Good Videogame Companies
343 Industries (developer)
The Adventure Company (developer)
Atari (developer)
Blizzard (before being bought by Activision)(developer)
Bungie (before being bought by Activision)(developer)
Capcom (developer)
The Coalition (developer)
Disney (developer)
Epic Games (developer)
Evolution Studios (developer)
Firaxis Games (developer)
The Game Kitchen (developer)
Gunfire Games (developer)
Kalypso (developer)
KOEI (developer)
Media Molecule (developer)
Microsoft Game Studios (publisher)
Midway (developer)
Milestone (developer)
Red Blue Games (developer)
Relic (developer)
SNK (developer)
Taito (developer)
Team17 (developer)
Team Ninja (developer)
Tecmo (developer)
THQ (before being sold to various companies)(publisher)
Thunder Lotus Games (developer)

Undecided looking good
2K Games (publisher)
The Brotherhood (developer)
From Software (developer)
Good Shepherd Entertainment (publisher)
Microids (developer)
Rare (developer)
Santa Monica Studios (developer)
Squaresoft (developer)

Undecided looking Zionist
Bandai (developer)
Namco (developer)
Remedy (developer)

Activision (publisher)
Arc System Works (developer)
Atlus (developer)
Bethesda (developer)
Criterion Games (developer)
CyberConnect2 (developer)
Double Helix Games (developer)
Electronic Arts (publisher)
Gearbox Software (developer)
Idea Factory (developer)
Insomniac Games (developer)
Konami (developer)
Level 5 (developer)
Lucasfilm / Lucasarts (developer)
Motion Twin (developer)
Naughty Dog (developer)
NetherRealm Studios (developer)
Neversoft (developer)
Nintendo (developer)
Pandemic Studios (developer)
Revolution Software (developer)
Rockstar (developer)
Sega (developer)
Splash Damage (developer)
Square-Enix (developer)
Techland (developer)
Treyarch (developer)
Ubisoft (publisher)
Vicarious Visions (developer)
Wadjet Eye Games (developer)
Warner Bros (publisher)
Working Designs (developer)

Videogame Companies with Zionist Agenda

Videogame creation has not been passed over by Zionist entities, they have been involved since the beginning, however now, although less obvious, they have become more mainstream. Whether it's the storyline, the dialogue, the characters to even light blue and stars of david, they still make their presence known and felt throughout that particular game. Other times it's more stealth, just as in movies, television, books and other media. For this list I will mention here or there about the companies or a few of their games that come to mind, usually stumbled upon, played for a bit until noticing their intent and agenda. With videogames, as mentioned, when they are from Zionist sources they usually ooze with this feeling of it's origin and motive for being, they can be very plain about their intention since they figure many youth will be playing it, which is what they also figure about other mediums that they know will be watched by them. i used to play videogames a lot throughout my life, and still do when i get a bit of free time, some of these companies and games in particular i used to enjoy, before i knew better and knew what they were up to. I say this because i'm sure many of you also played games by these companies, or even others not listed, but am hoping that you also know better at this point in time and are also able to see what they are attempting to do even as you start a new videogame, or unfortunately play one that you enjoyed previously.

Activision is probably most known for the call of duty series of first person shooters, they started with the world war 2 theme until the 4th installment modern warfare and then so on. One game in particular, return to castle wolfenstein, is about "B.J. Blazkowicz" escaping from Nazi clutches. I actually bought this game, foolish as it was, thinking, okay, maybe this will be anti-Zionist hidden in this package, go figure that is wasn't. Still holding out for now on the co-creators, id software. Anyhow, that was obvious enough, what bothered me is that I've always been a fan of the Tony Hawk pro skater games, and they turned out to be junk as well, well, the gameplay is fine, but then you have the mission themes, the soundtrack and everything else that they said "okay, so how are we going to represent this". So it was a big dissapointment to learn this game in particular was from the opposition.

The company Atlus mainly work on rpg's, one's that happen to be rife with Israeli agenda. I've played, or tried to play a few rpg's by this company and found that every single one has their ideology throughout every aspect of each of their games.

Electronic Arts
Known for their sport videogames with Zionist commentary, they also have their hand in many other genres, through and through a company that you'd be best to avoid.

You know, I played a lot of Lucasfilm games when I was younger, the point and click style ones, codenamed 'scumm' for 'script creation utility for maniac mansion, how true that codename is. Titles include Maniac Mansion, the 'Monkey Island' series, the Indiana Jones ones, Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbender's among others. The storyline, plot and dialogues of these ones are some of the worst. Since then, under LucasArts, they have made many others, but all follow the same agenda.

This one really sucks, I liked SquareSoft very much, but every game after Final Fantasy I has been Israeli orchestrated. I stop short of saying Israeli scripted as with other forms of media that this has happened, because in this case FFI was so good, that the company was taken over. Every game since has had the Israeli formula. One game in particular, that I was really looking forward to playing was Tactics Ogre, a re-mastered version of the ps1 classic, turns out that when the wizard casts 'divine' magic, it's signified by, yes, a star of david. As for Final Fantasy VII... what a shame, used to be my favorite rpg.

Makers of Rayman and Tom Clancy games among others. In the first Splinter Cell game your objective is to rescue two Jewish agents who are being held captive. This is based on the series of books, which doesn't bode well for that aforementioned author. Again, for these games and others, UbiSoft made the list.

Working Designs
Although working designs has made very few videogames, they made one of the biggest when it comes to Israeli product, the Lunar series. The girl with light blue hair and triangles all over her cap, the save spots are even all star's of david. Hey look kids, you'll be safe when you see this light blue star! Quite the opposite.