Severe fuel shortage leads to closure of 5 hospitals in Gaza

30 injured as Israeli soldiers open fire on Palestinians during Gaza protests

Israeli demolishes more Palestinian homes in Jordan Valley

ISESCO condemns Israeli plan to destroy Jerusalem heritage site

UN: Israel trying to delegitimize aid organizations working in occupied territories

ANERA urges U.S. government to revise or reverse decision on pulling aid to Palestinians

Israeli forces’ killing of Palestinian children in Gaza protests amounts to ‘war crimes’

Fuel crisis threatens lives of hundreds of patients in Gaza

Israeli settlers raze Palestinian land separated by apartheid wall

We are ready to occupy Gaza Strip, says Israeli minister

Palestinian dies of wounds sustained during anti-Israel protests in Gaza

Jordan, Egypt reiterate support to Palestinians' legitimate rights

Venezuela’s Madura reiterates support for Palestinians in meeting with Foreign Minister

Soldiers kill one woman, injure 25 Palestinians, including a medic and two journalists, in Gaza

Lebanon to lodge complaint with UNSC against Israeli 'border wall'

US Senator calls anti-BDS act unconstitutional

New Israeli settlement will surround Bethlehem

Netanyahu wants US recognition of Israel sovereignty over Golan Heights

Jordan says it does not recognise Israeli claims over Golan Heights

Jordan condemns Israeli violations against Al-Aqsa Mosque

Palestinian teen seriously injured as Israeli forces storm West Bank city

Israeli soldiers injure fifteen Palestinians, including medics and a journalist

Minister of Information calls on United Nations to protect journalists

Iraq confirms support for Palestinian state

Israeli soldiers shoot a journalist and a medic in Nablus

Israeli military attacks students in northern West Bank village with live ammunition & tear gas

‘We will remain rooted on our land and resist’

President Abbas: Palestine won't let U.S. sell occupied Jerusalem to Israel

Israel High Court cancels petition against 'racist' Nation State Law

Israel most condemned country at UN in 2018

Arrogant powers can never stop Iran support for Palestine: Ayatollah Khamenei

Colonialist settlers assault Palestinian youth in Hebron

Palestine urges international probe into Jerusalem excavations

Ashrawi denounces Israeli settlement expansion

On 40th Friday of Great March of Return and Breaking Siege, Israeli forces kill Palestinian civilian with disability and wound 18 other civilians, including 4 children and 2 paramedics

Israel vows to block Palestinian membership bid at UN

Outgoing Pentagon chief Mattis rejects Netanyahu's appeal: Report

UK says new housing units in West Bank ‘unacceptable’

Turkish NGO distributes wheelchairs to Palestinians

Banking giant HSBC divests from Israel arms manufacturer

Israel approves construction of some 1,300 new settler units

Israeli colonialist settlers assault an elderly Palestinian man near Nablus

UAE committed to Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital

Palestine to apply for full UN membership in January: FM

Palestinians mark Christmas amid Israeli restrictions

Israeli forces injure dozens of Palestinians at Gaza protest

Settlers bulldoze Palestinian land in Nablus area

Great March of Return protests to continue until end of Gaza siege: Hamas

Huwwara residents foil an attack by colonialist settlers

Iran vows to keep supporting Palestinian cause: FM

Palestinian dies from serious wounds suffered Friday

Outraged Palestinian mourners bury 4 Gazans killed in clashes with Israeli soldiers

Factions call for protest at Australia’s representative office in Ramallah against Jerusalem decision

Fatah to scrap deals with Israel over ‘continuous aggression’

Israeli soldiers kill three Palestinians, including a child, injure 40, including 2 journalist and 4 medics in Gaza

Israeli soldiers kill a Palestinian teen near Ramallah

In UN speech, Britain urges Israel to end demolition of Palestinian homes

Bernie Sanders, Dianne Feinstein join opposition to anti-BDS bill

Pro-Israel Jews using US Treasury to wage economic war on Russia: Writer

EU: US plan on Palestine-Israel conflict must respect 1967 lines

Palestinian injured after being rammed by a settler’s car near Bethlehem

Amnesty hands UK government 50,000-strong petition for ban on Israel settlement goods

Israeli colonialist settlers injure a Palestinian near Bethlehem

Jordan condemns Israel's new settlement expansion plans in occupied West Bank

68-year-old Palestinian woman dies when Israeli forces block ambulance

Illegal Israeli colonists attack school near Nablus

Israeli weapons fueling South Sudan civil war: Report

Malaysia’s Mahathir says no rights to recognise Jerusalem as Israeli capital

Palestinians slam Australia's move on Jerusalem

Canadian court hands important victory to BDS movement

Israeli forces kill Palestinian, injure dozens

Soldiers open fire at Palestinian ambulance near Al-Biereh

Israeli colonialist settlers shoots a Palestinian near Ramallah

Roundup: 4 Palestinians, 2 Israelis killed in West Bank as tension flares up

If America’s ‘core values’ mean anything at all, then anti-BDS laws must be repealed

Gazan kid dies of Israeli gunfire wounds sustained in anti-occupation protests

In first, UK spokesperson tweets about ‘occupied Palestinian territory’

Israeli forces fatally shoot Palestinian in southern West Bank

11 Palestinian protesters injured by Israeli live bullets

Soldiers injure four Palestinians in Nablus

Israeli soldiers raid official Palestinian news agency in Ramallah

Lebanon's parliament speaker accuses Israel of violating UNSC Resolution 1701

Trump threatens cuts to countries who voted against Hamas resolution

French PM calls for lifting Israeli blockade on Gaza

German court confirms BDS advocacy is protected freedom of expression and assembly

Israeli gunfire injures dozens of protesters in Gaza

Israel continues to expand settlement outpost south of Nablus

New York University student government adopts BDS-inspired divestment resolution

Palestinians hail failure of U.S. draft resolution to condemn Hamas

Soldiers shoot two children in Jerusalem

Irish Senate approves bill criminalizing goods made in settlements

Elderly woman injured after colonialist settler rammed her with his car

Rashida Tlaib to head US congressional delegation to West Bank, endorses BDS

Uruguay affirms support for Palestinians rights

Israeli forces kill Palestinian in Tulkarm

Israeli forces attack new freedom flotilla in Gaza, dozens injured

9 Palestinians shot by Israeli forces in Gaza

Palestinians succeed in in halting demolition of Tahaddi 5 school

PCHR: On 36th Friday of the Great March of Return and Breaking Siege, Israeli forces wound 58 civilians, including 14 children and paramedic

Palestine thwarts efforts by U.S. to question its membership in OPCW

Arab Americans condemn CNN decision to fire commentator for his pro-Palestine views

UN General Assembly adopts 5 more resolutions in favor of Palestine

Israeli soldiers attack the weekly procession in Bil’in

28 Palestinians injured at Gaza border

Irish boycott bill passes first Senate reading

Chilean congress votes to ban products from illegal Israeli settlements

Students from 30 UK universities protest against investment in Israel occupation

Israel to build 2,300 ultra-Orthodox houses on site of Deir Yassin massacre

Israel supreme court grants Palestinian land to the Jewish National Fund

Army injures several Palestinians near Bethlehem

Irish senate advances bill to ban sale of Israeli settlement goods

Indian premier expresses support for Palestinians on day of solidarity

Israeli bulldozers demolish house in Jerusalem

Israel expropriates almost 70 acres of Catholic Church property

Saudi Arabia pledges $50 mln to UN Palestinian refugee agency

Iran sponsors families of Palestinians killed during Gaza protests

Rogue regimes like Israel with illegal nukes present real danger to peace: Analyst

Netanyahu says “no settlement will be evacuated” in his time

Iran says won’t let ‘deal of the century’ pass

3 Palestinians injured in clashes with Israeli soldiers in northern Gaza: medics

First batch of Japan medicines arrives in Gaza

Palestine slams Israel’s arrest of Jerusalem governor

Israel is building a new illegal colony in Nablus

Pro-Palestine groups call on artists to boycott next Eurovision contest in Israel

100 Palestinians injured in clashes with Israeli soldiers in eastern Gaza: medics

Evacuation of 700 Jerusalemites from Silwan approved by Israeli court

EU academic body votes to boycott Israel universities

UK bill to recognize Palestine submitted to House of Commons

Settlers take over Palestinian land in Ramallah-area village

Krähenbühl applauds international contributions to UNRWA

‘As long as there’s occupation, there’ll be resistance’

Human Rights Council gives Israel 60 days to respond to “racist nation-state law”

PLO official says Israel should be condemned at UN, not Hamas

Canada student organisation endorses BDS

Commissioner applauds international effort for keeping UN Palestine refugee agency afloat

UAE and Jordan stress need to end Israel-Palestine conflict and withdraw Israeli forces from occupied land

Navy opens fire at fishing boats, army invades lands, in Gaza

AirBnB announces: No more listings in Israeli colonial settlements

Israel threatens to punish Airbnb for removing home listings in West Bank settlements

Palestinians applaud Airbnb's decision to remove listings in illegal Israeli settlements

Army abducts three Palestinians, inure four, one seriously, in Ramallah

Israeli soldiers injure many Palestinians near Nablus

Palestinian family forced at gunpoint to leave their land in Bethlehem

UK Church boycotts companies profiting from Israel occupation of Palestine

Army opens fire at farmers and shepherds, in Gaza

The Palestinian Journalists Syndicate condemns the assault against the international march

U.S. warns of 'consequences' as Palestine joins international bodies

Israeli soldiers injure 15 Palestinians near Nablus

Army injures a farmer in central Gaza

Israeli forces fire tear gas at journalists in West Bank

Updated: Army injures 40 Palestinians in Gaza

Israeli soldiers attack the weekly procession in Bil’in

Malaysia criticises Australia for Jerusalem embassy move

Gulf citizens renew calls for anti-normalisation with Israel

Algeria renews its support to Palestinian people

Israeli navy kills a Palestinian fisherman in Gaza

Israeli soldiers injure a Palestinian, and abduct him, near Gaza’s northern border

Iran condemns Israel attacks on Gaza

Egypt calls on Israel to end military action in Gaza

Newly-elected Democrat expresses support for BDS

Army kills two Palestinians in Gaza

Palestinian dies from serious wounds suffered Monday

Seven Palestinians, one Israeli undercover soldier, killed in Gaza

Jordan calls for swift action to halt "Israeli aggression" on Gaza

Army injures many schoolchildren near Bethlehem

Turkey slams Israeli violation in East Jerusalem

Another Palestinian dies of Israel-inflicted wounds in West Bank

France denounces Israel’s decision to build 792 new units in Jerusalem

Wide support for campaign against Hollywood’s support of Israel army

At least 37 injured at Gaza’s borders

Army injures several nonviolent protesters in Bil’in

Saudi Arabia calls for end to Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories

International Union of Muslim scholars ‘rejects normalisation with Israel and calls for release of prisoners of conscience’

Palestinian youth killed at Gaza border

Palestinian dies from serious wounds he suffered in southern Gaza

Army attacks school principal in Hebron

Israel approves construction of 640 new settler units in East Jerusalem al-Quds

Brazil President-elect reconsiders Jerusalem embassy move

Belgium promises to consider recognition of Palestinian state, says ambassador

Army injures twenty Palestinians in Nablus

Settlement organization files lawsuit to re-demolish school in Bethlehem

Palestinians strive to halt Brazil's embassy relocation to Jerusalem

Jordan's King Abdullah's stance towards Palestinian cause duty and honour

Army demolishes two homes in Jerusalem

Increasing Israel attacks on Al-Aqsa, Ibrahimi Mosques

Palestinian teen dies from serious wounds suffered in Gaza

Palestinian man dies from serious wounds suffered in Khan Younis

At least 21 Palestinian protesters injured at Gaza flotilla protest

Hamas vows to continue anti-Israel rallies until "goals achieved"

Jordan urges UK to apologize over Balfour Declaration

Child dies from serious wounds suffered in 2014

Israeli colonists hurled molotov cocktails at Palestinian cars near Nablus

Several Palestinians injured at Gaza border

MADA: Israeli attacks against media freedoms across OPT expands and grows more violent

Hamas urges Brazil to abandon plan to move embassy to Jerusalem al-Quds

Irish lawmakers call for arms embargo on Israel

‘101 years since Balfour, Palestinians have not let go of their rights’

Bulldozers raze Palestinian lands in Tulkarem

‘No justice for 50 Palestinian children killed in 2018’, says NGO

On 101st anniversary of Balfour Declaration, world campaign demands Britain bear responsibility

Israel kills Palestinian man in Gaza Strip

Palestine demands ICC investigate occupation’s killing of three children

Israel kills 3 Palestinian teenagers in Gaza

Thousands of outraged mourners bury 3 Palestinian children killed in Gaza

Israel practicing ‘apartheid’ experts will say at London conference

IOF open fire on Gaza farmers

Palestine slams new settlement homes in Jerusalem

Palestinian dies from serious wounds suffered Friday

Soldiers ram two Palestinians with their Jeep, cause many to suffer effects of teargas inhalation

Palestine Advocacy Project honors heroism in Gaza

King Abdullah says "full funds" must go to Palestinian aid agency

Five Palestinian killed in Gaza, one in West Bank by IOF

Israel demolishes Al-Araqeeb for 135th time, arrests residents

Israel’s $72m war chest to fight BDS comes to Brussels

Army injures eight Palestinians in southern Gaza

Israeli troops kill Palestinian man in West Bank raid

Palestinian teenage boy succumbs to wounds sustained in Gaza border clashes

Army attacks Gaza demonstrators, six shot and injured

Israeli soldiers shoot a Palestinian, abduct a teenage boy, in Bethlehem

HRW says torture in Palestinian jails 'systematic'

