Of Stage and Screen

     Films and tv shows are a major part of all of our lives i feel is safe to say, especially with streaming so prevelent now and forward. i for one grew up an avid consumer of video media and have many favourite movies and shows, and here will be a spot to talk about them as i of course have picked up in time a decent amount of them

Jackass Forever
-i specifically bought this as it would have been, forever, until seeing it in a thrift shop and really really wanted to watch it. This could go either way, it will be an amazing show of humor and bravery, or a spectacle of pain against the Jackass guys, i of course hope very much it is the former. These stunts are not something i will be doing any time soon so i'll leave it to these fellows. i must say they do look like they're having a great time while doing this, danger and all. This isn't something for most people to be doing but they sure can all enjoy watching them do such. i look very much up to these guys, i admire them, and live vicariously through them in this and their doings as it's not something i will be attempting myself either. So a well deserved round of applause here, i don't know what is in the future for all these of great courage involved but i do hope it is smooth sailing for them and their lives, whether they continue doing more like this, or retire, or get into some other interesting ventures, whatever they decide to do i wish them good times

Scary Movie 1-4
-This is a set of comedies based on horror movies that looks funny and on the up and up. Comedy shows and movies are much of the time rife with Zionist intentions, and the good ones are fewer than the not. i believe comedy tv shows and movies contribute to the downfall of humanity, socially that is. There is a difference in making fun of something as opposed to making fun of someone, and when it is about someone the person on the other end of that is sad and upset. Zionist media wants people to be rude to each other as it spreads unhappiness which furthers consumption, happy people spend less. Humor is not as funny if someone is on the detrimental receiving end of it. Everyone going around being sarcastic and insulting to each other resulting in each persons low self esteem, anger and a cycle of more negativity towards what should be fellow citizens and friends, let alone someone in a relationship. Insult humor has no place in real life and i denounce it's promotion in shows and movies. The reason there are laugh tracks in sitcoms is becuase it makes something seem funny, even and especially if not, so you have viewers, those who consume these shows, thinking that insulting another person will be seen as humorous when it is the opposite. Pesonally i can't stand laugh tracks, they insult your intellegence with the ploy that it is. Some of ours have those but at least the jokes are better, saying this as not to denounce good shows of ours but yes laugh tracks are a demeaning trick. Positive behaviour isn't as funny but you don't have to be mean to make a joke, i'd much rather be a nice person than a funny one if i had to choose. You don't have to choose though, a sense of humor can be alive and well without being rude or insulting, and much funnier at that. Remember there's no audience cheering your insolence, only the person at the brunt of your behaviour who feels upset and saddened by your disrespectful comments. If you are on the receiving end of some negativity go by the saying water off a duck's back, don't let it phase you, stand up for yourself depending on the situation but try not to be bothered, rudeness is an undesirable quality. And just as you are adverse to being ridiculed treat others to the same pleasentness you would want and expect. You don't always have to be polite, you can be assertive if required, so don't let people step on you just because you are being nice, just deal with the situation as best you can and try to make it better the most feasible way possible. Other than that, be kind to each other when warranted

-This movie is one i really enjoyed when watched it before. Personally, and i hope you'll feel the same, i would rather a movie have low budget special effects and by us than a high budget one against us. Right now many of the popular movies are super-hero ones, either Marvel or DC, both are theirs. While we used to have many movies of ours, comparitively to now, they are currently sparce, at least the main releases. This may be a good time to bring up the Bond movies, ones where the budgets were not exorbitant but fun as anything and by/for us albeit some parts being not completely politically correct by current standards but still, judge the goodness as a whole. The other reason i bring this up is becuase after 24 great movies there is No Time to Die, which is a movie that was taken over similar to the way musicians have been. So if you are looking to get into the Bond movies there is a fantastic collection of all but the last Daniel Craig one, which is the crap one anyhow, and now that that has happened to the franchise it means future Bond movies will be corruptly produced as well. The first 24 though? Worth your time, i am still making my way through the full set back from the beginning after watching all of those Daniel Craig ones but am enjoying them immensely. Budget does not define a movie, intention does. Sometimes we get both budget and good intentions and those are deservedly celebrated, i also encourage reviewers to let their audience know when a movie is by the opposition and with negative meanings, in some way or another of your choice and doing. You don't have to say this movie is Zionist, you can convey your message about it's agenda, if not even that then find some other way to phrase it but do

-Have always liked this genre of movie. There's the good, Roku's Most Dangerous Game, the bad but tolerable, The Running Man and other not made into a movie book The Long Walk, and then Netflix's The Squid Game. If something is done by Netflix it's automatically Zionist trash, even when incorporating good people. In The Squid Game i noticed a promo where the contestants had the PlayStation buttons on their masks, the square, triangle, x, circle. As a warning to keep playing videogames and neglect what's needed to be done. There are other media of this type of story, and are always, well not always as said, great iterations of such. i wonder how far we are from that in real life? If we are all in a global challenge already and bringing down Zion is the goal, then there is a great scoreboard ready for you to be part of, one where everybody, participants and much more importantly every citizen, wins. Risk your life for the grand task of saving all of ours, that is the prize you seek, and as you look you will see what is needed, go towards those objectives

Apocalypse Now
-i have a friend who this is one of his favourite movies so picked this up for either he or i but he already has the blu ray so this goes to me who i don't have the blu ray of this movie. This is by Francis Ford Coppola who i am on the fence about but did like this movie when seen before. There is the original movie here plus the redux, which is more than three hours long, but i like that, it gives you more time to get invested in the story and characters, but i guess it depends on the type of movie as an hour and a half is sometimes just right, no time is right for Zionist movies

The Ward
-A movie by John Carpenter, someone who i want to like that directed some favourites of mine, They Live, The Thing, In the Mouth of Madness.. There were others i'm not so sure about but maybe there's a reason for his doing that don't involve him being a member of the opposition. i'm interested to see how this movie goes, it's from 2010 and will be nice to see what John has to say about things, i must mention though that am going in skeptical of his agenda but truly hoping for the best. Now i don't know if i would have picked this up if i had noticed that it stars Amber Heard, a very precarious situation between her and Johnny Depp who am a fan of, from what i've seen through the court case is fault on both of them unfortunately, i would sum it up as a toxic relationship from both ends that should not have continued after the first altercation or so, instead resulting in a downward spiral that only got worse, again for both of them. There are happy relationships for everyone, you just have to find someone similar to you with good values and build on that, you can do well in your passive or active search. Me? I cannot be in a relationship, but that is something i will adhere to, in return i will be doing this for you. i have been single for many years now and while it would be nice this is more important for me. If you have someone great in your romantic life, enjoy, do well, and have fun together, maybe make it serious if not already, depending on the situation of course. Love is a divine feeling, and i wish it for all of you

Lord of the Flies
-Great movie based on a book by Sir William Golding, Gold* eh? Anyhow i like this movie regardless until a new watching perhaps. The plot here is about a group of military cadets are in a plane crash and wind up on a deserted island and have to fend for themselves, resulting in their formation of two tribes that end up going to war with each other. The book was very much applauded and the movie is similarily produced by Castle Rock Entertainment which after looking up is revealed to be a Warner Bros subsidiary formed by Rob Reiner (although i like some of his credits) and such, damn, i'll still give this a watch though. With Zion there are more subtleties as opposed to bells and whistles, most of the time but not always. Normally you just need to figure out a director/writer/media company once and you know from then on, it's just that first time to gauge by. That's why having multiple lists of these with explanation is helpful to others, or at least a part of conversation about them

A Nightmare on Elm Street 1-4
-i think Freddy Krueger is supposed to be Jewish, and i'm talking classic Freddy not the new bullshit one, but the Freddy i grew up with liking. This was so good Tim Burton made the movie Edward Scissorhands to try and put those in good light. i have grown up with what turned out to be many Zionist influences, i even used to watch Seinfeld, go figure, so i hope this set of movies, and the rest of the what i hope are good ones of these, are by and for us. Oh the goodness of finding goodness, and the hope that something you like turns out to be such, when it is cherish it, as i will with these movies if they are

Sci-Fi Triple Feature – Dark Breed/Steel Frontier/Alien Intruder
-i don't believe i have ever been insulting to the opposition, harsh sometimes maybe but truthful and sincere. Often Jews are portrayed as an alien entity, and for all intensive purposes they act and think like one, albeit while not actually being such, this is a metaphor. A plain insult is plain insulting, what is also bothersome is sarcasm and insults made in an attempt to be funny, while some people adhere to the allowance to do so it's just not my thing to partake in although i do find some of that funny if in the right context, it depends, i would suggest you do not partake in being rude but be okay with certain people's sense of humour if it's done in a way you are alright with, it really is up to everyone's taste just know what the intention of the “joke” is and it's intended purpose. While i discontinue watching television shows that are insulting to me or us i recommend you do the same, they come after us in different ways but all against our goodness, efforts, and accomplishments. As said i do not entertain their negative agenda and you and yours are also and moreso the target of their ill intended propaganda. They fancy themselves as gods and super-humans, so we should be able to attribute them as aliens not of our own kind, as human they should be looking out for us but instead seek to enslave us as aliens are forewarned to try, so it's not a lost parallel. If some of us want to create or put forward media using that comparison that is fine by me, i would appreciate it even, and still do not equate that as being insulting. There is place for all of our well needed doings, and as long as you are doing the best good you can for our side it is appreciated greatly by everyone you help whether it be informing, organizing or taking action. Stay on the best route possible, one effort or many, for your own ability and you have much

Sherlock Holmes – The Complete Granada Television Series
-This looks to be quite good, i don't have a lot to go on with this series in particular but by glancing at the episode titles it could be alright, you can just kind of know sometimes or at least give you an idea about it's allegiance. If it is good this is a pretty nice set to have. We have spoken about keeping on top of orchestrated news events, and this would be another place to suggest you do so. Be like a detective without pay, do it to topple the organizations/entities responsible for doing/putting forward said instances. If you see an inconsistancy or something just doesn't jive well look into it and see what else you can find about that, then mention what you think/find online in any myriad of ways, the world is yours to be a part of, make great strides. There are many concocted news stories so you are not at a loss of what to investigate into. Let your friends know what you find, whether they are friends you know personally or friends you have never met, there are many on your side, as it is our side. If a huge news story gets debunked it will make people double-think about what they are told going forward, and there will be re-thinking of stories past. It's like what's going on with the music industry, if one musician lets it be known what's being done it brings into question every modern song/album. Same goes with the exposure of a fabricated news event. Be your own Sherlock Holmes, and put what you find forward in any and every substancial way you can

Rage Against the Machine – Live
-There is one song in particular by RatM that always made me doubt their being on our side or not, it is Killing in the Name Of. “Fuck you i won't do what you tell me”. However i will let the rest of their music speak for itself and enjoy this group fully. The mention seemed to me like a mention of WWII's only following orders statement. Well don't do it because you were told do it because you want to and believe in the cause. Now, regardless of the topic in this song i will repurpose it to the current situation of Russian soldiers going to war against Ukraine, a war the Russian soldiers don't want to be in or part of. If all Russian troops lay down their arms there will be no continuation of the offensive there. We can hope but we can also make action to help that along

The Addams Family Animated Movie
-This movie looks really fun. To start with my apprehensions, two people, Bette Midler and Matt Lieberman, the first because well Bette Midler, the second is the Jewish name Lieberman as responsible for the story, could be good though you never know, i will give it a try. Now, the good parts, the back of the cover has the family there with lightning in the background, they didn't have to add that for any reason, it's there though, that's a good sign. The rest of the voice cast names seem to check out also. Again i will give this 2020 movie a watch as the progress we make is doing very well and it shows up in our media, and it would be nice if this is included in that, would be

Dungeons & Dragons The Animated Series Complete
-Was so happy to find this as it is a series i watched avidly when younger. Is it ours? i hope so! i do question the d&d universe though, in this series the villain is named Venger, and he is wearing red and black, however Venger starts with a V, something normally reserved for the opposition due to it being part of the Star of David. In addition to that Venger sounds like revenge or vengeance, as in that's something Venger is trying. This really could go either way but am still crossing my fingers that this is alright

He-Man / She-Ra : The Secret of the Sword
-Here's a series i do not doubt, again the Iron Cross is right on the front of his armour. A symbol that has been removed from him in later incarnations such as in the netflix version for example. Now i am not as familiar with She-Ra, it was He-Man figures for me as a youth, but she seems a bit of a She-Wolf if i may say. There is a lot of room for the fairer sex in this, and we need all the help we can get, each doing what you are capable of and that is also a lot. This particular dvd is the first five episodes of She-Ra's introduction, if you feel up to the task introduce yourself in this world as a warrior for goodness with a heart of gold, or a heart of shadows, whichever you like, maybe a bit of both. The opposition treats our men and women the same in their mistreatment of, so we need to treat their sexes the same, which in reality for our doings will still be better than their actions against us. She-Ra is the Princess of Power, and you can attain that title as well, Princesses

Metallica – S&M (Symphony & Metallica)/Cunning Stunts
-These were pretty sweet to find, i bet it's going to be great seeing them with a full orchestra and the other concert looks fantastic as well. it's a shame we won't be getting any new Metallica as they have been taken over as of Hardwired To Self-Destruct. Speaking of orchestrated, cunning stunts is all Zionist news is, events made to happen just so they can report on it to suit their agenda, then with actual doings they put their own spin on it to fit what they want to disseminate. Either way they aren't there for you like our news institutions are. While Metallica's cunning stunts are not about this that is an apt description of what we're speaking of. If it weren't for acted and or perpetrated events there wouldn't be as much to talk about, besides they make happen what they want to “report” on. And these events many times make it to reputable news outlets as they kind of have to report on these goings on. There are many reasons for them to be doing this, and none of them good. So it is up to us to do some detective work to debunk these false occurrences, putting what we find and notice online or to real news entities of ours, even to emergency services of the town involved as aid for them to find the truth. In regards to news, faked or real, the media will do their best, them their best to fool you, ours our best to inform you. And when an event happens be on top of it, for yourself and hopefully those you communicate with regarding such

-While i am hesitant with Tim Burton, this movie is alright from what i remember, have seen it a few times and believe the first theatre movie i went to alone was one of his, it was either Batman or this one, been awhile. All the actors in this are very fun, Geena Davis is apperantly a Mensa member which is quite cool, Michael Keaton is always great and the all others are nice to have along as well. It will be fun to revisit this movie am sure, maybe a departure from his other films which even though are certainly not for us are also not against us as most that are made by the opposition fully are

-”A modern day Western hero” is how the lead character in this series is described, and i can relate to this, maybe as someone coming from farming when they go to a big city, i sometimes feel like a cowboy, consistantly amazed at all we have accomplished, it truly is spectacular whe you think about it, and many people take it for granted, not me, and it's a wonderful way to live and see the world and our place in it and the universe. You don't really need to be a cowboy to see things that way, but appreciate how far we have made it, and that's only so far we have a long way to go hopefully if we don't blow ourselves up in a nuclear war first (let's not do that). i was secluded my whole youth by my father, which probably contributed to the way i feel seeing society in wonder, either way while my younger years were no good because of him i am happy with my worldview which was an unintended side effect. Now, justified, a term for doing something for a good cause in relation to something of ill effect, as in we are justified in taking definitive action against the practitioners of the protocols, we have good reason to do so, such as self-defese being justified, according to the law you cannot claim self-defense if you are the one aggitating the situation, so Zion is not acting in that manner, they are the originating aggresors and continue what they are doing against us at their own risk while knowing what they are doing is wrong and that we will retaliate to a great degree eventually when everyone is made aware of the issues. When you look at what is going on it's easy to see we are justified in what we are doing against their actions against us

Johnny Dangerously
-The only type of mob movie i would want to watch anymore would be a comedy one like this. i have developed quite a distaste for negative behavior which is often glorified in mob movies, and if it's unsavoury in a movie it's even more so in real life. Horror movies are something i like though so do see the reasoning in escapism, with mob movies though it is more realistic feeling than those. In general am not a fan of crime in any way, from small scale to large and find the best paths to take are honourable ones. Now at one point i did like mob movies, maybe you still do, and it's a choice for everyone on whatever you want to watch, i have just become hyper sensitized to actions like that. You may ask, well what about the mass purge you are wanting, isn't that negative behaviour? And it is unfortunate indeed, something we do not want or seek out, it is however something we have no choice over if we want to survive the rest of eternity out of an oppressors grasp which is and is leading to so much strife and agony in an unparalleled manner and a way no other faction is doing. What we have no choice in the matter of completing is something necessary, so we are going to have to endure the time it takes to do so. Life can be rough, not everyone subscribes to the hallowed way of being, but don't let that discourage you, just be on the lookout and avoid those people and instances as best you can. Let your conscience guide you, and when that purge is going on think about not only how nice things will be without the self imposed opposition against us but what they did to put themselves in that situation

-Now, this movie is Zionist and based on a Zionist book by Stephen King, it is about Jews going berzerk after being made fun of, i would like to speak about this. What we are doing is reactionary to what is being done against us, we are talking about and dealing with the situation, if they were leaving us alone there would be no issue with them, that is not the case unfortunately. Carrie was ostrasized and picked on by her mother and classmates, the reason that would be in reality is if Carrie tortured, murdered, impovrished, brainwashed, lied to and conspired against the other people to begin with, that is what's happening and anything they get in return is because of those actions by them. It's not vindictive, although we am sure have some feelings of happiness at our oppressors downfalls after their harming us constantly. We are more like Carrie than they are, pushed and pushed and pushed by them driving us crazy, so of course we will take delight for our accomplishments against them when we can get those. Carrie was written as the Jewish experience, but throughout history it is them who have done everything they can to foil us for their sole and own betterment, so yes we will speak badly of you when those situations occur, which is often and by your own doing

Point Break
-(R.I.P. Patrick Swayze) This movie is about a few extreme sport fellows, one a crook and one a police officer. From what i know the officer (Reeves) is put undercover to catch the crook (Swayze) and they do all sorts of daredevil actions throughout. What the crooks are doing is robbing banks while wearing maskes of ex-presidents, personally i like most of United States' ex-presidents. There were a few bad ones, cough, Trump, cough (probably the worst one ever and that's big shoes to fill, do not let him get elected again!) but most of them were great and did very well for their citizens and country. President don't rob America, the Federal Reserve robs America, i have brought this up recently already but it's worth mentioning until fixed. Right now America has Joe Biden in charge, a great guy to be sure, i wish him much success in his noble ventures and steady actions for what would be best at home and abroad. If he decides he want to run again in 2024 more power to him, definitely give him your help not only then but right now as well while it makes a difference for the better. The president is the champion of the people, or at least is supposed to be, so whoever it is keep them in check and attentive to what is needed, give them your dedicated support and praise as and when earned

