Spotify Listenings

     Can't do much better than getting to listen to every music album ever for ten dollars a month. i am so happy to be on Spotify and am also making use of their offline feature where you can download albums to your phone let's say and listen to them on the go with no need for wifi or whatnot. So here is where i will list the albums i download and listen to. There are quite a few to get me started with and will find more as time goes on and new albums are released, or if i find another artist to check out. Now, okay first, if i'm missing a certain musician or group sorry this is just my initial looking of what's available and what i have been especially waiting for, second i have put a few albums that i have already on Spotify capability and will not list albums i already talked about in adventures in buying music, that's why some albums are not listed. Thirdly but more importantly this has a lot to do with forced musicians and spotting/exposing when an album is so, Beyonce's Break My Soul is an example but you can tell that just by listening to that song, which means the whole album is of her taken. So if you'd like maybe sign up yourself and give any artists here or in adventures a listen to, am sure you'd like

Bludnymph – Drool, Popsicle
-i believe all women have a sexual beast inside of them, even more than men, some women, like Bludnymph, just wear it on their sleeve more. it's up to their partner to fulfill what they can of these (monogamous if in a committed relationship) desires. There are all sorts of attractive women, whether overtly sexual or the opposite, and can have lots of mutual enjoyment together. Women just have to be careful with their sexuality because of negative repercussions, which is why there aren't more openly fun loving ones. Bludnymph is having a good time though, happy she is and is nice to watch. Confidence in one's erotic playfulness can be sexy in a safe environment, and very desirable. A good time for a woman requires lots of foreplay, indulge. Women can have multiple orgasms no problem as well, indulge in that also. it's kind of odd speaking about sex here but hey Bludnymph would want it that way. i suppose to go along with this it is worth talking about partnership, as that is the most common instances of love making, when you love someone and want to please each other. Don't just please in bed, do so all the time, a constant stream of making the other person happy. Sometimes i admit there are things to work on, figure those out to make them better, improving each of you as you go resulting in a much more pleasant relationship. Care for each other's happiness as a top priority, and it should be reciprocal, good actions of every sort for your partner all around. Unfortunately for me i am not in a situation where i can have one, upsetting as it is, but what am doing is more important than that so refrain. As for you, there is someone for everyone, multiple even that you can be compatible with, so if you are single don't worry, if you want just put in some wise effort and find someone who is good for you. i will tell you though i personally think what to look for most is things in common, gives you activities to do and talk about. You don't need a partner, but if you choose to have one make it a happy relationship

Kanye West, Ty Dolla Sign - Vultures 1
-Holy Yeezus. “Crazy, bipolar, antisemite (and i'm still the king)” i feel you Kanye, more power to you. Is this the first time someone refers to themselves as anti-Semitic in a song? About time and well received. Now i must add that in the title track Vultures is said “How i'm antisemitic? i just fucked a Jewish bitch” i'll let that go by and stick with the latter mention. This album is amazing and i plan on listening to it a lot, it is part of a three volume series but not sure if the totality has been recorded yet or not. Am not as familiar with Ty Dolla Sign but like what i hear on this album. As for Kanye have always liked him, i don't know if he wants anything to calm his manic-depression but here's what i take for mine, Clozapine, Paxil, and injection Consta, which i would recommend to anyone with the diagnosis, it all helps immensely. This, saying he is anti-Semitic, is what i would hope of him, to double-down on his stance not apologize under pressure, that is what everyone needs to do. Kanye West is a role model for always speaking his mind, representation does matter and talking about this issue bluntly makes a huge difference, openly saying what the problems are as should you whenever you have the opportunity. This album is from 2024 and shows that there is new music here and there that is not Zionist scripted, Kanye is just one of the more prominent musicians able to do so. i believe forced music, to those unbeknownst and even knowing, has it's own vibe, a negative one, and you just sense something is off about it, while real music makes you happy, even the sad songs give you a certain special feeling. It is more than a pleasure listening to this album, and i encourage musicians of all kinds (even non-musicians) to make the most of any chance to speak, in song, interview or otherwise, and in any way you can on-topic

Céline Dion – The Love Songs
-i really should have done this sooner, when Céline made a grand entrance at this years Grammy Awards, was sure nice to see her and in good form as well. She looked like she is doing better and i hope she is, maybe a full recovery is coming soon, i don't know how possible that is but would be great to hear when it happens. This is a Spotify playlist of her love songs, four and a half hours worth, a storied career for certain. “the world will always welcome lovers” as Frank Sinatra sang in As Time Goes By, but please also make some resistance anthems as well. Céline is a great girl, someone would be so lucky, as René Angélil was, to be with her, and she loved him dearly back, still does in fact. i wish her happiness, it must be a rough time right now with the illness but clear sailing afterwards should the miraculous happen. Even during she can enjoy herself am sure, barring any interference from Israeli sources, that would be more than despicable, leave her alone. i know she would love to get back to singing, at any venue Vegas or otherwise, fingers crossed for her. Again it was fantastic seeing her return to stage at the Grammy's, looking so happy, truly beaming, more return to public life as we should be kept up on how she is doing. Her getting better and better would be a godsend, as would a full cure for her ailment, as long as she enjoys whatever she does during this time and for sure in the future that is enough, with that cure or not as there is lots of fun and good times to be had either way. With the added awareness of this issue maybe we can get much more research done about such, it is a rare occurrence but would be gratefully received from those affected. With all the medical advancements we are making this may be a syndrome cured soon enough, i am sure Céline is keeping up on it and probably helping that cure along. While we wait for Céline to recover we can treasure her industrious music library, one of which i believe has never faltered. i apologize for the late reply here but she has been on my mind and have been wanting to do this since then. There is nothing but love from us for Céline Dion, she is a beauty with a strong voice, kind heart and has perseverance through hard times. You would be hard pressed to find someone who isn't a fan of her, everyone has respect and admiration for this lady and will continue to do so forever