France calls on Israel to abandon planned demolition of Khan al-Ahmar village

Palestine PM meets with Chinese Vice President

Navy attacks rally on Gaza coast, injuries reported

Media campaign to end the siege on Gaza

PA says to continue sit-in at Bedouin village at risk of demolition

Foreign Ministry says Israeli laws seek to terrorize critics

Army injures 130 Palestinians in Gaza

Israeli forces attack Khan al-Ahmar protest, assault PA minister

Palestine slams U.S. decision to downgrade Jerusalem Consulate

UN envoy calls on Israel to cease settlement activities

ICC prosecutor issues warning on Bedouin village demolition

Theresa May condemns Israel’s planned demolition of Khan Al-Ahmar

Palestine to protect Bedouin village with resistance: PM

Germany to give UN $9.2m to reconstruct Gaza

Palestinian dies from serious wounds suffered Monday

Palestinian killed as Israeli military drops multiple bombs in Gaza

Settlers attack olive harvesters in north of West Bank, injure two

Pro-Palestinian demonstrators confront UK Israeli ambassador in Belfast

Israeli soldiers shoot two Palestinians in central Gaza

Israel policewoman ‘shot Palestinian for fun’, court hears

Israeli navy, soldiers, injure 19 Palestinians in northern Gaza

Illegal Israeli colonists attack Palestinian olive pickers, injure one, near Nablus

Two Palestinians workers injured after being rammed by a colonialist settler’s vehicle

Israel approves 31 settler homes in Hebron: minister

Jordan's king says injustice against Palestinians must end

Palestinian woman stoned to death by Israeli settlers

Gazans to keep up anti-occupation rallies until end of Israeli siege: Haniyeh

7 Palestinians killed, 112 injured by Israeli fire

Israel to expel UNRWA from Jerusalem

Israeli settlers, soldiers injure dozens of Palestinian students in northern West Bank

US student Lara Alqasem challenges Israeli entry ban in court

More public figures join Irish campaign to boycott Eurovision 2019

Syria writes to UN to condemn Israel jail sentence of Syrian man in Golan

US professor urges release of student held in Israel

Hamas: Fuel enters Gaza to ease humanitarian crisis

Israeli navy, soldiers, injure 29 Palestinians near Gaza shore

Israeli minister says US student will be released if she condemns BDS

Jordan, Lebanon underline need for continued support to UNRWA

Soldiers injure several Palestinians, invade lands, in Gaza

Army fires a missile into southern Gaza

Netanyahu says army prepping for possible military campaign against Gaza

US student held in Israel for BDS support

Palestinian academic calls for boycott of Israel

Palestine slams Israeli decision to reduce Gaza fishing area

Three Palestinians killed, hundreds injured in clashes with Israeli forces at Gaza border

As olive harvest begins, settlers harass villagers near Nablus

Palestinian injured after being rammed by a settler

Israel to construct 14,864 new settler units in occupied West Bank

Mother, 9 children homeless after Israel demolishes home

Israel deploys snipers, tanks, missiles to counter Gaza protests

Pro-Israel lobby forces France to stop labelling settlement products

Israeli forces kill Palestinian teen in Gaza

'IAEA should inspect Israel’s secret sites'

Anti-Israeli professor among chemistry Nobel winners

Ohio billboard protests US aid to Israel

Israeli soldiers fatally shoot elderly Palestinian farmer in central Gaza Strip

Israeli soldiers injure many Palestinians, abduct several others, in Jerusalem

Israeli forces attack university students rally north of Ramallah, students injuredIsraeli forces attack university students rally north of Ramallah, students injured

Israel’s planned demolition of Khan al-Ahmar village war crime: Amnesty InternationalIsrael’s planned demolition of Khan al-Ahmar village war crime: Amnesty International

UNGA president urges compliance with existing resolutions on Palestinian issue

Israeli PM thanks U.S. for record military aid deal

Army shoots six Palestinians, two seriously, in Gaza

Israeli fanatics go on a rampage in Palestinian areas in Jerusalem

West Bank, Gaza and Palestinians in Israel strike against racist Israeli law

Soldiers shoot a Palestinian in Jericho

Palestine files lawsuit against United States with the International Court of Justice

Israel cries foul as Real Madrid hosts Palestinian icon

Angry Palestinian mourners bury 7 killed by Israeli gunfire during Friday protests

Egypt's Al-Azhar denounces Israeli "brutality" against Gaza protestors

Israeli soldiers kill seven Palestinians, including two children, injure 506, in Gaza

Israeli soldiers invade many homes, injure several Palestinians, near Hebron

UNRWA promised new funding at Jordan co-hosted meeting

Iran's FM denounces Israel's nuke arsenal as "biggest threat" to Mideast

Israeli army injures ten Palestinians, including two journalists, in Nablus

European Union exerts effort to halt demolition of Khan Al-AhmarEuropean Union exerts effort to halt demolition of Khan Al-Ahmar

RTÉ Director General meets with Palestinian rights campaigners over Eurovision boycott

Army injures five Palestinians in Gaza

50,000 settlers perform Talmudic rituals in Al-Aqsa mosque courtyards

Thousands of Palestinian refugees protest against U.S. aid cut to UNRWA

Media office holds press conference on International Day of Solidarity with Palestinian Journalists

Navy fires on boats attempting to break Gaza siege

Labour conference votes for freeze of arms sales to Israel

World Bank: Cash-strapped Gaza and an economy in collapse put Palestinian basic needs at risk

Jordan’s King Abdullah II warns of ‘dangers’ to Jerusalem

P.A. Foreign Ministry: “Netanyahu’s government affirms it's hostility to peace”

Israeli soldiers kill a Palestinian in Gaza

Lack of medications threatens lives of 425 kidney patients

Human rights activist held in administrative detention

UNRWA staff on strike over service cuts on Palestinian refugees

Israel plans to occupy all Palestinian land, expel its people: Analyst

Irish senator urges event to be canceled over ‘apartheid’ Israel

Ireland may ‘recognise’ Palestine if talks keep failing

Palestinian sports groups threaten Puma boycott over Israel sponsorship

Updated: Israeli army kills one Palestinian, injures 312, in Gaza

Israel begins constructing 310 new settler units in occupied Old City

Iran urges intternational community to pressure Israel to join NPT

Europeans at UN urge Israel not to demolish Palestinian village

South Africa trade union president urges government to downgrade Israel ties

Spain to push for European recognition of Palestine

Palestinian official welcomes Spain's readiness to recognize Palestinian state

Israeli soldiers kills a child in southern Gaza

UNRWA: We will not sit idly by following U.S. measures

Egypt academic: Netanyahu pushing U.S. to start war against Iran

Israeli soldiers cause schoolchildren to suffer effects of teargas inhalation in Hebron

13,000 UNRWA employees in Gaza protest against cuts

Palestinian beaten to death by Israeli soldiers

Army kills two Palestinians in Gaza

PA Foreign Ministry urges UNSC to counter ongoing settlement activity

Israeli soldiers fire live rounds at Palestinian farmers in southern Gaza

Army injures eight Palestinians, including two medics, in Nablus

Teacher, several students, injured by army gas bombs in Hebron

600,000 Palestinians harmed as US closes PLO’s office

Prime Minister: Jordan’s stand on Palestine unwavering

Palestinian teen dies of wounds sustained during Gaza protests

UN: Israel’s demolition of Khan al-Ahmar violation of international law

Israeli soldiers injure many nonviolent protesters in Bil’in

Israel warns it may reduce Gaza fishing zone even further

Trump administration cuts last sources of aid to Palestinian civilians

Israeli forces fatally shoot three Palestinians in Gaza

IRCS: “Israel must abide by international humanitarian law”

PA calls on ICC to stop demolition of Khan Al-Ahmar

Child hospitalized after illegal colonialist settler pepper-sprayed him in Hebron

EU is against member states moving embassy to Jerusalem, says ambassador

Ashrawi applauds UNRWA commitment to Palestine refugees, lashes out at US ‘blackmail’ tactics

Over 150 international scientists and scholars call for UNRWA support

Trump administration threatens to sanction ICC judges, ICC repsonds

Arabs vow to mobilize funds for pro-Palestinian agency after U.S. aid cut

Israeli navy injures 49 Palestinians in Gaza

UN rights experts, European governments urge Israel against village demolition

Trump’s administration will fail to break the Palestinians

Palestinians renew ICC push against Israel despite U.S. pressure

Arab League condemns U.S. decision of closing PLO office in Washington

Egyptian FM voices support for UN Palestine refugees agency

9/11 was the new Pearl Harbor to instill fear into Americans: Philosopher

IOF attack elementary school, assault teachers

Trump to announce closure of Palestinian representative office in Washington DC

Over 140 international artists boycott Eurovision in solidarity with Palestinians

Additional UNRWA funding of EUR 3.5 million approved by Italy

Malaysia to raise funds for UNRWA

Israeli troops shoot dead Palestinian at Gaza's border fence

Gaza hospitals to stop services over fuel crisis

Child dies from serious wounds suffered in southern Gaza

Israeli soldiers injure two Palestinians in Nablus

Army injures several Palestinians near Bethlehem

Trump to cut millions from E. Jerusalem hospitals, expert warns of ‘collapse’

One Palestinian boy killed, 395 others injured by IOF in Gaza border

Palestinian dies from serious wounds he suffered in June

Two Palestinians injured by missile fired from Israeli drone in Gaza

Israeli soldiers injure one Palestinian, abduct three, in Bethlehem

Arab League welcomes Paraguay's decision to move back Israeli embassy to Tel Aviv

Lebanese military warns Israel against oil exploration on borders

Israeli court upholds order to raze Palestinian village

Paraguay moving Israeli embassy back to Tel Aviv, after 4 months

Jordan on the go to secure support for UNRWA

British government raises funding of UNRWA following U.S. aid cancellation

The truths that won’t be heard

Israel plans to build 75 new settler units in occupied East Jerusalem al-Quds

New Colombian president: Recognition of Palestine 'irreversible'

Israeli soldiers demolish four homes, injure sixteen Palestinians, near Bethlehem

PA calls for documenting Israel settler attacks

Israeli soldiers shoot a child in Kufur Qaddoum

Four Palestinians injured by Israeli settlers

Palestinian president says refugee issue must be solved with international resolutions

Protesters condemn U.S. decision to halt UNRWA funding

U.S. cuts all funding to UNRWA

Israel welcomes end of U.S. aid for UN Palestinian refugee agency

Palestinians condemn U.S. decision to end aid to UNRWA

Turkey condemns U.S. aid cut to UN Palestine agency

Jordan spearheads aggressive campaign to sustain UNRWA’s mandate

Israeli weapons used in genocide against Rohingya Muslims

Israeli forces attack Palestinian protesters in Gaza, injure 240

Palestinian minister injured by Israeli bullets near Ramallah

Israel wants to act with even more impunity by banning the filming of its murderous soldiers

Israel threatens to use nuclear weapons to ‘wipe out’ its enemies

Germany to increase Palestine aid funding to UNRWA to counter US cuts

Jordan to host fundraiser at UN for Palestinian refugee agency

Including six family members, army injures several Palestinians, abducts one, in Tubas

Detention extended for Palestinian journalist

Army injures two Palestinians in Nablus

Palestinian PM calls U.S. accomplice in Israeli occupation of Palestinian land

Palestinians are starved for not ceding their land, says ElBaradei

U.S. will no longer accept Palestinian refugees' right to return to occupied territories

PCHR: Israeli forces attack non-violent protest in Gaza, wounding 89 civilians

Trump cuts $200 million in aid to Palestinians

Netanyahu’s strategy to split EU front and prevent a two-state solution

Israel intends to kill civilians and medical staff deliberately, says new report

PLO’s Ashrawi: Taking Jerusalem off the table takes peace off the table

Israeli colonialist settlers injure two Palestinians near Nablus

UK condemns Israeli plans for new West Bank units

PLO urges international community to impose sanctions on Israel over settlement

Israel to build 650 new units in Beit El colony

U.S. support for Israel taking toll on Gazans

Israel approves dozens of units in illegal colony near Bethlehem

Israel tightens blockade of Gaza Strip

Israel slams UN chief's calls to boost protection of Palestinians

Norwegian activist shot as Israeli forces subdue protest east of Qalqilia

UN chief proposes options to protect Palestinians

Two Palestinian killed, 240 injured in clashes with IOF at Gaza border protest

Palestinian Authority: Israel's new expansion plan ‘declaration of war’

Israeli authorities approve 20,000 new settlement units in Jerusalem

Over 600 units added to Avni Hafetz settlement

Khan Al Ahmar: The head of the National Committee to Resist the Wall and Settlements, is preparing to go to the International Criminal Court

Palestinian succumbs to wounds, Gaza death toll rises to 168

PLO seeking to kick Israel out of United Nations on apartheid grounds

Health ministry: “%80 of cancer medications depleted in Gaza hospitals”

Palestinian government calls for international pressure on Israel to lift siege on Gaza

Thousands protest ‘Jewish State’ law in Tel Aviv

Palestinian man succumbs to Israeli gunfire wounds sustained in Gaza rally

Thousands pay farewell to 3 Palestinian martyrs

Including one medic, Israeli soldiers kill two Palestinians, injure 307, in Gaza

BBC bows to pressure from Israel and changes Gaza headline

What everyone should know about Israel’s siege of the Gaza Strip

Abbas hails Qatari emir's effort to support Palestinians

Israeli air raids kill 3 Palestinians in overnight Gaza shelling

Army injures many Palestinians in Kufur Qaddoum

Israeli military official: “No end in sight” for current escalation in Gaza; 140 bombs dropped overnight