The Merchant of Venice
-Am so happy to have found this! And really looking forward to watching asap. Based on the William Shakespeare novel this is about a Jewish moneylender who makes a loan to one of the characters in spite and the cost for lack of payment is a pound of his flesh, or something like that, i have not read the book yet nor seen this movie, which i should have long ago. Now, let me elaborate somewhat about banking, i have no problem with most banks, as said the one i am with has been very kind to me and helpful very much so, they are a fine lot of people who i have been happy to know. There are two concerns i have, well one concern and one of many concerns, as many concerns as there are people, firstly fractional reserve banking, moneylending isn't the issue, of course people want something in return for loaning you money, it's when the interest gets way too high is an issue, but yes fractional reserve banking, where a bank can have very little amount of wealth in reserve but loan out vast sums of money to others without having the backup to pay everyone who has their money deposited there. That's one issue, the other thing is a bank in hiding, the Federal Reserve, which you must know by now is neither Federal nor have any Reserves. It is solely a bank to loan money to the United States at great interest, and is the future reason for their bancruptcy if the US defaults on their payments. Thankfully, if you are brave enough, the federal reserve act which was snuck through congress in 1913 is unconstitutional and as such can be repealed and all money owed to them is negated. They will not let it go easily though, so prepare for an uphill battle but a needed one. Again, private banks, a-ok for the most part, the “federal” “reserve”, no thanks

Jackie Chan Double Feature: Crime Story/The Protector
-i've spoken at length about Jackie Chan's talent, immense, and about how i have respect and admiration for Good police officers (which Jackie Chan plays in these) and there are many, so instead i would like to bring up the company that put this compilation and many others together, Shout Factory and their horror movie division Scream Factory. There is a similar company to this one you may have heard of, The Criterion Collection, and while they have put in due diligence to the movies they release i am wary about their choices of films to include. i have the other day looked through the Shout Factory library of movies selected and released and they seem much better or at least more my style of movie although i like most sorts and all genres. They are put together very well with many great special features and a wonderful selection of movies chosen to be given well treatment. For their logo they have it in black, white, red, now i know that doesn't mean a whole lot but at least it's not made up of triangles and such. And the company name, shout is more referenced by us to make a needed fuss about issues. All in all i really like this company and hope am right about their intentions towards us. The movie selections are not one hundred percent ours but that's understandable, just so you know, otherwise enjoy this great entity of ours, entity doesn't always donate something negative there are both sides to that, and this one is very favourable

Epic Stories of Faith Triple Feature: The Bible... In The Beginning/The Greatest Story Ever Told/The Robe
-Easter is on it's way and i always like to watch Christian movies that day, i've got a few to watch now so am going to maybe view a few of them. i don't know if you could call me a Christian though, i am in for science but have an appreciation for religion. One of the movies in this compilation is The Greatest Story Ever Told, and it is, no other book even comes close in any way, even though it was followed by the honourable Quran and the dispicible Talmud. It is the book of all books on so many levels and i do not any more disparage those who do follow it. i may be scientifically minded but have compassion for those who live their lives by the rules of the Bible put therein, the good ones anyhow, and as long as they stay good people because of such i have no problems with that. Science is the be all and end all, a culmination of knowledge of everything we know so far, but maybe the Bible can be considered based on a true story, some parts of it anyhow. As with anything there are good aspects and not good aspects, and it is up to each of us individually or as a group that decide what is worth keeping and what is not, and the Bible has a lot worth keeping or at least having knowledge about

Chris Rock – Never Scared
-What a guy this fellow is, i've always liked Chris Rock and everything have seen that he does. He is funny as anything and i bet he is good friends with many comedians and everyone else. This stand-up special, thankfully not a Netflix one, should be really good and i will advance it up my list of what to watch first. i can bond with Chris as he was also mercilessly bullied in school, but look where he's made it so far. It must, and i need to bring this up as it is going to follow both he and Will Smith's lives to follow, the Oscars incident if that's a way to refer to it at all is, but must have been difficult to remain composed in such a situation, and i and everyone else commends him for doing so, it was the best route to take. Now i also have always liked Will Smith, and can also relate to him as well, many years ago i and my girlfriend at the time were walking down the street, it had been a stressful day and we were walking somewhat apart with her up ahead, when i passed by this one person, a covert op upon reflection, who made a disparaging comment about my girlfriend, i confronted him. So i was angry for sure, and in this incident when he saw i was not going to buy into his ploy to get me to initiate a physical encounter he shoved me, after that i went off on him, and waited for the police, i got in trouble. Will said in his Oscar speech that love makes you do crazy things, and it can definitely be true, but in hindsight, of course, he would have been better off yelling something at Chris or sucking it up until he can as suggested post about it or do an interview later. Now, the “joke”, bad taste considering the circumstances for sure and not pleasant either but no reason for what happened, but here's the thing, i doubt Chris Rock wrote that joke, i think it was put for him to say knowing that Will would do something about it and i have tweeted about some of this but it is worth mentioning again, Rock is a euphamism for crack cocaine, something which i bring up occasionally, and they were looking for some way to coordinate that to what they were hoping and succeeded in doing. Both Chris and Will were played into this occurrence that went to the best of what the opposition wanted to happen. For me? I am on meds for my manic depression and such now and learned from my own incident that i mentioned, knowing that assertion is better than agression so now am not going to fall for it again, apologies to anyone that i should be sticking up for i just need to handle situations like that with decorum, like Will Smith should have done in any other way. Being an immense fan of them both this is something i have to say am on Chris Rock's side about but at least understand what the situation was. Something i'm sure is similar between Will and i is our abberation of violence, and i can attest to that for myself and from his behaviour has been throughout his life think he feels the same in every normal circumstance. Will the two of them make up? i have no idea and that is up them to decide. There's no reason to not continue being a Chris Rock fan but it might be difficult being a Will Smith one, i hope he makes right in the best way possible that he can think of in a multitude of ways. i wrote about Will being used as a chess piece but so was Chris, an orchestrated occurrence meant to play out to what they wanted to accomplish, at the detriment of everyone involved
Edit: A few additions that make me think Chris Rock was made part of, not to blame for but forced into, what happened. i'll bring this up first, the second part of the “joke”, he was made sure to include “can't wait”, as in don't wait to resolve this later, that was definitely on purpose. Second, Chris was seen if you look at the video to position his feet in a standing his ground position, preparing for the subsequent attack, as he knew partially what was coming. Third, the prolonged laughter of Chris Rock, all the way up to the attack, egging Will Smith on. Now, i've referenced the word orchestrated, and that's what this looks to be, Chris Rock was innocent in any way this played out, even if he knew what was supposed to happen and for him to be victimized in this plot for afforementioned reasons. It really does look like because of these three points that Chris Rock was told exactly what to do and was planned to happen. To mention, Will Smith was not a part of this, he was unknowing as to what was being planned and being done. And again, Chris was innocent in this and was not wanting to be part of this fiasco but was instructed to. Can't wait, bracing his feet for impact and concocted laughter, these three occurences look to direct you to one realization about what happened, was done

Classic Horror Collection
-This set was a gift from a friend. While i have not seen any of these and cannot vouch for their affiliation they do look quite good and look forward to doing so

>House On Haunted Hill – 1959 - Sinister, eccentric millionaire Fredrick Loren and his wife invite five guests to their spooky old mansion. Anyone who survives the night will win $10,000.
-Sounds fair, no one gets hurt except maybe yourself, doing so as long as it doesn't infringe on others well being, something good worth following as long as actions by others follow that as well

>The Human Monster – 1940 – Bela Lugosi stars as an insane doctor who scams blind men for their insurance money, then drowns them in the Thames.
-i know an entity that scams “blind men” for their “insurance money”, it's the federal reserve, could there be a correlation hinted at with this movie?

>The Indestructible Man – 1956 – Brought back to life by a scientist after being executed, a violent criminal hunts down his foes. Lon Chaney Jr. is The Butcher, large, incredibly strong, newly mute, and seriously angry.
-You don't have to be initially violent and definitely don't be mute, but strong of mind and seriously angry? Check. As for indestructable we are not, and i am not, but i play by the rules and expect the same from the opposition

>The Invisible Ghost – 1941 – Charles Kessler is a kindly man who becomes an unwitting murderer when he sees his dead wife's ghost.
-Maybe he becomes a murderer after finding out who killed his wife?

>The Last Man On Earth – 1964 – Scientist Robert Morgan is the sole survivor of an apocalyptic planet-wide plague ... except for the zombie vampires who thirst for his blood.
-In Zionist movies we are always portrayed as vile beings, so once in a while when the role is reversed it is a comfort to see some just desserts

Nightmare Castle – 1965 – A sadistic count tortures and murders his unfaithful wife and her lover, then marries her sister. The victims return to avenge their deaths.
-Not a fan of torture in any way whatsoever, i'm not sure what they do with this topic here, maybe i'll skip this one

>The Phantom Creeps – 1939 – Bela Lugosi is Dr. Alex Zorka, a mad scientist who terrorizes the world with one strange invention after another.
-Zion takes control of any new medium, sometimes we get media of our own out, as we have with music mostly before the take-over, and we do have a good amount of movies and television, but do yourself a favour and stick to what we have and make of ours

>Unnatural – 1952 – Jacob Ten Brinken creates a “perfect woman” using artificial insemination. She soon exhibits the traits of her parents, a deranged prostitute and a vicious killer.
-We will be making very good use of instant dna tests. As for making perfect humans there already are ways to edit genes to your specifications, and as science advances we will become more proficient at doing so, a slippery slope indeed, one with benefits and pitfalls together. Either way the future looks unimaginably bright, we just need to improve a few situations we currently have

Mary Poppins
-Love this movie, some reasons are because of Julie Andrews, Dick Van Dyke, banking mentions and chimneys. This is real Disney, who have taken a bit of a downturn recently, the most recent movies even including Mary Poppins Returns are not only anti-movement progress but pro-Zionist. You will also see this in “Disney” animated movies like Raya and the last Dragon and “live action” such as The Lion King remake. Pixar, Lucasfilm and Marvel are already and always have been Zionist but the disturbing part is Disney itself. So hold on to what you can from real Disney and cherish it, i do hope there's much more to come from them. One thing that is ours is their tv channel ABC, who maintains in addition to CTV my sole viewership, in Canada there are many great stations but you have very little in United States, so support ABC the best you can, they are for you while the rest are against, they are pretty much the only real American station, they do very well and hope they continue

Sister Act 1/2
-Whoopi Goldberg is a gem and i've actually been looking for this set for a while. From what i've seen she is always polite, except about the unnamed Donald Trump, but you can't blame her for that. Whoopi is a good person of what i am about to get into. Do not feign goodness, do not act to be , be the best you can and if you mess up learn from it to do better next time. i had a rough start, the first half of my life was not anything to be revered, it's this second half of my life that is better beyond comparison to me of the first. i encourage you to do much self-improvement, there's always something you can make better of you, and keep at it, trait after trait swapping problematic behaviours for admirable ones and changing negative attributes to positive and beneficial parts of your personality. Let your goodness flow naturally as second nature, hardwire your brain to put others happiness and well being on par with yours. Be and do good for the sake of others, it generally in turn makes your life better also if you need extra reason beyond helping for the benefit of those who need you

The Russia House
-This espionage movie looks quite good, i am not very familiar with Russia but wish them well, right now is an awkward spot in foreign relations with them angling to take over Ukraine but i hope they don't for the benefit of everyone involved, Russia doesn't have a lot to gain by doing so other than more taxes being paid and i'm sure they have enough territory as it is already. i do however have a Russian friend (Alex) and his wife, very nice people who we all get along together very well, he is into selling vinyl records on an online store powered by Shopify, a company i have recommended at times to other people looking to put together an online store. Again a nice fellow who he and i have gifted each other items and look for what each other might like. So of the two Russian guys i've known recently both have been great and the one's wife is very pleasant as well

-A movie about the some who experience anesthetic awareness, where you are undergoing surgery but are completely conscious during it. This must be horrible to go through, thankfully lawsuits can be put forward for a bit of their ordeal. Torture on the other hand is deliberate and not really something that can be sued over, so we have to take those matters into our own hands and deal with the offenders ourselves much differently than in the courts, or with the court's blessing

Great Hollywood Western Collection
-Living in cowboy days must have been fun, well, in a way, i know Seth MacFarlane's movie A Million Ways to Die in the West, a hilarious film, says it must have kind of been terrible but each era of time has both positive and negative points to them. You know, and not about that movie but there were of course shucksters and have been throughout time, but now it's just more prevalent, because you think of the seniors now being tricked into buying thousands of dollars worth of gift cards to pay to the “i.r.s.” or whatnot, something most of us would immediately know to be a scam, but they get fooled, i think it's because they were from another time when it wasn't like that and there was some decorum among people. The advancement of technology has emboldened criminals worldwide with an ease of dishonest money making, unfortunately at the expense of good people. This is a global problem and we do have agencies doing the best they can in the jurisdictions they are able but i guess the best we can do for now is warn others, and i have seen commercials about this and believe it helps immensely. It's upsetting to see our vulnerable being taken advantage of, i think over time though the offences will lessen as people gain more of a conscience, that's the hope anyhow, until and during the strictest punishments available to deter criminal desire as the cost will be so severe

The Notebook
-i have heard so much about this romance movie so finally decided to pick it up. Really hoping it is good. We all have a notebook, for many that is facebook, unfortunately, but that's there until a similar copy by us is available and not bought by facebook themselves. What's your notebook like? It can be anything you choose. Whether online forever or waves through time. i encourage you to preserve your life. We cannot live forever, yet, but our actions and their effects on others this world and beyond will. Sing, act, write, and it will stay, do, enact, and put forward and it will serve others present and in the future. Find ways to survive your death, you might not get to experience your legacy but others will

The Last Song
-This movie is written by the same author as The Notebook, so figured to give it a try with such. i'm not sure why the title is that but am sure there is a reason when watching. As said music is in a terrible spot right now, most all of it being Zionist scripted and forced upon musicians through torture, something i hope is exposed very, very, soon. Once in a while we get a song or two through but it's few and far between, and not by someone already taken. We're not on our last song just yet but the music environment is increasingly being polluted. i beg, yes beg, for someone or some people, in music or not, to breach this topic in a definitive manner and expose what is being done in that industry, in any and every way you can. This is probably my biggest issue/dire concern, and i hope you take it up as well

Logan's Run
-Looks good as a topical movie but i hope that doesn't happen, forced death at 30 years old. i hope for the opposite, a lengthy life through scientific advancement. It wasn't that long ago that human life expectancy was 40 years old, now were living til 100 or so, so much that we are having to reexamine our retirement plans. There's a lot to be said for experience, one is that it makes you wise, and it does, you learn from both your success' and your failures which means better decisions the further you progress in life

New Year's Eve: Let Love be Your Resolution
-This has a star-studded cast with many i like and a few i am skeptical of, but will definitely give a try. Again don't wait til next New Year's Eve to make resolutions, make them daily, and keep adding them on to your other accomplishments of such. Self-improvement is a constant effort so be mindful of yourself and make adjustments, and improvements as needed

The Road Warrior / Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome
-i think i might already have this set. Thing is there was a sale at one of the thrift stores, 10 media for $5 so i picked up 20 movies, hence the large amount of movies i'm writing about right now. Am very much looking to watching all the great films have picked up, maybe one a day when possible it's just i don't get many two or more hours at a time to do so but always like when able. These were some of the first Mel Gibson movies, was Road Warrior his first one? Very nice, Beyond Thunderdome was always a favourite of mine. Mel Gibson is brave, and not just in the movie Braveheart but in real life. Such a good guy i always try to get/watch movies of his. Another series he was in with Danny Glover was Lethal Weapon, which there are four of and i have them all on one compilation, whenever i see it available i always debate picking it up just “incase” i don't have it, but i do, and is one of the best franchises i own

Hollywood Cinema
-This is a compilation of classic movies based on books, some great ones here. i don't read as much as i'd like to, i have a Kobo and everything so am set to when the mood arises, there is a ton of great books and documents on the correlating page on my website, and although i have read many of them it is still not all, many of them are even worth reading a second time or more. Here's the thing, i used to read compulsively, novels mostly, and have always enjoyed immensely, English was even my favourite subject in school, i just have a bit of a short attention span now, plied by tv, movies and videogames, all great mediums to say the least, depending on the content i guess, and unfortunately more exciting than books even though books are more rewarding in many ways. There are so many, so many, great books, but if you're looking for some that are on topic there are some of the best ones available from my mentioned documents page. i would even suggest you pick up a Kobo just for those to start with, well worth it for sure

Bulletproof Monk
-This i am apprehensive about, along with Kung Fu Master with Jackie Chan, for sure i want them to be good but hey you have to be cautious. In this, according to the back cover, the main character is the protector of an ancient scroll of ultimate power, and he's protecting it, the Protocols maybe? Probably, just seems that way. Most of the movies i picked up on this visit look to be great but a few are possibly by the opposition. These are ones i picked out myself though, when it is in regards to theatre movies the majority are against you just so you know and look out for and avoid them

The Neverending Story i/ii
-This looks great. There never is an end, just chapters, and i don't think Zion would make a movie titled this way. Let us be the neverending story and be the one's who put an end to Zionism so we may continue undeterred. i was speaking about Logan's Run and longevity, and something i think of often is that we just need to make it to the point where we can upload our mind and live forever in a virtual world. There is what's called roms, read-only-memory, generally referenced with videogames it is a backup of a cartridge or other system for instance. So what an emulator does is lets you load the game by it saying yes this is a Turbo Grafx 16 and then you can play it as if it were that system. So, what i look forward to is when you can take a snapshot of your memories and thought process to put in with separate save writing ability and have a virtual world for you to live in. We really aren't that far off either, comparatively. This is what i look forward to, just keeping the melon that is my head safe til this is possible, and how amazing that will be

Speed 2
-The first movie of this is fantastic and i haven't seen this one just yet but should also be. This series is of constant action, which is something i love, i try to do what i can with this effort but i do lay down sometimes, watch tv, etc.. my time on is also often though and do spend a lot of that writing and such. Personally i think i balance the on/off quite well so when i'm not active all the time you take up the slack and get yourself busy doing your part, so much so that your own diligence is your main focus. i'm here and do what i can, when able, you be there and do what you can when you are able. Together, all of us will have some great accomplishments

In Time
-While Justin Timberlake has been taken he may have been able to get this movie out there, that would be nice. No certainty yet before watching but looks pretty good. J.T.'s first album was “Justified”, the solo-album was justified, and you've been justified! What we are doing otherwise is also justified and forced artist Justin here, and his friends would definitely agree

