Friends and Loved Ones

     There are many many people that i thank and wish well to, and now will do so, moreso. There are a lot more than i could probably list here but i will try to write about quite a few, please don't get upset if you don't show up right away, you should know how i already feel about you regardless of you showing up here. If you have friends that also treat you kind let them know more in addition to already, they are precious. Loved ones, even closer to you, from family to marriage and everything in between, these people are with you for the long term under most conditions. i know some people who figure they don't have a lot of friends, but they do and just don't know it, there are people that care for them and their well-being that they have never met, and potential friends that they have not met yet either. Be nice to your friends as they should with you

-Have known this nice fellow for a while and figured it’s about time to mention him here. Bob is always good to talk with and likes keeping up on current events, he looks for antiques of different types and enjoys riding by bike to various locations. Recently i got him into video games to a certain extent and he is liking doing that. Bob has a good sense of humour which is always fun and is a giving person even though i don’t ask for much. He lives well and keeps track of his health which is in good condition and sees his family often, who he in turn is trying to get gaming even though that’s not top of the list but still. He and his Sister shop at Costco once a week which is a wholesale outlet for bulk purchases, i don’t know how their prices compare to Wal-Mart but probably about equals out. i always suggest to him to go to Wal-Mart for the Great Value brand pizza which is delicious and amazing quality as he has the means to heat it very well. We have known each other for maybe a year or so and get along just fine. Bob makes for pleasant company and is always a joy to see

Bus Drivers
-There are a lot of people required to help make a city function properly, and public transit workers are some as not everyone can or wants to own a car. Why am i mentioning this here? Well the local bus drivers have always been nice to me but also have their thoughts conveyed with the advertisements they choose to line the bus. We don't have guerrilla radio like Rage Against the Machine pined for, radio is for the most part in a sad (negative agenda) state, so every other chance they or you get to express yourself go for it. i do notice that the bus drivers are on point and topic with good advice and commentary which is a pleasure to see, so many people read those so make the most of such. The drivers i get to see on a regular basis are always nice and happy to be doing what they do, it does look like a good job if you like driving which can be fun, for me i'll stick to videogame racing and rc cars leaving the actual vehicle operations to others, seriously i'd be terrible behind the wheel of something like that so if you can do so more power to you, stay safe. i bet most people are interested in what you have to say with your means of communicating, so keep at it you are doing well and enjoy your much needed profession

Fellow Tenants
-As there is great staff here there is also great tenants, not the plants of course but the real ones. i haven't spoken at length with them but all are nice and friendly. i mentioned that i go to the thrift stores and am on the lookout for items they would be interested in which i try to do for the staff here also. i am happy with my neighbours and we get along well. After a while the fellows and i will know each other better and that would be nice also. i don't have a whole lot to say about these good people as we are just getting to know each other but they are going to be a pleasure to do so