Colombia to recognize Palestinian state

Newly launched air strikes on Gaza leave two injured

601 Irish artists pledge boycott of Israeli cultural exchanges

2 Hamas militants killed by Israeli artillery fire in Gaza

Child detainee testimonies point to torture by Israeli forces

For Arab citizens of Israel, Nation State law as bad as apartheid

Germany donates 97 homes, shops for Palestinian refugees in Lebanon

China to grant 2.35 mln USD for Gaza food program

The European Union has a responsibility to stop Israel violating democracy

Abbas to hold summit meeting with Jordanian king over Palestinian cause

Hundreds in Gaza rally against funding cut of UN agency for Palestinian refugees

The American attempt to erase the Palestinian right of return

King Abdullah affirms Jordan's support for Palestinian cause

Palestinian teen dies from serious wounds he suffered on March 30th

Kushner seeking to strip Palestinians of refugee status, disrupt UNRWA work

Israel exports weapons to 30 countries, worth $9 billion annually

Senators pass bill to increase US aid to Israel to $3.8 billion

Palestinian journalists demand Israel to release 21 of their colleagues

Child dies from serious wounds suffered Friday

Israel forces shoot dead one, injure 120 Palestinian protesters

Israeli military court extends detention of four Palestinian journalists

Hundreds of thousands of Palestinians need your solidarity

Israeli soldiers injure several Palestinians near Nablus

Army injures several Palestinians in Tubas

Israel orders demolition of 6 Palestinian homes in Bethlehem

Israeli colonizers injure a Palestinian child in Hebron

Adidas no longer sponsoring Israel Football Association

Information Ministry calls in international community to stop Israeli violations against journalists, media outlets

Israel’s Mossad leads ‘assassinations’ in the world

Sisi: “We support Israel’s withdrawal to 1967 borders”

Saudi King: We will not abandon Palestine

Israeli missiles kill two Palestinians in Gaza

Israeli army injures eight Palestinians, including a journalist, in Kufur Qaddoum

Husband and wife injured after Israeli colonizers attacked them in Hebron

Palestinian teen, Ahed Tamimi, released from Israeli prison

Palestinian teenager Ahed Tamimi vows to continue resistance

Activists expect Israeli raid as freedom flotilla nears Gaza

Israeli navy intercepts Norwegian-flagged Gaza-bound ship

Palestinian teen dies from serious wounds suffered Friday

Health ministry: Israeli soldiers kill two, including a child, injure 246, in Gaza

UN: Former war crimes prosecutor to investigate Gaza protest killings

Freedom Flotilla sails off from Italy heads to Gaza

Israeli army kills three Palestinians in Gaza

Demolition of Khan al-Ahmar could amount to war crime, says UN rights expert

Israel kills witnesses to its crimes, and doesn’t want us to know

Gaza youth dies of wounds sustained back in May

UN rights chief sharply criticizes Israel over Gaza killings

UN rights chief calls on Israel to release Palestinian children held in administrative detention

Israeli soldiers kill a Palestinian child in Bethlehem

Young man dies from serious wounds suffered on June 8

Israeli missile injures two Palestinians in northern Gaza

Iran condemns Israel's "Jewish Nation-State" law: spokesperson

Yousef: By closing the final crossing, Israel is starving Gaza

Egypt rejects Israel's "Jewish nation-state" law

Israeli soldiers kill three Palestinian fighters in Gaza

Israeli army kills a fourth Palestinian in Gaza

Lieberman says Israel planning assault on Gaza bigger than 2014 invasion in which 2100 Palestinians killed

Israeli army kills one Palestinian, injures three, in Rafah

Israeli parliament passes controversial ‘nation-state’ law

Al-Hamdallah: “Jewish Nation-State” law institutionalize and legitimize Apartheid policies

EU expresses concern over Israel's Jewish nation-state law

Arab leaders demand world step in after Israel passes ‘apartheid’ bill

Thousands gather in Khan al Ahmar against planned demolition

Palestine Freedom Flotilla arrives in Palermo, Sicily

Israeli forces demolish two homes west of Jericho

Young Palestinian man dies from wounds he suffered on May 14

Broad support for Palestinian rights and a boycott of Israel in Spain’s largest cities

Israel first country to kill children using US-made F35 fighters

‘My heart is Palestinian,’ Maradona tells Abbas

Israeli air strikes kill two children, injure 25 Palestinians, in Gaza

IPS torturing children in interrogation centers

Army shoots nine Palestinians, abducts seven, near Ramallah

Palestinian dies from serious wounds he suffered Friday

‘Jordan has a duty to defend Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa’

Israeli forces open fire on Gaza protesters, kill Palestinian teen

Episcopal church votes to divest from Israeli human rights abuses

Arab League welcomes Irish Senate's vote to ban trade with Israeli settlements

Israel to demolish 50 Arab houses

Irish senate votes in favor of boycotting Israeli settlement products

UN concerned about new Israeli restrictions on Gaza

IOF demolish two houses in Qalanswa occupied city

New flotilla sets sail from Gaza in protest at Israeli siege

Israeli navy intercepts humanitarian flotilla from Gaza

Ashrawi calls on Irish people to reject import of settlement products

Israeli bulldozers level lands in Gaza

MAP founder to join Freedom Flotilla

Young man dies from serious wounds he suffered in 2009

Israeli parliament to push bill allowing Jews to purchase occupied lands

What Israel is doing to Palestinians is ‘unacceptable,’ insists Al-Azhar

Palestinian government issues a thank you statement to Ladraa

Update: Palestinian nationality granted to Swedish activist

Israeli forces kill young Palestinian in Gaza

Israel denies entry to Swedish peace activist who walked to Palestine

UN officials call for an end to West Bank demolitions and respect for international law

Spain condemns Israel’s demolition of Bedouin homes East of Jerusalem

Alliance of 140 global political parties endorses BDS, urges military embargo on Israel

Palestinian teen dies from serious wounds he suffered on May 14

Israeli army injures 36, abducts 10, while trying to demolish Al-Khan Al-Ahmar

UN, EU urge Israel to stop demolition of Bedouin village in West Bank

Israel blocks EU diplomats from visiting Bedouin village

Israel set to raze West Bank village despite backlash

Israel blockades Khan al-Ahmar Bedouin village in Jerusalem

Israeli army kills a Palestinian, injures three, then abducts two of them

Israel seeks 1,000 new settlement units in East Jerusalem

Thousands of Palestinian women rally against Israel in eastern Gaza

Algeria MP boards Gaza-bound Freedom Flotilla in Italy

Israel preparing to annex West Bank says UN expert

Army injures dozens of Palestinians in Beit Ummar

Israeli colonizers attack Palestinians in Hebron

Israeli forces shoot dead two Palestinians in Gaza Strip

Freedom Flotilla ships leave Spain, head to Italy

Palestinian child dies from serious wounds suffered at dawn

International community must ensure destruction of Israel’s WMD arsenal: Zarif

Israel plan to expand illegal settlement in Bethlehem

Ireland to discuss bill banning Israel settlement produce

Tributes paid to pro-Palestine lawyer Felicia Langer

Tortured detainee suffers complications

Iran’s stance on Palestinian cause remains unchanged

US church with 1.5m members votes unanimously to support BDS

50 Palestinians injured in clashes with Israeli forces in Nablus

Israel settlers set fire to 300 trees in Palestinian village

Israel army has plan to dissect and occupy parts of the Gaza Strip

Palestinian dies from wounds suffered Friday

Army injures several Palestinians near Hebron

Palestinians see glimmer of hope in Prince William's visit

Corbyn visits Palestinian refugees, vows to recognize Palestinian state

Army injures seven Palestinians, including a journalist, in Kufur Qaddoum

Britain's Prince William on historic trip to Palestine

Palestinians slam U.S. exit from UNHRC

Palestinian dies at Gaza border crossing with Israel after repeated denial of medical permit

Israeli warplanes attack over two dozen targets in Gaza Strip

Israel keeps expanding settlements despite UN resolution

‘Ali on the grill’ – outside court, Israelis taunt family of Palestinian toddler killed in 2015 arson attack

Freedom Flotilla ships arrive in Lisbon

Palestinian child dies from serious wounds suffered in Gaza

Army opens fire at shepherds in Gaza

Israeli soldiers kill one Palestinian in Gaza

Detained teen released after losing his sight due to torture, and being denied treatment

UK ‘complicit’ in Israeli crimes against Palestinians: London-based charity

Israel advances bill criminalizing filming atrocities against Palestinians

Australia nixes moving embassy to Jerusalem al-Quds

Israeli soldiers shoot two Palestinians near Ramallah

Human rights group: Israeli banks’ support for settlements is crime of ‘pillage’

Ayatollah Khamenei: Illegitimate regime of Israel will not last

Palestinian dies from serious wounds in Khan Younis

UN General Assembly votes to condemn Israel’s excessive force against Gaza protests

Arab Parliament welcomes UN resolution to protect Palestinians

Abu Rudeineh: UN vote carries a strong message to US and Israel

President says UN vote a victory for justice

Israel pressures French suburb to remove Nakba street sign

India’s largest student federation calls for boycotting HP for its dealings in Israel

Israeli colonialist settlers attack homes near Nablus, soldiers injure two Palestinians

300 prominent global figures accuse Israel of committing ‘war crimes’

Palestinian cultural groups urge Eurovision to boycott Israel

Israeli soldiers attack and abduct a child in Kufur Qaddoum

Hundreds of people in London, Berlin mark International Quds Day

UN General Assembly to hold “urgent meeting” on Gaza next Wednesday

Three Palestinians killed on Gaza border, over 500 injured

Israeli forces attack Palestinians traveling to Al-Aqsa through Qalandia checkpoint

Walk To Palestine activist Ladraa arrives in Lebanon

Arab League chief urges international efforts to stop Israeli violations against Palestinians

Iran urges mass rallies on Quds Day to support Palestinians

Updated: Israeli soldiers kill a Palestinian near Ramallah

Israeli soldiers abduct a member of Hebron City Council

Aid convoy arrives in blockaded Gaza via Egypt

Army attacks many Palestinians, abduct fifteen, in Al-Aqsa Mosque

Israeli soldiers kill a Palestinian in Gaza

Palestinian man succumbs to serious wounds

MOFA: Israel implementing plans that prevent establishing Palestinian state

Israeli soldiers kill a Palestinian worker in Hebron

Israeli soldiers shoot a Palestinian in southern Gaza

Red Cross deploys surgical teams to Gazan hospitals

Dr. Ashrawi: “U.S. veto, absolute proof of moral corruption”

Israeli forces fatally shoot Palestinian nurse in anti-occupation rally

Soldiers injure several Palestinians, including a journalist, in Bethlehem, abduct one in Jenin

US vetoes UN resolution on protecting Palestinians

Gaza facing 'epic' crisis after recent Israeli carnage: Red Cross

UN Security Council set to vote on protecting Palestinians

Palestinian dies from serious wounds suffered in Gaza

Israel approves 450 new colonialist units in Bethlehem

Arab League condemns Israel's plans for new settlements in Jerusalem

Hamas: We have a right to respond to Israel’s crimes

IOF shell school in Gaza during high school exams

Israeli banks support Palestinian land theft, settlement expansion: HRW

Muslim scholars call for lifting ‘siege on Gaza’

Palestine foreign ministry welcomes EU support to two-state solution

Palestinian dies from serious wounds suffered in Gaza

EU foreign ministers to discuss latest Israeli crimes, US embassy move, says official

Gaza boats will attempt to break Israel Navy siege on Tuesday

Two Palestinians die from serious wounds in Gaza

Jordan slams Israel's plan for new settlements

New UK parliament motion condemns Israel’s ‘massacre of Palestinian protesters’

After Gaza protesters slain, Cambridge students demand divestment

Soldiers injure three Palestinians in Nablus, abduct one in Ramallah

Israel mulls over construction of 2,500 new settler units in West Bank

Israel publishes order to allow demolishing Palestinian structures in Area C

Ashrawi calls for concrete measures to stop settlement activities

Turkey to impose sanctions on Israel

Palestinian child dies from serious wounds he suffered eight days ago

Israeli airstrikes target anti-blockade boats, Hamas site in Gaza

Iran says Israel's Gaza massacre was pre-planned

Bulgaria will not recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital

Nigerian Muslim body calls for sanctions on Israel

Arab League chief slams opening of Paraguay's embassy in Jerusalem

Palestine asks ICC to probe Israel rights violations linked to settlements

Israel plans new settlements south of Jerusalem al-Quds

Khaled calls for bypassing US Veto & taking Israeli crimes to UNGA

Reporters Without Borders want ICC action over Gaza

Palestinian man dies from serious wounds suffered on April 14

Another Palestinian dies from wounds suffered on May 14

Army attacks the weekly nonviolent protest in Ni’lin

Israeli soldiers injure many protesters in Kufur Qaddoum

Islamic world mulling measures against countries following U.S. move on Jerusalem

UN Human Rights Body Calls for International Inquiry in Gaza

Iran FM urges independent international probe into Israel crimes

Arab League demands international probe into Israeli crimes

Turkish Foreign Minister: Israel should be taken to International Criminal Court over Gaza massacre

Convoy sent to Gaza with medical supplies, relief aid

Vietnam reaffirms support for Palestinian statehood

MSF: Many children in Gaza shot with live ammunition will ‘require amputation’

Israeli colonialist settler shoots a Palestinian man in Hebron

Lavrov slams Israeli designation of Gaza protesters

UN Special Rapporteur: Israel’s actions against Palestinians amount to ‘war crime’

UN Human Rights Council to meet after Gaza killings

Pope ‘very worried’ by escalating Middle East violence

Gaza death toll rises to 61

Anti-Israel protests held worldwide in solidarity with Palestinians

Kuwait says Israel's "massacre" against Palestinians violates international human rights law

China seriously concerned over violent clashes in Gaza

Japan expresses concerns regarding violence in Gaza

Thousands protest in Istanbul over killings of Palestinians

Hundreds rally in Jordan in protest of U.S. embassy opening in Jerusalem

Protests planned across Ireland today in response to Israel’s massacre of Palestinians

