Adventures in Buying Music

     Musicians have always been there for us, now it's us who has to be here for them. Forced Zionist scripting has been going on for a while but is now at the worst it's ever been. It's at the point that a new album is forced until shown otherwise. i truly believe that when it is exposed what Zion is doing to musicians it will be a deciding factor in our favour. These are all wonderful people who have bravely been on your side and continue to do so when able which isn't very often anymore. Please help them in any way you possibly can, they definitely need you. Here are the albums i have bought, mostly for a dollar or two at thrift stores, and am very happy with the ones i have found

Dua Lipa – Self Titled
-i understand the second album being titled Future Nostolgia, she goes and pours her heart out on this first album without a notice so feels bad about it, but there are a lot of great songs on her second album. While there are unfortunate negative ones on both at least the second one has the tracks put together while the first one has them mixed throughout. With Future Nostolgia at least you can listen from track 3, Cool, to track 12, Fever. Whenever i think about a negative track of hers now i can also think about the song Kiss and Make Up, from the Complete version of this album which this is, that's the best version. i never really knew much about Dua Lipa until a few songs in from Future Nostolgia, so wasn't up on her music, but she sure is good now that i do know! Now she is taken. So no real new videos for this album and no new albums of hers to come. She was doing so well. Avenge those who cannot avenge themselves, or at least let it be known what's being done to them. Musicians, save love tracks for the album and let your singles be anthems for us as a whole and for a greater purpose, also as mentioned forget about negative tracks, not for my benefit but yours as if you get taken those will be your upcoming videos. Oh Dua.. wish i knew about you earlier but you sure did make some great songs on Future Nostolgia, you are the one giving me warm feelings. For your sake and all the vast amount of other taken musicians the cavalry is still on it's way. At least i hope so

Dolly Parton – The Essential
-Have always liked this nice woman, so kind and sweet, a pleasure to see on television. i know some of her songs but not a lot, something i will remedy with this album. While i don't listen to country music much i do appreciate it and enjoy when it's on. Since Dolly is so humble i will refrain from my continuance of praise and instead talk about a project of hers Imagination Library, a charity that gives books to youth. This is a great initiative that helps children immensely am sure. Fiction, non-fiction, it's all good. Even with television a major part of our lives books hold an important spot for us in conjunction with other media. Maybe it is the medium with no included distraction, just the words to concentrate on. Books should be a vital part of a young growing mind, and an older growing mind as well. Dolly has given so many books, and helped young people immensely with good memories and stepping stones to build on. i remember all the books i enjoyed and fondly, am sure these recipients will also for those ones. To start reading is important, and a lifelong activity that doesn't quite get matched, with non-fiction you learn so much educationally, and with fiction you learn about language not to mention being very entertained from a good author. These are both what's needed especially for our young, while i am a proponent of certain screen time there is nothing quite like reading and that should be encouraged wholeheartedly. Maybe a Kobo should be on the list of what to buy as a gift for loved ones, i'm really happy with mine. There's the difference between paper and digital, and both have their place, but as long as books are being read that's great either way. For our youth though, that Dolly Parton focus' on, there have been more than 184,000,000 books gifted since 1995, a towering accoplishment indeed and so many lives made even better through her program. i wonder what books i read before starting novels.. because i started reading those early. Illustrated books are a fine start to reading as well, you can't quite get the same experience on a Kobo after all, and it makes reading more fun for them and is a great introduction for sure. So a well deserved hurrah to Dolly Parton for her great longstanding initiative to start our youth with the books that will develop in them a lifetime love of reading. Thank you Dolly, i look forward to also listening to your am sure wonderful music

Linkin Park – Road to Revolution (Live)
-These guys are so great, i also wish Chester Bennington was here to see how well we're all doing, he is still having an effect on our course, continuing to inspire and motivate us. We are far along on the road to revolution, i'd even say in the midst of it, although we do have a long way to go still i'm sure Chester would be proud of us. This album, which also includes a dvd of the concert, was performed in 2008, five years after the Texas one, and is probably the new go-to live album from this group and will most likely get a good amount of play from me. i bet Chester is missed so much by his loved ones and fans, he looked like such a wonderful person who deserves all the admiration he receives. His death is because he couldn't handle what was being done to him, same goes for Kurt Cobain and Chris Cornell. What a nice guy though and definitely a positive role model that didn't deserve, none of them do, that treatment. The road to revolution started a long time ago and has been going along the route at a steady pace, we are doing very well but have very far to go, and so much to do. There are many revolutions on all sorts of issues, you are not at a loss of what ones to get involved in. For one Chester needs to be avenged, that is a priority for me and i hope you. He was a voice for the people, and loved dearly by them, taken to be a proponent of Zion and pitted against his devoted listeners, he couldn't cope. The opposition has so many musicians under their control i'm telling you it will get out, one way or another, and until then you can plant the seeds of awareness about the situation as best you can, don't wait for that be on top of it as it slows the pace of what they are doing and helps immensely the completely amazing people affected. Chester may not be with us physically anymore but his legacy lives on, his songs comforting his devoted fans and giving voice to those who might feel voiceless, inspiring revolutions he was a part of that continue to this day and still to come. Celebrate Chester's life and do your best to make sure not only musicians are saved from Zion but that everyone else is as well. We are on the road to revolutions and the time for you to take action on topics of what concerns you is now

Bryan Adams – Shine A Light
-Oh my, this guy. i am so happy to have found this 2019 album, Bryan has constantly been a fantastic voice for us and has never faltered. It's very admirable that he has never gone astray and has kept the faith. This looks so good i can't wait to listen to it. You shine a light as well, on whatever issue you want, there's no lack of topics that need such. The first part of making something better is creating awareness, having as many people as you can working of fixing a problem, that makes it so much more doable. We are doing quite well, everybody knows something is up, many are on track, there just needs to be even more specifity, and actions taken. Shining a light is the first and constant course, letting people know what's going on and being done, keep on track with that as there is always lots to talk about regarding such, when in doubt about what to say just remember to bring up anything that can be made better, that is where your task is, getting stuff done. Shine a light where needed, illuminating what is currently shrouded and pushing for improvement in every matter of concern

Dead Kennedys – Give Me Convenience Or Give Me Death
-Something i don't have a lot of is punk music, i do appreciate the genre though. Am not sure the ratio of pro and anti in this style of music but this group and album look to be great. This may be one of the more renowned punk albums but doesn't look commercial in any way. There's a book, available on my documents page, titled Final Judgment, which delves into Israel's involvement in the JFK assassination, a book i would like to refresh on. If you would like to do some more reading of those documents, which are there in kobo epub and amazon mobi, that you buy the appropriate ebook reader to do so, it's a much better way than reading on your computer or phone and you will enjoy doing so very much

The Best of Bond... James Bond
-This is pretty phenomenal, every Bond theme song is here and they are all great. i'm about half way through my Bond blu ray collection and am enjoying them immensely. As said though the newest Bond movie now is No Time To Die and it is forced, while i am happy to have the complete collection of the first 24 ones, all good, this is troubling. Now that the Bond series is taken future ones will be Zionist as well. As with every instance like this or otherwise, it is appropriate to be mad as hell, do not let them get away with what they are doing

Paul McCartney – Off the Ground
-Nice to see this great guy still going strong, i know this particular album is from a while ago but Paul is doing wonderfully now as well. Was listening to his live album Back in the U.S. yesterday, no pun intended, and love it, i really should make Paul and the Beatles more of go-to listening, they really are deserving of. So very many good songs to enjoy

The Beatles – Live at the BBC
-This album has many non-Beatle tracks covered, i'm not sure about this but will give it a try. As for the bbc, particularly the news channel division, i used to like it very much 2002 or so, but they turned at one point, which was very upsetting, i haven't watched them since. Maybe they are back to being good, maybe not, but they went so downhill at the time i haven't given them another chance. You be the judge of not only the bbc but of every media, chalking up a list of the ones you deem good and the ones you deem Zionist, then avoiding the Zionist. Why would you entertain, give time to, those against us? Your list will be quite long but your mind will thank you

The Tea Party – The Edges of Twilight
-Looks to be a good album and like what have heard of this group. Party indeed, we are where and going towards where we want to be. Doing very well and getting even better. Celebrate what we have accomplished and be optimistic about the future, one we must form as we are not there just yet, in fact we have a long way to go but all in time. Party after acheivements, let's have lots of those

112 – Part III
-A favorite song of mine, Dance With Me, is on this album, and yes you get involved as well. You're sexy and you know it in many ways, put that to use. This group was formed by Bad Boy Records, helmed by Sean Combs, who has been a tireless supporter of us and deserves accolades for everything he has done for our side

Republica – Self-Titled
-While the term republic is honorable for sure i tend to be very anti republican, i may agree with their pro life stance but everything else i seem to disagree with, in fact am opposed to. Not to mention the current state of Donald Trump's rule of the party, what are they thinking? Personally i, and am not alone, think Joe Biden is doing a great job as President, such a nice change of palate from his predecessor it is a very welcome breath of fresh air not to mention actually good for the country and world. Biden in 2024? Definitely. My God, if Trump gets in by some chance it would be more than terrible, the downfall of America to be ceratin. i do not have to tell you make sure that does not happen, put your effort into doing what you can so that that isn't a more than upsetting reality

Bif – i Bificus
-Have always really liked this woman. One of my favorite tracks on this album is Lucky, as in we are the lucky ones dear. And we are. We are fortunate. We are blessed. And we are indeed lucky to be alive during this cusp of science and technology advancement. We for the most part are loving, caring and kind people, the most part, it may not seem like it sometimes but we generally all are. While we are lucky we are being taken advantage of, our good nature being exploited for other's gain. Not only by Zion but by other also unscrupulous persons. Get on board you, earn honestly. Zion are not lucky, they are the ungodly product of their own heinous doings, lucky would be honorable, not they who gain from others ill treatment for their own benefit. We while lucky are unlucky to have them on us, so let's fix our situation to rectify these actions being taken against us and return to our life of well being

Puff Daddy – Forever
-Much respect for this man and the whole Bad Boy family who have been steadily part of the scene for many years with so very many albums between them, making rap, hip-hop and r&b that is always current while also timeless. We are timeless as well, every one of us in our own unique way, having an impact forever ourselves. Even if you only do a bit you will still affect the timeline of everything around you, while if you do a lot you will make a larger imprint. Be happy regardless though, if you simply go to work each day to support yourself let alone loved ones that is an honorable and pretty nice spot to have for you and maybe yours. If you have dreams of a bigger lot in life you can go for that as well, and you sure can do that. With all of our actions we weigh them on the life scale, if you are doing admirable efforts for others, that goes on one side, neutral on the grand scale doesn't go either way, and negative, well those add up also. If, and when for now, you go to the great beyond the total is tallied, and all of those actions of yours get added together, you want to be on the side of good deeds. Your scale is of actions that affect others, when it's doings that are about only you that's one thing, but do your best to help others and you'll be doing alright, negative actions against others lead to negative times for you as well that's just the way it happens, be good and you will attract the same, be detrimental to others and it comes back to you as well. So do your best to help when and where needed, as neutral isn't a place to aspire to be and negative actions lead to concequences of the same. You may not live forever but what you do will. There is the good you can do and receive in the time you have, feel happy to help, it's deserved for you and appreciated by others

Dua Lipa – Future Nostalgia (Moonlight Edition)
-Wow, i just listened to this this morning, what a lot of great songs on a great album by a great woman that gives me feeling hearing them. There are two maybe three somewhat negative tracks but i will overlook them as the rest are so phenomenal. What i am nostalgic about is good, real, music, and it's been sparse for a while, Dua Lipa has been taken since the video for Fever, a real song on this album in fact, so recent, now we will unfortunately not get to see and hear what she would have been able to put forward on following albums by her. i'm not opposed to the term nostalgia as it means memories of good times, which is something we all can hope to have in the future. In the midst of all the forced Zionist “music” a few love songs get through, they are definitely motivation and hope they can also serve as such for you, it shows that there is more than one side to this and that what's going on is wanted and desired to those that only get to hear the forced tracks. i specifically bought this album, and am very happy to have done so, i don't really get to listen to all that much very recent music other than singles shown on youtube, but rarely full albums like this. There is definitely appreciation and love from me to anyone who puts forward positive songs or albums and they lift my spirits immensely, thank you. There's place for a dozen or more songs on an album, try to have a nice balance, and may i suggest no negative songs as if anything god forbid happens to you that will be your next single, so make every song on every album count

Mp3 Singles
These for sure are not the only singles i like just some that i appreciate on their own from the albums they are on

112 - Dance With Me
-What's a party without some dancing, something i can't do to any degree but that's not the type of dancing needed. We need jubilant active cooperation
Aaliyah - Rock Da Boat
-Missed for sure, this girl was just getting started with her career when she died from an airplane crash. Make some waves with her in mind
Aaliyah - Try Again
-We all mess up once in a while, it's the recovery that matters
Aerosmith - Dream on
-Keep on keeping on
Alanis - You Learn
-Everything is like riding a bike, you mess up but learn from your mistakes and do better next time
Alicia Keys - A Woman's Worth
-Is as much as a man's
Arcade Fire - Rebellion (Lies)
-Everytime you close your eyes. Open your eyes
Barenaked Ladies - Brian Wilson
-Was the writer/singer of The Beach Boys, brilliant
Basement Jaxx - Red Alert
-Stay calm, it's just an emergency
Beach Boys - Surfin' USA
-Inside, outside USA
Beatles - Hello Goodbye
-Greet the solution not avoid it
Beatles - Let It Be
-The song of all songs, for me anyhow, maybe you as well
Beatles - Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da
-Life goes on during the answer
Beatles - Two Of Us
-Home, hate zero murder evil, this has always been our word
Beatles - Yesterday
-i hope our troubles are not here to stay
Big Tymers - How We Do
-Just a fun song, tell them boy's i'm not afraid
Blue Oyster Cult - (Don't Fear) The Reaper
-i'm divided on if this is a song of ours or theirs, i'd like to think ours as it's such a good one, let it be a song of ours
Blue Rodeo - 5 Days in May
-Amazing song from a great group
Blur - Girls And Boys
-Live your life as you'd like when not harming others
Bobby Brown - Humpin' Around
-He and Whitney Houston's relationship was solid albeit tragic because of the drug use, what a shame
Chet Faker - Gold
-A newer song for me, saw it on television a while ago and like it
Ciara - 1, 2 Step (feat. Missy Elliott)
-Let everyone see you 1, 2 step
Ciara ft Bow Wow - Like You
-A song of few about Zionist scripting of music
City and Colour - Comin Home
-Great guy Dallas Green, true heart
Clipse - When The Last Time
-i like songs that get you pumped to do well
Corey Hart - Never Surrender
-And we can't, it's either what we're doing or lose entirely
Corey Hart - Sunglasses At Night
-The guys in shades
Daft Punk - Around the World
-Involve everyone, as everyone is affected
Dr. Dre ft Snoop Dogg - Still Dre
-And he still is, just doing really well
Earth Wind & Fire - Shining Star
-Each of you, and live up to it
Elliphant - Spoon Me (feat. Skrillex)
-Sexy song from someone i like
Elliphant ft MO - One More
-One more by someone i like and someone i like a lot
Eminem - Lose Yourself
-A theme for us by Eminem, deserves frequent listening and action
Enrique Iglesias - Hero
-You are needed, don't let us down
Eurythmics - Here Comes The Rain Again
-Speak to us like lovers do
Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams
-Let's make our dreams reality
Everlast - Ends
-A somber song about peoples' rough times
Five For Fighting - The Riddle (You & I)
-(not them)
Frank Sinatra - As Time Goes By
-Our lovers are welcome, their love of addiction is not
Ginuwine - In Those Jeans
-Sexy song
Ginuwine - Pony
-Another sexy song
Gorillaz - Dare
-The main song about forced Zionist scripting of music, video is on spot as well
Hilary Duff - Beat of My Heart
-To the beat of her heart
Hilary Duff - Wake Up
-A song about a few topics, one of which is false flag attacks
Hozier - Take Me To Church
-Speak the gospel
INXS - Pretty Vegas
-After the shoah
James Blunt - Wisemen
-Outstanding song
Jamie Foxx - Unpredictable
-This is actually about the predictable
Jay-Z ft Beyonce - '03 Bonnie & Clyde
-Beyonce has been taken for a while and Jay-Z looks to be as well, be their savior and help everyone affected out
Jewel - Who Will Save Your Soul
-Very few will try
Jim Cuddy - Pull Me Through
-If i falter i hope you will
Joe Budden - Clubbin
-Less night life more knight life
Johnny Cash - God's Gonna Cut You Down
-It's unfortunate about the bullshit biographic movie Walk The Line, which portrays him in a negative light
Justin Timberlake - Cry Me A River
-Who will save your soul indeed
Kanye West - Heard Em Say
-Time is of the essense as people are being harmed while you do whatever you're doing, spend some time helping any way you are able
Kanye West - Stronger
-Self-improvement leads to a better life
Kevin Lyttle - Turn Me On
-Definitely a feel good song
Kiesza - Hideaway
-This woman started out and made a good name for herself by writing for other people, this was an early departure from that and was doing very well until taken over
Lawrence Gowan - When There's Time for Love
-Now is the time for love
Led Zepplin - Stairway to Heaven
-The cover for this song is a hermit with a light in the shape of a star of david, shine that light
Lil' Flip Featuring Lea - Sunshine
-Lovely song
Lil Kim - Lighters Up
-One of my fave Lil Kim songs, this and the next one, probably others that i haven't heard though
Lil Kim - The Jump Off
-It's already time to get started, now it's continuance, and if you haven't even started yet definitely do
Lilly Wood, The Prick - Prayer in C (Robin Schulz Remix)
-There's also a Metallica song The Unforgiven, both different but same issue
Louis Armstrong - What A Wonderful World
-Classic. and it is, we just still have some problems to deal with
Ludacris - Stand Up
-Amazing song by an amazing person, and a nice one at that
Lumidee - Never Leave You
-And i will never leave you, i will keep doing what i can
Madonna - Human Nature
-Human nature can be curtailed leaving only the best parts
Major Lazer x DJ Snake feat. MO - Lean On
-One of the most streamed music videos on youtube, a fantastic track
Mary J. Blige - Family Affair
-Another get started track, Mary J (or any of these others) do not deserve what's being done to them
Method Man & Redman - Da Rock Wilder
-Good guys, i hope they quit their vices and encourage others to do so as well
Missy Elliott - 4 My People ft. Eve
-Missy E has very loving fans
Missy Elliott - Lose Control (featuring Ciara & Fat Man Scoop)
-A song to get started with
Mobb Deep ft Lil Kim - Quiet Storm
-In addition to the loud storm there are also keyboard clicks
Mya - Free
-Definitely free is best when possible
Mya - My Love Is Like...Wo
-Hot track
Mystikal - Shake Ya Ass
-Shake ya ass, but watch yourself
N.E.R.D. - Lapdance
-Again, free
Nelly - Hot in Herre
-It definitely is getting that way, and it only gets hotter
Nelly - Ride Wit Me
-Must be the money? Nah
Nelly Furtado - Powerless
-While this is a great song there's a major one that she (and Timberland) were forced into, Say It Right, says alot doesn't it
New Radicals - You Get What You Give
-Yes, you reap what you sow, and they have been sowing some poeple's tragedy
Nico & Vinz - Am I Wrong
-A nice love song
Nizlopi - JCB
-A JCB is a tractor type vehicle
OutKast - B.O.B.
-Bombs Over Baghdad was a war for oil (operation Iraqi liberation)
OutKast - The Way You Move
-Let others see how you do
P.Diddy, Loon, Mario, Ginuwine - I Need A Girl (Part 2)
-Am a fan of all these guys and this is one of my fave tracks, much love
Pearl Jam - Do the Evolution
-There's space for science and religion, maybe both together sometimes
Peter Gabriel - Blood of Eden
-The union of the woman and the man, i'm jealous
Peter Gabriel - Only Us
-Another song referencing us as in only us
Peter Gabriel - Steam
-Real as anything you've seen. Let's get that happening
Pharrell ft Gwen Stefani - Can I have it like that
-They are deserving of what is to be done
Pink ft Redman - Get the Party Started remix
-Awesome track that incorporates Sweet Dreams (are made of these), so good
Poison - Every Rose Has It's Thorn
-i have since trimmed my thorns, trim yours
Propellerheads - History Repeating (feat Shirley Bassey)
-Sidestep the bits of history repeating
Radiohead - Street Spirit (Fade Out)
-One of my favorite songs, very somber
Rage Against the Machine - Guerrilla Radio
-We at one point may have had a friend in radio but those times have passed for the most part, now it is few and far between good stations, i encourage the good ones left to go full on in any way you want that you figure will help, and thank you
Rage Against the Machine - Renegades of Funk
-Dance sucka!
Rage Against the Machine - Sleep Now In The Fire
-So raise your fists and march around, just don't take what you need. The video for this features Michael Moore who i am apprehensive about, and to say i actually question RATM sometimes, but will support this group until seen otherwise
REM - Drive
-Again a favorite song of mine, but aren't all of these?
REM - Everybody Hurts
-Perhaps a solemn nod for agreeance?
Rihanna - Pon De Replay
-Great girl here, i think she is now a billionaire and has a nice man in her life and is expecting as well. Unfortunately she has been taken for a long time
Rise Against - Give It All
-There's a reason
Rob Zombie - Dragula
-Reading through this list of musicians it looks like every one of them is one of the taken. All hands on deck until this issue is exposed
Robbie Williams - Feel
-i wish
Rolling Stones - Paint it Black
-Death, sorrow, anguish
Sade - By Your Side
-As i am by yours
Santana - Put Your Lights On (Feat. Everlast)
Scorpions - Wind Of Change
-The winds will blow the dust away
Sean Paul - Get Busy
-Whenever you can
Sean Paul - We Be Burnin
-i wonder if our semi-rigs will be as blinged out as the ones in the video for this song. Doubted but am sure there will be appropriate styling
Shaft - (Mucho Mambo) Sway
-All of us together sway with each other
Shaggy ft Olivia - Wild 2nite
-Let me see you
Sheryl Crow - Good Is Good
-It's not always easy to spot but for the most part you know which is which
Sophie B. Hawkins - Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover
-Another hot track
Stereo MC's - Connected
-This song shaped me to a certain degree growing up, this and the album it's from are still completely amazing
Tears For Fears - Shout
-You shouldn't have to jump for joy, but it sure will feel good. Make yourself heard to get there
Technotronic - Pump Up the Jam
-Why your feet are stumpin?
The Fray - How to Save a Life
-And i also know how to, which is good because we are losing many
The Game - Hate It or Love It
-Best love it, because we're all in this together and we are all doing this for each person's benefit
The Kaiser Chiefs - I Predict a Riot
-Not a Jan 6th riot either, a peaceful riot, if that's even needed because it's majority rules
The Killers - Smile Like You Mean It
-And we will
The Smashing Pumpkins - Bullet With Butterfly Wings
-Similar to Linkin Park's Hybrid Theory album cover this is about the existance of both in one, in many
Tragically Hip - Fully Completely
-Each and every one
Tupac - Can't C Me
-My fave Tupac song, definitely a song to get you pumped
Tupac & Dr Dre - California Love
-i was young when this song was released but remember liking it fondly at the time, i wasn't following the whole East/West showdown that was going on just that the music was great
U2 - One
-One for now, and when possible more than one
Usher Featuring Lil Jon & Ludacris - Yeah!
-What a great track, wow indeed
Wayne Wonder - Bounce Along
Weezer - Island In The Sun
-The Spike Jonze version of the music video for this is the group in an animal reserve, all playing and having fun on an island in the Sun
Will Smith - Men In Black
-Men in black in whatever color
Will Smith - Miami
-Welcome to “Miami”
Will Smith - Summertime
-Even in Winter
Will Smith ft Dru Hill-Kool Mo Dee - Wild Wild West
Willie Nelson - Georgia On My Mind
-This is a song about every song. Georgia having two g's (genocide) and i listen to this often. Let it keep you focused as well
Willie Nelson - The Harder They Come
-Zion, Google, Meta, a few of all parts of the same structure. i hear TikTok is doing best in social media though which as far as i have seen looks to be a great company and i hope they take over what youtube is for all topics. Whenever you are able choose a company to be with that is by us and recommend it to others, i always make sure to mention about doing a Bing search as opposed to a google one. There's one local radio station (i know of) that is fantastic that i also try to recommend to people if the topic comes up and so forth. Stick with our own endeavours and you will be much happier

Norah Jones - ...Featuring
-This compilation album has artists featuring Norah Jones, and Norah Jones featuring other artists, looks great. This can be a parrallel in life as well, we have our lives featuring other people, and other people have theirs featuring us. Each hopefully making things better for each other. Remember that you have a part in other peoples existance and do your best to make those positive experiences. Even the most lonely person has to get groceries, and there they meet cashiers and other employees, before that there are farmers and so forth, none of us are truly alone we have others in our lives often so make the best you can out of your appearance in their being

The Beatles – Let It Be
-Best Beatles album ever? The tracklist looks spectacular from what i know of them and there doesn't seem to be any slights among them. These guys are very talented but you know that, maybe you don't know fully so give them more of a listen if you are not familiar with them as much as you probably should be

The Beach Boys – Songs From Here & Back
-This has live tracks in addition to a few new songs, it is a Hallmark album but any way to hear The Beach Boys is okay with me. These fellows have been around since 1962 with their first album Surfin' Safari and have always found brilliant ways to breach the topic in a palatable manner. i have a best of album of theirs and now i feel somewhat compelled to give it another listen soon. Did you know their most popular song is about American slavery? Surfin' U.S.A.. Spelled Serfing, Serfing U.S.A.. and mentions places that don't even have water. i've said it before but it is paramount in importance that when America's debt interest outnumbers the earnings it is perpetual slavery forever, did i also mention though that the 1913 federal reserve act is unconstitutional and can be repealed? Because it's worth saying that as well... Beware though this is a main source for their doings and will not give it up easily, if you want to be free of their clutches though and have a prosperous America it is one of the pillars that must be toppled. They are serfin' U.S.A. indeed

Mary J. Blige – Stronger With Each Tear
-Mary J was really starting to do well in her personal life then she gets taken. She has been doing well for a while actually, nice to see, now her superbowl appearance is marred by Zionist scripting, i hope she doesn't do any of the new songs in the performance. She kept doing better, and better, and better, now this. Mary deserves happiness, and it will be us that delivers it to her and allows her to have it, eventually

Grimes – Miss Anthropocene
-Hot on the heels of Shinigami Eyes i was able to pick up this 2020 album by her that looks to be great. i look forward to the upcoming ep and the album after that. Really am not completely familiar with her work just a bit here and there but always had respect for what i knew of her. Grimes is Canadian and not as well known as some other musicians which kind of let her go under the radar til now, but with the new song and album it might mean she will be taken as well, hopefully not of course. The more artists they take the more reasons we have against them, and there's no lack of reasons, definitely in music or completely otherwise

– No Mythologies To Follow
-What a cool girl, talented also. Have listened to this album a few times on Spotify, if you have trouble finding a good radio station, which i suggest if you find one is not to not listen to them, go with this streaming service which is worth the subscription fee but you can also listen for free as far as i know, listen to that instead you'll be much happier. But yes, MØ, this album is great and i believe it is top to bottom fantastic. Fully unfortunately she has been taken, so disregard any new music by her, once taken they are not given back or allowed free reign. One of the most streamed songs on youtube is her and Major Lazer's amazing effort, more than an effort, Lean On, so blow a kiss or fire a gun, whatever you are most comfortable doing just as long as you do. There are so many women and girls, don't forget vulnerable guys, who are being victimized by Zion that it's almost surreal, but just as our goodness rolls bigger so does their evil, who will prevail? That my friend is up to you

Dr. Dre – Compton, a soundtrack
-This 2015 album looks great, can't wait to listen to it. Congratulations to the artists performing at this year's Super-Bowl, i bet it will be fantastic. Being that you will have a huge audience is there any way to reference about forced Zionist music scripting? Because that would be major. Whatever you choose to do am sure will be spectacular

The Beatles – Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
-No need to be lonely, we're here, and doing well. You have many friends, people on your side, you do well for them also. Be a friend to foreign powers, through their embassies, governmental agencies, emergency services and media. The world will have each other, striving to make situations better where needed. You are not alone, you are 7.9 billion people strong and as many friends of ours you can make, have and help

The Art of McCartney
-This is an album featuring many many musicians covering songs from Paul, while i am mostly familiar with the singles i will still write a brief humble note about my favourites of his
We had it pretty good for a while, til what are referred to as the Allies were suckered into helping. i too believe in yesterday, and i hope our troubles are not here to stay as is mentioned in the song, we can do it right this time
>Hello Goodbye
Greet the new retro, we're not done with it yet
>Live and Let Die
i can't give enough respect that's deserved to these great songs, this one kind of sums it up in the title but is a lifestyle of the future, it's going to go on for a while as well
>Let It Be
Again probably my favourite song ever, this is the soundtrack of the new time we are and will be in
>Hey Jude
Compassion for us by them, both the good and the opposite understand our situation, and know that we don't and have not been given a choice in our predicament
>Drive My Car
Whenever i think of one of their negative songs against the helper i remember this one, am trying to do my best at such on the way you paved

Crash Test Dummies – A Worm's Life
-The Crash Test Dummies do not think we are, you can hear it in their music, but i know who does think so. They think we are chumps and some of us still think they are okay, both are wrong. We are not chumps and they are not okay. i believe we all know deep down when we are being suckered it's just we aren't on the lookout for that and need some heads up that that is what's happening. Look around you, marvellous isn't it, all our doing. What did they do? They loaned us some money the rest is all ours and could have been done by us without them. i am constantly amazed at what we have accomplished, it truly is remarkable and shows that we are indeed no dummies. Be proud of yourself, you deserve it. Whenever someone tries to deride you just remember how far we have advanced to this point and it only gets better as we continue. Think about how far we have come in 100 years, now imagine the next 100, it will be unbelievable to our present day selves, thanks to the many geniuses and diligent workers we have. Instead of lending a helping hand to their fellow citizens the opposition takes advantage of them, and thinks less of them when they fall for their ploys. Show them we are not their fools and give a lift to those of us who are not currently aware of the plot against our fine people. After it rains i keep a lookout for worms as not to step on them, they do not have a plot to ruin the world

Ludacris – Word of Mouf
-Even though Ludacris is a rapper (in addition to many other endeavours) he is nice as pie which is something you might not expect. His creativity is boundless and it shows in everything he puts forward, i haven't seen much by him recently in regards to if he has been taken over or not but being as most every musician of any popularity has been i am figuring so. It's great guys like Luda who need your protection through voice about this, and we can let people know what is going on with musicians with our word of mouth regarding such. To plant the seeds of skepticism about modern (has actually been going on for a while now) music, do so to the best of your ability, and you have ability. Don't let what's going on with them continue to go on without your effort to help. While i am focusing this on forced music feel free to put forward your word of mouth on any issue, you can make a difference in whatever area you choose, do so quietly in shadow, loudly in public, whatever way you think would be best for you and those you are looking to come to the aid of. What starts with us as a hush becomes a thunder, growing into the knowledge of and forefront concern of many. It's just a matter of getting word out there. There is a brave group of activists named If Americans Knew who speak truth about the actualities of the Palestine/Israel conflict, and that's how it is, it's about people being made aware of what's going on, if they knew they would be opposed to those happenings, so it's your job to let them know as a beginning. Then when everyone is on the same page we can start with solutions of all sorts to fix the various problems, you know what my concentration is on but pick your topic. If you have a platform stand on it. Let your friends of any number you may have in on what's going on and being done. Be your own brave activist and join with others to make situations better. With all the different talents each of us has when we collaborate we are so much more than individually, with there being all of your good along with all the good of your companions of action we can and will get everything done that we need to. Always remember that it takes all of our effort, while alone you can do a lot only together will we truly get anything accomplished

The Chemical Brothers – Further
-This is the deluxe edition and has a very nice book/case with it, looks to be a great album as well. Further is where we all want to be, constantly further, right now we are in the midst of what we're doing and must continue til completion, after completion is where we start our new lives, not only for us but future generations worldwide. We've got a long time here if we go about everything right and we deserve to be happy and free, there is/will be a dark period playing out in the background (foreground) but is necessary for us to get through in order to make it out and into a better place, because if we let what's being done continue to their summation we all lose and will have no more course of action available, and we cannot let that happen, so it is of the greatest importance that we join together to take on those against us right now, and not let them continue what they are doing. So we advance, further and further, sometimes i think we are going slow, but this is a major undertaking so is understandable, still it would be nice to progress at lightning speed, but as long as it takes to reach our goals as long as we get there. It does take action on all of our part to do so, and i hope we can go forward exponentially faster, but if it takes time for us, you, to get started and continue so be it, as long as we do

Dennis Leary – No Cure For Cancer
-No cure for actual cancer not metaphorical but there will be for both. Have always liked this guy, very funny, my introduction to him was of course the song from this album, “Asshole”, a nice reference of the word which has become a compliment and pseudonym for anti-Zionist action taker. Dennis Leary was also in a few movies, such as The Ref which i liked but more notably the movie Demolition Man with Sylvester Stallone, Wesley Snipes and Sandra Bullock which is a favourite of mine. As for Zionist cancer it won't stop unless we do something about it. Do you know what the Movie titled Monsters Inc translates to in German? Die Monsters AG. Have spoken my viewpoints at length about this but thought that was an interesting note. But yes, Monsters Inc, where they make children scream to power their energy, they have since altered that to make it “laughter they're after” in the series of such, on the surface anyhow. Pixar, who are not real Disney only bought by them and allowed to run amok, are a transmissible form of cancer that infects your children, and should be avoided at all costs, you can tell the potential viewers who have friends that are watching those that it is for their benefit and that that company has negative intentions towards them and the others. It's best to be honest with them, they will grow up and be thankful for shielding them and teaching them these required in this life skills. There are good companies as well of course, and since i'm not up on much programming of either ours or theirs of such it will go to you to determine what is okay for them or not. Don't let Pixar/Marvel/Lucasfilm deter you from real Disney who have always been a phenomenal teacher for your youth, you just have to tread lightly sometimes and pick and choose, they are still your best bet and a tremendous resource of goodness who i hope continue to be forever. As for the cancers they need to be dealt with accordingly, and part one is diagnosis of those particular ones, be vocal, let others know in one way or another about which and why in whatever way you can and do so often. When everyone is aware what is being done with their seeing eyes we will be on the path to our desired future

Selena – Live
-This woman looks like she was such a good person. i bet if she had regrets they weren't that many, but am sure she had some. i have many regrets from my previous life (til 20 years ago), alcohol made me a jerk and not being on medication in general for those earlier years made me like my dad because he didn't take his for his entire life, i do not miss my old self, but am proud of who have become. i hope people remember the goodness i gave through these years not the problematic trouble i used to be. Those two reasons alone and in conjunction with each other formed a me i am not happy i was. Now is different. i hope for your congruent thoughts of the current me and understand my past is for the most part no good. On the bright side i think have made it further than anyone expected, and we are doing so very well with our accomplishments, there is a lot more to be done though and i would love to bring you to our new world or at least be a part of it in addition to you. My entire life has led to this, and if this is all i can do i still think have done quite well, remember the second half of my life, the first is mostly a bunch of rubbish. i wish you happiness and success, if i can continue to lead will do my best

Jamie Foxx – Unpredictable
-The title track on this talented guy's album is actually about being predictable, about having our goals and following through on them. The unpredictable part is our courageousness for such to happen, and it happens intermittently as time progress'. So i encourage you to be an unpredictable part and put yourself forward and into the fray. Be an addition and join the rest of us, your help in whatever manner you are able would be great. You know what the opposition is up to, but they do not know what you are, make a splash on the scene or keep swimming. You can be anonymous or very visible, up to you, as Stereo MC's said you've got to make sure you're connected though so be so. You, all of you, can make strides for us, join in, go solo, help our fellow men and women who are victims of Zion, we need you. i try, you try. You will get the satisfaction of doing something amazing, maybe plural. If you feel left out instead get involved, then you will be a vital piece in our success and proud of your accomplishments in this struggle we have. Your bravery is what's needed, with that we will progress further and further, you have people who will watch out for you, and make sure they know to do so. Keep on track and stay with us continuously contributing to the best of your ability, then and only then will your support be rightfully appreciated by those you help

Shirley Bassey – The Remix Album...Diamonds Are Forever
-Great voice on this woman who's own diamonds are forever. A fantastic song by her and remixed by Propellerheads but not on this album is History Repeating (sidestep the bits of). Peter Gabriel sings “real as anything you've seen” in the song Steam, and it will by God's graces be. This time we must prepare and get it right, give the understanding of reason and purpose to those who might and will object, and of course there will be, but explain. And i can assure you this will be much more palatable if we send our problems elsewhere to be dealt with, there is no chance that we can do this on our own soil, at least as far as i can see but you never know. Instead we will outsource this to less sensitized nations who are also not controlled by Zion in the first place, some brave, willing, capable nation that is able to realize our dream. Now dream might sound abrasive but it is, and not for no reason, what they do to us is abhorrent and must not be tolerated, thing is they will not stop on their own, they will not say sorry and become docile, they will continue with what they are doing til their very last moments. They cannot and will not stop. As unfortunate as the situation is. So allow what we do to stop what they are doing

The Velvet Underground & Nico – Self-Titled
-This group looks interesting and i hear this is a seminal album. Produced by Andy Warhol this is also a work of art, just a different medium. Music is a creative endeavour with many times wonderful results, it is an impressive art form that carries many varied emotions. i know i cannot make music, that's just not how i am wired, so i leave it to those who have that talent, and am awed and inspired by them. With the music industry as it is currently, forced Zionist scripting, there's not a lot to be happy with, instead it is in a crisis for us to neutralize and make better as it will only get worse without our intervention and good people are counting on you for your reciprocal help. Music is an art, while forced music is a shame on those perpetuating such

The Black Crowes – Three Snakes and One Charm
-In the Bible Jesus calls the Pharisees an evil brood of vipers, which leads me to of course believe that he is not Jewish as some claim him to be. Then you have all sorts of denunciations of him in the Jewish holy book the Talmud, which again leads me to believe about his non-Jewishness. Besides, it was the Jews that had Jesus tortured and crucified. A brood of vipers indeed, as far back and before the Bible. We've been in this battle for millennia, detailed in various documents, always their actions against us and our retaliation, back and forth back and forth we the constant victims of their plots will turn to be the victor, something we will celebrate solemnly. Just look around and imagine a world without what they are doing to us and safeguard a future free from the shackles of the slave. Solemnly because it is not something we want to do but something we have to do, good people will be taken down yes, and i hope they understand our plight against the ones who are not

The Beatles – Please Please Me, The White Album, Abbey Road
-i would be amiss in speaking about The Beatles without also mentioning how certain songs and such are against the person. The great and positive songs are beautiful but the negative ones are upsetting, at least there is solace and understanding that the negative ones were from before the now, while the goodness has been fulfilled the slights have no merit if i may say. We are in a wonderful time and getting much accomplished, there is so much more to do though so keep doing all you can in whatever way you think will help to any degree, on topic or not, however i believe we need to stay focused on topic while other tasks are done in tandem but not on top, we will still benefit from those advances just have another important matter to deal with and give priority to that affects and puts in danger everyone there is and will be. The Jewish question is what do we do about them, and that question has a yes unfortunate but necessary answer

Mya – Fear of Flying
-i'm divided on Mya but want to give her more of a chance. Always liked the songs Free (on this album) and My Love Is Like... Wo. As for free what i am doing is. The only thing for my monetary benefit is my Amazon wish list, and i do wish for anything on there but hey that's okay it's obviously not about that. If you can make money doing something good for us go for it, a nice return for what you do, but that is secondary to the purpose. Musicians are there for us, and get a good amount back, when they were able to of course, if a musician that has not been taken has the opportunity to release a song let alone album for us i encourage you to do so, make every song count and do your best to do the most. Maybe regarding us make your contribution after hours of your day job, any time is welcome. Have a “fear of flying”? Put that aside. Franklin D. Roosevelt once said “Courage is not the absence of fear but rather the assessment that something else is more important than fear”, and that is very true. There is so much to do you will not be at a loss for areas to help with

Selena – Soundtrack
-Having never heard a song by the am sure very talented Selena this seems like a good introduction. Am much more familiar with Jennifer Lopez who plays her in this biographical movie that i give best wishes to. You may not get a movie about you, but you might depending, instead what you do is write and live your own, a self made biography that is your life that continues as you do. If you want to strive for a lasting legacy that is definitely something you can do, let it give you motivation, but always let that be secondary to just doing good for the needed sake of doing so for the benefit of others. We live our biographies and leave a trail of our being, especially now with everything being digitized for eternal posterity, what you put forward sometimes stays and sometimes is unknown to anyone but you and the people it affects, both as important as each other. If you want recognition do amazingly, so amazingly that it helps on an undeniably grand scale and you will be remembered by many, if you want to help in a smaller manner you are needed there as well, very, very much so and will make up the majority of help given. Thank you from the people you do help, your actions and contributions will forever be a part of the history and future of all time

The Beatles – 1962-1966
-Very happy to find this album as i already have the 1967-1970 one. i've been wanting to elaborate on sensitization and now is a fine time to do so. We're going to need to be strong of mind as we are going to see what hasn't been widely seen in generations. We used to be such in the past. For me i'm even disturbed by sarcasm, but will still let what's to be done happen. Good people have no other means to defend ourselves from what they are doing. So be ready, and expect Zionist media to play the victim when it's just us turning the tables on them who have and are making us the victims of theirs. Speaking of the Beatles i've mentioned what is probably my favourite song, Let It Be, and let it

The Tragically Hip – We Are The Same
-Gord Downie is still singing to us from beyond the grave, and he will be for many generations. This album is new to me and will be hearing it for the first time even after his passing, he has made differences in many lives past, present and future, through his music and other efforts while he was here physically. There never was nor ever will be anyone quite like Gord. We... are the same, in many ways we are, one group we all are part of is that we are all victims of Zionism, globally. Being subjugated as Gentile, a term that is supposed to slight us, we have been clumped as cattle for their sole benefit. While we are all original, each one of us, we share that designation. There's a Peter Gabriel song titled Only Us, and it will be nice when it is. As you look around do you want them still doing what they are? Because they will not stop of their own accord and the situation we're in just worsens the longer we let them continue. As victims of Zionism, we must join together as a people and turn back, fix, everything they have instated against us, and there is much they have done, and put it all back in our hands. Wouldn't it be nice to have everything run by and for us as opposed to how it is now? Well it's not going to happen without us doing it, so we need to make tangible actions in our favour. As long as we have everyone keeping us on a whole as their priority we will all benefit from the positive occurrences we create

Bone Thugs N Harmony – Creepin On Ah Come Up
-Happy to have found some good albums today, they are all rap but that's fine with me as i really enjoy the genre. i like all sorts of music but rap is right up there for the most part. BTnH is a group i am glad to have found and think they are really talented, not that others aren't but just especially like these guys. A good friend of this group, and ones following below here was/is Eazy-E, am sure he was great to know, i'm not completely up on him by any means but is unfortunate about his passing as he could have been as successful as Dr. Dre, Ice Cube and Snoop Dogg. What took his life was aids, if he were currently around he would be able to take medication for that to live a normal life, aids has pretty much been cured and you can live while having it. Well, cured in the modern iteration, pills you have to buy to live. Same goes for cancer treatment, they don't cure you, they let you live on their medication. Thankfully it's not just big pharma doing this though, there are people actually looking for cures it's just that's not where the money goes to. Sooner hopefully rather than later these will all be afflictions of the past, and actual cures not costly iv drips so to speak. There's no money in curing something, but same as with other efforts there are people doing it for good reasons not profit who will eventually find solutions to all of these physical type troubles we have and share them for the good of humanity

Boyz N The Hood – Soundtrack
-Great movie, been a while since seeing it but now having this soundtrack should be nice to listen to. Nice? You know what i mean. An empowering soundtrack? Growing up in The Hood must be terrible, best get some money together and get the hell out of there to follow your dreams and aspirations in a better setting and environment. The Hood is a place of vices, drugs, alcohol.. for the users of those it must be hard as anything to try and get off of such, let alone make a new life, but people have before and still will, keep at it

Dr. Dre – The Chronic
-Have been looking for this album for a long time, i hear great things about it and should be fantastic. Speaking of pulling yourself up from the hood that's just what Dr. Dre and friends did, now look where they're at. After the East coast West coast feud rap has been tamed, maybe a diss track here and there but nothing like originally, that's fine with me, i like listening to all sides except those

Ice Cube – Lethal Injection
-This would be the best way to put them down (not Ice Cube). But whatever is decided upon as long as it's done. We need to be humane, and sleep is the way to go. They torture us? We can at least put them to sleep. It's not something we want to do, but they make it so it's hard not to crave that. As you watch them and what they do keep in mind how nice it would be without their actions, then go towards doing what you can about it

Murder Was The Case – Soundtrack
-Murder is allowed in certain instances, abortion, death penalty, assisted suicide.. so we can legally give a circumstance licence to kill to those we put in charge of doing so. The original Blade Runner movie is by a director i'm not much for, Ridley Scott, but the premise is good even if put together with Zionist intentions. Harrison Ford's character is a blade runner, tasked to “retire” the Nexus 6 humanoid replicants that have escaped to Earth, this has actually always been one of my favourite movies and will give it another go sometime to re-decide about it. But let's go about getting the hired help we need as soon as feasible

Tales From The Hood – Soundtrack
-The movie was executive produced by Spike Lee, if i would have noticed this before i would have skipped on this album, i just don't trust Spike Lee. His movie He Got Game was soundtracked fully by Public Enemy, who i used to listen to all the time but have since became very suspicious of. Then you have Spike Lee doing the intro to the Jimmy Fallon show, have known about that for a while, both he and Fallon that is. But yeah, Spike Lee, that's unfortunate. Obviously i'm not against black empowerment in general but he in particular is pro-Jewish, maybe he is part himself because that faction doesn't think very kindly of African Americans themselves. Jimmy Fallon? He's not Jewish as far as i know, so he would be called a shill. Johnny Carson, yes, David Letterman, yes, James Cordon, yes. Late-night shows except for his now, no. Well, there's Trevor Noah, he's cool as well. But not Colbert or Conan either who is quitting anyhow. What am getting at is the majority of media is corrupt Zionist bullshit, so watch out and be careful or you will be a mental victim of theirs rather than an enlightened equal of ours

Tha Dogg Pound – Dogg Food
-Friends of Snoop Dogg, figured i'd give them a try. You help out your circle of friends, they will do the same for you

Auf Der Maur – Self Titled
-Turns out i'm still finding music albums that i like and don't have upon giving another look today. This artist is one i heard some of and liked a lot and was surprised to find this but happy to have. i guess i'll start looking more at albums again

Basement Jaxx – Remedy
-There's a great song on this album that also has a video available titled Red Alert. Ain't nothing goin on but history, but it's alright don't panic. Which sort of has it's own topic sub-genre in music of ours. Don't Worry Be Happy, History Repeating, and many more great ones. We have to be brave, strong and resolute, no matter what gets put our way, we will get through this

Blur – The Best Of
-Just a group that i like a few songs of that have heard

Cathy Dennis – Move To This
-Move to this, move to that, get motivated for any reason of yours as long as you are taking action for us. i wouldn't suggest anything in the background like music or television while you're doing so because you need to concentrate but that's up to you

Crash Test Dummies – God Shuffled His Feet, The Ghosts That Haunt Me
-i have always like what have heard by this group and finally decided to pick up these two albums of how many am not sure, i'm hoping they are okay, better than okay. Speaking of God today i bought an illustrated comic style book “The Action Bible” and on the first few glances it looks to be quite amazing, i look forward to reading it front to back when i have spare time, it's massive. The intro describes the holy characters as the original super heroes, and we can parallel that to our modern times with heroes and villains, good and evil, all of us playing or part. We have media of all sorts now and everything is chronicled, we are inside this era where everyone can make major impacts in our quest for better tomorrows, history doesn't feel like history when you are living through it, but it will be and we have an effect on shaping our future then can look back at everyone's valiant contributions. Just as evil like with forced music albums and videos is being chronicled so is our steps to thwart them. Be a super hero, you can be

Metallica – St. Anger
-We have every right and reason to be angry, look at what they are doing. There's a saying that if you aren't angry you're not paying attention, and that's true. While we can't bring back the lives we have lost to them directly and indirectly we can take action to undo the mechanisms they have put in place against us, it will take much bravery but put that anger you feel about them into solid efforts to release us all from their grasp finger by finger. It can be done and then you can replace your anger at them with happiness for us. i wasn't going to do any more music adventures after selling/donating most of my cd's but have been keeping a lookout for this one in particular as it is a Metallica album i didn't have so am very happy to have finally found it. Metallica as said has been taken over, whenever you see or hear a musician in that situation be angry as hell, the anger is well founded and directed. Most every even modestly popular artist has been forced into Zionist bullshit and are not being let go to tell the world about what's being done, instead they are kept on indefinitely until you, yes you, do something about it, which would foremost be to let people know about such in whatever way you feel will help. No matter what genre of music you are into i can guarantee that at least, least, one musician you like and respect is having this done to them, talking about it far and wide is the first step in ending the harm to them and making the perpetrators accountable. If you ever wonder what my foremost issue is to work on, it is saving these wonderful and talented people who have been there for us for year after year after year, they have been on the front of this for a long time, preparing the world for this eventual happening in every way, now it's your turn as you are their only defence against the Zionist forcings, these loved ones have risked themselves for your betterment, bravely, now it's your turn to be brave and help them

Clipse- Til The Casket Drops
-i hope to be doing this til then. You can't anticipate everything you will experience and go through in life but you can prepare yourself to be ready for any situation you do with the right headspace and handle everything you encounter in the best way possible. Think of others in addition to doing what is in your benefit, i'm not going to say always think of others first every time, you need to take care of yourself as well, but even then try to make what you do a beneficial action for others at the same time. Hardwire yourself (not the forced Metallica way) to always make the right or best choice in every situation. Be wise, and you get there by learning from your errors as well as from your successes so do gain experience from both. It's a god way to live, you just need to be mindful of what you put forward and try to screw up the least amount of times possible, and when you do, do better next time. It becomes automatic, always taking the best fork in the road, and it's not about being selfish at all, it's the opposite, and when you put others first you tend to have good gravitate to you as well. Now, after saying all that, don't think about this in the front of your mind, have it in the back, i don't go around thinking about this all the time, it's just something natural that you adapt yourself into, just being a good person. You will still make mistakes, just rectify them in the best way you can after doing so. Live your life in a positive way is the best way to put it, and help others as much as you deservedly help yourself, then thank you not me for doing so

Icon – Ladies of the '80s
-Women are just as politically vocal as men in music, just softer mostly. “A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down”

Jennifer Lopez – Love?
-i think J-Lo has found her love, Alex Rodriguez, they do look happy together no doubt about it

Joe Cocker - Live
-The song Living In The Promiseland on this album looks to be about America, i would be upset if it was about Israel. Recently even Seth Rogen said he was misled about Israel, and how instead of being a land without a people that Palestine was in fact already inhabited and taken over by force. This goes back to the Balfour Declaration of 1917 that gave the land of Palestine to the Jews in return for them helping get America into the war. What there needs to be is a retraction of this offer as it is not theirs to give and recompense made to the Palestinians who have all suffered because of this. If you'd like more information about this issue and it's origins please listen to the 1961 speech by Benjamin Freedman, then let others know and take action to help the Palestinians through this still current land theft at the hands of the aggressor and occupier Israel and their global agents

Led Zeppelin – Box Set 2
-Staying on the topic of Israel the song Stairway to Heaven references how sometimes words have two meanings, i believe this is a reference to Zionism, as there is one the term used for the formation of a Jewish state and two the protocols of the learned elders of Zion. When i say Zionism it is most always unless stated otherwise about the practitioners of the protocols. The artwork for the song pictures a man holding a lantern with a star of David in it and this is about the person who shines a light on the issue as far as i'm concerned. As long as we are all on the same topic till it's resolution let us all shine a light on what's being done against us, and there is so much of that to deal with we will never be at a loss of what to do regarding this ongoing plot and everything it entails

Retro Radio – '80s
-Am not a fan of (most) radio, if you are a station of ours please continue with what you're doing, i hear good from you on occasion if you are in the background at some shop or whatnot sometimes and i am not talking about you, you know which entity you are in. i also hear Zionist radio, unfortunately, and i encourage you not to listen to this medium of theirs, why would you? They have negative intentions with you and you are letting them do it if you listen to them. Rage Against The Machine has the song Guerrilla Radio and i hope our radio stations adhere to that as motivation, as for radio of Zion, skip to a station of ours instead. When they are in stealth mode at times like this they pretend to be for us but the veil quickly vanishes and it's back to propaganda soon enough, as soon as you find out about one of these stations switch to another and so forth til you find an actual one of ours and avoid the ones you have already identified. Let music be one of your guiding factors, real not forced or out of context music of course, and when you are able join in and do your part, whatever that is and however you want to help do so

Skid Row – Slave To The Grind
-Grinding is a term where you do an activity repeatedly to gain money or achieve experience, applicable to work at a job, hopefully one you like. If you feel like you are a slave to the grind you are most likely in the wrong area of employment, i know you can't always be so choosy but we do tend to gravitate into doing what we at least partially enjoy. Personally i enjoy very much what i am doing, this, it's very rewarding not in a monetary way but fulfilling in a sense of purpose and accomplishment. Throughout all i see there are many people who love their jobs and have fun or happiness with them. Enjoy your paychecks and spend them well. With smart purchases you can live beyond your means and be even happier with what you make. Avoid being that slave to the grind as much as possible, you can do it with some small adjustments to your lifestyle, or major ones depending. Find a place in life, employment and otherwise, that you love and stick with it, make the most of your time and of your money there is a happy balance of these to have. On the topic of modern slavery though, and i should get to that issue while on this topic, America, and the world if not careful, will slip into such through the “Federal” “Reserve”, simply put when the interest owed increases faster than the money gained then you have modern slavery, a nation working day and night with no end or ability to pay off that debt. This is what i believe is a danger globally if there is a one world government one world banking system put in place, then you have slavery of every person on Earth working the same way in where America almost is. Knowledge about this is imperative for us to tackle this imminent threat of a plot that's being waged against us all and is nearing closer unless we take action now. Once other nations are aware of this danger it is less likely to overtake them in the way it has in the United States. After world leaders and the people they govern are equally made aware of this threat we can work together to rid ourselves of the problem and those responsible