Tove Lo – Dirt Femme
-Pronounced Tu Ve Lu, or given name Ebba Tove Elsa Nilsson, i only very recently found out about her even though she's been making music for quite a while, very happy to have personally discovered her. Have listened to this album and it's really sexy, well made also, Tove is quite talented and has a lot of original tracks here. There are a good amount of single music videos from this particular album but the ones i noticed first were the many American sign language ones which were released for these songs, a great idea and even those ones are sexy for some reason, maybe it makes the words come alive in addition to being done with feeling. She stars in her videos before those, and you can sense the sensuality being put forward, it's all in the passion for what you do. For sexiness it emanates from you, you don't have to be beautiful or handsome you can be kind, thoughtful, considerate, or otherwise pleasant, you can be attractive. It's not just Tove Lo's songs that are sexy, because of that it makes her so, or more so, however you wish. i am blessed to know many great people, all i find to be very good looking, if they were mean or rude i would probably not feel the same but thankfully that's not the case. You do notice someone through appearance first, sometimes you get clues by how they are dressed or decorated, but once you get to talking it illuminates or diminishes them. If you're going to be spending your time with and maybe sleeping beside someone you want the two of you to be compatible as much as you can be, i so would love to have someone romantically in my life but to keep both of us safe i forego that, i get lonely of course but stick to the task at hand. Instead i have friends, and that is nice, people i really enjoy knowing. i will speak of sex though, making love, when you care for someone you want to please them and make them happy, between two people that feel the same you have a wonderful time, and while it's not everything it sure is bonus on the side. Of course you can have casual sex, but being in a relationship to have that is it's own pleasure, and one of the main features of such. Before that a lot of the time you don't know how attractive someone is until you get to talking, they can really endear themselves to you. No pressure, just natural. There are many reasons people fall in love, personally i believe in things in common but there are numerous, and you really can't choose who you love it more or less happens. Shared traits and life goals also incubate a budding partnership. If you don't have someone in your life like this right now you can, it just takes time and a bit of effort, effort to put yourself out there at hobby clubs or other places of your interests. Remember sexiness is a frame of mind, and regardless of how you look you can be sexy, desired, loved

The Rolling Stones – Hackney Diamonds
-The esteemed Rolling Stones are not beyond forced Israeli scripting, as evidenced in this “their” first studio album in eighteen years. What i would like to discuss is how you can most always tell if a song/album is by the artist or not, the first clue is if a song doesn't correlate with what the artist would actually sing or talk about, an example would be from this album, the song Angry, why would we be angry with Mick Jagger and co.? No this is about the Jews who wrote it. Would a musician threaten their listeners? No. This goes for any song that doesn't fit with the artists desire or intention to put forth, also if a musician has been on our side for however many years and all of a sudden makes an anti song that for sure is not their desire to do. Then you have love songs about crack, another example from this album is Sweet Sounds of Heaven, sounds pleasant right? Then it gets to the part about the sweet smells of heaven, then you have to backtrack and say well what might those sounds mentioned be? So The Rolling Stones have been no trouble to anyone just touring and yet taken to put forward an album solely for propaganda purposes against their listeners, even Keith Richards made to appear on Zionist Jimmy Fallon to promote the album. Again the main basis of if a song/album is not theirs is if it does not fit with what they would actually want to say, that can be muddled sometimes but is still the foremost indicator. Also what they are forced to do a lot of the time is anti songs, that can be shown to be not what they think either since every one has been on board throughout their career and has no intention of going the other way at all, only through being forced they sing such so do not be fooled. Another instance of forcing is when a real album gets released accompanied most often by at least one real video, then are put with a marginal song from that album with a forced video. You've really got to be on top of all this, not only to know for yourself but to let others know as well. These are unforgivable acts that will only continue as they cannot go back from what they are doing until first exposed, then stopped, by us. i will tell you, they are getting more stealthy with their forced “music”, so one way to know is that if an artist has released such before the newer material is also

Peter Gabriel – Secret World Live
-The secret world encompasses many different subjects, and as with any subject you can learn about them, and also teach others. i for one was unaware of much of these issues, but learned, and that's all it takes, an introduction, an inclination to start the process. Many times people just don't think about a topic in depth and just assume it has a solid foundation where thought about it is unneeded, however that for most cases in the secret world is untrue. Our existence in society is to produce, our existence in our own lives is to enjoy, the two can alternately intertwine but is best when the public is not up on what is going on behind the scenes as citizens in the dark are the foremost consumers. This is not problematic if there was a strong footing on our government, media and monetary system but there is not, so we need to shed the shackles of the world built for our leisure and retake what has been taken from us, putting it back into proper ownership and only then can we be assured of it's use for our benefit not the benefit of the world-sculptors behind the veil. Again, there is a secret world which is kept hidden or untold, i feel we would be much better off each of us full-knowing, then we can work on the problematic areas that need our attention and efforts to fix. These topics, and there are multiple, need to be learned then taught, then learned, then taught, continuously until everyone is both on board and ready to instate needed changes to the current systems of society. It really is first a matter of enlightening the public, a nudge, a hint, many. Consuming is a perfectly fine pastime, i do as well of course, you should just know what is behind the various industries, some noble some not, and for the ones of not we need to put them back to our ownership, not in charge by an entity that benefits from our losses. The main point i am trying to emphasize is that everyone can learn the various aspects of the secret world, it's just up to you to teach them. Put people on a voyage of discovery regarding these issues, especially the ones that need immediate attention. The pillars of power have been corrupted, and operate at our expense, that is why they try their best to keep those secret, in our retaliation let them be known, only then can we make important alterations to their existence or in some cases needed non-existence. Teach not only those close to you, but those you encounter, in whatever way you deem appropriate. If you are in a position to speak to the masses, and that's not just in visual media although vital, use that platform to spread the words about those in the shadows, their plots and their intentions. Make the great Peter Gabriel proud and share the secret world's mechanisms with everyone you can, together and once all are knowing then we will be able to make some real changes to how functions are implemented, make them for us instead of against us

