today's, May 27th 2024, Jewish massacre of Palestinians in Gaza's Rafah refugee camp that brutally killed 45 civilians is more than abhorrent, and they complain of anti-Semitism

being someone who doesn't steal, as am sure most of us are, i don't feel like am missing out on anything at all, not in the least

i've got to warn you, forced musician music videos are becoming much stealthier, music is on hold until one or more musicians come forward with what is being done. remember, once you have noticed an artist is taken everything following is not theirs either

with all the Jews are doing i doubt Snoop Dogg and co are very fond of Israeli flag light blue, is this a new designator for them to replace the much used triangles and stars of David in the music videos they force

inflation for people was akin to a frog in ever warming water, but now those people are starting to notice and will soon seek a more stable, sustainable and profitable economy with precious metals as reserve. products are not costing more to produce, the money is being worth less

Israel needs to be held responsible for their actions against the people of Gaza, and the ICC issuing arrest warrants of Benjamin Netanyahu and Israeli defence minister Yoav Gallant would be a start

Sean Combs has been so good to me, us, and our cause that it is upsetting to learn of these actions of his. if everything is for a reason i hope that he deals with and faces the consequences of his wrongs and does better in the present and future. Apologies to those harmed by him

a Jewish speaker on tv today said that education is needed to combat anti-Semitism, when in reality it is education that leads to anti-Semitism

Nicole Kidman at the MET Gala said for GMA "Good morning America, wake up!". i agree

Israel isn't offering a ceasefire, they are offering a temporary ceasefire

zebra's on the loose, this orchestrated event was intended to correlate with the recent Gaza protests and their keffiyeh's, this type of concocted news story happens more often than you would think

Jewish students are feeling uncomfortable on their campus', Gaza students are feeling dead and their schools destroyed

i unfortunately watched one of their programs for about thirty seconds, how can anyone stand that, they shouldn't

the one's causing the problems are trying to sneakily enlist impressionable youth to their defence when they do not deserve it, let alone by forcing musicians like these to say such. "Alien Ant Farm" Storms Over

what students globally are doing protesting Israel's war on Gaza is so impressive, people are listening and you are making a difference

sing Kumbaya? not yet

the resignation of the Israeli army intelligence chief for this reason proves that they knew about the October 7th 2023 attack in advance and allowed it to happen to further their political agenda in the Middle-East

this Deadpool / Wolverine movie trailer improperly uses the Madonna song Like a Prayer, it is us that feel like "home" and we're at that point already. Also note the positive cocaine reference at the end

today is Earth Day, save the world on multiple fronts

our kindness would be our downfall

Taylor Swift: "I’d written so much tortured poetry in the past 2 years and wanted to share it all with you"

Israel likes to wage war but not receive it

looks happy doesn't it? do not be deceived it is another forced to smile music video trying to find a saviour for them. "Alicia Keys" Kaleidoscope

any time is a good time to listen to Pink Floyd's The Dark Side of the Moon

no rudeness intended, i try to not be rude

movies, like video games, have the highest ratio of Zionist to not-Zionist content, you've really got to watch out

all of our advancements are celebration worthy, make sure to give your thanks to everyone who helps as there are many, and all the time when not doing that stay on topic and never falter, it’s the harder route but the best one by far, my wish is for you to be always focused

incorporate and enjoy

for a movie about female empowerment the Zionist machine behind Barbie made slaves of Dua Lipa and Billie Eilish to perform those songs then pretend that the two women were the writers. the lyrics of Dance the Night and What Was i Made For read of who was responsible

Ariana Grande really needs you as a friend right now

i cheer for you

and everything they're doing gets worse unless we do something about it. "Miley Cyrus" "Pharrell Williams"

instead of a wooden horse being tricked into the city of Troy, media with negative intentions are trying to get into your brain

with the brand new partnership between Netflix and the SAG (Screen Actors Guild) Awards the Life Achievement Award went to Barbra Streisand, go figure

kudos to Joe Biden for saying he is a Zionist, because i don't think he is. Hopefully this will lead to many people researching the term and it's meanings, maybe even finding the Protocols

don't do this to be popular, do this because it's needed, in this instance it is needed by The Weeknd, Madonna and Playboi Carti

their mindset must be that if they torture enough musicians to say save them that someone will unknowingly try, disregard them, you see how it is now after their last twist of fate. "Sum 41"

is that what they make the musicians scream, "yes" in quotation marks? No question about it. "Selena Gomez" Love On

Beyonce isn't going country on her own free will, she is being forced to

does the new Bob Marley One Love biographical movie follow the Zionist agenda of discrediting the artist and boosting themselves? because the track record for those isn't great

a saying i always go by, when someone is insulting, or unintentionally rude, is water off a duck's back, don't be a pushover but don't let it bother you

Trump has Alexei Navalny's blood on his hands for basically saying Putin could do whatever he wants, so he did

thank you to good companies of ours who put forward on-topic commercials, appreciated and it makes a difference

Sony and Microsoft, don't be like Nintendo, please forever keep available the downloads of digital games for legacy consoles

no matter how nice it would be, i cannot have a girlfriend, so instead i have girl friends

Annie Lennox was applauded not jeered for mentioning artists for ceasefire in her Grammy Awards appearance and song, and that is by far the consensus among caring people

a good news channel, and anchor, referred to the federal reserve as "the central bank known as the federal reserve", kudos. it just takes small mentions like that to get through to people and spark their thoughts. if you have a platform make the most of it for us

do not let America obey Israel's command and be their method of conquest in the Middle-East, more so. For instance Iran denies any involvement in the Jordan attack on US troops while Iraq has claimed the responsibility. US must not wage war on Iran based on Israeli assertions

Snoop Dogg is really a nice guy, here he is along with Benny the Butcher and others forced by Zion to portray caricatures of the gangster stereotype in Back Again

funny (not funny) how Lil Dicky's new tugs on the heartstrings don't mention what's being done by them to the other musicians, let alone their all encompassing victims of every sort

Ms Rachel is the tip of the iceberg in regards to the Zionist programming of our youth. Every, and i mean every, effort of theirs has a purposefully negative effect on them

don't let what i do overshadow what you do, which should be your most

bought a t-shirt with Transformers rushing into action, let's be like that

this isn't about big mac's either. the problem is what they are doing to get it. "Jennifer Lopez" - Can't Get Enough

those behind the forcing of Green Day and other musicians really do think Americans are idiots

you are as much part of this as anyone else

it's always nice to see friends. alternatively...

may the new year bring more advancement to our cause

Desmond bought Molly a 20 karat golden ring, no diamonds

the Israeli war against Gaza is similar to their forcing of musicians, in the sense that they thought each would be beneficial to them when really they will be a large part of their downfall

even if you're not religious have a very merry Christmas, and help those that may not be

on behalf of Palestinians and other good people everywhere thank you to the United Nations for your resolutions against this Israeli massacre. Please continue with what you can do to help

while they spend their time trying to get people to steal my stuff we should spend our time talking about how they are killing women and children in Gaza

Israel is not "at war", they are shooting fish in a barrel

absent from all of Benjamin Netanyahu's speeches is the desire to implement the two-state solution, as they want all the land

if it was the Mexican's for example, or any other ethnic group, that was doing what the Jews are doing, then i, we, would be against them, but it is not, they are a one of

with all the necessary talk about the nefarious Ms Rachel thank goodness for Elmo and Sesame St friends

Epic Rap Battles of History (always liked these) Henry Ford vs Karl Marx. Hopefully this will have people look up and find out about The International Jew

if Hamas' child captives are said to be hostages wouldn't Israeli child captives also be hostages? There are Palestinian children in Israeli jails who are not prisoners but detainees as they have committed no crime but still treated inhumanely

Hamas is treating their captives well, Israel is not

it's troubling knowing that Ms Rachel is out there brainwashing children in front of their unbeknownst parents backs

while not as blatant as other videos i also like Jason Mraz so want to bring this to your attention that he has now been taken. Real song orchestrated video, Pancakes & Butter, live from the Mranch. Notice the Vans shoes and the triangle on his guitar

kudos to Taylor Swift for the Dark Side of the Moon reference about a (her) football player Travis Kelce. "Karma is the guy on the Chiefs". i wish them happiness, there definitely will be help wanted for us

they took a brief respite from triangles to try something new, the lines of Israeli flags. "Dua Lipa" Houdini

no matter how much i want the exposing of what is being done in music the musicians affected by forced Zionist scripting want it even more. if you can help in any way at all you sure are needed

a targeted Jewish school that teaches the Talmud in Montreal has denounced hatred. how ironic. The Truth about the Talmud - Michael A. Hoffman II and Alan R. Critchley

two-state solution, adherence to international laws, hostages released, Hamas disbanded, Palestinians given back their land. current Mid-East problem solved

when a Zionist source promotes something it is most always something that is against your best interests. Alternately if a Zionist source disparages something it is most always worth your consideration

this era, not a Taylor Swift reference, has been going on for more than two thousand years, through every advancement we have had one main goal, and this era will not conclude until that goal has been reached

anti-semitism is because of what they are doing

this Israeli captive was not released wearing this Marvel shirt which makes this Israeli propaganda promoting Israeli propaganda

i've warned you about hexes and triangles, stay aware. also this song wasn't hers even to begin with

Henry Winkler is supposedly the nicest guy in Hollywood, he is also Jewish, if the first were true he would still be against the problematic Jews

honor can be taught and learned

i already have a couple t-shirts with the autobot symbol, and today i also found one with actual autobot transformers on it, gotta represent

yes, facebook and instagram are harming our youth, not just because of the mentioned intentional addictiveness but because they are platforms that unscrupulously indoctrinate Zionist propaganda

Optimus Primes are trying to bring aid to Gaza

we all just want to live our lives, unfortunately with what Zion is doing against us we cannot do so peacefully

guerrilla radio is for every medium

happy 100th real Disney, thank you for all you do for us, you are loved and appreciated by many

let me help those that need it

supporting Palestinians doesn't necessarily mean supporting Hamas

how nice of Israeli sources to briefly stop their threats against us to let us know that their state is under attack

are we to believe that Israel and Mossad had no advance knowledge of a planned attack or is this another example of them sacrificing some of themselves to serve a larger purpose

so is it okay for Israel to defend itself but not Palestine who is the brunt of Israeli aggression day after day every day

the new Blink 182 album and video One More Time is real, they were able to get out that first single from it but now they have been taken, the real song forced video of Dance With Me has a Jewish punk group Ramones theme

it would be nice if Travis Kelce was able to protect Taylor Swift from the forcers, unfortunately he can't, fortunately all of us together can help make her and the others safe

i am the opposite of racist, i believe different nationalities are better at certain things than others

being a Zionist creator of youth programming, in every medium and sense of the word, must be one of the most evil professions, seriously, see what they are doing

not everyone is fortunate enough to have in-person friends, if you are one of those be good company of yourself

up late tonight and am happy to say The Conners is still the best sitcom on tv. it's even filmed before a live studio audience. Best continuances

Dead Rising 2 was put on sale today, it was a game not developed by Capcom but by Blue Castle Games. Real Capcom has no intentions of going anywhere but forward

after Kanye West said how Diddy was being controlled by Jews they put him, Diddy, to a song that seems okay at first, it's not, they gave him one pleasant sounding song/album so they could continue with the others

a torture threat from them, Zion, to you, through N'Sync

the musical group Taylor Swift was talking to but only partially about is N'Sync, who have a new song "Better Place" for the Trolls movie sequel by DreamWorks helmed by Steven Spielberg. The lyrics are not available yet but am sure they will obviously not be from N'Sync at all

i missed the mtv music awards, on purpose. a good recap i saw was Taylor Swift asking other musicians if they're going to do anything

a fine iteration about Eastern European Khazars
"strictly speaking it is incorrect to call an ancient Israelite a 'Jew' or to call a contemporary Jew an Israelite or a Hebrew"
[1980 Jewish Almanac p.3]

there was a nice woman on the bus today that had a t-shirt that said i have decided, i hope we all have

9/11 Missing Links documentary undeniable truth about Israeli involvement in 9/11

we cannot be typecast, we are of every stature, profession, age and ethnicity, but to the opposing faction we are all one thing, their cattle

real Disney isn't our only property against evil, we have many great entities on our side, promote and stick with those of ours as the opposition has many Zionist ones against us

just like you if i weren't born with the exact same genetic makeup, and didn't have the exact same experiences good and bad, then we wouldn't be in the exact same place as we are now. this is where we wanted to be and i think we are doing very well. make the most of who you are

be an anti-bully. i for one would have no problem whatsoever if they weren't taking advantage of and harming us, but they are, so it's up to us to stop them from doing so

at first glance it may seem unreasonable but if you look there are a lot of reasons

congratulations to the good ones, really, seriously, unfortunately your others are ruining it for you

so Israeli lobbyists are trying to censor pro-Palestine musicians on Spotify but it's okay for them to play "music" forced on artists under duress by that same faction

while you were distracted, what did Zion do today?

i bet Selena Gomez does want to be "single soon" but from the people forcing her to sing songs like "single soon"

dismantling the unconstitutional federal reserve is easy, it just requires bravery

at least two universities are having courses on Taylor Swift, i wonder if they'll talk about the origin of the newer forced songs, wouldn't that be nice, but it looks like it will be up to us

am happy to have basically written-off Warner Bros., my mind is clearer already

it's great to see you actively on topic, much better than otherwise

all that anyone asks is that you do your best

don’t do this for you, do this for us

the 1980 Flash Gordon movie speaks well of the Talmud, but the Talmud doesn't speak well of us

from the Flash Gordon episode the Brain Machine, don't let them get to yours

what we're doing is needed because of the situation they've placed us in, what they're doing is unneeded and a situation they've placed themselves in

Warner Bros. Barbie movie may seem appealing but with a song that reads like it's not from Dua Lipa herself but written by the opposition i doubt the film's validity as one of ours but that instead it has malice towards us

that's not how you spell crack McDonalds, but you knew that. i don't appreciate you promoting the stealing of other people's fries

i feel for Taylor Swift (and all the other musicians of course) who have been forced into more than half of those songs and feel compelled to sing them to their fans who currently don't know what is being done

without being insulting to anyone with a car

forget car shield, get brain shield

beware of nefarious Zionist agents that infiltrate social media, just as we do good online they are doing not

ending the federal reserve has been a multi-generational effort, as shown by Ron and Rand Paul for instance, let's get it done sooner rather than later

it's a Monday! (or Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday) Back at it

some reasons i don't like Nintendo. Mario is cultural appropriation, Peach is a crack reference, and Donkey Kong is a gorilla with a tie, and those are just their spokesmodels let alone the rest of their content

i've been looking into the incomparable Bruce Lee and it seems Warner Brothers hired him to "represent" the Jews in their movie Enter the Dragon, all his other films check out as being fantastic

wouldn't it be something if a news presenter put "federal" "reserve" in air quotes, probably not going to happen so it's up to you

if you want some “music” to go with the written diatribe

when it involves us it is our business.

Vladimir Putin can be commended for ending the war against Ukraine or condemned for continuing it

if the Zionist entity wants to cry wolf about me then let that negatively affect their credibility, more so if that is even possible

Disco Elysium is a misnomer

picked up a very nice Marvel vs Capcom t-shirt, in this battle i am definitely on team Capcom

when it rains it pours, but sometimes there's a drought

when you're in doubt, or are certain, try and stay on topic

Twitter even with all it's current problems will still be better than Zionist Meta/Facebook/Instagram/Threads, however i implore Elon Musk to restore the platform to the way it was before the negative changes

i am so looking forward to this, Disney Lorcana, a trading card game by German gaming company Ravensburger. Very happy that this is seeming to be great

they can't seem to help themselves in regards to our musicians, so it's up to us to stop them. The actually Beautiful "Rita Ora" Don't Think Twice

when you know that certain game shows use coached and scripted contestants it really is despicable to see

you're part of The Action Bible, not the inaction Bible

thank you to those and the companies that make good commercials for us, they are appreciated and many very phenomenal

if you are in doubt about a given media your suspicions are likely to be correct

how true a look for Mario, Nintendo makes Zionism look so appealing (Super Mario Bros. Wonder)

the best gift you can give your Dad for Father's Day is to make him proud, join us

the Steamboat Willie version of Mickey Mouse is set to be public domain in 2024, please keep in mind that Mickey, not Pixar or Marvel, has always been on your side. here's what Disney is saying about that starting with this trailer

in addition to improving your situation improve ours

remember that inflation is not goods and services costing more to produce, it is that the money is worth less. at the peak of German hyper-inflation one trillion marks were worth one U.S. dollar and could barely buy a loaf of bread. Don't let that happen to the economy in America

Trump is a liar, be truthful. Trump is selfish, be empathetic. Trump is a philanderer, be monogamous. If you want to be a good human being be the opposite of Trump

only love can save Kesha and the others now

i appreciate all of you, i appreciate all of view

Trump didn't want the classified documents for himself, he took them for and at the behest of Israel and/or Russia

be nice when someone else is also and however you feel fit

forced on Bryan Adams by the Zionist side to try and dissuade you, this is after the also forced album So Happy It Hurts. "What if there were no sides at all" is ridiculous and meant deceitfully

the movie You Hurt My Feelings looks to be about The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, and if that's so then no Julia Louis Dreyfus i do not like "your" book at all, don't like it at all

to lead by example a few days ago i skipped on the Indiana Jones Complete Adventures on blu-ray for five dollars

it is "cool to be kind" just don't allow yourself to be taken advantage of

don't by any means do this for me, do this for you and everyone else affected

i’m telling you America, cancel the debt by abolishing the unconstitutional federal reserve instead of raising the debt-ceiling. Replace the monetary system with debt-free currency or at least have that ready before the next time this situation arises

Zion can't seem to help themselves in regards to bad behaviour, so it's up to us to stop them

my meagre belongings are infinitesimally minuscule compared to the opposition's vast wealth, however with them always trying to get my own items stolen if i lose any of mine i hope they lose all of theirs

global nuclear non-proliferation needs to include Israel

don't let me slow you down, you also can do good things

do something for your Mom now and throughout the year for next Mother's Day, give her a better world

pay the debt to the unconstitutional federal reserve or negate the debt for that reason, up to you

United States banks are failing as people are trying to withdraw their money from them that don't have it because of the fractional reserve system which it is time to abolish

some things are worth repeating. some things are worth repeating

we should not aspire to any negative actions against any other of us, we are all together in this. The opposition should not either but will they listen

treated myself to an energy drink, it was delicious and i really like caffeine, it is also not something i would steal from someone or otherwise harm anyone to get more of

they can't have it both ways

i wholeheartedly believe, nay, know, that Ed Sheeran never intentionally copied Marvin Gaye's Let's Get It On with his song Thinking Out Loud. Unfortunately that isn't his biggest concern since he's now been taken over

you also have the opportunity to do great things for us

thank you from the musicians

welcome aboard The Simpsons "Ashlee Starling"

it's wonderful seeing people on topic, and i'm definitely not the only person to think so

just as climate change is reaching critical levels the United States economy is on it's way to collapse, do what you can about both

have a good Easter everyone, here's the movie i was mentioning to you, The Gospel of John

“millions of peaches, peaches for me, millions of peaches, peaches for free” (thanks America)

it's a lot harder to get to the Moon when you have to do it for real

nice find about a troubling issue, i picked up an FNN (Fake News Network) t-shirt styled after the cnn logo

passover supposedly marks when the Jews escaped slavery in Egypt, now it is them trying to enslave us

winter, spring, summer, fall, north, east, south, west

i recently spoke with a nice fellow, a friend of the resistance who has done a lot of great things for us over many years, he can relax, you and i, we can't, we still have very much to do

in a Netflix's Unstable clip starring Rob Lowe and his real-life son, asks for advice from him and the reply is to "just don't care", that's a terrible answer, Netflix would like that of you. The victims of Zion hope and pray for your help, please do so as best you can

be an anti-Trump, not just against him but the opposite of everything he is

an Israeli mentalist was on James Corden tonight and had him stand in a wind machine to pick from multiple dollar bills from the audience, he assured jokingly afterwards not to worry that they would get their money back, wouldn't that be nice, it's not going to happen without us

i'm not going anywhere. Eyes Closed from the album Subtract. God damn it they got Ed Sheeran

it would be nice if we were not needed but we are

while i was going to spend my spare time watching movies and playing videogames (spare time) i have decided to instead read, and in many instances read again, some books and documents. want to join? we could probably do a bit of both

just as some streets are paved others have laid paths for you to follow

with the recent Silicon Valley Bank collapse it is time to have serious talks about banking and monetary reform

Parler has proven itself to be another Trojan Zionist instrument as malicious as Instagram for censoring posts about Palestine or any other issue they don't want people finding out about

there are reasons for anti-Semitism, they never mention the reasons

if you want to stand up while standing up that would also be great, as long as you do

it is easier to give light when you are figuratively standing up

be very wary of social media Twitter style platform Parler, they are very pro-Israel as shown in their newsletters and advertising. i will still be sticking with said site Twitter

sorry for the lack of updates for a few days now, i have had the flu or something and feeling terrible. i am doing better now and should be able to get back at it today

if Zion's desire to float is what makes them behave the way they do to receive such i would much rather stand firmly on the ground. "Janelle Monae"

you know my biggest wish? it's that everyone be on topic and focused all the time to the best of your ability. think about how well we'd be doing and make it happen

Transformer Soundwave is a Decepticon, how fitting that is with current forced music

tonight is the Grammy awards, please, someone, multiple people, use your ingenuity to even hint at what's going on with Zionist forced "music"

the truth is anti-Semitic

Trump has Zion's "requirements" for being United States president

while Biden's classified documents were most likely an oversight Trump's were probably shared with Israel or Russia who have dirt on him

you go around the world like la la la la la (ATC A Touch of Class)

it's me cheering you on

it's Holocaust Remembrance Day

i'd rather Ryan Reynolds own "the Senators" than the Zionist entity

we have 8 billion reasons to oppose Zionism

it's worth it for us to be able to be happy

striving for the majority

foreign entities have translators

Kanye West was either being a saviour or controlled himself, it could go either way in this instance but i like Kanye so am hoping it's the former, if so thank you, i hope others are just as brave

intent is very important

let's have a happy, productive, new year

i believe the amount of good i've done outdoes the few instances of not. i wish the same for you

merry Christmas to all and to all future good nights

wow, this movie really impressed me, i'll let it speak for itself, recommended. William Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice 2004 Full Movie YouTube

Hanukkah, they are having fun at our expense

the innocuous song Silver and Gold from Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer is about what the United States economy should be based on as opposed to Federal Reserve debt based currency

we need to instate the usage of electric vehicles asap, how about a not for profit government agency to make and then sell them at the cost of parts and labour in addition to giving incentives to switch

my cherished Buddy has passed. he was happy, clean, well fed, loved, as he went and died in my hands. dear bird i will miss you greatly. love you

don't be fooled, as in being treated as one


disappointments are disappointing, try not to disappoint

with the uncertainty regarding Twitter recently i just wanted to put forward my Parler page as a secondary place for notes

early mornings will not be nearly as fun or enjoyable without James Corden or Trevor Noah, i wish them well, we will miss you

congratulations to the Democrats on their mid-term election wins. we agree on most all topics other than i am pro-life (with exceptions). i and we hope you get a lot done

it's Remembrance Day, so remember how we are being treated

anti-Zionism is different than anti-Semitism and i'm sure we can all agree on anti-Zionism

Stephen King (Richard Bachman) being Jewish would explain a lot

oh, Taylor Swift has been "bejeweled", is that what they are trying to instill in the minds of youth that is what is being done to her and others? Because the truth is much more heinous

the United States national debt interest is now almost as much as they spend on defence, that's just the interest not paying down the debt. Thankfully the federal reserve is unconstitutional and can be revoked including all money owed, it just takes our bravery to do so

Israel is going as Black Panther for Halloween

although i don't like upsetting my friends who are Jewish or those who have someone close who are, i, as they, have to put others ahead of themselves

upper triangle, screaming, music note. Def Leppard Hysteria t-shirt. i’ll let this speak for itself and hope you also speak about this until the music saviour does in a way I can’t no matter how much i’d like to help them with this, you can help also

there are Jews against what other Jews are doing

don't worry you are not rooting for an "anti-hero". another forced song/video/album by "Taylor Swift"

all we should do is what is right, after that it is out of your hands, do not let what is out of your control dissuade you from doing the positive action to begin with, instead not only does it create that goodness it can serve as motivation to others to also do what is right

the people against anti-Semitism don't know the facts, if they did they would agree

beware of Zionist forced songs that denounce you, me, us, every musician is on board not only for themselves and other artists but everyone else as well

make the most of your < body >

it's taking "Kanye West" a long time to speak because they are trying to figure out what they want him to say

do not lose this opportunity to openly or in any way you want talk about and hopefully reveal what's going on with forced Zionist scripting of music

oh wow! Kanye's original Instagram post said how Sean P Diddy Combs is being controlled by Jews. it still looks like a ploy by those doing the controlling but hey as long as it gets out there. And yes he is

even though Kanye West's tweet is probably a detraction not of his let's make the most of this conversation starter and do our best to expose what's going on with Zionist scripted music ourselves

while Kanye West's tweet about "Jewish people" would be welcome i believe it is by them themselves as a foreshadowing of a real exposition by another musician

they for the most part make the music videos they are responsible for obviously by them so that their kin know it is theirs. "The Smashing Pumpkins" Beguiled

i, and we as in everyone, hope Vladimir Putin doesn't ruin the world for all of us by starting a conflict with nuclear, chemical or biological weapons. Please just figure out a way to exit the offensive peacefully so we can get back to focusing on and making better other issues

happily again a member of Disney+, because i know how to separate the grain from the chaff

it's Yom Kippur, and the Jews will be back yet again next year to confess their sins with no intention to stop what they are doing against us

alternately, Marvel's Black Panther is really Light Blue Panther

it looks, looks, like Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy deserve thanks for starring in Hocus Pocus 2, something i will watch the next time resubscribing to Disney+

late night tv is losing two greats, Trevor Noah and James Cordon. They have been wonderful and will be missed immensely. Beware and on guard of their replacements

note to self, do not purchase from McDonald’s

keeping up with the "Kardashians" combined with television has been and still is instrumental in our advancement as long as it's done in a positive manner. i like keeping up to a certain degree and don't feel bad if you do as well, enjoy

real Disney is the good parts, not the companies Marvel, Pixar, Lucasfilm that they bought and left intact

"When life seems hard, the courageous do not lie down and accept defeat; instead, they are all the more determined to struggle for a better future" Queen Elizabeth II r.i.p.

Netflix is increasing the amount of youth programming they produce, if they weren't bad enough now they are targeting our young, more so, beware

i'm all for Bjork's original creativity but this really, really, looks not to be of hers, besides she has been taken since Pagan Poetry. "Bjork" Atopos

mmorpg stands for massively multiplayer online role-playing game, and we all do have a role to play

every opportunity i have i put this to everyone, which is how it should always be, keep that in mind

be amazed at what we have and will accomplish

Zion tries to be the Devil on your shoulders, don't listen to them

what is your part in the betterment of the world?

it would be humorous if it wasn't such a hoax duping the American people and the world to see them dance around the "returning" and "back" to the Moon now that they are trying to get there for real this time

team good guys/gals

sorry to Christian. thank you to good Christians

it would have been nice seeing what Lizzo would have really released

something the opposition does is try and ruin great earlier efforts of ours. this gotta move on is from a lyric in one of my favourite songs, i need a girl (part 2), P. Diddy is all on board and this is forced on him

now who would want their hands on top secret United States documents... Donald Trump and Mossad agent Jeffrey Epstein. one of many photos of them and Ghislaine Maxwell

the only reason Trump would want those secret documents is to share with Russia or Israel

added a Spotify page available in links, hope there is great use this service can be for all of us as it is an amazing utility beyond also being an immense enjoyment. You love these people as much as i do, help them out however ou are able

resubscribed to Spotify and am very happy doing so, completely recommended. Not only to listen to all the great music of ours but also finding out non-music, forced albums are not real music

Olivia Newton-John wants all of us to get physical

all we should do is what's good, and when Zion makes it so we can't do that then we do what's needed

Betty Who? Betty You!

Mickey Mouse isn't the only cool person at Disney

Achtung! Cthulhu. Germans saying Watch out! Cthulhu. i was thinking about picking up this tactics style game based on the tile table top one up while on sale but don't figure i want to chance it not being ours

New Era is not just a brand of hat, it's what we're in, and i think we'll do pretty well

netflix is going to be adding commercials to their Zionist programming, another reason to avoid their propaganda streaming

thank you to all involved in the Jan 6th insurrection inquiry, the panel and the witnesses, you are doing amazingly and are the best shot at not only holding those responsible for what happened responsible but also making it so Donald Trump can never hold office ever again

sorry for the lack of updates recently, that happens once in a while, don't let that slow you down, people are also waiting on what you do

the amazing race is the human race

we have so much to talk about and so much to do

don't be discouraged, there are quite a lot of mega people, if you already are one thank you from all the people you do good for

this song and video are by them, for them, and using musicians abducted by them, make sure that "don't you worry" isn't a successful mantra for them

"Beyonce's" new song break my soul is ridiculous, she and all the other musicians female and male this is being done to do not deserve this

aspiration shouldn't be towards being as disreputable as you can but how moral

Apple has discontinued their iPod support, i have not discontinued my support of Apple. i hope my trust is not misplaced

sometimes when asking a person how they're doing the reply is living the dream, i hope you are, if not try and make adjustments to have more fun or rewarding activities

there is a shirt someone was wearing for Evil Dead The Musical, with what's going on with Zionist forcing of musicians this is not cause and effect but effect and cause

figured to pick this up to wear when appropriate, moreso. also this is their shirt not mine

have just bought the Destroy All Humans remake, while i think very highly of THQ i am hesitant about Pandemic Studios. this looks to be good but if not we'll always have Metallica's Seek and Destroy

there was a shirt i saw for sale today that said Mossad: it's never an accident. with a star of David. not something i'd wear but will talk about and encourage you to also

it's national donut day in America, look forward and do actions towards the end of donuts day

"no one's interested in something you didn't do" The Tragically Hip - Wheat Kings (so get at it)

the sceptic in me wonders about the Texas shooter's alleged conversation with German girl Cece (Coco) just suspicious. Obviously the event is real just was it orchestrated in some way?

bully culture strikes again, this time with 21 victims in Texas. i blame corrupt media instilling the utmost negative behaviour and lack of morals that led to this happening, his lack through and because of experiences and those that shaped him that way in many manner of ways frauds, fakes, shills, plants, covert ops, it's hard to portray a real person when you're not and they can easily be seen for what they truly are

why would anyone willingly listen to a Zionist radio station? because they don't know? let them know

Sara Haines is like a genie, she makes her husband's wishes come true

pro-life, pro-death, depends on the issue

if you are in a good relationship, enjoy, if you are single, enjoy

the taliban have brought back the imposition for women to have to wear a full body and face covering, and while the Hijab is a positive modesty scarf the Burka is a demeaning jealousy garb

live your hotness, however that may be

most of everything we see is attributed to the industrial revolution and it's continuance. what we've accomplished is something that always amazes me

if you have good people in your life be appreciative of them

thankfully you don't have to be a twitter shareholder to tweet, so if you have a good amount of followers please do try to put forward some needed information as best as you are able, any topic or the topic

if Zion tries to take Grimes they will also be going up against the world's richest man, Elon Musk, who happens to love her very much. Other musicians aren't so fortunate but they do have us, and hopefully we can help very well and be what they need

This is what we have to deal with. And i doubt AronChupa at least wanted anything to do with this. AronChupa, Flamingoz - Coco Song

i like PlayStation trophies but Robin Roberts' platinum is much more impressive

if you encounter someone who thinks ak-47's are covered by the second amendment ask them if rocket launchers should be as well. no? why not? too dangerous? that's the answer to that issue, there needs to be restrictions

the topic of this video is The Weeknd doing karaoke, singing songs that are not his, and this is not his, the only issue with that is that it is being forced on him. "The Weeknd" Out of Time

the recycle symbol was supposedly decided on through submission of ideas, i think however it happened this version was set to be chosen because of it being a complete Star of David

was i ever flawed. that's not a question that's a statement. but not as flawed as they portray, it's was, and all that is from a long time ago. we have a lot that we need to deal with right now that affects us currently

if you listen to the radio, or know someone who does, and by good graces happen upon a station that you know for sure is ours, not just one that feigns goodness once in a while as a trick, do share that with other people or places that may for now be listening to the opposition

it's April fools day, in advance Trump said he golfed a hole in one

if you believed they put a man on the moon (past tense) R.E.M.

adding to that, i believe Will Smith was used as a pawn in this so that every time "rock" (a euphemism for crack) is mentioned we are supposed to think about the unrelated Chris

was it Chris Rock who wrote the "joke" about Will Smith's wife who has alopecia or was it someone else who put him up to it knowing there would be a response?

it was an unfortunate incident between specifically Will Smith and Chris Rock, but i will still like both of them

foreign entities such as embassies, press, emergency services all have someone to translate what you write and will submit your letters to the appropriate people. i have made my rounds and still do when applicable, now it's your turn and keep at it, this is a global issue

if you can't shuffle your feet shuffle some magic the gathering cards

while not comparable to the skilled and wonderful lifetime dance training of the likes of Julianne and Derek Hough i really like and am impressed by this as well, shuffling, looks fun and is great what people can train to do with their bodies

be a part of the solution not apart of the solution

angels are real, and they're here

They Live glasses now available as an add-on to your brain

i get over hurt feelings from us, we have people that are going through so much worse, and in the case of musicians it's not them doing the insulting which is the least of the worries in that situation

Pixar's Turning Red is another version of Monsters Inc.. Their victims don't think they're so cute

Russia: what is the best case scenario? Let's say all Ukrainians lay down their arms and leave, which they won't, so you control their land, you will also have the ire of the world with sanctions and so many other punitive measures for the rest of your existence. Find a way out

save the musicians that are on your iPod, and also those that aren't

good people have better internal and external biographies, and deservedly so. thank you

more you, more us. there's so much you can be doing to help

life is chapters in a book, past, present, future, all intertwined, "write" well

your love is needed in lots of ways

let good traits rule over traits that aren't

Europe came close to being completely wiped out from Russian bombardment of a Ukrainian nuclear power plant. There is no future for Russia with what they are now doing. the best they can do is apologize and leave or find some other way out while saving face

if you fall focus on the getting up

i'll try, as we all should

i'm sure Pittsburgh is great and all, i just don't like when people not from there wear Steelers shirts

i know Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is Jewish, and applaud him for what he is doing for his country, i hope he stands up for us as well when the time comes

it's nice to see Ralph Fiennes given good leading man roles


every issue is it's own situation

speaking of gaming, with roms/emulators there is what's called save state, where you can pause anywhere and reload from exactly where you left off later, so lets keep doing what we're doing in addition to but also aside for the moment and help Ukraine, then resume our goals after

the good ol guys at Good Old Games are ones of many concerned citizens raising funds to help Ukraine, if you can use some of your time to similarly give support in any way you can that is appreciatively needed. We'll be here doing our thing as well just without as much main focus

if we all do well we all do well

just as sanctions are being levied against Russia for their incursions into Ukraine sanctions should also be put against Israel for their incursions into Palestine

Russia is already the largest country in the world, why do they want more of unneeded Ukrainian land, they would receive more taxes but have more expenses and should make the most of the land they already have

Tamron Hall had a whole show about friendship, all of us have a whole life about friendship

good morning gorgeous isn't about Mary J. Blige or any other person

i don't have a ps5 but found this cover for the regalla edition of Horizon Forbidden West. Notice anything?

the beginning of the solution to serfing U.S.A. is surfing U.S.A.

picked up a very nice Linkin Park Hybrid Theory t-shirt. rest in peace Chester Bennington, i hope you (and the others) are avenged soon

Samsung yes, google's android operating system unfortunately no

i like seeing good people

the global home team

learn to be the type of person that knows this is a fake contestant

i recommend Midway Arcade Treasures vol 1,2,3 and Not Midway Arcade Origins. The former are done by themselves and the latter produced by Warner Bros. who bought them, which shows that good intellectual properties in the wrong hands are also made corrupt as much as they are able

Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund has acquired 5% of videogame developer Capcom. a great purchase indeed. Please do not sell yourself to any Zionist entities of any sort though, we need you, if you ever want to be bought please go with good guys and gals at Sony or Microsoft

Judaism is a religion, Jewish is a race. A Mexican can follow Judaism, a Mexican cannot be Jewish. When it suits them they are a religion, when it suits them they are a race. They are a race do not fall for them being only a religion, they have a distinct ancestry and bloodline

the 6,000,000 number was also used in World War 1. in World War II the actual number according to the Red Cross is 271,301

have you got your Shinigami eyes on? this is just so amazingly good. fantastic Grimes

the guys in Jackass are ultra cool and i am a major fan of theirs so i got to say everything i've seen about the new Jackass Forever movie looks like it is forced on them, a spectacle of pain carried out against your favorite stuntmen

throughout history the Jewish experience has been reaping what they have sown

i hope that with much effort Bing Videos and/or TikTok become everything youtube is now but by us

anything i do is only and ever in addition to what you do. tomorrow is a weekday, do well in whatever way you are able in whatever topic you choose, you know where my focus is and i hope yours is also

i am the same age as Tom Brady who is fantastically and incredibly by far better at football than i am, everyone has their own thing they are good at. What do you do well and how can you help us

just noticed there is a full on star of david on the cover poster of the Matrix, go figure of a movie about saving Zion

those forcing their "music" on our beloved musicians are holding on to their position in every way they can even though they know they are wrong and at our ultimate detriment to put it mildly. "Alesso, Katy Perry" - When i'm Gone

i always take a little time to enjoy the you

"The Weeknd's" new album is titled Dawn FM and the beginning of the first single Sacrifice fades in with a radio station, the good of which are very few, if you for some reason want to listen to the radio keep switching as soon as you notice any of their negative agenda

a heartfelt thank you to Emma Watson for breaching the topic of Palestine/Israel to her 29 million followers some of whom may have never given thought to or knew about the situation. She is a hero to the Palestinian people she stood up for and this light she shone helps immensely

the insurrection of Jan 6th 2021 was easily, easily, one of if not the most disgraceful events in American history all at the behest of Donald Trump who must never be allowed to serve in political office again

we have a lot to look forward to, and a lot to make better on our way

they have their protocols for ruining the world, let's have our own protocols ready for now and after to make a world for us that is happy, prosperous, fair and equal

it's nice to see friends, as opposed to those who are against us

make the world ours, not theirs, do so with cooperation

happened upon a recent Tom and Jerry cartoon episode, it was disturbing. if you want to be angry check the "programming" they aim at our youth

what we need is you

today is my birthday, i'm turning about twenty

the fate of the world is on Your shoulders, do well, we have a lot of people who need your help

"Disney's" Encanto is very disappointing, it would have been correct if they were Palestinian but they were Jewish (not Columbian) including threats of rats and hammer. Real Disney is more than fantastic but this for instance shows the divide between theirs and "theirs"

Merry Christmas everyone. While we had KFC for one of our holiday meals here which was very tasty don't let any of us be chicken

recommend the good and warn about the not, in an effort to have everyone aware of who and what is ours and who and what is theirs

Juliets making the normally sexy and beautiful M0 out to look like Brad Pitt because of her defined jawbone, this is despicable