The Fabulous Fifties – Unforgettable Fifties
-The fifties were where people were getting themselves together after losing their chance to deal with the globally shared culprits of deceit, ill will and plotters against us. Music pined for a return in this time as they did after the first World War was unsuccessful in achieving our dreams. We have been the historic victims in this for the longest time, then they the victims after we had enough, then had enough, and i think we have definitely had more than enough of them now more than ever. They have a hold on us, some of us, now, through media mostly but that is a powerful medium that they for the most part control and is a method for them to mould us into pushover consumers who don't know anything about what's going on much less have the guts to do anything about it. They have built up a formidable fortress of mind around us, again sculpted our society into what is best for them. Now is the time we break free en masse and rebuild what they have constructed to our detriment around our very selves while we were busy living our lives the way they arranged and allowed it. We must dismantle all the hidden and in plain sight if you know what you're looking for mechanisms they have built up, all of them one by one and in tandem and order to each of our abilities. We need a new frame of mind than the one tv has instilled in us, including to be less sensitive to watching our only course of action among many other thought shaping they have done to benefit themselves with. Let's not let this next time be another loss for us, we need to get it right finally and you have a most important role, use your expertise in what you are good with and are able to do to help the rest of us along this path in the best way you can, after so long with Zionist television and programming, of us, there needs to be a full re-education, starting from the ground up and in so many aspects. How to live happy, how to behave positively, what to value, all of which have been stifled and distorted to suit the Zionist agenda and it's been going on for a long time. We will remain diligent workers just more well adjusted and cheerful without the noise of Zionist droning in our ears and so forth minds. This is something you can do right now, say no to Zionist media as much as you can and desire or at least be very well aware they are designing everything they put forward to drag you down to where they want you to be. Think about our future, the human race's future, the planet's future, and spend any time you have into making these better for us, i have my areas of concern to focus on, you have yours, maybe multi-task and work on multiple issues, up to you, as long as you do. There's so much needed to be done but thankfully there's more than enough of us to do it all, and we can

Fabolous – Street Dreams
-Whether you are down and out or have a house in the Hampton's we all have dreams, many similar many individual. We want goodness for ourselves and those we care about, unfortunately there is the Zionist entity that is constantly working against us, all of us, ruining life for everyone else to benefit themselves. This brings us to our current, we've actually had this for a while but is more known and shared now, dream, a world without the ones who toil against us. We cannot advance ourselves until we fully actualize this dream. There are as many reasons as there are ones of us, as each of us is a victim of Zionism. Don't just sit back and dream about this though, take actions to help us, you see and know about what they are doing, counteract each of their varied attempts. Keep going forward doing this until they have no more means to harm us and make it so they never will again. Keep the dreams you have, go towards them, some you might have to put on hold until we deal with this issue but we will get through this together and then make all of our wonderful dreams for ourselves and us as a whole come true

Prince – Black Album
-A friend rapped to us and i relayed to a friend recently that the good guys dress in black remember that, except now the opposition tries to sneak themselves in by wearing the same so that can no longer be held valid. It's still one of our many colours and we shouldn't change wearing whatever we want to wear, but they won't stick to wearing their light blue. All in all choice of colour (shade) shouldn't be an issue, so i won't make it one, i just wanted to emphasize that you can no longer use that as an introductory means to gauge the alliances of someone in let's say media

Sheryl Crow - Detours
-Also fantastic to see Sheryl Crow back on track since this in 2008. i have liked her since her first album Tuesday Night Music Club and have kept up on what she's been doing up to a certain time. it's great to see she is back to herself again and i look forward to hearing this album, was wondering what she's been up to since Wildflower and now here it is. Am sure she's made music since this album but i don't have any although would love to hear more recent of her in addition to this one. i miss out on a lot of more recent music, and there is still some given the current situation in such, i get to see some singles on youtube and the real ones are pretty amazing, wish i could have some of those albums but they are out of my budget. Again, real music, amazing, forced music, testaments to harm which we must put an end to

AC/DC – For Those About To Rock We Salute You
-We all salute those of you about to make positive differences in our world, to help us near, far, close to us and unknown, there is no lack of need in our global community for you to make a betterment of. How you help is up to you, on this topic or otherwise, if you are helping in any way people will appreciate it whether you get a thank you or you don't hear it, you are giving someone single or plural a better life. AC/DC has been constantly with us for a few decades now, always doing very well for our plight, give them your support if you could as well, especially if they get taken over with their new album or any that are to be released. Again, if you are going to make, join, continue, then you have all of our love, admiration and respect

Juice - Soundtrack
-Am always excited to get great music cd's and this one sure is special. i am a fan of Tupac, as a rapper and a person, and Juice is one of my favourite movies. In it Tupac who is seen with a downward triangle jacket symbolizing he is playing Israel, gets a gun and goes power-hungry with it. i don't want to spoil the movie on you but... i won't, but let's say that he doesn't do very well. Check the movie out sometime if you want, it's a really good one. Nelly raps in his song Hot In Herre that can't nobody stop the juice, but that was a while ago, let's continue to do our best to do just that

Iron Maiden – Essential
-Somewhat divided on this group for various reasons, however i figured if there was an album to check them out with then this would be the one. As said their mascot Eddie is a playable character in the videogame Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 which is a Zionist endeavour, so am cautious about liking this group. If they are in fact good, i will enjoy their music very much, if not... as with other projects put forward at the beginning they could really go either way, and takes some time and insight as to which side they really are on

Motorhead – The Best Of: All The Aces
-This is an album i was hoping to find, a lot of bravery on this group. We could all learn to be as bold and direct as these guys

Ray Charles – Dejavu Retro Gold Collection
-Georgia On My Mind was originally written in 1930 but was re-released and made popular by Ray Charles in 1960. It is one of my favourite songs of all time and i think of it as kind of a mantra for music in general. We may be happily having a sense of dejavu but what we are doing is new, and maybe improved, on what we have done but not finished, this time let's complete our much needed task

Rush – Chronicles
-This is another group i am back-and-forth about but figured to give a try with this compilation. Could be good, could be not, it's usually easy to see what side a musical group is on when you listen or read the lyrics, and i'm speaking about actual music not forced albums, which can much of the time be stealth. If you find something stealth, music, movie studio, tv channel, radio station... even if it takes a while for you to become aware of it's intentions, then do not give them further opportunity to brainwash you. And if something is forced, do whatever you can to expose such as it will be appreciated by the victims of that forcing. Whatever Zionist scripted music, staged or orchestrated news events and otherwise, threats and other assorted agenda of theirs you notice let others know as well, this is what we need to be talking about, and we need to do so in order to stop everything they are doing and make them into unsuccessful attempts again and again while and until we deal with them in a final manner

The Clash – Essential
-Happy to have found this, i am not very familiar with this group but they look to be on our side. On the back cover it shows the musicians walking along train tracks. On that topic (trains) Facebook and Twitter have said they will be censoring content that denies or distorts the holocaust, denying is one thing, even i don't deny that happened, but when you add in distort that becomes a worrisome issue. Thing is the 6,000,000 number, according to the Red Cross, is bogus, the number is actually 271,301, at least that is what i can make out from the official records available to see for yourself on the documents page. It makes a lot more sense i'll tell you that. Denying is one thing, but there should be a place for revisionism in public forums and platforms, there should be the ability to question the said death count and not be just told such without any way to bring up it's validity and whether it has any or not. The holocaust happened, i am not here to dispute that, what i do have is grave skepticism of the purported numbers associated with it. If we lose our ability to doubt will we also lose our ability to question anything we are told? Why should this one faction have sway over every other thinking person's freedom to question what is told to be fact, and to determine that validity themselves and voice opinion about it. Speech and truth are both being stifled in this new action by the major players of social media when they should be the ones fostering discussion even about this topic. You can question every other event old or new so why not this? Again this is not denial, it is revisionism, double checking what is true and what is not, we should always strive for the truth both for ourselves and for others who we don't want being strung along by a thin fabric for various political motives and benefits. Personally i trust the Red Cross, you can think about it and trust who you want, Facebook for one doesn't want you to even have the opportunity to glance at an article or similar that in any way questions the official narrative, because then you might actually think about it if you have never encountered such information before. This one entity is holding sway over what you are allowed to read or not, historical events like this need to be examined carefully and thoroughly whatever the outcome, and i believe that once you do with this you will probably reach the same conclusion, if you do pass the information along until the truth can no longer be denied and must be updated to reflect the real statistics

Def Leppard – Pyromania, Adrenalize, Retro Active, Euphoria
-Let me start with this, i found and bought these albums today which i've been looking for since having bought their album Hysteria, which was so great, songs and even cover, that i bought a long sleeve shirt of it for $40 which is more than i spend at once let alone on clothing, but the album cover means a lot to me and have described why in my earlier post about Hysteria. So i went with the long sleeve version over t-shirt style at first because of them not having my size, 2xl, in such, but after deliberation i think what i ended up buying was the better purchase for that anyhow. Now, i wanted to make sure that the long sleeve was wrist length not just elbow length or whatnot so i contacted the seller to ask about it, and he said it was in fact to the wrist, as a side note i am currently waiting for it to arrive in the mail which should be soon and am looking forward to having it. Again, as said a lot of the concocted news events start with timing, whether staged or orchestrated, and the timing of the following just seems too spot on to be coincidence, you can judge for yourself, even if not (i believe it is though) the point still resonates. Soon after the Hysteria post, and soon as well after the purchase, the was a teen in Jordan who had his hands cut off at the wrist and his eyes gouged out (at least one but there were differing reports) If this is coincidence although probably not with Zion's track record, so be it, the point will remain. This was so upsetting to me, this ruining of a man's life, there were a group of men responsible who have since been charged with attempted murder, the largest charge that can be levied against them for this i assume, but that shouldn't be enough, a lot of people are calling for the death penalty and i fully agree, this was just terrible. At one point in time and i'm not sure if they still do this but there was death by stoning, this would be fitting for this, unfortunately the victim can't even hold a stone so maybe it would be his family to cast such. However, even in this i must stick to what i go by, death by humane means, such as lethal injection or similar, no matter how despicable the situation is. We must abide by the same required morality with all instances against us as one or as a whole regarding various wrongs done or plotted. This isn't something we want to do, and must refrain from taking joy even when we want to and regard this as required because it is for the well being of every person on Earth as what is going on right now solely serves Zionist interests at the expense of the rest of us worldwide, we cannot allow them to continue and they refuse to stop on their own. Let me pivot back to the Jordanian boy now though, and say to my Muslim brothers and sisters that i spend a good part of my day looking out for you, especially in Palestine but everywhere Zion reaches when applicable. This act against this Jordanian teenager was inexcusable, and what i said is my opinion regarding this and similar, it took a bit to write on this particular topic so let me have some leeway and allow me my say. In every way i am for humaneness, even and especially on the topic we all have to deal with, and it is upsetting to see otherwise being done. Zion tortures, we don't and mustn't, what we want to do is end the torture they administer against our loved and admired ones, and that's just the start of the long list of actions they have done/do/and plot at our expense. Humanity must remain humane though this, we can solemnly celebrate after

Jamiroquai – High Times: Singles 1992-2006
-Sober is the best state of mind as far as i'm concerned, but anyhow. Am kind of undecided about Jamiroquai, i like the aforementioned song Canned Heat but the rest seems kind of against us, i'm not completely up on him though so will just say that the song titles on this compilation and some of the lyrics of such look like it might be that way. I will refrain from any judgment right now though until have listened to this album in it's entirety

Pearl Jam – Lightning Bolt
-Now this is why buying a music cd can be great. The case is in book form, with lots of nice artwork and the lyrics to all the songs. Pearl Jam has always been a trailblazer for the rights of music lovers and has railed against TicketMaster and such for their overpricing of concert tickets not to mention other forms of activism and political action. Have always been a fan of this group and am happy they are still making music, i haven't heard anything this album or upwards yet but this one looks legit and hope their more modern albums are as well. Looking forward to listening to this, and their more recent music when i get those, until then will enjoy this one and all the others they have done before

Sarah McLachlan – Closer: The Best Of
-Sarah McLachlan deserves all the praise and accolades she receives, truly a talented woman. Where we are is fine and every day we get even closer to the end result of where we want to be, and that will continue until we get there. We just have to follow the path and make all the right decisions as we encounter them, something which we can strive for individually. While they make poor decisions blinded by greed and haze of mind we will make just decisions with need and clarity as our goals and do so with steadfastness constantly as is required. It is a long journey for us all, and we will encounter so very many obstacles, we must do our best at every one of those that we can try to turn each into having a positive outcome. We do get closer and closer, and what we do multiplies itself as all of our efforts combine, each of us achieving success' in tangible ways that make a difference when put together whether realized or not and on a grand scale or not. As long as you do your best, and make the most out of every opportunity for our collected benefit or even in a more singular instance, every bit helps. You say well what can i do? Well there is a lot needed, so choose a topic or issue and decide how you can make a difference in making our situation better. Whether on topic or not however we do need every person possible on topic until that is resolved, and that might be a while

Willie Nelson – The Essential
-i have a few Willie Nelson Best Of albums but this looks to be the best one by far. So many great tracks i am definitely a fan and am very happy to have this

Will Smith – Lost and Found
-i'm on team Smith family. Have liked Will since his career started and he as a musician has of course grown as well. Eminem said Will Smith don't gotta cuss in his raps to sell records, and it's true, i don't want him to be doing that either. Will Smith has also done his share of acting as well, still is as far as i know, and that's great to see, he is talented in many ways. So reaching is his legacy he was recently tributed by Joyner Lucas in his track and video “Will”, how cool, from what i know he loved that very much also. i listen to his tracks pretty often, especially Summertime with DJ Jazzy Jeff, Miami, Wild Wild West and lots of other great music from equally great albums. Now, it's been a rough while in some aspects for him as well, first is having his son Jaden being forced into bullshit songs, i don't know if the same can be said for Will himself but Jaden is in a troublesome situation to say the least, i wish him speedy freedom from those who are doing that to him. In addition to that there are some issues that are most likely very difficult to deal with, every marriage has conflicts once in a while but to have that play out in front of the world must be an issue of it's own. Personally i think Jada Pinkett Smith and Will make a great couple, as far as i know anyhow, and hope they stay together and work through the problems that have become a part of their past in an otherwise wonderful relationship. It's not easy to mend a broken heart but it would be nice for them to try and move forward with all the good parts they have together and put their problems in the past as a learning experience. After that, hopefully they can get back to being happy with each other and build on the good parts of why they share love together. As for Will, it's hard, it really is, however i always say to look for the silver lining, and in this i am going to leave it up to you to decide what that is in this instance, i can assure you though that there is one. It's always nice to see a happy Will Smith, and i hope to see much more of him soon, other than what's being done to Jaden of course, for that you can make decisions on your own efforts on how to combat that. Looking forward not only to your own happiness but your entire family's. Thanks for being such a nice guy, you truly are an inspiration and role model to many

Def Leppard - Hysteria
-You know what the cover of this album looks like? It looks like the screaming heads of the forced Metallica album Hardwired... To Self-Destruct cover. This album is not a forced one but maybe is referenced of it on Hardwired, the screaming heads in a triangle (the head portion of the Star of David). This is a great album though and am happy to have found it. Speaking of forced music though we need some hysteria, to get the gears turning about exposing them and what they are doing. We have a desperate need and urgency in this matter because every day brings more harm to those affected. So let's get a bit frantic about this issue

Van Halen – For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge
-What a time to find this album, i would say something about timing and it's relevance to spotting concocted news events but instead will just talk about Eddie Van Halen himself. So talented he made it to be number one on the list of top 100 guitarists, he will be missed by many musicians themselves and by his great multitude of fans. Eddie Van Halen was (is) the top of that list, but that doesn't stop other great guitarists from doing their thing either, in all sorts of different styles and ways. It's nice to make number one, but being on the podium is enough to be very happy with as well, and even that is not a necessity, just doing your best and enjoying doing it is perfectly fine. There's a track on this album, and a video for it on youtube or whatnot, titled Right Now, a great track as well nonetheless, and maybe with the passing of EVH it can give more motivation to others about doing what you want or need to before the time you leave the living. Doing tasks for the benefit of others if you can. Right now

Cyndi Lauper – The Body Acoustic
-Nice, i like Cyndi Lauper and this is my second album of hers, it looks to be of remixes with special guests. Am sure to pick up more music of hers as found

Gorillaz – G-Sides
-As said, Gorillaz have one of the only songs about forced Zionist scripting, the song and video Dare. i hope very much to see everyone's media of all sorts output about this to a greater extent, not just here and there

Missy Misdemeanor Elliot – Supa Dupa Fly
-Missy E. Is supa dupa fly. She gets insulted in what are supposed to be her own videos of recently, as is par for the course with many of those. There are so many good Missy tracks and she's been a real trailblazer in music, it's terrible that we won't be seeing anything new by her (real her) in any official capacity

Santana – Sacred Fire: Live In South America
-Cool, live Santana. We all hold the sacred fire in our thoughts, have that in mind when you see or hear what's being put forward by the opposition

Sinead O'Conner – Faith and Courage
-Am a fan. i just have no idea why she likes the Star of David so much to put it on her album covers and such. As for faith and courage, have both. Faith that we will get through this and courage to get us there

The Cult – Love
-Have so much love that you can disregard all the threats and propaganda in your way trying to stop you from doing what you need to because our people need saving. Have so much love that you make your safety second behind the safety of others. Have so much love that it keeps you going day after day through many obstacles and forward until we reach our goal. There's a lot to do, love will keep us brave, dedicated and on track

Van Morrison – Common One
-We all have a common goal with this that affects us all, common as in shared. So with this common threat against us we need to work together to overcome it. i would say though that this threat is isolated, and once it is defeated we will know better in the future and the same plot will not be able to take hold as it has this time. The plot itself is uncommon, it is the only of it's sort and not being implemented in a form like that by any other faction, so once it's dealt with we will be in the clear from then on and not susceptible to the same type of scheme

Metallica – Hardwired... To Self-Destruct
-God damn the forcers. And Metallica were doing their part the best they could. This is an example of why you should always read the lyrics to an album instead of just trying to listen to it. The lyrics for this can of course be found with a search of group name and album title lyrics, i suggest you go read these for this now. This entry, not theirs, is from 2016, and am very disappointed to say the least, not at Metallica that's for sure. From the song titles you'd initially think it was an okay album, but then you do the reading. i am going to remove this from the other albums i have because i have no interest in listening to such and the same goes and has went for other forced albums. i suggest you do the same and not give them your headspace. So whenever you notice a new album release by an artist you like, give the lyrics a read, it's the best way to determine the validity of said music. As for Metallica, they are now part of the list of taken musicians and will be from now on. i encourage any and every musical artist to make your new music debut as impactful as you possibly can, as you might end up on that list as well. Us, we need to help the taken and those that are under threat of that happening to them, expose what is going on and do so in the most major way you are able. Metallica has always been one of my favourite groups and this is a real shame that as with all the others shouldn't be happening, but it is, so we are needed. Let's do everything we can to help these wonderful people as they are in a spot where they cannot help themselves, if they have the opportunity to expose what is going on with first hand accounts in any way that would start the tumble of what is being done, but for now and until that happens it is up to us. As said i am a Metallica fan, but they are not in any way the only forced musicians this is being done to, in fact i am sure a large amount of your favourites are being subjected to this also as they are being snapped up at a rapid pace and have been for a while. Once a musician is taken they don't get to come back to real and sing about it, but i hope someone this was done to speaks up in any manner that cannot be disputed, after this is exposed it will be the start of the downfall of those that are doing it

Adele – 25
-This is a recent album but am going to give it a try. Adele is looking pretty happy lately, nice to see

Alannah Myles – Alannah Myles, Rockinghorse
-Have always liked this woman and have been into her since she started, her first album is phenomenal and am very happy to have picked these up

Joss Stone – LP1
-Joss Stone is cool, she's been making music for quite a while and is great to see her still at it

Norah Jones – The Fall
-Like her. We are in the fall of Zionism, we sure are not in it's rise anymore, but it won't be easy and we cannot rest, if we do they will have more of a foothold and things will only get worse. So keep doing and doing and doing and eventually we will be victorious

R.E.M. - Collapse Into Now
-Listened to this on Spotify a few times, it's a great album and is nice to now own. Am a major fan of R.E.M. and again always have been

The Beach Boys – The Very Best Of: Sounds Of Summer
-i look forward to the sounds of summer also. And what a fantastic album this is

The Rolling Stones – Got Live If You Want It
-Definitely do

U2 – Go Home: Live From Slane Castle Ireland, Elevation
-U2 and U2. This is the cd version of Slane Castle as i picked up the dvd concert already. i didn't notice Elevation was a single version but has a few good tracks on it including a live song and a Johnny Cash cover

Jennifer Hudson – i Remember Me
-Many people will remember you as well. We all have an amount of people whose lives we have enhanced in a positive way. Make those moments as often as possible and you will create happiness for others which is always a pleasant thing to do. We all need some extra feelings of good during these troubling times so share joy as much as you can and you will also feel better if you are not, it's just a nice way to be. Be remembered for good reasons and the things you do to help or make better for others

Mario – Go
-This guy is super talented and this is the first album of his i find, am happy to have it and will always look for other ones of his as well

U2 – Zooropa
-With this, the album Pop i picked up the other day, and the others i have of U2 that's most of their albums am looking for. There will for sure be others such as more live albums but think i have almost all of their studio releases. Am a fan of U2 and always have been, not only do they make great music they also contribute to many humanitarian efforts. More power to them

Arcade Fire – Everything Now
-Going to give this album a try as i like this group a lot and hope it's really theirs. It's good to see that everything is on topic one way or another, after all everything is affected. The messages go back, forth and other ways often but always to the same ends. If we can harness our own power to keep it focused and purposeful we will really have something going on, and that is what i request of you, to stay on track, not be distracted and keep on the topics of your choice at all times, you know what i ask of you so if that's what you want to be about also you will be forever appreciated for your part. Let's get everything of ours back, now

Joe Cocker – Ultimate Collection
-What a great find, some really fantastic songs here many of which i didn't know were his. What would you do if i sang out of tune... and it has and will happen at times, sorry in advance if so, i'll try to get back at doing this for you right afterwards

Johnny Cash – Noel
-i don't pick up a lot of Christmas albums but when there is one by a musician i really like i definitely do. Am looking forward to hearing Johnny Cash's Silent Night especially but am sure the whole album is up there with the best of winter listening

Led Zeppelin – Celebration Day
-This album is from 2007, we have so very much to celebrate to that point, much to celebrate then till now, and a lot more to celebrate coming up. After we do what we need to we will live in a constant state of celebration and bliss. Be thankful for those before us, those on track right now, and all of those who have yet to do their part. When the last pin falls, then we can celebrate like we never have before

Ludacris – Back For The First Time, Theatre of the Mind
-Major fan of Luda both as a rapper and as a person so is nice to find these albums. Did i mention he acts as well? One of my favourite movies is Crash, which talks about racism of all types very on point, Thing is the way they breach the Jewish topic is with it snowing at the end, everyone else? Cool

Sigur Ros – Takk...
-Always amazing album covers with this group, really something, i haven't heard much of their music yet but like what i have. Although i haven't listened to them extensively they are very well acclaimed by others and have some wonderful videos for their great songs

U2 - Pop
-No worries about U2 branching into pop music for this album, they have remained current while staying true to their sound since their beginning and have always liked their music regardless of genre title. Unfortunately pop musicians are the main hunting ground for forced Zionist scripting, as that is what gets the most radio (mostly all of which is theirs) play. There are a few good radio stations, but they are few and far between, if you find a good one stick with it unless it “changes ownership” or was stealth to begin with. Personally i don't even give radio a chance anymore, there may be some stations that are admirable but when given the choice i choose not to listen, if you are an okay one... more power to you, and keep at it always. There's a song on this album titled If God Will Send His Angels, and he has, in musicians like U2 and the myriad of other musical artists that have spent their lives helping our cause and in the countless others who helped, help and will help us with their constant effort. We have many living (and passed) angels on our side and if you haven't joined in yet we sure do need you

Cyndi Lauper – The Essential
-i really like this woman, she seems very nice. Girls just want to end Zionism

Fleetwood Mac – The Very Best Of
-This looks like a great compilation of great tracks by a great group. i've listened to a good amount of Fleetwood Mac and like what have heard

Honeymoon Suite – The Essentials
-Am not very familiar with this group but figured to give them a try

Kasabian – Empire
-Was able to find some more obscure or somewhat lesser known artists this time which is always welcome. it's not that they are underappreciated, they are appreciated a lot by those who are fortunate enough to hear them. The same can be said about many of us, we may not be as famous as some other people but are well respected by those that do know us. it's another instance of relativity, and we all have a circle of friends, each of different amounts and am sure are happy with them. Enjoy the friends you have, and i'm sure you'll make some more throughout your daily encounters, treat them well and make sure they treat you well also

Sigur Ros - ( )
-This group looks pretty cool, i have another album by them and look forward to hearing this one. The album title reminds me of the ascii i did a ways back, it was kind of spur of the moment and i don't know if i will ever get back into making more of those but am happy with the ones i did do. my dad was an artist of paintings and sculptures, who i would say was very talented, he has since passed away. Growing up was hell, what i figure he had, and passed on to me, was manic depression, and he never took medication for it so it was let loose all the time, the highs and the lows. As said it was passed down to me as well, and i was a troubling child and young adult, until i started taking meds myself. Happily i have been doing very well on such, and haven't done anything adverse in at least 15 years, thankfully the other half of me is from my Mom, an angel, and now instead of me being like my Dad i am like her, and am blessed by her goodness towards how i was raised of her part and the genetics of hers that she gave to me. Being off medication is bad enough with this but i was also drinking and doing drugs (marijuana, which isn't so bad) but all coupled together led to toxic behaviour. Now i am drug free, don't drink (which only leads to problems), and always take my meds. You can choose what works best for you but for me this is best

Tokyo Police Club – A Lesson In Crime
-We've all been taught a lesson in crime, a lesson we didn't want. We are in the midst of a robbery, of our financial systems. The main culprit is the “Federal” ”Reserve” and those that run it, with other nations in line for this to be done to, a New World Order, which to me is a one world government, with one banking system, a global federal reserve. People are catching on to the scam though, and we have to increase the amount of those with knowledge who can help in bringing it down. The name Federal implies government run, it is not, it is a private bank. And the term Reserve implies that there is some sort of tangible asset backing up these “dollars”, there is not, it is a debt based system and even says so on the American bills. Soon their national debt will be so large that it will be unpayable where the interest is so much that hard working citizens will never be able to outdo that increasing amount, borrowing more and borrowing more and putting every American taxpayer into perpetual slavery. This is what's planned for the world, and they had better stay alert and not let this fate happen to them. As for America, it's not too late, yet, put your gears in motion and get the federal reserve act of 1917 abolished

U2 – All That You Can't Leave Behind
-Don't leave goodness behind. We're going through a rough spot, and will be for a while, but let's not lose our desired traits to each other, be callous to the opposing faction but not to each other. Then after we've done what we need we can fully get back to happy when applicable. We can handle negative situations that arise afterwards, and there will be sometimes, but those issues can be dealt with differently as they are not systematic plots against us on a large scale as Zionism is, for our troubles we can have a great police force and hefty sentences, letting the rest of us live in peace as much as it is possible. Keep all of your positive traits, they are needed by others of us now, and will be nice to get back to on a larger scale after all this

Brian Wilson – Smile
-And not the pregnant Katy Perry forced to dress like a clown for their amusement Smile. This is a happy smile and Brian Wilson can cheer you up while sometimes being sombre at the same time, we can all be happy with darkness as well compared to what we have to deal with otherwise and welcome the challenging parts with anticipation. A good mood and enjoyment while we get things done, looking and thinking ahead to the future we want. We deserve to smile, to be happy, and we aren't there yet. There are good aspects of where we are, so many in fact, only to have everything we care about tainted with ruin. Every aspect of our lives are affected one way or another by what is being done against us, we try to be happy only to have what it is brought down because of their actions and behaviour, there is nothing left alone for us. Brian Wilson is revered as one of our greatest songwriters, and is someone who can bring us up during troubling times and give us a bit of happiness to counteract the problems we currently have, and i say currently with hope for a better time for us down the line after everything we do to make it that way, which won't happen or become actuality without diligent action on our part. So smile, or look forward to doing so, there is a lot to enjoy, a lot to be amazed by, and a lot to be thankful for, what we're being made to go through now will not last forever, or should i say with our effort it will not. Without that, without you, we will remain in misery, all of us indefinitely, don't let that happen. We all need to stand up, speak loudly and bravely, and have each others back when they are doing so as it is not just for them but for all of us to advance this. We have many reasons to smile, and many reasons not to, let's keep the former and dispatch the latter, even if it is hard to smile while doing what we have to

Johnny Cash – The Man In Black: The Definitive Collection
-This compilation looks fantastic, along with his aforementioned 2003 album and the others i have it should be most of what am looking for from Johnny Cash, although am sure there will be more bought and listened to of him by me

Modest Mouse – The Moon and Antarctica
-Nice lot of guys here, and there are lots of nice guys

Nirvana – Bleach
-Finally! i've been looking for this album for a long time. Now it's been a while since listening to this so i can't vouch for some of the songs, but this is Bleach, as in turn everything white, then their next album was Nevermind. All in all i am super happy to have found this and can't wait to hear it again

Rise Against – The Sufferer and the Witness
-There are witnesses to musicians suffering and soon they will make known what's being done. Them or the victims themselves

Slipknot – Vol 3: The Subliminal Versus
-There is a quasi Star of David on the disc of this album, and the cover is a zippered mouth, which both make it look like this was a waste of a dollar. Anyhow i gave it a chance but it's not looking good for the group slipknot as good people

U2 – Go Home: Live From Slane Castle Ireland
-This turned out to be a dvd of this concert, so i found the cd version to listen to. i like this group a lot and have listened to the first half of this album so far and it was great

Dragon Force – Inhuman Rampage
-Harming someone while they are tied down or strung up is not a brave thing to do, and with their forcing of musicians it will spell the end for them. What they are doing will not remain secret forever, someone will definitively speak up and let others know, on a large scale

Johnny Cash – American IV: The Man Comes Around
-This album is from 2003 and i'm sure is his first recording after 9-11, i look forward to listening to this very much

Metric – Grow Up and Blow Away
-Don't we wish they would? Because of what they're doing. It's not going to happen on it's own though

Nine Inch Nails - Year Zero
-i am somewhat divided on NIN, and where their allegiances are, should i be? Personally i'm hoping for the best with this group as have always enjoyed listening to them

Swollen Members - Heavy
-Am a fan of these guys. Some topics are heavy, and require special consideration, but they are topics that need to be spoken about and have solutions achieved. Please don't shy away from difficult issues, even in this politically correct climate we are in, something that also needs to be put aside at times. It takes bravery to do so, and work within your means in regards to how blunt you can be, but you can speak on these issues honestly and in a way that cannot be disputed, if you are called out on it don't fold, back yourself up with facts. Heavy topics need heavy deliberation, but there are answers to all of them, and majority rules, just make sure everyone is well informed before making a decision and if you put it forward well enough we definitely will get to the solution

The Chemical Brothers – Brothers Gonna Work It Out: A DJ Mix
-i believe all of us will work it out, it just takes time and effort by every one of ours. We will make known what is now mostly unknown, we will cement a course of action to take, and we will follow that route to completion

The Rolling Stones – Rock and Roll Circus, Voodoo Lounge
-Life is not a circus, it is serious to begin with and fun is secondary. We've got a lot of entertainment for sure but put that aside until you do your part, whatever that way you can help is. i am not on this all day, i do stuff as well, but i always make sure to read the news twice a day and check youtube (yeah i know)once a day, if i am fortunate enough to find some good music cds i write about them here, if i have something to tweet about i do that, and whatever else i can put forward is put. I enjoy both parts of my life and you can also, maybe mixed together maybe not. Enjoy your life and enjoy your fun stuff, just make sure to help in one way or another every day or at least whenever able

Megadeth – Rust In Peace, Youthanasia, United Abominations
-Megadeth is turning out to be one of my favourite groups, right up there with Metallica, and i am very happy to have found these albums. Euthanasia is the humane putting down of the sick, and youthanasia is, well... similar. There is a song in the Zionist West Side Story, and that's not the only mention of this, about how they are sick, and that's what they label themselves as, so that's what they get for aspiring to be that way and all the actions they take. We don't want to excessively harm them, or torture them like they do to us, we just want their villainous doings to be stopped and will do so in a fitting manner to the best of our abilities. No other faction refers to themselves in this way, so it is up to all of us as, being the vast majority, to extinguish this small sect that disproportionately controls so much of the world like they do, or at the very least has the United States in their grasp, something that must be dislodged and prevented from happening in other nations. They harm and kill our precious ones for all sorts of purposes, so we need to have purpose in what we do, and there are very many reasons for us to do so. This isn't something we all want to do, maybe so though, it is something we must do, there is no choice in the matter for any proper outcome of a pleasant future for all of us as global people. If left unchecked our situation becomes worse and worse and Zionism with all it entails grows in power, from the United States and onward moreso. We the Earth's populous are cattle to them, here for their benefit and that alone, it is time for us to rise up and take back all that has been taken, and to stop what they are doing right now along with what they have planned for us, we are strong, let's show that to them with our actions

Nelly – M.O.
-This album is from 2013 and it actually looks really good, i hope it is and when there are recent albums that are okay it's a nice thing to find. Nelly is a cool guy and he has a lot of great featured artists on here, looking forward to listening to this

The Cure – Seventeen Seconds
-There is a popular music group named 5 Seconds Of Summer, what they are saying is that this time in history, no matter how long, will be a singular point in time that we are now going through, beginning to end. One of my favourite songs along that line is Summertime, by DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince, which is always good

Van Morrison – Tupelo Honey
-This looks to be another fantastic album by Van Morrison, Moondance being a go-to album to listen to for feeling good. Depressing music has it's place, however i like to feel energized with positive music. it's best not to wallow in self-pity for an extended period of time, pick yourself up and get back into either wherever you were or put yourself where you want to be. and i've been in those dark places and listened to sad music, but find it's much better to do what you can to avoid negative thoughts, there are hefty issues to deal with yes, but you and the rest of us can make those better, with effort. Always look for the silver lining in whatever hardships happen your way, because there always is one. That totally sucked, but at least... Keep that in mind when you're having trouble and hopefully it will help you through some rough spots

112 – Pleasure & Pain
-Like these guys and the Bad Boy family. When i was growing up i was always into horror movies, one of the first, that i begged my Father to rent and let me watch was Hellraiser, based on the book The Hellbound Heart by Clive Barker who i read the entirety of his library very early in my life along with the same of Stephen King, both who turned out at later dates to both be profusely Zionist or at least defenders of for whatever misconceived reason. But yes i was heavy into horror movies and books. Later on in life i discovered the grotesque, actual horror, and dabbled in that for a while, which turned out enough to make me not only quite desensitized to gore but also gave me a fresh view of the preciousness of life and the frailty of it. i have long since stopped and have developed a distaste for such but they are something that shaped a part of me, it's not something i would recommend to people to see but even just talking about it gives you the sense without need of exposing yourself to that, at first it is even very nauseating, but with that you get the feeling of desensitization towards scenes like those, which would help for what we are going to be doing. Either way you must be strong of stomach and will in our future times. One of the concepts, and why i am mentioning it here, is the story of Hellraiser, where there is the puzzle box that if solved by a person summons demons from hell to take the solver there for a lifetime of pain, so much so that it becomes pleasurable, now i wouldn't wish torture on my worst enemy, in fact torture is one of the reasons we must bring holy hellfire to those administering it, not torture them, to be civil and organized in such matters or at least as much as possible. Having been so desensitized over these years has in fact helped me very much in daily life's viewpoint, again the sanctity of existence and what we have to protect of each other and each other from. This also gives you a sense of value to life where we are delicate and any sort of unexpected pitfall can seriously harm someone. We must protect each other from the villains of humanity, the ones who exploit us, the ones who take advantage of our frailty and the ones who harm us and our brethren for their own gain. Let's keep pleasure and ditch those who give us pain, let's look forward to a time when we will be inundated with the feelings of goodness after we get rid of the ones who try to ruin it

Johnny Cash – At Folsom Prison
-What a guy this Johnny Cash, i have only heard some of his music but liked it very much and will listen to this soon. You can disregard the movie Walk The Line as it is nothing but disrespectful to the greatness of him, however i have talked about that before so will leave that there for now. This album as said is from a live performance at Folsom prison, and none of the inmates tried anything untoward against him, he is respected. Metallica did a similar thing with the video for St. Anger, who were also let alone. Johnny C, and Metallica, are icons for the downtrodden, there are also many others who would am sure receive the same well treatment doing such. Personally i administer the advice to stay out of jail in the first place and then you can just go buy a concert ticket to see these musicians instead of hoping for them to play your jail which for the most vast part will not happen

Pink Floyd – A Momentary Lapse of Reason
-i believe the momentary lapse of reason was the “allies” getting involved in World Wars I & II. Mentioned this at one point but there is a computer game titled Company of Heroes, not the ones done by Sega after an acquisition though, but the first ones. Anyhow you get to play as the Germans in said game, which is something very original and not available as an option in most World War simulations. The “allies” being in the company of “axis” heroes. We really were all on the same side, just the controlled, even then, media rallied up the public and convinced governments to get on board in helping those “unfortunate” beings. Maybe, hopefully, this next time, the time we are in, will be different and no one will jump in to save these people who have turned their back on being one of us and instead decided to treat us like cattle for their own gain. This time let no one come to their aid, every action they take is against us so why should we give help and let them continue to do so? This is a global issue so keep the people in our global community informed, appreciated, and encouraged to do all they can in regards to this battle that i will even say is not against Jews but against Zionism, the practitioners just happen to be such and they themselves make us put them all into one group, a group that uses the good ones of them, and there are, as human shields to protect the guilty from our resolutions, but we need to continue to be strong willed in our actions and in our defence of ourselves and everything and everyone we hold dear. Unfortunately they still keep railing against all we do so we must put equal amounts of time and effort into combating their doings. If we stay still they advance nonetheless so it is imperative that we stay on track and do as much as we can on a constant basis. Let our momentary lapse of reason be something of our past and not allow defence of the doomed by their actions and those that allow them to ever happen again

Imagine Dragons - Origins
-This is an album from 2018 so it could be really really good, or really really not (as in not theirs), i like this group a lot so am hoping for the former. As for origins i was reading the book The 13th Tribe by Arthur Koestler, available for you on the documents page, and inadvertently lost the page i was on with my e-book reader. i have a couple of these devices as they are great to have and are somewhat inexpensive to buy at the thrift stores, i would whole-heartedly recommend you pick one up also if you haven't already, even if just for those documents listed to start with. So, as The 13th Tribe is one of the most enjoyed books of mine on this varied topic so far i am going to restart at chapter one again and read through once more and get to the end this time. As for you i would suggest to put this book on your to-read list along with the other ones when you have the opportunity to do so. Then, since it is very good to know, and if you have the ability, disseminate the information learned

Iron Maiden – En Vivo!
-Happy to have found this, i like this group and yes it is live, from 2012. Vivo translates into Within The Living, doing tests on living organisms as opposed to dead ones. We, as a people, are constantly being tested, poked and prodded to see what works best for corporations and their desired control of us. Case in point would be Facebook, who has admitted to working constantly in how to make people stay on their site longer so as to have more ad views and shareholder money confidence. This doesn't say much for their other companies such as Instagram either. We need more conscience minded alternatives to these currently popular social media sites of different types, ones just as good but run for the people not against them. We do see some progress in this, and through time our community is improving and casting down Facebook for instance, more is needed though so get the word out there for your fellow global citizens

Motorhead – Ace Of Spades
-Awesome, this is the first Motorhead album i find and am really looking forward to listening to it

Nirvana – Nevermind
-Being broke isn't that fun or at least isn't really thought to be fun, but if you purchase permanent items and some whatnots that last all month long you have stuff to do while broke. There's a lot to be said for being content, if you're not content then make adjustments. What's been being done through media though is making everyone in a constant state of desire for consumable items, which can cost a lot when added together. There are of course addictions, unfortunately, but what i'll speak of here is just the money craving for experiences, which is actually very similar. We don't all live like the 20somethings on Friends, but that's how we are told we should be living. Living well is great if you have the job and means to do so, but that's out of our grasp for the most part, so we feel bad about that and purchase more and more disposable items, may i humbly suggest more permanent purchases along with your media streaming services? Being caught hook line and sinker in the never ending quest for throw away experiences can be pricey, if you have money to throw away then go for it, and i mean that in a nice way, but most of us can't afford to do that no matter how much corporations wish we continued with. Again, do what you want with your money, as long as you aren't harming others in the process then no harm no foul. As for this Nirvana album? It's amazing. This was listened to very much as a teen and is great to finally have again. We will all miss Kurt Cobain although i don't miss the albums he was forced into and there would have been more if he stayed around and endured it. The forcers don't think very much of us, neither do many other of theirs, but this music scripting will be a major part of their downfall

AC-DC – Live at River Plate
-AC-DC, Live, 2012... Yes please

Annie Lennox – A Christmas Cornucopia
-This will be extra nice to listen to when Christmas is upon us again, this seasonal music is always great but is especially meant for one time, as it should be

Billy Idol – Icon
-Let's all have a rebel yell, more, more, and more

Demi Lovato – Unbroken, Don't Forget
-Congratulations are in order for the wonderful Demi Lovato, she just got engaged. Am happy she found someone nice to share her life with and wish her nothing but happiness. It's been a hard road for her at times but this is looking to bring her right up into good times and he is fortunate to have found her as well

Grateful Dead – Without A Net
-Am not familiar with this group but hear good things about them so figured to give them a try

Hilary Duff – Metamorphosis
-Not much into pop music, although i do still keep up on newly released songs as that is the main prey for Zionist scripting. i am a fan of Hilary Duff though and didn't have this album of hers yet until now. She is also in a happy relationship as far as i know and do wish her well in all of her endeavours

Midnight Oil – Blue Sky Mining
-Our blue skies will turn grey and those grey skies will again turn blue after

Ozzy Osbourne – No More Tears
-Am still apprehensive about Ozzy Osbourne and Black Sabbath but am hoping for the best with him, if he is okay then i will be happy. Am looking forward to this album

Peter Gabriel – Plays Live
-A fan

Sia – We Are Born
-This album is from 2010, before Sia decided to hide her face because she thinks she is too old to perform pop music. Personally i think she looks just fine and would rather see her for real rather than being self-conscious about her appearance, confidence is a sexy trait and besides she has no reason to worry about her looks. Be happy with what you have, there's a lot of good there

Eurythmics – Be Yourself Tonight
-Be yourself every night, and every day as well. You'll be much more at ease. If there's some characteristics of yourself you aren't happy with do some improvement

Kate Bush - Never For Ever
-This woman has quite the fan following and am looking forward to hearing this album and more of her others

Nirvana – From the Muddy Banks of the Wishkah, MTV Unplugged in New York
-The mtv unplugged album is pretty much a write-off but will probably be able to make a decent live compilation with the songs from Bleach and Nevermind of the Wishkah tracks

The Tragically Hip – Toronto July 1st 2004
-Gun control and free healthcare, if Canada can do it so can America. The taxes are about double that of the U.S.A., 15%, but worth every penny

Crowded House – The Very Best Of
-The place i live is fine for the most part, one problem, plants. Not the kind that have photosynthesis, covert operatives. i've been here many years and over that time have accumulated quite a few of them. Let that be a warning to you if you are involved in what we are doing to any extent, be on guard

DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince – Homebase
-At first i thought to maybe write something about Will Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett, however as much as i want them to stay together i'd best leave it up to both of them to decide. Personally i think they make a great couple but don't know them other than the bit i see of them on social media, if they can get through the hard spots maybe they can stay together, but if they decide to split that's their business and i wish them both the best whatever they want to do

Groove Armada - Back To Mine
-This is an album of Groove Armada's favourite funk tracks, should be good to listen to

Sarah McLachlan – Wonderland
-A 2016 Christmas album by this lovely lady, am a major fan of this woman and always love listening to her music. i think i have all of her albums or at least the vast majority and each of them is fantastic in their own way, what a talent

Stereo MC's – Supernatural
-Was ecstatic to find this, being from one of my favourite groups, this is an early album by them but should be just as good as any other of their offerings. The other day, and i won't list it here, i picked up an extra of their album Connected with the sole intent of giving it to someone who also likes rap music, and next time i see the person this is for i will give it to him, hope he likes this as much as i do

Transplants – Haunted Cities
-Am not very up on this punk band, but they seem pretty good from what i have seen of them. Wishing them well

Black Sabbath – Self Titled, Master Of Reality
-i am kind of apprehensive about Black Sabbath, what side they are on as i'm not overly familiar with their music. Figured to buy these and give them a try

Megadeth – Peace Sells... But Who's Buying?
-One of my favourite groups as of recently since have been listening to them on Spotify. As is said about war peace must be fought for, and for us to get to a global peace or as close as we can we need to come together for common causes, i'm talking about being anti-Zionist in part but there are many issues we need to take on worldwide, issues we all have to deal with as a world community facing shared problems. i'd buy peace and peace would be nice, look forward to it and make it a reality

Metallica – Death Magnetic
-Deep down i really hope this album is good (real), i really do, is it? Have explained how i feel about the Garage Inc album but will give this a try as if it is good then will be happy. Definitely worth picking up

Nirvana – Sliver The Best Of The Box
-This is pretty cool, lots of live and b-side tracks. Unfortunately there are some b.s. ones as well, like heart shaped box, not something Kurt Cobain wanted to put forward but i will speak of that “song” though. First off i guess i have a very thick skin, am calm and collected at most times, and i have a lot of humility. It would bother me more if this was a real Nirvana track but it's not, and either way this song was made a long time ago. Do i complain? i don't think that's an accurate description of what i do, it will be nice to get tasks accomplished of the problems we currently have though. As for advice you can take it or leave it, i am a fan of both fiction and non-fiction books but with non fiction you can learn so much from other peoples experience, viewpoints and life lessons, it's good to take advice from people who have the knowledge to help with such. As for Kurt he will be missed, he just couldn't take it anymore. We'll always have Bleach and Nevermind though, maybe a scattering of albums such as this one. Will make a mix of the good songs from this album so as not to have to listen to the ones that aren't really his

AC-DC – Highway To Hell
-We already have some people going through hell, many in fact, and the rest of us need to step up and risk hell ourselves to pave the path to heaven for everyone else

Guns N' Roses – Appetite For Destruction
-This is a favourite album of mine and always has been since it's release. The other day i picked up a GnR shirt from a thrift store with the cover of this album on the front and tour dates on the back, very nice. It's only been a while since wearing logo shirts again, this time though i'm keeping it to non-company brands and such. Now i used to wear Nike, Ecko and so forth so am just saying what i am happily limiting myself to now. My Dad used to say that those brands should be paying you to wear their clothing like that and i agree. Ecko though is one of the best clothing manufacturers in my opinion and i do wear said clothing, just with minimal if any advertising on it. i have some very cool shirts though with all sorts of styles and topics, i don't completely follow any sports teams, maybe local hockey and football, but definitely show your team love all you can. There was a Nike shirt i saw at one point that had their logo on it and the phrase “my swoosh is bigger than yours” which is a good encapsulation of what i'm trying to get at. Of course wear whatever the heck you like to my suggestion is just to donate the majorly branded tops you have if you agree with what i'm saying. Be more about the things you love rather than putting forth corporate branding

Johnny Cash – The Legend Of
-i spoke briefly about the Johnny Cash biopic movie after seeing it and the topic is worth revisiting. This is the one with Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon, both of whom i like very much, but they weren't the ones responsible for this. The movie is a slight at Johnny Cash, showcasing all the negative parts of his life while ignoring anything good (great) about the man. Everything is wrong with this down to the make-up job on him at parts in addition to each and every other way they can to make him look bad. If you are a fan of his you've probably seen this movie, well forget it, and if you are wondering more about him this is not the route to take to do so. They do this quite a bit, these negative movie portrayals. Another i liken this to would be the movie Notorious (B.I.G.) and although i don't like much of what he did this film is nothing but horribleness. They repeat this process for many of our people, putting forward these propaganda pieces to diminish and discredit the persons depicted. Beware of these type of movies as more often than not they follow the same agenda that tries to ruin some of our most admired and the wondrous things they have accomplished

N.W.A. - Straight Outta Compton
-Okay, here we go. i will refrain from saying “Love” the police as i would have before these recent events, but i do respect the police and am thankful for them. Not the few instances that show misbehaviour on their part but every other interaction they have. Think about how many good and helpful for us things they bravely do on a daily basis, all around the world, and you see one or two negative actions once in a while, the death of George Floyd for example is a show of bad policing which could have been handled infinitely better. Every day these underpaid servants of justice encounter and have to deal with murders, rapes, muggings and every other sort of heinous activities hour after hour, you have got to figure this would put them in a combative mood with criminals constantly attacking them. They are ready for war and rightfully so. Personally i am happy to pay police with my tax dollars, they are there to protect us, all of us. You have been hearing about defunding the police, instead of trying to bring that down i will talk about the sensible version of that, diverting 10% of their current budget to community efforts. That is something to think about, if we had no police or a heavily retracted police there would be chaos and no one would be safe. In regards to the nobility of most police officers let me say that the word systemic is being very poorly used, systemic means the whole, every bit, that is not true about these people who are just in this to do good and be honourable in their work. In fact i would say that the vast majority of police are wonderful people who must be under incredible amounts of stress, dealing with what they have to deal with day after day. If a member of the force acts inappropriately in any manner then for sure hold them to account, as hefty as the situation warrants. The police are on our side though, and there for our protection, every day they get up and risk their lives for us and we need to at least show some understanding for what they have to deal with. Respect these public defenders, if one of them acts inappropriately hold them accountable, for the rest be appreciative we have them

AC-DC – Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
-And they are. As said i would suggest to export our troubles, let others get this accomplished, North America has been far too sensitized to be able to do this ourselves while other nations won't have near the same emotional problem

Ariana Grande – Yours Truly
-Tattoos hurt, even when you are getting one done on purpose, now imagine Ariana Grande being held into one, the “small bbq” palm one. i searched for Ariana Grande palm tattoo after, and Zionist cnn had an article about it with the phrase “look what you made me do” as the title, a reference to the forced Taylor Swift song. Ariana Grande didn't make you give her that tattoo, i can't even think of a song by her that was even against them. They enjoy what they are doing to the musicians and laugh about it, the more cruel they are the more callous to them we need to be. i'm saying that this will all turn around to our favour, moreso, when it is finally revealed about what they are doing, help that along

Pearl Jam – Rearviewmirror
-This is a best of album and am super happy to have this. Jeremy is a song about a bullied student who goes on a school shooting spree, something we have encountered at various points in history and more often in recent times. Bullies are for the most part the cause of such instances, and bullies are behaving in ways the television portrays as cool, well it's not. Then you have the global bully, Zion. Killing and threatening around the world to ensure no one endangers their money flow and their goal of future monies from even more nations. Then you see what our lunch money goes to, which contributes more and more to our victimization in a circle at our expense. We need to collectively stand up to this Zionist entity together as together we will be stronger than them and what they are attempting

Pet Shop Boys – Discography (The Complete Singles Collection)
-Figured to pick this up, as you know i do like best of albums and although i am not as familiar with this group they seem pretty good

Pink Floyd – Delicate Sound Of Thunder
-This is a live album and there are some great songs here, you know how i feel about tracks from The Wall though, and in Pink Floyd's own words before that record “if the band you're in starts playing different tunes, i'll see you on the dark side of the moon” And The Wall most certainly is not what they have wanted to play

Raekwon - Immobilarity
-Raekwon is a solo-artist and Wu-Tang member who i thought to give a listen to, looking forward to doing so

Singin' Ìn The Rain – Soundtrack
-Happy to have found this, i watched the movie a few months ago and will do so again as i picked up the special edition of after already having the standard version, the price was inexpensive so thought to pick up the extra version since i liked it so much. Roger Ebert considers it the best musical ever and although i enjoy very much other musicals as well this sure is a great one

Snoop Dogg – Doggystyle
-This has been on my list of hope to find albums since i started collecting them, and was super enthused to finally be able to pick it up. i like West Coast rap but then again i also like East, South, North, Central, Worldwide rap. it's not just rap i am into though, am into most genres which might seem kind of odd but i for the most part enjoy all sorts

Soundgarden – Telephantasm, King Animal
-it's been three years since we lost Chris Cornell, or more accurately since he was forced to take himself. He will be missed as much as Chester Bennington, Kurt Cobain or any of the other great artists we have lost to the opposition's activities. Don't let their deaths be in vain

Guns N' Roses – Live Era '87-'93
-Guns N' Roses have a song on the End Of Days soundtrack titled Oh My God and that's how i felt when i found this album. GnR has always been one of my favourite groups and i really like live albums so this is pretty nice to have

Pearl Jam - Binaural
-Binaural is the use of both ears, combine that with the use of your eyes and your sense of deduction to read into things put forward, now not everything has ulterior meanings, in fact a lot doesn't, but there are also many times you do need to do so. i for one always make an effort to never speak in ways that could be taken either badly or with other potential motives. Television of ours needs some slack in this though as they cannot for the most part be completely open with their talk, although i encourage them to be as direct as possible every instance they are able, and i encourage you to do the same if you can. When you read into the opposition you will find threats, insults and other negative agenda propaganda of different sorts. interpret what you hear and think of what you see, everything has a meaning if you look into it, whether it has good intentions or not, see both

Iron Maiden – The Final Frontier
-This is a great group that i am unfortunately not overly familiar with, i recently renewed my Spotify subscription so will give them more of a listen for sure. The groups mascot is a guy named Eddie who was a playable character in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4, a series of game i am a huge fan of minus the fact that it is Zionist through and through, very upsetting. As said before when something is theirs every instance of what went into any game by them is corrupt and/or has negative intentions. The reason i like the Pro Skater series so much is that you constantly get better with no real limit to how good you can get, you just keep improving. There are other types of games that this is true about as well and those are equally enjoyable. In real life there are as many in fact way more skills like this, where you just keep increasing in proficiency and can be very proud of yourself about. Study and practice what you are interested in, something you would love and like to spend time doing, if you can get a job doing that congratulations or instead work hard otherwise and do so in your spare time. Whatever it is you are into, or want to get into, do it well and keep at it, after many hours practising you will find it worth it in the end results, if there are end results in what you are spending your effort on, if not you just keep outdoing yourself each time, which is something to be very happy about. What like this are you focused on, and can you help us with it in some way?