Olivia Rodrigo – Guts
-Some positive, some negative, but at least it's real. Anti is expected by the opposition and it doesn't bother me as it's par for the course, hearing actual slights isn't the greatest but it's in the minority. While i would rather know about said anti songs by them it means an artist is getting harmed to put it forward, and it is the vast majority of musicians who are all on board and always have been with no desire to sing such but being forced to do so. Olivia is cool, not sure the problem she was/is having, hope she has completely come to her senses, this is for her as well, but i guess she's aware too late now as she is one of the most recent to be taken, probably because of her new stance, i wrote about this on the blog page. For the most part any negative songs you hear are not the artists desire at all, as they want to continue with what we're doing not hinder it, not to mention come to the aid of their friends in the industry. i urge one, two, many songs about what's being done in music, it will make all the difference. Shows, movies, commercials, also all perfect ways to relay the issue. Have guts and put forward what you can about what's going on

Slayyyter – Troubled Paradise, Starfucker
-This woman is pretty sweet, not a fan of the drug glorification though, that she could do without, not just to stop singing about but actually stop doing. This paradise to many is troubled, and needs some self-work, but don't we all. i also needed a lot of self-work, and turned out quite well, i encourage you to do some fine-tuning of yourself also. Be who you want to be proud of and make as few regrets as you can. As with everything practice makes perfect, or at least constantly closer. You learn from your mistakes, or at least you should, and do better next time. Vices cloud your ability to think rationally and leads to errors on your part, in an attempt to get more of what you are unfortunately addicted to, and should be one of the first changes you make to yourself. i do drugs, caffeine, medication, tylenol, and although i don't partake in marijuana anymore i don't have any problem with it, i'm just talking hard drugs, the ones that you can become dependent on, deathly avoid if you haven't tried and quit if you have and by god's graces are able to

Lil' Wayne – I Am Music, Tha Carter V
-Am not familiar with Lil' Wayne but like him from what i do know, and a lot of the time liking someone contributes to how much you like their outputs. i hope these are both actually his, it would be a miracle if so and i look forward to hearing more of him from what he's done and may continue to do. While forced songs can be trickily catchy you have to remember that it's not the artists want by any means to put out and is also at the artists utter detriment to make that song, video, album. And since you like these wonderful musicians you have to help them, share what you know and what you find about this forced Zionist scripting. Our musicians are brave, putting themselves in danger to bring songs to you with various purposes all for us, you be brave for them in return. They are in your need, so it's time to come through in their aid. Don't let what's being done go idly by, you see and hear what they are being put to do, help, in any way you can. A lot of times we feel like we know these people, and in many ways we do, treat them as your friends and come to their rescue. If you could please make this a priority

Rita Ora – You and i
-While not correlated this album title reminds me of the Five for Fighting song The Riddle (You and i)(not them). But that although part of the point is not the one here which is Rita Ora. Although with the case of Zion and what they're doing to Rita and the others they will not just get five for fighting. After blogging about Rita Ora and the real Praising video followed closely after by a forced version, there is a newer video for another real song of this album Don't Think Twice, where they not only have her done up in crude unflattering prosthetics but having her dance in ridiculous ways to mock other dancers. She got out one video from this new album, please any other musicians make future brilliant contributions the absolute best they can be right from the start, as you might have to unjustly sing or be portrayed in videos in ways you do not want. As said i hope the cavalry is coming to help all of you. Rita Ora was not taken over because of any political songs just love ones, and is now being forced into objectification as they are jealous of her beauty and talent. Use your talents to help. i'm telling you, this issue, forced musicians, is going to be at least a large part of the deciding factors in the downfall of those involved, bringing down their human shields at the same time. Please someone with their knowledge of the situation bring this forward concretely in a mainstream way

Jason Mraz – Mystical Magical Rhythmical Radical Ride
-The first time i became familiar with Jason Mraz was seeing him live performing i Feel Like Dancing on Good Morning America, what a fun song and i don't discount the good it will do. The music video for that track is here and it sure is a great one, i love when artists do a whole video in one continuous shot, it must take quite a few tries but turns out very impressive. Another appreciated song, although they all are, is You Might Like It, and this might make you happy, the video is here. Jason Mraz is someone that looks very nice to get together with, i wish him full enjoyment in his life and that he stays a good, more than good, guy. These songs are for us in hard times, a bit of feeling fine during the tribulations. Sometimes songs of that genre are the most welcome as they will provide a somewhat joyous or at least steady state of mind which will be very needed. Trudge through the bleak era we have on our path and then after that we can make it to the bright future ahead

Tiesto - Drive
-Lots of great songs here, both this album and the ones below, all these new additions are very recent which is especially cool to have Spotify for, definitely worth the ten dollars a month. Otherwise forced musicians have been having opportunity to speak by appearing featured on albums like these, Tiesto and Diplo for instance, which is amazing and very welcome to hear

Diplo – Diplo Presents Thomas Wesley: Chapter 2 – Swamp Savant
-Diplo is a nice guy, not that the others aren't. i've been trying to listen to a wider variety of music as normally i stick to favourites, but am happy to get to hear all sorts of fantastic tracks from very talented musicians. With what's going on with the forcing you have to go outside your comfort zone to hear real music from current artists. Although i never got much into electronic dance music i appreciate the genre and do enjoy when listening to such

Dolly Parton – Run, Rose, Run
-i sure hope Dolly hasn't been taken, this 2022 album will attest to this. Nor do i want her taken at any time, as with any musician of course. i listen to her compilation album Diamonds and Rhinestones often and she sure has some great tracks, really inspiring and enjoyable, which also reflects how she is when doing interviews, a ray of sunshine for sure