Three Amigos
-i remember this being a fun movie, Chevy Chase and Martin Short are both cool, Steve Martin i think is a Zionist propagator but willing to give this movie a try anyhow in case it's okay

The 6th Day
-What looks to be a solid Arnold Schwarzenegger movie, and they are most always good ones. Like Jackie Chan but minus the first Terminator Arnold always plays good characters. Unfortunately for him, and us, the Terminator series went downhill after the first two which where by James Cameron, and are still testaments of great cinema. In that first Terminator movie Arnold plays the model 101 cyborg, with an upside down triangle on the back of his jacket, in an unrelenting search to find and kill Sarah the mother of the leader of the resistance John Connor. i was in elementary school when T2 was released in theatres and a local tv station had a call in to get tickets to it contest going on and i was able to get two, and took my Mom, to go see it as one of the first people to do so in my town, a memory that means a lot to me

-Cool premise of a movie, been a while since seeing this one. i have a few tattoos nothing major, got my first two when i was about 14 years old. If i was to get any more i think they would just be upgrades of the ones i have with more detail and colour. i'm not a glutton for pain so would get the skin numbing ointment also for a better and easier time for the artist and myself. Tattoos can be quite impressive and i've seen a lot of great ones, they can be expensive for a skilled artist to do yours but if it's a nice one can be worth it for sure

Super Size Me
-This documentary in conjunction with Food Inc. probably would make you not want to eat in general. Am not much for fast food to begin with, but if i had to choose a couple it would be Taco Bell, Burger King, and Arby's. In addition to a good pizza place, not fast food pizza. Thing is with fast food it is very expensive, because it's fast and convenient, you can pretty much eat at a restaurant and get a real hearty meal for about the same price. There are Zionist fast food outlets like McDonald's as well, which i avoid like the plague because of such. Thankfully the meals i get here are healthy, four food groups and delicious. Filling also unlike fast food where you can never have enough of at the expense of your wallet. Eat what you want, and if so desired check out this documentary and the aforementioned Food Inc. i will be as well

The Patriot
-The January 6th insurrectionists are not patriots, they are tools of the incorrigibly corrupt former President Donald J. Trump. Whom i don't believe he even likes or has respect for. Some people try and always do what's right, what's good, and then you have Trump. Legitimate political discourse? They were beating police officers with the pole of an American flag. Did the politicians who made that phrase even see the footage of that day? Of course they did but they too are Trump lackeys. Trump angers me so much, he is infuriating, Please God (and voters) do not let him win another term in 2024

Kung Fu Master
-This is the other movie i was apprehensive about, but will give it a try. i love Kung-Fu and think it is amazing what can be done with the human body in that regard. The skill is impressive and can be useful in real life if someone is trying to rob an establishment or yourself. Much admiration for these guys, and girls, a lot of effort goes into self-defence training and it is remarkable what they are able to do

Maximum Overdrive
-Okay. So i bought this the other day, it is a movie i've been looking for, only to find out that this is the French-only version, i didn't notice just saw the cover and knew what movie it was so didn't figure at the time anything was wrong with it. So now, as mentioned about learning, now i will have to be careful and make sure any of the movies i buy are English. Not something you'd normally have to look for but that's how it goes. As for the movie itself. This is based on the Stephen King short story Trucks. And we will be having trucks most likely not trains this time, am sure this was kind of meant to be about that. Now the movie might be alright, the soundtrack is all AC/DC music but that doesn't hold up fully because they were also featured in a Tony Hawk game. You'll notice that sometimes, in fact i believe that one of the Marvel Iron Man movies had a full AC/DC soundtrack as well

-Jean-Claude Van Damme is in this film that shares a term with the Nexus-6 replicants from Blade Runner, a movie so good i discount the fact that it, a Ridley Scott directed piece, is very much for sure a Zionist effort even though based on a book by i believe our guy Philip K. Dick, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep. But a more recent movie by Ridley is chock full of Jewish supremacy, Prometheus. Other than that you know there's a whole movie about JCVD? That's the title, pretty cool. Beware of many biographical films though, a lot of the time they are made by unscrupulous entities that look to defame or deride certain figures in an attempt to undermine their amazingness, they do that often in fact. While i have not seen JCVD i do hope it's a good show of a talented man

These Final Hours
-Again am apprehensive about this one and the two below it. How would i like to spend the last 12 hours before the apocalypse? With friends and family. Not much else you can do, might as well reflect and be with ones you love. If you don't have anyone you love maybe just get some fresh air, think deep, and look at the sky before the end

Hero At Large
-This has potential. An everyday man, played by John Ritter, foils a robbery while happenning to be dressed in a super-hero outfit, and is heralded as a real crime-fighter. I guess he goes about trying to do so for a good part of the movie but according to the back cover, so no spoilers, he shows that there is a hero in every person and to behave like you are one, at least as much as possible. This movie is by Warner Bros. though who i am on the outs with for their Zionist content, if this movie is no good it's spelling disaster for my thoughts of their companies offerings

Final Days of Planet Earth
-This is directed by Robert Lieberman but there have been instances of Jewish film-makers going against their brethren and making good movies that take themselves down. It would be tall hopes to wish that for this one but the premise is there, “an alien plot to wipe out humanity”. i would not recommend to think of that as the default because it is the slim minority of them that do so

-There's always been music, since the dawn of man, what's being put forward now, the forced content, is not music, it is the product of various tortures hoisted upon very talented people who love us and want to protect us. Even in the most popular music, the ones that get a lot of play, the effort of their goodness is still there in droves. i did not always see what was being said, i didn't know, but i learn quickly and like a gradual enlightening switch you steadily clue in and become aware. It's not always obvious, either way, but just takes a bit of thought to figure out. There's a Nirvana song, In Bloom, which goes... “He's the one, who likes all our pretty songs, and he likes to sing along, and he likes to shoot his gun, but he knows not what it means”. And to give myself a bit of credit i'm sure am not the only one who was like that and i believe many people still are. Break that frame of mind those people have, you clue them in. As for Nirvana, to show that forced Zionist scripting was going on before 9-11, all the albums after Nevermind were not theirs, i bet they enjoyed their time with Kurt Cobain, as they do with all the other musicians now, and Kurt couldn't take it, as others couldn't, and ended his/their life. As with AC/DC in Iron Man Zionist radio plays our songs out of context, so don't go there to hear music unless you are 100% sure it is a station of ours, and if you find out otherwise at any time after change the station again. As always this is a top priority for me, and it's not for me it's for them, please help in any way you are able and if you are ever at a lack of something to talk about don't forget these wonderful people who are in need of you

-i've actually seen this movie and it is very good, is a movie with a twist which are always fun. A flight to land on the Moon is being planned for a few years from now, well there's a first time for everything. You will find me agreeing that the one from 1969 was and is a hoax, the evidence is just there. i spoke before about an IBM commercial that brings up that they were able to make a round trip with only one tank of gas, and it's true. What i always bring up is that they needed a rocket to launch them to space from Earth but how did the tin can they were in make it back to space and then Earth from the Moon after landing. There's a great music video about this topic by Rammstein titled Amerika which you should check. Fun. If i remember correctly when you speed up the 1969 video of them riding on the Moon in their rover at 2x it just looks like them riding around on Earth, and after just looking now for reference the video of the “astronauts” walking on the moon with pulleys also just looks like Earths gravity not the Moon at all. i'll let you do some more checking on your own but that is definitely my thoughts about this subject

The King and I
-Unfortunately i will never have a Queen. Reason being is that it would put everyone involved in danger, if being single is what it takes i will remain single, it's already been 20 years of such. Instead i have a lot of friends

The Passion of the Christ
-Oh wow! i am so happy to have found this, i've always been looking for the theatrical version not definitive edition, as the latter one cuts a lot of scenes deemed too much for some. So this is the blu ray version of that though which i just found out has both theatrical and definitive. i already have the dvd and watch it on Easter for a few reasons, to remember what the Pharisees (Jews) did to Jesus, and also as a bit of a desensitizer. Kind of like the book 1984 it is something that separates the men from the boys so to speak. Mel Gibson was very brave to make this movie and was criticized very much for it being anti-Semitic, good, am glad it is. There are at least two more movies by him that i have but not watched yet but will put high on my to do list, Apocalypto and Hacksaw Ridge, both of which look great. Jesus is in all of us, be like him

Saturday Night Live: The Best Of Dan Aykroyd
-Nice to find this compilation of an original snl cast member, first i've seen of these so am glad they are there. One of the first skits with Dan Aykroyd during snl is of the coneheads, totally a reference about the star of David and i look forward to seeing these. i wish for all of us to be on topic all the time, everyone making the most of what you are allotted. Each and every instance you have talk about Bruno, i mean Jews, there are many sub-topics within the broader one to choose from what and everything you would like. There is no lack of subjects to bring up, and many aspects of other topics are being done regardless of what's spoken mostly so you'd be best speaking about the Jewish issue that needs to be brought to light for everyone entire and has many broad reaching tentacles for us to deal with. Minimal about the helper please, you have much more to discuss than that so use your time well to the best of your ability. Back to the coneheads for a sec, that is a way they were able to breach the topic in a way they could not do in a factual manner, i encourage you to do whatever you can in either way, factually or creatively, say Jew say Israel, or do so in a indirect way, whatever you can. There will be some major players on our side who do mention Jews and Israel, but do not in any way discount the ones who deal with what we have to deal with who speak subtly instead, the culmination of those mentions can be very effective as we have a lot of people to get knowing, aware, and on board. Do not often fall back when there is so much to do and speak about, think how successfully we'll be doing with everyone of us on topic all the time, the opposition is so we need to match what they are doing with our effort against them. Stay focused and do the most good you can in this battle we've been put into. They spend all their time bringing us down, best we can do is retaliate in substantial ways to stop them from doing so

James Bond 007 – No Time To Die
-Figured i'd skip ahead a bit in my complete James Bond movie watching as this is the only one not included in the set i bought, it is from 2021 and looks phenomenal. The Bond series has always been good i am just somewhat apprehensive about the Daniel Craig ones, should i be? Why does this look good? Something simple, they used the movie review “Bond is back with a vengeance” on the back of the blu ray, all in all a positive mention for our side, seriously, the opposition would have done that differently. The rest of it looks to check out as well, and i sure do hope am right, if so amazingness
Edit: Instead of starting at this one and going chronologically backwards i decided to watch the whole set of Daniel Craig ones and am completely enjoying them. If you're looking for some good movies to get into, and who doesn't compared to most of what we're getting, these ones, all the James Bond ones, are recommended for sure. So the first movie of these, Casino Royale, has the villain frquently puffing on an asthma inhaler, which i believe is a crack reference, if you've never done so do not even try. Now there are lots of good parts, fully in fact, i just want to bring up a few that stood out. In the second one they mention Mossad, the Israeli intelligence agency (by way of deception we will do war) and if it were by the opposition they would not even mention it at all to avoid people thinking or being aware of them. So next for me is Skyfall, and Daniel Craig is a great Bond if i may say, wish i was on board with him from the beginning but at least now i get to watch and admire the movie, cast, crew and what they've made and put forward. In between Bond movies it's us who play the lead against a sinister global plot

Final Destination 5
-i've been collecting this series just haven't had the time to watch them all yet, the premise is great and i liked the first one a lot, it would be nice if the rest follow suit. There's a Tragically Hip lyric “Coffin cheaters dance on their graves” which i think is a good description of what's going on

The Addams Family / Addams Family Values
-i have this on dvd but picked it up on blu ray for a good price. Bought this and the above two at a local shop i frequented often run by a very nice man who is as of today retired, so he had a bit of a sale for his remaining merchandise, i will miss him very much and i always recommended his shop to everyone that the subject came up with. He is taking time to relax and watch some movies that he never had the time to get to while running the store. i hope he enjoys his time off after many years of hard work. You and i? We're still in the thick of things, so no slouching on your part, after a dozen years of us we'll talk about winding down, but be prepared as it might take even longer and probably will, as long as we keep advancing we're doing okay

Watership Down
-This was an unfortunate purchase. Based on the book by Richard Adams this animated movie turns out to be a chronicle of the Jewish experience through a group of rabbits that have to survive on their “strength and cunning”. Here's the thing, those two attributes don't go together, obviously they are not speaking of physical strength but mental and cunning is not a positive attribute in any manner, cunning has victims of such. If someone is strong mentally they need to be the opposite of cunning. Being that is not a strength but a failing, it may benefit the conniver momentarily but the overall result throughout is that it is a completely negative form of behaviour against others, the ones who are conned by the cunning. Real strength would be any number of positive actions and doings, if divided by half cunning would not be on the side of goodness. The Talmud, the Jewish holy book, states that Jews may con any Gentile at no detriment to themselves, among many, many other heinous statements and allowances contained therein. And that is their Bible. Going through life conning others is no way to live, you might consider it an easy route but the noble one is much better for everyone even if you have to struggle a bit to achieve the same stature as those taking advantage of others. At least you will have gotten your enjoyments righteously. Being cunning is a negative trait, and by doing so will result in negative circumstances, it's better to just do the right thing to begin with and live a life of service to others you are proud of

SNL Saturday Night Live 1975-1976 The Complete First Season
-This is what i'm talking about. What a good find. They don't seem to have made a best of compilation for the original few years of SNL so i just went and bought the whole first season, and it looks great. Will SNL ever be back to the good side? I don't want to give them much of a chance as they have been negative agenda for years now, starkly different than before, what they are now has been against us. It's hard to find good comedy, much of it is insult humour, which is a fine line to tread and be funny without, gravitate to what makes you feel happy in this situation and not laughing at the expense of someone else, i know it's very relative and depends on the instance of occurrence but you will get a feel for who is trying to do what

-This is a horror movie origin story from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, am a horror fan and do like this series. i believe the other two recent films are by director Michael Bay, who i am apprehensive about but do watch those ones. i have not seen this one but it is not by him, hope it's okay or even better. To mention, the way i found out that this is not by that director is by checking, the best site of it's kind for film fans, wondering about a movie before you go to the theatre, buy on blu-ray or stream on demand? Check this site. You can click any person and see what movies or such they have been involved with, so if you know a certain director/actor is a Zionist agent do not entertain their entertainment, and so forth. You will save yourself the time, money, and headspace of their propaganda, agenda and negative intentions

Mortal Kombat / Mortal Kombat Annihilation
-Now these look good. i bought the MK (original not new one) blu ray online but just today found these both on a dvd combo and needed Annihilation so picked this up for sure. You can notice how the subtitles are ours, first i'll mention about how the matrix films aren't, such as with the sub-phrase Revolutions, note the s, not revolution.. revolutions.. the same tactic happen with the newest matrix, resurrections, instead of what would be resurrection. Real shame about the Matrix, could have been so good instead of a trojan entry to the new world put forward to help Zion as is said in the movie itself. As for Mortal Kombat the first of them has the subtitle Nothing in the World Has Prepared You for This. Nice, something to look forward to. The second movie has the subtitle Destroy All Expectations, as in do very well, Zion would rather you sit down and be quiet. So you destroy all expectations, they don't think you will do very well so prove them wrong. Do so well your ripples change the world in any good manner, come to our aid globally or on any level. Do better than they believe of you. Come out ready to win this and follow through. As a team let's show them and us that we are able to bring them down

Street Fighter
-Happy that this series of games are still in production and going greatly, there are world tournaments that look very fun. This is about the movie though, while i haven't seen it yet i hope it is alright. What i have seen is the animated SFII movie, it is a good one. What i will talk about here though is the street fighting movies of ours that you will see on your phone and whatnot, and there will be many as this won't be easy. We will employ our own forces to round up the troubles we have and either deal with them in our nations or overseas. Remember that the scuffles only happen when they refuse to go quietly, and they for the most part will resist even though they understand our plight, it is the guilty that ruin everything for the not. This isn't an easy topic and it isn't an easy route, just the only definitive one. Come to the mental aid of ours with support and reasoning. There will be video of our forces fighting those who defy us in the streets, sorry, your kin ruined it for you. i will not take pleasure in the means, just the end which in turn is our beginning, and it sure will be nice compared to the situation we are in because of them now

The Chinese Connection
-At least we can all agree on one solution. It's unfortunate the problems going on with China recently, i hope they start to adhere to international laws and customs, right now there is a diplomatic boycott of the 2022 Olympic games being held in China and it's understandable, the free world has got it going on though and hope every other nation joins in in regards to political governorship. Democracy and capitalism all the way. There's someone i see often who says the United States is headed for war with China, i hope not, it would be nice if they could reconcile and agree to sweeping reforms mostly on China's side which would be best for everyone. War is not the answer, we are past that, we should all be able to compromise on our differences and join together to face the challenges we all have, and there are many. Global problems require global answers followed up by global actions. i wonder what a Democratic China would be like, i bet it would be pretty awesome and formidable. Am not sure what their current problem with Uyghur Muslims is, seriously what's the matter with them? i implore China to stop their genocide of that group and focus on the real entity that requires our combined intervention. Working together instead of against each other on shared issues that affect us all equally. You know what my priority is but there are many. Different regions while although similar have their own moral compasses, traditions and values, so one global government isn't really an option, but we can still all cooperate with each other regarding issues that affect us each equally. China is a major player in global standings, one of the biggest, so it would be nice to have them on board with what we're doing and for their contributions to such. Stop the genocide where it's not needed or warranted and focus on where it is

-This is the 2018 version. While looking at the credits for this movie the only part that seems to involve John Carpenter is the based on characters written by title. John Carpenter has always been one of my favourites, some of the best movies i like most are by him, They Live, The Thing, In the Mouth of Madness, among others. But that doesn't leave him invulnerable to suspicion, i hope he is okay and with us but certain movies other than those leave me to wonder about that. As for this one Jamie Lee Curtis is always a star on screen and off and is good to see her still with this franchise that she brings light to regardless. Am still hoping for the best with these and John Carpenter in general, on one side i am disappointed that this one didn't have him in a more active role with the movie but on the other side if it's not great at least it's not him involved in it. So as for now i am still, and have been for a long time, a fan of his

Friday the 13th 8 movie set
-Have only seen the first couple of these and they were kind of lackluster sorry to say, but i think this is a series that got better as time progressed and was thinking about buying this set for a while. Is it one of ours? Thankfully because of the 8th film, Jason Takes Manhattan, i believe it is. New York is the Jewish capital of America, and the title infers he is after them, it just doesn't sound the same as otherwise if it were different. That's not a lot to go on, and you always have to watch out for stealth movies, but when agenda is made up of every instance it still counts to a certain extent and the 8th movie is from a while ago. All in all this is what am sure is a good purchase

