebanese Foreign Minister: Israel deserves tough boycott for Syria strike

Reconciliation talks to resume on Wednesday

Dozens of anti-settlement activists wounded in Israeli occupation attack on Bab Al-Huriya village

Resheq calls for sanctions against Israel

Who runs the world? Solid proof that a core group of wealthy elitists is pulling the strings

Two Palestinians injured by army gunfire in Jabalia

Four Palestinians kidnapped in Bethlehem and Jenin

Prisoners continue hunger strikes despite deteriorating health

A mass rally in Gaza in solidarity with prisoners

Action not words! Stop European Union funding of Israeli military companies and illegal settlements

Abu Zuhri hails United Nations call for the evacuation of settlements

Russia says ‘deeply concerned’ over Israeli airstrike in Syria

United Nations: Israeli regime must stop settlement activities in West Bank

United Nations inquiry mission calls on Israel to withdraw settlers from Palestine

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Two killed, five injured in Israeli airstrike on Syrian research center

European Union missions deeply concerned by number of Palestinian deaths

United Nations humanitarian official decries use of live ammunition against Palestinian civilians

PCHR condemns Israel’s refusal to participate in the United Nations human rights council review, calls to proceed

Israeli soldiers shot, injured Palestinian teen in Gaza

166 homes in Eli settlement built on private Palestinian land

Rally held in Gaza in support of inmates

Argentinian ambassador discusses cooperation with Palestinians

Israeli bulldozers raze Palestinian home in Lod

9 hurt, 7 arrested in Palestinian clashes with Israeli troops

Israeli occupation renews administrative detention of Jenin lecturer

Settlers go against international law with outpost near Qalqilia

Palestinian killed in tunnel accident

Israeli forces storm prison, assault prisoners

India reiterates solidarity with Palestine

Sarkozy: Bring down ‘walls of Jericho’ around Israel

Israeli forces shoot, injure two Palestinians in Gaza

Army invades several areas near Jenin

Army attacks Bilin’s weekly protest against the wall

7 Palestinians injured in Gaza by Israeli gunfire

Israeli occupation fires artillery shells east of Gaza City

Palestinian Authority ready to work with any Israeli government committed to international resolutions

Army invades several West Bank districts, kidnap several residents

Three hunger strikers in critical stage

Palestine threatens to sue Israel at ICC for settlements

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

India welcomes rapprochement between Palestinian factions

Farming injustice: end all trade with Israeli agricultural companies

Palestinian woman killed by Israeli gunfire in West Bank

A young Palestinian dies of wounds sustained during confrontations in Bethlehem

Dozens of workers attacked by soldiers near Jenin

Former detainee dies due to medical neglect while in prison

Soldiers invade several West Bank districts, kidnap residents

100 Jewish settlers storm Aqsa mosque

Araby calls on Arab world to help Palestine

Israeli forces shoot, injure Palestinian in Gaza

Soldiers kidnap four Palestinians, demolish property

Army demolishes six residential structures near Hebron

Israeli authorities change route of wall to fully annex Jerusalem for Israel

Palestinian National Authority slams Israeli plan to isolate Jerusalem from West Bank

Netanyahu rejects calls to allow Palestinian state within 1967 lines

Barhoum lashes out at Israel’s continued detention of liberated prisoners

Call to release Palestinian hunger striker Samer Al-Issawi

Umm Hamza on hunger strike until her husband released

Soldiers kidnap mother and her baby near Hebron

Occupation storms into al-Karamah village for the 3rd time

Malaysian premier to visit Gaza

Israeli occupation soldiers fire at Palestinian homes in southern Gaza Strip

Israeli army blocks aid convoy to Jordan Valley

Six Saudi planes carrying medical aid to Gaza

Israeli gunfire wounds Gaza youth

Benjamin Netanyahu: Israel won’t dismantle settlements

Twelve Palestinians kidnapped in Beit Fajjar

Dozens injured in Bil’in’s weekly protest

Hamas ready for Palestinian reconciliation

Israeli court refuses to end administrative detention of Palestinian prisoner

Detainees in Eshil go on hunger strike

Israel demolishes 70 structures in Jordan Valley

Majlis speaker: Iran always ready to assist Palestinian fighters

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

France condemns Israel's latest decision to build 198 new housing units

Europeans support Mideast free of nuclear weapons

Israel declares plans for 198 housing units in Bethlehem and Al-Khalil

Israeli occupation soldiers round up five Palestinians in Jenin

Jewish settlers storm Nablus village, perform rituals

Palestinian youth killed by Israeli gunfire in Ramallah

Several farmers injured after being attacked by settlers near Bethlehem

At least 17 including 7 reporters injured as army attack Bab Al-Shams again

Israeli occupation soldiers kidnap three workers

United Nations concerned over Israeli plan

Israeli army shoots Gaza farmer

Palestinian shot by Israeli forces dies in Gaza

Soldiers kidnap nine Palestinians in the West Bank

Israeli occupation troops go on the rampage again and raze Palestinian property in Al-Khalil

Cairo to host meeting between Palestinian rivals

Settler runs over child near Jerusalem

Israel declares plan to build 200 housing units in Jordan Valley

Palestinians attend rally calling for release of two prisoners in Israeli jails

Palestinian infiltrator killed by Israeli army in West Bank

Activists set up tents on land Israel seized for settlement

12 physicians heading from Turkey to Gaza

Israeli troops shoot dead 1 Palestinian in eastern Gaza

Settlers uproot 210 olive trees in Nablus

Dozens injured in Bil’in as army attacks weekly protest

Abbas: There are 63 United Nations organizations we have the right to join

Two Palestinians wounded in Jewish settlers’ shooting

Soldiers kidnap three Palestinians near Jenin

Israel's arms exports reached 7 billion United States dollars in 2012

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Hamas, Fatah agree to implement unity deal