Bebe Rexha – Bebe
-Talented with a beautiful voice. One of the songs here is Satellite, but another track is i'm Not High i'm in Love. Regardless of this Jimmy Kimmel had her dressed up like a giant marijuana plant to perform the first mentioned song. i don't watch Kimmel even though he is on abc, which is still by far the best channel there is. Where i saw this was on youtube that i check once a day for new music videos and trailers etc etc, youtube is a Zionist entity but for now it's necessary to visit and tune out the advertisements. She also appeared on the Kelly Clarkson Show and performed the song I Am, which is why i say save any negative tracks for sometime in the future perhaps as any you release on your album will be the one you get forced to put out
Edit: After listening to the first third of this album, as that's all i could stand, the pieces all came together about this release. Now, is she forced or a willing participant, as Kelly Clarkson is. Turns out even the track i'm not high i'm in love is about being high and floating. The rest of the tracks are similar and when you read the lyrics ( you can see it is definitely written from Zionist frame of mind about crack and looking for a saviour of theirs. The only drug specific lyric in Satellite is smoking another bowl, but that's a multi reference, and the cover for the single for it has her with two stars as earrings or whatnot. Then you have Snoop Dogg of course but i believe that's a misdirection. All in all, whether she's along with it or if she was forced into this album it is completely junk just for different reasons

Logic – College Park
-Cool guy. While i don't agree with everything he says he seems to have turned up quite well. i also like his musical ability and that he speaks on a variety of topics, what i want is for everybody to be full steam ahead, on whatever issues you hold dear, if that's on topic (please stay on topic as best you can) that's great, if not and not detrimental to the cause then that's great also. All in all i really liked this album and give wishes and hope for future releases by him, real him

City and Colour – The Love Still Held Me Near
-Dallas Green has been on the music scene for a while now, and am happy he is still making music. He is not mainstream but that is an option where we turn when popular music is forced. Nice fellow with a lot of musical ability. Being a Canadian artist he has kind of flown under the radar, but still has a devoted fanbase of all his musical efforts

Lana Del Rey – Did You Know That There's a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd
-One of my favourite go-to singers my most enjoyed albums by her are her first two, Born to Die and Paradise. I have to say i haven't quite listened to her other ones yet as i've been more than happy with those, i will definitely give the others a try though and hope she is okay with her newest, not taken

Carly Rae Jepsen – The Loneliest Time
-Is this a Zionist doing? Carly is a predominately pop music artist and those are the ones who get targeted the most. No more lonely times for us, we have the world at our fingertips, if we were lonely before we sure aren't now. We are in a time of collaboration, so make the most of it and help each other globally with our problems, on topic and off. Sure you could think of yourself as a lone figure in this, but you will definitely need help from people who share your goals, we will get further that way. Together we are stronger than alone and we need to have each others backs. So you seek out similar minded activists and join with them to accomplish what cannot be done by just one. While i am one we are many, and it is required that all of us participate, each in our own way. There are blaze of glory methods but that will eventually have to get others actions to follow through with what you're doing

Dolly Parton – Diamonds & Rhinestones
-Had an amazing dream yesterday night where i was courting, and getting to know, Dolly Parton. Figured this would be a good opportunity to get to listening to some of her music. Of course there is the first thing that comes to people's minds regarding her, and i am not trying to be rude, but she does have enormous breasts, that was not the focus at all in this dream, she was very, very nice, and am sure she is just as nice in real life. i have seen interviews with her and i think they partially shaped how she was in my dream. She is a bit of a hottie though. Some, many, women are incredibly attractive, some are incredibly nice, many have both, both affect the amount of the other. Me? If anyone finds me handsome that's great, i think i look interesting, but who knows, it's all in the eyes of the beholder. It was wonderful meeting Dolly Parton in a dream, as i probably will unfortunately never get to meet her in reality, no matter how pleasing that would be. She is married of course which is another part so i wish them both very well. The second of three parts of this dream were where i was speaking with Dolly's handler's about Zionism, in reality they along with Dolly all know about such, musicians have always been aware hence their relevant music. i encourage you to also speak about Zionism to your friends in one way or another, also speak to people you don't know about it as well. The third part is kind of random, where my teeth were starting to fall out, don't all dreams encompass this? In actuality my teeth are doing this, which i blame on lack of dental care but also years of smoking cigarettes, which have since quit, so you and those you raise make sure to do the care and not the smoking. So that was my mostly lovely dream, i said before i was going to listen to Dolly's music and now i especially look forward to, she would be a fun woman to know and i hope everyone who does appreciates her. i can't speak highly enough about Dolly, it hurts that i will never get to meet her for real but hope for her the absolute best

Shania Twain – Queen of Me
-Read the lyrics to this and have no need to listen to it as it is Zionist bullshit, the problem being that Shania has no interest in singing any of these songs but was forced to. The love tracks are mostly about crack, here is the list of lyrics
The Grammy awards are tonight, a parade of forced musicians, one way to hear if an artist is taken or not is if they would sing these songs themselves, but that is just a small indicator, there are all sorts of 'tells' if a song is forced or not. The closest we've got to exposition is Kanye West saying Jews are controlling P. Diddy, well they are, along with many, most, other musicians. Every year in addition to every day i hope that someone comes forth about this in a definitive manner, and one day they will. Kanye has been away for a while so probably will no further be able to speak on the subject, but we'll see. As for the Grammy awards you have to realize it's not easy for them to come forward, but i hope they do the best they can. Shania, it's been six years since her last album, and she is a favourite of mine, so is unfortunate, as is for all of them, that she is taken. In the future this will be looked back on as one of the most despicable actions put upon someone that can be done, and that is when the facts are put forward in total. They thought this would help them in some way but instead it will be the largest straw placed

The Smashing Pumpkins – Atum Act I & II
-Awesome. i read the lyrics to these albums and they check out as real, very happy about that and look forward to listening to them. When you listen to a song, without video as well, it is slightly harder to judge it's creator's agenda good or not, but when you read the lyrics it's totally different so i suggest you do that first with any new music to you especially in the climate of the last 20 years or so as that's when this abhorrent situation began in a major way although there were some instances before also. Ask yourself if the artist in question would actually put forward what they are singing is one way to determine the validity of a certain song then album. Remember that if one song is corrupt the whole album is whereas one seemingly good song does not validate the whole album. Our musicians are in a terrible situation and need your help, by now you should be prepared and able to see into these sham songs for what they are and their true meanings and intentions, share what you see and know. i hope Kanye comes back full steam ahead but that may be unlikely, so it's up to us. To add for listeners, if a good single is released you may expect bullshit song choice and video for second single, the album is still great but that means further videos and albums will be suspect for certain. For artists, be brave, be vocal, and hold on for that cavalry, it's on the way am sure, but do what you can in the meantime. Also when making your album make every song count as if you get taken your next single will be that one negative song on there. But again, and very importantly, be vocal and try to expose what's being done yourself and maybe the cooperation of another or many musicians