"cocoa spheres"? no thanks, and we've had enough of you taking our money and ruining our lives for yours. Jimmy Kimmel with the Original 'The Facts of Life' Cast - Live in Front of a Studio Audience

good people doing good things for others, it happens often and is always appreciated

beware of phone company Ooma! it's a scam, with fraudulent charges and worst customer service ever

given that 49% of Americans are Trumpers and against anything Biden does regardless of what it is it makes sense that his approval rating is 40% which is pretty damn good considering that

every American is currently being stolen from by the federal reserve. currently

an example of what it's like playing a videogame by terrible company ea (not Midway that they bought) Shelling out threats and insults to the buyers of these who pay good money for such. How many can you spot? Pancakes for everyone? No thanks

do so well you make us a bit astonished and a lot proud

Charli XCX, Christine and the Queens, Caroline Polachek forced into a bullshit song with random poses while speaking of "new shapes" and how they are going to try and be less obvious regarding all the Star's of David they put in their videos

since they made the division... sensitization towards us, desensitization towards them

be love, as best you can

hooray for good people

know who's on your side and who's against you

i shop and buy media, mostly at thrift stores, for four reasons, to have, experience, see friends, and write about, and i enjoy all four

it's unacceptable, we must not accept what they are doing

today is remembrance day, when we show respect to the heroes that were put against heroes

i want you to feel good not the opposite

sexiness is mostly personality

i wish i would be able to be with someone, it would be dangerous for both of us though. however there are people that blow my mind with how awesome they are and how nice it would be. unfortunately it will be me by my lonesome

the full series of Calvin and Hobbes books should be required reading for all of our youth growing up while also enjoyed by every adult

Native Americans should be treated as kings, they have been marginalized and treated heinously since our arrival. There needs to be reparations for the past and better living conditions for their future. Native Americans are good people and deserve our efforts for their benefit

this is not a post. sorry, i've been inenvirtantly off my meds for a few days and haven't been sleeping well nor feeling myself. i am about to have my meds and go to sleep, hope to be back on track tomorrow

don't go easy on the ones that force Adele to say go easy on them

our existence is the perfect storm

picked up an Alice In Chains t-shirt, i liked the group very much when they were originally around, r.i.p. Layne Staley. Hoping to represent the tortured musicians with it

rain? check

i'll do this for you, you do that for them

thankfully there are a lot of good people, and we need each and every one of you

i wish everyone had been congruent with their efforts and resolute in their decisions, however if it were like that we wouldn't have made it this far. Now the only naysayers are members of the opposition. So let's continue to build upon our collective successes into the future

friends are there for each other, and i plan to be there for you even more

and no more years for Zionism

happy 50th Walt Disney World, wishing you another 50, and another 50, and another 50...

don't shut down the government, shut down the federal reserve

"Gabby Petito's parents" got matching Let It Be tattoos. Let what be? The "murder" of their daughter? No. It's meant to detract from or correlate with the beautiful song by that name

wouldn't it be something if a weatherperson brought up the phrase Waters Flowing Eastward (L. Fry) in a way to encourage people to search for that? similar can be said and done by others

picked up a stylish He-Man t-shirt, one where he has the Iron Cross not whatever that is Netflix put him in

Gabby Petito, Zion, yellow stone, the rest follows

i almost bought the live action Transformers movies but noticed they were executive produced by Steven Spielberg, phew, glad i checked first

Yom Kippur: atonement only matters if you stop doing what you are atoning for

thanks to a nice guy today, thanks to nice guys every day

with you on the stairs

tomorrow is the 20th anniversary of the 9-11 attack on the United States. If you're interested in the Israeli involvement then read Victor Thorn's book 9-11 Evil: Israel's Central Role in the Sept 11 2001 Terrorist Attacks. Available on the documents page for your e-book reader

my post about ally THQ Nordic and nemesis Neversoft was not meant to stifle us, we are the ones that are a breath of fresh air

spend your time doing the most good

i say great often because often there is greatness, i say thank you often because i am often thankful

wearing my Ford shirt to rep Henry Ford, a great man who risked everything to let people know what's going on. aspire to be like Henry Ford

no insult intended, ever

Zak McKracken are the alien mindbenders

we all contribute in one way or another, what's required is for you to go above and beyond whenever you are able

think about what we've done and are doing, and then what they've done and are doing, then decide who's making contributions and who is a detriment

Zion doesn't think very much of us, they really don't, prove them wrong

have good times with good people

i bought something cool today, it was inexpensive mind you, and they say it's all rock and roll to them, and that's how it is

this is not a competition, it is a collaborative effort

church sign: let us be the ancestors our children will thank

if you're feeling left out, join in, there's so much you can do

i can't have a girlfriend, but i can have girl friends, i know it's not the same, and there are women i would be very happily compatible with however that's the way it is

sometimes i say or do something that can be misunderstood, please don't let me be misunderstood

they are torturing our beloved musicians, action worse than administering death, we can and must respond accordingly

i will always be here for you. Oxytocin, forced through Billie Eilish

my fellow neighbors seem to have caught on to a recent plant placed here. Happy to see (them figuring him out not the plant himself)

a comment through the United States White House says that Israel is free to make decisions it deems appropriate on Iran, does that mean Iran can make decisions it deems appropriate on Israel? because that would be nice

there's a lot i can't do, that's where you come in

Ben & Jerry of ice cream fame, Jewish, were labeled as terrorists for standing up and speaking against Israeli settlements in addition to their pulling out of sales there. If doing that results in you being labeled as a terrorist then we should still all aspire to do the same

what time is it? our time

i am blessed to know so many good people

we do what we can, they've done enough

i'll do what i can but promise you'll do what you can also

the plants are starting to accumulate again here

i messed up this morning when a nurse/friend of mine said something she liked doing is listening to radio and i said i don't like radio but to each their own which was rude but unintentionally so. We could have had a much better conversation about the reasons instead of that

geico has Lisa Loeb singing about how they have crack in their wind shield

i try and do nice things for people

they sure do love their triangles, Tinashe's not the type to do the twerking thing, they are trying to make her look bad. real song forced video (bouncin)

beware is a contraction of be aware

just so everyone knows i do not say one thing to mean another, you should know that by now, you can count that when i speak about something it is always that

Israel wants apartheid where people are treated differently by race? they can have it

put others on the same priority as you

Zionist news is in-credible not incredible

i hope the good ones of them understand, i think they do

there are some people i just like so much. not to diminish that but there are quite a lot

(as do we)

Microsoft has more than one halo

covet all you want, just get such in a good manner

if Zion says you're doing well, you're not

in the movie The Usual Suspects you have to figure out who the culprit is, with news events you mostly know

you'll always have something to go on, it's just up to you to go on it. for instance let's continue to make one of the things we are talking about actors portraying real people in said tv shows, commercials, and news, just to make sure people are noticing and looking out for such

it bothers me immensely when i see actors pretending to be real in scripted "unscripted" tv shows and commercials and fake news events all of which are portrayed as actual, they take us for chumps with those

Seth Macfarlane and friends are not Zionist, they aren't, i recognize it's a touchy subject so i don't expect them to be anti-such, but maybe to tread a fine line while still letting their opinion known about their stance. There are many subjects to breach in addition to that one

be well, then when you have time do well, we need you

you bless me with your kindness

you're going to have to be stronger than folding after their Zionist faction pretends to be good for two hours, you'll also have to withstand the one who means well because there is no option for us to do nothing about what is being done. Their shown goodness is a foreground ploy

systemic means as a whole, even i don't say that about the opposition

sometimes a hero is just someone who shows up for work day after day to provide for themselves and their family, but if you can do more and help us in our regard please do more and help us in our regard

Bonnie Tyler's extraordinary song Holding Out For A Hero is ours, and Zionist Netflix is using it to push their schlock version of He-Man. We need you hero, and you hero and you hero, while they look for someone they are trying to dupe into helping them. Holding out for all of us

a recent graduate said that she had been given the advice that they cannot take your education from you, so please remember and think about everything that's been said and put it to use and into actions

let's (you) advance as fast as we are in every other aspect of life with countering what Zion is trying and doing against us

South Korea, as everyone, should be concerned about the music group BTS being forced by Zion to sing about "butter". Maybe South and North Korea could at least join together to confront this shared enemy and let that be a start to continued relations

me? i'm not as bad as they say, thanks to medication for making me better. this is the perfect (not so perfect) storm, if everything didn't happen in the exact same way it did we wouldn't be here, but here we are, this is what we wanted, so join in and let's make the most of it

sometimes there are specific instances of life, certain music, videogames, people... that i cannot partake in because of the Zionist entity ruining and making bullshit of that goodness, so i will wait til we are through this to do such

Lin-Manuel Miranda, Jon M. Chu and all of the contributors' In The Heights looks amazing and is for us not the "Jets" in West Side Story. am very much looking forward to Lin & co's which from what's been said and have seen so far is a masterpiece

they think we're all guests on their judge Judy Sheindlin and Jerry Springer, how wrong they are

McDonald's commercial: "they're only human". yes, yes we are, what do they think they are

don't worry, you look fine, you look fine, you look fine, you all look fine and more

Dua Lipa's been under Zionist control since the forced video of the real song Fever, in this one, another real song forced video, they have everyone done up as clowns. They really don't think very much of us let alone the way they treat us. Love Again

the first Friday of June is National Doughnut Day, let's strive each year to make it the last one

google has a television ad for their search engine that is themed around octopuses, the irony is thick

there are many smart people, i just want to say that animators, and their writers when it's not them alone, are generally geniuses at what they do. of course i am partial to the ones of ours and right now they are doing some of the best work of their lives

doing something cooperatively is two or more people directly contributing with each other towards a shared goal, doing something in tandem is two or more people taking action solely towards a goal but at the same time as the others, we need both

"anti-Semitism" should not only be acceptable it is needed because there are ongoing issues that need to be shown, known, and dealt with

thoughts and condolences to the victims and descendants of the 1921 Tulsa race massacre. They were good people doing well and providing for themselves and their families without harming others and were not part of a group trying to ruin the world

my God it's good to see animated show Family Guy is back. i've been watching season 18 which is the most recent season available on Disney+ and it's the most and hardest i ever get to laugh, i'll tell you it's a good feeling amidst troubling times

there's no vaccine to end Zionism, well not for ourselves anyway

Sega's Sonic the Hedgehog, brainwashing kids and threatening adults for 30 years

well you sure can't let them continue with what they're doing

i'm trying to inform you so that you can decide as a majority on what needs to be done and follow through, if what's decided on is globally exiling them then that decision would be fine with me, it wouldn't solve the problem though as letting them run free isn't doing so well

if you want a Zionist controlled world do nothing, if not it will require your action

imagine if beloved Disney were to clean up the holders of intellectual properties they have bought, they are theirs now, or are they in contracts? wouldn't it be nice if Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm etc were in good hands? Maybe we could have the Avengers and such on the side of good

women do look pretty with makeup, but by the heavens are you ever beautiful without

awesome, well said. Mca MC Abdul Palestine Gaza

in the future those being labeled as "anti-Semitic" will be regarded as the heroes of our time who are standing up for the victims of Zionism

there are a lot of people that i worship the ground they walk on, so many good deserving people i admire so very much to say that

even though it is Israel who instigated the Middle East conflict by trying to annex Palestinian land and homes it is Hamas agreeing to a ceasefire if Israel adheres to international laws, which they are not doing, so it is up to the global community to make them do so

i have to watch out for frauds, you have to watch out for frauds

it's up to you to stop Zionists and what they're doing. i think we can all agree in these regards. there is no middle ground, there is Zionist, Anti-Zionist, and those that don't know yet. actively do what you can for all of us as they are actively taking steps against all of you

constructively criticizing yourself is recommended as well, as time goes by you will happen to become a better, and better, and better person

i don't like speaking negatively about Joe Biden, i like him as a person and think he is and will be a great President. i hope he takes anything like that as constructive criticism and does his best to make those and all the issues he can better

each of us has our part, and it all makes a difference

Wow, in addition and combination with Disney+ something i really like is Roku, and on May 20th they are releasing original programs of their own, the trailers all look good in every sense of the word which is a stark difference from Netflix, looking forward to those

Netflix is against their subscribers, not just with their original programming but the vast majority of movies and television shows they pick. The same can be said for standard television channels by interests that also have those intentions

Snl either has Zionist collaborators with Israeli themed musical guests or good people tricked into guest hosting and forced music artists performing songs they were made to sing, or a mix of those. i haven't watched Snl in years and am much happier because of that

Israel is trying to silence media by shelling the Associated Press and Al Jazeera locations in Gaza, let both of those news outlets and the Israeli perpetrators know that there are many more media and people at that willing to step in and help oppressed Gaza however they can

Israelis keep trying to steal Palestinian land, the Palestinians are defending their land. if Israel wanted peace not war they would stop doing that, but they continue to do so. the Palestinian victims of Israel are reacting not instigating

i like a lot of people very much, all on their own merits, but unfortunately can't do anything about it so instead i will just have many good friends. that's the way it will have to be and am okay with that as it is necessary. now, back to what we are doing

Trump's assertion that he won the election is the fake news, and he knows it

as a supporter of trans rights i have to say, if Shaquille O'Neal were to declare that he feels like a woman should he be allowed to professionally compete against people who were born female? (no)

Palestinians don't harm each other, they don't even take action against Israelis unless provoked, which they always are, so they stand up to them when necessary for their defense of life, liberty and homeland

Zionist media very often tries and does get good people to put forward their propaganda, and not just in music

or you can promise Mother P!nk

this Mother's Day promise the Mom in your life you'll help make a better world for the next one

being insulted by the opposition doesn't bother me, being insulted by people or entities i like does. for those of you of us add to don't subtract from

got my eyes tested today, i wear glasses but have "20/20 vision"

i have a neighbor who i hear playing his guitar once in a while, he's very good

happy Asian heritage month everyone. Personally i always wanted to visit Japan as it would be like stepping into the future. Congratulations and thank you to all Asian people though for your many, many contributions to our global society

i think Bill Gates will be just fine. (thoughts be with him, his family and everyone involved towards soon better times)

i know Zion, by now so should you. now spend your time showing others what you know about them and striving to stifle what they are doing and attempting to do

what we need is heard immunity, as in that everyone hears about Zionism, then we can be aware and battle as a group against the practitioners of such

some women are unbelievably gorgeous, some have unbelievably gorgeous personalities, some have both, a lot of the time a good personality makes someone very, very beautiful both inside and out

i am thankful of good people, whether they are helping me or much more importantly helping any of the rest of our global community. You are appreciated

Disney is a well deserved self-made miracle made mostly by us. Not Pixar, not Marvel.. real Disney. As for families beware of many programing for kids though as they try, and actually do, program your kids, unless thwarted

the only good supremacy is the Bourne one

whether i am lacking or doing well you remain constant in your own efforts

it's a pleasure to support people you like, and there are a lot of people to like

am happy. found that a nice person i met recently also plays Magic: the Gathering, looking forward to many great games of such. and after covid is no longer an issue.. tournaments!

i do believe that our good are more than our not

there are people looking to help us, and people looking to hinder us

everyone is good at certain things, and there are enough of us that everything is and will be covered

the Zionist torturers can be stopped, and the torturees in music are depending on you to do so

i don't like being rude so most often it's unintentional

happiness is not overrated

Kelly Clarkson is a willing participant of theirs, there are many

in the world championship we all need to help each other succeed as a team together. Enjoying the advancements and facing the challenges

we all deserve appreciation for our positive actions

there are so many ways you can help us

It’s always nice when something stressful turns out great, i hope we all feel that way after the upcoming end of Zionism, but we need to make it happen

good people don’t need to finish first, they do pretty well throughout

i’m cool, just up against some major entities

friends are good to have, whether you know of them or not, cherish them

Zionist media always takes you for April fools

i would give myself to activate all of you of us, but can't we have both?

do good, be well

having a GoodLife is about more than getting fit

there are many more problems with scripted or orchestrated news events than just the propaganda they put forward with such, sometimes we lose lives so that they can report about said occurrence that they wrote and acted themselves or crimes they made transpire in the first place

the world needs more you

this morning a plant they send to bother me happened to mention to someone nearby about how they were talking to their rabbi about something or other, go figure

good people of the opposition, don't fear the reaper, embrace it

bought the (Paul Haggis) movie Crash on blu ray, i have it already on dvd but it's one of my favorites, it's about the rest of us getting along now and after the cull

just as there are helpers, there are ruiners

i've decided to sell the music cd's i've been buying throughout the years, am going to keep the mp3's of the albums though and hope that's okay. i will miss having them but even if it was all just for my Adventures in Buying Music it was worth it

Jews to Jews "hold on" some schmuck is going to try and save us. forced on Justin Bieber

google's youtube is a necessary (for now) evil, but is still evil

treat those that treat you well well

what did i do wrong this time? oh that's right, nothing, and it's been that way for years. them? they can't say the same

we can't live well because of what they're doing

Nick Cannon was right saying that the majority of "Jews" are not really Jews, they are Eastern European Khazar's that took up Judaism as a religion. i would recommend reading the Arthur Koestler book The Thirteenth Tribe about this. Nick Cannon has no need to apologize or atone

plants on tv and otherwise were not on the Oscar nomination list despite their performance efforts

the good people of Palestine are my friends and i will always defend them against their oppressors. if you can help them as well they sure do need it

there's a racism we all have to deal with, the false ideology of Jewish supremacy, and because of the positions they hold it affects everyone

Square-Enix showing their allegiance. Saga Frontier Remastered

this would be almost as deceitful a name for a bank as the "federal" "reserve" already is. "Justin Bieber" Hold On

picked up a new to me second hand iphone, it's not top of the line however am completely happy with it. if you would like to go with a different company than google and their android, chrome, search engine... then you will be a lot happier as well for many reasons

why would the alleged pipe bomber from the day before the Jan 6th 2021 insurrection try to bomb both the Democratic and Republican National Committee's? If he was a Trump supporter wouldn't he only try to harm the Democrats? sounds like another threat to Washington Senators

there was no rice with supper Jeff

seeing good people can be cathartic

we want to be happy, and not victims of their plots

Adam Sandler had a comedy album titled "They're all gonna laugh at you!", well we're not laughing

most of us check youtube, half the battle is just being aware of their intentions, the other half is taking action against what they are doing

the same opposition are the ones that have plotted against us since their beginning unbeknownst to our people until recently

immediately after the post about google their android phone section put out a push alert about the movie "without remorse", that title is their position

Google used to have the motto "don't be evil", whatever happened to that? Now they are the instigators

don't be led by the opposition, they have their own interests in mind not yours

i was born again many years ago, it was a culmination of quitting drinking, quitting drugs, and starting the medications i need. All these together have made my life more positive in an immeasurable way

you know me, and hopefully by now you know them

you know what i want? i want you to do well for us

i don't always get to see my friends as much as i'd like, but they have their own things going on

beware of netflix, even when they involve good people

do your best to do your best

the Zionist opposition is a past, present and future problem

it's saddening to hear about the split of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, i'm guessing Kanye can be a handful but was it because of him? Was it because of Kim? Or...

the shortest straw has been pulled for you, and you, and you

i don't always get to see friends but it's nice when i do

in the Metal Slug game series once foes unite against a shared global threat

always do your best not only for your inner circle but for your greater one as well

have a happy galentines, palentines, valentines or just do something fun yourself day

while Donald Trump being held accountable for his role in the January 6th 2021 insurrection on the Capitol would have been nice i believe there is still a way to prevent him from ever holding office again and that to me is the main desired outcome of this second impeachment

there is a lot i wish for, the most important and joyous of which are not available on Amazon

i agree with Lionel Richie, sometimes i just want to give a big hug to some deserving people

i can't emphasize that enough and neither can you

it sure is nice to see good people

for us, don't be self-conscious, you know your own intentions, i'm just warning you about theirs

stick with good people, and there are many of us, the opposition tries to pretend to be but always reverts to their real agenda

when you don't watch Zion you won't be in danger of falling for their bullshit

be aware of the intentions of the companies whose media you consume

it's national Weatherperson's Day, however let's always give appreciation to everyone that is under-appreciated

while good Republicans need to go against Trump good Jews need to go against Zionism

was watching the news (on a good channel) and noticed during a "proud boys" march that a few of them had Israeli flags. Jewish supremacists, as most all of them are, do not give a damn about any Gentile let alone them, they are against every person of every global nationality

sexiness is the culmination of many factors

today is the first day of this years Black History Month, with everything we have put them and indigenous North Americans through we should be kissing their butts with reparations

you are all chosen to fulfill your own part and make good with what you can do

have always enjoyed and appreciated quotes, advice and expressions, it's great learning from people and also for you to help others with what you have gleaned from life and your own experiences

i heard Wendy Williams say and acknowledge that only she can do what Wendy Williams does, by that standard only i can do exactly what it is i do, and that also means that only you can do exactly what it is you do, so make the best of it

good traits, keep adding to the ones you have

so many wonderful forks in the road, i'll have to stick to the political ones

enjoy each other for me and help the ones who can't

whenever you see or listen to a nice, or strong in a good way, woman of ours, think about all the many possible positive qualities they have and appreciate every one of them

we've been at this for longer than any of our lives, let's finally get it done

everyone, welcome to four years of good deeds care of Joe Biden and his compatriots. Congratulations to you all

i completely and with all my heart discourage anyone from unscrupulous actions towards Joe Biden or the people that work with him as he and they do their jobs as best possible for the American people and worldwide at the behest of United States citizens for the benefit of all

Joe Biden is going to be sworn in as President of the United States tomorrow and i can hardly wait. Really looking forward to all he and his government will be able to do

America is in danger from Trump supporters and Trump himself refuses to quell them

the attack on the United States capitol looks to go deep, however i believe Nanci Pelosi and quite a few others are on top of it, more power to them

no matter what good we do they'll find a way to bullshit it

the Republicans spoke about what Trump did for Israel as if it were good

don't say hey, he's got it covered. if you think that and do nothing we get nowhere

congratulations to Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and the Senate who will all be making decisions towards the betterment of America, i hope for a wonderful four years under your leadership

we all have days that don't go so well, but what Zion puts us through is all the time

"wholesome" Pixar, in addition to Marvel and Lucasfilm, are not, and don't reflect actual Disney goodness, here their character in the movie Soul talks about settling his disputes with dance, if that's how they want to describe what they're doing

they want me to do what i'm doing because it keeps you at bay to a certain extent, but don't wait for me to go before you get involved, start now

for us, yes, for those that force him to say such, no

ironic isn't it. "Harry Styles" Treat People With Kindness

you can be sure that the intentions of what i say are direct and meant exactly as they are put forward

letting their kin know her smiling in this video is just a mask. "Gwen Stefani" Let Me Reintroduce Myself

they're making Gwen Stefani attempt to "reintroduce themselves" to you, but the fact that they are making her do that shows that they haven't changed at all or have any plans to

this is from Zionist videogame Guacamelee, it shows that they all in general know what's being done to musicians

who was the recorded female voice urging people to evacuate away from the rv set to explode in Nashville? it was rather specific

may the new year bring us closer to our goals

they have the doers and the ones that allow them

if "Life is Beautiful" why are they ruining everyone else's? is life only beautiful for them?

happy to be here doing this for you, what would you like to do for us?

well they're not going to go easily

this Christmas and coming New Year the best gift you can offer is your help, and there are a lot of ways you can give that

i learned today that the song Silent Night is translated and sung around the world

goodness radiates

we are doing really well, however to do even better will require a lot of effort from all of us. find how you want to help and do so

Dave Grohl and Greg Kurstin are doing “The Hanukkah Sessions” on YouTube that showcase Jewish musicians but all it is is a list of those of them that have a safe opportunity to save their fellow artists but choose not to

Bethlehem is in Palestine

South Park's Trey Parker and Matt Stone can't even get through a song about dreidels without expressing their love of COurteney COx

what we are dealing with is a unique problem, Zionism is affecting the global community negatively more than any other and requires a one time effort by all of us. They are and have been a threat to the world past, present, and future beyond any compare. We have no other choice

you will be the ones that end Zionism

i'll be here for you to the best of my ability, you be there for each other to the best of yours

further showing that when a musician is taken over they aren't let go of is the new "Taylor Swift" album Evermore. The entire album is on YouTube as lyric videos so you can see all the lyrics that are forced through her. They won't stop doing this until they are stopped

there are many people depending on your bravery

this won't be easy for us in many ways, but the way the wrong of them behave and all of what they are doing makes it hard to not want to enjoy

Christmas is for all of us, and that's who it is meant for. Have a happy holidays

Jesus was not Jewish, he called them, the Pharisees, a brood of vipers

the practitioners of the protocols of Zion and all the ones going along with that still want their savior, and they are torturing musicians at a record pace to try and get you to do so

if you don't want to be one of the monsters as those in the opposition are i encourage you to join our side and take down those who are ruining the world at the expense of your name. you can help us, the majority of people, who are victims of global Zionism, and go against them

it's not from "sin" they will fall ("Shawn Mendes and Justin Bieber" - Monster) it is beyond that, so they are and they will. this is what we have to deal with. They didn't trip they are doing this systematically, hurting our musicians and liking it

the Zionist entity won't let go of our wonderful musicians on their own so we must wrest them away

let your goodness show and put it to use

while Israeli flag logo Sega has you playing with 1984 torture references the coconuts at Nintendo have you playing with crack inspired Kirby and Jigglypuff

your friends are relying on you

for whatever reason i bought Sega's 101 simulator, Sonic the Hedgehog. at least i know what it is

always nice to see good people

there was an interview with Mel Gibson (who am a fan of) the other day and he mentioned that they were working on a fifth movie to a series i like, Lethal Weapon, question is will it be Lethal Weapon 5 or "lethal weapon 5"

happy to see a friend and a few friends today

once in a while the best way to help me is to let me be, as in let me continue unabated. i don't ask for much but sometimes please just give me as much leeway as you are able. i am doing good here and if you have a way to help me in this manner it would be greatly appreciated

i don't eat at McDonald's because of their Zionist leanings, but i would rather a McPlant burger than covert operative plants

all our veterans are heroes

Remembrance Day "they gave you life, and in return you gave them hell" Tears for Fears - Shout

determine the validity of information and how it's put forward based on the source it's from. the opposition does not have your well being in mind only the furthering of their own agenda at any means and with detriment to you

media is not the enemy of the people, Zionist media is the enemy of the people

thank you to everyone that supported and helped Joe Biden become President, we did it. Let Joe be a President for all of America and a positive source of good globally. This is the start of a very happy and productive term in office

thank the heavens. Congratulations to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris on becoming the next President and Vice-President of the United States of America. Do your best to make the next four years bliss

damn, they got Dua Lipa (and Angèle). i was just finding out how good Dua Lipa is (real song forced video) Fever

it's Trump that's trying to steal the election, don't let him

(side note, definitely stay focused on the election) both you and i have to deal with plants, in different ways

do i ever hope Joe Biden gets elected the next President of the United States of America, don't you just hope though, vote

the new forced "Busta Rhymes" album and it's title track Czar are bullshit enough, and yet also here's the way they made Chris Rock announce it

Jablinski in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater is cool, under different circumstances and management. unfortunately he is being dragged down with the ones responsible for our attempted downfall and as so gets clumped in with the rest of them since we have no other courses of action

this is what i'm talking about regarding actual fake news. officials are saying that the "missing woman Holly Courtier of Zion National Park" claim is a hoax. we need more people in charge who report false news instances like this to the public and for all of us to do the same

i don't think of myself as the cure of Zionism, you are, i do hope to boost your immune system enough that you are prepared for what they do, you are the ones that will be bringing this to completion

my motive is to help us

what we are doing is in retaliation to what they are doing

make America great again, vote Biden

Nintendo had their chance, and didn't change

their holy book, the Talmud, says it's okay to lie to Gentiles, and they sure do that a lot

you are needed, never forget or neglect that

how nice it will be when Zion isn't around trying to ruin everything that's good

oh no, Elton John was mentioned, there must be something nefarious, there isn't though, with either of us, instead just more lies from the opposition who prove once again why they are such

this is one of many examples where a musician is forced to ridicule themselves, in this they make Skylar look unsexy, which she is usually the opposite, and make her look like she is exploiting her sensuality which shows up in a nice way with her normally

the cool Qveen Herby must have looked like an easy target for forced Zionist scripting, they've been doing this to her for a while like the mentioned track "vitamins". By doing this to her with Alright, it makes it so that they won't be

don't fall for the trap of doing their Zionist biddings

be skeptical, because you need to. Even with me if you want, i believe what i put forward has truth enough to withstand skepticism, what they put forward doesn't

it's not my side, it's our side, don't let everyone down

their radio is not on your side

our heroes of World War i & ii are still heroes, they did what they were told bravely, the problem is not with them

Magic: The Gathering is going through a rough spot right now, it is something i've loved for more than 25 years and beg Wizards of the Coast to listen to their fans about these legitimate complaints and make everything right again with the people who play and purchase their cards

i'm blessed with friends, and it's always nice to make new ones, i hope Nintendo is one of them

you can't please everyone all the time, but don't let that stop you from treating every person well of their own accord, when appropriate

give support to those on our side who are not receiving as much as they should. we live a risky existence and am sure they all would like to know they are very appreciated

do well honestly

my friends are worth more than two dollars, i'll do better next time

do good whenever you can, i know you can't always, but whenever you can

with so very many Zionist videogame companies it would be nice to have another one on our side, and if, again if, Nintendo would be a cool ally

for the most part i see through attempted stealth endeavours of theirs and this doesn't look to be that

if being the main word there

i truly believe Nintendo has come to our side, am not all-in just yet but it thankfully looks that way. Seriously, what they've been doing looks real for us. i don't know how recently they started if so but hope they continue. If they have, i welcome them, and will cheer them on

cunning stunts should remain a Metallica concert dvd and not a national "news" network such as cnn

everything is what it is except when it isn't, in every instance possible the former is better

15 years of goodness, before that not quite as much, still not as bad as they say. sorry

let their discouragement be your motivation, if you needed any more motivation

i may not make it to see the completion of what we're doing, but damn it would be nice. You all of us and forward will live in an increasingly blissful world after and as we follow through with the needed actions

on the heels of me going easy on Nintendo their other medias are pretending to play nice, don't believe them, it was Nintendo i was talking about and Nintendo alone

we should all aspire to be like Chadwick Boseman, what a guy, the more i learn about him the more admiration i have

whenever i say something that could be construed poorly i try to be as concise as possible about what am saying to avoid any misinterpretation

we help each other through rough times, they put us in rough times with their colluding against us

be dependable, don't let down those that depend on you

Walmart has joined Microsoft in their bid to buy TikTok, hallelujah, hopefully this is the beginning of the end of youtube

the world can be friends and unite against this threat that targets all of us

how would you like to help?

competition is well and good but some of the most rewarding activities are cooperative

good people, know you are good, and strive to remain so even during troubling times

be a guitar hero and/or hero

you know what's amazing? us

i know our media isn't supposed to editorialize but lets get Joe Biden elected the next President of the United States of America

it's better to be skeptical than naive

do well and you will do well, do not and you will not

join in, you are required

if you've had a rough morning, there's always the afternoon, evening, and a whole new day ahead

mmm, i just had the most delicious donairs, they were extra special because the ingredients were put together by someone super nice that i know

i'm not going to disrespect women for wearing makeup, although i personally like when there is none i do understand that at times a woman wants to look her best

"if you're not angry, you're not paying attention" is the expression, and it holds true. Whether against their media in the foreground or their myriad of other schemes in the background, there is a lot to be angry about, and a lot is needed by us to thwart what they are doing

each of us has our part

they don't make it easy, so we have to put in a lot of extra effort on our side

Microsoft is currently in talks to buy the United States division of TikTok, i hope it goes through and becomes a platform to rival youtube

good people don't do good actions for recognition, but recognise them all regardless

i want to fix hearts not break them

our time is now, your time is now

i have an Autobots t-shirt, so they gave one of the plants here a Decepticon shirt to wear, how true how true

they get their smile back by making Katy Perry dress like a clown

Nick Cannon has apologized when he should have doubled down and explained his comments about new Semites not being real Semites. if you would like to read up on this topic there is the phenomenal book The 13th Tribe by Arthur Koestler

Nick Cannon, nice guy, has recently been admonished for saying something "anti-Semitic", and although i don't know what he said let me say that if it was something truthful he should be commended not discouraged. And don't let musicians be scared of coming forward about forcing

when the opposition tries to break you down stay strong and don't let them get to you

some people want to be nice but don't because they have been harmed by others in their past, it is unfortunate but just and understandable. if you are pretty sure someone is good after a long time and plenty of skepticism it's worthy to try, maybe they will be okay and worth it

i don't have the monopoly on being a good person, there are many who are appreciated by many, show them your support

do what you enjoy, in whatever time you have left after helping others

as a people we are making it so far and advancing so fast with everything we are doing, let's do just as well with all that we are looking to accomplish with this

we need heroes, as many as we can get

there will be a lot more time for fun and enjoyment when we've completed what we're doing

enjoy good times with good people

to friends, we will make it through this, and to get there everyone has their part

"don't tell me how to express my pain"? When you physically force your words upon our loving musicians that's where we step in. "Mario" Rewrite It

if you're wondering what the Justice For All cover is about it is blind justice with money on her scale being torn down, as said though the phrase can be applicable to many of us

my Metallica "And Justice For All" shirt arrived today, they are definitely one of my favourite groups. the title these days can mean a lot to many of us, strive for such

one of the local thrift shops has deemed it safe to open with safety measures in place, today was their first day back and it sure was nice to see the good people that work there again

in the new "Bill and Ted" movie, "Face the Music", they try to find the song that unites the world. Is that what the opposition thinks they are doing by forcing musicians? Let alone Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter. Because it's only one, albeit a major, problem we're having

we're going to need some brave, strong and combat-ready people to help enforce the protection of us other nice folk who can't do it ourselves

there are so many nice people i know and am blessed by, thank you for your kindness

the Talmud doesn't contain anywhere near all of their negative doings, intentions and behaviour towards us, but even just that is enough to go against them

record number of "clickers" have signed up and ordered The Last of Us II. don't blame them, inform them

we are the human race, then you have the one group who think themselves better than the rest of us entire

foreign nations are your friends, we are all in a similar situation and under the same threat from global Zionism

speaking of the 1961 Benjamin Freedman speech, one of the topics is the vilification of the German people, and it continues

Benjamin Freedman was a good man. we need more like him who are willing to go up against their own because it is the right thing to do

if someone is on your side be on theirs, and there are a lot of people on your side that need your help

after we deal with Zionism, the main problem we are all of us together having to go up against we can handle the issues of our own with strict laws and lengthy sentences

this isn't for me, this is for all of us, we will all be happy

we will be the world champions

google's youtube, what a mess, when browsing while not signed in is moreso of a real zionist spectacle, unfortunately

we all have our part, and you can do a lot with yours

there's something special about a woman without make-up, personally i think it's cheating otherwise, you are naturally sexy

a good personality is the best beauty enhancer there is

i don't even insult the opposition, let alone us, if anything seems like i might be i can pretty much assure you am being misconstrued

standing up to their forcers, please give them your support "Lady Gaga & Ariana Grande Are The Chromatica Weather Girls"

there are as many reasons as there are topics

fed up with the opposition? they are the opposition for a reason and fed up is the right response to say the least

i forgot today that we have to be mindful of the good we speak because it might be used in a negative way against us. it will be nice when we don't have to worry about that

it's time for us to say no more, they don't listen or adhere to that though so we need to put action into place and make sure there is definitively no more of what they are doing

in West Side Story the "Jets" want a fair fight, no weapons, well look at what they are doing to our defenceless. Because of what they are doing we have to stand up for our loved ones and defend those affected or threatened by them ourselves and to protect their safety from them

i doubt the "unintentional" typo tattooed on Ariana Grande's palm which translates from Japanese to small bbq was a mistake, seems more of a threat by those who arranged this. Ariana is such a nice woman who has endured hardships and then has to deal with this and forced albums

i'm happy we have so many good people, i'm unhappy they don't get the recognition they deserve

we, you, have momentum, don't waste it

in addition to "herd immunity" for Covid-19 Coronavirus we need the same against Zionist tricks

the staff chef here had his car set fire to yesterday evening. not cool Zion, not cool. he is a very nice fellow who works hard and doesn't have any association with anti Zionism, even if. this shows that Zion commits crimes just to fit them into their agenda driven narrative

i have done some stupid regretful things when was my earlier self before medication and sobriety, let me say though that these incidents are nowhere near as troublesome as is portrayed by the opposition who has vested interests in making me look negatively. i have learned better

thank you to Matt Groening's family for sticking by me, your thoughts have always been important and part of my mind. Your Dad, Granddad, is an awesome guy who loves you very much, i think the main reason he keeps at The Simpsons is to make you proud and does i'm sure, keep at it

we are all the most up to date versions of ourselves, the good deeds and the mistakes, all culminating in what you have as your current self. mold your mind, your body if you want, and become the best you you are able. the good, keep and gain, mistakes, we all have them, move on

i am who i am now, you be how you want to be

be optimistic about our future, then do what you can towards making those dreams happen

how could treehouse of horror xxix have been so good and the others not? Matt Groening is a nice guy and i understand his feelings but from now on i will attempt to not be enthusiastically speculative on our media

on my new watch list for Disney+ is Simpsons season 30. i watched Treehouse of Horror XXIX and they have now returned to real episodes actually by them, they even mentioned about being forced before. Am looking forward to the rest of this season. Nice to see and am happy for you

from Zion, to you, through a forced Katy Perry "I'll never let 'em change me". not changing is a major part of the problem, one that results in the daisies you mentioned for you

am happy to be renewing my Disney+ membership today. Netflix? i wouldn't be a member if they paid me

be fed up at Zion, not fed by Zion

for you, for us, from Disney "i am with you" at home with Olaf

Adom isn't the only text based adventure, the one we have though will turn into something very much a reality

what time is it? ours

Bryan Adams spent his life helping us, now it is us who need to help him. i stand with not what he said in that particular instance but with him as a person, he is a greatly good person indeed. Please show him compassion and let him still be on your list of kind and loving people

i missed out on talking about Mother's Day yesterday so let me just mention that many of the musicians being harmed and paraded around to "sing" (forced songs are not valid only testaments to torture) Zionist songs are Mothers as well. Let's give them a nice Mother's Day soon

there's some Futurama i haven't seen yet, i think we're all looking forward to a pleasant one of that

i'll still like you

i might regret saying this as they don't always like me but i really like Whoopi Goldberg and the other ladies on The View, we agree sometimes and disagree sometimes, that's how it goes though and i wish you well despite our differences and any future transpiring. Empathy for us

we have legitimate goodness on our side, thank you from us

i don't watch them on tv just see clips on youtube sometimes, a google company but that doesn't have much competition yet, and see late night hosts of theirs wearing our colours when they should all be wearing light blue. Best would be not to watch them in the first place anyhow