Anti Balfour Declaration campaign to begin in "Britain’s Legacy in Palestine" conference

Army kidnaps three Palestinians in Bethlehem

Documenting the torture of a Palestinian boy in occupation jails

Arab Organization for Human Rights in UK calls to end the administrative detention

Dr. Ashrawi: Europe could bring an end to Israeli illegal occupation and settlement

Hamas, Fatah chiefs start talks on Palestinian reconciliation in Cairo

Palestinian home demolished in Jerusalem

Israeli occupation troops arrest 4 Palestinians from Bethlehem and Jenin

Abu Subbah calls on Arab League for practical steps to support striking captives

Israeli army arrests 13 people in West Bank

Arab league holds extraordinary session on Palestinian prisoners

Khader inhabitants protest the establishment of new outpost

Israel to build an electrified fence on occupied Golan Heights

Senator calls for reduction of United States aid to Israel

Jewish settlers set upon Palestinians

Salhab warns of ongoing Israeli excavations under the Aqsa

International day of hunger strike in solidarity with Palestinian prisoners

Palestinian injured by Israeli gunfire near borderline in Gaza

Undercover forces kidnap children, youths, in Silwan

Hamas PM urges talks with Fatah to resume reconciliation

Israeli occupation bombs east of Khan Younis

Palestinians hold unity rally, mark Fatah anniversary in Gaza

Abbas says no alternative for achieving unity, ending division

Several Palestinians injured as army invades Jenin

Four Palestinians injured by army fire in Jerusalem

Israeli navy shoot at Gaza fishermen

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Palestinians eager to join international treaties, conventions

Israeli navy opens fire at Palestinian fishermen in Gaza

Jewish settlers renew attacks on Palestinian farmers in Nablus villages

Army kidnaps four Palestinians in Hebron

Israeli forces evict 500 Palestinians from their homes in West Bank

Non Aligned Movement condemns Israeli settlement plans, freeze of Palestinain Authority money

Khudari: 2013 will witness final end to the siege on Gaza

Israeli forces demolish house of brother of hunger striker Samer Issawi

Settlers attack a citizen from Qaryut in Nablus

Jewish settlers attack West Bank village

Turkish delegation visits Al-Aqsa Mosque

Israel plans to expel 1,000 Palestinians from occupied Jordan Valley

PNA condemns Israeli order to evacuate Palestinians from Jordan Valley

Israeli occupation razes Jerusalemite home in Jabal Mukabir

Israeli occupation kidnap three Palestinians in West Bank raids

Jewish settlers storm Aqsa mosque

Mahmoud Abbas: 2013, year of Palestinian state

Israeli occupation soldiers arrest three young men in Jenin

Settlers attack farmers east of Salfit

Confrontations erupt near Jenin, leading to suffocation cases

Israeli jailer causes amputation of Palestinian prisoner's fingers

Three children sentenced to 4 months each

Jewish settlers assault Palestinian farmers

Israel to seize hundreds of dunums of West Bank land

Anti-Judaisation protests in Al-Lid

Egypt opens Rafah crossing for goods to Gaza

Security video of killing of Hebron circus student shows claim of 'toy gun' fraudulent

Israeli forces attack school, solidarity activists in another invasion following funeral

‘Welcome to Palestine’ enters Gaza Strip

Settlers uproot 40 olive trees in Nablus

Dozens suffer suffocation in Israeli occupation teargas attack south of Nablus

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Palestinian Authority thinks suing Israel at ICC over detention of children

Abbas to Meretz delegation: Settlements will destroy peace

Organization of Islamic Cooperation calls on UNSC to adopt practical measures to stop Judaizing Jerusalem

More international delegations arrive in Gaza

Netanyahu renews his vow to continue settlement activities

Japan deplores Israel’s plan to construct new settlements in Jerusalem

Cabinet calls for steps to stop Israel’s settlement onslaught

Sit-in outside United Nations headquarter protesting against administrative detention

Richard Falk: Increase the pressure on Israel

Israel OK’s building of 1,200 new settler units

Israeli occupation soldiers round up 15 West Bankers

Abbas says Israeli settlement activity undermines two-state solution

Pakistani president criticizes Israeli settlements in Palestinian territories

Turkish relief material lands in Gaza

Israel gunfire seriously injures 2 Palestinians in central Gaza

Israeli occupation kidnap two minors in Beit Ummar, clash with young men

Jewish settlers storm Aqsa plazas

Abbas calls for halting Israel settlements, resuming peace talks

Abbas thanks United Arab Emirates’s support for right to self-determination

Israel to demolish Palestinian homes in Jerusalem

Netanyahu: I don’t care what United Nations says about settlement activities

European Union’s Ashton reiterates opposition to Israeli settlements

Organization of Islamic Cooperation warns of crisis in Gaza due to shortage of medicines

PCHR appeals the international community to save the lives of Palestinian administrative detainees, al-Sharawna and al-Eissawi

Israeli troops shot and wound five Palestinians in Gaza

West Bank marches in solidarity with prisoners and the Yarmouk camp

General Assembly votes for Palestinian right to self determination

China censures Israeli regime over settlements

Lebanon slams Israel's decision on new settlements

Palestinian child wounded in explosion of Israeli army ordnance

Israeli occupation kidnap 12 Palestinians in West Bank and Jerusalem

Israel endorses construction of 523 housing units in Occupied Jerusalem

Despite United States criticism, Israel continues with plan to construct 6,000 new settlement units

Japan deplores Israeli settlement plans

Quartet’s Blair says settlements undermine prospects of talks

European Union's Ashton strongly opposes Israeli settlements’ expansion

Palestinian Authority: Israel to be held accountable for settlement plan

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Israel okays 2,610 new settler units