Residence Staff
-i've been fortunate to have good people in charge of the places i live and my current building is run by great people as well. The staff here are very nice and i hope to be here for a long time. In the recent earlier place i lived the plants, covert ops, began to outnumber the real tenants, and they are starting to put more here also. Other than that i am very happy with the place and it's workers
Dan: Really nice fellow that keeps most of the building in good order, he is into mmo games, has a stamp collection and is in the process of learning Spanish. In Canada the official second language is French but i think Spanish is the better choice, and i can say that in part because i am half French from my Mother's side. Mmo's are pretty cool, i never got much into them but there is one i tried named Guild Wars that once you purchase it you can play for free unlike other ones, i hope they are still operating, have recommended this to Dan. Nice guys don't finish last, they remain steady throughout and are happy along the way
Wendy: A woman who is like me also a Disney fan. She makes some very tasty meals that i always look forward to and enjoy, mostly on the weekend shifts. She keeps quite busy and has lots to do but it's comforting to know she is here for us
Liu: Good guy for sure and very nice to have as part of the staff team here. I neglected to mention him here before and it was no offence intended but am happy to add him here as he deserves to be spoken about, as do others am inadvertently missing though for sure. Liu also makes some fantastic dishes here and is always helping around the building. As with all the staff he is one of the essential and welcome parts of such who does so much well here and wish him happiness
Colleen: A treasure of a woman, in a good mood most all the time and is completely pleasant to be with. One of her favourite books of recent are some by inspirational writer Wayne Dyer, i'm trying to find an ebook reader for her to put his books on, Kobo are my choice of readers but there are also Amazon ones, up to you but i would suggest you pick up an ebook reader for yourself if you like reading or want to read more
Nancy: A lady who loves her pets. She is cautious about who she lets into her life and that's fine, i hope she realizes i am not out to treat her badly, we do get along pretty well and she is always nice to speak with. For me i have a bird that i love very much, but as far as i know she has many pets, that must be quite cool am sure
Brady: A fellow Magic the Gathering player who also plays videogames. Whenever he is working overnight we play some games of MtG at about 3am, which is great because that's when i wake up and it leaves the rest of the day for other activities. There is a local card shop that has tournaments for such i would really like to go sometime and i think Brady would be up for that as well
Sandy: Crafty woman here, one of her hobbies is making small wooden living spaces with cloth and decorations and such, they are very well done and i told her about Etsy that i think would be perfect for her. i bet she would love making her miniature rooms and other projects to put forward there
Kim: The main chef here who always makes delicious meals for us, on whole the food here really is stellar. And if i miss a meal she nicely puts one aside for me which i appreciate. Some favourite meals i have here are pizza, poutine, and lasagne but the food here is always good
Saida: i don't get to see her very often but she has always been good to me (and everyone). We were talking about thrift stores and that is something she would like to do sometime, i encourage her to do so. Again i don't know her very well but she is a valued part of the staff here and i wish her happiness.
Ismarth: Hard working woman who keeps everything here clean among other tasks. She is always in a good mood and looks to enjoy what she does here. If it wasn't for the small actions being done by workers of different types the whole thing crumbles, so even if you think what you are doing is insignificant that's not true, everything depends on each other doing what we can, are able, are tasked with. People need you, a few, a lot. Let this page of people in my life help you remember the people in yours and thank them for what they do for you. Don't let what they do be thankless. i don't know how many more people i'll be putting on here as my circle of in person friends isn't exhaustive but know that not only i but many others are better because of you

The View: Whoopi Goldberg, Sara Haines, Joy Behar, Sunny Hostin, Ana Navarro
-This could be awkward but as friends of mine i would like to acknowledge these wonderful women that i love keeping up with. For them please take this to heart but do whatever you like on your show irregardless and as you normally are up on. Personally i think the four of you are fantastic together and would be great to see you as you are for years to come, for your fifth host why not have Ana fill in permanently, she's always nice to see and you all get along together so well. There were clips recently from classic shows and yes they were quite a bit different, i think you have it perfectly the way it is now though. You are all, all, rays of sunshine and a pleasure to see, whether you are joking with each other, grilling or speaking kindly with guests, or catching up with issues on hot topics, keep doing what you are and how you are as many people love to see you do so

Thrift Store Staff
-Thought about this and will unfortunately not mention staff here by name under these circumstances, the three i go to though are Value Village, Salvation Army Thrift Store and St Vincent De Paul. It's a pleasure to know you all and you have always been very nice to me. Growing up it was always thrift stores and garage sales, while i don't have a car to go to the latter i still go to the former whenever i have the means to do so. Winter is coming, i don't know how that's going to go, it's been a while because of Covid since thrifting in snowy conditions but i am prepared with warm clothing. Maybe i'll just stay home on certain days. As for the different shops they all have one thing in common, great workers doing great jobs at what they do. It looks like a fun career with great atmosphere to work in, i'd always be jealous of all the cool items having to be placed for sale though. i do have one complaint, the in store music, Value Village has their own music put in with Zionist intent, and the other two have Zionist radio stations in the background, that's the only problem but it must drive the workers there a bit nuts having to listen to that all day, at least the other two can switch to another radio station perhaps. It's nice going somewhere that you can be surrounded by good people, and you constantly are at these places, seeing you there is as enjoyable as the shopping part, and both together makes for good times