Saturday Night Live: The Best of Will Ferrell vol 2
-To lighten the mood we have here Will Ferrell, funny guy extraordinaire who has not one, not two, but three snl best of volumes in addition to countless very fun movies with him. i cannot vouch for each and every one of his movies, he is not the writer of all them and just gets hired to do some, but as a person he is as what Wayne would say excellent. Mr Will Ferrell doesn't get into controversy, which there is much well deserved space for, but is more of family entertainment and is welcome as such. He can i'm sure bring a bit of zing to his interviews and whatnot, which is well received also, but good wholesome hearty laughter does wonders itself. i hope Fill Werrell as he likes to be known continues in and with good standing and involved in projects that are as much as possible ours as they are a joy to see

Oliver Twist
-i like anti-Zionism to be blatant. There's a time and place for subtlety but whenever you have the opportunity to be in or close to actuality go for that. i have the 1968 version of this that won best picture and best director Oscars among others but this is the 2004 Disney one that i didn't even know about and will give a look very soon. This movie stars Richard Dreyfuss as Fagin who although am not yet familiar with is i believe a money-lender, but the fact that he is in this role shows that he is willing among other concerns to sacrifice himself for the benefit of humanity, something it would be great to see more of from the brave and honourable among them
Edit: This is from 1997 not 2004 when the dvd was released and is co-produced by Richard Dreyfuss himself, if i would have known he was involved i would have skipped it to begin with but it wasn't shown til the end of the movie. i bet the 1968 one that won the Oscars would be better, that would be nice anyhow. The character Fagin that Dreyfuss plays is no good but given reprieve at the end of the movie as Oliver says he won't say what Fagin is up to. This is another instance of while this being a Disney endeavour it was placed in mislaid hands like Dreyfuss'. If he was meaning to do good for us then it didn't quite come across like that. Maybe down the line i will watch the 1968 version and see how that is. For me i used to be a no good character as well but not in a grand scale, still disappointed in my previous self at times but turned out okay. For you and i there is never no regrets, there are most of the time many, you learn and become better, hopefully. i can assure you i have and turned my life around many years ago, you follow suit and make yourself better in real time or as soon as you notice a problem with yourself. If all of us are self-aware like this we will be in a constant state of betterment. Do not let people trample on you but be nice to others as best you can or when appropriate. If we are always polite to one another how nice that would be. And when people take advantage of that, know so and behave accordingly, assertively to start with. This is the new me of many years writing, what will the new you be like? i bet you will be awesome, moreso

The Skulls Trilogy
-Always wanted to check these out, they could be trying to distract from the reality of secret societies or trying to expose or breach the idea of this. When you think of such what tends to come to mind is the Illuminati, and if by that name or others do exist in many nations and global entities that dictate and shape happenings that benefit them. One of the main players in global control are the Rothschild's, Jewish, who are basically looking to have a world bank, otherwise somewhat known as a new world order, you think the skim on America is bad... Imagine all the nations of Earth and our beyond controlled by the same entity that the United States is, with the threats, propaganda and brainwashing they are subject to put in place globally, a disheartening thought indeed. If that happens the world will be thrust into everlasting slavery forever working towards paying an unreachable monetary debt. Types of societies, secret or not, are a part of life, all to different hierarchies, many in fact, the concept of the social pyramid, which has been around since the dawn of mankind to varying degrees, needs to have checks and balances and protections for the struggling and middle class. Again the new world order is basically just an attempt at a “federal reserve” in monetary control of the entire world, and America is an example of how it would turn out and be maintained to the detriment of everyone not at the most upper part of the pyramid. We have the people and the vote among other resources and actions to keep this from happening, we just need to inform every single person of the situation and then they will not be able to stop us from organizing to stop them. i think the term Illuminati is pushed around a lot to try and discredit people, but as you i'm sure understand that is just how it is and always has been. One of the original titles of a secret society were the Masons, house builders that knew how to do so well, and they kept that to themselves to be the monopoly of such, and when people wanted that done they would have to go to them and keep the money in their ranks. The Masons weren't desiring world domination though, just to keep the knowledge of their skill to themselves for some well deserved profit at no ones expense. Unlike what America is going through by Zion's hands or should i say tentacles for the insatiable greed of theirs with no regard for the well being of the tax payers who not only miss out of their money going to good local/regional/national/global causes but also live in misery because of all the despicable actions waged against them to keep their begrudging silence. There is a lot to be done, so bring in all the help you can muster and they bring in theirs. When we have the mass majority knowing what is going on and working for each other in an effort to quell them we will be a formidable group to reckon with

Ninja Scroll: The Series
-Every action in life is written on an evolving scroll, sometimes actually written but for the most part metaphorical. What do you want to write on such? Some hard work, some welcome fun, a bit of romance? The scroll is being written as you speak, and as you don't, you can't stop it, so do with your time what you can for both your own benefit and that of others, a nice mix would be just fine. You not only write on your own scroll you are a part of the global writings, up there with everyone else and contributing what you can towards human betterment. Whether you are on many scrolls, or a very important part of one, you have a presence on the worldly stage and are affecting for good the course of history as best you can. While some writings end, others continue with the effects of those passed, and are an everlasting impression on the path forward. When multiple people contribute to a cause it is a group effort that is emboldened with each person involved and helping, creating a positive outcome from shared credit. Most of life's achievements are reached through groups of people with the same aspirations, it is the minority where one person is responsible for great happenings, all endeavours generally reach success when they are handled by multiple people all with their own input and effort. So do what you can individually or with others and given enough determination we can accomplish what seem to be the most insurmountable tasks

-This movie has potential, i mean it did win Best Picture at the Academy Awards and all. i will skip at the moment the obvious correlation between the title and perhaps content being a reference to everything Zion, and instead will leave this up to viewing and add an edit afterwards

Underworld: Blood Wars
-There, now i have all five of this series, it didn't do so well in reviews but if it's a good one for us i will still enjoy it very much am sure. As medical technology advances there will be instant genealogy tests to determine a persons heritage on the spot, something quite beneficial to have the ability to do. On the same topic but for different reasons this is something i am interested in having done as well, it just looks great to know. As mentioned my Dad is/was Irish Scottish and my Mom French Canadian. i bet you would love to do this as well, worth the $100 or so to have it done. We are all different races of human with only slight differences between us, but still all human, despite what the Jews think of themselves as being better than human they still are. Gods? Aliens? Supermen? Nope, human. But they have Jewish supremacy against us Gentiles, their word not ours, singling themselves out as better than the rest of us. Any race can do anything any other race can, and i'll admit some have perks over others but it evens out in total and is no reason for any discrimination when you can instead lend a helping hand if one group needs you in a certain instance. Again, we are different races of human, with different qualities but no barriers to achieving what any other can do. Given the right living environment, education and possibility we are all capable of greatness and to thrive in a suitable situation. No race is better, no race is worse, we are different and have varied attributes but in the end are still marvellous beings each capable of greatness and well doing

Food, Inc.
-A documentary about corporation involvement in the food industry, not so much deriding farmers and such as far as i know, shouldn't be. Looks interesting though. There is also a different documentary actually called The Corporation, and it looks to be a stealth film, first of all on the cover it shows a silhouette of a businessman with a briefcase, he has not only a devil's tail but a halo, now why would a film taking down corporations have him with a halo as well? That's to start with, another instance in the documentary is where they talk about how the protesters in front of a target were brought cookies and such by the corporate entity, again why would this be included if even real? Documentaries aren't automatically hallowed just because of the genre, they can be tools of the opposition as well. Overall you have to be skeptical of every media until shown otherwise

-Marvel and DC are not my favourites but there has to be a good superhero to like right? Maybe that's where Spawn comes in. This is a character i'd like to get to know better. “Born in darkness, sworn to justice” is on the front of this movie, and we can relate and aspire to be like Spawn, or an angel, you choose, but we need some Spawns to go with those. Let's see, angels, spawns, and superheroes of ours, all together with their own shared or subset of goals, hopefully getting a lot done. Taking on tasks of different sorts in different ways but always with each other

-Clive Barker.. a favourite of mine as a youth, now upon reflection he is what seems to be an Englishman with misplaced allegiance. Unfortunately. Seriously he and Stephen King were my guys growing up, take from that what you will, i sure did love reading, and reading them in particular. This is a movie based on the book Cabal, and is a pretty cool premise, there's a scene if i remember correctly where there is a manhole cover to underneath the cemetery where the creatures are that has a star of David on it, go figure, that was disappointing. i still have a spot for Clive Barker in me, am not sure why he chose to side with the opposition but he did. i will always have fond memories of being at home or the library escaping for hours every day in books by he and others which i enjoyed immensely

Murder, She Wrote
-Bought this season one set to own but actually watched recently most of it before and on streaming. This has been a great series i love that have watched a lot of over the years, Angela Lansbury is pretty amazing and is nice to see her in anything she does. i still have those four 2012 Murder, She Wrote movies to watch, and i want to and will, am figuring those also will be fantastic. Wishing Angela happiness

Saturday Night Live: The Best of Mike Myers
-Another talented Canadian fellow. Even though this may be Wayne's World he has his friends, just like we all do. This is where relativity comes in again. Maybe this is Joe Biden's world, maybe Walt Disney's world, personally i think we all have a part here, you included of course, do what you can. It really is up to you how you contribute to our collective being, how you make life better for others. If you work at a coffee shop you are serving and helping the makers of buildings and creators of vaccines who in turn help others as well, and that can be referenced for whatever it is you do, you contribute, if you want to contribute over and above your daily allotment you can do that also, and i encourage you to do so. The world isn't run by one person, it is run by all of us to different degrees, how the heck could one person do everything, they can't, so it is divided up among all of us, each with our own input in this global effort of us as a world, together we make each other better in an intricate snowball effect that has been ongoing for years. How do you want to help? Because there's so much that needs doing

No Country For Old Men
-The reason i picked this up is because it is based on a book by an author i like, Cormac McCarthy (The Road). Although i am hesitant about the Coen Brothers i figure to give this movie (and other McCarthy book) a try. The title is one i say softly as i don't want to insult people who are older, what's wrong with old men? It probably explains the title in the movie. There is no problem here with the aged, it can be a benefit in fact, except for the learned elders that is. There are so many older fellows i respect and admire, one of them also happens to be the President of the United States, who is doing a fantastic job i can say. Some might say i am old, i'm not a senior but am no spring chicken either, maybe a happy medium. Enjoy your years, i've heard it said that as you age time seems to go quicker, and am able to attest to that. Keep adding on to your experience and keep adding on to your knowledge, you will live better and better with some fun stuff in there for enjoyment

The Addams Family/Addams Family Values
-Am trying to broaden my movie watching to include more comedies, i do like them when they are done well and without a lot of insult humour which am not very fond of. These are very fun and am happy to have them now. Unfortunate about Raul Julia, let his legacy continue. Halloween is on the way and i'd like to watch some horror movies in preparation but am thinking to mix it up a bit with these two in there as well. There is now an animated version and a sequel to it also but have not seen either, maybe they are good? That would be nice. For these i hope to get some pleasant laughter from, there are positive funny comedies out there but lots of the opposite also, however i'll let you be the ones to determine which is which. Again it comes down to intention, appreciate the good who mean well and skip on those that don't

Matrix Reloaded/Revolutions
-It's not looking good for the Matrix. To start, the first Matrix has a scene saying goodnight to Zion, okay, maybe they mean the deep sleep? Next was the videogame of this series where you are tasked with saving Zion, hmm.. maybe it's like in the first one where they just want to get that word out there where people will look it up. Then there are these two, which might have been a waste of money for me unfortunately. In these the last bastion of humanity is Zion, and they are fighting the evil machines out to destroy them. Neo? Their supposed saviour. Here's what i think is going on with these films, they knew someday things would come crashing down on them so they have this movie to ease the public to their side, and after reading the Protocols do you have any desire to save Zion? Now, i am going to watch these, but as stated earlier it's not looking good, seriously, go read the plot/synopsis of these two sequels, not good at all. Shame really, these could have been great, they almost are, but turns out to be a Zionist Trojan horse of a ploy. After watching i will do an edit, but don't expect it to be favourable, for now go look up those synopsis' which i should have done before looking to buy these, something you should make a habit of as well

Dirty Work
-Was great to find this Norm Macdonald movie. The premise is that he and a friend need some money for a good cause, the friends Dad's new heart, and decide to take up a revenge for hire business to make what they need for that. Problem is i don't want revenge on me, you or even them. i believe i am playing fair and being humane, and expect the same from you and the opposition. Revenge is for things past, what we are doing is preventing the present and future harm. If i were to have to go let that be humanely as well, otherwise let me continue. It would be nice to keep doing what i am doing but if it were decided against me i would rather go in peace. And i do not want petty revenge tactics taken against me while i am here, again i play fair and expect the opposition to do so as well. What we are doing is not so much for revenge, it is forward looking not backward, but am sure you can understand those who have had losses by them would like justice very much. Not revenge, justice. If i can go peacefully they can as well, while i am here i do not want to be bothered by them, so in the meantime let me be as i am doing what's right

-This series was quite funny when i watched it years ago, am sure it still is even though Jason Alexander is the lead character's voice. Some great episodes there. When i was young i watched a fair amount of Seinfeld, unbeknownst about the agenda. i'm sure many of you can relate, maybe you still watch Zionist sitcoms, i have my share of media consumption of theirs, as long as it doesn't phase you. To mention though the amount of their propaganda i intake is minimal. Not while growing up though, i was full of Zionist intents, books, television shows, movies, videogames. i guess we all were to some extent considering the ratio of ours to theirs. But i learn quick and when became aware of what was going on it was a speedy transition to only what is ours. It's kind of an awkward subject to bring up to people, Zionist agenda, the way i breach it is about the intentions and media that have negative ones. But do bring up the topic in any way you can when the subject arises

Fletch/Fletch Lives
-i also am very self-deprecating, if i wasn't this would be very difficult. While i don't appreciate Zionist insults i know of their initial source, there is a saying water off a ducks back, don't let it phase you and that could be advice for all of us. This movie stars the very funny, snl cast member, vacation having, comedy man Chevy Chase who i really like, and a satire such as this will be very enjoyable to see, i hope and think so, the first one especially. i don't watch a lot of comedies as the Zionist agenda is thick in that genre, but do find a few of ours here and there that are hilarious. Speaking of such, Dave Chappelle is in trouble again, this isn't a good time to be a comedian, what the hell are you allowed to say nowadays? i can't stand cancel culture and think it is about weakness, brazen insults are one thing but taking a jab at something in society that has a tinge of truth to it should be acceptable, and i've been insulted a lot. It should amount to whether something said is meant as jest or if it is meant to be mean to someone. There is a fine line but maybe each instance should be judged on it's own as it's usually pretty obvious how something is meant. Cancel culture has gone way too far and everything is having to be politically correct, in comedy and elsewhere, again i'm not defending certain mis-steps but if a comedian let's say says something they regret an apology should be suffice, again on the basis of each and any instance. You'll know what is what

Saturday Night Live: The Best of Chris Farley
-Happy to have this, it will be nice to see how funnily talented this fellow was. i'm telling you SNL used to be funny and i believe ours, unfortunately it hasn't been in many years. i still have the earlier than these cast to try and find best of's about but these will be fun as anything to watch for sure

The 6 Degrees Collection: The Big Picture, Flatliners, Hollowman, Trapped, In The Cut, Where The Truth Lies
-The 6 degrees reference is from a trivia type game where you can name anyone in Hollywood and they will be within 6 degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon, the star of these and many other movies. This is made a lot easier by a great resource of ours,, the Internet Movie Database. Here you can see the cast and crew of every single movie ever. Liked a movie? Look it up and click on the director to find all the movies he or she has helmed, same goes for actors and actresses and so forth. But the main thing is writers and directors to judge a movie by. On that note if you watch a movie and it is Zionist bs you can avoid those ones. Maybe you're thinking about going to see or purchase a particular movie, look it up, for the most part you can know the agenda by the amount of Stein, Blum and Weiss' you find attached to that. It's not perfect but it's a guide in the right direction, or direction of propaganda as you might say. And you will find much more directors that do not have Jewish names that are part of the problem, Ridley Scott, Quentin Tarantino, etc etc. So whether you like a movie or not this site is indispensable in either finding more good movies or ones to not bother subjecting yourself to. Also, there is an equivalent site for videogames,, here you can check every game by every company and play/avoid ones from what you've found. Life is too short and mindspace too precious to subject yourself to those who have ill will towards you through various media. As said you can find havens of ours scattered among the opposition's programming traps they have set for you to see. Support our efforts, squelch their plots

Ferris Bueller's Day Off
-This was written about by me before but have finally found the blu-ray version so figured to give another angle of this great movie. i'll let you know that this is about a guy on top of the world having a fantastic day in Chicago with his friends while skipping school. And they do have a lot of fun. it's not just Ferris enjoying the day but his companions as well. While not everything we have to do is “fun” we have our moments and can look forward to fun in the future, moreso. A little sidenote here, in one scene with the parade the song Danke Schoen is sung, which means thank you very much in German

Reefer Madness
-Marijuana is fine, and can be fun while not addictive, there is worse. Heck even alcohol is one of the worse ones, however i am not going to take this spot to talk about problematic drugs as i have mentioned that often and you know how i feel about those (never do crack or your life is ruined). So the good drugs.. Prescription medication, caffeine, acetaminophen, and the referenced marijuana which is a cure-all heals what ails you medication. Although now and for quite a while i have been enjoying my favourite state of mind, sober, i have done my share of weed as well mind you, but never had any major problems with it, not like other drugs and alcohol which are fit for the garbage bin if i could say. Illicit drugs and alcohol lead to regrets, pot pretty much doesn't, and is much more enjoyable during and afterwards. i will say about this 1936 public service announcement, Reefer Madness, that the facts didn't and still don't hold true for marijuana, but if you replace every instance with the real problem, which wasn't around back then, crack, then you have a very similar output. But i talk about that often, right now take your anti-depressant, have a coffee or cola, smoke a joint and enjoy all the pleasantness that brings without doing any harm like the others do

The Road
-i already have this phenomenal movie on blu-ray, as this one is as well but for a friend who i recommended it to. This has to be the most accurate vision of what a post-apocalyptic future would look like and is again based on the Pulitzer Prize winning novel by Cormac McCarthy. Everyone seems to purposefully neglect talking about the very real danger of an asteroid colliding with Earth, when it needs to be front and centre of our priorities, or else. So don't think it's inevitable, we can divert any asteroid with almost the technology we have now, so lets get that going!