Paul McCartney and Wings – Wingspan, Good Evening New York City
-Both of these should be amazing, i am not familiar with Paul's work with Wings but soon will be and am sure to listen to them often. Maybe these are the wings of angels? We can also be angels, helping those in need and there are many. Putting others before ourselves at times. Angels have few flaws if any, make your way to that place of being, correcting yourself in the best possible manner until you are close. Paul's music career is extensive, and he's been doing so very well over all these years, a definite role model and musical superstar. There are so many albums and songs of his and Wings and this will be a great start. Paul and other musicians had to and have to be brave, i hope they still are as there is a lot to sing about. It's almost Christmas and as it says in It's A Wonderful Life every time a bell rings an angel gets their wings, get yours while doing good for others

Skylar Grey – Self-Titled
-Downloaded and listened to this album this morning, and as expected with what's been going on with her this looks very much to be forced. The first song is about wanting to run away after making so many mistakes, and the second song is partly cloudy with a chance of tears, you really should listen to those two tracks to see what i mean, you can do so with Spotify as well for free, something i recommend to you to do. i will also suggest this for the Kanye West track Donda Chant from that titled album. This isn't Skylar's lyrics

Betty Who – Big!
-i wish this woman great success and happiness with this new album of hers and everything else she puts forward. She is already doing pretty well in fact but more would be nice and am sure welcome by her if so. Goodness gravitates to good people, and it's something great to see happen, am hoping to watch this with Betty and that she enjoys her music career unabated

Big Tymers – How You Luv That?
-Am completely apprehensive about the album “Hood Rich” as mentioned so decided to try their earlier music with this, and am sure i will luv it. Big Tymers didn't start out as big timers but made it there through effort, and can be an inspiration to others trying their chances at rapping, to do well you have to have some talent at least but those that do get rewarded

Birdman – Lost At Sea I & II, Pricele$$, 5 * Stunna
-A member of Big Tymers who did a lot of solo work, these albums all seem to be on the up and up. The enjoyment of riches is relative, i don't have much for instance so even a small gain is a lot to me, and i appreciate and cherish every bit. i'm not trying to brag or whatnot but i guess it is appropriate here that yesterday i found $400 on the floor of a thrift shop i frequent, and without hesitation picked up all the bills, and immediately handed them to the cashier and manager at the front of the store saying that someone lost such, it didn't cross my mind to subversively take the money, if i had lost anything similar i would hope someone would do the same, and maybe that will happen in return down the line the way things go. If this were to repeat itself i would still do the same. i don't hold the only title of doing this, there are many honest people around that would have done such as well, and i hope that if anything similar were to befall me then good people would return the favour of their own volition in a cosmic sort of manner, and if everyone was the same in morals then we would, will, be very happy

Carly Rae Jepsen – The Loneliest Time
-This album looks, looks real, and that's unfortunately something that has to be even thought about. No need to be lonely, we are here and gaining members. There was loneliness before, now we are where we want to be, and while not everyone is aware of their place in this people are being added every day and hopefully start contributing with their part as well. As for lonely people who are not in a loving relationship find enjoyment in other endeavours, fun activities you love to do, love that. A lot of people hook up through shared interests, and that's the best way to do so, gives you time to do mutually enjoyed activities which is paramount. So you can meet people through work, clubs (best not the dance kind, or maybe so), among any number of other extra-curricular interests. When you feel lonely remember i haven't been in a relationship for over 20 years, and that i cannot become involved in such because of what i do, it would be nice yes, but that is a sacrifice of mine. Instead i have friends, and that is something you can relish in as well while you are not romantically involved

Ed Sheeran – No.6 Collaborations Project
-This guy is so cool and i hope this is an album actually by him and featured, looks that way. Very talented. Ed is on his Mathematics tour but i am wary of his albums including and after Divide, which only now with Spotify do i get to listen to fully. i bet his concert, and other musicians concerts to mention, are phenomenal, i just haven't been to many at all, something i would love more of am sure. The only major concert i went to was Metallica in Montreal, it was four hours long and so good, i was in high school and we took a charter bus there, everything together was about fifty dollars, try and get that now i imagine. Now you've got me thinking about how great it would be to go to concerts, i can't afford them and don't go out to events and such that much but it sure would be nice
Edit: i am so happy to say that this album, Equals, and Divide, all check out as being by Ed Sheeran. Damnation to any who change that status. Ed Sheeran is a great person yes but that leads to also being a great example that doing good begets good in return, for the most part, other musicians haven't had that experience for themselves. You don't get a whole lot better than this wonderful person, i am sure he blesses his friends with kindness from him, no pressure just naturally. Wish i could know him as well. i really like his music also, as he makes some very beautiful and original tracks, of which am sure to listen to quite often. Ed isn't just famous for his music but for his personality, which yes is shown fantastically in his songs but also when doing interviews where he puts himself forward. He has many devoted fans and deservedly so for being an all around nice guy. i wish him great happiness and success in his adventures home and around the world, maybe we will be fortunate enough to get more real music from him, if that doesn't happen appeal the heavens for vengeance