United States rebukes Israel's new settlement plans in East Jerusalem

Britain condemns Israeli settlement expansion

Turkey strongly condemns Israeli move to expand settlements

United Nations calls on Israel to cancel settlement plan

Israel faces growing international pressure over new settlement plans

Israeli occupation soldiers storm Jenin villages, arrest two children

Israeli court rejects appeal against destruction of historic Muslim cemetery

Casualties suffered in Israeli occupation shooting at child’s funeral

Israeli forces break truce and breach Gaza's borders

Occupation detains five journalists in Bethlehem

Malaysian Hope delegation arrives in Gaza

Israeli navy shoots, wounds Palestinian fisherman

Soldiers kidnap five Palestinians in Nablus

Municipal committee approves building 1,500 new houses in East Jerusalem settlement

Israel prevents the creation of a Middle East free of nuclear weapons

Palestinian farmer injured in Israeli occupation shooting

Soldiers kidnap four youths in Hebron

Israeli occupation renews administrative detention of Hamas leader

Israeli forces attack Press TV crew in Gaza

Palestinian Prime Minister calls for boycotting Israeli products

New Yorkers protest at Israeli settlement developer store

15 injured by Israeli fire in Jerusalem, five kidnapped

Settlers attack village south of Nablus, clash with residents

Ahrar: 120 Palestinian teachers in Israel's jails

Dozens of injuries reported as army attacks nonviolent protests in West Bank

Two Palestinians injured by army fire in Gaza

Israeli forces assault Reuters cameramen in West Bank

Mass march in support of the striking prisoners in Jinin

Israeli settlements, unsettling realities...

Israeli forces fire on Gaza farmers and internationals in Khuza’a

Israeli occupation soldiers round up four Palestinians in Jenin

Israel blocks Palestinian Authority tax revenues

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

On the road to the International Criminal Court

European parliament issues resolution on Israel’s decision to expand settlements

Socialists, Democrats welcome European Union resolution opposing settlement expansion

New Zealand divests from companies of Israeli settlement-builder Lev Leviev

Australian research centre joins academic boycott of Israel

Palestine calls for end to Israeli blockade of Gaza

Israeli soldiers kill Palestinian in West Bank

Bullets litter the ground in Ni’lin as soldiers granted more freedom to shoot

After deadly siege in Gaza, United States to restock Israeli munitions

Hundreds of Palestinians rally in support of prisoners

Ban Ki-moon reiterates denunciation against Israeli settlements

Palestinian president pledges to take action if Israel continues settlements in E1

Mishaal confers with Egyptian intelligence chief over reconciliation

Two injured as Israeli troops invade Ni’lin

Iraq holds conference on prisoners jailed in Israel

Call for freer access to Gaza land and sea

Turkish president calls on Israel to learn lesson from Palestine's United Nations status upgrade

Obama will let Netanyahu face international isolation on his own

Abbas: Israel must choose between occupation or peace

Israel tanks, bulldozers enter Gaza in 1st post-truce incursion

Soldiers break into school near Bethlehem, attack students, teachers

Israeli occupation troops kidnap Palestinian child Alja’bari, appeals for his release

European Union countries denounce Israeli E1 plan

PCHR launches campaign 'Palestine to the ICC'

Palestinian dies of serious injuries suffered during latest war on Gaza

Hunger striker Issawi can no longer move

18 prisoners in Israeli jails in critical condition due to medical negligence

Army kidnaps two Palestinian intelligence officers in Hebron

Israeli occupation soldiers round up nine Palestinians including children

Hamas leader calls for all Palestine, national unity

Mishaal: We will not give up any part of Palestine

Israeli airstrike on home unlawful, deadliest strike of Gaza fighting killed 12

Soldiers attack Bil’in weekly protest against wall, settlements

Choose between isolation and acceptance

Hunger-striking prisoners at risk of imminent death

Soldiers kidnap four children in Hebron

Israel disrespects international community’s decisions

It is sanction time for Israel

European Union to consider sanctions on Israel over settlement expansion

European Union to impose restrictions on settlement products

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

United Nations: Israel must abide by Gaza ceasefire agreement

Israel rejects United Nations call for nuclear transparency

Israel advances construction in E1 area in West Bank

Aqsa Foundation: Occupation escalates its excavations around Al-Aqsa

Palestinians to sue Israel at ICC over settlement expansion

Hamas: We are going to Cairo this month to implement unity agreement

United Nations resolution calls for Israeli nuclear transparency

Israeli occupation razes Mosque of Maphqara hamlet once again

Palestinian prisoners seeking to win prisoner of war status

Palestinian Authority to head to Security Council to counter Israel’s’ new settlement plan

Australia summons Israel ambassador over settlements

Egypt summons Israeli ambassador over settlements

Israeli government defies international law by approving more settlement projects in occupied Jerusalem

This time, Israel has defied the whole world

Israeli soldiers gun down Palestinian youth

Palestinian farmer wounded in Israeli occupation shooting

United Nations: Israeli plans for new settlements fatal blow to peace

Israeli settlement expansion plan receives global censure

United States: Israel must reconsider new settlement plan

Israeli ambassadors summoned in Britain, Sweden, and France

Abbas eyeing unity and reconciliation after United Nations vote

Palestinian injured by army fire in Hebron

In new violation of ceasefire agreement, Israeli forces arrest 14 fishermen and confiscate 3 fishing boats