-”Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away, now it looks as though they're here to stay, oh, i believe in yesterday” Another wonderful movie to get to watch along with Yellow Submarine. Looking forward to both. There's a James Bond movie titled You Only Live Twice, that's World War I & II, the third instance is on it's way, and that will be tomorrow. As you look around you see the troubles we currently have, let's do everything we possibly can to rid ourselves of what's being done against us and those that are doing it. We have a bright future ahead of us if we do, and a dismal life of ruin if we don't

The Evil Dead
-Wouldn't that be nice. This is the ultimate edition of this Sam Raimi masterpiece, a movie and director i have always liked very much. This first version was remade as Evil Dead 2 which is also a fun watch but the original, this one, is great just for different reasons, being able to see the initial vision and then improved upon for the second film

Robocop Trilogy
-Was hoping just to find the first one of these on blu ray but found this trilogy instead, the first being especially good and directed by Paul Verhoeven who i like. The other day i picked up a sweet Robocop t-shirt, a very nice one, and plan to wear it proudly repping the police in a time when they are unjustly getting a lot of flak. The ones that act unduly towards citizens yes should be punished to the full extent of the law but the vast majority of them are out there risking their lives to protect us day in day out, something which doing so has been a thankless job recently. Once in a while you see a misbehaving officer get a lot of attention but realize that there are countless altercations resolved successfully each day and many lives saved because of them

To Kill A Mockingbird
-This is a movie about race relations, this very well made special edition probably placed to try and make the plight of African Americans compare to that of the Jews. Which is not the case at all. There are different circumstances for every ethnicity, and i try to just count the positives as no race is above another, we are all different races of human. There is one group, the Jews, who thinks themselves as gods compared to us, but they aren't. With race, i am only against that faction, not because they are Jews but because of what they in particular are doing. If it was the Mexicans who created and follow the protocols i would be against the Mexicans. But it's not theirs. i will also mention that the problems we face from them are not systemic, an overused word said incorrectly much of the time as it means complete or in whole, not just many. Thing is the majority of Jews all know what's going on and being done, and say nothing, even relish in what their brethren are doing with the thought that they are running the world, when in fact what they are doing is ruining it for everyone but themselves. Again, if the Talmud let's say was the Australian holy book it would still be just as heinous, and the fault would be with them. But the protocols are not Mexican, and the Talmud not Australian, the multitude of wars initiated are not by the French, no all these things are of the Jews, that's not racism that's a fact, and all of them know that, say nothing, and advance the agenda of their own at every available instance

Saturday Night Live: The Best of Will Ferrell vol 3
-Will Ferrell makes you happy, no blue material or insult humour for him just wholesome laughs and he is deserving of at least 3 snl best of's. i've also seen him on late night talk shows and he is very funny on those as well. Nice guy and he is well worth the stature he has gained in comedy. A friend of mine was looking for a movie of his based on the snl sketch titled Night at the Roxbury and i found multiple copies at one of the thrift stores, i picked one up for my friend but it looks hilarious and i would like to get one for myself as well. i bet Will is a fun and nice guy to know, it sure would be a treat to meet him, unfortunately i probably never would have the opportunity but congratulations to those who do

Saturday Night Live: The Best of Will Ferrell vol 1
-Norm Macdonald was a good man, a nice man, a Canadian man... He joked about when he dies he doesn't want people to have a wake for him and be happy but to console each other about his death, i will do a bit of both. i've been checking youtube videos of him and damn is he funny, a friend this morning i was talking to about him said he had $10 jokes but $1,000 delivery and that sounds about right. i actually just searched for $10 jokes delivery to see if i had the right amount and noticed there are lots of sites for humour which is cool to see, i do like comedy a lot and don't prioritize them as much as i should. But yes, Norm Macdonald, definitely check some of his skits and interviews etc, did you know he even had a sitcom? It was probably great, will keep a lookout for it. Norm was fired by SNL, the official reason was for his jokes about O.J. Simpson but i bet it was because of his jokes about Jews controlling Hollywood and similar jokes on late night television shows etc. A compilation in this set is not available, there is no Best of Norm Macdonald even though there should be, so you have to go to youtube, no complaints, lots of content there that you wouldn't get on such a collection. i will miss him, as many will, he was very very funny and i laughed hard at many of what i watched of him and am looking forward to watch much more of him at any opportunity. Will Ferrell? i'm sure he'd rather me talk about Norm than himself in general, there's always vol 2 and 3 to praise him anyhow (he's very funny and a pleasure to watch also)

Purple Rain
-i miss Prince, there's a lot of great people i miss. However we get to indulge in what they left behind. i wonder if the “rain” is purple in colour or if he's talking about mass action on our part, probably the second

The Exorcist Anthology
-Not sure if this is any good, figured to give it a try. America is in need of an exorcism

-He winds up dead and broke, because you can't take it with you, maybe he should have been a carpenter

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe: 20 Best Episodes of Season 1&2
-Now this is what i'm talking about. The original series. In addition to the Iron Cross there is what looks to be a villain orange beast with a quasi star of David on him. Nice

Saturday Night Live: The Best of Amy Poehler/Tracy Morgan
-These will be what i collect for classic snl. And by no means does this mean i endorse current snl, at all. i believe it was good once, and for a while, then it flipped to junk. But yes these collections will be nice to have and i hope there are ones for earlier original cast members as well. RIP Norm Macdonald

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow
-i haven't seen this movie so can't vouch for it but today is yesterdays tomorrow. According to the plot write-up this group is looking to stop a plot to destroy the world, something that can't be said about us, we are the ones looking to stop them and the same can't be said the other way around. So looks good. Lets do our best to make the world of tomorrow better in every way we can than it is today, we're doing great but there is much we can improve as well

Lord of War
-War profits the banks and destitutes nations, and many times are orchestrated or initiated by those powers that will profit from those warring. Many times disagreements can be worked out peacefully, but that means less money for the loaners. Always look for a solution that doesn't involve war first, instead of the opposite way around. Many times factions can find a compromise that works better for everyone involved

-Am not familiar with Steve McQueen but have heard good things about him and this movie looks pretty good

Spawn 2
-Have a friend who likes this character, and so do i from what have seen. This is the second of four i believe of this animated series, i will try and find the first to start with before watching. Would Spawn be considered a superhero? Kind of. There's a Linkin Park (RIP Chester Bennington) album titled Hybrid Theory with the cover of a soldier with wings, and Spawn is a bit like that i guess. Angels can have a bit of darkness to them, and sometimes is needed to do what's required

The Mary Tyler Moore Show
-Picked up season one of this show and it looks great, very fun and very on point am sure being set in a newsroom. Unfortunately we have lost Mary herself, but she lives on through shows like this and the Dick Van Dyke Show. i bet with this premise i will enjoy the Mary Tyler Moore Show very much as millions already have

Burn Notice
-This series was recommended to me by a friend who knows i like Bruce Campbell who has a role in this television show that is about a spy going after his nemesis to redeem himself. While this series isn't directed by Bruce Campbell mainstay Sam Raimi it does have him himself who is always a joy to watch

The Nativity Story
-This i have seen available and didn't pick up until today because there was a 50% off sale on movies so went for it to try at one dollar twenty-five cents, what originally held me off of this one is the cover that shows Mary in a light blue headscarf that has three horizontal also light blue lines that probably represent the Israeli flag, so am hesitant to watch. I've mentioned before the reasons why Jesus was not Jewish, birthplace, Jesus against the Pharisees, the Talmud references about him... So what i want to say here is about an interview i watched the other day where a guest said yes he is one of the chosen ones when mentioned about him being Jewish, Chosen by a fictional character then? (forgive me for that) and this goes to the promised land, promised by who again? i like the Bible and religion but it shouldn't have a place in government, separation of church and state. So indulge in the Bible but don't let it affect our daily lives in a negative way, and definitely don't let it affect the Palestinians daily life in a negative way either

The Truman Show
-Jim Carrey is a great one. i always delight in watching him interviewed on different shows, funny And smart. The True Man Shoah. This movie is sure to be a pleasure to watch, been awhile since seeing it before but am certain it will be a feel good film again

Blown Away
-Just an action movie that looks very good, maybe with the cadence of action like the movie Speed

A Charlie Brown Christmas
-i think it's okay to like this one, been awhile. This movie is against the commercialization of the holiday season, personally i don't mind that, it's fun to buy presents for friends and loved ones, but yes i do agree it shouldn't be the main focus. Cards, songs, well wishes abound, a bit of everything and all joyous. Do not forget the meaning of Christmas though, it gives us something to celebrate, to enjoy. And if it wasn't for the opposition infringing itself upon our religion we would be all the more thankful, but be so and disregard what they infer

Taxi Driver
-Along with the multitude of great people that ride in taxis and whatnot you get some that are real problems, both passengers and outside the vehicle. That's what this movie is about, a taxi driver that sees all the trouble out there day in day out and it gets to him. This is a Martin Scorsese film who i have always liked but am now divided on, i hope he is okay, it would be nice if he is. Am also a fan of Robert DeNiro just to mention. But yes, his character in this movie, let this be motivational to you to help clean up any undesirable goings on but not in the same way as DeNiro handles it, you can do much better in different ways than that. There are people's unfortunate behaviours that negatively affect others to put it mildly, and we do need to clean that up. Let's do that through political means without bleeding heart policy or lack of action. What we need is strong government legislation that makes it's way to every town and city. As i'm sure you can see it is needed. We pay our taxes to be safe, so it's time for that money to go towards better doing so

-These look pretty good, i haven't had a chance to watch these yet but look forward to. It's reminiscent of Marvel's Blade series in genre but i am more inclined to go to these instead even though i like Wesley Snipes. With what i do with this, and going to the thrift stores and timed meals etc i don't have a lot of time to watch movies or play videogames, to me that matters but obviously everything else takes precedence, so i look forward to after we're all done and on the other side of this to be able to do such, for now it's just on weekends but i do really enjoy media of different sorts. As if right? i don't know when i'll go but will try to get as much done before then as i can. Until that point i'll have to settle for here and there for fun, and i do enjoy that when i can

Bryan Adams: Live at the Budokan Japan 2000
-Whenever i would like some cheering up i much of the time listen to some Bryan Adams to feel better, and better than better. His studio albums are all good front to back but i am partial to his So Far So Good, Best of Me, and Live!Live!Live!. So this is especially nice to have. And in Japan at that. i always wanted to learn Japanese but i really have no need to for any reason so i decided to skip, it would have been cool though. Japan would also be a great place to visit am sure, the people all seem so nice and there is not a lot of fighting among themselves. It always looked like it would be stepping into the future with so much technology, which makes it's way to the rest of the world afterwards. i'm not into any factional supremacy but do think the Japanese are pretty damn cool. Every nation has their positive traits and am sure other of those factions are better at certain things than the Japanese mind you but just saying. That's why there are many different sports at the Olympics, and that's only for physical skill while there really are countless other skills as well to be adept in. If you like something and are good at it or want to be, keep at it

-This is a 1968 musical film based on the novel Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens that won the Academy Awards for Best Picture and Best Director. I have heard good things about this movie as well, namely that it has anti-”Semitic” undertones, not as good as overtones but i digress. But yes and although i haven't seen this yet believe it talks very much about the banking system. Another author who is very anti-”Semitic” is William Shakespeare, especially in The Merchant of Venice. And while this entices me to watch this movie it also encourages me to read both said books. When you are labelled anti-”Semitic” you are on the right track, hence the backlash. The term is so widely administered it has lost any meaning beyond them just not liking what you say about them. Wear it like a badge of honour for standing up to what they are doing. Hollywood is very Jewish owned so if you are in that field be prepared with facts to back yourself up with to make what you're doing have effect and not just personal opinion although anything you do is appreciated. There is very much a difference between anti-”Semitism” and anti-Zionism, so whenever someone accuses you of the first affirm that you are the latter and explain all the reasons why, and there are many reasons to mention. Even the good of them fail to stick up for us so they get clumped into the ones at fault for what's being done, they even have more ability and opportunity to do so but don't. So the next time you hear someone being labelled as anti-”Semitic” think about what they are putting forward and determine their intentions, most every time it is with helping others from the clutch of the Zionist entity in mind

Xena Warrior Princess
-This is a phenomenal series from Sam Raimi, of Hercules, Jack of All Trades, Evil Dead, the Spider-Man Trilogy among others. It's always a pleasure seeing what he puts forth and i really enjoyed watching this show when it was originally on television. Strong women can be sexy, and a woman with a strong view is sexy as well. She-wolves some say. And i'm speaking in general, not just about the main concern but all of them, it makes for nice conversation as well. There's time for speaking about fun stuff, which is also very enjoyable, but sometimes it's great to either agree or disagree about a topic, either way makes for interesting dialogue. So keep being smart sexy opinionated women, it's actually a turn on to the type of people you want to be turned on by you

Bruce Lee The Master Collection
-Other than you or i could potentially be there is one fellow who is definitely as cool as James Bond, Bruce Lee. What a guy. What he was able to do must have taken his lifetime to perfect, and his talent is undeniable. There are all sorts of cool though, name your topic and there are experts. Maybe you could be the Bruce Lee of accounting, of city building, of web development (lots of Bruce Lee's doing that), the list goes on for as many instances as there are. You can aim to be the Bruce Lee or you can aim to be a Bruce Lee, both are just as good and needed, this isn't so much a competition although you can strive to place first if there is one, the goal instead is to help each other be and do their best for the betterment of everyone involved, whether one person or world affecting, each is important. Do the best you can, then do even better, only comparing yourself to others if it is motivation to exceed your expectations of what you can accomplish. i often reference relativity, and that's because it is integral to your way of thinking, you might think oh that guy has a bushel of apples and i only have five, but then you realize the next person down only has one. If you really do want to have your own bushel of apples you can go towards that, just realize that when you have that the next fellow up has an orchard, and so it goes. Keep that in mind with everything, relativity, when good or when not. What goes along with this is contentment, being happy with what you have, and that is also very important. If you want to keep up with the Jones' that is perfectly fine as well but don't make it the be all and end all of your existence. I for one am very happy with what i have, but still desire more, at least i shop cheaply. But i do not get jealous when i see someone in a mansion, i am just as fine in my humble abode. Desire is fine, it motivates you to do and have better, but try not to get too down about what you want but don't have, if you strive towards that hard enough maybe just maybe you will achieve that

The James Bond Collection
-Now this, this is amazing. i've only seen a few James Bond movies but always liked them, am wary of the Daniel Craig ones but have new respect for the earlier films which i will start watching from the beginning of course. The world of espionage has always intrigued me, as am sure you as well, it's such a cool profession and can imagine it being very interesting even though high stakes am sure. For most of us depending how involved and vocal we are about Zionism or other similar global entities, we have videogames, books and movies to whet the appetite for intrigue. Speaking of books about this there is one i read a long time ago, a memoir by Peter Wright titled Spycatcher about his time in British Intelligence Agency MI5, very interesting read and i would recommend it to you if so desired. CIA, MI5, Mossad, two of those are your friends among others in said global community, Mossad has no friends, they are a self imposed lone entity against all the others and have no allegiance to any nation other than their own and their Israeli interests. What they glean from other intelligence agencies is not held in strict confidence and is used as they see fit regardless of danger to other nations. As said though, you yourself can contact CIA, MI5, and any other of these you think appropriate for what you want to say or divulge, they know Israel does not have their safety or security in mind. To be sure your information gets through to the appropriate venues you might want to contact some media with your information as well. You can also be involved in this, be brave, be smart, but be a part. In this time we can contact any person or entity we want, make use of that, you want to be involved in espionage? You can be. You want to be as cool as James Bond or Jane Bond? You can be. Don't wait, every day that goes by you are missing out on precious time that you could be helping with. Join in, the longer you wait the more Zion advances against us when we need to be advancing ourselves and allies in both defence and offence with action and retaliation against them and their harm to us and what could be a more harmonious global community

The Bodyguard
-Whitney Houston was an extremely talented individual, looks to have been nice as anything as well. The worst thing that happened in her life was when someone said to her something like hey try this it's really enjoyable, about crack cocaine. Then her life was ruined. One try and you're addicted, destined to spend the rest of your life looking for more, and more, and more. What a terrible thing that happens to people, this is why illicit drugs such as crack should never be decriminalized, one try and you're hooked. What Whitney actually needed saving from was this debilitating drug, but let's try to have it where no one gets hooked in the first place. In this movie though Whitney is in danger which is why she hires said bodyguard, and forced musicians now need you to be that for them. Anything you can do to help, signed or anonymous, put it forward, do not be silent. Maybe a musicians actual bodyguard can put forward what they know and have seen. Anyone and everyone.