Syria says U.S. move of embassy to Jerusalem "illegitimate"

Israel’s killing of Palestinians a grim reminder that Nakba is not over

Update: Israeli army kills 52 Palestinians in Gaza

Israeli soldiers kill 18, injure 918, in Gaza

Ten Palestinian journalists attacked by Israeli forces

Israel unveils budget for ‘Israelization’ of East Jerusalem al-Quds

Global protests denounce US embassy relocation to Jerusalem al-Quds

South Africa withdraws its ambassador to Israel “with immediate effect”

Palestinian government calls for declaring East Jerusalem capital of Palestine

Health Ministry: Army kills one Palestinian, injures 448, in Gaza

Young man dies from wounds suffered two days ago

World diplomats skip US embassy opening ceremony in Jerusalem al-Quds

Ongoing Nakba must end - Time has come for the international community to act

Israeli soldiers abduct a Fateh leader and his wife in Jerusalem

Army shoots a Palestinian with a gas bomb in the head

Israel to spend $16.6 million on excavations under Al-Aqsa Mosque

UN Secretary-General confirms opposition to US Embassy move to Jerusalem

Israeli soldiers injure three Palestinians in Gaza

Erdogan addressing the Palestinian people: ‘We will fight for you until the end’

Anti-Israel committee urges global rejection of transferring U.S. embassy to Jerusalem

Palestinian journalists protest against Israeli violations

Two more Palestinian protesters slain by Israeli forces in Gaza

Gaza patient dies after Israel refused to allow him treatment

Scores of Gazans injured by Israel in sixth week of protests

Another Gaza youth dies of wounds sustained during protest

Medics in Gaza report Israel forces using devastating ‘butterfly bullet’

RSF calls for urgent investigation into second journalist death since beginning of Great March

Japan: Embassy will not be relocated to al-Quds

Abbas says no Palestinian state without Gaza

Arab League chief urges Ukrainian FM to support Palestinian cause

Israeli forces shoot and kill three Palestinians in Gaza Strip

Israeli soldiers shoot dead Palestinian on Gaza border

Amnesty International calling for arms embargo on Israel over unlawful killings

Moving US embassy to Jerusalem violates international law, says Russia

Palestinian child dies from a serious injury suffered Friday

Palestine UN envoy slams Israel’s killing of Palestinians, demands swift UNSC action

Israel tortures 3 Palestinians prior to their arrest

Israeli forces gun down Palestinian protesters in Gaza, killing 3 and wounding 611

Army injures five Palestinians east of Gaza

Army injures two Palestinians near Hebron

MADA calls for an independent commission to investigate the killing of journalists

Malki: Czech, Romania will not move embassies to Jerusalem

Palestinian journalist dies from serious wounds suffered on April 13

Israeli soldiers laugh and cheer while shooting at Palestinian civilians

12 year-old Palestinian shot by Israel army sniper loses leg

Israeli soldiers abduct Bethlehem University’s Dean Of Students

It’s time to admit that Israel is an apartheid state

Germany not to move embassy to Jerusalem, says Merkel

US-Palestinian figures launch the first Palestinian lobby in Washington

Palestinian teen dies from wounds suffered on April 1st in Gaza

Palestinian dies from serious wounds suffered Friday

Israeli forces attack West Bank school with tear gas

MSF teams observe severe, devastating gunshot injuries in Gaza

Fatah condemns Israeli war crimes in Gaza & Albatsh Assassination in Malaysia

Israel's Mossad accused of gunning down Palestinian lecturer in Malaysia

Palestinian UN envoy calls for investigation into killing of Palestinian civilians

Palestinians to request international protection: senior official

Poland maintains fixed stance towards Palestinian rights

Four Palestinians killed in clashes with Israeli soldiers in eastern Gaza

Army kills one Palestinian in Gaza

Students at New York’s prestigious Barnard College vote to divest from Israel

Wounded Palestinian loses leg as Israelis deny passage for medical treatment

Over 500 Latin American artists endorse cultural boycott of Israel

Army fires artillery shells into southern Gaza, injures five Palestinians, one seriously

Palestinian journalist shot in head by Israeli forces transferred to West Bank hospital

Arab Parliament urges UN to investigate Israeli "crimes" against Palestinian prisoners

Thousands of Palestinians protest in solidarity with prisoners

Imprisoned Barghouti calls for Palestinian dialogue to end division

150 European organizations call on EU to stop funding Israeli arms

Palestinians welcome pro-Palestine resolutions by Arab League summit

Four Palestinians were killed in Israeli artillery shelling east of Rafah

PLO demands speedy international probe into Israeli "aggression" against Palestinian protestors

Palestinian killed by Israeli army fire in Gaza

Clashes erupt as Palestinians hold fresh anti-occupation protests along Gaza fence

University of Sydney academics back BDS, as Israel guns down protesters

Palestinian paramedics risk lives to save injured in Gaza-Israel border protests

Israeli troops kill Palestinian at Gaza border

Israel demolishes houses in Shaqba town west of Ramallah

Palestinian delegation visits India to activate support

50 New York student groups back BDS

Israeli sharpshooter seriously injures a young man in the neck in southern Gaza

Mayor of Dublin in Palestine after Israeli threats to prevent him from entering

Jeremy Corbyn calls for reconsideration of arms sales to Israel

Army injures six Palestinians in Gaza

Israeli forces & settlers drive Palestinian farmers off their land

Palestine: Protesters demand justice for death of journalist

Dublin City Council votes to support Palestinian BDS movement aimed at pressuring Israel to end occupation

Palestinian dies from serious wounds suffered on March 30th

Israeli army jeep rams a Palestinian teen in Hebron

Remembering the massacre at Deir Yassin

Palestinian dies of wounds sustained last Tuesday

UK opposition leader Corbyn condemns Gaza ‘outrage’

Israel condemned at massive rally in London for attacks on peaceful Return March

More Palestinians slain from gunfire wounds in Gaza rally

Journalists protest Israeli forces’ killing of fellow cameraman in Gaza

Israel acting above law due to US support: Pundit

NAM urges collective efforts to end Israel's occupation of Palestine

Israeli forces kill 10 more Palestinians

Six journalists shot by Israel during Gaza protests: union

U.N. calls on Israel to rein in security forces at Gaza border

Lebanese President condemns Israeli threats as ‘act of war’

Government condemns Israeli violations against Al Aqsa

Army kills a Palestinian in Gaza, another young man dies from wounds suffered last Friday

Israeli soldiers injures two Palestinians, fires at reporters, in Gaza

PA :The Israeli government bears full responsibility for renewing killing orders of the “Return March’” protesters

South Africa calls for independent inquiry into killing of Palestinians

Palestinian killed by Israeli gunfire in Gaza

Palestinian government slams Israel's killing of Gaza protestors as "massacre"

Army injures many schoolchildren in Hebron

Hamas calls on Arab League to sue Israel at ICC for Gaza carnage

Palestinian dies from wounds suffered Friday in Gaza

Suffocation injuries during clashes in Hebron

Larijani: Zionists, Trump hatching dangerous plot in Middle East

Tunisians demonstrate in solidarity with Palestine

Red Cross exerts efforts to find missing Gazans in anti-Israel rally

Pope, after Gaza violence, says ‘defenceless’ being killed in Holy Land

Israeli soldiers shoot 49 Palestinians in Gaza

Israel threatens to expand violence after UN meeting

Arab Parliament slams Israeli killing of Palestinian unarmed protestors

Nations condemn Israeli attacks on Palestinians

UN chief calls for investigation into Palestinian deaths at Gaza border

Iran's IRGC says will spare no effort to support Palestinians

Hamas: We will continue the protest on the border and we will not give up right of return

Friday: Israeli Soldiers Kill 15 Palestinians In Gaza, Injure 1416

Israeli soldiers kill Palestinian farmer, seriously injure another, in southern Gaza

Army kills two more Palestinians, injures ninety in Gaza

Five Palestinians killed and hundreds injured in clashes along Israel-Gaza border

UN Security Council sets emergency meeting on Gaza clashes

President reiterates calls for international protection to Palestinians

Israeli government issues “shoot to kill” orders in preparation for Friday protests

Organizers say "Great March of Return" in Gaza peaceful, non-violent

BDS calls for boycott of Israel’s ‘racist propaganda’ Netflix series

PLO says 42 years since Land Day, Palestinians still enduring destruction, displacement

Israel authorizes snipers to use live ammo against Palestinian protesters

Palestinians in Gaza Strip prepare for mass protest starting on Friday

UN agency warns deterioration of humanitarian condition in Gaza

PA warns of the consequences of the ongoing Israeli incursions At Al-Aqsa Mosque

Israel plans to construct over 100 new settler units in southern West Bank

UN Special Rapporteur: Israel “in profound breach” of Palestinians’ right to health

Inter-Parliamentary Union votes to support Palestinian right to self-determination

Hamas welcomes IPU's resolution on Jerusalem

Palestine, Bulgaria call for enhancing bilateral cooperation in all fields

Israeli colonizers attack a Palestinian shepherd near Hebron

Israeli soldiers abduct a Palestinian journalist

Soldiers injure many Palestinians near Jerusalem

US Congress approves $4 billion in tax aid to Israel, cuts aid to Palestine

UN Human Rights Council adopts four pro-Palestinian resolutions

Israeli soldiers injure several Palestinians near Bethlehem

Israeli soldiers injure eight Palestinians in Gaza

Army injures nine Palestinians near Ramallah

Army injures five Palestinians in Kufur Qaddoum

Ukrainian won first place : 7 thousand runners in freedom for Palestinians marathon

Trinity College Dublin students overwhelmingly back BDS in referendum

More UK universities join Israeli Apartheid Week

More than 130 Palestinian sports clubs urge Adidas to end sponsorship of Israel Football Association over settlement teams

Qatar reaffirms support to Palestinians for self-determination

Israeli colonizers injure schoolchildren near Hebron

Israeli forces attack Palestinian school near Bethlehem

Turkey supports Palestinian organisations in Chile

Israeli soldiers open fire at farmers, shepherds and fishermen, in Gaza

Fifteen years since her death, Rachel Corrie is not forgotten

Safadi: Supporting UNRWA affirms world commitment to the Palestinian refugee issue

Israeli soldiers injure 38 Palestinians near Jerusalem

100 days since Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem, the facts

Israeli soldiers fire missiles and shells into Gaza, injure one Palestinian

Hundreds demonstrate in Gaza in support of UN agency for Palestinian refugees

How Stephen Hawking supported the Palestinian cause

Arab Parliament urges European countries to recognize state of Palestine

Explosion targets Palestinian PM's convoy while visiting Gaza

Hamas condemns attempted assassination of Prime Minister

Gaza hospitals under emergency state due to medicine shortage

Israel continues Judaizing Jerusalem and Hebron, provides grants for settlement outpost

Palestinian administrative detainees to start gradual hunger strike in April

Jordan rejects unilateral Israeli measures in Jerusalem

Israeli settler runs over, injures Palestinian teenage boy in occupied West Bank

Israeli soldiers kill a young Palestinian man in Nablus

Israel still holds bodies of 250 Palestinian martyrs

Gazans protest against Trump’s al-Quds move

The Spirit of Palestinian Resistance Comes to Washington

Arab League chief urges Guatemala to cancel its decision on Jerusalem

Army injures many Palestinians near Ramallah

Danish pension giant divests from Motorola over ties to Israeli settlements

Army injures many Palestinians in Hebron

Settler attempts to run over Palestinian human rights defender

Israel owns and operates foreign policy of US

Arab League condemns Guatemala's intention to move embassy in Israel to Jerusalem

Israel spraying herbicides on Gaza farmlands

Israeli soldiers kill a Palestinian farmer in Khan Younis

Israeli soldiers injure many Palestinians in Kufur Qaddoum

Erdogan: We won’t compromise our position on Jerusalem

UN Human Rights Council begins ahead of key Palestine votes

Demonstrators call on Red Cross to negotiate return of Palestinian martyrs

Soldiers shoot a young man near Ramallah

Detainees recount tales of torture, maltreatment by Israeli army

Medicine shortage, Israeli blockade prompt cancer leading cause of death in Gaza

Lebanon army says ready to confront Israeli aggression

UK’s Prince William to make groundbreaking Middle East trip

Syrian army discovers Israeli weapons in Daesh hideouts

Apartheid South Africa versus Apartheid Israel

EU: All Israeli settlements ‘illegal, obstacle to peace’

Israeli bill to prevent Palestinians from petitioning high court

Israeli soldiers abduct ten Tamimi family members, including wounded child, in Nabi Saleh

Israel approves bill paving way for annexation of West Bank

Israel bans tourism and education ministers from an event in East Jerusalem

Gaza fishermen on strike to protest Israeli attack on fishing boat

Navy kills a teenage Palestinian fisherman, injures two others

Israel to build 350 new settler units in occupied West Bank

Scholars urge ‘uprising’ over Jerusalem embassy move

Four Palestinians shot, injured in Nablus-area clashes

Settlers attack Palestinian homes South of Nablus

Palestinians: moving US embassy on may is aggression, violation and needs a response from PLO

Israeli soldiers kill a Palestinian in Jericho

Israel carried out extrajudicial executions, tortured children

Hamas: Palestinian MP suffers brutal torture in Israeli jail

Israel approves construction of 3000 settlement units in Jerusalem

PCHR: Without posing any threat to soldiers’ life, Israeli forces kill two Palestinian children and wound 2 others in Southern Gaza Strip

Palestinian dies from wounds suffered in Gaza last Friday

World Health Organization: Over 50 Palestinians waiting for Israel’s medical visa died in 2017

Israel demolishes EU-funded house in East Jerusalem

Lebanon army will confront any potential ‘Israeli aggression’