Israel to withhold Palestinian tax funds

Netanyahu: We will continue building settlements everywhere

Abbas upon arrival in Ramallah: Now, we have a state

Palestinian dies of wounds from Israeli gunfire

Palestinian citizen wounded in Israeli occupation shooting

Israeli navy kidnaps 10 Palestinian fishermen at sea

Palestinians protest against Israel's separation barrier in West Bank

Iran urges destruction of Israel's separation barrier in Gaza

Dr. Hanan Ashrawi thanks the 138 countries who voted in support of Palestine’s enhancement of status at the United Nations

Palestine celebrates United Nations vote

Israel to build 3,000 settler units after Palestinians’ United Nations bid

Palestinian killed, six injured by undetonated Israeli missile in Gaza

Israel threatens to reoccupy West Bank

Iran urges Palestine to pursue Israeli war crimes

Hamas: It is time to put an end to the occupation violations in Jerusalem

Palestine wins General Assembly vote

Cheers erupt among Palestinian crowds as United Nations bid approved

European parliamentarians, politicians, to visit Gaza Saturday

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Documentary: Justice and accountability in Gaza

Egypt to allow construction materials into Gaza through Rafah

Belgium to vote in favor of Palestinian United Nations bid

China backs Palestine's bid for United Nations observer state

Tens of thousands rally in West Bank, Gaza to support Palestinians' United Nations bid

Palestinian died from injuries, death toll in Gaza rises to 176 martyrs

Seven Palestinians injured by army fire in central Gaza

Israeli navy kidnaps six Palestinian fishermen, blasts fishing boat

Jerusalemites stage solidarity sit-in with hunger strikers

52 leading international figures call for a military embargo on Israel

United States-Israeli efforts to dilute wording of United Nations resolution on Palestinian membership fails

Egyptian shipment of medicine to Gaza on Friday

Over 100 British parliament members support United Nations recognition of Palestine

Palestinians gain international support to its United Nations status bid

After France, Spain backs enhanced UN status for Palestinians

More than half of European Union states to back Palestinian bid at United Nations

Russia pledges support to Palestine's United Nations status bid

Ashrawi: Voting for Palestine, is voting for justice and peace

Palestinian youth injured by army fire in Rafah

Israeli occupation sentences two MPs, 20 others to administrative detention

PCHR condemns arrests of political leaders of Hamas and Islamic Jihad in the West Bank

MP proposes internationalizing prisoners’ issue

Organization of Islamic Cooperation recommends an urgent plan to rescue Gaza

Yasser Arafat’s body exhumed for murder probe

Palestinians call on Israel to release detained prisoners

Tunisian president says he will visit Gaza soon

Grandi calls for a complete end to Israel's blockade on Gaza

Palestinian Authority sends draft upgrade resolution to United Nations

Sweden to vote in favor of Palestine at United Nations

France to support Palestinian United Nations status bid

Gazan dies of injuries sustained in recent Israeli attacks

Morsi pressed Obama for action over aggression against Gaza

Abbas: The United Nations is our first step and will be followed by national reconciliation

Jordanians express solidarity with Gazans

Tehran accuses Washington of protecting nuclear Israel

Three injured by Israeli fire in Khan Younis

Jewish settlers attack, destroy Palestinian farmland

Thousands protest in London demanding an end to the Gaza siege

WMD-free Middle East conference cancelled for Israeli worries

Ban reiterates support to establish nuclear weapon-free zone in Middle East

Palestine United Nations envoy calls for action against Israel breach of Gaza ceasefire

Arafat’s body to be exhumed Tuesday

Abbas says upgrading Palestinian status in United Nations is last chance for peace

Ahmadinejad: Zionists have reached end of line

After the truce deal: Israeli forces kill Palestinian civilian and wound 20 others in Khan Yunis

Palestinian killed in Gaza tunnel, three injured

Occupation arrests 100 Palestinians in West Bank including 5 MPs

Russia urges united action against Israeli aggression

Army kidnaps 55 Palestinians in the West Bank

International Federation of Journalists says Israel intentionally targeted Gaza journalists

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Hamas leader calls on all factions to be committed to ceasefire with Israel

12 Palestinians killed in Gaza Wednesday, 157 in eight days

Israeli chief of staff: We will continue to pound Gaza despite truce mediation

On day 8 of its offensive, Israel intensifies attacks on civilians and avoids ceasefire

Israeli forces attack Palestinians protesting against war on Gaza

Ceasefire takes effect, Egypt takes responsibility of maintaining it

Israel launches new media campaign to justify Gaza onslaught

Israeli escalation continues, five killed Tuesday, 114 killed since Wednesday

Israeli airstrikes kill 12 in Gaza, raising death toll to 127

Agence France-Presse office in Gaza hit in Israeli airstrike

Settlers burn a mosque entrance and a citizen vehicle in West Bank

Iran continues to support Palestinian cause

United Nations chief: All sides should stop fire in Gaza immediately

Clinton heads to Middle East amid Gaza violence

Russia submits draft Gaza resolution to United Nations Security Council

Palestinian source: Gaza truce to take place Tuesday night

Five more residents killed by Israeli missiles in Gaza

Three family members killed in central Gaza

Palestinian child killed, 13 killed in the last 5 hours, 84 since Wednesday

Another family killed by Israeli airstrike Monday evening

Two killed and scores injured in West Bank clashes

38 aid agencies warn of humanitarian disaster in Gaza if military confrontation is not stopped

French foreign minister to Israel: Gaza war not an option

China calls for restraint, ceasefire in Gaza

United Nations chief in Cairo, meets Egyptian foreign minister on Gaza truce bid

Turkish foreign minister to visit Gaza Tuesday

Israeli raids kill children in Gaza despite rocket fire lull

The fifth day of aggression ... 49 killed and over 520 injured

Israeli airstrike on house in Gaza kills 9 civilians

Israeli aircraft target Al-Quds TV office

UK warns Israel against launching Gaza ground invasion

King Abdullah II of Jordan calls for regional, international efforts to end Israeli aggression on Gaza

Stop a new Israeli massacre in Gaza: Boycott Israel now!