Blue Castle Games was commissioned by the fantastic developer Capcom for Dead Rising 2, but instead of Frank West they put in Chuck Greene, and had him wear a racing shirt even though it's not a racing game

i was somewhat chided for liking videogames the other day but i suggest you help the world during the day and game at night, or whatever time suits you for doing both

even if i don't always watch, i'm always glad you're there

our side? yes please

Zionism? it would be nice if we could just say no thanks

while they focus on me you focus on them, it's the best way to spend your time

what i'm doing is all well and good but what would be really nice is having China, Russia, Germany... (everyone) on board

part of the global community needs enough bravery to start, and then continue, in the battle against Zionism, after that others will join

good people don't always get thanked, so thank you on all of our behalf

they can't seem to stop themselves, so it goes to us to stop them

it's unfortunate that Covid-19 Coronavirus is something we have to deal with but like Zionism if we don't it just gets worse. We can't stop all negative events happening towards us but we can do something about human wrongs being committed against ourselves, and we need action

be missed

there are some of them i like, and wish were on our side, but that's a decision they'll have to make

United States taxpayers are funding Israel the amount of $14,000 per minute, and yet they, the opposition, try to get my stuff stolen

keep the Cloud, keep the Squall, but only the good versions

if you've already wasted your money on what turned out to be a Zionist videogame, as soon as you know don't waste your time on it either

have good intentions, stand up against those that don't

from what i understand about Family Guy Seth MacFarlane stopped working on the show a ways back and it is now written by different people. i'll try to find out his seasons and only watch those along with American Dad and his other ventures. will keep the good stuff he put forward

getting reacquainted with a good friend, Family Guy, so damn funny and with a lot to say

they don't like us communicating and organizing, so do both

be updated through rss, i might have something for you once in a while. in the meantime you have a lot to do

there are about 7.8 billion people on Earth, other than some who want to stay single or such there enough for 3 billion happy loving couples, if that's something you're looking for, even if you are one of the single ones that can be enjoyable also

best case scenario google, facebook, amazon... know what's going on (and they do know) and turn a blind eye to such, worst case scenario they are actively involved in the zionist doings, and from what's been seen and done it's the second one

good people have stood up for me and more importantly us, and i hope to stand up for us good people

i believe that i play fair, or that i am fair

i wish we didn't have to do this, but we do have to as us wishing isn't going to solve the problem and they aren't stopping on their own. the opposition is going to do what they are going to do and it's up to us to do what we've got to do to stop them

The Protocols of the Learned Elder Scrolls

we are on a detour on our way to happiness, and we cannot be really happy until we make it through this unfortunate route

the devils keep trying to break my faith in goodness with their misdeeds

the opposition will continue until stopped

we're not supposed to hate, but we can be angry as anything

what could be wrong with Google's android os? Everything. When a company is Zionist the whole entity is corrupt. They will lay low for a few days perhaps but an example is negatively curated agenda driven push alerts to their mobile customers. If you have the ability choose apple

there's a plant here that seems to wonder why i'm not nice to him, he is always trying to screw me over so what does he expect, you get what you put forward in return from what you do

we have the best minds in the world working on finding ways to treat, prevent and cure Covid-19 Coronavirus, it will definitely be a rough time until things get better but am feeling optimistic about quick progress

i try and help, they try and hinder, they can't stop all of us

we want to be happy, and saying please isn't doing anything

the health and wellness of the staff at the thrift stores i frequented and look forward to again is more important than any buying of music right now, i hope they are all doing okay and we'll get back to normal soon enough

there are many good people, thank you all

a lot less crime, it is nice to notice, let's keep it this way

either people aren't committing as many crimes given the current crisis with Covid-19 Coronavirus or there are not a lot of crimes to report. it would be nice to think that people globally are instead feeling a sense of comradery and joining together facing a shared threat

frontline workers especially but workers of all sorts during this Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic show that there are many brave people who are willing to risk their lives to help others, please support them

you have more friends than you think, including ones you don't even know

Wu-Tang Clan just happened to donate to a local food bank here, it's nice of them, it will be appreciated by, and help immensely, the people who need it. if you are able to donate to charities now is the right time, if you can't there are so many other ways you can help as well

regarding consoles, Nintendo makes Nintendo games, Sega makes Sega games, both are Zionist but Nintendo is less worse than Sega, for most of what Sony and Microsoft put through though they are by far much better, the latters being very great and not even comparable to the formers

if you're wondering what to do right now, and there is a lot for you to do, please give all the support you can in whatever way you can to the frontline workers, they are brave, strong and loving and really need you and anything you can do to help them as soon as you are able

wishes don't always come true, but that doesn't make them any less enjoyable to think about. however with everything we, you, us have done towards ending Zionism and everything that goes along with it we sure better make this dream of ours a reality

google and facebook are hopeless, i call on Amazon to stand up with their Prime video service and other areas of theirs

activists beware of google, facebook and amazon, they are against you. stay with Microsoft and Apple whenever possible

let where we're at now be an entry point for millions upon millions of people

we as a people will with effort recover from Covid-19 Coronavirus, we as a people will with effort recover from Zionism

show the opposition the power of a world full of us Gentiles

hey Mom, i turned out alright. miss you

i thank you, more importantly though everyone else you help does as well

it's a Friday, although there's a lot you can do on the weekends try to get in as much as you can on weekdays as well

i'd like to take a moment to list a few sections of alphabetaunlimited, this is something i've been at for a while and think it turned out pretty well. Thank you for any support, this is for you

contacts, these are a few examples of people you can reach out to, give your support, ideas, requests... communication between us is very important so do not neglect this, your voice is wanted and needed

twitter is great for all of us, i also am happy to have a place to voice myself. what a great service, up there with the best of them

music tweets, i found it would be very valid to have this as the situation is dire of itself and helping these wonderful people is of top priority for not only me but all of us

ascii, these are just something i did a ways back but it is content of mine so figured to list it. i don't know if i'll ever get into doing more of these but the ones i did turned out pretty well

ebooks, although i didn't write these ones i'm talking about in particular i did convert them to epub and mobi for ebook readers which i think is quite helpful for many. if there are some you are interested in reading that you haven't yet they are there for you

adventures in buying music, this is something i have been doing and am very happy with. i am trying to only list content that is of my own and this is one effort that turned out great that am pleased to do

blog, this includes the main page one and the one at i don't blog all the time but like that it is there for when i want to do so. have a place for you to talk about what you want as well

deconstructing the protocols, this is something i am very proud of, i had it on my group to do list and decided to do it myself, turned out well and i hope it helps in dealing with such

rss, this is actually important, instead of checking in all the time you can just get an rss reader and be updated of new additions. am happy to have got this going

news, either the main part is the news and the rest is bonus, or the rest is the main part and the news is bonus. sometimes there is a lacking of news but that doesn't mean there isn't a lot of other things to talk about, so you will never be at a loss of what to cover

am sure i'm not the only one consuming much more media recently, and in your time off from helping us go for it, just make sure it's from good sources

with so many of us in self-isolation remember there is a lot we can do from our homes

give love where it's needed right now and there is no lack of people and places that deserve it

let Covid-19 Coronavirus be a path to future collaboration of world powers against shared threats

people from around the world are really stepping up and joining together, there are a lot of examples of this, here is just one i think is especially good Tom MacDonald Coronavirus

physical distancing, social communication

the Covid-19 Coronavirus crisis shows that the world can join together to combat global threats, i hope that after this clears we can all be as one in other troublesome situations we have

media will be concentrating on Covid-19 Coronavirus so while they are doing that please do what else you can for us

i don't know why officials are saying that the Covid-19 Coronavirus will be all better in 12 weeks, it will just get worse and take at least a year to develop a vaccine and another 6 months at least to vaccinate everyone on Earth. Hunker down people, this is going to be a while

we are fragile, the opposition exploits that so we must stand together and protect each other

if you have a platform, and many of us do, spend your time helping others as much as you can all the time

they really like making Lady Gaga look bad, they also really like how people gobble it up (don't) "Lady Gaga" stupid love

siding with Zion is siding against the United States and the rest of the world

Bernie Sanders is nice and all, going up against Netanyahu, settlements and AIPAC, i worry though that when times get rough he will side hereditarily. So my support, as it's always been, will be with Joe Biden. Do well

i appreciate good of all sorts

deviousness is not a good quality Zion

i miss a lot of people who have passed, it was nice of them to inadvertently or on purpose leave behind for us in addition to fond memories traces of their goodness and deeds well done to help us in their absence

there are many great men and women who have gone through incredible hardships, if they can get through what they have then you and i can get through our challenges as well

remember the word Gentile, it's not our word, it was meant as a slur but think of it positively

here for you of us

they are torturing musicians to praise their savior, ironic isn't it

you are in good company with good companies

remember whenever you unfortunately watch a music video such as or similar to "Justin Bieber" Intentions that those are Not their intentions at all, they want much worse as you should know and see. Let me assure you J.B. and the others are not willing participants in said "songs"

the opposition is a threat to even the most good of us

there are actors and actresses who are agents of Zion in our midst that will never be up for any formal awards

i have trouble accepting gifts and favors but have learned that if you decline enough and they still insist then be okay with it as giving is just as good if not better than receiving

Ridley Scott's movie Blade Runner, based on a novel by Philip K. Dick who i am a fan of, is a movie i like or at least would like to like, what i don't like is that it puts forward the Jews are "gods among us" mantra. Personally i think what we have achieved and do is far greater

today i had the opportunity to buy Quentin Tarantino's Once Upon A Time... In Hollywood new and sealed on blu ray for three dollars, i skipped on it

their wrongs continue, and they will until they are stopped

Zionists are the devil on your shoulder

looks like director Tim Miller (Deadpool) overtook the goodness of producer James Cameron in Terminator Dark Fate, what a shame

i know and get to meet some really nice people

the Ramones don't want to be buried in a Pet Sematary, i agree

i don't want to hurt a fly, they aren't trying to ruin the world

be compassionate to each other of us when applicable, it's much happier than the opposite

serving my purpose

yeah, i'm as apprehensive as you get in regards to DC Comics, i want to like the movie Joker i really do, but when there is any doubt it means it most likely is theirs, you don't have to guess with our content

i love music, we all do, what we don't love is the product of forced musicians. tonight is the Grammy awards which is unfortunately a cbs venture. (go Lizzo though!)

just watched the movie Joker which i bought the other day and am enamored with it, very amazing, am happy it picked up some awards and it would be nice if they receive a few more

very saddened by the tragic death of Kobe Bryant, he looked like such a nice guy

nobody is expecting you to help when you can't, but every opportunity you have help when you can

have loss but be good rather than gain from a wrong

for multiple reasons, one of which is Spotify being great, i unfortunately don't blog about buying music anymore, at least right now, i miss it and will try to have another way to also do some other blogging like that. let your creativity shine as well, there's a lot you can do

Tyler Perry, on Martin Luther King Jr Day (who i believe would be on our side in this) brought up that we are only on this Earth for a short time, and it is very true, so do good for yourself of course but also make sure to spend time helping others of us because we need you

i like to remind you that today is a Monday and there is so much all of you can do

am very happy with a nice pair of second hand DC shoes i picked up, i hope Washington DC makes me (and a lot of other people) very happy as well

so many nice people that it's a pleasure to know, i'm sure you feel the same

there is overt propaganda and subtle propaganda, be well versed in both

i'm kind of divided on the movie The House Of Rothschild, there were a lot of good parts but some others felt out of place. instead on this topic i will recommend the book Gentile Folly The Rothschilds

on my new Roku, which am loving, and was looking through classic movies and found the 1934 film The House Of Rothschild, i watched a few minutes of this and it looks like it will be great and i hope it is, this will definitely be the next movie i get into and will do so asap

we are amazing. the opposition doesn't think so but look at everything we've done and accomplished so far

every person has their part

good people, know you are good, and keep doing so

if you aren't happy listening to your workplace radio change it to a different station or albums you would be happy with, if you can't change it, damn, use it as motivation to go against them

you've got important things to talk about and do

sorry for the lack of other content from me recently, sometimes it's like that. please make your own strides with what you are doing

was shopping for a waste basket for a friend and noticed the one i was looking at was made in Israel, so i picked one just as nice that wasn't

i go into Nintendo games knowing full well what their agenda is, their mainly targeted audience is not aware though

Nintendo is one part, but in regards to Zionism in general it's either they lose or we lose, there is no middle ground

i consume Zionist Nintendo, it is the only media of theirs that i do. i do not watch their movies, their tv shows, listen to their music, read their books or play their other videogames. even Nintendo it does not change my opinion about them or of what needs to be done whatsoever

unfortunately with all the staged and orchestrated news events being done we all need to be very skeptical

welcome to 2020, let this be a year that everyone will see what the opposition is doing

nice people make the bad times good and the good times better

if you're not sure how you can help put some thought into it and put that forward, because you are needed

have an enjoyable new years eve. then the day after that, and the day after that, and the day after that... get busy

new year, same goals

listen to sources of ours, not those of the opposition as they are against you and have negative intentions with everything they do. then, as soon as you are able, migrate from platforms of theirs to ones by and for us

i have faith in you

make one of your resolutions be to not consume Zionist media

you have amazingness in you as well

save those who need saving sooner rather than later

torture cannot be allowed by any faction, in regards to that which is being done by the Zionist entity that is just part of the problem, albeit a very, very major one

a new year to do the most good you can with your time

back on track is where we should all aspire to be

we can do more together than we can on our own

friends are friends, a lover is something special. go on a date and enjoy being with someone for me

received a nice hug today, damn it felt good

i try to keep on top of things but even when i'm not there is no lack of what to talk about and do

there are a lot of musicians who don't like "the force"

Christmas music is some of the best music out there, it's a shame we only get to listen to it a few months of the year, but that makes it all the more special

i didn't know Cloud was Jewish, leave it up to Square-Enix to make him so in the Final Fantasy vii remake. resist buying this game as it will be complete trash

you have friends, ones you know and ones you don't

sorry to those who deserve to hear it from me. and i'm not talking about the opposition

imagine how nice it will be being out of the grasp of the Zionist entity. after imagining let's make it happen

DC comics Wonder Woman 1984, did they pick the title from out of nowhere? No, it is a George Orwell reference towards those who know and are against their agenda

the medication i'm referring to are anti-depressants and for mood stabilizing and such, not the "vitamins" they forced Qveen Herby to sing about

the medication i'm on helps me greatly, i started taking these medications about 15 years ago and it has helped me so much. if you know someone with mental health issues encourage them to get checked out as it might help them just as well

it's not how much media you consume (in your time off from your more important tasks) it's if the media you are consuming is good or not. stick to ours

wow, am completely impressed with Spotify. with the state music is in right now you might be best to give an album a listen before and if you are going to buy it to see if it is forced or not

a man can dream can't he. everyone needs a muse. best wishes to the people i can't be with

us standing up against them takes bravery, what they are doing to us is not bravery in any form

i am low maintenance

even if it's just for the books and documents on the downloads page i would recommend you pick up an e-book reader, it is a much better way to read all of those

i'm not an expert on Mister Rogers, but from what i know and have seen Fred Rogers was one of ours. Now they have him being played by Zionist go-to actor Tom Hanks in a new movie. He would be very unhappy with what they are doing and putting forward with his likeness

a music video i thought was well done. DJ Shadow - Rocket Fuel feat. De La Soul

as Benjamin Freedman said you know them as Jews, but that would be inaccurate, the problem is with the Eastern European Khazars, so that is how i will refer to them as from here on in, not the 8% or so who are the Original Jewish Israelites

it is anti-bullying week, stand up against Zion who is taking you and your friends lunch money

they really don't want me listening to The Sound Of Music 50th Anniversary Edition Soundtrack i picked up the other day, they fear it more than any Metallica because it is wholesome, so i guess i know what i'll be listening to tonight

we as a people are achieving accomplishments at an ever increasing pace, let's make it so that we keep up just as much with what we are doing with this

congratulations to Disney for their Disney+ streaming service, i am so happy that it is finally here. Although i don't support all they offer the good content is still completely amazing and i hope people pick them over Netflix. Do well with this Disney, wishing you much success

for reference you can check, the first one especially since it's Remembrance Day, Benjamin Freedman's 1961 speech, and The Thirteenth Tribe by Arthur Koestler. Reading the second book again as it's been awhile, you might like to as well. Following Judaism doesn't make you Jewish

which ones are real Israelite Jews and which ones are Eastern European Khazars (Ashkenazi) that's what we need instant dna tests for

speaking of heavy hearts let yours be of stone in regards to when they are "leaving"

it's with a heavy heart that i disavow any support for Disney animated movies from 2008 and up, i kept waiting for them to get better but they all follow the agenda of Pixar and Marvel. This is only a small part of Disney so i will continue to like the parts of them that are good

i always enjoy seeing what you are doing to help, what is more important though is everyone else enjoying to see what you are doing to help

we are all indebted to the people that help us along our way, make them proud by doing well and putting forward good to others when you can

thanks to the unthanked

what i enjoy seeing is you doing well

the ultimate Trojan album, "Kanye West" Jesus Is King. Read the lyrics and it is more of the same as what they have been doing, not surprising as Kanye was taken a while ago. now they are simultaneously going after Christians

Donald Trump. Abu Bakr al Baghdadi. Press briefing

developer Naughty Dog to release The Last Of Us Part II for all the "clickers"

watched a press briefing of Donald Trump talking about the takedown of Isis leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and it looks like he and his collaborators are completely lying. and right on time to change the topic from Zionist wrongs

in 2015 they made Justin Bieber say (not ask) "is it too late now to say sorry" it is now way past that and they haven't changed a bit

this one goes under the radar but has three forced musicians, ones who they make pine for a Jewish savior, the real saviors are already here, this song is by Zion. "Tyga, YG, Santana" Mamacita

make up for my lacking with your effort, and with all my lacking lately you should be making quite a storm

IBM. Kudos, respect, applause, "To the Moon and back on one tank of gas". Funny if it weren't a huge deceit levied on the world, nice of IBM to shine a light this way

the reason they have Becky G keep doing the shhh pose is because of them trying to quash and correlate the lace corset to sexy in relation to Bjork's Pagan Poetry, only Becky G doesn't have the rings holding the string pierced through her skin. Mala Santa

sometimes there is a drought here, don't let that slow you down

the opposition doesn't stop nor will they, so we sure as anything can't either

don't figure that The "Kelly Clarkson" Show is an ABC effort, it is produced by NBC and just airs on the aforementioned network. Kelly Clarkson has no desire to put forward Zionist agenda but is being made to do so. Shame on NBC for doing this to her

Steven Spielberg remaking West Side Story shows more that it was never good to begin with

praise to Paul Feig, Dan Aykroyd, and everyone involved in Ghostbusters 2016, it sure was/is good and i enjoyed it completely

i know how the opposition thinks and none of it's good. for me my thoughts are how can i do this the best way possible, how could i help the most in this situation. you'll find thinking like that makes your life better and happier

tomorrow is a Monday, think of the good you'll be able to do

i am very happy with where we are all at and do love and appreciate any nice or kind support given towards me. thank me? thank You! you are the ones in charge and can put your time to anything you want, i hope you spend that time helping all those of us who need you

we are all victims or beneficiaries of our circumstance and build on top of that. the wrong i try to focus on is Jewish supremacy as it is the most damaging in it's scope and involves an ongoing plot against each person on this planet of every ethnicity other than their own

Patrick "Sleepy" Brown can't see with what they put over his eyes, don't let them figuratively do the same to you. Big Boi & Sleepy Brown - Intentions (Feat. CeeLo Green)

we're half way through the week but not half way through what we're doing, use your time the best you can to advance where we're at. the ones we are against use their time to stifle us, so we need to keep pace and keep active with what we do

i always want to be here doing this for you, you be here for each other just as much

through their actions Zion continues to show us that they are still a problem we need to take actions of our own about

speaking of Taylor Swift, the opposition wants us to calm down, with what they are doing though that is something we should be far from

we all have help in us and the people you do help are grateful

unfortunately we have good people of ours that get back behavior and actions that are not. let's put an end to that as best we can

i am a bit of a loner, but appreciate that people are there doing their thing

the opposition portrays me in a negative way, of course they do, they don't have a leg to stand on to defend themselves with their time. i have been completely fine for 15 years or more and even before then not as awful as they imply. be accustomed to them doing that

there are so many good people, i meet some who are really nice and they deserve more praise than they get right now

i am here to do what i can, everything else that needs to be done goes to you, this part is covered so what part do you want to help with?

your motivation? do well, and good when you can

with Disney+ and Apple tv+ launching soon hopefully that will be the end of Netflix

on a bus to deliver some Pokemon cards to a nice lady who's son is into those and ended up sitting across from another woman and her son, i asked if he liked Pokemon and gave him one of the cards, that makes me a predator somehow? Enough, and You have that again and again

nice people make your days, Zion tries to ruin your days

today is Sept 11th, if there's one document to read today, or any day if you haven't it is Victor Thorn's 9-11 Evil - Israel's Central Role in the September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attacks

hoping you are in agreement in fixing the current problems we are having

don't tear down, i did pretty good, build your own part on top of that

if the opposition wants you to do something that's probably something you don't want to do

maybe i could get some redemption along the way

my motivation is to help, not money, notoriety or anything else. let your motivation be solely to help as well

their search for someone to save them is sure taking it's toll on the musicians they are harming to say such

bought the movie Maximum Overdrive today after neglecting my own advice and failing to check the credits first, thought it would be okay since the ost is by AC/DC and the premise could be good but this movie from book also has Stephen King as screenplay writer and director. Great

we are all sorts and all needed, together we will do well

picked up Ghostbusters 2016, it is a movie i'm going to watch and hope is good. be a real ghostbuster though, we've got many people of ours to protect

have always liked horror movies, i remember at the corner store each month i would avidly read Fangoria magazine front to back. The other day i watched Final Destination and thought it was really great, the tagline for that movie is "Death doesn't take no for an answer"

we have been, are currently, and will be losing lives in what we are going up against, let's put an end to that with our actions

there are soooo many good people who are being left out, don't let that happen. i'll be here, don't worry about that

Donald Trump has gone full Zionist, and in doing so is going against every global citizen by siding with them

please, spend your time helping each other, that's all i ever wanted. thank you for any kindness directed to me, i am eternally grateful. let's get this happening, and to do so we need to change direction slightly, everyone is involved and we must reflect that in all that we do

the way all music is now, and as it has been for a while, is forced by Zion unless it is completely undoubtedly something by us. and know for sure that if a musician has been forced in one track/album then it is the same for all "their" releases afterwards

beware of Donald Trump, moreso, he has been cozying up to the Israeli entity even more recently

if it was up to us we wouldn't have to deal with what we have to deal with, but unfortunately we do

let your goodness be ingrained, second nature

in our media every single detail is guided by good, in Zionist media every single detail is guided by the opposite

if you for some who knows why reason happen across the mtv vma's at least remember that everything on it, and what they have the musicians there that are under their control doing, is completely corrupt. Have motivation to help forced musicians whether you watch that or not

it's a Monday, then Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, do what you can, i'll try and do what i can as well

the opposition ruins everything they can, it shows in what they do, don't let you be ruined by them

one of the ways Zion has their way with musicians is by having them insult themselves, such as with this video and the album it's from. "Missy Elliott" Throw It Back

am always happy to know when you're doing well

i couldn't get paid enough to watch the late night talk shows, Fallon, Colbert, Kimmel, Conan (James Cordon looks good) my mental happiness, well being and state of mind are worth more than that and i wouldn't recommend them to you either because your mind matters just as much

let your love of us and want of good for each other help and guide you in what we are doing to stop all that is being done against every person of ours

sometimes a music video is not quite as blatantly obvious to be forced, but because of what is being done to get them made they should still be mentioned. Such as "The Darkness" Rock and Roll Deserves To Die, which is as you figure not their want or doing

friends are never overrated

i grew up as my Father, then thankfully replaced that and gained all the good qualities of my Mother, and am much happier having the latter

you can't change your past, so do your best today and have that lead to shaping a better future

get your information from sources that are good, don't waste your time with those that aren't

join in, we need you

i hope to have redeemed from my few wrongs by helping against Zion's systemic ones

we've made and accomplished so much in the last century, and quickly, what we are doing now will probably take a while though. However with the vast amounts of people of ours we can hopefully do things speedily. What is needed is everyone doing their part and only then we do well

it's unfortunate that we have to be so skeptical but with what Zion is doing we have to be

i and we like Will Ferrell, Will Ferrell likes us and is on our side. it is doubtful that he as Ron Burgundy would go on those late night shows Friday where he was trotted around being anti. if he was made to do so that is a shame and a terrible thing to happen to a good person

saving musicians is voluntary, but they really hope you volunteer, so please do

"Look out Ryan (Seacrest) the birds are angry (Angry Birds 2)" "They don't look that angry Kel (Ripa)". We have every reason to be angry and can use that in part as motivation to get things done and accomplished

it is corrupt negative agenda Zionist media of all sorts that fosters the mindset of the mass shooters in America. Guns are not the only problem, although a major part of it, but what is being put forward to people through the terrible morality of everything the opposition does

save the tortured (like Monica) not the torturers who are forcing her and others to try and get them help (commitment)

let the good of ours shine, let the good in you shine

being bullied by Zion as an adult is about as much fun as it is for anyone as a youth, it's not

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood will be once upon a time in Hollywood

i guess they thought Bjork was "some kind of trouble"

you know the feeling you got, get, when seeing what's being done to Bjork, remember that feeling

Here's what they did to Bjork and put in the video (pagan poetry) Your help is needed

(Beyonce spirit lyrics) the only stars that will gather will be the forced ones not of their own will. what is going through their minds is the furthest thing from saving their captors that you can think of

the multitude of resident plants are bothersome to the dozen or so real people that live here

the only way to stop them is for us to make sure about this never happening again, do not let them continue doing this, ever

the opposition has been, through their media, playing that they have stopped taking musicians, they have not

Jaden Smith recently turned 21, but he has been under Zionist control for a while now, they have him "make fun" of himself (not fun). His dad Will must be completely furious under his normally cheerful self but cannot do much about it, so it goes to you to help him and his son

the IDF are Not "soldiers of love" no matter what album they (terribly) force on the wonderful Sade

our doves versus their devils

watched "Pink Floyd's" The Wall and can now say that yes, it is as thought, forced on them. this puts in question the albums "they" released after this one, as this is the way it is with other musicians and shows that this definitely has been going on for a long time

the future happiness of being without Zion

with any real events, such as the California earthquake, the problem is with Zionist news sources and how they report on it including actor portrayals

it would be nice to hear, even once in a while, a media reviewer say something is propaganda bullshit

Zion continues? that's up to you to decide, because they will keep wronging us until you do something about it

once in a while i let people down, i try to do that the least amount of times possible, and make up for it when i do

happy Independence Day America, declare your independence from Israel

are you also noticing the increase in actors and frauds on television portraying real people? because it looks to be more than ever right now

the victims of Zion need all the help they can get. i am up for the challenge and hope you feel the same

don't fuck with their freedom? to hurt musicians like Miley Cyrus? to cause tragedy after tragedy for news blips? to put the Earth in their sole and corrupt grasp for monetary gains? No. freedom is to do good, what they are doing is not and must be stopped

the opposition infiltrates even the best of our entities, be aware

as long as i am able i will be here for you

it bothers me to hear people in audiences on various television shows ooh and ahh sarcastically, different things are important to different people and there is enough space for all of us to have what matters to each of us shown and put forward

mean things well not mean things well

watch out and make sure that Israel doesn't use the United States to swat Iran for them

the world and universe are a wonderful place, and being full of wonder is a nice way to view it. We are amazing, have made it so far, and still have so much more we can do

i appreciate very much good people letting me be, thank you, i get enough trouble from Zion as it is

the avid book reader of my younger years wishes Stephen King was one of us, but no matter how much wishing it won't make it so. between him and Clive Barker we are at a loss of what could have been a couple good ones

Buzz Light Year to Infinity and Beyond. Way to go Pixar

Gorgeous women with smokin' hot personalities

mandatorily single

do better than well, do good

Zion won't be stopping on their own

the Jewish Spider-Man in into the spider-verse (Jewish wedding, loves bagels) fails to mention their role in the New York 911 attacks and for the soundtrack they went with Jewish Post Malone instead of any of the many Zionist forced musicians

we are the victims of theirs, everything they do is against us, we are retaliating to the wrong doings they are committing

Taylor Swift doesn't want us to "calm down", what she wants is for us to help her

take me for granted, i will be here. that will give you more time to help in whatever other ways you think would be best

life is a cooperative effort

don't let your kindness end with me, let's make this a wonderful world for all of us. we still have some issues we need to deal with at the same time though

nice to see Charli XCX, Diplo and Herve Pagez with their song Spicy. Looks like Charli breaking the screen is a reference to the insults levied on her in the video "famous". We don't get many songs out so make them the best you can

be proud of your good accomplishments, past, present, and future

Zion are global bullies, give us your lunch money or else. no wonder we're upset

doing good for the most part gets good in return

for Zion every day is National Doughnut Day, let's end that for good

do not confuse Pixar with where true Disney really stands, Pixar is against any of us unfortunate to see what they put forth

what can you do to help? a lot

yes, we all love Jack Black, love you J.B.

the "Resident Evil" Capcom is referring to is the global Jewish occupation

it's Memorial Day, a time to remember the lives of the brave men and women who saved the Jews that are now and still constantly working against us

plants have to be somewhat smart to portray the opposite

been a while since a good Terminator movie (Terminator 2) now the great James Cameron is back for Terminator Dark Fate which features as the nemesis an Israeli settler with a bulldozer. This looks amazing and am really looking forward to seeing this

a show with fake contestants. what is Jeopardy?

Stand By Me is stand by us. it is a great song of ours

the joy of finding something that is on our side is the opposite of the often and unfortunate finding that something you thought would be good turns out to be Zionist

Jerusalem has been kidnapped! Oh, of course, "Salem" who has since "been found". Fortunately there was a camera filming the incident which seems to have had a super-mic to record the Mother saying "my Daughter has been kidnapped!", who says that word in that situation? Seems fake

i am proud of our good people, on topic or otherwise

one of the best things i've seen in a while, seems to be a great track as well, looking forward to reading the lyrics and seeing the official video for this if they are able to release one. This takes bravery Krayzie Bone ft BoB & T.I. - Mark of tha Beast

a happy Mothers Day for most Mothers, a sad Mothers Day for those Mothers being victimized by Zion

there are many good qualities, have as many as you can

this is bothering me about the new shooting at a Colorado school so am going to mention it. One of the students in a call said people were running saying "School shooter! School shooter!" who the hell says that? Just seems kind of improbable, that in particular

be there for the people who need you, and there are many

it's always nice seeing media that's on our side. our side

Zion should concern themselves with their own belongings and let me concern myself with my own

i am fortunate to know good people

Been enjoying Hollywood musicals lately and am happy to have started watching them. Today i watched Singin' in the Rain and there was good writing and lots of great songs. "And would you dare to say, let's do the same as they..."

i wish and hope for our well being

From Zion through Madonna and Maluma, Medellin. it's sadly ironic that they have Madonna start with the intro for them saying that they have been kidnapped, tortured, humiliated and abused, when that is exactly what they are doing to her

Normal should be everyone being an activist

You of us have my encouragement to do well

What a pleasant surprise, the movie The Sound of Music was amazing and i really enjoyed it. There were a few spots that i feel they had to add but those don't detract from the overall greatness of this movie. Let this continue to inspire even more generations from here on in

What is your part in our part?

In the animated film Pinocchio, which although it is featured and talked about a lot the part where if he lies his nose grows is only a lesser, but still important, part of the movie. What the movie is more about is basically how to be a good person

Just announced: Zion has a new album on the way, they are making Beyonce sing it against her will

snl insulted The View not to be funny or humorous but to try and tarnish a very good program with great hosts. i saw the clip from another source not from watching crappy snl itself

i ended my path of wrongs a long time ago. Join in in doing so if you want

We are forging forever right now. Everything we do whether grand or minuscule has reverberations across all of time

it's the start of a new week, and you are needed

Always do the most good you can to the best of your ability

Remember that the movie Quiz Show is based on actual events, and that the same type of thing is still being done

the modern "sound" of music is, well, we've talked about what's going on, so it's up to us to do what we can for them

This is for the people i am trying to help and in no way whatsoever for my own benefit

Reba McEntire was on Pickler and Ben today wearing Israeli blue to talk about "her" new album Stronger Than the Truth which happens to have two diamonds on the cover. The title is meant to mislead. Study the facts and make your determination about what is going on and being done

there was a Legend of Zelda puzzle i noticed at the thrift store the other day of Link in battle with the caption he was "defending" himself against Ganon, which is funny (it's not funny) because we are the victims of theirs and you see it (and don't see it) every day

Blackpink doesn't want to "kill this love", i know who does though, you can determine the writers from the stance of the lyrics. This is major because it shows that forced Zionist scripting is going global, beware

Our Planet, by Netflix, means their planet, let's make sure that doesn't happen or continue

P!nk, Hustle, Nipsey Hussle, timing

it's April 1st, don't be a fool to what Zion is doing

Hearts Kingdom

the opposition doesn't have your best interests in mind, it is the opposite, that's why they are the opposition

do your best to do your best. there's a lot of good to do

P!nk forced into threatening you. we aren't trying to "hustle" you we are trying to get what's ours back, our money, our media, our government...

do Your best. even if you are an unsung hero you are still a hero to those you help

is it the same entity behind the clearing of Jussie Smollett as the clearing of Donald Trump? because both of those happening are bullshit

that's for us, not Jordan Peele's Us, us. We've had enough of their 'ingenuity' which is a term reserved for positive doings not negative ones

we need you. your bravery, your steadfastness, your ingenuity, and your love

this isn't as fun or enjoyable as you might think, it's rough, it really is. however i will continue to do everything in my capability to help you and us, just know that this isn't a solo task so do everything that you can as well. eventually this will all go to you but start now

we want to be happy without harming anyone, but through their actions they won't let us

never feel left out when you can join in and work together with friends toward a shared goal

sorry to the good ones of them, i believe the conspirators also owe you an apology, for getting you involved in their evil doings and not leaving us a choice of what to do in the matter

Love us, all of us, there is one group that is an exception to that and they are there because of what they do and that is where they placed themselves

if you are wondering at all what to talk about for the next while there are a couple dozen Muslim people from New Zealand who would like you to avenge their deaths by at least exposing if not taking action against those who orchestrated their murders

to Zion: it's not that you can't, it's that you shouldn't, but you are, so we will enforce the shouldn't

if you are given the opportunity to help us in any way please do so, we need you

at this moment i'll leave it to you, hopefully i've taught you how to fish rather than just giving them to you. i've seen at least four actors in New Zealand interviews with inside mentions. if anything mentionable happens i will do so, for now you put it together and put forward

The only thing real about the New Zealand shooting is the 49 (50 after another body was *found* somewhere) dead. The rest, including the shooter (who did kill), is a sham/show acted out by participants. Subscribe to Pewdiepie? Really? that is complete bullshit, and more

We have enough media of our own to watch, read, listen, there is no need to allow the opposition into your thoughts, spend that time counteracting what they are doing to your fellow men and women instead

Zionist sources do Zionist shit, we will be doing so much better when everyone knows what they are doing and doesn't watch them. They are working against those who watch and people allow them into their head, stop letting them and let others know to do the same

You are loved, by people you know and people you don't

plants, shills, frauds, covert operatives, they are not here for your benefit, in fact it's the opposite

don't deal with plants as if they are real, don't view plants as real when they are plants

Taylor Swift would be better off if it were just "a stalker" after her. this is an example of timing, which happens a lot. How long have the opposition been holding on to this fellow? Remember timing

Facts are not anti-Semitic, anti-Semitism is how you feel after learning the facts

if you love Taylor Swift you shouldn't be loving the ones who are harming her. Take off the blinders in regards to what is going on in music and let others know as well

We is so much better than i. Focus on doing your part and encouraging others to do theirs. it is now your time

tomorrow is today

tomorrow is the start of another week, think about what you can do to help us and put that forward

i'll cheer You on

you are you and no one else, be the best person you can be and try to help us because we sure do need you

"Ariana Grande" for example having multiple songs on the charts from "her" new forced album shows that there is so much more to do in letting people know what's going on

except for anti-Zion, you can be that all day all night if you want, in fact that would be the best you can do

if you're ever thinking of doing something anti-where we're at do something else we need now and pro-us for where we're going instead

musicians over the many years have been there with advice for you, now they are no longer in much of a position to do so, so you have to step up and get going with what they have been putting forward and instating for you, they have been there for you, now you be there for them

i'll be extra happy when we are at the next "half way there"

we are all capable of so much, and the opposition doesn't want to be part of us, instead they spend their time working against our goodness for their own interests

Bon Jovi's Livin' On A Prayer is great as it is, let's make it though, let's make it

i stand with Iran in the Middle East. Governments of nations that help or are even sympathetic to head of the Zionist beast Israel are not much better than Israel themselves

gog? Good Ol' Guys

applause to Iran for standing up not only for their own people but also for the rest of the Middle East against Israel and everything Israel is doing

Happy Valentines Day. whether you are in a relationship or not am sure we can all agree on helping the musicians you love

you have more friends than you know, standing up for you and all of us

always take the path of most good in the road, every time you can

there's someone for everyone

i would love to be cherished, as i would love to cherish that person

there's a youtube challenge titled You Laugh You Lose, whereas with Zionist media it is you watch you lose

for any given reason i probably won't get to see this to completion, however i know it is going to good hands, yours, and although i would be so happy for us after we do this you will have to be extra happy for me

i'm tired of seeing clips of Jimmy Fallon and his various counterparts all wearing grey when they should be wearing light blue. for us we don't have to, but are truthful in our colors as opposed to the false flag scenario they put forward in an attempt to fool their viewers

Love. we each get one partner

received an email from Netflix this morning with the title Netflix tonight? No thank you Netflix, at least that reminded me to cancel my free month subscription. Hulu or Crave? You're on

without you we get nowhere. remember that and be a part of what we are doing

i dedicate my life to serving you, hopefully with enough time to have some fun on the side

even if i am not always there for you, i am always here for you

sometimes i talk to God, in my head, he doesn't reply verbally, but it's always nice to have someone there to guide you in a good direction

back at it

new music text on my pastebin page (be a hero)

i don't like letting people down, so i will try to do so as few times as possible

if this goes to anyone, i hope it goes to everyone, that's just what i feel would be the best for us. i will stay and continue, but as a backdrop to what you are doing, we can get much more done as a group so let's all do this together, there is no other way

we need to be in a constant state of emergency and get goal after goal accomplished

wrote a new blog post, it's on my pastebin page right now, it's for you

slowly but surely for us, just hopefully not that slowly

Eminem, before getting taken over, was perfect at what he did. We all can do amazing things, what is it you are good at?