Final Destination 1/2/3
-i've seen the first of this series and liked it very much. The premise is that for one reason or another a group of people avoid predetermined death and then are chased after so to speak by the power that keeps that in check. Very well made movie and the second and third ones look great as well

Demolition Man/Judge Dredd
-Demolition Man is a favourite of mine, a very fun feel good movie indeed. i have not seen Judge Dredd yet but looks quite good also. We are the judges, we are the jury, and we are the executioners. When the facts about the Protocols to start with as well as all the multitude of other information is put forth we will each be the ones to decide on administering the punishment we already know and need to implement

Boyz N The Hood
-Growing up in a ghetto must be terrible, all the vices and allures available and pushed on you. Either you are a part of it or are a victim of it. Not receiving the appropriate care for the most part whether in school help or some in the community that look to drag you down. Some make it out of the “hood” and do well, but the odds aren't in their favour. Sometimes there is motivation and there should be more of that, whether at church, work or said schooling, to give a boost of confidence about the great things they are able to achieve if they work hard at it. And they can, best thing to start with is make a modest amount of money, enough to get out of the ghetto, and move somewhere more palatable where your effort helps you go far. There are very successful rappers and athletes who get most of the fame but having a skilled job is a great achievement as well and pays the bills quite nicely. Maybe a restaurant worker, a bus driver, or something else noble, you have the ability to do very well at work that provides a positive difference in peoples lives. Your choice what to do and the possibilities are endless. Have fun spending your paycheck on good things (or savings), you've earned it

Bad Boys 1/2/For Life
-Whenever i see someone on tv let's say carjacking a vehicle to escape from the police i think what the fuck do they think they can get away with that? They just get caught and go to jail for a period of time. Let's make that period of time longer. i understand it's greed that drives most crimes, but if the punishment is exorbitant there is more reason for people to obey the laws we have in place to protect ourselves and each other. Speaking earlier about crack the people that want that drug don't care about long term planning, they just want more crack, and are the ones who end up in those police chases. Just play by the rules and there will be no legal repercussions. It's like the ten commandments, only there are thousands of them, all which we have agreed upon through voting. Laws change over time, what we as a society deem acceptable or not, like marijuana, we have found it to be okay, it is not physically addictive and doesn't cause near as much hardship to people's lives smoker or others, so we have decided to allow it for the most part. Laws help us, police enforce those laws, and we all want to live happy and safe. Again, laws evolve, such as with abortion, to reflect the values that people want others to adhere to, so if something you think should be legal isn't, or something illegal you think shouldn't be there is space to make change if it is agreed upon

Ghostbusters 1/2
-These are the two original ones, the ones with good Bill Murray. i wish there were more Jews that, in addition to the ones there are, put forward agenda (in a good sense) in a way that helps us by them turning against the Zionist entity. As said there are Jews against apartheid and Israeli colonialism but never about the big stuff, we need that. Apartheid and Israeli colonialism are big stuff as well but it's all relative as is everything

Ong Bak The Thai Warrior 1/2/3
-The first one of these is spectacular, haven't seen the two sequels yet. Tony Jaa is one of the best martial artists there is though, right up there with Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan, sorry if i don't know more like the ones mentioned but i am a casual fan albeit an admiring one. The third in this series is written, directed, produced and starred by Mr Jaa in this entry. And it looks incredible, that being the word as he and other masters of this physical art have finely honed bodies and years of practice that culminate in these acts of extraordinary ability. Everyone has what they are good at, it may be too late for you to become a world renowned martial artist but you can be a well known good person of other skills, the world's your oyster, your job may be one thing, maybe it is something you are great at, but you also have what you do in your spare time, for fun or passion, and you keep getting better at it and enjoying it just as much. And that is the crux of it, you enjoy it very much, so keep at what you love, the podium has space for everyone

The Bible: In The Beginning
-We are living a bible, all of us, we have our own printing press and the tangible differences we make in other persons lives who in turn make their mark partially because of you. Each of us contributes in the new bible and it is enormous. Whether it is a post, a tweet, or in actual person we share our own bibles with others which becomes one major interwoven patchwork entwined in all of time past, present and future. People pass on but their life is still written on the pages they were a part of that they created by living their lives and their interactions with others who in turn do the same and it continues from what that person that is no longer with us did. Your life is a book in the new bible, and there are billions, put forward what you want to leave on for others, not only in text but actions that make things better in the field you want to be a part of. And you are a part of something bigger, just like the first bible, you have similar divine purpose, and that is to improve the lives of not only yourself but everyone else, you don't have to be in charge of each person in total but others around you from small scale to large, whatever you can do makes a difference. In our bible what do you want to fill the pages of you?

-If there's one person i hope to have as one of ours it is Jim Henson. Creator of Sesame Street and The Muppets among other endeavours this is a man put in charge of many of our youth. This movie is in part put together by Lucasfilm, a Zionist company which is very troubling indeed, with this movie i hope to find out what side is which with him, maybe Labyrinth was a mistake on his part and the rest is good? That would be nice. What i would suggest to you is be an avid watcher of what your young family members watch, that way you can feel secure in letting them consume at their impressionable age or know what to disallow and explain to them why. Even for those of you that don't have anyone that watches youth shows it might do you good to check out what's being done, by both us and be proud or by them and be sickened. Maybe Jim Henson has gone through phases, it's possible, thinking about his efforts it kind of goes to either side and i will definitely try and keep on top of this. With youth programming, and it really is programming with such, you don't want to have them sit in front of your enemy putting all sorts of junk in their heads, you obviously want to nurture them and teach them well and how to navigate our world successfully, when the opposition has complete control over their thoughts and behaviour you are setting them up to fail in every way. Some may say that any television is too much television, and to some degree that is true, but it is another medium like books or videogames, there are both wholesome and destructive media, a lot of which you can't notice upon initial inspection, that is where your mental database kicks in of which entities are which and share with your loved ones so they know and can see as well. i guess the word is unfiltered, that's what children get put towards them, parents are out of the room or busy and what they receive is a steady stream of Zionist agenda, not all the media they watch but a major percentage of it. Again, no television? How about shared viewing of shows and curated television. If you raise your young ones to be critical thinkers and give explanations and examples of what to watch out for they will be far better off than if you didn't. Start as early as you can but you are never too late. As for Jim Henson, damn i hope he is okay, if not that will be a real loss for us and our loved ones

American Madness
-Wow what a great movie. This is the first Frank Capra movie i see other than of course It's A Wonderful Life and i look forward to watching more movies by him. The premise is about a well managed bank that goes through a run on the money and is saved by those who have been helped by their earlier loans. i have had good interactions with my bank where they have come through for me albeit on a small scale, so am happy to clear this up a bit about everyday banking, one of the problems is with them having fractional reserves, where they only have to keep on hand i believe one tenth of what they actually have available. This practice has gotten out of hand and if there was a run on the banking money now for instance they would not be able to fulfill all of the customers who have their money in such an establishment. Barring said run on a bank the fractional reserving is understandable, the problem i have is with a dubious solely for profit “bank” called the Federal Reserve, which is neither federal nor a reserve. What they do is buy American bonds when they are released and then are loaned back to America at a gain for themselves and the detriment to the country. We need banks, that is a given, we want somewhere safe to hold our money, while i do not endorse fractional reserve banking which was conceived long ago, it is doable. What the Federal Reserve Act of 1917, that was pushed through Congress, there is now a business that is in charge of what America has the money to do. i am not a financier and will leave the logistics of what needs to be done about this to the experts on this topic, lead with your knowledge. What a can suggest is to repeal the Federal Reserve Act and after that all the money currently owed to this ill intended action over the years against American wealth, basically a skim of such, will be null and void. There will be heavy opposition by them to keep this instated but we must have the willpower and bravery to accomplish this

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves
-i agree with Warren Buffett about taxing the rich, right now enormous companies pay basically nothing through loopholes while the hard working pay more than they can afford. Imagine what could be done with that extra windfall. As have mentioned i am not a fan of theft, whether it be small scale or the largest. So instead of speaking about that i will instead speak about a song from the soundtrack of this movie that happened to stay on the charts for a very long time, Everything I Do (I Do It For You), by the talented Bryan Adams. What a song, one for those in loving relationships around the world. Hold them close and feel this song for you. Everything you do, do it for them. Both your loved ones and those who need you, for yourself as little as possible, just for others. There's a fine balance so just do what you feel is right. Even waking up every morning and heading to work to support your family/better half is doing it for them, they need you. We are in the time of action now. this is when we all step up and do our part, whether full time or extra curricular, this is no longer about what one person can do (i'll do my best still) but about us in the millions doing together and individually whatever parts we can fulfill. Again, remember, everything you do, do it for them, the loved ones you know and the loved ones you don't

Son of God
-Can someone who is science minded wish there is a God? Yes, of course! i believe people started wanting such so much and wanted there to be more time with loved ones up above after their body was lowered into their grave, let alone a way to explain the beginnings and purposes of life in addition to a set of rules to live by in order to be a good person. Now i have only read certain books in the Bible, it would take years upon years to read the whole thing fully, but pleasantly found what's called The Action Bible which i have mentioned in a positive way before and am very happy with, this way while the main Bible itself would take years to read each time this would take a week maybe two to read completely allowing you to read it maybe once a year. Keeping the standard Bible to look up specific readings. Science explains everything, there are many subjects we aren't fully aware of but when found they can also be explained by science. i do have a soft spot for religion though, it got us pretty far didn't it? Jesus may be the son of God but all of us are made in God's image, each with individual attributes and detriments of our own, emphases on attributes though, as that's what moves us forward while detriments hold us back. How was the black orb of matter that exploded creating our universe originally made? That is a topic science can or will explain, but before we knew any of that, viewing our world and space through microscopes and telescopes, we have the Bible. While it's not perfect it's as close to perfection as you can get for what it is. i am happy reading religious texts, they are stories and teachings to help us along our way, to give us hope, faith and guidance through troubling times. Following the morals of the Bible, the ones we as a majority agree with, is a wonderful life indeed and results in less negative behaviour happening to you, the reason being that if you do only good in your life the opposite doesn't gravitate towards you, and yes bad things do happen to good people but mostly by people that don't follow the same rules. Have your own relationship with the Bible and what it puts forward, i would suggest not to think of it in a bad way, there are those that exploit God and Christ for money or otherwise but they are not true Christians, the Christians i know help others worldwide with all sorts of aid and support. Jesus, born in Bethlehem, must have been one really cool guy that any of us could aspire to be like. It is asked, what would Jesus do? Keep that in mind but also follow your own intuition and set of morality, Jesus is there to guide, you are the one who makes the decisions. If you are not religious just think what is the best most positive thing i can possibly do in this situation. In your hard times it is nice to know someone is there for you, and he will be

Jackass: vol 1/2/3 movies 1/2/3
-These guys are freakin awesome. i am not a fan of MTV but i will leave that out of this, i believe they were given free reign and were able to decide themselves what they would do. i doubt i or many of you would subject ourselves to what they have been doing since Jackass' inception. There is a new movie of theirs set to be released, subtitled Forever, it's difficult to see if they are being forced into anything with recent stunts and such but i sure hope they are okay and doing these things of their own volition. i have watched all the mentioned series other than the 3rd movie which i picked up today and will enjoy immensely am sure. Sometimes when you see something it's just wow, this is the best god damn thing on tv for instance, that is how i feel about Jackass and their fellows. i don't normally buy blu rays new but think when Forever releases i will pick it up right away. Again i hope it is theirs and not them getting forced to do all sorts of painful acts, it's a fine line with this but we should be able to see the intentions of what's going on

The Beatles: Yellow Submarine
-i have been woefully inadequate in my writings about the unbelievably amazing The Beatles, my favourite song of all time is probably Let It Be, but there are many many many great songs of theirs, i don't have many of their albums but do have the compilation album “1”. There is a recent movie titled “Yesterday” where a man wakes up in a world where the Beatles never existed, and i feel that's kind of what happened with my writings unfortunately, they are an integral part of this whole issue and were/are champions of the cause. I believe John Lennon's solo career songs were forced however but think the rest of the band escaped that fate. Paul McCartney is still going strong and just released a new album III which is good to see and probably even better to listen to which i should next time i get Spotify if it's on there. The movie, Yellow Submarine, this looks fantastic! The Beatles and company against the Blue Meanies, if you look more into this film i'm sure you'll love it as well, if you haven't seen it already that is, i haven't, yet. As for yellow, the Beatles weren't, think of what they've done as a blueprint for what can be accomplished by us, they had the talent and did so very well, you have the same amount of talent perhaps but in different capacities or topics. What will you do or create?
Edit: Are you bluish? You don't look bluish. This movie was very very enjoyable and would recommend it for sure. It was fun, well thought out, on point and brave often. As the finale to this movie they have the words (and song) “All Together Now” shown on screen in many various languages, very poignant. The opposition is trying to encompass the world with their devious agenda and plot so we need to go global as well. All of us together with the same desired aspirations and due necessity
Edit: Yes, i am upset about certain parts in this movie, such as the depiction of the helper and the passing over of the villains. This movie was made long before i was even born though so was all uncertain at the time. Personally i think not only i am doing well but that all of us are, probably better than any of us thought possible. While we cannot change the past, such as the missteps in this movie, we can alter what we do now and make right. When you see negative mentions from our past remember that it is from before we arrived at our current state, and when you see recent disrespects keep in mind the source, and when you speak about forced music for instance the real source behind them. So although i didn't like parts of this movie it was at least ours, blemishes and all, and i appreciate what they were trying to do with this, pretty much the only problems were the two ones i mentioned, which were unfortunately major and distracting from the rest of what was great about this. If you do end up watching Yellow Submarine, or another media from the past, don't let earlier negative mentions affect how you feel and do now in our present

Spider-Man Trilogy
-i have a friend who i like speaking with about all sorts of stuff but we do talk a lot about Marvel, not as much about DC but mostly Marvel as it is on Disney+ and has lots of content. Now i am not as up on everything Marvel but we did speak about these Spider-Man movies in addition to him in general in the Marvel universe, these are my favourite ones by vast amounts though as they are by Sam Raimi, a great director of ours. i will also mention i have all three of these on blu-ray already but this is a pretty nice set so well worth the $3 spent with a coupon. A scene i reference in the second film of these three involves Doctor Octopus, played by Alfred Molina, who at one point sacrifices himself to bring down what he has built up saying he does not want to die a monster. What makes this even more on point is that one of the roles he had a part in Fiddler On The Roof and there is a Spider-Man 2 outtake where he is singing one of the title tracks from such while in his mechanical octopus getup, you can find it on youtube am sure. For posterity i am not a fan of any other of the Spider-Man movies, just these Sam Raimi three, speaking of which it's been awhile since watching the 3rd iteration of these so will add that to my watch list, and if you like superhero movies but haven't seen these ones give them a shot

James Dean: Ultimate Collector's Edition
-This was a pretty cool find, i'm not very familiar at all with James Dean but this looks like the best compilation and special feature you would be able to get so picked it up. i want to speak about the title, not the movie as i haven't seen it, but the title Rebel Without a Cause. Have a cause, have multiple causes, and don't slack on doing what you can for those causes. Don't back down either, if you have good on your side it will carry you. Concentrate on one issue, have space for others. i know you have things to do, but entwine the two and/or do what you can afterwards. There are no lack of causes, join one, join a few

-i've been wanting to see this movie for a long time so am very happy to have found it. This blu-ray/dvd combo pack also came with a code to redeem on Apple to have on that platform, this is my second film of those for Apple, the first one is Hacksaw Ridge. On google play i have quite the library of movies, as having picked up many that happen to have those as well, it's convenient to have on google play because any device that can run youtube can play your digital movies, however i am as you know trying to migrate from google to other platforms, so i will leave those there to still have but try to focus on Apple. Microsoft is no slouch either let me say, i write and surf etc on this Windows laptop of mine (which is slow as molasses because of constant overheating but i digress) and are a great company all around, i always plan to have a Windows laptop as my main computer but would be nice to have an Apple one for extra backup if that's needed. Microsoft is definitely one of ours, Apple i need a bit more familiarity with to determine but am liking what i know, and i really hope they are okay. Being up against some of the largest corporations in the world isn't easy, google and facebook for starters, but they require our dedicated opposition as they are our opposition and we need to oppose them in return. The way it's going right now is that when one of those two for instance sees potential competition they buy them out, so it's difficult to find alternatives to them. So, i watch youtube unfortunately but necessarily, there are a few other video streaming services but none (unfortunately) are real competitors. Do whatever you are comfortable with but be warned, the ones mentioned negatively are against you, they sit around their meeting tables and think about how they can screw you over, that's what they do. Even when they feign goodness in commercials and such it is a ruse, and just stealthy agenda meant to trick you. Make a migration of your own to better non-Zionist services in each and every manner possible, you will be happy with your choice of platforms

The Running Man
-Always a fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger, this may... may, (looks to be) him hired for a Zionist part though. The first thing is that this is based loosely on a Stephen King book, second it's the various foes he goes up against. Been a while since having seen this movie or read the book but i will say that the author, Stephen King, has been going on opposition late night shows to try and validate himself, hey i enjoy his books as much as anybody, or maybe used to for sure but still respect the guy, but it doesn't look good to say you are one of us by going on the villains shows to do so. As recommended to a nice woman today i would instead suggest the Roku original segmented movie Most Dangerous Game, while it more follows the mentioned book than the movie it is a very good watch. I will get to watching this particular one again at sometime to see Arnold in action which is always enjoyable. As for Stephen King he will get a pass, just like Nintendo, and that doesn't happen often. Most each and every one of the others? No pass. But i'll leave that up to you for yourself, just know that they, including the two mentioned, have been and are actively working against you, be aware

Alien Apocalypse
-Bruce Campbell, Renee O'Connor, united again from their time on Xena: Warrior Princess, this movie looks very good, has the right to be a potentially great script and i look forward to seeing this which makes it to my list of watch first movies. i really do hope it's an okay one, it has fantastic possibility. i bought three items today, Zelda Twilight Princess, Alien Apocalypse, and a King James edition Holy Bible. i bought the Bible separately than the other two in case something screwy with the movie. But were these the perfect match to buy at the same time as each other? Have been wanting to read (and re-read but it's been a long time) some books in the Bible and this is the perfect opportunity to do so, also to have it for if i want to look up a certain verse in particular. i also have The Action Bible which i mentioned earlier but have not gotten to read through it yet as i just got it the other day, i am currently divided on it but will give it a read to see how it is and for sure let you know. Speaking of religious literature there is a book which recounts the allegation that Jesus was Jewish (he was Palestinian) titled Waters Flowing Eastward, available on the documents page, so much to do so much to do. If Jesus was Jewish why would the Pharisees have him tortured and murdered? And why would Jesus deride the Pharisees? Next why would in the Talmud it say all sorts of derogatory speakings of Jesus and his loved ones? He's just not Jewish no matter how much they wish they could say he was. While the Holy Bible is our book, the Talmud is theirs, and it makes for interesting reading as well for different reasons, i would suggest you read many excerpts from that also on the documents page. While the Holy Bible has very good intentions the Talmud has the opposite, seriously, look into it. Embrace the good parts of the Bible and let the stuff that doesn't jibe well fall by the wayside and concentrate on the former, there are many great life-lessons to be had and it truly is The Greatest Story Ever Told

-This was recommended to me by a nice woman i know who has pretty good taste in movies. It is about one faction defending themselves against a group of cannibals that are after them. i have so many movies to get into and this has been one of them currently put on the list but definitely am looking forward to seeing this. We are in a similar situation, being chased after by a group of same but wanting to consume us metaphorically and are against us as a whole, putting us in a situation where we have to defend ourselves. i don't believe in eat or be eaten, when we can instead help each other when appropriate, but some are beyond help and in such an untreatable way that they are a danger to all the rest of us. And that's what Zionism is, a trail of heinousness, a present nightmare to live in, and a potential future of worldwide slavery to put it mildly if that's possible. Our global community being fed on by other humans, which to them is an insult as they think of themselves as more than human, which they are not but are causing more trouble for us than any other group by a long shot. Don't be a dinner for Zionists

-Am a fan of Jessica Alba who among other featurings was in the incomparable James Cameron's television series Dark Angel of which i have both seasons of. Having Missy Elliott is no small matter either and am sure the other co-stars do well here also. Personally i would rather have honey than what the Zionist opposition puts forward, it's night and day and you can pretty much know instinctively, and with experience, right away on who is who. What do you want? Honey media or the other? A group against you or ones for you? Once you're onto them you will see through their tricks, and our great media will be ready to welcome you and usher you in to good spots