Death toll rises to 40 in Gaza Strip and 335 injuries

Israeli airstrikes kill 2, injure 10 in north Gaza

Three injured, one critically, as troops attack pro Gaza protest near Ramallah

Tunisian delegation arrives in Gaza for solidarity visit

Arab League chief and Foreign Ministers to visit Gaza Sunday

Mishaal tables terms for truce during a meeting with Egyptian intelligence chief

Demonstrations in 50 countries around the world in solidarity with Gaza

What you can do as an international to help people in Palestine

Two Palestinians, including a child, killed in Jabalia

Woman dies of wounds suffered during Friday morning Israeli strike

Israeli tanks moving toward Gaza border, ready for ground attack

Emergency global actions for Gaza

Egyptian Prime Minister vows continuous efforts to end Israeli aggression

Thousands protest in Egypt against Gaza attacks

Thousands march in the West Bank, in solidarity with Gaza

Iranian demonstrators condemn Israeli attacks on Gaza

Iran ready to send humanitarian aid to Gaza

United Nations Secretary-General extremely concerned over violence in Gaza and Israel, plans visit to region

United Nations human rights chief urges all parties in Gaza and Israel to pull back from confrontation

Seven killed on Thursday as Israel continues to target the Gaza Strip

Israel kills teacher working with United Nations agency

PCHR: Violations of international law in the Gaza Strip must end

Violence mounts, residents fear large-scale Israeli war on Gaza

Turkey to act against Israel for strikes on Gaza

Tunisia condemns Israeli attacks on Gaza

Sudanese president condemns Israeli strikes on Gaza

Morocco strongly condemns Israel's military operation in Gaza

Jordan condemns Israeli aggression against Gaza Strip

Syria condemns Israel atrocities in Gaza

Russia condemns Gaza violence

Putin tells Netanyahu to avoid escalation of Mideast violence

Iran condemns Israeli military operation in Gaza

China voices grave concern over Israeli military operation in Gaza

Two killed, six injured, as Israeli air raids continue to target Gaza

Nine Palestinians, including top Hamas official, killed in Israeli attacks

Clashes erupt after storming Yussef's Tomb by hundreds of settlers

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

United Nations Secretary General report on Israeli settlements

Thousands demonstrate against Israeli occupation in West Bank

Egypt will no longer tolerate attacks on Palestinians

Egypt recalls ambassador to Tel Aviv

Egyptian protesters demand an end to ties with Israel

Palestinian dies of injuries sustained in Israeli attack

Israeli occupation arrests 11 Palestinians, including 2 women, in West Bank

Israeli bulldozers demolish a house in Jerusalem

Palestinian family survives Israeli shelling of its house

Haneyya: Israeli threats will never intimidate us

Abbas: Palestinians to present United Nations bid on Nov. 29

Russia stands for giving Palestine observer status at United Nations

Jewish settlers attempt to burn down Palestinian house

More settler violence as Israel steals even more land in West Bank

Israeli forces destroy water spring near Hebron

Israel approves 500 more houses in West Bank settlement

Most Americans oppose Israel's attack on Iran

Why Obama should bust Netanyahu for 9/11

Israeli attacks on Gaza kill six Palestinians in 24 hours

Several residents injured by army fire near Hebron

Hamas: Israel's crimes in Gaza cannot be tolerated and must be stopped

Experts from Russia, Switzerland and France to probe Arafat's death

Four Palestinians killed, 25 injured in Israeli attack on Gaza

Israeli occupation quells peaceful marches against wall and settlement in West Bank

Israeli occupation quells a march in solidarity with prisoners

Non-Aligned Movement slams Israel’s human rights violations

Hundreds attend funeral of Gazan teen killed by Israel

Israeli occupation displace the Jordan Valley's residents under pretext of military exercises

Families of Marmara victims: We will continue to pursue Israeli war criminals

Palestinian teenager killed by Israeli air raid on Gaza

Al-Khalil: Eight villages threatened with demolition

Amnesty: Palestinian activist jailed for West Bank protest must be freed

Norwegian diplomat: Israeli occupation redefining Tel Aviv-Oslo ties

United Nations accuses Israel of hindering its reconstruction efforts in Gaza

Spain condemns new Israeli settlement tenders

France condemns new Israeli settlement tenders

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Palestinians prepare United Nations upgrade resolution

Four Palestinians kidnapped in the West Bank

Israel to evict 40 families near Nablus

Settlers uproot 100 olive trees near Nablus

Dr. Ashrawi denounces Israeli foreign minister Lieberman’s threats against the Palestinian United Nations bid

Palestinians hope Obama changes Middle East policy

Israel to build over 1,200 settlement units in West Bank, East al-Quds

Two homes, barn, demolished by the army near Hebron

Five Palestinians kidnapped in Tubas

Sharawana’s health condition worsening after 129 days of hunger strike

Ashrawi condemns Israeli foreign minister’s threats against United Nations bid

Israel plans diplomatic battle against Palestinians' bid to United Nations

Dr. Shtayyeh: Netanyahu and Lieberman seek destruction of the two-state solution, impose apartheid regime

Palestinian killed by army fire in Central Gaza

Israeli navy fires at Palestinian fishing boats

Army kidnaps 14 Palestinians in the West Bank

Tunisian lawyers to sue Israel over Abu Jihad assassination

Palestinians reject Netanyahu's call to drop United Nations initiative

Palestinians not to give up United Nations status upgrade

Israeli Prime Minister says he is ready to order an attack on Iran

Palestinian injured by settlers near Nablus

'Gaza Ark' to sail from Gaza

It's time for sanctions on Israel

Israeli government markets lands in east Jerusalem for building 5,000 housing units