Kanye West – Donda, Jesus Is King
-First, rest in peace Kanye's Mother Donda West, it was a tragic end and from what i understand a preventable one. Let her forever live through her son. i am going to give these albums a try, maybe they are okay but that is doubtful, still can hope. The most recent instances involving Kanye are his saying that P. Diddy is controlled by Jews, if it were a real admission he would tell that every main musician is being controlled by them. Something kind of ironic is that a few days after this concoction of a reveal is that there was a P. Diddy track released that is obviously by them! The Kanye revelation is kind of like The Matrix, trying to break it to people themselves with their own slant on the issues. It has been about two weeks since this orchestrated comment, if there was any desire to inform the public he would have done so, even through the next to be acquired by him social media twitter type free speech service Parler. But nothing. Zion is hesitant to give him something new to say because it will be picked apart to great length and may expose them further. Again, this and every other speaking on this by Kanye will follow the same route as he has been taken and unable to speak freely. This is them trying to race to tell you about what's going on through their lens, which is still a launchpad we can use to breach the topic but not nearly by far as good as someone else really coming forward with what is going on and being done
Edit: Listened to the album titled Donda this morning and it had me shaking my head at the bullshit it was. Go on Spotify, listen to the first track Donda Chant, does that sound like a loving tribute to his dearly departed mother? No. And the rest of the album is no better

M.I.A. - Mata
-Creative girl here. i have followed her career over the years and like her music, this is the most recent album and would be great if hers. There are all sorts of smart, creativity just being one part, there is also knowledge, speed, memory and other forms of intelligence. We all have varying degrees of each of these and as long as you excel in one or two you are doing quite well. i'll tell you though, the opposition doesn't think very highly of us, so pull up those who are currently lacking in vision and give them opportunity to also shine. When you don't know something you don't know it till you do, so light the spark in people that they figure out what is being done, let them know and they will then be aware

Michael Bublé – Higher
-An example of a good person doing well, and so well at that. Well deserved also. Aspire to be the kindest, most considerate, always polite (or when needed assertive) and giving person you can be. Do not be these towards those of Zion who are taking advantage of this in us, for them you need even more than assertion. This is the wild west of morality, everything is new and there are people doing harm to others without remorse or recompense because all they care about is themselves, that needs to change and it will when media is in our hands, with good examples and role-models, people no longer thinking that insults are funny and bad behaviour tolerated as is the current climate with sitcoms and drama shows for instance. We will get past this moral divide and come together denouncing such in time, even during the needed exception to the rule for the one problematic faction there is. After that we can build our paradise put together by and for us, there will still be stragglers, mostly because of hard drugs, and we can deal with those by law, it is just this one damn group of people who are ruining it for the by far vast majority of us and need to be dealt with accordingly. Having good qualities should not be a detriment, and while in the future it won't be feel free to get started to others of us now when applicable

R.E.M. - At The BBC (Live)
-One of my favourite groups and live. So many great songs on many great albums, Automatic For The People is one of my top ten albums probably. Speaking of smart i would say that these guys are rife with it, but then again most every musician is, i sure couldn't write lyrics or play an instrument, that's out of my league, so will let them do that and stick to what i do well with. What are you good with? You must have it sort of figured out by now. No matter what your skill is it can be put to use for helping us, so please do as you are needed

The Tragically Hip – Live at the Roxy
-An issue Gord Downie was fervent about in his last few years was the Residential School System in Canada where indigenous children were made to move to, being taken from their families and mistreated in such. There were many mass graves found and is a dark chapter in Canadian history, one where amends are being made as best as possible. i care about this as well, these indigenous people were/are fantastic human beings who were abducted and indoctrinated into this formation. Here's the thing, these indigenous Indians have no plot to enslave the world, they are not taking and torturing musicians to sing songs against the rest of us, they are not brainwashing our youth, they are not waging global wars for profit and power, all these actions and more i and you do know who is doing. Reparations for the indigenous, retaliation to the Zionists

Tiesto – The London Sessions, Together
-i haven't listened to a lot of edm (electronic dance music) but do appreciate it. What got me to picking these up is his new song with Charli XCX, Hot In It, a killer track that despite initial hearing and lyric reading does look to be one of ours, at least i hope so, the video seems on the up and up as well. If so this looks to be another real song put out through collaboration, something i recommend to all musicians to have as a route to take to get something real out there. Tiesto was voted the greatest dj of all time a while ago and i did like the album i listened to this morning, Together. Have always enjoyed Charli XCX also and she has some great songs herself, one's that are actually hers of course, one that is not is the at least video for the track Famous, which is one of the most obvious that is not her beautiful self's want or doing. So if you are a musician do get your messages out there in any way you can, one way is as said to feature on someone who is not taken's song but try any way you are able

Tyga – Kyoto, Legendary
-it's the eye of the Tyga. Listened to Legendary this morning and really liked it, he has a great voice and flow that is very endearing. Haven't heard a lot from him before but enjoy Freaky Deaky with Doja Cat and the Sunshine cover with Jhené Aiko and Pop Smoke. So many great artists to finally get to listen to with Spotify. Something i like about Tyga is while his lyrics are explicit sexually they aren't about gang activity, without much disparaging meant. If it wasn't for forced Zionist scripting of musicians music is doing pretty well, but that's not the case unfortunately and i only mean the real music that gets out. Wouldn't it be nice if there was no forcing going on? Well it won't stop on it's own so we have to jump in there and help. So far from Spotify listening i have found one of them, "Bryan Adams" So Happy It Hurts, i'll tell you Bryan Adams isn't happy about that, and am sure there will be more albums to expose as such. i am a bit behind on my music listening but plan to make up for lost time with about one album a day of mostly newer music since i have so much from earlier already. Tyga being one where he is so recent, relatively, that i have not been able to hear him other than youtube videos, which i do like to mention. Something i also like is that there is a lot of collaboration going on in new music, with so many compromised artists they can at least feature on another's song as a way to get out something they would like to say, try and make the most of that when you do. Much love to Tyga, and the musicians i haven't had the opportunity to listen to yet, i look forward to doing so

Betty Who - Take Me When You Go, The Valley, Betty
-My gosh, Betty. After finding out about her and watching a few music videos of hers on youtube she was definitely the first artist for me to download from Spotify and first to listen to. She does not disappoint either. She has been steadfast in her thoughts and desires and i wish nothing but goodness for throughout her life. Betty is also very talented, so far i have listened to the album Betty and it was really well done, lots of great tracks that i love. She is someone you would enjoy being around, very kind, polite and fun. Unfortunately i will never get to experience that from her, but will keep up on her and what she's doing, and being such a good person as she is you should be up on her as well

