It's not just talk show guests and game show contestants that are fake, this will be a page for those, as well as and probably more, fake news from cnn, abc, nbc as well as in print media and wherever else it shows up. This won't have every instance of fake news that's being put forward as these outlets have them multiple times per day, actors, staged news, news created by them themselves. This will be my spot to put up these kinds of media and such but i suggest you do some checking of your own, and be very very skepticle of the main news networks if you watch them at all. The news channels, in America anyhow, definitely are your enemy, they work against you and think of how they can screw you over with their media. Why would you watch a channel or show that is working against you, that is trying to fool you at all times, don't. If you're reading this you have the internet, get your news from such, and avoid the same channels' websites or websites of other offending news entities

Trump paid $20,000 to rent plant for fake union auto worker event   [Trump](youtube)

Lady caught live on MSNBC and CNN at the same time   [cnn][msnbc][youtube](reddit)

You've got to be able to spot frauds like "Gary" and the rest of the group   [89th academy awards](youtube)

CNN was banned from White House news room, let's remind r/all why   [various][archived](reddit)

CNN outs themselves as using their own cameramen as fake protester. Call-out at the end, but enjoy the really bad acting throughout   [cnn](youtube)