Amnesty International demands immediate release of Wa’ed Tamimi, son of detained Palestinian activist

Demonstration at British embassy in Cairo to condemn Balfour Declaration

Israeli tank fire injures Palestinian in Gaza

Israeli occupation threatens to remove solar panels and a school south of al-Khalil

European Union considers ban on settlement products

Israeli warships open fire at Palestinian fishing boats in Gaza

Soldiers kidnap eleven in West Bank, desecrate mosque

800 more housing units for Israelis in East Jerusalem

UK's responsibility to the Palestinians

Carter Center supports leaders’ calls to investigate human rights violations

Jordan condemns Israeli plan to build military academy in occupied Jerusalem

Soldier acquitted by Israeli court after killing a Palestinian child by shooting him in the head

Israeli soldiers torture and arrest a woman in Hebron

Palestinians to apply for United Nations status upgrade in November

PLO: Heading to United Nations aims at ending the idleness of the peace process

Israeli occupation razes lands in Makhrour area, Beit Jala

Europe helps sustain illegal Israeli settlements

Organizations demand Europe boycotts Israeli settlement products

Israeli soldiers detain 7 Palestinians from the West Bank

Safady released after two hunger-strikes totalling 168 days

High-level Arab delegations to visit Gaza soon

Over 150 former international anti-apartheid activists call on South Africa's ANC to boycott Israel

Palestinian refugees: Time to return NOW!

Israeli airstrike kills one Palestinian, injures another in Gaza Strip

Egypt: Judaizing Jerusalem threatens stability in the region

Miles of smiles 17 arrives in Gaza

Palestinian dies of wounds suffered Wednesday

Israeli occupation extends the leader Bassam al-Saadi's administrative detention

United States extends $4 billion Israel loan program

Closure of Beit Hanoun crossing threatens the lives of hundreds of patients in the Gaza Strip

France condemns Israeli decision to construct 700 new housing in East Jerusalem

Israel is a threat to United States democracy

United Nations independent expert calls for boycott of businesses profiting from Israeli settlements

Fatalities from Israeli airstrikes on Gaza mount to 4

After 115 days of hunger strike, Palestinian detainee stops water intake

Israeli forces demolish agricultural facilities, well near Hebron

Settlers pump waste water into Palestinian land

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Israeli airstrike kills Gaza militant after Qatari Emir's visit

Netanyahu vows boost in settlements construction in Jerusalem

Qatar tells Palestine factions to reconcile

More than 90 international activists help to pick olives in several threatened areas

Israeli airstrike on Gaza kills 2 Palestinians, wounds 2

Occupation continues its arbitrary measures against prisoner Issawi

Al-Khalil: Settlers burn Palestinian vehicle and threaten revenge

While harvisting olive trees; Three civilians attacked and injured by settlers then kidnaped by troop

Israeli occupation troops arrest four Palestinians including Jerusalemite woman

Netanyahu says settlement construction in Jerusalem to be unrestricted

Former United States president Carter says Netanyahu abandons two-state solution

Iran MP: European Union must make policies independent of Zionist lobby

China backs Palestinian bid for United Nations recognition

PCHR calls for the immediate release of ‘Estelle’ international activists

Israeli navy uses taser gun on Gaza-bound boat activists

Netanyahu: Israel to continue settlement building

Moscow: Israel must end illegal settlement construction

Gaza-bound aid ship Estelle attacked by Israeli forces

Barhoum: Attack on Estelle piracy

Palestinians condemn Israel's interception of Gaza-bound Finnish boat

Farmers attacked by settlers and soldiers in Nablus and Hebron

Engineers recommend halting Israeli produce imports

Abbas discusses United Nations bid with Norway’s representative

Israel lobby groups press satellite providers to ban Iran channels

The unreported tragedy of Palestine's olive harvest

Army opens fire at fishermen in Gaza

Israeli artillery shells north and south Gaza Strip

Several injuries reported as army attacks weekly protests against the wall

India: Israel needs to stop settlement activity

Ashton slams Israel’s decision to build 797 units in Gilo settlement

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

As ship approaches Gaza shore, Israel to attack Estelle ship

Ailing Palestinian detainee facing deteriorating conditions

Israeli forces storm Hebron, arrest 3 Palestinians

Israel in final approval of 800 settler homes in east Jerusalem

Israeli air strike causes two wounded in the Gaza Strip

Army invades Bethlehem, clashes reported

Jewish settlers assault Palestinian teen, steal olive harvest

Israel counted calorie needs in Gaza Strip blockade

International campaign calling for the release of isolated prisoner Abu Sisi

Soldiers demolish home, shed, in Jerusalem

Four Palestinians injured North of Jerusalem

Aqsa Foundation for Endowment and Heritage: Repeated storming of Aqsa a prelude for dividing it

Israeli forces arrest human rights activist, researcher at Addameer Association Ayman Karaja

Group of Arab states call on UNSC to take action against Israel

Arafat death probe begins next month

Bahrain: Middle East problem will only be achieved through ending Israeli’s occupation of Arab lands

Qatar funds major project to rebuild Gaza

Ashrawi thanks Brazil for supporting Palestinian statehood bid

Including children, army kidnaps 13 Palestinians in the West Bank

Israeli occupation razes house in Occupied Jerusalem, serves demolition notices in West Bank

United Nations envoy concerned by Israeli attacks Palestinian farmers, olive trees