South Africa to cut diplomatic ties with Israel

Abbas calls on world leaders to recognize Palestinian State & proposes peace plan at Security Council

South Africa tells UN: Israel is only apartheid state in the world today

Israeli soldiers abduct ten Palestinians, including a legislator, in the West Bank

Jordan resolved to safeguard Jerusalem's holy shrines

Recognition of Palestine is 'a way to respond' to Trump’s move on al-Quds

Kuwait rejects Israeli occupation, considers opening embassy in Palestine

In response to US: Slovenia expected to recognize Palestine

EU foreign policy chief backs East Jerusalem as Palestinian capital

Palestinian government: Israeli control over settlements entrenches occupation

King Abdullah of Jordan tells Pence East Jerusalem must be capital of Palestine

Hamas Lauds Iran's Support for Palestine

Israeli army considering taking control of Palestinian areas in Jerusalem

Israeli army quells peaceful rally east of Qalqilia, three injuries reported

Venezuela recognizes Jerusalem as eternal capital of State of Palestine

IOF demolish Palestinian’s home in Jerusalem

UN Palestinian agency sees 'most severe' crisis ever after US freeze

Lebanese army chief: ready to face any Israeli aggression

Palestinian Central Council calls for struggle against Israel “in all forms”

New Orleans passes BDS resolution

Israeli soldiers shoot dead young Palestinian man in occupied West Bank

Soldiers assault three children, and a young man, before abducting them

UN calls for probe into Israel’s use of lethal forces in West Bank

Palestinian fisherman dies of wounds in Gaza

Soldiers abduct a young man, injure many others, in Qalqilia

Russia: Israeli settlements reduce chances for peace

Israel approves $230m for settler only roads in West Bank

France condemns Israeli plans to build over 1,100 units in 20 West Bank settlements

Israeli forces kill 2 Palestinians in Gaza Strip, West Bank

Foreign ministry accuses US ambassador to Israel of adopting occupation’s policy

UK “strongly condemns” Israel’s new settlement plans

HRW criticizes US decision to stop aid to UNRWA

Jordan urges continued support to UNRWA

Islamic-Christian Commission warns of Israeli Judaization schemes in Jerusalem

Palestinians accuse Israel of using U.S. Mideast policy to speed up settlement

Israeli soldiers attack protesters in Bethlehem

Israel to approve hundreds of new settler homes in West Bank

ICC to open full-blown investigation in settlements, 2014 Gaza war

PLO says no negotiation with Israel unless U.S. annuls Jerusalem decision

38 trucks carrying medical supplies head to Gaza

Israeli forces shut down access to 2 villages in West Bank

Netanyahu: UN Palestinian refugee agency ‘must disappear’

Pope reiterates call to respect status of Jerusalem

Palestinians seek full UN membership

Army injures a Palestinian in Birzeit

Arab League vows to seek international recognition of al-Quds as Palestine capital

GAPAR condemns US cutting funding for UNRWA

Over 100 artists sign pledge in support of Lorde’s Israel decision

Jordan urges unified Arab efforts to deal with Trump's Jerusalem move

Israeli forces detain two Palestinians, shoot another in West Bank raids

Israel approves construction of over 2,200 new settler units in occupied West Bank

Army injures 10 and abducts one Palestinian in Bethlehem, five near Nablus and Jenin

Egypt says Israeli bills on Jerusalem violates international legitimacy

Palestinian teenager shot dead by Israeli army in clashes

Khalida Jarrar among 41 Palestinians ordered imprisoned without charge or trial

Palestinians won’t be blackmailed by US threat to cut aid: PLO official

Jordan condemns Israeli Knesset vote on Jerusalem

Hamas leader calls for comprehensive strategy to confront U.S., Israeli Jerusalem moves

Israel law tightens grip on occupied Jerusalem sectors

Likud decision to annex West Bank represents ‘Israeli apartheid,’ says Arab MK

Israeli soldiers bulldoze Palestinian lands in southern Gaza

Abbas slams Israeli Likud decision to annex settlements in West Bank

Hamas, Fatah warn Israel after vote for 'sovereignty over settled expanses'

Israeli soldiers open fire on cars transporting workers, abduct two drivers, near Hebron

Young Palestinian man dies from wounds suffered Friday

Erdogan: Muslim world won’t compromise on al-Quds

Israeli jets, tanks launch fresh attacks against Gaza Strip

Scores of Palestinians injured with bullets in Gaza

Jordanians protest against Trump’s al-Quds move

Israeli soldiers abduct four children near Jenin

Nablus: Israeli soldiers and settlers attack high school

Israeli cabinet approves $11 million for settlements activities

Foreign Minister: Japan will not relocate embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem

Israeli forces shoot, injure four Palestinians in West Bank clashes

Mideast needs two-state solution, Pope says in Christmas message

Palestine slams as ‘shameful’ Guatemala's decision to move embassy to Jerusalem al-Quds

Israel to construct 300 new settler units in occupied West Bank

Palestinian dies from wounds suffered a week earlier in Gaza

Gaza man shot dead by Israeli forces

Palestinians hail UN resolution rejecting Trump's declaration about Jerusalem

Arab League welcomes UN General Assembly resolution on occupied Jerusalem

Turkey welcomes UN resolution on U.S. Jerusalem decision

UN General Assembly unanimously calls on US to revoke al-Quds decision

Israeli plan to build 3 new settlements in northern Jordan Valley

Trump threatens to cut aid to all countries over UN Jerusalem vote

US, Israel scramble to block UN General Assembly resolution on Quds

Iran, Turkey Azerbaijan agree to reject US decision on al-Quds at UN

Momani: The entire world is against Trump’s decision

UN to hold emergency session after US vetoes Jerusalem resolution

US vetoes UNSC resolution rejecting Trump's al-Quds decision

Turkey criticizes U.S. for vetoing UN resolution on Jerusalem status

US Jerusalem announcement violates international law, says Russian Envoy

Lebanon condemns Israeli violations of UN resolutions

Abbas: Palestinians to seek full UN membership in response to U.S. decision on Jerusalem

Massive rally held in Indonesia against Trump’s Jerusalem al-Quds decision

UNSC to vote on resolution aimed at nullifying Trump's Jerusalem al-Quds move

Israeli soldiers killed four Palestinians, injured 367 Friday

Ashrawi to foreign diplomats: The situation needs real action from international community

Tens of thousands of Jordanians protest over Trump's Jerusalem move

China backs State of Palestine with East al-Quds as capital

Erdogan: Turkey launching initiative to annul US disgraceful decision on al-Quds

Israeli soldiers injure 26 Palestinians in Jerusalem

Army injures 25 Palestinians in Gaza

Tusk: European Union position on Jerusalem al-Quds stays the same

Palestinian diplomats push for UN resolution rejecting Trump’s al-Quds move

UN committee on Palestine meets today

230 recently abducted Palestinians subject to torture, bad conditions and humiliation

New settlement wave following Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital

Muslim leaders discuss al-Quds at OIC emergency summit in Turkey

Islamic summit declares East Jerusalem as capital of Palestine State

PCHR condemns Israeli authorities’ decision to decrease fishing area to six nautical miles

Netanyahu rebuffed as EU rejects Trump’s Jerusalem move

Chileans gather outside US embassy to protest Trump’s al-Quds move

Ministry of Information: The occupation’s crimes require urgent international intervention

Hamdeen Sabbahi calls for closing Israeli embassy in Egypt

Youth shot in eye with rubber bullet during Ramallah protest

Jordanians plan more pro-Jerusalem protests

Arab states urge US to abandon Jerusalem move

Arab League Foreign Ministers demand US to rescind Jerusalem decision, as it violates international law

Gaza death toll raises to 3 after Israeli war jet strikes

Protesters hold pro-Palestine rallies worldwide to slam Trump’s al-Quds move

Islamic body calls for safeguarding Palestinians' human rights

Thousands protest in Britain against Trump’s Jerusalem announcement

Erdogan warns U.S. Jerusalem decision breaches international law

Protests staged far beyond Palestine over US stance on Jerusalem

1 Palestinian killed in clashes with Israeli soldiers

Israeli airstrike, artillery shells hit Gaza, 25 injured

Thousands in Istanbul protest against U.S. recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital

Israel decides to build 7000 units for colonists in occupied East Jerusalem

Jordanians call for annulment of peace treaty with Israel as King Abdullah meets Palestinian leader

Israeli gunfire wounds 6 Palestinians in southeast Gaza

Muslim Brotherhood: Jerusalem is occupied, US cannot change status quo

Abbas: Trump’s decision violates international law, foils all efforts of peace

UAE: Trump's Jerusalem decision in complete defiance of Palestinians' rights

France's Macron rejects Trump's unilateral decision on Jerusalem

Italy to keep its embassy to Israel in Tel Aviv

Ambassador: EU will not transfer embassy to Jerusalem

Hamas: Israel has no land to claim ‘capital’

Emir: Qatar rejects U.S. decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital

Iran: US plan to move Israel embassy sign of ‘incompetence, failure’

Israel must be forced to end the occupation, or there will be no Palestinian state

US, Israel reject peace, want endless conflict in Middle East

Turkey warns to cut diplomatic ties with Israel over U.S. embassy relocation to Jerusalem

Saudi warns U.S. embassy relocation to Jerusalem provokes sentiments of Muslims worldwide

Hundreds of elected officials in the Spanish state endorse BDS for Palestinian rights

Palestinians rallies leaders against Jerusalem move

Gaza rallies in support of reconciliation

Israeli forces attack Palestinian fishermen, farmers in Gaza enclave

Egypt reiterates support for establishment of Palestinian state

France to recognize Palestine as part of European Union

Israeli colonists attack Palestinian shepherds in Northern Plains

Palestinians warn against moving U.S. embassy to Jerusalem

Iran: Israeli plots against Palestinian cause to get nowhere

On Day of Solidarity, UN reaffirms two-state solution as only answer to 'question of Palestine'

Israeli settlers fatally shoot Palestinian farmer in West Bank

Jordan urges serious, effective talks to solve Palestinian issue

Saudi Arabia pledges full support to Palestinian people

Israeli forces open fire in Eastern Gaza, two Palestinians shot on Egyptian border

Ashrawi: Israel’s denial of Palestinian independence will increase damage to the security and stability of the region

53 settlers storm Al-Aqsa Mosque

US, Israel move to prevent UN ‘blacklist’ over settlements

Jordan calls on US to keep PLO office open

PLO urges international community to show solidarity with Palestinians

Soldiers dump civilian outside refugee camp, after shooting and abducting him from ambulance

Israel judiciary protecting perpetrators of crimes against Palestinians

Law expropriating private Palestinian land violates international law say rights groups

Press confrence: Arab-American institutes continue urging US to keep PLO mission open

Israeli forces prepares to demolish 6 Palestinian-owned building in Kafr Aqab

US Palestinians start campaign in protest against closure of PLO office

Israeli bulldozers demolish two houses in Jerusalem

John Kerry: Israel has no interest in peace with the Palestinians

Lebanon urges border troops to stand fully ready in face of Israel threats

India scraps $500M military deal with Israel amid rising popular concern about India’s complicity with Israeli crimes

Spanish FM hopes his country to recognize Palestine soon

Tarawneh: Jordan's custodianship of Jerusalem's holy sites is historically rooted

In light of forced displacement policy in Area “C”, Israeli forces issue military orders to evacuate Pope Mountain Bedouin Community, East of Occupied Jerusalem

UN official calls on Israel to stop destroying Palestinian property, respect international law

Palestinians to meet in Cairo to advance unity deal

Palestinian Authority accuses US government of blackmail for trying to shut down consulate

Kuwait hosts conference against normalisation with Israel

Tayseer Khaled: The Declaration of Independence still the guiding standard of our national struggle

JHCO sends medical aid to Gaza

Israel demolishes Al-Arakib village for 121st time

Iranian diplomat: Israel major barrier to nuclear-free mideast

Barghouti: Israeli settlement activity doubled after election of Trump

Israel to demolish an entire neighborhood in Jerusalem

First-ever bill on Palestinian human rights introduced in Congress

Israel bars pro-BDS politicians from visiting jailed Palestinian leader

Al-Qeeq: Conditions for Palestinian prisoners worse than before hunger strike

Israel plans on demolishing 6 Palestinian owned buildings and a mosque

Israel orders 300 Palestinians in northern Jordan Valley to evacuate homes

Israeli Forces arrests more Palestinian Children in over-night raids

FM, Egyptian counterpart discuss Palestinian reconciliation, region

President Abbas: Two-state solution is in real danger

Israel plans to double the number of colonists in the Jordan valley

Israel attacks Palestinian school in Hebron with tear gas

John Kerry: “no one among the Israeli leaders wants peace”

Israel approves 240 new settlement homes in East Jerusalem

Israeli settlers injure civilians near Nablus

Palestinian dies from wounds he suffered in 1992

Yemenis stage rally in support of Palestinians

Army invades a school in Jerusalem, abduct Principal and three teachers

IOF demolish two buildings of Palestinians under the pretext of having no permit

Palestinian unit goverment calls on Israel to lift siege, restrictions on Gaza

Mike Pence will pay an official visit to Palestine

Israel plans to build 292 new settlements in Jerusalem

Army attacks the weekly protest in Nil’in

UK activists protest declaration that led to creation of Israel

Hanan Ashrawi writes to the guardian. A century on from Balfour, I challenge Britain to finally do the right thing