Netflix and chill? Metallica and action

When time began being recorded as in 2000 years ago

You're in good hands, each others. Continue and accomplish what we've been wanting done since time has been recorded, don't let a bump in the road stop you, us together. I'll be back sometime soon hopefully, care for each other and take down what's been put in place against us

one of the quotes on that respective page is what's past is prologue. So take what we've built and build on that. i will be back to do the same in a while. Until then and even after you are in charge

my computer has *mysteriously* been put out of commission. I will update as i can except for news. Will avoid Google products like android as much as possible. This goes to you, do well

in the purge of Zionist sources, and there are many, there is YouTube to replace. the best alternatives i've seen are Vimeo and DailyMotion, Vimeo is the closest to being like YouTube but both are good for their own reasons

if you want to give Hulu a try before it switches ownership it actually looks very very good right now

Since Netflix is all Zion, it's looking like for us there will be Disney+, which is pretty sweet, in addition to that though Disney will own Fox's Hulu, and that will be our place for streaming tv and movies. Looking forward to both

Homepage, Bing, search tab, Bing. Much better

it's easy to know who's with who

Google's YouTube has something for every interest, but Google themselves interests don't change

Netflix is, as said, Zion through and through. Everything they do is for our loss, and we pay them for it. i will watch half a dozen movies of ours and cancel my subscription. Don't bother with shows produced by themselves either, get your entertainment from good sources instead

tv went on the fritz so i joined Netflix, God help us all

a world full of potential superheroes, keep going or get started

oh... my... it's the people with Sony/Columbia behind the Spider-Man movies that are Amazing. i wasn't on top of what they've been doing and let me say that they are truly beautiful to see. looking to make up for lost time, i've got you if you need me. keep doing well altogether

yeah, i didn't like the old (younger) me either, thank goodness i am no longer like that and haven't been for a long time. Onward to becoming and always being a better person

sources matter. i am not much for what's been going on with Marvel in general but i do like Sony/Columbia, so, am going to give a chance to Amazing Spider-Man, Amazing Spider-Man 2, and Spider-Man Homecoming. i really hope they are good

the opposition is singling me out for my isolated past, but they can't do that to all of you. do what you can, make it the best possible, and leave me behind for a while

i AM a good person, you BE a good person as well. even if you haven't always been you can be now. help us however you are able

wow, Sony's, Columbia's, and the writers and director of Venom sure did great, i am completely impressed with what they put forward. again this is a Sony film, and you know that probably means that Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse will be amazing as well. Very nice to see this

the medication i now take for my manic depression allows my brain to say "don't do that" and am very happy since have been on it. no alcohol or drugs also helps

don't let down the people you love, and definitely don't let down the people that love you back

money is fine, fun even, get yours without harming anyone else though

here is what Looney Tunes is putting in the minds of our youth (rock the rock), thankfully we have Disney for them

enjoy time with your loved ones. just remember to also spend some of your time helping the rest of us with what we are going through

Now That... is how you do it. Jack Black's new effort is Jablinski Games on Youtube, here is his latest video titled "A House with a Pin in it's Balls". Mentions like this help very much, i and am sure he would love to see all of you also join in

i'm here to help you, your focus would be best put at stopping those against you

being good brings goodness to you, most of the time, it's still completely worth it to be good, the opposite brings the opposite

what we are doing is something every nation in the world can agree on, and work together to accomplish

if you're wondering what the hell Red Dead is it's a reference to the Red Sea Dead Sea project by Zionist leader Theodor Herzl to bring water from Jordan to mostly Israel. "Rock"star bringing water to Israel with everything they do

new year, same goals. let's all do our best to help each other

for us, be as good as you can be, evil is no longer a term of endearment

Bad Meets Evil is a track from the Eminem Slim Shady LP featuring Royce da 5’9”. Royce being bad and Em being Evil. Now it's both just bad versus the real evil. Em at the least of the two having been taken. it's us good (and some bad) versus Zionist evil, you are welcome to join

i am not an israeli soldier or settler, thank goodness. israeli soldiers and settlers are israeli soldiers and settlers, and we must stop them from what they are doing

it takes a village of good people

if not from what you've done then from what you do

be remembered well

i'm dreaming of an off-white, grayish tinted Christmas

from then on our troubles will be miles away

have a very very merry christmas this year. after that let's make next years even merrier, with all of us together we can do it

sanctions are the harshest part of bds but also the most effective, what will be best though is to apply all 3 together

sweet. MtG Angel of Sanctions

remember that it's not my side, it's our side

it is true that the more good you do the more good you get back... i have paid my dues past and have learned from them. now everyone know that a life of positivity is immeasurably more enjoyable than one that has negative actions

i encourage all of us to make yourself known, hopefully in some way that can help the rest of us, definitely in some way that will help the rest of us

i give them (potentially Zion but sometimes you have to try) a chance, they screw me over, you give them a chance, they'll also take that time to screw you over

help us, your friends, whether you know them or not, i am only one of them

Jasmine, Rapunzel and Mulan, Rock Candy against "rock candy"

the longer we take the more entrenched they get, if we all work together and do what we (you) can we will be moving forward instead of staying where we're at, and we do need to go forward

don't let our goodness be taken advantage of as it is now, we've got to stand up strong

in the new Avengers movie, Endgame, the "villain" Thanos wipes out 50% of living creatures, i could just do without about 15 million

the only conspiring i want to do is as we dream by the fire, not one's of theirs, one's of ours. walking in a winter wonderland

good companies need to weed out the parts of them that aren't. i love channel abc, and most everyone on and associated with them, but there are problems with some of the programs they have. i'll leave it up to you to decide who is with us and who is not

sometimes, many times, i neglect people i care about for their own benefit, i hope they understand

i know where the bagels should go

animal rights activists are suggesting we change some of our expressions, like instead of bringing home the bacon we say bringing home the bagels. i'd rather the bacon

Metallica aren't the only guitar heroes, however they are definitely one of my favorites. This fantastic group is not the only ones who have been taken, most all of them have, do this for every one of them and each of the others in music or otherwise affected, which is all of us

putting the end in cnn

life without Zionist sources is so much happier, but you still need to know that they are there polluting other people's minds and work against them

i have made peace, and have not done anything negative in many years. Zion continues to harm people, people i now stand up for

hello, my name is Dale Spencer, i was (re)born about 15 years ago, before that i wasn't very great, nothing systemic but occasional blunders here and there, ones which i do regret. i got involved for good reasons and still have many good reasons to continue. for you, not me

"Thank U, Next"? (not Ariana Grande's song) how about thank u, let's finish this. and then work out who will be on top. for now we're all doing pretty well with a long way to go

passing by a church this afternoon and the sign in front said "All saint's have a past, and every sinner has a future", too bad for the Jews that practice Judaism and follow the Talmud

just to show that Jon Stewart isn't the only one talking about "bagels" and that they are all aware and/or in on it, i saw a van for a local bagel shop called Kettleman's Bagel Co. with the slogan "We Never Close. Ever." and on their site... "We Never Stop. No, Really"

they should probably find a way to get back here first

lol "return" to the moon

non-physical qualities make you as beautiful as physical ones

i don't have any ulterior motives, you know my motives very well, and am sure we share many of them. it's the opposition's you have to watch out for

a whole new world, with love. this is as much your world as it is mine or anyone else's, stand up to take it back and claim for us it that was taken for themselves

we are many, many, many

if you haven't started yet, it's a Monday

i am extremely grateful for everything positive in my life, i hope you feel the same about the many good things in yours

as per Benjamin Freedman's suggestion we need to start calling the people in question Eastern European Khazar's, who took up the actual Jew's religion and are not Jews, "Jews" in quotation marks. Taking up the Jewish religion doesn't make them Jewish

been seeing clips of Rockstars' Red Dead Redemption 2 on YouTube, it doesn't look like fun. next time save yourself some money and skip Zionist videogames altogether

despite the name of my website i do not own any Alpha, Beta, or Unlimited Magic the Gathering cards. i did a long time ago, and i miss those cards, but now have none of those, just a major fan. i do like to keep up to date and make cheap decks with this amazing pastime for anyone

Happy 90th Mickey, much love

i'm usually not nice with plants, covert ops. there are some, there aren't some, but there are many. for you, you have to deal with the ones on Zionist media and depending on your situation actual ones as well

my least favorite Marvel character has to be Squirrel Girl, i'm sure it's not anyone's favorite except for theirs

i'll miss Stan Lee, but if he stayed he'd have to go anyhow

Jon Stewart was on GMA Day today saying how Jews dole out bagels, you don't have to tell me

if you do one thing today, November 11th, make it listening to, or reading, Benjamin Freedman's 1961 speech at the Willard Hotel

Remembrance Day. Heroes against heroes

i'll always try to put the first things first

Trump, if Israel want's you to do something, don't, if Israel doesn't want you to do something, do it

we're losing lives so the media they own can have something that fits their agenda to report on

when talking about Zionist Jews it's not hate speech it's angry as hell speech and we have every right and reason to be angry

there's a local Zionist radio station that has the tagline "totally unpredictable", but it is predictable, you know what it's going to be, 24/7 Zionist agenda. Same for the rest of them

don't entertain yourself with Zionist propaganda, you'll be much happier

Barbra Streisand says she likes pancakes and coffee ice cream, i don't

it's not just men "getting their balls worked on" as they forced Dave Chappelle to phrase, it's also women being tortured, good women. after this is made public there will be no sympathy for the torturers even among the most ardent peace activists

i am aware of the risks, and endure the hardships, but there is nothing else i would rather be doing. i hope you feel the same fulfillment from helping others in what's going on with this and yes other issues. Keep active in what you do and make it the best the most that you can

there is only one solution to end Zionism

i hear the word tolerance, and in this instance, Zionism, we cannot have that. if we are to tolerate what they are doing, they will not stop, they will continue with what they are doing against us. there is no easy way to end their atrocities, but we still must

it is often heard that Jews are targeted for their beliefs, how they worship, although the Talmud is reason for anger (but never mentioned) the reasons are completely because of what they have done, are doing, and have planned, not because of their religion but by their actions

the word for these types of events is orchestrated

realize that many events are Zionist scripted, like the recent pro-Trump bombs sent through the mail and the synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh, these originated in a boardroom

Zionist comedians are the ones laughing at us

put your anger where it's needed, join in and help

damn, it's a shame about Jimmy Kimmel

you're in charge of this, you're in charge of that

how can you help us? because you can

watch out for the opposition, they are that for many reasons

Elsa, Anna and friends get better. i completely understand why Disney did what they did and it lays fully on me. i am so happy that now we have a bright new path to go forward on. with Disney and everything they do, with like-minded companies and lowly me we are all very powerful

long live The Conners, not Zion that cons

i wish and if only, we need to do this so, so, much

who say's videogames aren't a playground for Zion? this is from Touhou Double Focus by NIS, Nippon Ichi Software

musicians, ours, with the real music they were able to put forward, have a lot of advice for you

i don't "believe" the meeting between Kanye West and Donald Trump, Kanye looks scripted one way or another. the whole thing looks like a sham but what stands out to me is him saying he feels like Superman, "his favorite superhero", when he has on his make America great again cap

it's an uphill battle but we're always ascending

we have everyday heroes, many

our dirty deeds done for a bit more than a living wage. thank you, we need you

left and right, beauty

the end result is worth the effort

for all of us, and for Chester Bennington, we need to be the Hybrid Theory

they're all out of sick days. we've had enough and can't let them continue

bought the blu-ray of the 2013 re-make of Evil Dead, annnnnnnnd Action!

we are all one of us, you are one of us, i am one of us and together we can put effort into making what we want to happen happen. never forget that each of us is important and always be proud of the good things you do

having a mixed day, both good and bad, but when you stick to your principles you always help in creating a good day for yourself

bought Pixar's Inside Out for a dollar, i'm not going to watch it, figured i might as well just for the Disney Magic Reward points and to trade it in that someone else can have, not for their bleeding heart theatrics

when Kellie Pickler says "have a blessed day" that's for all of us

passed by a guy this morning with a t-shirt on that had on it "don't call it a dream, it's a plan". we have and are putting our plan into action, to stop Zion's ongoing plot against us, it is a plan that we can and must implement and achieve

don't leave others behind, we need all the help we can get

personally i would like a girlfriend, i just don't want to put anyone in danger

i have a good amount of estrogen to go with however much testosterone is in me, mix that with manic depression, which i take medication for, and it makes things kind of interesting. in all i am mostly happy with my genetic makeup, just remember that each of us is a wondrous being

we are all the world strong, let's make this a good week

i don't entertain myself with Zionist literature, movies or television, the only medium i have been lax with is Zionist videogames, buying any of those from known Zionist sources stops now

it would be nice if Zion would stop at please, but they won't. us, because of they, have been put in a spot where we can never allow them to continue. they pretend to stop for an hour or two then get back to what they are doing against us

i'm on team Disney

there are so many helpful people, please put some of your time into helping us with this, however you feel you are able

save the people you like, we are us and need you

the global Jewish population is about 15 million, here's a song they forced on beautiful, loving mom Mariah Carey. "Mariah Carey" GTFO

when will America have a President that will stand up to the Federal Reserve who is holding the United States hostage day after day

credit where credit is due, you, that's for sure

limiting your media intake, as much as possible, to non-Zionist sources, there are some, will result in you feeling much much better

McDonalds' "silent Earl" is shown to like their Zionist agenda supporting bullshit but i sure as anything don't

best wishes to good people

picked up the first two volumes of Mega Man Legacy, be a mega man or woman and leave your legacy, large or small

i'm glad you're there, other people are also glad you're there

the made and natural state of our human experience, and all of our accomplishments and innovations are so wondrous that it makes the harm being done against us so much more intolerable

do your thing, make it good, then throw in a thumbs up of some sort at the end if you want

we will never be always happy, there are things beyond our control, however what we can do is make through our actions and what we are able to happier

the album Kamikaze isn't by Eminem in any form

sometimes goals take generations to achieve, never quit, just continue, continue, continue until you are no longer able, then let others who were with you in tandem as well as people just joining in continue for you. There is so much to do that this will take a while, but we will

it's kind of ironic that a Zionist entity (not Disney) are the ones behind the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise when it is them who are trying to ruin it

we have lost some extraordinary people recently, Aretha Franklin, John McCain, let us carry on towards the goals and aspirations they have worked so hard for, they will live on from what they have done and continue to be alive through us and what we do that they wanted achieved

The movie Schindler's List is having it's 25 year anniversary, notice how they never mention everything they did to cause what happened. i remember selling my vhs of this, best two bucks i ever got

having some of the most fun i've had in a long time, watching Family Guy

beware, and on top of, any either real but orchestrated or constructed and fabricated news events, bring down one or two of their doings or stories and they will all tumble. if you have any inside information about any of these please put it forward, many times we lose real lives

help us, however you feel would be best

yes "when all is said and done you'll believe God is a woman" is a torture threat. well we have a lot to say and a lot to do against that

whether God is supposed to be a woman or a man is not of my concern, what i do care very much about is what the Zionist entity is doing to these lovely people. This is from the MTV VMA 2018. Ariana Grande singing a song forced on her from those shown

good times with good friends, for all of us

They, them, their? Jews

just wanted to let you know that my list of wrongs ended a long time ago, while they have kept adding to theirs and are still continuing

As for real Disney, i hope they get that all in check and overhaul the parts they have that are not theirs, these components are working against everything Walt and friends worked so hard to put in place, these other entities that are owned by Disney are in fact against them

Amazing. in the 1943 Disney short film Chicken Little Foxy Loxy looks to dominate over a roost of chickens by using what amounts to the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, quote quote. am always in awe of early (and most all) real Disney

it's up to you to pick up any slack if there is any, even if there isn't let your time shine

another permission the Talmud gives to be taken against us, and the Talmud is still followed, we will wake up tomorrow and they will be at it again

don't let good people get thrown in on this exact topic we're talking about

i'll take my end of the scale over theirs

if you still want to concentrate on what the mohel's do please get to it, they've been at it for so long the least we can do is talk about it for a few weeks

we can do this, never think we can't. it will take a lot of effort on our part though, so do your best

i think the public, especially guys, now know exactly what they have been, and are, doing. at the moment i will leave this for all of you to follow up on

some things are for you of us to do, a lot of things actually

congratulate yourself for standing up, during and after then during some more

(it was Capcom i thought came through for me, that's what i thought at first, was let down but understand from their point of view. i tweeted about RE5 apologizing for them about it and they took it badly when it was meant to be good. Let's both do better from here on forward)

you're still tops with me Capcom and always have been, get back to being the way you were and go from there

let others of us thank you as well, for whatever you would like to do for them. if you are ever at a loss of who to help musicians sure do need it

someone i like came through for me, it is always appreciated and never taken for granted, thank you

it's a Monday, get your week off to a good start and then continue

don't let them in your head, they have bad intentions of what to do while they're in there

one of the best things you can do is talk to people, on a large scale, on a small scale, get some good going on

don't wait for me, you've got a lot to do

Congratulations to Disney for their acquisition of Fox. i hope they put their newly owned franchises in good hands and also save The Simpsons and anyone else there from what is being done to them currently (not by Fox)

they are already doing this, and have to go. Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - Blueberry Jam

we are the light, and the darkness, both of these are in us. after all of this we can just be the light

there's a place for all of us in this, what do you want to do to help?

the opposition is going to continue doing what they are doing, which makes it up to us to stop them

put together a site just for news, it's at . not sure what else i'll do with that page but for now it will solely be for that. notice that bravesites is plural

Your time IS now, save Ciara. "Ciara" Level Up

i wouldn't suggest listening to "them" (Zion), they have their own interests in mind not yours

completely amazing. just got back from seeing Solo: A Star Wars Story and it was fantastic, congrats to Ron Howard for making such a good Star Wars movie. love, love, love. Maybe he'll get to do another one? Hope he continues to do well whether with that or anything else he does

Good mourning for us, it's a weekday

Seth MacFarlane is a nice guy being funny, Trey Parker and Matt Stone are jerks being mean

i am so angry with them, that is the appropriate response. we keep trying to be happy and they keep trying to bring us down

give us chances to a certain extent, Zion has been out of them for a long time

we weren't the ones who divided us between Jews and Gentiles

by now you should know that i'm a decent guy with a past of faults

there's a very long list of other people who are not very happy with them either

what a load of shit, Zion is constantly trying to get what little i have stolen, i wish retribution on them

so we are supposed to believe that these Thai teenagers walked for miles, for five hours, in the dark, and in the water, in this cave, for some reason. this is very doubtful, i say bullshit

Mr Rogers' Mother told him to always look for the helpers, those who help the victims. Unfortunately we have to add to that to look for the ruiners, the ones creating the tragic times for the good people of ours. Look for the ruiners and make it so they cannot hurt any more of us

the American people are being fleeced and most of them don't even know it, let them know, then everyone do something about it

i'm upset, a friend of mine, nice guy, was stolen from last night. what did the money go to? it wasn't caffeine or Paxil. now understand this is happening to the American public

it's not as easy as "good guys" and "bad guys", there are actions that are either positive or negative in how they affect other people. sometimes something negative benefits the greater good but never should negative be done for selfish reasons. always try to be good do your best

it's okay to be skeptical when needed, in fact you have to be with Zion constantly trying to fool you

let's get things done, your help is needed right now

snl is neither fun nor funny, what it is is them again trying to brainwash you as they always try to do, in this instance under the guise of supposed comedy, which it is not

Enjoyed very much, it's nice to find a good movie once in a while

Picked up the movie R.I.P.D. (Rest In Peace Department) and it looks great. The premise has real potential and could turn out to be amazing, i really hope it is at least. will get to watching it a.s.a.p.

If you are doing well, doing good, don't worry there's no problem. If you are part of the opposition and are doing well, doing good, blame the conspirators of yours for the situation you're in

Boycott, divestment and sanctions are not the final solution, but is something we can do while we prepare for that

If you consume Zionist media it is always against you, they don't sometimes do good stuff, no matter what they are doing they try to advance their plot, desires and agenda, every bit of what they do is nefarious, don't allow them in your thought space because you already know

Be aware, Israeli soldiers are constantly taking Palestinians, i don't always report on that or it would be kidnapping after kidnapping after kidnapping, but know that this is constantly happening and is added to the list of their many atrocities

The era of "the world will always welcome lovers" has ended, on to the next part

We had real musicians singing real songs of hope, now they have forced musicians singing forced songs looking for someone to "save" them from the situation they are in from their own doing. Don't let them continue, if anyone (you) can do anything about this please do

There's people i like who make mistakes once in a while, i still like them, it's not a constant deliberate stream of wrongs like the opposition does

There are many many people that deserve your appreciation, don't leave them out. if you want to concentrate help the musicians who have helped you their entire lives only now to be forced into songs they don't want to sing

This is our part, your part

There are lots of angels

(generally am not a fan of nbc)

i sure hope Comcast isn't able to acquire Fox, Disney would take care of it, Comcast wouldn't

Not a fan of Larry David, co-creator of Seinfeld, or his show, but curb your enthusiasm

Happiness is not overrated, let's all be as happy as we can be during these rough times

Smile or else slave! we need that "savior" "Shawn Mendes" Nervous

no, it won't be, because of you making the birds sing. "Maroon 5" Three Little Birds

good people deserve your thanks, all of them

you win some, you lose some, but let's win this one

throughout my entire history of twitter and other postings i don't believe to have ever "made fun of" someone

am figuring what it is is that i sometimes have so much on my mind i don't concentrate on what i'm doing at the moment. anyway, where were we

i think i've proven myself enough on larger issues that i can mix up and have some lapses once in a while

Seth MacFarlane and a few others are the exception to the rule, but in day to day life between people sarcasm and rudeness are neither funny nor acceptable. There is no laugh track for sarcasm in real life

Sarcasm is never funny, it's just rude. Never was a fan of sarcasm or rudeness

Maroon 5 (Girls Like You), Classified (She Ain't Gotta Do Much), Gorillaz (Humility), three new "savior" songs forced on people you love. Do what the tortured want and not the torturers

to me, and them, there are two groups, Gentiles and Jews

How good is that? it's great to see both North and South Korea doing so well, they are two of the same people after all. Much happiness and success to the countries together

Memorial Day is this Monday, a time for us to think about how we are being thanked

being in the company of nice people is always a pleasure

we do have a wonderful world, some people are trying to ruin it for us though

so... so... good...

i've been enjoying what i've seen of what Seth MacFarlane's been doing, pretty much always have been, but just, wow

Picked up the videogame Destiny, the first one, if it were to be actual there would be more than 7 billion versions

i give you the credit of being able to see through them

i encourage you to do well, if you are part of the opposition i hope you understand what we need to do

Passed by a mcdonalds today, which is always the right course of action, and noticed an advertisement they had up saying There Is Only One. Wrong again mcdonalds, wrong again

i like the people that follow the Bible much more than i like the people that follow the Talmud

This isn't my idea of a happy planet Earth

Here we go... it's the start of another week, let your voice be heard

For all the forced musicians who are Mother's, we hope and will go forward to making a happy Mother's Day for you in the future

Juno. Part one, part two, part three... it's too bad they ruined it for all of them, not a fan

Side Iran, side America. The American people, not Israeli interests in the United States government

let's not have another world war, i think we can all agree on what we need to do

Marvel isn't just using their time to put forward Zionist propaganda, now they have a hand in forcing Céline Dion to sing a "savior" song in Deadpool 2 for them. This should be the last for the Marvel division before a complete overhaul. "Ashes"

Mahmoud Abbas is being labelled as anti-Semitic for saying that Jews have always been persecuted because of their conduct, not their religion. This is true, look at the reasons why of what they have done and what they are doing now, they keep bringing it upon themselves

it's great seeing both North and South Korea getting along so well, am sure that they can be very good friends together. Let they and the rest of the world also be such good friends to take on our shared challenges

Kanye West's comments on slavery, whether they are his words or scripted, and there's reason to doubt anything said by musicians that have already been taken over, we, none of us should accept being slaves and need to stand up to our oppressors

Netanyahu is saying that Israel doesn't want to go to war with Iran, because as usual they want the United States to go to war for them

Torture is worse than murder, we don't want to torture them, we want to end their torturing, and that's just one reason of many for us

in a group effort like this what everyone does is important

according to them themselves it is not in their blood to give up trying to ruin the world for their own benefit, nor giving up on forcing musicians to voice their bidding, so we need to be the ones to stop them "Shawn Mendes" In My Blood

i like the way Jimmy Kimmel referred to Avengers Infinity War, a Marvel themed bar mitzvah. Jimmy Kimmel's show is on too late for me but he and the show looks good, if so i hope he continues doing good

is this you? us? didn`t think so. thanks for the thought. "Bubba Sparxxx ft. Dusty Leigh, Nappy Roots"- No Phucks

in her first song since the bombing at her concert, lyrics about the incident? grief of lives lost? lyrics about love? no, umbrellas and drug references. "Ariana Grande" No Tears Left To Cry

if you can help us, any of us, please do

as for television there are a lot of frauds there also

don't feed the plants, they feed off you already

Beautiful person Pink, a mom, is one of the many musicians forced to sing what Zion forces them to. Each of these wonderful people is a martyr that we need to save

Mcdonalds is at it again, their new Seriously Chicken commercial is telling people to be proud to be chicken when you should be proud not to be

Say their names? Jews

You of us have a lot to be proud of, keep adding to your list

on our best days, and even as we speak, Zion is there trying to bring us down. don't allow them

it's not that you can't, it's that you shouldn't. the opposition doesn't adhere to this or have any regard for us whatsoever. we've tried every other way we can and they just aren't stopping

Mcdonalds' new burger is called Seriously Chicken. Don't let that stop you from taking action against them

this isn't about Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley living it up

renewed yesterday, am happy with how it turned out

you can't control what other people do, but most of the time when you do good you get good back, most of the time

Here to help, might as well make the most of it

Every day more that God gives Zion is a day that he/she must not be noticing what they are doing. Snoop Dogg has been taken before and they will of course still not let him sing about what he wants or about what is being done

Had the opportunity to watch They Live again, it's not perfect but the idea and way it's put forward make it a top 5 for me for sure. First it's the sunglasses, then the contact lenses, then the bare eye. More power to us in this battle against the Zionist entity. Let's all see

All any of us want is to be happy without infringing upon others, but we are being constantly infringed upon by Zion

i am so... stressed to say the least. it's not fun and we shouldn't have to feel this way. onward to better times

March For Our Lives for gun control, not any march for the oppositions' lives, which after it's shown what they are doing to musicians would be pretty sparse

Am super proud of the people taking part in the March For Our Lives protests. It shows that the government must be accountable to the public, but we need to make these things happen ourselves like these wonderful people are. Keep at it

sorry i haven't been my normal self lately, i'm not feeling well and am going through a rough spot. Don't let that stop you from doing what you can

When you have the choice of who to help, please make it us

Any of us quitting would be the easy way, but then us and our future would be fucked. We cannot allow that to happen

Now would be the time to expose forced Zionist scripting

You've been here for me, i've been here for you. Now, as the plot to enact the Protocols moves forward it is up to us to stop them from reaching said goals. We are now in a 24/7 push of their "last hope" mode. Stand up alone, in groups, and get others to help us however able

We have been at this, and going towards here, for more than 2,000 years. Don't let anyone they fool to stick up for them stop us, or we, our families, our loved ones and each and every one else around the world will spend eternity under the brutal heel of global Zionism

in a recap of snl they had music group Arcade Fire say a forced "i'm sorry". We need to say the same thing, sorry but we have to do this

The ones responsible for ALL of the horrible things they are doing ruin it for the rest of them

Steven Spielberg's Ready Player One? The torture of musicians has no defense, it is indefensible. One of the topics they are torturing musicians into is to try and coax someone who doesn't know what is going on to help them when they shouldn't be

McDonalds McCafe bagel commercial has a shirt with two downward pointing arrows, bagels, a food with Jewish origins, go figure

Good people are not infallible, just do the very best you can and avoid making mistakes

Be hopeful indeed

i have faith in us

Don't make them wait? (Sting and Shaggy forced by Zion). Don't help them at all

i support Stoneman Douglas' Never Again, not the original version

Be careful Obama, Netflix doesn't have the same values as you do

i am thankful for all the people out there that are doing good, whether i know them or not

Trump is saying that Israel is "a special place", and it is, it is the exception to the rule that we in the global community need to be nice to each other, which we should be E-mail. The envelope please

What they are doing is unacceptable, so we must not accept it. We cannot allow them to continue

Everyone is good at different things, what are you good at? How can you help us?

We are going to win, or we are going to lose, there is no middle ground as they will never stop working against us, so this is something we need to do to completion

We're going to need an instant dna test

tgim, do what you can

E-mail friends in the global community you haven't met. Get things going

There are people of us who need your help right now, at this very moment, do whatever you can to make things better for them, on and off topic

Back in black. Don't let that stop you from doing your best

Just as i don't watch, read or listen to Zionist sources (which i recommend for you as well) i don't ingest them either, be they McDonald's, Pepsi or any other ones with the same agenda

If the Black Panther movie is good i will be the first (last) to love it. It's just that Marvel movies, despite the subject matter on this one, don't have a good track record and i really don't see how this one would be any different

i'd rather the real Black Panther's

Compile Heart, Idea Factory, NIS, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me

Netanyahu is saying that Iran is the biggest threat to the world, which is not true, Iran is the biggest threat to Israel, there is a big difference

If the Black Panther movie is a Trojan horse then look forward to when the Marvel division is run by us

i hope Black Panther is good... i hope Black Panther is good... i hope Black Panther is good

Sometimes when you encounter something that seems to not be in your benefit you can look at it as maybe best for you even if you don't realize it at first

You know what time it is? it's our time

Ride the lightning all the way there

Zionists don't have a leg to stand on. They know they are in the wrong, don't want to stop, and have put all of them in the same group as there is no other way to differentiate between them. This is not something we want to do, it's something we have to do

Looking forward to when we are through this, through them, it's you that will get us there

We can do this, we really can and definitely need to. It's something we have to stay on track about and do together, globally

Be thankful that there are very very many great people

it's always a good feeling when someone is nice to you when they don't have to be, that's something that makes it special, thank you

Let It Snow is as brutal as anything Metallica has done, just in different ways. i like them both

Let your motivation be to help us

Iggy Azalea is the one who needs a "savior"

Every rose (abc and others) has a few thorns (Zionists)

By flub ups I mean things that might be slightly embarrassing but do not harm anyone

Seeing good people flub up once in a while doesn't bother me in the least

Google used to be good, on our side, but that was a long time ago, what happened?

"P!nk" - Wild hearts can't be broken. Do they really think they are the victim? Look at what they are doing, like forcing P!nk, a mother, into singing their songs about how oppressed they are. What they are and always have been is the instigator

it always feels nice to be doing well, but what i really really want, is to see you doing well

We need to be the voice for those of us who can't speak for themselves, but i hope they do

The Grammy awards are tonight. Since I don't have to wake up at two in the morning the next day at the moment I will stay up to watch it and all the wonderful musicians. Please oh please someone even hint at forced Zionist scripting

As with other Zionist programs, snl preys on the weak, don't be one, don't watch them. You already know their agenda so don't let them muddle your mind, which is what they are trying to do

Be a Spider-man/woman on the world wide web. Sam Raimi's Spider-man one and two Spider-man, not the third one that was forced on them because the first two were so good

The doomsday clock has moved forward by 30 seconds to be at 2 minutes to apocalypse. In addition to the opposition there is a lot to do. We can all work together in tandem to accomplish our goals and need to get to doing each and every part needed for a better future

Netflix is more popular than ever, it's a shame that they are not on your side, and are in fact against you

sorry, my computer is on the fritz, it's on for 5 minutes then crashes taking 5 minutes to reboot. i'll do what i can but encourage you to keep up on what's happening and check the links page that is there, and everywhere else you want of course. i'll be here and back more later

The United States government shutdown is because they want to raise the debt ceiling again, to up the total amount America can borrow from the Federal Reserve. If they borrow any more the debt will be unpayable. End the Federal Reserve and bring prosperity back to U.S. citizens

We need to protect those who protect us, as they risk their own well being to help make things better for our people

Even if you don't see some of us all the time, appreciate that they are there, doing their thing

modern snl horseshit? no thanks

am happy to have finally finished picking up the whole Bone series by Jeff Smith and published by Scholastic for a price i was able to afford. i have read the first book already and hope that the rest of the books are as amazing as i'm thinking they are so far. reading them asap

Soon here it will be a dozen real people and 88 plants

if you're feeling left out, join in. we need you

Martin Luther King Jr is someone who did his best and the world is a better place because of him. You try and do what you can to make a positive difference in our lives for people worldwide. If you and millions of others combine many efforts together they have, do, and will help

it's your time to do your best

The intentions of Oprah and Ellen couldn't put them further apart

Zion ruins lives, we want to be happy

There's a lot to be said for friends

it's either going to be our world without them, or their world with us as slaves. i have no problem whatsoever with the former

Sorry for any and all shitiness of mine from 15 years ago and before, i was not on medication and was drinking and doing drugs. Now i am on the right medication and have not drank or did drugs in that many years. Best i can do to redeem myself is help others as much as possible

Thank You will forever be on the minds of the people You help

i am always amazed at peoples talent for good

There is a lot to be happy about, and while you're happy it especially makes everything Zion does intolerable. Let's go towards always feeling good about ourselves, life and the world

Am happy to hear about new talks between North and South Korea, maybe they could be friends? That would be nice

Things have been slow here for a few weeks now, sorry, there's not much i can do about that. However you should be so busy, on topic hopefully, that you don't even notice. Let the new year be yours

There are people in current need of your help

take me for granted, seriously, i will be here doing this regardless and it will give you more time to do your own thing, which i very much suggest you do

Your voice and actions are important, let them be heard and done

We all deserve to be happy this time of year, best wishes to you and yours

Merry Christmas everyone, i know what my holiday wish is

Zion (tries to) insult Eminem's writing skills, which he has if he were able to put them forward, in the "he and Beyonce" video for Walk on Water. it's something to wonder of what these musicians would be releasing if not in the situation they are in now

our deaths are inevitable, for now. do the good you can while you can

Amazing. Was blessed to get to see Rogue One, a Star Wars Story, and it blew... my... mind. How good can good get? As long as Disney keeps the good morals and intentions they have Let them be top of the world

it would be nice to live happy and carefree, hopefully sometime in the future we can

Being labelled anti semitic should be a badge of honor as it means you are actively doing something that is needed against them

with Disney's purchase of Fox, which is fantastic for everyone, one of the main things i hope for is that the people who make the Simpsons are now safe and will be able to make their show the way they want again as opposed to how it is now

John Boyega "Good morning America! wake up!" that was cool and i agree

Steven Spielberg seems to like putting the 101 (1984) threat forward. Ready Player One

nice people sure make your day, everyone's day

Am happy to say that a second local Zionist "newspaper", Metro, has gone under. Two down, one to go. Or two down and hundreds to go depending how wide you cast your net

Not because of recently, but i am a reformed scumbag. Reformed, not anymore. i have been better since getting on medication 15 years ago that counteracts my genetic flaws and have since done a complete 180 in my life. i am better now i promise and will spend my life helping you

the only reason i've tolerated Trump is because i wanted him to stand up to Israel, now he has approved moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem and says it is Israel's capital. Trump has disappointed me but hope he does some good for America before leaving

snl is not your friend, in fact they are your enemy, not because you are against them, even though you should be, but because they are against you

i agree with Kim Jong-un that Trump is begging for nuclear war and am also completely against the way he is handling the situation. Am hoping that there is a resolution both nations can be happy with

Kim Jong-un looks like a nice enough guy, and seems to be happy more often than not. i could list the nations that i and they hope not to be nuked but the list is extensive. There should be something for everyone to agree on and go with that

Save money, live better... Stop foreign aid to Israel and repeal the Federal Reserve act of 1913

i hold Miley Cyrus to a greater degree of accountability as a role model because of her original fan base, i need to abide by that same standard

Everybody is good at what they are good at

i'll take care of you as best i can in this, as will others, you spend your time taking care of those of us who need you

The vast majority of people make their money on the up and up, for you have fun and enjoy your shopping

The problem isn't money, it's how you get it

This is a video from a few years ago but it's the first time i see it and is still the cause of the problem. This is what you have to deal with, and it's not from 50 cent. Money

Does this look like something QotSA would put together and release? No, no it does not. Remember you've got to be skeptical now as they are not being as obvious as they were before. Queens Of The Stone Age - The Way You Used To Do

Give good people some leeway when they are trying to do well

Nobody can be a better you than you can. Be the best version of you that you can be

if i'm ever lacking at times let that be your cue to step things up yourself

Quarterbacks aren't usually the ones who score touchdowns, they pass to their teammates who score them. Catch the ball and go with it

War is a last resort. Don't be an instrument of Israel

it's Remembrance Day/Veterans Day today, Remember that for some reason we saved the "victims" asses and see what we get in return, threats, lies, swindling and all manner of heinous behavior done to us

Please remember that very many of us are good people who deserve appreciation

Human rights, as in our global right to defend ourselves against what is being done to us by the Zionist entity rather than laying over and taking it from them

i am blessed with kind people in my life, thank you. being good is said to be it's own reward but always try to give back that kindness in any way you can

i'm going to write right here that as of now Israel is hereby given back to the Palestinians. There it's in writing, you'd better get moving

i like the Queen so was hesitant to post this, but the issue is very important and this is well done. Banksy Balfour

i'll be here for you, you be here for everyone else

it's a Monday, do what You can

The only home-wrecking i want to do is of Israeli settlements built on Palestinian land

This keeps going in the wrong direction, forward is the right one

cnn isn't just "fake" news, it's orchestrated news, when it's not that it's what they report and how they report it

Sorry, once in a while i mess up, but i learn from that and try to have that happen the least amount of times possible

i wish us well, and hope we will be

i'm going to miss Gord Downie very very much, what a nice guy he was. We will always have his music, rest in peace

You have more potential than you give yourself credit for, put it to good use

a purposefully bad example to set "Bizarre" D12 L.A.R.S. Last American Rock Stars

threat of arson "50 Cent" They Burn Me

threat of arson "Imagine Dragons" Whatever it Takes

no thank you "John Legend" Penthouse Floor

revenge on me? We are the ones being harmed in multitudes of ways by you and have to respond "Pink" Revenge lyrics

How did Jimmy Fallon go from being a low level shill of Israel on snl to a full fledged Zionist enabler who also promotes forced musicians


"Brother of LA shooter Stephen Paddock, Eric Paddock" looks to be full of shit

Don't be a Jewish umbrella America. "U2" You're the Best Thing About Me

in reality, whether they like it or not, we are all just different types of humans

in Blade Runner, Blackout 2022 and 2049 they refer to and think of themselves as replicants

More Federal Reserve spending at your expense. "Fergie" Like It Ain't Nuttin'

i hope Disney does something about their sub-companies. i'm thinking Marvel but also Pixar, Lucasfilm and anywhere else needed

That's no ones concern but mine though, and there are much more important things to talk about so let's stick with those

it's been about 15 years since my last relationship, and i'm not really in the position to be able to start one anytime soon unfortunately

i care that Chester Bennington's light went out. Forced Jewish scripted "Linkin Park" One More Light song/album

Here is a detailed description of the Deir Yassin massacre, April 9, 1948. When Israel was formed

This is an article about how the 6,000,000 number is complete bullshit,000,000-Before-The-Nuremberg-Trials-Began.php

i will dual post here some articles that am putting forward on that Zionist shill filled forum i was mentioning

if you're wondering what experts say about 9/11 then please watch this documentary. 9/11 Mysteries: Demolitions

What plants and shills can never explain about is the controlled demolition of wtc7. which proves advance knowledge

i, all of us, are always thankful of the goodness, niceness, of others of us. Let each other know they are appreciated

Here's how SquareSoft handled Nintendo

With the Nintendo agenda the way it is this is what's really inside Mario

Problems with the United States are mostly problems with Israel, as they are the ones who are really in control of America

You've been had America. In 1913 the Federal Reserve Act was pushed through Congress and has plagued you ever since. Audit it, then end it

Read book 1 of the 9 book comic series Bone, and it's phenomenal. Here's the cover of book 4

Zion didn't need to do the whole video like this to do what it wanted. Taylor is actually very beautiful. LWYMMD

Look what they're making Taylor Swift do

You don't have to wonder who's reputation Taylor Swift is about to be forced to sing about

It may be a long shot, but i believe in us "sheep". Show them we are not. "Katy Perry" - Swish Swish

What our media has been doing isn't making you, me or anyone else happy, please stop. Instead do your part and get others to do their part

Removed anything and everything negative about Disney, and rightfully so. Thank you for everything you do, and there is a lot. Love you Dis

The current Guns N' Roses tour has been titled the "not in this lifetime" tour, so let's speed things up a bit, it's all on you

Something to keep in mind with crimes that are actually Zionist is timing. More often than not it is a major factor

Please, please, please! Someone expose forced Jewish scripting in music

There are many people who deserve your appreciation, and i know you feel that way too, so let them know, and keep letting them know

if anything happens to mine i hope it happens to "theirs". quotation marks because it is really ours that we are getting swindled out of

i am happy with what i have, and got it not by stepping on anyone, but by spending the paltry amount i get as wisely as possible

Other nations don't feel left out, all of us are good at different things, and we're going to need everyone together to do what we want

i don't believe in white supremacy, personally i think the Japanese have got it going on

Today is the 44th anniversary of the birth of hip-hop, and we are now seeing the death of it, and music in general, until possible again

Instead of a nuclear arms race let's have an anti air missile race. To perfect the technology to neutralize the threat and danger of nukes

Nuclear weapons are for mad, mutually assured destruction. If everyone is on defense and defense only no one gets nuked

We have so much more to do. Think about all the ways you can help us and put that forward

in actuality the music industry isn't happy at all right now, they are being tortured (Disney's great, Pixar's not)

Your tax dollars at work America. End the federal reserve. "Big Boi" - "Chocolate"

Was shown kindness by a nice woman earlier and it really made my day. Thank you. Show kindness to others of us when you can, it's needed

With cnn's track record of false and staged news stories they are fake until proven not. Why would you want to watch something that is that

Updates have been sparse lately, don't let that slow you down

iheartinfinity indeed. You will always be a happy part of peoples lives

Chester Bennington, another of the many musicians being tortured into bullshit, has taken his own life this morning. R.I.P. we'll miss you

Yeah, i don't think that's how guitars work Zion, but you already know that and are just taking people for idiots

You're needed as much as anybody else is, it's a matter of doing what you can to help the others of us who need it

At the end of Aladdin, Robin Williams' genie says "I'm history! No, I'm mythology! No, I don't care what I am I'm free!" R.I.P. R.W.