Press TV launches facebook petition to save news channel in Europe

Israeli raids on Gaza kill three Palestinians, wound child

Jewish settlers attack Palestinian driver

Israel’s illegal closure of the Gaza Strip

Israel says it will intercept Estelle ship heading to Gaza

Palestinian National Authority urges protection to Gaza-bound boat

Settlers burn olive trees near Nablus

Soldiers attack Bil’in’s weekly protest

Labour MPs call for Israeli accountability

Israeli occupation soldiers attack Korean delegation in al-Khalil

Arab League: Attacks on al-Aqsa and holy sites threaten the region's security

Settlers attack Palestinian farmers in Kufr Qaddoum, destroy olive trees

Churches in United States call on government to review aid to Israel

Army to demolish home near Ramallah

Israeli occupation troops launch arrest campaign in West Bank

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Palestinian succumbs to wounds sustained during Israeli aggression on Gaza

Israeli forces attack Palestinian funeral, injuring many

Two Palestinians injured after being attacked by settlers near Nablus

Settlers uproot 120 olive trees in Nablus

Settlers uproot 300 olive trees near Ramallah

9/11 criminals running Romney campaign

Americans losing trust in main mediastream

Abu Sisi demands his release from solitary confinement

Erekat: Our bid to the United Nations General Assembly, only solution to face settlement

Ansar 3 convoy arrives in Gaza

One killed, another injured in Israeli attack on Gaza Strip

Israeli soldiers and settlers attack Palestinian farmers in al-Khalil, Nablus

Israeli occupation detains 4 fishermen off Gaza coast

Israeli occupation blocks visit by medical team to hunger strikers

Israeli settlers attack farmers in West Bank

Anti-wall and settlement marches continue in the West Bank

Abbas calls on Islamic Cooperation to protect Al-Aqsa

The Jewish lobby and the race to the White House

Health of isolated prisoner Abu Sisi seriously deteriorates

Dozens injured in Israeli occupation raid of the Aqsa Mosque

Palestinians stand against settlers’ chaos in Jerusalem

Solidarity ship sailing to Gaza

Soldiers invade Tulkarem, Jenin and Hebron, clashes reported

Israeli extremists storm into the holy al-Aqsa Mosque and perform Talmudic rituals

PLO Official: International community must confront settlements

Army kidnaps ten Palestinians in the West Bank

Settlers attack a young Palestinian man in Jerusalem

Settlers install new illegal outpost near Nablus

Jordan condemns Israelis for breaking into Aqsa Mosque

Al Azhar: Al Aqsa is a red line and infringement threatens disaster

Palestinian killed, another injured in tunnel collapse

Israeli occupation seizes house in Hebron

Feiglin accompanied by Israeli forces and settlers storm Al-Aqsa mosque, five journalists arrested

Erekat: Israelis can’t continue crimes without being criticized

Erdogan vows not to restore relations with Israel until it lifts the Gaza blockade

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Azeri envoy: Baku will not facilitate Israel attack on Iran

Lebanon Prime Minister vows to lift hurdles to broader ties with Iran

Palestinian youth found dead near Israeli settlement

Soldiers kidnap a child in Hebron

Israel to take over more lands in Palestinian city of Qalqilya

Jewish calls for storming al-Aqsa Mosque

Morsi: Egyptians will not stand helpless facing Gaza siege

Meshaal: We are determined to regain our Palestinian rights

Israeli occupation assaults participants in a solidarity rally in Jerusalem

Addameer: Remaining hunger striker held in limbo while his health continues to deteriorate

Occupation seizes 1,800 meters from Bab al-Rahma Cemetery in Jerusalem

Settlers set up mobile homes on land near Bethlehem

Miles Of Smiles 16 convoy enters Gaza

Iran's Vahidi: Israel has long crossed nuclear red line

Iranian foreign minister: Israel must bring nuclear facilities under IAEA supervision

Palestinian young man electrocuted, brutally beaten in Silwan

Fisherman killed by Israeli navy fire

Israeli forces injure two Palestinians in north Gaza

Soldiers attack Bil’in weekly protest

Palestine's Abbas pursues two-state solution at United Nations speech

China reiterates support for Palestine's United Nations membership

Israeli vehicles raid Gaza, randomly open fire

Settlers uproot olive trees near Nablus

Settlers pump waste water into Palestinian land

Morsi: International community must act against Israel's violations

AIPAC-drafted United States aid to Israel illegal

Settlers attack 3 farmers near Ramallah

United Nations turns its back on Israel

Abbas likely to renew bid to upgrade Palestine's United Nations status

Occupation plans to demolish 3,700 houses in Silwan

On occasion of Yom Kippur, dozens of settlers storm Al-Aqsa mosque

United Nations Chief Ban ki-Moon: Door closing to two-state solution

Quakers divest from Veolia and Hewlett Packard

New Irish ship seeks to break Israeli supplies blockade on Gaza

Gaza: Israeli forces raid al-Maghazi refugee camp, open fire at fishermen

130 settlers storm al-Aqsa

Israel builds settlement units in Bethlehem

United Nations: Israel must stop violating Palestinian human rights

Rogue Israeli regime has no right to draw red lines for Iran

Water authority report to Ad Hoc committee highlights water problems

Israel to demolish 9 houses in East Jerusalem

Palestinian youth picket European Union office in Ramallah

Sheikh Sabri warns of Israeli schemes for al-Aqsa Mosque

Israeli military attempts to crush weekly Kufr Qaddum demonstration, 6 arrested

Palestinian man dies of wounds he sustained nine years ago

Occupation plans to expand over forty settlements in West Bank

Ireland steps closer to settlement boycott

Iranian commander: Israel will no longer exist if Iran attacked

Israel will not attend nuke-free Mideast summit in Finland

Soldiers kidnap four, including two children, near Qalqilia

Settlers seize 6 acres from Al-Kader lands, Bethlehem

Iran envoy: Israel root cause of all world problems

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

United States using Pakistan TV ads to quell Muslim anger

Rights group holds Israel responsible for striking prisoners’ lives

Foreign Minister: Egypt continues to support Palestinian reconciliation

Take action: Verdict in Corrie case requires United States investigation

Israeli airstrike kills 3, injures 1 in southern Gaza Strip

Youth injured by army fire in Hebron

New Israeli incursion east of Gaza city

Palestinian Prisoners Society demands release of wounded detainee

Hamas urges Egypt to ease Gaza blockade

Palestinian Prime Minister values Jordan's support to Palestinians

Palestinian president due in Turkey to ask support for United Nations recognition