MPs call on UK to recognise Palestine to fulfil Balfour’s pledge

Jordanians protest Britain's Balfour Declaration celebrations

Palestinian FM says legal proceedings against British government soon start

Corbyn urges ‘increasing pressure’ on Israel in Balfour centenary statement

Mahmoud Abbas: Britain must atone for 100 years of Palestinian plight

Palestinians launch a series of national events marking the Balfour Declaration

PA seeks support to sue UK over Balfour Declaration

WE support two-state solution, UNSC president to Petra

Balfour Centenary Declaration launched to give Palestinians justice

Fatah: Israel seeks to undermine Palestinian reconciliation

Ayatollah Khamenei urges Islamic world to continue anti-Israel fight

Israel used internationally banned weapons in latest attack on a tunnel in Gaza

Siblings shot near Ramallah-area settlement, one killed

Israel demolishes 4 Palestinian barracks western Jenin

Palestinians to send 100,000 letters to UK PM denouncing Balfour Declaration

8 Palestinians killed, over 10 injured as Israeli jets bomb Gaza tunnel

Israeli colonists open fire on Palestinians farmers near Hebron

Israelis attack Britons on Balfour apology mission

UK public support for Balfour Declaration drops during centenary year

British activists walk to Palestine in protest at Balfour Declaration

Emboldened by Trump, Israel renews threats against Iran

Israel approves construction of 581 more settler units

Israeli soldiers attack a Palestinian woman, international activist, in Nablus

British PM’s remarks on Balfour Declaration “Offensive” says Malki

Israeli companies added to United Nations’ settlement black list

Israel cabinet to vote on annexing 19 settlements to Jerusalem al-Quds

Netanyahu pledges $230m for settlement projects

Arab League chief condemns Israel's plans to build new settlements in Jerusalem

Ashrawi: Israel must face international sanctions instead of lip service on the two-state solution

Israel approves 176 settlement homes for east Jerusalem

Israeli soldiers install barbed wires, hand demolition order against home in Bethlehem

IOF demolish Al-Araqeeb village for 120th time

Israel considering measures to silence anti-occupation groups

Worldwide protests await Britain’s celebration of Balfour anniversary

Humanitarian aid convoy dispatched to Gaza

Abbas hails China's support for Mideast peace

Israel abetting genocide in Myanmar

Israeli soldiers abduct 43 Palestinians in Jerusalem

Balfour’s descendant: Israel violating 1917 declaration by mistreating Palestinians

Grants to Israeli settlements could breach UK law, Charity Commission warns

Japan condemns advancing of Israeli settlement expansion plans

Jordan voices full support to Palestinian reconciliation

Israeli Settlers assault Palestinian farmer near Bethlehem

Major initiative launched to support human rights in Palestine

PLO official: Israeli settlement activities in West Bank amount to war crimes

British MPs urge UK government to take action on Gaza

Kuwait renews its commitment to Palestinian cause

Iran’s United Nations envoy: Israeli occupation of Palestine source of Middle East conflicts

Jordan envoy: Palestinians are resistance fighters

France condemns Israeli settlement plans

Europe to demand Israel pay compensation for destroying projects it funded

Bahrainis protest against Manama’s attempts to normalize ties with Israel

Israeli occupation demolish a house in Jerusalem

European Union urges Israel to halt new West Bank settlement plans

Palestinian Authority: Israeli opposition won’t deter Hamas, Fatah from forging unity

Syrian army says uncovered Israeli-made weapons in IS weapons depot

Medical students at Chile’s largest university overwhelmingly vote for BDS

Israeli bulldozers demolish four houses in Jabal al-Baba area

Israel revives plan to build controversial settler units in East Jerusalem al-Quds

Outrage as Manchester University allows event celebrating Balfour Declaration

Settlers attempt to torch village mosque, south of Hebron

Settlers close a road and plant a bomb to stop Palestinian farmers from going to their land

Israeli Embassy Balfour celebration at British university condemned by students

Swedish activist arrives in Prague on his walking trip to Palestine

Jordan condemns repeated Israeli violations in Al-Aqsa Mosque

Saudi journalist praises Palestinians and sends message to Dahlan

Olive harvesters attacked by settlers near Nablus

Israeli occupation intensifies apartheid restrictions for Palestinians in Hebron

Hamas says reconciliation deal with Fatah reached

Palestine’s United Nations representative says Israel should comply with international law

Israel approves plan to build 12,000 settlement units in 2017

Palestinians confront Israeli settlers at Nablus’ Joseph’s Tomb, one injured

UNESCO to vote on Palestinian resolutions, says minister

Hamas, Fatah resume reconciliation talks in Cairo

Israel advances plans for 4,000 new settler units

The Balfour Declaration destroyed Palestine, not the Palestinian people

Trump says he will not move United States embassy to Jerusalem for now

Britain should work to correct the errors of Balfour

European Union pledges to increase aid to Palestine after signing the reconciliation

Over 23,000 people call for an end to the Irish arms trade with Israel

European Union Missions call for end to the closure imposed on the Gaza Strip

Non-Aligned Movement voices support for Palestine’s bid for full United Nations membership

Israeli forces demolish Al-Araqib for 119th time

Israel forces shoot Palestinian child in the head in East Jerusalem

Israeli PM vows to build thousands more homes in West bank settlement

Palestinian journalists demand decisive action on Israeli violations

PLO officials criticize US attempts to validate occupation

85 Israeli settlers break into Al-Aqsa, carry out Talmudic rituals

Israel issues 10 demolition orders in Silwad

Soldiers assault nonviolent protesters in Hebron

Israeli soldiers attack the weekly protest in Ni’lin

Ashrawi says Britain should apologize for Balfour Declaration

The legacy of Balfour: 100 years of betrayal and suffering

Israel to approve construction of thousands of new settlement units

US ambassador "Israel occupies just 2 percent of West Bank"

Palestinian wins landmark case to be recognised as Israeli terror victim

Ashrawi: Netanyahu more committed to settlement expansion than to peace

Netanyahu vows not to 'uproot' Israeli settlements from West Bank

Settlers ask Netanyahu to approve 10,000 housing units in West Bank

United Nations warns to blacklist firms working in lands occupied by Israel

Dr. Ashrawi welcomes Interpol’s decision to admit Palestine as a full member

Israel refuses to stop arms sales to Myanmar despite Rohingya massacre

Interpol approves Palestine membership despite Israel opposition

In response to PA INTERPOL membership: Israeli minister calls for stopping facilities granted to the PA

UK criticises Israel’s ‘extensive use’ of detention without charge

Israeli forces bulldoze Palestinian land in Issawiya

Israel to construct 2,000 new settler units in occupied West Bank

Israeli soldiers injure several Palestinians in Bethlehem

Israeli settlers burn hundreds of olive trees in Nablus

B’Tselem: Israel is asking the High Court’s permission to commit war crime

Majority of Brits think UK should recognise Palestine as a state

Army injures several Palestinians in Hebron

Palestinian prisoners’ group hails Amnesty report on administrative detention

Brunei urges United Nations to act on settlement of Palestinian issue

Rights groups present ICC with evidence of Israeli crimes on occupied land

German arms manufacturer to stop selling guns to Israel

Palestinians abroad mark 100 years since Balfour Declaration

Soldiers uproot West Bank crops

Settlers continue to raid Al-Aqsa

Abbas calls on United Nations to correct historic injustices against Palestinians

UK: Balfour Declaration was a catastrophe

Israel holding 58 Palestinian women under dire conditions

Israel to expand use of firearms among settlers

US army opens ‘first ever stationary unit’ in Israel

3,000 Jewish settlers storm Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron

Israeli bulldozers demolish Palestinian home near al-Quds

Palestinian rivals agree to end internal split for reconciliation

Israeli soldiers attack a nonviolent procession in Hebron, abduct two Palestinians

Israel’s cyber unit operating illegally to censor social media content

UN list of companies linked to illegal settlements in occupied Palestine, to be published despite Israeli, US pressure

Israeli media begs US to prepare for a war with Syria, Russia, Iran

Human Rights Watch: Israeli banks contributing to expansion of West Bank settlements

Palestinian government welcomes Arab League move to foil Israeli membership in UNSC

Amnesty responds to reports on Israeli retaliation over settlements campaign

The battle over the Balfour Declaration’s place in history

Israel to impose ‘sanctions’ on Amnesty International

1 million Palestinian students sign letter to United Nations, call for ending Israeli occupation

Argentineans hold protest against Netanyahu’s visit

Israeli soldiers open fire at farmers, abduct a patient, in the Gaza Strip

Israeli settlers attack Jeb al-Deeb elementary school

Israeli forces destroy Muslim graves in Jerusalem al-Quds to build park

Palestine to submit 16 resolutions to United Nations General Assembly, says representative

Israel mulls building largest settlement inside Palestinian neighborhood

Israeli soldiers fire teargas at students in Abu Dis

Hamas chief heads to Egypt in sign of Gazas improving ties

Israel issues more house demolition notices to Palestinians

Palestinians rebuild West Bank school demolished by Israel

Steadfastness of Palestinian Bedouin resistance

Pundit: Israel’s treatment of Gazans amounts to genocide

Israel campaigns against Palestine joining United Nations tourism body

Israel engaged in arms sales to Myanmar's military junta

Israeli soldiers abduct fourteen Palestinians, injure eleven, in Jerusalem

Israel reducing water supply to Palestinians in Jordan Valley

Israel approves plan to build 4,500 settlement units in Jerusalem

Palestinians condemn Israel's plan to build 4,000 units in East Jerusalem

Senior Palestinian official urges UN council to reveal list of companies supporting Israeli settlement

Israeli forces detain 15 Palestinians in West Bank

Palestinian family homeless in Jerusalem after Israeli military takes home for settlers

BDS update: Palestinian academics urge European universities and scholars to withdraw from LAW TRAIN

ICRC chief meets Hamas leader in Gaza

Israeli soldiers abduct two Palestinians in Bethlehem, one in Jenin

Young Palestinian succumbs to injuries after shot by Israeli forces

Proposed Labour Party policy shift on Israel/Palestine condemned

Iran vows support for resistance against Israel

Child seriously injured after being rammed by a settler’s car in Hebron

Israeli soldiers injure a child in Kufur Qaddoum

Israel boosts powers of Hebron settler enclaves

Video: Settlers threaten to sexually assault Palestinian woman in Hebron

US dismisses $34bn lawsuit against pro-Israeli donors

Manchester University must reveal its relations with Israeli institutions

Hamas welcomes planned UN chief visit to Israeli-besieged Gaza

UN chief calls for lifting of Gaza blockade in face of humanitarian crisis

UN chief says dreams to see Gaza part of sovereign Palestinian state

Palestinian youth injured by Israeli fire

Israeli PM vows to never remove Jewish settlements from West Bank

Arab League Chief: Netanyahu's remarks on settlements show anti-peace stance

United Nations Chief: Israeli settlement hinders two-state solution, peace

Turkey says Israel must end occupation of Palestine

Israeli bulldozers invade Gaza strip, bulldoze farmland

Seven Jordanian companies end contracts with G4S over BDS

Israel strips hundreds of Bedouins of citizenship

Israel signs deal to buy 17 additional F-35 warplanes

Israeli settler runs over, kills Palestinian girl in occupied West Bank

Around 3,500 Jewish settlers' homes built on private Palestinian land

Britain urged to recognize sovereign Palestinian state

Abbas to meet with US delegation on Thursday

Israeli bulldozers demolish Palestinian home in Silwan

Israeli court extends custody of senior Islamic leader

Scholar: 9/11 was planned in Tel Aviv and Washington, not in Kabul

When Palestinians lost their country because of divisions

Israel demolishes Palestinian under-construction home in Barta'a

Extremist Jewish settlers storm Kifl Haris town

Senior Palestinian official urges U.S. to declare support for two-state solution, ending settlement expansion

Ofer court issues 14 administrative detention orders

34 extremist settlers storm Al-Aqsa Mosque

Jordan Egypt, Palestine FMs: No regional stability if Palestinian cause remains unresolved

Israel plans to build new settlement in Jordan Valley

Israeli settlers attack Palestinian bus driver

Palestine Prisoners Society: Israeli soldiers abduct eighteen Palestinians in the West Bank

Conan O’Brien heading to Israel to film TBS special in September

Khaled welcomes South African decision to boycott the African-Israeli summit

Israel to impose fines for commemoration of Nakba

Palestinian leader thanks Jordan for Jerusalem support

Palestinians injured in Israeli raid in Dheisheh refugee camp

Israeli bulldozers demolish building in Jerusalem

Israeli forces demolish second home in Jerusalem

Israeli tanks, bulldozers, invade and uproot farmlands in central Gaza

Israeli soldiers abduct fifteen Palestinians in the West Bank

World Health Organization: Israel delays exit permits for 50% of Gaza patients

Greek Orthodox Church to challenge settler land sale

Balfour’s shameful legacy: UK Government must say sorry and protect Christian churches in Palestine

Four children injured after being struck by an Israeli colonist’s car in Silwan

Israel demolishes Palestinian house in Ramla

Center says Gaza woman died after Israel delayed her permit to reach hospital

Commander: Israel to speed up underground Gaza wall construction

Israel’s latest attack on Gaza Strip injures three Palestinians

Two Palestinian youth shot and arrested in military raid on Dheisheh refugee camp Bethlehem

Extremist settlers set fire to Palestinian citrus orchard

Jordan sends humanitarian aid to Palestinian territories

Israeli bulldozers demolish commercial structures in East Jerusalem

Palestinians confront Jewish settlers in Nablus, two injured

Warning after Jews buy up strategic real estate in Jerusalem’s Old City

Mandela’s grandson urges Israeli envoy’s expulsion from S Africa, cutting off of all ties

King Abdullah II arrives in Ramallah for talks with Palestinian president

Israeli settlements almost tripled in 1st half of 2017

70 extremist settlers storm Al-Aqsa Mosque

Israeli soldiers raid Jenin area town, clash with residents

Israel PM boasts of record settlement construction during his term

Villagers urge action against Israeli orders to demolish 14 homes in Al-Walaja village