Korn – The Essential, The Path Of Totality
-The guys of Korn are pretty cool to put it mildly, i think maybe there were rough times for some of them and in their music they help others who are in troublesome situations. i haven't listened at length to their music but appreciate what they do, this essential album will be a good starting point to get introduced to them. After spending all their time helping others they now need your help, they have been taken, along with the multitudes of others. The “tell” of this instance is a music video (sorry i don't remember the name, i'll look into it but encourage you to as well) about teen suicide and self harm, and the entire video is of “teenagers showing themselves in what looks to be testimonials”, sounds alright right? Well the said tell is one short scene where a person (done through makeup of course) pulls the skin off their face in what would seem like from a horror movie, how does this relate to teens in troubling situations? It doesn't, it's just bullshit, as with the rest of the video once you know the true source of who is putting it forward. So yes, Korn is taken, they are all taken, well mainstream music anyway, what is being done is not self defence, they are enjoying all the different ways of embarrassing the artist, pushing their agenda through many multiple ways mostly unique to each but encapsulated in certain types of propaganda and trying to fool listeners through the musicians in question. Don't let them continue what they are doing to these wonderful people whom we all love and respect. Korn, tirelessly helped our youth, now we need to help them and all the others

Van Halen – Best Of Volume I
-Happy to have found this album of the great group Van Halen, lots of good songs here. One song in particular, Right Now, has a special place with me and i hope to transfer that to you. There's a nice music video for this so it's on youtube if you want to check it out, youtube being a necessary for now monopoly unfortunately. But the song... let it be motivation for you, and there is no lack of motivation in many of our songs. You have to get your ass in gear and put yourself to action, without you the running rampant Zionist entity continues unabated, don't let that happen, stifle them at every instance, right now and every time from now. The opposition is at very much, so if there's a certain area that you have expertise in then get at it. Do not sit back and wait for others if you have the ability to do something yourself, every minute you waste, or don't spend doing it, the situation gets worse, as long as, and hopefully not for too many more decades, Zion exists they are a complete threat to each and every one of us, so get in there and help, do your part whatever it is you'd like to do, right now

Fleetwood Mac – Say You Will
-Say You will. There are a lot of us to protect, whether Zion has put them in a dire situation or simply being skimmed from, there is no lack of need in regards to people who require your help, please do so. i will say this, even if you can't go up against them yourself, support those who are. If you want to help the Earth and our people in other ways, do that to the best of your ability. You know my focus, maybe you can make that your focus as well. And even though i am for the most part strictly on one (which is many) issue, that doesn't mean you have to be as well, now although we do need all the people we can get on this in particular be happy helping us in any other way you can, you have many routes available for you to go along doing all the good you can the entire way

Jane's Addiction – Kettle Whistle
-The “Federal” “Reserve” got caught stealing a long time ago but only some have known about it. Now we have the ability to disseminate this information and put together a team of people to counteract what they have stealthily put in place in 1913 to do what amounts to the aforementioned skimming. That doesn't seem like enough for them though, so they have American taxpayers fund Israel billions of dollars a year, foreign aid that they do not need and not only that they use swathes of said money to oppress the Palestinians and steal their land. What is needed from us is to dismantle the federal reserve and stop the foreign aid to Israel, not only will the concerned benefit from this, monetarily for the case of the United States and in Palestine lives and property saved, it will ave a ripple effect throughout the world as Israel will be at least somewhat muzzled from their global misdeeds and with the Fed out of commission it will stifle their advancement of the Zionist Protocols plot which needs, unfortunately our but not for long, funding to continue. Zion has had it's thumb on the American economy in many ways, and now is finally our time to wrestle it off. Inform, organize, rally and take all the needed actions to free the United States monetary system from the funding of their worldwide plot and everything else they are doing against us

Rancid – Life Won't Wait
-We shouldn't wait either, no sitting on the sidelines you are needed right now. i know this can be a spectator sport at times but don't do that, get involved, make positive differences for us, spend some time each day helping in whatever way you can, and you most definitively can. If none of us do anything nothing will get done, this cannot be allowed to happen, we're all on the same wavelength so we can take that initiative and go forward with it together, making things happen, together. Let your utter distaste for the situation Zion has us in be your motivation for taking your own action. The opposition isn't waiting, they are about what they are doing, and it will take all of our effort to thwart them. if we don't start ourselves they will keep doing what they are doing now, which is unacceptable, do not accept it. Speaking of waiting, there are many people waiting on you to save them from Zionist harm, don't make them wait any longer

100 Big Band Favorites
-Am not very familiar with this style of music but figured to give it a chance. i picked up quite a few very nice classic music compilations this time and am happy to have them

1960's Happy Days
-This song collection pales in comparison to the one listed below by Reader's Digest but should be alright as well. it's been awhile since the idyllic times of the world or at least North America's early to mid 1900's, we are in a good spot (minus some unfortunate blips) otherwise we are on our way to a very bright future. If we all make the effort to progress with what we want to do and have happen then our situation will get better, yes though, it will be a rough going until we succeed and get past the challenges we have

Blondie – The Best Of
-Have a heart of stone during our necessary cull. Have a heart of light for everyone else

Cyndi Lauper – She's So Unusual
-This was Cyndi's debut album and it did phenomenally, i still see her around doing her thing and it's nice to know she's doing well. You please be there for your fellow men and women, time after time for them

Iggy Pop – Platinum & Gold
-i too have a lust for life, and it makes the constant wrongs by the opposition unbearable to see. For me i have simple pleasures, but they are very much enjoyable. i don't take vacations, don't eat out at restaurants or such and don't go zip lining or anything. All of which are great if you have the means to do so but i am fine without that and make do with what i have. Find your meagre thrills and get the most out of life doing with what you enjoy doing as long as you don't step on each other like Zion does. Life is full of lust, so constantly lust for good things, it's nice to have something that makes you happy amidst all the troubles of the world

Reader's Digest - Groovy Greats Of The 60's
-This brand of compilation albums are pretty great, i look forward to hearing all of these songs anew

Reader's Digest – Hits Of The War Years
-This sure was a treat to find, have been looking for exactly this and here it is. Am not up on my wartime music but as expected it looks to be many songs of love and happiness. It's understandable considering the first two world wars were the culmination of something longed for for many centuries. Before America got tricked into getting involved that is. There probably won't be another world war like those two as everyone will be in agreement this time, to facilitate that please make sure everyone is on the same page globally

The Carpenters – Love Songs
-This is my second best of album by The Carpenters and it looks really nice to listen to, you don't hear about this group much but they are around enough because of fans of their wonderful music

Annie Lennox – Bare
-Annie Lennox – Bare -On the back of this album there is some writing by Annie about the music here and how she is feeling, this is a welcome addition and commend her for doing so. Then you have artists that are undeniably being harmed. You get some of that with musicians having to do “behind the scenes” videos for youtube as well as promoting said songs and albums on television and saying “how this album was written”. What's happening in music is not an exact science, and some products are more obvious than others, but i hope though my music tweets section that you will see what's being done regardless of one or two missteps, if you deny what's going on you are being in severe disservice to the musicians who need you and have been there for you all these years

Black Sheep – Non-Fiction
-i haven't had the chance to listen to this groups first album just yet but it and this one look very good

Bowie – The Singles 1969-1993
-Nice, this will probably be my favourite Bowie album as he has many and i have no problem with best of's for the most part

Donna Summer - Icon
-Good fun music and many songs i like very much. One i especially like is i Feel Love but there are many great tracks here

Eagles – Desperado
-We are all kind of desperado's, and i feel blessed to be living at this point of existence, we are on the cusp of many wondrous advancements more than any other time in our history and we keep going faster and faster. Hopefully we will remedy the problems of all sorts we are facing and make it through to the very good even better parts. Do not lose your enthusiasm for how well we are doing and also for the future, one which is up to us to form

Santana – The Best Of Volume 2
-i bet there could be many volumes to encapsulate the best of Carlos Santana, he's been making fantastic music for many years now and is thankfully still doing so. He has collaborated with some of the best and created astounding albums time after time. i hope he still gets to do what he loves

ABBA – The Best Of
-i've actually been looking for an ABBA best of for a while now and am happy to have found this one. i remember in grade 4 or so we were taught the song Fernando on recorder, which is a flute type of instrument, i think i'll leave that to the people who are talented musically though

Prince And The Revolution – Purple Rain
-There are all sorts of revolutions, Prince (r.i.p.) and group were part of at least one. Belong to a few yourself and make progress solely or more likely as a team in what you want made better

Bon Jovi – Lost Highway
-We have found the route, now we must stay the course

City and Colour – Live
-A live album by an artist i like, that's always nice. I remember seeing interviews and such with him (Dallas Green) on television and he is a real top guy, i'm sure if i saw similar of most other guys as well they would also be fine, but about Dallas in particular right now i hope he is doing alright

Jimmy Page & Robert Plant – No Quarter
-No quarter, 100%. it's understood that you can't give 100% of your time to a given task, but when you are doing something give it your all

Johnny Cash / Willie Nelson – VH1 Storytellers
-This album looks fantastic. It is You there that is always on my mind, if all of us thought the same way we'd really be getting somewhere, there is room for self preservation and creature comforts but always try to think of the situation of your fellow man and woman, and right now we have a lot of them to save

Run DMC – Down With The King
-Awesome, i remember growing up with the music of these guys and from what i know the surviving members, Joseph Simmons and Darryl McDaniels, are doing pretty well, r.i.p. Jam Master Jay Jason Mizell. Wishing Reverend Run and DMC and all of theirs happiness and enjoyment

Bon Jovi – These Days
-We are at the cusp of a new dawn for the people of the world, a happier one, but we must get through some unhappiness first. It's not pleasant what we have to do, but they make it so we have no other choice, they hide behind the good ones of theirs and taunt us to phrase it nicely, but it is not, they hide, they take actions against us, they hide, they take actions against us... Oh but look at this person! Yes we know, there are as said good ones, but the ones who are ruining the world and our vast peoples cannot be stopped without a complete cleanse of the wrong doing entity entire, even the good ones know that, some even agree with us about it. These days are very important for us, it is the reckoning of what has been in effect for many hundreds of years, they mistreating us and us retaliating, and now here we are, a time where we can do something about it, and succeed. These days are when we need to stand up and take action, it's either that or stay under the heel of Zion altogether for the rest of our existence, let's not have that, so instead we do everything we can, and must, to stop them

Five For Fighting – Two Lights
-This album is one i've been looking for for a while as it has the track The Riddle, there is a video for it on youtube if you want to check it out. As far as i guess, the title also says You And I, as in there's a reason for the world, you and i, not them. Brilliant track in total though. i also look forward to listening to the rest of the songs here as this group is really impressive

Jamiroquai – Emergency On Planet Earth
-i agree, we are in an emergency, for this i will step aside from Zion briefly and speak about the Earth and the natural disasters we face. Climate change is no joke, and if we don't do anything about it we are at an end globally. We need action and fast as this is getting worse on a progressive scale. There are many people working on helping with this which is fantastic, however we also need to make large companies adhere to what we need done as well, they make profit despite their pollution so do not want to halt what they are doing, if we don't make huge changes and soon then we are all doomed. Another Doom we must talk more about is asteroids, if we don't we will end up under the same fate as the dinosaurs, an asteroid will slam into the Earth and create a dust cloud world over, all the plants die, herbivores die, we die. What we need is some sort of system, and we can get on that soon i hope, to deflect any incoming threats like this and push them on a new orbit that doesn't impact with us, with all the progress we've made and are making this should be very doable. There is a doomsday seed vault in the Arctic and that is a good start, people don't talk about this very often as it is kind of depressing, but we need to and when we go forward with planning about this happening we just might be able to do something about it, more effort on this please

Megadeth - Endgame
-i'd rather Megadeth – Endgame than Avengers: Endgame. The whole Marvel universe is corrupt, run by Zion in the ranks of good Disney. If they start putting Marvel into better hands that might change but up to now it is that. So far the only good Marvel movies i have seen are Spider-Man 1 & 2 directed by Sam Raimi, both being very great. Other than those, and i'm not sure how those aforementioned movies got through, Marvel has been complete propaganda, and these are some of the most earning movies of all time, unfortunate as that is, will this become better? It would be nice if it did, but don't wait eagerly for new Marvel movies until shown otherwise by them, expect the least. i hope that those at the helm of who gets chosen to write and direct Marvel movies puts good people of ours in there instead of practitioners of Zion like it is now and has been for as long back as the Marvel movies go

The Fray – How To Save A Life
-We are not the aggressors, we are the victims of aggressors. For too long have we let them get away with the things they do to us, we lose so much on so many different levels and it happens constantly, every minute of every day. One of the main losses we suffer is yes actual lives, whether in wars for Zionist interest, shootings caused by their propaganda and conditioning, or lives taken in false flag offences so they have something to put on the news to threaten us with or suit their political agenda and other similar purposes. i know how to save a life, by now you should also. i believe in politeness, kindness, empathy, compassion, but i also believe in assertiveness when you are being wronged, the ultimate injustices require the ultimate assertion, the ultimate solution. Then we can get back to the good qualities for each other again

Annie Lennox - The Annie Lennox Collection
-Wonderful woman, great tracks. i really respect A.L., she is incredibly talented and is very much involved in world betterment, something we should all be aspired to take part in. There's no lack of issues to take on, involve yourself in whatever interests you, whatever you have a calling to improve. If you don't have a lot of time that's okay, just try to get a few tasks done each day when you are able, we need you in many ways so just do your best

Buck 65 – Talkin' Honky Blues
-We need people talking in general, of all kinds. Think about how you can help and put it forward, a lot of what we want to do is started through simply talking and not being afraid to. If we are afraid to talk about uncomfortable issues we will get nowhere, you need bravery to speak about certain problems so muster up all of that you can

Diana Krall – Live In Paris
-i don't know that much about this woman but she seems pretty nice from what i do. Live albums are always a favourite of mine as well

Midnight Oil – Earth And Sun And Moon
-Look at what we made with some dirt, wood and minerals, it always amazes me

Peter Gabriel - Passion
-i know it's more of a movie for Easter however on Christmas a few months ago i again watched The Passion Of The Christ, put together by the fantastic Mel Gibson. i love this movie. It shows how the Jews were instrumental in Jesus' torture and death, it's a brutal movie i must say, and is tantamount to a call to arms separating the men from the boys, hey this can happen, but stand up anyhow. i plan to watch this movie every Easter, it really is something to behold

Tears For Fears – Raoul And The Kings Of Spain
-There is a clothing brand called No Fear, you don't have to wear their clothing to feel that way, instead have it on your mind

The Cult – Self Titled, Sonic Temple
-There are fond memories for me listening to this music group, i haven't in a while but would like to some more

Type O Negative – Dead Again
-We're at that time, we've been trudging forward for a long while now and are getting to the right spot, there's still a lot to go before our goal, our goal revisited, so let's get back on and stay on top of this effort by us. We want to return to where we were, desperately. When you see and know what they are doing, doesn't it make you wish they would stop? Well they aren't going to, not on their own anyhow, so that's where we come in. It's unfortunate that it has come to this, but both sides have been warring for millennia so it's nothing that's new, though now we have the opportunity to finish this, to do it for all those who have been and are being harmed by them, which is all of us on different levels in one way or another. Have a helping hand in this, there are many people that need you and there is lots to do to do so. Then the world will be ours, we will put all positions into good hands and handle the small by comparison problems we face justly, but being free of the utterly corrupt, dare i say evil, entity we are up against right now. Look where we're at, and towards where we want to be, then take practical steps to get there

Blue Rodeo – In Our Nature
-None of us are perfect, we are given our start with what we are born with and make do with what we have the best we can, making improvements in certain areas if possible throughout our lives. From what i believe you are given the best of both parents, the good from here, the good from there, that's how it goes, that's how we advance, and you pass down the best of those along with the best from your other, and all in all we seem to be doing this very fast, we are so far along. Sometimes there are quirks that get passed down, that's understandable, good ones or hurdles, again you make due with what you have and try to overcome what may seem like faults, maybe make good in whatever way with what you see as problematic and turn it as positive as you can. We have so much in our nature, most of it good, try and keep it that way as we go towards new endeavours along our path as humans, which is what we are, we are different races yes, but different races of human, the opposition as well even if they wrongly think of themselves as above the rest of us. Our nature, since amoeba, has one main goal, to evolve, to advance and become better, and damn we did good didn't we. We have lesser goals in effect, also important, but those are sidelines to the first, enjoyable ones at that though, brain functions such as happiness, love, real feelings that were put in place to encourage us to strive for betterment. To us as people the main goals would be the happiness and love, putting evolution aside for those, and that makes sense, and they sure are lovely to have, so let advancement only have a small space in your thoughts and concentrate on living your best life for you and those you care about, the rest will be automatic. Love and happiness to you, and to all of us

Bon Jovi – Have A Nice Day
-Have a lot of them, all in a row, let's get there

Camila Cabello – Camila
-Nice, this girl is really cool and i wish her well in her career, if she can have one without being taken over, and given the climate in music moreso and moreso that is looking doubtful

Eminem – Relapse:Refill
-i sure hope Eminem gets off the shit (drugs) and does well without them. it will be a much better life for him if so. Please give him your support

Lamb of God – New American Gospel
-The bible was written by different contributors, and so shall our new bible of records, You are in the credits, what titles do you want next to your name?

Metallica – Live Shit Binge & Purge
-O.M.G. i went out of my way to get this album and damn i am ecstatic to have it

No Doubt – The Singles 1992-2003
-Gwen Stefani should be feeling Hella Good, hot career, love, but since and including her first solo album she has been taken. Let's get her back to the good life as with the others. Heck, let's all feel hella good, and we won't get there if we do nothing

Slick Rick – The Art of Story Telling
-This is a more modern album of his, for me modern is the last 20 years for whatever reason, but it looks good and has lots of collaborations and such, am looking forward to hearing this

The Hives – Veni Vidi Vicious
-Another good album to listen to, have only heard a few of their songs but liked what i have

Spawn – Soundtrack
-A lot of what look to be great collaborations on this album. Soundtracks are especially good sometimes when they have original content such as this, some of my favourites are even just compilations. As for the comic Spawn, it is by the company Image, which i'm not that familiar with but at least it's not from Marvel or DC which am not a fan of. i watched this movie a ways back and it seemed alright, but this soundtrack should be phenomenal

The Black Crowes – Lions
-Many fantastic songs by this group, been listening to them for a long time

Willie Nelson – Live
-Again there are many songs i like by Willie Nelson but one of my favourites is Georgia On My Mind. It sums up the music industry very well, the real songs anyhow. Appreciation to the music teachers who have taught aspiring musicians what is going on and our ways to combat such. They have done their part, and now music is no longer in our hands, it has been taken over, cling to the music that is ours of times past even recent past in some instances, but music has now been ruined by the Zionist entity so we need to make do with what else we have right now. Music is in a rough spot, will we ever get our musicians back? They have loved us so let's do our best

Black Sheep – A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing
-Don't be a sheep in any colour, be the wolf because you need to be. This was a nice find, i only know one song from this album but the rest of it looks great as well. The track is “The Choice Is Yours” (you can deal with this, or you can deal with that) Choose what area you want to excel in and do you best at that to make changes and actions for all of our benefit. There are many issues we need you on, in addition to the overbearing one that affects us all regardless of place in life, but yes many many topics need to be made better. So you can deal with this (Zionism) or you can deal with that (lots of that) but make sure you do your best at whatever you choose to do

Mary J. Blige – The Tour
-A live MJB album, sweet. Talented woman here and i really like her music. Hoping she is doing well and in love with someone nice if that's what she wants

Wu-Tang Clan – Wu-Tang Forever
-Was looking for albums by this group after having decided to try them out again, we (they and i) have some differences (some?) but since this is probably their most renowned album it looks like a good one to check out. Even If i'm not into it personally this is a stunning career they have and many others really enjoy them, i like the members of this group on their own so think them as a whole will be pretty fine as well

8 Mile - Soundtrack
-Eminem just performed Lose Yourself live at the 2020 Oscars, he has had a lot of great achievements and that will be another (in addition to winning one). i wonder if he ever thought how far he would make it. He's has some rough times but looks to be doing okay now, minus the whole being forced to sing (rap) about bullshit. i really wish him well in his life and secondly but important career in a life without the use of drugs (it's much better)

Elastica – Self-Titled
-Picked this up as an almost unknown and from what i see it is some anti, don't know the whole album but might skip

Mary Poppins – Soundtrack
-Eminem is nice and all, but sometimes you need a spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down, and i don't mean medicine like portrayed in the movie Trainspotting either. This is probably my favourite live action Disney movie and it sure is a good one

Shania Twain – Now
-A recent Shania album, i sure do look forward to this, hope it's really her, if it is kudos and much success to her in her Las Vegas show

Trainspotting - Soundtrack
-Everything is better sober, and being sober is not a letdown in life, it is the opposite so you can see and experience things how they really are. For me? i have some enhancements (like many of us) such as coffee and prescribed medication, that's it for that. However i don't mind people taking marijuana, i did for much of my life as well, at least it's not something that when it runs out you physically jones for more or harm others to get. The movie Trainspotting is pretty good from what i remember and this soundtrack looks to be just as good

Bad Religion – The New America
-If a religion helps in keeping people good and on the right track i don't have a problem with it

End Of Days – Soundtrack
-This soundtrack looks amazing, i am really looking forward to listening to all of the exclusive songs by some of my favourite musicians

Frank Sinatra – Nothing But The Best, Live At The Meadowlands
-Put your best forward as well, to many, to few, you can do so well and make big differences for the better in the lives of others

KMFDM – Adios, Sucks
-Adios can be pleasant sometimes, i know i won't miss Zion

Korn – Follow The Leader
-Everyone has their idols and there are many worthy of being such, we also have many leaders because there are so many facets, topics and issues to lead on. If you like someone allow them to lead and advise, you and others will have many leaders, all for different reasons. You don't have to be a leader yourself but you are more than welcome to if you have what it takes, there is probably a bit of both in all of us. i enjoy reading auto-biographies and other non-fiction which for the most part you can glean a persons lifetime of experience and advice in one concise book, the same goes for leaders, you can follow what someone more versed in any given subject has to say and what is suggested to be done. Follow some, lead others, just be involved and together all of us can join in and make this one definitely nice place to be

My Chemical Romance – I Brought You My Bullets You Brought Me Your Love
-And God that's one fine chemical we have

Rammstein – Herzeleid
-The title of this album translates into heartache, i feel it, do you? Have heartache for what is being done to us, while the perpetrators have to be brought to an end with no love lost on them. Divide our love, have it for us, put it aside for them, we can have both at the same time. With the right plans and very much effort we can achieve what we want, all of it, each of us having the motive of no more heartache for us and our brethren. While you see them look towards the time when we don't have to

Type O Negative – October Rust, Bloody Kisses, World Coming Down
-Despite the negative events and doings i talk about i am actually a very positive person, joyous, that's what makes these transpiring being done so heinous. It would be nice if these things weren't happening but they are, so we have to take a break from our good lives and deal with these issues that are not. After we have fixed the problems we can get back to being happy

Depeche Mode – Remixes 81-04
-Happy to have this, looks like a good album

Gowan – Best Of...
-Underappreciated artist here, i like many of his songs and will enjoy listening to this. One of the songs on here is Strange Animal, and we're all kind of odd in our own ways, let your good traits shine though and enjoy your oddness if it's positive

Marilyn Manson – Lest We Forget: The Best Of
-Marilyn Manson doesn't cause school shootings, bullies cause school shootings. We live in a time where Zionist media has a toehold on our youth, perpetuating negative and selfish behaviour, where insults have laugh tracks and everyone is a jerk who succeeds in this fantasy world and never faces repercussions. This is not real life or how we want or should be. Compassion is shown as weakness in these Zionist fairy-tales as it drives the economy when people are miserable because happy people don't consume as much. Bullies putting forth bullying, except it's not funny like in the program when it's done in real life, the victim does not laugh it off, they are upset and rightfully so. Israel is the Middle East bully, just look how they treat their neighbours, i have documented what they've been up to in their actions against Palestinians, do the Palestinians think it's amusing? No. Lives there, nearby, and globally are ruined and or lost, and the Zionists, they are the ones laughing

Moby – Rare: The Collected B-Sides 1989-1993
-A Moby album i didn't have, nice

Perry Farrell – Rev
-This is a best of album with some new content and songs by Jane's Addiction and Porno For Pyros. i liked these guys a lot growing up and will be pleased to hear these songs again

PJ Harvey – Stories From The City Stories From The Sea
-i really don't know much about this girl but have heard a track or two of hers and liked those

Sanatana – Ultimate Santana
-Now this looks good! Santana has played with some of the best in music and this wonderful compilation album has some of the best of the best

Willie Nelson and Wynton Marsalis – Two Men With the Blues
-We all have the same blues, it's the Zion problem, in it's entirety. They make us sad, upset, angry, ways we don't want to feel. Once we are free of their grasp and control we can be happy again, joyous. Now i know, even after we succeed in ridding ourselves from the opposition, things won't be perfect right away, but they will get better, and yes, there are wrongs, on a smaller scale be it, that some of the people of ours commit, but for that we can pay our taxes for good jails, strict laws, long sentences and an incredibly strong police force. Leaving our spaces for the rest of us to peacefully and happily enjoy. That's something for us to work on in addition to the main problem we have to deal with, the systemic Zionist one. The other day here there was a “newspaper” headline Up In Smoke, inferring a drug reference, well i say let's have our problems go up in smoke as well, then we truly can be free of the blue feelings we all currently have

Franz Ferdinand – Blood
-The world is too wrapped up in political correctness, it's in a constant state of outrage, at this at that, we need to let some things pass. How are we going to get any of this done if there is a constant barrage of bleeding hearts saying how horrible it is. What i believe will help is when people know what is going on with what is being done to musicians, try to play the sympathy card then. We need to relax a bit sometimes and allow “history repeating”. After we have accomplished that we can get back to critiquing each others morals towards each other, when it is just us left to have the world we want and to make better for ourselves as a group. Until then, and with this issue in particular, we need to have a heart of stone and a mind of purpose, to have the end in sight and disregard anything that might interrupt what we have to do, we unfortunately have no choice left, it's this, or that, there is no middle ground, so let this happen

Natural Born Killers – Soundtrack
-There are many people that “won't be missed”, you see them, hear them, know who they are and what they do. Oh how wonderful this life would be without them. i try not to allow them in my mindspace, instead working against them from what i know as they don't change, they never change, they keep working against us towards their insidious goals, well we have goals that we made, after finding out what they are up to and doing. Don't bother giving them any time in your mind as they are trying to ruin it, instead use your time thinking about how you can help and putting that into action, it's a much better endeavour than listening to their brainwashing attempts. Whenever you see or hear something they are doing think about what you can do for us in this situation, be guided by how much happier we would be without them and what they are trying to do, think about it while they do what they are doing and try your best to do something about them

Pantera – Far Beyond Driven
-When they push you push harder. They try to stifle you you come back louder. As time goes by they will eventually be very threatening and taking more actions against us than they currently are, which is enough as it already is, and you must stay strong despite what they do. Be strong of mind, do not waver or retreat, this is something we must do no matter what and each of us needs each other. Together we can achieve our goals, all of the varied ones we have, the ones that require our fair effort, and the major ones as well. These tasks of ours indisputably need doing for our world to be a happier place, to get there is the rough spot though and we will go through a hell before getting to heaven, you see where we're at and what's at stake, but keep in mind our destination and let that motivate you forward. Don't do this only for you, you may benefit from what we all are doing but this is more for every other person on a grand scale, the ones living and the ones yet to join us, this is for them, for you you will get the knowledge of what you did to help, and be proud of that, maybe you will have this as part of your legacy, if you leave your mark for others to see. Whatever you do, and there is lots to do, get to it

Rise Against – The Unraveling
-i like this group. Let's do exactly that and rise against our oppressors, we have the power and talent of the masses and there is so much we can accomplish either on each of our own or as a group. They have the media, mostly, so it seems like they are vast, but they are not. We can, together, topple the corrupt media empires they have, the ones that are ours already? No problem, the ones threatening adults and brainwashing youth? Gone, if we do it. Pull back the media curtain and expose the people behind it, you will find that .01% are part of that entity that controls such, that controls the masses we speak of. Your family, your friends, your neighbours, your co-workers, all watching this .01% that try to keep you in the dark and the ones who have found light quiet and ineffective. Have you found the light? Then don't go back to the their dark. Instead find others who have come to the same determination and do what you can with each others help, you'll find you can do so much

Santana – All That i Am
-Because of both genetics and experience we are all part well part flawed, it's a mix. Be proud of your good traits and work on making better those flaws. Yes we are all different, but we also have many similarities thanks to said genetics, and pass down bits of us to the next generations. One group in particular has kept their bloodline very restricted and as such has passed down less favourable traits than if they were more diverse. There are many reasons for their exclusivity but it has all culminated in a negative manner of mindset that has been generated over centuries of this dna and their experiences taught and put forward to each other against us. It's a sad state we are all in, theirs and ours for different reasons, but now that they have done what they have done, do what they are doing and plan what they have planned, we are left with no other choice in the matter but to arrange a cull and follow it through. i'm sure we all wish we didn't have to do this, myself included, but we can't be getting pushed around and taken advantage of in a myriad of ways forever as is happening now, enough is enough and we all need to stand for each other against what is being done to us. There is so much to be happy about in this world it's a shame we have to deal with what we are dealing with alongside our great achievements but we do, and if everything we want succeeds we can have a world with those achievements and more while putting down this in many many ways massive threat to the world

50 Cent – Curtis
-Always a fan. From what i've heard 50 has made more from investing in Vitamin Water than he has with any of his music, congrats, a lot better than any of the illicit occupations he's had before so more power to him. Let 50 Cent be a role model for any aspiring businesspersons or even rappers that you can do well in mainstream ventures and not have to resort to troublesome enterprise or can grow out of that into a better lifestyle. You can do well and even thrive with positive outputs, let many successful rappers (and otherwise) attest to that

Alexisonfire – Watch Out!
-Danger, there is danger. Don't let that stop you, just be smart about how you go about doing your thing. “Courage is not the absence of fear but the judgment that something else is more important than fear”. And as you know there are many people counting on you to take action and help them, please do

Christina Aguilera – Self Titled
-i don't listen to pop music much, and most pop stars of different times have branched into other genres but it still has a place to be. Christina Aguilera has always been one of my faves so finally picked up this album. She's a really nice woman with a great voice and have liked many of her songs. Wishing her well in this sea of taken musicians, of which she is also probably in the midst of

Eurythmics – Ultimate Collection
-Love the Eurythmics, looks like this compilation not so much, but figured to give it a try as it might redeem itself better than i'm anticipating. Annie Lennox is doing so many great things, i'm sure her co-musician Dave Stewart is as well we just don't hear much about that. So much good music, i just don't like hearing the anti-songs which were here and there sometimes. However congrats to the Eurythmics for all they've done and continue to do, they have definitely made a huge difference in music and good deeds

Fefe Dobson – Joy
-It's a joy seeing Fefe Dobson still putting out efforts. This album is from 2010 but as far as i know she is still active in music, thankfully and i hope she continues. Hope Fefe is doing well

Julie Andrews – Selects Her Favorite Disney Songs
-What a woman. i've been seeing Julie Andrews on talk shows recently and it sure is a pleasure to get to hear from her. My favorite Disney live action movie is Mary Poppins and as have mentioned greatly enjoying The Sound Of Music and am looking forward to seeing all the other movies she has been in during her illustrious career. Thank you to Julie for all the wonderful songs and stories

Opeth - Heritage
-Have listened to some Opeth already and although it's not my style of music i can appreciate their doings as far as noticed. They definitely have many fans already, so must be doing what they are well

Billy Talent – III
-Billy Talent has found their talent, music. What is yours and how can you help us?

Big Boi Sir Lucious Left Foot – The Son Of Chico Dusty
-There's a song titled Raise A Little Hell, which is something that we all can do figuratively, then there is raising up a storm. Raise youth to be freedom fighters, teach them the goings on and ways to be helpful in the battle we are in. Teach bravery and morals, resilience and resourcefulness. Soon if we all do that we will have nations of young soldiers ready to take action alongside their older compatriots. Teach them well, be honest and unafraid to speak the truth when confronted with Zionist propaganda, fake and orchestrated news stories, and people with bad intentions. Also, if they are to be on the front lines, knowledge about Zionist plants, frauds, and covert operatives. Raise youth to be prepared for all of this, as it is much better than not, and they will hopefully find a way to be helpful to all of us along their way

Blue Rodeo – Live At Massey Hall
-Am a fan of this group and am happy to have found this album. Have always liked live albums as it is like a best of captured in time

Daft Punk – Human After All
-Eastern European Khazars are a part of the human race whether they like it or think they are not. They have kept to their kind for the absolute mostpart, but still have the same basic origins. In what they have been doing they have spoiled themselves, as in milk not wealth, even though they have amassed much of that. But no they have ruined their lineage, even for the few good ones of them they have destroyed any chance of making things better, that is if they even wanted to. Now it is up to us to rectify this situation that has been hoisted upon us, and rectify is a light term when it is really much more unfortunate what we have to do. With them, we have only one option, with the ones of ours we are left with let there be nations of tough laws when needed. Nothing of ours, any of ours, compares to what is being done by Zionists, so we are left with an equally unique answer

Deep Forest – Music Detected, Pacifique
-Some relaxing music, i usually listen to an album when going to bed and albums like this are especially nice to sleep to

Eurythmics – Revenge
-What we are doing is not revenge, it is seeing what has been done to us and what they have planned against us. Because of both we need to take action, maybe not as revenge for wrongs levied but as redemption of those who have been victims of the Zionist entity in one way or another. For future wrongs there is our in advance actions to prevent what they are wanting to do. There are many of us who do want revenge, for loved ones lost or worse, you will also be able to be at peace when all is said and done

Lil Wayne – Tha Carter II
-Rap music has gone through so many changes, and i've liked most all of them. Probably because it was generally something new that came along, but over time changes with the mood changed both rap music and rap culture, now we have a pretty diverse genre but i guess that goes with everything, at one time there were somewhat few musicians and now we have so many. Lil Wayne has made quite the name for himself and his label, i hope both he and his continue to do well, if not taken already which he probably has been subjected to

Madonna - Celebration
-Madonna is an all encompassing talented woman and i like most all her songs, one in particular wasn't on The Immaculate Collection though, that song is Dress You Up and it's one of my faves, so nice to hear it again. All in all this might be the better Madonna collection as it has many newer songs as well in addition to the multitude of great earlier ones

Sarah McLachlan - Bloom
-Sarah McLachlan has done nothing but bloom throughout her entire career. What a wonderful talent, i love listening to her whenever i do

Slash – Slash 2010
-This looks pretty good, it is many singers and other musicians pairing with Slash from Gun's & Roses to create new material, if it is good it will be great

T.I. - No Mercy
-No regret, no hesitance, no remorse, no quitting

Tegan and Sara – Love You To Death
-Both these sisters are quite cool, they used to be anti for one reason or other and by about the time they came to they were taken over

The Sound Of Music - 50th Anniversary Edition Soundtrack
-i already have the earlier soundtrack than this one but this has extra tracks and such. What fantastic music from a fantastic movie. Let this have it's place for another 50 years and onward from that

The Tragically Hip – Now For Plan A
-The plan now is plan everyone. Very happy with this album as well, it's probably my most recent Tragically Hip album and am looking forward to hearing it

U2 – The Joshua Tree, The Unforgettable Fire, War, Rattle and Hum
-Finally getting some U2 going on, i have a few best of albums of theirs but will be nice to listen to whole ones. i think we've all found what we're looking for, and are at where we want to be even with a lot more to go of course. What i haven't found is more music about forced Zionist scripting, so far we have the song Dare by Gorillaz, and Like You by Ciara and Bow Wow, that's about it, that i know of, where is the cavalry for musicians from musicians? That needs to be priority one from now on

AC-DC - Stiff Upper Lip, The Razor's Edge
-There are a few unfortunate effects from what we are doing and happening to our own. Suicide and bullying. Let what we do not encourage any of these to our own even if not intentional, keep that in mind. Suicide because of people feeling left out, when they should feel put in. Bullying because people want to feel powerful, when they should be using any power to make positive actions and help their fellows from the real global bullies. Don't feel small, have it so that you grow with your achievements, on topic or not. Life is better to live than not, you are granted an indescribable blessing having been born and to live a wonderful life of enjoyment, there are rough spots and sometimes you might feel unimportant but that is not true, besides there is lots of cool stuff to pass your time with, in your off-time that is. Ending your life shouldn't be an option, you'll get through hard times, we all are in a pretty unfortunate situation right now and days can be troublesome, i don't even know how many generations what we are doing will take, but think of our future and put your effort into making the situation better for them. Stick around or you'll miss all the fun stuff, what we have now and the great things we'll have soon. And if you want to help in what we're doing we sure could use your help

Guns N' Roses – Chinese Democracy
-Democracy is where it's at and i hope in time all nations adhere to such, including China. Majority rules. Even if there's something i don't agree with, if 51% of the nation does then that's that, maybe push towards gaining percentages in your favour for a future vote but if the public wants something one way then so be it. There are quite a few polarizing issues that are always brought up, and people choose their government accordingly. Push for what you want though, as your voice can make a difference in many others viewpoints and all together you can switch legislature of all kinds to the more favourable

My Chemical Romance - The Black Parade
-To which we are all members

Pet Shop Boys – Super
-Would like to hear more music by these guys so will pick up some other albums by them in addition to this one

Queens of the Stone Age - Songs For The Deaf
-Our existence is on an ever-increasing level, with new technology, medical miracles, knowledge, and physical feats on a daily pace. We should be so proud of us and our fellow men and women because it really is something to be amazed at. Think about how far we have made it over time and you'll see we are just getting better and better constantly, you need to step back to see how advanced we are, then take that in, and get back to our human condition where we currently are. Having a sense of wonderment is a happy place, but is soured by those who look to gain off our backs. It is a skeptical life we need to live in this time of advancement, but in doing so you have won half the battle against what they do and put forward against us

Snow Patrol - Fallen Empires, Up To Now
-Empires falling to the snow patrol

Sweatshop Union – Local 604
-This group is amazing and i am so happy to have found this

Swollen Members – Balance, Monsters In The Closet
-The second album title reminds me of the Pixar movie Monster's Inc.. Only in real life the monsters aren't collecting screams for energy they are doing it for money. Screams from all walks of life, through threats and through torture, they want that money and what it buys, there is no secondary reason. Rise up together and put an end to all their wrongdoings, it is affecting the entire planet adversely for the benefit of the very few, and we want it back from them

Ariana Grande - My Everything
-Give Your everything to our effort, if all of us commit to taking action in this we will make leaps and bounds in what we are doing, and that's what we want and need to have happening. As long as we remain focused on our tasks and goals, not easily distracted, the gears will start to turn with more and more determination, we need to tend to the gears and get them going faster creating a huge force to be unequalled by the ones who are constantly against us. Our achievements will multiply upon themselves and we will grow stronger with every one. For me i eat breath and sleep with you and this in mind, and i hope you put as much in this as you are able

Billy Talent - Billy Talent II
-These guys are super cool, i'm not up on what they are doing now but i hope they are doing well and are not taken. Given the climate of popular music of all kinds they probably are though

Bonfire - Temple of Lies
-Did someone mention cnn? They made a whole channel full of orchestrated events, slanted reporting of real events, actors being interviewed and plain downright lies in themselves. Watching cnn is not recommended, why should you, you know what they are doing, the only reason to watch them is if you are ready to take them on and debunk all their plays and stories, for the people who don't know about their intentions yet. Debunk a few main stories/actions of theirs and they will lose their credibility to even mainstream viewers, with the goal of having them completely discredited. Cnn and their temple of lies, and any and all who are knowingly complicit with them, needs to be tumbled by the opposite, truth and exposure

Carpenters - Singles 1969-1981
-Stone masons as far as i know were architects, home and castle builders with detailed skills in building such, now we have so many different skilled trades that we are abundant with talented people, all with their own way of doing things to make their imprint on the task at hand. We are varied in our crafts but together we make the world better and better and better all the while still trying to save us from environmental annihilation. With so many of us we really have created this world we see around us in what amounts to a few short centuries, the population boom giving us the work-force to do all manner of projects in a quick way, and with the collaboration we have globally through instant communication and information sharing the window of time is ever shorter and we make accomplishments constantly. We are all varied in our own areas of expertise, so you do yours and put it forward and the rest of us will do the same, with the means we have we can reach our goals at a fevered pace, including ending the Zionist control that they currently have

Def Leppard - Def Leppard (2015), X
-Nice to see this group still putting out music (2015) i remember liking them a lot when they were initially modern and am sure still will with these albums

Glass Tiger - 31
-Don't have it so people forget you when you're gone, leave a wonderful legacy through charity of all kinds, advances in a matter that helps people's lives or the environment, and/or just to the ones who you are close to. There are so many ways to have things carry on after we leave, whether in a grand fashion or substantial subtle ones. Again you don't need to change the world to leave your mark, as long as you contribute and enrich those in your circle, and they theirs. There is the chaos theory where a butterflies flapping wings can create a tornado, and that is true, it can, and you can make wonders happen with your help and kindness that will reverberate from the point of origin. Be a butterfly and create positive outputs, they will multiply and have effect long after your actions

Joe Cocker - The Ultimate Collection 1968-2003
-i also get by with a little help from my friends, and we all have friends, even if some people think they don't there are people looking out for them as well and just are not aware of their help. i try to be a good friend to both people i know and people i don't, all we can ask is that you do your best. i am in deep gratitude to any kindness shown my way in any manner, and am sure you feel the same, so share the love and the givingness without need for reciprocation and you will still probably get goodness back, it goes around and the joy it brings to others is worth it in itself

Quiet Riot - Metal Health
-Although we do click, we are not like the clickers in the last of us, but that is the sound it makes in our “quiet riot”. Raise some hell. You have the world at your fingertips, something happen in France, Germany, Russia...? Be on top of it. The opposition in this case is the first place to look for crimes and tragedies, as they want those headlines to place on their aforementioned cnn. I try to keep up with doing this but you are just as much involved, be vocal. It doesn't have to be in other countries, something happen in North America? Talk to the local entities there. Our quiet riots can and should turn into loud ones, and that is slowly where we are going which is definitely nice to witness. Be quiet, be loud, be both, your voice is needed so keep going or get started

Shakira - Dónde Están Los Ladrones
-Great, the title of this album translates into “Where Are the Thieves?”. Well i hope they are at bay. When i hear about someone getting something stolen it really bothers me, you save and toil and are happy to have something only to have it taken. For me, i am poor, so anything i have is from hard searching at thrift stores or spent money otherwise to have something that i really like, i and everyone else can understand this and am sure we all have been stolen from at some point. Again it's more than bothersome, it's gut-wrenching, and i hope that none of us falls victim to such

Serena Ryder - If Your Memory Serves You Well
-One of their motto's is that the old will die and the young will forget, well the old will teach the young and middle aged and then they will teach others after that. We have had music teachers towing the line for years now, saying what has been done and what we need, now with the technology we have we can all be teachers of different subjects, including the most urgent one we still have right now. Let our memories of transpiring's be put forth to future generations to mark and continue where we are at right now so they can further our place along the line we are on. With said technology we can disseminate what we know so that others gain what we have found and done then they can add to and share and add to and share. Do not forget, write what you can and put that forward to others so they can have a starting point from where you were/are at. Teach what you know, teach what you find, teach your goals and aspirations and teach what you want how you want. You want to live forever? This way you can, through you many will learn and ultimately take all actions needed

The Cure - Mixed Up
-Most nations are a mix of peoples and cultures, some more than others and that's perfectly fine, we each benefit from the positives from different nationalities. Some keep to themselves more, to their bloodline more, that sometimes begets problems though, without diversity there is more weakness' or enhanced weakness' in certain traits that multiply themselves. So being mixed is a sign of strength, with the benefits of each race of human involved and that only gets stronger. Prestigiousness is from your status and upbringing, but with a good genetic makeup you have a good start, and being multi-faceted is something to be celebrated not condemned. We mostly have as many different exact lineages as there are people, so do not fear those that are not like you racially, they just originated from a different part of the world somewhere along their hereditary line, we learn from them, they learn from you, and we all can agree on many fundamental wants and desires

Van Morrison - Into The Music, Days Like This
-Moondance is one of my favourite albums and am happy to have found two more from him. Looking forward to hearing both

Sarah McLachlan – Live Acoustic
-i would much rather a live album like this than one of the mtv “unplugged” ones. Sarah M. sure is someone to admire, and i do, as good qualities are admirable and she has many. Some say that nice guys (and gals) finish last, i do not believe that, a few who are not might do well to start but do not continue that way or end up in a negative state of being. Heck, even making it into second or lower is fine if you did it by doing well, that's probably the best spot anyhow given the choices. Taking routes that are not positive leads you down a slope to where you don't want to be. So if you are at a junction between a slow positive choice and a quick negative one that promises benefit for wickedness choose the former, you will end up living a much better life for doing so. You are inundated with choices every day, all day, have it second nature to always choose the best path, not just for you but for everyone involved. Hold on to your good traits and add more to them, no matter where you are on the course you will be happy with yourself for doing so

Kate Bush - Hounds Of Love
-Sweet, have been looking for more music by Kate Bush and this is very fine

Rancid - ...And Out Come The Wolves
-He-wolves and she-wolves unite, congregate, take action. We have great power in and on our side, more than what the opposition wants you to believe. Joining together we can surmount even the most perilous of tasks

Spawn - The Album
-This was an especially good find and i had no idea how great this soundtrack is. The whole album is amazing collaborations by various fantastic artists

The Cult - Ceremony
-As far as i know this group is made of Native Americans, Native of course meaning original. Not only should reparations be made we should be kissing their asses for letting us stay on their land. Native Americans are mostly composed of very nice and traditional people, you never hear that much of crimes committed by them, they are for the most part victims of others. More power to them in getting their rights and owed recompense

Weezer - The Red Album
-Probably one of the last real albums Weezer was able to release, they have been taken for a while. Very nice guys, what is happening shouldn't be being done to any of us but it is

Guns N' Roses – The Spaghetti Incident
-Regardless i picked this up because i really like GnR and figured to give it a chance. why wouldn't i? Because spaghetti in the system term is the digestive tract from mouth to and from the other end and is a torture threat. This album is one of covers, did GnR get taken after Live And Let Die from their Use Your Illusion I album? Again, i will not speculate on this in particular until i give it a listen to it as it's been years since hearing it. As for the 101 threats otherwise i will be talking about that and what we are having to unfortunately encounter in our day to day lives during this time of wonders we have created for us and each other. While we toil the Zionist entity takes their skim of everything we make, refuse or work against them? 101 threats, and worse in being actuality. We must still stand strong against those who harm us and our global kin, and continue our journey to a better world without these destroyers, these ruiners of everything good we do or want to have. We are precious, and are not being thought of or treated as such, what is being done to us, and know that it is all of us by global connection, is the opposite, we are not cared for, we are poked and prodded both literally and figuratively, to behave how they want us to, in only ways that benefit them. Let's take back our world and have it to foster well being among us and so forth happiness, and not their project where we line their pockets at our expense as it is now

Imagine Dragons – Evolve
-This is most likely the newest album i have, one that is among the good ones to be sure and i like the group very much as well. We are all special, divine beings here by circumstance because of everything that happened before that a minute ago to 14,000,000,000 years earlier. If every single atom didn't take the exact course it has been on things now would be different by either small or large consequence, but not the way we are now let alone our wonderful existence as a whole as people. You are a product of these 14 billion years, everything that happened led the path to you, most notably you are part of your parents, and theirs and theirs, but everything before that had to be in the precise location and trajectory for you to happen, so when you perish it is up to your family to continue that lineage of your dna, without that you can still leave one heck of a positive difference in this world, both if you are in a position to do so. This ecosystem of ours in in great peril, and it sure is nice seeing youth and everyone else getting involved in climate protection as it is very fragile and if we don't take drastic measures we are doomed, seriously, doomed, the end of our journey. 6,000,000 years of human evolution scrapped. Speaking of human evolution, we have the fellow human sect of what i refer to as the Zionist entity, i am not against the rest of their bloodline but through their actions against us have found themselves clumped together as there is no way to differentiate them otherwise. Their part of our lineage has been secluded and they haven't ventured outside the lines to any great degree, so unfortunately the ones who made and follow the protocols and the Talmud have excluded and divided themselves from the rest of us, all of us, we were not the ones who coined the term Goyim, non-Jew, but that is what we all are to them, not a part of what they are doing, cattle for their gain from us. For our survival as a prosperous happy people amid countless other benefits which you just have to look around to see where we can not only do better but turn it from a current detriment to a future benefit. We gave them chance after chance and each time they continued against us when the dust settled, now the world is starting to see them and what they do, be a part of the solution to what you see that needs your help

Soundgarden - A-Sides
-Soundgarden as a group has always been great, then Chris Cornell started doing solo work which i am not as familiar with just yet but am sure it was equally great. Then there was “AudioSlave”. We lost this nice and talented person to suicide because he could not take what they were doing to him anymore. As we have been talking, this lineage has ended, at least Chris' part in this, he will live on through music, real music not forced testaments of torture, and through any family and loved ones to carry on his legacy. 6 million years of evolution into this man all ended because he felt he had no other recourse. We've lost others because of the same treatment, they can be thought of as fantastic as they are/were and will forever be beloved, let that love help you along the path we are on, so that we don't lose more musicians to suicide or to the cause that put them there

AC/DC – High Voltage, Ballbreaker
-Balls are being broken, that is what is going on, as reprehensible as that is women are being hurt as well, given the Bjork treatment as is now said since we have the Pagan Poetry video as seen. To follow this they have twofold, first they started releasing classic Bjork music videos to give them a new date on YouTube in an attempt to fool you into saying oh nothing is wrong here, well that's because they were her actual releases from before. Since there's no songs that are any good on her forced album they released Hidden Place, which is a song along the lines of Love Shack by the B-52's. So not only are men being harmed, at least as many women are. No one at all should this be being done to, and that is a goal and light for the future, to stop this from happening. Until then music videos are forced unless completely obviously not, and still under great scrutiny, and all need to be watched under this skepticism

Cypress Hill – III (Temples Of Boom)
-Marijuana is fine, prescribed medications are fine, alcohol is fine, cigarettes are not fine but not a problem like harder drugs are. For me it's just prescribed medication but whatever you like/need that doesn't harm others or lead to you harming others. i try not to interfere with what good people do when doing good but i just really want to say this, if there is a problem with let's say heroin, what you do is make dealing heroin a minimum 20 year sentence, i can assure you not one person will risk 20 years in prison for selling such. People will find ways to help themselves when there is not one place to get that drug. i hear of political parties with the idea to decriminalize all drugs and that is not the answer, it will only get more youth and adults trying the drug and getting them hooked for life, what is needed is ultra-criminalization. This is the reason i mention it, i for one do not want to see all drugs made available to everyone, the addiction factor is too problematic and will ruin lives if instated. With the available drugs mentioned at the top there should be enough available for people to relax in their time off

Marilyn Manson – Remix & Repent
-When you repent you must stop doing what you are repenting for. The hollow apologies, which aren't actual apologies, from the Zionist entity are for show only, and most of the time are done through musicians forced to convey them. Then, the same day or next they do the same wrongs, over and over and over, no time to repent when they are so busy doing those wrongs against us. We can repent, they do not seem to have that ability or even the desire to do so. Let us all repent the mistakes we have made and continue forth as better people for doing that and making amends in return as recompense. if you are wondering where to start helping i don't think there is one person here who hasn't before or still listened to and liked music from any number of musicians that now need your help, if there's something you can do for them please do, as the opposition isn't stopping let alone repenting on their own

Cure - Show
-The Cure, show, live. Have your part in this

Disney – Classic volume ii
-The new Disney+ streaming service will debut in North America on November 12th, and the Apple tv+ streaming begins on November 1st. Now there will be more competition for this platform and it is very welcome being as Netflix almost has a monopoly on such as of writing. If Netflix was a positive entity it would be fine but instead it is Zionist in every way and instance. Not only do they pick and choose to add content that is of their negative agenda but their many produced by them programming is of the same. From the looks of the two new streaming apps they both look pretty great and am looking forward to subscribing to them. As said i tried Netflix for a free month and didn't even wait for the month to be up to cancel, how anyone else can stand Netflix i don't know. In the theme of classic Disney i believe that all the original films are going to be available on +, back before Pixar and Marvel when all was good in the company front to back. Now you will be able to share these movies with family or just watch them with your loved one or enjoy even by yourself. i really hope some, a lot of, people cancel their Netflix and go with not only Disney+ but with Apple tv+ as well for their other shows, that should cover streaming content for most with no need for Zionist Netflix putting their agenda in your thought process

Nine Inch Nails – Ghosts I-IV
-Let the ghosts of ours haunt them, as that fails let the living of us haunt them instead

Rammstein – Reise, Reise
-This is the album with the song Amerika, first check out the music video. It's kind of humorous when the experts tip-toe around the faked moon landing recently with more talk about going “back” to the moon. As said the proof about that is how did they make it back to earth in their tin can with no way of getting off the ground of the moon? It required a huge rocket to get into space on the way there and would require the same to make it back, they did not have that

Tech N9ne – The Gates Mixed Plate
-This is a collaboration album, which is something we must do, together we'll get done what we need to

Disney - Classic volume iv
-My adoration of Disney is well known, with some of what has been being produced lately i sort of need to say that it is for classic Disney and this and that for recent offerings, still do though. The other day there was a comic drawing of Mickey Mouse greedily stacking up the money from their various acquisitions, i have to say though that i don't believe this to be true, the money is freely flowing to Disney with all their different efforts but really think that is secondary to being able to put forth their stories and morals, well the morals of the good ones who are employed by them, you also know about where Marvel and Pixar and some other elements Disney unfortunately has but on the whole i have faith in them to turn these things around, the earlier mentioned entities i mentioned are pretty much excluded though minus a full restaffing of said sub-companies. Back to main Disney though, which is now being run by Bob Iger, the motivation of whom i swear is not more money but to have a beloved company with good intentions towards it's fans and to teach youth good behaviour with what should be being done to have a pleasant life. So help me i hope any parts of Disney that aren't doing that get replaced with people of ours, i know that's a leap for Disney's current ownership but it is possible, be part of us and do the good you know needs to be done. As for money, make lots, as long as you are following the right path and not promoting Zionist interests against your viewers who trust you to be good for them. In all manners of media there has been and still is a market for good morals of ours, maybe even moreso not including the Marvel movies for instance though, but yes, movies, television, music, books, all have great examples of major success, so put forth goodness and reap goodness in return. We need you Disney, this will fall on deaf ears to some of those employed under your header but maybe if you are going one way in the wrong direction you will turn to the light and follow that, the route of Walt Disney himself if he were alive to guide you, do well

Orbital - In Sides, Snivilisation
-Unfortunately i have doubts about this group, am not completely decided yet though, being instrumental music most all you have to go on is song titles and cover/inlay artwork. Most of the time Zion is easy to spot, but they are the ones who are stealth, we don't do stealth we are completely forward and easy to see and know where we stand. i've got to say, for you, the minute you find out something is Zionist turn it off or to something that is not, this isn't for me trying to shield you from propaganda about myself, although that's helpful if so, but it's every single thing they do is against You. Give that minute if you need to, just to make sure you aren't mistaken, then another 30 seconds if you are into being filled with propaganda, but then make sure to stop consuming what they are putting forth against you, no matter the theme or subject of their media it is to fuck you over, say no thanks and switch to something of ours, you'll feel much better

Radiohead - In Rainbows
-Thom Yorke and the rest of Radiohead are genius'. This, a 2008 album by them, which looks to really be by them, has me really excited to listen to. Unfortunately not all Radiohead albums can be termed as real as they were taken over a few years ago. One of the newer (2016) music videos of theirs (Daydreaming) looks to try and make Thom look bad, well it failed! Thom Yorke looks just fine, it goes back to personality for starters, but even if he weren't extra smart as he is he still looks great. i learned a long time ago that everyone is self conscious about something, so while you are worried someone is noticing your flaw they are at the same time hoping you don't notice theirs, we all have imperfections, which if you want can work on making better, but sometimes you can't, so live with those and try not to worry much about that, people are generally more accepting than you figure

Various - Plastic Compilation volume 02
-This looks really good, it is of electronic music, not quite for dancing i believe (edm) which i never got on board with but is probably pretty exhilarating. i guess i could mention it here, about plastic, for a while have had this idea for third world housing, have a mould of a house with slots that make the walls and have space for a door and windows or such and have it so you can pour hot plastic in and form a house that way easily and i imagine quite inexpensively as well. is that doable?