Looks like Liam Neeson isn't taking good roles, just more Zionist ones that are less obvious

Kudos to Disney for making the Kraken something to beware of in the second Pirates of the Caribbean movie

i doubt those being called "rednecks" and "hillbillies" eat road-kill, or that Kid Rock would imply they do. Po-Dunk

Craig and Marc Kielburger? Mark Wahlberg? Carry on. Removed Berg and Burg from names list due to some of us having those affixes

Don't be fooled by plants. Neither by the ones that may be in your personal life nor by the ones on tv

George Orwell's 1984 draws a line between bravery and fearfulness, even if you were the latter join the former, people need you

Separately i hate spending what little money i have on what turns out to be Zionist bullshit, what a waste, i'm sure you feel the same

Bought Non-Stop, with Liam Neeson. Since Schindler's List he has been starring in (what look to be good) action movies to avoid typecasting

What we would like is a good and happy life without stepping on anyone, that's what we would like. Unfortunately we are being worked against

i hope Disney rein's in the companies that are now theirs. Marvel, Pixar, Lucasfilm... They are yours now, do well with them

They enjoy making Jay-Z do this, he doesn't enjoy it to say the least. The Story of O.J.

My wish, is that someone, anyone, exposes what's going on with forcing in the music industry

Don't read too much into "Jay-Z's" 4:44 or "Beyonce's" Lemonade, they weren't the ones who wrote them

Just watched Disney's Frozen and loved it, loved it, loved it. Something so great and something so ours. Really impressed

Jimmy Fallon or Stephen Colbert? Either way they are both trying to screw you over, don't let them

Well that was completely disappointing. The original Fantastic 4 was great, Rise of the Silver Surfer was by the same ones as Spider-man 3


There are many good people all of whom would really appreciate your thanks and your support

Picked up the movie Brooklyn's Finest, let me say that police are some of the world's finest, them and other first responders keep us safe

The Avengers. That's what happens when you let Joss Whedon write and direct a Marvel movie

Snl used to be good, but that was a long time ago, now they are not

Good Disney bought Zion Pixar in 2006. But they were allowed to continue with their agenda. Pixar movies are not Disney movies

One of my favorite games growing up was Mickey Mouse's Castle of Illusion. You watch out for the oppositions'

Because apparently there is nothing else to sing about... (this is not Cypress Hill) Reefer Man

Daesh has falsely taken credit for an unfortunate incident that is not theirs, so it's not always them. Palestine, let us handle Israel

Zion isn't behind every atrocity, but many times they are and have been. When anything happens you know where to look first, just to be sure

The people of us you help in life will thank you, whether they can do so personally or they have quiet gratitude for what you're doing

Now it is me who will be heartbroken by the Disney of recent years, i do understand though, was wrongly very hard on them. Let's start again

One day Israel will be a land without a people

Marvel has always been great, but not Star Wars. Let them both be fantastic, they would be some of the coolest things ever

We need all sorts of people, follow your passion and help how you're able

One Love Manchester. With the vastness of Mossad they most likely overheard in advance from one of the many suspects and allowed it

i wish i could cancel snl, but i can't. best i can do is advise you to not let their shit inside your head

"We'll get there fast and then we'll take it slow" but hopefully not that slow, that part is up to you

You also have to deal with plants (frauds) they are all over Zionist television

One of the plants here has a shirt that says Evil Shall Perish, at least there's something we can agree on

Don't let them lead, you lead

Don't mean to disappoint you women, but DC's Wonder Woman movie is not on your side, to be said none of DC comics is

The song Sorry, from the forced "Justin Bieber" album Purpose was released in 2015. There hasn't been any improvement from them at all

Darksiders is plural

There are good ones of them, i think we all know that, some have helped us. They will understand. They look at what's being done as well

One of many things we need is people and entities brave enough to enforce international law against Israel and their breaches of it

A woman i know loves Disney, and she may be (partially) correct, in regards to the classic movies. Will start with Snow White to make sure

This "witness" of the Ariana Grande concert bombing looks to be very scripted

IF, and only IF, Zion had anything to do with the Manchester concert bombing, put it forward. False flags take real lives

Chris Cornell, singer of the band Soundgarden, and Zions forced group Audioslave, has committed suicide. Kurt Cobain couldn't take it either

Walk the Line is the same as Notorious, both by 20th Century Fox, that try to discredit the artist with only the bad times not the good ones

Progress, it's what we should always strive for. We are constantly being worked against so need to respond to what they plot and do

You don't need to be perfect to help us out, if you did we'd be nowhere. Join in

Here for you, not for me. You do the same for others as well

Am so looking forward to buying and playing Xcom 2. Firaxis is made up of brilliant people that make amazing games

it's not just men being tortured by Zion, it's also women, many of them Mom's. What do you think they want for Mother's Day?

There is nothing against gays, blacks or the Polish, all of whom had a rough going last time. They are not plotting against us and are safe

it's as good a day as any to get involved

i know and meet many nice people, which is much better than the opposite

Another stellar movie by James Cameron, i just hope that the Avatar sequels follow the same path as this originating one

For a long time i was worried that because the natives of Pandora were blue that this would be pro Israel, it isn't

Just watched Avatar. Wow wow wow. Kudos to James Cameron for making a great movie that also parallels the Palestine and Palestinian plight

Donald Trump: An honor to host President Mahmoud Abbas at the WH today... This was the tweet removed for Netanyahu

Trump must have been pressured by Netanyahu to remove a complimentary tweet about Abbas today, people can't be made aware there is Palestine

Don't feel bad for me, feel bad for the band members of Sum 41, then do something to help them

What Israel thinks of people who listen to their faked music, the rest is no better. Sum 41 - Goddamn i'm dead again

Mr Trump, cnn is denying that they are fake news, i'd suggest you task a few people with exposing that they are

There is a problem, it's that good people of ours, like Stefani, others, are being tortured. "Lady Gaga" The Cure

The reason cnn doesn't sue Trump for slander is because they Are fake news, suing would put everything they do, have done under scrutiny

Sonic the Hedgehog is a 1984 reference by Zionist SEGA who threatens parents while brainwashing children

You've got to stand up for others, even at risk to yourself

Love to Epic Games, Capcom, 2k, Firaxis, THQ, Runic, Atari, The Adventure Company, Midway... You have all made masterpieces for us to enjoy

if you're ever thinking of doing something "anti", don't bother, do your own thing and add onto, not subtract, from what we've already done

i'll be the background, You be the foreground. You'd better get started

Thank you to good friends, i'll try to do well for you

Bill Nye has hexes everywhere on his Netflix show so you know where his alliances are

North Korea needs to know that Israel is behind most of United States' foreign policy

If you have the opportunity to let a company you like know you are appreciative, go for it, take the time and give them your support

Trump is turning out to be a pretty good President. Give him a chance, time, and opportunity but keep on him about what you want

Do this for friends, loved ones and strangers. All of whom need to be protected. The Zionist entity has nothing but wronging for all of us

i can tell you that there are a lot of people who don't like having their pancakes

Here's a Milk Bone commercial where "Ted" gets pancakes, i think i'll skip on that, i think we'll all skip on that

Unfortunately we'll never have a perfect world, but if we keep working on the solutions to problems it will get better and better as we go

Thank you to good men and women, we need you

Zionist media is putting out different forms of shit as always. You don't have to watch them to know that, so don't bother

Revenge on us? We're just trying to stop them from harming us, but they aren't stopping on their own so it's up to us to protect ourselves

i always spend my pittance wisely and don't want anything stolen by anyone, especially someone i thought, and am hoping, is a good guy

Who will take over for me someday? i hope it's you. and you, and you, and you... however, people need your help right now, so don't wait

Again, and remember, no matter what you, i, we do they will try to make bullshit of it, just don't watch, listen or read what they are doing

The Jewish bible, the Talmud, is still being read and followed. i'd suggest you find out what it's all about so you know their mentality

It's April Fools Day Mr Trump, don't let Netanyahu take you for one, today or any day

America first. Except for Israel it seems

Bought some coffee today, didn't screw anyone over to get it

If you're wondering about the bullshit, it's from the movie Dogma, and i'm playing Dragon's Dogma. That's it, that's all, no truth to them

They're using up all the lies they can tell before losing any credibility they have left, if they have any left with you anymore at all

We have shared dreams on how to make the world a better place, don't let the Zionist entity "succeed" in making it a worse one

Bought Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen on sale on psn. It's like Skyrim but by Capcom. If it's good i will play it and love it

When days seem at their darkest, always look for the light

A forced description of a forced Israeli album. "James Blunt" - The Afterlove

it's a nice feeling to do something good in any part of life. Don't worry about me, i'll manage, you go ahead and get that feeling often

i would like what any of us would want, to be with someone compatible where we can be happy and enjoy life. of course would continue this

It's a Monday, the start of five more weekdays for you to do what you can to help

Here's the thing... i'd like to but probably never will be in a relationship. Not by choice so much but for the safety of everyone involved

As always, rest in peace Rachel Corrie

Haven't watched Quiz Show yet, based on a true story. If any "people" on modern game shows were real they'd be "What the fuck is this shit?"

cnn says it is the most trusted name in news, is that a recent poll? Who watches that crap? Shouldn't that be false advertising?

Unfortunately watched cnn for a few minutes. If Trump was not spied on in any way he would be the only person in America not being spied on

Snoop Dogg is still being Israeli scripted, were he allowed to get something out there it would not be badbadnotgood

If anything happens to me there will be billions of angry people ready to take action. That's the plan, but why wait?

i had no idea about all this when i started, just wanted to help "He'll begin his life again" Pearl Jam - Even Flow

i have no intention of quitting, nor do i want to. i hope you have the same commitment because we need you to get all of us through this

If i'm ever unable to help then you need to continue, and keep going until we can start a new life, a happy one with troubles in our past

Join, participate, get things happening. There's a lot to do

You're going to have to be stronger than that

You'll find that most critical songs nowadays are forced

i would rather hear a real song that is critical than a love song that was forced

Zionist radio is not on your side, they are against you. The same can be said about their tv channels, newspapers, websites and other media

To friends of us who may have taken the wrong path, i hope you're able to quit

Cocaine isn't cool, no matter how much they try to make it look like it

If Jews want Israel solely for themselves then how about we have the rest of the world solely for Gentiles

Victims of crack users doing anything to support their habit don't find it so lovely

Frank Sinatra said the world will always welcome lovers, so now taken musicians are being forced to sing love songs about crack

Trump worries me, then does something good, worries me, then does something good, i wish he'd just stick with the latter

The fate of the world depends on you, not me, you. You're the ones that are going to be doing all this

Keep working on problems until there are no more problems

There needs to be strong leadership and new ideas in the war on hard drugs

Being depressed is no fun, we've got to make things better

While we wait and more importantly push, for media reform legislation, let's show and explain to everyone what they've been doing against us

89th Academy Awards: The card Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway were given said Emma Stone La La Land, the "mix-up" wasn't theirs

Am glad that "fake news" is a thing now, not happy that news that is fake is being put forward but that fake news is being exposed as such

If you let Zionist media be your narrative you will always be led astray

i'm not perfect, but not as bad as is said. We're at a good spot now, it's up to you to continue. If this does go to anyone, i hope everyone

Thank you to good people on both sides. i hope that those of either understand, and if not yet then reach the same realization soon

The reason the Israeli wall is controversial, and needs to be stopped, is because it is being built to annex swathes of Palestinian land

Unfortunately it looks like Ed Sheeran was not only referencing the current state of music in general but also "his" own new album Divide

Ed Sheeran makes a statement. Hope he's doing well and that this is a real album. i think Ed is completely amazing

it's their side and your side, i'm just a guy on your side

Netanyahu is already threatening President Trump with a comment on how they see "eye to eye" he could have said differently if he wanted

We can't undo any wrongs we've done, best you can do is apologize where applicable and try to counterbalance those with very many good deeds

In We the People, A Tribe Called Quest instead of Jews says all you 'bad folks' you must go, so as not to give any ideas before it starts

It's not Katy Perry threatening you. Stand up to them - Chained To The Rhythm

Let's not get high. "Lady Gaga" - John Wayne

Drake and Shia LaBeouf talk about not wanting to be divided, who do they think termed the words gentile and goyim? How about the Talmud?

Lady Gaga still needs rescuing, as do so many others

The reason the Jews in particular are against the Muslim ban (same here) is because it shows it can be done to them, even retroactively

You give it to them, everyday. "Ariana Grande" - Everyday

i like women that are legal, and if i were to date someone they would be quite a bit older than that

We're not supposed to hate, but i hate bullshit, it's okay to hate bullshit right?

i hope you, us, do well

Make America rich again, audit the Federal Reserve, end the Federal Reserve

i really don't see what's wrong with a wall (along the American border) or extreme vetting (might as well). A Muslim ban? No

It's not my side, it's our side. Yours, each others

Forcing Missy Elliot to say "i'm better" shows that you aren't

There are divisive topics, which then the majority rules, and then there are uniting topics on which most people already agree

i hope now that he is President that Donald Trump switches his stance on Israel

Bought Injustice ultimate edition. The ultimate injustice is what's being perpetrated on the world by the gods among us their words not mine

Without doing anything about the Jews no President has any chance of truly making America great again

Thankful for good people

We definitely are in troubled times "Green Day"

We all need others who will stand up for us and everyone else, if we can't do it for ourselves for whatever reason

From what i've seen Trump isn't standing up for anyone

The Israeli minister says the Palestinians can't stop the US embassy being moved to Jerusalem, but we can

Don't sweat the small stuff, and it holds true for the most part. Be assertive though, not a pushover. There are big things to worry about

There are so many things to make right, both big and small, and all of those issues must be dealt with. Take your pick and get started

i only like gangster or thug movies that have a positive message against crime, and don't like movies that promote that type of lifestyle

When thinking about whether an event is their doing or not, sometimes keep in mind timing

Let me be a background to your foreground

So when you feel like hope is gone, look inside you and be strong, and you'll finally see the truth, that a hero lies in you Mariah Carey

Obama is a lame duck on his way out President? Trump is a lame duck on his way out President. First chance he can be impeached he should be

Let us do everything we can in 2017 to make the most of the United Nations resolution against Israeli settlements. Have a happy new year

i feel bad when am misunderstood and try fervently to correct and explain myself

Good people make the world go round, or at least make it better for everyone else. Either way they deserve our thanks and appreciation

This is for you, and always has been

You can still mourn and say that's too bad, it's just how it needs to be

As with many people, i am still on cloud nine about the United Nations resolution against Israeli settlements. It really is monumental

i am ecstatic about the United States not vetoing a United Nations bill against Israeli settlements. Thank you Obama, it's a merry Christmas

Being relationshipless is eased by having a few good friends

American's are currently the victims of an ongoing heist, money that could go to so much more. i know i wouldn't want what's mine stolen

Trump is a disappointment, from his picks for administration to his lenient stance on Israel and settlements. What a shame

Trading for (not buying) the Batman Arkham games. Don't ask me why because i already know it's Zionist agenda. i just wish they were good

Don't be scared to help the people who are helping you and us

No lives matter? For the brief time we're here they matter very much to ourselves and to each other. Help when and where you can as needed

You lead. Don't be led by Zion

Musicians, if you're fortunate to put out a real album then make every song count, otherwise the one counter song will be your next single

We all just want good lives, and anything that negatively affects that, that isn't from our own doing, is a problem

Some being unlikely doesn't make them less of one

To make this place heaven is going to require all the angels we can find

Don't be thanking them Donald, the M on Time magazine's Person of the Year issue are meant to be horns. From Zion to you

SNL wants to end social media as we can't have people expressing their thoughts (tweet as much as you want Trump, tweet as much as you want)

There are so many good people doing great things that i don't know about, but am thankful for

i don't vote only on how a candidate handles current issues but on how they will handle future ones

Focus on things we can do something about, there's a lot

Let's make things as better as we can for those who are and also those who aren't

*Most* women can be thankful they're not being tortured by the Zionist entity. No matter how bad things are they could always be worse

Women have it rough, being a guy is easy in comparison. Definitely show some love and respect to women who have had hard times in life

Don't let them get away with what they're doing to musicians, even now while they are being more sneaky about it

Let the people that don't know about the Zionist entity and what they're doing know, worldwide

Me... a name... they call themselves. (murderous evil)

Sorry for things going so slowly on my end recently, it's not for lack of looking and trying. Please make up for it with your effort

We are good people trying to live good lives

my thoughts are with a friend who is having a rough time right now. wishes for a speedy and peaceful resolution to this

Peter Gabriel - Steam

The faction i focus on is the Zionist entity, and they are a global concern

We can all be heroes for each other, and must be

Let Donald Trump be your hero

i think Donald Trump is on board for media reform, and it sure is needed

Today is Remembrance Day, and we sure need to remember what they are doing to us after going in and saving them last time

Hillary would have made a really wonderful President, that didn't happen though so we can complain for four years or get some goodness going

Wow, did not see that one coming. Mr Trump, be strong and do well, make this a great 4 years

i kind of dropped the ball by not focusing us yesterday or this morning about getting Hillary elected, i hope she wins, for everyone

Recent fancy music videos trying to hide forced Israeli albums which are still there until we stop them in total

You've got two days until the voting in of a new President of the United States. Spend that time well

No quitting for any of us any time soon, there's too much to do that needs doing

The United States 2016 election is in one week. If you want Hillary to become President then you can help make that happen

The obvious and intentional "flubs" in "Metallica's" Atlas Rise are an insult to people's intelligence.

i know, it can get kind of slow here sometimes, please make use of that time to put forward your own effort, which you should always do

In Vs System the team delegation isn't Spider-Man, it's Spider Friends

We all have issues, but need to put them aside to do what's needed

i can't say the same for the opposition, who insult us every chance they get

If you're not part of the Zionist entity it's not my intention to hurt your feelings. Really

which is not the musicians fault, or the audiences

There should be music, not moosic

i don't bring up Jewish / Israeli past unless it has an impact on what's going on right now. a lot of the time it does

Whenever you are afforded the opportunity always try to be as literal as possible

Yes, Mary J Blige has been taken over, i'm not sure when it started with her but she is now. What a sweet woman this is happening to

This is all on you, don't let people down

i never ask for money, half the time i turn it down from people who offer. This isn't me asking either so now to get back to what i'm doing

If you ever feel i'm lacking at times, do something amazing on your own. Seriously, it would be much better that way

There's me and about 20 real people in my building and the rest are plants. It's ridiculous and has only gotten worse over the years

i bought a vs. system (original) 2 player starter deck, Spider-Man vs Dr. Octopus. and i got dibs on Spider-Man

i can't stand bullshit, and we're getting a lot of it. Please, help stop them in whatever way you're able

There are other times when you'll need to be desensitized and callous, just to get us through

Didn't like Notorious (Zion). In general though i used to be able to watch negative behavior but have really grown a distaste for it

If 1 Jewish life is worth 1,000 Gentile ones, what is 1 tortured Gentile worth in Jewish lives? because we have a lot of them

i'm going to be so happy when Hillary is elected President. You too i'm sure. Of course everybody needs to vote for that to happen

They're taking a break from threatening you (but not a break from torturing people) while they look for someone unaware to help them

Confidence is to do good things with

Tech 9 Erbody but me Don't do that, we need to do this together, to help and stand up for each other. not their song

i've never done any of this for myself, it's all been for you. Over these years i have really turned myself around and am still improving

They are only "ahead by a century" if the goal were who could be the most villainous. We are on the right path and they are not ahead at all

If Drake has any feelings for any other musicians he would use his position to help expose what's going on instead of siding with his own

A good show of ours, Ash vs Evil Dead, has been taken over. i'll give it one more episode but for all intensive purposes it is theirs now

Our local news here has one agent of Zion, today she says she is grateful for the grape (wine) when she is on, tv goes off. You do the same

Kill me, kill me, that's what i've got to face, and still i stand, still we all must stand against what you're doing

i'll be here for you, you be here for everyone else

Gorillaz - Dare

Motley Crue Live : Entertainment or Death. If only death were even an option for them, but it's not. It's up to us to end this

Hillary it is. and i think she will make a great President

Cnn always has impeccable timing with their fake and orchestrated news events

6 comes up with them a lot, 6 million this 6 million that, because that's what they call themselves, sicks. That's what we need to deal with

Zionist shills on television, and everywhere else they are, are against everyone who listens to them

Watched the movie Crash again, what a fantastic movie. Recommended

They speak of justice, but justice is ours to be had. We have been on the receiving end of their harm, they wronging us not us wronging them

Value Village and staff are great, but their advertising and in-store radio... not so much ,

Diddy, how are you such a good guy? i'm on your side, and hope you and the others get rescued soon

They take pleasure in killing and torturing us, the least they should expect would be for us to be happy to see them go

Take the hard route

Bought the movie Crash which talks about various forms of racism, as far as i remember it has a happy ending, it snows

No matter what happens to me you will need to continue. We've been trying to accomplish this for millennia and now is no time to be stopping

The music industry was ours, but starting around the time of Pink Floyd's forced album The Wall it has gotten worse and worse till now

The new single from Israeli agenda group Panic! at the Disco is all about them brainwashing youth

Lady Gaga's first album The Fame wasn't about Israel, Zionism or anything like that, the album "The Fame Monster" was still forced on her

The actual illusion is what they are doing by forcing their words and agenda onto these wonderful musicians we love

As said, i'll be here, but put what you're doing first

Your turn. Go from where we're at, and get us where we're going. i'll be here if you need me

This isn't the only reason why i do this, but i hope to make up for any of my wrongs with as many rights as possible

They can be thankful that no one died, this time, in one of their attacks before we found out. The same can't be said about many other times

The person who "found, the bomber" in New York says anyone would have done the same thing, and mentions Jews first among a list of ethnicity

To you, keep going or get started. There are people that need your help right now

i've always thought of Die Antwoord, Yolandi and Ninja, as damn cool. it's with sadness to say again, that another group has been taken over

Their prevalence on television and the internet proves that no one is without seeing in daily life Israeli plants and covert-ops

In the videogame The Last of Us we are referred to as "clickers" (of mice and keyboards) Show them what you can do and plan to take action

Am not doing this for myself. What would be best though would be for all of you to take over

One thing doesn't always equal another

Unfortunately saw 5 minutes of Ellen when it was on at a friends place. Ellen wants you to do "the chicken dance", don't

What are you good at? Because we need your help

There are a lot of shams on daytime television, and a lot of better things you could be doing during the time they are on

The new "Green Day" album is ridiculous, here they try to get youth listening to the radio, which is theirs

Remember their plans and way they are. They are both still the same

The good will outshine the wicked

There's a friend of mine who is feeling left out, quite a few in fact, let's change that

Put together a site to post thoughts to, . i'll try to post there often and am looking forward to that. Now you

Best wishes for good friends

Pretty much every musician that is mainstream in any way has been taken over. It's a sad time for music and anger towards the ones forcing

Am trying to make things better for all of us but am only a small part, we need all of us making things better for each and every other

i'm not happy with the person i was a long time ago either, but am happy with the person i am now

Your happiness is important, but put as much thought and effort into other peoples happiness

Zionist media lies, insults and threatens, don't give them the mind space to do that or anything else

i've had enough of Israeli agenda media, for a long time now, how about you?

The Zionist entity saddens, angers and upsets. Things none of us want to feel

Was fortunate enough to trade with a friend for a cool mid-price phone. Today's Zionist paper headline: Fork it over. great, thanks

We currently have a lot of problems, let's get to resolving them and keep going until we are happy with where we're at

Piracy is a grey area since it's not items or money, just because i'm choosing to abstain doesn't mean i'll condemn those who don't

Compared to most people i really don't have that much, am certainly not making Federal Reserve money. Stealing from any people is despicable

That's a lot of people singing to a forced Israeli song, let them know what's going on

i try and do what's best for us, you try and do what's best for each other

There's a friend i visit who watches cnn despite warnings as she is in her words stuck in her ways. Don't watch that shit on purpose

Decided a while ago to go legit in regards to piracy, and am doing pretty good. If you feel like doing the same go for it

Don't stand their bullshit, stand against it

Turns out one can't consent to sexual acts deemed harmful to oneself, even if requested. i found this out the hard way got in trouble for it

A campaign against pain, a lot of people are waiting for you to do just that

There are other new albums and music videos forced by the Israeli entity that aren't as easily noticed, but are there, be on your guard

i think of you as smart enough to know one thing from another, looks like the opposition doesn't

i'd rather have 4 years of inaction by Hillary on Israel than have Donald Trump as President. Although i hope she does stand up to them

It sure isn't our party

Don't let them make our place into a living hell

It feels good to be on the right medication with no drinking no drugs

i've made mistakes, years ago, but not near as bad as they imply. Don't believe everything they put forward to you if you watch them at all

i don't do this in the hopes of me defeating Zionism, that won't happen. i do this in the hopes of you defeating Zionism, i'll help

If you're feeling left out, join in

Either way the Federal Reserve has to go, it's not something i can do but is something you can

If i lose my small amount of belongings i hope the instigators lose their Federal Reserve fortunes, which isn't theirs to begin with

There are tasks for each of us

An Israeli mantra, forced on Katy Perry. Rise lyrics

"Katy Perry" Rise makes fun of her nose and eyebrow rings. This torture of them is not defense, they are enjoying it

It was on sale, looked alight, and like the genre

Decided to not play the videogame Hyperdevotion Noire: Goddess Black Heart as it's too risque. Figuring it as a $6 loss

It seems half of all crime is drug related, to get drugs. There needs to be an anti drug medication made mandatory for offenders

And today is a Tuesday, you get the idea, keep at it

It's a Monday and there's a lot for you to do

i don't mention my friends all the time, when i do it's only when i am actually mentioning them, but am very grateful for the friends i have

You need to be strong, and brave, and not to be swayed from either

America is being robbed by the Federal Reserve, who is going to stand up and stop them from continuing? They can't be allowed to do this

i won't miss the Zionist entity, will you?

America, outsource your problems, others will follow

Seeing online ads to sponsor Israeli children, you'd figure with the billions of dollars in aid they currently get they could buy some food

On the topic of hexes and triangles, Star Trek Discovery

Gorillaz - Dare. One of the few songs, that i know of, about forced Israeli scripting

You'll have a long list of things to do Donald Trump, and you can add my list to that

i like Hillary, i do, but don't think she can do for America what Donald Trump can, because of this i would give him 4 years to do his best

The Jews also want Hillary, now that Sanders is out, and are scared of Trump being President. This is a harder choice than you can imagine

i know Hillary will keep all the good qualities she already has and add to that a whole lot of bravery

i think Hillary is your girl, and would feel good with her being President

My vote would go to the candidate who would work for 4 years on the Jewish problem. Anything else is extra, or able to be worked on

At some time this all goes to you. There's a lot to do, might as well get started now

North America is being held hostage by their media, don't let this happen where you're from

There is also cnn in other nations, unfortunately

Global unity towards completing a shared goal

When something is good, i look past the occasional flaw and instead focus on the material and intention of what they are putting forward

Orange is the new light blue (but there still is light blue) Hexes are the new Stars of David (but there still are Stars of David)

Even though i don't like the new Ghostbusters movie, or snl, Leslie Jones seems just fine. i hope people ease up on her

Play Pokemon Go if you want to, just remember that Nintendo is against you, and it shows in everything they do

i agree, the gun available in 1791, when the 2nd amendment was written, was a musket, you can have all the muskets you can carry

Wanting to live a happy life. If i'm not able i hope you have the courage to get there and the opportunity to do so

Imagine this was just me? Wow, we'd be screwed. Thankfully it's not, do your part and help others do theirs. We all need to do this together

The story behind this photo of Metal Gear for the NES is that it was found in a garbage dump. It should stay there

Praise to the Killzone series. Tried a bit of kz3, it looks great, and is also on our side. Is nice to find a good videogame once in a while

In a world full of men, i still feel like i'm a boy

Goes to show that you can't believe everything that's presented to you

Watched 5 minutes of Ellen today, during that time she had 3 actors pretending to be audience members. This isn't a rare occurrence on tv

i don't compare what we're doing to Nazism, and believe it something different enough to be considered mostly new, mostly

A familiar symbol in GW3de something like this on the dashboard screen then after an update

Each of us alone may only be one of many, but together we are strong. Help each other the best we can as there's a lot for all of us to do

Overwatch is a common term in 2012's Xcom Enemy Unknown, now there's a game called such by Zionist agenda Blizzard. Xcom really is that good

The Dallas shooting required multiple planning, multiple sniper rifles, multiple training. This looks suspicious, keep on top of it

Amazing. Started Xcom Enemy Unknown yesterday and it's phenomenal. Am so happy to have found it. Hard to find good games so is recommended

Disco ball, testicle necklace... i like Snoop Dogg, and all musicians this is happening to. Don't let this continue

YouTube, now owned by Google, has messed around with their apps making it hard to find good and new material, as Google did with news before

Build from where we're at, there's a lot for you to do

i get lonely sometimes, but it's nice that i do have a few friends who i am thankful for

It sure would be nice to have a girlfriend, wish i could. Maybe sometime

i didn't run after finding out they're torturing people, don't you run either. Know that it's already going on and is up to us to stop them

Sorry, for any shitiness in my earlier life, please remember i tried and did alright. i'll continue, but it's your turn

Do what you think is best

Bought Xcom Enemy Unknown, in actuality i think they are becoming more and more known

If you think this is fun you'd be mistaken, however i must persevere until you are ready to take over, which can be any time

"Milk" money, from the entity that forced her to sing Fergalicious

Do so well you leave me in your dust. i'll still continue, but do that well

There's a storm outside, i love when it storms, feels kind of peaceful

There's nothing i can do about my past, nothing. So i can sit around being depressed for the rest of my life or try to do something good

Less me more you. There are people that need your help right now, don't let them down

Just so you know, i have made mistakes, but am not as bad as they make me out to be. i still feel bad about the isolated times but am better

There are a lot of good people, thankfully

All of us can change our lives for the better, for me i started about a decade or more ago

Whatever i do comes from a good place, let your goodness shine too

Always everyone, including you

Whenever i'm lacking get in there and put yourself forward

Musicians need our help, your help, this is urgent. Help them however you can

From them to you, a song put forth via "Nelly Furtado"

Love life, don't tolerate bullshit

i've grown a deep sense of empathy, for most, and find it depressing to hear and see negativity in any form. Make better as much as you can

Know what time it is? It's our time. Do well

Join in, we need you

Parading their tortured musicians to the unknowing youth

You're watching them? May i ask why? All they are after is their own interests and will step on anyone, including you, to get them

Make the most of the contact lists, i did for most by mail and phone but you can do the same with email. Be heard, nationally, globally

i'm not perfect but sure am better than what they imply. i think have made it as far as any one person can go, that's why this goes to you

How about i keep the seat warm until the next guy or girl, until then at least don't believe everything they say about me

Israel wants them, Israel can have them. When they are all there we can deal with them then, it's the only feasible way

i want what all of us want, and we all need to be brave enough to go for it because the Zionist entity isn't stopping. The time is now

If every single thing, didn't happen the exact same way in history we would not be in the same situation we are now, many are happy we are

Please, keep the good i've done, toss the rest

i'm not quitting, so you're going to have to be strong, form an opinion about me and stick with it, so that way they can't go back and forth

i did alright, didn't i? i only did any of this with the purest intentions. Now i want this to go to you, all of you, are you ready?

They have that for adults also, i don't suggest you give them your time or mind space

Peter Gabriel is pretty amazing, i do feel that way about many musicians though. Either way this song is not his

Forcing Alicia Keys to sing hollow apologies next to the threats and bullshit forced on other people doesn't count

Trying to lay low on the Star of David they have opted for the hex, the inner part of their symbol

The Atlus Zionists should be worrying about is the world atlas, and it's inhabitants

i like videogame company Atlus, with the price of videogames so high it's best to stay with companies you like and avoid the Zionist ones

It's better to be skeptical than gullible

In general George Orwell in his novel 1984 referred to what they are doing as the two minute hate, the way around that is to not watch them

i believe everyone should have a healthy dose of self-deprecation. Self, not Zionist insult humor

How's repealing the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 going? It's not something i can do, but is something you can do

Being depressed fucking sucks, we've got a lot to make better, on topic and off

Crack is ruining so many people, it's terrible. Coffee helped build our world, and crack is trying to bring it down. Not even once

Thing is MØ, and Elliphant, have been recently taken, the videos just aren't as obvious as the others. God do i want someone to step forward

MØ, best thing i can tell you right now is that the cavalry is on it's way, at least i hope it is. You and the others stay strong

Who in the music industry will let the people know what's going on, one person, a couple, many? i want for them to be safe and this exposed

With the amount of musicians involved, and new forced music being released every day, one or more musicians are being harmed as we speak

Sorry, for any mistakes i've made in the past that have let you down, i promise to never repeat those mistakes ever again

Don't just eat Smarties, be one

The fact that the Bee Gees wrote the song Stayin' Alive to begin with infers that there is a reason they shouldn't be

Change sad times to happy times

Look in yourself and make any changes as needed

i do have regrets, however the most recent being well over a decade ago. They do not regret, it's just horrible action after horrible action

We all just want to be ok too, unfortunately your faction is making your gains at our losses and not stopping, using you as human shields

Everything about this video (except the musicians as it's not them speaking) is absolute bullshit "Prophets of Rage"

Again, with everything that's going on i know Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa have more to say to you than to get high

We're not torturing Barbra Streisand to sing our songs

Your, our, not their, music at work

i don't figure i'll ever be able to be in a relationship, but this is worth it

They may be "ahead by a century" but the general public is starting to catch on to them

i try, you try too

You don't let those who need you down either

i'll do my best to not let you down

Don't be discouraged, there are a lot of people on our side ready and willing to help you. Each of us help each other

snl is not on your side, in fact they are against you. The same can be said for snl alumna Andy Samberg and the group Lonely Island

All of us, worldwide, together, will be able to do this

Being in a bad mood is never any fun, and we're being put there time after time, for those being tortured it's not even comparable

Star Trek, Star Wars, Stargate... They sure do love that flag of theirs, the symbol on it being thought up many years ago

Zionist media is a problem centralized in North America, hopefully we're working on that. Don't let them take over in your nation as well

i don't know what i can't stand more, the Zionist media being sinister, or the Zionist media being sinister while pretending to be nice

i say to myself, put up or shut up, so i always try to put up. Do the same if you can

Netanyahu has an invitation for Jews to migrate to Israel, let's take him up on that, as long as no more taking of Palestinian land for them

Types of murder are legalized. The death penalty, abortion, assisted suicide. It all goes by what the people demand of their government

Let's turn this Zionist Hell into a Heaven, or at least as close as we can possibly get

Credit to many where credit is due. In our past, in our present and in our future

When the topic is Jews, Israel comes up a lot. Palestine, being next to Israel, needs special support from us. Lots to talk about on topic

Help your fellow woman and man, don't shed any tears for the faction who are trying to ruin our world for the benefit of them and them alone

Being fair shouldn't be a disadvantage, we've been more than fair over the many years to them, but to no avail, even now they are against us

Don't do this for me, do this for the other 6,999,999,999 people on this planet who are also affected

Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions will help against the state of Israel, but not the larger global problem we all face because of Zionism

We've tried boycott (please continue!) we've tried divestment (please continue!) how about sanctions next?

This should be called false advertising to say the least History already shows they are not, and need to be stopped

Stephen Spielberg's BFG. Big friendly giants that torture women, men and children in Israel and elsewhere. Brainwashing kids with such media

This isn't about only me, and it's not about only you, it's about all of us

Coldplay, already been taken. In the new track they have them sing don't ever give up (atrocious behavior and plans)

Sounds nice? It isn't. Here's the lyrics to "Justin Timberlake's" Can't stop the feeling. Courtesy of Dreamworks

and that's just one part of many

The Protocols? That's what's never again

it sure would be nice to live worry free, or at least as close as we can possibly get

Drake is half Jewish and thinking with the wrong side by burying his fellow musicians instead of helping them when he had a chance on snl

The new "Radiohead" album is titled Moon Shaped Pool. just so you know

As long as we can stand up for each other

We all want to feel good, and that's pretty hard to do right now, let's do our best to improve everything we can

After years of reading news regarding Palestine, i've never found any infighting among themselves. Let's have a global community like that

See an end to cnn. Getting back our media is a major step, and will be a major accomplishment when we finally achieve this

All of us can be better people, in one way or another. Keep good qualities and improve yourself, loved ones, and surroundings where needed

We can make changes in ourselves and become better. You can't change the past but you can atone for it and create positive where possible

Let's make this a nice place for us to live

Do well, but also do good

R.E.M. - Everybody Hurts

The Palestinian's aren't the only ones losing Mom's to the Zionist entity. Also some of the musicians being tortured are Mom's

Happy Mother's Day Mom. i love you and miss you very much. If you love your Mom, and have the ability to do so, let her know

i get stressed also, it's not the best feeling. You can't eliminate all your stress but you can try to work on the problem and feel better

Another new song by "Radiohead", another threat. Keep following your dream guys and gals, keep following your dream

Contrary to these lyrics they're forced to sing, French Montana, Nas and Kanye West know exactly what's going on

They took over the Red Hot Chili Peppers to have them sing about their kind's dark necessities

i owe a lot to good people everywhere, and hope i'm doing alright because this is for you

As long as we get there i don't care about any title, let's just get there

At your service

i have my faith in you, and so do many others

We've got a lot going for us on our side, stick together and make the most of it

It's not Radiohead threatening you and telling you to stay in the shadows. You must stand up to them no matter what

Israel continues to defy international law, so must be made to comply with it

Let's be happy. It will however take a lot of effort on our part to get there

1, or 7,000,000,000, i know what i'd rather have. i'll continue of course but please always concentrate on everyone doing what they can

Don't let me slow you down, take where we're at and go with it. There's so much to do we need all the help we can get

There's a lot of things that just because i don't check them out all the time doesn't mean i'm not glad they're there, because i am

Be a superhero to those who need you, there's a lot of us that can help, and there's a lot in need of being helped

In the world of recently Zionist Marvel Spider-Man has v's on his costume. This is from Captain America Civil War

People should be put first

Rob Zombie has always been politically on topic, and i doubt he'd use his time to send the message to "get high"

Blink 182 are good guys, who have also fell victim to forced Israeli scripting. The first song from the new album is

"Prince" Breakfast can wait. The video is done by a fan and is okay, but check the lyrics and song. i doubt it's his. Your thoughts?