Rush Hour 1/2/3
-This series looks very fun, Jackie Chan, Chris Tucker.. i'm writing this on a Monday but any day of the week you can rush to speak with embassies, senators, and newspapers both foreign and national, not to mention emergency services of note that are investigating what might be false flag attacks, in addition to whomever else you feel like speaking with. i don't reach out to embassies as much as i did before but when there is something to be said i do try and stay on top of it and do so. However it is your time to take up those efforts, i still do but why don't you have a go at that. For me now i mostly just talk to newspapers and emergency services but i hope you not only stay in touch with them when able but every other entity of ours. Your voice matters and can shape the upcoming present, the future

Transformers: The Movie (animated)
-i have very fond memories of not only the Transformers animated tv show but the toys which were and still are pretty darn cool by any standards. My family would go every Sunday (at least) to garage sales and flea markets where i would find these, Lego, G.I. Joe and He-Man toys all of which i enjoyed a whole lot during my younger years. And although my tastes in purchases has changed i still thoroughly enjoy shopping at thrift stores and enjoy what i am able to get with the paltry amount of money i have to spend, without other vices that is what i like to do. At one point one of the t-shirts i picked up is light grey with the Autobots symbol on the front, very nice, they have since tried to get me into other ones such as the Decepticon symbol but i didn't fall for that, they can wear the Decepticon ones. As for Optimus Prime he is a semi-truck for a reason, maybe he can get done up like the semi's in Sean Paul's video for We Be Burnin', those trucks are looking damn good right about now. Since i only have (great) memories about the tv series and toys and not this movie that i will watch soon, or the recent theatrical releases i will instead talk about the ideology of Autobots and Decepticons, the writeup on the back of this movie spells it out pretty well about a battle going on for millennia where the opposition is trying to control the world and how the side of good must stop them, sound familiar? But yes the Autobots are the righteous and the Decepticons deceive as their name would imply. While the leader of good is a truck the leader of the opposition, Megatron, is a gun, but the gun issue is one for another day (gun control please). We are in actuality the attempted victims of their deception, and i say attempted as we can and must be able to see through them, their lies and their tricks, tricks which many times result in deaths on our side among many other despicable outcomes from what they do. Remember them as the Decepticons, real ones, and not real in the sense of the theatrical films or even the animated Netflix junk, it's Netflix so it's automatically junk or they wouldn't be involved in it, again even if good people are roped into such programming. Come to think of it they (in general not just Netflix) have He-Man, Lego, G.I. Joe and new Transformers all in their arsenal, to be put against us through the very things we cherish from our childhoods, and it more than just those mentioned above. What they do is deceit until shown otherwise, and it almost never is otherwise, even when it's something factual they have their hand on how it's put forward. Don't even give them opportunity to get into your head, it's deceit they give you each and every time

Metallica: Touring Europe '08
-If you're wondering about placed t-shirts and other items i recently found (go figure) and picked up the Metallica book So What! that even had a few printed out Dale Earnhardt posters put in the front, how thoughtful, jokes on them though the book is amazing. The reason it was given is because of the track of that title (originally from a Metallica magazine before) where one of the lyrics is about smoking crack (so what?) Here's the thing with crack, and i hate when people say all drugs should be decriminalized, it ruins lives, you don't have people robbing and prostituting for cigarettes, liquor or coffee, but they resort to that for crack and the similar highs. If it were decriminalized all someone would do is take one hit and be ruined for life, that's why it angers me. So what? There is no so what for anything, everything has repercussions, good, bad, or negligible they all have effects, you don't say so what about a positive action, it is a defensive phrase saying oh that doesn't matter, well it does. Back to Netflix for a second here, when i bought this concert dvd today the cashier lady is a fellowette Metallica fan who asked if i had seen the documentary on that streaming platform, i said no, and she said that the made James Hetfield look like a diva, sorry i forgot the exact phrase she used but you get the idea, that's Netflix for you, and it's not just them, all sorts of great artists of ours get bogus negative docu-films whether with actors portraying them or ones made with archived media picked and chosen with dubious intentions, often putting the fan viewer in the spot of watching their idol be demonized and put in bad light to try and reduce their deserved greatness or at least skill at their craft. Now, this concert dvd is not very official looking but will be nice to see them in '08 and the tracklist is superb. Unfortunately Metallica has fallen into the Zionist collection of forced artists, starting at the very least with Hardwired: To Self Destruct which if you'll remember the cover of which also happens to have been modelled after the Def Leppard album Hysteria when you look at them both. Metallica, the real Metallica, will always be right on top of my favourite musical group list and are and always have been very talented with a mind for great heavy metal and brave issuance of strong lyrics

Chuck Norris Collection: Missing In Action 1/2/3, Delta Force 1/2
-We need to get Chuck Norris to Israel to fend them off of the Palestinians, well, that's not going to happen, so it's up to us to fend Israel off of them ourselves, through to begin with political and financial consequences for their disregard of international law. It is a matter of courage on our part, international law is concrete they the Israelis just need to be held to it and forced to adhere to such, go figure us forcing Israel to do something, but we can and must to prevent further incursions and that's what the Palestinians get day after day, many times with the loss of life. It's not even us doing this through troops right now, it's through each and every other means we have available, which are many. Maybe Joe Biden can step in for Chuck Norris in this instance, he can do whatever he wants to do but it would be (is) nice to have him on board. Others can join in with him, holding Israel accountable for their actions under a global lens, not letting them get away with what they are currently and have been doing. Condemnation will not have any effect, as you can see after what's been done and happened so far. While Chuck Norris is a one man army we need all hands on deck, each of us doing our part against this multi-pronged entity handling every area completely, ultimately, and and in an immediate manner. Chuck was his own man on a mission, but in real life soldiers do as they are told, and we have “Axis” war criminals (company of heroes) that are facing repercussions for what they were ordered to do, it's the ones on top that make these decisions and the soldiers comply, that's what they are trained to do. It's up to the leaders to make sound judgments, and that's what they are, judgments at the highest level of what needs to be done for the success of us as a people and much of those times it has a beneficial effect globally, ridding ourselves and in turn the world of Zionism would be the perfect course of action, don't be Missing In Action, be present and a part of it, you are needed in one way or another, it's up to you to decide in what capacity you can help as long as you do

It's A Wonderful Life
-i knew this was a Frank Capra film! The reason i mention that is because i recently picked up a compilation of his best movies and was certain this was by him as well. The five movies that are not this one included in the compilation look completely amazing and look forward to watching soon. Instead of writing about those in advance as they are new to me i wanted to wait until after viewing a couple at least, then will comment about those separately. As for this one it has always been a pleasure to watch and a mainstay for Christmas, the sentiment can be yours all year through though. To think of the world without you in it, and all the beneficial things you do for others, and it really is about that, not the great things you do for yourself necessarily but what you've done and do for other people. Some may unfortunately think oh what have i done, well you have done good, and if you are in doubt of yourself then start doing so or moreso. Be missed when you are gone and leave a trail of your well doing. Sometimes it's hard to have the time to concentrate on others but in between making sure you are doing okay make sure others are as well in whatever ways you can. When you do good for others you do well for yourself as goodness will gravitate towards you. There are people who wrong us even when we are doing good, and it gets past the field of our well doing, that is unfortunate but remember there are others who will also help you out of that negative situation when you need it. If everyone makes a conscious effort to be helpful to those of us who need your help then we will be living in better times through rough ones. We're doing pretty well already but let's pick it up even more when and where it's needed then you can sleep well knowing you placed your actions where they will do the most good, personally i am biased as to where we can do that most good but there is no lack of necessity so do what you feel you would be best suited for and together we'll have it all covered

Quigley Down Under
-This was always a favourite of mine, Tom Selleck and Laura San Giacomo star alongside the late Alan Rickman who as mentioned played the German villain (to distract from who is really stealing the wealth in real life) in the movie Die Hard in this great modern western style tale set in Australia. Australia looks like a nice place, but maybe if we offer them all wonderful incentives they would like to move elsewhere so we can have their country to house our exiled, a population swap of sorts. But an open-air prison would be useless and very easy to get around, and if we're looking to put an end to our current and future suffering that is not the answer no matter how pleasant or welcoming that is, we have other ways that are also welcome and end what's being done definitively as you look around and see what they are doing against us. i would also like plan b, it's palatable, but unfortunately doesn't solve anything at all, so with a sombre tone we must dutifully continue along the path we have paved, it's right there for us, not an easy route but the best one, and again not easy. We have the people to get us there and they are many, covering all aspects of this undertaking, because we sure can't let them continue with what they're doing, have done, and have planned. Sometimes you see “Jews against apartheid” “Jews against settlements” but never Jews against the Protocols of even against Zionism in the political sense not the formation of Israel. You never see that except for once in a very long while like Benjamin Freedman who stood against them long ago. The protocols are the crux, the rest, and there is a lot, is what goes along with it and what is the results of the Protocols in action while they try to fulfill every aspect of the plot. Our plan b would have negligible effect, and we want to make sure it is never accomplished or attempted again

National Lampoon's Vacation/European Vacation/Christmas Vacation/Vegas Vacation
-It's movies like these that reinforce my belief that the first few snl seasons alumni were very good, i won't name them all off but there are many, not all, but many. I read a lot of the National Lampoon's monthly magazine, either new ones in the corner store or picked up used at garage sales and such. Now, to lampoon someone or something is a purported nice way to be insulting or sarcastic about it, personally i'm not a fan of either, so it's great that in these movies there is very little amounts of that, not completely absent but is fun humour not negative like most “comedies” are and have been for a while. Laugh tracks on tv shows make it seem like insulting someone is funny, ask the people in real life being derided if they find it funny, it's not. But it's being done because of poor examples of humour you hear accompanied by canned laughter. As for these movies i am very happy to have found this compilation as each of these are for the most part all very funny and a pleasure to watch. Am still looking for classic episodes of snl but i also pick up movies by the cast of that from the first few seasons, as most of those are fantastic and hilarious. If by any chance you don't know why there is a laugh track on tv shows it is because it compels you to laugh yourself, meaning that without it you for the most part wouldn't find it funny, animated shows do not have that, first off it would ruin the show, second you can't pretend it has an audience and third they are actually funny. Laugh tracks are a cheap trick. There are great sitcoms to be sure, but they are few and far between, you'll have to judge for yourself which are which. Just know that next time you are rude or insult someone there is not another person leaning on the laugh button, just a person with hurt feelings on the other end

Hellraiser/Hellbound: Hellraiser II
-Growing up this world was a large part of mine, me reading Clive Barker in addition to other horror authors unknowing of their intentions, i don't know what they were trying to do but it seemed to have the opposite effect on me. However my favourite Clive Barker books if i had to choose a few would be Imajica, Weaveworld, The Great and Secret Show and it's sequel Everville. Clive Barker i don't believe is Zionist just has misplaced affinity. He actually mentions the main character in the novel The Midnight Meat Train is Jewish, as Stephen King does with the book Pet Sematary. Then you have in Imajica the main characters being Gentle and Judith. Would i recommend these authors? Probably not which is unfortunate, but when i was younger i sure did enjoy them, maybe these had a hand in my desensitization. I will say though that i was very happy to find both of these on blu ray, in the same day i also found the originals of Pet Sematary and Texas Chainsaw Massacre, all of these were probably planted but for this instance i'm okay with having such. So as for the plot of the movies in question which has it's own fanbase and universe it is about a puzzle box created to open a gate to hell where demons get brought to earth to bring whoever solved the puzzle to hell for an eternity of torture, maybe as said reading and watching about all this stuff at a very young age kind of immunized me to heinous threats by them. With the puzzle box it is many times sought after and the synopsis of the story is that after a while of the pain it gets to be pleasurable, is it bad to say such things here? Because none of us want that, you, i, others. It kind of as in the book 1984 prepares you for the threats and possibility, leaving only the most driven and not fearless but brave. i wish i knew some good (our side) horror novel writers, have read a lot of Dean Koontz as well but don't think he is either. i think Clive Barker is a person with good intentions, which i don't think i can say about the others mentioned, maybe his newer efforts are better, maybe not, but i do have very fond memories of either buying books of theirs used and/or reading for hours on end at libraries, those were good times for me. My Dad was a real jerk, to say the very least, so home was hell enough until my Mom left with me when i was about 12 or so. My Dad as far as i can figure since i have the same is he had manic depression and didn't take medication, without medication i used to be quite a jerk as well sometimes, not nearly as bad mind you, then for me add in drugs and alcohol, not great. So what i will do right now while i can is apologize to anyone i harmed in any way, just know that at least now i am trying to make good and have made a complete 180 many years ago, being on medication and not taking part in drugs or alcohol i have made so many improvements upon my base self. Am i going on too much about this? Maybe a bit but wanted to say that. As for Hellraiser there is another part to that, there is both the expression raise a little hell and the action of raising a little hell. The first is for us to do, the second is for us to empower our youth with, raising little hells. It's important to not talk down to our youth, teach them what you know about media, politics, current events and history of noteworthiness that the schools skip by on. Raise a little hell so that they are prepared for the world and that they will flourish in through readiness compared to others, who also have some to learn if you want to teach as many of them as you can as well. We're at a point right now where we made it to our starting position regarding dealing with the Protocols and the rest of the issues related to that, and there are many, now it's about progressing along that path, and it will take years, prepare those you need to, and they need. Maybe a movie to be required viewing would be They Live, it sure helped me as a youth. Stuff like that, and don't just have them watch it, talk about it and it's prevalence in real life, for every media. i will watch Hellraiser again, i will watch Pet Sematary again, but mostly for nostalgia and to reflect on how it shaped me. Shape yours, or at least give them the tools and opportunity to be a fully awakened and prepared person that knows of the powers that be and what they try to do to program them, don't let them be another victim of those powers. Schools are actually very good to a certain extent, of what they can put forward. as for what they can't, you cover that. If you are in any form of media you can also be a school for those in need of any age and i encourage you to do so

AC/DC – Live at Donington
-Always one of my favourite groups, unfortunately they have also been taken over with “their” at the least newest album “Power Up”. This is the blu-ray i bought but also have it for dvd and mp3 that i listen to quite often. Here i will just briefly go through all the songs of theirs performed at this concert
-i think the references to lightning in songs and whatnot about such are to do with the SS and it being like two lightning bolts. The thunder is our speaking and the flag of theirs is also where we get the black/white/red
>Shoot to Thrill
-Some people are born to have certain jobs, and we need some of those people with us. Apply when applicable
>Back In Black
-Been a long time coming but we're here, now to get stuff done
>Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be
-Be brave but also be smart, we need you to stick around and help us
-There are many on our side, support them all whenever you can
>Fire Your Guns
-When needed, they aren't going to go easily
-Beware of in case of plan b which wouldn't even solve our problem in the long run
>The Jack
-i miss companionship very much but will have to do without, have some for me
>Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
-Very true, with everything we spend budgets on already we can afford and am sure the people paying taxes will agree, on some needed dirty deeds
-Maybe this would be good for musicians, movie directors and authors, hopefully with a lot of nobility as well
>Hells Bells
-There's a movie series i plan to get to writing about titled Final Destination, it's a great movie and premise which also marks our opposition
>High Voltage
-We don't want low voltage, we want high voltage
>Whole Lotta Rosie
-A bit of heaviness can be pretty nice on a woman
>You Shook Me All Night Long
-Be around for the long term, if you're going to do something make it stick and keep doing it
-Put all that pent up anger you have against them to use, now is the time
>Let There Be Rock
-Not the drug, none of that
>Highway To Hell
-If you're going to go to Hell make sure to help create a Heaven on Earth before you do
>For Those About To Rock (We Salute You)
-Well that was just a quick rundown of these AC/DC songs, i normally write more depending on the topic but this is all i have for this in particular. It really is a great concert. As for AC/DC themselves they have tirelessly been doing this for us and doing so very well. Now that they have been taken let their songs that are really theirs be a part of your life and thoughts on issue. When a musician is taken the new songs do not negate previous ones, in fact the new songs validate their previous works and those newer songs are just testaments of their torture. They can't keep quiet on these doings of theirs forever, one way or another this situation will be exposed. Maybe they thought no one would find out but it has gotten so prevalent in the music industry, seriously almost all of them, that they will not be able to contain it, let's do whatever we can to advance that and when it does happen...