Corey Hart – Self Titled
-i really like Corey Hart and this should be good. From what it looks like this seems to be an album of searching and longing for the most part, the spark has been generated, now we are on the path of action and looking for that from everyone who can get involved. That is what's next. The opposition is doing some searching of their own, some schmuck (to them) who will unknowingly take to their ploys and their forced musicians and such and aid them the rightfully doomed ones. The search is thankfully over and we are in the spot of getting things done now, which has something for all of us to do

Depeche Mode – Violator
-The letter v, the lower half of the star of david is what it's referenced with, there was even a whole television show of theirs called v. You'll also find various companies that start their name with v for this reason. That am sure is not the reasoning behind this particular album title but is worth mentioning. What is also worth mentioning is how we, the Gentiles of the world, are being violated, as the saying goes we are being used as beasts of burden by their cattle prods or sticks and carrots. We are being violated in every sense of the term, emotionally, physically, financially, losing our lives, our freedoms, our pastimes and our future. So we have these invaders in our collective lands that are out to harm us, all of us, and we must stand up to them or lose everything, what we have lost in the past, what we are losing right now, and what we are set to lose moreso over time if we remain complacent. If you don't want to stand up for yourself, even though you are involved and need to, stand up for your family, your loved ones, your friends, neighbours, countrymen and women and the rest of the global citizens all of whom are under dire threat unless you take action. This entity is looking to step on all of our well-beings with no regard for us, only for them, and it is an ingrained mentality of this that we are having to go up against. We are being harmed, do not let them continue doing so. Any way that you can, please help

Alannah Myles - The Very Best Of
-Have always liked Alannah Myles since she first started. Picked up a few Best Of's this time and look forward to listening to them all. Live to make as many of your moments best of's as possible. Whether known by many or just by those involved your actions have reverberations so do what you can in the best way possible and that will be your part in our collective history leading to what's next and next and next, you can affect that and put us on paths to the betterment of our future. Make your best of a lengthy list

Christina Aguilera - Lotus
-Popular music artists are the most taken right now, not the only ones but the most concentrated. i hope your music listening is of music we have made mostly from before this became the norm not of current forced albums which are put against us. For the most part popular music is listened to by our youth, they are the ones who are most susceptible to what's being placed, this is brainwashing and is terrible. i urge you to do your best in exposing what is being done, especially trying to let those youth of ours know in whatever way you can. For the other musicians of different genres they need saving just as much, so do what you can for all of them

Diana Krall - The Very Best Of
-Am not very familiar with Diana Krall, i see her albums around but haven't picked any up other than the one she did with Robert Plant so figured this would be a good introduction to listen to

Santana - The Best Of
-Been looking for a best of Santana and found this great one which i will listen to with eager ears

The Strokes - First Impressions Of Earth
-Let's make a good impression for anyone and everyone, where we show our many amazing qualities and achievements we have. Granted, we have a not so nice problem we have encountered, and must be steadfast against, but even during this dark time there is that light at the end, a people and community we can be proud of all of whom are doing positive actions for each other. Let's reach that light in our future, we will have a wonderful time then and will have happiness aplenty, it will then be our time for all of our benefit, not theirs for themselves

Mary J Blige - Growing Pains
-This woman is pretty fantastic and this also looks to be a real album from her so all good, at least all was good (compared to now for many) other than her expected struggles for her at the time this was recorded. After everything Mary J has gone through you'd figure there would be some sort of divine reward for her, well i hope she gets that sometime, soon if possible. The standard growing pains, no matter how difficult they may seem are nothing compared to what musicians are going through now and have been for a while, so if you are having a stressful day think of them, and whenever you can lend them your hand in help

Sarah McLachlan - Laws Of Illusion
-Am happy to now have this album, it looks really lovely and i think very highly of Sarah M.. Recently she received the lifetime achievement honour at the Juno awards and that was very much deserved. Am hoping that that's not the last we hear of her, in a real music sense, i'd rather she not have to be forced to sing but to keep making great music on her own accord. What will happen to music? Will we get it back? i think once people are aware, through a leak or report or such, anything please, then it will be very much harder for the forcers to do what they are currently doing. Hope, pray, and do something substantive to help usher in the new era in music awareness where you make a difference in what is going on and with what is being done

Various Artists - Totally 80s
-Am a fan of most music genres, if i had to narrow that down i would choose rap and adult contemporary. 80s music though is very happy for the most part so a pleasure to listen to, there is a place for sad music it depends how you feel, and wallowing in a downward state of mind can be something needed once in a while but try to pick yourself up and make yourself feel better by changing the circumstances that are making you upset. For me i am into empowering songs, i'm sure we all have a playlist of sorts for songs that make us happy and encouraged, stick with those most of the time and you'll always be helped in the direction of feeling alright and motivated to make those strides

Daft Punk - Musique Vol. 1 1993-2005
-Saying this is a best of album would be an understatement, these guys are fantastic and make great music together. i am going to listen to this and their other efforts very much

Prince - Emancipation
-Before Taylor Swift (save her) had her music bought and controlled, as am sure with other artists, the same thing happened to Prince, this from what it looks like is the first album he got to own of his music. Now, with Taylor, she is going to re-record all of her earlier album's and/or songs to have her own ownership of them. Here's the thing with that though, being held by Zion they will most likely have their hand in her re-recordings and will try to screw those up as well

Dio – The Very Beast Of Dio
-Formed from the lead singer, and the drummer of Black Sabbath this should be a pretty good album, at least i hope it is

Eminem – Relapse
-am wondering how Eminem is doing now. Hope he has been clean for a while, if not that he gets there soon. For me personally sober is the best state of mind and if Em wants that for himself also then he has my support

Jason Derulo – Tattoos
-On the cover there is J.D. With some artistically added tattoos of his song titles on him, and music is kind of like that where once an album is released it is out there forever, sometimes artists regret a song and mention it through another song later as a footnote on another album. For songs written by Zionist interests they too are there forever, not for their message except for the ones that reveal mindsets like Say It Right forced on Nelly Furtado and Timbaland, but as testaments to what was and is being done to these musicians. Now they have to live, so to speak, with what they have put forward through harm on these wonderful people. Because you sure can't listen to those songs normally

Jay-Z – Magna Carta Holy Grail
-Jay-Z should be very happy to have the lovely Beyonce by his side, she is a really sweet caring woman and should be treated as such. Unfortunately both are under Zionist control right now, i don't even know if this one is an actual Jay-Z album or not, but it does look to be and should be very great to listen to if so. These two have a family to look after and are not able to get themselves out of the oppositions grip, so let's help them in such

Ludacris – The Red Light District
-Luda! On the cover of this album Ludacris is burning a $100 bill, and at some point that's all money will be worth unless something is done (in America). You'll notice on the bill that is a debt note, a promise to pay, there is no value on the bill otherwise, it is not backed by gold or any other actual tangible asset and is completely valued on a whim at the Federal Reserve. There are steps to counteract this and get money circulated that is worth something, but the Fed has such a good thing going (for themselves) that they will not go down easily, they will have to be made to disband and leave things up to us with regards to how we run our currency. There are many great documentaries exposing what the Federal Reserve is doing and i suggest if you haven't then to watch those. After that share the information then get organized and make these changes for the better by far happen

Opeth – Deliverance, Still Life
-This looks to be a German metal band from what i see and am not up on this group in particular. Germans should be proud of their past and soon when everyone knows about the details of the causes of World Wars I&II in addition to the vast multitude of other reasons they will be celebrated

Digable Planets - Reachin (A New Refutation Of Time And Space)
-i think the people of this planet dig what we're doing, every single one of us, at least the ones that know what's being done

Genesis - The Way We Walk, Volume 2 - The Longs
-We are in the middle of what is happening regarding Zionism, looking to get to a new start for all of us after the end of our current troubles, which you see everywhere they are

Kate Bush - 50 Words For Snow
-Am happy to have found this album, have been looking for some by Kate Bush and this looks good. From what i understand the album title is about how there are 50 words describing different types of snow in the Eskimo language since it is such a way of life there. For us? We have so incredibly many “words for snow”, most of what we have strived for is a plea for snow, and we are here to bring it now. We see what they are doing and want it to stop, but they aren't, and they won't, so it is up to us to stop them. Everything they touch is ruined, put to their own purposes, so show them you've had enough of what they are up to

Queen Latifah – Black Reign
-The original queen of hip-hop, smart, strong-minded, talented and with a lot to say. This woman has made it well and branched into other media that has all been great as far as have seen. Definitely a good role-model to follow who has put forward so much positive energy in what she has done

R.E.M. - Reckoning
-Was at a store i like today that unfortunately has their own in store radio type station run by Zionist interests, after playing all sorts of threat songs (good songs out of context and some of theirs like Love Shack etc) they played the Pet Shop Boys song What Have i Done To Deserve This? Well i've put forward many reasons why, and that's just a small amount by comparison of what has been being done by them. As for the in store radio it is no better than Zionist radio on the dial, they have their own agenda and desires in mind and no one else, don't let them in your head as they do not care about you, the only thing they care about are their own purposes that are corrupt and to further their agenda to say the least. There will be a reckoning, and i will bring as much of it as i can, you help in whatever way you can as well

Annie Lennox - Live In Central Park
-Annie Lennox is an active activist and has always been. Many musicians are of course some just go above and beyond in what they do. There are a lot of issues you can concentrate on, all of which would do well with your contributions. i kind of stay with what i personally want to focus on but you can pick whatever you want also, whether the same problem as mine and the rest of us or something else that you would like to spend your time making better. Put great effort into a project or just what you can in the time you have you will make that much difference. Be proud of what you accomplish, this problem isn't the only one, it is just the biggest as far as we are all concerned in addition to climate change, but there is so much more including that to do for all of us. Applaud each other for jobs well done, we are making some great achievements and everyone should be commended for what they are doing, thank you from all of us

Orbial - The Middle Of Nowhere
-Be in the middle of everywhere, you can and should

Alexisonfire – Alexisonfire
-The theme of the cover and inlay of this album is about a schoolyard fight between two girls, America has been having so many school shootings recently it is a topic worth talking about. Personally i think the problem is kid bullies and in adult shootings adult bullies, the way corrupt television and movies make people into rude bully machines is reprehensible, giving terrible anti-morals and a way of thinking where bad behaviour is rewarded with laughter or thought of as cool, it is not. Big business is partly to blame for this as well as it drives the sadness economy where unhappy people consume more to feel better and have a constant state of disposable temporary feelings. This and many fake reality television shows that have people compete to be the coolest leaves youth (and again adults) thinking that bringing others down to make themselves look better and good to others as normal acceptable actions, well what does that do to the “uncool” targets? After time this behaviour over and over makes people furious, and i'm sure you could agree, does this warrant a mass shooting? No. That is what i believe is the main reason it is happening so much though. Oh yeah? Well you'll see. People can't take it anymore after however long of being constantly belittled or worse. The problem here is media, and it is largely an issue with the Zionist media in particular, all being a part of the larger plan to keep people selfish, distracted and afraid. Israel is kind of an example of this, bullying Palestinians day after day for years now who still remain steadfast and mostly peaceful towards their oppressors, when fighting back it is mostly on a minuscule by comparison scale. As for American media, Zionist media as it is, it needs to be put into good hands through measures of government, anything you can do would be a step in the right direction as the media there is generally morally terrible and with even more terrible motives

Jennifer Lopez – J.Lo
-Jennifer Lopez should be very proud of herself, for the real albums she put out not the forced ones. She climbed her way up the ranks and made a great name for herself in music and acting among other projects of hers. Have always liked what she put forward and do respect her work ethic, she keeps pretty busy for sure. So what's going to happen in music? Will any of the artists we love be able to release any actually theirs music? Or will Zion take them all down with them? It would be nice to hear what all the musicians sing about after getting through all of this. The current music comes from a bad source and is unlistenable, especially when you think about what was done to them to make that. it's all encompassing, and when you have a radio station that plays real music, as in classic style, it's out of context and made to screw the listeners even more, again unlistenable. Now you have J.Lo having to sing i ain't your mama and big booty or whatever sprinkled into her actual music, it's shame on the creators. Jennifer has aged wonderfully and still looks just as great as she did before and am sure her talented husband thinks her booty is just fine. Looking forward to real music once again, i unfortunately think it will be a while before we get any other than the occasional song that gets released from a new artist. Enjoy the music we had not the music we have now

TLC – CrazySexyCool
-TLC is not being handled with tender loving care. The two remaining members of TLC have recently been forced out of retirement (not a current threat at all to Zion in any way and never were very anti-Zion to begin with) to put forward bullshit to their fans. It's situations like this that show the true motives of said opposition, just taking every musician they can to spread more and more propaganda. They are not treating us with tlc either, and they will continue what they are doing if we treat them with such

Wild Wild West - Soundtrack
-You got this. We got this. Make the most of what you can do for us, and there is a lot. Spend your time well and keep busy with your help. You have the opportunity to do so much, so get started and keep going

AC/DC - Who Made Who
-For those about to (make music for our side or take definitive action against Zion by any means necessary) We salute you

Anne Murray - The Best... So Far
-Am not overly familiar with this lovely songbird but she looks very promising to listen to

Creedence Clearwater Revival - Chronicle
-i encourage you to keep your own chronicle, there's lots of ways you can do that, in fact you probably already are on social media or elsewhere. Have fun or have purpose, maybe both. The Zionist ownership of the major entities in regard to social media is more than troubling though, look around for a place by us with good intentions. However you do it, whether keeping at it or starting, make a chronicle of you

Cypress Hill - Black Sunday
-i'm as happy finding this album as the group must be now that marijuana is legal most places. Have been hoping to find this one mainly but any others by them as well. i personally don't smoke marijuana anymore, that's just my choice, but have no problem other people smoking it, heck i even recommend it to people for different ailments as it is kind of a cure-all or at least makes people who want it for medical issues feel much better. Enjoy

Depeche Mode - Songs of Faith and Devotion
-i have faith in us. Even if it takes me dying, which i hope is from natural causes or cancer from me smoking so many cigarettes before then so be it, i will lay as much groundwork as i can before then, if that's what's needed for you to get together and get this going then that's what will happen. Every moment matters though, so the sooner you get involved the sooner we can get help to those who need it as they are being harmed in various ways. i have faith in you, as do many others, show them what you can do for all of us

Disney - Classic Disney Volume 1
-You want to know how much i like Disney? Sometimes i think of who could i possibly hand this off to, if anything were to happen to me in some sort, and Disney comes up as one of the inheritors. Thing is, unfortunately, Disney has so many Zionist factors inside their wonderful company, there's the main ones, Pixar, Marvel, but there are many other sub-companies and entities on their channel abc. For me, i love the good parts, and they are very good parts, but i worry that if they get the reigns people will be misled by those unwholesome parts and it could all go amok. As for where this goes if anything happens? i even thought of leaving to some already made song or album, let everyone do their thing with that as a reminder, that wouldn't be that great though. So where would this go? i haven't decided but maybe i don't have to, the only thing i can think of, and would be the best if it worked out, would be for this to go to everyone, there's no real way for this to go to one person again, so yes, everyone, and everyone can also watch the good Disney in their time off

Eagles - Hell Freezes Over
-The title is from when the group said they would only get back together when... and i believe this is a live album. So they did it, i bet Zion thinks they will only lose when that happens, let's make that a reality as well, it's asking a lot of us but with our due diligence and constant effort we are tipping those scales in our favour, adding to our side every day. Don't wait for others to take action, do so yourself and add to what every one of us is and needs to be doing

Kylie Minogue - Ultimate Kylie
-There's a lot of great Kylie songs, one of my favourites is The Loco-motion, even though it will probably be semi-trucks

Much More Music - Volume 1
-it's true that most all music now is forced, once in a while we get an emerging artist who can release an album but that is not very often, i'd say the problem is most evident in popular music, not pop music, popular, all genres. So we have to delve into indie music and new musicians to find what to listen to, or just stick with what we already have which is mostly what i do. It sure is nice to hear a new song for us though

Nine Inch Nails - The Downward Spiral
-There's only two instances i can think of for the reason they named the group what they did, the nine inch nails might be for either railroad tracks, or the cross. Whichever way they meant it they sure are better than the Bjork treatment, am sure you can agree

Pitbull - Global Warming
-The term hardest working person in show business is thrown around some, i might nominate Pitbull who is constantly everywhere doing his thing. i haven't heard a lot of his music but like what i have. Nice guy, have great and continued success

Sarah McLachlan - Rarities, B-Sides, and Other Stuff Volume 2
-Didn't even know this album was a thing until seeing it today and am very happy this is there, i look forward very much to listening to this as am a major fan of Sarah McLachlan and this sure does look good

Swollen Members - Bad Dreams
-We will not just wake from this nightmare of Zionist control, it is real. Since we can't just open our eyes to a bright present we must work together, very hard, to create a future of brightness, then we will wake every day to a happy existence

Jennifer Lopez - Brave
-Bravery is one of many good characteristics, but it is one that is needed among the most as it drives what we do in life, we need it for every venture. The opposition thinks we are weak and will not stand up to them, show them they are wrong. They threaten us constantly, first off don't watch them threatening you on their various media's, why would you want to do that? Second stand up regardless, there are so many people who need your help that that should be more important than your own personal well being. Be smart in addition to your bravery, do what you can the best way that you can, it's not something to go into without thinking about it but find a way to help us and put that forward. For the people who are already on the front lines keep at it, and at it, and at it. You are valued more than you know, whenever you can get others to join and do what they can to help, until every single one of us is on the same page and supporting each other completely. As time goes on we will gain and gain in our establishment and accomplishments, every action as glorious as it should be. We will grow in members as more people get the right information and multiply exponentially, they will stay with the same numbers as they have now, all of whom already know the plots their cohorts are doing, while we will increase in size with more and more purpose and motivation as this progresses. Bravery, we will get nowhere without it, any time a current situation gets hot they turn up the threats, and it only gets worse from them, so if you are in it, stay in it, if you are on the sideline right now, get that bravery and join in, whatever each of you can do it will help us as a whole, every piece and part vital to completing the achievement in full

Method Man - Icon
-Alright, i'm in. Listened to this album yesterday evening and it was great, it's a compilation of the tracks of iconic Method Man but is a good start for me with him and i will pick up any albums i see of his and am going to give Wu-Tang Clan another try. This will probably get listened to often and will always be well enjoyed

Nas - God's Son
-There's a song on this album titled I Can which i listened to when this was released in 2002 and liked it very much, hope you give it a listen as well when you have the time. As for son's and daughter's raise them up to be whatever they want as in the aforementioned song but also to have an inner freedom fighter to them who works to make the local and/or global community better for others in some way with what they do

Mary J. Blige – Love & Life
-i have much respect for MJB, she is a real trooper and has done very well for herself through her music, what a sweetheart. i have quite a few albums by her and enjoy them all. Mary J. is a good example of a role model, having made it through a trying past and with great expression through music into being such a wonderful person that happens to have that talent. Best wishes to Mary J., she deserves all the wellness and happiness that this life has to offer

Missy Elliott – Miss E ...So Addictive
-Here i will take some time to talk about creativity. Missy Elliott has it in spades but everyone has their own originality. i for one do okay with what i put forward and it comes pretty naturally, but you have that as well for whatever it is you do. It's lovely to see what people can do and accomplish, sometimes it takes a whole lifetime of effort to complete that effort, and then it goes on from there with more. Keep at what you are good and skilled at, you do have talent for that special something that only you can do or do as well as you. A list of people cannot really be put together of who is doing best with their part because each and every one of us has a different ability or abilities only we have or are super at doing. By now you should know what you are good at, practice a bit more if you need to and then put your skill into being. Most likely it will be something people will enjoy and you can be happy knowing that you have made a positive difference in someones or multiple peoples lives

Nine Inch Nails – Pretty Hate Machine
-The opposition, Zion, makes it hard not to hate them as a whole, and we are not supposed to hate at all, it should be okay to hate the practice of Zionism though shouldn't it. Hate is the opposite of love, and Zion is at the opposite end of something to love, so we should be able to hate it or their practitioners. There are good members of the opposing entity, ones that are doing positive things, ones to love, that can't change what we need to do, how are we supposed to know which of them are against us to say the least. Thing is those good parts of their entity know this exact same truth and what we are, have been, and in the future are up against, and go to our side as opposed to their own, sacrificing themselves for the greater good of the world populace who want a good place to have happiness, security and prosperity, all of which are not possible under Zionist rule. Hate? Let's not use that word, feel however you want about those of them though, as they deserve all the ill will that they have sown

Mediaeval Baebes – Salva Nos, Undrentide
-Every woman can look great. Cute, pretty, hot, gorgeous, or has a nice personality. Don't let that last one sound rude, a nice personality can make someone extremely attractive, adversely someone who would normally be hot can be ruined by an off putting one. For me, and am sure many would agree, most women are very attractive each in their own way, as said it's a negative personality that usually makes someone not regardless of their looks. Where do you fit in? There's a nice spot for you somewhere there. Media makes many women think they have to be supermodels but that's completely untrue, personally i wouldn't want one of those and am sure others find the same, the commercial beauty industry just doesn't make as much off of happy women so they try to make you feel inferior. Feel good about yourself and accentuate the qualities that you want to put forward, whatever ones those may be and be happy about yourself in looks and more importantly everything else that makes you you

Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince – Code Red
-The entire Smith family is pretty awesome and is always a pleasure to get to see. Am sure Jazzy Jeff's family is equally as great we just don't get to know them as well. No need for “codes” so much anymore, we can show and let known our anger at what is being done. If you are not in a situation where you can be completely blunt it's okay as long as you can get your feelings put forward in whatever matter you want to and are able. i'm guessing it will be more of that than not but that's alright, as long as you are helping in any manner it is appreciated by those that need you. Gradually we can be more and more forward in how we talk, we are going in the right direction and can talk more and more freely over time. For now, do what you can either way, as long as you are doing what you can for us who need it

Moby - Hotel
-Zion has always placed themselves into other people's ecosystems, not to help or advance the original inhabitants but to live off them. Is that the workings of a divine set of beings? Wouldn't the best people be ones that help each other and further the community? In actuality that is the norm for most nations, trying to be the top in different fields that they are skilled in. While said nations work hard to achieve shared goals you have the Zionist entity there to loan them money, that is what they do, they loan money and get it back at a huge cost, whether it be more money in return or political favours to advance these unscrupulous monetary dealings. So the bottom of the pyramid serves the rich money lenders at the top, working hard to pay the interest on the loaned money. In America, where it is the worst because of the “Federal” “Reserve”, the 300 million slaves are in constant state of payment to the ursurists who not only control the monetary system but have most American politicians in their pocket aiding them. If the money does not get paid they threaten to shut everything down, which we can rebuild without them, but worse and the bigger problem is that they threaten anyone who tries to shut them down and put in danger their dirty scheme. We will do perfectly fine without them, by far and away better in fact, they are just so entrenched in American policy and used to the enormous payouts they get on the backs of hard working Americans to pay off the debt owed that it will be difficult to do, not impossible, difficult, but very much a goal we can achieve, we really don't have another choice and need to unhitch the vile grip on our financial institutions. This is happening in the United States of America right now, the end goal though is to induce the world into having this same system that is currently crippling America and ruining nations around the globe with the same trick, we must stand together against this and at the same time as rescuing the U.S.A. to make sure no other great peoples fall for the ursuric plot that is being hoisted against them. Gradually, as we go forward, we need to unhitch their claws from our politicians, dismantle the federal reserve, and instate a currency that is not debt based as it is at the moment. Again, they will not make it easy for us, but for the future it is something we must do

Snow Patrol – Final Straw
-Am glad i am not placing straws, i talk about straws being placed against us. As for Zion they placed what should have been the last straw many years ago, now they are just piling them on at an ever increasing rate, minute after minute and so forth. We need brave people to hold them to account, moreso, much moreso. The goal not only being to talk about what they are doing but to do something about them and ultimately stop them. Each of us has a place in this, think about what you can do to help us as their wrongs keep increasing as they add last straw after last straw. Let our future hopefully be one with no more of the wrongs they are committing, you see them, put an end to what they are doing

Eminem - Encore, Recovery
-Eminem is a very talented rapper and figured to give these two albums a try. Recovery is from 2010 and i hope, even if he did relapse a time or two, that he is doing okay now, which is something hard to say because of what is going on in the music community, but other than that, is there anything other than that? Em is from Detroit and is kind of the son of such, before that the music Detroit was especially known for was Motown (from Motor City) and is still embraced as it's origin. For Eminem i hope he does well in his battle with addiction and that he is still in recovery mode. i don't know what will work best for him, that's not my expertise, but do wish him very very well. i am sure Em always gets a hero's welcome whenever he is back in Detroit, not to mention the welcome he gets at every concert he does in front of his adoring fans

Loverboy - Loverboy Classics
-Wish i could be a loverboy, loverman? i still feel as a boy or adolescent would, does anyone ever feel their age? We probably just get older and see our bodies age but in our mind we stay the same and just know more and gain experience, maybe get better at various skills and activities in our time. i still don't think i'll ever be able to be a lover again, so you love extra for me okay?

The Crow - Original Soundtrack
-This looks to be the best compilation soundtrack i've seen since the one for the first Matrix movie. The other day i bought a 4 in 1 dvd pack of the four Crow movies, have watched the first one long ago and liked it a lot so this will motivate me to see all four of them. If you know the signs you can usually notice what side something is on, once in a while you mix them up but then you learn from doing that one way or the other. All 4 of the Crow movies look to be good (for us) so will be a pleasure to watch. i can't talk about this movie without mentioning Brandon Lee, son of Bruce Lee who like his Father died on set, Brandon being on the first of this series. Both he and his Father are a testament to the great things you can practice and train your body into accomplishing, well, not all of us can do what Bruce and Brandon did nearly as skilfully but for us we get to enjoy watching them and how far they have made it. From what i hear of the newest unfortunate Quentin Tarantino movie, once upon a time in Hollywood, Bruce Lee is portrayed as a buffoon or some such junk like that, i have not seen the movie just know of it from what have heard, nor do i have any interest in seeing it either, i have seen earlier movies of his so know exactly what his intentions are with the movie-going audience and have no desire to let him, Tarantino, into my thought process any more than he has been with the limited times that have seen his trash. From what i understand Bruce Lee's family am sure would agree after what he is doing to tarnish Bruce's legacy and wonderful talent that we can always appreciate through the movies of his, which are a showcase for his years of training. As for the Crow, it is from what i remember, and am sure am correct, a fantastic movie with many great sequels that i hope to watch all of sometime soon. Is the Crow considered a superhero? Because with both Marvel and DC around we need more of them for our side

50 Cent - Guess Who's Back
-i wonder how 50 is doing, hopefully well, i know he invested in Vitamin Water and made a fortune with that, haven't heard a lot of music by him recently, even if so it's probably not his. Other than that (but that's a big issue) he is definitely doing better than before he got into the music industry

ACDC - Back In Black
-This is my first non-live ACDC album, and i do love those live ones. How's your “live album” going? Make it good

Bone Thugs N Harmony - E. 1999 Eternal
-Oh my... This group has been off my radar, before the only song i knew by them was Tha Crossroads, a great track but after looking into them recently they are turning out to be one of my favourite rap groups ever and are completely amazing. There are many members of this group that go by Bone, were they inspired by the Bone comics by Jeff Smith? If so that's a great reference, those books are fantastic. This album is dedicated to Easy-E of N.W.A., who died at the time of this 1995 album, if you are looking for more info about N.W.A. I wouldn't suggest the movie “Straight Outta Compton” as it looks to follow the line of biography films that are made specifically to put it's subjects in a bad light. i will most definitely be on the lookout for more B.T.H. albums, i listened to this one last night and loved it, and really enjoyed the earlier album by Krayzie Bone Thug On Da Line, am super happy to have finally found out about this group of guys and look forward to picking up all i can find by them

Celine Dion - Live A Paris
-i still think the devastating fire at Notre Dame was arson, there are lots of crimes perpetrated by Zion and we need to try and pin all of them that they are responsible for beyond a reasonable doubt and with facts and findings on our side. Talk to people involved and give them support in whatever way you can to get the real instigators known and shown. There are actually many instances i see in the news that look completely false or orchestrated to happen with actors and all, but i don't mention it every time, only when it is for the most part undeniable. They work in overdrive making events like Notre Dame happen, it's not all staged as in this case, it was made to happen, with real damage, lives being taken often as well in this play by them. They threaten arson quite a bit, something which is low to do that we have to deal with, and then you have it implemented as shown with this beautiful church which was burnt down as a threat. Again, they continue, so we must respond to what they are doing against us, at all costs and at every opportunity

HIM - Digital Versatile Doom
-i really don't know much about this group, romantic metal? Thought to pick this live album up as an introduction, will be interesting to hear i'm sure

Jay-Z - The Dynasty ~ Roc La Familia 2000
-Jay-Z, Beyonce, taken for a while. Keep that in mind with the song forced on them called Apeshit. This isn't me saying that at all, these two musicians are very cool and i like Beyonce especially. This is Zion giving their opinion and making these two wonderful people put That shit forward

Jennifer Lopez - Como Ama Una Mujer
-i wish J-Lo all the happiness in the world, she is doing spectacularly and has a good life except for the forced music of course, which is actually a big part of her life right now unfortunately, emphasis on right now, maybe someday she'll get to put out a real album again? That would be more than nice although is a ways off. Love to Jennifer Lopez

M.O.P. - Warriorz
-Only heard a bit about this group but figure to give them a try

P.M. Dawn - The Best Of
-Am not sure if P.M. is a time reference but a great dawn, moreso, would be really nice. There is so much to do during this dawn, and only in the evening can we relax then wake up in a new day

Stevie Wonder - The Definitive Collection
-So many good things to say about Stevie Wonder, am very happy to have found this album and it will sound amazing am sure. The talent this phenomenal guy has is something to cherish, and i will cherish all of the songs of his that are here

The Game - R.E.D. Album
-Nice, a real rap album from 2011 made in co-operation with Dr Dre and executive produced by Pharrell Williams. This will be something to behold am sure

Willie Nelson - Platinum & Gold
-My favourite song by Willie Nelson is Georgia On My Mind, it is a cover track originally from 1930 but then performed by Ray Charles. Okay so i guess the cover track doesn't go to Willie but he sure has a good version of it. That means my fave song actually done by him would have to be Harder They Come Harder They Fall. We are up against them who are hoisted up, but we will remove their supports and they will tumble, it is happening now, a bit slower than we would want but it is happening. Keep at it at each and every speed but please try to make it quicker if you can, and you can

Eric Clapton - The Cream of Clapton
-This compilation album looks great, i have another Clapton best of but it isn't as good as this one

Get Rich or Die Tryin' - Soundtrack
-Damn, i noticed after buying this that it is from a movie done by mtv, and par for the course for them is that they will make 50 Cent look bad. There was an insert in the case advertising the 50 Cent videogame titled Bulletproof, which is by another Zionist entity Vivendi Universal. As for getting rich, don't get your money at other people's expense, other than that go on and get your riches

Genesis - Live: The Way We Walk volume one, the shorts
-As Genesis says, they can't dance. Thankfully they can sing and play instruments though. We are all good at various things, find what you are good at and improve on it or find something you like or find interesting and practice. For the record i can't dance either, but think it's a cool skill for others to have

James Blunt - Some Kind of Trouble
-We, us, are powerful in numbers, and if we all work together can achieve great accomplishments in this or otherwise. We will need some physical power though, and we have those of us that have that, to be our soldiers. Instead of being a physically strong force James Blunt is a musical one. Which is more powerful? They both are in different ways. There are many many people of differing talents, skills and physical attributes and we need all of you on our side doing what you can to help

Bad Boys II - Soundtrack
-Let's save Will Smith and the Smith family from Zionist clutches. Such nice people this is happening to, the Smith's don't have the monopoly on being nice, there are many very nice people this is being done to, i just have a special part of me that is for them in particular

Biz Markie - Weekend Warrior
-Be a warrior all week if you can, there's more stuff to do on weekdays but try to keep your weekends busy as well

Choclair - Memoirs of Blake Savage
-This was great to find, hope i see more of his music. A song that i like very much by him and other artists is Northern Touch but this album should be great front to back

Common - One Day It'll All Make Sense
-This album is from 1997, is it making sense to everyone now? I really hope so but there is more to do in letting people see what is being done, try to stay on top of that whenever you have spare time

D12 World
-Detroit Become Human? They already are. It's the opposition that thinks of themselves as extra terrestrial when they are just another line of human like us, sorry to break it to them. We all come from different parts of the world and have different strengths but are all in the same situation here on Earth and of the same original beginnings, it's being thought of as some sort of competition but imagine how well we can do all working together, lets do that on various tasks and collaborate as much as possible, with the technology we have it is and will be a great boon to mankind for everyone to share advancements for all of our good not just for our own lineages, this is true for both the many challenges we face and the many wonderful leaps forward we make in every field that would benefit us all

Kurupt - Space Boogie - Smoke Oddessey
-Kurupt has been around for a while, i've heard him featured on many tracks i like and am sure will like this album which has a lot of other artists featuring for him

Method Man - Tical 0 The Prequel
-i'll try to give Wu-Tang Clan another chance, i like Method Man and have liked ODB although i'm not into drugs, we'll see, for now i'll stick with Method Man and friend Redman

Nine Inch Nails - Broken
-Today something major happened, a video was released for the forced on Bjork song Pagan Poetry, you can watch it on youtube or see the screenshots on my imgur page or twitter. The video for this fucking shows Bjork being tortured, it's disgusting what is being done to her, and if they put that in a music video what are they doing to the others. If you needed any more proof about what is going on, this and the context it is in should be enough. After posting about it this morning Zion has been in damage control, go figure, but it is a ploy, oh sorry let's start over.. They reveal their true thoughts on the radio with the playing of the song, one forced on Nelly Furtado and Timbaland (both very nice people) titled Say It Right, go check it out right now on youtube as well. We don't mean anything to them, cattle to be poked and prodded into submission, is that how we as a people want to live? no. This Bjork video, as you can see by watching it and everything involved with it, is the call to arms we need to bring this to a halt, this time forced by the good but fed up people of ours

Outkast - Aquemini
-Happy to pick this up, Big Boi and Andre are super talented and i like all of the songs have heard from them before

Redman - Malpractice
-Fun guy, i think he's been taken though, i hope his friends stand up for him if so

Snoop Dogg - Bones, Ego Trippin'
-Haven't seen the movie Bones but looks cool. As for Ego Trippin' i am apprehensive about if it is really Snoop's. Zion has been known to force musicians into insulting themselves like the similar titled The Ego Has Landed attributed to Robbie Williams, it's one of those instances where you need to say to yourself would this person really say this about themselves? Kind of like Peter Gabriel and the song I'm Amazing, the song/album is not his and that should be obvious. As for this album maybe by Snoop Dogg i will give it a chance, hope it's his, if not that means he's been under Zion's thumb at the least since it's release in 2008

Timbaland - Tim's Bio
-Timbaland and Missy Elliott make a good pair, they are both brilliant and have a knack for making great tracks. It's a shame that Timbaland and most likely (haven't heard recent tracks of her's) Missy will not be able to make real music until we're through this, if we all make it out alive and well, we can hope for the best but this will probably get messy, we can at the least do this so future generations can live a life free from everything Zion is doing

Twista - Kamikaze
-Be a whirlwind, kamikaze or not just get involved and do what you can

15 Years on Death Row - The Definitive Collection
-Dr Dre, Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, 50 Cent... all got out of the gangster business and into more mainstream endeavours and are probably doing better by far than with their previous doings. i bet if he were still alive 2pac would have done the same. One of the reason i like rap so much, other than it being so lyrical, is that it is very empowering, you can of course get that in other genres but rap has a knack for that. i see on American news all the time, although they aren't the only place by far, about people getting arrested for car jacking or drug dealing or any number of offences, and say why the hell would they do that in the first place? Now they have to spend years and year in jail for these crimes, it is not worth it even if you just look at it from that angle let alone about doing things detrimental to others. Gangsta rap has it's place in history, and i still indulge in that often enough, but we are in a new place right now, a place where we should celebrate positive actions and good deeds not crime. i will say, was overjoyed to find this album, as am with any similar albums, and will listen to it happily, as a time gone by, now let's side together and help each other

213 - The Hard Way
-This is a 2004 album by Nate Dogg, Snoop Dogg and Warren G. According to a song forced on Shawn Mendes, In My Blood, the opposition won't be giving up, so they force us to do this the hard way. Hope you of us are prepared

2Pac - Loyal To The Game
-i am loyal to those who i know are good people, some are better than they think. My circle of friends who i know personally is rather small as i keep mostly to myself, but am very happy to be in good company. You have your friends, treat them well and maybe give a bit of slack once in a while if needed. There are many good people, appreciate them and have good times

Billy Idol - Vital Idol
-White Wedding is about doing the same thing in a new way, not quite the same as it was before but a refreshed way. Keep the good ideals from the previous time and scrap the excess. We had a good thing going so let's get it right this time

City And Colour - The Hurry And The Harm
-i really like Dallas Green and this is a somewhat new album by him. Am looking forward to hearing this. Hurry and stop the harms being done to us?

EPMD - Out Of Business
-Classic hip-hop renewed. What i hope is that every Zionist entity, tv channel, movies, books, radio station, you name it, goes out of business from lack of customers. Right now Marvel movies are doing well, lets see their tally go down to 1 million dollars for their weekend debut instead of what it is now. Do not support these Zionist companies, and if you see people who are let them know what is being done by them, that they are against the people who consume such media. Let those that engage in fooling and misdirecting the public wither and crumble from people stopping to engage in their propaganda

G-Unit - Beg For Mercy
-The opposition doesn't listen to our musicians begging for mercy so why should we listen to theirs?

Krayzie Bone - Thug On Da Line
-This album looks amazing. A recent song by him, BoB and T.I. is Mark Of Tha Beast, i haven't found the lyrics yet but like what i hear and the video is on point as well. We need more like this, Zion puts their Star of David all over the place so we should do the same just differently

Mase - Welcome Back
-P. Diddy himself, not Mobb Deep or B.I.G., never got into gangster rap, which is cool, that wasn't really him so he didn't do that. i like how all his music turned out as is and is much more uplifting than some else of what is out there in regards to rap. i must say, my favourite rap album has still got to be 2pac's All Eyez On Me but i kind of wince when hearing songs about the war between East and West as i like both sides' musicians and music, just for different reasons. Diddy is still going strong with Bad Boy Records and his other ventures and i wish him very very well, he has been nothing short of outstanding and i consider myself fortunate to know him even if it's not in person

Methodman & Redman - Blackout!
-The other day i mentioned about Wu-Tang Clan in what might be a negative way so would like to expand on that as i like both Method Man and Redman, and would probably like other members of their group. I just don't like songs about drugs, that's it, that's why i am not into Wu-Tang. Drugs are not glamorous and not everyone has a big record deal to pay for those drugs, it gets to be problematic for people who don't have the means to pay for the addiction. Sorry, i am just very anti-drug, when it becomes a problem is all, and good people get caught up in it then have a hard time quitting the really addictive ones

Nas - Hip Hop Is Dead
-Hip Hop would be alive and well if not for Zion, the current state is that all of music is dead, anything even slightly mainstream that is, and there are many of our beloved musicians who have been taken and are being forced into propaganda. It's been this way for a while now and anything recent you listen to is most likely not what the artist wants to put forward. Again, music is dead, listen to what you have and that you know is good and have that as the background while you expose what's being done currently

Rage Against the Machine - Live at the Grand Olympic Auditorium
-i already have this on dvd but didn't have the cd of it so happily picked this up. Raging against the machine is not always a happy pastime, however making progress in such is. So live for the progress

Rammstein - Sehnsucht
-This is the album with Du Hast, one of their more mainstream songs. The lyrics translate into You Hate Me for Knowing the Answer, or something like that. There's been a lot of talk about hate speech in the media lately, and i don't like speech about minorities either, as they are not a problem, my issue is with Zion, that's it that's all, let the rest of us, all of us, live in peace after they are gone. This is a particular instance and one we only will have to deal with once. There is a great song and video by a group who has since been taken, the group is Weezer and the song is Island in the Sun, there are two videos, i'm talking about the version directed by Spike Jonez, both the song and video are very nice. There is one group messing everything up for the rest of us, let's stop them

Shakira - Grandes Exitos
-Shakira Shakira! What a great woman she is. This is a compilation of music she did before making it big in U.S.A. and the world. i have followed her since then and really like what she's done

Snoop Dogg - R&G (Rhythm & Gangsta) - The Masterpiece, Tha Last Meal
-Very cool, still no sign of the album Doggystyle yet but am happy to have found these ones. Snoop Dogg looks to have been taken, as is unfortunately the norm in music now, let me say though that other than that he is doing pretty well with lots of side/main projects. That doesn't make what else is going on to him any better but it's nice to see him still keeping busy with fun things to do

Stevie Nicks - The Other Side of the Mirror
-Empathy, understanding what other people are going through. Putting yourself in someone else's shoes. Some people think what i'm going through is a cake walk, well it's not, doing this has many negative consequences, current and future, but i stick with it, for you and the people who need help from all of us. Put yourself in the musician's place, and you will realize how terrible it is for them, take that feeling and put it towards what you want to do to help them. Maybe things aren't easy for you either, well there are other people who are on your side, we all have problems, some just to ourselves and others shared, let's all come together and help one another, solve all these problems one at a time, and with all the people of ours we have we can do millions of tasks in tandem, tandem being one of my favourite ideals, with and at the same time as each other, and we can accomplish so much. Think about those being harmed by Zion and step in to say they've done too much against us already, no more

The Neptunes Present...Clones
-These guys are super talented and really have a sound like no one else while still being mainstream, which would mean popular and they are popular because they are great at the music they put forward, when they were able to do their own thing that is. i wonder when we will get our music back

Alicia Keys - Unplugged
-Am a major fan of Alicia Keys. mtv? Not so much to say the least. Normally i avoid these “unplugged” albums but had to pick up this one because it's Alicia, well, her voice and piano, the track list, order and cd layout etc is not hers it's mtv's doing, and they are known to have negative agenda with anything to do with artists and programming, avoid the channel and every instance you see of theirs

Bruno Mars - Doo-Wops & Hooligans
-About time i picked this album up! Bruno Mars is super talented and super nice as well. i like his music very much and hate that he is being forced to sing about “white gold” for the ones at the helm of what he is being made to put forward

Chris Cornell - Songbook
-Chris no longer wanted to be their AudioSlave. For the others in the same position as he was do your best to stick with it, but use your time to get out there any information you can about what is being done to you and your friends in music

Common - Be, Thisisme Then
-Have actually heard the album Be and it is great, looking forward to listening to it again very soon. Common is doing some wonderful things for different communities and should be very proud of his accomplishments, he is a positive role model for youth and for everyone in fact. Common is someone who deserves being looked up to, but he would probably prefer being looked across to as a friend, making improvements in this world together as needed

Kellie Pickler - Small Town Girl
-It was really nice getting to know Kellie Pickler through her show on ABC, she is a very kind person and that is always welcome. Pickler and Ben seems to have been cancelled though, which is very unfortunate, i hope Kellie gets picked up for some other show or some such, would love to see more of her. It looks like Kelly Clarkson will be taking her place with her own show, and i would like to see her do well there, definitely will check her out also. But yes, Kellie Pickler, wow, her demeanour and personality shine, she needs to be recognized as a real treat and given some place where she could do her best, please let that happen. Best wishes to you Pickler, hope i and everyone else gets to see you again soon

Lady Antebellum - Need You Now
-All of music needs YOU (US) now!

Leona Lewis – Echo
-Haven't heard that much of Leona Lewis, hope to enjoy this album

-This artist is completely original and completely herself and doesn't give in to social or industry pressures. It's refreshing listening to her albums and music will always have a place for her

Maestro – Built To Last
-We all need to be built to last, through this. What we are doing will take years and years to progress and complete, and don't be in a rush or give up quickly as this will be an ongoing task that we need to constantly work on. There is so much to do. We have many of us though, so we can all designate parts for each of us and make constant successes together, always getting further and further along our path towards the goal we have set and the future we want for us and future generations

Misfits - American Psycho, Famous Monsters
-Am very happy to have found these albums, i haven't heard a lot of them but like what i have heard so listening to these will be pretty sweet. i wouldn't go so far as calling the Misfits band members as monsters, even if that's what they lightly refer to themselves as, maybe hard hearted, with love underneath waiting till we finish to reveal itself safely and securely? But hey, if they want to tongue in cheek or outright call themselves monsters so be it, maybe you have to be ones to go up against ones

Missy Elliott - The Cookbook, Under Construction
-We will have many places “under construction”. Am i getting ahead of things here? We will need new facilities to contain and deal with all the certain ones who tirelessly plot against us. This is something the people of the world can all agree on and work together to make happen. Every person has their part

Prince - The Symbol Album, Diamonds and Pearls
-i'd rather Prince's Cream than Wu-Tang Clan's C.R.E.A.M.

Ramones - Ramones Mania
-Am pretty sure the Ramones are theirs. There is a song on this compilation album titled “the kkk took my baby away”, well, we are not the kkk, we have members of every race and religion, even many Jews see our side and know we are in the right with what we are doing. Even i don't like the kkk, what we are doing is not white supremacy, what we are against is the Jewish supremacy that is prevalent among all of them. They think of themselves as some sort of separate beings, not human, that are above the rest of us, and they are not kind to us, we are cattle to them, beasts of burden as said, thought of as having lesser lives than theirs to do all number of heinous atrocities against. If you're looking for their roadmap, before the Protocols were set in place, there is the Talmud, if you haven't read the excerpts now is as good a time as any to do so. All sorts of abominable behaviours that are allowed and cheered on by themselves against us. This isn't a white thing, this is a human thing

Rancid - Indestructible
-Looking to give these guys a try, have of course heard lots about them but haven't had the chance to hear their music before. If only we were physically indestructible, unfortunately we are fragile, this is being taken advantage of by the opposition, and we must stop them from doing such things to those we care about and love, even if you don't know the ones that are being harmed you still have the duty and task to help them and or avenge them

Sade - Diamond Life
-Time for some real Sade, not that “soldier of love” crap forced on her. They even had her sing about the Israeli separation wall. Sade is love

Santana – Abraxas
-Another album from the talented Santana. All in all being a musician takes a lot of talent to begin with, now i didn't take guitar classes or anything but picked up at one point the intro to Enter Sandman, pretty basic stuff compared to the rest of Metallica or any other guitar work but i thought it was cool. Just to say that it takes lots of practice to be good with an instrument, and Santana is widely renowned as one of the best guitarists around, there are many more albums of his i hope to find and listen to

Skid Row - 40 Seasons - The Best of Skid Row
-All of us have a “best of” of our lives, whether it be put in ink, stone or memory we all have done amazing things for ourselves or others. Do not discount or really compare as it is all relative. Be happy with the goodness you achieve and put forward and keep at it, we need all the positive things you can do, task after task after task. Your best of will be heralded by the good people of ours that you help and save

The Orb – Orblivion
-There's a quasi star of David on the inlay of this album which makes me apprehensive about this group, i know you say how can an instrumental album have Zionist agenda, well don't put that out of their reach, The Orb might be okay, there are those that are we know this, but with Zionist agenda in general it's all encompassing the depth of their negative intent. This is one of the reasons Zionist media is so terrible, while we try to do the best we can they try to do their worst, every instance, every word, every shot, every single thing that can be made to their benefit of propaganda purposes is done that way, not one redeeming characteristic is in them, it is all done against you, yours, and everyone else sadly consuming such planned to be that way misleading and misguiding entertainment, every single detail is placed for your detriment and has not one good intention, even when they pretend to be good it is a ruse, again to fool you and benefit their cause and further their plot. This is why Zionist agenda is so unbearable, every second of what they are putting forward is crafted against you, don't even give them that second

ZAYN - Mind Of Mine
-Collective knowledge, in the Zionist Star Trek it was the Borg, but that's because they fear it. We as a people have a pretty even playing field with the internet, at any given time you can find out and learn about any single topic the world (and universe) has, to the best of our current ability of course which grows exponentially because of said internet and the dissemination of knowledge worldwide. Unfortunately many of the major players on the internet are Zionist owned and operated though, Google, Facebook, Netflix and all of their combined sub-companies not to mention the plethora of slightly smaller but still powerful entities who control most of what you and your loved ones see. One of the fears Zion has is that we organize, which we must do, for each of us to delegate tasks to each other based on our strengths and accomplish many of our goals that way, we can do it, all of it, we need to work together and be a powerful group of like-minded activists to get things done. As we get stronger, taking back our media, government and financial institutions, we can then move further and further forcing them more and more away from us and go from there. They have enjoyed their immunity before the internet and now this is our game-changer, we can communicate, expose, organize, teach and learn. You have the opportunity to make positive changes in our world, in any multitude of ways, and you most certainly can, think about the area you want to help with and get started. You have the ability, now put it to use, large or small differences they all matter, and you will be thanked by those being affected. Let's get this world out of Zionist clutches and into hands that love it

Bryan Adams – 11
-i respect Bryan Adams very much. Not only is he genuinely kind he is also very talented. In addition to that he has always kept the faith before and maintained hope after, we are doing very well and i hope we continue to do so. Bryan Adams is one of the musicians i go to when wanting to feel good, his music seems to lift you up, make you happy and give you a state of love

Deep Forest – Boheme
-Make it the norm to put yourself into positive directions and good will follow

Depeche Mode - The Singles '86-'98, Ultra
-i am not overly familiar with Depeche Mode but like what i have heard from them. They have been around for a long time as there is another best of album for the singles from 81-85. i remember listening to them back in the day and liked them at the time and do still

Modest Mouse - We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank
-is it my imagination or is Modest Mouse slightly pessimistic? Have only heard a bit of this group but do like what i have. There is a place for sad music, and i'm not saying this group is all about that, because i haven't heard all of their songs yet, but as is with most things, even sad times have a silver lining. Good times do have a gold lining, however there is lots of space for sadness and being upset, that is part of life so sing about it, and not through musicians you force to sing about it. The opposition seems to neglect that and has every musician they can grab sing their woes, threats, vices and insults. Doing this moots any point they might have had, yet they continue doing so

Sade - Soldier Of Love
-Soldier(s) of love, we all have the capacity for love, show yours (am a Sade fan)

The Cure – Disintegration, Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Staring At The Sea
-The cure, The Stephen King movie Pet Sematary has the tagline “Sometimes dead is better”. i agree, and outside of fiction they don't come back either

The Fray - The Fray
-This group i believe had their first single with How To Save A Life, a song that looks to be one of ours (am i mistaken on this one?) Anyhow i'll go with it. Steven Spielberg directed the movie Saving Private Ryan, and this movie has a familiar theme that runs through many of their movies, let's call the whole thing off to save this one person, in this instance the character played by Matt Damon (a fine guy) and this is the plot they keep going back to. We cannot allow ourselves to be weakened in this manner by them, that is their intention, we must be resolute in our decisions and steadfast in our shared purposes in this matter. We have a task ahead of us, a major one, probably the biggest for us as a shared people worldwide and must join together to succeed. Back to the topic though, we are losing lives to them, on a daily basis through various means, and i (we) know how to stop them, so that is what we must do. i know how to save lives of ours, and that's not the only reason but it matters more than anything to those who are missing loved ones from such behaviour. Then you have the mass casualties from wars fought for the benefit of Zion, and there always seems to be at least one going on at any given time. Stop warring with friends on behalf of Israeli interests, save the lives we are losing in those matters and all of the rest that go without fanfare, they were and still are loved

Ed Sheeran - ÷
-This is a taken album and am not sure why i bothered to buy it, there must be a part of me that hopes hopes hopes it's okay, only to leave me disappointed. The liner notes have his two first albums stroked out, leaving divide, and an ominous thank you to those involved that they know who they are. Anyhow, i will give this one listen in dream that it's okay. As for dividing us, don't let them do that, let us share our common goals and work together towards them

Franz Ferdinand - Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action
-i've been either blessed or cursed with some newer albums this time, overall am very happy with what have found, it will be nice if most of them are real. Always strive towards the right actions

Lana Del Rey - Honeymoon
-This girl is pretty sweet, she has been made fun of in one of her more recent albums for allegedly “sleeping her way to the top”, i don't know if that's true or not but that's for her alone. She is talented and pretty and is doing well otherwise, sorry for bringing that up, i do so in an attempt to help and show what is being done against her

Linkin Park - Minutes To Midnight
-Chester Bennington wants it to be minutes to midnight, not the nuclear one, the dark one

Marilyn Manson - The Golden Age Of Grotesque
-Nice, this album looks really good. Grotesque is a subculture of gore, media of violence and accidents, this is something i was somewhat into for a while, at first it is unnerving but you get desensitized to it. This is not something i am into anymore but it has done it's work. In a way i find it makes life more beautiful, seeing death and our fragility. Life is precious and can be taken from us at a moments notice. Said desensitization is also needed if we are going to encounter it on our endeavour, like Jane's Addiction said, Nothing's Shocking. You don't need to search out grotesque, but at least know it's there, and that you need to be strong of will when encountering it

Shakira - She Wolf
-Just noticed i already have this great album, well i guess there is more than one She Wolf

Faith No More - King For A Day, Fool For A Lifetime, Introduce Yourself, Album of the Year
-Did i ever inadvertently pick up some negative albums this time, from bands i like as well who are normally very good with us. To be fair first i didn't see the fool for a lifetime part of the title when bought, it was on the back cover, second, all of these albums are from the mid nineties when some bands were getting upset things hadn't started yet, and not done after they had. Anyhow i still do like the groups and most of their songs and albums. I am used to negativity from Zionist sources but from either i have thick skin

Genesis - Genesis
-Great album, listened to this the other day. I recently picked up a nice ebook reader and it has me motivated to read books again. The reason i mention this here is because one of the books am thinking about fully getting into is the King James Bible, not sure if i want to right now, there are books from many fantastic authors i would like to get into, but thinking about this

Pantera - Cowboys From Hell, The Great Southern Trendkill
-One of Zion's songs/videos, forced on Kid Rock, is Po Dunk, a very unflattering depiction of what they think of us. Show them how wrong they are

Pink Floyd - The Final Cut, The Division Bell
-Am super happy to have found Pink Floyd's The Wall movie for sale and of course bought it, it will be nice to see what side it's on, i know of Pink Floyd's intentions but is this one theirs or something put forward by the opposition? Am really hoping it is Pink Floyd's

Soundgarden - Screaming Life / Fopp, Crown of Thorns
-Crown of Thorns is a live bootleg album and Soundgarden is a group i have always liked so this should be nice to listen to

The Ultimate Soul Collection - vol 1, 2, 3
-Great collection of tracks here, was happy to find these. Many artists that you don't hear much of but they put together some amazing songs and am sure albums. This would be true of life as well

Tool - Ænima, Undertow
-Another group i have heard songs from since they first debuted and like them

Delerium – Chimera
-This group always amazes me, they are really talented and make music that is very uplifting and a pleasure to listen to. Will most likely put this on tonight

Eurythmics – Peace
-Real peace, long-lasting peace, not Zion pretending not to be a monster for two hours then back to their usual ways, which is always where it ends up because they need to be the way they are to try holding on to what they are scamming from the American people with their eyes on doing the same to the world

Slipknot - Slipknot
-Picked this up as it is a music style i like and have not really heard much of this group so will be nice to hear, if it can be said of this nice to hear, should be good either way. A slipknot is the hanging noose, for anyone in dire thoughts please hold on, it gets better, much better, we just have a lot we're going through and doing right now, the world on the other side will be great for you but also try to get the pleasure you can out of where we're at right now, i know it's troubling but if you find some way to help others through this you will feel happier, there is also so much to enjoy, no, not music right now as it's been taken over, but with everything else and how far along we have made it so far, we are doing some amazing things and much of it for your enjoyment. Someone who is not with us anymore is Chester Bennington, he died by self hanging, not because of the state of the world but because of he and the rest of Linkin Park were compromised, a term i use reluctantly as it's not much of a compromise, either you obey, sing, perform what we tell you to or you get more of “this”. Chester couldn't take it, other musicians over time have taken the same measures in different ways. As for Chester, do not let him be a footnote, he was loved by many, Zion wants to say and make fun of him as a blip in the video for “Machine Gun Kelly's” Hollywood Whore, that's the name of the song, personally i think sex as a job is fine but wives seem to not like having it available, but that's not what i'm writing about here. In said video there is this here, it is on the screen for literally 1/10th of a second, saying haha that's what Chester gets for remembrance, a blip, well now that screenshot of a light blue blurb is there forever, encapsulated in a music video forced by Zion who are saying that's all he's worth or getting from people, well his family, friends and fans sure don't feel that way, and he is gone now, because of them forcing him into songs he never wanted to sing, having to wear a Jewish Rabbi hat in one of his last videos just so they could wink at each other and show who was behind that. Chester Bennington was and still is loved, how many more musicians lives need to be ruined by them being forced into bullshit? The blurb by those responsible for his death is a mocking of him, let your caring for Chester guide you along in helping others going through this and making those behind this and those this is still being done to visible to everyone

Marianas Trench – Fix Me
-i am fixed, as was once not. Help fix you in what you need or want to make better, there is always the opportunity to make improvements to yourself and lead a much happier life by doing so, it's worth it. Keep on good paths as they tend to contribute to positive journeys along your way, you will get much more pleasant outcomes by taking the best routes. If you have areas of yourself you'd like to work on, go for it, you will be happy you did so. All of us could use some fine tuning, myself still included, so there is always something to do to help make yourself more pleased with who you are

Mika – The Boy Who Knew Too Much
-You could probably dance/skate/run circles around me given the right topic or activity, and someone else could do the same with you. We are all good at certain things and i am fortunate to be up to task on these particular doings. What is your area of expertise? What is it you like to do/watch/play/make? Focus on those and get better and better and better. i not only see many talented people on tv but know in person as we are all versed in different abilities and interests. Just because you aren't doing what i am in particular doesn't make you any less of a person, you have your own ways that are better than many so enjoy having those and make everything you do with that the best you can. There is a spot for everyone to do their good thing, and plenty of space for you as much as anybody

Tenacious D – The Pick of Destiny
-i really am not as up as i'd like to be on Tenacious D, i like Jack Black and Kyle Gass very much from what i've seen of them, and am looking to see more of them, am hoping not to be let down but am sure that's not going to be an issue. i have faith in J.B. and K.G., keep having fun but also do what you can to the best of your ability. i have a feeling my caring is not misplaced and am wishing you happiness in your endeavours

Christina Milian - It's About Time
-For all of us to be at our best

Ed Sheeran – X
-Listened to this yesterday evening and it's phenomenal. i have been looking for this album for a long time and finally found it. This is one of the newest cds i own, 2014, along with the album mentioned later by Jason Derulo 2015, i don't always get the newest music but lately the good albums (not Zionist scripted) are few and far between

Hilary Duff – Dignity
-This album is the deluxe edition and has a dvd with all of her music videos, very cool. She has had a great career with her undeniable talent and fun personality. i haven't seen much from her recently, she is either taken (looks like it) or not, those are the parameters we have to go by in music now

Jason Derulo - Everything Is 4, Jason Derulo
-J.D. Is such a nice guy, i really look forward to listening to these two albums and others i might find of his along the way. If everything is going to be something i hope it's on topic

Jim Cuddy - The Light That Guides You Home
-All of us screw up once in a while, hopefully less and less over time as we learn better. If that happens you could always “pull me through”

Mario Winans - Hurt No More
-i don't want you to hurt Mario, i hope you are doing okay an not taken, wish the same could be said for everyone in the music industry, it's not though

Ministry - The Land of Rape and Honey
-Abortion is being discussed more lately and although it's been covered by me earlier i might as well mention about it again, one of the tracks on this album is even Abortive. One of the provisions being asked for is to allow abortion of babies made by rape for instance, they are still unborn babies. If a woman is in her 9th month and about to go into labour is it okay to abort? The answer for most everyone is no. So what's the difference by a few months? It is still an unborn child after a certain amount of time, heartbeat or brain formation. As before though, this is a topic that for me will let you decide on, make your best efforts and live with the resulting laws, majority rules. If anyone's wondering, i am pro-Gentile life

Mulan - An Original Walt Disney Records Soundtrack
-it would be nice to have China on our side, and i think they are. A good partnership with them would be in everyone's interest, theirs and ours, and i hope they play a strong and important role in what we collectively are doing

Pink Floyd - The Wall
-i have not seen the movie of this since a special theatre showing a long time ago, so am not up on it exactly, after seeing the film it will be very obvious so will try to pick up the dvd when able to see. As for the lyrics it does seem to be Zionist scripted, i will listen to this again soon though to make sure but the real part and decisiveness is through watching the movie so will wait on my decision till then

Shaggy - Mr. Lover Lover (The Best of Shaggy...part1)
-Shaggy has been in music for years now and always does well, i have followed him from the beginning and always liked what he's been doing

Nas - Untitled
-This album has a lot to do with the history of slavery of African Americans, the cover where Nas has whip marks and some of the songs featured. America has gone from this to the right for their ability to vote to current day. America says they are the oldest democracy in the world but a democracy is when all of the citizens vote, women and African Americans were unable to until relatively recently. As for where we are now we just had a black president, a damn good one, black president is also the last track on this album, i have not heard it nor the rest of the album yet but am sure it will be good as well. i miss Obama as president, and hope again for another fine leader to be in charge of America. There are many great candidates this election cycle and it would be nice to see the country that is the leader of the free world to have someone with many great qualities at the helm

R.E.M. - Reconstruction of the Fables
-The Moon landing? (unexplainable: how did they get back?), The official 9-11 story? (unexplainable: what caused wtc7 to fall?) Fables like those?