The Zionist entity is torturing good people. They thought it would save them but it will do the opposite

The new Call of Duty is called Infinite Warfare. Which is also something banks have been making a lot of money with

If i had to hand this over to someone i have no idea who that would be, my wish would be everyone

Hello, my name is Dale Spencer. i haven't always been a good guy, long time ago. but have made many changes and improvements and am okay now

Don't bother wondering what "Beyonce" is saying in the album Lemonade as if she wrote the lyrics, she didn't and is still taken over

If you don't like something in yourself you can change that, and if you don't like something in the world you can help change that as well

It would be nice, maybe a dream, but as much as possible. There will always be those who mess it up for others but let's be the best we can

i wish everyone was on their best behavior at all times. We can't have that right yet but hopefully sometime in the future

That's just a movie of course, in real life they have fighter jets with Stars of David on them

It's hard to play oppressed when you have a fighter jet with a torture threat on it. Independence Day Resurgence

Israel is still taking Palestinian land without consequence, the two state solution must be imposed and international law must be followed

Just wanted to let you know i started a music blog as something to do in addition to the other pages. The link to it is on the site

Guerrilla Radio is still amazing but no longer applicable as most of the stations have been taken over, it's now a song for the internet

Let's have a happy place for us, we can do it

Give appreciation to good people, there are many, and they deserve it

Over and over Israel demolishes Palestinian villages, and over and over the Palestinians rebuild them. We should all be so resilient

They have their faithful goy, a weak faith, as they really know they are being treated like the cattle of the name. We have our need of them

It's not my side vs their side, it's our side vs theirs. i am only 1 of 7,000,000,000 of us, so it's best we do this together

Which side of history do you want to be on, has an answer most don't need to think about, who wants to ruin the world allied with Zionism?

When you succeed, or even when you try, we will cheer you on, and always will

Imagine how amazing it will be getting our media back, then if able do what you can to make it happen

Which isn't without it's challenges

i hope for us to get better and better, while we go up and up

i'm thankful to be able to help in whatever way i can. Now it's your time to help in your own way. Make your mark, there's a lot to do

Why do people say no regrets, regrets are a normal part of life and hopefully keep you from making the same mistake again

You can still be caring with a heart of stone

Don't do this for me, you have many and more important reasons

Know the difference of when someone is trying to help you as well as when you know someone is trying to hinder you

You know when you are watching, listening, or reading a Zionist source, why do you? Really you are screwing yourself over

Just be the best person you can be, however you feel fit, if something needs improvement go for it

i believe that the majority of people, if were to find a wallet with a substantial amount of money in it and the means to return it, would

"I will not die a monster" Doctor Octopus standing up, from Spiderman 2

It's time for this to go to everyone, it's been that time for a while now, and we sure as anything can't continue the way we've been going

It worries me that Bernie Sanders is getting votes. If he becomes President he will be a foreign agent in the highest seat of American power

Many people, myself hopefully included, try to be sincere, honest, empathetic and caring. The Zionist entity doesn't seem to be a part of us

It's usually pretty easy to know someones intentions. i inadvertently watched 20 seconds of Dr Oz and could see it was complete bullshit

Because i like Obama so much have removed the UsRael post from Imgur. He's been a great President and better than anyone could have hoped

Let yourself be robbed or get tortured. There's another option

Women have it rough, show them love and respect because they go through a lot

There have been, and are, those born of the opposition who are on our side because they know of this situation we've been put in

Let's get the latter of those groups in on what's going on

The Zionists, the anti-Zionists, and those that don't know about them yet

On cnn it's always april fools day. Don't let them pull ones over on you

For example, i can't pass laws, create stormtrooper gear, or drive a semi. Everyone has something they can do

i'm blessed by having friends who are much better at a lot more things than i am. But with everyone working together we can do this

You're going to have to be strong of mind, of body too if you like, but strong of mind

i'm not religious, but would much rather read the Bible than the Talmud

Now there's an Arabic saturday night live, with the way snl is now one is too many

Money isn't the root of all evil, it's when you put what you want to buy with that money above other peoples well being

i want to help you, what i want from you is to help each other

Delegate part of your brain into being a bullshit detector

They sure make the decision easy, if anyone hasn't made their decision already

This has been going on for millennia, and is only getting worse, and worse, and worse, and will continue to do so if not for all of us

It's written vs, not v, although in DC comics' Batman v Superman i think it's appropriate

Be so busy destroying Zionism yourself that you don't mind me not posting for a day or two

Local Zionist paper front page: "Alberta Rolling in the Rock" i know another group who is rolling in the rock, at America's expense

Thank you, to the people i don't know who are doing good out there, please give them your thanks as well as they deserve it

i don't have many friends, that i know in person, however the ones i do have i cherish

Faith isn't just a religious term, you can have faith in a lot of things, including people

Treat yourself well, but live your life for others. Here's a new song that's not by Gwen Stefani

If anyone Other than Hillary Clinton is elected President it will be sad times for the United States of America

It's terrible that we have to deal with this, but we can't let them run all over us, so we need to

Shape the future, because you can't change the past

All we can do is what's right, the rest isn't up to us

Shakira, the shirt they had her wear, the song they had her sing they sure push triangles

Improve yourself, day after day

When you're all out of politeness, be assertive

Be polite, it's better than being rude

i'd say the article, and topic, of systematic Israeli torture takes precedence

However, if i'm to support a candidate, it would be Hillary, all the way Hillary

Bernie Sanders, Jewish, will do nothing to stop the Federal Reserve, it would betray his brethren, along with all other Israel first policy

It would be nice to have Hillary Clinton as United States president, but if it comes down to Sanders and Trump... Trump, and god help us all

i bought my belongings fair and square, and they try to steal them. While they made it legal to steal with the Federal Reserve act of 1913

i hope the next President of the United States, whoever that may be, at least audits the Federal Reserve, or even better yet ends it

Money should never outweigh morals, whether rich or whether poor. Unfortunately hard drugs tend to blur those lines at our detriment

The Zionist entity are all out of chances, and have been for years

Sometimes we encounter mean people, it's at those times that we should remember all the good people in our lives, and give them appreciation

See, doesn't that feel better? Keep at it

Let's keep this for everyone, for a day, a week, a month, again and again. Please, we need so much help from so many who can and are

This is for everyone, let's get there and stay there

Hug em' if you got em', then be the bravest you can be

Romance. i have a lot of feelings, and wish i could, but probably can't. i will still do what i can for you, however i am able

You do your thing, i'll be here

Watch us not them. They eat, sleep, breathe on how to screw you over, don't give them the opportunity to do so

A beautiful snowflake

How well we are doing is measured in how well you are doing

How nice of them to take a break from torture threats to tell you how good they are

Be the best person you can be Spot Israel

Do unto others... if i had to go i'd rather it be humanely

If we continue the way we're going we'll get nowhere fast. Let's get somewhere, somewhere in particular, you're needed

Don't worry Kim, Kanye loves you very much, as you know by now he is being forced into singing those lyrics

Benjamin Netanyahu is referring to Palestinians as "wild beasts", what does he think of the rest of us

There are a lot of good people not getting the credit they deserve, let's change that

We can all do our best, and i think we'll do pretty well

All you sinners, lovers, killers... put your lights on Santana, Everlast

We are Spidermen and Spiderwomen

Torture is not just being talked about being done, it's being done. Beyonce, Coldplay, Lady Gaga playing the Super Bowl are having it happen

If the millions of people watching the Super Bowl would be politically active and make themselves heard we would be doing that much better

i love life and always think about how amazing it is, it would be nice if we didn't have to deal with all the problems we face, but we do

In movies there is usually one hero, in real life there are many

Whenever i'm lacking...

it would make me more than happy to see all of you focus on all the different things we need to focus on

A real appreciation to those who have and are doing the good the best they can, keep at it as you are and always will be needed

Be fluent in good and bad intentions, do and see the former, spot the latter

Whenever i'm lacking, please make up for it with your effort, which should always be on either way

i thought there might be a possibility that the Deadpool movie could be good, until i saw this promo check the feel

There are times to put yourself aside and help others, against the Zionist entity or otherwise, you'll know when these times are

i don't watch every tv show that airs, so if you see something it's of course up to you on what intentions they have and whether to bother

Star Wars episode viii has been pushed back to completely redo the script to make it less bullshit, same amount just a different way

Thanks now, and in advance, to the many brave heroes on our side

An Israeli rabbi is calling for the extermination of Palestinians, who are good people and not trying to ruin the world for their own benefit

What might be the best way, or at least the most feasible, would be to export our troubles and let other nations handle them

Apparently McDonalds' chicken/bacon/onion burger is "watch your back good" not that i eat at McDonalds to begin with

As said i wouldn't vote for Donald Trump as President, it's even extra worrying though to see him get endorsed by Israel-first Sarah Palin

DC (the comic book company not District of Columbia) is mistaken of who the Legends of Tomorrow are. When it's us, all of us

If this goes to me alone we lose, if this goes to all of you then we have a chance

Don't wait for me to go for you to get started. Start now and keep at it, if you don't we go nowhere and there's too much at stake for that

We're all being ripped off by the Zionist entity, and instead of everyone lowering our heads in public we need to stand up and stop them

A bit obvious this year, the logo for the 2016 Academy Awards

You know what scares me? if that for any reason we can't get through this and out from under the thumb of global Zionism

Thank you, from me to a lot of people. And thank you from the many people you have and are helping

Also, i think that everyone from all walks of life can spend some of their time and expertise helping with the tasks we all have ahead of us

There are a lot of good people who are deserving of our praise, let's cheer them and what they're doing on whether about this or otherwise

As was said the other night, shalom to you too Israel, shalom to you too

An Israeli tourism commercial had a tourist covered in brown mud " " while they were saying shalom, welcome shitman is how they think of us

it would be nice for someone to bring up forced Israeli scripting at the Golden Globes, it's in music more than movies but is in movies also

i can't stand when someone is stolen from, especially from friends. i think of America as a friend, and they are being stolen from

More than happy just to be one of many of us

They don't want you to get started because they know how good we'll do everyone together. We were all doing great the other day, keep at it

Are you ready? Because this goes to you. i'm not looking to quit any time soon but your time is here and now, keep going from where we're at

When someone has good intentions you see that, and when someone has bad intentions you can see that too

Good on Obama for putting forth stricter gun laws, let it be the first of a whirlwind of good deeds done during his last term as president

With Zionist propaganda you can't believe everything you hear. That is if you're still listening to them at all anyhow

Some things you don't notice right away, and only figure out later. As long as you figure it out down the line you'll be doing okay

Let's turn this "zootopia" into a utopia

Never let me slow you down, you get out there and do Your thing. There's a lot to do and so much help is needed

Here's hoping that 2016 will be a year of many great accomplishments, yours

We had our first snowfall of the year here the other day, thought this would be appropriate Let's get this done

The best way to do this is humanely

i'm not an Israeli soldier or settler, please don't confuse me with either

Israeli soldiers and settlers are out of control, and the Palestinians can't stop them on their own

There are a lot of people that need your help, don't let them down

They force Justin Bieber to sing Sorry to play on the radio to apologize for forcing people into songs that they can play on the radio

Israeli murders, Israeli settlements, Israeli impunity. Let's end all three

America, you're being mugged, i use that term because you are being threatened with violence if you try to stop them, but you must

Israeli interests are running rampant in Europe and North America. However, we make the laws, what we want, and what we don't

The title Rainbow Moon is an homage to an old favorite

Sleep in heavenly peace

Getting to the holidays of the future

It's Christmas, which is as good a time as any to brush up on your knowledge of the Talmud, some of which is located on the documents page

Getting rid of the "24 hour dance party"

When you look at everything they've done, are doing, and have planned, they are in no way, shape or form a resistance like said in Star Wars

5SoS's video's have been taken over since She's Kinda Hot, in Jet Black Heart the only one "different" is the Muslim

Somehow cnn is still on the air, there are still people who aren't aware of their agenda, let's let those people know

My drug of choice is caffeine, and i'm not harming anyone to get it. Am sure there's a lot of us

Here is the group to do list in twitter form, all of these are steps on the same path

»Fact check/investigate news stories

Contact »Foreign security agencies »Foreign government »Foreign press »Embassies »Senators, Governor's, MP's

Contact »Fortune500 »Support to Washington, Ottawa »Magazines »Website operators »Talk radio North America, Int'l

»Protocols cliff noted/counteraction

»Comprehensive list of zionist owned television, newspaper, magazine, radio, game and movie companies

»List of Israeli scripted albums, movies, television shows, magazines

»List of companies airing negative advertising; with implication, brand and corporate tree

»Ban soft money

»Disallow electronic voting

»Heavily regulate media ownership

>Retroactively limit the amount of media outlets any one corporation or entity can own

>Disallow foreign ownership of media

>Ban cross ownership of newspaper/tv/radio in any given city

»Repeal HR 6166

»Repeal Military Commissions Act

»Repeal the patriot act

»Repeal the federal reserve act of 1913

»Restore monetary system to debt-free government issued currency

»Preserve Net Neutrality

»Restrict FEMA

»Restrict NSA

»Corporate three strike policy

»Corporate 'person' status removed

»Remove all financial aid to Israel

»War crimes levied upon Israel regarding attacks in Lebanon, Gaza

»Declare Israel a terrorist state

»Impose sanctions on Israel

Before you go see the new star wars movie remember that they are not the rebels, and that the "force" is something done against good people

Each of us will need a strong mind and a strong stomach

Don't do this for me, do it for everyone else, because everyone is affected by what they are doing

If the same, or similar, were to be said about the Jews, the only nation to complain would be Israel

i don't back Trump, or his plan against Muslims, but it does show that someone with controversial ideas can do well and maybe get elected

Know who's trying to help you, and who's trying to hinder you

The Zionist media is working against you, so you work against the Zionist media

Sarah Silverman's I Smile Back looks to say sorry for the drug fueled crimes and atrocities but the real ones aren't apologizing or stopping

Not including Isis, Muslims are defending themselves against Israeli foreign policy, while Israel is harming others for their own benefit

Trump, the enemy is inside your borders, and it's not Muslims, why don't you do something about that. Retroactively deny Israeli citizenship

Even trying to avoid it, their media is there, what about those that unknowingly read, watch, or listen to it. Media reform is a first step

It's a matter of each of us doing what we can on the issues we are able to help with, then on the whole we will have completed what's needed

This can be upsetting at times, but the Zionist entity we're against is using their others as human shields, we really can't pick and choose

We'll have a worldwide celebration, it will take a while to get there, and we have a lot to do before then, but wow it will be nice

In my situation in particular they try to get other people to do their bidding

Trying to get ready for Christmas, putting cards together, getting gifts to give, and all the Zionist entity is thinking of is what to steal

What people do for hard drugs, either small time, or large... it's a shame we have to deal with this, but we have to

Not sure how much testosterone i have, but have an abundance of estrogen. i'm not sure of all the ways that affects me but so be it

A new song from them for them, from the newest forced Miley Cyrus album, the song Lighter it's not about marijuana

Retirement will be nice, for all of us on this, but we're nowhere near being done yet and there's no stopping til we are

You're the ones that have potential, put it to good use and make the ones who need your help proud

Israeli agenda has negative intentions and i don't want to hear it. Do you?

Holy shit, and shit is right, this Dirty Grandpa trailer tries to make crack look fun, while it ruins people's lives

Isis needs to be stopped, yes, of course, but don't let Israel get away with what they're doing either

Netanyahu condemns terrorism in France yet fails to mention the Israeli terrorism against Palestinians which leads to self defense responses

Saturday Night Live's appropriate new logo i don't watch the show, this is on their youtube posts

Be happy with what you do with your time, if you aren't happy then change that a bit so you are

When you call yourselves sicks, you're going to get some flak

Have been watching Ash vs Evil Dead and it's really great so far. This is a portal that summons demons

i hope to see you, as soon as possible, working together and independently towards everything we want and don't want in our society

Being depressed is no fun, thankfully there are people working together on all of these issues and we can help each other with this and more

It's Remembrance Day today, time to see and think about how we're being thanked

Got to see what the We Day stage looks like, light blue neon horizontal lines everywhere

All any of us want is to be happy, without stepping on anyone else. The Zionist entity doesn't adhere to that and operates at our expense

We'll have lots of little celebrations followed by a big one

Are you getting paid to watch Zionist media? i wouldn't even If they paid me. Seriously, you're screwing yourself over by watching them

They can't seem to stop themselves, so it's up to us to stop them

We Day is great in theory, but it's (currently) being run by the Kielburger brothers who are using the platform to brainwash amazing youth

Look what we've accomplished for each other in a hundred years, then look at what they've been doing against us for that hundred years

We can be millions of Neo's, Trinity's and Morpheus'. Also they mention Zion so we would look into it. Time to take action

Neo... Trinity... i really should get back to watching The Matrix again. It's too bad about the forced sequels

If Bob Odenkirk and David Cross' new program is like their old one, Mr Show, and am sure it will be, then i worry about Netflix's agenda

Another day another planted knife, the only thing real about it are the dead Palestinians. Israeli occupation has found a way to mass murder

The past is static, none of us can change it. So please make up your mind about me, Without Zionist bullshit, and stick with that

The force awakens? it's been going on for a long time now, it is worse than ever right now though

They like to say never again, well we can say that about them

i used to think South Park was funny, that was a long time ago and before I knew

Those who know, understand. On both sides

i don't watch, listen, or read Zionist media and feel much better for it, the only time i do so is with the intent of bringing it down

It would be nice to make it through and see the new world we create, but that probably won't happen for me, as long as you make it i'm happy

Netanyahu is saying Palestine is responsible for the holocaust because it fits their current agenda more than continuing to blame Germany

One of many, please remember that, always

Justin, be strong, do a lot of good

There are a lot of people that need all the help they can get, yours, mine, everyone's

Torture by Israel in their prisons are known and documented, but not yet about their torture of those in media, which i hope is exposed soon

i'm in love with the guys from Jackass, no joke. Everyone is cool in their own way but they sure are a lot of fun to watch

Don't be scared, so many people are depending on your help

Guitar Hero Live "101 back to back" They constantly give us reason after reason to go forward and stop them

i'm as little a fan of the agents of Zion as i am of the Zionists themselves

i understand why Palestinians are rising up, wish they would let another nation do it in an organized way, soon because Israel keeps killing

It shows that for the most part Israeli soldiers and settlers are killing Palestinians with impunity by putting forth bogus attack claims

If it took a rocket to get to the moon, wouldn't it take a rocket to get back? Just saying

Russia is helping against IS, wouldn't it be nice if them, along with the USA and other nations all work together against the Israel problem

Remember that these, the store radio and ads there, are being put forth by the Zionist entity, not the real Value Village as it was before

Looked up Value Village halloween to show an example of the new ads, but this one is so defamatory to a good people i decided not to post it

i like Value Village and their staff, however a few years ago their in-store radio has been taken over, and their advertising isn't better

We've been put into a situation that we don't want to be in, the only thing we can do to get out is to react accordingly, and we need to

Nasa has just announced water on Mars. If we want to go along a good path and have a happy future we need to work on the problems here first

Let your brain lead the way, rather than being led around by your nose

Teach, warn your kids about propaganda and brainwashing. We can handle it, they can't

The only thing the opposition cares about is themselves, we need to care for each other and stand together against what is being done to us

Even when there's not a lot to go on, there's a lot to go on. Try to stay on topic the best you can, there's lots of ways you can help

For a revolution you need a lot of people all working together. Start the revolution

Be a hero to others whenever you can, spend your time doing that

So, here we are, make the most of it

i look back and am upset with the way i was, but am not like that anymore and haven't been for a long time

We can avoid that fate, if we put resources towards it. It's just not talked about often because it's bad for consumerism

Watched the movie The Road again, the book was great and the movie is great as well. We really do need a decent plan about those asteroids

The wealth of America isn't enough for them, they want the worlds money. New World Order is one world government, one world monetary system

If they do that with Zionist shill Jeb Bush imagine the edits of good people

Part of the Colbert interview with Jeb Bush was edited out, is that what they're going to do to every interview that doesn't go their way?

The font on the cover of Braveheart has some downward triangles, a star of david reference, the movie is good though, and this speaks brave

There are a lot of people that need your help, don't let them down

Sometimes it's just nice to know someone is there

She's already been taken over so it's already known, but i doubt it was her to name the new album "Miley Cyrus and Her Dead Petz"

It's not that i think i served my purpose, i still enjoy what i'm doing, but this is your time to make an impact, go out there and do well

A quiet life would have been nice, but then we wouldn't be here. However many people immeasurably need Your help and will while we do this

At some point this all goes to you, i'll be happy not upset when that happens

You are not on your own, we all have each other

i'm happy with my current self, and hope you're happy with yours as well. If there are any improvements to make go ahead, be happy with you

Was in a waiting room earlier and kind of had to watch an nbc affiliate, how unbearable, i can't imagine how anyone can stand that crap

As mentioned before, i try to post articles that i think would help, knowing that the Zionist propaganda machine will make bullshit of it

If this is about me we won't be doing so well, if this is about all of us we have a good chance to be able to do this, so let's go with that

and there are a lot of sexy people out there

Sexiness has a lot to do with personality

Apparently you can't consent to harm, even when sexual and requested. i've learned from this and know better now

Remember intentions

The 1983 mini-series V (tv series after) had a great premise and could have been amazing for us, somehow it's theirs. What a disappointment

First responders have a tough job, which must be depressing at times, but full thanks are needed for those who help us and save our lives

"The Force(ing) is strong in my family. My father has it... I have it... My sister has it... You have that power too" Star Wars TFA "The enemy has only images and illusions behind which he hides his true motives. Destroy the image and you will break the enemy" EtD

Make as few mistakes as possible, when you do make it better

Life is short, be faithful to your partner. If you don't want to then break up or get a divorce first

Heard from a biographer today that Stephen Harper always hated to be told what to do, let's see that with Israel

Never was a fan of Joan Rivers and her insult "humor", which you see a lot of on Zionist television

Looks like we know who Stephen Colbert is looking to push for President, Jeb Bush has been announced as a guest on the debut Late Show

Thanks to friends whose kindness i'm blessed with. You have a lot to do though

My anger towards the Zionist entity is immense, how do you feel?

Being fit is nice, but what you've really got to keep is a strong mind


The wonderful Ferris Bueller's Day Off never disappoints, definitely one of my favorite movies ever, recommended

i never did any of this for myself, none of it, and if you'll have me i won't stop til we're through this

Terminator Salvation? Oh well, there's always the first two terminator movies

When something is good it's usually pretty easy to see, it's the opposition that tries to be sneaky

This isn't about Mel Gibson though, this is about everyone involved. Israel is using the United States as a fly swatter against it's enemies

Remember Mel Gibson being vilified by the Zionist media for saying that they were the ones behind every major war? then Iraq, now Iran

Not as obvious as other music videos, but still is, 5 Seconds of Summer have been taken over, real song bs video,

As for the mib movies, i'm actually kind of divided on the first one but think it has good intentions, the sequels not so much

Men in black in any color you like

There are a lot of brave people, be one as well

On the topic of what we don't want, Stephen Colbert and Mitt Romney want pancakes Let's end that

Having only the good of us left may sound like a dream but we can get as close to that as possible with a lot of effort

We need everyone to stand up to Israel

Stephen Harper is an alright guy, he's just being used as a doormat by Netanyahu. It would be nice to have someone who stands up to Israel

As for here, Justin Trudeau. Even if he has to form a coalition with the NDP to oust Israel's servant Stephen Harper

Joe Biden is thinking about running for President of the United States, he'd have my vote

AIPAC is an organization that supports Israeli terrorism and should be treated as such

Always take everything in context, what it is and how it's meant

Not only do they own most of the media, they try to take over everything they don't. Television is pretty much unwatchable and getting worse

We're at the point where everyone needs to get involved, one person can't do all the things that need to get done, so let this be all of us

it's good to pick a candidate not just for how they will handle current situations but how they will handle future ones

Be informed, help if you can, vote

Donald Trump would like to appoint Sarah "Israel first" Palin to Cabinet, if that's his platform then no thanks

Can we have Obama for another two terms?

You have the initiative, they've been at this for a long time and now it's our turn. Make the most of it

But hey, it's not about what i think, thankfully you're the ones who are going to make this happen. So many people are counting on you

i think this, what we're doing, is something the whole world can get behind, and we'll sort the rest out afterwards

Zionist entity DC Comics are the ones responsible for Injustice Gods Among Us and Justice League Gods and Monsters, who is who in their mind

Divestment and sanctions help the most right now, boycotts of products is great and all but is something they laugh at

Don't be fooled, by now you should have a pretty good idea on who is who

When you find a good company stick with them, they are few and far between and it feels so great when you know one. Give them your support

Traded for a game by Blue Castle software (not Capcom), Dead Rising 2. It's set in Fortune City, that's the mentality we have to deal with

They don't wonder why we're against them, they know exactly why, and why we can never stop

Don't wait for me, do what you'd like to do to help

Amy Schumer, doing Star Wars, in GQ magazine. Don't say i didn't warn you about all three

me? i got rid of my negative traits and problems years ago, many of which were because of drinking, drugs and not being on my medication

Step forwards, not backwards. If you're doing well then continue, but if you make mistakes do better the next time

Whenever you hear Israel say that Iran must not obtain a nuclear weapon remember that Israel has 200-400 of them

i try to help where it's needed, and hope you are too. Do your best is all anybody asks, and there's a lot for us to do

Towards our future happiness, i want to feel it so much

Superheroes wanted, as many as you've got

versus about 14 million

Instead of one, how about six billion and one

Unfortunately there is a lot of heartbreak, the biggest would have to be the protocols though as it negatively affects every person on Earth

When one song on an album is corrupt the whole album is, like how they force Taylor Swift and Alicia Keys to sing about them liking New York

Everything we're doing will take awhile, but the quicker the better though as for many help is needed right now and time is of the essence

You all have a lot to do, better keep at it or get to it if you haven't. All of us together are a force to be reckoned with now and always

i will be there (here) enjoy life now even while working towards our goal and even more in our future

Was looking forward to Terminator Genisys, but within five minutes you could see it was theirs. Back to the first, second and salvation

The amazingness of this song reminds me to say that the police and stormtroopers will need to stay armed

Michael Moore and so many others want to see health care and gun control in the USA, let's make that happen. Happy Independence Day

Well America, you're the ones giving them the money

It's nice to see that even churches are divesting from Israel

If you had any doubt the new ghostbusters movie would be Zionist trash

Then you have the torture, death, and slavery

i consider myself a happy person, but time and time again they upset that happiness for their own gain. How about you?

Life is amazing, it truly is, we just need to get through this rough patch and we'll be doing alright

Do good and you generally get good back, the opposite is true for the opposite. You need to step in when others need you to do good for them

The forced scripting of actors, actress' and musicians will be a major factor, we need someone to come forward, and for us to speak til then

Gearbox software, of Borderlands and other games, refer to Palestinians as "skags", and they don't think very much of the rest of us either

As a starting point, completely needed and helping immensely is the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement, continue and join if you can

Hammer, toast, toothbrush, fish, pen etc. Dare to be BRAVE

Alfred Yankovic has been at this for awhile, here's the lyrics for one of his earlier songs meant for parents to hear

Regardless of Jimmy Fallon's pandering, Jeb Bush cannot be allowed to become President, or Israel will be making the decisions for America

Bought the aforementioned Ghostbusters on dvd yesterday and had the chance to watch it today, was great and even better than i remembered

When something has been taken over by them there is as much reason to watch it as there is of something you already know is theirs, none

They know we have no other choice

There's a special Mother in my life, someone who i don't always mention but always think about, thank you, you mean a lot to me

The Palestinians wouldn't be very happy if we mind our own biscuits Kacey Musgraves, they need our help and your propaganda won't stop us

All of these fake and staged news stories show that they really don't think very much of us

Do Your thing

The Hunger Games, where "snow" is the enemy, i think many people will be happy with the snow

If everything goes well you will be able to do all this either with me or without

In Fallout 4 Bethesda switched vault 101 to 111, i guess vault 101 was getting too obvious

Not a fan of the music group "Magic!", their song No Way No for instance is not a love song

They get me mad as anything, but i use that anger as motivation, let you have that motivation too

Unfortunately my internet connection has been down most of the day, back to join you as soon as possible

Media of all kinds. When something is good the intentions are good throughout, when something is not good it is not good throughout

i want a quiet, peaceful life, but none of us can have that while the opposition runs rampant, so quiet and peace is for the future

Don't wait for me for you to start, you've got a lot to talk about and a lot to do, what i'm doing is just in addition to what you are doing

Watched Mad Max Fury Road and liked it a lot, the antagonist is the warmongering Joe. Worth seeing in theater and buying on dvd

Looks like David Letterman got to do the finale he wanted and am more than happy to see that. Wishing Dave the best retirement possible

i've made mistakes, but have constantly improved since then, more than a decade ago, and am better now. The Zionist entity continues

This Summer's Gonna Hurt Like A Motherf****r This is what we have to deal with, many already are and need saving

Hoping on the Bill Murray who did Ghostbusters and not the Zionist one who went the other way, to appear on "David Letterman's" final show

i already realize before posting that something could be taken badly, so will also leave it up to you to talk about what would help the most

They put triangles in their media such as music videos to identify the source to the others, such as "Taylor Swift's" earrings in Bad Blood

i'll leave it up to you to decide who is trying to help and who is trying to screw you over

More than not happy, furious. They've done too much for too long and aren't stopping on their own

Harry Shearer has left The Simpsons, which has been forced for a few years now. We need to work towards helping him and all the others

Torture is the worst that's being done, though people are also being murdered by the Zionist entity, every nationality and all walks of life

The staged news stories are getting ridiculous

Happiness is never overrated, and we need to protect it and our well being

There was a girl i met, a Tori Amos fan, who made me more aware of the female life than anyone else. She really was a goddess and i miss her

When you know that something, like the late show, or someone, like David Letterman, has been taken over, you really don't need to watch

They'll have some bs lined up for Monday but want to say this now anyhow, i hope David Letterman leaving the late show will stop his torture

All of those Israeli settlements will make nice houses for the Palestinians when their land gets given back to them

it's interesting that the ten commandments dead sea scroll will be being shown in Israel soon, even while they are breaking most of them

i'm at your service so may as well get some use of it. also i intend to be here until we finish this

Back in America, generations are being sold into slavery, working to pay off unending interest of an unpayable debt. Let's change that

i have stuff, we all have stuff, like you i've spent years buying items new and used and don't want my little amount of stuff stolen either

Stand up America, your country is top of the list of being ruined by the Zionist entity, and it's not Obama's fault. You can still help

"Miracle" rescue of teenager in Nepal wearing "authentic" NY shirt likens destruction to 9-11. Real or staged they put forward bullshit

They say "never again" yet do the same actions that got that situation, now it's worse than ever and the same actions have the same solution

Please stay strong Obama, America and the rest of the world are counting on you

There will be lots of time to celebrate later, until then we have a lot to do

Happiness must be the primary human desire, without stepping on others to be happy. Zionists ruin other peoples lives solely for themselves

Join in if you haven't, we need your help

Again, facts. Brilliantly researched ones. Michael Collins Piper's Final Judgment, about the JFK assassination, added to documents

After the Zionist media is run out of town, replaced with us, and puts forward good morals then crime will go down and people will be happy

Victor Thorn's 9-11 Evil, facts are facts and this is a very well put together book of them. Recommended reading and sharing of information

In the final solution there is the question and the answer

Advice and hope to world governments, and anyone who can be any help in getting these things done, is don't be scared, and don't be bought

If every nation affected by debt based money follows the path put forward in The Money Masters then that will fix that part of the problem

As a show Israel released Palestinian tax money owed. If only they would let America out of their grasp. Not going to happen unless by us

Decided to bring the Kobo back out and refresh on some documents, starting with The Money Masters transcript. Are you in for some reading?

and yet cnn is still on the air, let's change that and get rid of the rest of the media octopus while we're doing that

i don't watch cnn or the similar, but their actors and scripted events make their way to even good news outlets, and is happening more often

Don't discount Obama just yet, he's been a pretty excellent President himself and still has time left to do even more

snl mocking Hillary Clinton shows that they're scared she will win and be an excellent President

With the books now more convenient than ever, it would be a good time to read them if you haven't, then read them again, then take action

One of the differences is the downloads page which has and the mp3 of the 1961 Benjamin Freedman speech

Registered and it's now updated, if you're having trouble seeing it go to tools/options/advanced/clear cache

You're going to need to be brave, and put your bravery to good use

Everyone needs you to do something, to stay on topic (we can make this issue our priority) and to help get things done

I've been wondering what else i could do lately, so put together a backup site which i will also keep updated

My intentions are pure and believe myself a giving person, if selfish i would not be on this path. There are many good like minded people

And the thing is they have no one to blame but themselves, we don't want to do this, we have to do this, what they're doing affects everyone

Israel is no ones ally, hopefully people realize this in America, more so, and around the world

McDonald's wants "a little bit of whipped cream please", but they aren't saying please

Unlike cnn i can't just make up news or script my own

From now on i will do my best to keep my love life or lack thereof to myself. Sorry for the interruption. Now back to what we were doing

As with anything thanks for your support, this is something i should do on my own though, i still feel the same just want you to be on topic

Was back and forth on whether to mention that, but she's a wonderful lady so thought i'd go with what i was feeling. Either way it's there

It's been a long time since i've been close with someone, there is a girl i like a lot but there are obstacles. it sure would be nice though

Listen to who you like, just know that i am on your side and here for you, while they are against you and plot your downfall. i don't watch

The Smashing Pumpkins have been taken, here is "their" new song again, our task will become all your task some time

Shad Moss (Bow Wow) and Ciara did a song called Like You, one of the few songs about forced Israeli scripting, we need more songs about that

Patricia Arquette, like her, Shad Moss, cool, csi cyber... threats and fear mongering like the other csi's

All i want is a quiet life, and a few good friends. Unfortunately none of us can live in peace while there are those constantly against us

What the Zionist entity is doing is making good people angry, people who have no desire to be angry, and doing reason after reason to be

Even without Zayn Malik (who i understand for leaving after the band was taken over) there will always be "one direction"

What makes me happy is when you are on topic, am sure that's what makes other people happy too

Outsourcing is looked down upon, but for us with this it could be very viable

Israel is in defiance of international law, those are the rules we agreed on, they are continuing this way and need to be held to account

Laws are made by what society want and don't want, what the public decides is good for us and what is not, be involved and help make changes

The pursuit of happiness is in the constitution, the federal reserve is not

New forced videos making fun of the artist, Ed Sheeran and Charlie xcx can't count them all

It's too bad we have to do this, but we have to do this, there is no other choice as we are all out of cuddly options

On the topic of desensitization, i've seen a lot of death and believe it has strengthened me. On this, no amount of aww would change my mind

It's Monday and the start of a new week, let Your voice be heard

i believe, and am sure not alone, that torture is the worst thing that can be done to someone, so any means possible to end it is available

The last episode of Seinfeld all four were put in jail for being rude (which in actuality were torture threats) let them know we can do more

Don't be a yellow brick road

The movie Lucy couldn't be further from reality, no matter how glamorous they want to think drugs are

By voting for and re-electing Netanyahu Israeli citizens have shown their intention to continue oppressing Palestinians and must be stopped

Netanyahu says if elected to continue building settlements and denying a Palestinian state, having disregard of international law

There will never be a point where you have nothing to talk about, and talking will lead to doing, make the most of it

You need to be sure of yourself, and not so easily swayed, especially by them. There are lots of people to give you help and advice

i just want to say, Traci Melchor is a catch. Sweet, cute, fun, sense of humor, nice and a super mom, she will make someone very very happy

Everybody do this for everybody else, as it affects all of us

There are good ones, it's the Zionists, the followers of the protocols that ruin it for all of them, they need to understand like the others

Whereas Jon Stewart has been putting forth Jewish agenda for the entirety of the Daily Show, every part being made against his viewers

What's good what's bad? i'd say her good qualities vastly outnumber her bad ones, that's the best any of us can hope for

They'll never let Tina Fey host the Daily Show, because she's good

Instead of feeling down all the time because the opposition is trying to screw you over at every instance, think about how to make it better

Am sad to hear of Sam Simon of the Simpsons passing away, it's terrible what's happened to the show, and staff, since it's been 'taken over'

i've developed a major sense of empathy, which we all should have. it makes everything Israel and the opposition do unacceptable

If i can make better for the few stupid mistakes i made by doing much good i'll be happy. That's not my motivation but if it helps so be it

They thought they had it bad dealing with one, wait till they have to deal with all of us. In fact don't wait, because you're needed now

i'll be alright, be part of the helping and don't stop, there's lots to do that we haven't accomplished yet so everyone needs to get started

Since it's a system still supported, today i buy my first 3ds game, i do try to buy what i like with what little i have and don't mind that

i remember listening to Shania Twain albums on repeat for a long time, wow, every song of hers is a winner and am a fan, have a fun tour

All of us have room for improvement, and we do improve through living life, with failure and success to constantly become a better person

Gave a lady i know a keepsake that says friends are like flowers in life's garden, it's a nice sentiment and feels that way too

United States aid to Israel? Uptown funk you up

after rent and bills i have about $50/mon to spend, the worst thing is spending x dollars on a videogame just to find out it's Zionist tripe

i'm a consumer too and do buy a fair amount of items, the opposition thinks it plays into their hands but it's one of the fun parts of life

yeah i know, i can't be perfect, i try to limit my flaws and work on them the best i can, guess that's good for all of us

Since good media is so hard to find, if you like something, buy it

side note. Someone buys a spatula, uploads the exact schematics, i download and 3d print the spatula, is that stealing? no, it's duplicating

Madonna falling on stage is the least of her worries, help if you can

side notes are just that, let's get back to what matters

on a side note, unfortunately i'll probably have to stay single for the rest of my life, how depressing but if i need to do that i will

i've heard some sources refer to this as the purge

Part of the team, part

Some of the bravest people i can think of are musicians. Be as brave as they have been

if you're ever at a loss of what to do, think about what you can do to help

Did you know the Federal Reserve is unconstitutional, can be repealed, and retroactively because of that have zero money owed? Let's do that

if anyone for some reason wants to share something i've written feel free, i consider it in the public domain, as with most just give credit

Netanyahu is offering Jews worldwide a place in Israel, but the Palestinian land being taken to house them is not his to give

Even if it's a slow day on my end, doesn't mean to make it a slow day on yours. There's lots for you to do

Israeli US media isn't covering the shootings in Chapel Hill because they don't want people thinking that Muslim lives also matter (no isis)

Boycott, divestment and sanctions of Israel definitely do and will help, it's just not going to solve all the problems we have with them

As for modern music in general, i like the musicians not the bullshit the opposition makes them do

i don't have my hopes up for the Grammy awards tonight, either way it would be a great time to bring up forced Israeli scripting in some way

Any instance of Israeli propaganda only makes me more certain, even though i couldn't be more certain

They just don't stop do they? That leaves it up to us to stop them

i worry about letting people down when i only put forward one or two news articles. There's lots going on, this is what matters most to me

i'm glad to know so many great people, ones i know personally and ones i don't. i'm sure you have some friends who are there for you as well

Let's see everyone who's watching the super bowl contact their representatives and demand action in regards to everything they want done

because it's better than being run around in circles

Go forward

There's lyrics about crack in "Bruno Mars'" Uptown Funk, referred to as white gold. i doubt Bruno Mars does that crap or wants to sing that

In anti-Semitism there is cause and effect, there are so many reasons people are angry

i hope to be here until we're through this, how long that takes us is up to you

That was a great day, let's do that Every day, you can do so much good

Make the most of your time

i don't tolerate Zionist tv, movies, books, why do i tolerate their videogames? i think it's that i Wish they were good, but are always not

i feel good having many news articles a day, it doesn't always happen like that. What would be nice is all nice news happening, some day...