Big Tymers - Hood Rich
-These guys have always been #1 stunna's, i like them and their music. i don't get to find some albums at the thrifts so now i am able to catch up with musicians i have always liked and wanted to be able to listen to. And now i can
Edit: This album looks to be forced, i am going by foremost the song Still Fly, lyrics here, and the main part the chorus. This is from 2002 when musician forcing was gaining much steam, it was going on before that as well but not to the extent as it became then and now. The first line of this track is it's our turn, as in theirs. And for boasting about riches i doubt very much that they would say what they are being made to say. These guys have always been cool it's a shame that they were taken, as it is also a shame that this is happening at all

Bone Thugs n Harmony - Bone 4 Life, Live 2013, New Waves
-Very underrated rappers here, they are some of the best i have heard and are up there with the best of them. Their lyrics are top notch and can be quite political at times and are always good to hear. The live album should be interesting to listen to, haven't heard a lot of live rapping. But yes i can't recommend these guys enough, give them a check sometime

Bryan Adams - Anthology, So Happy It Hurts
-This 2005 compilation may be the best one, there are quite a few best of's by him but deservedly so. Bryan Adams makes me humble, in the sense of wanting to live up moreso to his love given. i feel like that sometimes and especially with finally getting to listen to some even more modern music, on that topic it shows that there is a counter to Zionist media and forced music, that people do like and love what's going on. And that is a productive effort, which i am thankful of all the time. With the other Bryan Adams album here i look forward to listening to it, Shine a Light while recent had a couple negative tracks on it for some reason and i think this one is clear, am happy because will be able to listen to it from front to back and probably often. This man has always been a favourite of mine and of course continues to be, he has been on board and dedicated since he first started playing music right to now, and wish him happiness forever
Edit: Wanted to let you know that this album was forced on Bryan Adams. i was sure that it would be a real one but no, and damn, another artist taken. Remember that if one song on an album is forced the whole album is. i suggest you check album lyrics at or another lyrics site, it's a lot easier to spot forced songs when reading the lyrics than listening to them. Here are four examples from this album, the rest are mostly love songs about crack
So Happy It Hurts – At first glance this seems like a positive title, until you realize that it's phrased they are so happy that it hurts. Just what we don't need on our world. And this comes through here and with other forced content, they enjoy this. As unfortunate for us as that is
Never Gonna Rain – So the album starts with what on the surface seems like a good song and then the second track is this. We want “rain” it is them who are trying to avoid it, only not by being good people, they want to continue with their heinous behaviour and still be here to do so at our expense. This is 100% not something Bryan Adams would be singing. The reason it is the second track on this album is to tell any Jews listening that this is theirs and to read into all the coming tracks as being from them
Kick Ass – This is a song about Zionist scripting, saying about how now they are in a rock and roll band. Definitely read the lyrics for this one where they gloat about taking over music
These Are The Moments That Make Up My Life – The last track on this album, where they finish up with how precious and innocent they are, after everything else they put forward here. They cannot have it both ways, what they are is a threat to us and have no intention of being anything but, all the while touting their amazingness
So this is more than upsetting, another great musician being forced into Zionist tripe. And to such a wonderful person, as they all are

Calvin Harris - Funk Wav Bounces vol 1 / vol 2, Motion
-The two first mentioned albums here i had the pleasure of listening to this morning and wow they are amazing! Calvin's music is great and he has all sorts of guests on each track. Something that's extra cool is that there are otherwise forced musicians able to speak for real here, which am sure they are grateful for and eager to do so. The songs here are just so good it's hard to describe

Diplo - Diplo
-Not sure if this will turn out to be a best of or a debut of a solo career but should be a nice effort by him either way as his music is always very well done

Doja Cat - Amala, Hot Pink, Planet Her
-As said one of the benefits of Spotify is being able to spot forced albums without buying them, and Doja Cat i am concerned about. If these all turn out great then sweet they should be good as she is. And i hope they are. Keep doing well Doja

Dua Lipa - Club Future Nostalgia
-A full album of remixes of some of my fave tracks from the other release. Dua is so cool and i love her music very much, i can say uplifting as well. She is kind of new in music but doing some great albums and spectacular collaborations. I'd like to say that i hope it continues but she has since been taken, so maybe just some appearances on other musicians songs and albums as there will be no more actual Dua Lipa ones. Hoping she (and others of course) gets the message out about what's going on

FKA Twigs - Caprisongs
-Am not very familiar with this artist but figured to give her a try. She doesn't seem to have that many albums but that can change as she progresses

The Game - 1992, The Documentary 2&2.5, Jesus Piece, Born 2 Rap, Streets of Compton
-Some great rap by this stand-up guy here, another among the best in his field. Looks to be a nice guy to know also. Have listened to his other albums and liked what i heard from him. Being around for a long time now he has a substantial library of albums which i'm guessing have all done quite well or more importantly are well

Gospel Gangstaz - Defenders of the Faith
-These guys were off the grid for a while then came back in 2013 with this effort. Very nice to see some extra wholesomeness and morality in rap, i don't normally go for crime and womanizing like is in a lot of such. Gospel Gangstaz come from a hard place but turned their lives around, so can be said about a lot of rap but not all. Religion still has a place in life, more as a fable, a story with morals, but involved none the less

Grimes - Art Angels, Visions, Miss Anthropocene rave edition
-i've got my Shinigami eyes on. Have found Grimes and like her very much, have been waiting on new music she has on the way, Book 1 and Fairies Cum First, and hope they are not only released soon but that haven't been messed with by Zion. As i said Grimes is the mother of Elon Musk's child and am sure he still has feelings for her, and her him, so maybe he can help her with that if needed, i doubt the opposition wants to upset and go against the richest man in the world. So let's look forward to the new music from Grimes and till then keep loving her previous albums