Snoop Dogg - Paid The Cost To Be Da Bo$$
-i believe this is the first Snoop Dogg album i've found to buy, am always looking for one of my old favourites Doggystyle (his first album) but am more than happy with this one. Am very much a fan of Snoop Dogg let alone Dr. Dre and the rest of the West coast rappers. Am also a fan of East (Diddy and co.!), South, North rappers of course but there are so many from the West that are tops for me

The Game - L.A.X.
-Another West Coast rapper, i listened to this the other night and really really liked it, you don't hear too much about The Game but he's really talented, wishing him well

The Legend of Zelda - 25th Anniversary Special Orchestra CD
-On the topic of Zelda why oh why do i buy Zionist videogames? i don't tolerate other Zionist media why these? To say though i actually do completely boycott most of their companies but for some reason i give leeway to Nintendo, even though they are a nicer form of propaganda, if there is such a thing, which there really isn't, either way i guess i tolerate their games as they aren't quite as saturated with agenda as the others. You know, it pretty much just is Nintendo that is a known Zionist collaborator/entity that i get into, but don't let that be seen as an endorsement, they are as mentioned a nicer form of propaganda but on the scale of ours/theirs they are still in their own agenda, the negative section of the measurement and they are

Xzibit - Man vs Machine
-Xzibit is a cool guy, i like him and his music. i remember him hosting a show called Pimp My Ride, where they have a deserving person that has a broken down vehicle that gets completely restored into a sweet car or truck. The results were amazing and it was really fun to watch. There are of course rich people that didn't need to get on the show and pimped their own ride, money can be great, it is, but don't step on people to get it, otherwise enjoy what you've earned. It really is relative though, you can get by with very little if needed, i am poor myself but spend my money very well and am happy, you can be happy with little money as well, but the more the merrier if you can get it honestly. No matter how much you make you can enjoy what you have, if someone is harming others for their own financial benefit, stop them

Phil Collins - Dance Into the Light
-As Kylie Minogue sings if you're going to go out, go out dancing. Do the best you can

Pearl Jam - No Code
-No code as often as possible, be blunt when able

Snow Patrol - A Hundred Million Suns
-A hundred million sons with the heat of a hundred million Suns to make it snow

Stevie Nicks - Bella Donna
-Had a chance to listen to this the other night and enjoyed it very much, am looking forward to hearing it again. Someone i know likes Stevie Nicks a lot and i see why. From what i've heard from them Fleetwood Mac are pretty amazing as well

Busta Rhymes – The Coming, Extinction Level Event The Final World Front, Anarchy
-Do you figure Busta Rhymes wanted to name an album “Back on my b.s.”? i was looking up a song from this album and saw a review of it that was .5/5 stars, apperently there is a lot of autotune for starters, purposely put to make the tracks shit. Forced albums might have a catchy song or two (don't fall for them) but in general are horribly made
The cover and inlays of Anarchy show the anarchy symbol made out of electrical wires, the album is from 2000 when the internet was going mainstream. In the now more subdued internet let's not have anarchy when it comes to activism, let's have organization and plans of action. The opposition doesn't want us to organize, that is where we will get our power against them, all of us collaborating through the internet and working together to accomplish our goals

Mystikal – Let's Get Ready
-We have gotten ready for many many years, preparing for where we are at now. Now we are at a point where we keep getting ready again, for each step. Get ready for media reform, get ready for dismantling the federal reserve, get ready to clean up government and so forth. After getting ready put yourself into action and follow through. Constantly think about what you want to do next, the opposition does so we must do the same. After thinking about it put it forward

Kanye West - Late Registration
-One of my favourite songs from this album is Heard Em' Say. Planning ahead is well and good and all, but we also need to take pleasure in our present, and plan ahead as much as we can in our spare time. There is much importance in planning your afternoon and tomorrows as well, so you can get to what you need to do

Megadeth - Risk
-We risk megadeath to protect our planet, they risk megadeath to ruin it

Peter Gabriel - Self Titled
-This is Peter Gabriel's first album, i have always been a fan of his but was introduced to one of the songs from this album, Solsbury Hill, on the Sarah McLachlan Artist's Choice cd. It really is a wonderful track from a wonderful man that has many great songs

Eurythmics - Touch
-The first song on this album is Here Comes the Rain Again, a great track, and there is a church near here that always puts up great quotes, the most recent one is that “it wasn't raining when Noah built the ark”. He built it knowing that it would rain. As for the album title there are a few similar songs that are also good along the same path, Samantha Fox's Touch Me, and Olivia Newton John's Let's Get Physical. Both ask for immediate action. We aren't quite there just now but it is something to work towards

Iron Maiden - The Number of the Beast
-This is my first Iron Maiden album. The cover was recently mentioned by Jack Black as one of the “most metal album covers ever”. Jack Black started doing YouTube videos under Jablinski Games and i really enjoyed watching those, he has since been errant in posting them, i hope he is okay. As for the number of the beast? Here is a quote from the Bible that is on the inside inlay “Woe to you, Oh Earth and Sea, for the Devil sends the beast with wrath, because he knows the time is short... Let him who hath understanding reckon the number of the beast for it is a human number, it's number is six hundred and sixty six” Revelations ch Xiii v18. As for the number and what it now signifies is sicks, a pet name for themselves, not our name to label them, although if that's what they want to be known as. This is also where the sicks million number comes from, when even the Red Cross says it was 271,301. Again it was not said 5,999,999 or 6,000,001 but 6,000,000. Do we really want all these self proclaimed sicks running around mucking everything up for us and making our lives miserable? No, and i'm sure you feel the same when you take into account everything they are doing

Lilith Fair - A Celebration of Women in Music Volume 2
-Picked this up like i said i would, wonderful women indeed

Lil' Kim - La Bella Mafia
-Haven't heard this album yet but looks good. One of my favourite songs is on here, The Jump Off. And it is rallying you to take action. Don't let people down who are counting on you

Marilyn Manson - Smells Like Children
-it would be my guess that children would smell the same as adolescents, middle aged or older

Shakespears Sister - Hormonally Yours
-While i am not overly familiar with Shakespeare i do know that he is an early and good example of anti Jewishness. i will try to get into some of his work, whether through reading his books or watching other media that pays homage to him

Sinead O'Connor - Theology
-i really like this woman and wish her well

The Cranberries - Everybody Else is Doing It, So Why Can't We
-This is their first album, and they did it by putting this effort of theirs forward. Now you do what you can

The King and i - Soundtrack
-i loved The Sound of Music so much have decided to pick up all of Rodgers and Hammerstein's movies. This is one i was so happy to find and will watch it asap and am sure to enjoy it very very much

The Phantom of the Opera - Soundtrack
-We are all phantoms of the opera, playing our keyboards and letting our music be heard. Make it beautiful

The Game – The Documentary
-We are all living breathing biographies/auto-biographies that write and leave traces of ourselves as we go through our lives. How many people know of these depend on what you put forward, such as in social media, standard media, family and friends. These traces also stay after you leave, so it would be best if you do beneficial actions for others to enjoy, learn from or make use of. Write or use other ways to track your life, people do it all the time, such as in facebook, who am not a fan of but there are other outlets like that, Twitter, a website, instagram, which is also run by facebook unfortunately, but you get the idea. We make differences in everyone's life we are in contact with, help them along the way if you can. Create those ripples and they will make differences in one or many of our lives, whether you are heralded or not you will be given life-long thanks by those beneficiaries. You are making your own documentary, and doing so how you want, don't wait for someone to make it for you, put it there yourself, like a low budget independent piece of many different parts and mediums that all come together to be a transcription of your life. Some write, some sing, some talk, some build, some invent, some create, some teach, it goes on like that so find what it is you want to do, and do it. There are many ways to help others, and there are many people that need helping, so that is another way to leave your mark on this world. You are a documentary that everyone you come in contact with or touch in your good way gets to be a part of and that intertwines with their own legacy, together, all of us, are part of documentary Earth, and we are all stars in it. Make the most of what you do

Groove Armada - Goodbye Country (Hello Nightclub)
-This album is from 2001, i think the sentiment now is or at least should be Hello country (goodbye nightclub)

Joss Stone - Mind Body & Soul
-Mind: The electrical impulses and grey matter of the brain, take good care of it
Body: The sensitive part that translates pain and pleasure to the mind, take good care of this as well
Soul: Don't want to disappoint you but i don't believe in a soul, after you die your thought process electrical energies and the memories stored in said grey matter decompose, if anything of a soul it is the plants and so forth that feed on your corpse. You will have your parts around but no thinking like the good ole days of living. That said, again take good care of your mind and body, and also importantly take good care of other peoples minds and bodies, both of which are under siege on a massive scale by Zionist interests

Marilyn Manson - Portrait of an American Family
-MM has a sad view of the American family but i really like him and his music so i bought this album as will i of every other album of his i find. MM still has many ardent fans across the world, much more versed to him than me but i do look forward to hearing this album and the rest of his

Rolling Stones - Forty Licks
-i have another Rolling Stones best of but this is the definitive one which i have been looking for for a long time and am very happy to now have it

Snow Patrol - Eyes Open
-i've only heard a song or two from this group but liked those enough to buy this album. Living with your “eyes open” is much better than the alternative. Live in the know and help others get there through any help you give. It's kind of like the movie They Live, an excellent movie it is, and after the sunglasses they start producing contact lenses that help you see, that is what we are living right now. After a while you can probably get by without the sunglasses or contacts at all and it just comes instantly as second nature. i am surprised when seeing Zionist sources on television that people actually tune in to them for some godforsaken reason, how can they stand that? So there is work to do to get those shows to zero viewers, movies are the same, the new Marvel film Endgame is poised to be the biggest movie opening ever, and it is pure Zionist garbage, so much to do... Current day Quiz Shows? Now there is some new shill set to take Ken Jenning's place as the highest earning fraud among the many frauds on Jeopardy. It's not infinite, but there is so much of it, it's nice to see things for as they are, good included, so be ready to easily dissect and determine either

The Cranberries - No Need to Argue
-Cool group. There is no need to argue because everyone agrees, or haven't been informed of the facts yet. Hands off our cranberries. The song Zombie is about an issue close to the Cranberries' hearts, the IRA, i wish for many musicians to make stands on topics they of course care about even if it's not directly about Zionism, just be warned, you might only get out the first single of a new album before being taken over so make it count as well as making count every single one of your songs on that new album

The Cult - Beyond Good and Evil
-Have been divided on the side of this group, even though Pure Cult is a favourite of mine, but seeing this album makes me think they are alright. Good and Evil are subjective, nothing is either to the universe, it doesn't care about your feelings. However to us as living beings it does matter, very much, in fact it's most all that matters. And the feelings of other beings need to be taken into account as well. Some entities do not care about others so we need to take action, like our laws, to dissuade people from doing so, when that doesn't work we must take greater steps to stop that from happening and being done. We are at the last of our wits dealing with the Zionist entity, faction, and have no more leeway to give, they refuse to stop so we must take equally drastic actions to make them stop, the ultimate deterrent, solution. This is the human condition, this is the base of everything we are and we build taller and taller on that. It is a wonderful life we have, unfortunately some don't abide by our rules or care about our well being compared to their benefits, let's stop them, we have one way left and that's our only true option

The Strokes - Is This It
-Yes, yes it is. We, because of our hard work and diligence have made it this far so far, and we are still doing well, now is our time to shine more than we ever have and are needed more than ever. When you discount what the opposition is doing and just take our efforts into account we are doing so very well. However, when you take the rest into that same account we are in a gradual loss position, we are not losing exactly, but we are at a constant disadvantage to what they are doing against us, so during this time of ours we have some deeds to do and advances to make

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers - Damn the Torpedos
-Tom Petty's band the Heartbreakers are probably really nice guys, they are also talented. i've had my heart broken a few times, not fun, but eventually you find the right person for you, if you want or need a partner that is, however it is something beautiful to have a love in your life and is something i wish for all of you. Be in a good relationship though, because being single is not the end of the world, just be sure of yourself and what you want in a partner and go from there, just try to not break many hearts of your own

Mediaeval Baebes - Worldes Blysse
-There are enough girls and guys for each of us to have one

En Vogue - The Very Best Of
-Have always liked these women. One of their songs is Free Your Mind which is about Black-White relations but can really be said for all Gentiles, i say Gentiles because Jews have excluded themselves from the human race and think they are better than the rest of us who they believe are like cattle solely for their benefit. Gentile means non-Jew, and it is not our word it is theirs. So if that's how they want it and think of it then we have no choice but to deal with them accordingly. It's not just in their thoughts, it is in their actions, all of which are at our detriment as they constantly show through their doings. Be colour blind yes, to the many races that make up the world, there is only one member of the human race who doesn't want to be part of it, which is fine, it's just that them believing that and acting upon it is harming all of us, the rest of the world. Wonderful women En Vogue, it will be nice to listen to the best of your songs

Gospel Gangstas - Gang Affiliated
-How cool is this... 2Pac had songs about God but these guys totally gave up their negative actions and were born again rapping to other gang members who are going through rough times. This is the first i hear about this group and look forward to what they have to say

Lilith Fair - A Celebration of Women in Music Volume 3
-An outlet for talented women to have their songs and voices heard, Lilith Fair was a great initiative to put together and has continued to do well throughout the years. Whenever i see a Lilith Fair album that i don't have i will pick it up as they are always fantastic

Sam Roberts - We Were Born in a Flame
-We have been born into this through many generations, each of them furthering our objective. i was fortunate enough to watch the movie The Sound of Music yesterday, which i loved, and in the title song one of the lyrics is “With songs they have sung for a thousand years”. We have been born into this, this is now up to us to further and then complete. Everyone has their part, every one of us. During our lifetime, this lifetime maybe more, it will be a bumpy road, but hold on to our dreams not just to wish about but to take action about, if all we do is the dreaming of it then it will never come true, we need to do the actual tasks we each have, then in the future we will be born into clouds

Delerium - Nuages Du Monde (French for Clouds of the World)
-Delerium albums are something special, they are always a delight to listen to and i really really like their music. As i write this it's been a day or two since the fire at Notre Dame, from what i understand it has been a fixture of Paris France for about 850 years and is a shame to have been something lost. Now, i am not saying this is arson, but am not ruling it out, the Zionist opposition does this often as a threat to others so this might be one of those times, and a major one at that if it is. Best we can do is keep giving support to those involved and give them the motivation and means of getting the information out to the public. It has been pretty busy for said Zionists recently, orchestrated events and happenings one after another lately, and it takes quite a bit to keep up on everything they're doing against us, but together we have it covered and is something we not only can do but must. i will continue trying to reach people i think can help us and to be part of us, there is so much to either debunk where needed or expose the perpetrators of orchestrated events in a definitive way. None of the many negative actions they do are acceptable, but arson is a low one and cannot be tolerated in any way shape or form, keeping on top of these and everything else they do is what we must do. If you have any information about events like these, put that forward

50 Cent – The Massacre
-i don't want to ruin 50 Cent's credibility, i know he came from a very hard past, but he is such a nice guy. There is a lot of gun imagery on the inlay's of this album, and i for one am a supporter of gun control. One time i tweeted about how when the Second Amendment was written the guns available were muskets, so have all the muskets you want, soon after posting the tweet an NRA member or such tried to discount that and say it includes modern weapons, like rocket launchers then? The gun situation in America is terrible, shootings after shootings after shootings. There needs to be some limit to what guns people can own and have in place many restrictions. i applaud the efforts of the various students who were victims and survivors of the different school shootings, and wish them great success. If you agree help them with their gun control goals

Radiohead – The Best Of
-Have never been much into radio (not Radiohead, i have always liked them) but i imagine there were many good stations at one time. Now it is a Zionist institute putting forth bullshit all day, you see it too am sure. So why would you listen to them if you do? They are against you, they try to fool you, do not give them your mind space. The same can be said for other media of theirs. If you are about to watch something of their ownership, instead choose to change the channel so to speak, or even better use that saved time to help us in some shape or form, you will feel happier than if you had “tuned-in” to that in the first place. This is not for me it is for you. Be a laser focused on us and what we are doing instead of letting them try and lead you astray

The Sound of Music - Soundtrack
-This movie. i am really divided on this as i have not seen it yet and have been going back and forth in my mind about it's intentions. i do know that world war one has a part in this, but in what direction? So Long, Farewell, Auf Weidersehen Goodbye. Is that like German's saying the goodbyes to the others?. This movie is by Twentieth Century Fox, which is a pretty good company as far as i'm concerned, but i will not comment on this any more until seeing it, something which i am very much looking forward to. Julie Andrews was great in Mary Poppins, a favourite of mine, and i hope this is good as well. It could be great and i hope it is, or it could be not, willing to give it a chance though

Jimi Hendrix – The Jimi Hendrix Experience BBC Sessions
-Am not that sure about the origins of this album, if it is live or not, even if not there are a lot of songs that are not on the Jimi Hendrix Ultimate Experience album i have so will be happy with this either way. As for the channel bbc i am not completely up on their allegiance but love two shows of theirs, first to mention is the fantastic Fawlty Towers with John Cleese and the rest of the cast, this show and another, Black Adder with Rowan Atkinson and the others both make me laugh out loud, something i do not do a lot. Black Adder is one of my favourite shows of all time and has been since i first saw it. Rowan Atkinson is of course also the star of Mr Bean which is also very funny and the Johnny English movies which i have not seen but am very much looking forward to. British comedies are among my favourite types as the humour is usually subtle, and there is no laugh track, which is something i cannot stand in other comedies. If you haven't seen Black Adder or Fawlty Towers yet i completely recommend them, and from what i know the cast of these shows are great people as well

2Pac – Better Dayz, +Outlawz Still i Rise
-There are better days ahead for all of us, that you can be certain, but we need to put forward the best of our efforts or we fail, and that is not an option, do not let us fail

Five For Fighting – The Battle For Everything
-There is a Metallica song i mentioned before but i will speak about it again in another way, the song is Nothing Else Matters. Now i am not going to go against Metallica so will just add to the title, Nothing Else Matters as much. Everything matters, it's on a scale though, and ending Zion is at the top of the to do list we have. The only other thing that comes close is global warming, so lets work on not only these two major issues but on every issue we are up against, it is a challenge, and we need to be up and taking action on every single one of these problems, all at the same time, choose where you would be best suited to take part, even be on many fronts if you choose to, but do what you can because you are needed

Lily Allen – It's Not Me, It's You
-i like Lily Allen, Zion doesn't so they forced her into some bullshit. There's a somewhat recent song and video for that song of Hard Out Here (for a bitch), Lily supposedly being the bitch. In said video there's a part where she is in front of a banner of sorts that says "Lily Allen has a baggy pussy". Does that sound like something Lily would put in? Didn't think so. Jennifer Lopez's most recent forced song is called Medicine, and in it there is the threat about giving back what's being given, well if there was nothing to “bitch” about then we would have no reason to “bitch”, fact is it is them dealing it out and we who have to respond to what they are doing against us, what are we supposed to do just take what they are doing? No. So we stand to thwart what is being done. Lily Allen can be a bitch if she wants, and without having to worry about being harmed into Zionist agenda (and insults). But it's too late for her, so we must stand and face the forcers for her and in her place

OneRepublic – Waking Up
-Had the opportunity to listen to this album yesterday evening and really liked it. They are a talented group and i look forward to hearing more of their songs

The Beatles - 1967-1970
-There are multiple Jesus', each to a certain extent. Here are four. Aspire to be one and be the best version of one you can be, however you are able

Tool – 10,000 Days
-i've listened to songs of theirs for a long time and am sure to like this album

2 Unlimited - Get Ready
-There can't be two AlphaBetaUnlimited's, that is something as being unique is uniquely what i am putting forward. However, and thankfully, you are also unique, so whatever you put forward will be completely you, in such do what you can in your own way. What i am doing is not everything, it is a part of everything, what you do will also be a part of that. Medicine, technology, the arts, agriculture, construction and so forth, we all have a part in our existence, and together create a society that is functioning very well. There are many great accomplishments we have achieved and have yet to achieve but we are not without our problems, so i will keep busy dealing with what i am focused on and bringing this to you to help us with, and you also keep busy helping others to the best of your capacity. You being unique, a culmination of your own genetics and experiences, will have your own way of doing things and what you yourself put forward into our shared existence. How would you like to help and what would you like to help with?

Aphex Twin - Richard D. James Album
-In continuing with the above, we all have a spot in history, make your own path and clear the way for others. This album is from what it looks of course to be by Richard D. James, and his group, Aphex Twin. Attach your name to what you are doing if you like, the name of your group perhaps, and that will be your spot, there is so much not only to do but of things that can be done, as in issues that already need doing and things that you might want to do for fun or otherwise that you can share with others. So put yourself forward, you, your group, and make what you do a part of history whether major or for a smaller amount of people. Even just do things for your own benefit and enjoyment if you want but we really do need you on so many levels in so many instances that it would be best if you could deal with a few issues that we all have to take part in fixing, not just this but in so many ways that you are needed

Keshia Chante - 2U
-i sing my love songs to all of you, not to myself, you are worthy of the songs and have been there for me for one, it is you i love, please keep on track and do your best to help however you feel you can

Metallica - Garage Inc
-Okay, Garage Inc. I don't trust this album, and i will say why. First off the reason i picked this up is because it has the Garage Days Re-Revisited in it's entirety on the second disc, real Metallica, or at least covers Metallica wanted to do. i will though attempt to listen to the first disc to double check, why am i suspicious of this album? Here are some of the reasons
1. The first song is Free Speech for the Dumb, really. So you want me to believe that Metallica would start off their new album with this as any track let alone the first one? There's not any lyrics to speak of even so it's just that thought alone. Very doubtful
2. On an inlay there is a photo of the 'tired' musicians of Metallica in lounge wear titled The Metallicats, covering all your favourites, appearing nightly
3. The title i believe refers to their battle with Napster and the like, the Inc saying how they are profiting from the issue
4. They are dressed, on the cover, in actual garage gear, trying to downplay the meaning of Garage, and for bonus points there is a Star of David looking icon on one of their shirts
Those my friends are the reasons i call this album into question, if they pass, and the album is good, i will be the first to mention it, and be very happy about it as well, it's just not looking that way and i don't want to blindly believe in an album that is forced as it perpetrates the harming of musicians. This isn't an exact science but don't worry, soon Someone will come forward and let everyone know. That will be a very happy day for every victim of theirs

Robert Plant & Alison Krauss - Raising Sand
-The singer of Led Zeppelin and crooner Alison Krauss together, i'm not overly familiar with the latter but this should still be a great album

Tears for Fears - Tears Roll Down 82-92
-Speaking of tears and musicians you don't have to wonder what they are thinking while this is going on and being done. They don't care that they aren't supposed to hate, they just want to be safe and away from those doing what they are doing. They are not in that position though, so it goes to us to help them

Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers - Into The Great Wide Open
-Into the great wide open is a good metaphor for entering adulthood, which i urge many parents to prepare their children for. For starters do not lie to them in an attempt to shield them, it is better that they know the truth than live a lie until they find out you were untruthful with them. If you are watching television with them, maybe point out deceitful commercials, propaganda, lies and hoax's. There are many books with advice on how to raise children, i will try not to be too intruding on your way, just keep these in mind and maybe think about implementing these suggestions. They are the main issues i want to put forward. i know what i ask is kind of daunting but these and similar actions will definitely help in the well being of your young one in the future. Again i don't want to tell you how to parent am just hoping you follow these basics and go from there for all the rest, and there is of course so much more these are what matter most to me

Adele - Live At The Royal Albert Hall
-This looks amazing, from what i understand this was a dream come true for Adele and she deserves to play at such a place. Adele is a wonderful woman with a great voice and superb writing talent, the real songs by her that is (Hello?) i haven't listened to her albums as much as i would like and will have to get back into that starting again but with this one and will enjoy them as i always do

Alicia Keys - The Element Of Freedom
-God this woman... it's always a joy to hear her sing and play piano. i wish her nothing but happiness and hope she's okay

Bryan Adams - Room Service
-You all know i think very greatly of Bryan Adams so i will instead talk somewhat about “room service”. I have a room, not a house, not quite an apartment, a room. I enjoy the room i have though and am happy with it. Something i do hope doesn't happen is anything getting stolen, i have spent my money, the pittance i get, wisely, and have some stuff i am happy to have, i do not want what i scrimped and saved for to go to someone's bad habit. In this and other times it is also a matter of doing unto others, and you may say well look at what you are doing, yes i see that, and am doing unto others in actuality, if my faction was ruining the world as Zion is doing i would line up to go with the rest and be first in line, it would help everyone else immeasurably, so i am doing what would be required regardless. This is my room and i do not want anything bad happening to it in any way or sort. i, in my view, play fair, and i hope others follow that and afford me the same. The other people in my building, not including the many plants, have been nice, and i appreciate that, am looking forward to seeing them do well also with their ventures. It would be nice to stay where i'm at and it would be very nice if everything goes well in the while that i'm here

Coverdale Page - Coverdale Page
-Am not overly familiar with this collaboration but have heard good things about this album so picked it up and it should be good

Imagine Dragons - Night Visions
-First but not last album i pick up by this group

Keshia Chante – Keshia Chante
-From the looks of it Keshia Chante is still singing which am very happy about. She is super talented and a phenomenal person so it would be nice to know that she is doing well. Maybe she went under the radar and was able to make a few more real albums. Best of wishes to Keshia Chante

Lana Del Rey - Born To Die
-As said before if i were a part of the faction ruining the world i would understand the needed actions and accept what has to be done, it's a shame, but the alternative is almost unfathomable for the rest, mostly all, of us being harmed by them. You have a nice girl like Lana Del Rey, and they have her singing on one of “her” new albums about how she slept her way to the top, which is up to her, but they have her ridiculing herself, which is something they like to do that goes to show it's (forcing lyrics) not being done in self defence and instead they are enjoying what they are doing, which makes a difference if there even were any excuse which for this there is not

The Eagles - The Very Best of The Eagles
-This is pretty sweet, the only other Eagles album i have is Hotel California, which am happy with but this is great, so many good songs

Eric Clapton - Chronicles, The Best of Eric Clapton
-One of the most depressing songs i know is by Eric Clapton and Sting titled It's Probably Me, and i would like to say that all of you have people that care, no matter what you are going through there are others that can help you through hard times, it can be a rough going sometimes, believe me i know, but things can pick up and get better, put effort into helping yourself and try to always take the right path and hopefully sooner rather than later you will be on a positive path where everything is easier to handle and trouble doesn't bog you down after dealing with those issues. You have a network of help available, people who have dedicated some or all of their lives to making things better for others in need of assistance just like you. Do not discount the friends you have and know in person, they care about you or they wouldn't be your friends. Maybe you have family, co-workers, or other loved ones that would be more than willing to lend a hand toward your betterment. When it's not personal, it can be, a politician who works all day for the good of their public, they don't know you by name but they still stand up for you, and you gain the benefit of their effort, so even though you don't know them personally they are there for you, and there are many instances of this, they are friends of yours on the sideline while your life is the field. Maybe you want to be on the sideline helping others though, well we sure do need you. Whether you dedicate your life to helping others or just whenever you are able, goodness always (mostly) goes full circle, as it should, and you will receive the goodness you do in return. i say mostly because sometimes people do good and badness some way befalls them, that happens, and it's a shame, so it's not a guarantee, but you will feel much better doing good throughout your life than doing not. The opposition sits in their office board meetings thinking up ways to harm us, mentally, physically, monetarily, and they will get what they get for doing so, it's up to us to determine what is good or not and the said opposition is most definitely not as it harms us all for their own benefit. So what we need to do is help each other, in this and every part of life. You are loved, by many people, whether they know you personally or are someone spending their time making things better for you so you may live a happy life, show your love back and if everyone does that we will be on our way to a nice place to be

Fastball - All The Pain Money Can Buy
-After buying this album and reading the lyrics it looks to be certain a Zionist endeavour, there are many instances through this album of course however i will speak of one of the more obvious ones, the song Better Than It Was. This song speaks how it is better now for them than during the war time of before, this album is from 1998 though, we've made it pretty far since then. They have more money for starters, and that is still getting worse, for us not them, but there is more knowledge about them and what they are doing now than in 1998, and we have the internet in full force (be a force, and not the Zionist kind). All the trouble that this entity has had befall them is of their own doing, there is no one to blame but themselves. One of theirs, Albert Einstein (a collaborative effort?) said that for each and every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, and through what they have done they then reap what they have sown, they instigate, conspire and work against us, the rest of the world, and this is what they get for doing so. They do have it better than before, they have more wealth, more media in their grasp and more distractions to keep people from finding them out and taking needed action against them, now we have to turn back a ways and make it difficult for them to continue, and that's the beginning, we have to make it so they can never do this to us, any of us, ever again

Jennifer Lopez - Rebirth
-We got right alright, now we need to keep getting it right. There is so much to do but thankfully there are so many of us to do all of it. The opposition doesn't like us organizing and that is exactly what we need to do, to delegate tasks for us to do in groups, even singly depending what it is. Get people, you included, together and busy doing all of the things we need to do, start, join, wherever you are at get this going and get things happening, we all want results. We've made it far however now we need action on our desires, to put legislation through, to inform the global public (still and more so), to expose forced scripting of musicians (Jennifer Lopez included) and a plethora of other issues that need to be talked about and made better. This world needs a rebirth, a happy one of after Zion

Pearl Jam – Backspacer
-Live well and do good. We need to defend ourselves though, and need to take action against the aggressors who take us for cattle that supply them riches. All we can do is what we feel is right, we are in danger taking them on, but we are in worse danger if we let them continue, so we push them away, they will do what they do whether we allow them, which we must not continue doing, or if we look stop them from their actions against us, either way we are in trouble because of them so we better, and sure as hell need to, stand up. i for one do what i can, and hope constantly that you are doing what you can, i have thanks for any support but yes i do confront danger as well, yet continue, as should you. They will do what they do, that does not need to hinder us it needs to motivate us, because what they are already doing deserves our attention and retaliation, they are already doing it, don't let them keep doing it, we have people in dire need of your help, supply that. There are those right now that are in worse conditions, because of Zion, than either you or i, we risk our well being and need to take that risk in order to save the others of us who are going through hell of all different sorts. They will do what they do, so we had better counteract them at every instance as it is imperative to every person on earth that we get through this and get through this as the victors

Bryan Adams - Into the Fire
-Have always liked Bryan Adams, i love listening to his music and think very highly of him as well. He has a new album out called Shine a Light, and that am sure is a request of all of us, and we all sure can in one way or another. Get more people into the fire, and again that is not an invitation to Zionist arson, it is a call and stance against that which they have been already doing and we are looking to end the use of such. Reach out to people, you can contact almost any person or persons in the world so make use of your ability and do so. Eventually everyone will know what Zion is doing and we will all be on the same page about what to do, that will be a start

Elvis - 2nd to None
-There is a lot to be said of Elvis for sure, one of the themes of this albums inlay is how he was the first for many accomplishments, and he definitely started a trail that others could follow with their own music. Was/is Elvis the best musician? Some would say yes some would have a different pick, but that's okay, Elvis was undeniably the best at being Elvis, and did damn good with what the music he made. Being the best is only possible in certain instances, such as the Olympics, where dedicated people train their entire lives for the best time in a given event, you can't just be the best at everything, in this case you would be the best at one sport but not another, someone else would be best at that. We are all kind of perfectionists, and do try to do well at what we task ourselves with, a lot of time it's just second nature to do that and again we are the best version of being ourselves. Do what you love, do what you are good at, if it's something that has a tangible best position aspire to be that, but if it's just a matter of opinion in something immeasurable realize that it's someone doing their own best and you do your best of what it is you desire to do and the desire of what podium to stand on. Be the best you and do your best in whatever niche you want and remember that there is never too many helpers, we need you most of all

Sarah McLachlan - Remixed
-Sometimes i remix my own content, it's not an infallible process this so once in a while i correct myself, when that happens go with the newest update, i'll try to do that the least amount of times possible. Solidify for you the facts you gain knowledge about, then with those facts form your opinion on such subjects

Santana - Shaman
-Very talented guy Santana, i'm not too up on his music other than the album Supernatural but this looks to be another winner from him and his guests. If i see a best of album or anything else that looks great from him i will pick it up for sure. Unfortunately it looks as though this fine man has been taken over, “his” new album is titled In Search of Mona Lisa, and it's not the Mona Lisa we already have it's a savior of the Jews he's being forced to pine for, i have talked about this quest of theirs a few times, it's like the WTC7 on 9-11, there is no other argument about it, the Jews have no defence for what they have been, are doing, and have planned, the best they can hope for is exile, but for us that won't fix the problem of them, they will still operate from wherever they go or are put. When the world learns about what they are doing to musicians there will be no more doubt about what we need to do, what we have no choice but to do. Again, if you have no other choice, exile, however you know how i feel and how the many many people harmed immeasurably by them feel, let's end what they are doing, once and for all

Bedouin Soundclash - Sounding a Mosaic
-A mosaic is one piece of art made up of many smaller pieces all important to the full result, that is what we have here. You can contribute as much or as little as you like, or make a companion piece if you'd like. Your pieces can be of any dark or colourful sort, it will still end up being beautiful and admired for years for what we are doing and pray accomplishing. It's you that picks what you put forward, what you contribute, and it is important that you do in some way or other, every piece matters so don't feel left out, you will be helping however you choose, but do choose and do put in your part

Buck 65 - Situation
-This guy is pretty cool, i have only heard a bit of his music but like what i've heard. We do have a situation, one that we need to get through, hopefully sooner rather than later. We are in the midst of the Zionist plot, that is where we are, we have made progress but are in that same situation until completely rectified. As with any negative situation we need to work on fixing the problem, if we don't it will continue and only get worse. i need to emphasize that you are needed, write, protest, organize... however you think would help us in this matter. Let's get through and to the other side of this situation, and we will not be able to do so without you

Led Zeppelin - Mothership
-i think Led Zeppelin albums are good on their own, front to back and in order, however i picked up this great best of compilation and am pretty happy to have it, am sure it will also get listened to quite a bit. The feeling of their songs is something else, very unique to this band and is a pleasure to hear, Robert Plant is an accomplished solo artist as well who i have a few albums of and really like as well, there are a few Zeppelin albums i don't have quite yet but look forward to having in the future

The Rolling Stones - Hot Rocks 1964-1971, Rarities
-We get it Zion, you like crack, all morning after picking this up crack love songs, not modern forced ones about it, disguised as love songs but to such, and not directly mentioning it but all sorts of classic songs played out of context. This drug ruins lives, the people hooked on it and those around them, i understand but it's still shitty. We have people who do this drug as well, but it's not as systemic as it is with the oppositions addiction, and guess who gets to fund their crack habit? We do, and if we try to upset the apple cart? Well that's what we're up against. i spoke about this in an earlier writing, where if dealing crack had a minimum sentence of 10 or 20 years not one person would want to sell that crap for fear of getting caught and tried with that outcome. Selling crack is not murder but it almost is as it ruins a person's entire life, so the sentence needs to be there as a major deterrent, that is what will help with this epidemic. For the users of ours, the victims of this drug, i hope for your future well being, that you can get off of this and stay off of it as well, you can do it. For the opposition who rely and expect to have this forever at our expense? We want to keep our money, put it to good expenditures and not give it to you for your habit, enough is enough, instead of funding your constant desire we want to spend the money for our own needs, and we have many good places it can go, instead of where it's going right now

Aphex Twin - Drukqs
-Drukqs as in drugs? Marijuana is being legalized in many places now, and although i choose not to partake i do know that it is kind of a wonder drug that cures what ails you. Personally i think it has been illegal for so long while alcohol is legal is because the latter boosts the economy while the former makes people want to stay home and relax more. As for the war on drugs it of course depends on what drugs you are talking about, the consensus is that prescription medication is okay, and that is agreeable, not counting opioids as they can be very addictive, which is the main problem with some drugs. Marijuana is not very addictive, physically, but is fun for people who enjoy it but not to the point that they commit crimes to get it, which is where the fun stuff ends. Hard drugs however are very addictive, cocaine, heroine crack etc, and should stay on the illegal list and in fact be harsher on the dealers of such, if the sentence for dealing these would be 10-20 years it would not be something people would risk getting caught for and the supply would dry up, people who use those would pretty much have to go to treatment to get better and off of those drugs. For anyone currently addicted to such, i hope things get better for you, it's a great life without that, i know it's hard but you will do well and be happier

Sigur Ros - Agaetis Byrjun
-The cover and inlay of this album show a fetus with angel wings praying, i don't see how this can be anything but a comment on abortion. First off, i am neither pro or anti abortion, which i guess makes me pro abortion, on this topic i leave it to what the public decides, and as always it goes majority rules. For me life doesn't begin at conception but at brain activity, then heart for sure, so any action taken before either of those is alright for me anyhow. Abortions later on are a bit different, and constitute murder, however if people decide it's okay, then so be it. We murder criminals in places, and that is accepted, so this kind of murder can be decided on as well. And if it's okay to do both of those well then... but i will leave that discussion for another day. Some people say Oh it's a woman's body to decide, well it is a woman's body with a living person inside her body, if that were to be acted upon we could abort at eight months or later, obviously this is looked down on so it's a matter of how far along is okay to abort. i say the fetus is a person after brain activity, but will leave that to all of you to decide what to do after (and before) that. Just to say, there are many people who would love to be a parent but can't for whatever reason so any children born could go up for adoption, pregnancy as is is looked upon as an inconvenience by some so that's why they do it, again majority rules. So i will leave it at that, that it's up to all of you to decide about this, if you're wondering how i feel about it, well... tough choice... abort before the brain forms or carry the pregnancy to term and give the child up for adoption, if you disagree that's fine, but let your own voice be heard on the matter so that we can find a solution that is fine with most, and adhere to that

Everlast – Eat at Whitey's
-Have been a fan of Everlast since when he started with House of Pain, his album Whitey Ford Sings the Blues is also a really good one. There's a great song that is by Santana that features Everlast, Put Your Lights On, and i suggest we all do, if you see what's going on let others know as well, it is necessary for us in order to move forward, having everyone on the same page. The song is also about how we are a motley crue of sorts, all from different backgrounds but together with a shared goal in all of this. So work with each other, turn up other peoples lights so they see what you do, then they will also be a light that shines and so forth

Kiesza – Sound of a Woman
-Oh the sound of a woman. That would be nice. For this i'm probably going to have to stay single though. More importantly Kiesza looks to have been taken over after seeing a recent video of hers, making fun of her which is par for the course with what they do to them. Since Kiesza is taken you will have to speak for her, and the others as well, don't let them down and don't let them wait

The Streets – A Grand Don't Come For Free
-i'm poor, and i mean poor. After bills and counting all income i have about $80 to spend per month, not much. i try to spend it well, at thrift shops and such where money goes kind of far. For the most part i do not buy disposable items, fast food, vices, so the money gets something cool once in a while, nothing major, as said mostly thrift shop items. It's nice to save, scrimp and scrounge, makes your purchases that much more enjoyable. But yes, a grand don't come for free, and money, as fun and purposeful as it is, can cause greed, the Protocols are not as much about power as they are about getting money, in an evil way, now it is us that are funding the opposition's greed and their vices. For us and for starters we need to get rid of the federal reserve, it is a blight on America and is part of their larger plot, using the money gained from there to put in other areas they want to further their control. Everything put together, all their terrible actions and unforgivable deeds (our deeds are dirt cheap) are all for money, they are so dead-set on what they are getting from us that they forsake everything else in the world and put us in misery in many different ways to pay for those vices of theirs. For us, live well, make money, don't step on others to get it

Faith No More - Angel Dust, The Real Thing
-Growing up Faith No More's album Angel Dust was one of my favourite albums, so audibly said Sweet when i found this (which is something i guess i do often in same instances) The bandname FNM isn't about losing faith is us, as many songs of theirs can attest, and it's been a while since listening to these that i'll have to get back to you on what the name is about exactly, the first guess would be religion. Personally i have no problem with religion, and think most Christians are very nice people, there are a few blips on that but i say most. With Christianity for example, it gives everyone a divine gift of life, which is fine with me, and it gives some rules for us to follow, which can be updated like the constitution i suppose. Personally i believe in the power of science and evolution, but still find religion in general comforting with a place in our society to build people up instead of the bleakness that can be felt sometimes during rough spots in people lives. As long as it doesn't hurt others of us, which is the main thing, then so be it. A scientist talking to God? It's not commonplace, although probably more common than you'd think, it tends to give you direction, even if it's just you speaking to yourself, asking yourself which way to go, that's not something to discount. For me i don't want to speak ill-will of a higher power because i feel so blessed, as if there is something divine going on, still taking time to ask anyone listening for advice or to give thanks to. For a while i was very anti-religion, but now say if it helps people, then it helps people, let the good parts of it do that goodness in people lives, if there is a part of religion that you don't agree with let yourself be heard about it, but myself have learned not to try and tear down other people's beliefs about this with the purpose of instating science onto everyone, let there be a divine light to look to, it's nice to have

Neil Young - Silver & Gold
-Precious metals are a good alternative to the debt-based currency in the United States, probably everywhere, better though, not perfect. The problem (other than the Federal Reserve)(which is neither) is that there is less money to loan out, so what might be better that 1/100 fractional reserve banking as it is would be 1/10, where they can loan out 10 times what they have in their reserve instead of loaning 100 times. Now this is no science, i am not a expert on this it is just an observation as one of many, look into it though as the system is broken as it is now. U.S. Greenbacks are the term given to bills with value, as said what is in supply currently is debt-based currency and is pretty much a worthless piece of paper stacked into a castle to be blown away. The Federal Reserve is the main problem, it is neither Federal (part of the government) nor a reserve (they do not have reserves to back up what they are giving us to play with) so, the Fed needs to be audited for starters then completely done away with, replacing it with, guess what, a Federal Reserve, a real one, Federal with Reserves. The entity now is a Zionist one, and their main cash cow at that, and it is instead of what they are implying a private bank with a deceiving title. Now, about gold. Gold is valuable, it is rare and it is great in purpose, diamonds though? Common worthless trinkets. It is a Jewish field of work, at one point diamonds were rare, then they started finding truckloads of them and didn't reduce the price, shiny pebbles, great. If you have a diamond on your finger from a loved one don't be down about it, it's still a token of their love for you, just skip the diamonds on the anniversary band. Gold is the way to go. There have been other material used for rings, cool stuff like asteroid pieces and dinosaur bone etc, much better than diamonds, be inventive if you like just don't support the Jewish “you must get her a diamond if you love her” scam

Paul McCartney - Back in the U.S.
-i am super happy to have found this, for starters am always a fan of live concerts, it's like a best of album but bonus you get to hear them perform it. Now here's something about this, i bought it for $1 at one of the thrift stores i like, and although most of the items are good quality sometimes they are not, in this instance it is missing disc one of two, so, what i normally do to save time and get a good version of most alums is download the mp3's already made of the exact album, and here i hope i didn't over-step by downloading the full version of this. i don't come down on people for pirating, it's a personal choice we have to make in this digital time we live in, for me i have fun with searching and finding the albums i buy and listen to. Sorry to Paul if this is any problem, it as mentioned saves me some time and gets quality sound with out doing this manually. Okay, so Paul McCartney... i realize there has been something missing from this list of music i buy, so am overjoyed to receive this album to finally listen to. Yesterday (i'll get to that after) i found the dvd of Yellow Submarine, and look forward to watching it. i remember talking to a guitar player about said song, and how it is about chicken (yellow) submarine (9 letters) and said that it is this and not about a brightly coloured submersible. It must be hard not being able to be as direct as you want to, like R.E.M.'s Orange Crush, but am sure we can all understand why they really could not (at the time) we have more sway now as much of the public is on to what is going on and would welcome the frankness, it would still require bravery though. I am a major fan of the complete works of Paul and friends throughout their careers and the new movie Yesterday, which was just revealed a few days ago, i think looks very cool, very. So for now i have this to listen to, i wish Paul and his bandmates utter happiness and to continue with their varied charitable works in addition to staying public and touring and new albums. All the best to you

Selena Gomez - Stars Dance
-Selena is a sweetheart and looks like a real friend to those that know her. As with all of you there are many celebrities that would be amazing to meet let alone know somehow, and Selena would be a special person indeed. Stars “dance” with purpose, they have a lot they are putting forward and doing it in a most talented way, well.. they were. Now stars dance on cue, smile on cue, laugh on cue, all to get you to believe it's them, and in the times we are in it's not what's real. Once in a while someone gets something out though, so i Urge you to make it the best work you can possibly do, in one single, your first single from a real album if you are fortunate enough to have that opportunity. Nothing else, action and ask for action. Stars do dance, but if it's something they are asking of you, follow through for them

Tom Petty - Full Moon Fever
-It's said that on full moons some people transform into werewolves, let you be as strong any time you need it, and you are needed. Werewolves in shirts, suits or skirts. One of the tracks on this album is “i won't back down” and you can't either. Not now, nowhere even in sight, there is so much to do that needs to be done and you have people counting on you. Think about the ones who need you when you are doing anything else, playing a videogame? Think of us who need you. Watching netflix? (not recommended), Think of us who need you, and so forth. Yes you have time to game, yes you have time to watch television, but make it half/half or at least 1/5th of your time to doing what we need you for. A bit, that's all that's asked, and if we all do a bit, that's a huge help and we will be doing so much good for each other. As said, do not back down, and also never rest on your accomplishments, there is more and more and more to do, and you are always needed

DMX – Grand Champ
-Glad i happened to listen to this before writing about it so as that i can Not endorse it. i was initially really happy to have the song Get It On The Floor, which i still do like, but the rest of the album is anti-gay, pro crack selling/smoking and glorifies robbing people. Who the fuck wants to get robbed? i bet DMX doesn't. Anyhow this album is trash and is probably the first album on this page that i talk about like this. i actually skipped by songs as they were playing just to not have to get that in my headspace. Sorry DMX but i just can't recommend this album, i will still help you if you get taken over though, which has probably already happened

Gorillaz - Gorillaz
-Since i'm not overly up on this great group, and this their first album, i have to say my favourite song by them would be Dare, which is one of the unfortunately very few songs about forced scripting, a topic i dare You to talk about. Whenever you are at a loss of what to talk about or even as a first choice, talk about this. Let's work towards Feel Good Inc.