Let's make this a year of many great accomplishments, everyone doing what they can towards the same goal. There's a lot to do

Forced Israeli scripting, what they thought would save them will be large in their downfall. Those aware of it please help make it known

i cheer when you succeed, and am sure i'm not the only one

Wish i could join all of you on the other side of this, that probably won't be how it happens though

What matters very much is intention. That goes both ways

If i were one of the opposition, would realize that they have to be put down as well for the greater good, they know we have no other choice

Wouldn't it be nice all of us working in tandem? Whatever you're good at, we need you

Take the hard route, which means take the responsibility of helping on yourself. The only way we can do this is together, not alone

Money needs to be backed by reserves to be valuable, which in U.S. isn't. Having money is fine as long as you don't step on others to get it

The majority of local papers here are Zionist owned, if you live in North America you probably have the same situation. We need media reform

If Netanyahu wants to stop terrorism, start with Israel's soldiers and settlers. He won't so it's up to the UN, ICC and global community

There's so many people who are doing wonderful things and not getting the recognition they deserve, let's change that right now

i owe thanks to good people everywhere

From such anger to such joy, let's make this happen

Taking money from hard working Americans isn't enough, they want me to lose the little i have. If i lose mine i hope they lose theirs moreso

Even when you find a good channel, and they are rare, good programming, also rare, you still have to deal with commercials of their agenda

i like Obama as a person, which outweighs his politics. What bothers me is how he is handling the Israeli problem and hope he does better

Israel has decided on spending 18 million dollars from their defense budget on new settlements, that means the United States is funding this

When i ask you to decide i mean it, the opposition keeps going on an exaggerated past when we have progress, can you forgive my slight past?

cooperatively is the only way, imagine all of us working together towards all our goals all the time, a force of our own to be reckoned with

No one ever listens when i say put this to everybody, those semi's won't drive themselves

Don't let them lead you around by the nose, make your own decisions if you haven't already. This isn't my side, it's your side, our side

What is Obama thinking? What is Obama doing? Israel is a terrorist state and needs to be held to account not supported. Stand up world

Winter storms never last long? Show them that you have it in you to do all the things we need to do

Let the new year involve everyone, that will truly make it a happy one

Coffee, medicinal and maybe marijuana are the only drugs i can stand, the rest can all get thrown into a bottomless pit to never ruin anyone

So we can't hate, they sure make it hard not to though

Have to say about The Interview, that one way or the other i'm going to let this one fly. I could do otherwise but won't

Haven't watched "The Interview" just yet, but you need to know in advance that it's written by Dan Sterling and directed by Evan Goldberg

i believe, know, that once we deal with our main problem, the Zionist entity, that the rest of world nations will be able to work things out

You can't top friendship for christmas, anything else is just something pleasant in addition to. Happy holidays to you and yours

The gift to me is you, the gift to you is each other

Heard a stunning rendition of Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas this morning, what a beautiful song

To the great friends i know, and the great ones i don't, merry christmas

The Zionist brainwashing movie Frozen has the line "no rules for me", well we as a global society have rules, which they are not following

Obama, people, including myself, still have faith in you, when the time comes hold back the veto and let the Palestinians have their state

Praise to those who are staying strong on our side, putting themselves second to protect us first

No one said this would be easy, and it won't be, for everything all of us have been through, never choose the steak

They know what they're doing, they watch us thinking we won't or can't stand up to them, and they know we unfortunately have no other choice

i suggest we be as humane through this as is possible

Good to see the thousands who are peacefully protesting against police action in the United States, i hope they do well and keep it that way

Of course they don't want to be known as an Israeli paper, but are owned and written by them, the quote was meant to fool people unknowing

Today on the cover of a local Israeli paper was "living in fear" when they are the purveyors of fear to anyone who dares stand up to them

After we get through fixing our main problem, the Zionist entity in all it's forms, the rest will be a lot easier to accomplish

If we're going to get anywhere, we need to focus on everyone all doing their part of what they can do, and there is a lot to do. Please help

Optimus Prime is a semi for a reason

Without You, We get nowhere

This is going to take a while, as much as we'd like it to just happen that won't be how it goes, and will require you to do the best you can

i don't like being depressed, no one does. Thankfully there are enough people to work on all of our problems and make them better day by day

They force Katy Perry to sing that this is no big deal from the track this is how we do, album Prism. Show that you can stand up to them

Whether i'm on time, late, here, not here, don't let that affect in a negative way what you alone or you and others are doing, keep at it

Well there is We Day, which is great people doing amazing things, i was thinking of something a little different, and we could use your help

i appreciate sports, but when that amount of people get together for games couldn't these people be getting together to be political as well

The new Star Wars trailer sticks to why the original movie was made in the first place, to try and counteract Dark Side of the Moon

You'll have to be brave and stand up, your help is needed so please do so. You can make a difference

The opposition narrows humanity down to two people, Gentile and Jew, so we have to stick together and be strong, together we can oppose them

My thoughts in Ferguson are with the police, business', and those who are peacefully protesting, and there are those who are being peaceful

The new One Direction music video Night Changes looks to insult, make fun of them, that's something they do while looking down on musicians

It would be nice to be fully happy, we can be to an extent but the opposition doesn't allow fully, after them the rest can be easily fixed

i want to mention this, if there's anyone i have treated badly in my life i am truly sorry, am trying to do good now

Years ago i did a complete 180, not on what i'm doing now but of any and all negative traits i had. Always more work to do but is a start

If only this were easier, but it's not. They've made it very difficult to get anything against them put forth and done, but it is possible

When talking about cnn and other Zionist media, and why not to watch, it's about their intent

i do what i can, but this really goes to you, you are the ones who can and hopefully will make this happen, remember that

i will so not miss the Zionist entity, you?

You're on the path and you know the direction

"So many people are sleeping while standing up" Public Enemy - Lost at Birth Let's do something about that

it's a bit early, but christmas music is some of the best anti zionist music there is, the whole holiday is very anti zionist

At some time this will all go to you, if you haven't started yet you might as well join in and get started now

Today is remembrance day, when we honor the brave men and women who fought on our governments request in ww1&2, next time everyone let it be

There's lots of attempted brainwashing of adults too

Saturday night live has been planning and plotting on how to screw you over tonight, don't let them

Here's the logo of Blizzard's Overwatch, notice anything? Looks like their takeover by Activision isn't going so well

Star Wars episode vii is called The Force Awakens, a lot of people are awake to your use of 'force', and those who don't know, will find out

We, you, need to be strong of mind, to never give up and never turn around

We've got a lot to do, please get back to you helping

SNL, May 7th 2005, Johnny Knoxville and System of a Down. it was amazing. They and the cast were nervous but all stood up, i was very proud

Saturday Night Live used to be good, it did and they were, unfortunately that was a long time ago, now the show is completely unwatchable

With Zionist made media, you'll do a whole lot better by not watching. Seriously, you'll feel much better and more focused

Matthew McConaughey i don't mind, not a fan of Anne Hathaway, anyhow, Interstellar looks to be another Christopher Columbus new home plot

Thinking about what holiday gifts to give, while the opposition thinks about what they can take

On behalf of Capcom (unofficially) sorry for Resident Evil 5 "They are in Kijuju" Giraffe

The tweet about our Mayor was a real thing so you know, and he won by the way. As for me i would like to continue what i'm doing as well

Which isn't a compliment. This isn't something we want to have to deal with but need to, hopefully we won't have to in the future

You've got to watch out, the opposition is getting even sneakier

No matter what "rank" i have, i will always be here doing the exact same thing

Our Mayor did such an amazing job for the last four years that i am proud to vote to re-elect him for another four

We all need to protect each other. A global neighborhood watch

This is something all nations can get behind

Resident Evil 6 checks out as being okay (great) so 5 is Capcom's. i guess the reason they chose the location is because it's called Kijuju

Mary J Blige fan? i know i am. "Her" new song Right Now is not hers, most songs released for quite a while have not been theirs. Be aware

Remember that while they are crying to be saved they are still stealing your money, brainwashing you and your kids and torturing good people

One Direction's song Steal My Girl is real, the video is Israeli and not what One Direction would have wanted if not forced. The last hope

For some reason i bought a videogame by Square-Enix, Star Ocean: The Last Hope, the last hope they're referring to is theirs

The founders of We Day did something great, i hope they understand and pass along the reins to someone good when the time comes for them

Barring any unforeseen developments i believe this was a lone wolf. Two questions, where did he get the gun, and how did he buy the car

After the shooting attack in Ottawa, and no matter who is behind it, i hope it doesn't weaken the Member's of Parliament's resolve

It's interesting that the name Lord of the Rings is plural when in the book there is only the one ring

If your good outweighs your bad, that's something to be happy about. Still, keep working on yourself so that the ratio gets even better

i post articles with the expectation that you will take them for what they're worth, and help to make what you can better, please do both

Actor Shia LaBeouf is suddenly back to normal, now that he has the new world war ii movie Fury to promote

The more i think about it, the more Trews looks to be a scheme thought up in an opposition office, it's not Russell Brands' fault

i'm worried about this, he wears the star of david like it's a good thing, please don't be another Alex Jones

Nice, just watched an episode of Russell Brand and Trews, looks like he's doing good. Continued success, keep it going

As for that 9,000,000,000,000 dollars missing from the federal reserve...

They'll take any opportunity to do or be negative, so you take every instance to do and be positive

i know what's at the top of my list for being happy

Am blessed to have never done that myself, you stay blessed as well. If you have, please seek treatment for help

I know, and have known, people who do crack, it's too bad, and ruins not only your life but everyone around you, never, ever touch the stuff

It just really bothers me when people aren't and it should bother you as well. However there are many who are nice and don't need to improve

Wouldn't it be amazing if everyone was always nice to each other? Not the ones who are ruining and harming us, but everyone else

Quebecor is selling a national newspaper company, Sun Media, to Postmedia resulting in two local papers from one source. Reform, please

As for cnn and other Zionist media, they have a thin veil and it won't take much to show their viewers about the agenda being put forward

Every question has an answer, let's work on the answers

It looks like Bill Maher didn't expect Ben Affleck to say anything when he and his guest started playing to the cnn crowd, but he did

i may not be perfect, but i am a hell of a lot better than they portray me to be

Regardless of myself, here, not here, anything, i want you to do well in this, and to make it through. Everyone needs your actions

What happened on Nov 9th 2005, a suspicious suicide bombing at a wedding in Amman, Jordan, is what i was thinking of

It's been a while and i've referred to the London bus bombings as being on Nov 9th when they happened on July 7th 2005, the rest is correct

Speaking of garbage, that's the name of one of the last bands (the last?) that played on real David Letterman after the London bus bombings

They can take anything said or done and try to turn it into garbage, but just because they try doesn't make it so

While we look forward lets not forget where we're at. Obama has a lot of time left and let's hope he gets much more accomplished before then

One? Or the rest of the world population. i'd be more than happy with the second option

Am leaning toward Hillary Clinton

George W. Bush is trying to get his brother Jeb Bush elected President of the United States, i hope there's a better choice on the ballot

Depending what you're doing for our cause, you might encounter plants, covert-ops, if not in life then you can spot them on television

If only Weezer and all the others could have skipped

Back to the shack? Thanks but i think i'll skip, i think we'll all skip

With all these "security breaches" it looks like Israel is showing Obama that they can get at him, but Obama has more friends than enemies

Netanyahu is comparing Hamas to IS at the United Nations, i guess they are looking to have the media they own push that one forward

It's the start of another new week, and you can make a difference, so let your voice be heard

They try to give their scripted music legitimacy, like by saying Ed Sheeran wrote "Hilary Duff's" All About You, which is another threat

You can be sure i won't miss the Zionist entity, how about you? The sooner we do this the better

Don't worry, i'm very content with what i have, happy, except when the opposition tries to get what little i have stolen

i may be poor, but am here for you

As always, no relation to anything other than what's said

Even when there are good shows or movies on Zionist channels (and they are hard to find) they get you with the commercials

A friend thought ISIS is the person in the black hood, it's not her fault, she was watching cnn, which i don't recommend to anyone

i guess it just feels good to help, to make a difference, and i know that all of us are. None of us could do this alone, but together we can

Striving towards an even greater happiness

Very happy getting back to what i love doing, the reason for my happiness is that the further we go the better we do and i feel loss without

Remember when you hear a new song from someone who is known to be taken over that that new song isn't theirs either

Still getting organized and such, for now updates will be posted to

Got an older computer unexpectedly working, it's not the best but will make do for now. Am happy about that, and to be back in your service

Many goals, and what we need to do to achieve these goals. Doing nothing will get nothing so spend your time where it's needed most

Good people can only take so much, i know i've had my fill

for one thing there are many people i'd love to be as cool as, people i admire

i believe in the relativity of everything to each other, and i mean that in a positive way

You go ahead and get started, it's the beginning of a new week and you can get a lot done. i'll join you again when i can

Israeli pawns Sarah Palin and John McCain must not be allowed to advance politically, if they are on a ballot vote against them

Not a request, a statement, if i had the money i'd buy a laptop and be ready by tomorrow afternoon, but i don't so i can't

This could be awhile, so do the best you can. Now is the time to show them what You can do

Even though i can't update the news right now i encourage you to keep up on the Middle East and otherwise, and take action as needed

Anthrax and snipers used as threats to anyone against Israeli agenda after 9-11

it bothers me when i say something truthful that can be taken poorly, please know that i always try to be as literal as possible

tweeting from my xbox, computer looks to be out of commission for now. back as soon as it's possible

i alone am not this movement, this all depends on what You do, and i sure as anything hope we together can do this

America has been taken over, and is ruined for now, the Zionist hold on other nations is not as absolute

The mass population and armies of many world nations would scoff at the size of the Zionist Israeli threat. And we need their help

With the opposition being so large in number, it's nice to have good friends

You can make up your own mind as to who is trying to do good, and who is trying to do the opposite

Are you still watching, listening, reading Zionist media? because you really would feel much better without their brainwashing propaganda

Would like to buy one of these, looks like it would be good to have if the situation needs it

Zionism, and political Zionism are not just a threat to Gaza and the rest of the Middle East, but to good people everywhere

Through it all, my mother was always a complete angel, i'd be fortunate to say that if i've become like her in any way then would be blessed

No drugs, no drinking and being on the right medication also help

My monster father's raising and genetics made me a pretty horrible young adult, for more than a decade though i've been the polar opposite

Everyone who's familiar with the situation i'm sure feels the same way, now it's time to make it happen

i made up my mind about the Zionist entity years ago, if anything those feelings have been reinforced not weakened

This will be so much better when everyone is involved, even while that's going on i will still continue. Do your best and i'll do mine

i'm not in this for any other reason than to help, let me do that

Two steps forward, one step back, but at least we're getting there. Let's keep up the momentum and try for less of going backwards

tv shows, tv channels, music, radio, movies, videogames, try to avoid israeli media in all it's forms, they are trying to screw you over

You don't have to be on all the time, just be yourself and do whatever feels right

When you have the opportunity to say something, do your best to go with something that can make a difference and help people who need you

For now i have my budgie to keep me company

On a sidenote, and although there are great women out there, the best thing for me to do would probably be to stay single. sidenote

When it's time to decide on the Zionist entity, if everyone hasn't already, then i don't think there will be many who disagree

i'm sad, and angry, and don't want to feel either

Let's get this world to feeling good again

if i lose everything i have, really just a medium sized collection of videogames, then i hope the instigators lose everything of theirs

i just want to be happy, truly happy, with nothing to bring us down

i'll do what i can, but we're going to need your help as well

We all start as a blank slate, and hopefully better ourselves along the way

As for those who are badly behaved, ill mannered and have negative intentions...

Israel only marginally cares about Hamas and the rockets, the real objective is to drive out the rest of the population and take their land

i have faith that many in our society are well behaved, well mannered and well intentioned. The more the better though

Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions help, but only in addition to other measures. Israeli policy of leave Gaza or die must be stopped

The longer we wait, more death, more torture, more propaganda. Less freedoms, less prosperity, less media. Lets do this

i am truly thankful. Whatever you choose to do to support us is okay with me

If you're in music, or want to get into music, i suggest you bring up forced Israeli scripting in one way or another. Make it count

The lyric version was nice, sweet and actually a great track. She wasn't able to put out a real video for it though

The song is pro-Israel, while the video is glorifying suicide and targeting impressionable youth.

No hate. Enraged, angry, pissed, fed up, sick of, had enough, no more. No hate

Bethesda is already on the Zionist list. Decided to try Skyrim, right away you are shown the main character who has stars of David all over

Yes, we will lose some good ones of them, but look at all we can live without

The forced music has gotten stealthier, remember that once an artist has been taken over they aren't let go. This must be stopped right now

When in reality she is smart (and beautiful)

Taylor Swift doesn't need to worry (about this) no actual people are saying she has nothing in her brain, from the forced song Shake It Off

America is being held hostage, sold into slavery of paying towards an unpayable debt whose proceeds fund their global Israeli terror

We are left with no choice, and must do the best we can. And what they're doing means time is of the essence

i sure as anything hope we can get this done, what a horrible world this will be if we can't

Be a hero for those who need you

We need to deal with torture at some point, right now would be best for those it's happening to. Use this as motivation not a deterrent

Being a good person shouldn't be a disadvantage, we need to stay that way

People will do and say anything to stop their torture, as you've probably noticed. If that ever happens to me apologizing is last on my mind

As for the ones who are making so many miserable...

i want to say sorry to Mr Williams family, and only them, Robin looks like he was a great guy and bet he was a ton of fun to be around. RIP

How nice of the late night hosts to take a few minutes off from their threats and insults to honor him

Here's the thing, Robin Williams looks to be one of the good ones, and am sad to see him go. That doesn't change the only option we have

Threats of torture, oh look at the good one. Threats of torture, oh look at the good one. And many are getting more than threats

It's not all of them, we realize that, but it's enough of them with such sinister acts and plans that they give us no choice

There's a song that's up there with Let it Be for me, it's Everybody Hurts, by REM. A nice track for if you feel down

Mork and Mindy was a bit before my time, but the big downward triangle on Mork's shirt makes it kind of obvious

They want me to lose my videogames and boardgames, i want them to lose their federal reserve. i think more people side with me than them

Because they're all counting on you

Don't do this for me, do this for everyone else

A local eyeglasses store has a commercial saying "we've got the music", well, they do. Real music is now the exception, this needs to stop

Propaganda is propaganda no matter what medium

On a complete side note, it sure is hard finding a good videogame or videogame company. When you find a good one stick with them

Wanting a ceasefire in Gaza doesn't mean i'm on Israel's side, i just want Gazan's to be safe and nations who can handle Israel to do so

Green Day, forced to call American's idiots. They really don't think much of the rest of the world

This was their next video, after torture

This was Franz Ferdinand's last video before the torture it's about Israel and Israel's view of us

Looking forward to playing Sherlock Holmes Nemesis. With Israel doing so much fake news, events and otherwise, bring out Your inner sleuth

It's disheartening, to say the least, when you see what they are doing. We need to make all this better, because we sure can't tolerate it

Be aware, Israeli interests have infiltrated reddit and other social networking sites, more so. Just so you know

Same old story, Israel instigates a situation, and when it comes back towards them they are outraged

i, like all of you, would like to be missed when we're gone. The opposition makes it so that we can't feel like that about them in any way

Updated link of Al Yankovic's "Handy"

What's happening in Gaza is a massacre of a defenseless population, and Israel isn't stopping on their own. Brave nations please help

America is being robbed by the Federal Reserve, which is neither. This one's up to you to stop, you have the resources

The song's fine, the video's not she's being made fun of compared to the lyrics version of this video. Inna, Pitbull

While Hamas considers a ceasefire, Israel continues the airstrikes and ground offensive to try and continue this one sided battle of theirs

Zayn Malik, singer in One Direction getting death threats for Free Palestine tweet. You don't have to imagine far to know from what faction

They thought forcing people into Israeli scripts would help them, instead it is going to bring them down. Help make this an urgent priority

Just one part of the solution, we need all the parts working together to succeed

There's enough of us to make all of this happen, on topic and off. Think about what you can do to make a difference and put that forward

In Gaza right now they're ruining more than people's happiness. Please help them as best you can

The opposition wants to ruin people's happiness, i want to bring it back, and am not alone

The back of the box compared to actuality what a waste of 3 dollars on this Zionist tripe

Although not a lost cause, North America is largely taken over, for now. Where this will most likely start is overseas, and on from there

"Weird" Al Yankovic wants you to know they're Handy. Have a feeling this won't get lost in translation

Looks like the world is noticing you this time Israel, and i hope the world will stop you

As of today, the death toll in Gaza is more than 300. But counting lives is not what we should be doing, they need help, do what you can

Not to dwell on this, it's just upsetting that no matter how well i do it goes back to the past. Let me do well, and try not to let you down

i watch two shows a day, the local news and an entertainment news show, neither of which need to change in the least. Maybe consider your tv

Will they win? i sure hope not. We really need to get this together if we're going to block what they have done, are doing and have planned

Not saying i'm without fault, and have apologized for wrong doings, but please don't get caught up in the tabloid mentality they put forward

Choose what you want about me, but never go back on what needs to be done. i hope to do the best i can alongside you, and will try to help

We all start knowing nothing and learn on the way, the best and only thing you can do from mistakes is to learn from them and not to repeat

i believe the term is resolute, to be strong in your opinion. Especially when they try to make you sway with shit that has no bearing in now

Am happy to have so many good people in my personal life, they have my respect and my thanks

Rihanna replaced her tweet of Free Palestine, i guess the opposition doesn't like their slaves to have opinions. Good on her for saying it

There's a part in this for all of us, think about how well we'll do with everyone working together. Get involved, and always stick with that

i'm here to help and will do the best i can, consider me at your service

If there's an entity you want to talk to, do so. If there's a government you want to talk to, do so. Let them know what you want. i will too

At one point i did write and call almost all the contact list, now i think this is the best for me, i encourage you to start the same though

Israel is telling Palestinians that if they don't want to be killed they should leave their own territory. Fits right into their agenda

If we can make it through this the rest is small stuff

i do like to enjoy my time off, when at a loss of what else to do. Let's get through this spot in our history and be happy about the future

Netanyahu refuses to listen to the international community, concern and condemnation won't help this time, we need to do more

As for death tolls, Netanyahu should be asked about the number of Israeli fatalities versus the amount of Palestinian ones

No matter what any of us do they will find a way to make bullshit of it, do your thing and don't bother with what they say

You can never give up. They won't, so you can't

Everyone seems to be putting down Obama's presidency, i like Obama and think he did well. Hope he uses his time in office to do even more

Television "comedy" shows are now all insult humor, there's no laugh track in real life and all you end up with are upset people

As for me, i definitely apologize for any wrongs of mine in my distant past. Will Israel ever apologize for theirs of past, present, future?

Not only do Israeli's need to be policed, their police need to be policed

Mostly it's America being swindled, but with the money from them they terrorize other nations and enslave the rest of the world through debt

i guess they don't think they've taken enough from us already

Regarding the three israeli settlers found dead, there has been for a week or so no cause of death given, you'd figure they'd mention that

There's a sweet, fun, smart and pretty lady i may have unintentionally made feel bad, i hope she knows what's meant of what's said

Since this plot has been going on for so long it's always looked like their television broadcasters were trained since birth to do just that

Good, honest people apologizing to the ADL is backwards, they should be the ones apologizing to us. They won't try that until it's too late

might not seem like much but is something that really bothers me, scripted reality, it should bother you too as it insults our intelligence

yes, am late about this, but am very glad that Paul McCartney is doing better. There are lots of great guys but he is definitely one of them

Looks like Final Fantasy IX was 'right' in their condemnation of parts VII and VIII. Don't want to say for sure but so far FFVIII is amazing

As nice as it would be for me to see this happen, that probably won't be how it goes. You are the ones who need to finish this, best to you

"weird" Al Yankovic's new album title, mandatory fun, has nothing to do with communism

i try not to focus on the past that much, all we can do is learn from it, would rather work on making the present and future better

We made it so far so fast that we didn't notice in the background that the floor is being taken from beneath us. Now we need to fix this

There will be lots of time for fun after we succeed

The best you can do is just that, your best. Do what feels right

Thank you, to the fathers, brothers, sons, mothers, sisters, daughters that will be doing this for us. Be brave, we are all hoping for you

Father's are, like most people, where the good ones outnumber the bad ones. So if you have or had a good one, then happy Fathers Day

Always try to make things better, the best that you can. Your help is needed

Did Jennifer Lopez want to aid the enemy? After being forced into an album of theirs? i doubt it, and what does that say about Jimmy Fallon?

Although this is off topic, and i haven't liked snl in years, i like Tracy Morgan and want to wish him good health and a speedy recovery

All we can do is what we feel is right, what is good, and what in this situation is needed. What they do isn't up to us, to stop them is

"fucked my way up to the top" on Lana Del Rey's new track list makes me worry she's been taken over. Easier to see when the album's released

cnn, for when you really, really don't want to know. i'm surprised they're still on television. Don't bother watching, you know them already

Life's too short for bad media, media that's against you. Find people, things and even media that you like and stick with those

It's your turn. i'll still continue of course, but it's definitely your time to shine

Guitar Hero Metallica could have been amazing, unfortunately it was developed by Neversoft and has mostly songs from Israeli scripted albums

Last boss in the arcade game Captain Commando

Laws formed by those who vote, then those who are appointed to govern, for what the public wants and does not, what is acceptable or not

i'm definitely not fond of criminals on our side either

i like the police, we pay our taxes for them to protect us. i'll be even happier paying taxes when it's time for the stormtroopers

Some things sure are depressing, might as well work on making everything better while we're doing this, there's enough of us to do it all

Now is nowhere near the time for any of us to be retiring

Thank goodness for good friends

Unfortunately watched half an snl sketch the other day, that was enough, let alone an hour and thirty minutes of that crap

Also, if you're looking for a good wwii game try Company of Heroes. The first one, not the second as it was bought and produced by Sega

if you don't figure there are enough videogames that let you play as the villain, wolfenstein the new order is now available

Oh, so x also means that

With all the negative propaganda being pumped out by the opposition, it's really nice to see something good once in a while. Best to you

We've all had our momentary lapses of reason. However, the one Pink Floyd was referencing was world war ii

On a commercial for the tv show "the big bang theory" there was a light blue tri-force star of david on the board. Just so you know

As much as i've always loved the movie Blade Runner, it looks like i'll have to come to terms that it was made to mess up the excellent book

Guess it's up to us to teach

i feel sad for people who consume Zionist media, how they can stand it i have no idea

You really, really, need to show that each one of us is important, because each of us are

And wow does this ever need to be sorted out, stay safe and hope that this gets exposed soon

Singers, until this is sorted out try not to go negative on album songs as if you get compromised that will probably be your next single

Imagine when someone, then everyone comes forward about forced Israeli scripting. it's been going on for a long time and needs to be ended

Demi Lovato sure is nice. The newest song is hers but the video and song choice is not. In Case (in studio) showcases the Stein piano

They're willing to, better than looking to. Take a reasonable offer, have them pledge not to do the same, and make sure the girls are ok

Boko Haram is looking to trade the kidnapped Nigerian girls for prisoners. Please allow this to happen and never from either side again

Mom was the nicest. Smart, fun, health conscious. Her last trip before the hospice was the grand canyon. For so many reasons i love you mom

i love my mom, and miss her dearly. if you love your mom, let her know while you can, if you can't then cherish the memories

As with any venture, it won't happen on it's own, it takes much effort and many times much bravery

Glad that foreign nations are intervening to rescue the kidnapped girls in Nigeria. i hope for all of their safety

That's a side note. Now, where were we

Since i'll probably be forever alone have picked up a pet budgie who am very happy with

Like i said before, lots to talk about, lots to do. So don't wait for me before you get started

Since i can't post the link to one of the sites, here's the details for both, alphabetaunlimited , or alphabetaunlimited

They call themselves "sicks", that's not a compliment

The movie crash deals with many racisms, except one, where it's dealt with at the end when it snows

We've been doing well with the topic of the federal reserve, now it's time for action. America, get ready and get started

Think about what the 9 trillion dollars "missing" from the federal reserve Could have been spent on. End the fed, once and for all

Step one: Don't watch/listen to/read/play media with Zionist agenda. They are trying to screw you around anyhow and you'd be better without

Hope is something we need to have, it won't get everything done by itself but can be part of the reason to do so, to get there and enjoy

For me, there's nothing else i would rather be doing

Help where you find it's most needed, and where you think you can do good

Palestinians are a peaceful people, let me urge them to continue this way and refrain from force, let the rest of the world deal with Israel

When you don't think things can get worse, think of those being tortured by Israel, that's the worst you can get. You still need to stand up

It's not too hard to tell good intentions from bad ones

In the battle of late night now and near the only ones who lose are the viewers

CBS is going to be replacing David Letterman with Stephen Colbert, someone they won't have to force to put forward Zionist agenda

i'm not religious, but many times i pray for the best

Hate signifies all of them, and that is not the case, which is why we cannot hate

i'm doing okay and will continue, but your help is much more needed with others, please stay with that and do the best you can, always

For what we are doing we will need the co-operation of every nation on Earth, working together towards the same goal

If you work in government you can make good things happen. If you don't work in government you can still make good things happen

Recognize the guy singing the chorus on this song? He's the singer from Panic at the Disco. It's all about intention

Great guys these ones, r.i.p. Adam Yauch

The Beastie Boys are a good example of their own standing up for what's right

Damn we're awesome, i'm always amazed at how well we're doing, in general, there's things that need to be made better, but overall wow

Good, and bad, as in the effects actions have on others in a positive or negative way

The good need to keep the bad in check, make a world for the rest of us

Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber would be doing a lot better if it wasn't for the situation they're in

Please, help where it's needed

There's a lot to do, on topic and off, but if i was to choose one thing, then that, forced Israeli scripting, would be first priority

Something i constantly wish for is for someone to definitively come forward about forced Israeli scripting, really hope this happens

Shiren the Wanderer, by Chunsoft. It's always very nice to find a good videogame, and this looks to be one

i know in advance when they are going to make bullshit out of something posted, but i put it forward anyway in hope to make something better

The practitioners of the Protocols ruin it for the others

Of Zion

Guess i'm not too fond of the young people of Zion either

As a side note, i like people older than i am, just not the Elders of Zion

In the game "Arc Rise Fantasia" the first town you get to is called Topazion and you are summoned to go and talk with the elders, great...

It matters, all this we're doing, it's not All that matters, but is something that also effects everything else that does

If you ever want to get mad, watch a children's television channel for a few minutes, and see what they're doing

South Park tsot reminds me of the song "i'm just a kid" by Simple Plan, these plans, plots against our children need to be stopped

i've been asking, and wanting for you to get involved for years now, so now's as good a time as any, if you haven't yet started, to start

Trey Parker and Matt Stone's South Park the stick of truth was released yesterday, i'd very much suggest you save your money, up to you

edit: Ellen still is a good person, again, the real Ellen

Ellen has always previously been a good person, the real Ellen, the things they'll make her say tonight at the Oscars aren't what she wants

Apparently they are going to make another Matrix trilogy, guess they figure the two forced sequels still aren't enough to undo the first one

Friends, always try to be as true to word as possible, i know it's not easy in the media for one but whenever you have the opportunity do so

Well here we are, a place further than where we began, with a whole lot more to do. Make the most of it as many people are counting on you

With Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers there's now Saturday night live 11 times a week, unfortunately

Don't wait for something to happen to me before you get started, your help is needed right now

Just had the displeasure of watching the first Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, the guests were great but i will not regret never watching

When they start calling people anti-Semitic you know something's being done right

We could really use your help, please do the best you can

Now, where were we..

It's probably best for everyone that i stay single

Being single can be fun too, you can be happy either way

Valentines Day is a day for everyone, show the person you like that you like them or the person you love that you love them

Jay Leno and Jimmy Fallon greet each other with open arms, when Johnny Carson wasn't even mentioned in Jay Leno's first monologue or after

Sorry Zion, all the men in black are on our side

Wow, 9-11 truther at the Super Bowl

Dear Mr Watterson, am a fan

Dear Mr Watterson, thanks for all the fun times in your Calvin and Hobbes comics. Congratulations on your recent award, it's well deserved

Lots to talk about, lots to do

Stephen Harper, Benjamin Netanyahu does not respect you

For a relationship i just want someone who i can take care of, side note

When i end, you sure as anything need to begin, what's even better is if you start right now

Contrary to what they made him sing, Pharrell is not happy

Since it is better to give than to receive, it is of course better to receive than to take

We're always so much better doing this together rather than alone

Also bought the game Mafia II, i wonder what the Mafia thinks about the Jewish supremacy plot going on

Bought a couple games today that couldn't be further apart, i have no idea why i bought the latter, Darksiders... and borderlands

Past, present, future. My wrongs are in the past, theirs are in all three

Believe i figured out what is happening on the cover of Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon. It's a star of David reference

No one died or got tortured by me

For a somewhat smart guy i sure did make some dumb mistakes. A long time ago but still, and not everything was

i'm not the only one with that ability, and it's a good one to have

If i had a superpower it might be the ability to see through things, agenda wise that is. What's your superpower?

Was very nicely gifted with the game Injustice, am enjoying it and look to continue enjoying it

If you were in a bad situation, like what is happening to the Palestinians by Israel, you would hope for some help as well

i'm not trying to be rude or sarcastic, am not a fan of either rudeness or sarcasm, that's just the best way i could put it

No matter what's done from our side, they will find a way to make bullshit out of it

May we work towards a happy new year of many accomplishments

They've been harvesting people's opinions on Reddit for a while now

If smart is sexy, then personality seals the deal

i'm not the only one being plotted against, this is about all of us

Wishing a merry Christmas to family, to friends and am sure to many people i have never met. Have a happy holidays

Wow, met a girl who shared her Christmas cheer with me, i don't know your name but thank you and have a very merry Christmas as well

If you take what i say as it's meant to be said i will never disappoint you

Whenever you have the chance to better yourself, take that route

Proud to be the new me. it's been a long process along a bumpy road, but made it

Steve Carell on Anchorman 2 "It's refreshing when the only agenda is to make people laugh". If only that were true

"When we have learned what Christmas is for" Stevie Wonder, Someday at Christmas

You'd figure they'd be too busy counting their federal reserve money than to worry about my little stake in life

This is me trying. Please join

i seem to be at a disadvantage for being fair

Titling "Beyonce's" newest album after her name doesn't mean it's hers

In Super Mario World the North American section is called Donut Plains

There are good ones, unfortunately the others ruin it for them

The Simpsons, jazz hands

Hopefully The Protocols will be something taught in history class

i guess it makes it easier for them, not having to tell the truth and all

They are currently trying the bullshit route, i hope people ignore them now and ignore them in the future

If being good is it's own reward, then doing the opposite should also bring the opposite

They lie, as they have been for a long time, but every time they do and get found out they lose credibility. Do not believe them blindly

i'd rather have one billion people working together than one, we'll get so much more done. You've got to do your part though

Remember with the ongoing music videos that once an artist is taken a hold of they generally aren't let go, so Eminem for one isn't cleared

So it looks like JFK was trying to abolish the Federal Reserve, and was against Israel having a nuclear arsenal

The opposition is having a field day with Stefani Lady Gaga, i feel bad for her, the album The Fame wasn't even anti-Zionist. Stay strong

They're trying to be stealthier with the Israeli scripted music videos and other media, don't let them fool you

In my previous life i had a lot of problems, which i attribute to drugs, drinking and lack of meds. Have really turned myself around though

They make it hard not to hate

So now we have to worry about the 25th, is that right? It sure would be nice to not have to worry at all

The movie They Live isn't on YouTube anymore, however it's so good i suggest you download the movie or buy it from a store. Top 5,happy 25th

This Remembrance Day look at how we are being thanked

Notice what Sega put on the tennis racquets

Sorry for the server downtime, hope it's back up soon. Status and updates are at

It says something that they forced John Lennon to sing 'give peace a chance'

Well the opposition is trying to anyhow, and they have a head start

i put a ladybug out of harms way today, ladybugs aren't ruining the world

This is all your decision, i'll just try and help

Being skeptical is the opposite of being naive, be skeptical

However, now i know about Dean Koontz

On a complete side note, i seem to have found another good videogame company, Idea Factory, the game Spectral Souls to be specific

Although i wouldn't take back reading so much Stephen King, Dean Koontz is by far better intentioned, like a breath of fresh air

i really need to stand up for Janelle Monae and Miguel, heard the audio to this beautiful song, Primetime, the new video isn't theirs

Metallica has been forced Israeli scripted since And Justice for All, i don't see how the new movie Through the Never would be any different

They seem to have taken to lying, more so. Another of the reasons i don't watch, listen to or read Zionist sources

We're all good at different things, if there's something you're good at that can help us in any way please do so

The reason the star of David is so important is that it is not only an identifier but a threat in and of itself meant to represent the body

i guess this would be as good a time as any to hope that my mistakes early in my life are valid for redemption

Great, i was really looking forward to the game The Witcher 2, reading through the instruction manual and see this

The blue makeup doesn't hide their eyes. Check the cameo's by willing participants, minus Bono.