Jewish settlers attack Palestinian famers south of Nablus

Palestinians seeking United Nations membership anew

Occupation detains school teachers in Janba

Israeli soldiers attack Palestinian near Hebron

Occupation warships target Palestinian fishing boats, Gaza

European organizations calls on United Nations to save three Palestinian hunger strikers

British MPs sign to recognize Palestine

Jewish settlers defile Aqsa Mosque this morning

Israeli police arrests 3 minors in East Jerusalem

Israel to seize land near Al-Haram Al-Ibrahimi

Armada of United States, British naval power massing in Persian Gulf as Israel prepares strike against Iran

IRGC commander: Iran may quit nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty if attacked

3 Palestinian hunger strikers in Israel jail close to death

Settlers attack and injure Palestinians south of Nablus

Protesters injured in Bil’in’s weekly protest

Army attacks Kufr Qaddoum weekly protest

Jordanians demonstrate, call for release of relatives jailed in Israel

Israeli politician: Netanyahu thinks he runs America

Hundreds of settlers attack Palestinians in Hebron

Soldiers attack weekly protest in Nabi Saleh

European Union voices great concern for Palestinian hunger strikers

Israel seeks expansion of 40 settlements

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

Movement for bans on Israeli settlement products accelerating

Over 60 British MPs support United Nations recognition of Palestine

Egyptian aid convoy makes it into Gaza

"United States" anti-Muslim film designed to enrage

Settlers deface mosque near Hebron

Al Mezan condemns Israeli attacks on Palestinian fishermen

Only immediate intervention will save the lives of three Palestinian hunger strikers

Families of Palestinian detainees call for urgent actions to support hunger strikers

Gaza government satisfied with United Nations Chief's statements on Palestinian right to self-determination

Kazakhstan affirms support of Palestinian United Nations bid

Germany: Israel attack on Iran, unwise move

Occupation forces raid Nabi Saleh, shoot Palestinian and arrest others

Israeli forces attack child’s funeral, injuring several

Occupation ships open fire at Gaza fishermen

Occupation confiscates 800 acres, Nablus

Occupation hands demolition notices for 15 Palestinian homes

Urgent call for action: Free Zakaria Zubeidi

Abbas commends India’s economic, technical support

Zionist regime masterminded, co-plotted 9/11 attacks

Israeli forces shoot Palestinian in Hebron

Imminent danger to Sharawna's life

Settlers severely batter 2 Palestinians south of Nablus

Israeli forces destroy 2 water tanks south of Hebron

Israel adamant on destroying Al Araqib and other Bedouin villages

Jewish settlers storm Aqsa Mosque plazas

Four residents, including two children, kidnapped by the army in Hebron

Israeli forces, illegal settlers attack West Bank farmers

Barak: Israel may reoccupy parts of Gaza Strip

Occupation plans to expand Gilo settlement on the lands of Beit Safafa

Jerusalem Foundation: Occupation commits ethnic cleansing against Jerusalemites

European Union mulls imposing total ban on ‘Made in Israel’ products

Abbas: Palestinians to apply for United Nations status despite pressure

Amnesty: Israel must hospitalize or release Palestinian hunger striker on verge of death

Soldiers attack Bil’in’s weekly protest

Soldiers attack Nabi Saleh weekly protest

King Abdullah II renews Jordan's support for Palestinians

Abbas: We will seek United Nations status upgrade

Israeli tank kills three Palestinians in Gaza’s Beit Hanoun

Settlers, members of Israel's intelligence break into Al-Aqsa mosque

Miller: United States presidential candidates lapdogs for Zionist lobbies

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

80 Palestinian organizations protest against European Union

Brazil fully supports Palestinian Authority’s move to gain United Nations non-member status

Soldiers kidnap girl, her 12-year-old brother in Hebron

Israeli occupation confiscate water tanks in Jordan Valley

European Union missions condemn continuous settlers attacks against Palestinians

Norwegian foreign minister calls for reconsidering import of settlement products

Israeli soldiers batter 7-year-old child in Hebron

Soldiers physically attack Palestinian youth in Hebron

Suspected Israeli settlers torch monastery in al-Quds

Israeli occupation serves new demolition notices in the Jordan Valley

Settlers seize Palestinian houses to construct Jewish settlement in Jerusalem

Imminent danger to lives of hunger strikers Samer al-Barq and Hassan Safadi

Palestinians rally in Gaza to demand release of prisoners on hunger strike

Palestinian Center for Human Rights report

United Nations human rights expert speaks out on Israeli ruling on Rachel Corrie verdict

Soldiers kidnap eight Palestinians in West Bank

Elderly man injured after being attacked by settlers

Israeli occupation resumes constructing the apartheid wall north of occupied Jerusalem

New Israeli excavations under the Aqsa Mosque

Israel to close Jerusalem checkpoint

United Nations report: Gaza will be 'unlivable' by 2020 unless immediate action taken

PCHR strongly condemns the denial of entry to the oPt of dozens of international solidarity activists by Israel

Turkey condemns Israel’s decision to tender for construction of additional units in Har Homa settlement

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