Imagine Dragons - Mercury Acts 1&2
-i really like the music ID have made and this 2022 album looks to be as great as those are. It's hard navigating through forced outputs but think all or most of the albums mentioned here are actual ones, if not i will add an edit. i am very excited to listen to all of these and more through Spotify and this that Imagine Dragons has put forth is right with them

The Killers - Pressure Machine, Wonderful Wonderful, Imploding the Mirage
-Hmm, could these be real Killers albums? i hope so! Hot Fuss is still one of my faves. You don't have to be a killer to take part in what we're doing, there is a lot of help needed otherwise from you

Lana Del Rey - Blue Bannisters, Norman Fucking Rockwell, Chemtrails Over the Country Club, Lust For Life
-Born To Die still gets a lot of play from me, it's really fun and enjoyable. This is another set that i am not sure the validity of but hoping for the best. She is more talented than she might think, writes well and i'm not sure about the background music but maybe she has a say in that as well, anyhow i like her and others do to as she is still making albums, or at least has the potential of new albums if they are hers

Lilly Wood and The Prick - Most Anything, The Fight, Invincible Friends
-The only song, but it's a good one, that i know from this duo is Prayer In C, but it's a go to for me. And they, the opposition, the practitioners of the protocols, have done enough many times over of our retaliation, and now it is catching up with them. They may have thought that they would get by unnoticed and fulfill their plan and plot but we got on to them, and while we are far from our desired place in this world, a world for us not them and our enforcement of disallowance, we are well on our way, slowly but surely. Do not let up, we have a long way to go, and if we stall at any point we do lose ground, they work against us constantly so we must keep our side always strong, brave and on tasks

Major Lazer - Peace Is the Mission
-Peace for us will be the end result. Major Lazer is a cool group, i first heard them with the track Lean On (of course) and i like many others love it, isn't it currently the most listened to song of all time on youtube? Mo is there as well, who i am an admirer of, sorry for the non official way to spell Mo but that's also how to find your music. Won't it be nice to have some peace? Look how it is now and imagine without their doings. That can be your motivation or at least part of it. When you see what's been, is and will be if without our action. Peace afterwards

Marina - Love + Fear, Froot, The Family Jewels, Electra Heart, Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land
-Just found this woman recently and am really impressed by her. She may be labeled as pop music but as some others are as well there is more to her than that. In fact there is a lot to be said for pop (popular) music, and it is very enjoyable while definitively having meaning and purpose

Mo - Forever Neverland
-Here is Mo, again spelled incorrectly as is a special character, special like Mo. While she is special you have to know that all of us are, all in our own way, good at this, needs practice to be good at that. Know you have value, and are needed by others, let that be your driving force, in fact help the forced.. if you can, otherwise help people who would benefit from your assistance, and there is no laack of those

Paul McCartney - III
-Sweet. This will be so good to listen to. What a nice guy he is also, very philanthropic in addition to his many other positive traits. He probably doesn't have to keep making music to live a good life but he does, it's ingrained in him and he has more to do. Helping begets more helping, and thankfully so. Paul is a great role-model and aspiration for what to be like even after success. For us we still need to reach success first or as close as you can get, you can also achieve many smaller successes and be deservedly happy with those, either way do the best you are able and help others during and after your ascent

Prince and the Revolution - Live 2022 Remaster
-This because of the untimely death of Prince is not a 2022 concert of course but is a remaster of a performance from a few decades back, supposedly a really good one. Prince fell victim to opioids, probably given to him for pain relief and he became addicted to them. What a shame, you be careful about that as well. Prince will be missed, his music for the vast most part was always fun and light-hearted. Another true performer indeed

Rancid - Trouble Maker, Let the Dominoes Fall, Honor Is All We Know
-Listened to Out Come The Wolves a while ago and found that Rancid is a good band of ours, as punk music is give or take. While i am not a regular listener of punk music i enjoyed these guys'

Sean Paul - Scorcha, Full Frequency, Tomahawk Technique, Mad Love the Prequel, Live n Livin
-Sean Paul is still going strong! i hope. These look very promising. i listen to The Trinity a lot and it's one of my fave of all time, great front to back. Torture? Scorcha

Skylar Grey - Natural Causes
-Talented woman this is and i really like what she puts forward. She has been taken though so no more real albums from her, looks like including the 2022 self-titled release, but at least some newer videos were forced. i listened to Natural Causes before and like it very much, and just to be sure i will listen to the self-titled one to verify that the “music� matches the videos

Slick Rick - The Great Adventures Of
-i'm not the only one with adventures. Have always thought well of this fellow, talented and fun. He was around when i was first getting into rap music, a bit after that Snoop Dogg did a tribute track Lodi Dodi which was pretty cool. Props to Snoop while mentioning, even though he raps about topics i'm not fond of sometimes it seems different coming from him. While i used to be into gangster rap i find it cringy now, but at least most of the rappers who did that have changed with the times, and have still done very well

Stereo Mc's - Live at the BBC, Double Bubble, Paradise
-i bought an extra cd of the album Connected by Stereo Mc's at the thrift shop just so i could give it to a friend if wanted, that's how much i like that one, the rest of their music is spot on as well. One of their albums titled Emperors Nightingale is unfortunately not on Spotify for whatever reason and it's quite expensive to buy online so i don't get to listen to what might be a great album. As for other efforts by this group i look forward to hearing more of their music past and forward

Tinashe - 333, Songs For You
-Listened to quite a few tracks of hers and liked them, she seems wholesome but now showing sexiness, up to her either way. Unfortunately that's how the music industry can be sometimes but being sexy can be rewarding all by itself, knowing you look good and are being desired, as said either way, there are as many other traits that are sexy beyond physical as there are subjects and preference. There is someone for everyone and that is true. You all have the opportunity to find a person who shares your values, interests, dreams and sense of humour, i wish you happiness in your quest for personal romance, and if you only have a couple friends you're still doing pretty well, just don't let anyone take you for granted or take advantage of you. I'll be here, doing this, for you, please join in for others