Israel completes new stretch of apartheid wall in West Bank

Israel detains 20 Palestinians, including lawmaker, in West Bank raids

Muslim nations unite against Israel’s actions in Jerusalem

Palestinian Foreign Minister: United Nations Security Council asked to provide protection for Al-Aqsa Mosque

Palestinian chief negotiator says Israel pushing for 'apartheid'

China seeks international support for new Israeli-Palestinian peace plan

Safadi: It was Palestinians who foiled Israel’s Jerusalem scheme

Israel settlers make home in Palestinian family’s house in Hebron

United States silence on settlements, two-state solution encouraging Israel’s apartheid policies

Turkey’s Foreign Minister urges support for Palestinian statehood

Israel shoots Palestinian minor in both legs and arm

Concern about Israeli damage to historical documents at Al-Aqsa Mosque

Power to the people: Why Palestinian victory in Jerusalem is a pivotal moment

If Al-Aqsa is to be protected long-term, Israel’s occupation must end

Extremist settlers attack Palestinians' homes near Hebron

140 Jewish settlers storm Al Aqsa Mosque

Thousands rally in Istanbul against Israel over Al-Aqsa dispute

King Abdullah: Jordan speaks the loudest in defence of Palestine

Israeli forces kill Palestinians in Bethlehem, Gaza

Palestinian succumbs to his wounds after being shot in the head

Israeli police threaten ‘forceful’ response to Palestinian protests

Police block journalists from parts of Old City

Arab foreign ministers vow to never abandon Al Aqsa

Israel plans expansion of Jerusalem to include nearby settlements

Dozens injured in latest al-Aqsa clashes over Israeli restrictions

100 Israeli settlers occupy house in Hebron

Israeli forces detain 34 Palestinians in West Bank

Israeli police attack journalists outside al-Aqsa

Palestine to submit Israeli settlements' file to ICC

Israel removes Al Aqsa mosque metal detectors

Erdogan urges Muslims to visit, protect Al-Aqsa Mosque

Palestinian ambassador to United Nations urges action against destructive Israeli agenda

Israeli settlers storm al-Aqsa compound amid flare-up

Peace process Israeli scam to steal Palestine

Cabinet briefed on Jordan's efforts to stop escalation in Jerusalem

2 Palestinians die of wounds as al-Aqsa tensions escalate

Israel after eliminating whatever important to Palestinians, activist says

Envoys of Middle East Quartet “deeply concerned” by Jerusalem tensions

United Nations chief deplores Israeli killing of Palestinians in Jerusalem

Protests across Lebanon in solidarity with Al-Aqsa Mosque

4 Palestinians killed during al-Aqsa Mosque rallies

Israeli forces attack worshippers in Jerusalem

Hamas calls friday for “a day of rage”

President Abbas asks United States to intervene over Al-Aqsa Mosque tensions

Jordan, UAE call for efforts to end Al-Aqsa tensions

Israel demolishes Palestinian homes in Negev

Palestinians protest at UNRWA office in Gaza

Israeli settler runs over Palestinian girl in occupied Hebron

Abbas urges world governments, stop Israeli measures in Jerusalem

Israel to demolish European-funded homes in occupied Jerusalem

Israel cuts water supply to Salfit

New initiative to end internal Palestinian division

United Nations rights group concludes evaluation of Palestinians living under occupation

Petition calls for release of Palestinian women activists

Arab League praises King Abdullah’s efforts to protect Jerusalem

President Xi: China supports two-state solution on Palestinian issue

Israeli ministers approve bill aimed at keeping control of al-Quds

Two Palestinian fishermen injured by Israeli navy

Abbas arrives in China to discuss Palestinian issues

Jordanians express outrage over Al Aqsa closure

Palestine urges international community to protect Al Aqsa Mosque

Activists protest Israeli premier’s planned visit to France

Israel will not slow settlement construction to kick-start peace talks

Palestinian MP given six months in Israel jail without trial

Palestinian official: Resuming peace process should be based on two-state solution

Israel approves 800 new settlement units in occupied Jerusalem

Israeli forces kill 2 young Palestinians in raid on Jenin refugee camp

Palestinian boy, 13, loses eye after Israel forces shoot him

Israel demolishes Palestinian building in Jerusalem

BDS campaign supported by African churches

Germany is watching Israeli settlement plans with big concern

France wants Israel to reconsider 1,500 settlement units in East Jerusalem

Italy says it is concerned over new settlement units in East Jerusalem

Palestinian president to visit China

Muslim youth gather in Turkey to support Palestine

Extremist settler runs over Palestinian woman in Hebron

Palestinians hail S Africa’s decision to downgrade Israel ties

Infant seriously hurt from tear gas inhalation dies at hospital

Arab League lauds UNESCO recognization of Hebron as Palestinian heritage site

Abbas visits Egypt for talks on Palestinian issue

Israeli settler runs over, kills Palestinian man in occupied West Bank

Israeli military exercise in preparation for new war on Gaza

Israel vows to build Jewish museum in Hebron in retaliation for UNESCO decision

Netanyahu vows to continue settlement , and Jerusalem Municipality carries out new schemes to Judaize the city

Israeli settlers assault Palestinian civilians in Silwan

Israel issues demolition orders to 4 Palestinian families

Israeli court rejects petition to demolish homes of settlers who murdered Palestinian teen

Israel, strengthened by Trump’s backing, pushes ahead with East Jerusalem settlement plans

PNA welcomes UNESCO's decision on Old City of Jerusalem

Jordan hails UNESCO's resolution on Jerusalem

IOF attack funeral in Jerusalem, injure 35 Palestinians

Israel to build 1,800 illegal settlements in East Jerusalem

UK protest calls for stopping arms trade with Israel

Spain recognises right to join BDS

Ashrawi condemns Israeli arrest of two female Palestinian leaders

Israel responsible for patients’ deaths in Gaza

Haaretz: Israel violates Oslo Accords in Area B

UN officials: Ending occupation only way to lay foundations for lasting Israeli-Palestinian peace

Israeli troops kill Palestinian man in al-Khalil raid

Extremist settlers storm Al-Aqsa mosque compound

Israel delivers demolition orders for more Palestinian homes

British government ‘content’ to let Palestine Expo proceed

Iran president: Zionists involved in almost all regional crises

BDS France disrupts Israel’s Elbit Systems exhibition at Paris Air Show

Muslims across the Arab world celebrate Eid al-Fitr holiday

Israel irate at Germany over hosting Quds march

Israel approves 7,000 housing units in Jerusalem settlements

Nasrallah: Regional crises serve Israeli interests

Iran, world countries mark Quds Day with rallies

29 Palestinians injured by IOF during clashes near Jerusalem

Iran calls for massive rallies on Al-Quds Day to support Palestinians

Millions set to hold rallies across globe on International Quds Day

Christian Organizations in Palestine urge World Council of Churches to support BDS

Israel forces fire tear gas at worshippers in Al-Aqsa

Jordan condemns Israeli violations in Jerusalem

Israeli settlement construction rises 70 pct over past year

Israeli navy opens fire at Palestinian fishermen in Gaza

Israeli occupation besiege worshippers in Al-Aqsa mosque amid rising tension

Jericho school given demolition order

US threatens to replace UNHRC for Israel criticism

Ashrawi: Netanyahu’s call to shut down UNRWA is the epitome of arrogance

Netanyahu’s call to close UNRWA is an attack on refugee rights

Israel demolishes Bedouin village Al-Araqeeb for 114th time

France condemns new housing units in Israeli settlements

Palestine’s ambassador to the UK hails London’s stand on Israeli settlements

4 Palestinians injured during Israeli forces’ raid in West Bank

PSC to take UK to court over ‘anti-BDS’ measures

World Health Organization steps up emergency response in the Gaza Strip, June 2017

When Congress celebrates the illegal occupation of Jerusalem, it defiles and redefines US values

Japan Foreign Minister calls on Israel to freeze settlement activities

Israeli military razes land during brief incursion near Khan Younis

Thousands protest in Israel against police killing of Arab man

Israeli forces open fire at farmers and fishermen in Gaza

European Union slams Israel’s plans for thousands of new settler units

Rights groups brief United States Congress on situation of Palestinian children after 50 years of Israeli occupation

Ashrawi: Adoption of United Nations resolution is a victory for Palestinian women and their rights

Israeli forces shoot Palestinian dead in Gaza

Amnesty International: Ban the import of settlement products

PLO welcomes Amnesty International campaign to ban Israeli settlement products

Netanyahu: Israel will never give up Golan Heights

Netanyahu’s remarks show Israel not ready for peace

Hamas: Israel will exploit Arab rift to kill our people

Palestinian youth shot dead by Israeli police, Kafr Qasim

Israel okays plans for new settlement in occupied West Bank

United Nations chief calls for two-state solution for Israel, Palestine

Activists set to march from London to Jerusalem

Israeli occupation kidnap Palestinian youths in overnight raids

Palestinian taxi driver hospitalised after Israeli attack

Israel planned atomic explosion in 1967 war

3 Palestinians shot, injured by Israeli forces

In response to Israeli escalation: BDS calls for intensified activities against the occupation

Abbas condemns London Bridge terrorist attack

Israel to unveil multiple settlement plans

Jordan welcomes Trump's decision not to move embassy to Jerusalem

Israel soldier shoots Palestinian girl

United Nations: 50 years on, Israel occupation ruining Palestinian lives

Israel to cut vital services to 140,000 Palestinians in Jerusalem al-Quds

Israel has already Judaised 95% of Jerusalem

Foreign Ministry says Israel’s measures in Jerusalem undermine peace

Zionist entity obstacle in way of Mideast peace

Israel to push 140,000 Palestinians out of Jerusalem boundaries

Palestinian shepherd attacked by Israelis from illegal Yitzhar settlement

Israeli protesters support Palestinian state, urge end to occupation

UK’s Labour Party: We will immediately recognise the state of Palestine

Palestinian hunger-strikers reach deal with Israel, ending hunger strike

United Nations alarmed at conditions for Palestinian hunger strikers

Red Cross urges for solution to Palestinian hunger strike

Palestinian Authority slams Netanyahu remarks on Jerusalem division

Lieberman: Israel needs no United States approval for settlement building

Netanyahu pledges that Al-Aqsa Mosque will remain occupied ‘forever’

United Nations sounds alarm over health condition of imprisoned Palestinian hunger strikers

Jordan slams Israel for allowing violations against Al-Aqsa Mosque

Netanyahu: United States boosting Israeli military aid by millions

Netanyahu exploits Manchester bombing

Palestinian prisoners’ families to Trump : Our sons are Freedom Fighters

Donald Trump meets with Mahmoud Abbas in Bethlehem

Israel shoots Palestinian boy, 7, in the head with tear gas grenade

4 Palestinians injured in clashes with Israeli soldiers in West Bank

Some 220 prisoners join jailed Palestinian hunger strikers

‘Jordan honoured to protect Jerusalem holy sites on behalf of Arab, Muslim nations’

Amman hosts meeting for countries hosting Palestinian refugees

New French president ‘will not recognise Palestine’

Palestinians injured during clashes with Israeli forces in Gaza Strip, West Bank

Israel allows detention of bodies of Palestinians it killed

Israeli settler kills young Palestinian man, injures journalist

Settler’s ‘sweet’ celebration following death of Palestinian man

Gaza official reveals details of Fuqaha’s assassination

Israeli forces destroy coal production facilities near Jenin

Palestinian activists close United Nations office in Ramallah in support of hunger strike

United Nations urges Israel to end ill-treatment of Palestinians

Tunisians commemorate the Nakba with inspirational paintings

Settlers build new settlement outpost in northern Jordan Valley

Abbas: We will not give up Nakba commemoration before recognition of our rights

Modi: India hopes for sovereign, independent, united Palestine

Gazan fisherman shot to death by Israel

Nakba at 69: Statement by the Global Palestinian Refugee and IDP Network

People across world mark Palestinian Nakba Day

Clashes erupt between Palestinians, Israelis in Jenin

1800 Palestinian prisoners continue hunger strike

Committee demands hunger-striking prisoners receive treatment on 28th day

Protests held to draw attention to plight of Palestinians

Jordan reiterates supporting east Jerusalem as capital of Palestine

Enough is enough: Norway’s trade unions vote to boycott Israel over Palestine

Palestinian shot dead in West Bank clash

Israel occupation forces fire at Palestinian protesters

Palestinian mass hunger strike takes dramatic turn

Jewish settlers storm Joseph Tomb in Nablus

Justin Welby: Trump's visit to Israel, Palestine could be decisive

Palestinian hunger strikers urge Pope to speak out against Israel

Dawabsheh family calls on Israel to take responsibility for deadly arson attack

Israel fires at Gaza fishermen, sprays pesticides on crops

1,500 Moroccans go on hunger strike in solidarity with Palestinian prisoners

Demonstration outside the United Nations office

Dublin City & Sligo County Councils vote to fly Palestinian flag to mark 50 years of occupation

Rights group: Force-feeding is a war crime and perpetrators will be prosecuted

Palestinians urge ICRC to deal with mass prison hunger strike

Celtic fans raise Palestinian flag in solidarity with prisoners

Israeli ministers seeking complete annexation of West Bank

European Union calls for full respect of international humanitarian law towards all prisoners

A call to World Health Organization to assume an attitude against implementation of the forced-feeding on the striking detainees

Barghouthi: ‘Israel cannot silence us, nor isolate us, nor break us’

Palestinians to step up solidarity marches on 19th day of hunger strike

Jordanians stage rally in support of Palestinian inmates on hunger strike

Palestinian President expresses deep appreciation for President Trump after meeting

Arab League calls for United Nations probe into rights violations at Israeli jails