INXS - Switch, The Best Of
-Have always really liked INXS so it's good to have this Best Of album although i have a few of theirs already. As for Switch(ing), here's the thing, like it or not and i say this humbly, i am your guy, this isn't me bragging it's just how it turned out. My life has been exactly tuned to do this and everything together has been a perfect storm. It has taken a lot of effort over the years, and have been blessed by many people's support, so now we are at a pretty good place, a place we have been wanting to be at, there is still a lot more (a lot more) to do, i will do my part and you jump in and pick up any slack or missed spots (many). Again, i will do this, as one of 7,000,000,000 there are so many good things that can be done, this is what i'm doing, what's your part? Because you can be a huge factor in what is going on, we need you, very much, without any of you we will get nowhere, so let's see you put forward the Best Of You, always

Linkin Park - Reanimation
-This is a remix album of Hybrid Theory by many prominent musicians. i still miss Chester of course, many do, am sure he too would dare you to talk about forced scripting, him in nice way but just as urgent

The Bravery - The Sun and the Moon
-There's a lot to be said about bravery, and a lot to be said (and done) bravely. How many brave people do we have? Lots. Let you be one as well

David Bowie - Changes
-David Bowie had liver cancer, and he wanted to go out on his own terms so wrote the album Black Star for his exit. You don't have to wait for a terminal diagnosis to start building your legacy, get at it sooner rather than later. Helping others along the way would be nice. I don't know how far off's are so it looks like we'll have to leave our mark on this world while we can in this life. Don't wait for the reaper to claim you, make a difference now

Deep Forest – Deep Forest
-Albums by this group are nice to relax to, when you want to relax once in a while, but as something i try to do, first things first

Eurythmics – Savage, We Too Are One
-You need a man? Well you got Pie 'Oh' Pah. Gentle and Judith are the main characters in the book Imajica, by Clive Barker. i started reading early in life, mostly this author and Stephen King, only to find out many years later that both have Zionist leanings. i will however keep this book in mind as one of my favourites, it tends to skirt the issue or at least deal with it well

Final Fantasy X – OST
-Square-Enix is Zion through and through, the question is, was Squaresoft, before the merger with Enix in 2003. It's kind of hard to say with this company, i enjoy their games very much, usually it's easy to see the side a videogame company is on but it's almost as if Squaresoft was in the middle. So, i will continue to enjoy Final Fantasy games from before the merger as they look alright, or at the very least real and honest

Fleetwood Mac – Behind the Mask, Tango in the Night
-From what i've heard by them Fleetwood Mac look to be a great group, am happy to have found these

Porno For Pyros – Porno For Pyros
-It will be. This group was formerly known as Jane's Addiction, with one of their albums, Nothing's Shocking having the cover with two women on fire. We need to be a little less politically correct at times, in regards to the opposition at least. They are an issue of their own and need to be treated as such, speak boldly

Queen – Live Killers
-Freddie Mercury, as with David Bowie, knew of his upcoming demise, his affliction, aids. However, as he said himself, The Shoah Must Go On. This is a live album by this group, and am happy to have it. i hear their live shows were really spectacular, and guess i'll get to experience a bit of that by listening to this recording of them

Supertramp – Breakfast in America, Even in the Quietest Moments..., The Autobiography of Supertramp
-We all need autobiographies of some sort or other, it can be made through many ways, you leave your trace on this world from everything you do but don't discount leaving actual writings and recordings, you don't have to, but those are an option for you. There is also the ability to leave behind posthumously actions taken, they will be there helping people long after you are gone. There is of course the butterfly that causes the hurricane, actions you take, big or small, can create a world of difference, making your goodness reverberate on a local, national, global scale. Never think that you can't make a difference, because you most definitely can

Tracy Chapman – Crossroads
-Tracy is looking to have been doing pretty well since her first album. This one even has the lyrics and liner notes in five different languages. Goes to show that effort pays off and dreams can come true

U2 – How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb
-Israel has been stockpiling nuclear arms for years now and refuses to sign the non-proliferation treaty. They say they want a nuclear free Middle-East but will not sign the treaty themselves. They also have and are testing rockets that shoot down incoming missiles. If they do not adhere to international requests to disarm they should be made to, the first line of action would be sanctions and then even more serious consequences. Iran this, Iran that, yet Israel continues to make nuclear arms, i'll tell you and you should know this by now, i am on the side of Iran, they are standing up and opposing Israel and the crimes they commit in the region. it's not only that i side with Iran, Iran sides with you, they are our allies in the Middle-East, while Israel works against you and against the world. Give Iran some leeway so as that they can help us against our true enemy, Israel and what they do

Deadmau5 - Live @ Earl's Court
-As mentioned for Kiss after this, i am unsure of Deadmau5's affiliation but figured to give him a try. Electronic dance music has gotten pretty major over the last few years and is something i like as well although don't listen to that often. Lyricless music is kind of a genre of it's own that has very different styles, but each one lets your mind wander and your thoughts are shaped by that music in some ways, something also quite cool. If Deadmau5 is on our side i applaud him and wish him continuance, i really hope he is

Kiss - Greatest Kiss
-You know i'm not too up on this band, as unlikely as that might be, but this is a good place to get a feeling for them. For a long time i was unsure of their affiliation, and still am actually, but as said i will give this album a go

Lynyrd Skynyrd - Legend
-We are all legends to varying numbers of people, hopefully in good ways. A legend is the aura that someone leaves behind them when they are not there, the feeling of them. You don't need to concern yourself with your lingering presence, just do the best you can at all times and it will be left naturally without intention. You might consciously want to be a person who leaves a legacy, so be it, it's natural to want to be part of something larger than yourself, something that lets other people know you were there, like being charitable through your name, or even as simple as being a legend to a few people who will always remember your kindness, either these ways or others and you will have left behind a trace of you. If you want, write, sing, film yourself and that will be a part of you forever saved for future generations. Whatever you choose do it for the benefit of others, not solely for your legacy, and that will be your legacy

Seal - Best 1991 - 2004
-Let me say, Seal is one hell of a guy (heaven of a guy?) and i really like his music, but he also looks to be really nice as well. If you are ever concerned about your love life, or lack thereof, remember that smart is sexy and sometime soon, if you don't have someone already, you will find that person who appreciates you, and loves you. Appearance isn't everything, and if someone does think that they probably aren't your type of person anyhow, instead actively wait for that special someone who is compatible with you, and there are

Sean Paul - Imperial Blaze
-Sweet, what looks to be another real album by Sean Paul. Have always liked all of his other work so don't see how this would be any different. Sean is pretty direct with what he does, doesn't hold back words really, one of my favourite songs by him is We Be Burnin' from the album The Trinity. In the video for that there are some pumped up semi rigs with neon lights all on them, the ones we have won't be quite as nice but just as purposeful. There's a lyric in R.E.M.'s song Man On The Moon “Here's a truck stop instead of Saint Peter's” and that's what we'll have. No neon lights but pumped up other ways. i can't drive, so we'll need people to drive these. This just goes to show in one of many ways that this can't all be done by one person, to think so would be foolish, we need all sorts of people doing all sorts of tasks, and ones to even organize those tasks, so you definitely have a part in getting this done, whether you are a driver, a loader, or somewhere in the many Many other places we have spots for you, and believe me there are lots of places you are needed, we welcome you and what you can do to help

The Darkness - Permission To Land
-i also believe in a thing called love. Whether it be love of a partner, which i wish upon everyone, or the loftier, riskier love that we have that fuels our desire to fix the problem we are having on this world (Zion). There are so many people who love, who spend day after day working on issues they have close to them. Whether it be cancer, or “cancer” (Zion), people are showing their love and putting it forward in many tangible ways. As said in Black Sheep's song The Choice is yours “You can deal with this, or you can deal with that” well, it is and you can, just keep in mind we have an urgent need for you here doing this as well, it's a bit of a priority to say the least. Show your love through your actions, it's one thing to love and not do anything with it but what we need is concrete steps forward, and forward, and forward. Show love to your loved ones but share some of that love helping your fellow man and woman as well, they sure do need it

Tracy Chapman - Tracy Chapman
-This whole album looks to be good but of course there's the song Fast Car, a brutal telling of someone going through hard times and wanting to live a better life. i've heard it said make your mess your message and this would be a good example, for the aforementioned track Tracy won a handful of Grammy awards and was nominated for album of the year. Later on in her career she was nominated again, for her aptly titled album New Beginning. If you are going through a rough time think about how you can make it better for yourself and maybe help others who are also going through similar. We all have troubling times once in a while, but you can make it past those and be back to doing well soon if you put all your thoughts and effort into it. Let Tracy Chapman for one show that if you try really hard to get through something negative soon enough you will start getting positives in return. Even when in the worst of times is upon you think about a happy future and make it happen by your actions, it won't happen at all if you don't try and do well so you need to apply yourself to what you want and do what it takes to get there, small or big have dreams of what you want for yourself and if you try really hard it will happen for you

Alicia Keys – Girl On Fire
-No way? Yes way! This looks to be another real album by Alicia Keys. I sure hope so anyhow. THIS girl is on fire

Eve – Let There Be Eve
-You don't see too many female rappers, they are pretty cool though and Eve is a good one for sure. There is a trend in rap/hip-hop lately that bothers me to no end, twerking, i guess it's sexy in a way but that's all there is now, twerk twerk twerk, it's in every video now, and throughout each video entirely. I like Cardi B. but her and City Girls have a video that is nothing but that, it's too much and i hope is a trend that will pass

Fefe Dobson – Fefe Dobson
-i like Fefe and she will always have a special place in my heart, i hope she is doing well. The first single from this album was Bye Bye Boyfriend, a song about going to greener grass. I'd suggest to stay with the boyfriend, unless there's something terribly the matter with the relationship. There are plenty of good guys and girls out there, so find someone you are compatible with and if it feels right stick with them. Don't always be on the lookout for better, work with what you have. I find that if you can picture yourself with someone for more than five years they are a keeper, if you can't see yourself being happy for more than that maybe move on, but give a relationship a try though. It's all about compatibility, and a large part of that is things in common, that way you have stuff to do and things to talk about. Just don't always be on the lookout for better, make the one you're with be a good one, if you aren't in it so be it, but give a long lasting love a try

Kanye West – 808s and Heartbreak
-i really don't know any songs on this album but it looks like a real one. I still say there was something off about his White House visit with Trump, it looked scripted, staged for some reason. Kanye is a great guy, i do wish him happiness with Kim K. for many years from now, for life if possible, they seem to get along very well and are a good couple. No heartbreak for Kanye and Kim

Lloyd Banks – The Hunger For More
-i like G-Unit and everyone in it so picked up this album. The hunger for more is natural, and drives us forward as humans and as individuals, there is nothing wrong with wanting more for yourself and your loved ones. When it is wrong is when someone steps on another to get personal gain, when it is much better to contribute to others and advance yourself that way, then it is win win. Do hunger for more, but go about getting it in a positive way

Metallica - Metallica
-i actually already have this great album, but hey Metallica for $1, how can i pass that up? This will be going to a friend of mine who plays guitar, he's more into classic rock music but hope he likes this and listens to it a bit. Guitar is a pretty cool instrument to get into, at one point i knew the intro's to Enter Sandman and Smoke on the Water, that's about it though, musicians have great respect from me as it is just not something i am good at, given practice... maybe. But it's just not something i am wired to do. i have at least one more Metallica album to pick up that i don't have already, Garage Days Re-Revisited, it's always been a favourite of mine and look forward to having it again

M.I.A. - Kala
-This girl as far as i know does all her own music, and she's pretty good. i have respect for her and what she does, she is very outspoken and a bit of an activist. No matter what line of work you do you can be an activist, whether through said work or in your off time, maybe both. Be heard though, each of us has our own experiences and takes on different subjects so it's nice to hear someones stance on any given issue, let your opinions be known, speak up

P. Diddy and Bad Boy - We Invented the Remix
-There are two of my many favourite Bad Boy tracks on this album, I Need a Girl part two, and Dance With Me. So was very happy to pick this up. All in all this entire album looks pretty good and i look forward to listening to it, Diddy is such a nice guy he makes me happy

Swollen Members – Black Magic
-i miss the Magic the Gathering cards i used to have, i had quite the collection. Sold them for what would now be a small fortune, however i spent the money well and it benefited this cause so am okay with it in a way, well for sure actually, but it doesn't mean i can't wish i still had those. Now i have a few “modern” decks and am happy with those, maybe i'll even play one of them in a tournament next time i see one locally, we'll see. MtG is a really fun pastime and can be played somewhat cheaply if you restrict yourself to certain restraints on deck building, i would wholeheartedly recommend this game for you to play with your partner, friends or strangers at a get together. If you're looking for something very fun and challenging, look into this

T.I. - King, Paper Trail
-i don't know much about T.I. But he seems like a nice guy and these albums are probably pretty good

The Crystal Method – Tweekend
-The cover and inlays of this album are of cataclysmic on goings in our world, and it is true that we are headed for global disaster, more so, if we don't fix what we are doing Right Now. Some cynics already believe we are at an irreversible point but i don't think that that's true, we made this mess and we sure as hell can and better make it alright again. 100 years left? We need the greatest minds working on these problems, and in fact many of them are already talking to us about this, we just need to listen and act on what needs fixing, immediately

Wolfmother – Cosmic Egg
-Mother's can be she-wolves too. Maybe even better ones

Busta Rhymes - It Ain't Safe No More, The Big Bang
-It may not be safe but don't let that stop you, there are more important things going on than our individual safety and there are many many people who desperately need your help, put them first. You, be a hero

Pharrell - In My Mind
-Ta.len.ted. Pharrell always puts together some great tracks. The first one on this album is Can I Have It Like That, featuring Gwen Stefani, the opposition isn't something we put in place, they are the one who wanted us to be the Gentiles and the Jews, the division they thinking they are above us, their opinion of us is as cattle is. So they want it like that? Fine, we will show you how powerful we are and rise up against you to break free from your shackles. We didn't make it this way but we will overcome the challenges you have placed against us
Another track on this album is You Can Do It Too, and you can. Follow leadership, there are many who you can look up to and strive to be like, take the qualities you want from various people and make all of it part of who you are. You can do this. We need you
In my mind there is nothing i want more than their ultimate downfall. It won't happen by the snap of our fingers though and is a huge undertaking we must work hard to achieve. Never turn back, especially if i ever go, this is not my battle this is our battle, i am just one part of it, you most likely will have to do all this by yourselves at some point in time, be ready to do so

Robert Plant - Fate Of Nations, The Principle Of Moments
-Instead of talking about “plants” (covert-ops), or the fate of the worlds nations if we let Zion continue, i will talk a bit about what the title is meant to be about, the environment and climate change. What's been happening and right now is of course where our fossil fuel emissions are staying low beneath the ozone layer and creating a zone that keeps the hot air in our atmosphere where it melts the worlds ice habitats putting everyone in danger. Humbly let me suggest what might help, we all know plants (the good kind) and trees convert that carbon dioxide back to oxygen, so let's make a major effort to convert city's, the main sources of co2, into green-spaces, all over each and every city. We could genetically engineer perfect plants (again the good kind) that have maximum surface area and the fastest rates of photosynthesis. Other than that we are already doing pretty well, albeit needing to go faster ourselves as the environmental doomsday clock moves forward without what we do. It will be close, whether we survive through this, so time is of the essence.
Life is a series of moments, try to make as many of them good as you can. If you put forward positive actions and movements that generally gives you those back as well. Think about it, if you do something negative you usually know right away, you get negative back. Whereas if you do positive actions good seems to follow you that way. This doesn't mean to be a push-over, as we speak Zion is constantly working against us, and we need to take what actions we can to stop them, not in a selfish way but in a giving way, to help others that are being harmed by what they are doing. Live a life of positiveness, and when Zion is the issue, be assertive to say the least. Because of what they are doing, so must we do what we are doing in response, but the end result helps each and every one of us, so we continue until we are through

Tom Petty – Wildflowers
-The song Wildflowers is about romance, you enjoy yours, or find one to enjoy with, i'll catch up after we complete what we're doing

Maestro Fresh-Wes - Symphony In Effect
-We are the orchestra

Stereo MC's - Deep Down & Dirty
-it was great to find this album, i've actually been looking for this for a long time now and i finally get to listen to it. This group is definitely one of my favourites and i listen to their album Connected quite a bit

System Of A Down - System Of A Down
-These guys look to be a stand up and be heard kind of group. This is their first album and i have a feeling it will be a pretty impressive start to what they've been doing

The Tragically Hip - Phantom Power
-Gord Downie, still singing as good as ever

Weezer - Make Believe
-The dream constantly evolves and moves forward as we do. Next step, next step, next step

Phil Collins - Both Sides
-There are Zionists, anti-Zionists, and those who don't know about Zionism yet. There really is no indifference in this matter. Part of Zionism is Jewish supremacy, they have no respect for us at all, any of us, the rest of the world that is not them, we are pond scum and they are some sort of elite being is what they think. For a group so evolved you'd think they wold have a better outlook than that. Anyhow, their side... well there's really nothing nice to say about their side, there are some good ones, some of them that are anti-Zion even, some that are anti-Israel, anti-settlements etc. They are fine, and they are on our side, and are welcomed warmly, we need their help as well. Benjamin Freedman was Jewish, and turned against his kind and exposed the eastern Khazar's for what they are, what he alone has done is indispensable and he needs to be thanked fully for his extraordinary efforts for us. These, the good ones, the ones who might even be with us understand what the final solution is, and are ready to go for the good of the world. Being as dna testing (which needs an instant system of detection) doesn't say Zionist or anti-Zionist all we have to go by is the strain. The ones of the former will not go easy, their grip on the world is so entrenched that they will not let it go without a struggle. There is a while until that time, even though we are moving in that direction slowly now but surely, so as we go we have many steps to take before reaching that final time for them. We need to weaken them, undo what they have built for themselves, they have created huge entities whose sole purposes are to operate against us, we have to take these down to go further, as we go along taking down what they have put to diminish our capabilities we slowly go up that ladder. Both sides? The opposition doesn't have a side to stand for, it's all bad and created to undermine us. The good ones of them? They already understand that we have no other choice

Weezer - Maladroit
-Let's talk about the opposite of maladroit. All of us might have fallen to that at some point in our lives, have you? Have you since grown past being that? i hope you have and if not that you get yourself together soon. Swap all of those negative characteristics for the good versions of such. Instead of me listing all of what you should be you can figure what's best for you on your own, just be a great person however you feel best, it's not automatic but is something you can think about and alter as needed for future instances. At one point i was pretty insensitive, and probably a lot of the other words mentioned, thankfully i have noticed the error of my ways and consider myself alright now, much better and kind of cringe at some of the person i used to be. You will love the new and improved you, the refined you, the naturally better you. After some fine tuning you will notice things get much brighter in your life, and with such you will be happier and have less problems. Now i am not trying to preach here, this is probably something you have thought about once in a while, well think about it some more, make conscious decisions, choices and changes as you see fit and you will then have a drastically improved existence and way of life

Van Morrison – The Best of Van Morrison
-i am so looking forward to listening to this as what i am mostly familiar with is his album Moondance, which i love. This is some of the best of what Van Morrison has done and put forth, what would you like to put forth? It's all relative, you can make small changes in your life and those around you, your loved ones, or you can make huge swathes of difference in the lives of many. As long as you are helping it's okay which you choose. Van Morrison will leave his music as probably his biggest legacy, you should also leave a legacy of some sort with what you do and are doing. Again, feel free to just be a positive difference in your loved ones lives, but if you are can, and are up to it, make this world a better place for even those you do not know, there are many of us that are in need of your help. Think about what kind of legacy it is you want to leave, be creative or just a diligent worker, there is lots of space for every one of us to be known during or after our lives. Make a best of you, be it music, text or loving memories for those you have helped, everyone doesn't get to see all the good deeds you do, but the people that receive that love of yours do, and you are a major factor in their life, and they will remember you. Right now, and with the main problems we face, you will also need to be brave to deal with what we have working against us, if you can help with this current issue which we have been longing to complete many will rejoice in your name, make yourself known, or help without being praised directly, as long as you put forward your best, the best of you

Kiesza - Self-Titled
-Of course i love the song Hideaway, but it will be nice to listen to this album, her first one, from 2008. She looks really nice to know and fun to be around. I really hope she is okay, if there is a common thread in this list of musicians it is that they have been taken, never let yourself hum to a forced track, take that 4 minutes to think about how you can do something to help them instead, and the next 4 minutes to put that into action. Add on to that until you make a huge difference

Usher – Confessions
-Am a fan of Usher, he is super talented in many ways and i like his music very much. What i will do here is list the confessions he put in the liner notes of the cover of this album. Usher would be nice to meet but that will probably never happen for me, so i will just praise him quietly from here

no.1>Sometimes you have to go through something to get to something>
i've been through a lot to get here, seriously. Now i am a bit established and can spend my time more focused on what i am doing now. Even through the hard times it was and is worth it, if the task seems daunting, it is, but you can help just as much with what you do. i am blessed with the support i get but you too will get support, make yourself known in however big a community and keep the good you are doing for people as your motivation, you are needed and will be loved by many for your help

no.2>You're not a failure until you start blaming everyone else around you>
if you fuck up, own it. i mess up sometimes and the first thing i do is apologize, then second try to make it better. it's okay to mess up once in a while as long as you fix what you did. Try not to mess up too often though, it's a bad habit to get in. If you can make your first efforts always be successes, it's a lofty ambition but worth it in what you do, take it easy, just train yourself to avoid failures when possible and it will be second nature and you will be happier

no.3>Learn from the mistakes of others. You can't make them all yourself>
i've loved books, haven't read any in a while but grew up reading very much, mostly fiction mind you but some biographies and such. The reason i bring this up is because you can learn so much from books, someone spends their entire life learning and bettering themselves and has a lot of great advice to give to people who take the time to read/listen to them. Grow wise from what these teachers are saying, you can learn most everything important of a person's life in the one reading of the book of theirs, heed their advice, they most likely have gone through many mistakes and have found out a better way to do things, if you learn from that you won't make the same mistake yourself

no.4>Anger is only one letter short of danger>
Anger, we need to have it, it's what we do while we are. There is also a lot to be angry about now-a-days, with scams left and right, people trying to take your money large scale and small scale. And it really comes down to money most of the time, greed mostly, want of more. We live in a world of keeping up with the Jones', it fuels our economy and keeps people working to obtain these desires, and there's not a lot wrong with that, it can be pretty cool, it's when those desires step on other people's rights and well being that is the problem. But for the most part we need to stay level and think things through and how to best deal with whatever situation there is that is causing the problem and how to handle it the best way possible. Let anger spark the flame but let calm thinking light the way

no.5>If there were no humps in the life, there would be nothing to get over>
a smooth ride sure would be nice, but there are humps. Ones we must acknowledge and deal with, you are not the only one facing these humps, let's level the ride for everyone on their way through the paths of life so they won't have hardships to overcome themselves as we cleared the way for them to have an easier life that we did and have at the moment. Go over the hump, stop, then bulldoze behind you for those next on their way through

no.6>i am not perfect>
it's okay, nobody is, we all have faults, genetics play a large part in that, make do with what you have and then make yourself better and better and better. Made mistakes? We all have, it's what you do to right those wrongs that matters. Learn from those mistakes, and then do not repeat them, it's like trial and error and each time you get error you do not repeat that. Soon, although you will never be perfect, you will be such a good person that the mistakes are few and far between. No one expects you to be perfect, just be the best you you can be

no.7>Whatever you do in the darkness will eventually come to light>
i know i know, i bring up forced Zionist scripting a lot, it is probably the most important topic that there is to me, to fix, expose. These are truly great people that this is being done to, and few people know that this is going on. If they do know and are not saying anything then that is very sad. I swear, this will come to light at some point, it's just a matter of when and how, maybe someone will say it bluntly at a live awards show, that would be nice, somehow with backup to protect them, maybe self-protection included in such a speech. Maybe someone will put together an article or segment in one of our newspapers or channels. Something, please. Not only and mainly will this help those that are affected by this, it will put the nail in the coffin for the Jews who have been and are doing this. After that much more will be put forth, this will just be the start, they work in the darkness, let's put the light on them

Marilyn Manson - Antichrist Superstar
-Marilyn Manson was (is) the head figure in the goth movement, a bleak but romantic view of the world that has it's reasons. MM is a superb leader in that front, unfortunately he as well has been taken, below is commentary on Radiohead's “Creep”, in which we talk about being special (spoiler alert: you are) and yet one of the songs forced on MM is “The Nobodies”, well... show them you aren't. Stand up, bravely, stand up and make things happen for us. Marilyn Manson is (one of many i know) a very smart guy, i hope he finds some way to speak outside of what he is being forced to do, if not, he has already spoken to us, take what he has given you and make good with it. This is only the second album i have of MM and was great to be able to pick this up, at some point i would like to have all his albums. Show Zion that we are not nobodies, show them we are ready for war to defend ourselves, loved ones, and strangers of ours from them at any cost. MM did very well, now he can't, it's your turn to step in

Radiohead – Amnesiac, Pablo Honey
-Thom Yorke is not a creep, and actually is really fucking special, he should know he's doing well by now, well, not doing that well because he's one of the many taken ones. Radiohead is one of my favourite bands and i respect their work very much. As for being special, we all are in different ways, i for one couldn't play guitar if i tried and can't sing worth a damn either. In fact there's only a sparse amount of things i am adept at, thank goodness i seem to be able to do whatever i am doing alright, hoping to help us and invite you along to do the same. What are you good at? Lots i bet, and figure you're probably really good at at least one of something or other. Can what you do help us? I'm sure in some way it can. Think about it and try to put yourself forward. Don't wish you were special, be it, everyone is and can be

Misfits - Evillive II
-These guys are pretty cool, am happy to have found an album by them after such a long time, and a live one at that. I listened to this the other day and enjoyed it very much. Evil... has two versions, there is ours, said to each other as a term of endearment. Then you have Zion, real evil, evil incarnate. They also revel in calling themselves evil so it's not something new to them, they enjoy their evil ways and sit around offices all day thinking up more evil schemes, ones to put on cnn or their other mediums. How do you deal with evil? With the strength of good. Good people with no other option but to defend ourselves, nobly. I won't say that it will not be messy, these types of things usually are, so don't think it will be all neat and tidy because it won't. Be ready and ready others. How do you separate the evil Zionists from the rest of them? You can't, the whole bloodline is unfortunately doomed because of the guilty ones. I believe the term is let God sort them out, it is unfortunate but there is no other way

Nizlopi - Half These Songs Are About You
-The song JCB is about as brutal as you can be, it's such a nice song though and will for sure help some people as we proceed. It's going to be rough work ahead for quite a few of us, wish them well and give them your blessing and support

Peter Gabriel - Security
-Keep our people secure, we've been lax and let them take our musicians, do not let them continue with this. If everyone knew what was going on they would have a hard time continuing with what they are doing. Be ingenious with how you let all the people know, as long as you make sure that it does becomes known. All these wonderful people need you, do not let them down

Beastie Boys - Hello Nasty
-Well we're here, i don't know if you'd call us “nasties” as there are some differences from those before but there are also similarities of course. Nazi's were against more than just Jews, something i for one am against and remain much more focused where the problem is. The Beastie Boys were cool though, on our side even, unfortunately they seem to have switched recently, kind of like how Leonard Cohen did near the end of his life, with us then later against, wanting to stick around. Well that's not how it goes, this is something you can't just say till the chips start to fall and then think secondly, i know you are doing well and have been doing good for us against what we are facing, and you know what that is from the inside about what's going on. Be a hero all the way through, stick with us and don't let your own mortality scare you, be first in line not a defender of those in the wrong that we are after. Stick with Leonard Cohen's “i'm your man” and not join the nefarious fiends that share your genetic strands, this is Fully Completely, a clean slate and new beginning for those of us left after the dust settles. We can keep ourselves in line, in a future free from the Protocols plot and every single piece that goes in with that, there is so much to undo, and to get there it is us that must do

Katy Perry - Teenage Dream
-Katy Perry is such a sweetheart, she never sang any songs i know of that were even assertive against the ones who now have her forcibly under their control, but there she is, singing their bidding against herself and us. It's wonderful women like her that are the icons of people in music that need saving, and they will not just stop by us asking please

N.E.R.D. - In Search Of...
-What are we in search of now? Brave men and women, lots and lots of brave men and women. Don't get me wrong, we have many as we speak, but we need more, how many more? How about everyone. The opposition are low in their numbers but have control of the masses through mediums that reach millions, television, radio, newspapers and now forced music to name a few. They are outnumbered by the scores of us and if we bring down these means of oppression through legislation like media reform then they are done for, or at least on that path, once we have our media back we can organize our legions of angry angels who are ready and willing to stand up to this evil Zionist entity once we are back in control of said media followed by government reforms that benefit us not them. We were in search of, now we have extended our goal

Shakira - She Wolf
-We have, and still need more, she wolves. This is equal opportunity here

Various Artists - Beauty And The Beast (2017)
-A tale as old as time. and culminating right now

Delerium - Karma, Poem, Semantic Spaces
-Very happy to have these albums, they are a joy to listen to. There is a song by Radiohead titled Karma Police, and that's what we need. They, the opposition, will not stop on their own, we have to hold them accountable for what they are doing and stop them ourselves, at all costs. They have the wrath of the world who have had enough of them at their heels and they keep digging themselves under by their own doing. We need to employ the karma police, a force that will do for us what we the masses want done but can't do by ourselves, we need an organized entity carrying out our wishes, whether it is to put the lot of them in exile or do it by ourselves (probably the former) we will need these karma police against the group that has waged a secret war meant to put us into ruination. We can start the schematics of exactly how we will do this that we want and how to put it into practicality in a real world actual action for our part. To proceed and to follow through

Fleetwood Mac - The Dance
-This album was a great find, i didn't know it was a live album when i bought it and was pleasantly surprised when i did. From the songs i've heard by Fleetwood Mac there are many, many to like, and to have them performed live, as with most any music, is a real treat

Johnny Cash - The Legend of Johnny Cash
-Was talking with a nice lady the other day about the new Queen movie Bohemian Rhapsody, which she said was really good and we got on the topic of movie biographies, i warned her to watch out sometimes because these can sometimes be put forth to discredit the subject. Two recent movies that show what i mean are Notorious, a biopic of Notorious B.I.G. which as said tries to completely ruin his legacy, i understand there are negative points in peoples lives but what is put forth in this movie is solely to tarnish his legacy. This same tactic was used for the Johnny Cash movie bio Walk the Line, none of the good things about and in his life, just the negative instances to portray him as a horrible person, and for as far as i know he had many, many fantastic qualities in a colourful life that was rough at times but filled with care for others. If you like someone, and see their movie biopic and it falls into these categories disregard it, when this happens it is pretty much always Zion trying to ruin our heroes. Enjoy what you like about people and don't let the opposition detract from how you feel, yes people of us have unfortunate sometimes unthoughtful moments in our lives, but for the most part we are good, honest, kind and caring. This makes us weak to the opposition, and they take advantage of that, don't let them. One of the ways they try to undermine us is with these types of movies, don't let them ruin your heroes, people who stand and stood up for you at the risk of their own well being, now you stand up for them

Kevin Lyttle - Kevin Lyttle
-This is one cool guy, the song that got me liking him is Turn Me On, what a great track, so i finally found this album and had a chance to listen to it, it is really nice because there are no negative songs on it, refreshing to hear (to not hear that). Kevin would probably be fun to do stuff with as a friend, and it's always great to have friends through good and bad times. Talk, game, watch... For me, in person, i have a small circle of friends that i appreciate very much. I also have friends that i have never met in person, but that doesn't diminish the feelings i have for them, you, you are held very high in my regards and i will always do whatever i can to help you if able. If you want to help me back, thank you, i sure could use your help, but you have other friends, also ones that you have in your circle and ones you haven't met either, help them and don't forget about the others of us who you have no connection to, they are still us and need you just as much as i or your close circle. If you're wanting to help, and am sure you are and do, there's no lacking for where you are needed

Neil Young - Harvest Moon
-Have been wanting this album for quite a while, have not heard it yet but look forward to

Bob Marley and the Wailers - Legend
-Happy to have this best of Bob Marley album, so many good songs. One of which is Get Up Stand Up, and heed what he says, the opposition works tirelessly day and night plotting against us so if we do nothing they just continue and continue, putting us in a spot where it gets progressively harder to not only get out of what they are putting in place but going forward against them at all. We must counteract everything they are doing, hopefully before or right as they are attempting it. There is a constant need for us to spend much time and effort into blocking their plot and sub-plots that feed into their main goal, if we do nothing we lose everything

Britney Spears - My Prerogative
-Britney is cool and sang (for us at one point before being forced into Zion's lyrical bidding) for us for years. Now she has a residency in Las Vegas, which is great for her for sure, but i do doubt that she likes performing the bullshit songs towards an adoring audience that for the most part don't know about what is being done. Let's change that, someone come forward, any and every way you can, inside the music industry or not. You can use the word Jews if you want, the forced music industry is easy to topple, you just need to turn on the light and everyone will go Yeah, he/she is right, i see it now. Plant the seed and help these wonderful people in their time where they need you most, as soon as you possibly can

Disney - Ultimate Disney Princess
-Disney is for families, one of the best things about what they do is that they do not dumb things down for their audience, they treat the viewer's, fans of all ages, as functioning human beings, it is Zion that completely treats those watching as idiots to try and keep people from thinking about lofty idea's and thoughts that do not conform to what they want you to be as. Disney makes a good educator, a good teacher, a good guide to youth from the start, and is done in a way that adults can not only watch but enjoy what they are seeing as it is so nice to see the result of great people making media for us by us, the alternative, the opposition's, is where they brainwash our youth (and you) into being a subservient worker bee making honey for their consumption. Disney is a breath of fresh air, and have been for a long time, in a world mostly otherwise controlled by Zion as they have bought almost every other media outlet available, now we don't even have music any more because of what they are doing. We have a few outlets but they are few and far between. Disney and i got off to a wrong start (i miss-stepped, it was my doing) but am back like gangbusters on their team of fantastic people and will help them for all the time i have. And Disney helps you, always have, so please do what you can to help them in return

Dr. Dre - The Chronic 2001
-Above i mentioned Bob Marley, who was also very much into marijuana, which at the present time is getting legalized all over the place. Personally i think sober is the best frame of mind, but i do agree with it's legalization, just that, no other drugs other than caffeine and prescription medication, use your discretion though as this is just how i feel about that, people enjoy marijuana to relax and it doesn't hurt anybody like harder drugs do. Up to you. There are some kinks with legal weed but it pretty much should be allowed. As for Dr. Dre i am a fan and grew up around the time of N.W.A.. There have been many bullshit movies about Death Row Records, MTV's Tupac Resurrection would be one, Notorious, although that's not them, i haven't seen the Straight Outta Compton movie but i have definite doubts about it's intention. The original Chronic album looks pretty good and will definitely pick it up if seen, as with any other Dr. Dre albums found. Eminem? He is also one of the many many artists that need rescuing. Someone please expose what they are doing, please

Franz Ferdinand - You Could Have It So Much Better
-America could have it so much better, and i'm not talking about Trump although it fit's the title. America could be a wonderland, it just needs some fine tuning, and some major repairs in places. This album has the track The Fallen, a real song but a forced video for it, this video is special (horrendous) as it shows the bandmates in the midst of torture, their eyes, everything. The reason? The song Do You Want To. In the video for this it has what the Jews think of us, sub-human bumble heads and how lucky those 'precious' Jews are. i would suggest you check YouTube for both of these videos as they are important for what is being shown from us and from them. Nice guys these are also

Motley Crue - Decade Of Decadence '81-'91
-i have been looking for this album for a long time and finally found it. This is an album i had before and always liked. Home sweet home, which is much better than Entertainment or Death (death would be welcome for most musicians now)

Pearl Jam - Yield
-The track and video for Do the Evolution is superb, and evolution makes life so much more beautiful and precious when you think of all that happened and went before us that got us to the point we're at right now, it's completely amazing and makes Zion's wrongs and plots so intolerable

Peter Gabriel - Shaking The Tree
-Sixteen Golden Greats, and they are. Peter Gabriel is a force to be reckoned with, but he has been taken and there's not much he himself can do about it, that's why it takes all of us to deal with what's being done. After the truth about forced music scripting finally comes out there will not be a stone large enough for them to hide under

Pump Up The Volume - Soundtrack
-Picked up the dvd of this movie the other day and decided upon seeing the soundtrack to pick it up as well. The movie looks fantastic and am looking forward to watching it, the soundtrack looks nice as well

Sade - Lovers Live
-Lovers are currently being forced to sing threats about torture, love songs for crack and sing/show them insulting themselves. Currently

Sinéad O'Connor - Sean-Nos Nua
-Hope that this sweet woman is enjoying life, yes it can be stressful at times but you just work on yourself and/or things you can change or help with and slowly over time make things better, after time and effort you find yourself with less and less problems and become more and more happy with your position and situation in life. There is so much to be happy about and the things that stifle your well being can be dealt with

Stereo MC's - DJ-Kicks
-This looks to be a compilation of dj tracks chosen by Stereo MC's who i really like. I have heard the album and enjoy it a lot. There is so much room for life dj's, many, many, many. Put yourself forward and be in charge of the narrative, do what you want when you have that opportunity as they are limited, so make your actions count. Help others, help yourself then have fun with your remaining time after you do those

The Chemical Brothers - Singles 93-03
-A fan of these guys, electronic music is always pretty cool because it fosters thought as you listen, it works as a background and maybe inspiration to what you think

The Killers - Battle Born
-This is a more recent album by The Killers and i haven't had a chance to listen to it yet. As for Battle Born we do as mentioned need to educate our youth to everything that is going on, teach about television, teach about music scripting, teach as about a global village and be as quick to mention the wrongs as you do the rights with a layer of what needs to be done and everything we can do to make the world a better place, the youth need to know these things to have a good grasp on what life is, and what they can do to be a helpful, happy person, and that they themselves need to do all they can to help others be just as happy. Having a good life means working towards it, it won't just happen, we need to raise ourselves up and help make it happen

Annie Lennox - Medusa
-This fine woman, who looks very fetching on this album cover and nothing like a medusa, is more importantly involved in many charitable activities. There are a lot of ways we can help those in our global community that are in need, it all depends on what you are most affected by, personally or just feel drawn to, there is no limit to who needs your help, just go for it, make the world better for one or for millions, however you feel will do the most good for your cause. And you can help, in a myriad of ways, just think about what you can do and put yourself forward

Bob Dylan - Best Of
-i'm kind of divided on Bob Dylan, but am leaning towards that he is okay, on our side

City and Colour - Little Hell, Sometimes, Bring Me Your Love
-City and Colour is primarily Dallas Green who i have bought an album of his during his time in Alexisonfire and have spoke about the track Comin' Home. Dallas looks to be a really nice guy with a good mind state who cares about many people, from what i've known and seen many musicians feel this way, they were raised into music by their compassionate music teachers and have followed along the path that they were shown by them. They have known what the songs were about and have added to the list their own, all of which are special and personal to the musicians. Zion is getting tricky with what they are doing, with the scripts they are forcing these people to sing, so again, if they have been taken over once, they still are taken over, even if it is less obvious in the newest incarnation

Deep Forest - Comparsa
-Some good instrumental music that i happen to like

Fleetwood Mac - Rumours
-Listened to this album recently and it is really great, recognized quite a few songs that i didn't know were theirs. Musical group Hole, mentioned next, did a cover of Gold Dust Woman which i have always liked. It rounds out the end of this Fleetwood Mac album

Hole - Celebrity Skin
-Demi Lovato has been going through a rough time lately and i wish her an improved life that is free from drugs. On the heels of marijuana being legalized, which is something i don't mind, there has been talk about legalizing all drugs, which is something i do mind. Drugs should be classified by how addictive they are, as that's the main problem with them. You can quit marijuana fairly easily but something like crack or heroin is much more difficult to quit. So if it were legalized all it would take to get hooked for life would be that one time of doing it, which must not be allowed legally or there would be a complete epidemic of people getting addicted to hard drugs so i hope this never happens, there needs to be even more done against this not less

Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin I, II
-There is something about this band, their songs are completely original, as they don't sound like anything anyone else has done. I know this is true for all music but these guys just had some brilliant tracks

Paul McCartney - Memory Almost Full
-My favourite Paul McCartney track, that i've heard of course, is Live and Let Die. It's not on this album but am hoping to find the song one of these days. I guess it's available on iTunes but like the way i'm buying music as is. Anyhow, Live and Let Die, Gun's and Roses did a live cover version on Use Your Illusion I and were then forced into doing an album of just covers (the Spaghetti Incident). But this song will live on through Paul, GnR, and anyone else who sings it. It's there

Sarah McLachlan - Artist's Choice
-Something like this is always nice, i am a fan of Sarah McLachlan so it's special to hear what music she is into. She says most of these songs are sad ones but that's okay too, i'm sure if she were asked to list some happy ones she would be able to do that as well. Now all the music are “sad” songs, because they are from a horrible place, no matter the genre they are all (minus a few fortunate ones) forced, which is very sad indeed

Supertramp - Crime Of The Century
-The Protocols have been around for more than a hundred years now, still being followed by them, but they started even before then, the Protocols are what they have been doing and planned for longer than that just put into a feasible plot for them all to follow. I unfortunately have to say feasible because it is, that's what's scary, however we have the internet now, and that is the ultimate platform to bring them down, well, to start to, to be at, and to go to. There are other platforms for us as well though, and make the best of those that you can in addition to any other opportunities you have

The Crystal Method - Vegas
-i like these guys music, so i bought the album. Second hand then make mp3's for myself from these

The Cult - Pure Cult
-This is an album i've been wanting to find forever, i hope it's as good as i remember. If a cult is a group of people that share ideals and work towards a common goal then there are many cults, count me in to be part of one of them

Van Morrison - Too Long In Exile
-Exile is not a term only about the Jews but it sure does follow them around. They have been exiled from every land they have been in because of their shady dealings, not to do with their religion or anything else, but because of their actions which were always targeted towards the once willing hosts that they have resided in. They get expelled, travel, find a new host, work against them, repeat. End the repeats and deal with them once and for all, they really have nowhere else left to go, they have angered the whole world who they are even actively working against at this very moment

Alexisonfire - Old Crows, Young Cardinals
-This band is pretty great and the singer, Dallas Green, has since started his own group titled City & Colour, who also have one of my favourite tracks Comin' Home. Home being a word, or definition, of ours. Hate zero, murder evil. And that's what we're up against. Not all of them are evil, but the ones of them that are hide behind the others. The only way out of this for us is a complete wipe of the dna strand which has been building and building on itself and itself, alone for the most part, for millennia. There are stooges that have been made of ours as well, people raised and bred solely for their own purpose, like certain game show hosts, not all but some, some talk show hosts, some comedians and so forth, who would not be who they are without the hand given to them since birth to be a vessel of Zion. But yes, home, hate zero, which is hard considering what they are doing, but it is not a great swash of all of them, they are not all guilty parties, that's not how it is, but the ones who are constantly working against us need to be stopped at any cost, as unfortunate as it is for some who have been taken along with the ones who are causing our misery to say the least, and saying misery at the least gives you the gravity of what the most might be, and it's happening and will continue but for us standing up against them and their threats and actions. We are, comin' home

Beauty and the Beast - Soundtrack
-We are beauties, we are beasts. I don't want to get ahead of myself but i bought on blu-ray the other day a Disney movie titled Saving Mr. Banks, it's a film about Walt Disney (played by Tom Hanks) and P.L. Travers (the author of Mary Poppins played by Emma Thompson) and how they arrive at the movie being made. Now Mary Poppins is definitely one of my favourite live action Disney movies which encompasses a lot of different topics, including banking, i actually don't mind how banks operate, except for fractional “reserves”, but usury, which is a sin, is something kind of necessary since most people wouldn't lend out money with no compensation. But anyhow, Saving Mr Banks... Banks being the Father in the story who actually works at a bank. What i want to talk about here (although i very much hope you work out the banking system in an agreed way) is about the movie. First Tom Hanks is a known Zionist collaborator when about his movie career, and am sure Walt Disney would (did?) turn over in his grave at being played by him. Maybe the director, John Lee Hancock, had some say in who should be in the role. John Lee Hancock is known for this movie, The Blind Side, and another Disney movie titled The Rookie, which i won't be buying because of his involvement. What's the problem with this director? I can only for now go by the movie The Blind Side which i had the misfortune to see in the theatre. There were threats and a common Zionist “look out for the bad black men” theme. The director, and since starring Tom Hanks, has made me since not looking forward to this movie, which i will watch but am not looking forward to doing so, i did and do have many problems with Tom Hanks movies and if i had noticed The Blind Side connection i would have skipped on this completely. Just so you know, i love Disney, but they do not have a free pass to being good, there is Marvel, there is Pixar, there is JJ Abrams in Star Wars, there is Tim Burton attached sometimes, certain television hosts, and now there is John Lee Hancock. I know Disney can't make it perfect, but there is some major cleaning up to do in your various companies. Always the best for you

Billy Talent - Self Titled
-i like these guys, they look really nice, from what i've seen many musicians are though of course, they put themselves forward to help us through song, it's a shame about the terrible radio stations though, there are a couple good ones but for the most part are Zionist propaganda pods. There's a song they play once in a while, one of our songs titled You Get What You Give, they can't be happy to get what they've done, that's actually not why they play it, they play it because of the line about them pulling through because they have the music in you. Our song taken to be something for them about forcing musicians into their songs so they can play them on the radio and everywhere else they can. If you notice a radio station isn't on your side, do not listen, if a television network isn't on your side, do not watch, if a videogame company isn't on your side, do not play, and so forth. Instead spend your time trying to bring them down, you will be much happier than putting Zion right into your brain, they are against you and you need to recognize that, when you do you will have a better hold of yourself and be master of your thoughts

Everlast - Whitey Ford Sings The Blues
-Had a chance to listen to this album, twice so far, and it's a really good one

Foo Fighters - In Your Honor
-in the beginning i was worried about snipers, now that's the least of my concerns. Don't let that hold you back either

Last Action Hero - Soundtrack
-i know this is a soundtrack compilation but i also like those very much sometimes, and i have fond memories of this one. Who i really like though is Arnold Schwarzenegger, what a great guy, have always been a fan of his. It's too bad about the terminator movies which for one he is so well known for. The first two are fantastic but the rest are Zionist junk. A very strong female character in part two and maybe somewhat in the first one as well, something needed that you don't see a lot of. So movies getting turned are a problem as well, sometimes a movie or series of movies are so good they too have Zion come in and take the films over, a good (unfortunate) example is the Matrix movies, where they only got one good one out there, but it is

Nas - i Am...
-Nas is... Nas. We all are our own people, and now with the internet you can get yourself known, to one other person, or to millions, either way. Maybe that person will be the love of your life, if not maybe you'll reach two or three more, or more than that. It's not like it used to be with the advent of YouTube, Facebook and such, not that it's about who gets the most known though, but you can accomplish very much with the help of others. Make your own spot on the web, have fun with it or be dead serious, whatever you want to put forward or try and achieve. We could use your help with this though

Sarah McLachlan - Shine On
-i love Sarah's music, always have, and lately was able to listen to her albums in entirety and still love those songs and the others. After 9-11 Sarah went kind of anti, some songs in general went that way at certain points in time, i wish they didn't but understand that they did for a while, and it wasn't completely taken over as it is now where it is now Zionist crap in totality minus a few that were able to release a song or two. But yes, Sarah, i haven't listened to Shine On yet but am happy it's there, although i am thinking of listening to it tonight. i hope Sarah shines on

The Beach Boys - The Absolute Best Vol. 1
-i mentioned this in a tweet at some point but yes, the opposition is serfin' usa. i've already talked about the scripted interview with Kanye West where “he” says that because “black” people didn't stand up for 400 years that they were fine with being slaves, if they had another option at that spot in time i'm sure they would jump at it, it took President Abraham Lincoln to free them, give them hope and other options which has since then over time grown and grown and is still growing. The usa being slaves though, most of them don't even know they are. It's still slavery though, no matter what job you have you pay taxes when you buy items and or services, these taxes go to fund various programs and expenditures for the people who pay them, did i mention i like fair taxes? They fund schools, hospitals, police, fire fighters and most else that you can think of that is for the citizens of America or elsewhere. What the difference is in usa is that there's a skimmer device attached to the payments for these services and entities of ours. So when you pay your taxes a large amount goes directly to Zionist sources, through the debt producing Federal Reserve, a hold so tight on the American people that they will stop at nothing to keep their ultimate cash producer. Thankfully we now have the internet (save net neutrality) where we can learn, teach, and organize about this, so much so that everyone will know and we can make the government heed our demands to end this “federal” “reserve” (bank) plot being waged against us. Otherwise we, the world moreover if we do not stop them, will all fall prey to this evil plan of theirs. America, a nation of slaves that most do not even realize they are, if they knew they would take up arms and demand change by repealing the Federal Reserve act of 1913, hereby ending the debt slavery that is currently going on as we speak

Disturbed - The Sickness
-in an interview with Disturbed i believe they said that we, the resistance, are the disturbed ones, the abnormal ones. Let's make that go to being the majority of us. The sickness is apathy

Korn - Issues
-Korn have really stepped up in their careers, lending support and a helping hand to those who need it through music and actions. Helping us is what musicians have been doing for as long as music has been around for, but not anymore, they try but are soon stifled

Rob Zombie - Hellbilly Deluxe, Past, Present & Future
-Yeah i'm not a fan of the song Po Dunk that was forced on Kid Rock either. They really don't think much of us do they? As for Rob Zombie i really like his music and have been looking for some by him and found these today so am very happy about that

Sean Paul - Stage One
-The first Sean Paul album. Will be nice to hear his roots and beginning

System of a Down - Toxicity
-Finding some really solid music lately, but i guess it's always like that, or at least it was before Zion started snatching every musician they could find

The 2 Live Crew - Private Personal Parts
-i have fond memories of As Nasty as They Wanna Be and never thought i'd find it again, this is pretty close and has some tracks from that album as well as others, will still look for said album though

The Chemical Brothers - Exit Planet Dust
-The dust will clear, and we will still be here, victorious, i hope

Daft Punk - Discovery
-Thank heavens that we discovered the Protocols. If we didn't there wouldn't have been a chance for us. Now we have a foothold to end what they are trying to do. Since their discovery everyone in the know has warned others and worked towards getting rid of the conspirators. It sound like a movie plot but it is real and we are in real danger because of them and what they are doing and attempting. There are the Zionists, anti Zionists, and those who don't know about them, yet, there is no middle ground. Music has been great for us in this, music teachers passing along what is going on, and musicians trying to help our cause in any way possible, they have been fantastic for all this time. Now it's your turn to help, to do what you can to help others discover the Protocols and work against what they contain. There are so many reasons for what we are doing, so many, but the Protocols are the crux of them. Disassemble what is being attempted piece by piece, all of us together, because we cannot allow them to ruin our future and everything we hold dear

Kanye West - Graduation
-Happy times soon i hope Kanye and Kim, be as well as you can until then

Metallica - S&M
-Symphony & Metallica. This live album looks great, good idea and am hoping it turns out alright which am sure it will

The Rolling Stones - Flashpoint
-My first Rolling Stones album and a live one at that which i always like. The name of course is from the saying a rolling stone gathers no moss, and they have not, constantly touring and making new music. I can only hope to last as long as them which i plan on doing for as long as am able. All of us have to continue, until it is just us

2Pac - Me Against the World
-Not sure why Tupac thought it was him against the world, although i've only had the time to listen to this album one time so far. It should be 2Pac For the world, him helping us which is what i think of this. This album is the one before All Eyez on Me which he goes a bit more gangster rap to use that phrase, in this one he is dressed nice and is wearing his glasses, kind of contrary to later on for him. Don't get me wrong, All Eyez is probably my favourite rap album of all time but i do like music to be more positive. But yes, Tupac was doing well here, and the world was with him, 90's rap was a different time, it was a new thing, all music then was a new thing, music was growing up and out of phases which can be as music was categorized before then. Now we have it all, as many different types as you can imagine, personally i love it all, the genres that is, if it's good music i like it and appreciate the work (and many times genius) that went into all their tracks, if there is a cool artist i like as a person then i by osmosis like their music as well, since it is theirs. Tupac was a bright light, i don't know how he'd be here and now if he was still alive but he sure did burn bright while he was

K.D. Lang - Ingenue
-Have heard many many good things about this album and look forward to hearing it. There's is a track on here titled Constant Craving which is a song i like very much. We are doing pretty well now though, and we have a new goal to crave, let's take the momentum of where we are and use it to propel ourselves to where we want to be, it will take the work, will and effort of all of us to do that but i think we have it in us and will be able to do so

Kendrick Lamar - good kid, m.A.A.d city
-Am more familiar with Kendrick's newer music but of that i really like what he's doing so picked up this album for sure. Hope he has a good career, unfortunately if he's not taken over already he probably will be, god damn that's a shitty thing to have to worry about, we really shouldn't have to have that over our heads as something that's going on but we do, so let's end what they are doing, exposure is the way, any possible way we need you

Metallica - Ride the Lightning
-i now have most all of the Metallica albums i want, now i get to listen to them whenever i want. The bell tolls for the ones doing the forcing

Metric - Synthetica
-We are in the midst of such wonderful advancements in science and technology that we are living in a time of amazement, and this is something that only gets better. Right now, and for a while at the very least, we are susceptible to our human form and design, while we have made strides around ourselves the body has stayed pretty much the same, we have made it far in such a short period of time. Unfortunately our lives are still limited, for the time being, there will be a fountain of youth soon i believe, we're almost there already. In the meantime, probably before that, there will be a way to save, back-up, our brain's thought process and memories into an updateable rom. Rom's you may be familiar with as videogames ripped from cartridges and the like and backed up into a .zip or such and readable by a program called an emulator which “emulates” the system the game was made for, so the rom thinks it is in the correct console and plays. This is what i hope will happen soon, to back-up all the components of a brain, maybe other parts, into a rom, into, and to have that information run free in an emulator of infinite life, maybe an mmorpg type of setting, whatever you can imagine. Heck, if you have all that info stored you could load it into a robot of sorts as well, infinite life, only to compete with the infinite life of a human in body and mind living forever through stem cells or whatever else they perfect as treatment for aging bodies. Although it's rough sometimes, it's also a good time to be alive, with all of the great research going on and being put into actuality and practicality, real world results, real world application. With all of this there's a lot to be happy and amazed at, we just have some problems to work out first

Mika - Life in Cartoon Motion
-Nice guy, good music. Love today? Love tomorrow. Let your love outweigh your fear

Ministry - Psalm 69
-There's a track i've liked since being a teenager that is on this album titled N.W.O. (new world order). What i believe this term refers to is the world being put under the control of a one world government, and a one world banking system that would follow what is being done in (to) America. The Zionist entity is already making a killing (and doing such literally as well to protect this scheme) with the money they make through the federal reserve of the United States alone and they want to expand this plot to a global scale for every nation to be slaves to their debt. This isn't the only reason for the world to stand up to this Zionist entity but global slavery is not something that can be allowed to happen, so we all, around the world, need to take practical measures against the ones who are trying to do this, because right now it's not looking like a great future if we let them complete all of what they are actively doing against us

Mobb Deep - Murda Muzik
-Gangster rap isn't the only murda muzik, sometimes it's just put in another way

N.E.R.D. - Fly or Die
-The title of this album (by the great Neptunes whom i have always been a fan of) can be taken worldwide, you fly or the world dies

Nas - Street's Disciple
-Everyone is a culmination of everything they've done and experienced, so you end up with a bouquet of different flowers

Oasis - Definitely Maybe
-Definitely no place for maybe

The Tragically Hip - Yer Favourites
-Very happy to have found this album, it's a best of and they sure do have a lot. Even though every Tragically Hip album is amazing front to back it's nice to have this particular one. Am missing Gord Downie as always

The Weeknd - Beauty Behind the Madness
-This guy is super talented and was hoping to find this album. Now he is forced to sing Zion, as with all the others. We need to stop this from happening, by any and all means necessary. First step... Exposing that this is being done, definitively

Led Zeppelin - iii, iv
-We all have the stairway in front of us, we just have to take the steps up, all of us together. The artwork with said song shows a hermit holding a lantern with the light inside being the shape of the star of David, it's really up to every one of us to do this, to shine that light on them so the rest of us can see them and what they are doing clearly. We all have different roles in this, each different but joined in the desired outcome, each contributing to each other's effort getting there slowly but surely, as long as we all keep stepping up towards the destination we want

Lorde - Pure Heroine
-Heroine Lorde has been taken over, never let that be commonplace no matter how much it is at this time. Brave women stand up against the Zionist entity, the ones doing this, and try to prevent them from continuing by exposing what is going on. Do everything you can to help each other out. Be strong and motivated in what you put forward as there are people of us who need your support right now at this very instance. Be heroes, be heroine's

Madonna - The Immaculate Collection
-This being a compilation album of many great tracks i figure to write something brief about each song
>Holiday - Looking forward to every day feeling like a holiday, aren't you? Look what we have now and what we can have in the future, we just gotta get through this rough spot that we are in right now and not from our own doing
>Lucky Star - Fortunate
>Borderline - Show everyone what you got in you, make the best difference you can, make it big
>Like a Virgin - Not exactly like the old times, just the good part, as INXS would say A New Sensation
>Material Girl - Thankfully not every woman is as said, but i do gotta admit it makes things easier
>Crazy for You - Love for the helpers
>Into the Groove - You feeling what we got for us?
>Live to Tell - What we are doing is all or nothing, let's do well and not mess this up or it's over for us across the world
>Papa Don't Preach - As much as i can figure this is a song you can take as said for the topic
>Open Your Heart - Help Madonna and all the others, they need it more than i think anyone else does right now
>La Isla Bonita - Love for the helpers
>Like a Prayer - Love for the helpers
>Express Yourself - Make yourself heard, that's the first step, don't be shy
>Cherish - A heartfelt thank you to everyone, in music and not, that has put forward on our behalf and for our benefit. i and all of us cherish you and what you have done and are still doing if able
>Vogue - Get up on the dance floor
>Justify My Love - Yearning for your help
>Rescue Me - After the years of Madonna helping us, it's our time to help her