You know what scares me? The thought of humanity living in endless misery if we don't succeed

Torture can never be justified, ending torture can be

"Katy Perry" Dark Horse . If you "can't stop", then you'll understand that i can't either

It sure would be nice if everyone was only good all the time, unfortunately that's not what always happens, but we can do our best to help

The intro to FF XIII "Lightning Returns" greets you with stars of David everywhere

Sick and evil are not compliments, they are what we need to protect us and our loved ones from

The rest of us will do just fine

With a name that's a torture reference, Eternal Sonata talks a battle between good and evil, not 100% but you can choose which side is which

Just so you know, that's not my sentiment, that's the song she's being forced to sing

Britney Spears is still being tortured, "her" newest song "Work Bitch". Help Britney and the others, they need it

The Doors' Jim Morrison sang of when the music's over, unfortunately that's about where we're at right now

That's too bad, i was hoping the movie Don Jon would be good, looks like it might be a Trojan horse

Now is your time to shine

When an artist of any kind is forced to read Israeli scripts, they generally aren't let go of, we have to make them let go

Obama says he will listen to congress, let congress listen to you

When Israel agrees with you about invading Syria, then you know something is wrong. There's no rush on this, get the facts first

"Paul McCartney's" most recent song, New, doesn't really sound like it's from his viewpoint at all

Youtube has ruined their official app. They went from 100 ranked videos per subject, to 25 negatively hand picked ones by zionist interest

If you wanted my opinion on Syria then there it is, am seeing people suffering and wanting to make it better. Assad's resignation is needed

Syria is a Middle Eastern nation who is not represented by Assad, if he steps down and is replaced democratically then mission accomplished

Syria: Aid to rebels, precision strikes, regime change

Sometimes it's just nice to know that someone is there

Final Fantasy IX "No cloud, no squall shall hinder us", does this mean FF VII & VIII are good? In this specific instance, it looks that way

Let me take a moment to give my deepest thanks to everyone who has ever given me their support, i'm here for you and will do the best i can

i respect my peers and anyone who takes the time to care what i say, Mark Zuckerberg does not. NSA was bad, facebook does it in the light

i want progress as much as anybody, it's just not something that can be done alone, it will take a lot of work from you as well

Updates at until further notice

The reason it matters that Israeli's perform talmudic rituals is to show that those supremacist views are still in their mentality

News of negative events is as upsetting to report as it is to watch or read, but it must be as a start to make things better

Yes, i know a lot else goes on as well, keep on top of it and help when you can, i'll stick to what i'm doing

The video's referenced are The Fallen and Give It To Me

There's parts where it looks like Stefani has been crying. They did this to Franz Ferdinand and Justin Timberlake too

As a fan, i find it very doubtful that Capcom were the ones to set Resident Evil 5 in Africa

Stefani Lady Gaga is being forced to try and get you involved with the song Applause, i suggest you get involved too, just for other reasons

They've been trying to be less obvious with Israeli scripted music, what gives "Katy Perry" - roar away is the line dancing through the fire

Was fortunate to get to see Ashton Kutcher's acceptance speech for his ultimate choice award

Recent comments and speeches lead me to worry that Obama has been taken over

This is where You start

i'm doing alright, but there are a lot of people who aren't, your time is better spent helping them

i need to start following my own advice and not buy videogames by companies known to have zionist agenda

There are very many brave people, in work and in life, musicians are definitely among them

Put a page for link updates at

The website server is down again so put together a site for updates,

Breaking my silence about and in support of Edward Snowden, it's not really something i cover but more power to you

To succeed we will require your action, i'll do what i can, but you need to do what you can too

If everyone starts right now, we'll be getting a lot more done

If something ever happens to me, think of me busy doing what i've loved, and continue

it's not hate, anger maybe, not hate. it's just so depressing seeing this

i can't stand bullshit, i really can't

Usually i don't comment on server downtime or maintenance but this is taking some time, so will be back as soon as possible

Seeing so much positive in life makes the negative unacceptable

Never forget what they've done, what they're doing and what they have planned

We are all 1 in 7 billion, individuals with similarities

i think what all of us want most is to be happy, on many levels, happy. right now we are being prevented from that

For me, i scrimp, and save, and treat every dollar as something special. I do not want what little i have to be taken

The Federal Reserve is not fine, but making money and enjoying it is, as long as you don't step on other people to get it

Be aware of v's and triangles, mostly used to reference the star of david

A lot of brave people have been, a lot of brave people there are, and a lot of brave people to be

i'm not doing this for my own benefit, and at some point you are going to have to take over

With movies such as World War Z, we keep getting portrayed as zombies

and that's not a reference to the song 'i've gotta feeling'

i have a feeling that the videogame 'the last of us' isn't about the last of Us

Iran has cast their ballots for a new president, i only hope their choice is as strong politically and in will as Mr Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was

Share the love, there's no shortage of deserving people

Paris Jackson, your dad was talented yet you are your own person. Don't let anyone bring you down, and remain thick-skinned when they try

"Miley Cyrus" - We Can't Stop. Really?...

am very happy with the person i turned out to be, while still learning and still bettering myself

Sometimes before i post something i think great, they're going to make some bullshit out of this, but i post anyway and don't listen to them

My time off is your time on, my time on is your time on. Make the most of it

Reminiscing with an old friend, adbusters, i can't vouch for any recent issues but the previous ones sure are good

Daft Punk - get lucky. Don't blame anyone else for being up all night, and leave Pharrell alone

"Jennifer Lopez & Pitbull" 'Live it up' is one of the more obvious Israeli scripted song and video seen recently

Am doubting that that the most famous actress Angelina Jolie willingly had both her breasts removed in case that she might get cancer

and we need as many heroes as we can get

Whether to 1 person or a million, whenever you get the chance, be a hero

Nothing but best wishes to International Space Station Commander Chris Hadfield

This story about Charles Ramsey and the 'kidnap victims' in Cleveland is unbelievable, as in not believable

May 'the force' be... ended

Even when there's not a lot to go on, there's a lot to go on. As long as you stay on topic we'll be doing okay

Reddit can be fun, it can also be great for information, some group today staged a denial of service web attack trying to suppress it

Fertilizer is a known explosive substance, and the explosion in Texas is being treated as a crime scene

"Ricin found in letter to United States Senate office", after 9/11 it was anthrax

Thoughts are with Boston after the multiple explosions causing 2 deaths and many injuries. May those responsible be exposed

We'll be going nowhere without You

Added reddit posts to links page, updated download links

This is going to take awhile, and we'll need a lot of very brave people

All day, every day we are being plotted against. We had better be ready to counteract and undo everything they attempt

Am a fan of rap stars, not the game Rapstar. As with all Konami singing games the songs, even good ones, are chosen with negative intent

Everybody has a part in this, from "doesn't bother me" to "where do i sign up". What's your part?

Quake 4, the "rhino squad" vs the "strogg"

That's not a compliment

No matter what is said or how it's said, the Zionist opposition will find some way to distort it

i do prefer having many news updates, sometimes it's just not like that

Treated myself to Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 today. i like fighting games, not fighting

Don't let 'good videogame companies' turn into a checklist for the Zionist entity. Be aware, be vocal

i actually don't mind Mark Wahlberg, but that bit of diversion peeved me

Academy Awards: 'Ted' to Mark Wahlberg "Are you Jewish?", "No, i'm Catholic"

Seth MacFarlane does not need your help

What i fear is a future of misery if we don't all stand up and make this happen right now

Watched "Dave Chappelle" For What it's Worth, the content matched this shirt they made him wear

i can never quit, you can never quit, we can never quit

i will continue but you need to take over, that's the best way forward. Everyone needs to be involved. We've gotten this far, further to go

Netanyahu building the Israeli apartheid wall Published Jan 27th 2013 in The Times of London

Game developer THQ was one of the only good ones left, now their titles are being sold off to zionist entities

Someone who has been Israeli scripted needs to come forward

For that matter i don't think Jamie Foxx wanted to be in Django unchained

i don't think that Brad Pitt wanted to be in inglorious basterds or that Leonardo DiCaprio wanted to be in Django unchained

Does this shirt remind you of anything? "Beyonce" on GQ magazine

i'm talking mainly about the lovely girl i had at the time, who i should have treated much better in many ways

There are moments of my past that are filled with unbelievable stupidity, thankfully i am much better now

Since the beginning of this all i'm wanting to do is help

Threats are a reason why we must continue, not a reason to stop

Turns out Sega's sonic the hedgehog is a massive 1984 reference

Wishing a full return to health for miss Hillary Clinton, who's made one great Secretary of State

May 2013 be a year of getting many goals accomplished

Merry christmas to everyone

In auto racing i believe this is called a rolling start

From many goes one, from one goes many

If you have the opportunity to lead, do so

As for this mass school shooting in America, keep on top of it

The universe is awesome, we are awesome

i will be continuing, with one request, that you shift the focus to everyone, and keep it there

The message, not the messenger

Sorry for the delay in news posts, the server is down and i will put everything up when able

We're here, and we're doing pretty well, make the most of it

Congratulations to all Palestinians on your new United Nations status. Hopefully this will lead to many great opportunities for you

Not looking forward to trying the Final Fantasy 1 remake for psp done by Square-Enix, there will always be the real nes and ps1 origins ones

Was it too much to hope that game developer Enix would have been a good company before merging with Squaresoft? I guess so

To make this go from dream to reality is going to need a lot of work from a lot of people

I had a bad feeling about this, unfortunately it looks like they were also taken . Back to dark side of the moon

To save us, to protect us

The reason we cannot hate is because it includes those who are innocent as well. No hate, just what must be done

Threw out an rpg book i got cheap awhile ago, called "Mutants and Masterminds", guess who they think is who

Forced Israeli scripting has been going on for some time, after 9/11 though they started doing it to everyone they could get their hands on

Reddit has been infiltrated, there are still tons of good people there, but now there is also a lot of subversive bullshit

It's horrible seeing paper after paper, station after station being taken over by the Zionist entity. It gets worse unless we work on it

The earliest forced Israeli scripting in music that I know of would have to be Jim Morrison, an example song is roadhouse blues, been awhile

And a heartfelt thanks to the heroes of today, a bit different task, but still as needed

Today is remembrance day, where we think about all the brave men and women who lost their lives in ww1 & ww2, and look at how we are thanked

One task on a list of many is media reform, it is one of their main sources of power and needs to be considered a priority

Thank goodness, Obama won. That was way too close. 4 more years for him to do as much good as possible

The future of America, and the world, is at stake, and I sure would like to see it in Obama's hands

Please, once and for all, I apologize to anyone I have harmed or let down while growing up. Hoping to do the best with what I am doing now

"Don't worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it." Ariel Sharon Oct 3 2001

Zombies!!! the game, by Todd Breitenstein, has the expansion "Mall Walkers". Another example of the mentality we have to deal with

If the Zionist entity promotes something, it's usually bad for you. If the Zionist entity is against something, it's usually pretty good

Their 2 minute hate will always be in effect, it's up to you if you want to watch them or not

Obama vs Romney, how is this even a question? If Romney is elected America will be ruined. Show your support, vote, and hope Obama wins

I told my Mom I love her, I've thanked her for all she did for me, I just never fully got the chance to tell her, Hey, I'm doing okay now

This second presidential debate was a joy to watch, welcome back Mr Obama

Back online, there will however be a slight delay in news due to site maintenance

I am currently without internet, luckily you aren't

The entity Romney has sold his soul to wants to get rid of PBS because it is a spring ground for learning and free thought

Mitt Romney is a shill with negative intentions, good for Israel, bad for America. Long live President Obama, he's been doing really well

This is too good to let slip by, in case you missed it...

To get a better feel of The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, I would suggest you print it out and read it that way

I thought N.E.R.D. got out a real song with Hot n Fun, turns out it's one more Israeli scripted song about crack

Guns n Roses, Use Your Illusion. I guess you'd have to. Just another example Israeli scripting has been around for awhile

The blame for the movie Innocence of Muslims can be traced back to Jewish funding, who stand to benefit most from this and timed it to 9-11

Here's hoping no more rockets from Palestine to Israel, they are ineffective and counter productive. Let those better equipped take action

Praise to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, we need more leaders as brave as he is

Sure is nice to be back online, refreshed and ready to help along with each and every one of you

Sorry for the lack of updates, I will not have internet until Tuesday. Don't let this stop you from doing the best You can

It's not just threats, it's going on already

"Tomorrow, tomorrow, I'll love ya, tomorrow" is a threat

How do we get from where we're at, to where we need to be? Us, that's how

The Killers - Smile Like You Mean It

Less me, more you

The only thing I believe about the "Wade Michael Page" shooting is the 6 sikh and officer killed. You'd figure they would know how he died

Posted an article about aluminum causing alzheimer's, posted this because it is also put into toothpaste and drinking water

In batman tdkr they have bane turn gotham city into a concentration camp, felt like I was watching Schindler's List

Sure is nice to be online again, back to work

While I'm offline, as with always, stay informed, politically active, and do what you can to further the cause. Back as soon as possible

Due to circumstances beyond my control I will be unable to update news for about a week (mandatory floor resurfacing) please use time well

Bought and been watching the first four seasons of Futurama, enjoying it as much, but probably more, than ever

The group simple plan's first song was "I'm just a kid", have been onto their 'simple plan' since the beginning

The disproportionate level of Zionist media and entertainment can make it seem like there's nothing else, there is, it's just harder to find

Great, now to see the way south park has always been. When the walls start to close in, just walk right through them

As for me, my past life is far from perfect, but I learn, and improve, and will do my damnedest to get us through this to the other side

And that doesn't mean to put up with what they're doing

When it comes to put up or shut up, always try to do the former

I do however immensely enjoy the original episodes of Futurama

Just to mention, it's okay to want money, as long as you're not stepping on peoples toes to get it

Turns out it is about money, about the opposition wanting it. After checking this out again it's a mixed bag if that, co-writers

Futurama movie Bender's Big Score (the only real movie of them) is not about money. Been awhile, looking forward to seeing this again

Please, concentrate on the 7 billion

If this were me alone against the zionist entity, we would lose. Luckily we have each other to depend on

After needing just a bit more to determine what side Nintendo is on, this will do. Nintendo shows wii-u at E3

No drugs, no alcohol, and on my medication, for many years now. Sober is definitely the best state of mind

Not messing around, she's beautiful

From the real Simpsons with Paul Anka's guarantee, just don't look, just don't look

Really wanting to be with my girlfriend, will continue what I'm doing of course, I'm just really wanting to be with my girlfriend

I'm not angry at David Letterman, not in the least, my anger is against the writers and the ones who force him to say what they write

I've never driven a truck, there's a part for each of us. That's awhile forward though so first things first on the way to get there

The Zionist faction seem to have taken quite the liking to Reddit

Doubletalk-free zone, and that doesn't mean free doubletalk

Been re-reading Calvin & Hobbes books recently, loving them as expected

Sometimes I watch, read, listen about the hard times women face to remind myself how precious and fragile they really are

Here's hoping that the movie Battleship has some mention of the U.S.S. Liberty

Hakuna matata has got to go

You can make up your own mind of course, but I'll tell you we unfortunately aren't left with much of a choice

It seems MTV used a different formula of 'slime' on Justin Bieber during their awards show, resulting in him having to shave his head

About 100 pages into House of Sand and Fog and it's not looking good, should have known as the movie was done by dreamworks

It may seem the problem is only in the Middle East, but it really affects us all, and is a threat the whole world needs to deal with

Hopefully the people being harmed by Israel don't mind me trying to help

Everybody is good at different things, do what you're good at and what you enjoy

Watch Saturday night live? No thanks

I will never change my mind on this. The good of them will understand

What a voice, rest in peace Whitney Houston, you will be missed

Updated documentaries page to account for the unfortunate closure of

Added to links a page and a page

"Madonna" calls for world peace at Superbowl XLVI, it's going to take a lot of work on our part to achieve that

The stormtrooper outfits are fine and all, I'm just more partial to the halo armor

I liked Nicki Minaj, never been a fan of Drake. If they're looking to be saved how about they ask the ones being tortured for their opinion

I'm not in the propaganda business, but I know who is

If anyone can get America back it's Ron Paul. Support him towards being the republican candidate, then all the way to the white house

Updated links on downloads and documents due to the takedown of MegaUpload

and the internet would be called "the internet"

If SOPA/PIPA passes, there will be one website left on the internet,

Keep up the good work, I hope for success. An album of how 30+ websites participated in the SOPA/PIPA blackout

Again and always, this is in addition to what You are doing

Local Zionist radio station censors 'tell the whole globe it's about to snow' from Belly ft Ginuwine Pressure. Says it's about money

The Tri-Force in Google Doodles

The Tri-Force in Zelda, along with some of the plotlines make me question not only the series but also Nintendo

If you feel something is lacking, join and fill it in, then we'll make much better progress

The Zionist media machine will fake news, and create news, when they feel they can get away with it. Don't let them

Vacations over, back to work. You too

To face unafraid, the plans that we made, walking in a winter wonderland

Hopefully teaching how to fish

Picking up a christmas gift for a loved one, late update today

Sorry for the lack of articles and tweets sometimes, it's not from lack of trying. If spending your time, might as well be about the issues

Just one of the guys

Take the hard route

You. and you, you also. You over there, and you, and you, definitely you... (and you!) Get busy, do what you can

Was out this morning, came back to a non-functioning browser problem and not sure what's the matter with it. Back as soon as possible

I've been that guy, truly, now we're all on the same page and I wish this would go to everyone. I'll continue but there's a leader in us all

We're here, everyone make the most of it, working together to make things better

About Occupy Wall Street: The problem isn't with people being rich, it's with rich people who screw those who aren't. Demands still needed

Will skip watching saturday night live tonight, same as how I've skipped watching it every Saturday for the last 5 years

We're not looking to torture them, wish the same could be said the other way around. Instead we must end their tortures of us, and succeed

Well, have now seen the full Saw movie series and you know what, it's actually okay, on the up-and-up. Enjoyed, who would have guessed

Not trying to let anyone down when there's only a few news articles, it's not from slacking off, just that's all I found that wanted to post

Watched the first Saw movie tonight, surprisingly it wasn't that bad as I'm in the mood for horror with Halloween soon. Hope the rest are ok

As I've read most every other Stephen King book, will finish Under the Dome, even if it's just to cement my unfortunate realization of him

The post 9-11 Stephen King book Under the Dome is just awful, and you can see his allegiance easily, gave him a chance with this, he failed

Even at 292 tweets I'm still not overly chatty, try to be when something comes to mind. In person I am, online not quite as much but will

The occupy movement does need to have a list of demands, so far in America stop the wars, tax the rich, end the federal reserve...

Super proud to see the global occupy protesters doing so well and growing, mostly the protests are non-violent. Please join or support them

7 billion people in the world now and I am only one of many. Will do my best but always share the love

10:30am till midnight was getting a bit much, you probably won't notice a big difference and it gives me some time for some fun stuff too

Literally spending every waking hour reading news and need to start one update noon till however long it takes me. The result is the same

Site is down due to a server issue, please try again tomorrow, I'll continue to check news sites and any found articles will be posted then

The 10 billion a year of direct and indirect aid to Israel from American taxpayers equals $120 for a family of four, look what it's buying

If you're looking for an autogenerated news site to replace google news since it turned all Zionist and unreadable, try

Admired: Charity work, fundraising, activism... generally helping others with your own spare time

You do your thing, I'll be here

Obama on Steve Jobs: "He changed the way each of us see the world". A dividing comment, opposed to all of us. Attack on OWS is a pr campaign

Obama, his administration, and the msm have been on a full offensive against the Occupy movements. Wishing it's continuance and more to join

Happy to have news plus as an addition to the main page, it's seperate to not distract from the purpose, of helping those harmed by Israel

Had many good conversations today with friends and people I know, because of this my news page was somewhat lacking, back at it tomorrow

Late to the party on this one, activists of Occupy Wall Street and others sharing the same goals, this one's for you

Started a news plus page, just a place to post articles that don't quite fit on the main news page

And when the brokenhearted people, living in the world agree, there will be an answer, let it be. The Beatles, Let it be

The message, not the messenger

Added a study version of The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion to documents page, also includes htm, txt and ePub

Added complete archive of Flickr photos to downloads page

Since Palestinians are always good to one another, statehood will be the beginning, of the end of all their problems caused by Israel

Updated Flickr page to allow downloading

schweddy Balls Icecream, brought to you by the writers of snl. When it comes to torture it's that it's already going on and must be stopped

Watched the animated adaptation of George Orwells Animal Farm, they try to screw around with the whole message of the book. Book recommended

Palestinian statehood will be discussed by the United Nations Security Council Monday. I so hope for them, please let it come true

UsRael, Netanyahu thanks Obama for his speech at the United Nations

Obama says the only way to a Palestinian state is with Israel's approval, while the only thing Israel is approving is more settlements

It would be good judgement for USA to allow a Palestinian state, even if they don't, it will then go to the general assembly, where approved

The song dancing in the streets isn't about Palestinian statehood... but I bet there will be for that as well

Rest in peace those killed on 9/11 to advance the Israel/America war machine

Finished my second reading of Clive Barker's Imajica, what a wonderful book, still my favorite. Next, Cormac McCarthy's The Road

Updated videogame companies with Zionist agenda, will update it as needed

Updated documentaries page and will continue to add more sources, these are all definitely worth watching

Started an updated list of videogame companies with Zionist agenda, located on the documents page

Turns out Israel had prior knowledge about the Eilat attack but allowed it to happen to further their political agenda, sound familiar?

This isn't a long shot, this is unfortunately how they operate. 101<m, but it's not. From Rifts world book 5

There have been and are many brave people, and brave people to be, who deserve your admiration and support. We're getting there

I'm not doing this for my health and wellbeing, so please at least take my word as it's meant, truthfully, and help where you feel needed

I realize there are never any slow news days, this is what I concentrate on. Looking forward to when there are no more Israeli attrocities

Even when it's a slow news day, sometimes that happens and could be a good thing in a way, there's always a lot to talk about

I am constantly in awe of life, and seeing so much good makes the bad intolerable

So remember google news as it is today, and don't forget if you check it out tomorrow...

What a lot of it comes down to is motivation and intention, they have theirs, and then the many of us trying to help stop them

Google has drastically changed their news service, removing all sources options and going with hand picked articles from Israeli sources

Added rss to the new site, google has chosen the Zionist route

The back-up site will actually be at , I hope to have it ready by this evening

Started working on a back-up site to mirror this one, it's nowhere near complete but is at

The August 18th attacks in Israel, if not an inside job, look to be by Egyptian militants, yet the deaths and injuries pile up in Gaza

And we're back...

My internet connection has been compromised so unfortunately cannot update news right now, please continue to do what you can

I'll manage, although it would be nice to have Google on our side, or at the very least understand

Google has always been a good friend and stayed strong, may the present, and future history think of them kindly

Jessie J wants to make the world dance, but it's not a dance song

Also to Stefani, sorry, when I'm single I'm all over the place, what I want and am looking for is to be in a committed relationship, to love

Stefani, if we were together I wouldn't let them take you or go down trying. If not then I'll do what I can from here, and hope to be joined

Remember that scripted reality isn't just on jersey shore, and that real events are also being scripted

"Jay-Z & Kanye West's" Otis has no message, just talk of bling to sell the rest of the Israeli album. There's screaming, and it's the truth

If you would prefer another method to download than torrent you can do so at

The new Israeli scripted song by Lady Gaga, You & I, is another "together" threat including the line "this time I'm not leaving without you"

Due to the death of Warrant singer Jani Lane (r.i.p.) I feel I should mention that the document titled (Stefani) is about Stefani Germanotta  Please share, seed, and work towards our goals

There are a lot of people that right now need your help, whether on this topic or not, please use your energy on making things better

Instead of quitting, I will continue. They want to bring me down, and I want to bring them down. The effort is on every one of us, always

I'm not perfect, but I'll do my best

Now, back to what we're here for

Listen, I'm proud of one thing from my previous life, my son, the rest is shit, I am however very happy with the way I am now

Stephen Spielberg promoting new jurassic park, "Their teeth are sharpened and not for the popcorn"

I've done a lot of stupid things in my life, mostly attributed to drugs, alcohol or being off my meds, thankfully this isn't one of them

Posted an article about protecting journalists, this doesn't include me, taking the risk

Rap group Public Enemy, who I listened to a lot and still do, dissed the song "don't worry, be happy", I actually like it

You know my agenda, I work towards it every day (and hope you do too). By now you should also know their agenda...

I'm not doing this for myself, this is only to help, and if the opposition is so out for me then I must be doing something right

I ask forgiveness for my mistakes, I've never killed and never tortured. I am a changed man now, and maybe this is my penance

This goes to you. I'll continue, but this always goes to you

I do like having a full page of news (although I dislike to say the least some of the events reported) that's just not always the case

Interest American people owe to the federal reserve is to exceed the money made yearly by the United States, resulting in perpetual slavery

This is a photo of Tahrir Square in Egypt, this kind of uprising also needs to happen in America

It's a weekday today, as long as we all do our part we'll be making progress. Ready... set... go

Say what you mean and mean what you say. I know it's difficult to do so sometimes but be as direct as you can whenever possible

Here's how Norway is looking,

No more 9/11's and 7/7's will be nice, how's Norway looking?

Watch "David Letterman" tonight if you want (July 22nd 2011) it would actually be a good example. Monday there will be a fine-tuned response

What do you think David Letterman (not an invitation to watch him read Israeli scripts) wishes while he's being tortured? And the others?

Sleep in heavenly peace

As long as we succeed (and we must) in this cull, we will only have to go through it once, then live the rest of human existence happily

From what I hear (again, I don't listen to their crap) one of the local Zionist radio stations is saying 'scorcher' a lot

Next cnn, abc, nbc, cbs, ap, nyt... a pie won't cut it, media awareness and media reform are needed

Let Fox news be one of the first Zionist news outlets to fall

Less focus on one person, more focus on many people, please and always

All this is in addition to what you are doing

I'm married to my work, it gets lonely sometimes, but a man can dream

If the UN caves on the recognition of the Palestinian state because of US threats to withhold funds, then the UN is bought and paid for

Reading Imajica by Clive Barker which I consider my favorite book. It's been half my lifetime since I read it first

I can't stand how every time you turn your head there's Zionist agenda. Especially when it's something you liked or wanted to like

Unfortunately, enough of them made it so's that we have no other choice

Puppydogs and butterflies when they feel they need it, crimes and threats when trying to maintain illicit gains. Don't bother with either

Took half a day off today, been a long time since I've done that. Watched the MMVA's which was great and full of really talented people

The story in this case isn't so much the subject, it's the fact that she's being forced to sing it

"Lady Gaga's" song edge of glory is trying to promote suicide. I wish someone would come forward about forced Israeli scripting

How anyone can stand watching, reading, listening to Zionist sources is beyond me. Boycott those, keep your mind clean

What's being done by Israeli's in the Middle East is just a microcosm of what they are doing worldwide. We are all affected

The good of life makes the bad intolerable, and we must not tolerate the Israeli past, the Israeli present, and the Israeli future

A local Zionist radio station is doing a weekend theme, screams. I don't listen to that crap, this was mentioned to me

Similarly, Germany needs to quit apologizing and get their balls back. Yes, I know Israel salivates at the word balls, all the more reason

When the time comes, Obama needs to allow a Palestinian state and let the chips fall where they may

Nice poster of the John Carpenter movie They Live

Currently reading The Hellbound Heart, I've read it before a long time ago but it's by my favorite author Clive Barker

Very disappointed in parts of the novel brave new world. Hoping it picks up and redeems itself

Don't look for the meaning of life, look to give life meaning

Pretty cheap for every book in the world

Bought an ebook reader, what a great device, would recommend it. First book to read on it will be Brave New World by Aldous Huxley

Forced Israeli scripts don't count, what they are is a testament to the people being hurt to put them forward

Praise to Egypt for opening the Rafah border. This is truly a great deed to help Gaza rebuild towards happiness and prosperity

For Palestinians, a state with 1967 borders, east Jerusalem as capitol, and right of return are international law, don't ask for any less

The news section isn't for me, it's for you, and those in it who need your help. I don't play around with it, just doing what I can

Till the dust settles and the dream is fulfilled

In this for the long term

Live! From New York, it's... a bunch of people being rude and sarcastic

Obama did the right thing calling for Israel to respect 1967 borders. Now he needs to back it up and make it happen

While you work, I will continue to work. While I continue to work, you work

I do not like "on to the next one" songs being forced on artists. I do think that this movement does need to be shifted, and put to Everyone

Zionist sources propagating bullshit can stick it

America 2012: This looks like a job for Ralph Nader. If he doesn't run, Ron Paul is also a great choice

Israel, serfing USA

20 minutes television a day, of local news on a good station, is enough for me. There are good stations, but they are few and far between

Sometimes I just feel like doing the news, don't let that stop you from sticking to the issues, as it always should be

Stay strong Stefani, hopefully the rescue team is on the way

Added Ubuntu (a free community based operating system), and Knoppix (an instant bootable operating system) to resources

Also see "My Humps". Both these songs are forced Israeli scripted

No, it's not "Fergalicious". I've seen too many people ruined by that shit. Stay away from crack and never try it. Ever.

The people currently running Lady Gaga love Judas, go figure

Added 'Zionism The Hidden Tyranny' to documents

It sucks finding out something from your childhood turns out to be Zionist agenda, but empowering when you see something of good

"Miami is nice, so I'll say it thrice..." Betty White's character on the Golden Girls

Always about the issues

"I once was sad I had no shoes, then I met a man who had no feet". I believe in the relativity of life

To peers, you don't get the recognition you deserve. I always view this as something we must do together, we wouldn't succeed any other way

Tanks and bulldozers should be removing illegal Israeli settlements from Gaza, not expanding them. No negotiations, international law

You need your own inner drive, your own motivation for getting these things done. Put that forward, lead

"Birds flying high, You know how I feel. Sun in the sky, You know how I feel. Breeze driftin' on by..." Michael Buble, Feeling Good

Although American taxpayers funding Israeli war crimes is ridiculous enough, the big money comes from the Jewish owned federal reserve bank

Updated documentaries page. Please download, watch, and take any action you can

Learned long ago not to read, watch or listen to Zionist sources. It's all threats, insults, lies and bullshit that you really don't need

I wish forced Israeli scripting gets definitively exposed, if there's anything you can do to help with this you'd be rescuing many people

"A few times they been around this track, so it's not just gonna happen like that" "Gwen Stefani" Hollaback Girl

Palestine faces many hardships because of Israel. America as well faces many hardships, although different, also because of Israel

Standing up with friends

As seen on the back cover of a Paladium rpg Rifts book. Guess it's on to Shadowrun

If you really want to get mad, check out Zionist children's programming

Intro from Killzone, Helghast=IDF

Despite the subject matter, both Call of Duty and Wolfenstein actually look to be anti-Zionist

Then you have from the source Israeli agenda, such as in Lunar silver star story and eternal blue, where save spots are stars of david

Videogames are not immune to Israeli scripting, Final Fantasy I was amazingly anti-Zionist, Squaresoft has never made a real game since

The Fray, How to Save a Life

From drawing in the sand, the star of david which now adorns the Israeli flag with two long lines is meant to represent the human body

Israeli propaganda, forced through musicians you love and respect. Photo from "Rihanna", Rude Boy

Israel puts a cameo showing who is really in charge when it come to Lady Gaga. Photo from Alejandro

I feel for Stefani (Lady Gaga), the shit they're putting her through. Anger at those that are doing it to her. Best we can do is help

Forced Israeli scripting isn't quite as obvious as it was a few years ago, but it's still here and worse than ever

Their sources of power, especially in America, need to be removed. To get back the monetary system, the media, and the government

Between here and there are many steps, goals we need to begin work on. A starting path... retroactively disallowing Israeli immigration

Here's the original version

Sean Paul's The Trinity is one of my favorite albums, then We Be Burnin' was "re-made" to make it seem like he was talking about marijuana

For America and Europe, a "momentary lapse of reason" was getting involved in World War II

Some people say they have no regrets, I don't see how that's possible. I for one have many, mistakes to learn from and never to repeat

If you're wondering what I'd hope, it's a huge unstoppable force of same minded people, heading towards the same direction, the same future

In order for us to move forward we need to concentrate on getting our goals accomplished, do what you can individually, and in groups

Other categories include torture threats, songs to themselves and videos/songs meant to humiliate the musicians

Recent Israeli scripted songs forced on Britney Spears, Katy Perry and Rihanna, among others, fall into the "on to the next one" category

It's regardless how I do, although I do try to do my best, what it comes down to is how well You do

Goyim is worse, it means cattle, this is the mentality we have to deal with

Gentile is a discriminatory word they use against us, it's better to take it as something positive

There are many people that need your help, please don't ever forget about them

As long as we're always on topic we'll be doing okay

"Palestinian" attack in Itamar: Not a sound was made? Perhaps the family was offered permanent vacation

As seen on a RATM tag: Don't just listen to Rage Against the Machine, do it!

Speaking of which, one of the first steps is media reform, tv, radio and newspapers

Al Jazeera, the cnn of the Arab world

There's a lot that we need to do, steps and paths of action to move forward with, good thing there are many of us

Stefani (Lady Gaga) is, under normal circumstances, a real hottie. Hopefully after the dust settles she can make a real second album

Also notice the star of david. Anything you can do to help or expose what's happening, do it

"Lady Gaga's" (forced on her) Born This Way, especially the video's intro, is written about the Jewish race by themselves

On this I will never falter, and hope you feel the same way too

Over the years, throughout countless instances, the situation for us has gotten worse and worse, while we want it to get better and better

We've been in this battle for centuries, millennia, before the bible, before the talmud. The protocols just sealed the deal

Gorillaz, Dare

The only recent song I'm aware of that talks about forced Israeli scripting is Dare by Gorillaz, the situation they are in is urgent

I have made mistakes in life, and learned from those mistakes to be a better person. That's the best any of us can do

I lived my early life as my Dad, but thankfully became like my Mother, bless her heart forever

Working together towards a shared goal, this is something one person can never accomplish alone

Updated news link

Unfortunately many artists are being hurt to pump out Zionist propaganda. We need to do what we can to help them

Congratulations to all musicians, whether you win, are nominated, or neither. My admiration of what you do is huge

The Jewish question, has an answer

Please, don't be distracted from the topic

Just to mention, I'm not actually Palestinian, but will stand with them against Israeli oppression

When it comes to Jewish crimes and threats, it is not the time to forget

Will our Earth itself become heaven or hell. If you haven't made the decision yet, it's yours to make

I am Palestinian. I, am Palestinian. I am, Palestinian

It's gonna be a really big shoah

Arizona surgeon told to say Giffords chance of survival 101%. Not 100%, not 110%, 101. Percent

Congress needs to be stronger because of this, not weaker

Israel didn't think the parcels were enough. 6 dead. Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords in critical condition. I hope she survives

Incendiary packages in Washington, meant to intimidate congress, from the same source as the "it was two black guys" D.C. sniper after 9-11

For when coffee is just something to help you wake up in the morning

The straw that broke the camels back: The camel is down, and Israeli's keep piling straws

The #1 Beatles song on iTunes is Hey Jude, one of many great songs. My favorite is Let it be

Have a very happy new year, and a happiness we must work towards

Enjoy the holidays, but also stay focused

It is better to die standing, than to live on your knees <Che Guevara>

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

Added photos to Flickr

People past, present and future depend on you

You can not be swayed, stay the course no matter what

Doing the best I can, please do the best You can

Even though any time is the right time to be an activist, make good use of weekdays and time zones

This plot, the protocols and everything it entails, is a declaration of war against the world, all 6 billion of us. We must work together

Steps and paths of action, goals to achieve towards our future

Full steam ahead guys and gals. Alternatively, keep on truckin'

It will take great effort from all of us

We need all the help we can get. The foe might seem insurmountable because of their government and media ownership, but they can be stopped

It's also easy to see who's on your side, there are many. They need your vision, your leadership and your support

Shows with Zionist agenda are easy enough to spot, when you do, avoid them

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Every Israeli settlement built and every Israeli settlement to be built beyond the 1967 borders is, again, against international law

What Palestinians want from direct talks with Israel is also international law

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Because of the harm that's being done to good people, definitively exposing forced Israeli scripting needs to be a priority

Also by John Carpenter is a great movie called 'They Live', it's about wearing a pair of sunglasses to see the truth

Watched John Carpenter's amazing movie 'The Thing' tonight, been awhile, noticed that the communications operator is named Windows

The Internet Movie Database

'Inception', written and directed by Christopher Nolan, whose prior movies were the also covert 'Batman Begins' and 'The Dark Knight'

The movie 'Salt' is written by Kurt Wimmer, the same writer as the covert movie 'Ultraviolet'. Salt was originally cast as Tom Cruise

Regarding a pro-Israel youtube video, 'I will survive' is one of Our songs

As long as you make a positive difference for two people a day, you're ahead

Just in case anyone wants to, I added a donations page to links directory

Stefani: If you fall down, get up again

Please, teach your kids about Israeli scripting. Whether direct, covert or forced, they need to be able to see it

The newest Israeli scripted song forced upon Rihanna is 'rock'star, a drug reference

If Israel stops the 750 international activists on board the freedom flotilla to Gaza, let them face 750,000...

Israel has no intention of obeying international law. The siege, the wall and the occupation = Loss of foreign aid, divestment and sanctions

I have rid myself of many negative traits, not in an effort to be perfect, just each time better than before

I don't watch Zionist programing

Doing what I can, please do the same

I hope that all of you find happiness as well

To enjoy, to learn, to help others and to raise children

That at least covers some of the Zionist television channels, in addition are many newspapers, magazines, radio stations and websites


My only motivation is to help. Personally, and I don't think I'm alone here, wish the focus to be on everyone else. We have a lot to do

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"You're a shining star, no matter who you are, shining bright to see, what you can truly be"

If something I say can be taken positively, sure, go with it, if something could be taken negatively it probably wasn't meant that way

Stefani: I'll be a fan of yours

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Wars are banks most profitable ventures, the way to end terrorist attacks is through changing foreign policy

I wish Lady Gaga was able to release a second album, it probably would have been amazing

Added documents to Gaza section

Help make 2010 a year of many great accomplishments

For photos of the Israeli massacre "operation cast lead" please refer to Gaza section. Warning: explicit images of precious lives lost

Life entails mistakes, to learn from them, and do better the next time

Gaza remembered, bring Israeli war criminals to justice

Blur - Girls and Boys Zionist opinion is not my opinion

Have a merry Christmas everyone

Like water off a duck's back

I, like every one of you, just wants to be happy. For me, part of that means having a girlfriend to share life with, let me have that

A mind not clouded by Israeli scripting is a clear mind

I'd rather hear a hurtful truth than a pleasant lie

This is a group effort and we need all the help we can get

Updated quotes page

Israeli scripted songs, movies, television don't count, what they are is a testament to the harm of the people who they are forced upon

"You must remember this, a kiss is still a kiss, a sigh is just a sigh, the fundamental things apply, as time goes by..."

Lady Gaga was living her dream, as were many musicians, who are now being forced into songs they don't want to sing

It gets worse before it gets better

Israeli scripting tries to ruin young girls lives with Britney Spears song "3"

Miley Cyrus' Party in the U.S.A. is an Israeli scripted song for Jewish listeners. Check out the lyrics

More than one to speak, more than one to organize, more than one to take action. Please help in any way you feel would do good

The other day a 113 page report of Israeli soldiers testimonies of operation cast lead was released, today a 113 year old ww1 veteran 'died'

Team Anti-Zionist

Michael Jackson's doctor missing after injecting him with demerol. Was Michael's death a planned event?

Iranian election: The best way to resolve the situation in Iran, is an open recount

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Have a happy Father's Day

Zionist programing has Zionist agenda

Since 7/22/05 David Letterman has been Israeli scripted, this Palin joke is theirs, in an attempt to have people watch Conan Obrian

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