British man begins hunger strike in support of Palestinian prisoners

Israel refuses to compensate Palestinian family burned to death by settlers

Iran calls on international community to force Israel to join nuclear non-proliferation treaty

Jordan welcomes UNESCO vote in favour of Palestine

Young Palestinian hunger striker dies at his West Bank home

Former Palestinian prisoner dies due to Israel’s medical negligence

International call for Israel to release Palestinian journalists

Israeli settlers destroy water well belonging to Palestinian near Bethlehem

International hunger strike in solidarity with Palestinian prisoners

Israel unveils US-made advanced F-35 warplanes at air show

UNESCO set to vote on anti-Israeli resolution

UNESCO rejects Israel sovereignty claims over al-Quds

Israeli forces attack Palestinian sit-in near Nablus

Palestinians pin peace hope on Abbas's meeting with Trump

Israel resumes building apartheid wall in West Bank

Mass hunger strike by Palestinian prisoners enters 2nd week

Turkey Deputy PM: The Muslim world must not forget Jerusalem

Jordan's King Abdullah II meets Palestinian president Abbas

Abbas to meet Trump on Wednesday

Israel plans to build 15k settler units in East Jerusalem al-Quds

Israel cuts off water supply to village in Jordan Valley

Dozens of Palestinians injured in clashes with Israeli soldiers

Sit-in at European Parliament in support Of Palestinian hunger strikers

Praise as Belgian city bans dealings with Israeli companies

Clashes break out all over West Bank following prisoner solidarity protests

Israel approves 10,000 new settlement units in Jerusalem

Israeli settlers brutally attacking peace activists

UK students to begin hunger strike in solidarity with Palestinian prisoners

Arab League chief urges United Nations for immediate intervention to stop "atrocities" against Palestinian detainees

UK refuses to apologize for Balfour Declaration, punishes Palestinians instead, says diplomat

Calls made to boycott Israeli products as prisoners continue hunger strike

Palestinian grandmother hit by Israeli bullet loses eye

China demands Israel not employ its workers in settlements

Palestinian hunger strike sparks South African campaign

German FM urges to address Palestinian-Israeli conflict when visiting Jordan

Summary of sixth day on hunger strike: Israel continues repressive measures

Nigerian activists urge end to Israeli siege on Gaza

Israeli settler shoots, injures Palestinian boy in occupied West Bank

8,000 Jewish settlers raid historical sites in the West Bank

Israeli forces open fire at agricultural land, shepherds in Gaza

Palestinians want Red Cross to intervene in hunger strike

City of Barcelona officially supports BDS

Israeli forces suppress rally in support of hunger-striking prisoners

PLO condemns continuous Israeli violations at Al-Aqsa Mosque

Israel approves construction of 212 settlement units in Jerusalem

Israeli forces destroy Palestinian farm in occupied Jerusalem

Israel puts leader of hunger striking Palestinian prisoners in solitary

We Shall Stay Here: Palestinians challenge demolition order with stones

Thousands of Palestinian prisoners start open hunger strike

IOF repress hundreds protesting in solidarity with prisoners

President Abbas calls on international community to save life of striking prisoners

PLO official: White House inhabited by Israeli settlers

Barrgouthi calls for Palestinians to mobilise

Balfour’s legacy: The destruction of Palestine

Amnesty : Israel must end unlawful and cruel policies towards Palestinian prisoners

Chinese Vice President says China supports Palestinian just cause

Israeli settlers storm Ibrahimi mosque for Jewish passover

Extremist Jewish settlers raid Al-Aqsa Mosque

Jordan condemns Israelis’ provocative storming of Al Aqsa

Israel to demolish Jerusalem mosque

Denied entry to his homeland: Israel banning human rights activists

US assures Palestinians: Embassy will stay in Tel Aviv

Palestine seeks role for China in peace talks

Ashrawi condemns Israel’s deportation of Executive Director of the Palestinian Federation of Chile

Jordan says United States' role essential in Palestinian issue

14 years on, Palestinians still mourn slain United States activist

Israeli settlers uproot 310 olive trees in Jerusalem district village

Israeli soldiers abduct three Palestinian children in Bethlehem and Nablus

Israel issues 24 administration detention orders against Palestinian prisoners

Bil’in weekly protest marks Deir Yassin massacre

For Gazans, Israeli blockade is matter of life and death

IOF demolish residential tents in Salfit, northern West Bank

Brazil: Israeli settlements are obstacle to peace

Hungarian official: Israel committed genocide in Gaza

University of Exeter must not normalize Israeli apartheid

Israel destroys Palestinian homes in Jerusalem al-Quds

European Union: Demolishing Palestinian homes in ‘Area C’ is in violation of Geneva Convention

Jewish settlers storm Joseph Tomb in Nablus

Hamas blames Israel for assassination

Most Palestinian minors arrested by Israeli forces claim physical violence during detention

Israel Accused Of Blocking Human Rights Workers' Access To Gaza

Japan condemns Israeli settlement plan

Under Israeli gag order, Omar Barghouti urges more BDS

Hundreds of Palestinian inmates to go on open hunger strike

Europe takes issue with Israel’s new settlement plan

US warns Israel on 'unrestrained' settlement building

United Nations chief alarmed by Israel’s approval of new settlement

Anti-Palestinian Jewish attorney sworn in as US envoy to Israel

Arab leaders urge not to relocate embassies in Israel to Jerusalem

Abbas: Israel imposes ‘apartheid regime’ based on one-state

Arab League calls for formation of independent Palestine state

Israeli official says Israel will never withdraw to 1967 borders

Palestinian calls for volunteers to protect Al-Aqsa from Israeli raids

Israeli bulldozers demolish two homes in Jerusalem

Angry Palestinians protest Israeli assassination of Hamas figure

Pence: Trump ‘seriously considering’ moving Israel embassy

3 Israelis arrested over stabbing, seriously wounding 19-year-old Palestinian

Deep concern as Israeli laws entrench the occupation

Hamas closes crossing with Israel after official’s assassination

Israel assassinates senior Hamas official in Gaza

UNHRC adopts four anti-occupation resolutions & Palestinian welcome

Israeli gunfire kills 1, wounds 3 Palestinians north of Ramallah

Two UK universities cancel speeches by author of UN anti-Israel report

Israel bans annual Nakba march

Israeli settlement building rose by 40 percent in 2016

Acute water pollution exacerbates Gaza’s health woes

BNC: Israel trying to criminalize BDS movement, intimidate activists and stop free speech

Israeli artillery fire kills Palestinian teenager in Gaza

Calls for Arab League to declare Jerusalem the capital of Palestine

Israeli forces arrest 16 Palestinians, including Hamas MP

Israel accused of apartheid at UN Human Rights Council

US boycotts UN rights council debate on Israel, Palestinians

Abbas to award Khalaf with Palestinian highest medal

UN ESCWA chief resigns over report on apartheid Israel

Palestinian BDS Committee responds to UN head’s resignation over Israel apartheid report

Rachel Corrie’s parents: Our concern is for the Palestinian people

Jewish settlers attack Palestinian school near Nablus

Israeli jets shell multiple targets in Gaza enclave

Netanyahu vows to build new settlement in the West Bank

British government on trial for blocking BDS

How to hold Israel accountable for the crime of apartheid

Israeli forces shoot, injure five Palestinians in occupied West Bank

42 Jewish settlers break into al-Aqsa Mosque

Israeli forces detain 31 Palestinians in West Bank raids

Gazan calls for justice for daughters killed in 2009 war

Leading global figures back conference on Israel’s legitimacy

Israeli policeman kills Palestinian ‘in a struggle’

Israeli forces detain 21 Palestinians in West Bank raids

Israel bans entry to pro-Palestine British activist

Israel plans to severely restrict Arab home construction

Palestinians accuse Israel of setting up obstacles to harm peace bid

Jordan says Arab Summit to focus on Palestinian issue, Jerusalem

Israeli army vehicles raid Birzeit, clash with residents before withdrawing

Iran: Israel has killed nuclear scientists all over Middle East

Trump invites Abbas to White House

Israel demolishes Bedouin village of Al-Araqeeb for 110th time

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson: Britain still committed to two-state solution

Jordan rejects Israeli measure to limit mosque calls to prayers

Israeli parliament passes bill barring BDS supporters’ entry

IOF shoot dead Palestinian youth in his home

Minister: US warned Israel against annexing West Bank

Israeli bulldozers, tanks cross into Gaza, level Palestinian lands

US embassy move to Quds ruins whole Middle East, Fatah warns

Pro-Palestine activists urge UK to apologize for Balfour Declaration

PLO: Israeli doctors torture Palestinian prisoners

Israeli court says no need to demolish homes of Jewish murderers

Right-wing Israeli MK’s home likely built on private Palestinian land

Palestinians clash with Israeli settlers in West Bank

Jordan denounces Israel excavations near Aqsa Mosque

US threatens to withdraw from UN human rights body for criticising Israel

Israeli occupation demolish East Jerusalem home, displace 30 people

Palestinian worker dies while being chased by Israeli occupation

Israel jets shelling Gaza

Israeli soldiers abduct 21 Palestinians in the occupied West Bank

French parliamentarians call on Hollande to recognise Palestinian state

Israeli occupation storm Tekoua’ high school, attack students and teachers

Israeli occupation demolish home under construction in Kufr Qasim

Palestinian protestors clash with Israeli soldiers in West Bank

Palestinians protest UK invitation to Netanyahu to join Balfour centennial celebrations

Abbas lauds Lebanon for role in pushing Palestinian cause

Jewish settlers storm Joseph Tomb in Nablus

Palestinian flag flies in the heart of occupied Hebron

Israeli bulldozers demolish Palestinian building in East Jerusalem

Israel blocks European Union lawmakers’ entry into besieged Gaza Strip

United Nations concerned over new West Bank demolition plans

Israeli demolitions, evictions will return to Umm Al-Hiran on Wednesday

Jordan reaffirms support for Palestine at Tehran conference

Israeli settler runs over, kills Palestinian near Ramallah

Iranian capital to host international conference on Palestine

Israel notifies homes, school in Bedouin community near Jerusalem of demolition

Israel issues 40 administrative detention orders against Palestinian detainees

Palestinians rally against Israel’s settlements, separation wall in West Bank

Iran's Zarif: Israel only regime in Middle East possessing nukes

President Aoun: Lebanon to give befitting response to Israel threats

Petition: UK government should apologise to Palestinians for Balfour Declaration

German FM: More Israel settlements could end prospect for peace

100,000 Palestinians write to Donald Trump asking him to support two-state solution

Iran says Israel biggest threat to world peace

IOF kidnap six Palestinians from West Bank

Arab League chief: Two-state solution necessary for Mideast peace

Several EU lawmakers urge action against Israel

German-Israeli government meeting cancelled amid settlements row

PLO decides to head to UN Security Council against Israeli settlement expansion

Jadou: Palestinian Authority working towards international recognition of Palestinian state

Israeli man stabs, injures two Palestinian street cleaners

Jewish settlers take over Palestinian home in occupied Jerusalem

Israeli minister: The era of the two-state solution is over

Trump: 'I don't want to condemn Israel' over illegal settlements

Two Palestinians killed in Israeli airstrikes on Gaza

Israeli authorities approve over 1,000 settler units in West Bank

Extremist settlers storm Islamic holy sites near Nablus

Israeli settler runs over, kills 81-year-old Palestinian

Palestinians, Israel’s allies slam controversial settlement law

PLO official: United States position on settlements departs from former administrations

Foreign Ministry: Condemnations not enough without accountability

Israeli occupation demolish building in Jerusalem, proceed to demolish others in Jordan Valley

Israel’s legalizing of outposts means stealing private Palestinian land

Haaretz: European Union delays summit with Israel over settlement regularization bill

United Nations: New Israel settlement law crosses 'thick red line'

Netanyahu coordinated legalising settlements with Trump

Trump wavering on support for Israeli embassy move

Mysterious ‘poison boxes’ air dropped over West Bank

Israeli navy fires at fishermen and farmers in Gaza Strip

Israeli forces detain 10 Palestinians in the West Bank

Nicaragua slams impunity for Israel as unacceptable

People protest against Israeli demolitions of Palestinians homes

Israeli forces deliberately killed Palestinian teenager Qusay al-Amour

Israeli settlement construction ‘may not be helpful’ to reaching peace, White House says

Trump threatens to punish Palestinians if they sue Israel in ICC

Japan deplores Israel’s approval of 3000 settlement units in West Bank

Jordan condemns Israel’s settlement expansion plans

Jordan monarch warns against relocating US embassy to occupied al-Quds

Israeli forces detain a total of 21 Palestinians in West Bank raids

Israel approves construction of 3,000 new settlement units

European Union: Israel’s new settler units make so-called two-state solution impossible

Israeli bulldozers raze agricultural land near Bethlehem

Palestinians say in urgent consultations over new Israeli settlement activities

PLO head calls on ICC to investigate Israel settlement activities

UNRWA commissioner warns of mounting humanitarian crisis in Gaza

Israeli forces shoot, injure Palestinian teenager near West Bank checkpoint

The subordination of Palestinian rights must stop

Abbas calls on African countries to continue support for Palestinians

PM Hamdallah calls for full partnership with European Union

Israeli parliament to vote on bill legalising settlement outposts

Palestinian boy fatally shot, others injured in Jenin camp clashes

Israeli forces target homes, farmlands at Gaza border

Two and a half years on, the Gaza war claims another child victim

Israel’s global death squads

Trump picks 11 Jews to serve in his administration

Ashrawi: Nation-building requires the end of the occupation

Italy says it is concerned over new Israeli settlement plans

Israel approves 153 more east Jerusalem colonies

PLO official 'shocked' by US silence on Israeli settlements

Israel’s latest settlement approval, provocative

EU denounces touted US embassy move to Jerusalem

Council of Europe calls for lifting of Gaza blockade

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