Marilyn Manson - Mechanical Animals
-Marilyn Manson is pretty cool as far as i know of him, have seen some interviews and he has good music. Haven't listened to a lot of his work but like what i have. On this album are the tracks The Dope Show and Rock Is Dead, which kind of go together (they are drug references). On the news yesterday and today are some protestors who want all drugs legalized, this is something i am opposed to very much, hard drugs should be made harder and harder to get a hold of, not only for adults but also and mainly youth who might be likely to try something if it's been made easily accessible to them. Marijuana fine, it's not physically addictive, as hard drugs are, try some hard drugs and your fucked (addicted and hard to get off of them). i do wish that everyone who has succumbed to those finds their way out, with the opposition and their infinite money flow this problem has unfortunately become systemic, and they are the ones referred to in these songs

Metallica - Load
-This is a real album, but an anti one of sorts, oh well, i'd rather a negative real album than a forced falsely positive one. Since Metallica has been taken over cherish the actual albums they were able to do

Metallica - Kill 'Em All, Master of Puppets
-God it feels good to have found these albums. There was Death Magnetic (2008) as well but that is a taken over one so of course skipped on that. Kill 'Em All is pretty self explanatory so I will touch on Master of Puppets, it's about drugs, one lyric is “chop your breakfast on a mirror” about cocaine, but it's gotten worse and snorting cocaine seems mild to what is being done now, which i've talked at length about (crack). It is the master of puppets which ruins lives, not just the users of it but all of those around, and when you have those in control doing it, it creates a hellish life for everyone around and especially those who are the direct victims of them, which given their positions of power it is pretty much everyone down the line. Metallica was somewhat brutal, but we need some of that, and other artists have done the same but have been a bit more subdued, subtle. There is a time for both, however you like as long as you do put your effort forward, and forward, and forward. Because what is being done to us as individuals and on the whole must be stopped by any means necessary, for starters the torture that is going on has to be priority number one. It's not just Metallica who has been taken, it is happening to many, many people across the spectrum, and Zion enjoys it, ridicules the victims themselves and uses the platform of them to brainwash the rest of us. There is space to be brutal of them, there is space to be caring of us, just do what you can either way because you are needed. Stand up

Missy Elliot - Under Construction
-Speaking of creativity... i like Missy Elliot and what she does, she also looks like a very nice person. Haven't listened to her music extensively but am looking forward to doing so, starting with this album. We have a lot to construct, and judging from what we have made so far it shouldn't be too much of a problem, well physically anyhow, there's a lot of political efforts to be made first. Mainly the pillars of their power. Two good places to start which are very feasible to accomplish, although an uphill battle, would be media reform and ending the federal reserve. That's for here. We need worldwide action as well, in tandem with what we are doing. Our path, and end goal to a new start for us, is possible, it seems like, and will be, very rough going, but we can do it, all of it

Muse - The Resistance
-We must resist, and must not comply to them or grow complacent to what they are doing. The world, which needs to be our world, is in danger of being fully taken over by the Zionist entity and we cannot let them achieve that. Achieve is not really the word for what they are trying to do, neither is it something to accomplish, what they are trying to do is ruin the world, for the benefit of them and them alone with us all working to pay off insurmountable, never ending, unpayable interest on loans to governments by the federal reserve, a scheme the entire globe needs to beware of because that's their plan. A federal reserve for every nation. They are strong with America in their pocket, and have them doing their bidding worldwide, but cannot be allowed to take other governments and peoples into the same scam. This is just the start of what of theirs we need to resist

The Cure - Staring at the Sea, The Singles
-Have liked what i've heard of the group The Cure, so picked this up, I haven't listened to it yet but noticed the first track is called Killing An Arab and there are no lyrics in the cover, it is probably an opposing song so hope it is and not some from the other side. Palestine is the neighbor of Israel, well to be more accurate it's all Palestine since “Israel” was given to the Jews first in writing in 1917 in the Balfour Declaration, then a division created by force in the 1948 catastrophe, The starting of Arabs being killed for that piece of land. We have lost many of our Arab brothers to the forced neighbors of Palestine, who are of course more than upset at the land theft they have faced and still face on a daily basis, more land, more land, more land for the occupiers and a shrinking Palestine for the original, native inhabitants. Israel thinks they can get away with what they are doing there, and to some extent they do, as it doesn't make the American news on cnn and the other media controlled by them. They kill Arabs on a daily basis, ones who are brave enough to take them on, let them take us on and the scale will tip in the Arab favor, they who need our help from the forced upon them occupiers. Do not let them get away with anything they do, let alone killing any more Arabs

AC/DC - Live
-This is the double album, i already have the single one so was happy to see this version which i had and listened to many times when i was younger. Unfortunately Malcolm Young has passed recently and it's really upsetting, nice guy from what i know. Am hoping the band stays together and continues to tour, i have never been to an AC/DC concert so the closest i've been is this album, and the only major concert that i have been to was a Metallica one which i completely enjoyed, that was around the time of the black album. But yes, an AC/DC concert would sure be something to see, so i hope they can still get out there and perform as good as ever, am sure they can dedicate each show to Malcolm at the beginning of the concert. Stay well AC/DC

Beyonce - Dangerously In Love
-The super-talented Beyonce. This is the first album i get of hers even though i've always been a fan. How many real albums was she able to release as a solo artist? Don't bother reading into either her nor Jay-Z's lyrics, they are not theirs. It would be nice if they were allowed to relax a bit to raise a nice family together, it can't be easy though with being forced over and over into bullshit songs and videos. Most of the musicians now are not afforded that life, a good life, which they deserve. i call on all musicians to take any and every moment they have to expose forced Zionist scripting. Give your fellow musicians help, and they help you, this forcing has got to be stopped, they will not stop what they're doing on their own so it is up to us to do the stopping of them

Bjork - Vespertine, Medulla
-Creativity. We could all use some. If you have it and can think of something good to do to help us with it, go for it

Jamiroquai - Synkronized
-The mentioned song Canned Heat is on this album, and we're still canning when we can, for instant help or for down the line it's important to get your message out there for others to hear, musicians of course, if possible, but definitely everyone else also, outside of music in any way you think will do well

Jimi Hendrix - The Ultimate Experience
-Had this album a long time ago as well and am happy to have found it again. We are the watchtower, that hopefully doesn't just watch but takes action. If you want to watch, talk about what you see, collaborate with others and get some changes happening where need be. i of course talk about media which is where much of America's problems originated, are, and will be in the future unless media reform is put forward and acted upon, don't let it be a dreamy wouldn't it be nice thought, get it done, it's completely possible to do and will make such a massive difference in everyone's life, a complete 180 in terms of happiness across the board compared to how it is now

Metallica - Through The Never, Live
-These were given to me by a friend who knows i like Metallica, Through the Never album is from the same titled 2013 documentary so i don't know the validity of the intentions of this music compilation or the documentary itself, i am still very happy with the gift though, and this live album looks to be good as well

Moby - Animal Rights, 18 B-Sides
-Can't go wrong with Moby. Wish i could listen to this latest set of albums i picked up but my computer is going screwy at the moment and crashes often so can't really make the mp3's of these and i don't have a stereo to listen to them that way either so will try to pick up said stereo for instances like this. Moby makes great music and makes me wish i could do that as well, but there is no possibility of that happening since i just don't have that ability, so instead enjoy very much what all these wonderful and talented musicians do

Orbital - Work 1989-2002
-Volenteer your time, you are needed and we are depending on you. Spend at least some of your day on the cause and help however you are able. There are enough of us, us being Gentile, that we can do this, i won't say easily, but yes we have the means and ability. Live your life, live it well, but please do what you can for the rest of us whenever and however you can

Pink Floyd - Animals
-The tracks on here are Pigs, Dogs, and Sheep. i have before given my respect to the police officers who protect us, thank you, so the pigs referred to on this album are not them, what Pink Floyd are talking about is the swine that gorge on the worlds feeding bucket, hogging it all for themselves, if they did it morally there would be a difference, i love capitalism, have a good idea, product or service and get rich? Great, enjoy! What i have a problem with is when someone, some... entity, casts aside other peoples well being for the benefit of themselves. Do well honestly, bonus if it's for other people, and there's nothing wrong with that, it's the ones who work against you that must be held accountable. Dogs, we are the dogs, it's a compliment. Protectors of each other is what we need to be, and helping each other is what we need to do. Sheep? Don't be one. This is not the time to be complacent, there are some others doing everything they can to fleece you so you can't just live a happy carefree life the way you want to. Instead you must stand up for yourself, stand up for your family and stand up for your friends and neighbors. The global community is under attack and America is the main victim, not Americans mind you, America the machine, which it's people are in a dream state where the only thing that matters is entertainment and self preservation. Snap out of it! There is a war going on and we need you. i don't mean to be rude in any way to the citizens of America, but they are being used by the forces of Zion into doing the bidding of those in control, and it's going on right now which shows that there is something really wrong being done under the name of the United States of America. Do not stand for it, be loud and assertive of your rights, the opposition tries to keep you in the dark, so shine light for your friends, and they are your friends even if not quite knowing of what's going on behind the distractions, let them in on what's being done. There is no space for sheep, if you are a sheep, you lose, you and we all lose, don't let that happen

R.E.M. - Dead Letter Office
-Now we have e-mail, don't be shy about speaking with other nations, good media, concerned corporations or anyone and everyone else you can think of

Sade - Love Deluxe
-i'm in love with do-gooders, aren't we all?

The Chemical Brothers - Come With Us, Push The Button
-i hope Kim Jong-un doesn't push the button. Sorry about Trump, try not to pay him much attention, he is on his way out and will hopefully be replaced with someone capable of holding that office. As for South Korea, i know there's some tension but they for sure look to be good people and i think you two would get along well, maybe you can participate in the coming Olympics, that would be cool. i like Kim and hope he and his nation do well, if and when he joins us, and he can, we can all get along together to help and benefit each other. What seems to be a major obstacle in this is the United States' nuclear arsenal, let me tell you though that Trump does not have a 'button' and must go through many checks and balances to even attempt to launch a missile, it won't happen, but that is a threat though that needs to be taken away, both sides need to agree that obviously nuclear war is not in anyone's interest or well being and to step away from going that direction

The Matrix - Music From The Motion Picture
-This soundtrack is really great, i won't say as good as the movie but they go together. The Matrix is probably in my top 5 list and i enjoy it very much. As for the meaning of it, we are the power the opposition feeds on, it's a nice day for shopping after all (don't worry i like shopping as well) We bumble around in malls when not working, buying cool stuff mind you, but it's all about the taxes that go to pay off the debt (America again). What the new world order is about, as far as i'm concerned, is having a global Federal Reserve, so as that all money flows through their coffers for them to take a piece, that's the plan. So we live our lives normally, as best we can and enjoying our life and our spending, and they sit back and watch their scam being run and the money increase at an unimaginable rate. They are trying to protect this at all costs, hence the American media (most all). The television is the world pulled over your eyes, a false reality schemed to produce the type of citizens that it wants and thinks will be the most productive and least problematic. Work against this mindset and those who administer it, do not be complacent to the television, it (the mass majority) is not your friend. Once you know a channels allegiance do not frequent their brainwashing attempts on you, why would you? Stick with those who are on your side, not the ones who are against you. The internet is where we rule, and cannot let it be ruined, such as with the ruling against net neutrality which i hope gets repealed and we must do what we can about that, or in any other way that would stifle this medium that we have. See through the veil they have put up, and through to the other side, then do what you can to help others do the same

The Tragically Hip - Live Between Us
-While Gord Downie was alive he performed this concert, and now he is still here singing for us

Bjork - Homogenic
-Bjork is as original as you can get, she has made a career on being anything but mainstream, doing just what she wants and how she wants it without thinking about what would be popular. She has many fans and has been making music for a long time and i hope she is still going to be able to. She has a new album which looks to be hers, i hope it is and that she can continue, but she probably won't be able to. What a sad state they, we, are in

Blue Rodeo - Tremolo
-The music industry is in shambles, it's all forced, and if an artist gets one song out the rest are given false videos for them until their next album which will be completely taken. if you find a good song that really is great, you won't be able to find many anymore though. Help how you can

Daft Punk - Homework
-This album has the track Around the World, which is a great song and has a great video for it. Don't forget that we can go global, and need to

Eminem - The Slim Shady LP, The Marshall Mathers LP, The Re-Up
-Watched 8 Mile yesterday evening and liked it a lot, and just today found these three albums, which now completes the main ones to get, Slim Shady lp, Marshall Mathers lp and The Eminem Show, these were the main ones i wanted to get but there might be another one or two before he got taken over

Kelis - Tasty
-There are many strong black female voices in music, if anyone's looking for some they are well represented in such

Linkin Park - Live In Texas
-Chester Bennington looks like he was such a good guy, he will be, and is, missed by many. i don't know what the band is going to do, there are many different paths to take, if they continue releasing albums they will most likely be forced ones as was happening before Chester leaving. Maybe they could just tour, with a singer willing to step in. Whatever they choose i'm sure Chester would agree that would be okay

Ludacris - Release Therapy
-Luda is someone i like very much and is a good role model with his music (the real songs) and otherwise in his life. He is in quite a few movies and one of my favorites which is Crash. A recent forced song of his, i don't remember the title, has him not rapping Zionist propaganda directly, but has him rapping about nothing at all. With all that's going on he would not be silent on the issues we have and serves as filler to get people to buy the rest of that album that has the agenda there. There are a variety of tactics of Zion that get put forth in forced music, so you have to be on the lookout for what they are doing, and again, if a musician has been taken over at all, then all of their 'music' since then is the same source

Metric - Fantasies
-There's a song on Metric's album Old World Underground, Where Are You Now? called Dead Disco, the Zionist entity is still in the disco mindset though, the time is over but they like that era and the 'fun' that was had, they are trying to keep that time alive but it's gone, we have moved forward, they haven't. The world isn't just one big party and we have so much good to do but are being held back by the ones that want to 'party' with our money, and their constant need for more of our money. Let's look and make way towards a future of happiness, our happiness

Rammstein - Rosenrot
-German metal, i don't speak German but like what i've heard regardless. As for Germnay itself, they need to be brave and lead again, instead of cowering under the threat of being labeled "anti-semitic". There's a Rammstein song that's not on this album called Amerika, and the video from what i remember is about the faked American moon landing. now this get's clumped into being a conspiracy theory, but what that is is a theory about a conspiracy. notice how no-one has gone 'back' to the moon. with all of the points from either side let me just ask one thing, how did the astronauts that walked on the moon get back to earth? if they needed a rocket to get the ship into space in the first place how did they get their tin can back off of the moon and back to earth? that's what bothers me or makes me question how they 'did' that

Taylor Swift - Speak Now
-The Taylor Swift album i picked up before this one, Fearless, i said i wasn't really into her music, sorry about that, i do like her real music, not because it's my style but because it's her's, and she is a good person so i like what she does

Leona Lewis – Spirit
-A person's spirit, as far as i'm concerned, is a culmination of all the parts of a being's brain, the matter for memory, for current thoughts and of the electricity that puts it all together for us to function. The spirit is what we have when we are alive, it doesn't transfer, the bits of brain that hold those memories, the precise activity of your thought process and said electricity that binds it stops when you cease to live. This makes life much more precious, knowing that there is nothing else after, well, unless you get buried and become worm food, then your parts nourish those and you become entwined with nature to be useful for eternity through osmosis of sorts, but the memories and electricity that powers your brain and body ends so there is no continuing after death. Now this is just science, and i am not looking to debunk religions, in fact I don't mind most religions, they for the most part have good intentions, morals, and lessons to learn and follow, i just think life is better through the acceptance of what we have discovered since then. Religion began by people digging holes for their dead people and wanted for there to be something after, some continuance for their loved ones, but we do live on through those said ripples we leave behind, even through and moreso our genetics that we can pass on. Life is a wonderful thing, if we were not alive we wouldn't be around to appreciate it but we are, so we have to make the best of it. Right now there is a group who is trying to ruin our lives, the Zionist entity, who through a long line of family have judged themselves to be above all others, it's not true though, they are not, we are all just good at different things, them included, it just goes that what they have studied is how to screw us over, so that is what they are doing and have been doing. Again, life is a wonderful thing that we should be in constant appreciation of to have, and with death being permanent (come on second life through cloning although having your dna passed to your offspring is just as good just different and unique) it makes our lives so much more important. Life should be a celebration of goodness, and nip Zion in the bud before it becomes worse than it is, it is currently in control of America but wants to be in control of the world, so that all monies flow to their own private coffers, money is a necessity of course, it's just how it's handled and we can do much better and much fairer to say the least. The opposition has their spirit as well, a genealogy that has been passed down exclusively by not going with any of us “lowly beings”. Their spirit is taking advantage of ours, our humanity, our born with goodness. We have bad examples of people of our own yes, and we take care of those as we are able, but the problem with Zion is that it is systemic, or systemic enough to say so, it shows in what they do, it is unfortunate that it is being done, and unfortunate that we have to deal with what they are doing, but the fate of the world is in the balance and if no one stops them we are all ruined, that is not an overstatement it is just going by their courses of action. All in all, spirit is made up of a mixture of the physical parts of your brain and the intangible electricity that is going through it at all times connecting you to your body, the outside world and how you perceive it and interact, be thankful for this and all your blessings, be opposed to those that seek to undermine you, your life, and your loved ones to further their own gains at your expense

Metric - Old World Underground Where Are You Now
-The underworld is alive and well, just a bit quieter than would be best. Make a fuss, it's needed and worth it for our future to be safe and happy. We all have different expertise's so put yours up to help, if we all get involved the opposition doesn't stand a chance, it's just getting you out there and started that we need. If you've already started, keep going, if you haven't now would be the time to do so. I see sports stadiums filled to the brim with excited people, we need that at the places of our governments, rallying for causes we believe in deeply. We can shape our future, every one of us has a part, it's majority rules so be involved and make yourself heard, if one person can make a difference imagine two, two thousand, two million... imagine you, sending emails to your government, your media, foreign governments, foreign media, the list goes on and on and it's your duty to do so, in really any way you see best but as long as you are taking part. Be proud of what you do for us, as long as you do and do well

Björk - Post
-There's a song on this album i've known for a while, titled It's Oh So Quiet. it's about being alone, being in love, being alone, being in love. i hope for all of you in relationships that they last for your entire life, this song is only partially about that. i would love to keep doing this for the rest of my life, and hope to do so, it's just a matter of how long i live. Personally i think cancer will do me in, and i kind of want that (as opposed to the alternative). What will happen after? Will there be a lull then someone else? as far as i'm concerned am doing the best that at least i can, but there will maybe be someone else, something different, i can't imagine what for the life of me but there i think will always be the need for someone. if it were up to me i'd want that this goes to Every one, that might be best. There's a song by George Michael called Careless Whisper, it was voted the number one song of all time by Rolling Stone or some such, it's a great song but i think it was the meaning that got it that distinction. i have no idea when i'll go, of course i would like for it to be painless, maybe it's a ways off but i did smoke for most of my life only quitting a few years back but think that might catch up with me. You can be sure that i will continue doing this for as long as i am able, but am hoping i taught you how to fish

Hilary Duff - Hilary Duff, Most Wanted
-Hilary Duff sure is one A+ woman, i'd like to talk about a song or two of her's here though. The first track is Wake Up (on a Saturday night) but really any night or day. Pay attention, see through the opposition. This is one of my favorite songs in general but is also followed closely by another song on this album Beat of My Heart, about the opposition being dealt with to the beat of her heart which is beating fast i'm sure as she has since this been taken over, so to the rhythm of the wonderful heart of Hilary we continue, for her and everyone else who is suffering

Lumidee - Almost Famous
-We are all famous, it's relative, only difference is the numbers. There's a good song by Pink titled Trouble about being trouble in your town (good trouble would be best)(the www is a town too i imagine). Pretty much all of us have family of ours and a close circle of friends if you're fortunate enough, even if not now would be the opportune time to let your voice be heard, to make yourself known, i'm thinking online but however you figure you would be best doing. Even that close circle of friends is pretty sweet to have, being well known is as much a curse as it is a blessing so don't go thinking it's all glitter and gold. Don't just be famous, be renowned, for what you are good at, everybody has something they are good at, let yours be seen. i'd be amiss if i didn't talk about Lumidee some, never thought i'd see this album but hey there it was, am happy to have this to listen to now. Also really hope she is doing well, the main track, that i know of anyhow on this album is Never Leave You, which has always been one of my favorite go to songs when i want to cheer up, would be happy if i can be here for her by doing this, that's the best i can offer

The Killers - Sam's Town
-if this were my town there would be Stormtroopers, good ones, on our side, day and night, Stormtroopers. Star Wars The Force Awakens was a wash-out, but i understand. i haven't seen Rogue One or the soon to be released The Last Jedi, but i wish, wish, wish them to be good. Something that worries me is that J.J. Abrams was hired on to direct some future movies of those, which i thought went to someone else to do the sequels. Guess i'll take each one as they come, it would be fantastic if they were great, and i still think a (many) Disney Star Wars would, can be, the best thing ever (again relative but would be pretty amazing). Hey, The Killers, Stormtroppers, i guess there is some kind of correlation

Gorillaz - Demon Days
-This album looks to be great and i like a lot of the singles have heard from it. One of the songs here is the often mentioned DARE, and i dare you to deal with forced Zionist scripting, always talk about it, which is better than what's being talked about now. This will be the Zionist downfall. i believe the title, demon days, is about us having to be strong emotionally about what we have to do, it's a temporary time for us to go through and emphasis on the have to. i wonder if a musician will be the one to expose forced scripting to the public, somehow

Modest Mouse - Good News For People Who Love Bad News
-One day there won't be much more bad news to report, i have Zion covered, sometimes there isn't anything i want to put forward and there are slow days but i always do check. Don't let that slow you down, talk about issues that matter concerning our current situation, anything you want really, i do suggest Zion 24/7 though as that is our first trouble to deal with. Whatever you talk about make it count, don't throw away your time on subjects that won't help move us in the right direction. i repeat, do not waste time, be a soldier for our cause with your own contributions, if you want to know, that would make me happy, what's been going on way too much does not. it's the opposite of what you might figure. As for good news and bad news, i try to have both however they happen, and there are both, it's nice to hear when the good happens and is important to expose when the other happens so they can't keep doing it. There will for the most part always be something to concentrate on, so concentrate on what's put forward or whatever else you'd like to do to help. You matter and give yourself less credit than you are worth, make a difference, large or small and as often as possible

The Verve - Urban Hymns
-This group seems to have many albums, this one having one of their more famous songs, Bittersweet Symphony. Bitter and sweet are of course both tastes, tastes we all share in one way or another, the good times, the not, it would be nice to have life be more sweet than sour, and to me it is. We are at the pinnacle of achievements for humankind, and are accelerating at a staggering pace, however there are some groups who attempt to stifle us. As for the sweet though, we have so much to enjoy, i am always amazed at how far we have come in such a short period of time, look at everything we're doing, have achieved. In medicine, technology, arts... All very sweet yet we have others trying to give us the bitter taste in our mouth, in our mind. Let's truly enjoy what we have done and continue to strive for even better, advancing more and more in an even greater race to the perfection of each of our endevours. There are a few priorities though, environment and space travel, those would be top of the list for me anyhow and it am sure concerns you as well. So much sweetness, and loving what we are makes us not able to tolerate the bitter, spit that out and let's get back to having good lives and creating good lives for those down the line

B.O.B. - Strange Clouds
-i think the title song is unfortunately a drugs reference but i'm waiting for clouds of our own making, which will be a temporary moment in our time and blow away with the wind

Chris Rock - Bigger and Blacker
-Have always liked Chris, and this album looks to be a mix of stand up and songs, pretty cool and will be fun to listen to

Divine Brown - The Love Chronicles
-This album looks very nice, i don't know that much about Divine Brown but will enjoy this for sure. Someone i do know more about is Mary J. Blige, and she was on a show i like watching this morning, i didn't see the whole show of this day's but right when they said Mary J. was next it was time for my lunch which is at a fixed time. So regretfully i went down for lunch when i should have stayed regardless to see her live. Now that will bother me. i like Mary J. and want to help her with the situation she is in along with other musicians as well. The word situation doesn't really give the gravity of what's going on, but they do need your help. Help all of them the best you can because this will continue on like it's going if you don't

Eminem - The Eminem Show
-i'm not avoiding Eminem, in addition to this album i'm looking to pick up the Slim Shady and Marshall Mathers ones when i see them. The lyrics of his are mostly Slim's, not Marshalls, if you know what i'm meaning by that, so i don't look badly at him and will like listening to the mentioned albums, not the taken ones. i bet Marshall is actually a really nice guy, who's gone through some rough points, an addiction to painkillers has got to suck and i hope he's better or on the way to being better. 8 mile would be a good movie to watch, i'll try to pick that up sometime, the song from it 'Lose Yourself' is actually one of my favorites and the movie looks great on it's own merits. 8 mile is a real place, located in Detroit, i actually get an ABC affiliate from Detroit which is pretty sweet, i don't watch much television but am really happy to have found this. ABC is owned by Disney, which is amazing, and i really am enamored with the channel and it's existence, an American channel that is good you say? it's true! Keep up the good work. As for Eminem, i have never listened to a full album of his so will be something kind of special to do, i would have liked to hear all his albums in order (the real ones) and might still do that if i see them soon enough. Best wishes to Eminem, and best wishes to Detroit

Oasis - Be Here Now
-YOU be here now, there are so many people counting on you to do your part. Inaction will ruin us as they constantly work against each and everyone else. We need to counteract what they are doing, concentrate on that and don't be led astray or on paths that don't help move us forward. Always be a force to be reckoned with, alone if you want but even better in tandem with the rest of the globe. Whatever you want to do to help is great and needed, just make your voice time the best it can be in getting things to happen

Rod Stewart - It Had to Be You... The Great American Songbook
-it's a shame about the music we have to deal with now, but it's not our shame, it's theirs. We have a very extensive great American songbook, the real songs of ours, to love and help us by, except now we have to be skeptical of what is a real song of ours and what is theirs forced upon the singers and bands. Something we need a lot of and right now are songs about forced Zionist scripting (we can do more than songs and please do in addition to those) let's see that happen as if there's one thing to expose, although there's is much more than that, then this would be it

Barry White - The Best of Barry White
-There are many reasons people love each other, none detracting from the others, i feel a good relationship is built on honesty, faithfulness and things in common, with at least these all contributing to a long and happy life together

Blue Rodeo - The Days In Between, Small Miracles, The Things We Left Behind
-The title of the first mentioned album is where we're at, not the beginning of this, not the end either, but the days in between. Get as much done for us as you possibly can, make your mark during this time we have, you are needed by many. We are going forward but too slowly as far as i'm concerned, we need to stay on topic and not drift off at all which is happening more than desired. Make small miracles and leave the opposition the one in behind

Bryan Adams - Live! Live! Live!, The Best of Me
-i like live albums (and Bryan Adams) very much, they have a time in place of a wonderful event, music for the most part being a wonderful expression of thought. You don't have to be a musician to have a wonderful live event, it's what you do other than that as well, what you put forward and contribute with your time. There are so many instances of this, of your time and expression, the ones you've made, are making, and will make down the line

Colbie Caillat - All Of You
-i'd rather have all of you rather than all of me, the scale tips in your direction

Faith Evans - Keep the Faith
-am a fan of the Bad Boy family and Faith Evans is a pillar in their legacy, this album is new to me but am sure will enjoy it

John Legend - Once Again
-John (is a) Legend. He is very talented and has a super amazing life with his wonderful wife Chrissy. They look to be extremely happy with each other. Well.. not everything is going well with J.L., he's been taken over as with so many others. a great happiness ruined, they have life with each other but are being not only prevented of speaking their voice but have it being used to mislead those who listen to him. Hopefully he'll be free at some point (that is up to us to do) when he can make real music and love his wife completely

Lil' Kim - The Notorious KIM
-i bought this at where i most always buy my music, at a thrift store, and was helped by a very nice woman who happens to wear a hijab, a modesty scarf. so she put this through but must have thought something or other about Lil'Kim on the cover wearing nothing but a pair of unzipped jeans and some jewels and me buying this album. Being a fan of Kim and the rest of those at Bad Boy i am looking forward to listening to this album, but yes, it's pretty risque visually and has sexual lyrics on the songs themselves. in North America and Europe etc we are allowed to dress and show ourselves to a bare minimum, not everyone wants to and that is perfectly fine, the parts in question around the world are different and normally based on what parts of the body have to do sexually and are repressed to varying degrees. a hijab or as mentioned modesty scarf is just fine as that is custom where it originates and is kept as tradition and mindset wherever they choose to make home, personally i think it looks pretty nice. As for the burka that's a bit much and starts to infringe on the rights of the woman in question since they are forced to wear it by the men in their lives, a jealousy garb so other men don't look at their wives. Should it be banned? not really, but a way out of that should be given if needed. As for Lil' Kim, go for it, you're allowed if you want to, you have the choice, it's not a perfect world though and doing so will bring attention that you might not want, that's the way it is, so dress accordingly. As for women with hijab's, they do look very nice, keep wearing them as you like

Pearl Jam - Vitalogy
-We're at a good spot right now, i hope we have outdone any anti-songs that may have been before or at the beginning of when this started. i don't even count anti-songs that have been forced, they don't count, all they count for is being a testament to the musician's being harmed, something i also have hope will be the topic of many songs to be

Taylor Swift - Fearless
-This was available to buy and i think Taylor Swift is cool so picked it up. it's not really my type of music but will listen to it anyhow since it's really her, unlike everything Shake it Off and after which are not. There are many people of ours to save, if you want a good example of the goodness being harmed it would be hard to find someone moreso than Taylor

Bloc Party - Silent Alarm
-Haven't heard a lot of this group, i have the album Intimacy but haven't had a chance to listen to it yet. From what i remember seeing of them they look pretty good though. As for the title Silent Alarm, the world wide web isn't very noisy on it's own but the people on it can be and should be very vocal both on it and off. The cores of our systems have been breached, and we are the alarm

Celine Dion - All the Way... A Decade of Song
-Ripples, people leave ripples. Condolences to Celine on her late husband of life René Angélil. As all of us progress through life we create effects from our actions, both good ones and the not, so try to make them all the good types. Our actions continue outward and interact with other people and entities, right away and down the line, even continuing on after the original source leaves. You can set in motion a wonderful chain of events, or ones that effect others negatively. We want all of us to be, and continue to, put forward positive motions, but we need to stand up for ourselves and others along the way, sometimes needing to take actions that even the hardest of us wince at but must complete so that we can have those happy lives and stop others from ruining the lives we care for. However let's be positive through the storm and keep the morals we have and hold dear, even if we have to put some of those by the wayside for a short time to get to the spot we desire to be. René Angélil was a loving husband, and is survived by Celine and their three children who not only have their Father's genetics but his loving care and the time he had with them. He has helped his family and set much positivity forward to others as well, so he will live on through what he has done throughout his entire life and will live onward in a wonderful way because of that. The same can be said for any of us, to put the best you can forward, as it makes a difference in other people's lives whether directly or not. As was said in Newton's third law, 'for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction', so be positive, and do positive things, you will receive the same back to you for the most part, except when you encounter the opposite, someone trampling all over you for their own benefit and putting forth negative behavior that you and or others become the victim of. The Zionist entity is a negative producing factor to be dealt with, they do not care who gets ruined in their path, it is only a world for them is what is thought. To save this world of ours from them we need to do some things that do make us wince, in order to protect the ones we not only love but everyone we care about, and we need to care about each other all of whom are under the trampling of Zionist feet. Everyone's actions create these ripples, so make yours count, stand up for us and against those who are harming others for their own greed, and that is what it all comes down to, greed, of crushing the people we are to extract the money from us. Let them reap what they have sown, and they have sown misery, let us stop their outreaching ripples from splashing against us by ending the source of this negative effect producing group of selfish beings, if we don't this will go on and on and get worse and worse so we need to have immediate and continuous action against them. In the future lets just have good ripples, ones for us

Jack Johnson - In Between Dreams
-Haven't heard a lot from Jack Johnson either but remember a song or two that i liked from him so figured to pick this up. For dreams, there's one which am sure we all share, one of a peaceful life for us and our loved ones, at that for all of us, strangers near and ones worldwide. With people we trust at the helm of our varied institutions, people who have our best interests in mind, who care about doing a good job for the many people and not against them. We have so much to do, but there are enough of us to do it, each taking part in their own areas of expertise and continuing until that part is fixed, then to keep it that way. Dreams do come true, we as a group of people have had many celebrations of success in our endeavors, many dreams fulfilled, now we have a new set to work on, and it will require all of us, continue forward with the focus being group effort, there's a part for each of us in making this dream a reality, it won't be easy but we have no other route

The Tragically Hip - World Container
-After the much too soon passing of Gord Downie i have been listening to the Hip's catalogue of music from front to back, the albums i have of theirs anyhow, and must say that they are in a league of their own. The lyrics which from what i know are Gord's, and the music backdrops to them are utterly brilliant. Have heard of Gord Downie being referenced as Man, Machine, Poet, and the lyrics really do sound like that, poetry that is. Now there is his family, friends, bandmates and listeners to carry on his legacy, his Music at Work, and now it is. i'm sure the band, after some time, will tour some more with a new singer, playing Hip songs, maybe some new ones, and i hope they do, am sure the topic came up during those trying times and am sure Gord approved. i will say again, am going to miss him so much, i am sure he brightened up the lives of the people that knew him personally, wish i was one of them but at least he was there doing his thing, and so well at that. One of the issues Gord cared so deeply about was the condition and treatment of the Indigenous peoples of Canada, Canada being his home country. If we want to honor his legacy this part must not be forgotten, we can progress with this and make things better for those affected, not just for Gord of course, for the mentioned peoples, although i'm sure he would be very happy for us to do this in the ways we can. The last two albums to be released from him are 'The Secret Path' and another, a solo one directed to loved people in his life. If these two albums are really his and not forced as the many other musicians' are and have been then i would be very happy for him. The Tragically Hip have been making music for three decades and have a major backlog of music for you to listen to if you haven't yet. As a fan, The Tragically Hip are fantastic, enjoy the music and lyrics, they are now ours for eternity. Thank you for everything you've done Gord Downie, we will cherish what you've given us and work towards making better the issues you've cared about

Bloc Party - Intimacy
-Life can be fun, fun but it must not be at anyone elses expense. The oppostion who forced Miley Cyrus to sing about the Party in the U.S.A. must be ended, they are putting us to ruin for their own benefit. We have tried many times and many ways to stop what they are doing but are left with no more alternitives as they continue against us and are not stopping on their own. Let's have a party ourselves, after we rid all of our different nations from the ones who are treating us as lowly cattle

Sam Roberts - The Inhuman Condition, Love at the End of the World
-For the human condition, that is the basis of us all, us all. We have the shared desires and shared feelings of what we do not desire. We must treat each other well, except for the sole instance of the Zionist entity, we have tried being nice and look what we get back, torture of us, murder of us, swindling of us. and unfortunately it will go on and on until we do what we must against them. There's a song on this album, and it was put forth as a single, 'Where Have All the Good People Gone', They're here and there are many, you just don't hear about them as often. i believe the good people outnumber the not, and sometimes the not are just oblivious to what they are doing and the thoughts of others. it's less in nature than the opposition, but we have amongst ourselves problems of our own, people who need to be aware of the feelings and well being of others of us. The good people are many, and there are good people inside some who are unaware of it themselves, there can be redemption of ours and bad behavior remedied, sometimes there are powerful reasons for negative actions, even when they know it is wrong, but we still have a few chances for them as opposed to the Zionist entity which is all out of our chances and sympathy

Sophie B. Hawkins - Tongues and Tails, Whaler
-i always really liked the track 'Damn i Wish i Was Your Lover' and found two albums by her today. am not familar with her other songs but figured to give her a listen

2Pac - Better Dayz
-Tupac is phenomenal, i'm not as much into the battle that happened between East and West, maybe in a history perspective, but everything else is just wow. i hope we get better days as well, it won't happen on it's own though, we need to stand up and put the much needed time, effort and willpower into it. There is so much to do, so each of us needs to focus on the best way you are able to help and get to it. Our better days aren't going to happen on their own, and it actually gets worse and worse without action on our part, we need to counteract what is being done against us and go forward with our own global agenda, one of comradary, not worldwide wars for profit against each other as it is now. The global plan that is being worked against us past, present and future is one of grief and despair, of global strife for the benefit of the few, let's change that. We have one faction against the rest of us, against the world, and they must not succeed, worldwide happiness versus woldwide slavery, it won't be easy but they are few and we must topple the pillars that prop them up such as their media, government funding, and financial entities, after that it will be easier and are all things we want for ourselves anyhow, replacing their corruption with our carefully regulated, public minded institutions. Let's all look forward to better days, globally, and go about the means to achieving them

Blackstreet - Another Level
-am happy that there are many good African American role models out there. Hollywood doesn't put the spotlight on them as much as they could but they are there, in day to day life most of course but also dominating in not only music and sports but in every part of the fabric that makes up our community and our society. it must be rough in some aspects, growing up black and all the hardships that go with that, but still being able to have pride and shine throughout. Enjoy your goodness, do well and exceed in what you do, despite of anyone trying to put you down. Be that good role model, for others to follow, whether on a grand scale like a stadium or just in life with family and friends, lead by example, however you find that is best

Jem - Finally Woken
-i remember liking the track 'They' and have always been kind of on the lookout for this album, and today found it. Are you all on board for having been finally woken? if anyone out there hasn't been yet you can help them along

Kasabian - Kasabian
-had the opportunity to listen to this album last night and liked it a lot, recommended

The Chemical Brothers - Surrender
-This album looks good but we cannot surrender, ever, if we cannot fulfill our goal ourselves we can let someone else do it, as long as we achieve the same outcome

Blue Rodeo - Diamond Mine
-i'm not a fan of worthless Jewish trinkets, but they do shine, and that's the point of the song, and i don't have a monopoly on figurative diamonds either. The songs of ours are diamonds, the books, the movies, even a few videogames, and other different mediums we work on. Put forward what you can, and always make it the best you are able. Even if it's not perfect just get it out there

Fall Out Boy - From Under the Cork Tree
-These guys are pretty cool, do i have to say that they've been taken over? That's pretty much default for every band out there right now

Linkin Park - Meteora
-A lot of work was put in by the band on this album, i know, most albums that is very true for, but Linkin Park really put so much effort into Meteora. i don't like every song on this album but the guys were speaking their mind, early 2000's were awkward, one way or the other, but as said if everything didn't happen exactly the way it did we wouldn't be here. But that is trivial, what i really want to talk about is Chester Bennington. A life of ours lost, he couldn't take the Zionist torture and ended himself. He looks like he was a great person too, a real loss, he wasn't even overtly singing anti-Zion on Linkin Park albums, even anti at times, they took him anyway. Some day, some how, this will be exposed, and i. can't. wait.

Sex Pistols - Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's the Sex Pistols
-Bollocks has two definitions, 1. Testicles. 2. to express contempt, annoyance, or defiance
1. Testicles, we have them, Zion uses them as threats. No torture is right, if it wasn't for those it would be something else, so you have to have "balls" and stand up to them regardless. all we can do is what we need to, what they do is something we don't have control over, but we can try to prevent for each other. Stand up for your fellow men (and women too even moreso) Don't think of having testicles as torture, think of them as having courage. You're needed too much for you to be sitting on the sidelines watching, get involved
2. Punk music for some reason has not gotten involved in a way to help us for one reason or another, maybe i'm not up on all punk music i guess though, but never mind the contempt, annoyance or defiance of other punk musicians, go for it. Sex Pistols look to be with us at least. If you are brave, put what you can forward that will help us, if you are thinking of going anti on anything please spend that energy to help others of us who need your help instead, there are many. Have bollocks, don't mind the detractors

Aerosmith - Permanent Vacation
-Have many fond memories of this album. The permanent vacation is the feeling that awaits us after we succeed

Boyz II Men - Cooleyhighharmony, II
-Talented group of guys. i remember hearing a few songs by them but now have two albums of theirs to listen to

Dean Martin - Dino The Essential Dean Martin
-i'm not too up on Dean Martin and know a bit more about Frank Sinatra but will enjoy listening to this album as well

Hole - Live Through This
-Have mentioned this album before and now own it. This was released in 1994, a year or more after Kurt Cobain and Nirvana were taken over, she was saying please live through this, he couldn't

Sinéad O'Connor - Am I Not Your Girl
-Sweet! i'm looking forward to getting to listen to this. Sinéad has had trying times but manages to overcome those obstacles and has put forward some amazing music while at it. wishing her happiness

The Hollywood Studio Orchestra - The Best of Disney
-i think they mean Disney is the best

The Tragically Hip - Day For Night
-Gord Downie has a new solo album coming out, i hope it will be his

Will Smith - Willennium
-This is another album i've been looking for for a long time and have much respect for Will Smith. The song, term of Wild Wild West is of course www, it's ours, make good use of it

Final Fantasy N/S Generation - FF I-IX
-Have always liked Final Fantasy I-VIII but IX might be good as well, after that is when Squaresoft merged with Enix for FF X. Would love to play FF VII again, and not the new remade one that's on the way for the new generation of consoles, they are completely changing it, taking an amazing game and putting Zionist spin on everything in it

Frozen - OST
-What a fun movie this is. Probably one of my favorite Disney films that i've seen so far. Help us send Zion back to Weasel Town, i mean Weselton

Jamiroquai - Travelling Without Moving
-Virtual insanity? Plausable reality

Metallica - ...And Justice For All, Black Album, Reload
-Finally! Some Metallica! i've been looking for these for a long time now and finally found a few. i've been mostly looking for the first 3 albums but these actually look to be okay. The only major concert i've ever been to is a Metallica one, and it was great. So when was it that these guys were taken over? Garage Inc or so? Speaking of which i just threw out said album, Zionist tripe. When i'd like to get Garage Days Re-Re Visited i will get just that one

Oasis - (What's the Story) Morning Glory
-i've been enjoying going to bed at 5:30pm and waking up at 2am which i started doing, much better, it lets me get a start on my day early and get everything up for you before breakfast most days. Also it's just nice to be up in the Morning compared to being up late. Everyone has whichever they like more and this is mine

Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here
-Wish all of you to be here, because we need you

Public Enemy - He Got Game
-Sweet, a newer Public Enemy album, i actually listened to this last night and it's really good. This is the soundtarck to the movie of the title, it's a Spike Lee movie that i've never seen but would like to, and anything that gets more Public Enemy is fine by me

R.E.M. - Up, Reveal
-If, when, Zionist scripting is revealed, it will be their downfall, can you imagine when that happens? How sympathetic will people be of them? not very

Ray Charles - Genius Loves Company
-it's true, musicians are genius', i guess everyone has their thing they're good at but i couldn't put together a song if i tried. Haven't heard a lot of Ray Charles' songs but this looks like a great album

Sarah Harmer - You Were Here
-Have heard a few songs by this artist and really liked them so am sure will like this as well

Shakira - Laundry Service
-Shakira also looks to be a very nice person, am sure she would be nice to know

Sonic Youth - Murray Street
-We need people of all generations on our side, everyone doing what they can from what they're good at

Stone Temple Pilots - Core
-The first album by this band i like, been looking for this one as well

The Beach Boys - Endless Summer
-Dark lyrics put lightly, these guys are great songwriters and are renowned for their topical uplifting music. i know some songs of theirs and now i'll get to know more of them. As for an endless summer, wouldn't it be nice? Now Brian Wilson is older, and he doesn't have to wait

Green Day - Dookie
-After 9/11 these great guys were forced into the album, and track on that album, American Idiot. They don't think very much of us do they? and it hasn't got any better, still there, a little less obvious, but as worse as it's ever been

R.E.M. - Murmur
-Definitely one of my favorite bands and am always happy when i pick up an album of theirs that i didn't have

Ministry - The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Taste
-This is an industrial band that i liked listening to a ways back. As for your mind? Let it be a steel trap, seeing agenda in real time, catching frauds as they try to fool you, and knowing, as is now needed, when someone is being put forward to you as real but are really puppets of Zion

Alicia Keys - As i Am
-Could it be? Another real Alicia Keys album that she was able to get out before being taken over? This album looks amazing and will really enjoy listening to it am sure. As for the title, Alicia has taken to not wearing make-up, or as little as possible, and that is something for her to be commended on. Personally i find a woman with no make-up far more attractive than with it. it must take bravery for a woman to do that. As i am is the best way to be, you don't want to put forward what you are not, be real not what you think is wanted, and that is more attractive to others as well, not to mention easier on you because you're just being yourself. Alicia is being a role model with what she is doing, about embracing real beauty and not having to conform and adhere to what is widely pushed on women of all types. Kudos to Alicia for what she is doing and what she is putting forward to other women

Lilith Fair - A Celebrtation of Women in Music
-This fair was put together by Sarah McLachlan but each artist that contributed is spotlighted on their own merit. it really is quite the showcase of talented women musicians and must have been a great event to see in person. For sure there is only a certain collection of artists here but i think music in general welcomes women and there are many other successful females in the industry. Unfortunately, in the gravest matter, most of these wonderful women are being tortured just like their male counterparts. Stand up and help both the women and the men this is happening to, expose what is being done to them. if you didn't stand up before, now is the time, these great people who have always been there for you now need you to help them

Björk - Debut
-i haven't heard much of her music but this is a good place to start. Looking forward to listening to this album

Sinéad O'Connor - i Do Not Want What i Haven't Got
-Each of us (and whenever i say us i mean us gentiles, they were the ones to divide us so if they want it that way so be it) each of us has at least one person in our lives that means the world to you, a family member, a friend, lover... many times more than one person who you feel this way about. Be happy about having these people and treat them well which i'm sure i don't really need to tell you about, but they sure are nice to have and for you to be able to rely on them. Remember these people, the ones who are yours, and the ones who are ours of others. Unfortunately we are losing ones of others but that's for a different write up, although we are. So treat the people who mean everything to you well, let them know how you feel and help them when you can, because it sure is nice to have someone nice with you in your life

Aladdin - Soundtrack
-A live action version is being made of this movie and am looking forward to it. i spoke about Robin Williams' role in the animated film, and he was there for us

Outkast - Stankonia
-André 3000 and Big Boi are some of the best rappers out there and always enjoy listening to them, the real music not the forced which is a shame to have to even mention but we do. Yet more musicians we love and care about who have fallen prey to the Zionist entity, and that's been going on for a long time

James Blunt - All the Lost Souls
-Only had a look at this so far and am divided on it, some tracks seem alright and some not. However i will go on the assumption for now that this is a real James Blunt album. The main thing am looking at for now is the cover and inlay with photos of many, many people, that's what i hope we can acheive, is to involve everyone in this. There's a spot for each and every one of us to fill, to contribute to with what we can. Remember that

Radiohead - Kid A
-There's been some controversy recently about Radiohead playing shows in Israel and many others don't want them to entertain apartheid. They have been forced into their newest album, Moon Shaped Pool, so maybe they had their options restricted about this. So what songs did they play? Most if not all the Radiohead songs are anti-Zionist anyhow so not sure why Israeli's would want to go to a concert of such... Anyhow i am in the former camp that agrees to not play in Israel, they shouldn't be rewarded for what they are doing. If a group wants to though then go ahead, your choice, we have other avenues to press Israel into respecting and following international law, something that needs to be heeded to by them

Blue Rodeo - Outskirts
-i believe the band's name is about guys showing their stuff, their contributions all there. and about that there's a great song on this album titled Try, and we all must

-An album i like from another band i like

Metric - Live It Out
-Only heard a couple songs by this band but look forward to hearing more. As for living it out, it must be rough for the ones getting tortured, they are not in the position to help themselves so we must help them with all we can do

Weezer - Pinkerton
-Never heard of this Weezer album, it's probably pretty good, looking forward to hearing it. As said, most every band listed here and ones elsewhere are now being forced into Zionist agenda, Weezer included

Sinéad O'Connor - Universal Mother
-i really like this girls music. Now, on the cover of this album and throughout the inlay is the Star of David, i really have no idea why she put it there because it really doesn't match the content of the album from what i see and does not fit with any other music of hers either. Other than that was happy to have found this one by her

Sinéad O'Connor - The Lion and the Cobra
-This woman and i seem kind of like kindred spirits. We both just do our thing and try not to attract too much attention to ourselves (nothing fancy). i look forward to listening to all her albums when i have the opportunity to have them all. As for this album's title and about the cobra it reminds me of a verse from the bible by John the Baptist about the Jews "You snakes! You brood of vipers! How will you escape being condemned to hell?". i've read portions of the bible, but it is something i would like to get into more at some point, just to see

Moby - Play The B Sides
-it's always nice finding a new Moby album, i like his music a lot and he is a nice guy

The Smashing Pumpkins - Adore
-So i've been looking for Metallica but am more than happy to find this album which i have been hoping to find as well. The reason i bring the two up like this is to mention about how sometimes we can be pretty blunt, pretty forward, pretty callous. Metallica didn't make it that far, they got out the albums Kill Em All, Ride the Lightning and Master of Puppets which is a reference to the Zion drug addiction. Oh, and Garage Days Re-Revisited which was a cover album that they later were forced to do Garage Inc. (one of many forced albums) because of. Instead of any other option what happened was they were forced into albums for the rest of their careers and is still going on. With what's been done and is going on we have been kind to them in comparison. We all need to be very callous at times, i am for this, but not for other situations, this is the only exception i have to be like this and most always care very much for all of us, us. You'll find that there are mainstream songs of days past even more blunt than anything Metallica has done, and they are appreciated as we need much of that in out lives to get us through. The mentioned album, Adore, is love. Love doesn't always have to be sweet and mushy, although that does feel nice when it's there. Love can be bravery, love can be an iron will. There is enough space for all of us, however you want to show your love, as long as you do, we need you

Sarah McLachlan - The Freedom Sessions
-This is a live album by Sarah McLachlan and looks like a good one. We need some freedom sessions of our own as well, through grassroots activism, mass information dissemination to fellow citizens or any other way you see fit, as long as you are involved. Freedom means to be free of the chains that bind us, people think they have freedom but have very little, we are a caged experiment under Zion control, there is so much more to life than being that. Sure we have our enjoyments, but only the ones that don't upset the status quo. We need out of this caged life. Freedom from Zion will bring happiness, as we will have a better government, a better monetary system, a better media landscape. A nations not led by the nose for creature comforts, a nations not told insults and sarcasm bring laughter, a nations not trapped in a matrix like energy harvesting loop for the benefit of the ones who decieved their way to the top of all civilization through their banking, media and lies. This is worst in America, but everyone else is on the list of what nation will be next to conquer. America unfortunately has the Federal Reserve (again not federal nor a reserve) and that is the plan for each and every other global power. A world where all the world's money flows to the single coffer at the top, and you won't see any of it. Money that could be going to so many other great purposes, we pay taxes to get things done and that's perfectly fine, it's that (America) is going towards a point where the interest on their debt will soon be unpayable, and then you have slavery to the Zionist entity who collects all your money for themselves. This slavery is the opposite of freedom, and we need this freedom back. Thankfully the Federal Reserve is unconstitutional and can be done away with because of such. Now America just needs a brave President who will do this for the people he/she is governing, to truly bring that freedom to the masses, as well as brave men and women in other nations who will never allow the same to happen to them. Freedom, the opposite of global debt slavery, where we are currently in a cycle of poverty into paying interest on an evergrowing and unpayable amount of money, our money, that people work very hard to get, and who pay taxes like most all of us do. Let's get this money back and spend it so much better, it will go from one end of the spectrum to the other, we just have to make it happen

White Zombie - Supersexy Swingin' Sounds
-Sexiness is something that is a culmination of different aspects of someone, and is different for everyone. Part of it, for me and i'm sure you also, is the non-psysical traits, we all, well most, want someone who is nice in many ways, and that goes a long way. Having both is a bonus as well but not always needed, you want to be with someone who is good to you not only a pretty face. Personally i find beauty in many people, but only want one if i were to be so fortunate as to be able to have someone. However, this is about everyone, because there is a person who can make us happy and there is a person out there for each of us. A nice mix of everything is special to have, and having things in common is a major plus. If you have someone, enjoy them, if you don't, just put yourself out there, if you're looking, you'll meet someone that you would do well with. For me it's hard to look since i'm probably confined to being single for the rest of my life, maybe not but maybe so. A relationship would be something great and is something i'll have to think about. It is so enjoyable to be in the company of a really nice person

Blade Runner - Vangelis Soundtrack
-The movie is based on the book my Philip K. Dick, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep. And the book is very good, recommended. i have been a bit weary on the movie, but have decided to enjoy it. As a film it is brilliantly directed by Ridley Scott and the setting is still breathtaking today. i have always really liked this movie and was saddened to think it was by the opposition, thankfully it is not looking like such

Gun's N' Roses - Lies
-This is a great album that i listened to when it was first released, and years after as well. it's half live, half studio and is really great, am happy to be able to listen to this again

Orbital - Self Titled
-This is going to be a global effort, which nation wants to start?