Coming to America
-Eddie Murphy has always been fun to watch, it's been a long time since seeing this movie but hope it's good. i really think classic snl was okay, better than okay, even around the turn of the millennium it was alright to a certain extent, what happened to it is a shame. A compilation of the first few original seasons would be pretty nice to find. Now it is dripping with Zion and is unwatchable, i do not recommend you do anyhow, watching it would be to your detriment. They have somewhat weaned away from having music guests that have been taken but when they do there is no mention of it and they are on board for what is being done to them. Now that i'm thinking of it i do hope to find classic snl, as said the first few seasons, just to know for sure of those cast intentions, i bet it's good though. Now, i don't have Amazon Prime, but there is a sequel to this movie called Coming 2 America, and i hope it's half decent because i've been recommending it from what i've seen to friends with that streaming platform. So far as said i know Roku originals are great, Disney+ has a ton of amazing shows, Apple+? Haven't seen that one either as Prime so cannot determine until then if so. There are many available services i'm just talking about ones with original content and whether that content is on the up and up or not. Personally i'm really wondering if Apple+ and Amazon Prime are any good, but i'll leave that up to you to find out for yourself, think deeply about it when viewing if you do, you don't want to watch something that is trying to lead you to your downfall, as can be said about modern snl in addition to all the rest of their programming

Singin' in the Rain
-i've only seen this movie once but liked it a lot, normally i always put subtitles on for musicals so as to not have to strain to both intake the lyrics and see what's going on on the screen. Looking forward to watching this again to greater intake what they are saying, maybe i'll put an edit for that as well as always will but be assured this movie is amazing
     ”Kiss them goodbye, you shouldn't have to jump for joy” Tears For Fears – Shout. We deserve to be happy, well and in a good situation, however we are not being able to in the extent we should be because of one lone faction ruining it for us. Aren't you tired of our deaths and their lies? Our misfortune and their threats? Our sadness and their greed? Well let's get to the time when we will be singin' in the rain and dancing in the streets, this isn't something we chose, this is something hoisted upon us by their actions and their actions alone, we are the response. Think about how nice it would be otherwise at every instance you encounter of their misbehaviour to put it mildly. You see them and what they are doing, and you don't see a lot else of what they are doing, and they will continue doing these and those things until we put it to a stop. Piece by piece we need to get back what has been taken, culminating in everything being in our hands once again, and rightfully so, an example would be the Federal Reserve act of 1917, they have a tight grip on keeping it around but it is very possible indeed for us to quash it. And then bit by bit we take back what was ours until they no longer have anything to keep us at bay with like their media complete with those lies, threats and misinformation that they currently try and subdue us with. So when you see such on their stations for instance think about how nice it would be without what they are doing and join together to take measures leading towards a future celebration

Murder, She Wrote: 4 movie collection
-This was nice to find and didn't even know there was some movies of this series let alone from 2012. Watched a lot of these when i was younger and will be nice to revisit Angela Lansbury in this role and see her takes on modern issues. Writing: Scarlett Johansson and Bill Murray star in a movie titled lost in translation, and i don't think this will be, people foreign do and will definitely understand what's being said. And you can help by talking to embassies who will depending relay your input to the governments of such. i have spoken to quite a few embassies over the years when i have something new and relevant to mention to them, feel like you can also. This is a global matter after all. Another foreign entity to contact would be their newspapers, i have done that as well and encourage you to send in relevant content of your own. Also for the most part whenever something happens regarding a news event that looks either staged or orchestrated i contact the appropriate people in that city and let them know it might be so and if they find anything to put it forward. But no i don't think there will be enough miscommunication for the point to be lost, they will understand. Write in English, they will have bilingual people on staff who will be able to convey what you are saying

The Last Laugh
-Oh.. my.. this looks so good. It's a German silent movie by F.W. Murnau from 1924 in which a doorman is stripped from his loyal duties which he has had for years and he, well i'm not sure yet as i just got it today and haven't had a chance to watch it yet, but the premise reminds me very much of what Benjamin Freedman was speaking about in his 1961 speech about World War I and how it transpired. This movie is now top of the queue to watch for when i have a few hours in a row to spend doing so
     Edit: Not only are they placing people for me they are placing items by donating them to the thrift stores i go to. With this they put a Pal Euro dvd in the blu ray slot of this movie, which is not compatible with North American dvd players. The last laugh is mine for this because i was able to watch the non-restored version on the second disc. As for the movie it was quite good, not as political as i was expecting but still reminded me of the German plight. So this, with the placed items, has been going on for a while this is just the first i mention of it, if you see some movie i talk about and there's any bs about it this is probably why, it was placed to be mentioned. It's also not appreciated as i am very poor and don't get much money to spend so is troublesome getting broken items and media with agenda that Zion wants put forward for whatever reason

Tales From the Crypt/Vault of Horror
-Another what might be great find is this double feature of vignettes, it really could go either way with this one but my hopes are high that is it alright. Edit: i just checked imdb and one of the writers is Al Feldstein, so either we have someone who joined us or someone with Zionist agenda, the first would be nice but doubt it. Oh well i'll give it the first few parts and see how it is for certain then put another edit after that

Child's Play
-This is the opposite of the Tom Hanks starring movie Big, in this one a criminal is put, through incantation on his death bed, into the body of a toy resembling a small boy, while in Big the man is really a small boy who wished to be big. Here's the thing with the Tom Hanks one, it is part of a Zionist genre where they portray their grown men and women as really being something else to pull at the heartstrings of the people that are watching unbeknownst to that. There are many just keep that in mind

Quiz Show
-i have many movies to get to and this is definitely one of them, it is a Robert Redford film based on the true story of one game show of many that was staged and had a champion who was given all the answers, sound familiar Ken Jennings? It is not a singular occurrence either and is being done as we speak on the aforementioned Jeopardy for one example of many, there are good ones, i believe Family Feud is okay, but there are many others and you can notice, in another game, poker, you gauge your plays based on what the other player puts forward in their actions of different kinds, and people have tells, the same is true for acting contestants. One might be where the actor guesses the answer more quickly than any person could, i'm not talking even purported geniuses like the ones trotted out on Jeopardy but the ones with more “everyday people”. Then you have ones that do not react to the long list of Zionist forms of questions and say wtf with actions or voice. Etc. They just are not real people, they were prepped, scripted, and put forward to dupe the audience, but i guess actual people not only wouldn't be as fast paced and exciting but wouldn't play along with all the agenda being shovelled out by them. Be very wary of any and all quiz shows, this is yet another time that we are being taken for fools

The Tragically Hip: That Night in Toronto/Bobcaygeon
-i have spoken at length about Gord Downie and The Tragically Hip so what i want to bring up now is Gord's effort to educate about the residential schools in Canada where indigenous peoples were abused and even murdered as per the findings of unmarked graves near those schools. This issue is one that i was not very aware of until these finding were made public in mainstream media (Canada's media is for the most part great). It's a sad situation, very much so, and was covered up for years and even continued til relatively recently. i hope reparations are given to a great extent, Native means original, they are the original inhabitants, and we were the ones exploiting them to say the least. These indigenous peoples are a good lot, they aren't committing crimes and stick to themselves, partially because they are almost forced to, but are continuing to keep their traditions alive with admirable effort and i hope they do. For us we need to give Native Canadians overly acceptable reparations and make the living conditions they are currently in much much better. There is no indigenous plot to take over the world, it was our world that took over them. So each and every situation is different, and you deal with each occurrence separately, even though my heart is heavy for what has been revealed about the residential schools i stand by what we are doing otherwise about ending Zionism. We need awareness to get everyone on the same page, how much pity will the opposition get after it's revealed what they are doing to our favourite musicians for instance? i absolutely commend Gord Downie for his work bringing attention to the history of the residential schools and action for the betterment of Native Canadians, he was ahead of his time but now everyone is in the know and hopefully will make good for previous wrongs

-This is a movie i actually owned before but picked it up again because i like Paul Feig as a director, the cast, and the writing along with his/their other movies. Originally i was put off by some of what seemed like anti jokes but in this instance they aren't meaning insult

La La Land
-This looks to be a love letter to Hollywood so i don't really want to bring it down with negative parts but for every good person in charge of producing there is a Harvey Weinstein. i was looking for an opportunity to say how cool i think singer/songwriter Marina is so will spend this writing on her. i noticed her first with her newest album, seeing videos of her on youtube, with the song Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land but want to mention here Venus Fly Trap. In the video she wears a shirt with Harvey Weinstein gone to jail written on it and the rest of the song goes with that theme, it really is a great strong piece and she is brave for putting that forward. She might seem and somewhat sound like a popular music artist in her earlier work as Marina and the Diamonds but even those were very well written and are pretty nice to hear. As for the movie La La Land it looks fun and i hope it is, there are many good parts to Hollywood where dreams are made and we sure do enjoy watching what they do. As for Marina she's made it this long and i hope she continues without being taken over like almost all of her fellow musicians

Dear Mr. Watterson
-This is a documentary i just picked up and hope to watch soon about the newspaper comic strip Calvin & Hobbes which is about a boy, Calvin, and his real to him tiger friend Hobbes. This comic ran for 10 years and has always been loved by many, including me for sure. i used to sit in a bookstore and read these laughing and laughing out loud everyone could hear, but how good is this series. Have also owned the complete collection of books and did read them often, maybe i'll go about getting these again. If you want a good read that will make you laugh and be happy go with these

The Matrix
-Okay, so i mentioned before about how i was on the fence about the Matrix movies, that is for a few reasons, first they do mention Zion but in a good way, maybe they just wanted to get the word out there so people would look it up? And the sequels which have only seen once a long time ago. Other than those The Matrix is awesome and i love it, if it is good. Another reason i was worried about the validity of this is that it might be a primer course being that they know this was coming and wanted to breach the topic on their terms. But anyhow i'm going to side with the goodness of the movie, it is after all one of my favourites and i will try to get into the two sequels again sometime to check what's going on with those

Conspiracy Theory
-Been a while since watching this movie but did like it very much and am a fan of Mel Gibson so will give it another viewing sometime soon. What i wanted to talk about though is the term conspiracy theory, it has a negative connotation when is something that can be very factual, there are conspiracies, when one person or group conspires against another person or group, that is a conspiracy and it happens all the time. The Jews say the Protocols are not theirs, well they sure do like it and put it to use. Would there be a group that creates this ultimate plot for world domination just to blame someone else for writing it? The protocols are being followed to the letter, and have been in use for much longer than the point when they were officially transcribed. i believe the term Jew is mentioned twice in them, something they say is meant to blame them for such, only twice? They didn't know that this document, this plot, would be widely shown and found out about, this was directions just for them to know and go by. But it was found out, and we have been working for years to let this be widely known and stopped, ended. It is a fate to wrench your stomach, and must not be allowed to happen. Now we have the ability to organize and means to counteract what they have so far put in place, but they grow in power if we don't act and quickly. This is their conspiracy against us, they have conspired by doing this and are continuing. As said the Protocols prove themselves through their usage and it is the Jews, the ones who have been doing so and have put their efforts into fulfilling it into action, before the document and especially after. There are many facets to everything they are doing in step with this, the Protocols alone are enough to warrant decisive counteraction by us but what they are doing envelopes every aspect of our lives and has grown to so much more, which is reason all the more. None of what they are doing to us is positive, as it is what they are doing to us not for us, it is for them alone at our expense. So when they say oh this is false about the Protocols, let the history of their actions speak loudly in proof of it, for they have followed through with everything they have planned in them, it is theirs and is just a written down version of everything they have been doing against us for centuries, it's just that now we know

Terminator 1/2
-Major James Cameron fan here and you don't get much better than Terminator 1 and 2, the rest were not by him and even the Dark Fate one which purported to have him on turned out no good, so the only ones that count are the first two to me. In the first one the cyborg is the model 101 version, 101 being the torture threat from the George Orwell book 1984, mentioned many places including the Jewish IDF soldier Gal Gadot's wonder woman 1984, but i digress. So the model 101 terminator is a relentless villain out to kill the mother of the resistances leader, John Connor, now i always thought the best way to raise a child would be as ready for the opposition and equipped to deal with propaganda and their efforts against him/her, more than gunplay and such as in the movie but still very cool for the story as told. Arnold normally also plays the good guy in his movies and in part two he does so this is an odd but very fitting role for him. Part two is no slouch either, definitely one of the best action movies ever made with constant, well, action, and a deeper delve into the story of the future and how today eventually creates it. Let's try and do better in our real world than our fate in the Terminator movies

Die Hard: 25th Anniversary Collection
-Why did i buy a Zionist movie series like this? Well i liked these before and are still enjoyable when i turn off that mental radar warning. Bruce Willis is notoriously a favourite actor of the opposition, i can't think of one movie of his that isn't theirs. As for Die Hard the villain in the first movie is Hans Gruber, a German portrayed to be robbing a building of worth, how's that for a twisting of reality? This is based on a book but that book could be also of dubious writing, or chosen simply for the reason given. It is of note that i bought this collection still in plastic on blu-ray for $4 and it is still in that plastic, at some time i might watch the first two again but that's it, yes, yes, i shouldn't give them the time of day to begin with but they do make it so difficult to resist sometimes. Maybe the moral of this is for both of us to be even stronger and cut out all and every effort by them to guide us in the wrong direction no matter how palatable it seemingly is. Let's all try and do that more often

-What a fantastic movie, always enjoy watching this. Rest in peace Patrick Swayze. Demi Moore was great in this as well but i want to mention something about Whoopi that she has had a great career and still does as far as i'm concerned, and it's always a pleasure seeing her (and her friends) doing everything they do. But yes, i like Whoopi. Back to Ghost though, i wish it was like that, Heaven, Hell, good rewarded evil punished (in an afterlife), but we just die. On a pleasant point, we forever affect everything we've touched different ways in our lives.. that is the take-away here, we make differences of good, and not. It is up to us to do the rewarding of good and the punishing evil, while we're here, it will make this a better place to be for the time we last or until there's a way to back up our memories and thought process to implant in a computer and machine, i hope to last til then for one, you should also, that is the forever life. A rom with save ability of your brain to play in emulators like we do with video games. For those not in the loop of those it is a program that makes the computer think it is a Playstation 1 for instance, and when the game checks the computer says yes this is a Playstation 1 go ahead and load the game, and it does, so when you have a backup of your memories and how your brain is wired you can be placed in either a virtual world or a humanoid robot, very cool, and we're almost there, look forward to it and just try to stay with us til then. To note, i appreciate religion, not the pitfalls that go with it but as a way to enjoy life as awkward as that sounds given the rules and regulations, but it got us pretty far didn't it? i don't view the bible as a textbook of fact but as parables which may have good reflections for us, and the idea that we are all divine, which we kind of are, we are a miracle for sure. Don't be good because the opposite gets you grief, do good because it gives good to others, and that in turn continues. Help for the sake of helping, you are constantly given choices, so always take the best fork in the road for the most good every time or at least every time you can

-With all my speaking about how great Family Guy and American Dad are don't think for a second i don't feel equally the same about The Simpsons and Futurama. While Family Guy is outrageous at every instance The Simpsons is more subtle, at least in my favourite seasons of such, both being amazingly funny in their own ways. The first few seasons of animated shows seem to be kind of practice, getting a feel for the characters and whatnot, then they really shine. i haven't seen quite a few seasons of each but plan on watching the newer ones first and making my way back as i think the new ones are more on point. The setting of Futurama allows for a lot more imagination on the writers and animators parts and they do fantastically with everything they come up with, maybe being the most creatively free series of those mentioned because of that. Futurama along with the other mentioned shows and more are available on Disney+ and are a nice highlight of that platform

The Breakfast Club
-Another John Hughes film, this one about a group of high-school students forced to take detention after various misbehaving of theirs, which they explain at parts through the movie. They all have their quirks and uniqueness and while at first are combative to each other they listen and relate eventually. This is kind of like us, maybe globally, all of us differently able with our own qualities put together and have to do our best with what we've got. Right now we are needed, to quell a global threat to us all, Zionism's practitioners. We all have our own positive attributes and are required to put them to use in what we're doing, and with all of us on board we have everything covered. It's just a matter of getting to it as in putting everything started and in motion, completing our to-do list one task after another. When we combine all of us together we will succeed, we just need to get started, aren't we already started? We're just beginning

The Sound of Music
-What a wonderful movie. For a long time i was unsure of this but turned towards it with the lyric “songs we have sung for a thousand years”, and that made me sit up and pay attention. We have been at what we're doing for a long time, longer that a thousand years in fact, and have a task to complete, sometimes i think about plan b, the largest internment centres you have ever seen, but we are here for plan a not b so must stay the course at all costs to get this right as any lighthearted action risks the entire human race's downfall. Two thousand years ago was the advent of Jesus in the Bible, who some now say is Jewish, he was actually from Nazareth, and if he were Jewish why would the Talmud, the Jewish holy book, denounce him constantly and say he is boiling in a river of excrement? Why would they be against him if he were one of them? Not only that but it was the Pharisees themselves who had him tortured and crucified. i try to watch The Passion of the Christ every Easter to remind myself of what he went through as depicted in the Bible, and he was most certainly not Jewish because of what said. As for The Sound of Music it is now one of my most treasured movies, of course it depicts a family fleeing from the Nazi's but that's just because they couldn't do it otherwise, so what might look like an anti movie is actually one of ours if you listen to the lyrics and more. All in all very very enjoyable

-DC movies are more stealthy than Marvel ones, Marvel movies are pretty obvious with their agenda DC are not. i have not read their comics to any length so don't know about those but imagine they have the same general story characteristics as the films. Joker has no real plot, it is a personality driven origin piece which is well done on the surface, they make the character look bad though but go figure as he is the villain of the Batman series of course. At first i enjoyed this movie, but being by DC it follows their unscrupulous courses. The same can be said about the story mode in the DC video game series Injustice, starting very nonchalant but gets progressively more agenda driven as you progress. i bought this movie when it first released on blu-ray and held onto it for whatever reason, it is a movie that could have been good in an alternate universe as DC likes to delve in but ultimately is doomed by it's original intellectual property ownership and so follows with their negative intentions towards unbeknownst viewers. Skip unless you feel like being taken for a sheep

They Live
-This was a formative film for me growing up and i attribute it in part to my frame of mind when viewing the world, seeing the reality of consumerism and more importantly propaganda. In the movie there are a group of rebels who know of an alien invasion that has come and integrated into the Earth society through especially media of different sorts, and this group has developed a pair of sunglasses, and soon contact lenses, that lets the wearer see their true form. A parable for our time for sure. We have our own people in media as well, respect them and what they are doing, but do know there are that other faction as well and watch out for them. See what's being put forward in real-time, as second nature. Does it take practice? Maybe. But once you know you know and when you are aware you are aware

The Jackie Chan Experience: Rumble in the Bronx, Jackie Chan's First Strike, Mr. Nice Guy, Thunderbolt
-An awesome compilation of a completely awesome person who always plays the good guy. Jackie Chan is so talented it's almost unbelievable, it's been a while since watching a movie of his but have been wanting to again sometime soon. i am not fully up on every martial artist in the movies, mostly also Bruce Lee of course and Tony Jaa... but they are the best ones i know of. What they can do with their bodies is completely impressive, a lifetime of practice and training culminating in a fine-tuned spectacle of greatness. If you try and try and try and put the time in becoming better at something you can achieve a level of perfection like Jackie Chan. Be the best you can be at what you are into, you don't have to be the best in the world as good as your idols and mentors but the best that you can do, and that can be pretty impressive as well gaining you a spot among them

Ferris Bueller's Day Off
-This John Hughes comedy, if i can call it that, is not a laugh out loud film of sorts, but is funny though, and may be my favourite of that genre. At the start of the movie Ferris talks about ism's and how there generally are no good ism's a reference to Zionism am 100% sure, the whole movie is a work of genius and if you're looking for a fun time with lots of on point topics covered this will be for you. It really is a feel good movie and if you haven't seen it get to it

The Road
-Based on the book by Cormac McCarthy this excellent movie from novel details the new life of a father and son set in a world under the dark skies of a post apocalyptic setting after an asteroid, neither the book nor movie mentions what exactly happened but that would be the reason for the situation. The book was amazing, one of my favourites, and the movie does not disappoint in the least. If you are interested in this could be us tale i suggest you read the book first then watch the movie, up to you, you will enjoy either or both

Citizen Kane
-Widely regarded as the best movie ever made this 1941 Orson Welles film sure is a good one, it's firstly about a well to do businessman who decides to start up a newspaper, something i similarly encourage anyone who wants to publish do with the resources we have now, i have this covered but if you want to bring something new and unique to the table go for it. So he creates this newspaper which reminds me partially of what Henry Ford did with the written series The International Jew, a good read indeed. Mr Ford learned of the worldly plot and set out to warn the people of the globe about it using his own money and availability. A grand man to say the least and has been a shining example of the kind of people we need now as well and as much as ever. Henry Ford will forever be known as a man of vehicles but to me i shall remember his brave and valiant efforts to inform the masses about what is going on hidden underneath their noses. As for Kane, i don't want to ruin the ending but what i can tell you is that he pines for winter