Adrian T.
-The two of us get along very well and Adrian is always a pleasure to speak to, we share many general likes and talk about those at length, he is into the Marvel universe so picked him up some Vs System collectible trading game cards, the first iteration of those not the 2pcg (two player card game) newer version, in it you can play as either Marvel or DC which is pretty cool (oh and this is also 2 players regardless of the newer versions title). But yes, Vs System, Adrian likes Dr Doom so he can make a deck around that character if he likes and he and i could get some games in of that which i look forward to. i'm not totally up on Marvel or DC comics and such but like hearing about that from him and other people i know who also are. Adrian is a very polite and considerate guy and good people tend to gravitate to each other so am happy we ended up getting to know each other and become friends

Joel P.
-A good friend i have known for at least a while, you'll find that i'll mention a few people that work or shop at thrift stores because that is a big part of my life so it goes that way. But yes Joel is a fine person indeed and always seems to be in good shape, i don't know if he works out or not but bet he does, i don't get much exercise myself but respect people who do take part in fitness and care of themselves. Joel has a very pleasant girlfriend Kathryn who he and her make a great couple, they look to be very happy and hope they stay together for as long as possible. i recently picked them up a board game Catan Junior, as they were looking for the main game but found this one, no pressure! i don't get to see Joel much as he doesn't go to the shop anymore, he has another job now, but we keep in contact through email and it's always nice to hear what he's been doing and such. i believe Kathryn is a nurse of some sort so both of them have been very proactive about their Covid vaccinations and preventative measures, i've had my first two so far and am joyed about that, seriously everyone should get these, even the 3rd booster one, you can still get Covid but just have a sniffle instead of dying. So i always wish the best to Joel and hope we stay in touch over the years even if he starts a family and is quite busy otherwise. Live well and always let me know how you're doing as i like to hear

-My Son... kind, smart, fun, he's a great guy who is 25 years old as i write this. He as with everyone is in a constant state of growth and i hope to lead him along a path of goodness that i didn't get the chance to earlier in his life. His Mother raised him quite well though and he is a better person because of that. i wasn't around because of my vices which are now distantly behind me, so am trying to make up for it now which i've been doing for a while and we get along very very nicely. i love my Son and he is a blessing to me. Currently he is not located in the same town as myself so we talk online and i try and help him with his ambitions as best i can. He of course received many traits handed down by his Mother and i, including various mental quirks of mine which i am encouraging him to take medication for, maybe the same prescriptions as i take. Thankfully i don't think he is consuming any vices, at least not harmful ones or overly addictive ones which am very happy about. If i were to ever raise another child, a step-sibling to my Son, it would be much different, but for now i am always trying to be in his life and help, maybe guide, him along the way. He is doing greatly and has a lot of goals and initiative, looking forward to all he accomplishes

-My Mom, my beautiful, wonderful, Mother. i miss her so much, she died from lung cancer of second hand smoke from my dad, who i won't be listing under friends and loved ones. In my earlier life and being on alcohol and off medication like my dad i was terrible like him, to a far lesser degree but still. After fixing those problems i turned like my Mother, thank heavens. She was French Canadian, my dad Irish/Scottish, and i inherited a lot more than that as is how it goes i guess. In the ending times for her we bonded quite a bit and i was in a better but still not final stage of personal development, i wish she could see that things turned out (are turning out) okay or better than okay. Seriously she was an angel on Earth, and was loved by everyone who knew her. i am proud to be her Son and have had her my Mother. Love