Alice In Chains - Jar of Flies
-We are the flies in their vasoline, and cannot allow them to operate

Stereo MC's - Connected
-Have this album already but this one has a bonus track, Don't Let Up. And we must not. Can't nobody stop the jews? i hope that's not true. We have one course, there are differences along the way but all have the same desired outcome, which we need to stay on path about. There is no other way if we are to be happy and well, everything has led to where we are so we'd best not mess it up, this is our time, after so so long of wanting to be here, we are, so let's continue

Aphex Twin - Selected Ambient Works Volume II
-i am more familiar with their later work but do like both the group and ambient music to go to bed to so picked this up

The Chemical Brothers - Dig Your Own Hole
-Which is what they are doing. If anyone has any information about the real perpetrators of some global terror events, put it forward, don't let them get away with what they are doing. Zion is in constant work with what they are doing against us, it's so much wrongs, the least we can do is to expose who is behind these to honor the victims

Lady Gaga - The Fame
-Stefani Germanotta has had it rough with Israeli scripting, don't get me wrong, they all have, but they sure have made a specatacle of her. There isn't even anything on this album that is anti-Zion, they took her anyway

Dirty Vegas - Self Titled
-Thumbin' your way to Vegas, dirty, dreamin' of the other side -inxs. i also dream of a bright future, for all of us

The Notorious B.I.G. - Ready To Die
-Picked this up even though i'm not a fan of some of the things he talks about, because i like Sean Combs and want to see what he's into and what his life was like back then, i am more a fan of modern day Bad Boy but do like the 90's era of their music, 90's in general is my favorite times for music. As for being ready to die, all of us in this need to take that into account, it's not about jumping at the chance to die but realizing that it can happen. None of us can allow or tolerate it being done to us and ones we know so need to show what's being done when it happens, and it does happen. Whether it be to someone famous or not famous, expose it, it is another nail in their coffin and can be chalked up in it's entirety or as close as we can get when it's about the wrongs they have done to us, and there are many

Basement Jaxx - Rooty
-A song i like by Basement Jaxx, which isn't on this album, is called Red Alert, check the video on youtube. it's about continuing on in life while the purge is going on, there are quite a few songs like this that have been made over the years, it even kind of has it's own sub group. This is a good one too. Ain't nothin' goin on but history, don't worry, don't panic

Hilary Duff - Self Titled
-This is something i feel about all musicians, the same can be said for actors, actresses, people on tv... you get the idea. When i like someone for who they are, when they are nice, polite, kind, honest, it makes me like their music and such much more, i like it because i like them and support what they do. This is how i feel about Hilary Duff, i'm familiar with her music, and like her tracks, this is the first album i buy of hers though, but have seen interviews with her and she is so sweet. Her music also happens to be great from the songs i've heard and will like hearing her albums in completion (except the ones forced on her)

Michael Bublé - Christmas
-i have three Christmas albums, this one, one by Mariah Carey, and one by Sarah McLachlan. The reason i picked these up is because i like Christmas, it's a holiday of ours and for us all in this. Since i'm buying music i wanted to have some festive albums to play around that time. It really is a special time and we can all enjoy it so much

Duran Duran - Self Titled
-Had this album a long time ago and always liked it, will be nice to hear this again

The Lion King - Original Broadway Cast Recording
-Disney, i love you and i hardly know you, so far. in the last couple days i have picked up about 50 movies of yours on vhs, today i bought the vcr. i am prepared to be amazed, and that is not an overstatement, i already know these are going to be something special, something wonderful, i feel like i completely missed out on what you've been doing, and now am looking to make that better and catch up on everything missed
edit: Have watched half a dozen movies of yours and definitely AM amazed, the only thing i wish was that i knew you were good earlier and didn't say anything bad about you at Disney. You fulfill my dreams and am something i've always wanted. There are other good media companies of course, and give a salute to them as well, however you are something on your own and cannot compare you to anyone else. i suggest to any current or future parents to make Disney a major part of your life, along with documentaries and truth about what's going on to the world, we need more John Connors from Terminator 2, raising leaders and members of the resisitance. The opposition tries to brainwash our children, we need to counteract that, for starters, and i've always said, don't watch what the Zionist entity is doing, you watch you lose, and most definitely do not allow your kids to watch them either, at least you can see what they're doing but the ones you're raising can't quite yet, teach them from the start about all of this, and pass on to them what is ours and what is not among the many many other lessons from you to yours

The Eagles - Hotel California
-There's been so much talk about what the Eagles are singing about in Hotel California, from what i've read of the lyrics it's about a concentration camp. That's what i think Hotel California is about

R.E.M. - Life's Rich Pageant
-The first 18 years or so we are guided by our parents, maybe teachers, on how to make decisions for when they are not around. After that it's mostly all up to ourselves on the decisions we make, where to continue schooling, where to work, who to allow to be close to and trust. These choices also determine future choices, by trial and error we learn what is positive and not, when you have some sort of other factor in there it may also affect your decisions. So here we are, 7 billion of us, all going about our own lives, accomplishing our own goals, and intertwining with other people who most likely share similar likes and passions. Now, in comes the greed of a few, doing what they can to make money off of all these people, you and i. The good part is taxes, i like taxes, they pay to keep our police force paid for their excellent service, to keep our roads safe, our children taught and keep our hospitals and staff paid for with various health care systems. That's all well and good, except when it comes to what that money is being spent on, as it doesn't all go to police, hospitals and schools. Much of what the global problem is, is foreign aid, aid to israel foremost, and they do get a lot (more than 3 billion a year from the United States, their main supplier of such aid) who then goes and spends it on military hardware to accost their neighbours with guns and bombs, making enimies of those who supplied them with those guns and bombs, the U.S.A.. That's one part of it, the more global part, for now. What the major problem is you'd figure Israel, small as it is wouldn't hold much power, but what's happened is many and many more Jews have come to the United States as immigrants in times past, looking not so much to help their new host but to take it over in a way that the original Americans would not know or suspect. Okay, got that. The plot to overthrow America and make it their own, it's slave to make them money while they sit back and think up ways to silence those who oppose them is the Federal Reserve (neither federal or a reserve, that was just the name they called it to make it seem like it was both). So we work, we work our butts off, and with that money pay mortgages, bills, shopping, entertainment and any other number of expenses, all well? No. On those are the afformentioned taxes, which yes are normally fine, problem is the government who allocates these funds to pay for services for us also has to keep paying the federal reserve more and more money as interest on money owed through loans the, in actuality a bank, has loaned to the United States government. So they have it sitting pretty, they do squat except spend the money swindled from us, at the loss of every American in their own nation. And if anyone gets close to ending this scheme... but it must be done, one way or another. So enjoy your life, the spending money you are happy to receive and the pittance you can spend, but just as some people become police officers, and others become ambulance drivers, there are people who will take your, our side and make it better for the others who are not in a position to do so. If you can be a hero, be one, if you need to take care of family take care of them, as mentioned there are a hell of a lot of us, so make better all that you can, in your personal life and in the lives of others, but we have to deal with this long standing problem the federal reserve first, let's do this as soon as possible and don't let up until we succeed

Sarah Mclachlan - Rarities, B-Sides and Other Stuff, Mirrorball
-Two more great albums by this songstress. was really hoping to find these and did. i have fond memories of the Rarities one and am very happy that Mirrorball is a live album and not some pro-disco one. Disco, there was cocaine, dancing and fun times to be had, if you're into the junk of the first one. Then came crack, no more fun times, for the users or their victims

R.E.M. - Out Of Time
-Have been putting off buying this album because of Losing My Religion, i do really like R.E.M., and really that's okay though, they've put in their lives and many years of effort, which were not wasted in the least, am a real fan of these guys and the songs they make. As for this album i hope and think that there will be many great ones on here as well

Norah Jones - Not Too Late
-Own two other albums from Norah Jones, i haven't really gotten into them yet but am looking forward to. The last video i saw of hers shows that she has been taken. Again, it's great people this is happening to, we must save them and as soon as possible

Lauryn Hill - The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill
-Okay, so this album received great reviews, i haven't heard it just yet but noticed a song called To Zion and read the lyrics, it doesn't seem to be about the Protocols, but even Zionism otherwise is the formation of an Israeli state on Palestinian land, so either way i'm not sure why she would be pro such. Maybe Lauren Hill was unter some Zion miseducation. There are also songs like Every Ghetto, Every City, when most ghettos people talk about are the Jewish ones of days past. Overall i'm not in a hurry to listen to this one, but will just to see what it's intentions are

Technotronic - Pump Up The Jam
-Your turn to pump up the jam, and keep it going

INXS - Kick
-Loved this album very much a long time ago, a lot of great songs on here and i look forward to hearing them again. i think we have the new sensation doing pretty well, it's not the same as the previous one, just the good parts

Sean Paul - The Trinity
-Was asked the other day what my favorite types of music are, so my answer, which is of course something i've thought about before, is adult contemporary and rap, two that might sound totally different but that's my two favorite genres. The types of songs i like, from other styles too, are the powerful ones, ones that leave you amazed at the bravery and talent of the artist. Now for this album there is the track We Be Burnin', How much better can you get? What more could you ask? Similarilly there are other artists songs such as Queen's Another One Bites the Dust, not something i'd listen to on repeat or anything but it's there. Now, after that track there was the Weird Al Yankovic version Another One Rides the Bus (the torture bus) on their way to the Love Shack, see, they do it to, only now they are threatening us through our own musicians, well they've been doing that for a while actually. So we have the music that's been made by us and for us, we have their advice, and solace in hard times. Now the music is gone though, taken over every one pretty much, if you can get a real track out there do go for it, it will be one real one in a myriad of fake ones. As for The Trinity, an album i like so much this is the second one i bought, the price was right so i figured to have an extra

Kylie Minogue - Fever
-Our anger of them is like a fever, and rightfully so. They have taken everything we hold dear and care about and ruined it for their own wants, we are just vessels to them, the suppliers of their "fun" times, well it's not fun for us, but they won't take no for an answer. You have songs like Britney Spears' forced Israeli mantra Gimme More, where at the end they say "You're gonna have to remove me, cause i ain't goin nowhere" well... sounds like we have a lot of work ahead of us

Mary J. Blige - What's the 411, My Life
-It's good girls like Mary J. that are getting taken, just so Israel can get to her listeners, not because of any songs of hers. They make fun of her and enjoy it, a sweet girl like this being forced into singing Israeli lyrics for no other reason than to fool her beloved audience

Ciara - Goodies
-You know, not about this album, but about Ciara, it's gotten really terrible. Now it is the norm to hear forced "music" more than real music, i use quotations to say that this only counts as a testament to what has been done to them, it is not by their doing so doesn't make it a real album, just the voice of someone being tortured into doing such

Soundgarden - Badmotorfinger
-Then in 2001 parts of Soundgarden and Rage Against the Machine were forced to become Israel's Audioslave

Sarah McLachlan - Fumbling Towards Ecstasy
-i know i bought this one before, but the condition wasn't so great so wanted to find a better copy. This one is. As said, i could listen to these first three albums of hers most all the nights and always enjoy them very much

Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory
-The 2000 debut album for this band, have liked their music and am happy to have this to listen to. In the end it does matter though, i know it's not exactly what they were saying but is something to comment about. The human condition is our starting point, what we take for granted, personally i'm still amazed at how far we as humans (and before that!) have made it. But it needs to be where we build and have as our starting point when considering rules for us to follow, it is completely up to us, majority rules. This is a reason why torture cannot be tolerated, it is the antithisis of doing good, it is intolerable, not just in the feeling of the victim but cannot be allowed to be done to others. Israel even refers to torture with their own flag, the human star and the two ongoing horizontal lines. Jumping Jack Flash. But yes, a starting point taking into account everything we have accomplished, all the wonderful things we are doing and all the goodness we will do in the future. Right now we are being taken by some crooks who want the money that we are providing them, as we try to stand up for ourselves the pressure and threaten us with physical harm, but we stil need to stand against them regardless of these threats and actions of theirs. It's all for the money, our money. So, in the end what matters is us, our feelings and well being, our safety and the safety of the ones we love, we have these feelings and can't help them, torture must be something intolerable, not allowed in any way, murder is less than torture, once they are gone they do not feel any pain. Silent Night. Something else is about the menatlity of those who are harming us in their elaborate heist is that they are enjoying what they are doing, to the musicians, in false flag terror attacks and every other wrong they commit against us, they sometimes say they just want to be left alone yet they continue with all of what got our ire in the first place, and while what they're doing has evolved, for the worse mind you, they expect to be allowed to continue with all that? They must not be allowed, and they must be stopped by us since they are not doing so on their own. So, the human condition is the base for everything we do, some people take it for granted or don't think about it but do think about it, it makes the good things we do wonderful and the horrors comminted against us all the more despicable. We are fragile, any little thing can be fatal to us, the Zionist entity exploits that and our other weakness'. Our thought process should be marvelled at and helped to excel not being worked against by the ones who want to steady their cash flow. What we are doing and must do is for all of us, as it is all of us who are being harmed. Help each of us, yourself, your loved ones, strangers, and future generations who will hopefully be able to live in a Zion free world, that will also be something to marvel at

Sarah McLachlan - Afterglow
-Wow, i've listened to Sarah McLachlans first three albums so far and gotta say i could go to bed with those three albums every night and be a very happy man. i won't do that but they are just so damn good. Seriously they (she) completely amaze me. i still have some albums of hers to pick up as i find them but if they are as good as the others that would be something special, i won't hold her to it, Mirrorball looks like it will be another good one though. i remember listeng to her music from the first album on, singles, that was a long time ago and am just now rediscovering her music. Talented is an understatement

Tegan and Sara - Heartthrob
-Unfortunately there have been many anti-songs by these two, even ones on this album although there are a couple nice ones. i think they've come around but right when they did they were taken over, a real album but forced videos and as such forced albums in their future. i still will try to help both of them of course and hope that you help them and the others in any way you can as well

The Black Crowes - By Your Side
-and i am by yours

R.E.M. - Eponymous, New Adventures in Hi-Fi
-It's new adventures on the internet, be a part

Sarah McLachlan - Solace, Fumbling Towards Ecstasy, Surfacing
-About time i picked up some albums from this fantastic woman. She has some amazing songs from the ones i've heard, is the founder of Lilith Fair, and does charity work whenever she is able. Looking forward to listening to all of her music as i purchase them

Gun's N' Roses - Use Your Illusion I & II
-Which illusion they want us to use is up in the air for me at the moment, i've actually listened to both of these albums very many times when i was younger. But are these forced or not? There are anti songs somewhat but over-all they seem solid. Also i don't think Zion would have included the song Live and Let Die

John Mellencamp - The Best That I Could Do
-Don't worry, you did damn good friend

Dido - No Angel, Life For Rent
-i don't know that many songs by Dido but figured to give her a listen

Pearl Jam - Riot Act
-A fan

Evanescence - Fallen
-This group is very talented and i've liked the songs i've heard from them, was hoping to find this to pick up

Jennifer Lopez - On The 6
-Speaking of talented... (and they all are, i have so much respect and admiration for musicians) Jennifer Lopez deserves all the fame she has received, a very hard working multi-talented woman. Now being forced to sing bs songs as are so many others

Beastie Boys - Licensed To Ill
-Had this one on cassette when it was just released. Didn't know they were Jewish at the time but know now. Even with that they made many songs for us, on our side, many, not all though. What might be best since i have most of their albums with a few to go is to make a mix of their best songs and leave the chaff. Even through all of this and their often flip-flopping on sides i will still stand by the Beastie Boys, i just wish they were more certain of their position

Bryan Adams - On A Day Like Today
-Please, someone come forward about the forced Israeli scripting of musicians, on a day like today

112 - Room 112
-Getting rid of room 101, by any means neccessary

Bryan Adams - Waking Up the Neighbours
-There's a pretty good compilation of contacts listed, go with those, add your own, and get started

Kanye West - The College Dropout
-Kanye looks like a good guy, i like him and i like a lot of songs on this album which i'm happy to now have. it's got to be kind of rough being Kanye right now, not just being in the spotlight but having to churn out Israeli song after song, who many are having to do. As for being a college dropout the album after this one is Late Registration, which is good of him to do because for the most part you need to have a good education to get a good job and make decent pay. Kim Kardashian and Kanye are a nice couple, i hope through all this they are happy with each other and stay together for a long time, up to them i know but they do seem to fit nicely

Jay-Z - The Blueprint
-Am still not too familiar with Jay-Z but have heard many good things about this album, will listen to it soon

INXS - Welcome To Wherever You Are
-Listened to this album a fair amount when it was first released, and am a fan of INXS in general

50 Cent - Get Rich or Die Tryin'
-i like 50 Cent, don't always agree with some things he raps about but that goes with the territory of living in a hard situation. He's living better now, although still as it rough in a few ways... As for getting rich or dying trying to, money is great and helps make life easier but isn't the be all and end all, you can be poor and be happy or be rich and miserable, so it's finding a nice balance or just working on yourself and being content with what you have and are earning. Not everyone can become a rich successful rapper so have other goals in addition to those if that's your thing. As mentioned before being a college dropout usually isn't a good idea or plan. Anyway i'm not going to get all into this as you are the person with the judgement of what's good in your own life, just don't make money your one and only goal, just do something you love. i wish 50 Cent good times, not shitty times as is being forced upon him, have seen interviews with him and he really is a nice guy. Best to him

AC/DC - Live
-i've seen my share of death, in real life and in multimedia. it's something i've both grown intolerent of while at the same time desensitized to. To have both is kind of odd, but for instance i can't stand seeing on the news of people murdered, robbed or harmed in any way, it's very disheartening. However i am okay with the death penalty. Death to me can be in certain times acceptable, it's torture that is not. Murder thus is a way to stop said torture, a death penalty of the guilty who have brought their others down with them by ruining life on Earth for all the others who are here trying to do well for themselves, their family and freinds. Seeing so much death it actually makes you appreciate life more, to realize that we are fragile, any little thing can end our time here. The opposotion takes advantage of this, using our fragility against us, threatening us and our loved ones and anyone who tries to stop what they're doing. As said i have become very empathetic to losses of ours, we are losing lives to them around the world. Good people of ours, and that's not even the torture, which is one, not all, but one of the main reasons we need to do a global cleansing of the ones responsible and the ones who are being taken down with them, as unfortunate as it is. There are times to be callous, and we're getting to that spot right now. Remmember our plight, whenever you see them lie, cheat, steal, kill and torture us, then don't watch them any more, because you will already know what they are doing and the only thing we can do in retaliation to them. They don't think you will be brave enough to stop them, to do what we need to do, so they continue what they are doing, until they are stopped by all of us and this time is something to look back on as part of our history, something to mourn, but also something we can celebrate

Stereo MC's - Connected
-This album is one i am so looking forward to listening to, the song connected is one of my favorites from my teenage years and this will be the first time i hear all the tracks. As for topic, this is something all of us need to do in tantem, one person can't do very much alone and this is something that needs all of us, join in or keep going. One major point would be the contact list, actually talk to these people and entities about what you want to bring up, about what's going on, about what you want done. i actually have contacted most, or very very many, of those people, seriously, and now it's your turn. This is a global effort, keep time zones in mind and get going with it. Become politically active, moreso even, start marches, sign petitions, whatever you feel you can do to help with what we're doing, topics of your choice too of course as there are so many things to make better. There are also issues that are part of this but can be dealt with seperately, media reform, the federal reserve, take your pick and it will help. Be smart, strong, and brave, there's so much that needs doing and we are all depending on you and us together

Rage Against the Machine - Self Titled
-To start off here is a good synopsis of the story behind the cover of this album. What i want to say about this is that we need as many brave people as we can get, people willing to put their own safety and well being on the line for the sake of others. Be a martyr if you need to be because you are needed. A good Rage Against the Machine song to get you ready might be Renegades of Funk, yes, be a renegade, help shape history while helping people of us who need it. Ironically Rage Against The Machine are in need of your help as well as they have been taken over, along with Public Enemy and Cypress Hill, to form "Prophets of Rage". There's a lot more in the same situation who need you as well. Put your life aside for others, try to stay as safe as you can while doing it but sometimes you need to take risks. If you save one of us you have accounted for your life, try to save many of us (from them, or otherwise). We must help those in music, but around the globe we are losing many lives, through false flag terrorist attacks and government policy as war is big business for the banks and their owners. So be a renegade, on your own or as a group, the media, for the most part, is in their hands, but we have the internet, make the most of it, get together in protests, or get together online, just get together and make the changes we all want and need. It seems insurmountable but we can make all this happen. for real, and for our happiness, once we get through this rough spot, and we will get through it, we must

Sean Paul - The Trinity
-i've listened to this album quite a bit before and it's one of my favorites, so am happy to actually own this now. Sean Paul looks to be a nice guy, someone who would be nice to chum around with. This was his third album, completing the trinity of real albums he was able to do before being forced into the later ones. Forced Israeli scripting isn't something completely new, it's been going on for years, now it's almost all music. Sean Paul is strong, so are many of the others, but that didn't stop him, or the others, from being tortured. So when you compare what's being done and what we need to do about it, the end does justify the means, as we need to end torture in any way we possibly can. They do this to us and then hide behind human sheilds, giving us no other way to deal with them, as unfortunate as it is. To end torture is one of our main goals, but there is so much they have ruined that we now need to get in there and correct

Justin Timberlake - Justified
-We are on the receiving end of Zionist harm, we have been backed into a corner with no other option, we are justified

Public Enemy - It Takes a Natin of Millions to Hold Us Back, Apocalypse 91: The Enemy Strikes Black
-In the George Orwell book 1984 the public enemy is denounced, ridiculed and targeted by television in what is referred to as the two minute hate, something which is still present in today's Zionist media

Sean Paul - Dutty Rock
-The Zionist entity has ruined music about 'rock' and roll, rock being a slang term for crack. Rock this, rock that, all over the radio. Trying to sway addicted people into picking more up. i've seen what this does to people and it's really too bad, and you have said radio promoting it

Adele - 21
-i like this woman and look forward to this album

John Mellencamp - Human Wheels
-Together we are a force to be reckoned with. Able to change this world towards how we want it to be, for the better. TV for the most part (most not all) is a thorn in our sides, holding us back, threatening us, misinforming us, doing everything they can to keep us from taking definitive action against them, the very ones who are putting forward that junk in the first place. Turn off the television more often than not, or at least have zero tolerance for Zionist agenda programs. It would be nice to be care free and live happily without having to worry about this, but we'll have to hold off on that while we deal with this problem first

Franz Ferdinand - Self Titled
-This is the debut album by this group and it sure looks good. After this there is the song 'the fallen', one of the few music videos that shows the band after, or in the midst of, being tortured. Other musicians would look similar after such, if it were shown. The only other video like this, that i know of, would have to be 'give it to me' by Timbaland, Nelly Furtado and Justin Timberlake. As always about torture, it's already going on, and is up to us to stop it

Garbage - Self Titled
-This band is pretty cool, glad to have this album and listen to it. After the bus bombing in London on July 7 2005 The Late Show with David Letterman put their studio backdrop to black and red, it was really brave that and everything else they were doing. This one episode of those there was Jeff Goldblum, who used the interview to try and insult David Letterman. That was also i believe the episode where Garbage performed their song Bleed Like Me. i've since looked for info on this airing and episode but haven't found much, this is an important show because it was the last or near last episode that was real, that was really David Letterman before his being 'taken over'. i have since my teenage years been a huge fan of him and the Late Show, and is terrible to have seen this happening to him. i am happy that it looks like he's escaped from this, but for many many others this is still going on

Fugees - The Score
-No this is not a drug referrence. This album is very well respected, i've only heard it a few times but now will listen to it again

Frank Sinatra - My Way, The Best Of
-A great album of Frank Sinatra standards. My Dad chose the song 'My Way' to get married to my Mom with, yeah, i know, am not overly pleased with most of what my Dad did either. i did have to grow up being raised by him, so was pretty fucked up for quite a while because of such, half genetics, half learned behavior. Anyway it took a long time for me to get out of that way of being, even though i started and lived life after my Dad for a bit i am so happy to have turned into my Mom, an angel on Earth, i love my Mom and miss her very much. My Dad has passed as well, and i am so glad i am no longer like him in any way. It took a lot of time, learning and self discovery to be the person i am now, which isn't too shabby, i just wish i hadn't been such a screw up for my earlier life. Onwards and upwards, for all of us

Aerosmith - Nine Lives
-Have always been a fan of Aerosmith, this is a more recent album of theirs but will give it a listen. My favorite Aerosmith song has got to be Dream On, a great song then and it still is now. We're part way where we want to be, we've got the message out there and a lot of knowledge has been put to the public, there is still a lot to do though, a lot to do, to do

Mariah Carey - Self Titled, Emotions, Daydream
-There are many great things to say about Mariah Carey, i know right now the talk is about lip syncing, but i saw that too and there wasn't a lot of background vocals, just cues. it did seem like she wasn't getting the feedback she was supposed to have. Anyhow about lip syncing, it's terrible all in all. If i want to watch a singer sing i want her/him to sing, not dance around or do acrobatics instead. i'd rather have someone stutter cough and stumble singing than to have them pretend to sing in general. Don't be too hard on Mariah, many singers are doing the same, i just hope they stop lip syncing and be happy and real with what they are putting forward

R.E.M. - Accelerate
-Well we sure do have to get our asses in gear

The Breakfast Club - Soundtrack
-Great movie, if you think you're alone you'll find out you are not alone, that we have differences but can come together on fundemental issues and feel happy that we make a friend who we didn't know would be one. We share some of the same problems but we need to know that we also share many of the same goals and desires and that we can work together on those problems

Annie Lennox - Diva
-Looking forward to listening to this album as i really like Annie Lennox and will be nice to hear the music that is from her

Michael Bublé - It's Time
-The time is now, it's been our time for a while and we've been letting it slip away as they take more musicians and try to control more of the governemnt and media all the while holding their grasp on our financial institutions. We're doing well but could be doing a lot more, always. i do what i can, sometimes more sometimes less, but that shouldn't be the full concern, i'm waiting on baited breath for you to get in there and do your thing, whatever your part is we need you to do it. From all walks of life we can each do our part, and when we do it will be an amazing feat of human resistance against the ones who are trying to be masters to us their slaves. It's time? it sure is, don't fall behind because they don't stop, so we must not stop either. Help however you can and keep at it

Van Halen - 1984, 5150
-The Book 1984 is where the torture room, number 101, originated. it's been used as that threat for a while now, 101 dalmations, alvin and the chipmunks, and anywhere they can find a spot to put that number with that meaning. The font on the back of the Van Halen album 1984 is in digital, as in a computer putting an end to their racket. You can see this in an Apple ad from 1984, the one where the athelete hurls a sledgehammer at a large screen of Big Brother, another reference to the book, also about computers ending what they've been doing, exposing it and being instrumental in us organizing ourselves against the Zionist entity, the entity that was mentioned in the book 1984 as the Jewish protaganist, someone George Orwell thought might have been the start of this, well, it did start all right, and that time is, again, ours right now, so don't let our one chance slip away

Bryan Adams - Unplugged
-Am a fan of Bryan Adams. MTV? Not so much. Either way am sure to enjoy this album, unless MTV had their hands in it's production and called the shots on the tracklisting and other details. i wouldn't put MTV above doing that, anything i see of theirs i avoid, except this album i guess, do hope it's good though

Blue Rodeo - Nowhere To Here
-There are some bands i just pick up every album i can of theirs, Blue Rodeo are one of them. Haven't heard this album yet but will listen to it soon

Lionel Richie - The Definitive Collection
-Am not completely familiar with Lionel Richie, a few songs here and there, figure this would be a good start

Sting - The Best Of 1984-1994 Fields Of Gold
-Music. Our music that is, could be referred to as fields of gold. Now it's all garbage (most of it, some new songs do make it out but they are few and far between). They are getting sneakier than they used to be with albums and music videos, but any artist that has been taken over is still taken over, any "real sounding" song by a comprimised musician is just a ruse, they are still theirs. Musicians, make gold, stay on topic, if you've been taken, get the word out any way you can

Blue Rodeo - Lost Together
-These guys are amazing musicians and thoroughly enjoy their music, they never made it mainstream so much but are worth checking out if you haven't

Ginuwine - The Bachelor
-i love sexy songs, and this is a nice album of them

Mariah Carey - #1's
-Women in music are under such pressure to be perfect (and sexy) that it can be a real problem. Self acceptance is something that should be mandatory

Meat Loaf - Bat Out Of Hell
-When i was about 14 i tried hitch-hiking and remember this album playing during one of the rides, it's a great album

P. Diddy and the Bad Boy Family - The Saga Continues...
-This looks like a good album. i donated the Zionist version of the B.I.G. biography movie Notorious as it glamorizes the drug crack. i bet if Diddy himself really had a hand in this movie it would have been done differently

Rage Against the Machine - The Battle of Los Angeles
-Guerrilla Radio no longer in effect, radio was good at some point, but it sure as hell isn't now. Ratm even deal with that fact in the song Vietnow

Adele - 19
-i haven't heard many songs by Adele but am very happy to have picked this up so i can. She looks like a great woman as well

Sade - Lovers Rock
-Not rock lovers

Bryan Adams - Reckless
-Looking forward to listening to this album also. As for being reckless, you need some foundation, but have to throw caution to the wind sometimes

Bon Jovi - Bounce
-Bon Jovi were able to release a real new album recently, This House is Not for Sale, the first single, Labor of Love had a video that's theirs, but then were taken over for Come on Up to Our House, which means the rest of the videos for this album are not going to be Bon Jovi's and neither will their future albums

Peter Gabriel - Up
-Now being forced to sing "i'm amazing", well, as mentioned before he is pretty damn good, but that's not the point when he's getting forced to do it

The Killers - Hot Fuss
-Musician Lights asks who will drive her soul, a lot of people would Lights, a lot of people would

Van Halen - Live: Right Here, Right Now
-Right here, right now

Moby - Songs 1993-1998
-Nice, a Moby album i've never heard of, will enjoy listening to this

Peter Gabriel - So, Us
-Since we are what we experience, i listened to this album (Us) quite a bit when i was younger and it helped shape me i'm sure. It really is a wonderful album and i recommend it fully, was happy to find this and So will be listened to quite a bit as well

Mya - Moodring
-Figure i'll give this album a try as there are a few songs i already like on it

Seal - Self Titled
-No we're never gonna survive, unless, we get a little crazy (and a whole lot of brave)

Green Day - Warning
-Forced to call American's idiots... that's about the album after this one, which is when the Israeli scripting started with this group and is still going on. As for the major development this week, the electing of Donald Trump as President of the United States, don't be so hard on American voters, Trump promised jobs and strictness of policy, two things among many that are very understandable about the public wanting

Will Smith - Big Willie Style
-Have always been a big fan of Will Smith, since the first albums on cassette and still up to what i've heard of now. This album is especially nice but like them all. Have watched Fresh Prince of Bel Air a lot and that was always good to the movies he's been in. This is one stand up guy, hope he's doing well and continues to be

Moby - 18
-This is the second mainstream album from Moby as far as i know, the first album, Play, is one i immensely enjoy and hope this one is good as well

Radiohead - OK Computer
-Does the title mean "Ok computer, let's do this", or that all each of us need is an ok computer? Either way i'm happy to have finally found this album

Johnny Cash - Johnny Cash's America
-This guy looks pretty great, it will be nice listening to his songs

Willie Nelson - Best Of
-Georgia On My Mind is a song about all of our songs

Nelly - Nellyville
-Second album by Nelly, he sure did well with his first one and look forward to this, should be good

Jay-Z - The Blueprint 2, The Gift and the Curse
-Have never been too familiar with Jay-Z, i've known of him but haven't heard a lot of his music. Bought this and the dvd Fade To Black and will enjoy watching and listening to them i'm sure

Rise Against - Siren Song of the Counter Culture
-Always liked these guys. Whenever i think of counter culture i think of the magazine Adbusters, which i also really like. Haven't seen an issue of theirs in a while though so hope they are still doing well. This isn't about them though, i havn't heard this album in full so will enjoy doing so soon. As for counter culture again, there's something that's been bothering me to no end and i might as well mention it here, a mild complaint it is i guess but wanted to voice this. Actors playing real people in commercials (not talking about cnn at this moment although they have them too) but where they show testimonals and in some cases it says at the bottom of the screen real people not actors and they are real people acting in those cases. This is terrible, trying to pull a fast one on the public who are watching, sometimes these are from companies i like too which makes it all the worse. There are always signs that give it away in one manner or another, camera angles, bad acting and a whole lot of other gives, i can't stand it. Let this be the end of that, it's annoying as anything and i'm pretty sure a lot of people see though it anyhow, if not then have a look for yourself. Well that's one counter culture issue that i'm glad to put forward, again it's really bothersome so show it then end it. As for Rise Against, wishing you continued success. "There's a reason, there's a reason, to give it all"

My Chemical Romance - Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge
-Have been wanting to hear this album for a long time so now i finally get to. As for revenge it's not the oppositions to be had, they have always been the instigators and we reacting to what they have been doing to us

The Black Crowes - Amorica
-Haven't heard this album but like the band so will give it a listen

Pink Floyd - The Dark Side of the Moon
-This is the quintessential anti-Zionist album. it was released in 1973 and has since then been a beacon of hope for the movement, showing how wonderfully the topic can be breached. Since it's release it was on the billboard top 200 charts until 1988, and rightfully so. This, for good and for not, has also been mentioned and referenced often in music and other mediums, it's that good and has served us for many many years. They were able to release two albums after this one, before being taken over with the forced album The Wall and then onwards with more of those since then. The Dark Side of the Moon deserves not only a spot in your music library if you haven't listened to it before, even if you have it is sort of a bible for us and worth listening to on a very regular basis. Given the chance i'd like to listen to their other albums and will pick them up when possible, but this album is where to start, both musically and in action

Mobb Deep - The Infamous
-If i'm going to listen to gangster rap once in a while i'll try to pick some groups that have righteous lyrics given the genre. These guys are good linguists, i've heard them on other tracks and they are really skilled. This album was very well received and am going to give it a listen even though i don't promote crime in any medium, or at least try not to so will see what's going on with this. This album is from 1995 and they have toned down a bit since 2000 or so, changing times account for the change in mood am sure. As for me i like a lot of different types of music, this being one of them, if it's good music i'll enjoy listening to it regardless of the genre. Could be listening to Sade just as easy as i could Rage Against the Machine or this album itself. Maybe it's nice to live vicariously through others whether it be in music, movies, books or any other source. i can listen to this album and have no intention of replicating any of the actions given, i guess all of us do that in one way or another. Again, Mobb Deep have skills, and am half worried and half excited to hear this album, hopefully it will be more of the latter

Public Enemy - Fear of a Black Planet
-Public Enemy has always had a strong message, minus the Prophets of Rage fiasco that's currently going on. Two of the most conscious bands ever forced to push Israeli agenda, something they (and others) have been working against their entire careers. Much of my teen years i loved listening to this group and believe that has helped shape myself and my opinions as well as encouraging open minded thought, we all get it from somewhere and i do think Public Enemy has had a huge impact on my early life and to now. i bet for one thing they are happy to see a black President in office, and a great one at that! Race relations in America are doing alright except for some police brutality on one side and ensuing riots on the other, i wish Public Enemy was really around to give their thoughts on this because it's a rough situation, Rage Against the Machine is equally nullified as per earlier mention. It can be tough growing up black am sure, different sets of rules apply as imposed by society, lower quality schools in projects, increased scrutiny, harder to get jobs, the list goes on. It's reasons like these that guide some paths to go in the wrong direction. i do believe it's getting better though. As with the Northern Territories that have and still do face these types of challenges, the governments have apologized and are in the midst of improving their situation, the same can hopefully be said for what is going on in America and that their situation is being made better as well. There are not a lot of groups like Public Enemy, not exactly, and i wish they were still making music, them. The Prophets of Rage thing is an insult to thinking people who listen to any of those bands. i am about to write about the first Notorious B.I.G. album i bought, Life After Death, and want to say here that i understand about singing what you know and what you've experienced but i'm really not that much into pure "gangster rap", it's powerful music but think it is a bit counter-productive to forming minds and changing opinions about black culture. Let me also say that i think Sean Combs has uplifting music and is kind of the opposite of B.I.G., so i'm not sure how the two of them ended up as good friends, which they did, but have two very different styles. Yes though, "gangster rap" i believe does hurt public opinion towards that black culture. it will always be there of course, as a sub section of rap, and even i have and will listen to some of it depending but i think there needs to be a fundemental shift slightly away from it or to adopt a different attitude. As for Public Enemy, they have never as far as i know went that route, and am and always have been a fan. Let's help them, ratm and the others out of this Prophets of Rage junk they are being forced to perform, if a group of people can do this it's definitely all of the fans together of these still very revelent, if they weren't having to do this, groups

The Notorious B.I.G. - Life After Death
-i like Sean Combs, so am going to give B.I.G. some time to listen to. i'm worried with a song called Ten Crack Commandments, anyone who knows me knows how much harm i know this drug to do, which i blogged about earlier so will not expand on this topic here. i guess B.I.G. had a hard life and this was his way to get reputation and money before rapping but am still not a fan of anything to do with the named drug, crack. However again, i will give the album a listen, maybe like some songs more than others, but wanted to give this a try. So much so that i also bought the blu-ray of Notorious, the 2009 movie. It's said to be co-produced with Sean Combs so i sure hope it's good and am kind of going on that. Again, if there's some songs i don't like on this album, i'll just skip by those and listen to the ones i do. All in all i'm glad to have this album and will be very happy giving it a try as i'm not right now too familiar with B.I.G. himself. If you would call gangster rap a microcosm of a past era you would probably be right, there is more empathy now and some of this leaves a bad taste, but it sure was a thing in the 90's. Something to look back on. The situation unfortunately though has largely remained the same, with the problems being faced in urban areas and the daily struggle by many just to get by and being good doesn't always produce results. All of these obstacles can be worked on and i hope we can realize the best paths of action to take to help the underprivileged and make things better for as many of those in that situation as possible

Beastie Boys - To the 5 Boroughs
-First off and again, these great guys have been on our side for a long time. i have also been listening to them since Licence to Ill was released. But this album is very much in the present, or at least pretty new. This morning i also bought Ill Communication and Check your Head, two of their albums i haven't listened to in entirety but am really looking forward to. There are musicians you can listen to on repeat and for me the Beastie Boys are, and will be moreso, among them

Stone Temple Pilots - No. 4
-Looks good and i like the band, am sure this will get a lot of play from me

Mary J. Blige - No More Drama
-Laying the train tracks

Van Morrison - Moondance
-Have always loved this album, every track a winner. Am sure to fall asleep to this many nights and have good dreams

Soundgarden - Down on the Upside
-Yet another group i'd like to have all the albums of

The Black Crowes - The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion
-Had this a long time ago and it's a solid album

Nelly - Country Grammar
-Something i like in music is confidence, and Nelly has a lot of that, don't worry a lot of people have it as well, but it really comes across more sometimes. One of my favorite tracks is Ride Wit Me, except the whole money thing as i am missing that part. Well i guess i also don't smoke L's either, but you get the point and i still love that song. He has a lot of great tracks and would like to buy Nellyville at some point too

Would just like to say here that i inadvertantly slighted R.E.M. and The Tragically Hip, or at least it might come across as such. For R.E.M. don't worry about not putting forth on the meaning of Orange Crush, it's totally understandable and you didn't really have the option to do anything else about it. For The Tragically Hip i still love the song Ahead by a Century and completely know the meaning of and behind the song, it's actually a pretty amazing track. About both of these bands, they are easily becoming two of my favorite groups and i listen to them more than many other albums i have. i am really enjoying buying music and think that it makes you appreciate the albums more, although spending $10 plus for a new Israeli scripted one has got to be a downer. Up to you on how to navigate new music, maybe just read the lyrics before you buy the album. Speaking of such, it's not only new music affected, this has been going on for years just not as bad as it is now. As always, this topic is the main priority

Mary J Blige - The Breakthrough
-This woman deserves a good life, if she's not living it now then i hope she will be. Get ready to help

Santana - Supernatural
-This album is pretty amazing, i've only heard it a few times but has some great songs i really like on it. Happy to have this

Sade - The Best Of
-Love songs can of course be very beautiful, and one of the best female singers of them is Sade. Turn on some of her music with your guy or girl for a nice night

Mya - Self Titled
-This is Mya's first album, am not too familiar with this one but like the artist so will enjoy this am sure

R.E.M. - Green
-My R.E.M. collection is going well. i like the group a lot, one thing though is they don't stand up about their song Orange Crush, saying that the lyrics don't make sense, they know they do. Orange (and light blue) are the designated colors for Israel, well light blue for Israel, orange for Jews in particular. Also having a spine is meant to be courageous. Anyhow that's the song, and it's a really good one

112 - Self Titled
-i like 112 a lot from what i've heard, and this is their first album, i look forward to listening to this. Have always been a fan of 2pac (Tupac), but after getting to know more of the situation of the time i think Tupac went the wrong direction, and i'm siding with the group that make the Bad Boy label instead. Their music is a lot more uplifting as well. i'll miss listening to Tupac, maybe an unrelated song or two once in a while, but figure i'll stick with Bad Boy instead and happily

Elvis - #1's
-Here are some explanations of Elvis songs if so desired
Heartbreak Hotel - This song has been credited to a suicide note printed in the Miami Herald, but i know exactly what suicide is being mentioned here. We're at a different spot right now but there are similarities
Hound Dog - it's not about any of us
Jailhouse Rock - Referencing America
Return to Sender - About the upcoming expulsion, which is better for them than the alternative

Prince - The Very Best Of
-It was sad to say goodbye to Prince, what a great guy, looked like a lot of fun to be around. He died from an accidental overdose of fentanyl, a drug more potent than heroin meant for pain relief. He unfortunately was forced into Breakfast Can Wait, did this have something to do with what happened?

Bon Jovi - Cross Road
-Have been looking for this album, am a fan

Queen - Classic
-The shoah must go on

The Tragically Hip - In Violet Light
-Happy to have another Tragically Hip album, wishing Gordon Downie the very best, he will be remembered

Pearl Jam - Lost Dogs
-Have never heard this album before but like the band

Soundgarden - Superunknown
-i grew up when grunge was starting and like a lot of these groups very much

Alice In Chains - Dirt
-The singer of this band also died of an overdose, he had been struggling with drug addiction and it ended up taking his life. Although this album can be somewhat depressing it is a very good listen

Beastie Boys - Paul's Boutique
-These guys are not only awesome themselves but are also on our side. This is their second album and they are said to have been ahead of their time with this one. i haven't heard much of it but look forward to. RIP Adam Yauch, miss you

Puff Daddy and the Family - No Way Out
-This album was released after Notorious B.I.G. was killed, i'm not overly familiar with him but there's a few tracks on here with his vocals so will check that out. Again i really like everyone on the Bad Boy label and hope the forced Israeli scripting they are being made to put forward gets ended sooner rather than later

R.E.M. - Document
-i have a feeling the doument being referred to is the Protocols

Weezer - The Green Album
-This album has one of my favorite songs on it, Island in the Sun, and i agree

The Smashing Pumpkins - Gish
-Their first album, looks pretty good, i like this band a lot also, although any of these albums i buy are from musicians i like very much. Now it's our turn to help them

Rage Against The Machine - Renegades
-Say jam sucker, jam sucker
Say groove sucker, groove sucker
Say dance sucker, dance sucker
Now move sucker, move sucker

Mary J Blige - Share My World
-Mary J has had it rough at times, and she puts a lot out through her music. She is very respected by others and from me for what i know of her. How horrible if she has been taken over, that's happening though and she might be a victim of this also. i really hope she is okay, but the way it's going she probably isn't. Someone, some people, need to come forward about this, it will be the nail in the coffin for the perpetrators

Alicia Keys - Songs In A Minor, The Diary of Alicia Keys
-This girl is great and really talented, the piano looks like a hard instrument to learn and she has the voice and lyrics to go with it. Unfortunately she's been taken. Unfortunately most of the musicians i mention have been taken. Added to a list of good people being forced into putting forth Israeli bullshit

Blue Rodeo - Five Day in July
-Was hoping to find this album, it's been one of my favorites and although kind of sad at times remains one i really like

Weezer - Self Titled
-The first album by Weezer, i haven't heard a lot of songs by them but liked what i did. Taken

Pearl Jam - Vs
-Contrary to the album title of their forced album Live on Ten Legs, they actually have a lot of good albums, i heard this one a long time ago and enjoyed it very much. Have also been taken. Lets get what they're doing known and dealt with

2Pac - All Eyez On Me
-The Dallas shooting targeting police officers was just the other day, 5 members of law enforcement were killed. The shooter, identified as Micah Xavier Johnson, has been killed as well. i will speak of this as is being told and leave my suspicians aside for now, unless more information is released in some way down the line. As is we have a terrible situation where good men were shot by sniper rifle while they were trying to keep everything going okay at a black lives matter rally. Black lives do matter, and is understandable that people are upset to say the least at the killing of two black men who were shot by officers earlier in the week. Police men's and women's lives matter also, and any wrong doing by such should be looked at as well and action taken if needed. Some people are against the police but i appreciate them to keep all of us safe, now and in the future. As for Tupac, i don't think of him as a "gangster" rapper, he has a tattoo that says Thug Life on him but he really didn't live like that and had a good set of morals on him. He wasn't fake either though, he's seen a lot and that's what he talks about. i miss him, and don't know how it would have turned out otherwise if he didn't get shot, but the way it was going was inevitable. After his departure from Death Row Records, he also had problems with Diddy, B.I.G. and others which is too bad and wish had been better, however, the album All Eyez is probably the best rap album in history, if not then it's at least my favorite, which is why i bought it new today and is worth every penny. Unfortunately there was a documentary titled Tupac Resurrection by MTV which has no interest in Tupac and put it together for their own means. But he himself sure was something, and will live on through what he put forward

Aaliyah - Self Titled
-This is the final album Aaliyah was able to release before she died in a plane crash shortly after 9/11. She was very talented and will be deeply missed by many

The Tragically Hip - Trouble at the Henhouse
-To add to what i was saying in an ealier post i am super glad to have been able to buy these albums and have started listening to them, some again, some new to me, and am enjoying them very, very much

R.E.M. - Automatic for the people
-This album has many great tracks, some of my favorites are Drive and Everybody Hurts, the latter, well both really, can being very comforting

Pearl Jam - Ten
-This is the aforementioned album Ten, Pearl Jam's first album. i listened to this a lot when it was first released and still has some of my favorite songs

Bon Jovi - Keep the Faith
-Would like to also buy the album Crossroads which is a Bon Jovi best of. However Keep the Faith is good on it's own as well

Stone Temple Pilots - Purple
-This is the band's second studio album and is a good one from what i remember

Seal - IV
-Am really not too familiar with Seal but have heard some of his songs and liked them so decided to pick this up

The Tragically Hip - Fully Completely, Music @ Work
-i thought for sure these would be hard to find given that Gordon Downie recently announced he has terminal brain cancer, who i hope is coming to terms with that and thoughts go to him, friends and family. The final tour is something nice of them to do and am sure it will be an amazing time for everyone who gets to see them. Am happy to have a few great albums of theirs as i'm sure are many music lovers around the world

U2 - The Best Of 1980-1990, The Best Of 1990-2000 & B-Sides
-Lots of great tracks here, although i've listened to U2 throughout my life im not as familiar with them as much as i should be so this will be a nice start

Motley Crue - Live: Entertainment or Death
-We are a motley crew. Put together by fate and circumstance in a battle we didn't want and didn't choose but have been thrust into regardless, now we must get through this or lose everything. As for the album, have liked this group for a long time and this will be nice to listen to

Rage Against the Machine - Evil Empire
-First Rage against the Machine album i found and bought. Ratm disbanded in 2003 or so, maybe trying to get out before being taken over, but they have been found and have it happening as we speak, they have been put into a "supergroup" with Chuck D. of Public Enemy and B-Real of Cypress Hill. This doesn't look on the up and up though. The group will be titled Prophets of Rage, otherwise known as Profits of Rage, which is similar to the taken Metallica album Garage Inc. If this album is real it would be a surprise, unfortunately it doesn't look like it will be

Propellerheads - Decks and Drums and Rock and Roll
-Looks like a good group, i like the song History Repeating featuring Shirley Bassey so figured to give the rest of the album a listen

Coldplay - Parachutes
-Am a fan and have a couple of their other albums so was nice to get this one

Radiohead - The Bends
-Was so happy to find this album as there are many Radiohead albums i'd like to get into. There's a song on this one called Street Spirit (fade out) that is one of my favorite songs, and video. The video shows a boy being attacked by a chained rottweiler in what looks to be a situation of what's happening in Palestine, i guess except that in actuality the chain is not there

Norah Jones - Come Away With Me
-The good way, not the way people in the entertainment industry get taken away and made to be subserviant because of physical harm

The Black Crowes - Shake Your Money Maker
-The first track on this album is titled Twice as Hard (as it was the first time i said goodbye) and that's to say the least

Mase - Harlem World
-There's no limit to the amount of respect that need to be given to Diddy and the Bad Boy label, they have been on top of this as much as anybody and are some of the nicest guys you'll ever meet (from what i've seen). They have been taken though. And now they along with many other's in the music industry need your help. Please do what you can

Leonard Cohen - The Future
-Leonard Cohen is a good guy, and is on our side. i listened to this album often when i was younger, my mom even gave me a book of his lyrics and some poems. In 1988 he released an album titled I'm Your Man, it's just hard to do so with an album only every year or so. There was an album after this of covers by many great musicians titled I'm Your Fan, very nice. But if you're not familiar with Leonard Cohen, at least listen to this album, or look up the lyrics. The whole album is great but one of my favorite terms of his, a song to describe what we need, is Closing Time. Best wishes to Leonard Cohen, thank you for everything you've done for us

The Tragically Hip - Up To Here
-Have you had it up to here? Me too

The Tragically Hip - Road Apples
-Happy to have picked up this album, again am a fan of the band

R.E.M. - Monster
-This album comes in a bright orange case and i look forward to listening to it. What i will talk about here though is the Metallica documentary Some Kind of Monster, forced on the band around the time of the black album of same origins. So instead of anything near noble they torture the band into album after album of Israeli themed songs. Now you might say Metallica was pretty brutal, and they were, but what about Alicia Keys who sang r&b love songs? Tortured into Empire State of Mind, a love song from Israel to New York. As always it's full albums, not just songs. What about Lady Gaga? Her album The Fame had nothing to do with Israel or Israeli's and still got forced into "The Fame Monster". So who is the monster in actuality? Ask those being tortured, the worst and lowest thing that can be done. At least we have some humanity when it comes to dealing with the problem we have

Norah Jones - Feels Like Home
-We're doing pretty good, but we still have a long way to go

Sheryl Crow - Tuesday Night Music Club
-No one said it would be easy. And it's not. This is the biggest problem we've ever faced as a people, we've got problems down the line for us to deal with, but we need to fix this spot we're in that is not our doing right now

James Blunt - Back To Bedlam
-this is a great album from what i've heard so far, and the song Wisemen is one of my favorites. There's also a song called No Bravery, which i found dubbed to a youtube video about Palestine, and i do think this song is about such. How great is that, a song about Palestine on a mainstream album, very cool and would be nice to see more of this

Cure - Wish
-i wish for the cure as well

Enigma - MCMXC a.d.
-Wanted to pick up some instrumental music for the background sometimes, thought this would be a nice one. They are a German group and this was their first album, have heard good things about them

Shania Twain - Up
-As mentioned am a fan of Shania Twain and was able to pick up this album, which i haven't heard yet but look forward to, today. With the spot we're in right now up would be a nice place to get, but it will take a lot of effort on our part. Also, and it's too bad to have to say, but there are even worse times ahead for us until things get better. i hope we make it through as i fear a world where we don't

Bryan Adams - So Far So Good
-Love songs for lovers. Have been a Bryan Adams fan for a long time and he's doing more than good so far and hope he continues to do so

Shania Twain - The Woman in Me
-i have great memories of listening to Shania Twain albums on repeat. Like her a lot

Sheryl Crow - Self Titled
-Am not too familiar with this album but do like Sheryl Crow. One song i like in particular is Good is Good, from the album wildflower. It might sound easy enough, but it pretty much is most of the time. What i would like to talk about is the question does the end justify the means. Well, if the means is good, positive, and the outcome is good then yes, of course. But is a bad means okay for a good outcome? In the situation we're in if you have no other choice then i suppose you have to, it's such as protecting ourselves and have to respond in any way we can. i need to mention that torture is never an available means and must be the main problem that needs to be stopped by any means. So does the end justify the means is a question that must be answered by each of us, you see what's going on and realize we must take action against those who are seeking harm to us

Pearl Jam - Live on Two Legs
-Looks like a good album, i have another live album of theirs, not retail, because i heard Pearl Jam is okay with concert recordings. While looking this album up though i found a later album Live on Ten Legs, now i haven't listened to that one, and am not familiar with all the tracks the title seems to be mocking the band for "getting by" on the success on the album Ten. Many Israeli scripted albums and such do this, make fun of (and it's nowhere near fun for them) a musician

Savage Garden - Self Titled
-Listened to this a few years ago and always liked it

The Tragically Hip - Self Titled
-Am more familiar with Road Apples and Fully Completely but thought to pick this album up

Moby - Play
-This is a great album from a very cool guy, used to have this album when it was newly released and always liked it

Coldplay - Mylo Xyloto
-i have my doubts about this album but picked it up anyway to give it a chance. Coldplay is a great band of course i just worry that this isn't theirs. Looked up some songs lyrics and there's a chance it could be alright but will wait til i hear the album before deciding. There is a song though, called Us Against the World, who could sing those lyrics? It's not Coldplay against the world, it's also not even us against the world, only one faction could say this. As far as i'm concerned Coldplay have been taken over since the video for Talk, from the X&Y album, the album's fine, but once in a while a band gets out a good album and the song single choice and later videos are not the musicians doing. i wish someone who this is being done to would somehow get the message out there about what is going on, this should really be a priority. So if you're ever wondering what to talk about (or sing about) this should be the topic

Decided to make $1 the default price paid per album instead of listing it, the reason i did was to encourage you to do the same and find treasures of your own

Tupac did have some gangster rap, moreso later in his life, but most of the time the lyrics weren't about that and were thoughtful and uplifting

Coldplay - A Rush of Blood to the Head
-i believe the title track is about someone getting shot in the head, as is the cover and title of the aforementioned Dark Side of the Moon. Really looking forward to listening to Coldplay's different albums and was happy to pick this one up

Coldplay - X&Y ($1)
-i've always liked Coldplay and this is the first album of theirs that i was able to buy. i think the song speed of sound is about the protocols

In Time - The Best of R.E.M. 1988-2003 ($1)
-They previously had the album Out of Time, this release from 2003 is In Time. i also plan to buy all the other R.E.M. albums as found

Metallica - Garage Inc ($1)
-This album is bullshit, well most of it anyhow, it's a newer (forced) album based on Garage Days re-revisited. Metallica has been taken over since and including And Justice for All. So out of this album i made a mix of just the good songs from the second disc along with Die, Die My Darling from the first one which i like but am weary about since mixed with the other tracks (update: i'm claiming this song for us)

No Doubt - Tragic Kingdom ($1)
-Nice album, lots of good songs. Unfortunately Gwen's solo career has been forced from the start

OutKast - Speakerboxxx - The Love Below ($1)
-These guys are great, super talented and i like all their singles, am sure the tracks i haven't heard yet from this album are amazing too

Red Hot Chili Peppers - One Hot Minute ($1)
-Am a huge RHCP fan, probably my favorite band or right up there in the top 5. They have a fun time with their music and can bring up tough topics as well. Blood Sugar Sex Magic is, after much previous thought, my favorite album, and i plan to buy it as soon as possible

The Smashing Pumpkins - Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness ($1)
-i used to listen to this a ways back when it was first released, very nice album

Rage Against the Machine - Live at the Grand Olympic Auditorium (dvd)
-i have the dvd of this, thought it would be okay to have it in mp3 form as well to bring with me. What can be said about RATM? i'd say they are the originals but as they said in their song Renegades of Funk there were renegades throughout time. And they are those as well. We're here guys, miss your songs but of course plan to buy all your albums as well

Tupac - Live at the House of Blues 1996 (dvd)
-Also have this on dvd and again figured it would be okay to have the mp3's. How fucking cool is Tupac, damn. And he didn't sing gangster rap despite what might be thought. No drugs, no lyrics about murder etc etc.. there's a place for all that but it wasn't for Tupac. Wow

Tupac - Legacy (book)
-This is an interview with Tupac, it's a cd from the book Legacy which is also very cool

Concerts, these are from musicians who are okay with their concerts being listened to

Pearl Jam 1994-04-03, Fox Theater, Atlanta, Georgia, USA (free)
-i was into grunge a lot in high school and liked Pearl Jam a lot

Radiohead 2012-04-14 Coachella 2012 (free)
-From what i've heard so far Radiohead is pretty talented, one of my favorite songs is Street Spirit (fade out) but there are many others and is another group that i plan to buy all of their cds

R.E.M. 2005 Millennium Stadium, Cardiff (free)
-Another band that's cool with concert recordings, should be a good show

The Smashing Pumpkins 2007-06-19 (free)
-Great band, very talented

Am looking forward to listening to all these, the ones i've heard and ones i haven't yet